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Just watched a recorded Jimmy Kimmel,

where he said, 'Every family cuts their own Christmas tree, ONCE.' I remembered one time we cut our own tree, and we were driving back, on I-70 at night, when we saw a fresh cut tree, fly out from the pickup in front of us. We all laughed, then noticed the tree in the back of our pickup was gone. Totally true story...

There won't be many

'pot shops' opening on the first day of 2014, because the state has been really slow implemeting all the laws, permits and licenses required, but, as a public service, here are some of the places that WILL be open.
 I'm guessing long lines and some places running out of inventory, but who knows? Some shops have been working 24 hrs/day, rolling joints and packaging product. Brave New World out there, as the Green Rush begins in the Wild Wild West. As always, 'Beware of Idiots'....

Did you know,

that FOX News(?) is banned in Canada, because they have a LAW against broadcasting 'false or misleading' news? No shit. Absolutely true. Why can't we have a law like that? That's part of the reason Canadians, and many other fellow tourists we meet in our travels just LAUGH, when Fox is mentioned. As one traveler said, "I'd rather get REAL news." To me, the most UNbelievable part of the whole thing is, that FOX has convinced a BUNCH of 'little people' (through catch words like freedom, family values, War on Christmas, patriotism, etc) that they are 'on their side', instead of the obvious fact that they exist for BIG MONEY to control govt purse strings.

Time for some 'end of the year'

self-congratulation, from the propagandists at FOX.

"Fox News Channel revolutionized the news industry. Now, 17 years later, we take a special look at the mission, the biggest moments, the team and talent that make it all happen!"

Yes, they 'revolutionized' it, as in becoming the ONLY news(?) agency that PAID (over a hundred million dollars) to cable networks to broadcast their 'Fair and Balanced' (funniest slogan EVER) version of what the right-wing sheep will swallow, instead of real news, and therefor 'catapult the crap' that will insure the propagation of right-wing dogma. And it's worked! There is a certain segment that actually made the conscious decision to avoid 'mainstream media', (cuz they are too biased?) and substitute Rupert Murdoch's view of 'what should be'. Wow. You can't make this stuff up, like FOX does, but, it's totally understandable (just not ethical) when you realize the HUGE amount of money that…

I've avoided the obvious here,

as, in less than 24 hours, Colorado becomes the first place in the world to legalize pot, for those over 21, but, as I read the paper and watch the local news every day, it's kinda hard to ignore. , is just some of the Denver Post articles that inform us of what's going on, and I'm guessing we will be in the nat'l/internat'l news quite a bit in the next few days, as it becomes legal to buy 'recreational' pot. While it should be interesting, I have kinda mixed feelings on the whole issue. I don't think any adult should go to jail, or even be fined, for ingesting a weed that grows naturally, and compared to alcohol, is a healthy choice, BUT, the indiscriminate use by a bunch of rookies could definitely cause some problems. And, I don't like the message it sends to kids, but youngsters trying forbidden fruit is as old as time and ain't gonna change. Today's smoke is SO much more potent than the stuff we had …

Just saw the stats,

and Colorado is in the top 5 growth states. Am gonna make a prediction here. Within the next couple years I'm claiming CO is gonna be #1, or very close to it. Is obvious, if you look at all the economic/social growth data. Good news/bad news. Propery values UP, traffic delays also UP. The highest property values in the country, for those who don't have a coast. Good news/bad news....

Just watched the 2nd half

of the Kennedy Center Honors. Wow! Between Santana and Billy Joel I saw some amazing opera, that I didn't even know I liked. If you're looking for something to watch, and listen to, I can't imagine anything better. Am proud to be a part of the human race that can do this....

Oh, the wisdom you can gain,

if only you're willing to wade through the swill of FOXNews. Did you know.....

Adam Shaw, Fox News: "Pope Francis is undergoing a popularity surge comparable to the way Barack Obama was greeted by the world in 2008. And just as President Obama has been a disappointment for America, Pope Francis will prove a disaster for the Catholic Church.

Yup, Pope Francis is a DISASTER! The Vatican needs to get back to what matters, like greed, young boys and the suppression of gays and women. Just listen to FOXNews, Popesters, and they'll set you straight...

Did you know,

that it was Obama's fault the govt got shut down for a couple weeks? Yup, Ted Cruz, explained on FOX, that it wasn't him and his Tea Party d-bags that were responsible, but rather the Dems who should have agreed to cancel the Affordable Care Act, upheld by the Repub Supreme Court, instead of allowing the massive and expensive govt shutdown. Yup, the FOX clown agreed, it was that damn Obama and the Pubs who caused the problems, NOT, the patriotic, esteemed congressman from Texas, with his Tea Bag minions. The stuff you can learn if only you're willing to wade through the swill of FOXNews...

