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Friday, June 22, 2018

Dotard got an answer to his tariffs

The good news?
The tariffs are targeted to the home states of his clueless minions, SOOO they’re getting what they deserve.

Tariffs on more than $3 billion worth of American exports to Europe took effect on Friday.

The European Union has imposed additional tariffs of 25% on products such as motorcycles, orange juice, bourbon, peanut butter, cigarettes and denim — part of its response to the Trump administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum exports from Europe. 
"The trade that we believe in is built on rules, trust, reliable partnership. The United States decision to impose targets on Europe goes against that, in fact it goes against all logic and history," European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Thursday.

Any of you older rightwingnuts notice?

Dotard is trying to combine Cabinet depts and wants Medicare, the program we paid into our entire lives, classified with ‘welfare’, where they(R) can cut the benefits we paid for, to fund the YUUUUGE tax give away away to the one percent.
Who’s surprised? Oh yeah, the morons who voted for him. Never mind....
Oh, but didn’t Trump repeatedly proclaim that one of his bedrock promises as president would be to ensure “No cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare”?  Yes, he did.  And of course he was lying through his teeth (as most of us understood at the time).

File it under, DUH....

IF, he’s innocent, ha ha, why not get it over?
BUT, he’s not, and all his handlers know it, SO, they’re ‘shooting the messenger’, making Mueller, a Pub appointed Pub the bad guy, and the gullible FOXSheep are fine with it, as always.
Total morons.....

Most Americans think President Donald Trump should agree to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, if asked, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows. A majority of Democrats wants Trump to consent to an interview while Republicans appear divided after months of negotiations between Trump and Mueller's teams and the president's changing position on the matter.
** Sixty percent of U.S. adults said President Trump should agree to an interview with Special Counsel Mueller, to answer questions about whether there was any coordination between associates of Trump's 2016 election campaign and Russia. Trump has repeatedly said there was no collusion, and Russia has denied election meddling.

Perfect shot, of Captain Dotard and the ship of state

A cartoon in the cartoon carousel is pictured.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

An ironic anachronism died today

Yup, Charles Krauthammer, a Conservative ‘intellectual’ passed on.
Intellectual in the same sentence with Conservative?
Take a picture, cuz it just don’t happen.
Yup, trailer trash Pubs, sure, but not intellectuals.
Like a low calorie double hot fudge brownie with ice cream.
It’s not real, no matter how much they like to pretend.
Just to be clear, there are Repub intellectuals, like George Will, but TRUMP Republicans are a whole different animal, and they are the YUUUUGE majority.

Remember that Dem law

That separated children from parents and sibs? The one that th Liar in Chief couldn’t do anything about until he got his wall? That Mexico was gonna pay for?
Yeah, that one...
Well, Dotard took a YUUUUGE bow today, for for rescinding the policy that He put in place.
Fooling no one but the gullible fools that put him in place, with the help of Putin and Comey, of course.
Who falls for this crap?
Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind.... 

Some random thoughts,

Dotard is still a vain, arrogant unqualified Ahole, BUT it’s not his fault. He’s just being Donald. It’s the sheep who are unbelievable, as they back the pussy grabber.
Saw The Book of Mormon last night, thanks Ted and Kari, and loved it. Had no idea what it was all about, but laughed my ass off as we saw what The beliefs of Mormonism actually are.
Actually not that different than all the major religions that attract the sheep, with their Miracles that defy all logic.

 Which is your favorite fantasy/superstition?

People believe this stuff? Yup, like the last Pub prez offering.
And we thought that Romney was f’d up, with his Mormonism, until we saw The Donald, the born again Chriatian.
 OMG.... Can I sell these people some magic beans?
As the migrant children circus goes on, as our country REALLY needs the labor, Dotsrds trade policies totally f*** up world markets, costing BILLIONs, that the poor, uninformed FOXSheep will pay for. Too bad...
Just saw the first Yellowstone, a new Netflix series with Kevin Costner. Seems really good.
Shot my low score of the year in the old farts league. Low 80s and could/should have been much better.
I LOVE driving our Acura RL. Wow....
Replaced my daily lotion with coconut bu term and really like it.
Getting used to my new phone and computer, which both died the same week. Lost all my phone contacts along the way, and freaked out. But got them back, which was good, cuz many would br REALLY hard to replace.
Booked a dream vacation and can barely wait.
Dotard is SO unqualified and is proving it every day, as he LIES his way through it.
The new Goliath series, with Billy Bob Thornton on Amazon is really good.
Absolutely unbelievable as Dotsrd bitches about fake news, while he lives on FOX.
RU shittin me?
And one in three Americans. Believe that crap?
Wow. Congrats to Roger Ailes for the biggest hijack of all time. Started with the Pubs, and infested our entire country. From Chief Repub Political Strategist to unbiased news. Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dotard keeps LYING

about separating parents from children at the border,saying it’s a Dem policy. And although that’s total bullshit, it works for him and the gullible sheep.

