Gonna repost my buddy Dave today, You tell em Dave,how Dotard started at the bottom and can’t go any lower, and everyone’s just gotten used to him and his sleaze.

Donald Trump’s Perverse AdvantageWhen you’ve sunk this low, there’s nowhere to go but sideways.  (F. Bruni - NYT - 10/20/18)
FYI, the latest column by Frank Bruni from today’s Times.  I’m sharing this column because I think it illuminates a perverse dynamic about Trump that we all subconsciously know – but which is so omnipresent that we tend to discount just how pernicious this dynamic is.
And this dynamic which Mr. Bruni examines below is the insidious advantage that Trump has by having started his campaign at the very bottom of the barrel (“Mexican rapists”) – and then just digging downward from there.  His every pore oozes sleaze and his every utterance only reinforces his bottomless boorishness.  So nothing he says has any shock value anymore.  Trump has succeeded in “normalizing” the open sewer running right through the Oval Office.  We’re so used to his stench that we don’t even notice it anymore.
Meanwhile, we hold every other politician (especially Democratic ones) to the pre-201…

We’ll find out in a couple weeks, if FOX can fool the sheep agin.

Yup, in the next election will the farmers and small town folk be convinced that the LYING, multiply bankrupt conman is ‘one of them’, again?
And, the preachers are telling the sheep that the porn star boinking, Pussy Grabber is ‘just like them’.
Seems like a hard sell, but when you consider the gullible audience, Sean and Rush may just pull it off, AGAIN.
It’s not like the Dotard-supporting crowd is all that smart, considering affordable health care is No Big Deal, or the fact that Putin and Russia chose HIM as their boy.
And then there’s that ‘Pathological LIAR leading our country’ thing, which obviously doesn’t bother FOXSheep....
Too bad Mueller follows the rules about ‘no surprises’ within 60:days of the election, unlike Comey.
Although Russia/Dotard collusion can’t really SURPRISE anyone, even the gullible sheep.
They just don’t care....

What iIf?, the Pubs keep the House?

A Republican victory would send a message. It would be an endorsement (albeit a flawed one, based on a popular-vote loss) of Trump’s vision for America. In that America, congenital liars and sexual harassers don’t get punished. They can become president. In that America, people with dark skin aren’t guaranteed the same rights as people with white skin, and a violently warming planet is less important than corporate profits.
In that America, the federal government protects the wealthy and powerful, at the expense of everyone else. By now, no one should have any illusions about how Trump will behave if he faces no restraints. We, and the world, will lose the country we love and an incompetent LIAR will loose his arrogance and ignorance on the planet.

I like to cook, and usually do a good job, sometimes excellent, but not tonight.

I had some really nice cod fillets that I wanted to do with my special recipe, that included deep frying, which we hardly ever do, cuz you know...
My secret is to add some baking soda to the flour, and a little beer, that makes for a really nice crisp, light crust.
BUT, I made two YUUUGE mistakes.
I used baking powder instead of baking soda and instead of using a measuring spoon for a 1/4 tsp, I tried to dump in just a LITTLE, but a YUUGE chunk plopped in.
Instead of starting over, I just went ahead.
White powder is white powder, right?
Instead of a crispy light crust it was a grease sponge, that turned black and mushy.
Bottom line, ruined some really nice cod and made a greasy, mooshy mess that was (nearly) inedible.
Carol made herself a hamburger, and I should have.
BUT, I learned a valuable lesson, that I will probably forget, but not for a long while.
Recipes and measurements are there for a reason.

Echoing the views of MOST of the world, incl inside the US,

the star of First Man and The Crown unloaded on Dotard.

British actress Claire Foy shared her views about President Trump, calling him “the giant penis of America” in a new interview. “The Crown” actress opened up about politics in a profile with The Hollywood Reporter released Wednesday. “All powerful! D.C. is where the giant penis of America lives... in more ways than one,” Foy told the outlet referring to Trump. Wow, I’m shocked after traveling to four countries, where EVERYONE I spoke to hates the asshole, cuz of stuff like this, after another reported was recently killed.
Twitter Explodes After ‘Psychopath’ Donald Trump Cheers Body-Slamming Of Reporter The president’s comments were criticized as “shocking and chilling.” But his ignorant minions cheer him on.....

Dotard always likes to claim everything of his is the BIGGEST and BEST, which is total bullshit.

