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Not that there's anything WRONG with it, BUT...

This just in... Michelle Bachmann's husband just ran off with Lindsay Graham, as they decided to start off 2016 by not, 'pretending' any more,,,

Am getting smarter, as I get older,

cuz I'm not gonna have a hangover tomorrow, AND I didn't totally overeat, although the King Crab was fantastic. Leftover crab and champagne... Wow, who da thunk?

In the good ol' days,

we'd be checked into the hotel, changing into our party clothes, getting ready for the 'sit down dinner', then it was on to the dance, as we partied in the New Year. Did that, (with 'the crew') for many years. Now, it's the annual NewMas party, (with the crew), sometime between Christmas and New Year's, and welcoming the new year from the comfort of home.
This year it's the largest King Crab legs I've ever seen and some good champagne, with BCS football on the tube. Yup, we're getting old, but there's a LOT of that 'going around'. Happy New Year!

Just a few hours left,

(right after they all get drunk at the NYE parties) and Texans will be able to 'legally carry'. What could possibly go wrong? I'm just wondering if the first (of many) victims will be from an 'accidental discharge', or if some dumbass Texan will just get pissed off, and remember he's packin' heat. I just know it'll be real dangerous place for non-rightwingnuts, who are WAY outnumbered....

JOB OPENING, for you rightwingnuts 'out there',

For some unexplained reason (maybe a sudden case of sanity?), 'Dr' Ben Carson's top aides have quit his campaign, SO, all you brainiacs who think Ben is presidential material, NOW is your big chance. I'm sure President Carson will reward you with a cabinet position when he wins.

Santa just changed his Facebook pic


The rightwingnuts are freakin' out,

for good reason, cuz they just found out who's the 'Most Admired Woman', for a RECORD 14th year in a row.
For the 14th year in a row – and 20th year overall – Hillary Clinton has received the honor. Yahoo! News has more: This is the 14th consecutive year Clinton has topped the annual Gallup list — longer than any other woman or man in the Washington-based consulting company’s history. Since 1993, when she was first named most-admired woman, Clinton has maintained the media’s attention with her various roles: first lady, senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate. SOMEHOW, FONews 'missed' the story, but the Fair and Balanced crew DID post several ANTI-Hillary stories, incl, the 'Top Secret' E-mails (though FOX doesn't mention they were classified that way AFTER she sent them), sent on her 'Private Server'.

The Pubs have hurt the country

in MANY ways, big and small, but one of the worst, and least known, is by throwing a tantrum, and refusing to act on Fed judgeship nominations. Not that they are BAD appointees (according to the Repubs), but their plan is to just 'put it off', hoping that they can win in 2016, while the current judicial system is SO clogged up and behind, that new cases take well over a year to get a hearing, which can REALLY screw things up. The Dems didn't like all of GW's appointees, but realized the system had to move forward, unlike the Pubs who just 'shut it down', in one of their favorite 'plays', There were 68 new judges, approved by Dems, during the Bush disaster years. Over 7 years into his presidency, Obama has gotten 11 new judges approved, at a time when the courts are totally overloaded. Thanks again Pubs, who play 'politics', while the judicial system of the country waits and waits and waits....

Jerry Seinfeld has a (fairly) new show,

called something like 'Car Comedians and Coffee', and they had an excerpt on the nat'l news (not FOX, but 'real' news), about Jerry going to the White House, picking up the prez and going for a ride. What made it memorable was the car, a silver-blue, '63 Corvette, split-window coupe, just like the one I drove in college, after I spent ALL my student loan money on my 'dream car'. Was pretty cool to see the interior and hear how much the prez loved Jerry's ride. Have never seen the show, but plan to look it up and catch this one. One of the 'coolest' cars ever. Sold it for $1500, (and bought a '55 Chevy wagon, with big Buick engine, custom interior and a 'floor shift') and now they go for over $75,000. Oh well....

Bill Cosby FINALLY had charges filed against him,

and the ink wasn't even dry, when FOX/PARP came out with 'news' comparing him to Bill Clinton. WTF? Only on Bullshit Mountain could there be such a connection. True, Bill liked/likes the ladies, but the only time he was ever accused of UNWANTED contact was by a woman(R), who later recanted the charges when put under oath. This doesn't stop the clowns at FOX/PARP though, whenever they get a chance to smear Obama, any Clinton or any Democrat, cuz 'that's what they do', on the Fair and Balanced network, which is like 'real' news, if news didn't rely on facts;
Comparisons of the two stem from Clinton's allegedly womanizing past, and specifically from Juanita Broaddrick's accusation that Clinton raped her in 1978. During Paula Jones' investigation of Clinton in 1998, Broaddrick swore in an affidavit that rumors about Clinton assaulting her were unfounded.
Yup, a recanted story from 1978 makes FOX headlines. Good job bozos.....

Obama, The Job Killer?


