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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Although I NEVER thought Mitt Romney, the Mormon,

was 'Presidential' material, I liked him as a person, ESP compared to the Liar in Chief we now have.
I still think this is one the SADDEST EVER political pics.

In his latest Tweet storm, over Russian meddling,

Dotard lashed out at everyone, EXCEPT Russia.
Same old shit, from the Liar in Chief, and his gullible minions swallow it, like Linda Lovelace.

Trump blames Obama, lashes out at Schiff and Democrats, but spares Russia criticism in weekend tweet storm

The aftermath of the Florida shooting

followed the SAME OLD BULLSHIT. The Dems said we should do something about the easily available assault weapons and oversized magazines, esp at unregulated gun shows and the worfully inadequate reporting/listing of people who SHOULDN'T be able to buy those weapons.
The Pubs came back with their same old shit. NOW is NOT the time to talk about it. You Dems are politicizing the problem, assault weapons are hunting rifles (BULLSHIT) and we can't restrict them, and my favorite, 'We'll pray for the victims and families and have a moment of silence in their honor'.

The REAL problem? The NRA and the YUUUUGE amount of money they give to Congressmen. Our own Colorado Senator, Cory Gardner(R) got over THREE MILLION DOLLARS from the NRA.
You think he, like all the other Repub Congressmen, are gonna bite the hand that feeds them?
OF COURSE NOT, but they WILL pray for the victims, AGAIN, and the next time and the time after that, while cashing their NRA checks.
BTW, the $ figure quoted above is WAY out of date. Is MUCH higher now....

I thought EVERYBODY knew why,

except of course the 'head up their ass crowd' that gets their news from FOX, incl Dotard, that Obama returned Iranian money to Iranians. The cash that Obama sent to Iran was the RETURN of their own money, held for decades, which was confiscated from Iranian businesses with US bank accounts, when the World Court said that the US HAD to return it, or pay YUUUGE interest and penalties. SOOO, because America WAS a nation of LAWS, Obama authorized the return of Iranian money, to the businessmen who had it frozen in US accounts.
BUT, the current Liar in Chief ismriling sheep by claiming Obama just 'gave away US cash', and it's working, for the uninformed morons that get their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain.
When the rest of the world isn't trembling, they must be 'laughing their asses off' at the Mad Pig president of the US, (shove that up your 'exceptionalism'), as Dotard went on a mad Tweeting binge, to rile his gullible, uninformed minions.

Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation,” Trump’s first tweet read.

While ALL the US intel agencies, and his own Nat'l Security Chief blame the Russians for election interference, the Orange Clown says he looked Putin in the eyes when he denied it, SO he believes him and is NOT gonna impose the sanctions that 99% of the Congress voted FOR. 

You Repub Evangelical HYPOCRITES must be SO proud, to have gotten the Dotard the Russians wanted, IN CHARGE of our country.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I'm thinkin'

that the ski resorts in Colorado, and around the world, are gonna be CROWDED in the near future, as a bunch of people, like me, are watching the Olympic skiing and are reminded, 'WOW, I just remembered how much FUN that is.'
AND, a lot of people will be thinking, 'Wow, that looks fun, I gotta try that'.
There's nothing like cruising down the mountain, with smooth snow below, a blue sky above and tunes in your ears.
As close as it gets, to FLYING......

As I see the 'special' relationship

between Dotard and 'Fox and Friends', I can't help but wonder. Who's in charge?
Does the Liar in Chief give the talking points to Bullshit Mountain, or does the Orange Clown take the lead from FOXCrap?
Either way, Roger Ailes must be SOOO proud, as the 'gullible among us' believe that 95% of the news agencies in the world are FAKE, and the only TRUTH comes from an organization created by the Chief Political Strategist of  the Republican Party.
UNbelievable... Like FOX.
How else would we get such a LYING, vain, arrogant, unqualified, LYING, multiply bankrupt/divorced, tax cheating, Russian loving, LYING, profane, vile, hypocritical, fat LIAR as prez?
Thanks again, Roger, with help from the 'Evangelicals'.
OMG! You could NEVER make up crap like this.....

There's a reason

the Olympics are held 4 years apart.
We record it, and watch the events we want, without commercials (I can't imagine watching it LIVE, with commercials), spending hours on the couch, in the recliner, getting up only to eat, drink and go to the bathroom.
Still. we are HOURS behind all the fun events. Got into CURLING today, which I thought could NEVER be interesting, but was, while we missed skiing, skating, hockey, etc.
PLUS, we recorded a YUUUGE  number of shows, incl Kimmel, Colbert, Gold Rush etc. while we were on vacation.
I'm thinking I may never leave this recliner, cuz we haven't seen the new NetFlix, Amazon, or AMC movies.
SO SAD and insane but kinda true.
OMG! How do people with a JOB and normal responsibilities even survive?
Am SUCH a couch potato, but don't wanna miss anything....

From the Denver Post today

Hooray, Chuck Plunkett, for addressing the glaring hypocrisy of evangelical Christians who profess support for Donald Trump. One cannot find sufficient words to express the disdain felt for those who could support someone who so clearly shares none of their values but would pander to their views in support of votes. Far beyond the old saw of “politics makes for strange bedfellows,” the evangelicals have made a pact with the devil, which one suspects they will come to regret. While the evangelicals may hope that the government may be used to compel their view of religious behavior and beliefs, the rest of us can hope for respect of the separation of church and state.
Dan Swaim, Fort Collins

Friday, February 16, 2018

Hey rightwingnuts, do you realize,

that the Dems are FOR the FBI and against the Russians and the Pubs are just the opposite?
Think about it...

