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While some debate,

how good the Romney/Eastwood speeches were, at the RNC, there is a REAL number that puts it all in perspective.. More people watched 'Honey Boo Boo', an episode of Toddlers and Tiara's, that features a redneck family and their fat 4 year old. If that doesn't 'say it all', I don't know what does.

Again, we have smoke in the air

around here. According to news reports it's from the Roach Fire. Really. Breeze must be blowing in from Boulder. Am going outside to 'breath deeply'.

The Repubs have told a bunch

of whoppers, but one of the biggest had to come from the Mittster last night, when he said he had hoped that Obama would do well. Are you kidding me? Did ANYONE fall for that line, from the party that said, publically, from day one, that their Number One priority was to see him fail? AND, they've done everything possible to insure it, THEN they blame him cuz he couldn't drag us out of the hole W and the Pubs left us in. This would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

Mitt made a good speech,

saying all the things that are bad about America. He just didn't say whose fault it is. Must be that new, black guy. Couldn't be those 8 years of Bush/Pub leadership, that crushed our economy. He's just hoping for mass amnesia, and says now we need 'an American', to lead us. Racist enough for you? Did you know that 'every day', Mitt's dad put a rose next his mother's bed? Does anyone really believe that? Yup, the Pubs do, and they believe his family is a great champion for women. Just ask him. Is totally amazing what a tough life and struggle he had, in a basement apt, as the poor son of a governor and head of a car company. Are you kidding me. People believe this stuff? Yup, the Pubs do. This is a FOX crowd, and facts don't matter. The entire history of Bain Capitol just got revised, from vultures to good guys, for the RNC crowd, who aren't real critical, as they blame the Bush failure on 'the black guy'. Mitt, the last guy standing…

When Clint Eastwood walked up,

to the RNC poium, I thought it was bad for Obama. Until he opened his mouth, and talked about Gitmo and Afg. Was his speech written by a Dem? Seems like it, unless you are someone who has no idea about issues. Clint, you made a fool of yourself. Too bad, you used to be kinda cool, but as a non Repub, I loved it. Thanks.

This just in!

Mitt agreed to admit that Bain Capitol is a bunch of greedy pigs, if it would help him win one or two swing states, BUT, he says this is one of his last 'core beliefs' that he is willing to change, UNLESS he needs one more state, when he might have to deny his Mormon beliefs. But ONLY if it is absolutely necessary. He does have principles...

Is kinda funny, or sad,

when you look at the poor people who lost everything again, to another hurricane, and they say, 'It's just God's will'. As if God aims hurricanes at those who need some discipline. Crazy, but part of the Southern culture, where education is no big deal.

Romney has a new vow, today.

Jobs, lots of jobs. 12 million, to be exact. But when pressed for specifics and/or details, as in where they're coming from, or how he's gonna pay for a 20% tax cut, he has the same answer. Trust me. With all the stuff he pulls out of it, his ass must be REAL sore.

I love it,

when Paul Ryan and other Pubs talk about how much they love Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan. The 'God and Country' boys obviously didn't read Ayn, who was vehently anti-religious, and who 'couldn't stand' Reagan, saying, 'He will take us back to the Middle Ages with his mix of religion and politics'. It's amazing how accurate she was, in describing today's Republican party. And she's their HERO(INE)! No one ever accused 'em of being smart.

It is SO funny

to see FOXNews, who is totally in the tank for Romney and the Repubs, complain about Dave Letterman making jokes about Mitt Romney. As if Dave, a paid comedian, shouldn't go for the laughs, which are SO easy with Mitt, while the FOX crowd stays 'completely neutral', on the 'Fair and Balanced' network. Excuse me while I GAG.

All the legitimate news outlets

noticed that Ryan started out his speech with a major whopper, as in the GM plant that closed because of Obama, actually closed under Bush. All, that is, but FOX. I'm SHOCKED. I did like Mike Huckaby's quote, though, referring to Romney. 'If you're having a brain tumor operated on, who cares if your surgeon is a jerk.'  A lot like Boehner saying, 'No one's gonna LIKE our guy.'

This just in: Paul Ryan's lies were so egregious that even FOX admitted it, calling them 'blatant'. WOW. There's a first for everything.

I finally realized

what the Pubs mean with all their signs saying, 'We built this'. They're referring to the human-like Romnoid that they are trying humanify, although it's not going too well. They had to rewire some core beliefs, like health care, pro choice, climate change and gun control, but found it was easy, once they found the Etch A Sketch controls concealed under his full head of hair.

