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Friday, December 08, 2017

If it weren't for Rush and Sean, I'd be REAL worried,

cuz Atlanta has gotten more snow than we have here in the Denver area, and the ten day forecast calls for temps in the 50's and 60's. Thankfully, the two FOXNews X-Spurts assure us that climate Change is a Liberal plot.
I'm SO glad, cuz that means it's not real, as wildfires ravage California, (God hates them, cuz of the gays).
Am SO glad FOXNews explains it all to those of us who have no clue about reality....
Yup, have become a rightwingnut, cuz it's SO much easier just to swallow FOXCrap, rather than using my brain..... Yahoo, MAGA!
The good news? Golfing tomorrow, in shorts.

In typical FOX BULLSHIT fashion,

the headline claims that the yearbook inscription from Roy Moore(R) to the teen girl was Fake News, cuz the accuser wrote it, BUT, if you take the time to actually READ the article, you'll see that only the DATE was added later, after careful investigation.
BUT, that doesn't keep the average sheep from thinkin'.

 'I KNOWED them Libs was crooked, thank GAWD for FOX'.

Moore accuser admits writing part of yearbook inscription

Thursday, December 07, 2017

For a thinking person, it's OBVIOUS

as the Orange clown denigrates the FBI and all the intel agencies, who claim (KNOW) he colluded with the Russians.
BUT, for the sheep, who search for a reason to NOT believe, they can ignore the findings that the FBI has found.
Bottom line, FOXNews is telling the sheep that the FBI is a Liberal Plot, SO, they can ignore what they find.

Can you say, 'Head up their ass?'  OR, 'Blissfully/willfully ignorant'?

Oh yeah, the CIA and all those other LIBERAL agencies just LIE!, Unlike the Liar in Chief, who has HUNDREDS of easily documented LIES.

Who puts up with this crap?

Bottom line, all the news/intel agencies LIE, except for the Repub propaganda network.
Nothing new here, as the 'head up their ass crowd' gets their 'news', from FOX-PARP/ Bullshit Mountain(R)...

This time of year is kinda hard, cuz I feel like I should be 'hunting'

but I don't like to hunt any more. My dad, raised 'hungry' during the Depression, learned to fish and hunt to feed the family, and he passed on the passion and skills needed, to me. After fishing for whatever we could catch, I really enjoyed hunting rabbits and squirrels, all kinds of game birds, incl pheasants, ducks, quail and geese, later going after deer and elk
We ALWAYS ate what I shot, cuz that was part of it. I never killed just for 'killing'. It was just part of harvesting your food, PLUS, it was a great adventure.
BUT, I reached a point where I don't like to kill. No fun, or necessity in it. The furry creatures are our friends. Just part of growing up, I guess, although I have nothing against those who hunt for their food, as long as they do it fairly and legally. I can't stand those who shoot bears, mountain lions or African 'trophies'. That's just plain sick, IMHO.
Whatever, I kinda miss it. Hunting this time of year, cuz it was an adventure, walking through the woods in search of game, and we all need a reason to get out and enjoy the great outdoors....

Just realized I haven't listed, for my rocking chair years,

the books that I've read lately, so I don't re-read them when I'm senile. But maybe that's not a bad thing.
Am currently reading the last of the James Lee Burke books, 'Light of the World', and am really gonna miss 'em, cuz they have been my 'go to' book whenever I can't decide what to read next.
 Just finished Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher book, 'Midnight Line', and Michael Connelly's 'The Late Show' and 'Two Kinds of Truth', which were excellent, but my fave lately was Nelson DeMilles', 'The Cuban Affair', which should, and could be, a movie.
I read about half of Stephen Kings', 'Sleeping Beauties, (written with Owen King, his son). I normally don't quit half way through a book, but just didn't care about anyone in it. Also started John LeCarre's ''Legacy of Spies', cuz I heard it was good, but it didn't grab me, so I hung it up.
Read parts of 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck', (which I could have written), and Al Franken's 'Giant of the Senate', which had some good parts.
Also read a couple of Harlan Cobens' stuff. "Don't Let Go' was good.
 My fave lately, with The Cuban Affair, was Dan Brown's 'Origin', which does a fantastic job of explaining how MANY people were duped into their religion. Very hard to argue against.
How could I forget John Grisham's 'Camino Island', (excellent), and the latest Daniel Silva books, the Kill Artist and House of Spies, plus David Baldacci's The Fix?
Yup, I read one or two books per week. Good news/bad news, I don't know....
I just know what makes me happy and keeps me sane.
BTW, Les Elmore, the reading lab teacher at Kearney said I was the fastest reader he'd ever measured, PLUS, he said I have have great comprehension.
Maybe that's why I HATE the Pubs and what they are doing to our country, as I start each day with an overview of the news, from FOX to the Huffington Post, after the Denver Post.
I read, comprehend and am SHOCKED, that anyone can fall for the Pub bullshit. The I remember the sheep that are raised of FOXCrap, plus a literal Bible, and it all makes sense.
Anyone who gets their 'news' from Repub propaganda and their history and science from a book of century's old collected myths and superstitions ain't gonna understand reality.
Nothing new here, BUT, they VOTE, in YUUUGE numbers....
Thank you, SO much, for President Trump, the Liar in Chief.

