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Friday, March 24, 2017

Does ANYONE, even the brain dead sheep,

think the Russians didn't interfere in the election? REALLY?
 17 of 17 US Intel agencies agree.
 The ONLY question is WHY the Russkie/Commies want Trump in charge?
Hmmm, I wonder why?
C'mon, brain dead sheep, THINK!!!!

The Pub (anti) Health Care bill crashed and burned, today,

BUT, the Clown in Chief, 'Art of the Deal', bullshitter had a reason (excuse), for the sheep. He blamed it all on .........The Democrats,
cuz he got no help from them. And the sheep said Amen.
You can't make this stuff up, as we get a glimpse of the future, as the 'herd of cats' tries to govern, lead by a buffoon, made possible by the Bible Belt and FOXNews.
Who thought this would work out well?
Oh yeah, the clueless sheep, who believed the lies and voted for the LIAR.
Nothing new here, as reality and bullshit collide, and we're left with the odor of a 'fart in the wind'.

IF, the Party of NO!

had worked WITH the Dems on Affordable health Care, instead of just OBSTRUCTING, and worked to FIX it, (as the vast majority of the people want), instead of having 50-some votes to repeal, (with NO CLUE what to REPLACE it with), the American people could have joined the rest of the world, with health care for it's citizens.
But NO! is all the jerks(R) are good for, as they think Big Money, Big Medicine and Big Pharma oughta get RICH(er) at the expense of those who get sick or injured.
"Nobody knew health care could be so complicated'.
What a dumb-ass thing to say, but SO typical of the clown/crew in charge, as they can't even agree among themselves in ONE part of Congress.
Welcome to the on-going cluster-f**k of 'Pubs in charge'.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

FOXNews headline, for the sheep

Potential 'smoking gun' showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says

BUT, when you read FOXBullshit article, the 'source' is unnamed, and has no corroboration.
Makes a great headline for the uninformed sheep, though, but it's just a rehash of the Nunes fantasy. Nothing new here, as the clowns who promised for SEVEN YEARS, to repeal/replace Obamacare, can't even get it through the Pub controlled House.
What a bunch of jerks(R)....

In a perfect example of the Idiot in the White House,

thanks to the uninforned sheep who elected him, just read this exerpt from the clown himself, in his latest Time magazine interview and tell me he's qualified to be prez...

“I inherited a mess, I inherited a mess in so many ways. I inherited a mess in the Middle East, and a mess with North Korea, I inherited a mess with jobs, despite the statistics, you know, my statistics are even better, but they are not the real statistics because you have millions of people that can’t get a job, OK. And I inherited a mess on trade. I mean we have many, you can go up and down the ladder. But that’s the story. Hey look, in the meantime, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”
You rightwingnuts gotta be SO proud, as Putin and his Commie buddies 'got their boy'.

in the first NCAA game tonight,

where Oregon beat Michigan, I hated to see either team lose, but Oregon deserved to win.
Then, I watched Gonzaga play West Virginia, and neither team deserved to win, though Gonzaga pulled it out. What a bunch of chokers, on both teams. esp Carter for WV, who didn't let the fact that he can't shoot, keep him from shooting.

For the FOXSheep, and other low-info Pubs,

the Pub answer to Affordable Care was dumped, by the Pubs today.
Bottom line, the lowesr income 'insured' would have to pay over $1000/year MORE, while the upper income 'insured' will net over a $5000/year GAIN, but that's not good enough for the FAR RIGHT, who want MORE, for the wealthy.
Welcome to Pub politics. as the rightwingnuts can't pass the first test, when it comes to actual governing, vs just bitching.
Bottom line, same old crap from the Pubs. 'Nobody knew health care would be so difficult'.
Repubs=What a joke, as they think injury and disease should be YUUUGE profit for Big Medicine, in spite of what the REST OF THE WORLD, does for it's citizens.
The funniest part? The low-info, low income sheep who put the Orange Clown in power will be hurt the most.
Too bad. Life isn't easy, and even tougher when you're stupid(R)......