I really enjoyed

the Kennedy Center Awards last night, as they had a tribute to Carlos Santana and his music. Must have made the FOX crowd crazy to see a Mexican artist, introduced by a black man, Harry Belafonte, play in the Kennedy (Liberal) Center to a black prez and his wife. They REALLY freaked out earlier when Snoop Dogg (OMG!) fist bumped Sec of State John Kerry. On 2nd thought, I doubt if any of them saw it. Way past their bedtime and if they were awake, I'm sure they were in search of Lawrence Welk reruns, or listening to FOX explain why Benghazi was WAY worse than W's Iraq War. Amazing Santana medley, though, and will catch the Billy Joel tribute later....

Saw the new Hobbit movie,

in 3D, yesterday, with Ted and Kari. Had forgotten how amazing Middle Earth is, and how ugly Orcs are. The combination of imagination and technology is mind boggling. Throw in leather recliners and Dolby sound and you got quite an experience.

Lots of negatives,

when you lose both parents within a month, but one of the positives is reconnecting with relatives, that I haven't seen for a while. Have been in touch, email and Skype, with cousin Janelle, who lives in London and works at the British Museum (digital film div?), after getting dual citizenship. Googled her and read more at IMDB, where she has credits for writing and production in many films. Interesting lady, and will definitely try to see her the next time we're in London.

We were on our way home,

last night, after the Greenbergs annual Newmas Party (between Christmas and New Year's), after I partied even more than usual, cuz it was our 42nd Anniversary, and had that wonderful feeling as the cop 'lit 'em up', right behind us. Of course Carol was driving, which was a good thing. Bottom line, she got a warning, in a 35 mph section of Dillon Road. Could have been worse.....

Did you know?

'Team Obama Has Brought Americans To An All-time Low'

Yup, that's the headline from the clowns who can't remember 2008, (and hope we don't) after their boy wrecked the economy and slithered out of town with a 22% approval rating. Yup, Obama is gutting the military, has a War on Christmas, is ignoring the constitution, is using the NSA, (created by the Bushies) and is wrecking health care in the US with his Affordable Care Act.

Yup, good thing we got FOX to remind us we are at an All Time Low. If only we could return to the glory days of 2008, after 8 years of the Pubs. Remember the $860 BILLION in checks from W, just to keep us from a TOTAL CRASH?  FOXNews, What a joke. Just not funny any more....

Everyone knows,

except the sheep, of course, that FOXNews doesn't have a clue, when it comes to political reporting or prognostication, which was proven, AGAIN, when the legitimate media said Romney would lose, but FOX proclaimed he would be the definite winner. Even after the votes were in and counted, Rove and his minions screamed 'mistake!' Now, following in the tradition of 'cluelessness', one of their heroes, Charles 'The Kraut" Krauthammer, has this to say about Hilary.

"I think she is going to be rather weak if she decides to run, which I think she likely is, she will be a relatively weak opponent, and Republicans, I think, are going to have a really good shot at the White House."

Just when you think the clowns at FOX can't get any more ridiculous, they'll prove you wrong, AGAIN.
Yup, them poor Dems just don't have a strong candidate for prez in 2016. They're stuck with Hilary, who's 'weak', as a candidate, and the Pubs have …

Really amazing

that Carol and I got married, 42 years ago, tomorrow, on the 27th. What a lucky girl.... Crazy, how time flies. Got a couple of good souvenirs, Nate and Kari. Wow!

Interesting program

on 'Sunday Morning', this week, about a a guy forging wine labels as part of a big scam to dupe high dollar wine collectors. To me, though, the really interesting part was an interview with one of the Koch brothers, who funnel hundreds of millions to rightwing organizations 'buying' protection for their businesses and personal fortunes, now that the Repub controlled Supreme Court OK'd legal corruption in the Citizens United decision where, 'Corporations Are People', and can give UNlimited, UNtraceable $$'s to their fav politicians. Gotta love them Pubs.... Anyway, this Koch Bro had just lost tens of millions in the wine scam, BUT, the interesting part was his house, where American consumer money goes to die. Every possible space on every wall was covered in world class art, with Renoirs, Picassos, Monets, etc, that were lost to museums and the public, forever. Then we went to his wine cellar, where he had over FORTY THOUSAND bottles of collectable wine…