And it’s unlikely that anyone on that team is going to acknowledge that they did, because doing so would violate basic tenets at the core of Trumpism: Don’t ever back down, and repeat lies with such confidence and frequency that your supporters believe you — and your critics go numb.
Distortions and lies from his own spin machine envelop and rally his supporters, tools that Trump has been making handy and ever more dangerous use of since he first discovered them as an aspiring real estate mogul decades ago.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dotard strikes again,

leaving the UN Human Rights Council.
How obvious can this SOB get?
Who can’t see what’s going on?
Oh yeah, the sheep..... OMG!

Monday, June 18, 2018

As the Ahole in Chief roils world markets

With his threats of more tariffs, $200 bil against Jina, FOX headlines bitch about Obama’s treatment of immigrant children.
And you wonder why the sheep are clueless as they swallow FOXCrap?

Wow, just got pelted,

with large hail, as I covered tomatoes and brought plants under the patio.
Like getting shot by a BB gun that left welts the size of marbles.
But, saved a lot of plants....

Trade wars are good, and easy to win....

And if you believe that crap, as Dotard wrecks the world economy, you are obviously an ignorant FOXSheep, one of three citizens in the US. And the rest of us can kiss our asses goodbye, cuz of your gullibility.
Thanks again Evangelicals......
BTW, Dotard is now looking at another $200 Bil in tariffs.
Screw you Orange Clown, and the ignorant sheep you rode in on....

The White House said Monday evening that if China goes through with its promise to retaliate against the US tariffs announced last week, the United States will impose tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

OK, Ahole in Chief

IF you are gonna cage immigrants, that our job market REALLY needs, at least own it, instead of blaming it on the Dems. Just another LIE, that the Liar in Chief dodges with his bullshit.
Who swallows this crap?
Oh yeah, the ignorant,gullible sheep.
Never mind...

As the Ahole in Chief continues to alienate and piss off the world,

our former friends and neighbors to the north are organizing boycotts against American imports and products, and they’re YUUUUGLY growing as Dotard insults the Canadians as a security risk.
In a world wide economy such as now exists, you can’t piss off all your former friends and allies without consequences and we’re beginning to see them...

Builders are increasingly concerned that tariffs placed on Canadian lumber and other imported products are hurting housing affordability. Record-high lumber prices have added nearly $9,000 to the price of a new single-family home since January 2017."

Screw Dotard and his ignorant minions.

The Liar in Chief strikes again,

In his morning Tweetstorm, claiming we don’t wanna be like Germany, where crime is WAY up, cuz of immigration. Actually, statistics released last month show crime is DOWN, 5.1%.
AND, Dotard claims his immigration policies are cuz of the Dems, when govt is totally controlled by the jerks HE represents.
Our local news is FULL of stories about businesses of all types, from landscapers, farmers, hotels, construction, resorts and many others not being able to find workers, while willing workers are turned away at the border. The jerks(R) say , let them come LEGALLY, but that takes YEARS, cuz of Pub policies that block immigration while our birth rate continues to fall.
As always, screw em and the sheep they rode in on.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chocolate or cheese?

without even thinking I yelled Cheese, and Carol said Chocolate.
Haven’t looked at what that means, but it was obvious to me, and her.
Hmmmm, wonder what that says.....

Lots of differences between Dems and Pubs, BUT,

the MAIN dif is Pubs have this ‘our shit don’t stink’ mentality, thinking the US can do no wrong and the rest of the world can kiss our ass.

Starting a world wide trade war, with tariffs, dumping on our former friends and allies, while kissing up to dictators like Puitin and Jong Un, is just typical Pub crap.
Like Viet Nam, then the Oops no WMDs bullshit, then withdrawing from hard fought deals in the Paris Accord climate change agreement, and TTP, and the Iran deal, threatening NAFTA, NATO and the G7, cuz we have an asshole like Dotard, elected by the clueless, gullible, ignorant sheep, with YUUUGE help,from Russia. Ever wonder why?
Then there was Comey, who also gave Dotard a YUUUGE boost, and now the idiots claim he and the FBI was for Hillary.
What can I say? Any who can support a pathological liar like the Pussy Grabber, who goosed the fantastic US economy he inherited, unlike the one Obama got, with irresponsible tax cuts, is hopeless, and deserves what they’re gonna get.
Luckily, I’ll be able to survive the vain, arrogant, unqualified ahole, but SO many won’t.
Will be hard not to laugh, as they reap what they’ve sown.
Trade wars are good, and easy to win can ONLY come from a jerk who’s always settled his problems with lawsuits and bankruptcies.
Who can’t see this?
Oh yeah, the FOXSheep who swallow it all.
Hopefully we can survive.....