I was gonna watch

Paul Ryan's speech, but when he started off blaming Obama for a plant that closed, WHILE BUSH WAS PRESIDENT, and then blamed Obama for S&P dropping it's  credit rating on the US right after the Pubs refused to raise the debt ceiling, that they had pumped up, I just turned it off. As Romney said, 'we're not gonna let fact checkers dictate our campaign'. Oh REALLY? Ryan then went on about 'you didn't build that', (bullshit), no work for welfare (bullshit), over $700 billion from Medicare (same as Pubs), and many other blatant whoppers. They want to assume leadership and their Veeps speech is lie after blatant lie, after having months to prepare? Do they think we're all FOX sheep, who don't know the difference, or care? Anyone who can look at the Bush years and say, 'Gimme more of that', is so uninformed that they deserve what they get. Just don't drag the rest of us down with you.

If you listen and believe

the Pubs, you'd think they actually have a plan, and ideas to fix the mess they left last time. BUT, all they got is whining and 'glittering generalities' with no meat on the bone. They act like the Dems took a good situation and made it worse, instead of Obama having to fight just to keep the country from tanking with two wars, crashing home values, unemployment and the worst recession since the 30's. Thanks, George. Now, the Repubs trot out the speech makers and hope no one can remember 2008, when the mess started. They make up crap, like 'you didn't build that' and he's 'removing work from welfare'. Both total lies, according to all fact checkers. No problem for the Pubs, they just make it up as they go, and FOX hammers it home. Some things never change.

It's really funny,

and very telling, that the Repubs have a two term former prez, who isn't welcome, and won't be at the Repub Nat'l Convention. The new guy doesn't want to be seen with him, cuz he brings back too many memories, ALL bad, as he was run out of town with a 22% approval rating. REMEMBER? If you don't, just look at the economy, his gift that keeps on giving. GWBush, the worst thing that ever happened to our country, and his henchman, the guy who was actually in charge, The Dick, who left with a 9% approval rating.The crew that wrote $860 BILLION in checks, and started a TRILLION dollar war, based on lies. They claim to be the 'fiscally responsible' party, who inherited a surplus, and passed on a 'wrecked' economy, with most of their expenses, 'off the books'.  Gotta love them Pubs, who wanna be put back in charge. No way our country could survive another round of Repub 'leadership'. Without FOX lies to gullible sheep, they wouldn't even…

Did you know,

(Yup, it's him)

Chris Christie's dad worked for Breyer's Ice Cream? Who'd a thunk. Good speech (at the Repub Nat'l Convention) for a guy who's running for prez in 4 years, but not much good stuff for the Mittster, as Chris took 17 mins to mention someone other than himself. He tells us America needs more self control, and the Pubs are the ones to do it. I love it, as I look at him. I kinda thought he'd really nail Obama, but not so much. Was really funny to look at Mitt's tepid smile as he thought, ' WTF?' By the way, Chris didn't mention any specific fixes, the Pub admin that got us in this mess, or the Repub controlled House of Reps that has 12% approval rating. The Pubs loved him, though, except for Mitt.

Wow, if you believe the Pubs,

you'd think they lead the education/income states in the US, and them damn Dems lead the welfare states. NOPE. Other way around. The top ten education/ income states are ALL Dem, and the lower ten are ALL Repub. Not what the Pubs would have you believe, but it's true. (Maybe W Virginia is questionable R or D.) Go for it guys. Try to change the facts, for your sheep, who wanna believe Obama just appeals to welfare people. If the facts don't fit, just change 'em. Gooood luck, with people who can actually use Google.

Is really funny,

to watch Ann Romney try to connect to women, and the 'lower end' of the country. Are you kidding me? Just look at Mitt and his record with women and the 99%. Not a clue, but Ann is kinda likeable, SO, let's just forget reality. It's what the Repubs are hoping, praying and paying for. Did you know he'll 'move heaven and earth' to make America a better place. Just what the Pubs want to hear. Good luck, with that....

Some insight here,

into the Repub brain. If you are stuck with a weak candidate, as in the one that could barely beat the Bachmann, Newt, Perry crew, just 'make up' a person that you would like to run against. Let's make him an angry black guy who hates America, although it made him president, and let's make him a Muslim, although there's no evidence, and let's make him hate business, and businessmen, who would remove work from welfare, although that's a total lie, when Ryan voted FOR the same bill. No problem, just give the project to FOXNews, the 'Fair and Balanced' network. PERFECT. Let's just hope the sheep will vote, and won't remember who wrecked our economy. Yup, seems like a winner....

