I hear from the rightwingnut who accuse me

of wanting open borders, abolishing ICE, ‘taking your guns’and all the other crap preached by Rush and Sean about generic Liberals,
I say ‘Screw you’, I and typical Libs aren’t for any of that crap, BUT, the Conmen use LIARS, like the Liar in Chief, to build a wall, (like the one Dotard said Mexico would pay for), between the 1/3 of Trump supporters and the 2/3 of rational Americans.
If you have a ‘specific’ problem with one of my posts, FINE, but don’t lump me into the Bullshit Mountain ‘straw men’ who are the punching bags for the LIARS at FOXNews, rallying the gullible minions who ‘Prasie Jesus’ and vote Repub, even for the Pussy Grabber who hates the same people the Bible claims to support.
C’mon, quit being SOOOO gullible, for the Pubs who just USE you, for their agenda which is ‘all abou the money’.
Yup, Dotard’s a Christian..... How gullible/stupid/ignorant can you get?
Again, I have no problem with spirituality, but when they’re herded together, to vote Repub, for the RUSSIAN…

Wow, Dotard’s personal lawyer is going to prison, for his association with the Liar in CHiief

Does that tell you anything, rightwingnuts?
I didn’t think so.
Hard to see reality with head SO FAR up your ass, where only FOXBullshit can penetrate, and Dotard is a Christian, intelligent competent president, not a Russian-backed, arrogant, LYING conman who goes bankrupt, multiple times, so he doesn’t have to pay his bills, while SO MANY around him go to prison, while he LIES......

When you Google ‘idiot’, the images shown are overwhelmingly the Idiot in CHief, or Dotard

and the Congressmen, yesterday at the hearing with Google execs wanna know WHY.
It’s easy. The search results are based on the most recent and relevant searches, SOOO, Google ‘idiot’ and you get Trump.
It’s not some little man the curtain at Google, directing the search, it’s all based on algorithms and millions of actual searches.
Most people, probably even a portion of the FOXSheep who support him, think/know he’s an idiot.
Cuz if it looks like an idiot, acts like and idiot and quacks like an idiot, it’s probably an idiot.
It’s called reality, and that’s how Google search works, like it or not, rightwingnuts...

When you spell it ‘smocking’, instead of smoking, TWICE, that’s not a typo that’s stupid, like staring directly at the sun to see the eclipse, and saying ‘I know words, I have the best words. I’m like REALLY smart, a stable genius.
And if you believe that crap,YOU TOO are an idiot.
Nothing new here.....
The Real Reason Donald Trump Appears When You Google 'Idiot' Dur…

Who wouldn’t want the job?


Stephen King has a question, for the Liar in Chief.

Wait a minute, wait! Wasn', Mexico going to pay for Trump's useless, just-tunnel-under-it wall? 40.2K 7:26 PM - Dec 11, 2018

Michael Cohen, Dotard’s personal Fixer, has been sentenced to prison, but says he feels free. Free from the whims of an arrogant crook, who uses lawyers and others to twist, bend and break laws for hiis own personal profit.

He said he had been living “in a personal and mental incarceration ever since the day that I accepted the offer to work for a real estate mogul.” Responding to a Trump tweet that called him weak, Cohen said that he was weak because “time and time again I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds.”

Deeds like paying off Dotard’s bimboes, that the Clown said he didn’t know, then claimed the lawyer paid them off, then claimed he paid them, but it’s OK. LIES after LIES, again and again.
Do you rightwingnut, gullible minions ever get SICK of all his LIES?
DIdn’t think so, cuz HYPOCRITES R U, in your sick world where anything with (R) after it is just fine....

What am I thinking?
THe ‘Christians’ Who are fine the the Pussy Grabber, sure aren’t gonna have a problem with paying off hookers while his wife is home with their new son, and then LYING< continually, about it.
Can you imagine if it was Obama? HA!
We’d be talking lynch mobs, from the Moral Majority, the dirty mob that lives…

Dotard claims his people will revolt if he’s impeached.

And I claim ‘his people’ can’t POSSIBLY get any more revolting.
Just listen to the ignorant, FOXSwallowing morons, who support the arrogant, Russia-backed, incompetent, LYING Pussy Grabber. How can they get any more ‘revolting’?