Wow, hard to believe,

but I actually agree with Ted 'Greaseball' Cruz on something that's SO obvious I can't believe anyone, other than those who actually profit from it (midwest farmers), wouldn't actively oppose it. I'm talking about corn 'subsidies', in many forms, to grow corn, at the expense of every other crop, while draining precious water, using more energy than it creates, (thanks GW), and forcing ethanol into the tanks of our cars, hurting mileage, performance and causing corrosion.
Good for you, Ted, and taking the 'long view', rather than just pandering to the 'corn states(R)', like so many politicians do.
Cruz described an agricultural forum in Iowa early in the year attended by presidential hopefuls as a “Big corn kiss up confab.’’ Mr. Cruz is leading Iowa polls of likely Republican caucus-goers despite opposing federal support of ethanol, a major Iowa industry, which he calls corporate welfare and a distortion of the free market.

Every once and a while I think,

WHY do I hate GW and The Dick(R), SO much, and then it hits me. Viet Nam really screwed me up, making me REALLY dislike 'God and Country', (forever linked, in my mind), who wanted to send my ass to Southeast Asia, to kill or be killed. The only good thing? I thought a lesson had been learned, that could NEVER happen again, in MY country. Then we got GW and The Dick(R), who did the SAME thing, and screwed up SO many, AGAIN. That's why I can't stand the Repub party and all they represent. Money, for a few, above all....

Just a quick note to the sheep,

who have told me, 'GW got bad info, everyone makes mistakes'...
 Hey, do I have a deal for you. A Nigerian prince just notified me that I have a HUGE inheritance coming AND I won a lottery I didn't even know that I had entered. The good news? I will share ALL my winnings with you, if you just send me the $5000 in fees, needed to collect the winnings.
Please send the $, ASAP. you are gonna be RICH!
Hey, if you believe the GW/mistake story, believing this should be NO problem, BUT I doubt anyone that ignorant has $5000, unless you can monetize your food stamps....

Wow, Big Oil is freakin' out,

cuz a barrel is around $35. Before GW (Repub Texan) invaded the oil basket of the world, on trumped up lies, a barrel of oil sold for $14. BUT, after 'shock and awe', the Big Oil Boys(R) were able to rape the American people at the gas pump, where a fill-up went from under $20 to over $80. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of fill-ups over MANY years and maybe you can figure out why I can't stand GW, The Dick and FOXNews who engineered one of the largest 'transfers of wealth' in modern history. And this doesn't even count the tens (or hundreds?) of billions of dollars that 'ethanol' has cost, (plus the invaluable water that was 'wasted'), in another Repub fiasco.
Unbelievable how the sheep can't see what is SO obvious, but that's why they're sheep, which is a one word definition of 'Not a Clue', as the little people vote Repub, supporting the crooks, so they can fight gay marriage and 'protect themselves' form a …

Don't claim to know what's happening,

with Peyton Manning and HGH, BUT I see that he isn't arguing the fact that his wife got LOTS of shipments of the illegal drug, while he was doing rehab. Again, I have no idea what's going on, but it looks kinda suspicious, as his wife got huge amounts the banned steroid, human growth hormone, delivered to her, and he doesn't dispute it. We'll see....

The US STILL doesn't have an ambassador to Mexico,

because Pubs in the Senate have held up the nomination, (bi-partisanly approved in the House), cuz she helped broker the US-Cuba 'thawing of relations', and the decades long embargo was lifted. Marco Rubio is behind it, for (obviously) political reasons and the Pubs 'fall in line', to the detriment of the country. But, at least they 'sort of' have a reason, unlike they ambassadorships they have blocked (for YEARS) to Norway and Sweden, because of totally unrelated concessions they want in return. SO, our NATO allied friends, bordering the Soviet Union don't have US ambassadors, cuz the Pubs wanna 'bargain' on other issues, and have 'shut it down', while they throw a tantrum. Same old crap from the Pubs. Seems too 'low' even for the Repubs? Look it up....

'Real' news reported the facts,

that an Oregon business refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, and stood by their beliefs, (God Hates Fags), and chose to pay the fine, rather than obey the law. BUT, they didn't have the money, SO, the state confiscated their bank account, rather than sending them to jail and giving them the publicity they wanted. One of the store's owners complained that one of their accounts contained tithe money, which gets me to the FOXNews headline, where Bullshit Mountain has to continually prove their is a "War on Christmas/Christians', in their on-going campaign to keep the sheep 'riled and afraid'. What was the spin put on the story by the 'talent' at FOX 'news'?
"State Steals Money Meant For Our Lord"  Yup, that's how the 'Fair and Balanced' bozos handle a story of those who flaunt the law, (what happened to 'Law and Order'?), but don't pay the price. Nothing new here, but a good example of 'truth…

They just don't learn.....