One thing that is obvious,

in the Pubs prez race strategy, is, if Obama isn't the guy you wanna run against, just use FOXNews to create the guy you wanna run against. He hates America, (See new 2016 film). He drops all work/welfare requirements. (Total lie, look at any FactCheck org). He said, 'You didn't build that', referring to business, when it was obviously about roads/bridges, BUT, that doesn't stop the FOXNews faithful from parroting the propaganda. Sad, but true, as a faction of the public actually abandons reality for what they 'want to believe'. Anyone who can look at the Bush years and can say, "gimme more of that', doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

Dems gotta love,

the Tea Party, when you think about it. A moderate Repub, like Huntsman or Daniels, would 'easily' win the election, BUT, the far right wing, who has hi-jacked the Pub party, has made that impossible. Thank you, whackos. It insures that the Dems will rule for the next 4 years. Anyone wanna bet?

'You didn't build that',

was obviously Obama referring to bridges and roads, not someone's own business, but that doesn't keep the Pubs from continuing the lie, much like the 'total lie' about Obama removing work requirements from welfare. However, remember Governor, you didn't win the Republican nomination for president. A bunch of Republican clowns, like Perry, Newt, Bachmann, Caine and Santorum, each taking his or her turn as the next "not Romney," lost it. Romney is the guy the Pubs 'settled for', cuz the rest of the crew was SO lame. Let's keep it real....

In the last generation

no family has done more to shape America, than the Bush's. They've launched 3 major wars, primarily to pump up the price of oil, (the family business) and set the country on it's current economic path, BUT, guess who won't be at the convention? That's right, the current candidate won't even allow his picure taken with W or his VP, but is asking the voters to put his party 'back in charge'. You gotta be kidding.

Are you kidding me?

Mitt, the Etch a Sketch, Romney, said in an interview today, that Obama doesn't deserve re-election because he has failed the American people. HA! The US economy hasn't 'totally tanked', after GW's reign of error, and that's a huge accomplishment, when you think of the bag of crap W handed off to the new president. AND, Obama's has had to fight the Pub's at every turn, cuz helping the economy might help Obama's re-election. Now Mitt shows how 'reality challenged' he is, by saying,

'This president had four years to do that. … He got every piece of legislation he wanted passed, and it didn’t work.'

That's right Mitt, you Pubs gave him everything he wanted. What a bunch of crap, but nothing new.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy,

who has the popular science show for kids, spoke about evolution deniers today, questioning their motives and beliefs. He went on to say,
“And I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can build stuff and solve problems.

Hard to imagine that mindset in today's world, but they're out there, and I do mean 'out there'. Must be confusing to kids who are fed myths as youngsters, and are then confronted with facts in college, as they struggle to compete in 'the real world'.

Paul Ryan is the latest,

in a long string of Conservative Christian Repubs to sing the praises of Ayn Rand and her philosophy. 'Atlas Shrugged' is a long, formidable read, but I did it, and I bet VERY few of the Pubs who quote her ever have. She is fiercely pro-capitalism and zealously anti-religious, frequently making fun of the 'Bible thumpers' for their naivity, consistently valuing 'reason over faith'. You can't have it both ways, boys. Either she has great thoughts and insights, or she doesn't. She is also adamantly pro-choice. Check it out. Can't say I'm surprised though, cuz consistency and rationality aren't exactly Repub strong points as they conspire to shovel more money to the 1%, while quoting someone they obviously haven't read.

Saw Venus,

the two-faced cat, on a Sunday Morning news show. This pic looks photoshopped, but she's for real. Pretty cool cat...


The flyboys have been putting on quite a show today, especially the F22. It goes straight up, then seems to stall and slide down and drifts like a potato chip, falling. Other times, it streaks along, then slows, raises it's nose and seems to hover, as it just kinda wobbles in place. Then, it just screams past at about a million MPH, and the ground just shakes. Amazing. I know they're expensive, but at least we get to see something for the money, which is unusual.

Only in Texas

The U.N. is coming! The U.N. is coming! Prepare muskets! Call out the militia! Man the bastions! Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!

That's more exclamation marks than we prefer to use, but Texas Judge Tom Head has made them necessary!

The Lubbock County judge has warned that re-election of President Barack Obama would likely lead to civil war. Head, who also oversees emergency planning efforts for the county, told both a Lubbock television station and a radio station that Obama would bring in United Nations troops. He said he needs a trained, well-equipped force to defend against an attack.

Good article, here,


about education, and the future thereof, in the US, vs China and India. As we spend hundreds of billions on a HUGE military, and continually cut the education budget, our competitors do just the opposite. We devalue teachers and pump up the defense (against WHO?) budget, while No Child Left Behind insures that the 'best and brightest' are ignored while Bush's program concentrates on the 'bottom of the barrel', (their plan for more Repubs). The US Congress continues to be the most worthless, dangerous group of old rich guys in the world, and is only getting worse.

