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Remember the GOP 'autopsy'

after Mitt got beaten in 2012? Well, today a report came out on how they're doing, and I think GREAT would be the answer, cuz they are doing exactly OPPOSITE of what they claimed they needed to, as their boy is racist, anti-science, and repulses women, the 'young', educated and non-white. Precisely the areas of 'growth' in the country that the GOP said they 'needed'.
Good job, idiots, on your candidate, Donald Trump. I think this is the last year, for a LONG time, that the GOP is a threat to my country. Good riddance.
Here's part of their own 'autopsy' report. How you think they're doin'? HA! What a joke...
The "Growth & Opportunity Project" commissioned by
 the Republican National Committee following the 2012
presidential election was supposed to
be the party's blueprint for a rebound back to power. The 97-page document – more commonly and grimly
 known as
 "the autopsy"
– was a noble, ambitious enterprise t…

I've always wanted to do a European 'River Cruise'

Maybe the Danube, during Oktoberfest, on a brand new boat, known for excellent food and drink? Wow, sounds good to me. Maybe some day...

There are lots of questions

about another black guy who was shot by cops, while his hands were up. The cops said he was reaching into the car for a gun, BUT, there was no gun, and the window was UP, splattered with his blood.
My question comes from a side bar, that claimed there were no police 'body cams', cuz the dept doesn't even have any, although they had gotten a federal grant for $600,000 to buy the cameras, OVER TWO YEARS AGO.
SO, we send big bucks to police depts for cameras, and they just pocket the money? Multiply this $$ by the number of police depts in the US and tell me how much tax $ is being wasted.
Just a thought, as we have video of ANOTHER black guy being blown away by the 'good guys', for no discernable reason. How many videos are there (I can think of a BUNCH), and how many times did it happen when no one recorded it? And the Pubs bitch about 'Black Lives Matter', cuz why? Oh yeah, they're not black.


was mocking Reid for a serious eye injuryhe suffered while working out with exercise bands more than a year ago.
The following day, Reid hit back. “Donald Trump can make fun of the injury that crushed the side of my face and took the sight in my right eye all he wants ― I’ve dealt with tougher opponents than him,” Reid said in a statement. “I may not be able to see out of my right eye, but with my good eye, I can see that Trump is a man who inherited his money and spent his entire life pretending like he earned it.”  On the floor that day, Reid called the real estate mogul a “human leech who will bleed the country,” a “con artist” and a “spoiled brat.” Nothing new here, but am passing it on as a public service for the FOXSheep who will never hear it, cuz it's true.
AND, in 'breaking news', although it is totally illegal, Trump came out today for, Nation-wide 'Stop and Frisk' with no 'Probable Cause' needed.
WOW! Just when I think he can't possibly get …

The Pubs have been running a 'publicity scam'

to 'impeach' the head of the IRS, for properly doing his job, although it has ZERO chance of succeeding, BUT it allows them avoid the REAL issues, as Pubs love to do.
Today, though, the Dems hijacked the circus, by asking the head of the kangaroo court, if anything would stop someone from releasing his tax return, while he's under an audit.
The clown was forced to answer NO, which contradicts what The Orange Clown has said MANY times.
ALSO, the questioner did so while munching on a bag of Skittles. Classic....

The problem with the Skittles example that the rightwingnuts can't see? Young Trumenstein asked if you'd eat from a bowl of Skittle if you knew 3 were poisonous. Of course not, BUT the % in his example (8%?) wasn't even close, to the actual odds of being killed by a terrorist that was allowed to immigrate to the US, which is approx 1 in 3.5 Billion. His bowl would have to be the size of 2 Olympic sized swimming pools. BUT, 'close enough' for his …

The rightwingnuts probably didn't notice,

cuz 'investible money' isn't something they are familiar with, after scrimping to make the 'tryler piement', BUT, the 'markets' set another all-time high today, after 8 years of Dems in charge. This is after taking over from the Pubs, who gave us the worst recession since the Big D, and the markets lost half their value, along with home values, BUT unemployment rose, a LOT.

The Pubs DO have a way to measure the economy, which they invented, and it's called the 'misery index', and it's at the best level EVER. PLUS, all measurable economic trends are continuing to rise.