PS Obamacare has LOTS of problems, mainly cuz the Pubs sabotaged it at every opportunity, and fought every attempt to fix it. BUT, a YUUUGE majority says "FIX IT' don't kill it.
Do the Pubs care? OF COURSE NOT. They're Pubs, with their own agenda (Big Med/Money) vs the people...

I totally agree, with the article below, but let's just be patient,

and let the various intel agencies coordinate and get all their ducks in a row. It's not like the Repub Congress is actually getting anything DONE. LOL
The vile, arrogant, poor excuse for a human being was obviously able to use his money, other 'dark money' and his YUUUGE number of illicit connections to Putin and the Commies, with a YUUUGE assist from the'so-called news agency' FOXNews, to fool enough low information, dissatisfied. disenfranchised voters, lead by the Bible Belt Bozos to steal the election.
Let's just be patient and let the facts come out. Not that the sheep of Bullshit Mountain will ever accept anything that contradicts their brain-washed gray matter mush, but I'm sure the rational, logical portion of US, AND THE WORLD, will cheer as he and his henchmen are tried for treason.
We just need to be patient.....

Congress cannot continue regular order and must
stop voting on any Trump-backed agenda item
until the FBI completes its Trump-Russia collusion
investigation," Lieu said in the statement.
The demand comes in response to a report that
emerged Wednesday night on CNN claiming the
FBI has evidence to suggest Trump associates
"may have coordinated" with Russians to impact
the 2016 presidential election by releasing damaging
information about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Trumpies are throwing all kinds of crap

into the news cycle, to try and divert from the facts. His Campaign Chairman, Paul Manfort, was paid TEN MIL PER YEAR, by the Russians.
Are You Kidding? Can you imagine if a Hillary person did that? OMG!, FOX would be providing Molotov Cocktails for the sheep to throw.
WOW! Something FOX will totally ignore, cuz the sheep can't handle that kind of facts....

I don't know how many couples do this, BUT,

at our house, if one of us has a craving, for Taco Bell, Chinese, chicken or whatever, we do,
'I'll buy, if you fly'. Bottom line, tacos soon, if Carol hurries....

Colbert had a good analogy last night,

He says the Pubs are like a dog who spent his whole life chasing a car, finally caught it, and now has to learn how to drive.
And he can't, obviously, but we're stuck in the back seat....

The clowns at FOX are shoveling fresh manure to the sheep,

who are swallowing the BS and saying, 'We told you so', after the following headline appeared on Bullshit Mountain.

Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance, Nunes says

BUT, if you read past the headline, he said he was unsure whether the surveillance occurred at Trump Tower -- as President Trump has suggested. Nunes also was unsure if then President-elect Trump was captured by the surveillance, called 'incidental chatter', (Pubs heard while Russians being surveiled?) which occurred in November, December and January.
This is enough for the sheep, though, who are claiming Victory, after Trump said Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower. Not even close....
After Nunes raced to the White House with news he didn't share with the committee, John McCain(R) said Congress has shown themselves to be 'incompetent' to handle the investigation and there should be a 'independent, Select Committee, to handle the Trump/Russian connection. 
This just in: After the Repub co-chair went running to the Clown in Chief, and the press, with classified info, the Dem co-chair responded by saying they DO have direct info tying Trumpies to the Russians. Stay tuned.....

The party of NO!, promised the sheep 'things will be better

when we're in charge'. HA! This herd of cats, ranging from Far Right to FAR Far Right, can't get their act together within the 'Tiny Tent' of obstructionists they call the Repub party.
Nothing but a toxic stew of malcontents and naysayers who are great at sniping and repealing, but governing and actually 'replacing' is WAY beyond their limited intelligence.
Welcome to the next four years, after the con-artists of Bullshit Mountain herded the low-information sheep behind the arrogant, egotistical, lying Orange Clown that now inhabits (part-time) the White House.
NEVER, have I wanted Congress to do their job as much as I do now. It's just a matter of time until they tie him and his henchmen DIRECTLY to Putin and the Commies who helped, (with FOXNews and 'dark money') to win the presidency by a TOTAL of less than 180,000 votes, spread over 3 states in the Rust Belt, who think he is gonna bring back 'King Coal'.
I say, 'Lock Him Up!' AND the treasonists he rode in on......

