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A reminder, from my apt in Houston

Across from my desk, where I spent most of my time, I had my cowboy hat, to remind me of the great outdoors in Colorado, and a verse of scripture that helped me thru the tuff times. I just gotta remember to 'claim it' more often...

I was expecting alot,

and wasn't disappointed. Thanksgiving at the 'mountain Olson's' continues to be a fantastic event. With the great house, amzing hospitality, delicious food, AND an exceptional concert, this year featuring Laura's sister Kelly, who used to be first chair violin, once a year just isn't enough. Good to see Bud and Alex are still doing well, though I'm not sure how much Alex is enjoying college in Gunnison. Other than lousy food, no girls and 'nothing to do', I think he's having a 'mahvelous' time, after being red-shirted his freshman year. Hope it works out for him, cause he's a good kid. Thanks, kids, for another wonderful Thanksgiving, AND for the bunch of leftovers you sent home w/us. Yu musta read my blog, huh?

I think it is my favorite holiday

Thanksgiving, that is. When we pause to give thanks for our many blessings, which in my case, FamGuy, is my family. Immediate and extended. I have been so fortunate. Am also thankful for our health and for this beautiful part of the world we call home. AND, it is a great excuse to eat a bunch of great food. And then the leftovers, mmmm. SO, wishing all my readers (both of you), a wonderful time together with your loved ones and some great leftovers...

No wonder,Barbara Bush had an ulcer attack.

Can you imagine, as she lies in bed, trying to sleep, and she sees the amount of suffering her son has inflicted upon the people of the world? No wonder she has a bleeding ulcer. She must feel TERRIBLE! OMG, what have we done, she must think. The world is SO different, in so many BAD ways, because of her son. Sorry, Barbara, but it's only right you should feel a small part of the pain that W has created.

Brother, can ya' spare a dime?

SEASONALLY ADJUSTED DATA-In the week ending Nov. 22, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 529,000, a decrease of 14,000 from the previous week's revised figure of 543,000. The 4-week moving average was 518,000, an increase of 11,000 from the previous week's revised average of 507,000.

That is over 2 million per month, NEW unemployment claims! If you have a job, be thankful, because there's alot of people don't. Where does it end? Who knows, but it ain't gonna be pretty...

There's a reason

that drilling hasn't been allowed in the 'Arches Nat'l Monument' area of Utah. This place is 'off the chart' beautiful. We drive though it every time we go to Lake Powell. If you haven't seen it, you can't imagine it. Truly unique, in our Nat'l Park's program. BUT, the Bushies are trying to get their oil drilling buddies into this park. To see oil derricks in this landscape is sacreligious, BUT, that makes me a bleeding heart liberal, I guess. I just don't understand why the Big Oil companies have the right to mess up true wilderness.... Never mind, it's because the "Big Boy's "can add a few extra million to their balance sheets. BUT, it's gonna mess up a truly beautiful landscape...

The talking heads at FOX

are having a great time, amongst themselves, disparaging Obama and the Dems, because they are bringing some familiar faces into the cabinet, after advocating "change". You jerks just don't get it. The "change" had to do with Bush and his cronies. It's not like the Dems needed change, the COUNTRY needed change. What a bunch of idiots...

As I watch, the ads,

on FOX, for Aspercreme, and Activon, those ointments you rub on your 'hurts', I realize how FOX can relate to their constituency. NO WAY aspirin can work, if it is applied topically (on the skin, for you FOX people) BUT, that is the group they advertise to. Acetylsalicylic acid ONLY works thru the bloodstream, BUT, for the FOX audience, who doesn't have a clue, no problem. They are disciples of Bush, the no-science guy. They deserve what they get..

Don't know who

had the most fun, Bailey or me, as I played 'cat and mouse', with her. I have a toy mouse, tied on a fishing line, and I pull it across the floor. She hides, and twitches, then attacks. I call it 'cat fishing', and we both have fun. She is SO fast...


Where are you Bush apologists, who were so vocal during the last few years? I know you're still there, just lurking in the shadows. Speak up. Please. Defend your boy...

Could this be true?

I Tevo'd it twice, cause I couldn't believe it, BUT, the real news is, that last week, there were 542,000 NEW unemployment claims filed. Over half a million in one week. Please tell me I'm wrong, but I'm not, unfortunately, AND, it's only gonna get worse. Our gov't is funded by taxes, from working people, and when that dries up, PLUS having to pay out all kinds of NEW benefits, to the recently unemployed and returning veterans, plus Medicare, etc, WTF? Off the charts, and it's only gonna get worse. Just think how many businesses are just trying to hang on thru the Christmas buying season. February is gonna be brutal. However, if you were in Big Oil, defense contracts, or a financial FatCat, you're gonna be OK. I knew W was a total disaster, but even I didn't know how bad he'd screwed us.