Fantastic Father’s Day,

cuz I have the best kids ever.  Not close to a perfect father/human, BUT, when you got kids like mine, and their families, it shows I must have done a LOT right.
Whenever I’m feeling blue, I just realize how I’ve made the world a better place, with such fantastic offspring.
Luv you, Nate and Kari, as we are not only family, but best friends, who spend a lot of quality time together, which is the best part of my life.
Life is good.....

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Yahoo, great golf tourney today at Highland Hills

My buddy Scott got our team in, one of 36. I won closest to the pin, $150 sunglasses, our team was in the top five, winning nice shirts and I won a new Ogio golf bag in a drawing. The tourney also included free beer, (New Belgium), and a fantastic lunch.
Good times. Thanks Scott.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Kiss Ass in Chief found his calling...

As new details emerge from this week’s summit in Singapore, the White House has confirmed that Dotard unilaterally offered to let Kim Jong Un have Mike Pence as his personal manservant. 
The offer reportedly came after Kim spoke glowingly to Trump about the Vice-President’s obsequiousness, sources said. 
“Even by North Korean standards, Pence puts my toadies to shame,” Kim reportedly said. 
Once the necessary paperwork is squared away, Pence could begin bowing and scraping in Pyongyang as early as next week.

Haven’t posted lately,

Cuz I don’t know where to start. Dotards tariffs, the clown saluting a NoKo General, his ‘Foundation’ being his private piggy bank, sucking money out to pay legal costs and buying pics of himself, to go beside his fake Time mag covers.
This, after insulting all of our G7 partners and asking Russia to be welcomed back to G7, while kissing Jong Uns ass and trusting him not to do the same thing that happened the last three times that the US swallowed NoKo crap.
And the clown claims that the latest FBI investigation clears him and the Mueller investigation should be STOPPED. All total crap...
The good news? His sleazeball campaign head IN jail, cuz he’s been threatening witnesses.
And, Michael Cohen looks to be flipping, with a YUUUUGE amount of evidence, cuz these guys ain’t gonna like jail.
Then there’s all of Dotards tariffs, against our friends and China, who are gonna retaliate and hurt the morons who voted for the unqualified, vain, profane Pussy Grabber.
But the funniest most ridiculous is the jerk trying to cl
Aim Comey and the FBI were against him, after their last minute intrusion stole the election from Hillary, with the help,of Putin and buddies.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Finally figured out how to transfer images with my new IPad Air.

File it under No Shit

No wonder he QUIT, rather than be associated with the Orange Clowns crap.

Gary Cohn, President Donald Trump’s former top economic adviser, said trade disputes could wipe out the benefits of the tax cuts Congress passed last year and may trigger an economic slowdown.
Companies are hesitating to make investments because they want to see how the trade negotiations play out, according to Cohn, who previously served as president of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

President Donald Trump’s refusal to make multilateral trade deals suited to the 21st century economy could cost the U.S. key influence in the global market for decades to come, a group of trade policy experts said at a debate Wednesday evening.

“We can’t continue looking in the rearview mirror at manufacturing experience as our guide,” said Mark Muro, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “We need to learn from the past as we move into the next era that will be about global flows and services.”

In the OMG/WTF world of FOXCrap,

The clowns have a particularly telling headline today, in their all out war against reality, as the well forecast DROUGHT in California gets worse. You know that Liberal Plot climate change thing that Rush and Sean accuse the Libs of fabricating?
Well CA is forced to deal with it, SOOO, they set limits on water usage, with fines for violators.
BUT in the fantasy world of FOXDumb, this is a TAX, that shows CA is a failed Dem state.
No shit.
This is the swill that is shoveled to the sheep while the Bullshit Mountain whack jobs continue to deny global warming, although the Arctic melt rate has more than DOUBLED in the last few years.
And you wonder why the sheep ‘true believers’ are so hopelessly uninformed/stupid?
Speaking of droughts and fires, we now have two seasons here in the west. Winter and fire season.
But can the rightwingnuts see the OBVIOUS?
Of course not. They’re FOXSheep, with heads deeply and firmly implanted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SOOOO, who does the black, grandma drug dealer thank?