Every year, about this time,

the skies around here get real interesting, as the Rocky Mntn Regional Airport has an air show. This year there are F-18's and an F-22 (pictured), along with a whole bunch of vintage aircraft flying over the house. The airport, which normally handles mostly Lear Jets and Gulfstreams, has all kinds of classic aircraft, for the show. Is fun to watch 'em from the deck, and you never know what you're gonna see. As I write this, just saw a P-38 and a WWII bomber fly low over the house. Earlier there was a Russian MIG and and F18, flying right together. Cool...

The so-called 'pro life' Repubs,

are great if you happen to be a fetus, BUT, once you are born, and happen to be a woman, a soldier, or part of the middle class, you are in BIG trouble. Just ask the friends and relatives of the victims of Viet Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan, or women who suffer from Repub policies. Pretty obvious, OR, you could speak with the unemployed, or homeowners 'under water' after the Bush administration. This isn't rocket science, just looking at facts.

As they try to 'lock up'

their crazy uncle in Missouri, the Repubs are scrambling to hide their true colors, which include a Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and threat to the life of the mother.
Paul Ryan, who teamed up with Akin in the House to sponsor harsh anti-abortion bills, may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed — the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core. Amiable in khakis and polo shirts, Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs. Has a segment of the American people become so obsessed with defeating the 'black usurper in the White House' that they will go along with these clowns? I wouldn't think so, but I also didn't think GW had a chance at a second term, SO, you just never know....

Here in Colorado, we're getting

a chance to see how the 'trickle down' theory really works, as Bill Koch, one of the Pub billionaires who's trying to legally (cuz of the Pub jerks on the Sup Ct) buy the election, spends some of the $ he makes from $4/gal gasoline. He's building a 40 acre wild west town, complete with his extensive collection of Western memorabilia, in an isolated part of his private ranch, so his 'treasures' will be forever closed to the peasants who buy his overpriced gasoline. No trickle down here, it's another example of 'pool up', as the big money boys find ever new ways to spend their huge fortunes, when they're not using them to buy Congressman to further their tax breaks and right wing agendas.

Everyone's heard, by now,

how another Repub 'jenius', Todd Akin, showed his thorough (mis)understanding of 'lady parts' and rape. After being called out by every Repub from Romney to the school janitor to step down, he had a series of news conferences where he said, ' I put one wrong word in one wrong place', so he should be forgiven. Oh Really? Then, after being castigated by Pubs all over, cuz it exposes more of their 'war on women' party platform, he blamed the 'Liberal Media' for his problem. No shit. These a-holes are so used to their knee-jerk responses that it just flows out of their mouths, like so many other lies that are spewed daily, in an effort to muddy the waters, when the main issue is, and should be, 'who messed up the country/economy in the first place? Yup, that would be Bush and the Pubs. Let's be real, here....

Because it was Senior Tuesday,

we went to a movie, and I wasn't expecting a lot, BUT, I was pleasantly surprised, by 'The Bourne Legacy'. WOW, what a ride! I judge movies by how many 'slow' parts there are. This one had NONE. Don't remember a flick that moved so well, as it built the plot, and proved you don't need a bunch of explosions to make an action movie. Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are fantastic as they team up,  in a great adventure. Finally, an intelligent alternative to 'blow 'em up' movies....

Although Madeline Albright,

former Sec of State, is highly intelligent and well respected I don't totally agree with her.

Speaking at a campaign event in Colorado on Monday, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (D) said Democrats will blame all the ills America faces on George W. Bush "forever," (for a reason), the Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday.

Once the US economy reovers from Bush and the Repubs, I think we can stop blaming him/them for further problems. However, that's not something that's gonna happen in MY lifetime. It'll be DECADES until our country recovers from the damage caused by the cowboy conman and his Pub buddies. SO obvious, to anyone who really wants to look, but, there are those who would return to those policies, cuz Obama hasn't 'fixed' the damage, as the Pubs fight every effort, cuz it might help the Dems.

Although the heat and drought

is just a 'Liberal Plot', eleven miles of the Mississippi River have been closed to barge traffic, near Greenville, MS, today. Over 100 barges have been idled until water levels rise, or they dredge it out, which could be a long time. Not sure how this is gonna affect commerce and prices, but don't think it will be good. It's amazing the lengths that those crazy liberals will go, to make the non-scientific crowd, 'look bad'.