I need friends like the Orange Clown's, cuz his lawyer says he paid Stormy, the hooker, $130,000, and didn't even tell the Liar in Chief, (HA), AND his buddy at the National Enquirer bought the story from another woman, (that Dotard was diddling right after his wife had their baby), for $150,000, for an 'exclusive' story, then buried it, (called 'catch and kill') cuz Trump is his buddy, and he didn't even tell the Liar in Chief about it. HA!
I wonder what Mike Pence, 'Mr. Christian' thinks about it? Who am I kidding? That hypocritical sleazeball sold his soul, LONG AGO, for political power.
Does ANYONE, even the gullible, clueless sheep, believe the crap about Dotard's buddies paying, and not telling him?
They believe FOXNews and Noah's Ark, so what WON'T they believe?
BTW, Dotard says the FL shooter was mentally ill, and for once he told the truth, cuz the shooter was photographed wearing a MAGA cap. Definitely, totally insane, although some people SHOULD wear a cap.

I didn't realize til tonight's show,

but I've been watching Gold Rush since it's beginning, and it's been NINE years. It's been my fave show for several years. Am watching the Live show tonight, instead of the Olympics.
I love the show cuz it's so REAL, as men work their asses off, dealing with breakdowns, the elements, crew/family troubles, legal problems etc, BUT, when they get 'on the gold' it's all worth it, for a while.
The show has followed three miners and their crews/ families. Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Todd Hoffman. Tony and Parker are real miners, Todd and crew are a bunch of 'thumpers' named '3:16 Mining', who try to be gold miners and EVERY YEAR claim Jesus is gonna make 'em rich. They've lost their asses in Alaska, in different sites, South America, then back to Alaska, then Oregon, back to Alaska, and the last two years in Colorado, near Breckenridge. Every year it's the same. Jesus is gonna make 'em rich and they lose their ass. I've always thought that someday, like a blind hog finding an acorn, they'd get lucky and proclaim, "See, we TOLD you so', but it never happened.
Tonight there was a YUUUGE announcement from Todd, on the LIVE show.
He's finally quitting. Yahoo!
We don't have to listen to him preaching any more, while he proves what an idiot he is. I'm 100% sure he's a Trump Republican, cuz he's such a loser.
At the beginning of this year, Jesus lead him to bet 100 oz of gold, that he would get more gold than Parker
HA! Not even close and now I'm waiting for him to pay off, which is about all the gold he got this year, as Parker got over 5000 oz.
The only way he made it this far is cuz the TV show paid him, as he showed how NOT to do it, as a kind of comic relief, though that wasn't the intention.
His new career? Jesus told big fat Todd is gonna be a singer! No shit.
Wow, Todd, I bet you are as good a singer as you are a miner. Maybe you can pass the collection  plate for offerings, so you can continue to eat, a LOT.
Sorry for the bad attitude, but I just got SO tired of him, his incompetence and 'holier than thou' attitude while his crew and family constantly fought among themselves, while he gave Christians a bad name, like Trump and the FOXSheep.
Jesus must be SOOO proud.

Was looking up info on Lyndsey Vonn

cuz she's a GREAT skier, from Vail, CO, and came across this pic of her in a swimsuit.
BUT, it's not a swimsuit, it's body paint.
That's the kind of body you get when you work out several hours per day, every day, PLUS have the heart to work through some major, painful injuries.
Whew, I need to get me one of them suits.
You can look forward to that post.....

The Orange Clown claims

that because Robert Mueller's first indictments were against Russians, it PROVES he is innocent, AND their interference didn't effect the election. Oh REALLY?
Nice try, Liar in Chief...
Dotard, the first prez installed by a foreign power, with the blessing of the clueless, gullible sheep.

The Mueller report CONFIRMS

that the Russians used millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of e-mails to support the Liar in Chief and disparage Hillary, AND, there was even an anti-Trump post/rally(?) to 'keep the intel guessing'.
SOOOO, what was the #1 front page FOXCrap headline? (Look it up!)
No shit, this is what Bullshit Mountain reported to the sheep, instead of the 99% of Russian support for the Orange Clown. You ever wonder WHY the Russians wanted Dotard for prez?
To make America STRONGER?
Hint- He disregarded sanctions that over 99% of Congress voted for, saving the Russians BILLIONS, in the first down payment to them.
And you wonder why I can't stand the LYING jerks(R)?

The FOX 'lead' headline.

Indictment says Russians sowed discord with staging of anti-Trump rally

Robert Mueller is trying to find the truth about Russian involvment in our election,

by questioning Steve Bannon. The White House(R) is making sure they don't. Over the course of two days of questioning, Bannon only answered 25 questions, and those answers were provided by the Liar in Chief's lawyers, most with a single word, and the YUUUGE majority of questions being UNANSWERED, with Steve claiming executive privilege or 'taking the fifth'.
Bottom line, the Mueller Commission learned NOTHING, as Bannon and the Dotard's team are Stonewalling.
Dems are asking for Bannon to be charged with obstruction and contempt of court, while the Pubs are happy to keep their heads up their asses and not hear the truth about Russian involvement in our election. A fact confirmed by EVERY US intel agency (17),
Some things never change, as the 'Law and Order' party laughs their asses off at the Judicial system that takes 'No Comment' as an answer from the criminals they are investigating.
And you wonder why I can't stand the jerks(R)?

It's obvious that the sheep like to keep their heads

deeply and firmly buried, ignoring the facts that show the Pubs gleefully grab and spend the money from the US Treasury, as soon as they get the chance, after being the party of 'NO F-ING WAY', whenever the Dems asked for funding for everything from infrastructure to medical care. BUT, when they get the power, the deficit that had been going down EVERY YEAR since Obama took over from the last Repub disaster, from over  TRILLION to less than half that, has now ballooned to over a TRILLION, again.
I know the gullible sheep won't take my word for it, but when one of their own, from Bullshit Mountain, Judge Napolitano says the same thing, maybe the clueless minions oughta pay attention, as the Pubs mount another full-scale assault on the Treasury, shoveling pork to everyone who ever helped their campaigns. Same old shit from the same a-holes(R).

