With total Pub control in Washington

the Pubs promised YUUUGE progress to drain the swamp, pass their Conservative agenda, incl new Health Care, Infrastructure Bill, Tax Reform, The Wall, and a comprehensive Budget. Now, after delivering ZERO, they leave for a 33 day vacation. They have, however, enlarged the swamp, Bigly...
 GOP lawmakers are 12 scheduled legislative days away from a government shutdown and a potential debt ceiling crisis. They are no closer to an alternative for the Affordable Care Act than they were months ago. They have no infrastructure bill. No plan for tax reform. Neither chamber has even approved a budget, which would be a necessary prerequisite for the GOP to pass a tax plan.
08/03/2017 05:06 pm ET | Updated 19 hours ago

Republicans Leave Town With Nothing To Show

The GOP’s failure to pass any major legislative 

priorities has imperiled the Trump administration’s 



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