FOXNews is continuing

it's nonstop attack on Obama, mostly because he tried to provide affordable health care to the ONLY developed nation in the world where sickness or injury can (and does) wreck you, financially, forever. The Pubs did manage to screw it up SO bad (fighting the One Payer system) that it was guaranteed to be a HUGE problem, which they now LOVE to bitch about. Their guy, who wrecked the economy, cut home values and IRA's by 40% and lied us into 2 unpaid for wars? (Ooops, no WMD's)? No Problem, everyone makes mistakes. The NSA, which they also love to scream about, was a gift from W, after his crew ignored the 'Bin Laden determined to strike the US, using commercial planes' memo. AND, they love to bitch about 'taxes going up on the wealthy', BUT, the higher tax rate is merely the return to normal after Bush's 'temporary' tax cut for the most wealthy, as part of his totally disproven 'trickle down' theory, and the ongoing war on the disappeari…

What a FANTASTIC Christmas

as the kids, incl Piper, spent the day and night here, as well as part of the next day. Lots of great food, drink, presents, music and fun, though we didn't get around to any games this year. Too much going on. Of all the great presents, the gift basket from the neighbors and the new music was extra special, not to mention the dragon fly and large bottle of Jack and a new recliner (where I spend too much time, unfortunately). As always, went WAY too fast, but lots of leftover goodies and great memories to tide us over into the New Year. My head is still kinda ringing from the 3 hour seesion with the Bose (over the ear) headphones and my 'New Music'. Lots of good stuff, but I really like AWOLNation and Arcade Fire as well as One Republic, the new Green Day, and still have LOTS of new stuff to listen to. Am well equipped to get snowed in, any time. Thanks everyone! Will see you on the beach in Mexico in the 'not too distant' future. Yahoo, life is good.

The kids are coming over today,

for our Christmas Eve tradition of food, fun and games, and spending the night. Watching the joys of Christmas, in eyes of a 4 year old, really makes it special. Merry Christmas, from Colorado!

Saw 'American Hustle'

with the Over the Hill Gang yesterday, and it was pretty good, but not the 'Oh Wow!' I was expecting, from all the hype. Great cast and music, and good period piece, but kinda disjointed. OK, but not great, in my humble opinion.

If you are familiar with or curious about,

Bitcoins, this is a very interesting article that explains a lot.

We used to have foxes around here,

but this pic of Bailey, (not really, but looks just like her) explains why we don't see them any more. Is actually a Norwegian Forest Cat, which is another name for Maine Coon. The males get BIG, but it looks just like Bailey, who's kinda little.
History tells us that Vikings are not ones to cross, a lesson hard learned by this fox who dared tresspass on the land of a Norwegian Forest Cat.
Leon the cat did not take lightly to the wild fox approaching his owner's bins and looked more like a mountain lion as he launched himself after the intruding predator.

As some of you know,

Tom Heller, Athlete of the Year, Nebraska, 1967, starting safety on the '71 Cornhusker football team, (named by Sports Illustrated as 'The Best Ever'), friend, teammate and Best Man at my wedding, has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, which is absolutely nasty. According to his wife Sue, Tom is in hospice and most of his energy goes toward just breathing.  Have tried many times to set up a time to visit him, but got the distinct impression he doesn't want to be seen in his condition, though he was able able to keep in touch by email. After losing the folks this fall, this 'mortality' thing is getting very real. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tom and Sue during this terribly difficult time.

The rightwing noise machine,

led by FOX, Rush and Sarah are rushing to the defense of the Duck Dynasty Dude, who claimed not only that being gay, which isn't something you can 'choose', is a SIN, but also that blacks were happier before the Civil Rights Act. WTF? What an idiot. In the 'good ol' days', according to Phil, they weren't 'singing the blues'. Where does he think the blues started? He thinks they were happier at the back of the bus, in fear of the KKK and being treated as 2nd class citizens? Everyone has the right to say stupid stuff, just as others have the right to call 'Bullshit!', when they do. This is just another instance of the HUGE divide between rational thinking and the FOXNews-led sheep. Nothing new here....

It never ceases to amaze me

when some ignorant/naive/stupid yokel spouts off about homosexuality being a 'sin'. You remember when you had to CHOOSE? That HUGE decision? Am I gonna be gay or straight? Was really tough, wasn't it? Are you kidding me?  BUT, there will always be those people out there, who just don't get it, just like the "Duck Dynasty" dude who is so proud of his ignorance, and very loudspoken about it. Of course FOX news is gonna is gonna support him and Sarah Palin is gonna pile on. Welcome to the land of double digit IQ's, and the people who support them.

