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What kind of asshole

threatens the press, who only reported the truth, with a 'hit job' from his buddy who runs the 'National Equirer?'
That would be the Liar in Chief who sicked his buddies at the 'National LIAR", to do an FAKE NEWS story against Joe and Mika at 'Morning Joe'. The Orange Clown lied about ANOTHER story.
Unbelievable, but SO Trumpian.
As always, the sheep will believe the lies, from Trump and the 'Enqirer', as the Orange Clown muddies the water with LIES.
Nothing new here, but how much does it take for the sheep to say, 'Enough LIES, already."
Probably never, cuz they have been raissed on LIES from FOX, and what's one more, when there are HUNDREDS?

The Orange Clown's Biography will come out some day

and it will need a title. Here are some suggestions.

Little Hands Bigly Lies
The Five People You Meet in Prison
Hello Vlad It's Me Donald
How To Become President For Dummies
The Audacity of Grope
Catcher In The Lies
The Best Words-A Covfefe Table Book
Why IQ Tests For President Became Mandatory
Fifty Shades of Orange
From Russia With Love

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USAToday tires to stay unbiased,

and they do a great job
They recently had a survey about Trump and Washington. SURPRISE! Most Americans are very concerned.....
 USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds rising anxiety about President Trump's leadership and the nation's direction. How are we feeling? Try "alarmed," the option chosen by 42% of those surveyed when asked how they felt when they think about how things are going in Washington today. Another 33% feel "uneasy." Just 11% choose the positive "excited." Why am I not ssurprised that 1 in 9 Americans are 'clueless'?

I recently published a list, from the NYT,

(click on it)
list of President Trump’s lies
of over 100 confirmed LIES that the Liar in Chief has told, just since he became prez. Seems that article generated quite the buzz, from readers who included MORE lies, and those apologists (sheep) who claim ALL presidents lie.
SO, the journalists are soliciting the lies they missed, AND to be 'Fair and Balanced', confirmed lies that Obama and GWBush told while in office. Keep in mind, we are comparing 8 year terms vs a few months. Will be interesting see compare and see how the Liar in Chief has earned his moniker.

If you think we missed any (Trump lies), please send an email to with the statement, the date and documentation of its falseness.As for the project’s next stage: Some of the president’s defenders have argued on social media that his penchant for lying is no different than other recent presidents. We are skeptical of that notion, but we’re also open to evidence.So if you can recall falsehoods that…

Like a fish left in the sun

the Repub Health Care(?) plan is really starting to stink. Mitch's plan was to rush it through before anyone could read it. Screw you, Mitch, as your plan reeks....
Now, as people see what's in it, they say NO!
So, jerks(R), it's easier to just sit back and snipe, say NO, rather than to work together for healthcare like the rest of the world has?
And you wonder why I can't stand them(R)?
We pay more and get less, than anyone in the world. BUT, Big Health makes BILLIONAIRES of their people...

There are TWO KINDS of 'fake news'

One, is from the media, and it very rarely happens. When it does, and can shown to be fake or false, those who screwed up are held responsible and fired, just like the CNN people, this week, Brian Williams, the Rolling Stone reporter and the White House guy who said Trump had replaced a statue. All mistakes were recognized, apologies given and heads rolled.
Then we have the SECOND kind of 'fake news' that is constantly given by the White House 'propaganda catapulters' and the Liar in Chief himself. I just had a post on OVER a hundred, VERIFIED 'fake news' items, or as they're more commonly known as 'out and out LIES'.
Did anyone lose a job or even get reprimanded? HELL NO, they just double down, then start with NEW lies when they are buried too deep in the last one. The Liar in Chief sets the tone, by lying nearly every day, many days 'multiple' times. (see post) but whenever the press reports on anything the Trumpies don't like, it'…

One of the FEW things Pubs can agree on

other than they want the Liar in Chief to run our country, is that they wanna KILL Planned Parenthood. And you wonder why I can't stand the jerks(R)?

Several interesting articles in the Denver Post this morning

ADMINISTRATION ROLLING BACK CLEAN-WATER RULE WASHINGTON»The Trump administration moved Tuesday to roll back an Obama administration policy that protected more than half the nation’s streams from pollution.
CNN Retracts Story Trump, who has been unhappy with CNN since he was a candidate, has been particularly annoyed by its reporting on connections with Russia. The misstep on a relatively minor story (the three journalists were fired) — it was never mentioned on any of CNN’s television networks — left some White House staff members jubilant, believing it handed them a new talking point, as they renewed their attack on 'fake news'. 
BUT, speaking of REAL 'fake' news A framed portrait of President Donald Trump on a Time magazine cover – dated March 1, 2009 – hangs on a wall at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Shop. But there was no such issue. Angel Valentin, for The Washington Post The framed copy of Time magazine was hung up in at least four of President Donald Trump’s g…

File it under,

Most insane bullshit ever?

YOUTUBE Hannity Says He And Gingrich Have Been ‘Sole Voice’ Of ‘Sanity In The Media’
OMG! Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind. Oh, and the rest of FOX'news'? bitches about Obama's 'Globetrotting', having fun and spending money on a lavish, luxurious vacation.
And this is supposed to get the sheep riled? I'm sure it will...

Here in Broomfield, we're used to mountain animals

we've had bears, mountain lions, elk and lots of deer, BUT, now we have moose.
I love it...

Here are just SOME of the Liar in Chief's LIES

Over a hundred documented lies, just since he took office, with MORE than that while he was campaigning, and bamboozling the ignorant and gullible. This obvious character flaw bothers most of us, but the sheep don't give a shit, so the Orange Clown continues to LIE, whenever it suits his agenda. Why not? It has worked SO well for him.
There was a time when such obvious dishonesty would have bothered the Pubs, like it does everyone else, but no more, as they've sold their souls, for an (R) in the White House.

I'm sure you rightwingnuts won't read the list, cuz you don't CARE about lies, but just scroll down, and check SOME out, and notice the YUUUUGE quantity. And then tell me your boy isn't a lying sack o' shit.
AN. 21 “I wasn't a fan of Iraq. I didn't want to go into Iraq.” (He was for an invasion before he was against it.)JAN. 21 “A reporter for Time magazine — and I have been on their cover 14 or 15 times. I think we have the all-time record in th…