Kim Kardashian, God, Dotard or social media, after her life sentence was set aside?
She says thank God and Trump.
Am speechless.....
Maybe a publicity stunt by Dotard for blacks, grandmas and druggies?
No way he’d stoop so low, would he?
 Some say Dotard is in over his head, thrashing around.
No more so than your drunk cousin, who jumped into the deep end of the pool, saying, ‘How hard can swimming be?’

When asked WHY

he didn’t get ANY of Kim Jong Un’s promises in writing, Dotard said, and this is TRUE,
‘We didn’t have time, but I trust him’.
You can’t make this shit up....
Bottom line, we got NOTHING, but Dotard claimed VICTORY, after dumping on our G7 buddies and kissing up to NoKo and Russia.
No Shit!
AND, as far as the Russians having a rep at the G7, they have one.
It’s Dotard.

Triple Crown winner Justify

just turned down an invitation to the White House, saying,
‘If I wanted to see a horse’s ass I wouldn’t have finished second.’

Just like every other dictator, Dotard HATES the free press,

While he has his own ‘state television’, FOXCrap, like his buddies Kim and Vladimir.

Hours after returning from a trip where he lavished praise on one of the world's worst dictators, President Trump declared that America's biggest enemy is... "fake news."

I agree with his statement, totally. FOXCrap is YUUUUGELY dangerous cuz so many morons actually believe it.

Its never a good sign when your lawyers QUIT

but that’s exactly what’s happened with Dotard stooge, Michael Cohen.
The law firm, after looking at the evidence obtained from three no knock warrants said,
Oops, we’re outta here. Good luck, and maybe you shouldn’t have recorded so much, when dealing with slippery criminals like The Donald.
This oughta be fun....

The clowns at FOX at rejoicing,

cuz Muellers approval rating fell to 36%, BUT, they don’t mention that Dotard is twice that.
Bottom line it’s still two to one AGAINST the Liar in Chief, but Bullshit Mountain and their minions act like that’s a good thing.
Just goes to show, 3 out 2 people don’t understand math.

Just like I said,,

Two of the worlds most dangerous armed clowns met, got a YUUUUGE amount of publicity and accomplished what?
Photo ops, as Dotard dumped on our true friends and allies and kissed up to a third world jerk who promised the SAME thing NoKo did in ‘95, 2005 and 2012, but this time verification wasn’t even mentioned, as the Liar in Chief claimed a YUUUUGE victory., saying he believes in ‘my touch, my feel’.
Trump just continued to make America in his image. Selfish, lying, friendless and ready to stab you in the back.
Just ask his last buddies, Maron and Trudeau.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The right wing nuts can spin it, any way they want

But Dotard is injecting protectionism and nationalism into a world wide economy that was doing GREAT, until he put his fat fingers into it.
We’ll see how that works as an ahole with ZERO experience works with world leaders, who hate his guts, like most Americans.

Let me explain,

how the Singapore meeting of the two scary, dangerous clowns is gonna play out.
Kim, I'm sure, LOVES to get away from the little 'shithole country' (Trump's words) that he terrorizes on a daily basis.
AND, he LOVES the publicity almost as much as Dotard, who doesn't have to hear about hookers and porn stars and Russian connections and lawsuits and indictments of his campaign staff, and have to listen to how he 'dumped on' all our former allies with his ridiculous tariffs.

They'll soak up the spotlight and come away with NOTHING, other than a starting point, where they can re-hash the whole thing, later, when it suits them and they need a break from reality.
Dotard will give the meeting, and himself a TEN, and declare a victory, although there's NO WAY NoKo will give up it's nukes and agree to inspections.
Just a sideshow for two circus freaks to get attention and shake up their daily lives, where the Liar in Chief can get a break from Robert Mueller and Stormy Daniels and a country where the majority HATES him, for good reason.
I just wonder if they'll use their pet names for each other, of Little Rocket Man and Dotard?

In their mission to 'shovel shit to the sheep', EVERY DAY,

Bullshit Mountain continues to reach new depths. As part of their mission to discredit Canada's PM, therefore making Dotard look better, the clowns at FOX came up with an 'eyebrow' controversy, claiming Trudeau wears 'fake eyebrows'.
Who can trust a guy that wears 'fake eyebrows'?
No shit.
You can't make this stuuff up.
But FOX does.
Due to a temporary peculiarity of the lighting, on of his eyebrows looked a little weird, for a small time.
It didn't show up before or after, but this didn't stop the clowns of Bullshit Mountain from pouncing.

“Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after meeting Trump — so what? These days, who doesn’t wear fake eyebrows?”

Total bullshit, but SO FOX, and those who didn't read the article to the end, (most of the sheep), wouldn't realize it was just quirky lighting.

