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Friday, April 20, 2018

This pretty much says it all..

The Democratic Party on Friday sued President Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the Russian government and the Wikileaks group, claiming a broad conspiracy to help Trump win the 2016 election.
The multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court says that "In the Trump campaign, Russia found a willing and active partner in this effort" to mount "a brazen attack on American Democracy."
The suit says that "preexisting relationships with Russia and Russian oligarchs" with Trump and Trump associates "provided fertile ground for [the] Russia-Trump conspiracy."
The common purpose of the scheme, according to the Democratic National Committee, was to "bolster Trump and denigrate the Democratic Party nominee," Hillary Clinton, while boosting the candidate of Trump, "whose policies would benefit the Kremlin."
Let's just hope they can PROVE, what 2/3 of us KNOW.

The FOXLies 'typical hit piece' says,

Key lawmakers say Comey's memos show 'terrible' judgment, political bias

BUT, it's just the same old Repubs who are always bitchin' about the Dems.
and on Bullshit Mountain this is MAJOR HEADLINE worthy.

In a damning statement written by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said the same old partisan crap. Blah blah blah...

And, while most of the nation groans, 'Oh NO, not Rudy Giuliani again... FOX leads with the headline.  'Rudy to the Rescue!'

The clowns aren't known as FOX-PARP for nothin'...

James Comey said, in a nutshell, what we ALL know,

friends and foes alike. The President is a LIAR, and it stains those around him, who have to pretend he's not.
Comey went on to say that Trump had a "corrosive"
and "staining" effect on his employees, and the
nation as a whole.
"I think the way in which he acts, especially his
corrosive effect on norms — truth-telling being
the most important of them — has that staining
effect on institutions and people who are close
to them.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

As we have major fires (two of top ten ever) burning in Colorado, at the BEGINNING of fire season,

cuz of Climate Change, which dumbass Pubs deny.
Other Pub policies, (Grover Norquist and Galagher(R)),  have fire fighters getting their budgets cut by over 10%, as conditions get worse, during unprecedented (since the Dust Bowl) drought.
Thank you, dogmatic jerks(R). IF ONLY those fires could be burning YOUR homes....
Yup, international readers, we are burning in Colorado, cuz of Climate Change, (global warming), which the Pubs deny, while Dotard guts the EPA (Pruitt) and kills wind/solar power in favor of Big Oil, (which is SOOO Repub), while he supports COAL, cuz his dumbass voters in the Rust Belt won't be educated or relocated.
Some things never change, (when the Pubs are in charge), and we ALL pay for it.
Esp as Colorado burns, in drought conditions, while firefighter budgets are cut, and climate change (97% of Climatologists agree) is DENIED by the 'head up their ass' Pubs.
IF ONLY their(R) houses could burn, there would be justice in our world, but don't hold your breath....
BTW, Colo ski areas had a % of their fees directed toward fire/water programs to protect them, BUT, the Pubs STOLE those fees for the general budget, (from a Dem state), leaving the forests/water in CO unprotected.
And you wonder WHY I hate the Pubs? Just one of hundreds of reasons.

Yup the same people who bring you 'Alex Jones, 'Infowars' (who preaches Sandy Hook is 'Fake News', and Donald Trump is 'God's answer' for America) also say climate change is 'Fake News'.
Same old shit from the double digit IQ crowd(R), who always votes Pub, cuz that's what Jesus wants....

After being turned down by the best

legal minds and firms in the business, (at least 12, cuz they had morals, didn't want the bad publicity, AND, were afraid of being 'stiffed' on the bill) Dotard FINALLY found someone who'd join in him his fight against justice.
Yup, slimy sleazeballs stick together, SOOO, publicity whore Rudy Giuiliani is joining one of the largest work forces in the country. Trump's legal team.
It will be interesting to so see how Rudy works '9-11' into every sentence when dealing with the Liar in Chief's problems, as he does with EVERYTHING!
What a crew. Dotard and Giuliani.....