Some are saying Al Franken is resigning

to shame the Pubs into rejecting Roy Moore, HA! Any party that would elect the Pussy Grabber and support the perv Roy Moore isn't gonna suddenly develop a conscience.
Comparing Franken to Moore is a 'false equivalency' that's not even close.
Bottom line, you can't shame the shameless....
BTW, in what world is this hat and gun a good look? Oh yeah, Pub world...
His opponent Doug Jones had a good line. 'I use guns for hunting, not prancing around in a cowboy suit'.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Wow, there's a YUUUGE difference

when you talk about a pres(R) who admits to 'Grab 'em by the pussy', and an Alabama Senator who stalked young teenage girls (at least NINE say he did, and he signed their yearbooks, and the local cops agree), and Al Franken who faked a boob feel, and posed for a pic, PLUS, maybe going for a forbidden kiss.
Yup, same old case of FALSE EQUIVALENCY, that works for the Pubs.
Grabbing girls (young and older) by the pussy and a 'fake boob grab and illicit kiss'.
Same old shit, as in 'the difference' between Dems and Pubs, and what it takes to 'disgust' them....
Franken should say he will resign right after the Orange Clown does......

File it under OMG!

Continuing the Repub program of OUTRAGEOUS waste,

the Trumpies are continuing the 'giveaway' to his base in the Repub Farm Belt, where YUUUUGE amounts of precious water are sucked out of the ground to grow corn that is turned into Ethanol. A process that uses MORE energy than it produces, but keeps the Repub farm sates in line, while the rest of the country subsidizes them.
The program was originally started by GW and the Dick, to garner support for their illegal war in Iraq and has stayed in place cuz no politicians have the balls to stand up to the FACT that it takes more energy to produce than it creates, PLUS, it's draining the world's LARGEST fresh water aquifer, the Ogalalla, at ever increasing, alarming levels.
Just part of the Repub plan to get max political benefit NOW and screw the future. Just like their Trillion dollar deficit Tax Plan, where 85% per cent of the benefits go to the top 2%.
Thanks again, Evangelicals. Not REAL Evangelicals, but those who hate Dems SO much they can swallow Dotard's LIES and pretend he's a CHRISTIAN.
Can you say HYPOCRITES? What a joke....

As the Orange Clown Trumpifies our nation....

nothing is safe or TOO outrageous.....

A few tidbits from today's Denver Post

The Liar in Chief's lawyers (he has a BUNCH!) claim the Pussy Grabber can't be bothered to testify in MULTIPLE claims against him, cuz he's 'TOO BUSY'. He might have to delay a tee-time....
BUT, Bill Clinton was prosecuted by Paula Jones(R) while he was prez.
You see, it's DIFFERENT for the Pubs...

In his efforts to wreck the country, the Orange Clown either makes NO appointments, (hundreds in the State Dept, incl no ambassador to So Korea) or he appts someone to head a Cabinet Office who is on record to DESTROY it, (a BUNCH) OR he appts someone totally unqualified, cuz he LOVES the uneducated. In the Energy Dept, headed by Rick Perry, who famously vowed to abolish it, (but couldn't REMEMBER the dept during a debate), NOT ONE of the seven heads that oversee the nations nuclear stockpile has a Doctorate, or even a Master's degree in ANY scientific field. If this doesn't scare/concern you, remove your head from your ass and take a look around.....

