Although he has given me NO reason to,

I'm gonna give the Orange Clown the benefit of the doubt and say he's NOT gonna remove the US from the Paris Accord, joining only Syria and Nicaragua, among ALL the nations of the world who don't support efforts to combat Climate Change.
There are SO many more reasons FOR it, US corporations and individuals who support it vs the coal industry and the hopeless contingent of 'head of their ass' 'deplorables', that it SHOULD be an easy decision. The entire 'Jobs' issue is bogus, with many experts claiming fighting climate change creates MORE and BETTER jobs.
BUT, the Liar in Chief MAY still 'do tyhe wrong thing', as he so often does. We'll see...
As for other news, people are upset that Kathy Griffin held a Hollywood prop of the Donald's head, BUT, when Ted Nugent waved a machine gun on stage, saying, "suck on this, Hillary', and claimed, 'If she wins, I'll be dead or in jail by this time next year', The Donald smiled and rewarded him with a trip to the White House, where they hugged and shook hands.
And you wonder why they(R) are known as HYPOCRITES R US? In other words, 'do as we say, not as we do'.


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