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Another 'Good Night'

as we drove up to the 'Little Bear', in Evergreen, where Kathy, and her band, 'Off the Record' was playing. A whole bunch of classic rock n roll, in a classic mountain bar. Good times, as we met w/our buds who just got back from Australia/Fiji. Life IS good.... (Yup, those are bras, hanging from the rafters)

From the same crowd

that gave us (unsuccessful) 'snake handling' last week, Kentuckians are building 'Noah's Ark', at public expense, including a $62 million in municipal bonds.
Josh Rosenau, policy director for the California-based National Center for Science Education, said the ark park is objectionable because it displays "a false account of world history and biology" and presents it "as if it were fact."
The Creation Museum (with displays of people interacting with dinosaurs) about 40 miles from the planned ark park embrace a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis and a belief that the Earth is only 6,000 years old — a view that runs counter to established science. As a result, the organization and its projects have drawn widespread criticism, but ONLY from those who believe in provable science, which disqualifies most Kentuckians, who have one of the lowest education/income rates in the country. The ark should be a great draw for the anti-science crow…

Denver Restaurant Week

is a chance to experience great dining at reasonable prices. Used to be $52.80/couple, but is still a bargain at $60. Met Nate and Laura/Ted and Kari at Denver Prime Steakhouse last night for some amazing fillets and lobster, with all the accompaniments, including the new New Belgium creation on tap. Always good to see the kids, esp w/such great food. Next up is 'The Little Bear' in Evergreen, where one of our fav band/singers is playing. "Tis a privelege, to live in Colorado"...

FOX is bitchin, again, today

cuz someone other than them, is trying to influence an election. According to the clowns,

PLANNED PARENTHOOD'S POLITICAL ARM is planning largest-ever campaign blitz for midterm and gubernatorial elections, poised to pour millions into key races that could determine who controls Congress.

OMG, the clowns (who are bought and paid for by Muddoch/Ailes) think it's TERRIBLE that Planned Parenthood, who thinks that women should actually have a say in the reproductive process, (rather than following Popes and Politicians), is donating money to politicians who respect women's rights. Nothing new here, as FOX continues to show what 'out of touch jerks' they actually are. FOXNews, what a joke, just not funny...

Some clouds have silver linings,

even when that cloud is Arizona's display of ignorance/hate. Every time the Conservative Republicans 'make a statement', it exposes them and their agenda to the general public, who thankfully, is moving away from prejudice and bias. Again, the Pubs find themselves on the wrong side of enlightened human thinking and it will only help to hasten their demise. Sure, they may be able to summon their old, shrinking base to the polls, and even win a few more elections, BUT, they are on the wrong side of history as the populace gradually becomes more educated and open to individual freedom. The Pubs, who fought Social Security, Medicare and racial equality now fight gay rights (cuz everyone knows it's a CHOICE we all struggle to make), are against reforming antiquated drug laws that fill our prisons, while advocating tax loopholes for the rich and shoveling more money to a military that is already bloated. Like a Klansman at a NAACP meeting or Phil Robertson at a Gay Pride pa…

The Queen-Bitch, Jan Brewer,

gov of the 'hate-state', AZ, had a 'Come to God' monent, that made her re-think her support of a bill  allowing Arizona businesses to refuse services to gay individuals, cuz we all know it's a personal decision whether to be gay or not. Remember when YOU had to choose? (It was SO difficult.) She loved leading the Pubs of the state in their ignorance, UNTIL, the NFL said they'd move the 'Hugely Profitable' 2015 Super Bowl. SURPRISE, the witch changed her mind. As always, money talks, ESPECIALLY to Repubs. Jan Brewer, what a bitch/joke. Just not funny....

