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Most of the American people (by far)

support Obama's decision not to confront Putin/Russia over the the Ukraine situation, AND are happy to see him ending the wars that Bush/Repubs started, on the other side of the world. BUT, that doesn't keep the FOXHoles from running this headline, today.

'Obama's Foreign Policy Failures Lead to Disaster at UN'

 FOXNews, more transparent than a newly cleaned window, banging the drums for war as they continue their propaganda campaign against ALL things Obama/Dem. Typical Chickenhawks...

If you ever wanna see

the HUGE difference between the FOXHoles, and 'the rest of the world', (including OVER 95% of climate scientists), just look at FOX propaganda concerning 'Climate Change', or, 'Global Warming'. True, there is a tiny bit of debate as to whether it is 'human caused', (and I'm not sure if it can be slowed or reversed), BUT, the anti-science jerks at FOX, (backed by the Koch Bros and their ilk) won't even admit it's real. Are You Kidding Me? As always, there is reality/truth, and there's FOX. How 'otherwise intelligent' people can swallow this crap is way beyond me, but once you sign on to the FOX agenda, logic/rationality is no longer in play. Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the sheep... Nothing new here...

Wow, I love this time of year,

as the best college teams compete to be in the 'Final Four'. Couldn't have asked for better games today, as UConn beat Mich St, and then the freshmen from Kentucky beat Mich. You can't buy drama like this, as the winners are on an amazing high, while the losers are totally deflated,. Hopefully there'll  be good games next week, but I doubt if they can compare to those today. Wow...

The lead headline of FOX today

says the administration has 'cooked the books', on the Obamacare sign-up numbers, according to Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming. BUT, if you read past the 'Headline', you'll see that he has no proof, but 'feels it's true'.  This is the kind of crap that FOX is famous for, and where the sheep get their information. A HUGE headline, that spreads Repub lies, with the truth hidden in 'the fine print.' Typical FOX crap, that the sheep swallow. Nothing new here, from the FOXholes, BUT it gets SO old...

Learned a couple things this morning,

on CBS Sunday Morning,  the TV news magazine, about the Sandhill cranes that visit the Kearney, NE area this time every year. First, Nebraska is the ONLY state that doesn't allow them to be hunted, and that about 600,000 descend on the Platte River islands, where I spent so much of my youth. I didn't realize many volunteers groom the area to make it 'crane friendly', which means keeping the coyotes away, so the 3 1/2 ft tall birds can add about a pound of fat, (from left-over and spilled grain), to help in their long journey to the Arctic Circle and even Siberia. Part of the pageant is the elaborate mating ritual and those who hook up can be 'couples' for over 40 years. I had no idea....

I saw 'Passenger' on Jimmy Fallon last night

and was blown away by the lyrics of his song, 'Scare Away the Dark'. Check 'em out,
Good Passenger song, here,

"Scare Away The Dark"

Sing, sing at the top at your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Yeah and feel, feel like you still have a choice
When we all light up we can scare away the dark

We wish our weekdays away
Spend our weekends in bed
Drink ourselves stupid
And work ourselves dead
Or just because that's what mom and dad said we should do

We should run though the forest
We should swim in the sea
We should laugh, we should cry,
we should love, we should dream
We should stare at the stars and not just at screens
You should hear what I'm saying and know what it means

To sing sing at the top at your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Yeah and feel, feel like you still have a choice
When we all light up we can scare away the dark

Yeah we wish we were happier, thinner and fitter,
We wish we weren…

Discovered '',

not long ago, and there's some pretty good stuff on it. Funny, anyway.
This list is '88 Things That Are Much Better When You're High'.
Not sure about most of them, but there are several I can vouch for. You gotta remember, I grew up (or came of age) in the 60's and 70's, AND I live in Colorado, which has the 'most contented people, in the US,', and that's a proven fact, like it or not.

VERY interesting charts,

that show the difference difference between the two political parties. The Pubs lead in old, white, southern, male, lower educated, religious voters. The Dems lead in all other demographics, and are increasing their lead among the young, educated, non-white, female, non-southern, high earners, AND, the fastest growing segment, which is moderate and unaffiliated.

Great charts, that show what I've been preaching for years.

The lowest income, votes Dem, BUT, that's only 4% of the population. However, the highest earners,(educated people), who make $75,000 to over $200,000, are also primarily Dems.
The main problem? The Pubs can turn out their base, when it comes time to vote, though it's smaller and shrinking, AND, they control the Supreme Court, which makes laws like Citizens United, (corporations are people) that allow them to Buy the Vote, from the low-information (FOX crowd)  voter.  And, they&#…

One of the most interesting parts

of our trip to England/Ireland/Scotland was 'Dublinia', a museum in Dublin, that showed the Viking influence in that area. I had never realized that the Norse, or Vikings, had raided, conquered and then settled that part of the world, as part of their exploration and pillaging of the entire known world. London currently has a hugely popular exhibit of Viking history and influence in the UK.

