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The Pubs love to whine,

how the 47% is SO bad, (after W wrecked our economy), BUT, we're watching 'House Hunters',( one of our fav shows), tonight, about a retired military couple, (in their 50's), looking at a bunch of million dollar properties, on the Gulf Coast. As an adjuster, I've seen how 'retired military' live, (40-some years old, full retirement, incl health care, PX, etc, after 20 years service), on the taxpayer's dime, in the nicest neighborhoods. The Pubs fav place to throw tax dollars, ends up in country club coffers, as the retirees drive new vehicles and vacation in the nicest places. PUH-lease, let's get real when it comes to military spending, for the most bloated, BY FAR, military in the world. Gotta love them Pubs, and their priorities...

On this New Year's Eve,

I've got a lot to be thankful for, looking back on the last year, and forward to the next one. Mainly, it's all about family, and proximity thereof, followed by the 'privilege' of living in Colorado, with a bunch of good friends. Whahoo. Life is Good!

This PROVES it!

Hilary has been faking. All the FOX 'news' whackjob, conspiracy theorist, fact-resistant bubble inhabitants were RIGHT! Oh wait... You say the Dr's actually found a blood clot between her skull and brain? Never mind....

John Huntsman,

former Repub candidate for president, (who would have easily beaten Obama), had some interesting quotes, yesterday in Britains' Daily Telegraph, as he criticized the rightward tilt of the party. "The party right now is a holding company that's devoid of a soul. We can't be known as a party that's fear-based and doesn't believe in math". Oh really? He also decribed the Pubs as, "seeing compromise as analogous to treason." and said they're going to have to change, to survive. Wow, finally, a Pub who knows and tells the truth. What's next, admitting that the earth isn't flat?

Don't do many jokes here,

but this is seasonal and I like blondes.

A blonde got lost in her car in a snow storm. She remembered what her dad had once told her. "If you ever get stuck in a snow storm, wait for a snow plow and follow it."
Pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she started to follow it. She followed the plow for about forty five minutes. Finally the driver of the truck got out and asked her what she was doing. She explained that her dad had told her if she ever got stuck in the snow, to follow a plow.
The driver nodded and said, "Well, I'm done with the Wal-Mart parking lot, now you can follow me over to K-Mart."

Is fun to watch,

in the aftermath of the Broncos/Peyton Manning 11 game win streak, a re-play of KHOW's resident, right-wing blowhard, Dan Caplis' on-air tirade, about the Bronco's getting rid of his beloved, religious icon, Tim Tebow. "The Broncos are making the biggest mistake in franchise history", he screamed, in another of his 'culture warrior' rants, while also proclaiming the inevitable presidency of Mitt Romney. Just another member, in the long parade of Repub clowns, being forced to eat crow.

The FOX 'doofi', ( plural of doofus),

must be ramping up their conspiracy theories about Hilary, now that she is hospitalized with a blood clot. They KNOW she is faking the whole sickness/fall/concussion, cuz she was in SO much trouble for the State Dept decisions (several pay grades below her), that resulted in the deaths in Benghazi. Is so sad, as these clowns foam at the mouth, crouching in their fact-resistant bubbles, while the real world looks at their ilk with a combination of pity and disdain. But really, what if YOU were a Repub these days? Must be a sad, bleak existence, with a Dem in the White House until 2016, when they'll face..... Hilary!, who just won Gallup's 'Most Admired', AGAIN, (11th year in a row).... I Love it....

WOW, as I watch and enjoy

the Broncos wrapping up the #1 Super Bowl seed, with Decker and Thomas taking turns making 'circus catches', I heard a GREAT stat. The Broncs have set an ALL TIME NFL record, for most points scored in the 2nd half.. Says a LOT, for coaching and players. Wow...

Former Boulder, CO, player and coach,

Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis coach, continued his amazing comeback (leukemia), today, as his Colts beat the Houston Texans. Wow, when the Broncos beat KC today, they'll be the #1 seed in the AFC. Not bad, after a 2-3 start.

Between football games,

I check news sources for any progress on the 'fiscal cliff', we are so rapidly approaching. In addition to legitimate news outlets, I also look at FOX, whose big, screaming headline ignores the Pub created Congressional fiasco, and demands Hilary's head, for the Benghazi debacle. So typical...

If the economy continues to improve,

it's President Hilary in 2016, SO the Republicans cannot just sit back and hope that everything goes wrong.. They actually have to make sure it goes wrong, and they have a plan. To them, NOTHING is more important than re-election, and thus we have an ungovernable party. Just ask Bonehead, as he tries to control the Tea Party 'chuckleheads', as they are referred to by fellow Repubs, who fiddle, while Rome burns. As bad as the Dems are, nothing like the Repubs, to make 'em look like 'genius/heroes'.

