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Sunday, September 24, 2017

SOOOO, some people have a hard time

when I say I don't believe ALL of the Bible, as in Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden, BUT, I say, 'at what point do you trust your brain and say, are you kidding?'
Do you really believe the story of the kids who made fun of a bald guy, and 42 were killed by 2 bears?
And at what point do you begin to doubt a BUNCH of the stories?
And at what point do you say, Dotard Drumpf is a lying SOB, unqualified to be prez?
Seems there's a YUUUUGE overlap in the 'Believers(R)', and that's why I wanna sell them a bridge or some swampland.

4. Elisha and the Two Bears (2 Kings 2:23-25)

23 Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!” 24 When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and killed forty-two lads of their number.

Wow, a FOX blonde bimbo with a brain?

Megyn Kelly Today, the NBC News journalist stopped
by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she explained
how Donald Trump influenced her decision to leave
Fox News after 12 years.
“Donald Trump has a way of clarifying one’s life choices
and that was true in my case, too,” Kelly said, explaining
how she was struck by how her prime time news coverage
"became all political." When Kelly contemplated if Fox
 News was the right place for her, “the universe came
and sort of shone a light and it was clear to me what I
wanted to do", so she left FOX for the real world.

I used to look at the Civil War and wonder...

how can Americans split THAT far and actually shoot each other?
No longer do I wonder.
I can see a time in the not too distant future when all of us will be forced to take a side.
Us vs them.
Those who look at the Liar in Chief and say 'That's my man', vs those who look at him and are split between disillusionment and anger.
Ignoring the problem can morph into name calling, then who knows where it goes from there?
Fists, and then what?
I just know I've NEVER seen such divisiveness and I lived through the Viet Nam era and GW and The Dick taking our country down, lying us into the Iraq War and a YUUUUGE recession.
BUT, this is worse, as I see the results of Russians installing their vain, arrogant, unqualified goon(R) in the White House, and nearly half the country doesn't even care, as the asshole in chief always finds something new to divide us. Now it's sports, after his White Supremicist leanings.
What's next?
Don't worry, the Liar in Chief will think of SOMETHING to take our thoughts away from his Russian connections.

Just when you think the Orange Clown CAN'T get worse

Saturday, September 23, 2017

As I think about the Trump supporters

who believe in him, while they also believe in Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Garden of Eden, (where the son of the First People 'married' a woman from another tribe) I see a pattern.
Who is shocked that these 'deep thinkers' elected the Orange Clown?
Not me, in a world where a triple digit IQ disqualifies you from the Repub Party, for OBVIOUS reasons.....
Yup, Noah built a boat that held ALL the animals on earth, with food, for 40 days, and then they returned to a muddy swamp, and the survivors swam to the other continents.
Wow, believe that and the Liar in Chief is no big stretch.
Congrats, you brainiacs who elected Dotard Drumpf, cuz he CARES about the little guy. AND Russian collusion is Fake News.
Can I please sell you a bridge or some swamp land.
Low down payment, but I only accept cash.....

PS At what point do you surrender your brain and logic, as you swallow the dogma?
AND, at what point do you listen as your brain begins to say,,,
'Hey. listen to me, PLEASE'.
Again, nothing against a spiritual life, but a LITERAL Bible? Are you kidding?

Colorado is known for pot, among other things

but we were rated NUMBER ONE in the US for Oktoberfest, (cuz of our many premium breweries), which just began. Yup, Oktoberfest begins in September. I've been in Germany/Austria in September. Believe me....
Bottom line, Colorado is the place to be, late Sept, and the rest of the year.
If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand, as always, as the country turns from green, to Presidential Orange. this fall.
Check out the clown, at the UN, as he obviously just got a fresh orange spray...
Seriously, look at the jerk....
Orange Clown, for a reason..
For the racists, at least he's not a Black Guy.

It's hard to imagine

how my head would be spinning/exploding if I was one of the sheep who voted for the Orange Clown, cuz he had an (R) beside his name and (R)'s are supposed to be 'God's People'.
How many things are wrong with this scenario?
If I gotta explain, you wouldn''t understand.
Think about it....
Dotard Drumpf as the Evangelical candidate.
RU shittin' me?
Can you say gullible/clueless sheep?
Choose a side, idiots....

WOW, it's that time of year ALREADY?