In keeping with their policy of

'The LEAST qualified in the HIGHEST positions', (from the prez on down), the Repub Senate confirmed a climate change denier, with ZERO scientific background/credentials, to lead NASA
WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday confirmed Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), a former Navy pilot with no scientific credentials and a climate change 'denier', to lead NASA.
This, while Scott Pruitt, who is doing his best to destroy the EPA, was the target of a new investigation, after he took his YUUUUGE (24/7) private security detail to Disneyland and college football and basketball games, as well as 'on vacation' across Europe.
EPA inspector general opens new probe into Pruitt's travels

Good cartoon in the Denver Post this morning,

showing lines of people at a James Comey book signing, and they're all wearing either a t-shirt supporting either Hillary or Trump, and Comey is saying to his assistant, 'No one wants to buy a book, they're all just glaring at me'.
So true. A pariah to both sides, as he tries to soothe a guilty conscience.
At least he's not a blatant LIAR, like the D-bag who fired him.

With all the latest focus on James Comey and his book,

showing what a lying sleazeball we have for prez, I had kinda forgotten Comey is probably the MAIN reason we have the Orange Clown in the White House, with Russia being a close second. But Stephen Colbert hasn't, and he grilled the former head of the FBI when he was a guest on his show.
I thought Mr Comey was gonna be treated like some kind of a hero, for exposing the prez in his new book, but Colbert's main focus was, 'Why the hell did portray the private server as SO dangerous when it wasn't, and WHY did open an investigation on the emails 11 days before the election, when you had just as much, or MORE bad info on Trump and the Russians?'
Basically, Comey's answer was always the same, and kinda lame. 'We all thought Hillary was gonna win, and I was covering my ass'.
Bottom line Comey screwed up, now feels terrible about it and is doing his best to cleanse his conscience and make a bunch of money for his mistakes, which gave us Dotard as prez.
One hell if a mistake to live with.
How does he sleep at night?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wow, I'm sure glad Dotard made THAT clear...

Trump: US will punish Russia with sanctions 'as soon as they very much deserve it'

The lying SOB then went on to say, No one has been tougher on Russia, than Donald Trump', as the A-hole AGAIN refused to impose sanctions on the Russians (saving them BILLIONS) who infiltrated our election and installed the Orange Clown in the White House, AND are supporting the Killer in Chief in Syria.
BUT, at least they haven't released the hooker videos, SO, it's working for Dotard and Vladimir...

Wow, if politicians could only be as clever, intelligent

and well loved as Barbara Bush.
Great lady, who I always liked.

After bitchin' and compalinin' against Obamacare for YEARS

the jerks(R) finally got control of all three houses of the govt (temporarily), SOO look out Obamacare....

GOP Spending Against Obamacare Plummets In 2018 Elections

Republicans have largely given up on health care as a campaign issue.
Wow, you mean the Pubs are just full of crap?

Funny email from Kari to Tori


Great day on the golf course

with good friends, green chili and beer after....
Heard Dotard had to get an extension for filing taxes, (in case he decides to pay any this year), cuz his accountants can't decide if $130,000 is a business expense.
AND, check out this time travel video to when Donald was a baby. Special, and really funny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

After Dotard AGAIN refused to place sanctions on Russia,

his staff of paid, professional LIARS decided to blame the flip flop in Nikki Haley, who announced the sanctions in the first place, BUT, the UN delegate wasn't laying down for the LYING jerks(R).

A consensus emerged Tuesday at the White House and Mar-a-Lago about how to clean up the administration's suddenly muddled plans to crack down on Russia: Blame Nikki Haley.

A White House official said Kudlow apologized to Haley for saying that she might have been confused.

"With all due respect, I don't get confused," she said in a statement obtained by CNN's Jake Tapper.

BTW, who thought the Russian Stooge, Donald J Trump, was gonna impose sanctions on the country who installed him and has video?
Only the clueless sheep, who are ALWAYS 'confused'.

Well, they're. doing it AGAIN

 Yup, FOXNews has started a smear campaign against the judge in the Michael Cohen case, saying she was 'adored' by Bill Clinton. (WTF?), in their typical 'shoot the messenger' campaign. Yup, these shameless jerks(R) at FOX, the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party are doing the 'same old shit'.
Just like they are smearing Repubs Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller, they are now beating the drums against the lawyer in Cohen's case.
I get SO SICK of these a-holes and their crap, even against fellow Pubs....

“Now she has power over the lawyer who works for the man who beat Bill’s wife in the 2016 election,” he tweeted. “WHERE’S THE THE RECUSAL?” 