Remember those 'poll' things,

that the Pubs don't believe in, BUT, accurately say what the public actually thinks? (Think FOX guaranteed Prez Romney). Well, the consensus says that most blame both parties for the financial, economic 'cliff' mess, but when forced to choose ONE party, it's more than 4-1 the fault of the Pubs. Obvious, to anyone who pays attention. So, I'm saying, 'Just Do It', go over the cliff. Address massive military waste , where the Pubs LOVE to throw money into black holes. Then move on to Medicare fraud, the 'oil depletion allowance', and subsidies for ethanol, that takes more energy to produce than it creates, while wasting precious water and driving up the price of food. Gotta start somewhere, sometime. Don't cave now, Dems, and let the Pub clowns take the politcal heat they deserve.

As we approach the cliff,

and the Repubs dig in, against the wishes of most Americans, who think the 2% SHOULD pay more, it is pretty obvious how it's all gonna play out. Kick the can, 'upuntilafter' (love that word) Jan 3, with Bonehead still in charge of Pubs, who wrecked the economy under Bush, and are under the thumb of Grover, but wanna be re-elected by the Tea Party, while our country gets screwed by the Pubs, AGAIN! Same ol' shit, different day. It gets SO old, as wasting hundreds of billions on Pub wars and Big Money Wall St scams, for the rich Pubs is fine, BUT, funding Soc Sec, that we actually PAID for is wrong. Although I don't like all the Dem spending programs, I really can't stand those damn Repubs, AGAIN!

My apologies to everyone,

for some of my 'marginal' behavior over the last month or so. I wasn't totally familiar with Prop. 64, now Amendment 64, in Colorado. I found out, at the party last night, that pot smoking is 'legal', but not 'required'. Sorry, my bad.... I gotta learn to read the 'fine print'.

Annual 'Newmas' party,

(between Christmas and New Year's) at the Greenberg's last night, and a wonderful time was had by all, with the good food, drinks and party games, as well as the White Elephant gift exchange. Lots of old farts getting together and re-living our athletic, adventure filled former lives. Carol didn't feel well, so had to leave early, which is good/bad news. Bad cuz I didn't get to spend much time w/several people, but good cuz I don't have the normal Newmas hangover. Gotta get that turkey gumbo recipe....

There are basically 4 types

of people, when it comes to FOX 'news'.
1. For one reason or another, some NEVER watch it.
2. Some, like my folks, think it's just another news channel, not knowing or caring about it's agenda.
3. Many, like me, look at it just to see what they're gonna do/say next, to further their 'bought and paid for' (with over a hundred mil of Murdoch/Ailes cash), right wing, propagandized agenda.
4. Those who KNOW, what FOX is all about, and STILL choose to get their 'news' and info from them. Those people, who swallow the propaganda as REAL, are the ones that scare/worry me.

Just to 'Keep it Real',

although I rail against the Pubs as being the MAIN problem in Congress and the fiscal cliff, that doesn't mean I don't think the Dems gotta do a BUNCH of cutting in the bloated gov't budget. But since Grover has the Pubs under his control, they won't even enter the process of negotiation and compromise. It's a two-way street, but the Pubs won't even come outta the garage. If you're the most hated part, (R), of the lowest rated Congress, EVER, not much chance of hurting your reputation, and these clowns know it.

It says a lot,

that Obama returned to Washington from vacation and Harry Reed is there working. The Repub counterparts? Still 'out to lunch', as Bonehead isn't doing anything until after his Jan 3 re-election as Speaker. You think the public doesn't like the Repub party now? Just wait 'til next year....

And the Pubs wonder why

the public is deserting them? Over 2/3 of those earning over $450K support taxes going up on that demographic, BUT, the 'Norquist Numbnuts' continue to fight the battle for the upper 2% to keep the 'Bush Bonus' that helped to wreck our economy. Talk about out of touch...

If you were 'in charge'

at FOX 'news', and you're the spokesperson for the Pubs who are refusing to budge, even slightly, on a tax compromise, as the country heads for the cliff/ditch, what would you write about? Benghazi, of course! Try to blame the unfortunate deaths of 4 embassy workers on Hillary and Obama, after those who were actually involved in the decision making have already resigned. Oh yeah, in other 'breaking news', the baby Jesus was stolen from a nativity scene in Ohio, thereby proving, there IS a 'war on Christmas'.

What a great Christmas

with the kids spending the afternoon, evening and night, while we just ate, drank and had fun, finishing up with breakfast, after Carol and I got spoiled with a bunch of Christmas presents. Wow, this is what 'rocking chair memories' are made of. Am 'not worthy', but that's OK, I love it. This is what Christmas should be, with fresh snow, just a cherry on the sundae. Yum, got a bunch of Christmas goodies, in the form of cookies, candy, beer, snacks, wine, leftover rib roast and pie, etc.  I can only do this about once a year, BUT, will try to enjoy and survive it....