2015 was, of course, the year of Donald Trump, whose rise has inspired horror among establishment Republicans and, let’s face it, glee — call itTrumpenfreude — among many Democrats. But Trumpism has in one way worked to the G.O.P. establishment’s advantage: it has distracted pundits and the press from the hard right turn even conventional Republican candidates have taken, a turn whose radicalism would have seemed implausible not long ago.
Why does this matter? Right now conventional wisdom, as captured by the bookies and the betting markets, suggests even or better-than-even odds that Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz will be the nominee, in which case everyone will be aware of the candidate’s extremism.
And if this happens, it will be important to realize that not being Donald Trump doesn’t make someone a moderate, or even halfway reasonable. The truth is that there are no moderates in the Republican primary, and being reasonable appears to be a disqualifying characteristic for anyone seeking the …

Because governors deal on a 'state level',

the Repub govs want to keep/expand Obamacare, cuz they see the good it's doing, BUT the Congressmen(R) in Washington deal on a national level, and will say/do anything to see any/all Dem programs FAIL. SO, we see the rift in the Repub party between the state and national level over The Affordable Care Act, as the RNC will say/do anything to keep the US from joining the entire civilized world with health care for it's people, while they would rather support the FEW who make a killing from other's pain and suffering. Lots of Pub bullshit 'out there', but this is one of the best examples of who they value. As always, the 1%, with a 'screw you', to the rest...... Read it here:
State-Level Brawls Over Medicaid Reflect Divide in G.O.P.
By ROBERT PEAR Many Republican governors support expanding coverage through the Affordable Care Act, a law that members of Congress from their party want to see fail.

Have blogged a lot of political stuff today,

and am gonna distill it down to an easily provable fact. I agree with the old saying, 'everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but not their own 'facts'. SO true... There is absolutely NO DOUBT, as to which party is the best for the economy, Not even close.... BUT, FOXCrap has muddied the water SO much, that the loyal sheep don't have a clue. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old, as the talking heads distort reality, 'catapult the propaganda', and the sheep just swallow it. Never mind, nothing new here, as REALITY was/is never a part of FOXNews propaganda. Can you say Baaaaaa...

Wow, what a great day for football,

when I didn't have to watch the Donkeys fold in the 2nd half. With the DVR, was able to watch the Patriots get beat by the Jets, (thanks to ex-Broncos Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker), then the Falcons (great game, Julio Jones) beat Cam Newton and the Panthers, after they had been smoked 72-3 in their last two meetings.
Now, the Donkey game, tomorrow night, has some significance, (not that they deserve to win), BUT, it should be fun to see what they do against the Bengals. BRock n Roll....
Plus, I was able to casually watch football, drink tea, surf FOXCrap and blog. Fun day, but I always wonder, what kind of moron falls for Bullshit Mountain Propaganda? Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind, when you get your weather wisdom from Rush and Sean, rather than Climatologists, nothing new here and nothing surprises me, when dealing the double digit IQ FOXCrowd, also known as Kochsuckers, who actually BELIEVE Bullshit Mountain/PARP....

Has anyone else noticed?

Since Boehner has been gone, we haven't heard ANYTHING from the 35 (or so) Tea Party Assholes(R) who had gummed up the works, SO many times, and were threatening to take the Party(R) AND the country down with them, cuz they were from FAR rightwingnut Gerrymandered districts and didn't care for anyone/anything but their own asses. I would have LOVED to have been a 'fly on the wall' when the party bosses (Karl Rove and ?) set their puny asses straight.
Now, there has FINALLY been some progress as Congress has gotten more done since Ryan got there than they did in the YEARS before him. Just when the Pub Bigwigs thought things were going well enough for them to survive and maybe thrive, The Donald, (the illegitimate bastard they conceived) showed up, with Ted 'Sleazeball' Cruz, 'in the wings'. I almost feel sorry for the poor jerks(R) who had such grandiose plans to loot the treasury, AGAIN.
Wow, first the Tea Party, then The Donald, with The Greaseball in…

In a typical example. of FOX/PARP reporting,

Hillary was late getting back from a restroom break, because the women's room was WAY further away than the men's, being approx a 2 minute walk, each way. The Donald called it 'Disgusting! Too disgusting to even talk about.'
Then, FOX/PARP put their own 'spin' on it, saying Hillary 'refused to enter' the restroom cuz there was someone in one of the other stalls. That woman was subsequently identified and she and Hillary both vehemently denied the bogus FOX 'news' bullshit.
Just a typical day of reporting from Bullshit Mountain, feeding the sheep total crap, making them feel 'informed', although they 'don't have a clue', they've been lied to, AGAIN. Nothing new here, but a GREAT example of 'how it's done', on Bullshit Mountain, the 'Fair and Balanced' home(R) of unmitigated bullshit.

The tracks in this morning's fresh snow,

show that a coyote was after the rabbits that live under our deck. Just as I always liked to hunt 'fresh snow', the coyotes around here also do. Another snowstorm, followed by beautiful, blue sky sunshine.

