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In the crazy, insane, irrational world

of GOP politics, Grover Norquist, one of the most 'out there' of the rightwingnuts, wants the Pubs to take credit for 'the GREAT economy', although they wrecked it, (remember 2008/Bush?) and have fought everything the Dems have done to fix it, AND, they just (successfully) campaigned against 'the Obama economy', which was/is SO bad, according to their 'news?' source, Bullshit Mountain.
Grover says, , that the economy is doing 'great' and it's because of the Pubs, and they should take credit for it. Just when I think the whackjobs can't get any goofier, they always do, and I'm sure it all makes sense to the sheep, who swallow whatever swill is shoveled to them.

Talk about COLD!

Denver weather: High of 1 degree, low of -19; both record lows
Wow! We're not talking wind chill, but actual temps, in Denver yesterday. The 'official' numbers come from DIA, outside of town, where it was 'only' -13, but against the front range, it got really cold, with Greeley hitting -26. Thankfully, the cold air has moved out, and we're gonna be in the 30's today, but I can see why it hurt to breathe, when I was snowblowing the driveway, yesterday. Brrrrr....

Much like North Korea's obsession

with 'The Interview' ironically caused MANY more people to see it, FOXNews' bitching about the Newsweek article about 'The Bible' is having the same effect. The clowns of Bullshit Mountain are screaming because the author points out some 'obvious problems' with Bible verses and the behavior of Christians, as they pick and choose which verses to follow, while claiming this country should be based upon laws and scriptures written many centuries ago. As always, I'm not claiming to have any insights as to spiritual truths, but, I have a HUGE problem with accepting the Bible as 100% historically true. This article points out the many problems associated with such beliefs, and that REALLY pisses off the staff at FOXNews, where the sheep are expected to believe 'everything' that's fed to them. Read the article, and see why the clowns are SO upset.

One of my favorite TV shows,

is 'Gold Rush', with Parker Schnabel and his grandfather, who are digging for gold, in Alaska, BUT, we also have to put up with the Hoffman's, who are idiots, and prove it, constantly, as they think they can just 'pray their way' out of anything, and prove they can't, season after season, and they go broke, BUT, they come back, the next year. Not sure why, other than the TV production company pays them to show how 'not' to do it. Reality TV=Good news, bad news. When you are dealing in reality, some people just don't understand.

Today, FOX is blaming Obama

for a labor shortage for California farmers, cuz the prez didn't deport 5 million Mexicans, and now they feel comfortable enough to get actual jobs, instead of being forced into seasonal, low paying labor, picking crops. In FOXCrap world, where it is anti-Obama, ALL the time, this is what they have been forced to report on. Higher prices, cuz of a lack of REALLY cheap labor, is the prez's fault, cuz he's forcing farmers to pay fair wages, for a tough job. This crap gets SO old, as Bullshit Mountain sinks to new lows in their 'Fair and Balanced' reporting to the sheep, who don't have a clue. In other 'news?' from the clowns, the big, bad prez forced a couple to change wedding venues, cuz he HAD to play golf, and MSNBC has a smaller audience that FOX. DUH... Libs don't congregate to one spot, to get filled full of lies and propaganda, like the cons do. We get 'real' news, instead of the fake crap, that FOX is so famous for, in their never-endi…

The Denver Post, this morning, was full

of cannabis related stories, facts and figures, a year after it was legalized. The nay-sayers who claimed the sky would fall and society would be in chaos have been proven wrong. The same percentage of people that voted for Prop 64 would do it again, a year later. In the first 9 months, there has been approx $246 million in sales, with 7% going to out-of-staters, BUT, in mountain towns that figure is 90%. People who smoked before, still do, and those who didn't still don't, as the percentage of users hasn't really changed. 'Edibles' are a much larger part of the market (45%) than was expected. In the high profile (only) murder, that involved marijuana, it was not widely reported that the 'suspect' was also WAY drunk and full of prescription pain killers. And there were some good quotes...

Survey respondent Byron St. Clair of Westminster said he's just old enough to remember Prohibition — and he doesn't think that turned out well.
"The negative …

After a fantastic Christmas,

that included 6" of sparkling, new snow, BUT went way too fast, I'm kicking myself for not getting more pics, but I did get some (above). The kids spent the night, after an evening of eating, drinking, fun and games. My presents included 'anti-sun gear' for Mexico, (after my melanoma thing), the 'gift of time-sharing', (which I requested), in the form of dinner dates, movie dates and brew pub dates, to be enjoyed with the kids in the new year. Also got a drone, with a built-in camera. Almost lost it in the process of learning to fly, but luckily it caught in the neighbor's big trees, or it could have been gone forever. Altogether, a really great, family Christmas. Today is the 43rd anniversary of our small wedding, long ago, and we're spending the evening with friends at the annual 'Newmas' party. Life is good...