In Utah, where the prez took back public land and opened it to private business, the Orange Clown claimed he was listening to 'the people of Utah', BUT, polls within the state showed a TWO TO ONE preference to leaving the Nat'l Monuments UNCHANGED. Wow, you mean he LIED?

And, in the Pubs quest to find some of the 3-5 MILLION illegal voters, one of the FEW that was caught was Steven Curtis, former head of the Colorado GOP, who sent in his former wife's ballot, (voting straight Repub). His defense for the voter fraud and forgery charge is 'Diabetic Blackout'.
RU shittin' me?
Just cuz the Liar in Chief cam make up whoppers by the hundreds, does that mean ALL of the crooks(R) can?
Diabetic blackout? Excuse me while I laugh/barf....

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Instead of focusing on the REAL problem,

that Russia interfered in our presidential election, (ALL 17 intel agencies agree), the clowns at FOX are bitchin' cuz Mueller's investigation has cost all of $7 million dollars, SOOO, according to Bullshit Mountain, where the sheep go to get their 'news', it's a WASTE of money.
Yup, and according to the same propaganda network, one of the FBI agents passed on an anti-Trump joke, SOOOO, the entire FBI is irrelevant and nothing they find matters.
Welcome to the 'alternative facts' network where facts don't matter, and the gullible, clueless minions can rationalize their political beliefs, as in 'Pubs can do NO WRONG', just ask FOXNews, and the sheep who swallow their crap ......

Some things never change, when the Pubs are in charge.....


Monday, December 04, 2017

Tom Hanks, that wild-eyed, flame throwing radical,

had some words about Trump and the Pubs attacking the press, and yelling 'Fake News' whenever they are exposed for their sines.
Trump’s attempts to delegitimize mainstream media will
only raise the stock of “agenda-filled” (FOXNews) outlets,
Hanks told  “Axe Files.”
“They’re throwing dirt and oil into a bucket of water so
that it all becomes undrinkable after a while,” Hanks said.
Again, let's thank Roger ailes, who convinced the gullible
and feeble-minded that the ONLY TRUTH in news was 
from the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party.
Sounds logical, right?

According to the Pubs, there's a reason

 that the rich deserve MORE tax breaks, and that's cuz they don't waste their money, like the poor do....
12/03/2017 09:28 pm ET

GOP Senator Says Those Who Aren’t Millionaires Waste Money On ‘Booze, Women’

That’s why the richest deserve a break on estate 

taxes, says Chuck Grassley.

In an astonishing defense of dropping “death taxes” for
individual estates worth more than $5.5 million, GOP Iowa
Sen. Chuck Grassley implied that people not currently
affected by that tax are “spending every darn penny ... on
booze or women.”
“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that
are investing — as opposed to those that are just spending
every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women
or movies,” Grassley told the Des Moines Register in an
interview published Saturday. 
Again, you can't make this(R) shit up....

Wow, there is SOME good news...

The woman who did what a large majority of the US would LOVE to do, and 'Flpped Off' the Liar in Chief. got fired for expressing her feelings.
BUT, a Go Fund Me campaign has raised over $100,000 and is growing rapidly. I guess there IS justice in the world, after all.

The Orange Clown is whining

cuz the FBI is 'picking on' (his words) Mike Flynn.
Just cuz Flynn met with the Russians, and then lied about it, under oath, to the FBI.
Wow, what a bunch of meanies.
And the sheep. lead by FOX-PARP. are screaming that the Bureau 'oughta be after Hillary'.
You can't make this shit up.......
BTW, it's obvious that the Liar in Chief's plan is to disparage the FBI, so that when they present the evidence of collusion against him and his crew they can just claim 'FBI Plot!'
And this is after Comey played a YUUUGE part in electing the vain, arrogant, unqualified Pathologcal LIAR.

I need a John Dowd (Dotard's personal lawyer) in my life

Yup, I need someone who will step up and say, 'Steve didn't do/say that, it was ME'.
The Liar in Chief Tweeted that he KNEW Flynn had lied to the FBI when he fired him
SOOO, that made it 'obstruction of justice' when he told Comey to 'back off'  his investigation of Flynn.
Now, the pathetic, Pathological LIAR is saying his lawyer is the one who used the Presidential Tweet Machine to put out something that wasn't true.
No wonder the sheep keep their heads so deeply and firmly buried.
It would be HARD to pretend the Orange Clown is anything but a lying sack o' shit,
BUT they continually do it, buried head or not.....