It was SO nice, all week, and will be again later next week, but today I needed to light the gas logs for the first time this year. I know it IS officially Fall, but it's kinda sad to see summer actually end.
Bottom line, this is my favorite time of year, as the seasons change and we have the best weather of the year, here in Colorado.
I know there are snowbirds who like the 90's and 100's through October, but I'll never be one of them.
I had WAY too much HOT weather, working hurricanes in LA and FL, Sept thru Nov.
You can have it, as I enjoy the first snowfall and then Indian Summer, the BEST time of the year....

Kudos to Colin Kaepernick's mom, who stood up to Dotard Drumpf,

after the Liar in Chief called her son, a 'son of a bitch', who should be fired.
The former QB has more morality/principles in his little finger than the Orange Clown has in his YUUUGE, gelatinous, fat-assed body.

Guess that makes me a proud bitch!

In addition to Dotard Drumpf's ongoing feud with the Triple Digit IQ crowd,

incl the entire 'scientific community', the Orange Clown is now locked in a battle against the NBA and NFL, after his early morning Trump Dump Tweets.
Wow, it's hard to believe a natural athlete like Dotard Drumpf could have a problem with professional athletes....

The people who know Trump best, New Yorkers, HATE HIM,

cuz they've witnessed his bullshit, and voted against him, by over 85%, BUT, the Orange Clown found a whole new bunch of supporters (suckers), in the rural Evangelical crowd.
Yup, the huckster convinced the hicks that he CARES about them.
Oh really?
You believed the Pussy Grabber when he said his favorite book is The Bible?
Someone who's been sued, THOUSANDS of times, for screwing people?
Someone who has only been out for HIMSELF, his entire life?
A pathological LIAR?
PT Barnum said it best, when he claimed there are 60 of you lollipops born every hour.
Or something like that....
You didn't Make America Great Again, you enrolled in Trump University. Suckas.....

PS I'm trying to decide which is the best way to describe his VP.
A man/mayonnaise hybrid, OR, a human shaped glob of dried Elmer's Glue.
Either works for me, for the guy who won't have a meal with an unchaperoned woman and calls his wife, 'Mother'.
Mike Pence, Trump's way to further cement his bond to the 'Believers', who believe all his crap, and is the ONLY argument against impeaching the Liar in Chief, Dotard Drumpf.

've spent a LOT of time outdoors in the West

hunting and fishing in Colorado and Wyoming, and one of the most amazing, beautiful sights is to come upon a herd of wild horses. To see them race across the prairies and mountain valleys, or witness a fight between stallions is always awe-inspiring.
The BLM is charged with regulating and trying to control the herds, keeping them from over-populatiing and ruining their environment. They were barely able to keep control, BUT, the Trumpies just cut $10 mil from their budget, which means it's gonna be a REAL problem, with an under-funded agency suffering further cutbacks.
New $10 BIL ship? No Problem, for the largest, bloated military in the world.
Manage the West and wild horses?
Can't afford it, according to the idiots in the Orange Clown's admin.
Same old shit, as everything else suffers, while military spending goes 'off the chart'.
It's the Repub way, and ain't gonna change with the jerkts(R) in charge....

The NBA Champs, the Golden State Warriors

led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, had a team meeting and decided they didn't wanna visit the Orange Clown in the White House, cuz THEY CAN'T STAND HIM, like most of us in the US who actually USE our brain, incl LeBron James. (see Tweet below)

SOOO, the Liar in Chief, not wanting a repeat of the NFL Champ Patriots, where over half the team didn't show up for the HONOR, got out of ahead of them, in an early morning Trump Dump Tweet.

"Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team," Trump tweeted. "Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!"
Yup, Dotard, you win. HA!

AFTER, the Warriors said No Thanks, the clowns at FOX jumped in...

U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!

Oh NO, this is getting serious!

20 September 17
In what some security experts fear could be a high-stakes war of Elton John lyrics, minutes after Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man,” the North Korean dictator responded by calling Trump “Honky Cat.”
As he issued the Elton John-based attack, Kim warned that he had an extensive collection of the singer-songwriter’s albums and was prepared to weaponize every lyric in them.
The White House immediately struck back, warning Kim that “any further provocation involving an Elton John lyric, especially ‘Tiny Dancer,’ will be seen as an act of war.”
But any hope that Kim would be silenced was short-lived.

Responding to the White House, Kim stated, “I see the bitch is back,” before signing off, “Goodbye, Yellow-Wigged Toad.”

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ya ever notice?

