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Got home early,

from one of the best elk hunts ever. Good weather, a new area, a great time w/Buggs, and back in time for Halloween w/the kids. Piper was SO cute in her puppy dog outfit. Just realized, that as much as Nate and I like music, and with all the miles we drove, we never listened to any tunes. Just talked.

Headin' out today,

for the 39th year in a row, to replenish the elk supply. Nate and I are heading out to Craig, then on to Snake River Ranch, where we hope to get lucky. Hopefully, Carol can survive without me, though I know it's gonna be tough. I'm thinking lots of Piper/Oma time. Later....

Not sure I wanna admit it,

but am really getting into 'True Blood', and it kinda scares me. Takes place around Monroe, Louisiana, and deals with some strange characters, including vampires. Can only watch a little at a time, but is real interesting, in a creepy kinda way. Spooky and absorbing, as I watch Bill and Sookie, and Jason and Sam and Lafayette and Tara and the others. Can't remember who told me about it, and, like 'Dexter', didn't think it would be something I'd like, until I started watching it. Kinda hypnotic. Wonder what O neg is like....

Europeans Dismayed

This article,, explains how most Europeans are shocked that Obama has lost so much support. "What he inherited was so enormous that no American president could have fixed it," said Manfred Gortemaker, professor of modern history at Germany's University of Potsdam. They can't believe the American people would be so ignorant as to think ANYONE could fix the mess left by Bush and the Republicans so quickly, and would be so foolish as to return control to those who caused the crash in the first place.

The Repubs rail against the 'stimulus' money

Anyone remember why we needed the stimulus, to keep the country from totally going bankrupt? After 8 years of Bush and the Repubs, we were barely hanging on. Remember? I sure do...

Wanted some new Santa Cruz Crocs,

but the stores in Boulder were 'sold out' in my size, SO, I ordered some on-line, from China. Had ordered from China before, and had not had a problem, other than a 2-3 week wait, for shipping. The size 10's were TOO big, so I ordered size 9's, which were WAY too small. So much for quality control in China...

Is there really a difference?

The Dems and Repubs are butting heads next Tuesday, but does it really make a difference? Some of  us 'hoped' that when Obama was elected there would be some 'changes.' Didn't really see any, as far as war and spending. Huge disappointment. Same ol' shit, different faces. At least there were no new wars, which is the big difference between the Dems and Repubs, BUT, as far as out of control spending, no difference.

Could have been disastrous

Had gone to bed early last night, and got several political calls within an hour, and I was VERY upset. Probably cuz I'm listed as independent, SO, when I got another one, I picked up the phone and said, 'Quit bothering me a**holes'. Then the phone rang again, and I picked it up. It was my parents, who said they'd just called, but had been disconnected. I asked if they'd heard me, and they said no. May never know if they really did, but will never answer the phone that way again. Am SO sick of politcal ads and calls...

3 hunters found,

who had been missing since Saturday, but still many missing, in the Colo high country, after a big snowstorm this weekend. Good news, for those 3, but, several may not be found for a while. Exciting stuff, hunting at timber line, in Colorado, when it snows, cuz it helps 'the hunt'. Not all good, though.

How much to kill a Taliban?

(Oct. 27) -- The Pentagon has disputed a press report that it's now costing U.S. taxpayers an average of at least $50 million for every single Taliban soldier killed in the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
The report, originally posted on the Afghan news website, arrived at the $50 million figure by dividing the amount of money now being spent yearly on the war in Afghanistan -- about $100 billion -- by the number of enemy now being killed annually, estimated at 2,000.  Big money, for someone, in the business of fighting wars. Couldn't we just bribe 'em, and save the $ going to the defense contractors? Did you know the price of a missle we send after an Afghan fighter on a donkey costs $13 million?

Started the final book

of the series. 'Mockingjay' is the third of 'The Hunger Games', and I can see why the kids like it. Kinda makes me remember what it is like to be 17 years old. LONG time age, but some things don't change. It WILL be a movie someday, and it will be good. 'Til then, I'm enjoying the series. Thanks, Kari.

One of my favorite

teachers, Jean Gallant, who taught English/writing, would flunk you, if you used 'glittering generalities'. You had to be specific. As in, we're gonna stop waste, shrink the deficit, etc. The Repubs have NO specifics, just catch phrases since they wrecked our economy. Sounds good, 'til they gotta say HOW they're gonna fix the mess they made.