Sure, everything's not PERFECT  (it never is), and certain areas (Red States) have some real problems. BUT, those 'unfortunates' can do what I did, and MOVE, to an area with better economic conditions (Blue State).

Do these facts matter to the rightwingnuts? OF COURSE NOT, cuz they've been programmed to believe the economy is TERRIBLE, and we need to return to …

Is kinda funny, and says a LOT

when you see the presidents AGAINST Trump, incl Obama, Clinton, both Bushes and Carter, then see the ones FOR him. Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin.
How come the same a**holes who were screaming to see Obama's birth certificate are absolutely quiet about Trump's tax returns?
Cuz they're idiots, programmed by FOXNews, that's why.......

This says it ALL


A headline (among many) the sheep will never see on FOX

Donald Trump, Forgetting Slavery And Jim Crow, Claims Black Americans Have Never Been Worse Off “Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever.”

Can you imagine how the rightwinguts would SCREAM

if  the Clinton Foundation used part of their 'charity' money to buy portraits of Hillary, OR used over $250,000 from the Foundation to pay legal debts? The outrage would be endless, BUT, when 'their boy' does it, 'Hey, No Problem'.
Was gonna compare 'Lies' from the two, but in something SO obvious, would one more list from me make a difference? OF COURSE NOT!
They don't give a shit about a lying, inexperienced scam artist as a candidate. He's got an (R) beside his name and that's enough for the sheep, cuz that's how they've been programmed. With lies and 'garbage in, garbage out' FOXNews programming. Nothing new here, but as one lie and scam after another pile up before The Donald, and his numbers grow, it makes me realize that 'deplorable' to describe half his followers is way too kind.

WASHINGTON ― Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold on Tuesday published yet another blockbuster pieceon Donald Trump’s charita…

Little quiz here, that says alot

Bible belt trailer dweller, dropped out of high school, works at the mine.
Lives in the best part of town, after degree from major university, in a beach front house.
Who they gonna vote for?
Yup, not even close..
Can it be any more obvious?

According to FOXNews 'journalist'? Todd Starnes,

a clown with a face that 'begs to be punched', the Jihadist's have won and are running wild in the streets, killing innocent, American patriots, while the president, that black guy in the white house, makes jokes. Yup, that's what he's telling the sheep.
Be afraid, be VERY afraid, and only Donald Trump can save you. Usually I can laugh at and ignore crap like this from Bullshit Mountain, but this is 'over the top', even for those clowns, as this a**hole makes it seem like the US has lost the war on terror, and it's Obama's fault, cuz some lone wolf nutjob, who soon got caught, planted some bombs.
And the sheep fall for this crap? OF COURSE they do, they're the FOXNews sheep!
The fear monger, on his 'Fair and Balanced' stump, ended his rightwingnut propaganda rant with these sobering words, for the 'cowering herd of gutless sheep'.

On Election Day you need to answer this one question -- who do you trust to protect you and your fa…

Had a great time Sat night,

celebrating of couple birthdays at the Tobin's, north of Boulder, out in the boonies, or foothills. Great food and fun, with one of the highlights being dancing to Neil Young's 'Harvest Moon', as the biggest, orangest moon EVER, came up in the east. Contrary to common belief, old farts DO have fun..
Trying to figure out a way to post the pic, Steve sent, of the large bull elk on their property the next morning. Amazing place to live........

Because the golf course we live on has lots of lakes, trees, grass and habitat,

plus it borders on 'open space', we have LOTS of wildlife around here, from eagles, owls and hawks, to coyotes and foxes, but mostly (too many) geese and rabbits.
This morning, as Carol got the paper, three half-grown mallard ducks followed her down the driveway, checking out the plants along the way. Pretty cool, that they know they are safe here.....

After the recent blasts in NYC, Trump took a bow,

saying, "I called it', while calling out Obama for being 'soft', although 'lone wolves' are extremely hard to detect, and authorities caught the bomber soon after Trump's BS claims. He did, however offer a detailed explanation of what he'd do, to protect us.
Trump Presents Detailed Plan To Defeat ISIS:
 ‘Do Something Extremely Tough'
And the sheep cheered, and said Amen!

This is from 'Conservative' Politico

Trump has diplomats abandoning vows of silence The Republican presidential candidate's international insults are making it tough for envoys to stay quiet as diplomatic custom requires.

