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The FOXNews(R) fearmongers,

who continue their fear campaign, against all things Obama/Dem, MAY be second guessing their message against Ebola, as they continually prove they 'don't understand' science. If you're asymptomatic, you're not congious, and only 'body fluids' can infect someone. Same old crap from the Pubs, who love to scare the sheep, which isn't all that difficult, cuz 'science and education' aren't priorities in their world, BUT, they continue to believe Bullshit Mountain, with their 24/7 propaganda for the Pubs.
FOXNews, what a joke, that the sheep will never understand, cuz they are the sheep....

Eric Frein, the cop killer,

was finally captured. Looks like he fell down, or something. Too bad....

I always enjoy my 'Rolling Stone'

magazines, but the lastest one (U2 on the cover), that came all taped up, with an apology from the USPS, was especially good, with articles on my fav author, Steven King, (The Stand, Stand By Me, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Tower series, Dumas Key, etc) and one of my fav actors, Bill Murray, as well as stories about Pink FLoyd, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Young and Bob Seger, among others. There is also a great article on the HUGE financial mess in the state of Kansas, after the Tea Party darling, Sam Brownback(R), wrecked the economy with his conservative ideas.
 I had forgotten how good Bill Murray is until I saw 'St Vincent' the other day, where Bill gets paid for just being Bill. Some people think he's a great actor, but I think he doesn't act at all. The Steven King article had many insights into his life, his views on politics and religion, his vices and how/why he writes so much. I had no idea we had so much in common, except for the 'talen…

Another thing, I really don't like

about the Pubs is their hypocrisy about the future. Whenever Obama/Dems wanna spend money on much needed jobs/infrastructure, etc, the Pubs scream, 'What about our children, who have to PAY for this?' BUT, when it comes to the environment, they wanna gut all the clean air and water rules, (as per Koch Bros business models) and don't give a crap about the children who will inherit this earth. Total hypocrites....

One more reason why

I REALLY don't like the Repub party can be seen in this map that shows the 29 states where you can be fired for being gay. You may notice that it's nearly a perfect overlay of Red, Repub states. Remember that awkward time when YOU had to choose if you were gonna be straight or gay? OF COURSE NOT. We are born with our sexuality and no matter what the whackjobs say, it can't be changed. BUT, in these 29 states, nearly all Repub, being gay can get you fired. Just another fact that shows how the 'modern' Pub party is SO out of touch with reality, as they are led by the clowns of Bullshit Mountain.

Krauthammer's editorial today,

says the economy should be the main issue in the upcoming election, and this current recovery is the slowest on record. Oh Really? It's a slow, but steady recovery from the WORST crash of the US economy, (caused by 8 years of Pub policies), since the Great Depression, and the only thing that stopped a TOTAL meltdown was over $860 BILLion to Bush's Big Money Buddies, who caused the problem in the first place. BUT, Repub 'spinmeisters', led by the clowns at Bullshit Mountain have managed to 'move the goalposts' and blame the Dems for 'not fixing the mess' fast enough. Kudos to them, for recognizing the fact that most Americans 'just don't get it', and exploiting that fact. FOXNews, the best spent money in the history of politics, where 'propaganda becomes fact' for the sheep.

Am watching 'The Vikings', from 1958,

with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis, and can remember how proud I was to have 'Viking blood'' in my veins, as a Swedish kid. Many characters and scenes are very 'dated', but it has a good story and great scenes from that part of the world. I didn't realize the important history of the Vikings until we visited Denmark, Ireland and Scotland. We used to rule the world...