The Broncos used to be,

a good football team, consistently having one of the best running games and top defenses in the NFL. Then Josh McDaniels was put in charge. He systematically dismantled the team, getting rid of several top notch players that wouldn't kiss his young, inexperienced ass. He molded the team in his image, and that's what we have now. A laughingstock. With no offense and no defense it's tough to win, or even come close, as the Donkeys were routed 59-14 by the hated Raiders, yesterday at Mile Hi. The boy wonder, who was thought to have inherited some of Bill Belichicks magic, just by coaching under him, has been a monumental bust as he has driven the team off a cliff. As one writer stated this morning, 'tough to go through life stubborn and stupid', but that's our Josh McD. Kinda funny to watch, though, if you like train wrecks...

'Dead coach walking',

was the article in the paper this morning, about Dan Hawkins, the CU football coach, after the Buffs managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, again, yesterday. The new interim coach, which should happen any week now, is rumored to be Brian Cabral, who was a classmate of mine at CU, and an All Conference linebacker, before going into coaching. Anyone but Hawkins, please, who has taken the program to a new low.


We just found out, this week, that the military WAY underreported cilvilian deaths (acceptable collateral damage, according to Cheney) in Iraq. Well over a hundred thousand Iraqi civilians, including thousands of children, were killed directly, not counting the horribly wounded, or those who died from lack of water, sanitation, medicine, etc, during Bush's 'oops, bad info', war, to increase the price of oil for his 'Big Oil' buddies. Don't believe me? Read 'Texasville' and 'Friday Night Lights', by Pulitzer prize winning authors who explain the oil business, run by the Bush's, around Midland, Texas. Worked out real well for them.  For the innocent civilians in Iraq? Not so much... (Was gonna post a picture, and there are LOTS of them, of the children, but was too sickening.)

Just finished, 'Catching Fire',

and won't give anything away, cuzI know at least 3 of you are reading the series, but am now into 'Mockingjay', the third and final part of 'The Hunger Games'. I can see how/why Kari's class is so into it.  (Hint: There are several 'clues' on the cover). Also found out Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Steven White all had new books out, so I got on the waiting list at the library. Lee Child was on 'Sunday Morning, w/Charles Osgood', this morning, and I found out the fans of Jack, of which there are many of us, are called 'Reacher's Creatures'. Interesting show today, as they explained how California is way overdue, for 'The Big One'.

That time of year, again,

when we shut down the sprinkler system, pick the last of the apples, tomatoes and peppers and get ready for winter and the first freeze, which is s'posed to be this week. Loveland ski area opened today and Trail Ridge road is snowed in. Seems like one of the nicest falls ever, but 'tis time to move on. Just one more little task, putting an elk in the freezer, and we'll be all set. Hasta la vista, summer....

Kind of a dangerous evening,

last night. Our neighbors, Dave and Rhonda, invited us to join them for a fundraiser at the local Westin Hotel. It was a combination beer, wine and Scotch tasting, with over 20 local restaurants providing their food specialties. Too many goodies, too little time and stomach space. Fun time last night, and glad Dave drove, but kind of a slow start on the day, this morning. Judging from the really fun crowd last night, and talking w/Dave and Rhonda this morning, we're not the only ones dragging, today. Did have some of my green chili, which Rhonda says is a good hangover cure, for breakfast. Not bad....

Just noticed,

that we have a bit of a spider problem, in the front yard. This relative of Shelob took over a bush and spun quite a web. Actually, Carol just likes to decorate for Halloween and I thought this was kinda neat.

Fantastic evening, yesterday,

as we visited our grandaughter (OK, we also saw Nate and Laura) and Oma introduced her to her first taste of chocolate milk, then to pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It's crazy, but I think she liked the tomatoes, with balsamic vinegar and basil, better. 'Tis SO cute, as she uses sign language for 'more', when she wants another bite. Went for a walk in the mountains, where the snow moved in last night, tried Nate's latest batch of home brew, and Laura fixed some delicious squash soup. Thanks, guys, for a great visit.

That time of year, again,

as it's time to replenish the best source of protein you can get. Snow is moving into the high country, which is gonna bring the herds down, just in time, as the little white packages, in the freezer, are about gone. Best time of the year, rapidly approaching,

Colorado's kinda different,

from a lot of states, but it was WAY obvious in the headlines this morning. 'Colorado Agrees to Waive Fees for Indigent Pot Users.' The MMJ (medical marijuana) patients, who are below a certain income level, don't have to pay for registering ($90), and don't have to pay sales tax on their pot. Wonder if I qualify?