Very interesting, I think, (maybe it's my Norse blood). Also, 'Vikings' is a great show on the History Channel that is very well done and seems pretty realistic.

Broomfield High School had a HUGE

track meet today, and it reminded me of when Kari used to have spring meets, and it was always cold, wet and windy. Then, I remembered one of my worst track meets, at Hastings, Nebraska. The pole vault pit was wet, packed sand, which was HARD to land in, falling from 10+ feet, but someone had a great idea for the high jump pit, where they stacked a mattress on top of an old, solid steel, bed spring (before box springs). It was raining, my 'plant foot' slipped and my hip slid into the steel frame, giving me a large 'strawberry' of raw meat. Then, it was on to the high hurdles, where I went down and got cinders (which the track was made of) in my knees. Then, the bus got stuck in the mud, and we all had to get out and push. I was behind the tire that got traction and threw mud all over me. Memorable, fifty years later...

QUIZ, for FOX fans

I believe FOX is a legitimate news agency, rather than a Repub propaganda site, because I am:

A. Naive
B. Willfully ignorant
C. Clueless
D. Stupid

 Feel free to pick more than one, and please be honest.

Jon Stewart pointed out,

on The Daily Show, more of the hypocritical bullcrap that they spew constantly on FOX news. He juxtaposed a piece where a California surfer got food stamps that he spent on nice food, and it was 'the WORST thing EVER', according to the FOX clowns. But, in another piece where they showed huge corporations and gazillionaires who paid ZERO taxes, and even got refunds, the Bozos on Bullshit Montain thought that was FINE, cuz they weren't breaking any laws, and 'if you can take advantage of the system, you should'. To the Bozos and their sheep this all makes perfect sense, but to Jon Stewart,(and me), it's 'off the chart hypocrisy'. Nothing new here....

Even though we are SO busy,

Carol and I found time to have lunch with Kari, at Panera's, then we checked out the new Trader Joes. I love Trader Joes, with all the interesting food that you just don't see anywhere else. Now we have lots of goodies to try. Also, it's always fun just to shop in Boulder, with a crowd that is 'unique'. Hard to believe how much building is going on. Everywhere you look there's new houses, condos, apartments, remodels, etc. Colorado's entering into another of our legendary 'booms'. Gotta figure out a way to be included, but haven't found the right way, yet....

Surprise, the Pubs are bitchin'

cuz there are extensions and changes being made to the Affordable Care Act, in attempts to make it better and get more people enrolled. Duh... The Repubs agenda remains the same, which is to do everything possible to make sure it DOESN'T work, while the Dems want us to join the rest of the world, with affordable health care. If there was ever a clearer difference between the parties, where one advocates huge profits for a few at the expense of the many, while the other the other works to fix medical costs, which bankrupt individuals AND the country, I haven't seen it. What I DO see is the Pub gazillionaires buying tons of TV time to spread their (documented) LIES. Some things never change...

Bad news, good news

Carol and I both got voted off during during our 'Survivor' dinner party with the crew last night, BUT, it was fun seeing the pics from the Australia trip and Don makes some of the best lasagna, ANYwhere. Not sure about Kathy's Fireball jello shots, but it's always fun getting together for good food and laughs. Good times...

According to media reports,

MSNBC, the Liberal equivalent to FOX news(?), is failing, which doesn't surprise me at all. Although I lean left, I NEVER watch MSNBC, cuz it is so slanted (unlike the "Fair and Balanced" network, HA!), which shows the huge difference between the rabid sheep who treat FOX like 'real' news, while they huddle in their 'fact-resistant bunkers' and are rewarded by hearing just what they want to hear. Facts be damned! Bottom line, wouldn't be surprised, or care, if MSNBC went out of business. It just doesn't serve a purpose. Libs get 'real' news from many sources and don't need biased bullshit, like the FOX sheep crave, from Bullshit Mountain, which is nothing but Pub propaganda. I do, however, occasionally enjoy FOX, just as comic relief, and to help understand where the sheep are coming from, cuz once the decision is made to actually believe the crap from FOX, game over, and all the money paid out by Murdoch/Ailes claims another victim.