Saw a list of Life Hacks on a website,

and I agreed with some of them, but I think one of the MAIN ones, (to keep your sanity), is to separate yourself from the 'clueless' in your life.
Saves tension and brain cells. Life's too short to argue with the idiots.

Welcome to MY( buddled) world, GOP jerks(R)

dealing with 'your boy'.

Republicans Befuddled By Trump’s Abrupt Reversal On New Russia Sanctions

“That’s just not a good signal to Moscow or any of
our adversaries or allies,” one senator said.
WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s sudden
decision not to impose tough new sanctions on Russia
left many lawmakers dumbfounded this week.
WHAT? You thought he'd dump on the country that
installed him, and has videos?

AND, in other shocking news, from the network where
lying/bullshit is a virtue.

FOX News pledges full 

support of TV host Hannity

And WHO would think THIS is a good look?

Cuz it's Sr Tuesday, ($5 movies), we saw 'A Quiet Place'

BUT, the scariest part was the ride to and from the theater. We had over 80 mph winds today (still over 60) and had to drive around trees blown over, blocking the road, lots of fences down, shingles blown off, etc.
Had a fairly large branch hit the car, but no real damage. Insane winds that have done a LOT of damage, incl blowing over a bunch of semis on the highways. One of our neighbors had a 30' Blue Spruce blow down.
Carol thought the movie was really scary, and it had some good parts, but had too many, 'oh, that's bullshit' moments for me. Whenever I started to get into it, there was an illogical part that got me thinking, and seeing cameramen and mics behind the scene.
OK movie, but could have been better, with some editing and reality checks.
I think Carol is still afraid to make a noise.....

Love to quote my favoriate 'smart guy' who said

I know words, I have the best words
I'm like really smart, A stable genius.

Well, here's some of his Best Words. Yup, a true genius....

James Comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!), will go down as the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!" Trump tweeted.

As I've said before'

all the late night talk shows are liberal, cuz all the talent and interesting guests are liberals.
Except for the comedy that airs as a 'news' show on FOX.
BUT, can you imagine a conservative late night show?
Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Gene Simmons would have to take turns doing the music, and deep interviews with Scott Baio and Gary Bussey would get kinda old.
Sure, there are a couple other possible guests, but they are obviously not real intelligent and therefor not all that interesting.
BUT, I'd love to see some brave rightwingnut commentator try to enter the fray, and present the 'other' side in an enjoyable and entertaining way.
Just kidding....
Who'd watch crap like that? The 'empty head' crowd never leaves FOXNews, cuz they find all they want/need on their 'one-stop shopping' channel, where all their prejudices  and biases are confirmed, continually. Ahhh, Home Sweet Home, for the Repub crowd.

Interesting comment after the Rockies and Nationals baseball teams

got into a fist fight.
'You guys do realize you have BATS?'

There are different levels of 'rightwingnuts', and they overlap

From the Far Right nutjobs who get their news from FOX, to the 'certifiably insane' jerks(R) who listen to and believe Alex Jones, on his 'InfoWars'. Many of the sheep are BOTH.
Alex Jones, one of the very first people that the Liar in Chief called after he was elected, thanking him for his support, makes some of the FOXNews 'reporters' seem almost credible, as he rails about 'news' like Hillary keeping 'child sex slaves' in a NYC pizza parlor.
Harmless? NO. One of his nutjob listeners showed up with an AR-15 to 'free the children', and fired off a few rounds.
Another of his 'revelations for the rightwingnutjobs' is that the Sandy Hook massacre is FAKE NEWS. Now the parents of those children killed have been getting death threats from the nutjobs(R) who believe crap like InfoWars and FOXNews.
Harmless? Not a chance. No more 'harmless' than the 'church people' who swallow 'Jesus Loves Donald Trump', and vote in YUUUUGE blocks, just as Karl Rove and Roger Ailes planned, giving us the pussy grabbing Liar in Chief as prez.

Alex Jones has spent years claiming the massacre
at Sandy Hook Elementary School ― where a
shooter killed 20 small children and six adults ―
was faked. He has claimed the parents of these
dead children are liars and “crisis actors.”
Now, those parents are coming after him.
In a pair of lawsuits filed late Monday, the parents
of two children who died in the December 2012
shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, say Jones’
repeated lies and conspiratorial ravings have led
to death threats. The suits join at least two other
recent cases accusing the Infowars host of
And you wonder WHY the sheep are clueless?