Never liked Juan Williams,

who (or whom?) I consider to be a rightwing, 'Oreo', whenever I hear him commenting on TV, BUT I don't think he deserved to be fired, from NPR, for the comments he made about Muslims. He merely said he got nervous when he was flying on an airplane when there were fully attired, obvious Muslims, who overtly showed they wanted to be identified as Muslim. I know the feeling and I think most of the flying public agrees. After 911, there was the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, plus other nonsuccessful attempts. Something wrong when Rush can call the prez a jackass, idiot and ignoramous, but someone can't say they are afraid of getting blown up on an airplane.

Learned something, today

Had planned to do my annual 'green chili' batch today, and finally found a place that had some chilis even though it was late in the season. Was planning on getting a half bushel, but when I saw the size decided a on a whole one. Got all the other ingredients, incl pork roast, chicken broth, refried beans, onions, tomatoes, etc and couldn't wait to get started as the smell of the freshly roasted chilis filled my vehicle. Once I started peeling them, I noticed something was wrong. The skin was real hard to get off and once I did, there was nothing left. Good chilis have about a 1/4" of 'meat' in them. The meat was about as thick as the skin on these and I finally gave up when I saw I was getting more waste than chili. I called 'em up, at Garden Country, where I got 'em, and explained my problem. They totally understood and said they'd return my money. Next year, I'll get 'em early when they are fat and juicy, so I don't waste half a day …

Did my Wednesday, old farts golf league,

again today, and am amazed as I am sunburned, as well as worn out, in the last half of Oct. Another clear blue sky day, with slurry bombers flying over us, again, cuz of another forest fire in the tinder dry mountains. I know the right wing Cons say that global warming is a left wing plot, but, so far 2010 is on track to be the hottest year EVER recorded. Just a coincidence I'm sure, but it has me thinking there just might be something to it.

Just when you think,

that Rush Limbaugh can't sink any lower, he does. His latest rant, on the national news tonight, claims that Obama is 'the devil'. He claims that pictures of the prez, are 'demonic', and the sheep say, 'YUP'. Unbelievable, but true, as the right wing Repubs just keep getting stranger.

Saw a good action flick, today

'Red', which stands for' retired, extremely dangerous', is a fast paced, fun movie that is probably better enjoyed by the retirement age audience. Great cast, that moves the plot along, with never a dull moment. Also, saw a preview of one that I'm really looking forward to. 'Fair Game', is the true story of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, who called 'bullshit', when the Bush/Cheney crowd said Saddam had nuclear weapons. She was 'outed' as a CIA agent and Joe was trashed by the Bushies when they tried to prove there were no WMD's in Iraq. Nothing new to those of us who watched the facts unfold, and I'm sure those who live with the heads permanently implanted firmly up their ass will find a way to ignore reality, BUT, should be interesting to see the real life situation depicted on the big screen.

In a nutshell,

the entire Repub message is, 'The Dems haven't fixed our mess, instantly, after we screwed up for 8 years, so put us back in charge'. Unbelievable, but true..

Finally finished 'Texasville',

and it ended pretty much the same way that 'Friday Night Lights' did. Both books, by Pulitzer prize winning authors in the 90's, concluded with small Texas towns going broke, after the price of oil fell to under $9/bbl, and they lost their golden goose. Little did they know, not far away, in Midland, Texas, George Bush had a plan. As they said in 'FNL', 'We're just one mideast war away from being rich again', and as Luthie said in TXville, 'Let's just bomb OPEC'. As they just talked, GHW Bush was putting together a team, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from oilmen who still had some their riches. With his son, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Don Rumsfeld, Bush was able to do what other Texans just dreamed about. They bombed OPEC and started another mideast war, on , 'oops, bad info'. They got their war and the oil men got their fortunes back. Of course there were some consequences, but no big deal for the 'Big Oil Boys',…

As a public service,

I'm happy to share this AOL special, the 35 funniest SNL skits of all time. I've seen most, but not all of them.
Don't know how they decided on these 35, but there's some classics here, in chronological order.

Carol did say,

that she was reminded of me a couple of times while she was in Italy. Obviously, when she saw the statue of David, and then again by her gondola guy. Not so much the face, but other than that, looks just like me. I think that's what she said...

Sure too bad,

that Carol couldn't have a good time, without me, in Italy. Looks like she was trying to drown her sorrows with wine and music, but she can't fool me. Poor, lonely, sad girl....