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump’s new budget is a debt bomb waiting to explode

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I've decided to become a millionaire

and the only way I know is to sell a YUUUGE amount of something, SOOOO, am gonna sell T-shirts, saying.


I know I'd buy one, and proudly wear it, in front of the gullible, clueless rightwingnuts who elected the vain, arrogant, unqualified LYING SOB.
Just repeating the words of their Orange Colored Dotard in Chief.
Yup, gonna be a TShirt millionaire, cuz we have a total IDIOT as president, and a LOT of us like to recognize his idiocy.
Who else would say such asinine crap, other than a FOXNews anchor?
Thanks again, Evangelicals, cuz you are like, SO smart, although over 2/3 of Americans disagree with you.
Nothing new here, as the Liar in Chief LOVES the uneducated, cuz they are SO easily fooled.
Just ask the TV preachers in their luxurious mansions, paid for by the gullible sheep., and the Orange Clown in the White House.

Today's question for the rightwingnuts, SERIOUSLY

Will your boy, the Liar in chief, will be in MORE trouble if he tells the TRUTH, (for a change), to Robert Mueller, OR, if he LIES, like usual?
Really. Which would be worse, for the lying SOB?
Either way, Dotard goes to jail, SO, his lawyers will NEVER let the Liar in Chief testify.
Hmmmm, I wonder why????
How stoopid do you have to be, not to see what is SOO obvious to those who value truth, while pretending that the Orange Clown isn't part of the Russian plan?
Are you REALLY that stooopid, or just pretend to be, to fit in with your rightwingnut, FOXNews friends, who don't give a shit about reality?
Why would an innocent person REFUSE to testify, and clear his name?
HA! What a joke....

Again, as I catch up on recorded Late Night TV

 I see Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, etc as they ROAST the Liar in Chief, and Dotard's TOTAL stupidity, and I have the same question.
What do the FOXSheep watch for late night comedy, or are they 'early to bed', for their minimum wage jobs??
I agree, FOX is REALLY funny, but I doubt if the clueless sheep appreciate the obvious humor.
Yup, Sean Hannity is sane, and isn't a rightwingnut shill.....
RIIIIIGHT, as he preaches to those who don't give a shit about reality. Just look at late night shows, and over 90% of 'Real' news, which the sheep have decided to ignore, accepting Roger Ailes' special version of Repub reality.
Never mind, the clueless minions made their choices, and choose to ignore the 'real' news that the rest of world depends on, while swallowing the crap from Bullshit Mountain.
Bottom line, as WC Fields says, 'You can't smarten up a chump', and they ALL vote Republican, as per Roger Ailes', plan.....

OK, I admit it,

I took advantage of a young clerk in the Duty Free shop. I got a bottle of Don Julio tequila, for $33, and the second one for $12. Carol rushed back, but he had come to his senses, or been threatened with  'You're Fired', before she got there, and got the 'less than half price' tequila.
Anyway, got a good souvenir of a bad day as Frontier Airlines screwed up, AGAIN, and we spent the night at the Omni, on the beach, at their expense, incl food and drink.
Coulda been worse. esp considering $400 in flight vouchers.

Why am I not surprised, after Dotard

made it alright to be an idiot?

The teenage gunman accused of slaughtering 17
people at a Florida high school on Wednesday had
posted a photo of himself wearing one of President
Donald Trump's signature red MAGA hats on
Instagram, the social media site confirmed.
The photo in question shows 19-year-old Nikolas
Cruz wearing a hat that features Trump's "Make
America Great Again" campaign slogan and an
American-flag-colored bandana that covers the
bottom half of his face.​

I didn't think I'd ever agree with Omarosa,

but I do, after she revealed what a rightwingnut clown Mike Pence is, around the White House.
I have always said, whatever you think of the Orange Clown, Mike Pence, the Bible Thumper that Dotard brought in to win the 'Jesus Vote', would be worse, and I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so, as the former IN guv, (who won't attend an event that includes women, without his wife, who he calles 'mother') continually proves what an incompetent nutball he actually is.
Just looking into his eyes is like staring into an empty abyss.
Yup, he earned his political chops on Rightwing Religious radio in Indiana, supporting the Birther Movement against then prez Obama, and the rubes loved him, as you can't be TOO conservative/ignorant for the regional hicks.

"As bad as you think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence --- everyone that is wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life," Omarosa said in a clip from "Celebrity Big Brother."
"I am Christian. I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things," Omarosa told her fellow contestants.
Well, that bit of news was more than Behar and the other gals on “The View” could stomach.
"It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct, hearing voices," Behar declared.
SOOO, VP Pence called the revelations against his mental health an 'attack on Christianity'.

It's called Darwinism, and hopefully the same crowd who gave us Dotard

will listen to this TV preacher/huckster who claims the flu is 'fake news' and you shouldn't waste your money on a flu shot, when you can send it to her, instead. We don't need them voting, breeding and dumbing down the gene pool in the (already bottom of the barrel) Red States.
And you wonder why these brainiacs(R) need handouts from the Blue States to survive?
Click on the link, scroll down a little, check out the video and see what passes for 'wisdom' in FOX/Trump/Evangelical world.