However, BuzzFeed shut down the social media fun showing that it was just bad lighting that appeared to show Trudeau losing an eyebrow.
View image on Twitter

Thanks to Dave, for passing it on

This is a comprehensive list of approx 500 of Dotard's INSULTS via Twitter
Click on it and see the list, alphabetically OR chronologically.
Unbelievable, but so Dotardian...

Notice anything?

Remember, these WERE our friends and allies....

Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, wedding and suit

Another good quote from Trudeau's spokesman.
'Sometimes you have to stand up to the schoolbully instead of giving him your lunch money.'

Robert DeNero, who knows Trump well, from NYC

spoke for the majority of Americans, at the Tony Awards.

Robert De Niro took the stage at Radio City Music
Hall for the 72nd annual Tony Awards Sunday night,
but CBS completely bleeped out his first words.
"F--- Trump," he said, referring to President Donald 
De Niro threw his arms in the air defiantly as the crowd 
cheered and gave him a standing ovation.

And in other news, from Trudeau's spokesman
Big tough guy once he’s back on his airplane. Can’t do 
it in person, and knows it, which makes him feel weak. 
So he projects these feelings onto Trudeau and then 
lashes out at him. You don’t need to be Freud. He’s a 
pathetic little man-child. 

What's the plan? Or does he even have one?

President Trump at the Group of 7 summit meeting in Quebec on Friday.
Trump Tries to Destroy the West
There’s only one explanation that fits all of his behavior: He wants to break up the Atlantic alliance that has dominated the past century. Maybe it's far-right ideology, or maybe Putin does have something on him.

John McCain(R) said it best, to our (former allies)

"I just want you to know the American people are still behind you, even if our president isn't.'

 BTW, you rightwingnuts who support the Liar in Chief, did you know that the price of steel has gone up 40% since Dotard imposed sanctions? AND, in Europe where most of our competition comes from the price of steel is now HALF of what it is in the US.
Really nice for competition, on the world market.
And the number of jobs LOST vs Gained is 16 to 1.
And this is BEFORE all the other nation's 'targeted tariff's' take effect.
Surprise! The unqualified jerk(R) who knew/knows NOTHING about world trade, and FIRED all his capable people, those who didn't QUIT, is screwing up world trade, BIG TIME.
Who da thunk?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Could this TIME cover be any more perfect,

as the totally unqualified 'raging Narcissist' strikes again, pissing off our (former) allies?

Just like with a politician, it's always interesting

when they screw up and tell the truth.
It happened on FOX-PARP, today.

06/10/2018 01:16 pm ET

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Calls North Korea Summit A Meeting Of ‘Two Dictators’

Abby Huntsman’s apparent slip-up about President
Donald Trump set Twitter ablaze Sunday.

“Regardless of what happens in that meeting between
the two dictators, what we are seeing right now ― this is
history,” she continued.

The only difference
One is a 'dictator in training', while Jong Un
has it 'mastered'.

OMG! After Dotard pulled a 25% steel tariff out of his ass,

and slapped it on our friends and allies, it was Justin Trudeau who is the jerk, cuz he didn't like it.
This, according to one of the Liar in Chief's minions.

White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow
on Sunday intensified the administration’s feud with
Justin Trudeau, calling the Canadian prime minister’s
criticisms of President Donald Trump’s tariff
proposals “a betrayal” that “really kind of stabbed
us in the back.”
“He made an error,” Kudlow said on CNN’s “State of
the Union.” “He should take it back.”
said the FOXNews stooge, with his nose deep in
Dotard's ass....

Nearly every Pub I know has the same attitude,

as in 'We're Number One', and the rest of the world can kiss our ass.
Patriotism is fine, until you take it the point they do, where we are 'exceptional' and the rest of the world is inferior, which is SO not true, by whatever methods of measurement you use.
Our country is made up of immigrants from the same countries Dotard just trashed at the G7.
There are VERY few people alive who were there, when the US of A last won a war (1945), and that was with the help of our ALLIES, who Trump is now dumping all over.
Since then there's been Korea, a draw at best, and an ignominious defeat in Viet Nam. Remember the fall of Saigon?
And there are the ONGOING wars in Iraq (based on Repub LIES) and Afg that fill the 'defense' contractors bank accounts and our VA hospitals, but victory is nowhere in sight.
BTW, the Liar in Chief promised to get us out of those quagmires, but, SURPRISE, he LIED.
In the eyes of Pubs, and put into words by one I know, there'd be fewer world problems, if they'd just 'do what we told them to do'.
No shit, actual quote.
And you wonder how we got the totally unqualified 'raging narcissist' in the White House?
Plain old ignorance and gullibiltiy, spawned and supported by FOXNews.
Remove Roger Ailes' propaganda machine(R) and there would be no Dotard in charge, no matter HOW MUCH Russia tried to install him, in an obvious attempt (and a very good one) to weaken America, by splitting us from our allies in Europe and all over the world.
Thanks again, Roger.....