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's personal lawyer took responsibility Sunday for a tweet that Trump sent the previous day, in which the president said for the first time that he knew his former security adviser, Michael Flynn, had lied to the FBI before he fired Flynn in February.

OMG! It has come to this?

King Dotard can do anything he wants?
President Trump’s personal lawyer John Dowd recently 
told Axios the "President cannot obstruct justice."
He explained that is "because he is the chief law 
enforcement officer under [the Constitution’s Article II] 
and has every right to express his view of any case."
You wanna explain 'express his view'?

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Groper in Chief has over a dozen women suing him,

claiming he sexually attacked them.

The latest suit was filed by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice," who claimed last year that Trump "very aggressively" kissed her, groped her breasts, and began "thrusting" his genitals at her in a meeting at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Her claim is that Trump damaged her reputation when he called her a liar.

The Pubs impeached Clinton cuz ONE woman, Paula Jones, complained about him.
The Pussy Grabber admitted 'I can't help myself', and reaches for the Tic Tacs, before 'going after them like a bitch', although now he's lying, AGAIN, as he claims that wasn't his voice on Access Hollywood tape.
Does ANYONE believe the Liar in Chief? Not even the clueless, gullible sheep gotta know that was his voice, AND, he admitted it, before his new round of LIES, but they DON'T CARE that he's a Pathological LIAR.
Same old shit from the sheep.....

Clinton had to testify, why not the Liar in Chief?

Paula Jones was ONE woman with a gripe. The Pussy Grabber has over
a DOZEN wanting to sue the 'admitted' harasser. C'mon, HYPOCRITES.....
  • Summer Zervos, who accused Trump of sexually 
  • harassing her in 2007, is suing him for defamation 
  • because he called her and other accusers liars.
  • Trump's lawyers will argue in a New York court 
  • on Tuesday that the lawsuit should be thrown 
  • out because he is a sitting president.
  • But former President Bill Clinton was deposed 
  • while he was a sitting president over allegations 
  • of sexual harassment by Paula Jones. Later, 
  • when he was found to have lied under oath, 
  • he was impeached by the House of 
  • Representatives.
  • "People are going to find out who this guy 
  • really is," Mindy McGillivray, one of Trump's 
  • accusers, told Business Insider.
  • AS IF, we don't know who this guy really is,,
  • The sheep(R) just don't give a shit...
  • Mueller isn't his ONLY legal problem.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

There is justice, and IRONY in the universe

as the same gullible yokels who voted for the Orange Clown are the same ones who will suffer the most as the Repub tax bill continues their legacy of being reverse Robin Hoods. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich. EVERY non-partisan committee agrees. Over 80% of the tax savings go to the VERY rich.
Same old shit from the Pubs, who are continuing what they have ALWAYS done....
Don't believe me? Look it up, as they passed the bill in the dark of night, voting on a bill no one had even read, with YUUUGE tax breaks for the one percent.....

Who knows,

maybe this tax bill has some good stuff in it. I do like parts of it, like corporations being able to bring foreign cash home, IF it happens, and maybe some of the last minute fixes will make it more palatable,
And maybe we can actually see what's in it, unless it's run through the House, in the dark of night, like it was in the Senate.
Bottom line, it exposes the Pubs for HYPOCRITES they are, by showing they aren't the 'fiscally responsible' party they pretend to be, whenever a Dem bill, like Health Care comes up, as they add over a TRILLION to the debt, even IF their 'Trickle Down' BS actually works, this time. Their claim of 'we can't afford it', is totally blown out the window, just like they can ALWAYS afford a big new war, or any and ALL weapons, to add to the most bloated military in the history of the world.
Total HYPOCRITES, as always, as they claim to be FOR education, but do everything they can to discourage it, incl tax law against endowments, scholarships, student loans and science funding everywhere, cuz they know an 'educated' voter (Trump LOVES the UNeducated!) is a Democrat, vs the backwoods, anti-science, anti-evolution, anti-Planned Parenthood Thumpers in the Repub Bible Belt, who overlook what an unqualified, vain, arrogant SLEAZEBALL the Pathological LIAR is, just cuz he has (R) after his name.
Some things never change.....