It made HUGE headlines on FOX, this week,

when 83 yr old John Coleman, co-founder of The Weather Channel appeared on Bullshit Mountain and denounced 'Climate Change'. The bimbos at FOX basically laughed and said, 'we told you so', as their sponsors, the Koch Bros and other Big Oil puppetmasters applauded in the background. HOWEVER, the Bozos of BS Mntn COMPLETELY ignored the actual scientists and spokespersons of The Weather Channel who came out today, completely endorsing climate change, while they pointed out that Coleman had ZERO training in the science of climatology.. He was a businessman who 'sold out' TWC long ago.
 I'm SHOCKED that the professional liars who make up the news staff at FOXNews(?) could have missed the actual story SO bad, today, in their efforts to 'inform the public'…

The Pubs and FOXNews,

(one and the same), have been preaching/screaming/predicting, for MANY years now, that QE3, the govt action necessary to save the financial system after the disaster of the Bush years, which was BY FAR the worst since the Great Depression, would wreck our economy and unleash runaway inflation by the time it ended, AND, cause interest rates to soar. WELL, it ended yesterday. The market was up over 200 points today, inflation-related commodities are tanking, and the govt is rightfully MUCH more concerned with deflation. SO, will the Tea Party types, of the world, admit they were/are TOTALLY wrong? Of course not! QE3 did it's job, giving us a soft lamding from the financial chaos of 2008, when the market and housing tanked, with unemployment soaring. NOW, the Pubs are bitchin cuz Obama/Dems didn't fix their mess, 'Fast enough', saying that 'other recoveries' were much faster and bigger. Bullshit! There hasn't been anything comparable to the 'Bush Mess'…

Finally, I agree with Bill O'Reilly,

after a recent statement he made. Bill said, 'Most Americans are simply dumb'. I think that is the best way to explain the upcoming election where Repubs are expected to take the Senate. It also explains why Bullshit Mountain, and Big Bill, have such a loyal following. Just maybe, in an effort to explain reality to Bill and the sheep, someone can explain to them how the moon controls the tides. Just a thought....

The Pubs love to bitch,

about the economy (way better now than 2008), employment (ditto), housing (ditto), the deficit (ditto), stock market (ditto), manufacturing (ditto), oil and energy production (ditto), auto sales (ditto), inflation (ditto) and world opinion (ditto). OF COURSE they wanna go back in time, to the WONDERFUL Bush years. Just a bunch of sheep, living in the shadow of Bullshit Mountain, swallowing the swill, shoveled by the puppetmasters, Murdoch/Ailes. UNbelievable, but SO Republican.... (Can you guess the Bush(R) years, from the chart, 2000-2014?)

Saw 'St Vincent' today,

and REALLY enjoyed it. Bill Murray (with Melissa McCarthy) did a fantastic job as a crotchety old curmudgeon ( I can relate). Am not sure if Bill is a great actor, OR, if he just plays himself. Either way, it was an enjoyable 'feel good' movie, with good music, and a good message. Great job, Bill...

If you're REALLY stupid,

you believe Cory Gardner(R), who says he's 'pro-women', cuz he supports selling birth control 'over the counter', while introducing a bill to ban ALL abortions, regardless of circumstances, and banning IUD's, cuz that's a 'form of abortion'. Anyone who looks at reality knows that Congress can't legislate 'birth control, over the counter', BUT, it's a great smokescreen for the 'low information voters' who are the base of the Repub party. Nothing new here, as Cory 're-invents' his core positions, in an attempt to fool the electorate, as he takes Big Money from the Koch bros, who wanna re-write all the environmental laws, that cut into their profits, while buying HUGE TV time, to elect 'their boy'. Same old BS from the Pubs.....

Any politician, who's constantly in the spotlight,

is bound to occasionally screw up. Just look at GW, for an extreme example. BUT, Colorado guv John Hickenlooper has made very few major mistakes, becoming governor after a stellar business career. However, he's had a couple BIG ones. Worst, was his decision to delay the execution of Nathan Dunlap, a convicted killer who was sentenced to death, and by all accounts, deserved to be killed, if anyone does. Hick had personal qualms about the death penalty, but it was political suicide, obvious at the time, for him to commute the sentence. His other mistake was backtracking after implementing rules on gun control, (and kissing NRA butt), after the public voted for the new rules.
Compare this to all the good he's done, leading Colorado's economy to the TOP, in the US. Pubs love to tar him with everything they don't like about Obama and the Dems, but that's just not realistic. The same Pubs who are 'right to lifers' and professed Christians (of the Thou shalt not…

