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Everyone in the real world,

knows that finance comes in two parts. Whether you are a regular family or a gov't, it comes down to income and outgo.  SO, if you are gonna make any adjustments, you gotta do a little of both.  UNLESS you are a Repub. Then, it's all about just the outgo. Screw economics and shut it down, while you insist on just YOUR way, which got us in so much trouble in the first place, (see, GWBush, 2000-2008) These dickheads just wanna wreck the economy, AGAIN, so the uninformed can vote them back into power. Let's hope we aren't that stupid, BUT, FOXNews is out there, hoping that we are.  Kinda scary, as some people are really easily fooled, but that's what can happen when you get your news from one source, and it happens to be the Repub propaganda machine. Sad., but true..

Most of the time,

I really like The Daily Show, but this latest feud with FOX, has been over the top. If you only see part of one show, per year, this is the part to see, as Jon Stewart is accused of racism, (by the jerks at FOX), cuz of a Herman Cain comedy bit, then he shows highlights of a bunch of impressions he's done, picking on everyone. Dems and Repubs, Italians, Jews, etc. Really funny, and shows what asses they are at FOX,

Michelle Bachmann probably has 'double the IQ",

of Sarah Palin, but that doesn't mean it's in triple digits. Given a chance to admit that she made a mistake when she stated that our 'Founding Fathers' worked tirelessly to end slavery, she doubled down and claimed John Quincy Adams, who was a young child at the time, was against slavery, so she was/is right. Wow. I guess Paul Revere warned the British, with his bells, as the founding fathers were fighting to free their slaves. AND, I heard that she was using "American Girl' as a theme song, until Tom Petty heard about it and said, 'NO WAY'. Sarah and Michelle, the Repub brain trust...

I knew I liked Ron Paul,

but I didn't realize how much, until I read a compilation of his thoughts and policies.
I agree with him on nearly every policy statement he makes and I think he is just what we need to really shake things up. I don't think 'the powers that be' would ever allow him to win, and I never thought I could support a Texas Repub, but I like him.

How tough is it,

to be a Repub candidate this year? Their main guy did good health care, in his state, and now has to pretend it was all wrong. They have always wanted more war, but the people are sick of it, so they gotta change positions. They wrecked the economy, with huge spending, but now are preaching austerity, and gotta pretend GWBush didn't exist. They preach against socialism, but give huge tax breaks and subsidies to banks, big oil and big agriculture. They've always hated minorities, who are becoming a huge voting base, along with women, who they disrespect at every turn. WTF? How can these clowns remember what they're supposed to say each day? Should be interesting, and funny, to watch 'em twisting in the wind, as they try to appeal to the FOXNews faithful, who don't have a clue.

One of these days,

I may answer to one of these calls, but not this one. One of my adjuster buddies called from Missouri, but it sounded like a nasty situation, so I'm not going there. There may be time when I'm tempted, if the money is right, but not this time.

Good, kinda funny, article here,

from a right wing source, ,saying how, if they wanna be successful in 2012, they gotta, 'Do Some Magic, and Make GW Bush Vanish'. Not easy, cuz he was there, for 8 years, and REALLY screwed us up. Will be interesting, as the GOP realizes they got a bit of a problem. How they could even think about running Rick Perry, another TX Repub gov, for prez, is laughable, unless you have an anal/cranial inversion, BUT, there's a bunch of that going around.

Funny article on AOL, today,

about Jon Stewart appearing on FOXNews.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart entered the proverbial lion's den, appearing live on Fox News Sunday to debate "media bias" with host Chris Wallace.

Early in the interview, Wallace flashed a previous quote of Stewart's calling Fox News a "relentless agenda-driven 24 hour news opinion propaganda delivery system," and asked Stewart, "Where do you come up with this stuff?" Stewart responded, "Uh, it's actually quite easy.", as he explained he's a comedian, who does fake news, while FOX is a fake news agency, that pretends to be real.

More here,

Good news,

for the media industry, as Keith Olberman returns to 'even the playing field', a bit, against the continual propaganda that FOX spews like an overflowing toilet. Should be interesting, as he calls out the right wing, for their obvious hypocrisy, as they finally get a fiscal conscience, after bankrupting the country. With the new network, Keith won't have to 'hold back', like he did before.