So, you think you have a bad flight story...

Southwest Airlines plane's engine explodes; passenger 'partially sucked out' of window

WACU reported a passenger was "partially sucked out" of one of the plane's windows when the engine exploded and shrapnel from the engine pierced through a window. 'There was blood everywhere', according to witnesses.

Wow, gonna look at 'window seats' differently...

Oops, he did it again

Yup, Dotard delayed sanctions against Russia, and his buddy Putin AGAIN, cuz,,,,,, Who knows?
Pee pee tape or other embarrassing info?
He wants to show appreciation for being 'installed' as Russia's 'plant' in the US govt?
Too busy watching FOXNews?
All of the above?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has delayed imposing additional sanctions on Russia and is unlikely to approve them unless Moscow carries out a new cyber attack or some other provocation, a senior administration official said on Monday.

Some endangered species aren't worth saving, like Manatee Hannity

I knew I'd seen that face and shape somewhere, but I still think Sean's face looks more like a thumb.

View image on Twitter

Lots of Fire and Fury from Comey, BUT,

 all I really want to hear him say is 'I'm sorry, America,' for helping elect Donald Trump.

Sources say the prez is in a 'dark mood',

cuz the Feds have records from his sleazy lawyer who has been 'Fixing' things for the Liar in Chief for decades, AND Cohen is known for keeping lots of recordings, to go with the records of Dotard's dealings.
Wow, with his slimy history I can see why the Orange Clown is getting even 'darker'.
BUT, at least he has HA!nnity and FOX to spin the news to the sheep, while we wait to see what they found.
  • President Donald Trump's longtime personal 
  • lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly has a long 
  • history of covering things up for Trump.
  • People close to the president worry the dirt could 
  • come out now that Cohen is under criminal 
  • investigation.
  • "People are very, very worried. Because it’s 
  • Michael [effing] Cohen. Who knows what he’s 
  • done?," a former Trump campaign official said. 

Was SOOO funny on Comedy Central last night,

after we found that Cohen's third client, who wanted to remain anonymous, Is Sean HA!nitty.
Yup, Trevor showed several clips of the conman/huckster preaching to the sheep about what a great man Cohen is and that it is TERRIBLE that the FBI is overstepping and 'What's HAPPENING to freedom in America, etc, while he knew HE was part of the news story.

No disclosure, no disclaimer, not even a casual mention that, ‘Oh yeah, this guy also represents me in some form or fashion,''
Hannity has been scathing in his criticism of the raid as well as special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.
"What that means is that Mueller's witch-hunt investigation is now a runaway train that is clearly careening off the tracks," Hannity said of the raid.
Any reputable news agency would FIRE his fat, slimy ass, but not FOX, where LYING and subterfuge is just 'part of the game', and lying to the sheep is expected and encouraged.
Great cartoon this morning that I can't copy, showing the 'Pillars of FOX News' Two columns, labeled Aiels  and O'Reilly are smashed, in pieces on the ground, and HA!nitty's is falling.
The Cohen/Hannity story is a typical example of the quality of the 'news' shoveled to the gullible sheep as Sean, KNOWING he's a major part of the story of the president's 'Fixer', spins it to the clueless sheep.
And you wonder WHY they are so uninformed?

Monday, April 16, 2018

As I've said here, SO MANY times

I have nothing against spirituality, but belief in a LITERAL Bible? C'mon, use your brain.

This is MY blog. I don't SEND it to anyone, but some like to lurk, as I unload thoughts that drive me crazy, while I try to stay sane in a world filled with Bible believing Repubs, who elected Donald F-ing Trump, the LYING pussy grabber, as president.
If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand, in a world where, just by definition, half the people are 'below average' intelligence, and the 'smarts' of an average person ain't nothin' to brag about.
BUT, this is the reality I live with, as I try to stay sane, in a world that defies logic and rationality, where a third of the people believe 2000 year old myths, and Roger Ailes' FOXNews LIES, electing a Realty Show, LYING A-hole as prez, after we just recovered from GW and The Dick.
And they think Dotard is truthful and 'Boy Scout' Comey is lying.
Give me a break,
I'm not the stupid/insane one here.
Sorry, just too old to pretend.....