Stretching his 15 minutes of fame,

earned by going on rabid rants against 'all things Obama/Dem', Rick Santelli, the Tea Party favorite of CNBC, had another of his typical interviews today. FIrst of all he finds a like-minded clown, introduces him as being 'really smart', then feeds him questions he knows they agree on, then congratulates himself for being 'really smart' also. His main bitching point? Fed caused inflation! Rick and his minions have been claiming, for MANY years, that the Fed's bond-buying stimulus program, QE, or quantitaive easing, which has the Feds buying their own higher interest bonds, creating lower interest bonds, therefore helping the economy and lowering national debt, is gonna cause runaway inflation. Guess what Rick? You've been WRONG for five years and you're STILL wrong. There is no noticable inflation ANYWHERE, except in corn based commodities, because of Bush's ethanol fisaco. In fact, deflation is the main problem, and Bernanke has saved the econ…

Gonna be interesting 'round here

in a couple of weeks, when 'recreational' pot becomes legal in the state. Lotta national and worldwide media looking at the rollout. This morning on ABC World News they did a story about it, then said they were losing their whole floor crew, cuz they're moving to Colorado. Gonna be very few shops open as the legislature has really drug their feet, putting everything off 'til the last minute as politicians usually do. A whole lotta issues gotta be addressed and it looks like we are gonna be the guinea pigs for the rest of the country, incl Washington who says they'e gonna follow our lead. I'm guessing some long lines, lots of cameras and stupid interviews and the few shops (about 7 out of hundreds of applicants) who do legally open are gonna sell out. The good news? Someone over 21 shouldn't go to jail for using a plant that grows naturally and has lots of medicinal qualities. About time...

New list out today,

of the 10 healthiest and 10 UNhealthiest states. As always, there couldn't be a clearer divide between Red/Blue, or Repub/Dem states. VERY obvious who makes educated, intelligent healthy decisions, then there are the Red, Repub states, who suck up the welfare and healthcare dollars. You wouldn't know it to hear the propaganda from FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) but facts don't lie. FOX does....

If you know me,

you know I'm not racist, BUT, if I were.... This morning two guys from the Salvation Army came to pick up a nice, clean sofa sleeper that we had donated. It would have already been up the stairs if the new couch we ordered for the basement had gotten here on time. However, it was still at the bottom of the basement stairs, tilted on edge, with the handrails and pictures removed from the stairway, and it was an easy fit. I told them I was sorry it wasn't already upstairs, explained why and offered to pay them cash if they'd help me carry it up. One guy (who happened to be white), was all for it and went to grab the heavy end. The other guy (who happened to be black, and in charge) wasn't going for it at all and made a BUNCH of excuses, all countered by me or his partner. Bottom line, they left without picking it up, and said to call them back when it was in the driveway, where their lift could reach it. Would have made a racist proud....

Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show

had a good reply to Megyn Kelly and the clowns at FOX, after they responded to the firestorm she created by claiming Santa, (and Jesus) were white. The bimbo said, 'Can't they see it was just a joke? Don't they have any sense of humor? You have to understand that I, and the rest of us at FOX are 'Big Targets', and she smiled at the sheep, who swallowed her explanation, as they always do. SOOO, Jon reran the clip in question, with Megyn's 'joke'. It showed, very obviously, that there was no 'joke' intended. She was very serious. It did show, conclusively, that the true 'joke' is FOXNews and their 'news'casters. Nothing new here....

Good article today,

about the ongoing tragedy in Iraq, where over 2700 people have been killed, just since April, that is totally ignored by FOX. The country that Bush/Cheney 'broke' with their 'shock and awe' campaign. The 'Oops, No WMD's' war continues to explode in sectarian violence. They broke it and we bought it, to the tune of several TRILLION dollars, that went mostly to big defense contractors. 'The Dick' Cheney says, 'I wouldn't change a thing', and continues to be a hero to the right wing and FOXNews where he is continually featured as an 'expert' who bitches about Obama and the Dem's foreign policy. And the sheep eat it up....
Good quote, just out.
After W. and Dick Cheney ignored warnings of an Al Qaeda strike, they proliferated a mind-set that there was no step too far to protect us from that happening again, be it attacking a country that hadn’t attacked us, torturing, warrantless wiretapping, spying Stasi-style on our allies or …

FOX and the Pubs,

(one and the same), are bitching about 'unthinkable' cut to vet's benefits. The same crowd who won't allow the 'Oil Depletion Allowance' to be tampered with and fights for ag subsidies for multi-millionaire corporate farmers, scream 'Don't Touch' for the vets who can retire after 20 years in the military (38 yrs old?) and then go on to get another govt job so they can retire in their early 50's with double govt paid bennnies. Unless you have worked hurricane damage all over Florida for many years like I have, you probably haven't seen the lifestyle these guys live. The typical retiree lives in a gated, golf course community, often right on the water, with a new truck, car and boat, parked beside a beautiful house, filled with expensive furniture, with PX priveleges and fantastic medical benefits. The size and quality of the homestead and toys depends on rank. Now, I'm not saying vets don't deserve to be compensated for their service…