Today's Repub Quiz Question

What does Mitch Daniels have in common with John Kasich?
Answer: They are both former Repub Governor's, well qualified, presidential candidates(R), who 'Didn't/Don't Have a Chance!', as the rightwingnuts(R) vote for their favorite whackjob, with this year's nutcases being Dr Ben, followed by The Donald and The Ted, in the tradition of former Pub faves, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and Hermann Caine.
Wow, who can argue with the Repub penchant for picking presidential JOKES, in their 'Battle of the Brainless'? Who ARE these people? Oh yeah, the FOX/PARP sheep. Never mind....

Kudos to FOXNews,

who scoured the media to bring the sheep this hard-hitting journalistic gem. 'GQ Names Hillary Clinton One of Five WORST People'. Yup, 'Gentlemen's Quarterly', that bastion of the 1%'ers, doesn't like Hillary. Wow, I'm shocked and the sheep are 'Informed', thanks to Bullshit Mountain.
Speaking of Bullshit Mountain, I'm just wondering what Rush and Sean are preparing for the Texans who have endured multiple tornadoes, at the end of December, while NYC hit 75 on Christmas Day.
Obviously more Liberal Lies, known to Climatologists as 'Climate Change', and to 'Rush and Sean's Sheep', as a  'Liberal Plot'. Nothing new here, but the victims of 11 tornadoes in Dallas, between Christmas and New Year's, might be wondering? Nahhhh..... Sheep don't question their masters.

C'mon Donald, reply to him,

and get in a 'word battle' with Stephen King, who's one of the FEW you haven't replied to. C'mon, I double-dog-dare you....
Stephen King
✔@StephenKing I can no longer tweet about Trump. That anyone in America would even CONSIDER voting for this rabid coyote leaves me speechless. 7:37 PM - 8 Dec 2015

Saw five minutes of Bullshit Mountain this morning,

cuz that was all I could stand, and caught myself yelling at the on-air 'talent', as they explained to the sheep that The Donald wasn't nearly as sexist as The Clintons, cuz Bill was/is a 'serial sex offender', and Hillary was/is complicit, and 'just as guilty' cuz she didn't immediately leave him when she found out about Monica. Do the sheep actually believe this crap, or do they just fill airtime at FOXNews the same way Trump commands attention, by just saying whatever outrageous bullshit pops up in their twisted minds?
The saddest part? There are tens of millions of morons 'out there' who 'hear, swallow and believe' the crap from the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party. The funniest part? The jerks are digging their own graves, as their Frankenstein monster rises to control the Zombies. Can you say Third Party, followed by President Hillary? Anyone wanna bet? Never mind, I keep forgetting the sheep don't actually have disposable in…

Interesting Denver Post this morning,

with one of the major articles (incl lots of pics) about Ryan Johanningmeir, who was an All-American lineman at CU during their glory years and was our neighbor (across the back fence) in Lafayette. I didn't realize he had died this year, at 38, from a prescription med overdose, but I can understand, after reading about all the pain he endured, from multiple football injuries, and multiple back surgeries. Tough life and interesting article. Then there was the 'first in a series' about the effects of legal marijuana, two years into the 'great experiment'. The author says many states and countries are joining us 'in the tunnel', but Colorado is leading the way, without a map or flashlight. As always, I have mixed feelings about cannabis. An adult shouldn't be jailed if he/she decides to partake, BUT, it isn't like having a beer or cocktail, and is not for youngsters, esp with the powerful strains available these days. Gray area, with positives, such …

Voting for The Donald or The Ted,

is like voting for Larry or Moe, cuz Curly Joe (the crowded clown car crew) is an idiot. Welcome to the world of Repub politics...

Again, only cuz there was no 'real' news on TV

when I woke up this (weekend) morning, I caught part of the FOX/PARP bullshit machine, as their on-air 'talent' was bitchin' cuz Fed gov employees got a 1.3% raise, and the X-spurts of Bullshit Mountain thought that was 'Outrageous', cuz the country is in such terrible shape, after we've done nothing but improve after GW and The Dick wrecked everything they touched. Not sure where to start with the FOXBullshit, where one idiot thought that the only ones who should get a raise were the soldiers who actually 'did something good'. And the sheep fall for this crap, in the double digit IQ world of FOXNews, while they try to decide who the best man (in all of Pub world) for prez is, between The Donald and The Greaseball? UNbelievable, but SO Republican....

Wow, I am SO old,

I can remember when you had to have a good football team, with a good record, to be in a post-season bowl. BUT, that was before Foster Farms had a bowl, and they would invite someone with more losses than wins, with a 5-7 record, like the Huskers this year. BUT, I'm sure the Foster Farms people will get a bunch of die-hard Nebr fans who just wanna 'get outta town' this time of year. In a place with no pro football, b-ball, hockey, baseball, not even soccer or lacrosse, the college team is HUGE, no matter how good they are, when the alternative is 'watching the pond freeze'...
The point here? They're in a bowl game, with a 5-7 record. RU kidding me? BUT, that's what Bowl Games are about these days, when 88 teams go 'bowling', and why not?