Just like the YUUUUGE, unprecedented crowds, cuz of HIM, at a Cruz rally coming up in Texas, where the lily live red Tex Repub is kissing the Orange Clowns ass, after all the comments Dotard made about his ugly wife and his JFK killing father.
The YUUUUUGE new stadium holds 18,000, not half of Texas as the Trump propaganda machine, FOXNews would have you believe.
There will be MANY high school football games that same night that have more attendees, but don’t tell that to the Liar in Chief, cuz every crowd of his is the BIGGEST, just like his inauguration.
And his ignorant minions swallow it.....

Yup, the same ignoramus who believed Putin, over ALL the US intel, and swallowed Kim Jong Un’s lies,

is now giving Saudi Arabia the benefit of the doubt after a reporter has disappeared after walking into the Saudi Embassey. This is the same jerk who LOVES brutal dictator Kim Jong Un and the convicted Montana candidate who assaulted a reporter.

Trump’s professed ignorance on Khashoggi belies world-class intelligence team For some intelligence veterans and foreign policy specialists, it’s a pattern that has become all too familiar — and troubling. BUT, the gullible, ignorant sheep love him for it, and they VOTE, so why change?

After saying, ‘Ain’t it great when a plan comes together’, the Russian dictator,

Who had recently pulled off the single most successful attack on America, EVER, gloated in his Red Square office and looked at the fiasco wreaked by the worlds best hackers, Russian, had perpetrated on what was formerly the proudest, most powerful nation in the world, successfully installing a LYING loudmouth, arrogant, incompetent Reality Show star into the Oval Office.
Vladimir could hardly contain his mirth...

Russian President Vladimir Putin gloated Thursday about what he sees as the end of the United States’ world dominance due to growing “mistakes.” 
As for the U.S., he said that “empires often think they can make some little mistakes ... because they’re so powerful. But when the number of these mistakes keeps growing, it reaches a level they cannot sustain.”

Duh, you think he might be talking about Dotard, alienating all our FORMER allies, enacting tariffs and starting a trade war, against the advice of nearly ALL experienced economists, as the main requirement for his cabinet is…

Dotard, in a nutshell, or, nutcase in a nutshell.

Amazing, after calling Dems the party of mobs and violence, Trump is now praising and complimenting Greg Gianforte for "body slamming"
Yup, the LYING, incompetent pussy grabber, brought to us by thousands of Russian hackers, has found a violent low life he can relate to.

In May of 2017, Greg Gianforte — then a Republican businessman running for Montana’s lone seat in the House of Representatives — got angry at a journalist who was asking him questions about health-care policy. Gianforte then picked up the journalist, Ben Jacobs of The Guardian, and slammed him to the ground.“Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him,” said Alicia Acuna, a Fox News reporter who witnessed the attack. “Gianforte then began punching the man, as he moved on top the reporter and began yelling something to the effect of ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’” (You can listen to an audio tape of the incident.)Police later charged Gianforte wit…

These crooks(R) are SO obvious, and the sheep SO gullible..

When the Trump tax cut was on the verge of being enacted, I called it “the biggest tax scam in history,” and made a prediction: deficits would soar, and when they did, Republicans would once again pretend to care about debt and demand cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Sure enough, the deficit is soaring. And this weekMitch McConnellthe Senate majority leader, after declaring the surge in red ink “very disturbing,” called for, you guessed it, cuts in “Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.”
Surprise, the same morons who voted in the Dotard are gonna lose their ‘entitlements’, that they/we paid into all our lives.
This is the Pub mentality in action,. Give YUUUGE tax cuts for the rich and pay for it with cuts to the rest of us.
Screw em and the sheep they rode in on.

If you think you’re having a bad day

Just think of the guy who fell into a hundred foot mine shaft, broke both legs and shared the space with three rattlesnakes.
Your bad day isnt so bad.
Luckily he told a buddy where he was going, his bud started looking, and found him.
That would be three LONG days and nights...

Here in Colorado, we are assaulted with political ads, and its the typical bullshit from the Pubs.

Walker Stapleton, a spoiled Trump-like sycophant, has a one theme campaign, constantly charging his Dem opponent with assaaulting a woman.
If you’re an ignorant, uninformed Pub voter you might fall for his bullshit, just like a typical FOXNews sheep, BUT, if you know the facts, it’s WAY different.
Jared Polis had a female employee who was stealing money and documents, and after being fired for criminal acts, and she was fleeing the building. Jared stopped her, and charges were filed against the thief.
None against Polis(D), BUT the Pub asshole, Stapleton, has made that the MAIN point in his campaign, saying he assaulted a woman, although ALL the local TV stations have labeled the allegations FALSE.
Pub politics in a nutshell.
LIE then LIE again, and hope the ignorant uninformed voters (FOXSheep) just swallow the LIES, and vote Repub, as they’ve always done. See prez Trump, the pussy grabbing pathological LIAR.....
Some things never change...