Friday, December 01, 2017

Just thinking, and I'm wondering,

at what point does FOX, the official Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, turn against the Orange Clown, in defense of the Repub party, and bail from the sinking ship of the Liar in Chief.
Not gonna be soon, but it IS gonna happen. Dotard Drumpf is guilty in SO many ways, and there WILL be a point when the rats(R) officially desert the ship.
I'm guessing mid 2018, which would be June 31, 2018 as the  official 'Over.Under'.
Who wants to bet?
Over or under?
AND, as a side bet....
How many years in prison is the AVERAGE term for the Trump 'inner circle'. I'm guessing Two Years, with plea deals.
Over or under?

The lying dominoes(R) are falling,

while Manafort, Papadopolous and now Flynn are falling, as they lead to the Liar in Chief, who denies collusion with the RUSSIANS,  which ALL the intel agencies agree 'happened'.
Wow, obvious to everyone except the FOXSheep, who swallow the 'Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party' version of 'news'.
Oh yeah, that's the view from an 'anal/cranial inversion'.
Never mind...

Good quote today, about the Orange Clown

'He's been lying, cheating and stealing his ENTIRE LIFE. Just ask any New Yorker who's done business with him.'
Yup, the self-professed 'pussy grabber'--- 'lie to them 3 times and they'll believe anything', MULTIPLE bankruptcy filer, (after 'bleeding companies dry' of all assets), now has to answer to actual 'law and order'.
Let's see how the Liar in Chief does as those around him look at serious jail time for their part in selling our country to the Russians.
Just be patient, as the Pathological Liar's past catches up with him.....
BTW, Mueller could have charged Flynn with MANY crimes, but he chose 'lying to the FBI',
SOOO, how many of Trump's minions (esp Kushner, to start), are thinking, 'Hmm, am I next'?
Gonna be fun to watch....

Was gonna get upset and write

about the Tax Bill passing in the Senate today. The bill that Bernie Sanders called the 'worst bill EVER put before Congress.'
SOO wrong in SOO many ways, but I realize it still has to be passed by the House, SOOO, maybe there's hope for those in our country who AREN'T aligned with Big Money/politics, and all it can buy.
We'll see, so am gonna try not to get upset, YET, as the Pathological Liar and his crew take over our country.

Good news, bad news

Mike Flynn(R) rolled over on the Trumpies with a deal that means he probably won't go to jail. SOOO, the guy that yelled 'Lock her up!' at the RNC, maybe won't be locked up.
Would have loved to have yelled, 'Lock him up', as he's perp-walked into the slammer....

We have a WINNER, in the Fake News battle,

that the Liar in Chief loves to claim, whenever he sees news he doesn't like.

Americans have declared Fox News as the winner
of the "Fake News Trophy."
In a recent poll, by right-leaning Rasmussen Reports,
a majority of respondents found the cable network 
worthy of the distinction. 
CNN was the runner-up, with 25 percent of the vote.
MSNBC came in a distant 3rd at 9 percent, while ABC,
CBS, and NBC garnered, 4 percent, 3 percent, and
2 percent, respectively.
Wow, who da thunk? From a rightwing poll?

Seems like they've reached a plea deal, in Texas

The woman who drives the truck with a sticker for Trump and his supporters has agreed to replace
F**K with FORK. I'm guessing the morons will still get the message....
Fonseca said she's been driving with the sticker for almost a year with no concerns for her safety. "I drive it all the time on a daily basis," Fonseca said. "I'm not fearful. There's too much positive, and it makes people smile. They honk their horn, they give you a thumbs up." And this is in TEXAS!

Replaying his favorite game plan,

to distract the gullible sheep, the Liar in Chief just said he will 'Shut Down the Govt' if he doesn't get his Wall.
As if this bullshit isn't bad enough in itself, it's just a 'shiny object' to muddy the waters, while the Pubs sleazy tax plan, that no one who's voting on it has even seen, and Mike Flynn's admission that Trump's team, incl Kushner, DIRECTED HIM to contact and meet with the Russians during the campaign.
Is any of this a problem for the sheep? OF COURSE NOT, they're the sheep....
Lost amidst the hoopla is the fact that the Orange Clown is replacing his Sec of State, who rightfully called him a 'moron'. Stay tuned....