Since Colo and Wash legalized pot

for recreational use, instead of sending people to prison for possession of a naturally grwoing plant, there have been MANY studies begun to research the medicinal properties of a plant that has been used therepeutically, for centuries, across many cultures, before the Pubs politicized/criminalized it.

Until just recently, the ONLY research allowed by the gov't, were studies that would show the NEGATIVE effects of cannabis, SO, naturally, nearly everyone just believed the worst (Reefer Madness!) about a plant that was listed as a 'Schedule I' drug, by the Nixon administration, (to get rid of the Viet Nam war protesters), and has stayed there, in nearly all the non-progressive (Repub) states. Hopefully, we'll see some promising new cures come from the many non-THC 'cannabanoids', that make up the chemical structure of the plant, as parents from across the country move to Colorado to …

The results are in, today,

and the states with the lowest life expectancy are..................... ALL Republican! Wow, I'm shocked, that the same low intellect that causes a shorter life span, through MANY factors of ignorance, incl low income, also votes Repub. Who da thunk?
Read it here.
The co-chairmen of the Southern States Republican Coalition (pictured) confirmed the information, at their 'Democrats Are Dum' convention.

I seriously wish

that someone would do a study, as to the effects of....

The fight between Fox News Channel and Dish Network stretched into its second week, Dish Network chief Charlie Ergen is blamed an “extortion” attempt by Fox for the impasse that led to a blackout in the early hours of Dec. 21.

Can you imagine the thoughts of a FOXSheep, deprived of the continual deluge of crap from Bullshit Mountain? Finding out the 'real news' isn't CONSTANTLY anti-Obama, and seeing that 'sometimes' Pubs are wrong and Dems are right? OMG! What a revelation!. You know it's gotta be happening, somewhere, and I wish there was a way to document it, as Dish Network customers are exposed to reality, cuz they can't hook up to the fantasy world of FOXBullshit. I can see the IQ numbers rising, daily....

While mocking one of their fav 'targets'

who just happens to be an educated black man, FOX tried to rile the sheep, with a report about astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who put out a couple of tweets, on the 25th, with a headline 'DeGrasse Mocks X-mas', (OMG! FOX took Christ out of Christmas!)

On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world," Tyson wrote Thursday. "Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642."
 He also tweeted, "Merry Christmas to all. A Pagan holiday (BC) becomes a Religious holiday (AD). Which then becomes a Shopping holiday (USA)."

This really upset the denizens of Bullshit Mountain, coming from a 'non-believer', who happens to be a believer of 'climate change', and they reported it to the sheep, BUT, in the FOX story, his name was Neil DeGrasse. Good job, clowns...

The 'Fair and Balanced' site,

where the rightwingnuts 'flock together', has been effusive in it's coverage of Jeb Bush, who is the probable Pub candidate in 2016, but what do they have to say about the Dems? The main headline this morning, for those of you who can't stand the stench of their site, reads, THE SUCK-UP BEGINS
Dems race to back an unannounced Clinton
Same old shit, but it does get funnier and more blatant....

Good letter to the editor, this morning

in the Denver Post. Basically, it said the same thing as I've gleaned from gagging through the headlines on FOXNews. If the prez 'doesn't' do something, (that Bullshit Mountain wants him to do), then he's accused of not showing 'leadership', as in not starting another war. BUT, when he does do something, then the clowns accuse him of being a tyrant or an 'imperial president'. A perfect 'Catch 22', as the sheep probably don't even know what a 'Catch 22' actually is...

I know it was a tragedy,

when the two NYC cops were shot by the crazy guy, and I really feel for their families. BUT, I think it was a bunch of BS, as cops around the country got an all expense paid vacation to NYC to march in a parade for a few minutes  Why is it, that when cops or fireman are killed, as many working people are, their lives are valued higher? Also, cops and firemen enjoy great salaries and benefits, incl life insurance, that the rest of us don't get. Just one guy's opinion...

The clowns of Bullshit Mountain

loved to make fun of Obama vs Putin, as in a nice guy against a tough guy, with Obama not being able to stand up to 'The Bear' and start a war. like their boys, GW, The Dick and McCain love to do. NOW, we see the sanctions and falling oil prices taking down the ruble, with Putin losing face and losing power. Nothing the sheep would understand, as the chicken hawks love to send the US military into action, wrecking the lives of soldiers and their families. HUGE difs between Cons and Libs. Nothing new here, but a really good lesson, in the difference between a 'shooting war' in Iraq, with all the consequences, vs an intelligent approach. BUT, the 'defense' contractors aren't making the big bucks, SO, when the Pubs take over, I'm sure it will all change, cuz robbing the US treasury is part of the Pub plan, as always. Look it up....