In the Little League World Series,

the team from Kearney, Nebr won the consolation round, 17-1, after a 15 run 2nd inning, proving again that the Nebraska town continues to be a hotspot of athleticism. Some things never change....


my culinary adventures don't work, BUT, sometimes they do, as in this evening, when I improved on the classic BLT, by adding avocado and cucumber. WOW, fantastic. Will be a good addition to my new restaurant, which will specialize in BBQ chicken backs, (like hot wings) which is best part of a chicken, when grilled with good BBQ sauce. I could be rich and famous, if only I would actually do it....

SO, a Repub went skinny dipping,

in the Sea of Galilee. Big deal. It just shows how the media gets crazy sometimes. Works both ways. This is just stupid.

Just cuz it's a blatant lie,

doesn't stop Romney from running a TV ad that claims Obama has removed work requirements from Welfare.

In July, the Obama administration invited states, which administer the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, to apply for waivers from some federal requirements if the states have ideas for projects that would increase employment among welfare recipients. It did not announce an end to work requirements. The administration has not issued any waivers.
The new ad is the third attacking the Obama administration's waiver announcement. It highlights a Richmond Times-Dispatcheditorial that criticized the policy. "One of the most respected newspapers in America called it 'Nuts,'" the voiceover says.
Many other respectednewspapers, along with an author of the 1996 welfare reform law, have called the Romney camp's welfare ads brazenly false. The Times-Dispatch itself noted on Monday that Romney's welfare ads have been debunked many times.

Just anoth…

60 Minutes, tonight,

had related stories, whether they meant to, or not. First, it was Lehman Bros, as the big money boys ripped off investors, and the US, for over $50 Billion, led by Dick Fuld, but NO ONE has been prosecuted, and all 'the boys' are doing very well. The next story was about the Catholic Church, and all the priests who abused children, for decades, as the 'big boys' looked the other way. Big money and power, in both cases, as the little people get screwed and the big boys move on. Sickening, but it's the world we live in.

The US Amateur Open,

was live from Cherry Hills, here in Denver, this afternoon. My guy, Stephen Fox was down two, on the 17th tee, and came back to win, with a birdie on the first extra hole, as Weaver collapsed, in a finish he'll never forget. Good drama, as the game of golf can bite you, or make you a hero, with one putt. Good finish, to a great round.

WOW, had a great dinner,

as I wanted to test out my new super grill, with the super hot flame, SO, I got out my best elk loin, marinated all afternoon, and grilled it over a HOT flame. It was Fantastic. One of the best elk loins ever. Throw in a great salad, with garden stuff, and a perfect baked potato. YUM....

I really wanna be positve,

BUT, the Bronco's $30 million man, Peyton Manning, really sucks, so far. Every time he gets in the red zone, he throws an interception. It's been 3 so far, and some of them look like rookie mistakes. I wanna believe in him, BUT, so far this year, he's been pretty bad.

Just finished a project,

that turned out to be a bit more than I thought it would be, but aren't they all? Every time we ran out of propane, when dinner was about half done, I swore that I was gonna run natural gas to the grill, so we'd never have to worry about it, again. SO, I finally got all the measurements for the gas lines, including 5, 90 degree turns, had the pipe cut and threaded, bought all the fittings and started taking the deck apart. I'd forgotten what physical labor was all about, but it all came back to me, as I drilled holes and wrenched the fittings together. But, after I got the line to the grill, hooking it up was a bit of a problem. Drilled out the venturis to 5/64", from 3/64", got all the brass adaptor fittings and fired it up. It SORTA worked, but the flame was way too small. Finally figured out that the LP gas regulator was slowing the gas flow, and, after researching my problem/project on-line, found out I could just remove it. VOILA! Now I know what the saying…

Here in Colorado,

there's a big story about a d-bag who took his German Shepherd on a hike up Mt Bierstadt, over 13,000 ft. When she tore up her paws, he abandoned her, to die, at high altitude. Several days later some hikers found her, and tried to carry her down. Unable to, they called on a mountain rescue group, who carried her down, and saved her life, after she had been without food or water for 8 days. Now that Missie is safe on low ground, her owner wants her back. Are you kidding me? He should be charged with animal cruelty and prosecuted, hopefully in a cell with no food or water for 8 days. Am hoping for justice.  This just in. The owner has been charged with animal cruelty and his dog has not been returned to him, as the judge considers the case.

Great story on Newsroom, tonight

as they go back over the Repub candidates, and Michelle Bachmann told everyone that God told her to run. So, how come no one asked 'what did his voice sound like? What exactly did he say? Why is he suddenly in politics? Realistic questions that the mainstream media couldn't ask, cuz 'the Christians would be upset.  Very real, and it says a LOT about what is real, these days, as we elect officials who will say 'anything', and don't have to worry about 'truth', cuz most Americans don't care about 'truth'.