I may have made a mistake,

when I listed a bunch of reasons that I REALLY don't like the Pubs, by forgetting a BIG one. The Supreme Court(R), passed 'Citizens United', saying 'corporations are people', and officially made votes For Sale, to the highest bidder, allowing corporations,  (and/or anyone else that wants to BUY political favors) to secretly give money (in HUGE amounts, 'with strings attached') to politicians. Thanks a BUNCH, Repubs.... And you wonder why they are the party of the 1%? When was the last time YOU gave a 6 or 7 figure 'donation' to buy political favor?

Thanks, Kari

for a great idea/recipe. We got a stalk of brussels sprouts, (from Trader Joes), and cut the sprouts in half, steamed them in a covered pan, then added some oil and fried them to a golden brown. DELICIOUS! AND, will work with regular fresh sprouts. WOW....

Much like Mitt Romney

and countless other Repubs, Cory Gardner earned his political stripes by being a hardcore rightwinger as he was elected by the Tea Party types of rural Colorado. Then, when the Pubs needed a good-looking, 'aw shucks' type candidate with a winning smile, he flipflopped on most of his 'core postions', lied when necessary and tried to appeal to the low information voters as a 'middle of the road' country gentleman, who is willing to compromise to make the country better for all. What a joke, as the Pubs steal the American Dream from the rpaidly disappearing middle class. He is still the ultraconservative lapdog of Big Oil and Big Money who want to control US politics so they can control the laws and largesse that flows for them. It's actually funny to see Cory claim he's NOT the author and supporter of a 'Personhood' amendment that would ban ALL abortion and many forms of birth control, while HIS name is on the bill, and he claims to be an 'age…

There are many things

I REALLY don't like about the Repub Party, including the fact they are total hypocrites when it comes to spending and fiscal responsibilty. When they spend trillions on wars, based on lies and hundreds of billions bailing out their 'Big Money Bank Buddies', no problemo... although if Obama wants dollars for education, job training, scientific research, much needed infrastructure, etc, 'It's time for austerity', according to them. BUT, I think one of the worst things they've done, other than shutting down the gov't to protest Obamacare, after voting FIFTY times to defund, KNOWING it couldn't be done, is the way they fillibustered the attempts to deal with student loans, where 'Big Money' and the govt is making BILLIONS of dollars in interest from students, while those same young adults can't afford to home ownership, and other necessities to make our economy work. For the Pubs, it's all about the 1%, while they stomp on the middle cla…

If this is global warming,

bring it on. I can't remember a nicer fall. We had an early light snow, but no freeze, so all the plants are still green and the leaves are multiple hues of vibrant fall colors. Yesterday was a record, 82, and today will be another. Will look back on these beautiful fall days, when it's cold and snowy, and wish we could relive them. Tis a privelege to live in Colorado..

The 'legitimate' news agencies

are showing a pic of the prez hugging Ms Pham, the Ebola nurse, after she was cleared by the Drs. Not FOX, of course, as they want to spread the fear, and will NEVER show Obama in a good light. They DO have an article about him today, entitled, "When Bad Things Happen To Bad People'. Fair and Balanced, my ass. BUT, they are consistent.

Only on FOXNews

can you get such 'pearls of wisdom'.

On Tuesday's broadcast of Fox News’ “The Five” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle discouraged young women from participating in elections and serving on juries, becasue they don't have the necessary life experience.

AND, most educated young women, (or men) obvously aren't going to vote Republican, SO, they may as well not vote. According to Bullshit Mountain, the country would be much better off if only old, male, uneducated white trash were allowed to vote. It would be a FOX dream come true. A Repub 'landslide'! FOXNews. What a joke...