As I've said before,

to my rightwing acquaintances. What would you think of me if I got my 'news' from MSNBC, and then thought I was well-informed, as I spouted the Leftwing gospel? I'd never consider that, and I never even peek at MSNBC, cuz they are SO biased. BUT, the sheep get their 'news?' from Bullshit Mountain(R) and don't see a problem as their heads are filled with rightwing propaganda/lies. And some people wonder why the sheep just 'don't have clue'?

The Repub probe

into a White House connection to the IRS, which RIGHTLY denied non-profit status to groups that were ONLY concerned with defeating Dems, quietly ended, with ZERO links to the Obama admin, though you'll find no mention of that from Bullshit Mountain. The Pub attack dog, Daryl Issa screamed and yelled about lost IRS e-mails, and gloated when they recaptured the lost messages, BUT, there was no connection, after thousands of hours and millions of dollars. Just as with other FOX headlines, like Hillary and Benghazi, Birther-gate, where they promised Obama was born in Kenya turned out just like the Whitewater fiasco. Lots of Pub smoke and noise, but NO evidence, as Rush and Sean riled the sheep. Nothing new here...

There is NO BETTER indicator

of the US economy, than the 'stock market', where real people, with real money, place their bets on the future of the US. No matter what the dumbshits at FOXNews tell the sheep, 'real money' says the Obama economy is great, and getting better, as it closed at 'all time highs' today. It's something the sheep, who graze on Bullshit Mountain will NEVER understand, cuz they just don't get it, after they voted against all Dems, cuz the economy is SO bad. These people don't have money anyway, (for obvious reasons), BUT, it's funny to watch their 'spokespeople' try to make sense of it, after 'their boys' WRECKED the economy. Some things never change.

Nebr and Okla are sueing Colo,

for legal cannabis, cuz they are run by Repub rightwingnuts, BUT, the other 'border states' haven't decided. The gov of New Mexico says the new law is a 'crucible of democracy' and he wants to see how it works out. HUGE dif between the rightwingnut mentality, and the freedom/democracy that the US was built upon, as the rightwingnuts LOVE state's rights, until they don't. Can you say 'HYPOCRITE'?

In 'Avatar'

the Na-vi', or Blue People, with the 'Unobtainium', are just like the Iraqi's, and their oil, and there's a great line in the movie." If the people are sittin' on shit you want, you make them your enemy, and you take it." They even use the term, 'shock and awe', as they attack. Am watching 'Deleted Scenes', in BluRay.  Amazing...

Obama's approval numbers are up,

and at 47% aren't that good, compared to Clinton, who was at 67% at this time in his presidency, but compared to GW's 37% (and dropping, fast), and St. Ronald at 48%, it's not TOO terrible, considering FOXNews(R) continual campaign of lies and propaganda, that some people actually believe, as they voted against him (Dem candidates), with the MAIN reason being the 'terrible' economy, which most Pubs would kill for. Oh well, nothing new here, as the sheep live in their fantasy world.

I don't know

if anyone's noticed that I'm not GW's biggest fan, BUT, I do appreciate one thing about him. Although I'm sure he hasn't agreed with everything Obama/Dems have done, at least he has remained quiet about it, and I give him credit for that. UNLIKE, 'The Dick' who left office with a 9% approval rating and can't travel cuz he'd be thrown in prison for being a war criminal, who likes
to torture. Thanks George, for showing a bit of class, compared to 'The Dick'. Speaking of torture, there was a good 'letter' in the Denver Post this morning.

It was so gratifying to read your article and to know that a majority of right-thinking Americans finally appreciate the value of torture as an acceptable interrogation technique.
I have thought, for some time now, that we should extrapolate the techniques used on terrorists (to gain information, confessions, etc.) for regular use in our own prisons, jails and police stations on our own criminal classes…

There was a time

when you could count on Peyton Manning, NOT to throw stupid interceptions. But not lately....


that American consumers think they're finally getting a DEAL on gasoline, after the Saudi's and the Bushies are forced to sell gas/oil at supply/demand prices, instead of the 'FIXED' prices, as Big Oil raped the world and took billions of dollars in  'disposable income', and put it into Texas/Saudi pockets. (Look up Saudi/Bush historical connections). Sickening, but maybe changing, as Big Oil/Saudis are finally losing power, with no WARS artificially pumping up the price of oil.

In the 2 different worlds

of real news vs FOX, we have the deeply disburbed killer of 2 NYC cops, and the FOXNews version, where Obama was asking for cops to be killed, cuz the prez 'hates cops'. Can't even begin to address the bullshit from FOXnews, as always.What kind of person believes this crap???? Oh yeah, the sheep...