Just a bit of reality, here

the Pubs say Paul Ryan was the driver of the 'Weinermobile', the Oscar Mayer thing. The truth? He drove it around a parking lot, once. Typical Repub lies, with a BIT of truth in it, BUT the Pubs love it, cuz it makes him more 'mainstream', which is  CRAP.

How can the sheep think,

that Romney's taxes don't count? Really. This guy wants to run, and tax the country, but won't release his taxes. Are you kidding me? And the sheep are OK with this? Just part of the crazy world they live in, and they want the rest of us to 'trust him'. Unbelievable, but SO Republican...

Just watched 'J Edgar'

the story of J Edgar Hoover, who was one of the biggest jerks of all time, in my humble opinion. Of course, it was done by one of those Communist pinko's, that Hollywood is famous for, Clint Eastwood. J Ed was known for having dirt on every prez, which kept him safely in power and while he was never married, or known to have ever had a girl friend, and bunked with his assistant, Clyde, his fans resent anyone who claim he was a closet homosexual. A total jerk, with absolute power. He made the bad guys look good.

The MAIN Repub message

doesn't change. Obama hasn't fixed the mess the Pubs left. How could he, as the Pubs fight every program he puts out there? So obvious, when you look at the economy Bush inherited, and the one he left. It is SO obvious, unless you have an obvious bias.

In case you wondered

where the phony 'Swift Boat Veterans' went, they're BAAACCKK. A group of 'alleged' military and intelligence personnel say Obama is taking undue credit for killing Bin Laden. Upon closer examination, they are funded by a Super Pac, and the leader of the group has run for Republican office. I'm shocked! After it worked so well for the Swift Boaters, I'm sure we'll see much more of the same from Karl Rove and his crew.

If you like financial charts

check out this one, showing the price of gold, over the last several years.
As we careen toward the 'fiscal cliff', and the troubles in Europe get pushed under the rug, there's gonna be a time of reckoning, when it all 'hits the fan', or they crank up the printing presses, which is gonna be sooner, rather than later. Gold and/or silver just might be a good place to be. Just look at the patterns here, as it sure looks like a 'breakout'.

Saw 'Hope Springs', today

and mostly liked it. Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep were fantastic, but I judge a movie by the 'slow times' in it, and this one had a few. Don't get me wrong, this was/is a good movie, but could have been better, I think. Lotta good scenes, AND, we talked about it, quite a bit, which is the mark of a good movie. Bottom line, mostly good.


the Pubs are admitting (as with Ryan in Colo today), that Obama 'inherited a bad economy'. Oh really? The WORST economy since the Great Depression, after Clinton handed off a great economy, with a surplus. After 8 years of Bush/Repubs we have the mess we have now. Kinda hard to twist the facts, BUT, the Pubs are trying. Some things are beyond twisting, unless you are a  Pub. then it's easy, and the sheep say....Amen, it's Obama's fault! Insane, but SO Republican, as they are able to 'forget history', when it suits them, and hope the rest of us can too.

Is there a way,

the anti gov't  Pubs can duck and dodge the fact that they would have let Detroit (GM, Ford and Dodge) go bankrupt? Would have cost millions of jobs, which may have benefitted the Bain Capitol crowd, to make big $. Will be interesting to see them try to change the facts, as they love to do.

It's SO good to know,

that Mitt Romney chose Eddie Munster as his partner, in his plan to fool the public. If you can believe Mitt Romney is human, you can surely believe Ryan is good for the middle class, which used to be huge, before Bush and the Pubs.

Paul Ryan, a truly impressive

Congressman, should be SO proud of his 13 years in Washington, where exactly TWO bills of his bills have passed. One renamed a Post Office in his district, and the other was a tax break for arrows, as in bows and arrows, cuz he is an archery hunter. WOW, is this guy great, or what? He does have a great plan though, and that is to balance the Fed budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class, while giving tax breaks to the rich and shoveling more money to defense contractors, who are already the fattest part of a bloated budget. What a guy. As I non-Repub, I applaud Mitt for his pick. As I've said before, if the Dems can't beat this weak-assed crew, they don't deserve to be in power.

He finally did it

Romney, that is, sealed his doom, by picking Paul Ryan as VP. Nobody votes, as a block, like seniors, because they have SO much at stake, (and so little else to do), and seniors love their Medicare. Ryan and the Pubs wanna 'reform' it, meaning cut back and change it. It just ain't gonna fly with the old farts. Obama was pulling away before this latest pick, but should gain speed now. At least Romney didn't call on Sarah Palin. Hard to believe anyone could be that stupid, but McCain was, as the Repub party, arm in arm with the Tea Party started down the road to irrelevency, and are now picking up speed.