It's eally funny, and SO typical,

as I look at how Dotard 'dropped a load' on all our (former) friends and allies at the G6+1 conference in Canada, and it was reported by all the legitimate news media, and FOX.
Bullshit Mountain made the Orange Clown the good guy, with the rest of the world picking on him, although he arrived late, left early and was a total jerk(R) while he was there.
The FOXClowns even claim 'there's a special place in Hell for Justin Trudeau' for LYING'.
RU shittin' me?
Of ALL the lies from the Liar in Chief, they brand Trudeau the liar?
Seems they don't like liars, unless it's YUUUUGE lies, all the time, then it's FINE.
What a joke, but SO typical of the Fake News from FOX-PARP.
Poor little Donnie got picked on, and was LIED to...
Would be funny, if not so sad, as our country goes deeper down the rabbit hole, created after the GAU, gullible among us, fell for Dotard's LIES, which now number in the THOUSANDS.
And FOX bitches about the rest of the world, after The Donald 'dropped a load', and scurried out of town, dumping on our neighbors and trading partners to meet with a third world dictator that he can relate to, while planning further meetings with Putin.
OMG, can you get any more OBVIOUS?

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Those of my generation remember, 'The Manchurian Candidate'

as a commie plant became prez and wrecked the US.
Sorta like Dotard being framed by Putin, (with the 'pee tapes'), doing the bidding of the Russkies,
Pissing off all our (former) allies, while kissing up to Putin and Jong Un.
Now calling Trudeau 'weak' as he runs off to meet the only other world leader as dangerous and clownish as himself.
What kind of fool can't see the obvious?
Oh yeah, the gullible sheep.
Never mind....

This photo says it all,

as the Liar in Chief PRETENDS North Korea is a big deal and everything else isn't, on his vain, arrogant power trip, while the Orange Clown drags my country down to his level of incompetence.
Pissing off ALL our former friends and allies.
F*** him and the sheep he rode in on....

Checking out the Rockies vs AZ

and it's a home run-fest, this Sat nite at Coors Field
The announcers mentioned something I related to.
These days, when you can get kids off the couch, away from their X-box, it's only with official games, and a coach, with parents, etc.
When I was a kid, we played pick-up baseball, most of the summer, at the grade school field, where a home run could be a broken window in the school. I don't think kids do that any more.
The big deal, and led to a fight sometimes, was who was gonna pitch.
Just one more, in the YUUUGE difference between then and now....
In those days we CRIED when a prez was shot.
NOW, most of the country would CHEER, for good reason.
Cuz we love our country....

For us old farts, we can remember

just what it was like 50 years ago this week, as Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed, Just like his brother, JFK, and Martin Luther King Jr.
We learned the power of the Conservatives/Pubs.
Stand up to them and they'll kill you.
If you don't believe they were behind the killings, you're not paying attention.
Just like Kent State, where students like us, were shot and killed.
The rightwingnuts cheered and the rest of us cried.
Those who didn't live through it will NEVER understand.
Smoke pot and get caught, go to prison.
Avoid the draft, go to prison.
Remember the DRAFT?
If you have no good exemption, your ass was sent to Viet Nam, where it's kill or be killed, for what?
Profits for the 'defense' contractors.
58,000 KILLED and millions injured, mentally and/or physically.
(Not even counting the Vietnamese, just defending their families.)
Filling the VA hospitals to this day.
Pub profits.
Then the Pubs did it again in Iraq.
Some say Pubs and Dems are the SAME.
The Pubs are warmongers whose main objective is PROFIT, and SCREW collateral damage.
Please tell me WHY we had war in Viet Nam/Iraq, other than PROFIT for a few, at the expense of many.
Some things never change, as we remember the shootings of JFK, RFK, MLK and the Pubs getting the war they wanted, in Viet Nam, which we LOST at YUUUGE expense, but some(R) got obscenely RICH.
And they did it again in Iraq AND Afgh, where 15 Saudi's attacked the US, with 3 Afghannis, from the hinterlands.
But, the Saudis were friends of the Bush's, in the same oil business, where crude went from under $14 to over $140 per barrel.
Never mind, it's obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, which leaves out the rightwingnuts, who bang the drums for any and all wars, that benefit the War Machine of the Pubs, as Bolton and Pompeo seek 'regime change' in Iraq, while torpedoing the treaty forged by MANY nations over MANY years.
Bottom line, screw Trump and the sheep(R) he rode in on, while they are isolating the US and heading toward MORE war.
Some things never change....