Hooked up a Blu Ray player to our new 60" TV

and borrowed 'Avatar', in Blu Ray, from Kari and Ted. Wow! Was expecting 'great', but was blown away. Technology 'off the chart', with a fantastic story of 'good vs evil' on a grand scale. Brought back memories of a relative who saw the movie and related to the crew trying to take the 'unobtainium' from the indigenous, spiritual, blue people, and he liked the soldiers, with their 'shock and awe' cuz of 'conservative capitalism'????  Just reminded me how we are on a totally 'different page' when it comes to basic life and reality. Nothing new here.... PS Saw 'Blue Bloods' for the first time, and really liked it. Gonna start the series on Netflix. Have I mentioned how I LOVE technology, when it works....

The Pubs are suing, AGAIN

This time it's the North Korean 'Guardians Of Peace' the North Korean hackers who go by GOP. The Repubs are claiming that they've trademarked the name, so OTHER 'evil organizations' who also attack the US, gotta get their own name. This one's already taken....

There IS a Santa Claus...

If you notice the collective IQ of traditional Pub strongholds rise toward triple digits, there's a definite reason for it. As of 11;59 last night, DishNetwork pulled FOXNews from their lineup. What a fantastic 'early Christmas present' for the nation! Luckily for the Pubs there're no elections scheduled in the near future, cuz without the propaganda and lies of FOXNews, (which is illegal in Canada, cuz it's against the law to broadcast lies) the GOP wouldn't have a chance. Let's just hope it lasts for a while and the sheep are forced to get legitimate news instead of the swill shoveled to them from Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. There's a whole new world out there for them, readily observable, if they'd ever remove their heads from their asses....

You ever notice?

The Pubs are really big on 'states rights'? HUGE part of their platform, until the will of the majority of voters in a state go against their rightwingnut views. SO, when the clear mandate of the people in certain states call for the legalization of cannabis, same sex marriage or a woman's 'right to choose', THEN what's the GOP's message?  "Screw em, they have to abide by Federal law" is the official mantra, and now they(R) are suing. Same old shit from the same old players, where hypocrisy is the name of the game and the sheep eat it up, cuz they can't even see it....

There's a definite reason

'The Dick' and other Bushies, incl CIA directors, are claiming they didn't torture, (when they aren't saying  'it was worth it') even though it's easily provable they're lying. IF, anyone had the balls to go after them, they could be prosecuted, as they well SHOULD be, cuz when they started the program, (before it was 'legalized' by GW's stooge of an Atty Gen), it was ILLEGAL, and prosecutable under US and international law. Read the facts here

I LOVE it..

as the Pubs are again showing how disfunctional they can be as their 'rightwingnut' candidates start piling into the clown car, with the latest being Ben Carson.
Election 2016: Did Someone Say ‘2016’? Presidential Contenders CircleNOV. 3, 2014

He has said legalizing same-sex marriage would open the door to accepting pedophilia and bestiality — remarks that led to his withdrawal as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine last year.He has refused to withdraw repeated comparisons of the United States under the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. His unfiltered remarks are embraced by parts of the Republican base, who has yet to meet someone that is 'too far out there' to be presidential material, incl Hermann Cain, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. The good thing? They are SO much fun to watch, as they fall over each other, trying to prove they are the MOST conservative, as they appeal to the rubes and bumpkins that make up the base of the Pub party. THEN, …

Did you know,

that it's Obama's fault that North Korea hacked Sony, cuz he hasn't been tough enough with them? And it's his fault that the 2 New York cops got shot by the crazed gunman, cuz he has been encouraging everyone to hate cops? Well, then you need to check out FOX 'news?', and they'll explain it, in their 'Fair and Balanced' manner. Same old shit from 'em....

Our Colorado 'Rightwingnut in Chief'

Mike Rosen, who gets WAY more press than he deserves, had a 'Year-end Highlight Column', of some Lib stuff that REALLY bothered him, in the Denver Post today. He started and ended with BENGHAZI!, which he, and many of his ilk, think is the worst thing that has EVER happened, (after the Pubs cut the embassy security budget). The Iraq war, based on lies, and the WRECKING of the US economy? No big deal for that crowd. Between the two BENGHAZI! (which has been investigated over 20 times, incl by the Pubs, and Hillary found innocent) stories, he thought it was terrible that Hillary was chosen as one of Barbara Walters 'most fascinating people', and that the 'liberal media' had made a big deal of the birth of Chelsea Clinton's daughter. The he teed off on the fact that someone had published the opinion that Rush and FOX shouldn't be able to broadcast/publish obvously untrue 'disinformation' on climate change and other subjects.  Mike Rosen. Standard b…

For the Pubs who 'just don't get it'

Photo: Steve Sack • Star

Whenever/wherever we've traveled,

Carol and I have noticed all the old people, about out age. Now I can figure out why there were so many. It's that time of life when you figure you have more money than time, and what better way is there to spend it, than seeing this wonderful planet we call home? As we see Rick Steve's travel shows we're planning some nice trips, and I hope it works out, but the future's not guaranteed to anyone...