We did Father's Day,

a day early, and it was GREAT, with Carol, all the kids, (and Piper), making my day extra special. A fantastic selection of beer and food didn't hurt anything, either. Nothing like fun, good company to make time fly, way too fast, like always. Thanks, everyone, for a truly memorable day.

Really cool,

as we enjoyed a 'Little Feat' concert tonight. Didn't realize how many good songs they did, Perfect Colorado evening, with a bunch of friends, and ran into a bunch more. Topped it off with tacos and tostadas, from Taco Bell. Gotta feel sorry for those who don't do this kinda evening. Gotta love Colorado....

If you ever wondered,

how it's gonna be, take a look at the Greeks, who have been FORCED to face reality, cuz someone has to be first. Greece just happens to be the first of many who will be forced to admit they are totally bankrupt, (as in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) as they show they have no money to pay their rising debts. Interesting to see how it all works out. Nothing good, as countries are forced to face the reality that they are BANKRUPT. Doesn't work for a household, OR a country as bookkeeping becomes real.

Like many people,

I hoped for change, and thought Obama would be different, but I was wrong. He's just the same old crap, in a different package. When I look at what I thought would happen, vs reality, I realize there's no real difference. The same old bullshit and failed policies, under a new administration. Not as bad as the Repubs, but REAL close. No real difference. What to do? I don't know, BUT, I gotta hope there's some change out there, some how, some way, some time. I just know Obama's not the answer, as I see the same ol' shit, recycled again.

Good quote

'There's little point in writing if you can't annoy somebody'. -Kingsley Amis

Hmmm, why would that resonate with me?

Quite a day,

as I had lunch w/my buddy Matt, who paid off a sushi bet, while we caught up on stuff. Glad to see things are good in his life, as he is 'engaged'. Something he said he'd never do again, but he seems happy, so that's great. Then, saw 'Midnight in Paris', which was excellent. Amazing photography, music and casting in a light-hearted story, with Owen Wilson and Amy McAdams, in the 'City of Lights', that was even more fun, to see w/Kari, who just returned from Paris. Then  'twas off to 'Blooms', for wine and appetizers. I need more days like this one.

If you ever wondered,

how the gov't really works, just realize that the 'Pentagon Papers', which explains how we got dragged into Viet Nam, with the same type of lies that got us into Iraq, FINALLY got released, 40 years later. Daniel Ellsberg, and several others, risked it all, for public disclosure, as Nixon and his Repub buds took us deeper into the quagmire of Viet Nam, where nearly 60,000 of my generation were killed, and millions of lives disrupted, for NOTHING, other than to profit the military/industrial complex. The worst thing? We thought it could never happen again. HA! GWBush and the Repubs did it again. An unwinnable war, on the other side of the world, with cannon fodder made up of young Americans and the locals. Same old shit. It'll probably happen again, 40 years later, when the Repubs have power again. Makes me sick, when I realize how many people don't realize how the 'real world' works, when the Repubs are in charge.

This is kinda fun

Different kind of one man band, doing, 'Killer Queen'. Talented....

George WAS good at something,

no matter what I have previously said.

It could be the heist of the century. As much as $6.6 billion of Bush-era Iraq reconstruction cash remains unaccounted for and may have been stolen, a congressional auditor told the Los Angeles Times, today.
Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, said the missing money could be “the largest theft of funds in national history.”The cash was flown to Iraq in C-130 Hercules cargo planes. About $2.4 billion in U.S. currency could fit on each cargo plane.

Wow, I am shocked, that the Bushies 'lost' 3 giant airplanes loaded with pallets of hundred dollar bills, wrapped in 'football' sized packages. Move over Jesse James and John Dillinger, and let the Bushies show you how it's done. And we thought it was bad when GHWBush, with his son Neil, looted the Saving and Loans for hundreds of millions. Rank amateurs, compared to W.

Read more:

Was listening,

to the I-pod (w/speakers) on the deck tonight, and ' Riders on the Storm', came on, and flashed back to a time when I was selling a stereo system, cuz I needed the money, and a potential buyer came by, and to show off the music, I put the album (vinyl), "Riders on the Storm', and I remember the feeling of, 'Oh, this is SO goood I don't wanna sell it, BUT, I need the money. Half way thru the song, he said, 'I'll take it'. Mixed feelings, that I remember, as I got about $250, but I felt bad as my stereo system left.