Trump: People will ‘revolt’ if he’s impeached

Saw good movie today, but didn’t like it for a while

‘Widows’ has a great cast and good reviews, and was the best one out there, as we went to our Senior Discount movie on Tuesday.
Started out good, then kinda dragged, and was Getting a little bored, then it BOOMED.
Not gonna give anything away, but there’s a point when Liam Neisam comes back and all of a sudden, WOW.
Fantastic cast and a story that gradually grows, then turns into a fantastic ending.
Some movies and books are just the opposite. Great start, disappointing finish.
This is the total opposite, that leads into some great discussions during the ‘Happy Hour’ specials.
Here’s a ‘thumbs up’ to Rock Bottom, and their fantastic brews and appetizers.
Bottom line, fantastic cast iiin a movie that builds to a fantastic finish.
No need to catch it in the theater, but see it when you can.
You won’t be sorry......
‘Widows’ prove that ‘women have power’ when properly motivated.
As I said, fantastic cast and good story, that explodes at the end....
Have never seen a movie with so many, …

I was gonna post here, about Dotard’s latest LIES, about the ‘Wall’, and then I wondered WHY?

Anyone with a functioning brain KNOWS what a worthless, LIAR h is, and the ‘others’ don’t give a shit.’
In their world,’SOOO, he LIES, who cares?’
How do you use logic, rationality and intelligence agains the kind of morons who look at Dotard and say, ‘Who Cares, he’s a Republican?’
Bottom line, he’s a LYING worthless jerk, and fits right in with the FOXSheep sho have NEVER cared about LIES.
Never mind, outta here....

Dotard claims, ‘I’ll be glad to shut down the govt if we don’t get funding for the wall’.

Isn’t this the same ‘Lying sack o’ shit’ that claimed Mexico will pay for the wall!’, to get his clueless, gullible minions to VOTE for him?
What? You mean he LIED?

You know how the Pubs like to think of themselves as the ‘smart’ party and ‘fiscally responsible’ despite the YUUUUGE amount of evidence to the contrary?

Well, we just got even MORE evidence that shows they are just the opposite, as one of the recipients of Dotard’s handouts, after riling up the sheep over the ‘Invasion’ at the border, by job-seekers to a country that desperately needs workers, got paid over $13 MILLION dollars to hire ‘border security agents’, and found TWO.
Seems impossible, but this is Dotard and the Pubs at work. You know, the fiscally responsible, SMART ones? According to them, that is....

The Trump administration paid an astonishing $13.6 million to an outside contractor this year to increase border protection staffing, but that effort has resulted in only two new job offers, according to a scathing report by a federal watchdog that called for “immediate” action to rectify “serious performance issues.”
U.S. Customs and Border Protection granted Accenture Federal Services — a subsidiary of the global Accenture consulting company headquartered in the tax haven of Dublin — a $297 million contract last year to boost s…

Despite YUUUUGE evidence to the contrary, Dotard claims LOTS of people want to be hiis Chief of Staff.

What the Liar in Chief doesn’t say is that they are all Dems and request to be armed and have a pre-signed pardon.

WASHINGTON, Dec 11 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump, without offering any names, said on Tuesday more than 10 people are vying to be his new White House chief of staff, a job his top choice declined over the weekend.

Wow, who da thunk?

“It Got Back to Trump That Kelly Was Bad-Mouthing Him”: After Firing John Kelly on Impulse, Trump Learned He Had No Plan B

Today I agree with Dotard, there is no ‘smocking gun’, that he spelled TWICE.

Yup, no ‘smoking gun’. (Dotard’s spelling) but 14 Russian/Trump people meetings.
Wow, what a coincidence!
ALL US intel says he was/is supported by Russia.
Ever wonder WHY idiots?
Not that you’d give a shit, cuz he’s a Repub!
Your HYPOCRISY  is so far off the charts it doesn’t even register.
But, nothing new here, as you back the LYING, Russia -backed Pussy Grabber....

Wow, I miss this guy.