Had a good bike ride today,

cuz the weather's just perfect, and rode north out of town, on the new Sheridan Parkway.  Went to the top of the highest hill around, where there is some new construction, and had an amazing view. You can see the Continental Divide all the way from Pikes Peak to the Wyoming border. Don't know how much the houses are there, but would consider moving if we could work out some kind of trade. Rode right up beside a BIG coyote, which is kinda unusual cuz it was mid day and it wasn't in the middle of nowhere, but a block from our house. Just cruising down the sidewalk, he didn't see or hear me 'til I was right beside him. I thought Bailey was safe during the day, but I guess not. Been a real problem with coyotes and pets in the 'hood, and this guy was fearless. I can remember when you'd never see a coyote in the middle of town, let alone during the day.

Just finished 'The Hunger Games',

which is the first book in a trilogy from Kari's reading class. Set in the future, each of 12 districts have a lottery, where they send a male and female (12-18 years olds) to compete in a real game of Survivor, with the winner being set for life, as well as winning extra rations for their district in the coming year. It is televised and provides entertainment for the Capitol residents. Won't get into any more details, but it is a very fast paced story with some interesting situations.

The Dems seem to be in big trouble,

if you believe the polls, and I'm sure they are, BUT, probably not nearly so bad as pollsters would have you believe. Their predictions are based on questions asked 'over the phone' by people who will actually listen to them, and put up with the inconvenience, which is primarily the older, stay at home crowd, who hasn't gotten rid of their land line altogether. The younger, more educated voters, who don't get their news from FOX, and fall for their lies, overwhelmingly vote w/the Dems, aren't being heard from, in the same %. I know my folks talk w/everyone huckster who calls them, (even when they have company), cuz they are too polite to just hang up, SO, that part of the population is being over represented. Not saying the Dems aren't in trouble, BUT, I doubt if it's as bad as the pollsters would have us believe from their phone polling.

You think the housing crisis is bad now,

just wait 'til this new set of problems enters the pipeline.
The more I read about the mess with the mortgage companies, the more concerned I become. It was bad before this latest round, but now, the ultimate holders of the mortgages, which have been packaged and sold, and resold several times, don't have the original signed deeds, which is a legal necessity, in the eyes of the law. If I were a homeowner with a house that was under water, or even getting 'soggy', I don't know that I would continue to pay. As this article shows, many homeowners are realizing that making their house payment is like throwing good money away, AND, the eviction process which was already taking around 18 months, is gonna get a lot longer as the courts are going to be overwhelmed with legal fights.  This can't bode well for home prices, OR, our economy as a whole, as Sept s…

Ecological disaster?

White-nose Syndrome is decimating the bat population in several parts of the country, but before you say 'good riddance', think about their importance. A bat eats 60% to 100% of its body-weight in insects, like mosquitos and crop killing larvae, every day. Adams says one colony of Mexican free-tailed bats in Colorado's San Luis Valley, an important agricultural region, "pulls about 100 metric tons of insects out of the air in a year," Scientists say it is the largest extiction of mammals we have ever seen, and there is no cure in sight. WNS causes the bats to wake up and leave hibernation, where they quickly burn off their fat reserves and starve or freeze to death. The die-off has been from 80 to 100% in infected areas and is spreading at approx 500 miles per year.

See full article from DailyFinance:

TGIF, with Kari and Ted

at Bloom's and a wonderful time was had by all. As we usually do, spent some time at 'BORDERS" bookstore, and looked at lots of books. Kari bought the 'Hunger Games' trilogy for her class, and gave it to me, first, to read. Have been researching it, and can't wait to get started, but gotta finish 'Texasville' first. Good book and I always enjoy Larry McMurtry, especially when he makes fun of typical Texans when they are struggling after an oil boom. As Luthie says, 'All we gotta do is bomb OPEC, and we are all rich again.' And they are, with oil settling in over $80/barrel, an unheard of sum, until W attacked Iraq, on 'oops, bad info'. When you think of the miilions of gas tanks filled evey week, in America, at $50 instead of $20, pre-Bush, you can see why the Texans love him. The only problem? It killed our economy, to make the 'big oil' boys rich. And now the Repubs want back in. Unbelievable, but true...

For those who care,

we just got back from the airport and Carol made it safely home. A bit jet lagged and tired but doing pretty good for an ol' lady. Just kidding, honey.

Just got home

and listened to phone msg from Carol. Seems her connecting flight from Frankfurt to Philly was 5 minutes too late for her to catch, but her luggage is on it's way home. She's halfway between mad and crying on the phone as it looks like she's gonna have to spend the night there, AND she's dealing with a dying cell phone battery while the charger is packed away.  Big time bummer. Have tried to reach her and can't. Hopefully she found another flight, but it didn't sound good...