Kari and Ted

did a great job of hosting the Labs Clan Christmas party last night. Lots of great food and fun times as the six couples, plus Piper had our annual 'White Elephant' gift exchange where everyone brought, and took home, a bottle of 'premium stuff', after some last minute swapping and stealing. Today, the kids and spouses, plus Piper, come over for food and games, concluding with Christmas breakfast in the morning. Fresh snow, predicted for this evening into tomorrow, should help make it especially festive. I love this time of year, but miss the rest of the family, so far away.

In the Bizarro world

of FOXNews, they devote headline space to Grover Norquist who whines 'Obama isn't negotiating.' Only Fox sheep would fail to see the humor/irony/idiocy in such a statement. This is the unelected drum major of the Pub marching band, who demands that his posse not give up a penney in tax negotiation. Think about it. Negotiation = Finding middle ground between cutting expenses/increasing income, but Grover insists ZERO tax compromise, and FOX gives him a podium to say "Obama won't negotiate!" And some people wonder why I have a problem with the idiots at/followers of FOXNews?

Growing up in the Viet Nam era,

then watching W's war in Iraq and his near total destruction of the US economy I developed a visceral dislike of the Republican party. In the 2012 primaries, I watched the clown parade as each Repub front-runner was more ridiculous then the last, (think Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Cain, Santorum, etc, after Palin as VP choice). Now, as their champions leave Washington, like rats from a sinking ship, after not even being able to pass Plan B, I almost feel sorry for them, huddled around their FOXNews broadcasts, assault rifles in hand, watching their party slide into irrelevance. On second thought, this has to be the best Christmas ever!

As we near the fiscal cliff,

I'm just hoping the prez doesn't cave. LBJ had a great quote that applies to Obama's position, as the Pubs offer ZERO in the way of compromise. Lyndon said, 'When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow'. If I were Bonehead, or part of his dysfunctional, incompetent crew, I'd be girding my 'groinal region' when I returned to Washington. Should be interesting....

After nearly unanimous ridicule

of the NRA, by everyone from teachers groups to local law enforcement, after their latest 'MORE guns' proposal, Rush Limbaugh came out on their side, calling them 'A classy organization'. And, he said, 'most parents agree with having armed guards at all the schools'. What planet does this buffoon reside on? After blaming EVERYONE but themselves, for making assault weapons with extended clips easy to purchase, the NRA can count on Limbaugh to make ass of himself, cuz that's what he does. ( BTW, Columbine's armed guard shot 4 times, before he went to hide with the SWAT team.)

Interesting show with Damon Shively,

Microsoft multi-millionaire, on FOXBusiness, about his new 'Premium Marijuana' venture. He explains how he grew up never trying it, BUT, at age 42, he had an epiphany. Very interesting interview.

For those who don't follow

the news, cuz of lack of time or interest, here's the 'Fiscal Cliff' in a nutshell.
 The US is in trouble cuz we're spending more than we're taking in. Just like a family in the real world, this can be fixed with a combination of TWO things. 1. Spend less, 2. Bring in more.
The Dems say, "Let's have a balanced approach, and do both."
The Pubs say, "Absolutely NO tax raise, even the top 1%", and walked out of negotiations.
Can you see the problem?

In yesterday's news

After setting fire to a mosque in Indiana, the perp was asked, 'Why?' He responded, “I’d say most Muslims are terrorists”
It was even more sad when Judge [Jack] Zouhary asked him, ‘Do you know any Muslims or do you know what Islam is?’”  And he said, ‘No, I only know what I hear on Fox News.’” Anyone surprised?

Robert Ballard, of 'Titanic' fame,

is on TV tonight, and says he agrees with the 'Great Flood' story in the bible, BUT, as you listen to him explain his belief, it's totally different than the 'Noah's ark' story. He says that the people of the Black Sea area lost their entire world, but, it wasn't THE entire world. NO WAY, he says, but he can understand where the myth came from. Totally different story than was reported by the 'thumpers' as they claimed 'science is on our side', as per Ballard and the bible myth. Very typical, though, as science and myth collide.

Although I'm not a big fan

of country music, am enjoying Blake Shelton's, 'Not So Family Christmas', TV special. Kinda surprising, but it's good.

The Dickheads at FOX,

blame Obama for leaving on Christmas vacation, without a deal, after Bonehead and crew totally bailed out on their own Plan B, and have already left town. Do these jerks have no shame? Of course not! It's FOX, and they're totally consistent. And in other 'headline news', on FOX.
PHILADELPHIA – The family of a Philadelphia teenager who says she was mocked by her geometry teacher for wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt to class has sued the teacher and the school district.
Are you kidding me????? This is headline news on the day the Pubs left town after refusing to negotiate the mess they caused? Typical FOXCrap for the sheep, who love this kinda stuff.
Read more:

Over the years,

I've had several favorite beers, but this one has some staying power. As Colorado and Washington become famous for something else, I REALLY like Deshutes Brewery's, 'Black Butte Porter'. The perfect winter beer. MMMmmmm....