Finally did it

Met my buddy Denny for lunch in Lafayette today and noticed a store across the street called 'Herbal Wellness'. Hmmm. Sounded kinda suspicious to us, so we checked it out. Yup, it was a dispensary. Pretty crazy to see and smell all that stuff out there, legally. All kinds of strains, edibles, elixirs, etc. Very friendly (and very stoned), very helpful staff. All kinds of paraphenalia and lots of specials for first time customers. Other than staff we were the only ones there and got a great tour. Felt like a kid in a candy shop. The most interesting was Grape Ape. Had never heard of it, but Wow....

Colorado Pot Rush, Marijuana in America, CNBC

I like to start my morning with CNBC, the Financial Channel. This morning they were pushing a special that's gonna be on their network tonight, at 10 Eastern time, as Harry Smith, now an NBC News contributor, returns to his old stomping grounds to lead a carefully balanced, journalistically proper tour of the local recreational pot industry.
"Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush," premieres Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. on CNBC.

Read more: "Colorado Pot Rush" a balanced Harry Smith CNBC documentary - The Denver Post
Could be interesting, as the tax receipts are starting to come in and the numbers are WAY higher than anyone predicted. I haven't been to a shop myself, but am getting kinda curious....

Good news, bad news

about today. Carol and I started playing 'Pickle Ball' this afternoon at the local rec center. Was fun, but Carol hurt her foot. Just when I thought we found an activity that wasn't as dangerous as bowling (inside joke). Fun game, for old farts like us. The bad news? Was strange to look around at al the 'old farts' and realize these are our 'peers'. Scary, but real. The good news? We can be 'athletes' again, compared to the competition.

Just to 'keep it real'

when you are an old fart like me, you've been around for a LONG time, seen and done a LOT and formed some educated opinions. Bottom line, I don't like the Democrats, BUT, I REALLY can't stand the Republicans, when I look back on all the damage they've done to the country I love (starting with Viet Nam). They are all about enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else, whether it be wars (based on lies), minimum wage workers (screw 'em, I got mine), low education voters (climate change and evolution are a hoax, and sexual orientation is a choice) and protecting tax breaks for the 1%, while cutting the safety net out from those who need it most. They hate Obamacare, cuz that allows us to have the health care that the rest of the world takes for granted. Bankruptcy for a disease is FINE with them. They believe the Koch bros propaganda who are gazillionaires while polluting our air, land and water.  Anyone who can/will believe the propaganda from FOX, while ign…

The hypocrites at FOX

who applaud law enforcement officials who decide NOT to enforce the gun laws they don't like, now say that those same officials should HAVE to enforce the anti-gay laws that they don't like, CUZ IT'S THE LAW! Same old pretzel logic, total bullshit rationale from the clowns at FOX. Can the sheep recognize the absurdity of of the FOX position? Of course not. They're sheep and sheep don't think, they just agree with FOX, cuz they all know that Dems=Bad, Pubs=Good, ALWAYS! Case closed...
This just in, from Big Bill on 'The Facturd'. IMPORTANT Benghazi news, for the sheep who just can't get enough of the worst disaster EVER to happen to the US, all because Hillary screwed up SO bad.  But, no WMD's in Iraq? Hey, no big deal. Everyone makes mistakes...

There he goes again

The VP who had HALF the approval numbers of GWBush's 22% is on the attack, again. The 'Dark Lord', (who should be in prison for war crimes), would rather kill people than feed them and is always treated like a conquering hero on FOXNews, rather than the lying war-monger he is, calls the repositioning of military assests (the overall expenditure is still going UP) a 'disaster'. The big question? With his background of lies and failed wars why would ANYONE give him any credence? Oh yeah, they're sheep, and when Murdoch/Ailes decide 'truth', who are they to question it? Sickening, but very real....