Good news, for this part of the world

In a poll of the 'most satisfied' cities in the country,
our part of the world placed 3 of the top 5 cities. Loveland, Ft Collins and Boulder, Colorado, have the happiest, most contented people, anywhere. Not at all surprised. 'Tis a privelege to live in Colorado, Now, STAY AWAY! Too many people are finding out what we have here.
PS. The most miserable people live in the Repub south, and would leave if they could afford to. Check it out! I'm SHOCKED. Who da thunk?

Yup, I bitch a lot,

about Fox/Repub (one and the same), and their LIES, and I'm not the only one.

Here are the Top Ten Lies, with good documentation as to WHY they are lies. From 'Obama Doubled the Deficit', to 'Climate Warming is a Hoax', and 8 more. Of course the sheep aren't gonna read/believe any of it, cuz they've been inoculated against the truth, in their fact-resistant bubbles, but here is some ammo for the next time some rube starts spouting 'facts' from FOX news.

If you listen to, and believe

the Bozos on Bullshit Mountain, as the sheep do, you'd believe the American people want the US to become directly involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. BUT, if you see the actual polls, by a margin of 3-1, we, as a people, DON"T want to become involved. Typical crap from FOX, as they say and do anything and everything to discredit Obama and the Dems, in their attempt to regain power and screw up everything, AGAIN.

Here in Colorado,

Channel 9 'Truth Tests' political ads. As I've been posting, because we are considered a swing state, we've been deluged by TV ads, financed by the Koch bros, who were cleared to spend unlimited, secret money to 'Buy' votes, by the Repub Supreme Court. The 'Truth Test' goes through the TV ad, line by line, rating each line as either 'Lie', 'Opinion',  or 'Truth'. Not one line was rated 'Truth', and most were 'Lie', which is typical of the Pubs and the Koch bros, BUT, if you just saw the ad and believed it, you'd definitely vote for Repub Gardner vs, Dem Udall, which is their plan. Don't believe it? Check it out here,
Same old shit from the GOP, as they go 'all out' this year to buy the Senate. I get SO sick of their crap, as they try to put the same lies on network TV that the sheep swallow on FOXNews. Nice try...

I really enjoyed (most of) the game yesterday,

as the 35-0 Wichita St. team played Kentucky, but really didn't understand the ending. With 3.6 secs left, the Shockers called time out at their end, down 2 points. I was wondering if the play (drive or jumshot?) would go to Early or Baker, their two leading scorers who had been hot down the stretch. BUT, the coach designed a play for small guard Van Vleet (1 for 6, 4 pts) to put up a final 3 pointer, that didn't even come close. What the hell?????

Good 'Letters to the Editor',

in today's Denver Post. The first explains how America is going to hell cuz we've gotten away from the founding fathers' Christian values. The next letter explains that the founding fathers set up 'Religious Freedom', NOT Christian values. HUGE difference. Then we had a letter explaining that Obamacare is nothing more than Romney's Massachusettes Health Care, where coverage is now at over 96% (and the people love it), but it took a few years to finetune it, cuz it's a HUGE undertaking. Obvious to most, unless your entire agenda is to undercut it for political reasons, like nearly half the country(R), in their fight to keep us as the ONLY civilized country in the world without govt healthcare, cuz they know that killing Obamacare is their only path back to power. And they hope people have amnesia, concerning the multiple disasters of 8 years of Pub 'leadership', 2000-2008.

In the 'Whackjob World' of FOX news,

they bitch about the missing plane coverage 'hitting a new low' with wild theories about the disappearance, including the 'lamestream media' diverting attention from 'important' stories, like Benghazi. BUT, they didn't mention their resident X-spurts (unknown drips under pressure), and their 'breaking news', that the plane had been hijacked to Pakistan, and would be used in future terror attacks. No shit! It's right here.

While the Bozos on Bullshit Mountain complain about the mainstream media (called that a reason) they shovel out this swill to the sheep, who lap it up. Nothing new here, but it is very funny....

Remember 'Readers Digest'?

where they condensed stories? Here's the RD version, according to FOX. Obama/Dems screw up everything, cuz they just talk. We should go back to the good old days of GWBush, and start more wars,  so the world will respect us, like they do Putin.

There's a reason it's called a 'Cold' war,

as opposed to a 'Hot' war, that the Pubs love, even if they gotta use lies and deception to get one started, like they did in Iraq.  (Have you ever noticed that the more of a wuss someone is in their personal life, the more of a 'hawk' they are with other's lives? (100% correlation, as I've seen it). Makes 'em feel 'tough'.) As if the country hasn't suffered enough from the chickenhawks enriching themselves at the expense of the little people, now the Pubs are screaming again that the US oughta get involved in the Ukraine/Russian conflict, as the FOXHoles and Pubs (one and the same) are banging the drums to get more bombs and bullets sent to the other side of the world. They call Obama 'naive and ineffective', just as they did when he didn't bomb Iran, like they wanted, or send troops to Syria and Egypt. Surprise, jerks, the American people don't like paying to be the policeman of the world, with all the costs involved.