She did it again

Bailey caught a mouse, and took it to her favorite toy, to play with. She drops the mouse in the outer ring, and bops the mouse into the ball, then the ball into the mouse, making it run around the edge, where she plays with it. The mouse seemed totally unharmed, when I released it outside, but I bet it's little mousie brain was a bit addled. P.S. When she carries the mouse, it is with the head deep in her mouth, and the tail hanging out the front. A LOVELY look, for a kitty, as well as a memorable experience for a mouse.

After a historic day on Wall St,

hitting new lows, FOX had a financial special where they interviewed Karl Rove about the current disaster. In Karl's (totally unbiased) opinion, this market crash is the fault of Nancy Pellosi and those other Democrats who wanna 'give away the ranch'. Hey Karl? Think maybe the problem just MIGHT lie with your buddy W, and the bunch of crooks you 'pal around with'? We all know it's 'Obama's Recession' (just ask Rush), BUT, ya' think Bush, with his 8 years of looting the country, might be just a tiny bit responsible? Nah, I didn't think so...

Was flipping thru the channels,

when I came upon some 'rasslin'. You know, the fake stuff where the muscle bound steroid freaks break fake chairs over each other, and it reminded me of something. Wrestling is a real-world sport, practiced by high school and college athletes, as well as Olympians. The perverted version is a sort of freak show that some people enjoy watching. Nothing wrong with that, but don't get it confused with the real thing. Just like FOX News. If you wanna watch some entertaining fake stuff, fine. Just don't get it confused with the real thing. There're actually folks out there, that think they are both real, (rassling and FOX), but only in Red States, of course...

A Fresh, New, Steaming Pile,

is the latest assault on reality, perpetrated by Bill-O, of the famous Faux-news network. If there is a more blatant attempt at re-creating reality, please let me know. I can't imagine anything funnier...

The Plum Book,

is a list of jobs, that the new administration must fill. It includes some marginal jobs, that FOX News had a great time 'making fun of', as they pointed out some fringe-area jobs that paid pretty well. As the FOX News guys giggled amongst themselves, they failed to point out, that ALL these jobs (giggle, giggle) are currently held by Bush appointees. They conveniently forgot about W's college roommate (You're doing a Great Job, Brownie), who he appointed as head of FEMA, after he was a failed leader of the Arabian Horse Council. Just didn't seem relevant, I guess, when you're doing a 'hit piece', like FOX is famous for...

Bailout? For who?

Instead of dealing with 'troublesome loans', the Repub front guy, Hank Paulson has flip-flopped, and, contrary to what the $ was appropriated for, is using the hundreds of billions of dollars to buy bank stocks. As always, if you wanna know what's going on, 'follow the money'. Hmmm... I wonder who profits from this program? Maybe the owners of bank stocks? Who owns most bank stocks? Fatcat bank officers who have seen their portfolios shrink because of their greedy, short term plan to make a killing with subprime loans? SOOO, now they get a blank check to prop up their stock portfolios, and the gov't HOPES they will begin loaning again, BUT, they haven't. Good thing the Repubs, the financially responsible party, is in charge. If not, we might have a real mess...

But FOX has a full-time Liberal....

Just as the Harlem Globetrotters had the Washington Generals, (who unlike Alan Colmes, actually won ONE game), FOX has a token liberal to push around, whose "whole job is to lose every argument." After the president declared "Mission Accomplished" in 2003, Colmes said, "Now that the war in Iraq is over, shouldn't the people in Hollywood who opposed the president admit they were wrong?," Typical liberal sentiment if I ever heard it. Just as there are people who believe the earth is flat, and that Saddam was behind 9-11, there are those who believe the drivel from FOX. P.T. Barnum was right, there IS a sucker born every minute, and now they have a place to congregate...

Outfoxed, The Movie

Image Here's a 2 minute 'taste'.

If you can handle the truth,

read about Rupert Murdoch, the man with the $$ behind FOX news, as well as George W Bush and the Iraq War. No one in the world has such control over the news SO MANY people get, from TV, radio and newspapers. Ya' wonder why FOX is so consistently Republican, no matter what the issue? Read how he uses it for his own profit, as he pays almost no taxes from his off-shore headquarters. Remember, $$ = power, and he has both, using it to pervert the news to support his special interests and politicians. BUT, there are those out there who think ALL OTHER news is prejudiced, but HIS tells the truth. UNbelievable, but true. Wake up, people...