“It weakens the entire Republican Party," LaTourette (R) said, as quoted by Roll Call. "It’s the continuing dumbing-down of the Republican Party and we are going to be seen more and more as a bunch of extremists that can’t even get a majority of our own people to support policies that we’re putting forward."
Duh, kinda hard to imagaine how they can get 'dumbed down' much further, BUT, they keep doing it.

What does Boehner's latest failure

tell us about the modern Republican party?
That it has become a party of hypocrisy masquerading as principled ideology. The GOP talks endlessly about the importance of reducing the budget deficit. But it isn't even willing to raise revenues from the richest three-tenths of one percent of Americans to help with the task. We're talking about 400,000 people, for crying out loud.
It has become a party that routinely shills for its super-wealthy patrons.
It has become a party of spineless legislators more afraid of facing primary challenges from right-wing kooks than of standing up for what's right for America.
For all these reasons it has become irrelevant to the problems America faces.
The Republican Party is in the process of marginalizing itself out of existence, and I say, 'Good Riddance'.

The 'Fiscal Cliff' was created,

after the Pubs wouldn't compromise last year, and sequestration was intended to be SO BAD, that even the Repub dickheads would be forced to the bargaining table to save the country's credit rating and economy. WRONG! These jerks can't even agree among their OWN party, let alone with the winners of the last election. Let's do it!. Get the Draconian cuts that will get everyone's attention, and focus the blame where it belongs. Square on Bonehead and his band of incompetent colleagues. These next few weeks should be VERY interesting, as the Dems can sit back and say, 'I told you so'....

You know the Pubs are in trouble,

when even FOX 'news', and (R) Congressmen berate them.
Boehner's Republican allies were fuming Thursday night at the course of events.
"It's the same 40 chuckleheads that screwed this place up," Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, said, referencing the conservative lawmakers who were opposed to raising tax rates at any level. "(Boehner's) done everything to make nice to them."

The hard core Pub right wingers lost the election for them, and are now taking down the country in a ball of flames. Think the voters are gonna remember 2008 after Bush, and who wrecked it all, AGAIN? In the long run, it's for the best. Hasta la vista, GOP.

Read more:

The NRA, who is all about

selling more guns, had a long anticipated news conference today, responding to the murder of innocents in Connecticut. Some thought they'd dial back their agenda for unlimited assault rifles with extended clips, made for mass killing. WRONG! Wayne LaPierre doubled down, and said we needed MORE, not less guns, and needed armed guards at all schools. WOW, the Republican brand just keeps getting better and better...

I watched part of the game,

as the Nuggets lost to Portland last night, and couldn't believe how bad they shot. I read today that they were 0-22 on 3 pointers. Wow! Professional athletes, 0-22. They need me....

Bonehead said NO,

to Obama's plan to avert the cliff, but said he'd pass Plan B in the Pub controlled House, to put the ball in the Dems court. HA! The jerk can't even control his own party's whack jobs, as they prove again how toxic they are to our economy and country. At a time when we need Congress to come together for the good of all, the irresponsible Repubs just continue to say NO, but offer nothing in return. I Love It. AS IF there was any question who's wrecking the country, AGAIN. At least they don't have the power to start another war, (based on lies), their favorite tactic to reward the 'Big Money, Big Oil' guys who run the party. The once proud GOP, now just a slow motion train wreck.

Those who don't watch

local TV news, wouldn't know about the Commerce City police officer who shot Chloe, a family pet, while it was being restrained, with a 'catch-pole', around it's neck. He claimed it was attacking him, BUT, he didn't know the neighbor was filming. Lying jerk, shouldn't have a gun. Let's hope for justice. Can't imagine how he's gonna beat the charge, BUT, cops do it all the time, while they are on 'paid leave' as they await trial.

In the fantasy world

of FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same), the Benghazi diplomats asked for more protection, but Hilary and Obama got together and said, 'No way, we don't care', although 4 of the actual honchos in charge of embassy security have resigned. Totally unlike when Bush/Cheney lied to EVERYONE about WMD's, thousands died, and NO ONE was held accountable. According to the Pubs, 'NO PROBLEM, everyone makes mistakes, right?

I had an earlier post

that is looking more 'right on' as time passes. I said Boehner would delay any progress on the fiscal cliff, until after Jan 3, when the Speaker of the House election is scheduled. His latest action, of stopping all negotiation, and throwing out 'Plan B, Take It Or Leave It", just confirms it. The far right wing of the Pub party (most of them) would punish him if he actually 'compromised' (dirty word) with Obama. SO, don't expect anything from the Pubs, while the country crashes, until Bonehead's job looks secure. Nothing new from these clowns...