FOXNews, The Fair and Balanced Network

has an article today, 'Team Obama= A Government of Boobs and Bores Led by a Narcissist', by one of their resident 'jeniuses', Michael Goodwin. As proof of his 'Fair and Balanced' assertion, he states,

My bookshelves sag with encyclopedic volumes arguing that America and the West are in decline. But proving that a picture is worth a thousand books, the “selfie” seen ’round the world ends the argument.

Yup, argument over, for the sheep. Obama being included in a 'selfie' by the Danish Prime Minister confirms it. Just another example of the 'Fairly Unbalanced' network doing what it does best. And the sheep said, Amen.

Over many decades,

I've gone in a lot of musical directions and have listened to many different artists and songs. BUT, one thing has never changed. If I had to pick a favorite album, it would be 'Naturally', by JJ Cale. He had some other good albums, but this was the best. JJ died last year and some people are finally recognizing his talent, as in this short video.
Click here: Naturally, J.J. Cale - Video - Never a big star, but a consistent, talented musician whose songs were hits for many famous artists. 'Naturally' doesn't have a bad song on it, but Call Me the Breeze, Crazy Mama and Clyde stand out, with Magnolia being one of the best love songs ever written. JJ Cale, one of a kind. You can hear the whole album, here

Just when I thought

the Pubs had become somewhat responsible. This just in...

WASHINGTON -- The GOP wants concessions from Democrats in exchange for not allowing the U.S. to default on its debts this spring, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Fox News Sunday.
"We as a caucus -- along with our Senate counterparts -- are going to meet and discuss what it is we’re going to want out of the debt limit," Ryan said. “We don’t want nothing out of this'.

The president has said that he will refuse to negotiate around the debt limit, and that it is Congress' obligation to pay the debts that Congress itself ran up.

SO, here we go again. Same old crap from the Pubs, as they will 'shut it down', and risk economic calamity, rather than pay the debts they've already run up. What a bunch of jerks....

Instead of reporting

on the very obvious 'friction' in the Repub party, after Ryan and Boehner stood up (finally) to the whack jobs in the Tea Party, FOXNews blamed the mainstream media (called that for a reason) for creating a split in the GOP. Are you kidding? Same old crap from the propaganda arm of the Pubs, spinning the facts for their advantage, but this should be obvious even to casual observers. A small faction of the minority party has had WAY too much power, for WAY too long, as they have promoted their devisive agenda, funded by anonymous deep pockets that were opened up by the outrageous 'Citizens United' ruling, by the Repub controlled Supreme Court. With no danger of losing future elections in their Gerrymandered districts, they have lined their pockets, with huge contributions from the Koch Bros of the world, while paralyzing the gov't with their FAR-right demands, knowing they couldn't succeed, but wreaking havoc nonetheless, at the expense of the American public. …

Interesting article in the Post this morning,

about many parents bringing their children to Colorado, to be treated for seizures, with cannabidiol, a cannabis extract, when nothing else works. Although the mainstream medical/pharmacological 'industry' isn't supporting it, (surprise), studies performed by the Dr's who are involved, show nearly 80% of patients have 'significant improvement', including many who are completely cured. Relieved parents are effusive in their praise.
    'Just the beginning', many in the medical community are saying, now that the 'Reefer Madness' mentality, promoted by the government, drug companies and right-wing sheep is being challenged by rational thought, regarding a naturally occurring plant, instead of overpriced pharmaceuticals.

Another interesting Post article this morning,

about a huge oil field, the Denver Julesberg Basin, with fairly 'easy to get' oil, at half the price of the Bakken field in North Dakota. 4 different oil companies have invested many billions in acquiring land, water and infrastructure, and the 'rush' has just begun. Is supposed to be' many decades worth' of oil, right in our backyard, literally. Just what we needed, another reason for more people to move into our part of the world. Too crowded now. Good news for geophysicists like our son-in-law Ted, though...

Stewart and Colbert joined me,

claiming Megyn Kelly is a joke. Remember how she said maternity leave for women was so unfair for business owners? That is, until she got pregnant, THEN, she was very deserving of the cash sent sent her way. All documented and very funny.
Stewart questioned her target audience when she claimed Santa Claus was white, claiming it had to be politically active kids, up after 10:00, who still believe in Santa, and racist enough to care what color he is. Colbert claimed if FOX can claim Santa is real and white, for kids up at 10:00, he is gonna point out that Martin Luther King is real and black for those kids up at 11:30. Tough fight for that late night, little kid audience. Both hosts also had a good laugh about FOX saying they didn't like the media 'changing facts for political reasons'. HA!