To be fair, Trump's candidacy is testing the norms of plenty of professions, including journalism and psychiatry. But perhaps nowhere are the stakes higher than the realm of international relations. Analysts struggle to recall another U.S. election where so many foreign leaders have so directly weighed in on the merits of a particular candidate. Even in 2004, when much of the world detested George W. Bush, due to the debacle in Iraq, foreign leaders and their envoys generally held back during the campaign. As thousands of diplomats gather for the U.N. General Assembly here this week, many are struggling to hold their tongues about the brash billionaire running for the White House, a man who has managed to tick off much of the planet. The British Parliament, whose lawmakers aren't technically …

One of the boys on '60 Minutes', last night

grilled Gary Johnson and his Libertarian running mate, on some the issues, AND on who they would appoint to various posts, if they won. They had no clue, as per the appointments, cuz they basically admitted they wouldn't win.
BUT, these Nader-like egotistical a**holes LOVE the publicity, while ducking the responsibility that they may swing the election to Trump.
I'm amazed that they could get nearly 10% of the vote, when their platform includes: abolishing the income tax, the IRS, Social Security and Medicare, among with many other programs. Unbelievable, but the low-info voters, who equate Hillary's flaws with Trump's insanity think they need to 'make a statement', by taking a chance on The Donald winning in November.
Absolutely insane, but it's a perfect example of what can happen when a significant % of the public 'views, hears and believes' FOXNews,
Enough to make a sane person cringe..........

Wow, some of the rightwingnuts are exhibiting signs of sanity?

NASHVILLE — Willie Nelson’s famous habit of smoking marijuana is not seen as a badge of outlaw courage here anymore, so much as the frivolous foible of an eccentric uncle. A popular FM station disgorging the Boomer rock hits of yesteryear calls itself Hippie Radio 94.5. Even mainstream country acts mention smoking marijuana now and again among the litany of acceptable American pastimes. So perhaps it is not surprising as much as telling that this city, which residents often refer to as the Buckle of the Bible Belt, may be on the cusp of joining the long roster of American cities, including New York, that have decriminalized the stuff.

Another good article today, from a surprising source

Bruce Bartlett served in senior policy roles in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. He is the author of “How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics.
FOXNews is undergoing massive change and this might sound like bad news for the Republican Party, which has tied itself to the network for years. But Fox News has long been a double-edged sword for Republicans, and perhaps nothing illustrates that contradiction quite like the rise of Donald J. Trump. Fox News can be a virtual kingmaker leading up to the primaries, providing candidates with a platform for extreme views, but this doesn't bode well in the general election. Ten years ago I stopped watching Fox because I found that it distorted my worldview, causing me to pay attention to issues that Fox emphasized at the expense of those that were objectively more important. The recent ouster of Mr. Ailes and the inevitable takeover of the company by the sons of 85-year-old Rupert Murdoch mean that som…

I love this quote, cuz it is SO accurate, but scary in a funny way

Hillary Clinton is deeply familiar, liked by some, loathed by many, and caught in a vortex of mutual paranoia with the news media that leads her into errors of secrecy. But her flaws, as the conservative but Clinton-endorsing pundit P. J. O’Rourke put it, lie “within normal parameters,” and disagreements within the elite feel small in the face of Trump. Envisioning him as the actual president of the United States seems to us like a category error, as if aGame of Thrones character were to show up onVeep.

And..A Trump presidency has felt unimaginable all summer long for the same reason Brexit couldn’t pass in England and Trump couldn’t win his party’s nomination: We refused to believe what the numbers were telling us.

And..Suppose one decided to disregard the mountains of evidence against Trump — his racism, misogyny, bullying, love of dictators, fraudulent business practices, constant lies, complete ignorance of policy, etc. — and focus a comparison entirely on those grounds where Clinto…

On '60 Minutes' tonight,

there was a segment on the nuclear weapons capability of the US, which would basically end civilization as we know it, IF nukes were utilized.
ONLY the president can give the orders to FIRE!
The thought of Donald Trump being in control of nuclear weapons should make any reasonable human being shudder with fear. BUT, the rightwingnuts are comfortable with voting for him and giving him that power.
Absolutely insane, but that's what the nutjobs(R) that get their facts from FOX are willing to do.

With thanks to Dave Hardy, again......

