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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The same FOX-PARP believing science deniers

that won't believe 97% of scientists who are EXPERTS on the subject of global climate change actually BELIEVE (as they should) the scientists who tell us exactly what time and what areas are to be in the total eclipse this Monday.
Yup, those FOXSheep who love their 'science-inspired' smart phones, TV's and cars still swallow the Bullshit Mountain swill concerning climate change, which basically consists of thermometers and charts, (plus TONS of High Tech Scientific Equipment).
WHY? Cuz their masters at FOX tell them to, that's why.
Yup, the clowns believe the former Republican Political Strategist Roger Ailes' version of 'what the Pubs WISH was real news' over actual facts.
Some things never change, but those same morons will look at the perfectly predicted eclipse and not see the irony in their FOX-Scripted life.
Sad, but real....

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just read a rightwingnut post, on social media

The media has an agenda. Do not be suckered into their race baiting.
Oh really?
This is after the legitimate media, as opposed to FOXBullshit, reported on a White Supremacist rally, with Nazis and KKK, where one of them killed and wounded innocent marchers, driving into the crowd, BUT in rightwingnut world, this is 'media with an agenda, and race baiting'.

What kind of FOXBullshit-agenda world are YOU living in?
I'm SO sick of the FOXSheep claiming 'fake news' or mainstream media 'bias', cuz they report facts, vs the Bullshit Mountain propaganda machine.

File it under: It's About Time

Finally, after several business, economic and other leaders have resigned, cuz the Orange Clown is such an ASS, the FIRST Evangelical has said, 'That's enough', from the Liar in Chief.
The first Hypocrite (finally) among the church-sheep who elected the anti-Christ has resigned
What does it take for the rest of the Bible Belt Thumpers to admit, 'We f'd up'!
What does the Orange Clown have to do for the rest of 'em to remove their heads from 'down under', and admit reality?
Oh yeah, he has (R) after his name so he can 'do no wrong'.
Nothing new here, in the world of ultimate hypocrisy.
Donald 'Pussy Grabber' Trump as the Evangelical candidate.
Are You Kidding Me?
UPDATE: 8:50 p.m. ― Pastor A. R. Bernard tweeted Friday evening that he had formally resigned from the president’s evangelical advisory board on Tuesday over “a deepening conflict in values” between himself and the administration. 

In the capitalistic world of late night TV

you don't get a show unless you are REALLY smart/witty/intelligent. Not even a doubt. Look at Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert, OBrien, Noah, Meyer, Corden, SNL, Oliver, Letterman, Stewart, etc and etc.
They all HATE Trump, who is supported ONLY by FOX, which is the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party.
On one side you have sharp comedy, and on the other side we have Sean Hannity, who is REALLY funny in his own sad way.
Surprise! The sheep who swallow FOXCrap (ave age over 70) like Trump. And the thinking public, who make up the audience that business wants to SELL to, (cuz they have money, HEY it's capitalism!) hates him.
Just sayin'....WTF?
How obvious can you get?

Just being honest and 'real', here

I was really sad to see the Robert E Lee statue removed from Lee Circle in New Orleans, and am against removing ALL the Civil War statues. I know it it is a 'gray' area, and some of the most egregious ones should be removed, but can truly understand both sides in this.

Again I say, not all Repubs are racists

BUT, all racists are Republicans.
That tell you anything?

What? Another one?

Trump just had his 'worst week' — again

A POLITICO review of the 10 weeks (out of 30 so far) where journalists have declared that the president hit a new low.

FYI Politico is Right-leaning...


Just saw a great, recently posted video

of a dumbshit at the Free Speech rally in Boston. He was walking by himself, wearing a Make America Great Again hat and he was surrounded by people shouting Shame, Shame, Shame.
Probably doesn't mean anything to some, but we 'Game of Thrones' fans couldn't help but think about Circe.
Hopefully he doesn't get his ass kicked, since it is a free speech rally, but he probably deserves it.

After his two largest business/economic councils were disbanded

cuz so many people QUIT, the Arts and Humanities Council announced today that they to are QUITTING.
And, this just in:
So many of the Kennedy Center Honorees have announced they are boycotting the ceremony that the Liar in Chief says he won't be attending, so he won't be a 'dstraction'. HA! With that asshole in attendance the event wouldn't happen, as none of the honorees would show up
Wow, talk about uniting the country.
The Orange Clown is an X-Spurt!
The sheep must be SO proud.....
This also JUST IN"
For the first time in memory, the NBA Champs (GS Warriors) won't ba attending the White House, cuz most of their players have refused to go.
Wow, the 'unification' continues.

Wow, when the clowns at Bullshit Mountain

are tasked with finding bullshit, 'with which to muddy the water', they always get REALLY creative, and this week, with the Nazis, KKK and Confederate heroes in the news, they went after a familiar target for a FOX headline, today.
You can't make this stuff up, as the sheep equate slavery and treason to philandering.
And you wonder why the FOX Faithful are so f'cked up?