If his mission is to destroy the US, as we know it,

the a**hole is off to a GREAT start, as he stocks his cabinet with tyrants, zealots and imbeciles.

It's like the campaign never ended. It's the same all-Trump, all-the-time madness, only exponentially worse.
It's February 24th, at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Chin up, eyes asquint, Donald Trump floats to the lectern on a sea of applause and adulation. The building is shaking, and as fans howl his name – Trump! Trump! Trump! – he looks pleased and satisfied, like a Roman emperor who just took a dump. "Great to be back at CPAC," he says. "The place I have really ..."
The thought flies into the air and vanishes... Since winning the election, Trump has declared interpersonal war on a breathtaking list of targets: the Australian prime minister, an acting attorney general, seven predominantly Muslim countries, a "so-called" federal judge, Sweden, "Fake Tears" Chuck Schumer, Saturday Night Live, the FBI, the "very un-American" leakers within the intelligence community, and the city of Paris (it's "no longer Paris"), Mark Cuban, John McCain, millions of protesters, Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Cuomo, the University of California at Berkeley, ratings "disaster" Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Barack Obama and the city of Chicago, among many, many others who don't go along with his dictatorial style. Read more, in this month's Rolling Stone....

Even Mother Nature hates Trump

There aren't many visitors to Washington this year cuz there isn't much to see. Washington has just had its warmest winter on record (with a February that was warmer than an average March). The warmth brought many cherry blossoms to the cusp of a very early bloom, at which point they’re delicate. And when a cold spell came last week, it killed most of the blossoms, leaving them wilted and brown.
“This is something that has never happened in the 105-year history of cherry blossoms in D.C.,” Mike Litterst of the National Park Service told The Washington Post.
The real-world consequences of climate change are accelerating, but don't tell that to the anti-science, climate deniers(R). Nope, they get their 'news' from FOX, who assures them it's hoax, sorta like FOX being a News agency....

File it under, 'Oh Really?'

(and this is from the 'Conservative' Wall St Journal')

The Wall Street Journal released a blistering editorial
aimed at President Trump on Tuesday night saying
he has a credibility problem and may soon be known
as a "fake president."
The editorial titled "A President's Credibility" hammers
Trump for doubling down on his wiretapping claims
despite being recently refuted by the director of the
FBI himself.
Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk 
to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman 
to make more dubious claims," reads the editorial.
Bottom line, what did people expect from this clown?

We haven't heard from the 'batshit crazy broad(R) from Alaska lately,

SO, we should have known it's about time for her to 'share her wisdom' with the world. Sarah claims James Comey is an agent of the Clintons (oh REALLY?), and Donald oughta 'get rid of him'.
OK Sarah, climb back in your cave, from which you can see Russia, and just shut the f**k up.....
You obviously haven't been taking any 'smart pills' during your hiatus....
Sarah's actual words:  Why is tainted Comey still part of Team Trump? How long does he get to ride the train?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

While those of us who actually use our brain

continue to distance ourselves from the Orange Clown in the White House, the Bozo visited a YUUUGE herd of clueless sheep, as things were going BAD for him in the real world.
Yup, he visited Louisville, KY, where he could be surrounded by low info/ low education/ low income yokels, who support his agenda, and cheered his 'pep rally'. which he thrives on.
Nothing new here, as the clueless clowns welcome the Clown in Charge.
Welcome to Kentucky, where FOXCrap RULES, and education drools....
What can you expect from the ignorant jerks(R) who choose to believe FOX, think being gay is a 'lifestyle choice', but obesity is genetic?
You can't fix stupid, in the heart of the Bible Belt, where they saw Donald and thought, (WWJD?) 'Yup, Jesus would want HIM as prez'....',
You think it's a coincidence that KY property values are at or near the BOTTOM in the US?
They LOVE The Donald, in the land where 'bumpkins(R) of a feather, flock together', and support Donald Trump.
Nothing new here, but sad just the same, and a microcosm of how the Orange Clown won the presidency.