Click on the link and see what a REAL president is like, not some LYIING, arrogant asshole.
A clip of Obama’s jokes at the Press Club ‘Roast’ that Dotard refuses to attend cuz he’s an arrogant, incompetent asshole, and doesn’t like to be reminded.
Really, check it out, it’s funny and is good to see what an intelligent, qualified US president is like, cuz we’ve all forgotten, with the Orange CLown in charge, who grabs pussy, pays off Bimboes, is supported by the Russians (ever wonder WHY, rightwingnuts?} and LIES constantly. How the hell anyone can support the LYING jerk(R) is beyond reason.....
All Obama did was FIX the YUUUGE economic crash of the last Repub admin, put us on a sustainable path to lower the debt, gradually increase the economy WITHOUT an irresponsible tax cut for the rich, keep us out of WAR, the Repub staple for building the economy, and won the respect of our allies (now FORMER allies).
Only the a-holes at FOX could twist reality and make it look BAD.
Screw Dotard …

You may be having a bad day, but the about Dotard....

He read fro prez to help his business cred, AND HE WON, cuz a bunch of FOXSheep swallow the crap.
NOW, all the people around him, incl his personal lawyer and campaign mgr are indicted, or are close to it.
He’s caught up in a web of his LIES and he can’t declare bankruptcy like he’s alwaays done when he’s in trouble.
Big Time Bullshit Storm.’He’s playing for time but the end is in sight.
Orange jumpsuit to match his morning makeup.
Screw him and the ignorant sheep he rode in on.
AS IF, he’s not an obvious ‘fake Christian’ conman who preyed upon the ‘gullible among us’.

Wow, who da thunk? Who’d turn down the ‘Job from Hell’, being the Orange Clown’s whipping boy in the White House, trying to keep a vain, arrogant, incompetent Russia-backed LIAR under control.

Yup, Ayers said, ‘thanks, but NO thanks’, to Dotard’s offer to surrender his balls on a platter.

Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and the top choice to move into the same role for the president, declined the offer and will leave the White House in the next few weeks, according to several media reports.

The worst LIAR in the history of (the US, politics, lying, speaking, etc...) has accused Comey of being ‘the worst LIAR ever.

Oh really?
This is the same Liar in Chief who accused HIS PICK for Sec of State, and former head of Exxon-Mobil, as being ‘dumb as a rock and lazy as hell’.
Maybe Dotard was just upset that Rex had called him a ‘fucking moron’, sorta like Gary Cohen called hi a total idiot.
Notice a pattern here?
The Orange Clown’s latest tirade was against Comey, (remember, he’s the FBI guy who started the Hillary e-mail furor 11 days before the election) of conspiring to keep him from being elected.
The same Comey who was before a kangaroo court of vengeful Pubs who asked him HUNDREDS of questions to support their made up charges of ‘conspiracy’ by the FBI, and they were surprised he couldn’t answer their bullshit questions about ‘Hillary’s E-mails’, put out as a smokescreen to muddy the water before the upcoming charges against Dotard.

Your head spinning yet?

Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful!" Trump…

Dotard the candidate claimed the Military/Defens Budget was WAY too high,

But when he got into office, asked for MORE$. Then a couple weeks ago said the amount spent on Defense was absurd and he was gonna get it way down, then yesterday changed his mind again.
SOOO, when should we believe him? NEVER, He’s a LYING jerk, period.

Trump reverses course, tells Pentagon to boost budget request to $750 billion The president had previously called for a cut in defense spending. By  12/09/2018 01:39 PM EST

And, in the understatement of the year, Larry Kudlow (what a JOKE) commented on John Kelly, who was installed in the WHite House to try and keep Dotard under control, but finally just ‘Gave up’.
It's been a long two years for the chief, General Kelly," according to Kudlow. "Perhaps it is time for a rest."

Can you imagine, if Obama had been ‘forced’ to hire a Chief of Staff, to restore ‘order’ to the White House, a Ret Marine General, and the soldier said, ‘Fuck it, I give up’.

That’s exactly John Kelly’s experience.
John totally ‘gave up’ when it came to Dotard, the Liar in Chief..
He said ‘F**k it, I;m outa here;, like Gary Cohen and Rex Tillerson, who ‘don’t need the money, but wanna rescue their reputations, which ain’t easy, serving the Liar in Chief’, as his lawyer and campaign people are going to prison.
F**k Dotard and the ignorant, gullible FOXSheep he rode in on.
Yup doubt me?
Look at what Kelly, a decorated Marine veteran has to sa, after torching his reputation by sucking up to the Liar in Chief
Who cant see this?
Oh yeah, the gullible, ignorant sheep who swallow FOXNews, and ignore ‘real people ‘, like John Kelly, who finally said, ‘F**k him, I’m outta here’...., like most of the QUALIFIED people in his inner circle, leaving the rest for prison terms.
Wanna bet?