What? FOXNews can't be trusted?

WASHINGTON -- Since its founding in 2004, the progressive watchdog group Media Matters for America has been a thorn in the side of Fox News. Its dozens of staffers monitor the network's leadership, hosts, guests and financial dealings incessantly, calling out misinformation, conflicts of interest, evidence of a partisan agenda, and outright lies in a bid to shed light on the workings of the right-wing echo chamber.
But in the coming years, Fox will no longer be the center of Media Matters' universe. That's because the group believes it has effectively discredited the network's desire to be seen as "fair and balanced."
"The war on Fox is over," said Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone. "And it's not just that it's over, but it was very successful. To a large extent, we won."

Of course the FOX sheep, those loyal, inside the bubble fanatics who made the decision that the Mainstream Media can't be trusted, BUT,…

Thank you, Megyn Kelly,

for proving my premise, that you and FOX are a joke. You went on a rant about about Santa, or (St Nick), a Greek, and Jesus, a Palestinian, being WHITE, and how important that is, to the Megyn Kelly's of the world. BUT, the  funniest thing, ranting about someone (FOX?) changing 'facts', to fit a political agenda. TOO funny. Megyn Kelly, the FOXNews answer to serious journalism. And the sheep say, amen. She is pretty hot, though, which explains a lot.

Was kinda slow around here,

this afternoon, so we decided to see a movie, and decided on the highest rated (according to IMDB viewer rating) and saw 'About Time', by the same people who did 'Notting Hill' and 'Love Actually'. Good choice. I love Rachael McAdams and quirky English movies, like this. Seems 'time travel' runs in the males of this family, and you can go back and 'redo' bad situations. Loved all the London scenes, that seemed so familiar. Wasn't ready for the main guy losing his father (small part of movie) and all that entailed, as he had the chance to 'go back' and relive some situations. Was WAY emotional for obvious reasons. Good movie that made me think about 'what's important' in life. Good flick, if you like that kind of movie...

Most of the world's media

reported how the South Africans CELEBRATED during Mandela's funeral. Not FOX. They fixated on Obama being included on a 'selfie' pic, by the Danish rep, saying it was 'disrespectful'. Are you kidding me? Never mind. It is TYPICAL for FOX, to focus on the negative, even when they gotta dig 'REALLY DEEP' to find something to bitch about. What a bunch of jerks, hired by Rupert Murdoch, to shape public opinion against 'all things Democrat'.

Just saw Megan Kelly on Leno,

pretending that she gives 'both sides', a hard time, after Roger Ailes gave her a job at FOX. She kept quoting the Wall St Journal, (owned by FOX), to back up her 'views'. Do people actually believe this crap? Have you ever seen her act, as a 'news' reporter, on FOX, the 'propaganda channel', as opninion, always Conservative, gets treated as fact? RU kidding? Megan Kelly as a serious reporter?

Occasionally, I'll hear or read Bill O'Reilly

and think, 'Oh, he's not so bad, he can be somewhat reasonable', and I'll forget what an egotistical, polarizing, biased jerk he really is. Case in point. On AOL this morning they replay Bill's rant about the Denver Post hiring a Marijuana Editor. 'Why don't they have a Heroin Editor too', Mr Brainiac asks? I was gonna explain how stupid this whole thing is, in a state where the populace overwhelmingly voted to decriminalize cannabis for those over 21, and realized, 'If I gotta explain it, you wouldn't understand it'. The sheep who get their news from FOX will probably agree with 'Big Bill' and his idiotic argument that a 'NEWS'paper, hiring an editor to report on the multitude of information, programs and issues that the state and people are facing is the SAME as 'endorsing an intoxicant whose only purpose is to get high'. It just reinforced my belief, that Bill O'Reilly is a loudmouthed jerk, most of the time. …

I love to 'discover' new music

and last night at the end of the Leno Show got to see One Republic do 'Counting Stars'. Wow! Another Colorado band making it big. Watched the (kinda strange) video several times and heard more of their music today. Had heard OF them, but had no idea. Just read that 'Counting Stars' is the number one single in the UK. May even consider BUYING their music. Good stuff....

We got a good glimpse,

into the Repub brain, with the passing of Nelson Mandela, as nearly the entire world recognized what a fantastic man he was. Then there's Rick Santorum and 'The Dick' Cheney. Rick likened Mandela's lifelong struggle against apartheid to the Pubs fighting Affordable Health Care, and the Dick maintained he had no problem with his classification of the South African nonviolent leader as a 'terrorist'.  Yup, it all makes sense inside tthe Repub view of the world...