Trump in his current role is tribal leader of Red America. In this role, Trump is free of any intellectual accountability so long as he stays loyal to the elemental identity markers of his tribe. He can lie blatantly, reverse himself back and forth repeatedly, or stammer incoherently without consequence because his supporters have placed complete faith in him as an authentic representative of the volk. Clinton controversially described half of Trump’s supporters as “irredeemable.” Trump earlier this year framed the same idea in a more colorful and perhaps more damning way: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Both statements reflect the same underlying truth: Trump enjoys a hard-core support that lies beyond persuasion, utterly immune to even the starkest factual evidence.Clinton committed a gaffe because she acknowledged a reality that literally every other person in America, including Donald Trump himself, is permit…

Yahoo! Broncos win, AGAIN!

Great game against the Colts and Andrew Luck who is an excellent QB, but Von Miller kicked his butt, and Trevor Siemien was fantastic, for a rookie. Yahoo, life is good.
Back to back Superbowls?

I don't know if you noticed,

but there is a YUUUUUGE number of Repubs 'Against' Donald Trump, for good reason. I was gonna make a little list, for the rightwingnuts who depend on FOX, for their 'news' and probably don't realize what a YUUUGE number of Pubs, from the Dept of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Congress, major business leaders etc are ANTI Trump.
This Wikipedia site has a LOT of them, broken down by category, from Glenn Beck to George Bush.
Check it out, if you have a LOT of time......
List of Republicans opposing Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Trump claims he 'knows more than the generals'

but Robert Gates, who has served eight US presidents including Sec of Defense under George W. Bush and Barack Obama over the course of 50 years, says Doanld Trump is 'beyond repair'. 
And the rightwingnuts, who claim to be SO patriotic, are willing to throw Gates under the bus, and put the country's fate in The Donald's hands, cuz Trump is SO believable and experienced.
Can you say 'hopelessly stupid hypocrites?'

I just wonder what the ave Repub thinks

when their esteemed leader FINALLY admits he's been peddling a LIE, 'You won't believe what my investigators found in Hawaii', etc, about Obama's birthplace? Do they start to question his honesty, sanity or tactics? Or do they just lump it into 'Hey, what's one mre lie, when we're minions behind Trump and FOXNews?
DO they even 'give a shit' that lying is just 'standard operating procedure' for Trump and FOX?
I'm guessing they just don't care, cuz what's one more lie, when they're standing beside a mountain of them......

She's the expert and I believe her

As Trumps Chumps line up behind him, one of the world's leading 'behavioral experts' explains WHY the chumps are like chimps, and it is SO obvious...

Donald Trump’s antics remind famed anthropologist Jane Goodall of the primates she spent decades studying in the wild. “In many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals,” Goodall told The Atlantic. “In order to impress rivals, males seeking to rise in the dominance hierarchy perform spectacular displays: stamping, slapping the ground, dragging branches, throwing rocks.” Goodall added, “the more vigorous and imaginative the display, the faster the individual is likely to rise in the hierarchy, and the longer he is likely to maintain that position.” It must be the orangutans in Trumps family tree.

Just when Trump FINALLY admitted

that one of the lies he'd been feeding the sheep, which they readily swallowed, wasn't true, and Obama WAS born in the USA, he followed with a real 'whopper' about Hillary starting the rumor, so the sheep could continue hating.
Then, he followed it up with another Repub 'dog whistle' lie, that always works with the low-info morons. 'Hillary is a hypocrite cuz her guards use guns, but she wants to take YOUR guns!', and the sheep went wild with applause.
Same old shit from the Pubs. Make up a lie, 'The Dems wanna TAKE YOUR GUNS', though there is ZERO evidence, and run with it, cuz the sheep LOVE crap like that. The truth is that the Dem 'gun congtrol' policy is exactly what a YUUUGE majority of Americans want, which is basically enforcing background checks at gun show, and limiting assault rifle sales.
Never mind, I just realized the sheep don't care about facts, as long as they can 'hear and cheer' the dog whistle issues. Not…

Compared to the insanity at the top of the Repub ticket,

I thought Mike Pence was pretty weird, but fairly typical of the rightwingnuts. BUT, his latest comments put him so far 'out there', I'll never look at him as 'sane' again.