Rick Sanchez gets booted,

from CNN for calling Jon Stewart a bigot, but this morning Rush Limbaugh called Obama an idiot, our 'imam-child', an ignoramus and a jackass. Think FOX will demand his head? Yeah, right. This moron was complaining about corporations sitting on a pile of cash and not investing or hiring. The reality, obvious to anyone who doesn't get their news from a propaganda outlet like FOX, is that there is no need to hire or expand, cuz there is no reason to. The economy is still trying to recover from 8 years of abuse from the Repubs. Duh... Bush handed off a sinking ship, BUT, the moronic crowd at FOX thinks it should have been fixed 'immediately' and loves to say the reason for no business expansion is cuz they are scared of an Obama tax hike, which is actually just letting the tax cuts expire as W set them up to do.  The pretzel logic that Rush and his sheep follow is so illogical as to be laughable if it weren't so serious. At least these clowns are consistent, but ca…

As Rod Stewart would say,

Carol finally returns from touring Italy, SO, I gotta replace all the flowers and fish that died, either find Bailey, or another cat who looks just like her and shovel out the kitchen and living room. If I start right now.... Nah. I think I'll just let it all go so she can see how much I miss her. Seems like the right thing to do?

Took a long ride today,

and noticed how much better I feel, comparing my recumbent to my old bike.

Have you ever been on a long bike ride or a bicycle tour and noticed another cyclist riding a recumbent bicycle? If you were very far into the ride you might have noticed something different about the recumbent rider, primarily a contented smile while riders on conventional bicycles (maybe even yourself) were grimacing.

 (just playing here, to see if the 'cut and paste' works, and it does).
 Anyway, had a nice long ride, where I followed the trail beside the canal that feeds the golf course lakes. A slight, steady incline that's easy to ride, and REAL easy to come back on. I love the mountain views from the ridge on the west side of Broomfield. Don't know if people just haven't seen a recumbent, or I'm just a strange looking old codger, but some kinda stare. Oh well, it's good exercise.

When you grow

apples in Colorado, you come to accept that most years years you're not gonna get any apples. You may have a bunch of pretty pink buds, in the spring, but about the time they are ready to set, we'll get a late freeze and hasta la vista,,,  This year, however, is one of those good years, and after careful consideration, I declare our tree to be numero uno in the 'hood. We have overlapping apple tress with 2 neighbors, and not sure what kind they're growing, but ours are 'Delicious' in more ways than one. Just sliced a bunch over a pork roast, with onions, garlic, carrots and potatos.  Mmmmm...


I used to be able to cut and past using CTRL C, then CTRL V, but now it doesn't work. Any help in fixing it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There was a time,

when FOXNews at least pretended to be 'Fair and Balanced', but that was long ago. With the huge contributions to Repub causes, and having all of the Repub prez hopefuls ('cept Romney, who's a gazillionaire) on their payroll as 'contributors', how could ANYONE not see what's going on? They are able to pay scientists to dispute climate change, hire lawyers to defend torture, hire economists to say tax breaks for millionaires are good for us and provide rationale for 'wars of choice', while the sheep nod and say, 'yup'. However, with all the cutting of checks to the Repub party, along with their dubious 'news' reporting, it should be obvious to even the densest among us what's going on. Republican analyst Rick Frum states, 'We used to think FOXNews worked for us, but now we find that we work for FOXNews. Duh...

Really amazing,

but here we are again. I'm just 38 pages into 'Texasville', Larry McMurtry's sequel to 'The Last Picture Show', ( he also did Lonesome Dove', one of the best stories EVER) about some hicks in Texas, who are suffering through the same oil glut that was in 'Saturday Night Lights', around Midland, Texas, and the quote from Luthie, about how to make money again is, "Let's just bomb OPEC", which was meant to be funny, BUT, George 'F' Bush, who lived in the area at the time, was actually able to do it. That's exactly the mentality that screwed up our country. From $147/bbl oil through the whole economic mess we are living with, since that retarded cowboy ran the country, with his buddy from Haliburton. These books should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand how the greatest country in the world was brought to it's knees by oil men from Texas.

Just what we need,

a Travel Alert, from the gov't, for American tourists traveling in Europe. No specifics given, but we hear this is 'one of the most significant' and 'it has already begun'. Am trying not to worry about it, but as Carol and Terri are in Rome, I can't help but be concerned. Once they get to the south, I would think they'd be out of any target area, but will feel better when Carol is safely home, for MANY reasons.