Just like the rest of the country,

we have a major 'problem group' here in Colorado, who wants to put their ideology before the 'overall good' of the people. Yup, I'm talkin Repubs, who, in the last couple of weeks, have fought water conservation, in the form of low volume flush toilets and shower heads and limiting the size of grass lawns, (in new construction only), AND fighting innoculations in children, as being 'too much Big Brother/Big Govt'. It's fine when these whackjobs don't believe in basic science, (like evolution and climate change) and keep to themselves, BUT, when their anti-education views cut into a limited water supply and enables preventable disease in young children, I can't help but being pissed off. Nothing new here, as the anti-science party, led by FOX, spreads their ignorance over the land....

Colorado Gov John Hickenlooper nailed it,

when he called Bobby Jindal, LA Gov(R), a 'cheapshot artist', as Jindal called Obama's plan to raise the minimum wage, 'the white flag of surrender', and said true economic reform would be the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is merely moving Canadian oil through the US. That is 'economic reform? More of the same old crap from the party of NO ideas, other than to kill the economy, like they did the last time they were in charge.

Did you know

that, according to FOX, the US military is going to be 'cut to the bone' because Obama won't cut entitlements? In typical FOX fashion, BOTH parts of the headline are wrong. We'll still have the world's largest, most expensive military, BY FAR, and it's the Pubs who refuse to cut entitlements, along with some Dems. Other than that, FOX was 'right on' as it continues to broadcast a combination of opinion and outright lies as 'news'.
Another headline from the Fair and Balanced network, today: 'America Would be Better Off With GOP in Control'. Yeah, right.... Didn't we see the disastrous consequences of that in 2008, when the economy TANKED, after 8 years of GOP control? FOXNews, a combination of fantasy and propaganda, disguised as 'news', for the naive and gullible.
PS.--FOX dared ask the probing question today, 'Is Media Trapped in Their Ideological Biases?' DUH, if you are FOX, the answer is a resounding YES!.

No real surprise

as we watch the closing games of the Olympics, and they honor a bunch of Coloradans. As a youngster, I always knew (or hoped) I'd live in Colorado, and a bunch of like-minded individuals did the same. Least obese and most 'in shape', as well as near highest education/income of the nation, and, SURPRISE a majority who voted to decriminalize pot. A coincidence? I don't think so... Colorado is a unique place, that I've always felt a part of. Now, our basic feelings are 'paying off'. as property values (the most REAL form of polls) are WAY higher, compared to the less desirable (Repub) parts of the nation. Nothing new here, but fun and profitable, just the same....

I caught a little flack

for my remarks about the Repub icon, Ronald Reagan, so here's some facts the sheep would never hear from FOX.
He raised taxes 11 times, increased govt spending by 57% and TRIPLED the natl debt. And, just to keep it real,under Obama the deficit has been more than cut in half , since he's been in office, in spite of the fact that The Great Recession, from Bush/Repubs, (the worst since The Great Depression), drastically raised govt outlays for unemployment ins, food stamps, etc, and lowered tax revenue significantly. If you believe FOX, as the sheep blindly do, you'd think just the opposite was true. Nothing new here, as everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but NOT their own facts, as the Pubs pretend to be 'fiscally responsible' ONLY when they aren't in charge. Just a bunch of hypocrites....

Not a lot of good things

about getting old, BUT, having the time to watch the Olympics, nearly live, as the US Women play for the gold medal, vs Canada is pretty cool. Great game, with bad finish. With less than 4 mins, we were up 2-0. Then it was tied, and we lost in overtime. Crazy, but if we have to lose, I don't have a large problem with my northern friends winning. Hopefully, the men can even it up, tomorrow. Bottom line, women are great hockey players, and it was a great game, BUT, the phantom 'slashing' call against the US, giving Canada a 4-3 player advantage in overtime, was atrocious at the time and even worse looking back on it. Totally bogus and it changed the game.