Here we are, at the beginning of a LONG trail,

with Flynn admitting he was directed by Trump to contact the Russians during the campaign. I just wonder HOW BAD it will have to get, HOW MUCH info will come out before the hardcore rightwingnuts will FINALLY admit,
HMMMM, maybe it's not a good idea to collude with the Russians in a presidential election?
I'm guessing MANY of the nutjobs(R) will NEVER have a problem with the Russians, cuz hey, the Liar in Chief has (R) after his name.
That's just the way they are.
Some things never change.....
AND, while collusion is getting all the attention, the Repub controlled Senate is nearing a YUUUUGE vote on the Tax Bill, that will add trillions to the debt, that they HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN!

Wow, who do thunk? THe ruble is plummeting

as the facts about the Trump/Russia COLLUSION are 'coming out'.
Check out today's chart!
The Russian ruble dropped suddenly against the U.S. dollar on an ABC News report that Michael Flynn will testify that he was directed by Donald Trump to make contact with the officials of the country.
Flynn also pleaded guilty to knowingly making materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to FBI agents, a felony.
Russian Ruble Futures

SOOO true....

As I have always said, I have nothing against spirituality, but, claiming the Bible as LITERAL truth is ridiculous.

Image may contain: text

AS IF we didn't know

that Flynn was LYING about the Trump team's collusion with Russia, it has now been confirmed, BUT, we don't know what kind of deal he made, getting a YUUUGE number of charges dropped to one, and keeping his son out of jail.
Just be patient and we'll gradually find out what all those meetings, between the Clownsmen and Russians (it's called COLLUSION) were actually about, while the rats from the sinking ship start singing to avoid jail time
 Stay tuned, should be interesting now that they have Manafort, Flynn and who knows who, by the short and curlies.
Like LBJ said, 'When you have 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow'. Patience.....
THis just in..
  • Former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn is reportedly willing to testify that President Donald Trump and Trump transition officials directed him to make contact with Russians during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Noticed some interesting articles in the Denver Post thie morning

Teen-pregnancy rate declines

Youth abortion rates also fall, thanks to free, low-cost access to IUDs, officials say.

The steep drop in teen pregnancies and abortions in Colorado since 2009 is mainly due to one thing: free, low-cost access to IUDs.
Intrauterine devices — tiny, T-shaped pieces of plastic placed in the uterus — are the main reason Colorado’s teen birth rate fell 54 percent and the teen abortion rate declined 64 percent in the last eight years, state health officials said Thursday.
BUT, this is expected to change, drastically, as the programs that were funded by Planned Parenthood, you know that RADICAL group who thinks parenthood should be PLANNED, are slashed by the Orange Clown led Repubs.
Same old shit from the rightwingnuts.

 Matt Lauer behaved inappropriately he should be fired. I’m so disappointed to hear about this, but what is so infuriating is that we have, in the White House, a serial sexual harasser who, instead of being fired, is running and ruining our country. Not only that, he is now backing an alleged child molester running for the Senate. Where is the justice here? Donald Trump is a despicable human being and he has the gall to make comments about the other men who are losing jobs, being shamed in the public eye, and are possibly having their lives completely turned upside-down, when he is one of the worst offenders of all. It’s sickening and disgusting and doesn’t say anything positive about the dignity of our country.
Sally Alberts, Monument

Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's just a matter of time,

til I get busted. We've learned it's not PC to grab butts. Just a matter of time til Carol reports me, and I join the pervs in the news.
Bottom line, I plead guilty....

As part of an article I was reading

about our morally bankrupt president, I came across this link, click on it to see the HUNDREDS of lies.

he lies constantly.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We know he's a lying slimeball

but sometimes the Liar in Chief goes SOOOO low, it surprises even those of us who hate him, and how LOW he brought the presidency of the US.
I'm referring to his political attack, today, against Joe Scarborough, suggesting foul play in the death of one of his interns, in 2001.
A young woman with heart problems, who hit her head when who fell after a medical emergency, whose death was thoroughly investigated and attributed to a health problem.
BUTTTT, the Liar in Chief, Total A**hole that he is, brings it up to disparage Dems, lumping it into Matt Laur's firing, saying it should be furhter investigated.
Sortal ike the crowd at his inauguration and the 3-5 million illegal voters. AND, he now claims the tape of him 'pussy grabbing' was doctored, though he admitted it at the time as 'locker room' talk.
How bad does the Orange Clown have to get, to lose support of the gullible sheep who swallow his crap?
Oh yeah, he could shoot someone in Times Square and Jesus himself could come down and dispute him, but the ignorant sheep will STILL support (according to moron fans) the Sleazeball.
OMG......They're totally shameless.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Do any of the sheep(R) notice

that the same jerks(R) who have been SO 'Fiscally Responsible' when it was a Dem program are SO fine with the Repub tav plan that TOTALLY blows up the budget? Over a TRILLION dollars deficit?
BUT it's DIFFERENT when the Pubs do it.....
Yup, health care for the people is UNAFFORDABLE, but a war, based on LIES, that costs more (TRILLIONS) is fine.
Yup, 'trickle down' is gonna work THIS TIME, even though it hasn't ever before....
Never mind, am trying logic/rationality on those who don't/won't understand SCIENCE.
Nothing new here....