'Take a Sledgehammer to It': 2 Bill Clinton Accusers Want South Dakota

 Statue to Come Down

If you think

the Orange Clown has had a rough stretch with the 'anti' Health Care, his buddies in the KKK and the Nazis, constant shake-ups and firings in his staff, just look at what he has ahead of him, as his party is further divided than ever.
The uproar threatens to divide Trump’s supporters during the most difficult stretch of his presidency yet and before a critical legislative push next month in which Congress must raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget, and make headway on tax reform.
Don't worry Trump sheep, your boy has it all under control.... HA!

The 'Fine People' that the Orange Clown wants to honor

want symbols of the Civil War, and statues of their leaders to remain in public places.
Lest we forget what the war was about....
The Confederate States of America stood for two basic principles, as laid out in its own constitution of 1861. First, it stood for a disunion of the United States. Second, it stood for an official establishment of slavery based on race. This is a matter of historical fact. Simply stated, the Confederacy was a treasonous and racist institution.


The Civil War monuments are a constant reminder of the oppression and treason perpetrated by the rebellious South. They were traitors — plain and simple. Their place in history is clear. They no more deserve monuments than Hitler does in Germany. The South turned Democrat when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and Republican when Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. There is a common thread here that can’t be denied.

The Bible Belt has always been the Base of the Repub Party and home to those embrace(d) slavery, no matter how they want to muddy the waters about Lincoln being a Republican. The parties 'switched' ideology again when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. NOW, the 'Evangelicals' are the base for the Liar in Chief.
You see any common thread here? 
One thing that is a 'constant' is the Hypocrisy of the 'Thumpers'. Their Jesus would be SO proud.
Some things never change....

Friday, August 18, 2017

Just saw pics of Paul Ryan, the dickless wonder(R),

here in Colorado, taking advantage of the same area that the Pubs wanted to 'defund'.
Yup, the jerk(R) is whitewater rafting Brown's Canyon that Colorado wanted to protect, and the Pubs had other plans for.
Screw him and his ilk(R)....

There is a certain percentage (one in three) of Americans

who actually like/support the Orange Clown in the White House.
And then we have TWICE as many, who say he's full of shit.
Those (one in three) are the same sheep who listen to/believe FOXNews.
RU shitting me?
Nothing new here, but WTF is wrong with those one in three?
Oh yeah. Bullshit Mountain devotees, who choose to get their 'news' from the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, begun by Roger Ailes, taking advantage of the gullibility/ignorance of those 'less than average' intelligence 'sheep'.
Who da thunk there are that many?
Oh yeah. PT Barnum. Trump's hero.
I thought we had evolved.
Oh yeah, BAD WORD among the (anti-science) Evangelicals, who put him in power.

Remember the Orange Clown's campaign remarks

when answering questions about being totally unqualified as prez?
The Liar in Chief said. 'I know all the BEST people, and will surround myself with them'.
WELLLLLL, in the last couple weeks, we've seen his BEST people hear, 'YOU'RE FIRED', which is the Bozo's most famous line. From Spice-baby, to The Mooch, then Reince Priebus and now Steve Bannon, following Sally Yates, Mike Flynn and Michael Comey, among many others.
Not saying these were BAD firings, but it just goes to show what a loose cannon the asshole in chief actually is, as he jumps from one crisis into the next. After defending Nazis and the KKK, he Tweets to the world about Pershing and pig blood.
Can you imagine the deep regret you'd have, if you were one of the gullible sheep who voted for this 'disaster', to lead our country?
Although, I'm sure that crowd just listens to FOX and has NO CLUE as to what is happening, while more and more business leaders and GOP members 'distance themselves' from the Orange Clown in the White House.
And we haven't even heard from Meuller and his Russia Collusion probe, YET......
BTW, did you know Steve Bannon is Rosie ODonnell, in disguise?

As the Orange Clown and his minions slash domestic programs.

to over-fund the most bloated military in the history of the world, we see, again, the battlefield of the future. Terrorists with vehicles, mowing down tourists and hackers stealing data and info, to be used in massive cyber attacks.
As the alt-right shovels money for more and bigger bombers, America's enemies laugh at the misappropriation of funds, and Congress can't find the money (far less than was wasted in the Pub War in Iraq, based on lies), to fund health care for American citizens, like the rest of the civilized world enjoys.
What a bunch of bullshit, but SO typical of the Repub Party.

If only we had the Roman Senate, and Brutus

Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good
Unlike the senators of ancient Rome, the Republican Congress won’t deal with a rogue leader.
But this is what we have....