Carol and I have been eating steak,

for a LONG time, and we're always looking to make it batter. Well, I had some grilled steak, a couple times, with my Texas buddies, and couldn't believe how good it was. They finally told me the secret. 'Dales' marinade/steak seasoning, with a bit of garlic powder. Wow! Try it, you'll like it...Esp good with the prime rib, on sale now at King Soopers, for $5.99/lb, cut into steaks, Wow. Caution, cut down on salt, cuz there's some in the Dale's.

Watching Forrest Gump

and am reminded how the Southern states (R) fought integration (and haven't changed that much) and how sexy it was to be in a car, on a rainy night, with your girlfriend. Some things are just indisputable, (incl the great music from Forrest Gump), AND, I was reminded how the politicians sent young Americans (and they tried to get me) to get their asses shot off in Viet Nam (another war started with 'lies', about a Navy ship being sunk in the Gulf of Tonkin), which I thought could NEVER happen again. Until GW and The Dick were installed by FOXNews and they remembered how well 'lies' worked, when you wanna start a war, and you got a bunch of sheep on your side. Anyone who could live through the Viet Nam era, and then the lies of Iraq, (with 'gov't approved torture' thrown in), and STILL be a Repub, obviously has their head DEEP in their ass. I remember the big question of the time was whether you'd be sent to jail for smoking pot or sent to Viet Nam …

It's not easy, BUT,

with the DirecTV Genie, I'm watching 3 Colorado teams play in Bowls, at (sorta) the same time. CSU Rams are getting beaten by Utah, CSU-Pueblo is beating Mankato, (where Carol nearly got frostbite as a KSC cheerleader, in a short skirt on a COLD winter night) for the Div II Nat'l Championship, and the Zoomies (Air Force Academy) are just starting. Luckily, we're well stocked with beer.... PS. THe CSU Rams lost, while CSU-Pueblo is the Div II Natl Champ, and Air Force looks like a winner. CU, is in the Toilet Bowl, as usual, since their program was decimated, a few years ago, by 'Lisa', whio invited several Buff football players to her room, provided alcohol and condoms, slept with most of them, then cried 'rape' when her friends found out what she had 'planned'. Sickening....

One of my earlier posts,

mentions how Bush and his Big Money buddies looted the treasury, BUT, that didn't even count the C-147 cargo planes that were loaded with pallets of $100 bills (MANY truckloads, look it up), to buy off and bribe the locals in Iraq, as well as paying the 'no bid' contractors that signed up with the Bushies. And this doesn't count the biggest crooks, 'defense' contractors who got tens of billions of dollars, in 'off the books' contracts to blow up, then rebuild targets, and train and equip the 'Iraqi Army' who just dropped their US supplied weapons and ran, whenever there was trouble. And then there was the sale of all types of fuel (oil, gas, av gas), to the military, as well as bombs, bullets and missiles from Bushie Buddies. And you wonder why Rupert Murdoch(R) spent over a hundred million, PAYING cable outlets to carry his 'news' show, which is totally opposite from the normal practice of cable PAYING the legitimate news outlets. (Look…

I can only hope

that the prez's decision on Cuba, a policy that 'hasn't worked' for over 50 years, is the start of a new 'Obama Unbound' chapter. He wasted WAY too much time and energy trying to compromise with a crew whose #1 goal, (according to their leader), was to make him a 'one term president', as 'Just say NO!, was their mantra, while he continually tried to repair the economy they DESTROYED. Now, hopefully, he can just tell em to kiss his ass while he tries to wrest the power from the 1% and their paid lobbyists, who don't give a shit about the rapidly shrinking, formerly powerful American middle class, while corporate America gets more access to the US Treasury, which began with G Dub writing over $860 BILLION in checks (to keep the US economy from TOTALLY imploding) after they'd already stolen billions with 'liar loan' mortgages. (Did you know Russia's entire treasury has less than HALF than what the 'cowboy conman' signed over…

I'm sure the sophisicated humor

of The Colbert Report was something the FOXSheep and their ilk never understood or appreciated, as his farcical rightwing persona was based upon the pompous buffoon Bill O'Reilly, but maybe even they might kinda marvel at some of the people who did 'get it' and wanted to be part of his last show.