For those of you who aren't stupid enough

to check out FOX news(?), here's a short summary of yesterday's news(?), concerning the the missing plane. OReilly says the 'lamestream media' is covering the disappearance to take the heat off 'Benghazi coverage'. Bill Hemmer doubts it'll ever be found cuz 'it took us 100 years to find the Titanic and 2000 years to find Noah's Ark'. No Shit. This is what passes for news(?), along with dozens of anti Dem/Obama articles, from the 'Fair and Balanced' Bozos on Bullshit Mountain.

I'd forgotten how much fun

this time of year is, with NCAA B-ball Tourney. The Buffs really stunk it up, but since then have seen several good games. Great win by Mercer over Duke, and the North Dakota St game was amazing. Nebr got smoked, but Creighton is having a great game against the Ragin Cajuns of Lafayette, LA. Also, I just got a bunch of new books on my Kindle/Ipad, to read during commercials/time outs. Just what I needed, more time on my butt... BUT, I love to watch the games and remember the thrill of competition.

I always watch

the evening news on NBC, and tonight they had a major piece (nice distraction from the missing plane and Ukraine), on Kearney, Nebraska, with the migration of snow geese and sandhill cranes. Was always a part of my life, as I knew it was finally springtime when I heard and saw the cranes. Great piece of newswork from Harry Smith and the crew as they report on springtime from the Platte River in Kearney. Beautiful part of the world, that I took for granted...

Susan Atanus(R), just won

as the GOP candidate for Congress in Illinois. What's the big deal, you say? Well, she blames tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and such on gays.

"Everybody knows that God controls weather," she told the news site in January. "God is super angry," she added. "Gay marriage is not appropriate, and it doesn't look right, and it breeds AIDS."

Remember when you had to decide if you were gonna be gay or straight? Toughest decision ever.... Wow, just when I think the Pubs can't get any worse, they never fail to disappoint.

As we enter

the 2014 elections, fundraising is approx equal between the Dems and Pubs, BUT, there's one huge difference. The Dem money comes from a BUNCH of different sources, while the Pub money comes mainly from Koch bros, after the Pub Supreme Court changed the law to allow Big Money to buy votes, and it's working out real well for them. It stinks, but since when has that bothered the Pubs? Last time it was Sheldon Adelson who shoveled hundreds of millions to Pub troughs. One man one vote, my ass. Thanks a bunch, Repub Supreme Court. Just what the founding fathers had in mind....

Oh great....

the new Koch bros-sponsored ads against Mark Udall(D) have begun to hit here in Colorado. Shows a normal looking woman speaking, 'We can see Obamacare doesn't work'.... Oh really? It's a done deal cuz they had problems with the website rollout? Same old crap, from the same old people, as the Pubs spend money to buy votes, with lies.

As I finish 'The Goldfinch',

am saddened that it's soon going to be over. Not sure it's a book I'd recommend to anyone, and definitely not everyone, but I've really enjoyed it. Can get kinda dark sometimes and kinda slow for a while, but it's for a reason, as it takes you 'on a ride'. The 900+ pages could have been edited down, but I liked it in it's entirety. Toward the end there was a quote I'm gonna try to remember. Not saying I agree or disagree with it, but I like the idea. 'Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous'. I think that's great....

I don't understand

why the Bozos on Bullshit Mountain are so upset about Crimea returning to Russia. Crimea was part of Ukraine, which only became a nation in 1991. Before that it was part the USSR, or Russia. Since then, the corrupt dictator who led Crimea sucked billions out of the country to finance his luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the people, who (nearly unanimously) want to return to Russia. They are Russian speaking with a Russian history, BUT, the chickenhawks at FOX are making a huge stink that Obama oughta get the US entangled in another overseas conflict. It's what they love to do. Screw 'em. We don't need to be the world's cop, exporting bombs and bullets and 'boots on the ground', like Bush/Cheney did in Afg and Iraq. It doesn't concern us, although the 'defense' contractors, good buddies of the FOXHoles, are always looking for more business. PS, FOXHole is a word I coined, to denote the 'assholes at FOX'. I like it....

Wow, looks like Bailey and I survived,

even though Carol abandoned us for a week in Mexico, again. I saved lots of dirty dishes, laundry and housecleaning for her so she can feel appreciated. (Not really.) I gotta admit it was kinda strange around here without her and it will be nice to have her smiling face back home. Love you, honey...