Another side effect

to W's adventure in Iraq. The Rocky Mountain News' lead article yesterday, told how 9 different soldiers from the 4th Infantry Div, from Ft Carson, CO, have been charged with murder, in the Colorado Springs area, after returning from Iraq. Most, but not all, had the same MO. A marginal recruit, never acceptable until W trashed our military, returns home with post traumatic stress syndrome (over 30% of troops), from repeated tours in a surreal war zone, and SURPRISE, has a hard time adjusting to civilian life, SO, they revert to what they have been trained to do. Kill. I gotta think this is not limited to Colorado Springs, but we are gonna see alot of this, and lesser crimes, thoughout our country, as these guys come home to a jobless economy that has been wrecked by the same cowboy. Thanks, George, you've given us SO MUCH to remember you by....


Just saw on FOX news, that according to the 60 Minutes program, Obama's FIRST priority was to 'save the economy', including bailing out the Big 3. WRONG! I saw the show. He was asked, point blank, 'What is your number one priority?" He didn't stutter. He plainly said, "National security, keeping the country safe during the transition, is my first priority, because we are particularly vulnerable during this time." I thought, at the time, 'This oughta make the right-wingers happy.' BUT, that answer didn't fit in with the FOX piece about him having to pay back the unions for his election victory in 'Union States'. SO, FOX just LIED, and made up a quote to fit their latest rant. Out and out liars! But what else is new...

Did anyone else

see 60 Minutes, tonight? An hour long interview w/Barack Obama. Amazing. The quiet confidence, understated strength and undeniable intelligence just radiates from him. I just don't understand how anyone could look at him, with anything approaching impartiality and not be impressed. What a change. The obstacles are HUGE and numerous, but if there is anyone who could rise to the occasion, I just get the feeling that we have the right guy at the right time. I just wonder if he has an S on his chest, cause that's what it's gonna take, to clean up the mess that W left.

Instead of 'Fair and Balanced',

if 'truth in adverstising' was enforced, FOX would have to have a truthful moniker. In a rare moment of lucidity, on 5-24-05, W admitted, one of his main tasks was, to 'catapult the propaganda'. (Look it up). In that, I think we may have found FOX'S true motto. I would love to see some truth from FOX, and have them admit what their main job is. They are a well-oiled propaganda machine, and VERY good at it. A fun-to-watch production, with beautiful women and great technology. Love 'em or hate 'em, at least recognize 'em for what they are. A non-apologetic propaganda machine. I just wish, instead of the laughable, 'Fair and Balanced', we could see a truthful label. "FOX News, Catapulting the Propaganda." Yeah, that works...

Not that anyone's asking me,

but, if they were, I wouldn't know how to answer. Are the Big 3, (U.S. carmakers) worth saving? I've flipflopped, an unforgivable sin, according to some, several times, but now, am leaning toward letting them fail. At least let them slide into bankruptcy and try to renegotiate their contracts with labor, suppliers and retirees. The main tenant of capitalism is to reward what works, and let fail that which doesn't. BUT, some say, the failure of one or more of the Big 3, with all the peripheral damage, would cause job losses in the milions. So be it, I say, (at this moment), because it is gonna happen sooner or later, and it may as well be sooner, to get it over with. Let new technology and ideas take over where the old didn't work. Easy for me to say. I don't live in Detroit....


is a complicated science, BUT, our current situation isn't that complicated. It took a long time to get into this mess, and it's gonna take a long time to get out. A long, ugly time. There hasn't been a time like this since the 1920's. Don't shoot the messenger. You think the economy is bad? Give it a year, or two. This is gonna be the 'good ol' days'. Sorry, but that's how it is...

Good news, bad news

Good news, I was able to recognize a truly great wine, and track it down. Bad news, the wine merchant lied to me, and they DON'T have it stock and can't get it. The distributor is sold out. Oh well, I have a challenge. The German Reisling, Saint M, 2006, seems to be very popular, for a reason. VERY special wine, and I WILL find it. Good place to start my personal wine cellar....

As much as I hate to admit it,

I see myself becoming a bit of a 'wine snob'. There was a time when I couldn't tell the difference between good wine and swill, but now the swill isn't good enough for my spoiled palate. Good or bad? I don't know, but it IS. I can see how a good wine cellar could be one of life's greatest pleasures. Not that I could ever have one, BUT, it would be nice. Certain vintages, from the best grapes, grown on blessed sun drenched slopes, and subject to the vintner's art... AHHH, to be a coineseur of fine wine...