No exact numbers yet, BUT,

the gov and 'pot shop' owners are saying tax receipts are 'off the chart' for recreational cannabis. Not surprising. LOTS of people smoke, and now that it's legal, the govt can get revenue, instead of it going to Mexican cartels. Even the Pubs should be able to understand that? Nope, that's asking too much, for the FOXNews crowd, who wants to just 'throw em in jail'. Nothing new here, as they will gradually get in touch with the people, once they figure out that's where the votes are. Hypocritic jerks, as always, who will be dragged, kicking and screaming into the mainstream. And they wonder why they are a dying breed...
Haven't been to a pot shop yet, but will probably do it soon, just to see what it's like. I can't imagine living somewhere you can get thrown in jail for possessing a naturally growing plant. Gotta love them Conservatives, who contiually are 'behind the curve' and just don't get it, as they fought Social Se…

Some of the best TV

is on late night, SO, we record Kimmel and Fallon, and some Letterman. I think Fallon has more talent, as in singing, dancing and impersonations, but Kimmel does better interviews and is funnier. Letterman is good in his own way, as he dislikes Pubs as much as I do. Smart guy...

This year's gonna be different

Billy Bob and Luther were talking one afternoon when Billy Bob tells Luther, "Yaw know, I reckon I'm 'bout ready for a vacation. Only this year I'm gonna do it different. The last few years, I took your advice about where to go. Three years ago you said to go to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii and Earlene got pregnant. Then two years ago, you told me to go to the Bahamas, and Earlene got pregnant again. Last year you suggested Tahiti and darned if Earlene didn't get pregnant again."
Luther asks Billy Bob, "So, what you gonna do this year that's different?"
"I'm taking Earlene with me".

As we continue

trying to see the all of the movies nominated for Oscar's 'Best Film', we saw 'Philomena' yesterday. Slow starting, and introspective, but very well done, when you realize it's a true story. Good look back at Reagan, who exacerbated the Aids epidemic, by withdrawing research funds, cuz 'They deserve it'. The more I hear, read and see about him, the more I agree with ALL his children,( who knew him best), and can't stand him (their own father) call him a 'total a**hole', 'phony jerk', just the way I remember him (does anyone know you better than your own children?). Not one of my 'FAV' movies, but I liked it. Dame Judith Dench and Steven Googan are fantastic. Reagan, did exactly what the Pubs hate today. Spent a WHOLE LOT MORE than he took in, but that's OK with the sheep, if you're a Pub like Reagan, or Bush.  Just don't try it if you're a Dem....

From the 'Fair and Balanced' Network

This Just In

'Hillary Clinton Unqualified to be President'  (former Sec of State, Senator, First Lady)
'Clinton Accomplished NOTHING as Sec of State' (vs Bush. Two New Wars! YAHOO)

FYI, this is from the same a**holes who bitched about a newscaster having a 'bias' against those who shoot black kids in FL and get away with it.

And the sheep wonder why the educated world laughs at them? (BUT, in sheepworld, all their 'couch dwelling' buddies are in the same minority who actually believe FOXNews. Sad, but true)

This just in, from FOX

Oh My God! Obama was seen playing golf in California, on a course that uses 'lots' of water, while the state is suffering through a major drought! Also, the clowns are bitchin', cuz Don Lemon, a newscaster, showed some 'bias' when reporting the story of a shooter that killed a young black man, cuz his music was too loud. Is there ANYTHING funnier than the clowns at FOX, who exist for ONE purpose, bitchin about a 'bias' in reporting? This, while continually supporting and 'hero-worshipping' Ted Nugent, who called Obama a 'Commie-inspired, subhuman mongrel', and, waving an assault rifle, said 'Suck on this, Hillary and Obama', and during the campaign said, 'If Obama's elected, I'll be dead or in prison by this time next year'. A true FOX News HERO, for the sheep to look up to. FOXNews, what a joke....

There are many things you can bet/rely on

The sun will rise tomorrow. 'Family' is the most important part of your life. FOX will lie/cheat/steal and do ANYTHING they can, to trash Obama/Dems, in an attempt to reinstall the Pubs to power, hoping the rubes won't remember what it was like the last time they were in charge. Unfortunately for them, MOST of us remember it only TOO well. What a disaster, that no one, with any sense of history, would want to repeat.....