WOW, I'm excited,

cuz we MIGHT get our first rain, (no snow), OF THE YEAR, here on the front range.
In spite of the LIES from FOX, supported by Koch Bros/Big Oil, who have a REAL REASON to lie to the sheep, (who don't have a clue, in the real world), it is SO obvious to anyone with a brain (FOXSheep excluded), that global warming is REAL!
Never mind, not gonna try to use LOGIC on the clowns who think Donald is 'presidential', and swallow FOXCrap.
You can't use rational thought on these Bozos. Like tempting a vegetarian with a Porterhouse steak.
Ain't gonna happen.
They been raised on FOX.
Logic 'left the building' long ago.

How ironic (a big word that the sheep won't understand) is it

that while he is being investigated for Tweeting LIES, (about Obama wiretapping him), the Orange Clown Tweeted MORE LIES.
Check it out. BTW, the FBI and NSA NEVER claimed there was no Russian influence. Not that the sheep care, cuz they've been swallowing FOX LIES forever...

The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process.

It seems Sean Spicer is longing to return

to his old job, as a 'plunge test dummy', pushing the limits on oversized anal dildos, after becoming a laughingstock, trying to defend the lies of the Worst Liar(R) EVER.
He is also said to be eyeing a new job, with more credibility, as spokesman for 'The Flat Earth Society'.
Go For It, Sean....

Just SOME of the LIES....

I'm sure the sheep don't understand WHY,

but FOXLies has pulled 'Judge' Napolitano off the air, cuz some of his lies were catapulted by the Liar in Chief..
The sheep are saying 'WTF?
What's the big deal? FOX lies ALL THE TIME, We don't care...
BUT, when the prez believes the crap from FOX, and catapults the propaganda involving UK spies, it's a little different.
Like SO MANY Bullshit Mountain 'news' stories, the 'so-called judge' just pulled some crap out of his ass and blasted it at the sheep, who don't care about lies, as long as they fit into their pre-conceived narrative that boils down to their four word mantra.
Dems bad, Pubs good. 
That is their entire world, and if it takes LIES to re-enforce it, they DON'T CARE. Never have and never will. That's the FOX way, and the sheep have NO PROBLEM with it.
Nothing new here, except for The Judge being pulled off the air, temporarily, and ANOTHER lie on Trump's Everest-sized pile.

He perfectly fits the definition of 'Pathological Liar'

He lies the way no American politician has lied before. The occasional untruths that other recent presidents have spoken — often unwittingly — do not compare with the frequency, intensity and deliberateness with which Donald Trump offers falsehoods. 
Monday brought the remarkable spectacle of the director of the F.B.I., James Comey, calling out the president of the United States for being untruthful.

He also has the despicable quality of NEVER admitting he's wrong, OR saying he's sorry, although his behavior has warranted it a YUUUGE number of times. What other human can you think of with those faults?
And he's the one the the Evangelical sheep looked at and said, 'Yup, he's presidential material, and I'm voting for HIM!' Thanks, jerks(R).
These morons should be SO ashamed, for falling for his obvious lies and character flaws, BUT, how many will actually admit they've been played, by an egotistical, arrogant carnival barker? Someday, for sure, but for now they live as they have, with their heads firmly and deeply implanted, after the Commies put 'their boy' in the White House. Sickening, but SO Republican....

Monday, March 20, 2017

SO, the dickhead in chief is getting called out,

by his own people, (Comey), as per Trump's LIES about Obama AND Russian connections.
What kind of dumbshit coulda believed his crap? Oh yeah, the sheep, who don't have a clue, as always.
We can only be patient as the truth comes out, and hope the asshole who hijacked the election (worst LIAR, EVER, by far) can be held responsible, and hopefully sent to prison, where he belongs....

