It was right after Easter dinner

when Ted, Kari's geophysicist husband, got an urgent text from his company. They just announced the discovery of YUUUGE oil deposits for their client, the govt of Bahrain. He explained the significance, and we had a toast to his continued job security, and upcoming bonus(?).
An altogether fantastic day with the kids and their families, incl 8 yr old Piper, who wrote a song and is accompanying herself on the piano for her upcoming Talent Show. AND, she made a Treasure Hunt for us, with rhyming clues. Not bad for an 8 yr old.
But the star of the day was Trent, a really cute 3 month old, who is smiling, laughing and trying to talk.
Great day.

Bahrain has struck black gold.

The country, which sits between energy titans Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the Persian Gulf, has announced its biggest oil discovery since 1932.
Bahrain's official news agency reported on Sunday the discovery of a new oil field off the country's western coast that is forecast to contain "highly significant quantities of oil and gas."


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