The Justice Department Goes Fishing in DreamHost Case
Federal prosecutors want to see the personal information of everyone who visited an anti-Trump website.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our dumbshit president

after hearing of the tragedy in Barcelona, Tweeted out a 'fake news' story about Gen Pershing killing Muslims, with bullets dipped in pig blood.
The main problem?
Yup, the Liar in Chief took an internet fable, believed it, (though Snopes says FALSE!) and Tweeted it out to the world.
What an asshole!
BUT, nothing new here...His reputation among world leaders CAN'T get any worse.
BTW, have strolled on Las Ramblas, right where it happened. Beautiful place...
Legend says Pershing took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pig’s blood.”
Trump went out to describe a mass execution shooting of 49 of the prisoners, with the last one being sent to tell the others what happened. It was Trump using this “story” to demonstrate that America needed to get tough on terrorism, using brutal methods, and that he would be the man to do it.
But the story is not true. There was no mass execution led by Pershing. That is a rumor created on the Internet.

I mentioned yesterday, about the rats jumping ship

WELL, there may be some evidence for it. When the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party can't book a Pub to defend the Liar in Chief, that just might be sign...

Fox News host Shepard Smith was unable to find
a single Republican to appear on his show to defend
President Trump's recent comments about the violence
in Charlottesville, Virginia that occurred during a recent
rally for white supremacists.
"Our booking team — and they're good — reached out
to Republicans of all stripes, across the country today.
Let's be honest, Republicans often don't really mind
coming on Fox News Channel," Smith said during his
Wednesday broadcast. "We couldn't get anyone to come
and defend him here, because we thought, in balance,
someone should do that."
Smith continued: "We worked very hard at it throughout 
the day, and we were unsuccessful."
Thanks for the honesty, Shep. Now get ready to be fired.

The docile sheep aren't usually dangerous

until they get riled by someone 'talkin'g trash' about their boy,
or rather just reiterating what he said, THEN they'll threaten to KILL.
A Fox News host is responding to death threats.
Eboni K. Williams of the show 'Fox News
Specialists' claims she's been inundated with
hundreds of hateful emails after slamming
President Trump for initially failing to specifically 
condemn the hate groups involved in the 
Charlottesville rally.
In her segment she said, "Mr. President your initial 
remarks were cowardly... In a moment where you 
could have been crystal clear where you stand on 
the issue of inclusion, standing up against white 
supremacy and domestic terrorism, you very 
intentionally chose to be ambiguous and to 
And that brought her death threats?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Great headlines, from 'Sympathy for the Devils'

to 'Fake President', except on FOX, where the a-holes have North Korea headlines, and attacks against Hillary.
David Duke, head of the KKK does defend him.
No wonder the FOXSheep are so ignorant/uninformed.
Nothing new here, but this is OFF THE CHART', as Bullshit Mountain rises to the occasion.
How do you jerks sleep at night?
I can only hope I have ZERO contact with you and your ignorance....

As the Liar in Chief sees defections and abuse

coming in from all sides, (except the assholes at FOXNews, where his latest crisis is being ignored), I'm worried the pompous, arrogant, unqualified Liar in Chief will start a war, or something along that line, just to 'muddy the waters' and change the dialogue as his world collapses around him
Even the 'No Conscience' Repubs are abandoning him, like rats from a sinking ship, because they are starting to realize what/who he really is. They wanna be re-elected. and there just aren't enough brain dead FOXSheep to accomplish the task.
Like a cornered animal, the Orange Clown is backed into a corner and 'who knows' what he'll do next, just to 'change the subject'.

The Liar in Chief said HE disbanded them

BUT, they had already quit, because the Orange Clown's latest racist diatribes.

A White House advisory panel of top CEO's decided to disband Wednesday after the backlash from Trump's latest tirade week left the panel little choice, according to one member.
"There was such a firestorm," the member told CNBC. "You don't know what 's coming next, what he's going to say or do next."
Members of President Donald Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum agreed to disband the group, sources told CNBC, as corporate backlash mounts against the president.
The business advisory council, made up of top business leaders, is separate from Trump's manufacturing council, which has seen seven defections this week. and also decided to 'disband', after the 'Art of Deal' (HA!) jerk has alienated nearly everyone with a functioning brain.
FOXSheep obviously excluded.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When GW(R) was run out of town

with a 22% approval rating, after starting a war, based on lies and WRECKING the US economy, I thought that would be a ALL TIME LOW for president.
I don't believe that any more.
I know there are aYUUUUGE number of idiots that will support the Liar in Chief, NO MATTER WHAT, but I don't think that number is over 22%
Sure, we have the FOXSheep, with their heads buried deeply and filrmly, but the Orange Clown is SO bad, and getting worse, with his Nazi and KKK buddies, that I can't imagine over one in five Americans would support him.
BUT, who'd have thought there were enough idiots 'out there' to elect him in the first place?