For a little while,

Bonehead and the Pubs acted like they cared about the country, and were gonna do some kinda compromise. BUT, today, the jerks said, 'Here's a new plan, called B. Take it or leave it.' GOOD. Let's go over the cliff, and the whole country, other than the FOX sheep, who don't have a clue, will see who wrecked the economy, AGAIN. And these clowns wonder why they lose elections?

Bailey's upset with Carol,

cuz Carol shut the door on her, BUT, there was a reason. We got home from shopping and Bailey wanted to go out, even though there was snow on the ground. Was late afternoon, and she was halfway through the door, when Carol saw a coyote trotting through our yard. She screamed, closed the door, Bailey yelped, and I looked up to see the coyote watching, not concerned at all. I'm ready to get out my pellet gun, cuz they have no fear of humans, at all, and are just gonna get hungrier and bolder.

FOX 'news', and the Pubs

love to bitch about Benghazi, concerning Obama and Hilary. Hey, bozos, the election's over, and does anyone really think those two had anything to do with the actual decisions that led to the shooting? AS IF, they are involved in the day-to-day business of every embassy in the world. Somebody screwed up, but it's way down the food chain, ALTHOUGH, the Pubs, through FOXCrap, would love to pin it on them and deflect the heat from Bonehead and pals dancing on the edge of the cliff, while Grover sits back and giggles.

Snow day, today

but not much, and it is pretty dry and wispy. Mountains are getting hit, pretty good, but not much down here. Maybe an inch or two. It's a start, but just barely...

Could it really be?

Snow, is forecast, after months (years?) of drought and heat. Wow. Hopefully the weather pattern is changing, cuz we really need the moisture. Let it snow, let it snow. let it snow. Please...

One of the best

highlights from the Broncos game, was Knowshon Moreno hurdling a defender, and on TV sports tonight they showed where he had done it 3 times before. I tried that, in junior high, but Rick Freese reached up and caught my foot, and I crashed down, trying to catch myself on my right arm. Broke my wrist and still have a nasty deformed bone as a reminder. Just one of 15 broken bones I have had, and one of the downsides from living an active life.

As he spoke tonight,

after the tragedy in Connecticut, I saw a side of the prez I've never seen. I was really surprised to hear all the religious references, as he spoke like a pastor, to the relatives of the victims and the rest of the country and I thought it was his finest moment, as he seemed so human and 'real'. Too bad so many never give him a chance, cuz of politics.

The good news?

We booked our trip to Wyndham Azteca, one of our favorite resorts on the Mayan Riviera, and friends said they were joining us. The bad news? It's all booked and nothing's available for them. That's a bummer cuz we've gone to the all-inclusives with them several times and always had a great time. Hopefully something will open up.

Old farts brunch today,

at Ralphie's, we watched the first half of the Broncos game and got to see Denver stick a dagger in 'em with a 98 yard interception for a TD, a few seconds before the first half ended. Who da thunk, 9 in a row, after starting out 2-3. Too bad we lost Tebow and are stuck with Peyton Manning...

After 3 decades in Congress

Barney Frank is retiring, and mentioned that he may go into broadcasting. When asked for which network, he says he's only begun to narrow the field: "Not Fox," Frank declares with no hint of a smile.
"I have no interest in encouraging people to watch it," he says of Fox News. "They're so overwhelmingly biased that being a voice there a few minutes a week, an hour a week, it lends a legitimacy they don't deserve."
Oh really? For anyone interested in 'news', FOX is nothing but a bad joke, BUT, the sheep love it, cuz they get to hear the crap they WANT to believe.

CNBC used to be

a good Financial Channel, with straightforward news and market information. Then, they lost a couple good people, and two jerks stepped in. Santelli and Kaminsky, got real 'Big Heads' after they got a bunch of publicity for their political rants, SO, they decided to run with it, and the show has gone way 'downhill'. I've always liked Warren Buffet, and he'd had enough of the CNBC 'BS', yesterday, and did a good job of making 'em look stupid. I loved it...

The bodies of the children

weren't even out of the building, and the right-wing hate monger had already started his divisive rants.
[The shooting] is just awful. It is terrible, incomprehensible but I’m going to tell you something – as we sit here at this very moment, you know it and I know it – there are liberals trying to find a way to blame this on conservatives or Republicans,”

This world class A-hole, shown with his custom designed, full sized butt plug, will use ANYTHING to promote his right-wing, hate filled propaganda, safe in his bunker at FOXNews. Just when you think he/they can't get any sleazier...