Wow, I love technology.,..

I only get to see my grandson, Trent, about once a week, BUT, cuz he has a great mom, and cuz of SCIENCE/technology, I get to see him about every day, as my wonderful daughter sends pics.
While some DENY science, I LOVE it, as SOME of us embrace learning, while others cling to 'the old ways', and vote Repub. as per their 'masters; at FOX, and the church.
SURE, they pick and choose, according to convenience, while denying what doesn't fit with their conservative ideology.
 Science BAD, (climate change=LIBERAL LIES), until they(R) need a smart phone and/or TV....
Can you say hypocritical jerks(R)?

Here's a 'factoid' for the sheep

who believe a literal Bible and a 6000 year old earth.
The only way the earth is even THAT old, is cuz the Good Book claims the generations from Adam to Jesus lived an AVERAGE of 600 years.
Yup, instead of today's average of 76 years, and the ancients known to live about half that, the Bible people lived 600 years.
No shit.
Look it up.
6000 year old earth and 600 hundred year old people.
This is where the Pubs get the voters that believe their crap.
Who da thunk you could FOOL these people, who vote straight Repub?
Thanks to Roger Ailes who realized, THEY VOTE, and there's no IQ test.
In caase you wonder HOW we got Dotard(R) as prez....

Wow, I'm SHOCKED that Sean Hannity, FOXNews mouthpiece,

paid LIAR and perpetual Dotard defender, works with the same 'fixer' that the Liar in Chief depends upon. Who da thunk that the Bullshit Mountain paid LIAR also uses Michael Cohen, another PAID LIAR. COINCIDENCE?
I'm shocked that the Liar in Chief and the people who send the 'news' to the sheep, (and they swallow it), all use the same PAID LIAR.
Let's see what the Feds think.
Oh yeah, according to FOX(R), Rosenstein(R), Comey(R) and Mueller(R) are ALL LIARS (REALLY?) and the sheep believe the Liar in Chief, instead of them.
Nothing new here, as those of us with a brain LAUGH at the gullible sheep, who swallow Trump/FOX LIES.....
Tell me you watched the Comey interview and believe Dotard's version.
Is ANYONE that stupid/gullible? Oh yeah, the sheep, who put their brain 'on the shelf', in their local church, long ago.
Never mind...

We have Colo teachers marching today, cuz they are underpaid

We have a daughter in teaching, in Jefferson County, notoriously Repub, (a cherry in a blueberry pie), as they ALWAYS vote against a raise in property taxes, cuz they are cheap ass Pubs, and education means NOTHING to them, while all, most of the Dem districts vote for education, even though they have to PAY for it. Unlike the Pubs, who pray for wisdom, but won't PAY for it.

Same old shit, as Liberal areas realize education is important, while Conservatives(R) are CheapAss, when it comes to education, being AGAINST education, if they gotta pay. Look at the Bible Belt.
Nothing new here, but it explains how/why Pubs think like they do.

Climate change=Chinese propaganda.
The earth is 6000 years old.
 Evolution=The Devil.
Trump is a Christian
Vote Repub, cuz Jesus loves Donald, the Pussy Grabber

I used to think

my favorite Bible story was the one about God sending two bears to eat 42 children, cuz they made fun of a bald guy, (2 Kings 2:23) BUT, I have a new favorite.

That would be Joshua 10:13, where God stopped the sun, so his people could slaughter more heathens.
So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

BUT, that story, like the rest of the Bible, was written before the pesky 'thang' called SCIENCE.
You see, the sun doesn't orbit around the earth, like ancient man (Bible authors) thought. The earth ROTATES, at about 1000 mph.
SO, for the sun to stand still, the earth would have to stop rotating. Get it?
The oceans would slosh over, the momentum would knock over trees, etc, as the planet goes from
 1000 mph, to ZERO. Can you imagine? Ancient man couldn't, SO, another Bible story was born.
AND, Christians claim the 'astronauts' found that earth is 'missing' a day. REALLY?
But, like Noah, Jonah, Adam and Eve etc, it makes a great myth, story, and I'm the bad guy for saying, IMPOSSIBLE!