Carol just reminded me,

that this Christmas falls in the 'rocking chair memory' category, as the kids spent the night, playing games, we had fresh snow, that gave way to a full moon, and everything was as near perfect as it gets. Don't know that it could have gotten any better, but it was good enough, to fall in the 'RCM' category, which this blog will hopefully stir, as I sit, drool and struggle to remember the good ol' days...

Just a thought here...

as the FOXSheep get hammered by tornadoes in late December, in the Deep South  'base' of the Repub (anti-science) party. What do they think (or do they think?) as Rush and Sean assure them that Climate Change is a liberal plot. At what point do the 'scientific/intellectually challenged' base of the Repub Party begin to realize, "Hmmm, maybe Rupert and Roger ain't always tellin' us the hole truth..., BUT, I know I gotta hunker down, cuz them terrorists are gonna blow up my ass'.

Wow, just saw 'Star Wars, The Force Awakens', in 3D

and it was really good. After seeing Han Solo, and Princess Leia, it's nice to see I'm not the ONLY one who's getting old, though I haven't aged as well as Harrison Ford. Amazing movie, as JJ and Disney paid lots of homage to the original series, with several scenes that took you (way) back. Good old AND new cast, esp Rae, (in whom the force is strong), with amazing special effects. I think it took about 15 minutes to see the 'credits' roll past. and the very end sets up further galactic adventures.
It was neat to see them power up the 'death star', which takes a LOT of energy.
Bottom line, JJ did a great job, and the series, which Disney paid $4 Billion for the 'rights' to, is in good hands, though I don't think seeing it in 3D is necessary.

Ted 'Sleazeball' Cruz's latest ad,

in Iowa, where he's fighting it out with another nutball, for the number one spot in a 'God and Guns' state, where he considers himself to be a champion of both, a place that depends of Fed subsidies for ethanol, which is 'worse than worthless', but effective, as a 'carrot on a stick', for the rightwing, rural, religious residents. The ad shows Ted standing before Congress looking very important, but, the pic doesn't show he's there, by himself, with no one wanting to hear him read 'Green Eggs and Ham', as the rightwingnut effectively 'shut it down', (the country that is), costing huge amounts of money and creating mass inconvenience, as the greaseball threw a tantrum about Obamacare, which had already passed, and had NO chance of being repealed. But, Mr Buttface got a LOT of publicity, for himself, and like a 'magnetic turd', he attracted 'birds of a feather who flock together', in their efforts to create havoc by j…

Strange feeling, tinged with sadness,

as I realize Christmas is over, after I looked forward to it SO much, and it was SO good in so many ways, (Piper called it 'perfect'), but now it's over, after it went SO fast. I try to talk to myself out of the melancholy, by telling myself how lucky/fortunate I am, with the best kids/wife/family
ever, but that feeling's still there, way down deep. Just part of the human experience, I guess, but that doesn't make it any easier. Part of it is cuz I keep getting the feeling that I should call the folks, and then I realize I can't....
Oh well, time for dinner, Carol fixed a fantastic prime rib, there's 4" of sparkling new snow, with more coming down, and Bailey's stretched out beside the fireplace. Life is good, but tinged with melancholy some times. I guess for every peak there has to be a valley, and it could just be fatigue, cuz we were up til after 2:30 playing games. Time to just sit and 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow'...

I was gonna ignore the obvious.

but it's kinda hard, as we learn November was the warmest EVER, following the pattern of many years, while Rush and Sean assure the sheep that climate change is a liberal plot, BUT, Christmas day in Wash DC is gonna be 75 degrees, and Buffalo, NY, hasn't had any snowfall (which is a record), after setting all-time snow records last year. Bottom line, why bother?, cuz the sheep don't have a clue. Never have, never will, as the climate gets stranger every year, while the Climatologists say 'I told you so', and FOXNews says, 'It's all a liberal plot, cuz I don't see nuthin, and I'm lookin'''.

Can you say 'Hypocrite'?

which is the perfect definition of Ted 'Sleazeball' Cruz, who trotted out his daughters, reading rightwingnut X-mas stories, bashing Hillary and the Dems, (with videos that showed all the embarrassing outtakes), then he bitches about the media calling him out on it, and he says his pawns (daughters) are off-limits. RU shitting me? One way or another, buttface. Use your offspring for political purposes,( and accept the consequences), or DON'T, sleazeball, as you are only considered prez material, when compared to The Donald, who is lower than the 'bottom of the barrel'. The Pubs must be SO proud of their two front-runners. LOL