Saw 'Gone Girl' yesterday,

and was less than overwhelmed. I sort of have a problem seeing a movie after I've read the book, and this was no exception. It wasn't terrible, but I think it could have been better with about 20-30 mins of editing. LONG movie, or at least it seemed that way, and it left me feeling 'unsettled', as I guess it was supposed to. Will be interesting for me to see what the critics say, but after seeing 'This is Where I Leave You', and 'The Judge', I realize we aren't always on the same page. Would like to hear the opinion of someone who hadn't read 'Gone Girl', but has seen the movie. Not sure WHAT I expected.
PS, just read reviews and saw others who thought like me.. Basically, 20 mins too long, at the end, when it SHOULD have been over.

Too bad, Bullshit Mountain,

as it looks like Ebola is not the 'end of the world as we know it', cuz of Obama. Am sure you will find another 'fear factor', to scare the sheep into submission, against 'all things Democrat'. Nothing new here, but funny, just the same.

In a memo, intercepted from GOP leadership,

Repub leaders expressed outright fear, as there may be a problem dealing with the sheep.

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—There is a deep-seated fear among some Republicans that an Ebola outbreak could make the country turn to science.
In interviews conducted across the nation, leading anti-science activists expressed their concern that the American people, wracked with anxiety over the possible spread of the virus, might desperately look to science to save the day.
“It’s a very human reaction,” said Harland Dorrinson(R), a prominent anti-science activist from Springfield, Missouri. “If you put them under enough stress, perfectly rational people will panic and start believing in science.”
Additionally, he worries about a “slippery slope” situation, “in which a belief in science leads to a belief in math, which in turn fosters a dangerous dependence on facts.”
At the end of the day, though, Dorrinson hopes that such a doomsday scenario will not come to pass. “Time and time again through …

Was reading the Denver Post this morning,

where some dickwad was complaining about how terrible 'Obama's economy' is, (employment has gotten steadily better since he took over), the deficit being SO huge (it's come down every year he's been in office), and so on, BUT when he complained how 'Obama lost 2 wars that were nearly won', I had to quit.Who ARE these people? Oh yeah, they're FOX sheep, who believe the crap from Bullshit Mountain, no matter WHAT the facts are....

It's a Pub's dream come true

they can bitch about Ebola, where  approx .0000001% of people have a problem BUT, that's how the sheep 'roll'. Use FOX news to perpetuate a panic, and blame Obama/Dems for the problem. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old, as the sheep will stampede, whenever Murdoch/Ailes tell them to. Lemmings, who don't have a clue...

Got some good news, yesterday,

with the latest biopsy coming back negative, SO, Carol and I celebrated by going to downtown Denver and checking out the new Union Station, as well as the 16th St Mall, ending up at the Yardhouse, home of the best people watching, craft beer and half-price appetizers. Is always nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather we're having, esp when we have something to celebrate. Yahoo!

After watching a couple movies,

about parent's deaths and sibs, I realize there are some universal truths. My dad didn't get along with his hypocritical bros, Rev Burdette, and Rev Elvin, with whom he didn't speak, for the last half of his life. Family relationships are fluid, developing over time, depending on circmstances, and religion plays a HUGE part, as some claim they know God's mind, in spite of 'real life', that proves they don't have a clue. Very interesting, but nothing new, in familial relationships, as some things never change.

I could watch

Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr ply their trade, for a long time, even if they were in a bad movie. BUT, they were in a great movie, so that made it even better. Saw, 'The Judge' yesterday and I thought it was fantastic. Kind of a strange coincidence that it was the second movie in a row (after 'This is Where I Leave You') about siblings getting together the after deaths of their parents. Well done and thought provoking, with nary a lull in the entire movie. Also a great look at rural Indiana. Am guessing their will be multiple Oscar nominations.