Watching the Olympic pole vault,

(image NOT me) I'll never forget, when I first got a fiberglass pole, after vaulting with 'Swedish Steel', which WAS the ultimate. Within a few days, I figured it out, THEN, I'll never forget the feeling, as the pole broke, and I landed flat on my back, before the days of foam landing pits. Couldn't walk for a while, but by the Big Ten meet, I was ready to go, but with no fiberglass pole, cuz I had broken our one and only. But, Mike Monk, of McCook, loaned me his, after he was put out, and I won, and set a school record. The good ol' days of sportsmanship. Thanks, Mike.

Have enjoyed the Olympics

in SO many ways, but one of my favs has to be the historical coverage of the 1992 Dream Team, as they were shown to be probably the best group of athletes ever assembled. The US B-ball team, that was put out there, after the collegians had been beaten, was so far 'Off the Chart', that no other team can come close, in my opinion. Jordan, Magic, Bird, Barkley, etc. Never, will we see agroup like that again. Sorta like the Beatles. Of course, that is just me, and my generation, BUT, prove me wrong. I would love to see that team, or band, that is BETTER.

IF, you actually believe,

FOXNews, and their bullshit, you can make a fortune, in the markets, these days. All you gotta do, is put your money where their mouth is. Bet against global warming, in the markets. Lots of ways to do it, in the commodities futures markets. Not that FOXNewsers actually have $ to play with. If you follow their 'intelligence', you are broke by now, OR you can bet big that they are finally right. It's called investing. GOOD LUCK, if you believe FOX. The rest of us appreciate your participation. Thanks, again...

From the deck, yesterday evening,

we were treated to an amazing show from a flock of barn swallows, as they dipped and dived, like a tight fighter squadron, while they feasted on some kind of tiny bugs for about 20 minutes. Was crazy as they swarmed in a tight oval, from the top of the grass, to a height of about 20 ft, within the perimeter of our back yard. Have never seen anything like it. Was hypnotic and mesmerizing as the masters of flight zigged and zagged, twisted and turned, barely missing each other, flying full speed as they nearly collided, sometimes going for the same bug. Wow...

There's a lot to be said,

for being able to read a graph, AND, as every investor knows, 'the trend is your friend'. That being said, Romney keeps dropping further behind, in all polls. Surprise. As the public gets to know this 'human-like' imposter, the less they like him. I seriously wonder if his supporters really LIKE him, or if they just hate Obama SO much they would support anyone with an (R) beside his name. Really, who could actually like this cyborg, who tries SO hard, but unsuccessfully, to relate to actual human beings.

Not a big soccer fan,

but sure enjoyed the Olympics' womens' gold medal match. Won't 'spoil' it if you haven't seen it, but it was close.

Believe it or not,

as I was surfing FOXNews, which I regularly do, I came upon a site
that asked quite detailed questions on a wide variety of topics, then tabulated the results and matched me with the candidate that most closely shared my views. The results weren't that surprising, as I had taken a similar test, and got the same result. The person I should be voting for??? Ron Paul. Yup, I identify most closely with a Texas Republican, though NOT a typical Tex Repub. Although a few of his views are way 'off the wall' I definitely agree with MOST of them. Who'd a thunk? Well, me, for one. It's time for a third party candidate, cuz the two major parties just ain't gettin it done, although Ralph Nader was one of  the biggest mistakes of all time, cuz without him, and the votes he siphoned from Dems in FL, we'd have never had the biggest disaster of all time. GWBush. Crazy....

DId you know

that Obama is schizophrenic? According to FOX, that is, because he mocks the success of business owners, but accepts their contributions. That, FOX says, proves that he is mentally ill. Typical bullshit, from the 'Fairly Unbalanced' Network. Can't make this stuff up. This is the crap they spew, and the sheep lap it up.

When I was (much) younger,

I set a school record in the pole vault. Now, I see women vaulting WAY higher than what I could do. A really fun sport, though.

It's that time of year,

as our tomatoes are PERFECT, with lots of 'em, and we're having BLT's. Pretty hard to beat, with good bacon and corn on the cob. Gotta love this time of year....

For those who have 'no clue'

here's a little history. We're not talking about that radical 'evolution' thing. In 2000, Bill Clinton, handed off, in a  stolen electon, a great economy. In 2008, after 8 years of Bush and the Pubs, we got the mess we have now. Any questions?