I just wonder,

if any of those redneck, rightwing religious conservatives who teach that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured, or is the result of 'demon possession', have any second thoughts as another student commits suicide after being outed. All across the country people are bullied, beaten, ridiculed and driven to kill themselves because a certain segment of our society is ignorant about human sexuality. Remember when you had to choose if were gonna be gay or straight? Huh? Of course not. It's not a conscious decision. You're either born gay or you're not and the idea, put forth by that portion of people who think they need to be the moral police, but 'don't have a clue', really pisses me off. It's one thing when your belief system just messes up your own life, but when you mess up others', that's what upsets me. There's a lot of confused young people out there that are innocent victims, just cuz they were born 'different' and ther…

I see from her itinerary,

that Carol has one of my favorite days, in Italy tomorrow, when they tour Pompei. An amazing look into life as it was 2000 years ago, in a town on the Med coast. Streets, homes and business, complete with murals, menus, etc, look like the occupants just stepped away for awhile, except for the plaster casts of bodies that were trapped in the lava and ash, then preserved in their final death throes, by injecting the voids left behind. You can see the looks on their faces...

The FOXNews headline screams,

"CBS Reporter Busted on Drug Charges", and the sheep say, 'I knew them libs was a bunch of drug addicts'. The real news. A CBS owned radio station had one of it's employees busted for growing a couple of pot plants. Again, the FOX headline vs. the truth. At least this one had a shred of reality in it, but typical FOX bullshit, nonetheless.

Do other schools do this?

As I watch the Buffs pull ahead of Georgia, I see the time honored tradition as the front row of the student section grabs a hot chick and passes her all the way to the top, just body surfing above the student section. Sort of the original mosh pit. Always been like that at CU, but have never seen it anywhere else. We also used to do it on ski buses. Just a Colorado thing?

Finally finished,

'A Walk in the Woods', by Bill Bryson, and really enjoyed it. I used to do some backpacking, but nothing like his long term hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Have just started 'Texasville', by one of my favorite authors, Larry McMurtry, which Laura recommended, and gave to me. Pretty amazing, it starts out in the same place and time that 'Saturday Night Lights' took place. Really funny, so far. Time to find Bailey and bring her in, since it's getting near 'kitty time', about sundown, as I check the baby back ribs on the grill. Colo vs. Georgia (whose coach is from Broomfield), tonight, and just saw Okla beat Texas, in a crazy finish as I switched back and forth with the Ryder Cup. Not sharing the remote, (sorry Carol) isn't ALL bad. Also built another set of 'kid steps'and got in some miles on the bike, today, SO, I've earned my Saturday evening. Later....

Had a great evening,

last night,as someone else took pity on the 'old guy, alone', and I joined the crew at the fantastic Tobin homestead, north of Boulder, and celebrated Cyndi's birthday. After a mahvelous dinner, we gathered around a bonfire, under the stars, which was so nice with no other lights around, and just enjoyed the evening. Just got off the phone with Carol, who was having a glass of wine near the Coliseum, after finally seeing St Peter's. She's still claiming to have a good time, even though I'm not there. She can be pretty convincing some times.

Got some kohlrabi,

from Kari the other night and, since I have never had it before, decided to fix it, today. Googled recipes and found one where I sliced it thin, with olive oil, garlic, salt, butter and a splash of vinegar, in a fry pan. As it cooked, I couldn't help but taste it along the way, and definitely learned something. Early on, it was kinda crispy and sweet, but as it cooked, got progressively mooshier and more bitter. Will fix it again, as it was surprisingly good, sort of a mix between an apple and a potato, BUT, will not overcook it next time. Who'd a thunk? Recipes from the ol' fart...

Ryder Cup play started today,

in a downpour, in Wales. Sun Mountain Sports provided the raingear for the US team and it seemed like great PR for them, UNTIL, our boys found out the raingear was water resistant, NOT, waterproof. HUGE difference. Soaked, soggy, heavily waterlogged and getting thoroughly trounced by a relatively dry and comfortable Euro team, the guys went to the clubhouse and replaced their rainsuits with the local merchandise, which just happens to have the European Ryder Cup logo on it. Good job team USA and Sun Mountain. Think there's some 'splainin' goin' on somewhere?

Looking back,

sometimes I get it right, so, when I do, it's only fair that I congratulate myself, cuz no one else does. Check out my post from Feb 17, 2009, (titled, For those of you,) when gold was under $1000 (now over $1300) and silver was under $14 (now over $22).