What can you say

when dealing with this kind of stupidity? I call it Darwinism, survival of the fittest or evolution, as we see a Kentucky preacher getting bitten by a poisonous snake, refusing treatment and dying. This is a perfect example of how/why some humans evolve, and some die out. It's called 'natural selection'. If you wanna handle rattlesnakes, get bitten and refuse treatment, maybe you should die. As a species, we don't need your 'stupid genes'.

Relying not on 'The Silence of the Lambs',

but rather, 'The Ignorance of the Sheep', a 'tried and true' technique, FOX is bitchin' cuz Obama is 'violating the Constitution' through executive orders, BUT, Obama has used that executive action less than most U.S. presidents -- (167 times so far, compared to 256 for Reagan), after 'The Party of NO!' forced him to do SOMETHING after refusing to fill dozens of important judicial positions. AND, while the Pubs bitch about Obamacare needing a lot of fixes, they bitch even MORE when Obama uses his power to fix or delay it. Illogical? Of course, but at least they are consistent, in doing everything in their power to return to 'the scene of the crime' where they WRECKED the economy last time they were in power. Remember the smoldering ashes of the US economy after 8 years of Bush? Wow, if only we could return to the 'Good ol' Days' of Repub 'leadership'....

Continuing their show of stubborn ignorance,

the Pubs, who voted over FORTY SEVEN TIMES to repeal Obamacare, (after it was already a law), and blaming Hillary, (who was so far up the food chain she never heard about the attack until AFTER it was too late to send aid) for Benghazi, (which occured AFTER the Pubs voted to CUT embassy security), the Repubs now have a 'new' plan of attack for the next prez of the United States. Blame her for the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski affair. Yup. It's all over FOX (News?). 'How Could We Have Another Clinton After the SCANDAL?' Nothing new here, but talk about desperate... If only we could have a 'quality' person like Sarah Palin, Hermann Cain, Fred Thomson, Michelle Bachmann or Donald Trump for president. Just some of the 'jokes' who take turns leading the Repub clown parade. Nothing new here...

While we were gone,

I recorded several TV shows, incl Jimmy Kimmel, as he had the cast of 'The Monuments Men'. With the ongoing feud between Jimmy and Matt Damon, it was HILARIOUS! See it if you can, and want a bunch of laughs.

In typical FOX fashion,

the clowns reported on the world's largest solar energy facility opening in the Nevada desert last month. The headline?  "World's Largest Solar Plant Scorching Birds in Nevada Desert". Yup, the 'environmentalists' at FOX all of a sudden care about birds. What a joke. If you read far enough into the article they finally admit the solar facility provides enough electricity to power 140,000 homes, BUT, the main thrust of the article is the POOR BIRDS, cuz 'over a dozen' have been scorched in the last few months. Typical FOX spin. They also ridicule 'Climate Change' cuz the East is having a cold winter, but ignore the worst drought ever in California. Wow, I'm shocked....

If you like charts,

and believe they show trends, you may wanna check out silver. It's held (again) at the 'support level' with the moving averages, volume is up and it has had a bit of a breakout on the upside. May be just a head fake, and lots of things can derail it, but it looks like silver is starting to move up again.

I have a LOT of problems,

with FOX and the sheep, but one of the stupidest things they do, (from a HUGE list), is to publish the results from their 'Reader's Polls', that support the right-wing, whack-job positions they take on different issues, which are ALWAYS anti-Dem/Obama. Surprise! The same sheep who actually swallow the swill that FOX dishes out, vote the same way in their 'polls', and the clowns can say 'See! We are right, again!', and the sheep can pretend they are informed. What a bunch of bullshit. Nothing new here....