Was pleasantly surprised last night

by the 'live' version of 'The Sound of Music'. Had forgotten all the great songs, built around 'interesting times' in Austria before WWII. A fantastic job, I thought, by Carrie Underwood and Bill, the vampire, with fantastic sets to set the mood. Altogether, a great production. Thanks Laura, for telling us about it.

Good day, today

as Piper came over and helped Oma make a gingerbread house and gingerbread men, We played games and read stories, AND, I met my buddy Denny for lunch, at our favorite Chinese Buffet. Brrrr, cold out (high in single digits), but a GOOD day, and I'll take all those I can get.

I've tried, to be neutral,

but, as I watch the Pubs do their 'same ol' crap', it's hard to be silent. While Obama/Dems try to provide AffordableHealthCare to the masses, like the rest of the world takes for granted, the Pubs/lobbyists wanna keep the money 'flowing' to their contributors. Just like Big Oil and the oil depletion allowance and corporate farmers with their subsidies, the Repubs are all about $$$ flowing from the people to corporations. They hate the thought that health coverage for the American people could cut into corporate profits, SO, they fight to keep us as the ONLY world population where sickness/injury means bankruptcy for indiduals and PROFIT for Big Business. Could it be any more obvious? Not if you are a FOX sheep...

As we look at

this latest weather event, it seems like winter is here. Highs around 10 degrees for the next 3 days, BUT, the good news? Loveland has had over 100 inches of snow, ALREADY, with over 2 feet forecast for the next few days. Good news for water, which is SO important, AND, as a retiree, I don't have to travel. Yahoo, for being old.... Looking for whatever good news I can find.

Seems like

the passing of the folks has sorta numbed me, and the political BS just doesn't upset me like it did. Not sure if it's good or bad, but just IS. Don't know how long it'll last, but I feel a little 'comfortably numb' and not worrying about things that I can't change. Looking forward to some time on a beach....

Have seen a bunch

of AMAZING sports moments over the years, but nothing that can beat this one. #4 Auburn (also in Alabama) beat #1 Alabama on a 109 yard runback, with no time on the clock, after a  missed field goal, when the refs added a second to the clock, so Alabama got a chance to win, on their way to a third consecutive national championship. WOW! Off the chart stuff. Sorta like Kirk Gibson's World Series homer. This is why I love sports! You can't make this stuff up...One of the BEST EVER sports moments.... WOW!

Lots to be thankful for,

this Thanksgiving as we're headed up to Nate and Laura's for the annual celebration. They do such a good job that it just keeps on growing, with about 20 guests expected this year. Gonna be hard to find couch space for a nap after the big dinner. At least the road up the canyon, Highway 72, is finally open after the big floods this year. Just part of a surreal fall that started with a trip to the UK and is just now returning to a bit of normalcy. Like I said, lots to be thankful for this year as I realize the importance of friends and family, which makes this wonderful life worth living. Best wishes to all...

Really enjoyed

the second book of the Hunger Games series, 'Catching Fire', but didn't like the movie that much. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood and maybe I just didn't remember the book well enough, but it was kinda hard to follow and was really 'moody'. Well done visually, and it set up the next movie, but was kinda disappointing, from my point of view. Speaking of books, am really enjoying the new John Grisham book, 'Sycamore Row', that deals with a will and an executor. Who da thunk?

Was gonna do

another FOXNews expose, as they continue to bitch about Kerry/Obama stopping/delaying Iran's march toward a nuclear weapon, BUT, realized that the party who never met a war they didn't like, with a mantra of  'Bomb, bomb, bomb...,bomb bomb, Iran', is NEVER gonna agree with ANYTHING done by Obama/Democrats, although it is SO obvious. Nothing new here, as they fight the US joining the rest of the world, providing health care, instead of bankruptcy, if you happen to get sick, as Murdoch/Ailes tell the sheep what to believe.

Just a thought here,

but I really don't like the thought of the airlines allowing passengers to speak on cell phones. I can't imagine listening to a someone yakking while I'm trying to relax, PLUS, if I was a business passenger, I'd like the thought of being 'unavailable' while in the air. PLEASE, don't do it. Just my thoughts...

Wow, all of a sudden,

it's winter. Snow, on and off all day, highs in the low 20's and 6 degrees forecast overnight. Not sure I'm ready for it, but glad I don't have to go out into it. One of the perks of being old, and retired. Still lots to do with the folks estate, and Ted downloaded some new books for me, SO, am able to stay busy, but not used to 'winter'. Looking forward to family time, this Thanksgiving, and Richard's birthday, with the crew. Brrrr....