In a VERY telling statistic,

the majority of Republicans are in favor of bombing Agrabah, cuz that's how they deal with problems, which are usually created by those same Repubs.
A December, 2015 survey of Republicans voters by Public Policy Polling reads like boring statistics about how many Republicans would vote for which Republican, but, in the middle of the questionaire we find that a large majority if Pubs say YES, to bombing Agrabah, which happens to be the fictional country that Aladdin is from, in the Disney classic.
 Yup, in the Pub brain, the world is a better place with The Donald in charge of the US military, and one of his first targets should be Aladdin's home country, which doesn't even exist. Just when you think they can't possible get any worse, they never disappoint, as their little sheep brains are packed with 'news' from FOX, where bombs are the answer to most questions (incl Viet Nam, and Iraq) concerning the Mid East, (even the fictional part) after GW and The Dick des…

I know it's 'no big deal'

to the Pubs, ('the Economy, Stupid'), when the sheep are scared spitless, cuz they think a terrorist is gonna kill them, and their major concerns are BENGHAZI! and a private server, BUT, they oughta be concerned about an actual issue, such as The Economy, which affects us all, every day.
Hillary Clinton Confidently Embraces Bill Clinton's Economic Record
By AMY CHOZICK Leaning on her husband's record of lifting wages and creating jobs, Mrs. Clinton is castigating Republicans for policies she says led to the downturns that Mr. Clinton and President Obama. Yup, the last two Repub administrations have left a 'steaming pile' behind, for the Dems to clean up, which they have, even if it hasn't been as FAST as the Pubs would like, as they throw up every roadblock available to them, then bitch that things are slow. Even so, Hillary needs to rise above the 5th grade bullying tactics and name calling of the Pub fave, and actually campaign on what matters, not…

While Piper and I were walking today,

I tried to explain to my granddaughter why we were giving a gift to our mail carrier. JoAnn has been delivering our mail since I built our house, 17 years ago, and she is retiring this week. I asked Piper if she knew what 'retire' meant, and she said it means you are too old to work.
 I tried to explain that a more accurate definition is that you have worked for a long time, and now you don't HAVE to work any more, cuz you've worked enough, and you've earned a break. She may or may not have understood, but I certainly do.... and appreciate the concept.

As The Donald continues to sink LOWER and lower,

pandering to his Repub, trailer park, Bible belt base, while he rises in the polls, one of the sickest side effects is that Ted Cruz is lining up as the 'moderate' alternative. RU kidding me? This is the perfect example of how low, how far 'out there' the modern Repub party has descended, as the Pub base is exposed, indicated by their faves, as the low-rent, hot mess they actually are.
Pretend you are a Repub big-wig. The Donald is WAY out in front of the clown car candidates, BUT, there is NO WAY he can win, cuz (thankfully) the American public is MUCH more intelligent than the FOXSheep. BUT, if the Pub brass 'disses' him, he goes Third Party, as his HUGE ego remains in charge. And the alternative is TED, who is universally hated by the Pub bigwigs, (and MOST of the American public) cuz he's a HUGE jerk.
Bottom line, I LOVE IT!, as the Frankenstein monster(R), comes home to roost, guaranteeing a Dem president, which is absolutely necessary, for the future…

Talk about 'reaping what you sow',

if your political party encourages rightwingnut 'crazies and liars', you shouldn't be surprised when your leading clown car candidate is Donald Trump. The Repub leadership is freaking out, cuz they know he can't win, and they can't ignore him or bump him out. I Love It!, as I can't see any possible way that the Pubs can win the general election, which is only good news for our nation. Yahoo!

Listening to the weather forecast,

after early season 'epic' snow we are getting more snow on the slopes, measured in feet, this week, with more storms 'lined up'. Great news if you like to ski Colorado, OR like to have water 'in the bank', stored in the Rocky Mountains. Good news, and getting better, for those who like snow/powder/water. Yahoo, senior discount, fantastic snow and access to a Keystone condo. Looking like a great winter, if you like that kinda stuff.....

Great 'clan' gathering yesterday,

as we got together the kids and Colorado Labs family. Tori and Martin just returned from New Guinea, and traveling the Silk Road in China, which made the rest of our trips look kinda tame, but was fun to hear their stories. Was kinda funny as some wanted to watch the Bronco game while others tried to ignore the shouts, moans and swearing at the TV, as the donkeys folded in the second half, again, and it was kinda neat to see a coyote go after some geese, right outside, on the fairway. Lotta great food,some interesting drinks and fun at our annual 'booze exchange', where you are allowed to 'steal' up to a point. Bottom line, fun day the went WAY too fast, as all good times do...

Am looking forward to the Dem debate, tonight,

as they call each names and claim their opponent is 'dumb as a rock', when a dozen of them pile out of a clown car, and tell multiple lies while they totally ignore the questions asked of them.
Oops, never mind, I mixed up the Dem debate with the Repub clown show, SO, I won't see the bozos who wanna start/join a war 'everywhere', after they totally screwed up the entire Middle East, when they were 'in charge' last time, and totally wrecked 'everything' they touched, incl the US economy. Who could forget 2008? Oh yeah, the 'head up their ass' sheep, who get their 'news' from FOX/PARP.  Never mind....Can you spell P R O P A G A N D A, to elect Repubs?