Is so funny, as the Trump/Russian Connection is investigated,

the Dems wanna see who actually DID it, and the Pubs just wanna say, 'Can you PROVE any ballots were changed in the election?' That's not the point dirtballs(R). 17 of 17 US intel agencies AGREE Russia interfered. EXACTLY who/when/where is the question. Not why. We KNOW that. The Commies wanted the Clown in charge, and they got it.
Now, we just need to show HOW the Trump campaign helped them. Just a matter of time.....
Would be kinda fun to watch the circus show on TV, but it is WAY too nice not to golf. Upper 70;s again today. Global warming ain't all bad....
Finally, a sheep admitting it.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Unlike the Orange clown, who inherited YUUUGE wealth,

and still went bankrupt at least FIVE times, Mark Cuban built his fortune from scratch. Like millions of us, Mark doesn't like Donald, and makes no secret of it.
Trump has "No leadership skills. No management skills. Not very good communication skills," says Cuban.
Wow, Mark, you mean Tweeting out a bunch of lies, during his morning dump, isn't 'good communication'? Duh, who da thunk?????
Bottom line. What kind of dumbshit looks at Trump and says, 'Yup, I want HIM as prez'. 
ONLY a FOXSheep, who gave up on reality, and made a conscious decision to swallow FOXCrap.

The Germans love their parades

almost as much as they hate Trump. Check 'em all out.

The clown just won't listen

Too good to pass up.

Judging by their haircuts,

lots of fans of 'The Simpsons' in the NCAA playoffs, as the 'Sideshow Bob' 'do is real popular.

As part of my mission to educate the masses

here is a short video on , 'The Right Way to Slice an Onion'. Simple and informative.
I bet you haven't been doing it like professional chefs.

If you ever wonder how the FOXSheep can be SO screwed up

just look at an example of the programming they swallow.

On Thursday, during a Fox News' The Five segment,
host Kimberly Guilfoylesuggested that the Secret
Service should kill Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow after 
Snoop recently made a music video in which he 
points a gun at a clown version of President Donald 
During the segment, Greg Gutfeld noted that "it was
an actual threat" and asked Guilfoyle how the Secret 
Service should respond to the "Lavender" music video.
"Kill them?" Guilfoyle replied. "Kill them."
Typical 'Fair and UnBalanced' FOXCrap....

While meeting with German Chancelor Angela Merkel

the Orange Clown managed to piss off the British AND the Germans by claiming Britain spied on him, and the Germans owed 'vast sums' of money to NATO. Now, they both say he's lying. I'M SHOCKED!
They're finally finding out what we all know.
Lies flow from him like beer during Oktoberfest.
And he's not gonna stop, cuz his followers don't care and look where it's gotten him? From reality show 'star', claiming Obama was born in Kenya, to the White House.
Like he's gonna stop lying, now that he's a hero to the low-info, easily led sheep who put him in office...HA! His ignorant minions should be SO proud.

As the anti-science Pubs try to de-fund the agencies

that provide the facts and figures about global warming, we have another day in the 80's here on the Front Range, with over a thousands home being evacuated on the west side of Boulder, on the edge of a raging wildfire. With ZERO snow this year, and none in sight, it's really hard to watch Rush, Sean and the rest of the windbags at FOX claim that it's all a Chinese hoax.
Just one, in a litany of lies that Bullshit Mountain diseminates to the clueless sheep.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

After my MANY years on this earth,

there is one type of person I REALLY can't stand. A hypocrite, OR, as they're better known, a Republican Christian. I also hate liars, like their boy Donald.
 C'mon, is there any better example of  'Do what I say, NOT what I do', as these jerks(R) elected DONALD TRUMP, after piously sitting in church?
Could they possibly be any more blatant hypocritics? Screw the sick, poor and needy, shovel money to the rich and turn plowshares into swords, while hiding behind OBVIOUS lies.
I'm no biblical scholar, but I bet Jesus is saying, 'WTF is wrong with them? The Orange Clown as prez? You gotta be kidding.'... "What part of 'bearing false witness' do you not understand?' PLUS all that other stuff in the Good Book?

Oh yeah, anti-Christ, End of the World, Armageddon, etc. Never mind, I see the plan.....

BTW, if you ever wonder how terrible Trump is, just look at the disastrous 'reign of error', from the moronic GWBush(R), who looks good, compared to the lying jerk now in the White House, Remember 2008? Just wait til you see what the Orange Clown(R) does to us.
Thanks again, FOXSheep.....

Some people might feel sorry

for Sean Spicer and Kellanne Conwoman. Not me. These jerks(R) signed up for abuse, lying for the Liar in Chief.
Now they gotta deal with it.
Screw 'em.