The same crowd that denies evolution and climate change, but believes in Noah's Ark, is now denying Russian collusion in the election. No matter HOW MUCH proof, ALL the intel reports.
Who are these clowns? Oh yeah, Republican/Evangelicals.
Could I please get a mailing list, to sell them a bridge, or convince them I'm a Nigerian Prince, who needs their help to collect a YUUUUGE Lottery Prize?
The BAD news?
These clowns vote, straight Republican.....
The WORSE news?
President Trump. RU kidding??????
Thank you SO much, brainiacs....

Remember when the Orange Clown said

he prefers heroes who DON'T get captured?
Well, John McCain remembers, and he stuck it to the Liar in Chief and the rest of the jerks(R) with his SECOND thumbs down on their anti-health care bill.
Yahoo for McCain, Paul and the two Repub ladies, {I HOPE Murkowski(AK) is on board}  who are waiting for a decent bill.
Wow, how much time have those a-holes(R) WASTED on their POS bill, just so Trump can destroy anything with Obama's name on it?

Zuckerberg claims there were AT LEAST 3000 ads on Facebook

paid for by the Russians, supporting the Orange Clown for prez. The Liar in Chief claims it is all part of a Russian Hoax.
I agree with him, IF, his idea of a Russian Hoax is Russia doing all they could to elect a 'JOKE' for the President of the US.
Real funny hoax, comrades....
Remember the sheep who went 'bat shit crazy' over Hillary's private server, cuz it MIGHT be hacked? Well, those same idiots(R) have NO PROBLEM when it's shown, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the Russkies interfered in our election to place a Reality Show Bozo in the White House.
The depth of their hypocrisy is unfathomable......

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Facebook' founder Mark Zuckerberg just came out and admitted

that Facebook has been investigating Russia's collusion in the US election and said they have found over 3000 separate pro-Trump ads, placed by our arch-enemy the Russians, so far.
You rightwingnutjobs ever wonder WHY they wanted/want the Liar in Chief as the US President?
I realize you 'don't even care', BUT, think about it. WHY?
Cuz he's SO GOOD for our country?

New Wall St Journal poll out

(and remember the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch(R). It shows Mitch McTurtleface, majority(R) leader, with an approval rating of 11%. ELEVEN!
The Liar in Chief's numbers went up slightly, after he reached across the aisle, AND we've been distracted by natural disasters, rather than the UNnatural disaster of the Orange Clown in the White House, and he's now UP to where less than 4 in 10 Americans support him, instead of 3 in 10.
But remember, 3 of 10 in the US would support Satan himself if he had an (R) after his name, no matter WHAT he does.
We saw that with GW and The Dick as the lied us into war and wrecked our economy.
Basically, one third of America(R) is gullible/stupid/indoctrinated to the point that logic/rationality 'left the room', long ago.....

FOXNews, the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party

will say and do ANYTHING to advance the Repub agenda, including outright lies. Sometimes they get caught, such as when Jimmy Kimmel, who has a child with health problems AND a long relationship with Brian Kilmeade, one of the kiss-ass Bozos on FOX and Friends.
Jimmy called him out, for LYING, which is No Big Deal for FOX or the Pubs, by calling him a 'phony little creep'.
Good job Mr Kimmel. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Humans are made up of male and female hormones

In some. like 'girlie-girls' and 'macho men', the dominate hormone is near 100%. Other people are closer to 50/50, and SOME may be overloaded with the opposite gene from their body type, such as a girl, with more androgen than estrogen, and vice-versa with boys. It happens and we've all seen it.
The Rightwingnut Fundamentalists, with their heads firmly and deeply implanted refuse to see these 'mistakes' of nature, although they must see the more common birth defects that are readily noticeable. Do these whackjobs think someone born with Down Syndrome, or other birth defefts are demon possessed?
Maybe. Who knows.....
Bottom line, there are MANY ignorant people among us and the Orange Clown is now close to appoionting one of them to a Federal judgeship.

Jeff Mateer, President Donald Trump’s nominee
for a federal judgeship in Texas, is sparking
controversy over his remarks about transgender
Mateer has publicly expressed beliefs that transgender 
children are part of "Satan’s plan," and that the right 
to marriage equality could lead to polygamy and
According to CNN, Mateer spoke about a Colorado
lawsuit filed by a transgender child’s parents in a 2015
speech called, “The Church and Homosexuality.” In the
same speech, he called same-sex marriage
"disgusting," and said "We're back to that time where
debauchery rules."