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said Sunday he wants to be like Dick Cheney. Pence named the former vice president, who served under George W. Bush, as his role model for the No. 2 spot in the White House. “I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American,” Pence said on ABC’s “This Week.” Are you kidding? As if Trump wasn't bad enough, now his #2 says he looks at The Dick as a role model. Just when you think they(R) can't get any worse they ALWAYS do, as the architect of the Iraq war, who advocates torture and would be proven 'GUILTY', in any War Crimes trial, is the 'hero' of Mike Pence. Absolutely unbelievable, and SO Republican....

I can understand a 'difference of opinion',

like Ford vs Chevy, Bud Light vs 'real' beer or skiing vs boarding. BUT, when someone looks at the Clinton years, then GW and The Dick, followed by 8 years of Obama and they say, 'Yup, I'm with Trump and the Pubs', that's just insane.
It's a lifestyle choice. Choosing to overlook reality and deciding to filter facts through the fog of FOXNews. I can honestly disagree with someone who has a simple difference of opinion, but when it comes to looking at life and thinking, 'Yup, Rush and them Repubs are SHURE smart", I want NO PART of them. Life is too short to deal with idiots..........
Thankfully. I'm here in Colorado and, for the most part, the rightwingnuts are out 'in the sticks', as it should be.
May the best life win....

Through extensive research,

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject of 'bier', or beer. BUT, this is a good website,

with LOTS of information and pics on LOTS of varieties of beer. Getting thirsty just looking at it....
May have to grab a 'Laughing Lab' (a Scottish Ale), my current favorite, as I watch Colorado beat Michigan.

I asked a couple people, but obviously not the right ones,

if they knew where I could get a bet down on the Buffs this week, against Michigan. where Colorado was a 20 point dog. Wow, with 10 minutes left in the first half the Buffaloes are up 14-0.
Still early, but they are looking good, esp the defense. GO BUFFS!
OMG! The CU punter had 2 in a row blocked and returned for TD's. Oh well, they were good for a while....
BTW Would have won the bet, but it still hurt to watch, as CU lost their QB, kicker and best linebacker to injuries, and then the game.

Robert Gates, former Sec of Defense

NBC NEWSWIRE VIA GETTY IMAGES joined thousands of sane (yes, there are SOME) Republicans who are joining the Never-Trump Movement.
WASHINGTON ― Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has served both Republican and Democratic presidents, sharply criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump’s ability to lead the United States, writing that the business mogul was “beyond repair” when it came to national security.
Does an intelligent, experienced, Repub's opinion about something SO important matter to the low-information minions? OF COURSE NOT! They're sheep, and facts don't matter, when Hillary and the Dems are involved. Why would anyone expect them to 'grow a brain', this late in the game?

The rightwingnuts thought Hillary was terrible

for calling approx half of Trumps supporters 'Deplorables'. After looking at the actual definition of the word, I think she was 'right on'.
de·plor·a·ble1 /dəˈplôrəb(ə)l/ adjective
deserving strong condemnation:synonyms:disgracefulshamefuldishonorableunworthyinexcusable
After the YUUUGE number of outrageous statements and outright LIES, anyone who would support him for President of the US is WORSE than 'deplorable'. Hillary 'went easy' on the idiots....... Anyone who would believe, for years, with absolutely ZERO proof, in spite of ACTUAL proof to the contrary, that Obama wasn't born in America, as OVER HALF of the FOXSheep do, is the perfect 'brain-dead' foil for a Trump presidency. Deplorable doesn't begin to explain the morons' thought process.......The national media has spent a year and a quarter documenting in exquisite, redundant detail the rabid, anti-intellectual nationalistic bigotry ofTrump’s hard-core fanbase. But …

Fantastic Finish last night

as the Rockies were down by 2 runs in the 9th, with 2 strikes and nobody on. One by one, mostly with two strikes, the Rocks kept hitting the ball, until Descalso bounced a double off the wall to win. Good 9th inning to decide to watch......