I've been known for a few things;

that I can't argue against.
Yup, I'm maybe a bit too self-confident, lazy, impatient and definitely judgmental, esp when it comes to dealing with the average and BELOW average (FOXSheep) mentality. (There's LOTS of them, and many believe in a 'literal' Bible).
But, I don't think I've ever been accused of being stupid, (by anyone I care about) since I (totally) retired at age 58. Think about it...
Now, the sheep, (who don't have a clue), elected The Donald, (cuz he's a Christian?), are on the way to being TOTALLY screwed by his polices, and they deserve it.
Will I laugh?
OF COURSE!, but then I'll cry, as he wrecks our country, sorta like GW (R) did, only worse.
Bottom line... What kind of dumbshit looks at Donald Trump and says, 'Yup, I want HIM as president of my country?' ONLY, a brainwashed FOXSheep, but there's LOTS of them 'out there'.

Claudia Schiffrin won the Women's World Ski Championship

in Aspen today, where it was SIXTY FIVE DEGREES, while we're in the EIGHTIES, here on the front range, in March, with NO SNOW this year, and none in sight.
Screw you, Rush and Sean, and all you FOXNews LIARS. This is a major PROBLEM, as Trump cuts funding to all the record-keeping necessary to document the figures, so the anti-science Pubs don't have to face the facts.

The Liar in Chief has LOTS of stupid cuts in his budget, BUT,

one of the worst has to be in the NIH, (Nat'l Institute of Health), where cutting-edge medical discoveries are made in cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's, saving countless lives.The Liar in Chief would send all the money 'saved' to the military, (most bloated in the history of the world) for more F-35's (over a TRILLION dollar program), and more ships, in a world where cyber war and terrorism is how the enemy attacks.
Congrats Putin, your plan is working, as Trump will kill more Americans than you ever could, as he cuts important, life saving programs, to shovel our money to his 'defense contractor' buddies.
Who can't see this?
Oh yeah, the brain dead sheep of FOX news, who put him in power....

As I watch and enjoy the NCAA tourney,

I record and switch back and forth with GOLD RUSH, one of my fave shows on TV. For those not familiar, it's about gold mining in Alaska, (and now Colorado) as they follow 3 groups. Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and the Hoffmans.
Bottom line, Parker and Tony are making big money, BUT, not the Hoffmans, (3:16 Mining), who start out every day with a prayer, and haven't made expenses yet, after SEVEN YEARS. As they entreat Jesus for guidance, they are kept on the show, basically as an example of 'how not to do it'. The guys fight, pray and make up, with one bad decision after another, BUT, they know their fortune is just around the corner, as they're a 'walking shit storm', that keeps things interesting cuz of their ineptitude. In the real world, they'd have been out of business long ago, BUT, they're fun to watch....
They are now in Colorado, near Fairplay, and had their best year EVER, 'almost making expenses'.
I'm sure if/when they ever make a profit they'll claim divine intervention, although they've only survived cuz some people are sure God will help them, others just like to laugh at them, BUT that sells ad time, while the 'real' crews make real money.
Never mind.... It is a fun show to watch, cuz it is very real, with real people in real situations. And then there's the Hoffman's. Check it out, or Google it, to see I'm telling the truth.

In spite of what the rightwingnurs spout...

The “richest nation on earth” could easily achieve first-rate healthcare – if we truly wanted to.  Yes, most of us are fully aware that the rest of the “civilized world” manages healthcare for ALL their citizens in a much more comprehensive, inclusive, cost-effective way - with much better medical outcomes than here in the U.S.  But it’s worth re-visiting the comparison between our utterly-dysfunctional (and criminally inhumane) healthcare “system” vs. how “the rest of the world” manages healthcare.
Bottom line, the Pubs think those unlucky enough to get sick or injured DESERVE to go bankrupt, if they can't afford insurance or OUTRAGEOUS medical costs.
Nothing new here, as the greedy jerks(R) continue their assault on US citizens.