It’s called, Mission Impossible’

John Kelly, hired to restore order for President Donald Trump, is out as chief of staff

After two of Dotard’s henchmen were found GUILTY, and will be sentenced next week, the Liar in Chief Tweeted. ‘Totally Clears Trump. Thank you’.

KellyAnne ConJobs husband, George saw it a bit differently, like most of us.

Except for that little part where the US Attorney’s Office says that you directed and coordinated with Cohen to commit two felonies. Other than that, totally scot-free.
And then there’s all that redacted stuff, about Russia, and ‘Individual One’.

If you ever wonder how STOOPID Dotard actually is....

Just look at the Liar liar in Chief’s description of Rex Tillerson, former head of Exxon-Mobil, and his choice as Sec of State.
After Rex agreed with 2/3 of the US, saying Trump is a ‘F—-king Moron’, the Russian-backed, incompetent, Pssy Grabbing jerk(R), called ‘HIS CHOICE’ for Sec of State, and former head of Exxon Mobil as ‘dumb as a rock and lazy as Hell’.
What kind of ‘dumb as a rock’ sheep can’t see through this?
Oh yeah, the typical FOXNews sheep, who makes a rock look intelligent, swallowing Dotard’s LIES, believing Sean and Rush, cuz they represent the ‘Fair and Balanced’ (Oops, you say that motto was laughed off the planet?) Network?
Speaking of STOOPID, Dotard looked at today’s prison sentence, of HIS lawyer, for following HIIS orders, and said he’s been found innocent.
WTF? You can’t make up crap like this.....

Anyone who’s paying attention has heard of the Rep lame duck Legislature knows they just STOLE power from the incoming Dem governor

Typical crap from these jerks, who have Gerrymandered the state SO bad that even though they lost the popular vote 45% to 63%, they won substantially MORE Legislative seats.
Seems too outrageous to be true? Look it up.....

Cross file it under, ‘Duh’, and ‘Incompetent Dumbshit’!

Trump is reportedly ‘glued’ to the stock market’s fluctuations and worried he’s causing themPUBLISHED AN HOUR AGO|UPDATED AN HOUR AGO
President Trump has been asking his advisors if they think the tariffs he’s levied against China are causing the market’s unrest over the past two months.What did the jerk(R) think would happen after threatening new tariffs of 25% and a few days later, trying to sound like a tough guy to ‘Jina’? And later said, ‘I’m a Tariff Man’, causing turmoil and mass sell offs on world markets.The moron’s a menace to the whole world.Thanks again, rightwingnuts, as Dotard’s temporary ‘bump’ to the markets, by giving  a YUUUUGE tax cut to the rich is now gone, and we’re left with the YUUUUGE deficits and debts.

John Kelly described his position, with Donald Trump, as ‘untenable.’

Yup, Kelly, who was installed as Dotard’s White House ‘handler’, in charge of controlling the Orange Clown’s ‘baser impulses’, says they no longer speak, and his position is ‘untenable’.

It would be like trying to keep a YUUUGE starving pig away from a trough full of slop.
It’s impossible and you’d just wanna ‘not get hurt’.

John Kelly is expected to resign as White House chief of staff in the coming days, two sources familiar with the situation unfolding in the West Wing tell CNN. Follow Tillerson, Cohen and so many others, and get out while you have a shred of dignity and credibility.

Just when I think FOX is nothing but LIES and Bullshit, like Dotard, one of their clowns will drop a pearl of wisdom, although I didn’t think it come from Tucker Carlson...

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Loses Patience With Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Capable’ “I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus. I don’t think he understands the system,” Carlson said in an interview with a Swiss magazine.
Duh, next you’re gonna say pigs can’t fly?

Was gonna comment on some of the FOX headlines, but am laughing too hard

as the sheep get their special brand of ‘news’, from the Repub Propaganda Network’

Some headlines from Bullshit Mountain:

‘Was the Mueller Investigation Worth It?
(Duh, Kinda soon to say)

‘Mueller Goes Easy on Obama During Trump Investigation’
(Duh, he’s investigating Dotard, not Obama)

‘Comey ‘Gleeful’ As He Refuses To Answer Questions’
(Yeah, right....)