You could be excused for believing these myths in the 16th century, but NOT in the 21st.
You have a functioning brain, maybe, OR you may be a FOXSheep.

Again, nothing against spirituality, BUT, a 'literal' Bible, and Pubs promises? C'mon, use your brain.

I'm just tired of 'pretending' that these myths are REAL, and the 'believers' vote as a bloc, giving us A-holes like Trump. RU kidding?
Just another reason why religion isn't 'harmless'.

Betty explains Christian marriage, and other things

Keep clicking, at the end, and see Betty's next, and other videos. You may actually LEARN something. Plus, check out the videos where Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly get schooled. Classic!

Saw a good post online.

I would add, don't VOTE with it, cuz you're gonna be herded into the Pub box, cuz, you know, Jesus loves Donald Trump, the most UNholy, Commandment breaking, LYING SOB in the history of the US presidency.

Saw a video posted online, about how 'they brainwash us' to be afraid

and thought, RIGHT, the fearmongers at FOX are constantly trying to scare the sheep, so we need a YUUUUUGER military, a Big Beautiful WALL, 'they' are gonna TAKE YOUR GUNS, gay marriage is gonna kill our country, etc.
SO, I was a little surprised to see George Stephanopoulos, not Sean Hannity and a bunch of clips from CNN, 'brainwashing' the public with fear, but NOTHING from Bullshit Mountain, the Kings of FEAR!
Then I saw who it was from.
Yup, a FOXSheep, catapulting the propaganda.
Same old shit from the half-wits.
Some things NEVER change....

Dotard likes to call himself a fighter, who hits back when he's attacked, BUT,

he's had no response to Robert De Niro, who knows the Liar in Chief well, from their days in NYC and hates the Orange Clown, AND makes no secret of it, saying he'd 'love to punch him in the face'.
Like attacks from Putin, the Liar in Chief just ignores it.

De Niro also called Trump "a con, a bulls—t artist" and a "punk." But not a peep from Trump in response.
De Niro has continued with his personal and public slams of Trump right through today. For example, in an April 2017 television interview, De Niro said, "This guy has sullied the presidency. He's debased the presidency." In August 2017, De Niro made headlineswhen he called Trump "a flat-out blatant racist" adding, "if he [Trump] was smart, he'd be even more dangerous."
 At the National Board of Review awards,  De Niro served up a profanity laced takedown of Trump, dubbing him the "jerk-off in chief," and adding, "This f‑‑‑ing idiot is the President. It's 'The Emperor's New Clothes.' The guy is a f‑‑‑ing fool."
Again, no response from Dotard.
As per Trump University,  "Trump treats education as a con, a way to make a profit at the expense of the suckers."
Bottom line, I'd LOVE to be around if/when these two meet, and De Niro takes him down, one way or another. We can only hope....

After Comey's interview, where he described Dotard as morally unfit and a LIAR

among other things, the Orange Clown and his henchmen came back with their own attack, saying Comey had 'committed many crimes', BUT, they didn't/couldn't name any.

President Donald Trump on Monday accused fired FBI official James Comey of committing "many crimes." 
Trump did not explain the "many crimes" he alleges that Comey committed and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

BUT, that didn't stop FOX from 'running' with the story.
Again, nothing new here, in the world of shoveling swill to the sheep...

SOOO, after the crap from Trump in the last week, incl his lawyer getting busted,

Comey's book, Stormy Daniels, love child, Cohen having to issue a 'client list' today, what do you think the MAIN FOX headline is today?
It's about Hillary, OF COURSE, and something about a campaign PAC that did the exact same thing the Pubs did, BUT, Bullshit Mountain needs a to keep the sheep riled, SO, Hillary is ALWAYS the go-to story. Sorta like how BENGHAZI! and her EMAILS had the headlines for YEARS.
WOW, another one....And you wonder why the FOXSheep are always so clueless and uninformed?
And, the source for their headline? A pro-Trump PAC.
I'd say UNbelievable, but it's just typical FOXTrash...