A studio filled with an incongruous group of celebrity guests — Mayor Bill de Blasio, Big Bird, Ambassador Samantha Power, Yo-Yo Ma, Gen. Ray Odierno, Cyndi Lauper — singing “We’ll Meet Again” was a little weird, along with Willie Nelson (and Toby Keith?), Charlie Rose (and Henry Kissinger?), Alan Alda and Patrick Stewart, Randy Newman (and Barry Manilow?), with dozens more, incl Ken Burns, George Lucas, JJ Abrams, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bob Costas and Alex Trebek, and MANY more as the crowd just kept growing. Really gonna miss him, as he used wit and humor to blast the blatant lies of FOXNews, something that Stephen and (this) Steve have in common. He coined the term 'truthine…

Is gonna be especially funny,

as Rick Perry(R), TX, continues his run for prez, although it's ALWAYS funny to watch the Pubs pile out of their clown car and claim to be the MOST Conservative to the Red State audiences, where the average education stops short of a high school degree, before the winner moves onto the national election and disavows all his 'core beliefs'. Perry has claimed to be a fantastic administrator, with amazing business accumen, cuz TX has had growth and jobs. Sorta like the Saud family, of Saudi Arabia are great executives. Texas has prospered, like the Arabs, cuz they sit on a shitpot full of oil, as the Bush's and their Big Oil buddies have had a HUGE effect on the price of oil that lies under the barren wastes of Texas, with their war, based on lies, against the Oil Basket of the world. SURPRISE!, the price of oil went up ten-fold when 'Shock and Awe' began, much like the value of Halliburton stock, run by The Dick Cheney. Will be interesting to see if the 'guv…

Let me guess

what the FOX headline will be in the next few days. 'Obama Takes Vacation While Country Burns', although their 'Georgie Boy', took more than twice as much 'vacation time'. Just a guess, that I'd bet big money on, cuz that's how Bullshit Mountain reports the 'news' to the sheep.

If you ever wonder,

about the effectiveness of FOXNews, (fake news), just look at the last election, where Bullshit Mntn convinced the sheep to vote against Obama/Dems, cuz the economy was SO bad. This is after the Pubs TOTALLY wrecked the economy, (remember 2008), and it's been on a steady 'mend' since then, in every way that's measurable.  My hat's off to FOX, and the way they distort reality, to get votes for Pubs. If you watch and believe Bullshit Mountain, OF COURSE you're gonna hate Obama/Pubs. Doesn't make it REAL/truth/fact. It only means you BELIEVE the FOX/Pub message.
Just like Cuba, where the same policy for 50 years hasn't worked, and 2/3 of Americans want a change, BUT, FOX tells the sheep the new relationship is WRONG, and they believe it. Nuff said, cuz the sheep just don't get it. Never have, never will....

We got a Christmas card

from a dear sweet relative, with a quote directly from FOXNews, cuz she is from a part of the country where most of the people listen to FOX, and think it is REAL news. It's a direct result of the best investment EVER, by the Repub party, as they created a 'news' network and BOUGHT their way into cable news. I was gonna reply to her, but then I realized that once a person goes over to the dark side, and accept the 'stuff on FOX' as reality, it's OVER. Totally. The brain gets warped in the same way as a crack/meth addict's brain that isn't able to process basic thoughts, cuz their brain is wired with crack/meth. The human brain is like a computer. Garbage in=garbage out. Very simple, really, and I've learned to stop wasting my time with someone who gets daily/hourly infusions of FOXCrap. Reality ceases to exist for them, as they are deluged with FOXCrap, which is a STRANGE way to look at the world, but it works real well for the sheep.

Quick note about Colbert

When asked about his 'fake news' show, he'd find funny ways to mention that he shouldn't be mixed up with the 'real' fake news show, FOX. The main difference is that on Comedy Central we knew we were watching a farce, but the sheep actually believe the lies from Bullshit Mountain. HUGE difference....

Am REALLY gonna miss

The Colbert Report, which has won 6 Emmy's and many other awards, while skewering the 'rightwingnuts' for the last 10 years. I recorded the last show,(and haven't watched it yet, cuz Carol wanted to watch with me) but have seen clips this morning, and it had an AMAZING cast, as SO MANY peole wanted to be a part of the show, that Stephen based on the pompous, egotistical, 'rightwing hero'/Buffoon, Bill O'Reilly. Colbert's decsription of the character he created fits a few of my 'Conservative' acquaintences (and a relative) PERFECTLY! 'My character is a self-important, poorly informed, well-intentioned, but an idiot'. A PERFECT definition of some of those Buttheads with whom I butt heads. Colbert will be taking over the Letterman Show next May, but he won't be 'in character' and he'll have to somehow learn to 'cross over' and appeal to the very people he's been making fun of for so many years. Not sure how he&#…

If you ever wondered

where the Pub's loyalty lies, just listen to Mitch McConnell's #1 priority for him and the Pubs, which is to 'pass the Keystone Pipeline', which gives us less than two thousand temp jobs, and under fifty permanent jobs, BUT is a HUGE profit for the Koch Bros, who own the pipeline that takes Canadian oil to the world market, giving the US market NOTHING. Same old shit from the clowns whose main concern is the 1%, as they put Americas largest fresh water aquifer in danger of being polluted, so billionaires can make more money. Nothing new here, but SO typical of the Pubs.