One thing has changed,

since the Columbine shooting in Colorado, 1999, when the cops sat on their asses, hiding, while people bled to death. BUT, the Littleton Police Dept did spend millions of dollars, from the school budget, with a LOT of overtime, to 'investigate' the shooting, and found that it was Klebold and Harris, who were the shooters. 13 years later and it still pisses me off, as I think of the overpaid SWAT team, hiding in the parking lot, in their bullet proof vests, afraid to advance against a couple of high school kids. Now, cuz of those chickenshit cops, it has become standard policy to 'engage' a school shooter. About time...

A college education,

is something most people never have the opportunity to accomplish, cuz it's not cheap or easy. It changes someone, when they go through the learning experience of math, history, geography, economics, science and many other classes, rather than just becoming a coal miner, farm hand or dropout, and believing that the earth is 6000 years old. That's why the 15 top college grad/income states ALL went Dem, while the bottom of the barrel (UNeducated) is ALWAYS Repub. Education, all that 'real world' learning, does that for you, and helps you realize, FOXNews, is a bunch of crap. They do have the funniest moniker in the world, though. 'Fair and Balanced'.

Have never been reduced to tears

from a news article, until today's story of the elementary school massacre in Connecticut. Then saw the prez have the same reaction, in a news conference. SO insane. Stories of crazy shooters go on and on, BUT, grade school kids? Hard to believe anyone could be so sick. Feel so bad for the friends and relatives of the victims....

You think the Repub brand is tarnished now?

Just wait 'til Bonehead leads us all over the cliff, to save his 2% buddies having to pay a little higher tax. The Pubs keep thinking the American public is stupid, and they can get away with their phony political crap. They keep forgetting we're not all a bunch of FOXNews sheep, who'll swallow whatever swill is shoveled to them. A once proud party, like a beast in it's death throes, striking out to harm whatever's close, threatening to shut the gov't down, (again), over the debt limit, which is just paying the bills they already ran up. Political hacks, pretending to be patriots. So sad...

In his first interview

regarding Colorado and Washington's new pot laws, Obama had this to say.In an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters.
“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” Obama said of marijuana smokers in Colorado and Washington, the two states where recreational use is now legal.
“It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal,” he said.

Makes sense, but we'll see. He's gonna get a lot of pressure from the right wing fanatics.

The A-holes at FOXNews,

like a dog who can't stop eating it's own feces, won't let Benghazi die. The network who had NO PROBLEM, with a war based on lies that killed thousands, keeps it's formidable 'news' crew focused on the deaths of 4 Americans, months ago. Until they get another bone to chew on, this story, like a cat chasing a laser beam, keeps them fascinated, and the sheep occupied. Now they're after Hilary, with their 'concerns'. A-hole/jerks, 24/7.

It is absolutely unbelievable,

that anyone who has mastered the grade school art of reading a chart, could look at a graph of the US economy, under 8 years of Clinton, then the 8 year Bush disaster, and now the gradual healing under Obama, and have ANY DOUBT, about who screws things up. DAMN. Why would anyone want put the Repubs back in charge of ANYTHING? Oh yeah, they listen to the lies/propaganda of FOXNews, and actually believe their crap. UNbelievable....

From the blog of my buddy,

Dave Hardy:

RE: The G.O.P.'s Existential Crisis (P. Krugman - NYT - 12/13/12) Paul reminds us that this latest “fiscal cliff” debacle is just another manifestation of the GOP thrashing around in its death throes. All their core values (making the rich much richer, killing off the entire welfare state, dragging American culture and mores back to the early 20th century, etc.) simply happen to be extremely unpopular with the majority of Americans. And after 40 years of playing to Americans’ worst nativist and bigoted instincts – their shell game of getting poor white folks to vote for the Party of Wall Street is finally wearing thin.

But like a wounded and cornered wild animal – the dying GOP can still inflict a great deal of damage on our Body Politic. Paul predicts the next few years will be “very, very ugly”.

______________________________ Yup, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an ugly ride, thanks to the GOP, now reduced to being just a 'spoiler'.

Paradigm Shift, the flight sim company,

of Jen, Jess and Nate got some good pub after they delivered one of their CRJ simulators to the flight school at USU.
This was the big project keeping everyone busy over Thanksgiving. Good job, kids. Looks like the company continues to 'take off'.

Was really cool

to see all the old time rockers come together in a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. Some HUGE names, including many old farts who have always rocked, with The Who, Stones, Springsteen, McCartney, Bon Jovi, etc. Let's hear it for, 'My Generation'....

A common sense solution

to the Fed/state marijuana possession problem was proposed today.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) reached out to Gil Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, on Thursday in an effort to find out how the federal government intends to deal with states like Colorado and Washington that have recently legalized marijuana possession.
"One option would be to amend the Federal Controlled Substances Act to allow possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, at least in jurisdictions where it is legal under state law," Leahy wrote.

Sounds WAY to logical and rational to have a chance of passing, with all the Red State Repubs involved.