Clinton, DNC funneled $84M through state parties to skirt campaign finance laws: pro-Trump PAC

But, real news has real news headlines, like

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen refuses to identify clients as courtroom faceoff with Stormy Daniels looms

The Liar in Chief called Comey a 'leaker and a liar'

and I didn't know what those charges were about, until I saw the interview.
After the Clown called Comey into his office, insisting Sessions and Pence leave them alone, Dotard went on to ask Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn's lying to the FBI, which is obstruction of justice. Comey said no.
James then called a friend, told him what happened and told him to tell reporters. He admitted it from the beginning. He was the only one who COULD have leaked it since the Liar in Chief kicked everyone else out of the room, cuz he knew his request was illegal.
It got Lyin' Flynn fired, as it should have.
That was the 'leak', and it REALLY pissed off the Orange Clown, who denied asking for the Flynn case to be 'dropped', but never gave an explanation for the 'private' meeting.
The LIE, Comey was accused of had something to do with WHY he released the Hillary e-mail stuff 11 days before the election.
I don't really understand WHAT they're accusing him of, but know they LOVED the surprise that probably won the election for them.
Comey does admit that at the time, he, like EVERYONE, incl the Trumpites, assumed Hillary would win, and that colored his judgement.
I can't imagine the anguish Comey lives with, knowing he put the Orange Clown in the White House.
He says it sickens him, (like the rest of us), but his nausea HAS to be much worse.
Anyway, the LYING SOB, with hundreds of easily documentable LIES calls Comey liar cuz of the Hillary emails, that won the election for him. You figure it out, cuz I can't.
The thought of a 'credibility battle' between Comey and the Liar in Chief is just laughable, unless you're a clueless, gullible sheep, of course, and there's LOTS of them, 'out there'.
Thanks again, Roger.....

The talking heads on TV today reviewed Comey's interview and sorta agreed

Trump is an unqualified, rude, pathological LIAR who treats women like meat and has no relationship with the TRUTH, and he's 'morally unfit' for the presidency. Duh....
BUT, there's nothing new in that. The sheep knew it and elected him anyway, to 'shake things up'.
We all knew he might have colluded with the Russians and they might have something on him after a romp with hookers in Moscow. Comey's not sure, so nothing new there.
But proving it is something else, and Dotard's minions wouldn't care anyway.
Bottom line, he's a vain, unqualified, volatile, rude jerk(R), who the Repubs hated while he picked off their lame field in the primaries, one by one, BUT, when he won they all rushed to embrace him and his grade school bully/vocabulary/persona,  with his name calling, constant staff turnover and incessant LYING about all things large and small. NO PROBLEM, cuz he's now a Repub, cuz they were/are the easiest to fool, with FOXLies in his pocket.
Interesting interview that humanized Comey and should be required watching/listening, but I'm sure MOST of the sheep will get the FOXNews condensed version that makes Dotard the Good guy and Comey the villain. Just guessing, cuz am not watching FOX anymore. It just pisses me off to think people swallow that shit, BUT, nothing new here.
Comey comes across as a truthful patriot and the Donald is a LYING SOB.
Again, nothing new here....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Just watched the James Comey interview with George Stephanopoulos,

and it should be REQUIRED watching for every American, so they can make up their own mind about the former FBI Director(R), and NOT just hear the FOXCrap version of it.
See and hear James Comey answer tough questions and decide WHO is telling the truth.
It's sure not the Liar in Chief.
Watch for yourself and if you believe Trump over Comey, you are truly hopeless.

No truer words have ever been spoken

Comey calls Trump 'morally unfit to be president'

After hitting golf balls, came home to TV

and found the new 'Bosch' series, by Michael Connelly, on Amazon.
Season Four. Best series on the tube, IMHO. Amazing look at LA. Go Heironymus...

As I watch (recorded) Jeopardy, tonight, with a category on 'Religions',

it never ceases to amaze me, that every sect of Christianity, from Amish and Quakers, to Baptists and Mormons, and of course Catholics, the largest business in the world, BY FAR, all think (no, they KNOW) they are the 'one and only' true believers, and they(R) nearly all support the unholy, LYING 'Pussy Grabber', cuz that's what Jesus wants.
Much like the Sunnis and Shiites, and all the different Orthodox and Jewish sects, as they(R) defend 2000 year old myths and superstitions over SCIENCE. (6000 yr old earth, Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, Jonah etc) And you wonder where/how Pubs get recruits?