I've always liked Mark Cuban,

the self made (unlike Trump) millionaire who owns the Dallas Mavs NBA team, and has paid LOTS of fines over the years by calling out the refs for outright cheating, with their outrageous calls to put the teams 'they wanted' in the playoffs.
Now, Mr Cuban, who says he will 'short' the market, risking his entire fortune, cuz he knows, like most of us, that a Trump presidency would 'tank the market', is offering $Ten Million to The Donald, for a man to man interview, with no one else in the room, where they would ONLY discuss Trump's actual policies and programs, and the consequences thereof

.September 16, 2016, 01:06 pm

Mark Cuban offers Trump $10 million for interview to explain his policies Way to go, Mark, although Trump is WAY to smart to fall for such a trap. His policies are ludicrous, and everyone (except the ignorant sheep) knows it. But nice try, anyway, to expose the bombastic buffoon, for what he is.

Attention:Reality denying rightwingnuts

It's a slow, constant process. Global temperatures rise a little every year, bit by bit accruing disastrous consequences. We get used to hearing that this year, like many years in recent memory, will be the hottest on record. That glaciers are melting. That food insecurity is increasing. That more and more people face climate-induced natural disasters. As with any slow-moving (on human timescales) tragedy, it's difficult to sustain the degree of attention and horror that each new development deserves. But then you see something like this: Something that hasn't happened for thousands of years. Open water at the North Pole!
View image on Twitter

What an a**hole

What a kind of low-life could support that sleazeball for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?
Donald Trump Clung to 'Birther' Lie for Years, and Still Isn't Apologetic
By MICHAEL BARBARO It was never true. Any of it. And even as Mr. Trump surrendered to the reality of President Obama's birthplace, he insisted on conjuring a new falsehood, and the clueless sheep don't even care.
It's seeming more like the year 2000, when idiots threw away their votes on Ralph Nader, and we got GWBush as a booby prize. Insane, but the same two states, Ohio and Florida, filled with ??? are now leaning toward Trump. I thought it could NEVER happen again, but I thought the same about Viet Nam, before the Repubs lied us into Iraq.
Bottom line, we get the govt we deserve, and if the uneducated masses elect the Tangerine Clown they deserve to go down in a ball of flames. Won't effect me and should be fun to watch.

I can agree that people's opinions are shaped by where they live

That being said, it doesn't excuse backing Donald Trump., no matter what kind of backwoods, backwards rightwingnut slum you call home.
Trump says Clinton bodyguards should lose their guns 'and let's see what happens to her'. This, after saying, "Let the 2nd amendment people take care of her'. The crazy thing? Crap like this from his mouth doesn't even surprise anyone, compared to all the other bullshit he continually spouts, incl The Dems want to TAKE YOUR GUNS, which the low info morons actually believe, without ANY proof.

As we all know, most cops are good

BUT, like the general population, there are bad apples. Some of the BA's in uniform work for the Denver PD, where they get PAID for beating the crap out of people, shooting guns, driving fast cars and being the bullies they have always been. Something the assholes could NEVER achieve, until they became cops, and get paid for bad behavior.
I have had WAY too many interactions with 'cowboys' like those who recently jumped a Denver citizen who happened to resemble a bank robber, in a cap and large sunglasses.
No matter, to those jerks, that he had a 'perfect' alibi, being at work, with all kinds of witnesses and phone records. Not caring, they threw him to the pavement and beat the crap out of him, though he didn't resist. The 'heroes' broke his ribs, puncturing his lungs, (causing pneumonia), dislocated his ankle, fractured his back, broke his arm and knocked out his teeth.
And then they threw him in jail, with NO charges, for 94 days, and NO medical tre…

After about a month, am REALLY impressed with our new ACURA RL,

so I researched it, knowing that Acura is 'top of the line' Honda, and RL is 'top of the line' Acura. Found out RL stands for 'refined luxury', and the SH/AWD refers to Special Handling/All Wheel Drive, which is amazing.
At the time of its introduction, the Acura RL's SH-AWD was the first all-wheel-drive system to vary the distribution of power not only from front to back, but also side to side in the rear using a technique called torque vectoring. The RL can direct up to 70% of available torque to the rear wheels, and up to 100% of that available rear torque can be directed to just one wheel. In combination with a specially designed planetary gear set which can over-drive the rear wheels at up to 5% greater speed than the front wheels, the torque directed to one wheel, or torque vectoring, can have a steering effect. As the car speeds around a curve, torque vectored to the outside rear wheel will push the rear end around the curve faster, just as paddling…

Typical Trump bullshit today,

as he conned CNN into covering a new hotel opening, teasing an Obama 'birther' announcement.
CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Donald Trump’s Lies They really got riled up about his birther-announcement fiasco. 09/16/2016 02:26 pm ET “After four or five years of leading a fraudulent and reckless campaign against the legitimacy of the United States president, you got, what, about six or seven words from Donald Trump?” he said. “And none of those words,” Berman noted, “were ‘I’m sorry, I apologize.’ Or explaining why he ever questioned the birth status of the United States president.” On social media, other media figures reacted with a similar mix of incredulity and condemnation, except of course, FOXNews, the Republican network.