Instead of admitting,

that he's been TOTALLY wrong, every day for over 6 years, the Tea Party darling, Rick Santelli took a different tack this morning on CNBC, when bond prices crashed, again, as DEflation is just the OPPOSITE of what he's been preaching, to the sheep. He spun the low oil prices to attack another of his 'enemies', which is green energy. "See, I told you so! Wind and solar can't compete with oil!" As I've said, he's gonna be at Bullshit Mountain any day now, as he has proven himself completely incompetent. At least he should feel 'at home' with his 'birds of a feather'.  The good news? Any of 'the flock' who've followed his financial advice have lost their ass, many times over. Too bad, so sad....

You may have heard,

there is a class action settlement against Red Bull, because they claimed 'It Gives You Wings'. and it really doesn't. With this link,, you can sign up, with no proof of purchase, for $10 cash, or $15 worth of Red Bull products. You think I'm kidding?

Any day now, I'm expecting

to see Rick Santelli at FOXNews, where lying, with a' straght face', is part of the job description. This morning, on CNBC, when interviewing a guest about the record low yields on bonds, he said, 'this doesn't surprise anyone who's been paying attention, like you and me'. Are you kidding? This is the EXACT opposite of what he's been preaching for over six years, as he has maintained the Fed's policies would cause rampant inflation, which would take bonds in the opposite direction. Am looking for Rick to make the switch to Bullshit Mountain any time, where lying is 'madatory'. He should fit right in.

Only on Bullshit Mountain

could you learn that Obama is allowing Ebola to enter the US, cuz Obama thinks 'Americans should suffer'. No shit, that's what is being reported on FOXnews, by one of their main contributors, DOCTOR Keith Ablow. As always, just when I think those clowns can't get any worse.....

Getting your political news from FOX

is like getting racial relationship policy from the KKK, environmental facts from the Koch bros, humanitarian policy from North Korea, foreign policy from 'The Dick' Cheney, election forecasting from Karl Rove, geography from 'The Flat Earth Society', birth control advice from the Vatican, QB tips from Tim Tebow, nutrition advice from Paula Dean, fashion tips from the Amish, integrity advice from a lawyer, BBQ recipes from a vegan, anthropoly from the Bible, swimming lessons from a bowling ball, retirement advice from a fruit fly, English lessons and marital advice from Arnold Schwatztenegger, financial advice from Rick Santelli, nude photos of the Golden Girls, acting lessons from the 3 Stooges, marital advice from the pope, intellectual guidance from GWBush, investment advice from Bernie Madoff, travel plans involving West Africa, hair styling tips from Donald Trump, AND, I could go on and on, but maybe you get it. Unless you're a sheep, then you're wondering…

When a Dallas nurse

contracted Ebola, the legitimate press wondered, 'How Did It Happen', but the clowns at Bullshit Mountain, the 'Fair and Balanced' network put their 'special spin' on it, as their headline screamed, 'Obama's Man Lied!' Just when I think the a**holes at FOX can't get any worse, they ALWAYS do, as they use personal tragedy to push their political agenda, which is to defeat Dems/elect Pubs, by whatever means they think they can get away with. And, with their target audience of sheep, nothing is too low or outrageous.

Unless you are an old fart, like me,

when you hear the words, 'incompetent, crooked Bush', you probably just think of GW. BUT, those of us who were around, remember GHW, who totally sacked the nation's Savings and Loans, (son Neil Bush took over $100 million from Silverado Savings in Denver alone), thanks to Bush admin 'rules' that allowed legalized theft. Ask me about the 4-plex I owned during this time and the lots I bought near Waneka Lake in Lafayette, while the crooks(R) were in charge.
That was right after the 'Iran-Contra' affair (detailed in the new Jeremy Renner movie, 'Kill the Messenger), ( where the Repubs, led by Reagan and Ollie North, 'went around' Congress to buy drugs from Central American thugs and resold them in the ghetto, (starting the great crack epidemic) to finance their illegal war in the Middle East. If you don't believe me, see the movie or Google it. The Pubs love to portray themselves as '…

I tried

to be a tough guy and not ask for pain pills, but after a LONG night I called the doc this morning and begged for a prescription. He said, 'no problem'. As soon as the old scar had healed up, they removed another section (over 1 inch by 4 inches), but went much deeper this time, and stretched the skin 'real tight'. Advice from the 'old guy'. Use sunscreen and avoid sunburns, cuz melanoma is no fun.