What a huge shock,

that there were no 'bombshells' in Sarah Palin's e-mails, after her people have spent several years, editing and removing, several thousand, that they didn't want seen, before these were released. What a surprise...

Big article in Sunday Post,

how 'The Book of Mormon', is s'posed to be  big at the Tony's tonight, for broadway show awards. The same two bad boys from the Denver area, who wrote the irreverent 'South Park', are behind 'B of M'. Some of their quotes are what I wish I'd have said first, like, 'I don't ridicule others for their beliefs, but those who believe their beliefs are the ONLY correct beliefs', and, my favorite, 'if you are going to say things that have been proven wrong, you better be able to back it up.'


what a difference in skin texture, after 60 years of sun and wind.

Wow, 6 losing weeks,

in a row, for the stock market. Who coulda see that coming? Duh... Some people call it a double dip, BUT, we never really came out of the Bush Disaster. The stats wiggled for a while, but never really fooled anyone who paid attention. As long as unemployment and housing prices are bad, things ain't getting better, and they're not. As I have consistently said, he wrecked us, and it ain't getting better for a LONG time. Don't shoot the messenger.

Twice today,

the Repubs referred to, 'Obama's Depression'. Must be a new talking point from FOX. Yup, like HE'S the one who caused it. RIGHT. How stupid they think we are? Pretty stupid, obviously, and mostly right.

You might expect

homophobic rants from the Christian right wing, cuz that's what they do, but to hear it from someone like Tracy Morgan is kind of a shock.

When talking about the possibility of his son being gay, Tracy said he "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death." Afterward, Tracy told the crowd, "I don't "f*cking care if I piss off some gays, because if they can take a f*cking d**k up their ass, they can take a f*cking joke."

May be a bit of 'workplace tension' in the future.

We watch a few,

talent shows, but haven't seen anyone quite like the 19 yr old, Daniel Joseph Baker, on 'American's Got Talent', who did Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. Haven't seen raw talent like that for a long time. Amazing. He's gonna be HUGE...

Was gonna post,

about what a great (healthy) dinner we had, w/Copper River salmon on the grill, zucchini and coleslaw, and realized some people might think I was 'bragging', but I don't care. This is my diary, or blog, which is here for me to enjoy in my rocking chair years. Have already done it for about 5 years, and there will be a time, I hope, when I am slobbering on my jello, and the hot young intern, is instructed to let the old guy read his diary again, and I can hopefully relive this fantastic time of my life, as we have cocktail hour on the patio, with a fantastic view and enjoy a great meal. If that bothers some, too bad, it's not FOR you. When I don't have a moment I care to share, I focus on the problems we all face, caused by the cowboy conman from Texas, which affects us ALL, every day, after he wrecked our country, and the network that enables it, FOX. Too bad if you don't agree, it's MY blog. You will understand someday, as you look back at the damage he ca…

The zoo,

is officially 'closed', and I got a record amount of hair, in the vacuum today, as a souvenir. Took Baxter and Bella back to T&K's yesterday, and heard about their fun trip through Europe. The OPEC meeting, in today's news, was from where they just had their Geo-nerd Conference in Vienna. Sounds like we have to make it to Barcelona, some day, after looking at their pics. Amazing place. Glad they're safely home.

Must be really tough,

for Obama to respond to the train wreck of an economy we have now. If he admits how bad it is, it only gets worse, as people spend even less, hurting businesses more, and if he pretends it is good, he is called out of touch. I don't think most people realized how close we came to actually 'going under', in the last half of 2008, after 8 years of the Bushies. Normally, a new president would have a few bullets left in the gun, but Bush had already fired them all, by cutting taxes way down, (temporarily, HA). Had already moved the interest rates to virtually zero, which usually stimulates the economy. Had already written checks for hundreds of billions of dollars to financial institutions and corporations that had gone bust under his watch, AND, the biggest economic boon to an economy, WAR, had already been started by Bush, in 2 places, just not funded, and now the bills are coming due. I can just hear W, giggling, with his Texas accent, as he slithered out of town, saying, &…

Really ugly day

with a haze in the air, from the fires in Arizona. Can't see the mountains, just a few miles away. Also, it has started to feel like summer with a temp of about 90. Yuck, not ready for that.

This is interesting

What is it?

Looks pretty real to me.