Normally I don't watch Jimmy Fallon

cuz he's not that funny, but Seinfeld was on...
Bottom line, I just noticed that Jimmie wears a WIG. SOOO obvious on the Sienfeld show.
Wow, how could I have not have seen...

Nothing even subtle, with the Repub tax plan

The states with the highest property values, (SURPRISE!, blue states on the coasts), will be hurt the most, as property taxes WON'T be allowed as deductions, and  taxes will go UP for the middle class in Blue States.
The Bible Belt Red Sates, who live in places with LOW values (ever wonder why, think education/income), will get a tax break.
Same old shit from the Orange Clown who claims The Bible is his favorite book, and the gullible sheep swallow his crap.
Yup, Dotard the Christian!
OMG! Can it get any worse/more obvious as the Liar in Chief 'closes the deal', with the gullible Thumpers?

If it weren't for Rush and Sean, I'd be concerned,

cuz it was 81 degrees here yesterday. Hottest EVER for Denver in November, at the END of November.
That's YUUUUGE, but the Xspurts from Bullshit Mountain tell us that Climate Change is a Chinese plot.
Whew,,, if I didn't know that, I'd be really concerned, BUT, the same jerks(R) who remind us to thank GOD, for Donald Trump, assure us that these record temps are all a HOAX, from the Chinese.
WOW, as someone who has lived in Colorado for nearly fifty years, and seen the temps in summer and winter get SO much warmer, it's SOOOO good to know that the SMART GUYS from FOX claim it's all FAKE NEWS. Just like the Trump/Russia collusion.
Yup, the weather service AND the Intel agencies are ALL wrong, and FOX, the Repub Propaganda Network is RIGHT. As in
Right vs wrong,
RIGHT vs Reality,
Right vs Science.
Right vs Climate Change.
Bottom line, how can anyone be SOOOO stupid?
Oh yeah, FOX News, Never mind.....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Remember the first thing the Pubs did when they got power?

They tried a closed door, midnight session to eliminate the Congressional ETHICS COMMITTEE, But, they got caught before they could complete the closure. Well, now they are trying the same thing with the Consumer Watchdog Committee, as the Liar in Chief appoints his boy who is on record to 'shut it down'.
Yup, they(R) want to shut down the committee who protects 'The People' from the same Big Money who caused the last Financial CRASH, and who signed up thousands for phony Wells Fargo accounts, costing consumers MILLIONS.
Same old shit from the Pubs, as the same (gullible) people who vote for them get hurt the most.
Nothing new here.....

File it under, 'Duh, who wouldn't?'

British musician Morrissey says if given the chance, he’d kill President Donald Trump to ensure the “safety of humanity.”

The 58-year-old said in an interview with der Spiegel this week that if he were presented with a button that could instantly kill Trump, he wouldn’t hesitate to press it.

“I would [push it], for the safety of humanity,” Morrissey told the outlet. “It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.”
The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it,” he explained, according to a translation of the interview by the Washington Times. “Whether they criticize him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name. The American media have shot themselves in the leg.”
Morrissey added that he “never expected” Trump to be elected president and has “no faith” in the political establishment anymore.
“He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He is vermin,” he said.
Judging from our travels, this is a very typical opinion of Trump and American politics...

SOOOO, I'm not the only one?

Archbishop Of Canterbury: 'I genuinely do not understand' Christians who back Trump

Sunday, November 26, 2017

just when you think the Pathological LIAR in the White House

can't POSSIBLY get any worse, the lying sack o' shit tops himself with another WHOPPER'

President Trump is now suggesting the Access Hollywood tape, which surfaced weeks before the election last year and famously featured him bragging to then-host Billy Bush about sexual assault by grabbing women by the “pussy,” was perhaps not authentic.
What kind of dumbass moron would believe crap like that?
Oh yeah, a typical clueless, moronic sheep, who voted the Orange Clown into the White House.
UNbelievable, just like Dotard Drumpf.
BUT the morons don't give a shit.
It's just another lie, in a pile of HUNDREDS.....
Remember when the prez(R) of the US didn't LIE, every day?
Thanks again, FOX-PARP, who prepped the nation for continual LIES, and the sheep just don't give a shit, while the rest of us pull our hair out, cuz LYING isn't normal, or LEGAL.....