There was a sad tragedy while I was in Mexico

I was wearing my 'Keep the Mexicans, Deport Trump' button and it was water damaged, 
BUT, I will have a new one by the time I go back to the beautiful beaches.
It is especially helpful when checking in, to get the best room available, AND the waiters and bartenders seem to appreciate it, as well as 95% of the guests.
There WAS one dumbshit(R) who wore a MAGA hat for a little while, but probably got tired of everyone flipping him off and getting urine-flavored drinks....
If it's possible, I think Canadians hate Dotard even more than sane Americans, according to our northern neighbors who love to party, and can't understand (like most Americans) how we got the Orange Clown in the White House.. I tried to explain FOXNews and how they were safe, cuz it is ILLEGAL to knowingly broadcast LIES in Canada, unlike the US, where lying is Big Business, and there's an unholy alliance between FOX and the Evangelicals, who can easily be herded to the ballot box to vote for a True Christian, like the Orange Clown.

And you wonder why Dotard usually wears a MAGA cap?

(Click on pic to enlarge)
For the same reason that Darth Vader wears a helmet. To cover a huge bald spot. The video from which this pic was taken, as the Orange Clown climbs the stairs to Air Force One is hilarious, as we get to see under Dotard's YUUUUGE combover.
BTW, the Liar in Chief's handlers are refusing to let him speak to Robert Mueller, cuz The Donald is known for his propensity to LIE, early and often, and would probably say something impeachable. SOOO, he's screwed if he tells the truth and screwed if he lies.
In other words, the ain't gonna be allowed to talk to Mueller, until well into the impeachment hearings, although I'd love to hear the lying SOB try to explain WHY he's not imposing the sanctions on Russia that Congress nearly UNANIMOUSLY voted for.
HA, as if we don't know.....

Some REALITY, for the fact-starved sheep,

who get their 'news' from FOX, and are therefore clueless when it comes to who PAYS taxes and who SPENDS them.
Yup, the Blue States are BY FAR the biggest tax payers, and Pub-controlled Washington blows that money like 'gas' after a three burrito dinner at Taco Bell, while claiming to be 'fiscally responsible'.
And the ignorant sheep swallow the LIES, cuz they get their news from the Bozos of Bullshit Mountain, instead of reading/understand actual charts and graphs, that show GHWBush blew up the budget, then Clinton fixed it and handed off a budget 'in the black' to GW, who totally wrecked us, and Obama inherited a $1 Trillion deficit, but took it down EVERY YEAR, to under $500 Bil, which Trump(R) promptly increased to over a Trillion.
And this doesn't even count the Jack-Hole's big Dictator-Style Military Parade.

Re: “GOP no longer deficit hawks?” Feb. 10 news story.
The Denver Post stated accurately that the last time the U.S. budget deficit was over $1 trillion was during President Barack Obama’s first term. In Obama’s first year, he inherited an economy that was in a free-fall crash that threatened a worldwide depression and required dramatic government interventions, including massive spending to prevent banks and some big corporations from failing. As the economy stabilized and grew, the deficits decreased, so that by 2015 the deficit had fallen to $438 billion. This Republican administration and Congress inherited a 2016 deficit of $585 billion, yet only one year later voted for a budget that is projected to result in an annual deficit of more than $1 trillion.
A deficit increase from $585 billion to more than $1 trillion! And the U.S. is not in a recession. This fiscal irresponsibility is mind-boggling and frightening for our future.
John Bradford, Lakewood

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

FINALLY made it home,

after a three hour tour turned into a shipwreck. After spending nine hours at the Cancun airport, watching Frontier post one bullshit departure time after another, then finally admitting their plane was was broken OR, their pilots were past their nappy time, they put us up at a nice beachfront hotel in Cancun, but by then we were all so tired/pissed off that the only good thing was the all inclusive bracelets we got, after surrendering the same type we had worn for over a week. They did make a good Margarita.
One passenger didn't make it to the hotel after yelling Frontier SUCKS, then telling he local Policia to 'speak f-ing English', before the Federales hauled him away.
As I said, every time I fly Frontier I say 'Never Again, and this time I mean it, after we use the $400 flight voucher.
Frontier used to be a decent home town airline, then they were bought out by some (probably Repub) jerks and now they SUCK, but they offer the only decent flight times, leaving early to Cancun and late to Denver. Not worth the bullshit, though. Southwest Airlines here we come, next time we fly to Mexico.
Other than that, GREAT time, as always.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I've heard, from legitimate sources,

That if Frontier Airlines screws up your flight home, they will put you up at the Omni in Cancun, with a bracelet that gets you free food and drink, etc.
Could be worse, but will NEVER fly Frontier again. Have said that every time I fly Frontier, but this time I mean it, except one more time, with the $400 flight vouchers.
Have flown over these beautiful beach hotels, but never stayed before. NICE!

Like James Taylor sings in his song 'Mexico'

Sun so hot I forgot to go home, guess I'll have to go now.....
Yup, no matter how long you stay, there's always that dreaded 'last day'.
Oh well, was fun while it lasted.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Ahole in Chief ran on a YUUUUGE infrastructure spending promise

BUT, reality is 1.5 trillion over ten years, with MOST, by far, is to be paid for by the states, in the form of higher taxes and many more Toll Roads. Thanks jerk(R). Actual spending is about $200 bil per year, by the Feds, after a CUT of $240 bil per year to highway, bridge, etc spending, for a net MINUS in Fed paid infrastructure.
What a LYING SOB, but nothing new here, as the sheep swallow his crop, like always, while the Pubs shovel $$$ to 'defense' contractors with YUUUUGE pork shaped shovels.