Dotard claims to have a natural instinct for science, cuz he had an uncle that was a scientist.

And that gives him the background he needs to deny climate change.
Well, I had an uncle who was a bullshitter, so I have the right to call out the Liar in Chief for what he is, a YUUUUUGE bullshitter, and pathological LIAR.
Seems right to me...
Just check out his book, The Art of the Deal, where he claims the best way to negotiate is to LIE THREE TIMES, then they’ll believe you. (Look it up)
The Pubs looked at this ahole and instead of being repulsed said, ‘Wow, there’s presidential material!’

Wow, the same clown who believes Putin over ALL the US intel, and is In Love with Kim Jong Un

also believes the Saudis, who killed a Washington Post reporter (remember how Dotard HATES Bezos and the Post?).
Yup, no problem with the same country who attacked us on 911 (15 of 19),, BUT, Dotard attacks Canada, Mexico and EU.
Screw him and the sheep he rode in on.

What? A Conservative comedian?

No comedian can compare to the clowns and the circus in the White House.
Other than the Orange Clown himself, what rightwingnut comedian can you name?
The Dems just don’t provide the material and rightwingnuts aren’t clever or witty and enough to provide entertainment.
Try to name one. I can name over TEN funny, famous comedians....

Several conservative comedians are taking their acts on the road for a national tour to bring the laughs and to help break the left's "stranglehold" on entertainment and comedy.

You don’t have to IMAGINE, it’s real.

Imagine an America,” Ezra Klein writes in a new Vox piece, “where Republicans consistently win the presidency despite rarely winning the popular vote, where they control both the House and the Senate despite rarely winning more votes than the Democrats, where their dominance of the Supreme Court is unquestioned, and where all this power is used to buttress a system of partisan gerrymandering and pro-corporate campaign finance laws and strict voter ID requirements and anti-union legislation that further weakens Democrats’ electoral performance.”

Yup, in Pub world, ‘Corporations are people’ and can give as much dark money as they need to buy their fav Congressman(R).
Some things never change, no mather how much they should.

Wow, I’m shocked!

Who da thunk that Dotard’s YUUUUGE, unpaid for tax break for the rich would ramp up the deficit, after a steady six year decline under Obama? (17%, so far).
Yup, the Pubs, laughing hysterically behind our backs, claimed the tax cut would pay for itself, just like they always do, and it always doesn’t.
It just puts more money (85% of cuts into top 2%) into the Trumpies pockets,while the average tax payer lost ALL their tax relief in higher gas prices, while Texas is producing so much oil there’s no place to store it.
Dotard’s Iran policies have cost hundreds of billions while his tax cuts have helped just the (already)
super rich.
Thanks again, Orange Clown, pathological LIAR.
The good news?
The gullible sheep, who can afford it the least, will be hurt the most.
At least there’s SOME justice in the world.

For a long time, a college education has been recognized as an achievement to be proud of.

But, the Pubs have noted, CORRECTLY, that the more education one gets the less likely that educated person is a Republican, as their base is in the low income/low education Southern Bible Belt, where an education is something them pointy headed Liberals do.
Now, the clowns are openly coming out against higher education, cuz they don’t want the sheep ‘smartened up’.
You can’t make this stuff up....

Charlie Kirk: American universities are now 'mob' assembly lines FOX News

The Liar in Chief is being backed up by his State Media, FOXLies

After Elizabeth Warren took the DNA test that Dotard claimed he’d pay one million bucks for, he declared the test ‘bogus’ with ZERO evidence, and his trained clowns at Bullshit Mountwin backed him up, also with ZERO evidence there was any fraud.
And I bet the gullible, ignorant sheep are swallowing the crap, as they always do.

President Trump demanded Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologize Tuesday for claiming Native-American heritage as part of what he called a "fraud" against the public, mocking her newly released DNA test as "bogus."
After th Cherokee Nation correctly said that the DNA couldn’t be proof of a specific tribe, the Orange Clown said, ‘see, they don’t want her either’.
The lying POS just never stops with his LIES, and why should he, his gullible supporters just cheer louder as the LIES get bigger.

Just a ‘heads up’ to maybe save from money.

After seeing a 60 Minutes program I tried out their advice.
I was picking up a 90 day prescription from the pharmacy yesterday and was told it would be $30-some dollars.
Taking the advice from 60 Minutes, I asked if there was a better price. She looked at her screen and said, ‘Yes, if you pay the non Medicare price, it’s under $10.
Wow, I’ve been paying the ‘Medicare discount’ all these years, three times as much as the ‘self pay’ option.
What a rip off.....