This is a great optical illusion

Can you see the circles?
I'm betting some of those who can't see them ALSO can't see that Trump is a vain, arrogant, unqualified, lying SOB.

If you can't find them, here's a big hint. Scroll down.

There are 16 of them.

Heard a good line at a town hall meeting today in Colorado

Not all Republicans are racists,
All racists are Republicans

Without a doubt!
Never a truer statement.....

Just in time for all the Nazis and KKK boys

who were gonna get their 'I Love Trump' tattoos removed.
He's BAAACK baby....
Get a big new Swatika, in his honor.
Put it right on your tiny dick.

OMG, just when you think the A-hole can't get any worse

he comes to the defense of the Nazi's and KKK, saying,
'There are very fine people on both sides'. 

On taking down Confederate Statues, Trump says, "I wonder, is it George Washington next week and Thomas Jefferson the week after?"

After his buddies, the Nazis and the KKK killed and wounded people

in Charlottesville, the Orange Clown was on the right side of facts and opinion, for ONE DAY, after initially putting his dirty foot in his slimy mouth. His 'baser instincts' took over though, and he went on with a Typical Trump line of bullshit.
Remember, these are haters that came from far away, in the larges gathering of their kind, in years. Then they, disregarded their permit in several ways, with their shields, mace and weapons. Trump's kind of people, that he legitimized in SO many ways with his racist statements.

Trump started by defending his initial statement responding to the weekend violence in Charlottesville by saying he wanted to make sure he knew the facts before explicitly calling out white supremacists.
“I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct,” Trump told reporters after an announcement on infrastructure at Trump Tower in New York. “Not make a quick statement. The statement I made on Saturday, the first statement, was a fine statement. 
OMG! Will someone deliver us from that asshole? Maybe I can't do anything directly TO him, BUT, I can seperate mysyself from the morons who look at him and think/say, 'Yup, that's my guy'.

The results aren't even out, until Ag, 18th

but the assholes at FOX are already calling them 'fake'. Yup, the voice of the anti-science Repubs is already priming the sheep to disregard the findings of a YUUUUGE scientific study.

Climate policy -- get ready for the next round of hype

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wow, after having it pounded into his thick skull

by BOTH sides of the aisle, the Orange Clown FINALLY was forced to say that racism is evil.
Oh really, Dickwad?
Who da thunk you'd recognize something SO obvious to the thinking world? I know it's gonna hurt your popularity with the Deplorables, but at least you learned how to read a piece of paper from someone WAY smarter than you. I know  you 'have words, the best words' according to you, and finally you were forced to say them.
Congrats, you pig....

Spokesman for the Orange Clown say they're not looking forward

to a 'brutal' September. That's when they'll try to 'herd the cats', who range from Far Right to the Far, Far, Far Far Rightwingnuts who make up this current Congress. After basically getting NOTHING done, unless you count seating a Conservative justice on SCOTUS (Oh, that was tough), through the first 7 months. Oh yeah, the clown signed a bunch of decrees and wish lists, but nothing substantial
Now, the clowns take on the Big Stuff, and it oughta be funny to watch them flail and struggle, with a 'leader' who doesn't have a clue as to how the whole system works.
Aides hope to have a better blueprint for how the president wants to proceed on a series of thorny issues — the nation’s debt ceiling, the 2018 federal budget, tax reform, infrastructure spending and perhaps another stab at repealing Obamacare — after a series of meetings in New York this week.

I hope they recognize a bunch of them

and they get the shame and justice they deserve. Who? The rightwing a-holes who make up the KKK, Nazis and other hate groups joining with the White Supremacists in Charlottesville to spread their message to other Trump-supported morons.
The rally ultimately resulted in the death of Heather Heyer, 32,
when a reported"white supremacist" rammed his car into
a crowd of demonstrators.
"If you recognize any of the Nazis marching in #Charlottesville,
send me their names/profiles and I'll make them famous
#GoodNightAltRight," the @YesYoureRacist profile tweeted

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Cole White, who was one of dozens of demonstrators who attended the rally, was among the first to be highlighted on the Twitter account.
Hours after being exposed, the account later tweeted that White "no longer has a job" at Top Dog, a California restaurant where he was employed. 
Too bad, Top Dog lost one of their dishwashers.

Like the people of New York City, who voted 85% against him

cuz they have lived with the Orange Clown and seen what a total asshole he is, the New York Times has also been 'up close and personal' with the Liar in Chief. The country's largest newspaper pulls no punches as they fight to illuminate the public, in the face of FOXLies, where the prez has found unwavering support for anything and everything he pulls out of his ass. This morning is no different, as the jerk refused to condemn the hate groups that helped sweep him into power.
The Hate He Dares Not Speak Of
White supremacists see President Trump’s failure to condemn them as a sign of implicit support. Which of course it is.
Op-Ed Columnist
When the President Is Un-American
Trumpism is a betrayal of our national identity