As the Pubs try to force their latest ANTI-Health Bill down our throats,

just look at who's AGAINST it.
Insurers came out against the bill yesterday, joining doctors, hospitals, AARP, patient advocates, multiple governors and others.
The bill — known as Graham-Cassidy — would free states to remove insurance protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Without those protections, insurers could price such people out of the market.
If you get cancer (or even have a family history of it) or your child is born with a birth defect — among many, many other health issues — you could find yourself unable to buy insurance. Without insurance, you could be denied crucial treatments. In a tangible way, Graham-Cassidy would harm millions of Americans.

BUT, it allows the Repub 'Axis of Profiteers' to continue to 'make a killing', from those unfortunate enough to get sick or injured.
Their latest tactic is throwing YUUUUGE amounts of money at Alaska, trying to buy their senator's vote.
Jimmy Kimmel, the country’s most unexpected health wonk, since he has a child with health problems, has urged Cassidy to stop “jamming this horrible bill down our throats.”
To borrow a line from the Pubs.... JUST SAY NO!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just saw the movie 'War Dogs',

based on actual historical events from the documented story, 'Arms and Dudes'. It's the story of small time hustlers who got sucked into supplying the US military during the war in Iraq. It was a $300 mil scam, no big deal for the trillions involved in the wars in Afg and Iraq, after we were LIED into it by the Pubs.
It is based on the fact that after Iraq, the military needed a different system of awarding contracts, other than just GIVING everything, billiuons and billions, to CHENEY'S companies and friends.
See the movie, read the article and see why I've always called GW and The Dick, totally guilty War Criminals.
They should be prosecuted and for crimes against humanity.
All the bombs, bullets and other weapons, sold at YUUUUUGE profits were used to kill and maim human beings. Americans and others.....
It's the Republican way. Some things never change.....

In yet another case of Repub HYPOCRISY

The Orange Clown's Cabinet member Tom Price(R) used to rail against govt use of private jets, UNTIL, he was appointed. Now it's DIFFERENT, as he used FIVE in one week.

In other words, same old shit from the Pubs.

Tom Price, now using costly private jets, once slammed government planes as 'fiscal irresponsibility run amok'

  • Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price took five private jets for official business last week at an estimated cost of at least $60,000, according to Politico.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

As the Pubs prepare to fight, against health care for the people

just remember, we are the ONLY 'advanced' nation in the world, that doesn't provide health care for it's citizens. This is so the FEW can make a profit from the MANY who have the bad fortune to get sick or injured. This is made possible by lobbyists(R) who provide YUUUUGE donations to those(R) that will go along with their 'for profit' system.
Profits before people. It's the Republican way...... Just like their bullshit wars, that fill our VA hospitals and suck up a YUUUGE amount of health care professionals and hundreds of billions of dollars.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Comrade Trump is trying,

to get a YUUUGE military parade, with weapons and marching soldiers down Pennsylvania Ave, in the style of Putin and Kim Jong Un, on July 4th, this year.
NOPE, I'm not making this up.
The Orange Clown LOVES the thought of being Dictator, in charge of a massive military. It's all part of his vain, arrogant, massive, Republican ego.
You sheep(R) must be SO proud of your boy.....

Great game Sunday afternoon, IF, you're a Bronco fan,

Too bad, for the Cowboys...

To the surprise of NO ONE,

The Emmy Awards teed off on the Orange Clown and most people got a bunch of laughs from it, as the former reality show 'star', who bitched and whined about not winning an Emmy was now the BUTT of a bunch of jokes.
SURPRISE, FOXCrap is now bitching and whining cuz the jokes weren't presidential. WELLLLLLL, talk about not presidential, look at the Orange Clown in the White House. He's taken the office from a pedestal to a feces infested mud hole.
SOOO, while MOST of America laughed, the Clowns of Bullshit Mountain missed the joke, which is funny, cuz THEY are the ones who enabled for The Joke in the first place.
I just wish I could have seen the jerk's face as he was skewered, time after time, esp after Spice-baby wheeled out the podium and declared, 'It's the largest crowd to EVER watch the Emmies'.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wow, poor Jerry Jones...