What an a-hole move, even for Dotard(R)

At a time when diplomacy is at a premium, the Liar in Chief is slashing the diplomacy budget by a THIRD, while pumping up the already bloated military by over a hundred billion $.
Don't tell me the the Orange Clown CANT WAIT to start a war SOMEWHERE. It's the Republican way, and this a-hole, General Bone Spurs can't wait to command something he dodged as a young man. Commander in Chief Donald Trump. OMG! 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Liar in Chief showered his buddy the multi-wife beater

In comments to reporters at the White House on Friday, Donald J. Trump stirred controversy by lavishing an alleged wife beater with praise that he historically has reserved for child molesters and Nazis.
Reporters who heard the President’s comments were taken aback since, in the past, the President had given no indication that he held wife beaters in the same high esteem in which he holds supporters of child abuse and white supremacy.
“We knew that President Trump considered child molesters and Nazis very fine people, but this was the first time he had put wife beaters up there, too,” Tracy Klugian, a member of the White House press corps, said. “We wanted clarification as to whether he considered wife beaters as fine as those other two groups, or finer.”
John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, accused reporters of attempting to drive a wedge between three of the President’s most cherished constituencies.
“Donald Trump has made it very clear that he can be the champion of wife beaters, child molesters, and Nazis at the same time,” Kelly said. “He doesn’t play favorites.”

Saturday, February 10, 2018

SOOO, the Orange Clown in the White House thinks it FINE

to release a cherry picked, altered memo that his pet monkey Nunes thought he'd like, BUT, when the Dems want to release the actual TRUTH of the memos Dotard(R) says NO WAY, and I'm sure his gullible minions are fine with their heads buried firmly and deeply, getting a set of alternate facts from Bullshit Mountin and thinking, 'Duh, I knowed we was the smart ones.'
Just when you think they can't get any worse, the 'fiscally responsible' crooks raid the treasury for their pet projects and YUUUUGE military pork, busting the stock market and want a third world dictators parade for the Liar in Chief to feellike a real man. What an a hole...
You KNOW this is gonna end like the last Repub administration, wrecking our country, with the bonus of more and bigger wars. Who can't se it, with Dotard in charge?

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Just a reminder

I know words. I have the best words. I'm like a REALLY smart guy. A stable genius. Right?
What kind of idiot would say such crap? Oh yeah, Dotard, hero of hopelessly gullible sheep.....

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

OMG, is it true?

Mexican news says Trump wants a YUUUUUGE military parade, as big or bigger than his buddy Putins Red Square parade, as dictators do, around the world, like Kim Jong UN....
Really"????... RU shittin me?

Even in foreign countries,

it make news when Colo Sen Cory Gardner stands up to the weasel Jeff Sessions(R), as Cory says Screw You, and your LIES.
 Seems the weasel promised Gardner he wouldn't prosecute pot in Colo if Cory would confirm him for Chief Weasel, then Sessions changed his mind.
Gardner ain't going for it and is holding up judicial appts.
We will see what happens.....
Go Cory!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Some bad news yesterday

Seems Pat Robertson survived a stroke, but am not sure how anyone could tell if his brain has been damaged, recently. Check out ten of his most famous quotes, but he has a LOT more.
Pat Robertson(R), an early and enthusiastic Trump supporter. Click below to check out the mind of an Evangelical Dotard fan. And you wonder why I can't relate to 'those people'. Thanks a bunch, rightwingnuts, you must be SOOO proud of your boy, the Liar in Chief...

Woke up to fresh snow

and twelve degrees. Kinda enjoy the snow, but it gets me thinking about 'changes in latitudes and changes in attitudes', as Jimmy Buffet would say. Am dreaming of 'drinks on the beach' and tropical breezes as I watch the wind swirl the snowflakes.
Oh well, maybe someday, but for now am beside a warm fireplace, making guacamole and Buffalo Wings, waiting for the Super Bowl.
Life is good, even if you're not on a beach, but esp if you are.

After starting 'Fire and Fury', I thought it was a little dull, SOOO

between some good fiction, I read Katy Tur's 'Unbelievable'.
Wow, does she nail it, as Katy describes covering The Donald's 2016 presidential campaign, as she went through some 'unbelievable' crap, from the lying, psycho SOB who eventually conned enough gullible Repubs to become president.
Should be required reading for all those who think the Liar in Chief is a sane, stable genius, who's qualified to be POTUS.
Gotta love Katy though, and I now look at her on TV with a new respect, as she kept her sanity while being subjected to the lies and insanity of covering the Orange Clown on the campaign trail, as he sicced his goons on her and others in the 'reporters pen'(literally) and she feared for her life, as Dotard's rabid fan's screamed insults and tried to attack, incited by their boy, who lies as easily as most people breathe. But why not? The gullible sheep don't give a shit, and it WORKS for him. Unbelievable....

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the ... - Barnes & Noble

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History by Katy Tur. Called "Disgraceful," "third-rate," and "not nice" by Donald Trump, NBC News correspondent Katy Tur reported on—and took flak from—the most captivating and volatile presidential candidate in American history.

File it under, 'Duh'

Like Comey said, 'That's IT?'

When the House Intelligence Committee finally did its dramatic reveal of the so-called Nunes memo, several things were immediately clear — and all were bad for committee chairman Devin Nunes and President Trump , the man his efforts were ultimately intended to benefit. 
Remember that this is all about Trump's ties to Russia, whci ALL US intel agencies agree are there. AND, after Congress voted nearly UNANIMOUSLY to sanction Russia, the Liar in Chief deferred them, saving his 'sponsorship country' BILLIONS!
Can you imagine if Obama had done something similar? There'd be Repub lynch parties with torches and pitchforks. 

I'm thinking all future dictionaries will have pix of Evangelical Pubs, illustrating the word HYPOCRITE!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Yup, I'm a proud grampa.

This is Trent, at one month. Good job, Ted and Kari.

Check it out, and see WHY I like Bill Maher, so much. Perfect!