The Pubs invented 'legal vote buying'

with their 'Citizens Untied' fiasco that allows billionaires to slip money, under the table, staying completely anonymous, to their fave Repub politicians, for 'future consideration'. BUT, if the Clinton's celebrate Bill's 70th birthday with a fund-raising dinner, completely in the open, the attack dogs of Bullshit Mountain are CERTAIN that it's a nefarious 'influence peddling scam' and it's just ANOTHER of those Clinton scandals.
Check out the crap shoveled to the sheep today, from FOXNews, after Bill Clinton DARED to have a fund-raising party.
For a giant, flashing sign that the Clintons’ influence-peddling will never end, look no further than Bill’s 70th birthday party Friday night at the Rainbow Room fund-raising bash. True, buying a ticket will get you some glam — Barbara Streisand, Jon Bon Jovi and Wynton Marsalis are all to perform. But how many others hope their gift will at least get them onto some future White House guest list, and po…

Hillary had a good line yesterday

about the GOP, who has consistently fought women's rights and female issues, with their plans to shut down Planned Parenthood and remove a woman's 'right to choose'.
She said, in so many words, "my pneumonia FINALLY got the GOP to pretend like they care about a woman's health issues'.
PS -How an educated female in the US could support Donald Trump is WAY beyond my power of reasoning or imagination.
This just in: Trump flip-flopped AGAIN, after beating the 'birther' horse to death, and admitted the prez, like Bruce Springsteen says, was 'Born in the USA'!   BUT, he replaced it with a fresh, new line of bullshit, claiming Hillary started the rumor. Wow, Truth and Trump just can't exist in the same world......
Trump’s claim about Clinton’s role in the conspiracy theory is patently false, and has been debunked over and over. Still, that didn’t stop Trump from repeating it.

Listening to Trump and Clinton speak about America,

you'd assume they were talking about two different places. And they are. Clinton's America is educated, urban, mostly affluent, with a positive attitude about the future.
Trumps Chumps are (for the most part), anti-science, under-educated, rural, disaffected pessimists from the Bible Belt, who lost their jobs when the coal mine closed. They wanna return to the 'Leave It To Beaver' world of the 1950's, when 'White Men' ruled the world, and don't care HOW MANY lies Trump tells, cuz he makes them feel good 'in their gut'.
And you wonder WHY the two sides are so diametrically opposed?

Yahoo! The Donald finally revealed

his economic plan. He's gonna add 25 million jobs and raise the GDP to 3.5%, maybe 4%, (with ZERO specifics) while cutting taxes for the rich. Can you say 'The same old 'trickle down' crap that every Pub has promised for decades, even after being proven as 'total bullshit', time after time. Economists, by a YUUUGE majority say such numbers are totally impossible, and would add from 3 to 10 TRILLION $ to the deficit. Not exactly traditional Repub policy, but who cares?
Do the sheep care? OF COURSE NOT. They are the sheep, and facts mean NOTHING to them, as their boy still claims he's gonna remove 11 million Mexicans (FAR over the border) and build a YUUGE, beautiful wall, that Mexico will pay for.
Do the sheep care that this is all total BULLSHIT? Not at all, they are the sheep, and thinking has never been one of their strong points, as Trump continues to claim Obama wasn't born in Hawaii/America, in spite of all the proof he was. And nearly 50% of the …

John Boehner(R), just joined the board of Reynolds Tobacco,

where he supports their main corporate issue of 'reversing the decline of young smokers'. NO SHIT! When dealing with the Pubs, you can't make this stuff up, where they 'look up' to see whale shit.
And now, to prove the point, Trump is again claiming Obama wasn't born in the US.
OMG! Just when you think they can't sink any lower, they dive deeper.....