Good article on Politico this morning,

about Donald and a possible third party run, although he promised (ha ha) he wouldn't. He can go through over 2/3 of the sate primaries, and if he doesn't like his position, or the Repub party (who would freak out if he's still ahead) treatment of him, he could pay his own way, (approx 3 million) BUT, he'd have to get at least 80,000 signatures in each state, which wouldn't be hard, cuz I know I (and lots of other non-Repubs) would GLADLY sign the petitions. Seems like a win/win from here. If he's the Pub candidate, they lose. If he's not, he goes third party (just look at his HUGE ego) and they lose.
Yahoo!. Finally payback for the idiot/egomaniac Ralph Nader, who siphoned off 3% of the vote, and we got Bonehead Bush instead of Al Gore, and we all know how that turned out. Total disaster...
SOOO, with all trends (minorities, female, educated, young voters) going against the Pubs, this looks like the last election they will even have a chance at, as their …

Basic economics is all about the 'flow' of money,

and money flows to Colorado, which makes it easier/better/more profitable for those of us who already live here, cuz others appreciate our scenic vacation experience, skiing, weather, outdoor sports and pot tourism, as 49% of visitors claim 'legal pot' influenced their travel plans. Once they visit, then they wanna move/live here, which is a bad thing, if you have a job and gotta travel the roads, but good if you own property, where prices are rising at a crazy rate. Oh well, nothing I can control, and thankfully I don't have to drive during rush hour, so I'm just kicking back and enjoying this boom, (which is at an early stage) cuz booms don't last forever.

A HUGE difference,

between the Pubs and Dems, is that I'd have no problem if all the Repubs/Conservatives died out/disappeared, BUT, if the Dems/Libs  were no longer here, we'd have no good TV/movies/music etc, unless you think Bullshit Mountain is good entertainment. True, it's imaginative fiction, BUT, even the Pubs would get bored if all they had was FOXNews bullshit, without Hollywood, where Libs live and create.

I'm so glad he was acquitted,

cuz who hasn't had that kind of thing happen... Poor guy, had to go through all that suspicion, until the court finally believed him.
Saudi millionaire who said he 'fell' on teen and 'accidentally penetrated' her cleared of rape
 The unfortunate individual claimed he was merely checking to see if the young lady sleeping on his couch needed a blanket or something, and, 'maybe', his erection was outside his underwear, when he slipped and fell on top of her, 'accidentally' penetrating her. Luckily, the Saudi jury believed him. There are possible charges pending against the young woman, though, who needlessly involved the authorities. Allah be praised!

Good day for multi-tasking indoors,

cuz it's too cold to go out. I've found I can read a book, (Alexandria Link), listen to music, (Adult Alternative on cable), drink tea (while eating a cookie) and pet a kitty (Bailey), all at the same time. True talent....

FOX/PARP asks and answers a burning question this morning

Bill O'Reilly wonders, 'Can Anyone Save America?' Thankfully, according to Bullshit Mountain, America CAN be saved, but only if we act quickly and elect all Republicans. Thank God there's hope for us, and thank you, Big Bill for explaining HOW we can save ourselves.
OK sheep, now you can rest assured and get back to your minimum wage jobs....
This just in, from FOX/PARP, today: 'Judge' Andrew Napolinutjob says he has NEW INFORMATION that Hillary broke Federal laws with her private e-mail. STAY TUNED, sheep, as the Pubs go for ANOTHER Congressional hearing.
PS Andrew suffers from a rare disease that causes his hairline to move down his forehead, every time he lies. Is getting difficult to see where his eyebrows begin...

Interesting experiment on the streets of NYC, this week

Researchers took a Bible, and disguised the cover to look like a Quran, and had people read a selection of verses, including how to treat slaves, women, homosexuals, with acts of bloody slaughter, etc and asked them what they thought of it. They all basically thought is was sick, and disparaged anyone who could have that in their 'Holy Book'. Then they were shown it was The Bible. The reactions were interesting. See it here..

As we start watching the finale of 'Survivor',

I'm hoping it'll be Spencer, but I'd be OK with Jeremy, or even Keith. We'll see...