Let's hear it for Ellen Maresh, who wrote to the Denver Post

I finally have to write in response to the news of Donald Trump’s most recent departure from all that is decent and honorable in the world. It isn’t enough to reject every civil and moral precept, but this “president” has found ways to demean every institution Americans hold dear. Openly depicting his “grabbing” women by their genitals, then saying what we saw was not so, and gleefully and deliberately sabotaging every federal agency he can get his hands on by appointing individuals who have nothing but disregard for them, and debasing the presidency itself. This was not enough. Now, Trump is willing to throw the FBI, the CIA, and all of the U.S. intelligence services to the whims of his narcissism. Where is any Republican spine? Once, we had principled disagreement. Gone.
Ellen Maresh, Denver

Rep John McCain(R) weighted in on 'The Memo'

"The latest attacks against the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests ― no party's, no president's — only Putin's," said McCain.

Read Full Article Here McCain on Memo: Serves 'No American Interests,' 'Only Putin's' | Newsmax.com 

In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy," McCain added. "Russia employed the same tactics it has used to influence elections around the world, from France and Germany to Ukraine, Montenegro and beyond."
Now, instead of imposing the sanctions that Congress voted for, nearly unanimously, Trump deferred them.
Are you rightwingnuts starting to see WHY we don't like your boy?

Proving, AGAIN, what a total dipshit he is, Trump

is taking on the FBI and Dept of Justice, saying they were/are 'out to get him', although those in charge are all Pubs.
Well, I think he's HALF right, which is better than he usually does. If they weren't before, they are now.
Hmmmm, someone's gonna be left standing, when this entire Dotard Fiasco is over. And it's not gonna be the Orange Clown.
Wow, talk about people you DON'T wanna piss off.
Just think about the resources of  the FBI. Okay, the Liar in Chief is in charge (sorta) now, BUT, after a year or so of going against the FBI and the DOJ, with a YUUUGE number of your OWN party against you, at least 2/3 of the American people and about 99% of the world, HMMMM, I wonder what's gonna happen. I'm betting on the SMART ones., instead of the one that's 'you know, like really smart', a 'stable genius'.
I can hardly wait, to see the turd get flushed.
Like I've said, but have a hard time doing, JUST BE PATIENT....

Roger Ailes WON!

St Ronnie would be SOOO proud....

I remember part of an interesting dream I had last night....

I was elk hunting in the Colorado high country, as I did for about 40 years, and I had my scoped, 300 Win Mag as I waited beside a high mountain meadow at sunrise.Then, at first light, as 3 of them walked out, I realized I only had one bullet!
Wow, three targets and only one shot! What to do?
Yup, it was Devin Nunes, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, unsuspecting and within easy range, sniffing and kissing each other's butts.
What's a guy to do?
 The last thing I remember is Nunes trying to run into the heavy timber, with Rush behind him, waddling as fast as his fat ass would allow.....
Wow, I'd forgotten SIZE of the exit wound from 300 Win Mag hollow point.
SHOCKING, yet SO satisfying.
Next time, though, not leaving camp without a FULL clip, for OBVIOUS reasons.....
What if the Liar in Chief had been there?

With all the shit thrown in the air by the Orange Clown and his minions,

we are not focusing on one YUUUGE event, that is saving the Russians BILLIONS, after they put their boy in the White House.

The Trump administration announced it will NOT impose sanctions on Russia even though both the House and the Senate voted nearly unanimously for the sanctions that would punish Russia specifically for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, for annexing Crimea in 2014 and for its incursions in Ukraine.
 And you moronic sheep wonder WHY, those of us with a functioning brain, are up in arms about the Dotard you elected to the White House, with YUUUUGE help from Putin?

OMG! You PATRIOTS were SO worried about Hillary's 'private server' that MIGHT be hacked (it wasn't) by our enemies, but turn a blind eye to our enemies ACTUALLY hacking our govt?

And you wonder WHY the Repub party has lost ALL respect, outside their Bizarro Bubble world?

Steve Sack  Copyright 2018 Cagle Cartoons

Wow, the Repub A-hole who 'created' the notorious 'memo', Devon Nunes

made an astonishing admission, after he released the document that Dotard claims to 'clear' him of Russian collusion. Not only did we not get to see the ORIGINAL memo that all this crap is based on, but the jerk(R) who created the NEW memo admits HE didn't see the original one EITHER!
You just can't make this shit up! But, do the sheep CARE about such an obvious problem?
Trump has (R) after his name, and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Hours after the memo came out on Friday, Nunes 
gave an interview on Fox News during which anchor 
Bret Baier asked him if he wrote the memo. "Yes," 
Nunes replied, saying other Republican lawmakers, 
like House Oversight Committee chair Trey Gowdy, 
also contributed. 
"Did you read the actual FISA applications," Baier 
asked, referring to the documents that the memo 
cites in part as evidence of improper conduct by 
US law-enforcement officials.
"No, I didn't" Nunes said.

The Liar in Chief FINALLY said something I agree with

I assume he was referring himself and his incompetent administration, when he Tweeted.

This is an American disgrace!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Finally! Something we can all agree on......

ALSO! Something that the jerks(R) seem to forget, with all their 'conspiracy' bullshit, against poor little Donald, is the fact that ALL the major players, from Rosenstein, to Mueller and McCabe are REPUBLICANS, all APPOINTED by Republicans. 
Think about it, numbnuts.....

Depending on whose numbers you believe,

from 84% to 90% of the American people think the DACA people should be allowed to stay in the US. Aside from humanitarian reason, we've already paid to educate them and we need the labor. Both sides of the aisle overwhelmingly agree, which is AMAZING in this day and age.
SOOO, what does the Orange Clown do? He says OK, we'll allow the will of the people IF, we do something the majority of the people DON'T want to do, as in 'Pay For His Wall'.
Yup, extortion is how Dotard and Repub henchmen work, and the sheep who swallow the FOX/PUB (one and the same) line, can't see the obvious.
Just like their stupid-ass 'memo'. It wasn't 'discovered', it was created by Devon Nunes, and simply shows the FBI doing it's job, and believing a totally believable career British MI6 agent, who had PROOF of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.
Who can't see what's SO obvious?
Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind. The same sheep who react to the latest damaging news by sticking their heads FURTHER up their asses.
You'd think their shoulders would eventually stop them....