Dotard’s threatening to go after Stormy, one of the hookers he was screwing while his wife was home with their baby.

Yeah right, just like he went after the 12 women who claimed he attacked them and he went after the $25 million settlement for his Trump Univ scam.
The Pwthological LIAR will say anything, just like he claimed he DIDNT say that he would give $1 million if Elizabeth Warren would take a DNA test.
She did, he lost, now the ahole is claiming Fake Test, just like his Fake News claims whenever inconvenient TRUTHS come out.
A Sleazeball of the highest magnitude, adored by morally bankrupt Hypocrites.

Remember when?

If the president LIED, the Pubs would scream and yell?
Instead of just shrugging and thinking, ‘well, what’s one more, among THOUSANDS?’
Yup, that’s where we are with the Liar in Chief and his morally bankrupt, hypocritical minions.
Wow, I’m shocked!
Just check out his latest LIES, concerning Elizabeth Warren who he accused of lying, and now he’s lying his YUUUUGE ass off, as we have video proof, but NO ONE is surprised, cuz the lying SOB lies all the time.
Can you say Typical Republican?

The Liar in Chief replied to getting busted for LYING about Elizabeth Warren

after the LIAR claimed he hadn’t offered $1 mil if she has Native American blood.
Well, she does and now the LIAR says,after getting caught in his FIRST lie, says he doesn’t believe the results, just like Climate Change, where the gullible, ignorant minions support his ignorance.
What will it take for the OTHER 1/3 to admit he’s a dangerous, pathological, LIAR?
Never mind, there’s no fix for stupidity esp among the gullible, ignorant sheep.

The Liar in Chief backed his business buddies in Saudi Arabia

like his buddies in No Korea and Russia, claiming some ‘rogue killers’ were in th Saudi embassy and killed the WAPO reporter.
Who swallow this crap?
Oh yeah, the sheep.
Never mind.....

What? Caught in ANOTHER LIE? Who da thunk?

Dotard loves to pick on Elizabeth Warren, calling her Pocahontas, cuz she claimed some Native American blood, and offered $1,000,000 for her to take a DNA test.
She did, the blood showed up and now the Liar in Chief is saying he never said it, although he was recorded doing just that, on July 5.
Same old shit from the lying SOB, and the sheep dont care, cuz everyone KNOWS he’s a Pathological LIAR, but only 2/3 of the people CARE.

President Donald Trump denied on Monday that he offered Sen. Elizabeth Warren $1 million to take a DNA test proving her Native American heritage, The Hill reported. Trump made the comments after Warren released earlier in the day the results of a test conducted by Stanford University Prof. Carlos Bustamante that "strongly support" her claims of Native American ancestry, showing that it dates back six to 10 generations, according to the Boston Globe. When asked about his $1 million offer, Trump told reporters, "I didn't say that. You'd …

Very American should FORCED to watch the 60 Minutes tonight

As the LIar in Chief is interviewed by Leslie Stahl, and the lying SOB won’t answer any direct questions, changing the subject, blaming Hillary, answering with ‘I’m the president , you’re NOT.’
Once the hypocrites looked past the Pussy Grabber, not caring, I’m not gonna try logic//rationality on this crowd.
Fake news, is his answer for anything he doesn’t like, and he won’t admit he’s had the biggest admin turnover EVER, for a reason.
Never mind, if I gotta explain, you wouldn’t understand.

If you ever had a doubt, if Dotard is a LYING dumbshit, just watch the beginning of 60 Minutes tonight.

The Liar in Chief claims that Climate Change isn’t scientifically real, cuz ‘people say’ it’s not.
When asked WHAT people, the lying jerk(R) says ‘some smart people’, although the LIAR can’t name one. (It’s less than 3%)
And then the ahole talks about his ‘love affair’ with Jong Un, and acts like they are already denuclearized.
And the jerk goes on to LIE and LIE. Check it out.....
Just look at it, as the lying SOB goes on and on, defending his tariffs, that no one but him and his incompetent minions support, while he dumps on our (former) allies, and screws up the alliances and trade that has worked for decades.
And then there’s his Russian connections, the same people that put him in power, according to ALL US intel, but the LYING SOB denies it, saying CHINA did the same thing ????, and Hillary has more Russian support.

How F’ing stupid do you have to be to swallow his shit?

Oh yeah, just a typical FOXSheep.
Then there was the Mueller investigation and the Orange Clown went WAY off…