No truer words have ever been, as Media Matters(R)

calls for Sean Hannity's ass. Sean Hannity, the most obnoxious, lying, ignorant A-hole at FOX, which is saying a LOT.
“Sean Hannity is uniquely destructive in the media landscape right now. His extremism, persistent lies, conspiracies and attacks on women that speak out against sexual misconduct warrant some kind of accountability,”

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Liar in Chief added another WHOPPER

to his YUUUUGE pile of  lies, when he found out he's not 'Person of the Year, saying he declined cuz he 'didn't have time' for it, in another example of how he JUST MAKES SHIT UP!
WELLLL, to no one's surprise, except the clueless sheep who swallow his crap, the people at TIME called BULLSHIT.
Never happened that way, they say.
Wow, who ya gonna believe? A pathological liar who has HUNDREDS of easily documented lies, OR a reputable magazine?

TIME's editor disputed the Orange Clown's claim that he 'passed' on being Person of the Year'

Amazing. Not a speck of truth here—Trump tweets he 'took a pass' at being named TIME's person of the year http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/24/politics/president-donald-trump-time-magazine/index.html 

One thing most of us remember

about GW's 'War Based on Lies' in Iraq is that the Kurds were our allies, and fought beside US troops against Al Queda. Many thought that they should have their own country, rather than being thrown in with the Sunnis and Shiites.
Well, in his fervor to UNDO everything Obama, the Orange Clown has just sided the corrupt regime in Turkey, AGAINST the Kurds, and is withdrawing all military and economic aid from our ally in the region.
Like I say, if there's a way to negate Obama in any way, and screw things up, the Liar in Chief WILL do it...
Look it up, how the Kurds, our friends and allies in the region just got screwed, by the Dotard....

FOX-PARP had an important news 'Scoop'

that it shared with the sheep.

MSNBC hosts caught faking post-Thanksgiving banter they taped earlier

Yup, a network that has more 'Fake News' than every other news agency COMBINED, is bitching about a pre-recorded show by their rival.
RU kidding?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

SOOO, the turkey goes to the fortune teller....,

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The Orange Clown's doing it again

He LOVES to take credit for the US economy, which is humming along, building on the solid foundation and solid gains it made under Obama and company. Sure, it's gotten a boost from the tax breaks he's promised for businesses, that's the MAIN reason for the stock market gains,, but the economy he inherited couldn't have been MORE different than the 'steaming pile' that GW(R) left behind, as everything was crashing, after 8 years of Repub rule. Remember?
Much like Clinton and the Dems left a fantastic, healthy business environment, that was soon TRASHED by wars based on lies. YUUUGE deficit spending and Pub policies, the current admin has plans to give YUUUGE tax breaks to those who need it least and run up YUUUUGE deficits that SOMEONE ELSE can deal with.
As Trump said earlier, 'the economy just does better under Democrats', we'll have a chance to see if it can survive the leadership of a vain, arrogant, unqualified Pathological Liar.
BTW, the entire world business economy is humming and growing like we haven't seen in near history, so don't break your arm patting yourself on the back, Dotard....

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

For the 'willfully ignorant' sheep, who get their 'news' from FOX,

here are some FACTS, that they'll never get from Bullshit Mountain, the Repub Propaganda Network.
BTW, these numbers are continually growing, as we find out that more from the Trumpies, who DENY and LIE, until they are forced to admit the truth.
Plus, we have ALL the US intel agencies who agree that the Russians influenced the electoral process, in favor of the Liar in Chief.
Ever wonder WHY, they wanted him SO bad?
Overall statistics
  • At least 12 Trump associates had contacts with Russians during the campaign or transition
  • There were at least 19 face-to-face interactions with Russians or Kremlin-linked figures
  • There were at least 51 communications -- meetings, phone calls, email exchanges and more.
  • This flies in the face of at least nine blanket denials from Trump world of any contacts with Russia