Because he is continually doing SO MUCH vile, nasty crap, Trump makes us forget

some of it, which is his plan. Just when you think he, or his incompetent administration can't possible get worse, they always do.
Remember, a few months ago when we were teased by the upcoming day when the Kennedy assassination files were gonna be released? Well, that day came and the Dotard said there were a 'few things' they had to look at, for 'National Security' purposes,(after over FIFTY YEARS), and he was gonna delay it for a couple weeks. Remember?
Well, it's been several months and we've lurched from one Trumpian disaster to another and forgotten about the court imposed date to RELEASE the facts from Dallas, 1963, cuz the Liar in Chief thinks he is above the law.
Hmmmm, ya think it just be it's cuz the Repubs were behind the shooting of our prez, with the help of the military, cuz JFK planned to stop the war in Viet Nam? He had said as much in the weeks leading up to his Dallas visit, where the route was changed at the last moment, to make him an easier target.
The clowns in charge of the investigation claimed a 'single shooter', 'magic bullet' theory that was laughable, while everyone who was in Daly Square swore there were multiple shots and shooters.
Then, the 'lone gunman', Oswald, was killed by Jack Ruby before he could talk and Ruby died in jail before he could be properly interviewed. Case closed--- keep the bombers busy in Viet Nam, expand the war for another decade and kill tens of thousands more GI's while FILLING the VA hospitals.
Some things never change, and number ONE is the fact that the Pubs are LYING warmongers, (see Iraq) who don't give a shit about American casualties, as long as they can make the Big Bucks.
We already know about how we got into Iraq (LIES), and now the Liar in Chief has buried the files that tell us about an earlier 'Big Adventure' by the Pubs who didn't like JFK's plan to stop their war.
Sickening, but that's how they(R) roll.....

Friday, February 02, 2018

Even though it's been warm and sunny, here in Colorado

thanks to Climate Change? I'm still dreaming of an all-inclusive resort on a beautiful beach in Mexico, cuz it's that time of year. Old habits are hard to break...
Oh well, life is good, here, as the next week calls for 50's and 60's, like the last few weeks.
WTF? Feb in Colorado, while the Pubs deny realty.
Some things never change.....

It's Friday night, and my fave show, 'Gold Rush' is on

They have followed three gold mining operations, Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Todd Hoffman.
Todd's crew, '3:16 Mining', is a bunch of Thumpers who promise us, every year, that God is gonna lead them to gold.
Well, it's the 7th year and these clowns have gone from several Alaska claims, to South America, to Oregon and now Breckenridge, CO. And they lose their ass every season'.
It's OBVIOUS, that if they didn't have the TV sponsors, who finance their folly and play to their audience, they would have 'washed out' long ago.
Just saying..... they MAY hit gold some day, and IF they do, they'll say 'Praise God', but in the mean time (seven years), these clowns are hopeless.
Again, not saying anything against spirituality, but warning against the Charlatans who prey on the gullible, like FOX and the sheep, who swallow their swill, as TRUTH.
Just sayin'....
Check out the show, which is GOOD,  (while the Hoffmans are a laughing stock) and see of what I speak.
Sorta like the TV preachers who promise wealth, IF you have enough faith, and keep sending your MONEY to them.
The Hoffman's. A total joke, like the TV preachers, who drive Rolls Royces and have several mansions, paid for by the sheep. Check it out.
If I couldn't prove it, I wouldn't write it..... Clowns and sheep, a match made in TV heaven.
Just like politics in America. SOOO obvious, to anyone who wants to look at reality.

As an old fart, who has butted heads, with the rightwingnuts

my entire life, I've never felt more justified.
Yup, the same a-holes(R) who tried to send me to Viet Nam, for their war, based on lies, that killed 58,000 of my brethren, and FILLED the VA hospitals to this day, and then, did it again, with the LIES about Iraq, and further burdened the VA system, for NOTHING, other than to make the 'DEFENSE contractors' (ha ha) rich beyond belief, incl Haliburton going up over 1000%, while Cheney (personally made $38 BILLION) and his buddies made a KILLING.
Can you say, 'F**k you Repubs' for making the killing/maiming of Americans a 'Profit Industry'?
Who can't see what is SO obvious, (only to those with a functioning brain). Will make it simple so even the double digit IQ Pub/FOX sheep can understand.
War makes YUUUUGE profits for the Pub War Mongers. even if you have to LIE your way into a war that makes NO sense and can't be won, but make YUUUUGE profits, and the only downside is killed/wounded soldiers, and VA hospitals FILLED with victims. (See Viet Nam and Iraq), while FOX 'beats the drum' for corporate profits.
Never mind, if I gotta explain, you won't understand. 

SOOO, 'The Memo' hit today

The one that the Pubs claimed is 'Worse Than Watergate'. REALLY?
The FBI used a British MI-6 agent whose research was originally financed by Jeb Bush, to obtain surveillance on Dotard's buddy Carter Page, who was constantly meeting with the Russians.
Yup, MUCH WORSE than Watergate!
Same old shit from the Pubs. Why would anyone expect anything different?
The sheep must be SOOO disappointed....

Bottom line, short and sweet

None of the Pubs are arguing the FACT that Carter Page, Trump's buddy and campaign worker had NUMEROUS contacts with the Russians, and bad ones at that.
BUT, they have the sheep all riled up cuz the FBI MAY have crossed a line in tracking his treasonous moves, (BUT, they had been following him since 3 years earlier).