‘Democrats Love Republicans, When They’re Dead’
(I have an idea how they’d REALLY love Dotard)

‘Heather Nauert a Perfect Fit For UN Job’
Yup, a totally unqualified, inexperienced FOXNews Blonde Bimbo is the best we can do.....

Then there’s the quote, from Dotard himself, that we hear from ‘real’ news, but NOT FOX
‘When you’re attacking the FBI, you’re losing’.

And then there’s this classic line of Bullshit, from the clueless Larry Kudlow.
“Huawei’s Arrest Won’t Hurt US China Relations’
HA! I can’t take it any more.....

Roger Ailes must be laughing his ass off, from his special place in Hell......

Wow, like the explosive bowel release after an ‘All You Can Eat’ Mexican Buffet,

Dotard has loosed his inner indigestion and dropped a YUUUUGE Tweet discharge at his ‘enemies’, who all happen to be Repubs, including Pub appointed, lifelong Repub Robert Mueller and James Comey, who Dotard accuses of being Pro-Hillary.
Does the Liar in Chief, in his loony ramblings not remember the Comey actions that won the election for him?
Anyway, Dotard has figured the best defense, against Mueller’s release of Manafort’s sentencing guidelines and probably a LOT more references to both of their Russian connections is to muddy the water with a bunch of bullshit.
The tactic usually works for him as it gives FOX something to report on, and feed the sheep, while they ignore the facts.
Anyway, Dotard’s morning DUMP was YUUUUGE and unusually stinky.
Just what the sheep love, as they swallow it and ask for more.....

President Trump launched an extraordinary tweetstorm against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. In early Friday morning tweets, he wrote: “Robert Mueller and L…

I caught part of an interview with Rex Tillerson this morning.

Rex is Dotard’s former Sec of State, who called the Clown a ‘f—-king moron’, and never denied doing it, or the factuality of it.
In hiis first interview, since soiling his reputation with the Liar in Chief, Rex explained what a shock it was to work for someone ‘didn’t read’ and didn’t rely on research or experts with crucial experience, for his policies and decisions.
Rex said Trump would just ‘wing it’, saying what his ‘gut’ felt, and expect those results.  Many times Mr Tillerson explained that such actions/results were impossible, illegal or both, and the prez would get angry and lash out, or pout.
The former Sec of State said it was impossible, with his background at Exxon Mobil, where every decision was well researched and thought out, with input from many qualified sources before an important decision was made, to go along with Dotard’s reckless, arrogant style., so he quit, like Gary Cohen, the Liar in Chief’s Head Economic Advisor.
Just think about it.
This arrogant, incompet…

Could anyone blame a ‘just released’ prisoner for not being able to operate a Smart Phone?

Of course not, BUT...
What if that same person had totall access to all technology for the last few decades?
Then he’d be considered an idiot.
Sorts like the FOXSheep, and their willful ignorance, not understanding what 2/3 of us take for granted.
Willful Ignorance is the ‘clue’ here, as the sheep have unlimited access to ‘real’ news, but choose to get their ‘news’ from the Repub Propaganda Channel.
Sorta like living in a cave, in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.

Just to be clear, AGAIN, I have problem with spirituality and a higher power, in fact I’m a believer, BUT,

When a group of people, because of their beliefs in a LITERAL Bible, are herded together, as per Roger Ailes and his Repub Propaganda Channel, I ave a real problem, when we get Donald J Trump, as President of the United Staes.
How stupid ARE you people?
I guess that remains to be seen....

With all the bad news in the world (thanks FOX and Dotard) there is some GOOD news.

The CU Buffs just hired Mel Tucker, and I’n claiming this is gonna be a YUUUGE turnaround for my alma mater, the University of Colorado, Boulder.
It may take a while, after getting rid of the incompetent crybaby, Mike McIntire, but I’m gonna be patient, like staying patient ‘til Dotard is in prison.
It’s gonna happen.
Go Buffs!

A ‘shout out to my international readers.’

I appreciate you too, and PLEASE don’t judge Americans by the asshole elected by the FOXNews believing idiots.
As I continue to say, ‘Just be patient’.....
BTW, as I’ve said before, It’s hard to blame Trump for being a selfish, arrogant asshole, cuz that’s just who he is.
You can’t blame a rat for being a rat or a snake for being a snake.