FOXNews has officially repealed the First Amendment,

which allows 'Free Speech', calling for the firing of a college professor, (cuz Pubs HATE education) who expressed her opinions in a 'non school related' article. Prof. Susan Douglas, University of Michigan, ran afoul of FOXNews(R), when she penned a column for a non-profit magazine saying she reportedly dislikes "the ceaseless denigration of President Obama," "Clinton smear campaigns" and Rush Limbaugh's "hate speech."
She is now the target of the FOXClowns for expressing her views. Free speech is OK on Bullshit Mountain, as long as you agree with the sheep. Nothing new here, but sickening, just the same. What kind of person supports FOX and torture while denigrating free speech? Oh yeah, the sheep....

Among other studies already underway,

Colorado just approved over $8,000,000 to study the medicinal effcts of cannabis. The studies, most of which will be overseen by researchers from various universities, will explore marijuana's efficacy when used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson's disease, pediatric epilepsy and brain tumors, and will compare the plant's painkilling qualities with those of prescription opioids. Although the clear majority of Americans favor the legalization of pot, the righwingnuts in Nebr and Okla (where 'fines' for 'Colo bought' pot possession are a HUGE new source of revenue) have filed suit against the state of Colorado, where 'the people spoke, with their votes' and now pot is legal, here, after it has been used medicinally, worldwide for centuries, UNTIL the 'conservatives' took over, under Tricky Dicky Nixon, to punish the 'anti-Viet Nam' hippies. Just another Repub example of 'who cares what the people/voters want'. …

I feel sorry for poor Jeb,

the 'pick of the (Bush-league) litter' and future Repub nominee to run against Hillary, cuz he's gotta appeal to the rightwingnutjobs of the Pub party, BUT, try to stay 'middle of the road', enuff, to be elected by a majority of Americans. Ain't gonna be easy Jeb, but I'm sure Mr Rove will tell you what to say/do, and the sheep will vote for anyone with a (R) beside their name. If only it would have been Jeb instead of the 'idiot brother', in 2000....

The Repubs continue to prove

that they don't know OR just don't care what the American public wants, as they bitch about Obama normalizing relations with Cuba, with the latest non-partisan poll saying SEVENTY PER CENT (nearly the same who say Iraq was a mistake, Duh) are in favor of it. Nothing new here, as the Party of NO!, led by the clowns at FOXNews, bitch about EVERYTHING that Obama does, while they do NOTHING, (but start wars, based on lies) and snipe from the sidelines. And the sheep say, Amen...

In the crazy/stupid world

of Repub politics, it's really hard to tell which Pub we are dealing with, even when it's the same person. Today, John McCain, (shown, above, when told The Dick Cheney had some 'questions' for him) is bitching about Obama's normalization of Cuban relationships, BUT, McCain (2008) disagrees with McCain (2014):
“I’m not in favor of sticking my finger in the eye of Fidel Castro. In fact, I would favor a road map towards normalization of relations such as we presented to the Vietnamese and led to a normalization of relations between our two countries.  Is hard to keep the nutballs straight, without a program, although McCain, who denounced the Pubs for their 'Torture Program' is one of the more rational ones, and Rand Paul, the best of the bunch says, 'it's probably a good idea'.

Last night, I watched

the first 3 quarters of the Nuggets/Rockets b-ball game, even though I can't stand to watch James Harden, the leading 'flopper' and 'free throw attempt' leader in the NBA. Unfortunately Joey Crawford, who hates the Nuggets, was the lead official. With a big lead by the Nugs at the end of the first quarter, Harden threw himself into the defender, as the clock expired, flopped, as he always does and Joey whistled Denver for a foul. The player complained. Technical! The coach complained. Technical! And Harden made 5 straight to end the quarter. Denver eventually lost in OT as Harden lived at the foul line, all night, making 18 of 21. Sickening, how floppers and lousy officials can ruin a good game. The NBA oughta take a clue from the NHL and make flopping a penalty, instead of rewarding it.

Have you ever noticed the FOXSpeak,

which is thinly disguised code for the sheep? Instead of saying 'We', meaning FOXNews, or Repubs, (one and the same), whenever they blast Obama and the Dems (which is ALWAYS), they say 'Critics say', or 'Sources say', or 'Pol's say', or they quote the Wall St Journal, (owned by Rupert Murdoch). It helps the sheep think that others share the views of Bullshit Mountain, and I'm sure it works, cuz the sheep ain't that hard to fool...