Was good to see

some old friends at Tom Heller's funeral yesterday, but when I went to look at the pics I took, saw that I didn't have the card in my camera, after looking at Mexico pics on my computer. This dementia is getting worse all the time. Sad day, but good to know he was finally released from the prison that ALS had made of his body. Didn't go to the reception at the Country Club, cuz I know I would have stayed too long and had too many drinks while reminiscing with old friends, then had a long, dangerous drive home.  Rest in Peace, Tom.

Funeral today

Heller, Tom A.
 Dec 28, 1948 - Feb 9, 2014 Tom Heller of Castle Rock, CO, passed away February 9, 2014. He is survived by his loving wife, Sue; children, Karli, TJ, Jill, Kelly, John, and Scott; daughters-in-law, Merideth, Shelby, and Kelsey; sons-in-law, Bryan and Kevin; brothers, Jerry and Ron; sister, Judy; and nine grandchildren. MILITARY SERVICE at Fort Logan Cemetery, 11:30am Thursday, February 13, followed by a MEMORIAL SERVICE at New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO. - See more at:

His given name was Tommy Arlen Heller, and he was a buddy/teammate/best man at my wedding, All-State Football and B-ball and starting safety on undefeated '71-'72 Husker Football team, considered by many sportswriters to be the best college football team, EVER, and World Herald Athlete of the Year (Of the DECADE, I heard today) in Nebr, 1967. Quite a character. Had several …

Every day on the beach was good,

but the last one was kinda special, with not only the ocean and pools, but a Segway tour (REALLY fun), massages at the spa and dinner at the Italian restaurant. Nice way to finish up our time in paradise...

I always enjoy

spending time with the kids, and they always have fun with each other. Nothing like spending several days, and evenings hearing what's going on with them, their jobs and families. Just goes WAY too fast, but life is good....

Riviera Maya vacations

are always great, but this one was extra special with the kids, (and Piper!), who learned to snorkle within a few minutes, and spent many hours cruising around in the pool and the ocean. Absolutely fearless, and pretty unusual, for a 4 year old.

Was good to see

that the Barcelo Maya TV channel selection still doesn't include FOX among their 30-some channels. Too many complaints. Among the people who have the time, money and ambition to travel, the FOX clowns remain a joke, and foreigners just laugh when it's mentioned. Doesn't change anything for the sheep who never leave their couch, but it's good to know that the high education/income, traveling segment of the populace remains consistent in their ridicule of the propaganda from Bullshit Mountain and the rabid minority who actually swallow their propaganda.

I hate this part of a vacation,

when I have to return to 'the real world'. After living on the beach, at an all-inclusive resort, where the kids (and Piper!) joined us for the first 7 days, it kinda bites to return to snow, although it's supposed to be in the 60's by tomorrow. We did 'bring the weather with us', so it could be worse. Lotta things to take care of, and am moving pretty slow, but the worst part of it is having to wear shoes and long pants, not to mention the buffets and Corona on tap not available. Oh well, it is nice to see Bailey again. I think she missed us.

It's that time of year,

when I start dreaming of Mexican beaches, like this one near Playa del Carmen, while it just keeps snowing, here.

FOX is bitchin'

(what else is new?) about Colorado's legal pot, not only being the downfall of civilization, but also that kids could be poisoned by the 'edible' versions. There have been children who have accidentally been 'dosed' but there have been no problems other than lethargy and a nap.

'Compared with the 14 children who were treated after consuming marijuana, the hospital treated 48 children who had swallowed acetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol — and 32 who had accidentally taken antihistamines during the same time period.'

Again, not ideal, but people gotta remember, even if they don't like the idea of legal pot, that it is bascically harmless, other than a relaxing buzz, which is the purpose of it. It's legal, by democratic vote (and even some Repubs, ha), so get over it....
Not on point, but just read a quote that is SO true.
'The Republican Party is in danger of becoming a man cave of cavemen and the women who can abide them.' HA! …