The Liar in Chief is same LYING, Pussy Grabbing, incompetent, six time bankrupt, arrogant conman he’s always been.

My problem is with the gullible, clueless, ignorant, sheep who support him.
They’ve made a conscious choice to get their ‘news’ from the Repub Propaganda Channel.
State Media, without the pink kimonoes, for the willfully ignorant.

What will it take for them to remove their heads from their asses?
WWIII, the Great(est) Depression, or the ‘trial of the century’ where Dotrd’s sins are exposed for all to see.
Never mind, the morons will find a way to ‘fade the heat’ and shift the blame to the FBI, US Intel and Robert Mueller, the lifelong R…

Dotard’s mouthpiece, on his Stae Media network, has some advice to Dotard’s henchmen, saying Shut Up.

Fox News host and breathless Trump supporter Sean Hannity clearly has a real problem with how Robert Mueller is running his investigation into Russian collusion, and he’s got a message for those thinking about cooperating: ‘If you’re like me, and you were – grew up to revere an FBI agent, and the FBI comes to your house, and maybe some crime took place in the neighborhood, and maybe you have a little bit of information, but you don’t quite fully recall everything, but you’re pretty sure you do – the advice I have to give you now is, “Don’t talk to the FBI.”’

OMG! ow OBVIOUS can these crooks(R) get?

And that begs another question. Does FOX ‘suck the brain cells out of the sheep’. ORRR, does a lack of functioning brain cells lead the ‘gullible among us’ to a common meeting ground?
Inquiring minds want to know...

BTW, these are the same people who believe two of ALL the animals on earth on an old man’s boat, a man living in a whale’s stomach, the First Family’s son joining a ‘neighborin…

Because the LIAR keeps LYING?

The process of getting President Donald Trump to answer special counsel Robert Mueller’s questions concerning the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. elections was “a nightmare,” according to the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. “It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days,” Giuliani told The Atlantic in an interview published Thursday.

With all the negative publicity, I didn’t think the jerks(R) would do it, but they(R) did.

Yup, the Pubs in the Wisconsin legislature, voted to CUT the powers of the new Governor(R), in their lame duck (lame ass) session.
All but one, that is, as these jerks(R) find a bottom, and keep digging.

Lone Wisconsin Republican Who Opposed Stealing Democrats’ Power Explains Why “I believe that these changes will have unforeseen impacts... throughout Wisconsin,” state Sen. Robert Cowles said.

After GHW’s funeral, we just found out that because of all the insults he endured at McCain’s funeral the Bush family, to get Trump to attend, had to PROMISE not to use any of the following phrases.

Some of the Forbidden Phrases include;

Donnie Dumb Dumb
Grab-Ass Grampa
Putin’s Pee Pee Pal
Melania’s Mistake
Eric’s Dad
Big Orange Turd
Fatty MeLittle Hands

SO, he showed up, in an eight car motorcade, to travel the same distance that previous presidents WALKED, in previous events in the same place.
Same old a-hole......
As I see the train carrying GHW across the country, with so many saluting, I can envision the trip when the Orange Clown goes to his grave. A wave of one finger salutes. I can only hope to be there.

Hmmm, it’s either gonna be ‘good news or bad news’ for Dotard.

I’m guessing REALLY BAD news.....

We’ve seen indications that Mueller is getting close to the end here,” says Susan Hennessey, of the Lawfare blog, about Robert Mueller’s investigation. “That’s either good news for the president because this is all about to wrap up, or it’s really bad news for the president because it’s all about to come crashing down.”

Speaking of the Ignoramus, remember when he said, ‘Trade wars are good, and easy to win’.
Put that right up there with, ‘I know words, I have the best words, I’m like really smart, a stable genius’.
Anyone who can look at that a-hole and say, ‘yup that’s my guy’ shoudn’t be polluting the gene pool...... 

In other news, Dotard was informed today that his ‘tax cut for the rich’ was going to WRECK the US Deficit, sending it well over a TRILLION doallrs, Dotard shrugged and said, ‘I won’t be here’.
Donald Trump Reportedly Shrugged Off Looming Debt Crisis Because 'I Won't Be Here' Trump "appears to be bringing the same approach t…

As I said earlier, part of the movie-going experience is seeing the Previews, and the one I’m REALLY psyched to see is ‘Vice’, the story of The Dick, and his LIES to start a war in the Oil-basket of the world.