This actually happened to me, a while back

An angel appeared before a man and said that in return for his unselfish and exemplary behavior, the Lord would reward him with his choice of infinite wealth, infinite wisdom, or infinite beauty.
Without hesitating, I selected infinite wisdom.
“Done!” says the angel, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and a bolt of lightning.
All heads turned toward me, surrounded by a faint halo of light. At length, one of my buddies whispered,
“Say something.”
I said, “I should have taken the money.”
And then I quit the Repub party and became an Independent, cuz I have ....

Continuing to prove

that he's a bonehead to the core, Boehner criticized Obama (what a shock) for FINALLY beginning the normalization of relations with Cuba, after ONLY 50 some years. The Repub stooge said,

(Reuters) - U.S. House Speaker John Boehner sharply criticized President Barack Obama's policy change toward Cuba, calling it "another in a long line of mindless concessions" to a brutal dictatorship.
"Relations with the Castro regime should not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom – and not one second sooner," Boehner said in a statement.

Yup, John, that strategy has worked REAL well for the people of Cuba and the US. At least the Party of NO! is consistent, never removing their collective heads from their asses. Colin Powell, a Pub whose cranium actually resides outside his colon, said, 'It's about time'....

Am gonna miss Stephen Colbert

and the Colbert Report, and his alter-ego as a pompous, buffoon of a Repub, which is so typical of their ilk. I didn't know, until last night's show, that his character was based on Bill O'Reilly. He said that the first time he met Big Bill, he couldn't wait to satirize the egotistical, one dimensional hero of the right wing, and it has been comedic gold, winning numerous Emmy's and other awards. Now he's moving on to take over The Late Show from Letterman, while the sheep still swallow the swill from O'Reilly and the clowns aat Bullshit Mountain, which is much easier than thinking. Am gonna miss Colbert, whose high end humor was probably never even umderstood by the double digit IQ crew he was making fun of. I know some idiots(R) who actually think he's a Conservative Pub. Really....

Any of you 'rightwingnuts' wanna bet?

Broomfield Enterprise letter to the editor: One man's predictions for next two years
I'm saying most, if not ALL of the predictions come true, cuz 'shit happens' when Pubs are in charge. How much you wanna bet?
Many folks who didn't vote must have been content with the way things were and didn't want to change them. The unemployment rate below 5.8 percent ..., interest rates below 4 percent, the Dow over 17,000, gas prices below $3, health insurance available to all. We're getting out of Iraq. Most of us bought big screen TVs and new cars. But the old saying, "evil men will succeed if good men do nothing" also applies to elections.
All you folks out there who didn't vote will see in the next two years what (you) have indirectly caused. The Republicans will control the Senate and House. I predict the following and will make a wager with any Republican who is willing:
1. Unemployment rates, now approximately 5.8 percent, will increase mainly b…

The official talking point

from Bullshit Mountain, concerning Cuba? We just didn't 'hang in there, long enough'. like Iraq and Afg. It has only been since 1959, and if we'd have only held out, we coulda won... Who are these dumbshits? Oh yeah. Fox sheep, who don't have a clue. Never have and never will, BUT, they are consistent, with their ignorance. Even when the large majority of the Americans support an issue, like affordable health care, background checks for gun sales, big money shouldn't be able to buy votes, climate change is real, taxpayers shouldn't bail out Big Banks, Big Oil shouldn't get an 'Oil Depeletion Allowance', the embargo of Cuba should be stopped, etc. IF, Obama supports it, FOXNews(R) is AGAINST it, and the sheep say Amen. Same old shit from the double digit IQ crowd.

The latest wisdom

from the rightwingnuts? If Jesus had a sidearm, he wouldn't have been crucified. And the sheep said, amen. FOX headline, tomorrow....

Will be very interesting

to see what the public/critical response is to the movie, 'Birdman', with Michael Keaton, which we saw this afternoon. Not the kind of movie I'd recommend to everyone, but I really liked it. It took a while to 'get into it', BUT, once I did... It had some AMAZING performances by some great actors, and it didn't hurt that it took place right near the hotel, where we stayed on Times Square and the off-Broadway district. I consider it a 'good movie', when I don't want it to end AND I think about it, a lot, when it's over. I doubt if it wins 'Best Movie', but it will probably win some 'Best Actor' awards, or it should, for Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone and others. Pretty amazing flick, but not for everyone, sort of like, 'The Goldfinch', which was an amazing book.

USA Today, one of the most conservative

news outlets, has a good article today, about 'The Dick' Cheney, entitled 'Facts Just Don't Matter', which has consistently been 'The Dick's' attitude toward EVERYTHING. About the only place he can find an audience these days, after being consistently proven wrong about nearly everything he's ever said and done, is FOXNews(R), where he is considered an X-Spurt on foreign policy, and his fellow 'Chicken Hawk' sheep hang on his every word. Read what the real world, incl many countries who would jail him as a war criminal', thinks of him, here.