There are only two basic reasons why we Americans don’t have a “world-class” health care system like Finland (or almost every other O.E.C.D. nation on earth).  First, because too many wealthy people and corporations are getting filthy rich off the backs of the sick and poor in America – and they are fighting desperately to keep their mafia-like control over American healthcare to the severe detriment of virtually all Americans.  Secondly, because the vast majority of Americans remain ignorant and brainwashed by The Powers That Be to the possibilities for much better healthcare at much less cost.


On Friday night, Zakaria and fellow network host Don
Lemon discussed a Justice Department report that
allegedly "does not confirm Trump's wiretap claim."
Zakaria commented, "I think the president is somewhat
indifferent to things that are true or false."
He added, "He has spent his whole life bullsh***ing. He
 has succeeded by bullsh***ing. He has gotten the 
presidency by bullsh***ing. It's very hard to tell somebody 
at that point that bulls**t doesn't work, because look at 
the results, right? But that's what he does. He sees 
something, he doesn't particularly care if it's true or 
not, he just puts it out there. Then he puts something 
else out (of his ass.)'
After getting caught in ANOTHER lie, about the UK
spying, he blamed it on FOX, and THEN went on a
Twitter attack about 'fake news'.
TYPICAL TRUMP BULLSHIT, that always works, with
his low-information minions (FOXWatchers), as the
real world calls BULLSHIT!

He may be an arrogant, tiny handed, egocentric, incompetent jerk(R),

BUT, he is prophetic, as he said....
“The world is laughing at us. They’re laughing at the stupidity of our president.”
— Donald Trump, October 2016
Actually, they are shaking their heads and saying, OMG!, how did that buffoon get elected?
The answer? FOXNews and ignorant sheep who swallow the lies....

Trump's Budget in a nutshell

Bill Maher picked apart the Trump administration’s 
proposed budget cuts on Friday.
“It takes away all the money from scientists and
 teachers and human rights workers and Meals on
 Wheels and Muppets, and gives it to the people 
who really need it — the defense contractors,” 
the “Real Time” host said.
“If only there was a way to get the F-35 to run on 
coal, it would be a perfect budget,” he added.
Maher also likened the way that President Donald 
Trump appears to be dealing with climate change
 to someone putting black tape over the “check
 engine” light when their car was breaking down.
One good thing about having tiny hands? It's 
easier to just 'pull things out of your ass'. 

Good one, Hillary

Seems The Donald isn't the only one with a Twitter account. As he is totally overwhelmed and unqualified for his new position, it becomes more obvious every day.
Hillary Clinton posted a tweet on Friday, making
a subtle reference to President Trump.
Her tweet was short, simply reading, "Things I
learned today," followed by a list of those things,
 "Russians Spy; Health care is complicated;
Diplomacy is exhausting..."

With all the crap swirling around the drain in Trumpworld,

I was curious to see what their headline would be, on Bullshit Mountain. Pissing off our two biggest allies in the world, Germany and the UK, with his 'fake news' wiretapping, all the Russian connections of his admin, the firing of Preet Bhagara, (after asking him to STAY), when he got close to all the 'conflict of interest' stock trades of Price, the Sec of HHS, Repubs bailing on the Pub health care plan, or?????
The 'talent' at FOX had to choose a headline, SOOO, they went with........
'Donna Brazile Admits Giving Hillary Questions Before Debate'.
NO SHIT!, that's their headline, when it's not even 'news'. She admitted it long ago, BUT, that's the crap, shoveled to the sheep, with all the other bullshit going on with Trump.
And you wonder why FOXSheep are so totally IGNORANT? 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Of ALL the 'bad stuff' to come out of the "Liar in Chiefs' mouth,

this latest lie about Obama wiretapping him, THEN blaming it on the UK, before blaming it on FOX, may be the WORST, with his continued 'loss of face' among the world's leaders.
What happens when he really DOES have some news that needs to unite our allies?
They won't believe the lying sack-o-s**t, as no one in the US does, with a functioning brain, that is,(sheep excluded).
What a TOTAL embarrassment(R), the Orange Clown continues to be....

This is pretty crazy

See the girl's different colored eyes?
They are actually the SAME color gray. Look through a straw. Wow....