Just finished up,

some interior trim, for some friends who had their (full) basement flooded during the big Colorado floods, a couple months ago. After doing new base and casing for Ted and Kari, I felt that Carol and I were ready to take our show, 'on the road' and volunteered to do the base trim. Didn't realize it was 'real wood' with round (drywall) corners. Bottom line, got it done, but didn't realize what a job it would be. Would have been MUCH easier if it was a professional drywall job, and the corners were 90 degrees....

For the umpteenth time,

in the last month or so, have had a feeling and thought, 'Oh, I wanna call the folks', then realize I can't, and never can, again. It gets a little easier, but not much, as so many things bring thoughts and memories, and sometimes tears, as I realize that part of my life is gone, forever. It's easy to say, cuz it's true, that it was 'for the best', but that's small consolation, as I continue to see their faces and remember their smiles. Lotta love involved, and that's the way it should be, but it's really hard to work through these feelings. It does help, though, to write something down, and therefore release it, in some small way/ Gonna be a long process....

Saw a good movie, yesterday

Since it was Sr Tuesday, we saw 'Captain Phillips', with Tom Hanks playing the title role in a real life adventure. Well done flick that moved along very well, until the last part, where I KNEW what was gonna happen, but it took a while to get there. The pirate 'captain' could well win an Oscar for his portrayal of a Somali pirate, with few options in life. Am considering going to see '12 Years a Slave', but not sure I could handle the brutality, knowing it's a true story.

When I left

for our t-time today, at 11:30, it was 66 degrees. We played one hole, quit cuz it was cold, and by 3:00, it was 30 degrees, with a cold wind and an outrageous wind chill. I don't remember it getting SO cold, SO fast, as it did today. Luckily, they gave us a 'rain-check', and they had a beer special at the clubhouse. Was crazy.....

Great family day, today,

as we celebrated Ted's birthday with Ted, Kari, Nate and Piper, and some great lasagna from Carol. Not sure if Piper is more cute, or smart, but either way, we sure have a good time. Good football game tonight, between LSU and Alabama, SO, it's been another great day, and that works for me.

Just realized,

tomorrow marks one month, since I lost my mother. I was expecting to lose dad, but mom's passing was, and still is, a total shock. Time helps to heal, and I am in pretty good shape, most of the time, but, too often, it hits me, hard. I can tell myself that it was 'for the best', and I definitely believe that, but, it still hurts, a lot. Is gonna take a while, and am in better shape than I was last week. It's a part of life/death I 've never faced before, although it is just part of 'the human condition', that we all go through, sooner or later. Excuse me for whining, but it helps to air my feelings...

I spent many years,

seeing, 'up close and personal', the devastation from hurricanes, like Katrina, Ike and many others. It was pretty amazing to see what wind, in the range of 125 mph, can do. So, that's why it's hard for me to believe that Super Typhoon 'Haiyan' has SUSTAINED winds of 195 mph, gusts of 235, the lowest barometric pressure EVER recorded, (by far), and a storm surge of over 25 feet. The satellite photos show a tightly wrapped eye, as it enters the Phillipines, and they are saying it is the most powerful storm ever recorded on planet earth. Who says 'Climate Change' is a 'Liberal Plot'? Oh yeah, FOX and Friends...

Had another good day, today,

and I like those. My buddy, Denny, came over today, and brought a lot of good stuff, including his green chili, (and we had some of mine), some special product from his brother Steve (thanks, Steve), and a bunch of albums that he doesn't need any more. THEN, I put him to work hooking up my sub-woofer sound system, (in my man-cave) and we got it ROCKIN', with Carol complaining that the bass was 'too much' on the floor above. YES! You oughta hear it down there! Bottom line, I have a great sound system in the downstairs den, and we have the TV hooked up with DVD, VHS, NetFlix, Wii, and other necessary stuff. Yahoo! And I have come around to the fact that vinyl albums have better sound than CD's and other digital stuff. Way more depth and deeper, quality sound. Just my humble opinion....

Todays FOX moment,

concerns the clowns having to make a choice. Do we support Chris Christie who actually proves that Repubs are capable of compromise and negotiation, OR, do we continue to support 'our guys', the lemmings with the suicide vests, who shut down the govt, killing the economy? Must be tough, for the Murdoch robots, who can see, and are responsible for, the collapse of the modern(?), Repub party. No problem for rational/logical people, BUT, a HUGE problem for the FOX clowns. Stay tuned.