Here in the third quarter, his Cowboys, who he declared as America's Team, are behind 28-10, to the REAL America's Team, the Denver Broncos.
FYI, the redneck Cowboys haven't beat the Broncos for over TWENTY years, and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen today.
Go Broncos!
BTW, have I ever mentioned, after living there for TOO long, I REALLY don't like the average rightwingnut, redneck, uneducated, arrogant Texan, who gave us GW, then put The Orange Clown 'over the top' with their Repub vote, where FOXLies 'Rules'?

They(R) spent months organizing and advertising,

for the 'Mother of All Marches', so supporters of the Orange Clown could show their love for the Liar in Chief, and promised THOUSANDS, in a YUUUUGE display of support!
A few hundred showed up.....
Hmmm, I wonder why so few?
There were more than twice as many Juggaloes, fans of The Insane Clown Posse, which is a GREAT alternative name for the Trump supporters.
Bottom line, 'Clown Day' in Washington DC. Sorta like every other day.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

There's a new documentary on Viet Nam, with Ken Burns

If you were of that age, and went through it, had friends get killed and wounded, OR come back TOTALLY screwed up, as the Repub assholes tried to send us to Viet Nam, for their BULLSHIT war, you will NEVER understand why some of us hate Pubs SO MUCH, as the same assholes tried (and succeeded) to make Big Bucks again, in Iraq, and DID, when most of us thought Viet Nam could NEVER happen again. Then we got GW and The Dick(R).
Bottom line, there is no one worse than the dollar driven Repub Party who sends young Americans into war, so the Pubs can can make money from the Repub War Machine.
Tell me again how America benefited from Viet Nam and/or Iraq, other than to make Big Bucks for the Repub war machine.
I have zero problem with making money and becoming wealthy, BUT, when you use the power of the govt, and get rich at the expense of war victims, on both sides, you are a sleazy, repugnant person and most likely a Republican.
Hate is the only word I have for them(R) and their ilk, who gave us Viet Nam, then Iraq, and now elected Trump.
And the worst part?
They(R) hide behind Jesus, who would turn his face on the gullible HYPOCRITES, who claim to know his teachings, and elected an unholy, vile person like Trump.
They(R) must be SO proud.....

My entire life has been about education/science/logic and rationality

That's how my brain works. And my brain has worked very for me, by any measurable landmarks.
That being said, I am at war with the Repubs and the Bible Belt, who gave us GW and the Orange Clown, whose followers are totally clueless.
If I gotta explain, you won't understand......
Check back next year, when we compare the Liar in Chief with GW and The Dick, who gave us the War in Iraq, and the biggest recession since the Big D.

Bullshit Mountain had their own take, with their lead story,

after Trump reached across the aisle, to meet with Dems.
Yup, the clowns at FOX are worried about, 'Who's gonna PAY for that meal'.
Again, you can't make this stuff up, as the jerks(R) at FOX will do anything to keep the sheep riled.

  • And in other FOXBullshit, where they continue to deny science, they ignore the new RECORD wind speeds of Irma, and RECORD rainfall of Harvey, assuring their 'head up their butt' readers.
  • Written by a jerk(R) with ZERO scientific cred
  • Some things NEVER change....

Juggaloes are the fans/groupies of The Insane Clown Posse

a really weird band, with really weird groupies. They, and supporters of the Orange Clown are both having rallies in Wash DC the weekend. The irony is TOO MUCH. A bunch of nut jobs supporting clowns, esp while the movie 'It' is out, warning us about the danger of clowns.
You can't make this stuff up....
As strange as the Juggaloes are, they look pretty sane when compared to those who can look at the Liar in Chief and say, 'Yup, I love that guy, let's go march for him'.
Give me a Juggaloe, any day....

The gullible sheep believed the Orange Clown, and elected him

for his promises like 'Repeal and Replace Obamacare, on the first day', and Build the Wall, although there is no way to successfully build a wall IN the river or near (US side doesn't want it, Mexico side won't allow it) the Rio Grande, (see map), which is a YUUUGE part of the border, AND the Native Americans who own a YUUUGE part of the real estate say No Way.
Good luck, Orange Clown.
And for those of you who actually believed/voted for the Liar in Chief. Are you kidding?

Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Edward Manuel
is determined to prevent President Trump's proposed
border wall from carving a path through his tribe's
lands — a move which he said would separate
members from much needed resources and disrupt
 the community’s way of life.
The nation, which is about the size of Connecticut,
is a federally recognized tribe that has land and
members on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
Does this reality dissuade the sheep? Of course not.
They're the sheep.....