And they'll KILL you to prove their God is better than yours.
Amazing/unbelievable, but ask all the soldiers/civilians in the Middle East if it's true. The HOLY land, where God fights the Devil, and who is who, depends on who you ask, BUT, it sells bombs and bullets....
Just ask any US 'defense' contractor(R), but IGNORE the civilian casualties, like in Viet Nam and Iraq, that the Pubs LIED us into. 'Oops, no WMD's'.
OR, you could talk with the survivors in the Balkans, where the Catholics and Protestants got together and killed the Muslims, then, fought and killed each other, Ethnic Cleansing, after winning the 'War Against Islam'.
But, I' sure you(R) don't wanna hear the (millions of) stories, obviously, cuz yours is the God of Love, and He supports Repubs, and the Liar in Chief...
Sorry, (not really), but just can't take the hypocritical crap(R) any more, cuz I actually USE my brain...

Can you IMAGINE telling a rightwingnut(R)

that you get your 'news' from a network created by a Democratic Political Strategist, (Howard Dean maybe?) cuz that network is the ONLY one, among dozens, that 'tells the truth'?
A Repub would laugh their ass off, as they should, BUT, those same rightwingnuts(R) look at FOX, created by the Repub Political Strategist, Roger Ailes, as TRUTH.
You can't explain bullshit like this, as the sheep live with their heads 'firmly and deeply implanted', (logic and rationality is not a question), living in an echo chamber with other rightwingnuts(R). (Thanks FOX/PARP)
Nothing new here, but C'mon....

YAHOO! We're in a 'Credibility Contest'

between the Liar in Chief and 'Boy Scout' James Comey, as Dotard calls Comey 'schoolyard bully' names, while he golfs, AGAIN!
Wow, who to believe?
This is a tough one!
Sorta like, "should I be gay or straight'? (A real question in rightwingnut(R) world)
Lemme think for a while.....
Hmmm, gay or straight, Comey or Dotard?
Really tough.....

The Pubs are 'killing the messenger' as Comey(R) exposes Trump lies

much like they've done with Meuller(R), both Pubs nominated by Pubs, and have created a website, to 'further' their attack.


SOOO, I wanted to see what lies Comey has supposedly told.
Check it out yourself, and see who the LIAR is. The website has two 'maybe' lies (interpretation), and a BUNCH of quotes by other people, mostly Dotard, bad mouthing him.

Next, in the name of fairness, Google Trump Lies,


 and see the HUNDREDS of documented LIES.
And the clueless sheep back the Liar in Chief?
You gotta be kidding....
They're totally lacking in 'moral turpitude', but what's new?

As the worst LIAR in the history of the US presidency bitches

about Comey's book, and gets into an argument about 'who to believe', Comey tweeted back at the Liar in Chief(R) who called the former head of the FBI, (a life long Repub, appointed by Repubs), a 'slippery slime ball'. Talk about 'pot calling the kettle black'. HA!

My book is about ethical leadership and draws on stories from my life; lessons I learned from others. 3 presidents are in my book: 2 help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership; 1 serves as a counterpoint. I hope folks read the whole thing and find it useful.

Ms Hunkameat, Dotard's paid LIAR, got caught LYING, again, today.

(click on 'image' in blue, below, posted by Dotard's professional LIAR)

On Saturday, she released the image of everyone
seated around a conference table and added the
caption, “Last night the President put our adversaries
on notice: when he draws a red line he enforces it.
(Inside the Situation Room as President is briefed on
However, people quickly pointed out that Pence had
landed in Peru Friday afternoon, and, therefore, could
not have been in D.C. when the photo was supposedly
AS IF, you can believe ANYTHING from this pack of liars.
Nice try, Lyin' bitch.

“Fascinating tweet in which Sarah Sanders reveals 
that Mike Pence was simultaneously in Peru and 
Washington,” Walter Shaub, former head of the Office 
of Government Ethics, tweeted. “If this new capability 
doesn’t scare our enemies, nothing will. 
Maybe our enemies can be as 'scared' as our friends...
 “How is Mike Pence in the photo?  Pence was in Peru. 
This administration fails to tell the truth about the most 
basic of things. Not credible. Ever.”