Must be tough,

for the poor (and I mean poor, but not in monetary terms) GOP candidates as start in Iowa, with the outrageous ethanol subsidies propping up the local economy. These flip-flop artists, (whose backs must be killing them), rail against the deficit, after THEY caused it, but won't repeal W's 'temporary' tax cut for gazillionaires, won't stop tax giveaways for oil companies making record profits, and won't touch the ethanol program, that takes more energy to produce than it creates, not to mention bumping up the price of other food and wasting water. These clowns are a real joke and would be funny, if it weren't such a serious subject.

My whole life,

I climbed the ladder, paid my dues and learned how to be a builder/contractor, experiencing nearly all phases of the construction/housing trade. But, as I entered the prime part of my career, my life was 'put on hold', cuz GWBush wrecked the economy, and building isn't important anymore, as millions of houses sit, unsold, cuz so many lost their jobs. That makes it personal, at this stage of my life, when I had planned to sell an occasional  'spec' or custom home, but the economy is so 'screwed' after the Bush years, that it's no longer viable. And some people wonder why I hate the SOB, as our country struggles to recover from what he did to us. Some day I may forgive/forget, but that time is way in the future.

Green Zone,

is on HBO now, and it's based on a true story, as the US invaded Iraq, based on total lies by the Bush Admin. Don't know where it was filmed but looks very real, with Matt Damon, playing an actual soldier that gets caught up in the lies of the Bushies, in the initial days of Baghdad street fighting. When you think about 'Curveball', around whom Bush/Cheney built their entire case of Saddam's WMD's, and the people who actually tried to find the truth, as the Bushies handed out an entire C-470 loaded with pallets of  $100 bills, you can understand how it got so screwed up. 'Twas all about jacking up the price of oil, and it worked, for the Bushies. Before him, it was around $15/bbl. Good movie to watch, if you wanna know how it all went down. As I read the reviews, I saw how FOXNews said it was 'anti-war, anti American', SO,  I knew I was gonna like it. True story, and Matt Damon does a great job.

Most of us know,

that Sara Palin is an idiot, but if you had any doubt, just look at the video, today, as she answers, "Who was Paul Revere?' She starts out by saying 'he warned the British, about gun control', then she gets stupid...
Run, Sarah, run. Please....

Some people say,

I pick on GWBush too much, BUT, as our mountain parks close, like 25% of those in California, cuz there is no money to maintain them, after W wrecked our economy, it's hard not to notice. Not to mention all the families who've lost homes, seniors who  have lost savings and young people forced to fight his war, cuz there's no jobs for them at home. It looks like, after todays' job's report, that we are headed to a 'double dip' recession. No shit, the billions spent trying to save us from his disastrous reign, aren't enough to offset us from his legacy. It just keeps getting worse. You can debate if Obama's policies have been enough, BUT, there's no debate as to who 'wrecked' us. Thanks again. George.

A while back,

Carol got me a Christmas present of, 'The Paris Vendetta', by Steve Berry, an author we both enjoy. I have saved it, cuz I always like to have a good book in reserve, for vacation, or whatever. But, since I got my Kindle, I realized I probably wouldn't be taking a book on vacation, and have started to read it. It's good, and I realize I kinda miss the feel of a real book, after reading just my Kindle for a while. However, I do find myself momentarily looking for the button to 'enlarge print', and it's not there. Anyway, while I'm reading the PV, Ted and Kari are in Paris, and I remember our time there, and the places described. Makes me wanna go back, cuz there's nothing like travel, to take you out of the 'ordinary' and expand your mind. Don't mean to brag, just stating a fact, for my diary. What I will never understand, is those who can afford to travel, but don't. Just crazy....

Some crazy stuff going on,

but when an overseas airliner turns around, midflight, and is escorted by F-18's, dumps thousands of gallons of fuel, before it returns, BECAUSE two guys get in a fight after one of 'em reclined the seat too rapidly, you know things are out of control. Is that all they have to do, when Homeland Security is in charge? Insane....

If you don't wanna wait,

to hear the soundtrack of 'The Book of Mormon', the award winning Broadway musical that is sold out for over a year, and scalpers are getting about $900/ticket. One of the only shows I've heard of, where they have a lottery each day for ten lucky winners.  Click here.

Warning, some lyrics are a bit risque...