I wonder WHICH Trump crony(R) was making a fortune,

buying/selling FEMA trailers, in Texas, right in the peak of Hurricane season, as Harvey and Irma roared toward us. Bottom line, FEMA trailers, which are now in YUUUUGE demand were sold at Fire-sale prices (why?) right when they are needed most. Gotta love them Pubs, always looking for a way to make a buck, at the expense of those in need. Just like Health Care.
And you wonder WHY I can't stand 'em?

FEMA auctioned trailers as Harvey made landfall. The federal government auctioned off disaster-response trailers at fire-sale prices even as Harvey devastated southeast Texas, reducing an already diminished supply of mobile homes ahead of what could become the nation’s largest-ever housing mission.
More than 100 2017-model Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers were sold over the two days before the Category 4 hurricane landed in the Gulf Coast, an analysis of government data by The Associated Press found. Harvey was already projected to be a monster storm that would inflict unprecedented damage. The sales continued until Aug. 28, when floodwaters sent thousands of Texans onto rooftops and into shelters.
The auctions — about 300 since the beginning of the year — have left FEMA with a standing fleet of only 1,700 units. The agency has put out bids for another 4,500, but officials could not say when they would be ready to meet needs arising from Harvey, Irma and future storms.

Every other advanced, and most NON advanced,

have Healthcare for their people. Not the US, cuz the Pubs BLOCK it, always using the same LIES.
BUT, the sheep(R) swallow the lies, and nothing gets done, which is a VICTORY for the Pubs and FAILURE for the people.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The rightwingnuts can't understand

why 'those blacks' won't accept that the white jury acquitted the white police officer after he planted a 'throw-away' piece under the guy he shot (only his prints on it) and the tape from the chase had him saying 'I'm gonna KILL that Motherfucker(and he did).
They just don't understand.....
Rush and Sean DO explain how they are just 'Thugs'.
Bottom line white cops can do ANYTHING, even with evidence against them, and it's NO PROBLEM for the white jury, Shoot a guy, with his hands up, (after saying you will), PLANT a gun under him, and it's all legal. How many times have we seen video of white cops shooting black guys, with ZERO consequence. It's called ALWAYS.....
This bullshit works for some(R), BUT, I have been the victim of crooked cops TWICE, (Herbie Compton and a Texas high school drop out, both PLANTED drugs on me) and I can 'feel the pain', Herbie later tried the same trick with a Chicago lawyer, who discovered his 'pattern' for his many arrests, (planted evidence) and Mr Compton was fired from the Nebr State Patrol. The next time I saw him he was a waiter at Grampa's Steak House, in Kearney.
But the rightwingnuts are 'clueless' as always, cuz it hasn't happened to them. BUT, when you are 'profiled' for color (or long hair), all is fair, for the cops.....
Some things never change, and you don't care, 'til it happens to you.

Cops, protesters clash after St. Louis officer acquitted in black man's death

Wow, again I am SHOCKED

In the Wall St Journal(R) there was an article today that had the top ten states for people receiving disability, AND, it is approximately the same as the top ten for those receiving welfare. A truly Republican 'double whammy'.
And guess what? In both cases 9 of 10 are Repub, Bible Belt states. The BASE of the Repub party that gave us Trump and GW.
Thank you SO much Repub Bible Belters for destroying our country in SO many ways. Not only bleeding us financially, but ALSO destroying us at the ballot box. Who da thunk you brainiacs could be SO gullible?
The other side of the coin?
Over 90% of the top income and education states (surprise, nearly the same) are Blue, Dem states. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Rush and Sean would have the sheep believe. Statistics don't lie, but Rush and Sean do, CONTINUOUSLY! The bottom feeders are Bible Belt Southern Repubs, whose single-wide existence is paid for by Blue State Dems.
Some things never change.
PS These jerks(R) also lead the nation in opiate abuse. It's called multi-tasking....
Check it out, right here, from the WSJ.

OK, rightwingnuts, there are a YUUUGE number of educated, high income Pubs. No doubt....
BUT, their(R) base is the Southern, Bible Belt, low income/education, gullible minions. WITHOUT A DOUBT.
 Don't like it? I understand, BUT, don't deny it. Google it, if you know how....
The gullible bubbas are strictly Repub and the Pubs have learned how to herd them, (thanks, Karl Rove) via FOXLies, to the ballot box. Rush and Sean speak to the double digit IQ crowd,
So, who am I to disagree? The 'believers in Noah's Ark' crowd got their boy into the White House, with the help of the Russians, who WANTED and GOT him.
You ever wonder WHY, the Russians like/want him SO much?
Think about it....