One of my favorite people,

Jon Stewart took on the FOXHoles again and played their own words and videos against them. The clowns at FOX went on and on about the HUGE $3 billion in waste and fraud in Food Stamps, and made a big deal that 99% of recipients were well off enough to own refrigerators, like that is some kind of luxury. Stewart then played a clip of the same FOX clown, when fighting against the Dems who wanted to cut some govt waste by cutting back on taxpayer assistance and subsidies to very profitable oil companies, said, 'That $4 billion is a pittance'. Wow. Feeding hungry kids is a waste, BUT, shoveling money to oil companies is FINE with the jerks at FOX. Then Jon showed the FOXHoles defending GE and several other corporations who paid ZERO in taxes, cuz it's legal (after their lobbyists helped write the tax law loopholes). As if we needed any more proof of who owns the Bozos on Bullshit Mountain.

Bill Maher,

who can and does offend a lot of people, when he goes a bit 'too far', nailed it this week when he called the US a 'stupid country', cuz 60% of the populace believes the literal story of Noah's Ark. I gott agree with him on this one. He explains how a man, who lived to be 900 years old, had 3 kids when he was 500 and his 100 yr old kids helped him build a big enough boat to handle two of ALL the animals on earth, (who happened to live within walking distance), with food to feed them, and then, after 40 days of rain, returned them to an earth that wasn't too waterlogged to support them. Are you kidding? 60% of US citizens actually believe this? I guess it helps to explain how so many people can believe the Republican bullcrap....

Oh Great...

The ultimate 1%'ers, the environment polluting, 'Buy the Votes', epitome of everything that is wrong with the American electoral system, Koch Bros (R), have declared war on Colorado Senator Mark Udall (D). Now we're gonna be bombarded with Repub propaganda, lies and mudslinging until the next election. Go home and take your dirty money with you, Dick brothers....

For a while I couldn't decide

which Jimmy to watch. I like Fallon and Kimmel, SO, I decided to record 'em both and watch without commercials. Sometimes I don't finish until I wake up the next morning. Although I like both of them, if I could only watch one, it would be Jimmy Kimmel. He had a week at SXSW, live from Austin, which is like a 'sane island' in that whack state, where he did a tour of BBQ joints and the Univ of Texas. After Snoop Dog, appearing with Gov Rick Perry, (who was soundly booed) earlier in the week, last night he had Willy Nelson, along with L'il Wane and Los Lonely Boys. Kimmel has such a sharp, funny style of interviewing (just talking) that I really enjoy him, (and Guillermo). That being said, Fallon has some funny moments and is an excellent musician, singer, dancer, etc. What did we do before DVR's?

Had a great TGIF

at Gordon Biersch yesterday, with Kari and Ted, and yes, Friday actually means something to them. While enjoying the happy hour snacks and brewpub beer, Kari told me a story that REALLY made my day, and will be a memory I can bring up whenever I'm feeling down, Not gonna mention what it was, right now, but made me very proud and happy. A true 'rocking chair moment'. Thanks, Kari.( I'll let you know what it was next time I see you.)

Just when you think

the jerks (R) can't get any worse, they never fail to disappoint. Although a large majority of Americans want marijuana to be legalized, and the Pubs are always whining about 'state's rights', the hypocrites are proving, again, just how 'out of touch', they really are.

The Republican-controlled House passed legislation on Thursday to force President Barack Obama to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana in any form.

Yup, these clowns are threatening to SUE the prez for allowing states to hold democratic elections, (maybe the key here is DEMOCRATic), and follow the wishes of the majority. Just keep it up, jerks, and let the country see your true colors, as some people evolve and some live in a 1950's time warp. The 'Heads Up Their Ass' party strikes again...

Am watching a girl's high school golf tourney,

as they go past on the golf course here at Eagle Trace. Wow. Some of these girls are GOOD. How do you develop a swing like that? Lots of lessons and practice, I bet. Maybe that's what I need. Ha, kinda hard to teach this old dog that kinda new trick. BTW, the Broomfield girls B-ball team is playing in the state finals today, like they do every year. Brenna (Bee) Chase, pictured, the youngest of the Chase sisters, who Kari nannied for many years, is one of the teams leading scorers, (as a sophomore), like her two sisters, before her. They were (are) all great girls and Bee gave the best hugs, like Piper. This is the last year (and game) in 4A, as they are getting kicked upstairs to compete with schools much larger, but I bet they still do well. Go Eagles, and Bee...  PS, Broomfield's Holy Family school is in the 3A finals.