Think about it, rightwingnuts. They have you right where they want you, defending the people who helped Russia to infiltrate US elections, and bitching about the FBI (with Repubs in charge) doing it's job. OMG, can ANYONE be SO dense as to NOT see what's going on?
Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind.

As the Trumpies are patting themselves on the back

after Dotard's SOTU address approval rating of 62%, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.
These numbers are ONLY from people who actually WATCHED the Orange Clown read his teleprompter speech, (obviously written by someone else), and MOST of the 2/3 of the country who HATES him, didn't watch, so couldn't/didn't vote.
Why would we watch the Orange Clown lead a pep rally, and lead the applause for himself?
AS IF we haven't seen enough LIES from the vile, vain, arrogant, unqualified Liar in Chief.
AND, that 62% approval is the LOWEST EVER recorded after a SOTU address.
ALSO, don't break your arms, with the congratulations on the vain, arrogant, unqualified, lying SOB.

BTW, his YUUUGE accomplishment is (was) the rising stock market, which was a well oiled, humming machine, handed off by the Dems, (totally unlike the crashed and burning 'steaming pile' that GW and the Pubs handed off) has UNDERPERFORMED the world markets since his election and is currently TANKING (Dow down 666 pts), even with his budget busting tax breaks (mostly for the rich) and dropping all 'consumer protection' to make it easier for the 'consumers' (us) to be screwed by Big Business.
Thanks a bunch, Dotard, and congratulations to his gullible minions....

We all know Trump is firmly in the crosshaors

of Robert Mueller(R) in his 'obstruction of justice' investigation. I can see no reason why Devon Nunes(A-hole) shouldn't also be included. He not only released a document that the FBI and DOJ said SHOULDN'T be released, but he carefully 'cherry picked' the info to release and then 'doctored' (changed) what was in the original memo.
I know the Pubs are political crooks, but you gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE, and this is a great place to start.
to borrow a phrase from the traitors(R), LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP!
Remember when the FBI and DOJ were the 'friends' of the Pubs and Russia was an enemy?
That was before FOXNews and Dotard 'highjacked' the FACTS.....

Just who is the radical/rebel/liar heading the FBI,

that the Orange Clown and the Pubs are bitching SO MUCH about? Oh yeah, that would be Dotard's 'hand-picked' (Repub) successor, after he FIRED the last FBI director.
AND, the clowns(R) are also accusing the DOJ of bias against Trump. Hmmmm, where did the head of the Dept of Justice come from?
Oh yeah, he was/is a Pub, appointed by the Liar in Chief, SO, I can see why they can't be trusted.
Who can't see this obvious charade?
Oh yeah, the sheep, Never mind.....
How do these ignorant dolts survive in the modern world?

At what point will the typical FOXSheep realize

that the LYING is consistently coming from one source. Those who track the stats claim it's now over 2100 LIES, and growing. But, do the minions huddled around Bullshit Mountain CARE?
OF COURSE NOT, cuz the Liar in Chief has an (R) after his name, so LYING just doesn't matter to THEM. I represent the 2/3 of the country, and the rest of the world, who believe lying, on such a YUUUUGE scale, actually matters.
This is Donald Trump, he cheats in Golf, he cheats in business, he cheats on his taxes, he cheats on his wives and now he's cheating our country. Just how much cheating should this country take before we all say enough!!!!!!
Show more react

FYI,'The Memo', claims the FBI was directed to SPY on Carter Page

and his continual relations with the Russians, because of a Hillary financed 'dossier' that uncovered a BUNCH of Trump/Russia meetings, calls and interactions.
Two things here. The 'dossier' was originally financed by Jeb Bush, and was eventually turned over to the Dems 'after' the damaging (for Trump) info was discovered.
AND, Carter Page was ALREADY under FBI scrutiny, (since 2013) after living in Moscow and meeting with all the wrong people, for YEARS.
BUT, the Pubs want to muddy the water and disparage the FBI in advance of what they, and nearly everyone assumes will be evidence of collusion between the Liar in Chief's minions, family and maybe himself in an effort by the Russians (proven beyond doubt) to get the Orange Clown elected.
Now we see why, AGAIN, as Dotard refused to impose the sanctions, voted on by over 98% of Congress, against the Russians, saving the BILLIONS.
Anyone who can't see what is so OBVIOUSLY going on is either willfully ignorant ar genuinely ignorant, or BOTH, which is the case for most of the minions of FOXNews, the 'alternative fact network', created by Roger Ailes, as the coup de grace of his reign as Chief Repub Political Strategist.
My hat is off to the political genius, who sold out his country, for his party.

It was just reported that Trump collapsed, after his SOTU 'speech',

or rather 90 minutes of reading a teleprompter, interrupted only when he led the applause for himself.
Shortly after Trump spent a gruelling ninety minutes pretending to care about immigrants, the unemployed, and other people whom he normally dismisses as losers, aides noticed that he was turning from a bright orange to a slightly paler orange before crumpling to the ground in a giant heap.
“If you have never spent a moment thinking about a human being besides yourself, imagine trying to pretend you are doing that for a solid ninety minutes,” Jackson said. “It’s physically punishing.”
Immediately following his collapse, Trump was rushed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where a brain scan showed that his brush with human feelings did no permanent damage.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

As the Pubs blow smoke up our ass

about Carter Page, who IS a Repub/Russian agent, they avoid the fact that Trump DECLINED to do  Russian sanctions, that the Congress voted to impose 490-3, saving Putin and Russia, BILLIONS of dollars.
Look it up!
Screw you, Dotard and the Repub horse(FOX) you rode in on,,,What does it take for the FOXSheep to admit the obvious truth?