There are basically two kinds of people

Pubs/Dems, conservatives/liberals, those who think getting killed by a terrorist is a real problem, (as they believe the crap from FOX). and those who can do math, (1 chance I n 20,000,000). Nothing new here, but never quite so obvious, as the sheep cower in fear, looking to The Donald or Sleazeball to 'protect' them. Would be funny, if not so sad, cuz the low info sheep actually vote, in LARGE numbers. The same 'mathematically challenged' idiots who buy lottery tix to get rich, vote straight Repub. Would be defensible, until you realize how LOW the average American IQ actually is, and how the Pubs have found a way to tap into it, by screaming 'Terrorist' through FOXNews, and the sheep fall in line. Scary, but very real....Surprise! They are the same ones who believe ALL the Bible stories, and FOX/PARP bullshit. I'm shocked! Not really, and a tip of the hat to Karl Rove, the evil genius, who tapped the Repub party into the literal  Bible believers. GENIUS …

As I watch Bailey,

who is all 'nipped up', after convincing us she wanted some catnip, I think of Becca, (Ted and Kari's cat) who couldn't care less about catnip. I imagine cats/animals are just like humans, as medicine/drugs effect (or affect?) them differently. Whether it's Advil/Tylenol, Claritin, Benadryl, Tramadol, pot, alcohol or whatever, I know that people react totally differently to the same 'drug'. Interesting, as is shows we are all wired differently, which shouldn't surprise anyone, Nothing new here, but something for the rightwingnuts to consider, as they have a beer, while thinking pot smokers should go to jail, cuz they can't handle/don't appreciate a toke. Thankfully, the nation is evolving, in spite of the rightwingnuts, who don't have a clue, as they bow before Bullshit Mountain.

As I read another Steve Berry book,

(The Alexandria Link) and realize he's become one of my favorite authors, (The Templar Legacy is fantastic), I'm again reminded that two of the three subjects that should be avoided, in social gatherings, are politics and religion. Considering those guidelines, I look back and see how my religious 'beliefs' have been all over the chart, from a child's innocent acceptance, to a rebellious semi-adult who was sure is was all a hoax, while going back and forth, over the years, with differing degrees of certainty, one way or another. Now, as an old(er) person, I find myself somewhere in the middle, sure the Bible can't be literal truth, but realizing some of it is true, but how much? I'm always skeptically 'open' to any spiritual truth and am hopeful that someday I'll learn what's 'real', but realizing I may never know, although that's OK. If some supreme being is gonna sentence me to eternal fire for using the brain I was born with,…

Yup, she did it.

Janet Yellen, and The Fed, raised the Fed rate by 1/4%, after holding at near zero for over 9 years, after GW(R), and his administration(R), wrecked the economy, after being 'in charge' for 7 years.
 This prove several things, among them..

The loudmouth, Repub financial X-Spurts (X=unknown, spurt =drip under pressure) were TOTALLY wrong, as they screamed, for over 7 years, that Fed policy(D), under Obama, would cause, 'runaway inflation'. As always, I hope the rightwingnut sheep followed their guru's investment advice and lost their asses, although the rightwingnuts don't have that much in investable assets, for obvious reasons.

The Pub X-Spurts also screamed about 'Fed Intervention' when the Dems 'bailed out' General Motors and Chrysler, after the Pubs wrecked the economy. Does ANYONE (even the know nothing sheep) think we'd be better off today, with ONE car mfgr. (PS the loans were paid off).

The jerks(R) who claim how TERRIBLE the US eco…

Too bad, turtleface....

WASHINGTON -- A controversial proposal to allow unlimited financial coordination between candidates and political parties that was pushed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) did not make it into the end-of-year omnibus budget bill.

Now, at least there are some 'pretend' rules, after the Supreme Court(R) allowed (nearly) unlimited. legal, vote buying by Big Money, after the Pubs had already Gerrymandered districts beyond description and 'cleansed' voting lists of undesirables(D), through arcane, formerly illegal, 'voter scrubbing'. 
If McTurtleface had gotten his way, there would basically be 'No Rules' in the Repub mission to legally buy votes. I'm sure they'll be back though, cuz that's how they operate... If you can't win, CHEAT.

Lots of headlines, and opinions

after the clowns fought it out, last night, appealing to their scared, low information base, but the best I've seen is....

Perfect, as the rational voices are drowned out by the fearmongers who can't stand each other, all clamoring to win the nomination(R) by being the 'Most Conservative', which the majority of the country can't stand, and will never elect. Perfect...
This just in: Even Las Vegas hookers can't pretend to like Ted Cruz. Hmmm, interesting....

As I posted earlier, I tried, but couldn't

stand to watch the Repub debate, as the clowns took turns pandering to the lowest common denominator of the electorate, which is their base, by trying to scare them into 'Vote For Me' and I'll PROTECT you. Can anyone else see the ridiculousness of their message as they try to simultaneously portray America as the The Greatest Nation EVER on Earth, at the same time saying how weak we are, brought to our knees by a bunch of semi-literate camel jockeys? The good news, after reading lots of 'reviews' of 'the clown car comedy show' was that 'the Dems are salivating', knowing that none of the clown crew can appeal to a majority of the electorate. Sure, thy can bluster and bullshit their way to the Repub nomination, but then what? Of course they'll do what all Pubs do, by renouncing their 'life-long core beliefs', trying to appeal to more than their Red State, low information, Bible Belt base, but it'll be too late by then, as minorities, …