Bonehead (R), has an obvious, stupid

strategy that may fool 'some of the people, all of the time'. He keeps saying he won't accept a tax increase on the wealthiest 2%, but won't name any specific 'loopholes' that would raise comparable revenue, (like home mortgage deductions), BUT, wants Obama to name specific entitlement cuts, so he's the bad guy. What an idiot, after the Pubs LOST the election. Bottom line, he wants to stall, until after the Jan 3 election for Speaker of the House, cuz any meaningful legislation would put him at odds with the far right wing (most) of the party. I'd bet anything that NOTHING meaningful gets done until after the Pub elections and by that time we are in near crisis. Thanks, jerks...

At 'Survivor' tonight,

Carol. who happened to be Abi, was voted off, but we still had a great time, as Richard joined us, now that he's back home, from California, and Tammie cooked. Was kinda funny, after 4 hours laughing and talking together, nobody even mentioned Prop 64. Nothing new for us old farts...

A Dutch guy

built a lifesize replica of Noah's Ark, and some literal bible believers are saying, 'See, I told you so.' Oh really? It took him 20 years, and had to have a steel frame, even with today's technology, and at the exact size described, isn't even close to being large enough to hold a pair of all the earth's animals, let alone food, not to mention returning to a mud covered earth that wouldn't support life, or non-swimming animals populating continents thousands of miles away, etc. Reality just isn't a concept for true believers, but it never seems to get in the way of what they are so sure of. Again, not against spirituality, just a 'literal' bible, where my favorite myth still remains the story of 'stopping the sun' so more heathens could be slaughtered.

Gov Hickenlooper signed Prop 64 into law,

yesterday, so Carol and I decided to celebrate by going to see 'Life of Pi', in 3D. WOW! Nothing even close, other than 'Avatar'. Quite a visual experience, and was wondering how they'd do the book into a movie, but, WOW! There are SO many amazing parts, don't know where to start, in remembering it. No describing it, you just gotta see it.


Marijuana for recreational use is now legal in Colorado.Today, Governor John Hickenlooper signed an Executive Order making an "official declaration of the vote" related to Amendment 64. The declaration formalizes A64 as part of Colorado's state constitution and makes legal the personal use, possession and limited home-growing of marijuana under Colorado law for adults aged 21 and older.
“Voters were loud and clear on Election Day,” Hickenlooper said in a statement. “We will begin working immediately with the General Assembly and state agencies to implement Amendment 64.”

Wow, never thought I'd see the day. Think I'll have a beer, to celebrate.

I don't usually agree

with Ben Stein, although he is starting to come around. Yesterday, he said the Pubs were making a huge mistake, wanting to eliminate the tax deduction for interest on home loans, and he's absolutely right. That would kill the small rally that's happening in the real estate market. Also, Mike Rosen, a total idiot 99% of the time, had a 1% moment in the Denver Post, when he said the US oughta stop making the penny, that costs nearly 3 cents to produce, and no one wants to be bothered with. Wow, the 'other side' CAN have a lucent thought, just not very many, and not very often.

If the Pubs were smart,

which they've never been accused of, they'd agree to the small tax raise for the 2%, claim they compromised, and demand Obama and the Dems get on to the real problem that's bankrupting the country. The US pays more, BY FAR, for medical care, than anyone else in the world, but ranks 35th in results. A select few in the medical and insurance business get obscenely wealthy while the rest of society pays outrageous bills for care that is routine in the rest of the civilized world. The 'single payer' system, with reasonable, standardized fees could fix our debt AND medical problems, but the Pubs, and their powerful lobbies, fight it at every turn. Nothing new here....

Was in the hot tub, in the dark, tonight,

when, from the neighbor's porch light, saw a rabbit go by, on the golf course, next to our yard. Less than a minute later, at least 4 coyotes came by, about 25 ft away from me. Watched for a while, then decided to bark, like a big dog, to scare them away. They turned from the rabbit, and came toward me. I started yelling for Carol , to turn on the light, but she didn't hear me. Dave, the neighbor came out, and the coyotes slowly slunk away, instead of coming toward me. Gotta admit, it was scary, cuz I didn't know how many, or where, they were, in the dark, AND, had seen them surround the neighbor's collie, before the owner scared them away. And, one neighbor's dog had just been attacked, last week, and another's had been killed. Was really surprised how scary it was, for a while....

Even the 'brain-dead' Repubs

gotta see that the tax rates on the top 2% are gonna go up. Today, Bonehead met with Obama, though so far, no details have come out of it, but I'm betting the Pubs are gonna throw Norquist under the bus, to save their own skins. Even the Pubs, aren't that stupid. Or are they? Not exactly the 'smart' party...

How far away, can a deal be?