Friday nite date review

New James Bond flick, 'Quantum of Solace, was good, but not great. Great action and scenery, really like Daniel Craig as the new Bond, and a really bad, bad guy, BUT, the plot was too convoluted to follow, and the action got in the way of the story. Dinner at Bloom's, to celebrate (?) my new job, starting Tuesday, was excellent. Would really recommend the duck, with 'drunken cherry' sauce, BUT, the highlight was the wine. A German Reisling, called Saint M. Strange name, but, WOW. My new favorite wine...

Finally, when we travel,

it's gonna be different, when we go through Heathrow, or other international ports of call. When that passport inspector sees I'm from the U.S., he can give me a grin, as he congratulates me on our new president. No more telling my kids, as I did when they traveled, "Sew a Canadian flag on your backpack, so you don't take a chance on being labeled as a Bush supporter." I gotta admit though, as we traveled, most foreigners gave a us a pass, and realized he, and the religious right, had hijacked our government, and hoped, as I did, that it was temporary. Now, as Garrison Keillor says, is not a time for gloating, but for congratulating ourselves on correcting a terrible national wrong. Let's just hope the hole that Bush left us in, isn't TOO deep, to crawl out of...

Just got back

from pleading 'not guilty, your honor', to driving 45 in a 25 MPH Construction Zone. Was headed north on Sheridan Blvd, north of 144th, where it winds thru the country, and the speed limit is 45. Was driving 45 and came upon a Construction Zone-25 MPH- Fines Doubled, sign. There were a few orange cones, NO construction vehicles or workers, and a Police vehicle. Instead of hitting the brakes, as I maybe should have done, I decided to gradually slow down, as there was obviously no work going on. Next thing I know, flashing lights behind me and I have a ticket for 45 in a 25. I continued on my way, getting some seats for Matt's Bronco, fuming about the speed trap, and decided to get a picture for my defense. By the time I got back, ready to take a picture with my phone, there was no cop, no cones, and obviously no sonstruction. Seems the cop was sitting on a productive speed trap, after the workers had left, and before the cones were picked up. Unfair, I say, and will…

A follow up, here.

I caught an episode of Bill O'Reilly, one of the scariest guys syndicated today, and saw, how he intimidated his guest, who said the economy is 'really bad'. Bill's take? "Isn't it YOUR fault, and those like you, for making this seem worse than it is"? No shit. That's FOX answer to the problem. It's not 8 years of corrupt gov't, it's that damn liberal press that reports on it, that is the problem. UNNbelievable, but typical FOX..

Even though I don't listen

to Rush Limbaugh, as the mere sound of his voice makes my stomach turn, I saw a clip on the Financial Channel, today, featuring the beligerant buffoon. He was stating, in his usual loud-mouth fashion, how this latest economic downturn should be called the Obama Recession, because, it is obviously his fault. (I swear, that's what he said). We wouldn't be in trouble, Rush said, if it weren't for his election and his ideas that the markets are afraid of. UNNNNbelievable, but I'm sure sure his dittoheads were lapping it up and agreeing with his acute financial acumen. It couldn't be 8 years of the worst leadership in the history of our country? NO. It's those damn Democrats, who have had so much power during the last administration. Am I surprised that this jerk could even come up with such an accusation? Of course not! That is what Rush (and FOX) is all about. Tell the big lie often enough, and a certain ignorant, uninformed % of the public will agree with you. It…

It's 'That Day', again

Laura's 'favorite' day of the year, when we meet for meat. Not sure how many years in a row it has been, but a has been a bunch, as we get together the first weekend after the hunt, and process the elk into burger and stew meat. Gotta admit, we've gotten pretty good at it, and if 'the proof is in the pudding', we are experts. Another freezer full of white packages to supply the best protein imaginable for the next year. Someday, not soon I hope, this tradition will pass, and, we'll have to buy our meat in grocery stores like the rest of the world, but until then, here's to elk, the best meat in the world.

As I hunted my way through the woods,

earlier this week, I came upon this high country pond, and decided to take a picture, after I had taken a nap. Tried to capture the beauty/solitude of a perfect afternoon in the Rockies. Maybe you had to be there, but 'twas a truly beautiful part of God's green earth. Not far from there, at a place I named 'Vista Ridge', you could see over 50 miles, in three different directions. Amazing... After 3 days in the woods, and hauling out 2 elk, we celebrated (with Apple Jacks), our last night in camp, as the rain turned into snow. The next day, it was off to Steamboat Springs, cleaning up in a suite at the Hampton Inn, then soaking in the natural hot springs at Strawberry Park, after which we met Bugs, at a local Steakhouse, where Inward Charles (Matt) treated us to microbrews and a fantastic meal. And some people wonder why I hunt??