I See 'The Dick' Cheney,

the 'worst ever' waste of a healthy human heart, with his 9% approval rating, (whose lies took us into another war, further enriching his 'big oil' buddies), is making the rounds, again, saying how Obama is a 'terrible' president. What's next, interviewing the Imperial Wizard of the KKK about race relations, followed by an in depth discussion with Wile E Coyote, about the proper way to catch a roadrunner, with Rupert Murdoch expounding on 'Ethics in Journalism', while Rush preaches humility, integrity and phyical fitness? Are you kidding me? Who actually believes this crap? Oh yeah, the Pubs, who totally wrecked our economy. Anyone else remember 2008, the zenith of GWBush's presidency?

Ted Nugent, who blew

the entire fortune he made as a rock musician, because of his 'questionable intelligence, is back in the news again, after his quote from last year, 'If Obama is re-elected, I'll either be dead, or in jail, by this time next year.' His new quote, "On important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good. It is really that stark." Wow. Another Pub 'true jenius'.

Unbelievable,but true

The Pubs are doubling down, and going all in, with their distortion of what Obama said, during a speech about gov't not being ALL bad, because it provides basic infrastructure we all need and use.
The exact quote that the Repubs are completely distorting, from Obama's speech, is as follows.

Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.

Because they have so little actual susbstance to use, they continue to mischaracterize, edit and distort this speech to make it say what they WISH Obama had said, cuz it fits into their 'anti-business' model of him. Shows how desperate they actually are if this is the best they can do. BUT, I guess the sheep are lapping it up. Just goes to prove the old saying, 'You CAN fool some of the people, all of the time'', and we know exactly who they are. Hint: They are loyal FOX listeners, and baaaa, a lot.

IF, you can find

a segment of the populace who believes the earth is 5000 years old, and some guy built a boat that held a pair of ALL the animals of the earth (and their food), THEN, they will have no problem believing that Bush made an honest mistake, attacking Iraq, and it's Obama's fault for all the economic problems we have. Is no secret the Pubs pay HUGE money for those mailing lists, cuz it it their base. Could it be more obvious? Again, nothing against spitiuality, just the blind belief of religious myths vs the evolution of the human brain. Not even close...

If Mitt Romney

admits to writing off over $77,000 in expenses, on his taxes, for his 'dancing horse', in 2011, as he struggles to relate to the middle class, can you imagine the stuff he DOESN'T want us to see?Yup, the human-like Ken doll won't release 10 years of tax returns, For a reason. The crazy thing? The bumpkins who think they are voting for the middle class, don't have a clue about who they are trying to elect. Again, nothing new here, as the FOXNews crowd votes against their interests, cuz they ARE, the sheep, controlled by FOX, and Repub Big Money, easily bought by special interest PAC's, cuz they hate Obama, SO much, as he struggles to fix the damge from GWBush.

Looks like the religious conservatives

are putting their money where their mouths are, in the new 'Faith and Freedom Coalition', that's spending millions to defeat Obama. Nah! It's just another Koch Bros funded, right wing SUPER PAC, legallized by the Pubs in the Supreme Court. Another vaguely patriotic, homespun sounding mass of money, put out there by the 1%, to buy their big business, anti tax ideas in Washington. Sure is a sweet, homespun name, though, just like all the other Rove, Koch Bros and billionaire (grassroots) PAC's are. What a joke. There SHOULD be 'truth in advertising' so these things would be labeled, "Billionaires Buying Votes', or 'Let's Protect Our Fortunes Through Massive Lobbying'. But that's not 'folksy' enough sounding, for the sheep. You betcha...

I would imagine

that Romney has a seriously sore ass, today, cuz he just pulled a huge number out of it. 12 million, to be exact, is the number of new jobs he would create. He doesn't mention any specifics, but I imagine, as he was fumbling around in his rectum, that it seemed like a nice, round number. Wow, what a great leader and businessman! Somebody get him some 'butt balm', cuz he's gotta be sore.

Of course Mitt says

the 'The Fed Should Avoid Further Stimulus', cuz that would help the economy, and that's the LAST thing Mitt and the Pubs want. Their stated goal, to beat Obama at all costs, is only helped by the perception that 'It's Obama's Economy Now', although after the Bush/Repub nightmare of 2000-2008, it's gonna take decades to fix, esp if the Pubs fight every program designed to stimulate jobs in the private sector. You don't crash a speeding Ferrari into a telephone pole and expect have it as 'good as new', when half the body shop ( who works for Lamborghini) is sabotaging your every move and won't allow access to needed parts. At a time when the gov't can borrow money at near 0% interest, our infrastructure is crumbling, with record unemployment, we obviously need WPA type work projects, but the same Pubs who gladly spent hundreds of billions on wars, based on lies, SUDDENLY have a fiscal conscience. Hopefully, the nonFOX believing publi…