When FOXNews, the propaganda arm of the Repub party, has it's LEAD story about a compromise on raising rates for the 2%?
"There is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing that we don't have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue, before year-end." Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said on "Fox News Sunday."
Corker said the idea has "merit" that Republicans should let rates rise on the top 2 percent in order to then press for cuts to entitlements in return.
When FOX, the de-facto leader of the Repub party, reports it, I'd say it's a 'done deal'. Even they can finally see the writing on the wall.

No surprise that A&M's Johnny Manziel won

the Heisman, but what really surprised me, was the Kansas St QB who was in the final 3. Collin Klein is a great QB, who played high school football in Loveland, CO, just a few minutes north of CU, and he wasn't even recruited. That says a LOT about the Buffs, during the Dan Hawkins era, where he played his own son (terrible), while the program continued downhill. Thanks again, Hawk, and AD Bohn.

It seems the Mayans

were partially right, as it turns out, when they predicted the world would end in 2012. It was just a select world: the G.O.P. universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys.
 Who would ever have thought blacks would get out and support the first black president, women would shy away from the party of transvaginal probes, gays would work against a party that treated them as immoral and subhuman, young people would desert a party that ignored science and lectured on social issues, Latinos would scorn a party that expected them to finish up their chores and self-deport?  Republicans know they’re in trouble when W. emerges as the moral voice of the party.      
           But history will no doubt record that withering Republicans were finally wiped from the earth in 2016 when the relentless (and rested) Conquistadora Hillary marched in, General Bill on a horse behind her, and finished them off. Good riddance.

When comparing FOX to 'real' news

it doesn't get more obvious than coverage of an event this week. The main stream media described it as 'lighting the National Christmas Tree.' FOX reported it as 'Obama Insults Israel'. Same ol' stuff.
(Yes, this is a joke. Sorta like FOXNews, is a joke.)

I proved again, today,

that I'm not a good cook. Took some really nice baby back ribs, and did 'em in a slow cooker for 5 hours. Edible, but not even close to what they could/should have been. I tried, but was a waste of good meat. However, I learned how NOT to do it, which is a valuable form of education.

I always enjoy the new 'Rolling Stone' mag,

but the new one is esp good, as they list and rate the year's best song(s), ( , albums, movies, best  TV 'moments', and a good article with Peter Jackson on the new 'Hobbit' movie, among other things, and predict how the Obama Admin is gonna respond to the new state pot laws. Thanks, Denny, for the subscription.

I just learned,

but am not surprised, that one of the major supporters of 'legal pot' was Rick Steves, the avuncular PBS travel journalist – and dedicated pothead – who chipped in $450,000 to the cause. ( Have always liked him,)  In Seattle, the mayor, city attorney and every member of the city council supported the measure. The next couple of years should be real interesting....

Even the densest Pubs,

and I know a few who won't remove their heads from their rectums, let alone venture outside their bubbles, have to know that 65% support raising taxes on the upper 2%. Remember those 'poll things' that said Obama was gonna win, while FOX guaranteed a Romney win? Well, they're at it again, telling us what people 'actually' think, instead of what FOX (the Pubs) WANT them to think, and it doesn't look good for the party of NO, who just keeps digging their grave deeper. The 'cliff' is looking better, and more probable, all the time, as polling shows way more than half will (rightfully) blame the Pubs.

FOXNews is freaking out,

cuz Psy, who does 'Gangnam Style', once did a video critical of the US attacking Iraq, then torturing captives at Abu Ghraib. SURPRISE, like many Americans, the rest of the world didn't approve of the Bush/Cheney attack, based on lies, followed by Bush-approved torture. Once you get outside the FOXNews bubble-brains there is almost universal disdain for W's 'Oops No WMD's' war to raise the price of oil. No surprise that Psy was one of them. Get over it, FOXJerks.

One of the HUGE differences

between Dems and Pubs has to do with science vs myth., and this was brought to the forefront when Marco Rubio tried to have it both ways, before admitting the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old, this week.
Why the hedge? Because he is in a party of creationists. According to a June Gallup report, most Republicans (58 percent) believed that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years. Most Democrats and independents did not agree. No wonder a 2009 Pew Research Center report found that only 6 percent of scientists identified as Republican and 9 percent identified as conservative. Not the only dif between Dems and Pubs, the anti-intellectual party, but one of the BIG ones, where there are some educated Pubs, just not a large percentage, compared to Dems. Last month, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, said on CNN: “We need to stop being the dumb party. We need to offer smart, conservative, intelligent ideas…

I have learned,

through a couple of my favorite shows on TV, that the gold lies right above bedrock, in the gravel and boulders, below a bunch of 'overburden' or worthless dirt, AND equipment always breaks down, when you need it the most. I finally realize why gold is SO valuable, as miners try to make money, in Alaska and Africa, without much success. All the 'easy' gold has been found, BUT, it is kinda interesting TV, as the boys try to 'strike it rich', without much success.