I just learned something...

After the Orange Clown Tweeted to the UK after their latest terror attack, the UNofficial message back to him was STFU, cuz he obviously had no facts about the situation and was using it to further his travel ban.
I didn't know what that stood for, SOOOO, I looked it up
It means Shut The Fuck Up, and is a PERFECT way to respond to the Liar in Chief.
I love it....

It's now official: The pot is calling the kettle black.

The worst LIAR in the history of politics (or anything else) is calling on someone to apologize for lying, after they said something that is probably true?
The Liar in Chief has a problem with LIES?
OMG, that's funny...

President Trump has a new target in the media -- ESPN.

The president said on Twitter on Friday morning that ESPN "is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth."
SO, is CNN paying a price like the 'failing' (according to the Orange Clown) New York Times, that now has record HIGH readership and subscriptions?
Donald Trump(R), what a joke.....

Thursday, September 14, 2017

There was a time when 'America's Team' referred to the Dallas Cowboys

mostly cuz their owner, Jerry Jones said so. BUT, according to ALL the recent polls, America's Team is now the Denver Broncos. Just ask Homer Simpson...
Bottom line, the Bronc's and Cowboys play this Sunday. I know who MOST of the country will be rooting for.
Texas or Colorado?
Not even close.....

After a meeting between the Orange Clown and Schumer/Pelosi,

we find that SOMEONE is lying. WOW, I wonder who, after they met to discuss DACA and The Wall?
The funniest quote from it is from a Pub who said, 'Trump is losing his credibility'.
The worst liar in the history of the presidency is losing his credibility...
That's as much of a joke as FOXNews.
Speaking of the Liar in Chief's LIES, here's the top 100+. for the dumbshits who rely on FOX and never see them. Really! Check 'em out! Well documented..... over a hundred....


The Pubs bitched about Lying Obama, cuz he said 'you can keep your Dr', which MOST people could/can.
BUT, when dealing with the worst LIAR in history, they have NO PROBLEMO.....
Can you say HYPOCRITES?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

If your head was SO FAR up your ass

that you didn't realize, or didn't/don't care how we were LIED into the War in Iraq, check out the book 'Hubris', that explains how the a-holes(R) with power lied us into the war, SO, their Big Oil interests could make them insanely rich.
Don't believe it?
Check out the book, or at least the synopsis.
Yup, the jerks(R) killed Americans and Iraqis so their Big Oil investments could EXPLODE, like the bombs that killed and maimed real people, as the price of oil, (their business) jumped from $14/barrel to over $140/barrel. Yahoo! Success, for them. Not so much for those killed and wounded...
Ya think they might have profited YUUUUGELY?
Haliburton stock went up over a thousand per cent, just like the Bush oil business. Who da thunk?
Whenever in doubt, follow the money. Check it out. I dare you.... 'Hubris'.
Then check out 'Crossing the Rubicon' if you REALLY wanna know 'What Happened', as Pubs followed the exact plan that worked SO well for them in Viet Nam, where they also 'LIED us into war, for PROFIT!
For my international readers, don't judge us REAL Americans by the Repub party (low income/IQ) that has LIED their way into power, AGAIN.
Like your own country, we have a BUNCH of ignorant voters, mostly cuz of FOXNews.
Please forgive us, as anyone with a brain thought Viet Nam could NEVER happen again, Then we got Bush/Cheney(R).
OMG! Just as our VA hospitals were starting empty....
Tell me again A-holes(R), 'What did we win?' I can sure tell you what we lost.....

In the very near future

FBI Director James Comey, who was YUUUUGELY instrumental in installing the Orange Clown into the White House, will be testifying against the Liar in Chief, SOOOOO, the jerks(R), incl FOXNews, have begun a YUUUUGE smear campaign against him.
Duh, who da thunk?
The Trumpies are now claiming he 'leaked' (told the truth), about the Russian Collusion.
What to do?
Go on offense against Comey, who must be feeling SOOOO, bad, for his part in destroying western civilization.
Can you imagine living with the fact that YOU were/are the MAIN reason we have the Orange Clown in office?
I think I'd kill myself....
 BUT, Comey is now trying to 'save his soul' by telling the truth.
The Pubs are freaking out and attacking.
Who da thunk?
Get ready for more Comey smears, as he gets closer to sharing the info that the FBI has on the Trump/Russia collusion.
Just think of HOW MANY of the Trumpsters. incl the Clown, Clown Jr, Bannon, Flynn, lawyers etc claimed 'no contact' but LIED.
Bottom line? It's too late. The low info/low IQ crowd voted the vain, arrogant, vile, unqualified human being into the presidency.
Let's just hope the law of the land is justly applied by Mueller.
We can only hope.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I HOPE we are all looking for a way to give,