Yup, the greedy bastard had a plan to inflate the pric of oil and it WORKED, with the price of crude going from under $14/bbl to over $140. GW didn’t really argue, cuz, SURPRISE, his family/friends were also in the oil business.
I thin even the ignorant, gullible FOXSheep are smart enough to see this, but I wouldn’t bet too much, considering the crap they willingly swallow, and who they’ll vote for as prez....
‘Vice’ is coming out around Christmas, but pre-screening and fil festival shows has it as an early FAVORITE for the Golden Globes
I just hope the clueless sheep will remove their firmly and deeply implanted heads to see what most of the world, still suffering the ‘refugee problem’ caused by GW and The Dick’ and their war, based in LIES’, already knows.
They are War Criminals, esp The DICK, and should be treated as such.
Maybe they can share a cell block with Dotard and his henchmen.
Watch the ‘well documented’ movie before saying I’m wrong, gullible rightwingnuts....

Adam McKay&…

Wow, when even ‘Judge Nap(olitano) is claiming Mueller is gonna take down Dotard and his ‘friends and family’, you’d think the ignorant sheep might pay attention.

Yup, Judge Nap gave three good reasons WHY he thinks that, including all the indictments so far and all the meetings he’s had with defendent’s who’ve flipped, but the third was the best, I think.

The third reason for rejecting the belief that Mueller will soon shut down is Mueller's declaration to a federal judge in Washington last week that Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager during the time the Trump campaign had 87 communications with Russians, lied to FBI agents in defiance of his commitment to be truthful to them made during his guilty plea in federal court in September. Mueller will no doubt seek to indict Manafort for each of those lies and then try him -- a trial that could not occur until mid-2019.

Donald Trump Jr. has told his friends privately that he expects to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano claimed in an interview on Wednesday.

Read Newsmax: Napolitano: Trump Jr. Telling Friends He Expects Indictment

As I’v…

Wow, is everyone else as SHOCKED as I am?

Although everyone else joined in ‘Apostle’s Creed’ at GHW’s funeral, the rightwingnut’s “Christian’ president, Dotard, DIDN’T.
Afraid of a lightning strike?
Either he didn’t know it, (not surprising cuz he’s never been in a chrch unless REQUIRED, or he thought he is ‘above it’.
Either way, he’s an asshole. Always has been, always will be.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are being criticized online for not reciting the Apostles’ Creed during the funeral of former President George H. W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday. The Trumps abstained from joining the rest of the church – including former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, along with their wives. And that drew notice. “Striking that all the former Presidents and First Ladies recited the Apostles Creed, but Trump and Melania stood silently and did not. The creeds are at the heart of historic orthodox Christianity,”.

Dotard goes to church for ONE reason. His handlers to…

The Late Night comics are having a hoot with ‘Tariff Man’.

When Dotard claimed ‘I’m a Tariff Man’, James COrden suggested he spelled Terrible wrong.
Others said he meant ‘Nowhere Man, ‘He’s as blind as he can be, just sees what he wants to see’.
Tariff Man, the worst superhero ever, raises your taxes and ruins our economy,” tweeted Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.
My fave was Colbert, who spoofed Tariff Man with a Superman comparison.
He can build (instead of leap) tall buildings, without ‘paying the contractors’.

I saw the headline, and said WTF?

The headline reads, ‘Trump Touts Latest Approval Rating of 50%’.
Then I read further and I understood. It’s from ‘Rasmussen Reports’, which is to polling like FOX is to ‘real’ news. As in, ‘Not Even Close’.
If the Liar in Chief is only getting 50% at Rasmussen, his REAL approval numbers must be under 1/3, which is still ‘really scary’, that one in three Americans is that gullible/clueless/stupid.
Sure, Dotard can bask in the ‘fake numbers’ while he bitches about ‘fake news’, which is EVERYONE but Buullshit Mountain, (to him and gullible sheep who swallow that crap) his own private State Media, where Sean Hannity is considered believable and intelligent. HA HA.
SO, go ahead Dotard’s, swallow the crap from FOX and Rasmussen while 2/3 of us would pay for the chance to be in your firing squad.