One year anniversary, today,

of mom's passing. Miss her a bunch, but she went quickly, which is about all we can ask. Still have the urge to call her, but not as often, as I realize she is gone. Had another section of arm removed today, a little over 1 inch by 4 inches. They went deeper this time, as I got a bunch of 'inner' stitches and bleeding was much more of a problem, as they stretched the skin tight to close the wound. BUT, the doc seemed happy with the result. Looked at the chunk they cut out and thought it looked like good northern pike bait. Will find out biopsy results in the next week or so, but this is it for cutting stuff out, for a while.

Only on FOX

the 'Fair and Balanced' site, can you learn such truths, (taken from today's 'News?)'.

"Wake up America, Liberalism is a Dangerous Virus"
Yup. Bullshit Mountain tells it like it is! Hard hitting, factual insights into what the sheep wanna hear. Unbiased reporting at it's best. FOXNews(?). What a joke....


that the Supreme Court(R) refused to vote on same sex marriage, just like the Pubs refused to vote on immigration and war. They would rather sit back and bitch, just like they always do, when the Dems make a decison. Nothing new here, as the Pubs play political games, with 'real life'.

Maybe it's bad sporstsmanship,

to say 'the refs ROBBED us', but when it happens twice, in a close game, it's hard not to. We were at the CU/Oregon St game yesterday, (sitting right in front of the two worst calls, EVER), and it's hard to iamgine 'How could it happen?' To keep it short, the first was a 'pass interference' call, on CU, after they intercepted, to stop a drive. The Buff defender was watching the pass, from behind the receiver, and slowed down to make the catch, as the receiver ran into him. The closest official, called nothing, as he should. The 'not close' back judge waited until the return was well under way, after several blocks had been made, and THEN threw the flag. I thought it might be clipping. Nope. The Beavers went on to score the go-ahead TD. THEN, with the game on the line and CU driving, inside a minute left, the Buff receiver was OBVIOUSLY interferred with, and there was NO call. Blatant bad calls that cost CU the game and the fans and coach went c…

Bullshit Mountain is rumbling,

cuz the prez fired back at them, instead of just taking their never-ending crap, in silence.

President Obama said yesterday: 'While affordable health care might still be a threat to freedom on Fox News, it’s working pretty well in the real world.'

In a combination of, 'Look, we rated a comment by the prez', and, 'How dare he not take our unrelenting atacks in silence?', The clowns who have predicted disaster for Obamacare, but are totally silent when it didn't happen, think it is 'unpresidential' to fight back against an organization whose NUMBER ONE aim is to take him down, no matter how many lies and falsehoods it takes. According to the clowns at FOXNews, and the sheep who swallow their swill, turning the other cheek is the only acceptable recourse for criticism, EXCEPT when it's their cheeks or their ass. Nothing new here, from the biggest joke in media, Murdoch/Ailes 'Fair and Balanced' network, where all those who can't handle…

I was wondering

how Bullshit Mountain would report (or ignore?) the fact that Obamacare isn't the huge disaster they claimed it would be. Would they admit they were wrong? Are you kidding me? In the Bizarro world of FOXNews, the only reason Obamacare isn't being hammered (according to them) is cuz 'everything else', is so bad, and the main things they mention are the economy, (which has been in steady improvement after THEY wrecked it), and the Mideast, which has been a disaster since their 'Oops, no WMD's' fiasco loosed the hounds of hell in the region. They don't mention great strides in employment, home prices, auto production, energy independence, etc, while they continue to scream about imminent inflation, that never happens. Mainly, they just bitch about the Dems not fixing the Pubs' mistakes 'fast enough'. AND, in 'sheep world', Benghazi, (which they KNOW was totally Hillary's fault), is the worst thing to EVER happen.