Unbelievable speech, even for Dotard....

The Liar in Chief who showed up late and left early still managed to 'drop a load' on the others, with his inimitable bullshit.


Donald Trump held a press conference at the G7 -- here are the 38 wildest things he said

Dotard showed up late and left early

at a meeting of our (former) closest friends and allies. Our largest BY FAR trading partners.
The Orange Clown gave them a big FU and scurried off to meet with tiny North Korea who has NO INTENTION of losing their nukes. BUT, it gave two world class asshole a YUUUUGE amount of publicity, while Kim finally got a paid vacation and Dotard didn't have to face the IMPORTANT people he screwed over.
Just when I think he can't get any worse, the Liar in Chief does his best to screw up the entire world economy
I take that back.
The rest of the world will do fine.
It's Dotard's minions who are gonna be hurtin' after his tariff's kick in.
'Trade wars are good and easy to win', according to the dumbshit in charge.
Yeah right...
ALL the economists are wrong, and that lying jerk(R) is right?
Who can be that stupid?
Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind......

Friday, June 08, 2018

Just to keep it real.

Rudy said that Dotard could SHOOT Comey, and there's nothing that could be done, cuz the Liar in Chief could pardon himself, and things are SO screwed up,,,,,,,that seems normal and no one doubts it....
Doesn't even create a stir, cuz that's where the Pubs are, these days, as Dotard reaches out to Putin and screws our former friends and allies in Canada, Mexico and the EU.
And the Pubs have NO PROBLEM.....

Melania FINALLY showed up

Seems she's been living in a safe house, under the name, 'Ivana Go Home'.

Dotard said he didn't need to prepare for the meeting with Kim Jong Un.
Nothing new from the Orange Clown who didn't even prepare for boinking a porn star, by wearing a condom.
Of course, then he LIED about it, like he did with all his Russian connections, but WHY?
His sheep don't care and the other 2/3 of us want him shot or impeached....

Same old shit, from the Liar in Chief

was gonna comment on his latest LIE, but don't have time to deal with the YUUUUGE volume of LIES from Dotard.
Bottom line, another LIE...

Trump repeats false claim that a 'Democrat bill' is to blame for his policy of separating migrant children from their parents

Sad to hear about Charles Krauthammer's diagnosis

Although I didn't always agree with him, I respected his intelligence and intellectualism, which is very rare in the Repub party, where Science is a victim of their dogma.
George Will is, or WAS another intelligent Repub, but he has left the party and his main effort now is to write obits for the once great GOP, that was hijacked by a NYC huckster who conned the Bible Belt masses.

Cuz it was hot, and we were kinda bored,

we saw the newest in the Star Wars saga, 'Solo', yesterday.
Directed by Ron Howard, this episode goes back to the beginning, as Han Solo first meets Chewie, Landau and other characters.
Not the best of the long running franchise, but with Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke and an interesting story line, it isn't a bad way to spend a hot summer afternoon, although it's not even summer yet.
Could be a long, hot summer, but nice to have the mountains near, where it never gets TOO hot....
Can see the snow from here, and be there in under an hour.

Thanks again, Dotard..

A cartoon in the cartoon carousel is pictured.

Just like he disinvited the eagles, AFTER

they said weren't coming, Dotard read about LeBron James and Step Curry saying their B-ball teams WOULDN'T be going to the White House, for obvous reasons (they hate the Orange Clown) Dotard reacted by saying he wasn't inviting them.
Duh, what an idiot.....

President Donald Trump told reporters Friday morning that he will not invite the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors to visit the White House following the conclusion of this year's NBA Finals.

Liz Cheney, daughter of The Dick,

and a puppet/representative of Big Oil wants to increase their profits, and is willing to sacrifice untold numbers of migratory birds, incl hawks, ducks and geese.
Oil companies are now forced to cover or drain pools of excess/left over oil, cuz it looks like water to migrating birds.
When they land in it they are condemned to a slow, painful death.
Liz, like her father, doesn't care about collateral damage when profits are involved and she snuck legislation that would GUT protections for migratory birds.
Same old shit from Pubs, where making money NUMBER ONE, and 'who cares' about the victims.

Earlier this week, in a last-minute move with little debate, Representative Liz Cheney snuck an amendment into a larger energy bill that would gut the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This provision, added during a House committee vote, would turn back the clock decades in protecting birds and give industries a free pass to kill birds with impunity.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), signed into law in 1918, is among the oldest wildlife protection laws on the books. Its creation was one of the National Audubon Society’s first major victories, and in the years since its enactment, the MBTA has saved millions, if not billions, of birds.