A 'weighted' map,

showing red/blue states, based on population. Let's just pretend that better education=higher income=more choices as to where you live. Could there be any doubt that those who have CHOICES in life choose to live in the blue areas, leaving the red states to those who don't? Obviously not everyone, but as a group. A tough concept for you red staters to understand/believe, BUT, to anyone who can understand economics and the laws of statistics, this map speaks volumes about education/income, as PROVEN by property values, vs poverty/gullibility, which happens to be W's base. You can't make this stuff up, just as you can't present a rational argument against it...

OK, one more reality check

When you look at the mess our country is in, there are several culprits, but NOTHING like the damage that the high price of oil did to us. Bush's contributor's/buddies had free reign to manipulate the market, and they did, TO THE MAX, taking oil from under $25, to over $140/barrel. There was NEVER a shortage. That, along with changed rules in the financial markets, a war based on lies, that turned the world against us, and also allowed for 'a killing' for his friends, doomed our economy, as it made his buddies rich beyond belief. I can only hope our country can survive the looting of our treasury for the enrichment of the oil/military/financial complex, that is the base of W and his buddies. I just wonder, seriously, if we have been wounded, beyond our ability to heal. I hope not....

This is my buddy, Matt,

at the wheel of his Bronco, hauling his pop-up, after he shot both elk we got this year. Other than being a bit politically obtuse, though not as bad as before, he is an EXCELLENT hunting buddy, and all-around good friend. Not sure how many years (22?) that we've hunted together, but I doubt if there's anyone, outside of prison, who has a better success rate. Thanks, buddy, for putting up with me, all these years.

Elk camp, 2008

Note, there is no snow, (but this picture was taken early in the trip). We got our favorite campsite, all to ourselves, beside a lovely stream (great sleep sounds), in a camp with southern exposure. Five days of hiking and hunting, eating and drinking, thinking and talking, with my best buddies. 'Twas so nice to get away from the stress of Houston/work to just chill out in the Rockies. After 37 years in a row, will be a sad day when I can't make the trip, so am enjoying it 'to the max' while I can. The best part? Spending time with, and enjoying the company of, my son, who turned out to be a pretty good kid, if I do say so myself..

OK, I think I'm done

bashing Bush and FOX News. It is too easy and too obvious. Just kidding, I could NEVER stop. Way too much passion against the WMD, (against MY country) who goes by 'W', for short. The election is over, the good guys won, and as the lame duck drags his lame ass into the sunset, let's just hope he hasn't damaged our country beyond repair.

Doonesbury, today,

has a cartoon of guys watching TV news. "We've never seen anything like this. There are celebrations in the streets everywhere around the world, some bordering on euphoric" Now let's turn to FOX. "Coming up. Terrorist fist-bumps around the world." Seriously, only 3 countries ( Phillipines, Georgia and Israel, ALL dependent on US $) in the entire world (out of 140?) supported John McCain for prez. A lasting legacy of W and the Repubs. I can only guess FOX news must not push their propaganda overseas, OR, they are seen as too blatantly biased for anyone to take them seriously. Oops. I forgot. They are "Fair and Balanced'. Riiiiiiight.....

Am SO tired,

after hiking miles through the mountains, the last few days, and sleeping little, BUT, don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, to watch the Bush party get their asses kicked, on live TV. It feels SO good, after watching those crooks, backed by FOX news, drag MY country down the tubes for the last few years. Just listen. You can hear the whole world rejoicing that the cowboy conman and his corrupt henchmen are gone.

Great article on AOL

about Bush, the invisible man, who has totally disappeared from public view. SURPRISE! The idiot who is the standard bearer for Repubs, is hiding out, these days. Does that tell you something?

How HUGE is this?

Am watching the votes come in, and it looks like a landslide for Obama. Who coulda guessed that people would turn out in droves to vote against Bush and his cronies? Finally, some justification for the outrage I, and many others, have felt againt that idiot, and those who supported him. Only about 15% of votes in, BUT, the writing is on the wall. The triumph of education and enlightenment vs. the right wing fear machine. About time...

Another update

Kari is home, since last night, and doing pretty well, I think. Visited her on the way home from elk trip, which was FANTASTIC. Got 2 elk, had great weather, and really needed the 'campfire time', w/my best buddy and son. Was a boring trip, as opposed to WAY too interesting, like last year. Got pics and stories, LATER....