and there's a GREAT fundraiser on TV right now, with lots of celebrities (Stand By Me. With a Little Help From My Friends, etc)  and talent, giving us a way to send our love and money to those who need it so desperately.
Check out handinhand.com 
I'm donating and hope you do too.
There are SO many who need SO much, from those of us who are SO blessed.
Listen to your heart and send money, NOW, before you're distracted....

The Orange Clown, like Bozo 'under the big top'

LOVES big crowds, and doesn't hesitate to LIE about the size of them, much like his LIES about the YUUUGE crowds cheering the fall of the Twin Towers, and the number, 3-5 MILLION illegal voters that cost him the 'popular vote. AND, there was the crowd at his innauguration, which was a YUUUUGE lie, but his minions have NO PROBLEM with YUUUGE lies.
He thanks all those that 'came to see HIM', at the Boy Scout Convention, and the victims of Harvey, who 'came to see him'.
The asshole doesn't hold news conferences, but continues to do campaign rallies among the ignorant minions who elected him.
LIES? No problem for the morons who elected him, and he gets energy from the gullible sheep who cheer him on.
 The rest of us? OMG, we always think, 'it can't get worse, BUT, it always does', as he continues to appoint totally unqualified political clowns to YUUUGELY important positions.
The good news? I'm too old and financially independent for the A-hole in Chief to 'wreck' my life.
The rest of you? You shoulda voted, using your BRAIN......

Even though the Orange Clown has 'a very good brain', (just ask him),

it is SO good to know that he is surrounding himself with 'only the best people', (and then there's his Cabinet, OMG!) like his MAIN advisor, Jared Kushner.
At least Jared built The New York Observer. Oops, it was a graduation 'gift' from his father when he graduated from Harvard, which is a YUUUUGE accomplishment to even be accepted.
Oops, seems his daddy donated MILLIONS so his son, who was NOWHERE CLOSE to meeting Harvard's entrance standards, would be admitted.
Oh well, what could possible go wrong, with a BUNCH of UNqualified people in charge.....

In keeping with his tradition of nominating the WORST

possible candidate for the job (see Carson, Perry, DeVos, Sessions, Pruitt, etc), the Orange Clown picked Jim Bridenstein(R), Oklahoma..
Jim has ZERO experience with NASA and ZERO background in science or engineering. SOOOOO, PERFECT for heading NASA!
It's like a giant experiment in  "How To Wreck Our Country', and this dweeb, who doesn't believe in Climate Change is now in charge of NASA, and awarding YUUUUGE contracts to other ultra-Conservative, clueless, unqualified nutjobs.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump often promised his adoring throngs that if elected, he would hire "the best people" to help him run the country. Now that his cabinet is nearly filled out, we have a sense of the qualities Trump believes makes someone "the best": a vast fortune, a decorated military career and/or utter contempt for the agency they've been selected to head and the people that agency was built to serve, and/or ZERO experience in the agency they are now 'in charge' of.
Thanks again Orange Clown, and all you gullible idiots who elected him.
You should be SO proud of the Pussy Grabber.....

As the dumbshits(R) STILL deny Climate Change

cuz Rush and Sean, and all the FOXLiars TELLS them to, FL Congresswoman Ileana Lehtinen(R) is standing up to the a-holes in her party that continue have their heads firmly and deeply implanted, cuz their party dogma requires it.
Was a great interview as she looked at her damaged state and her willfully ignorant party, after the Liar in Chief pulled the US out of the Paris Accord, cuz, you know, the rightwingnuts are the ones who elected him, and you gotta keep the ignorant base HAPPY.
BTW, that same ignorant base is gonna get YUUUUGE govt handouts from the Blue States who provide MOST (Google it) of the tax dollars, while the rightwingnuts bitch about govt programs that help the needy, BUT, they 'deserve' it.
Can you say HYPOCRITES?