One of the worst things

that Bush/Cheney did, other than lying to start the Iraq war and totally wrecking the economy, was to OK torture (after W's Tex-Mex atty said it was OK), which REALLY turned world opinion against the US. Now, 5 years after the investigation on just how bad that torture was (remember the hooded guy with elec wires attached?), we find out that the CIA is destroying the files, WITHIN the Senate's computers. Whew! It's SORT of a bi-partisan issue, but many of the Pubs have no problem with it, cuz they didn't want it investigated in the first place. Wow, just when I think they can't get any worse, the Pubs show how low they can go...

There are not many times in life,

when fate and experience come together, as it has for me in Colorado, 2014. I happen to have a background in construction and cannabis cultivation. Both, extensive and proven, and some people may want to pay for my expertise. Bottom line, it is now legal, and I might be willing to share/ teach. Who knows, there could be a business here, with 'Colorado Cannabis Consultant'. Just a thought and not sure how to do it, or if I want to, BUT, it's a possibility. Not a whole lotta things I'm actually good at, but...
PS. I have glaucoma and chronic back pain, that cannabis totally relieves, FYI.

Watching a movie.

'The Company Men', with Tommie Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Craig T Nelson and many others, about real people handling the crash of 2008, as they got fired, and the Bush admin took them down. Will see if it's any good. ..
Most of my life, I felt kinda bad that I didn't have a REAL job, like many people, and had to depend on myself. Looking back, 'twas not all that bad....

As I occasionally peek at FOX,

I see the clowns clamoring for 'action' against Putin/Russia, BUT, they don't say what. Attack, like Bush/Cheney? They claim Obama is 'weak', unlike the 'muy macho' Bush, who started a war he/we couldn't win, (BUT, the Pub war machine made HUGE money). WTF? Everyone knows FOX will bitch about 'everything' Obama/Dems do. No matter what. They wanna be back in charge and will say/do ANYTHING to return to the 'scene of the crime', circa 2008, (like we don't remember what happened), cuz there is so much money involved. 
Now, there's Big Bill, on 'The Facturd', who says that the Islamic world won't respect America, if Hillary (a woman) is elected, SO, we can't afford to take the chance. Yup, that's FOX. Thank you, for reminding the sheep that women are UNqualified for leadership.

The latest Obamacare horror story,

from the clowns at FOX, is about a 'preacher' who let his Blue Cross insurance lapse, cuz it had gone up 15% (no fault of Obamacare). He had tried, ONCE, to sign up for the new Affordable Care Act, but gave up after the inital website problems, and decided to be self insured, (as many of us are), and kept the insurance payments in his own bank account. Regretably, he was hit by a car and now has HUGE medical bills, (exactly what Obamacare is trying to fix), BUT, for the jerks at FOX, this is a perfect example why trying to fix the medical/insurance mess is SO terrible. At least this sounds like a real case, (unlike all the examples that they just 'made up', in their 'composite' fantasies), but if this is the best they can do, as they ignore all the positive effects, they're gonna have to actually come up with REAL ideas for a change, instead of just sniping at those who actually try to FIX the overpriced disaster of health care in the US, where citizens fac…

As I was trying to wake up this morning,

I flicked on the TV, where Channel 4 had a helicopter covering a live car chase, that had begun in Longmont. I watched as a stolen SUV, (reportedly with a 4 yr old in it), and was fleeing at high speeds (over 100 mph), going the wrong direction on hiways and streets, driving across fields to merge into hiway traffic, running lights and stop signs and bouncing off other cars while driving like a wild man. At some point a Colo State Patrolman was seriously injured. Cops were trying to throw 'stop sticks' (to blow his tires) several times, in his path, but he'd avoid them, while innocent motorists didn't. I saw him force a woman out of her minivan as he changed vehicles and the chase went from north of Denver, then near DIA and to south Denver. After many near misses and light hits, he dragged another woman out of her car (a nice BMW?) and took off again, as the helicopter camera broadcst his every move. He finally wrecked the car (and a few others) as he sped through a …

I love it,

when Jon Stewart takes on the FOXClowns and makes em look like idiots (which isn't that hard to do), and last night was one of his best, as he had 'Judge' Napolitano (with his newly dyed youthful hair) on, a regular FOX 'talent' who's always spouting off his rightwing crap and is treated as another FOX 'expert' (Def of Xspurt=unknown drip under pressure). He just published a book claiming that Prez Lincoln could have and should have avoided the civil war, cuz slavery was dying out, the Southern states were 'coming around', and Lincoln could have just 'Bought' the slaves and saved a bunch of lives and money. No shit! And the clowns at FOX praise him for being so smart. Won't go into the whole 'Daily Show', but Jon, with the help of 3 'actual. qualified experts', exposed the judges' lies (He said Lincoln sent escaped slaves back to their owners during the Civil War, WRONG), how there wasn't enough money in the …