The century-old MBTA tries to keep birds as safe as possible. But many of the problems birds face today—oil pits and spills, are (relatively) new. Birds can die when they land on an uncovered oil waste pit that appears to be typical pond. These kinds of deaths are called "incidental takes," that is, deaths that occur due to activities that are otherwise lawful.

It's now Liz Cheney(R) against MBTA, and with the Trumpies in charge, the birds are in trouble....

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Just when I think

the Liar in Chief can't possibly get any worse, Dotard proves me wrong, by insulting our friends and allies, while kissing Putin's ass. What a jackhole, that 'his people' can relate to.

Trump to skip climate portion of G7 after Twitter spat with Macron and Trudeau

What kind of lame ass sheep can support this clown?
Oh yeah, the sheep, who think the Pussy Grabber is a Christian, who has NOTHING to do with the Russians, although ALL the US intel says differently.
Never mind....

As I watch and listen to the 'news',

is there ANYONE more ugly, inside and out, than Rudy Giuliani?
OMG! If you choose this a-hole as your spokesman, what does that say about you?
This jackhole takes sleaze to a new low.....
Unless you count Scott Pruitt, who has 15  investigations currently going on against him.
Scott Pruitt, who makes swamp creatures look like the 'top' of the food chain.

After denying Climate Change, which includes DROUGHTS

the clowns at FOX are now making fun of Californians as the govt tries to address the water shortages.

“Please sir, I want some more,” is no longer a sentiment just for Oliver Twist in the orphanage. A new law in California limits how much water can be used by each household. Now their showers, how many flushes, and how often they can do their laundry will be under the watchful eye of the state government.

Perhaps the state wants everyone to feel like the drug addicts living in California’s ever-expanding homeless tent cities?

And more FOXXrap includes:
This from politicians who have pushed policies creating homeless and drug abuse crises throughout the state. They have now decided to clamp down on the use of the most basic needs of civilized living.

Unbelievable, but SO FOX....
When the actual consequences of the Climate Change, that they continually DENY, actually happens, they make fun of the people it effects, and the people who try to deal with it.
How anyone can take these hypocritical a-holes(R) seriously is beyond belief....

Former Fox News 

analyst says Fox 

has become 


propaganda machine'

Does ANYONE, even the ignorant sheep who hang on Bullshit Mountain

actually believe that Kim Jong Un is gonna give up his NUKES?
 In return for some promises for the worst LIAR in the history of the world?
After seeing what happened to Khadafi when HE gave up his nukes?
RU kidding?
If you believe that crap I have a bridge and some swampland I'd love to sell you.
BUT, anyone that gullible wouldn't have any money anyway.
Never mind.....

I WAS gonna blog about figures from Dotard's steel and aluminum tariffs

showing they would/will cost WAY more jobs than they will save/create, even in the rust belt states, home to his double digit IQ voters.
Even Steel Workers Unions say NO to his steel tariffs.
Indiana would gain 600 aluminum jobs, while losing over 7000 automotive jobs.
BUT, then I realized whatever stats, tablex or figures I used, Dotard's sheep wouldn't understand or care, cuuuuuuzzzzzzz, that's who they are.

The rest of us already know that trade wars are bad according to ALL economists, while the Orange Clown claims, 'Trade Wars are good, and easy to win',
I can't compete with ignorance like that, so why even try?
Facts, truth and reality 'left the building' long ago, as the jerk who bragged, 'Lie to them three times, then they'll believe you', has taken over a third of the country, and they don't give a shit about truth and facts, as long as they have FOX to tell them what they want to hear.

After their 'less than stellar' results in Puerto Rico

where the official death toll was 64, while 'real' studies showed the toll at nearly 5000, FEMA called an emergency meeting, with Dotard in attendance
He proceeded to 'Hijack' the meeting and talked about everything BUT Disaster Preparedness' according to those who were there, instead, focusing on HIMSELF and recent political events.

President Donald Trump avoided talk of hurricanes during
what was supposed to have been a meeting on disaster
preparedness Wednesday, holding forth on everything but
a significantly increased estimate of deaths in Puerto Rico
linked to Hurricane Maria, The Washington Post reported.
Leaked audio from the 40-minute meeting at Federal
Emergency Management Agency headquarters captured
Trump musing about the cost of purchasing military
equipment, attacking California Democratic gubernatorial
candidate Gavin Newsom, praising Foxconn for building
a factory in Wisconsin and attempting to reassure his
Cabinet members that they were very popular.