Fun evening,

as I met Nate and Kari and Ted for sushi. Too bad that Laura and Piper couldn't make it but the snow was deep in the canyon. Sushi Aji in Arvada is excellent. Not inexpensive, but sushi isn't something you want 'cheap'. Good to find out what's happening with them and just meet and laugh, sorta like 'old farts dominoes' which was earlier today at Paul and Kathy's. Wow, I need more days like this... Bailey is always SO glad when I come home, and she realizes she's not left alone.

I don't remember being so wrapped up in a book,

like I am with 'The Goldfinch'. There's a reason it was the #1 Bestseller for a LONG time. Over 900 pages. Took a while to get into it, but now I don't want it to end. What happens to Theo, as he hustles in New York City and Las Vegas? We'll see. One of the craziet things is that it's written from a man's view, by a woman....

Wow, what a good (terrible) dinner

I fried onion rings, (which we don't do when Carol's here, for a reason), THEN I used the oil to do french fries and chicken nuggets, (greasy but delicious). Was good, but now I feel guilty, for a reason. OK, will get healthy tomorrow, as I do sushi with the kids. Looking forward to seeing em...

Jon Stewart 'nailed it'. AGAIN,

pointing out out how hypocritical the Pubs are, as they bitch about Obama (mom-pants must have been the speaking point from Murdoch, cuz all the FOXJerks used it) vs Putin, who rides around shirtless and shoots tigers, ('muy macho', to the Pubs). BUT, whenever Obama shows leadership, he's a 'tyrant', self-professed king, and a 'danger to democracy', as shown in FOX clips on The Daily Show. Also, it's kinda tough for him to scold Putin about invading another country, after the Bush/Repub fiasco in Iraq. For Pubs though, 'THAT'S DIFFERENT', cuz it's their screw up. I REALLY don't like those jerks...

Like I said, the other day....

Re: “Colorado police chiefs ask for more money for marijuana enforcement,” March 6 news story.
Law enforcement authorities say they need more money for more training in order to spot people driving under the influence of marijuana.
It’s not difficult to spot somebody driving under the influence of alcohol. If law enforcement cannot identify stoned drivers, then it’s probably because stoned drivers don’t drive aggressively and instead quietly and legally follow our driving laws.
Why do we need to spend more money to train police to ferret out people who are driving safely and within our speed limits?
William Gum, Denver
This letter was published March 10, 2014

Good point, William!

I screwed up, this evening,

with an 'open door' policy, for Bailey, and after it got dark, she stiall was't in. It kinda worried me, and as I went out looking for her, I could hear the jingle of her collar, and see a coyote lurking behind the big pine on the edge of the golf course, hunting. I was concerned cuz she wouldn't come in, and the coyote wouldn't leave. Bottom line, finally grabbed her and the coyote slinked away. Tomorrow, the door gets closed much earlier. Kinda scary...

Good news/bad news

as I'm here, while Carol's enjoying a vacation in Mexico. I can eat on my own schedule, which is WAY different than hers. Neither good nor bad, but just' the way it is'. Two meals a day, (with an occasional snack), only when I''m hungry. Seems natural to me....

'Bout that time,

where I could begin to work through my large inventory of MMJ, grown and bought by various friends/aquaintences. (Wow, you gotta try this!). I could try a different strain every night for a couple weeks, cuz I have just been stockpiling them. Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrids? Sour Deisel vs OG Kush? Kali Mist vs Grape Ape?  Oh well, bottom line, it's healthier than drinking, with much more interesting (cosmic) thoughts, takes away back and leg pain and helps me sleep, AND I love listening to new music. (Thanks, Ted and Nate). Snacks are fun, too. PLUS, it's legal, so that whole paranoia thing is gone. Something to consider..

Just a 'point of reference'

for my strong dislike of the Pubs, which began when I was a teenager, and they wanted to send me to their war in Viet Nam. I was able to avoid it (barely), but MANY of my friends couldn't. They got killed, wounded and mentally screwed up, forever, cuz the Pubs wanted a war, (much like Iraq), which I thought could NEVER happen again, but it did. Bottom line, short story for a LONG history with the Repub war machine, which makes a BUNCH of money for them, while soldiers pay the price. Sickening, but VERY real. Now they're banging the drums for war in Iran and Russia. Typical 'chickenhawk' behavior. I can't stand 'em, for very personal, and very real, reasons....

Just watched SNL,(recorded)

as they had fun with Obama calling Putin, saying 'You can't just invade another country', and Putin replying, 'IRAQ!', which just shows how the US lost SO MUCH world respect after Bush and the Pubs WRECKED our foreign policy 'creds'. Now the jerks blame Obama, for our weakened postition, after they TOTALLY blew it, in SO many ways. Nothing new here, but was fun to see SNL make it SO obvious that even the Pubs could see the ridiculousness of their position. Never mind, I'm sure they were watching FOXNews, where they bitch about Obama being so weak, vs the IDEAL leader, tough guy Putin, (GDub called him Pooty-Poot).

Living in Colorado

we get LOTS of pot coverage on TVand in the paper. This morning's Post had the State Police (as well as a BUNCH of other groups) whining about how they need part of the bonus Marijuana Tax Windfall, even though their job has gotten easier. Good article here, that explains they don't, cuz all they gotta do is watch some Cheech and Chong movies for training. I needed the laughs after reading the Repubs bitch about Obama not invading Russia and complaining about the IRS not automatically giving all their 'Oust the Democrats' groups tax-exempt status, while bitching about Obama delaying Obamacare after they said (and I agree) it's not ready for prime time. Then there's the coverage of the right-wing-nuts at CPAC. I give up. I'm better off just ignoring them....

Michelle Bachmann,

who blasted Hillary this weekend, (where Pubs lined up at CPAC to do the same) follows in the uniquely Repub tradition that includes the FOXNews bimbos, as well as Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.  At first glance, many guys might think, 'Hmmm, that's pretty hot', then they open their mouths and the reaction changes to 'WTF?'

Just watched a recorded 'Jimmy Kimmel',

with the Avett Bros. Had heard of them, but never really heard em, though I know Nate and Laura like em and went to their concert. Wow. I like em, too...

Now that

cannabis is legal in Colorado, and I am an adult, (believe it or not) I have time on my hands, since Carol left me to party with her friends in Mexico. You GO girl... Contrary to popular opinion, I don't smoke much, but if/when I do, there are LOTS of choices out there, since Colorado has a realistic view toward pot. There are MANY strains available, from 'In da couch', Indicas, to high energy Sativas, and I have several friends who tell me, 'you GOTTA try this', while leaving various samples, SO, I've got quite a variety stockpiled. We'll see what happens, but am kinda curious to see what's out there. Way different from the stuff I grew up with. The one thing I do know? No one should go to jail for sampling a nautrally growing plant, and it makes music/food/etc, much more interesting...Update.I fried half a chicken in a deep dish, heavy Dutch oven, with cream of mushroom soup. carrots, potatoes and a large onion (at the end), added the lid and slow co…

Gonna be a strange week,

as Carol has joined her longtime friend, (Terri Bauer/Hirschbrunner) at her condo in Puerto Vallarta, and abandoned me, (and Bailey) for a week. I'm sure she is gonna have a great time, and hope she misses me, a bit. I realize I have traveled, A LOT, over the years, but it's different to see it from this point of view. I just hope I don't starve and all the plants don't die. WOW, just me and Bailey, for 7 days. I hope we can both survive...

There was a time I respected John McCain,

but now that he's joined with other Repubs, banging the drums for confrontation with Putin/Russia, and ESPECIALLY after he picked Sarah Palin as his VP candidate, (whose political experience was 'Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska'), I see him for what he is, just an attention-seeking, old man with faulty judgement.

As I watch the big, fat snowflakes drift down,

I realize it's been a fairly typical Colorado winter/spring week. Six inches of snow on Tuesday, that all melted Weds when it was over 60, then snow today, that's gonna melt tomorrow, as a high of 70 is forecast. Skiing or golfing? Good choices this time of year. Gonna be a green golf course this year, with LOTS of snowmelt from the mountains.

I forgot to congratulate Ted and Laura,

the winners at Carol's Gala Oscar Party, this year. We all appreciate the annual event as she goes all out with contests and ballots, to go along with the food and drink. We also enjoyed the photo album Laura (and Piper) put together from our Mexican Beach vacation this year. After the Academy Awards, Carol and I decided we wanted to see 'The Dallas Buyer's Club', which we enjoyed, but MOSTLY, we agreed, just for the acting, as Matthew McConaughy and Jared Leto were fantastic in the (sorta) true story, as we saw the Repub govt (did you notice Reagans pic on the wall throughout the movie?) at work against AIDS victims, cuz 'they deserved it'.
 Still haven't seen '12 Years a Slave', but probably will pretty soon. Just don't feel like torturing myself, cuz I knpw that's a true story, and it's gonna hurt to watch.