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I finished Willie Nelson's book,

'It's a Long Story', and it was good, but it didn't fulfill it's early promise, of being 'outstanding' to the end, as it got a 'little slow' in places, just like real life. He's a gentle soul, with a tough streak beneath, who has an amazing ability to put words and music together, with universal truth, born from sorrow and joy. I had no idea how many songs he'd written (over 300), how many adventures, wives and homes he's had, and at 82 he's still going strong, with over 150 shows last year. A real life troubador, who believes in a positive attitude, a higher power and the pleasures of the open road. A living example against those who claim pot makes everyone a 'couch potato'.

Women's #1 complaint against men

is that, 'They just don't listen'. Carol may have said this. I don't know...

In the Denver Post this morning, we see again,

ANOTHER reason I can't stand Republicans. Colorado is No. 1 in the country preventing teen pregnancy and abortion, largely because of a program to provide long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) such as IUDs. A modest $5 million investment would mean higher graduation rates and fewer teen mothers on public assistance, saving the state about $50 million. The LARC program gained bipartisan support in the House and among national public health professionals because of its success. A broad coalition of children's advocates, non-profits and medical professionals worked for months to talk with lawmakers to find common ground and allow the program to continue, BUT, Republicans killed the bill, as they have several others, regarding contraception. So, we'll have kids having kids, that society will have to pay for, and the cycle continues, as the Repubs continue to be the Party of NO!  Sickening, but SO Republican, as they disregard the will of the majority of the people, and t…

I tried

to make a very special chicken dinner. Took a whole chicken, soaked it a sugar/salt/spice/beer brine, injected it with butter/soy sauce/spice/bouillon injection, then patted it dry and then applied a special rub, (spices, with oil, to make a paste), put it under the skin and in the cavity and cooked it on a 'beer can', for the required time. It was .........pretty good. Carol liked it, but I thought it coulda been juicier. (Overcooked) Oh well, I tried, and it wasn't terrible, but next time will use meat thermometer, instead of clock.
 PS, Today, it makes for some very flavorful 'leftovers'.

Wow, I'm shocked!

that a Repub paid millions in hush money, not because of the sexual nature, but because he became a multi-millionaire after he hooked up with the Bushies, and supported their 'Big Oil War' mentality, after he entered politics, from a background of high school teacher/coach. Actually, not shocked at all, as I see the corruption in Pub politics, where he became a highly paid lobbyist, pumping money to the military, after his political career. Sickening, but nothing new here, as the Repub military/industrial complex rapes the people for the enrichment of a few. (look at Viet Nam and Iraq if you don't understand)

As I read more of Willie's book,

I realize why I like him so much. He doesn't fit into easily defined category and slide effortlessly from one genre to another. Every time I drive into Denver at night, esp from the mountains, I think of his song 'Denver', from the Red Headed Stranger albu. 'The bright lights of Denver, were shinin like diamonds, like ten thousand jewels in the sky'. His first movie, 'The Electric Horseman', with Robert Redford, is one of my all time favs, with his classic line, 'I'm gonna find me one them Keno girls that can suck the chrome off a boat hitch, and kick back and relax'. and 'Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys', and 'My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys' fit the movie perfectly. His 'On the Road Again' is a classic, written in a few minutes when the execs told him they needed a song for a film. He also hits close to home with his infatuation with Colorado and golf. He bought his own golf course, (after …

I knew I liked Willie Nelson,

but I didn't realize how well I liked him until I started his book, which I am about halfway through. Willie explains how he went through a spiritual awakening about the same time he gave up alcohol and cigarettes, in favor of pot. He moved from the redneck part of Texas to Austin, which is described by Gov Rick Perry as 'a blueberry in a bowl of tomato soup', and began actively crusading against the war in Viet Nam, (and later Iraq). Willie's a 'good ol boy' who's written hundreds of songs (many of them 'classics'), traveled millions of miles (On the Road Again) and has assimilated the divide between cowboy and hippie, red and blue stater. He's not the world's best singer or picker, but the words and music flow him, as he claims he just channels it' and he melds 'real life' with a greater power. All in all, a pretty unique individual, with a good message of peace, hope and positive thoughts.

We know that Congress is full of crooks and creeps,

but Dennis Hastert(R) is kind of a surprise, as he paid millions in hush money to a former male student. My biggest question? How did the Speaker(R), make MILLIONS of dollars, as a former high school teacher/coach while he rose to lead the Repubs, supporting the crooked Bush agenda? That is at least as important as his sexual improprieties. Nothing new here, as Big Money rules Repub politics, but it'll be interesting to find out the details, as (surprise!) he's been a 'highly paid lobbyist'.since 2007.

After over 50 years in the 'news' business.

including escorting Lee Harvey Oswald's widow to the courthouse, Bob Schieffer is retiring, but not before having a few final words. In a teaser this morning he says the biggest developments these days include 'Big Money' being able to legally buy votes(R), and 'intentionally wrong' news that is consistently reported (FOX). A major difference in the 'two sides'? Brian Williams gets sacked for at least 6 months for a 'mistaken memory', while Bill O'Reilly gets caught in 5 lies in one month, and his 'news' organization and 'followers' don't bat an eyelash, cuz it's NO SURPRISE.
 HUGE difference, and very telling....

As I see and hear

the Repub clown car occupants, and the Bullshit Mountain crew continually try to blame the mess in the Mideast on Obama, instead the Bushies and Repub party who CAUSED it, I continually wonder..... Are you really that stupid, or are you just hoping the sheep are 'actually that stupid', to believe your 'revisionist history'?

Just started a new book,

that I think I'm really gonna like. It's Willie Nelson's life story, 'It's a Long Story', and it flows as easily as one of his songs. After living there many times over the years, and seeing the damage their politicians have done, I'm usually not a big fan of Texans, for good reasons. BUT, Willie isn't your average Texan, and at 82, has had an amazing life. Am looking forward to reading more, cuz he's an amazing person, with an interesting story to tell. Looking forward to reading all of it, cuz he's a guy who REALLY embraces life, in a down home, spiritual way, without being 'religious'. Willie Nelson, one of a kind....

On CNBC, The Financial Channel,

whenever 'Rick the Dick' Santelli reports on Home Sales, no matter how good they are, he never fails to make some snarky remark about how 'this administration's' numbers aren't as good as the 'previous' one. Oh really, Rick? Maybe that's cuz the whole 'economic crash', (which you may remember from 2008), is because of the 'liar loans' that would allow ANYONE to buy a house, or three, with NOTHING down, and get money back at closing. Then the bankers would bundle the mortgages and get a Triple A rating from Moody's and S&P, (blessed by the Bush admin) and package them for sale to suckers around the country and world, until the whole scam imploded, taking down the whole financial system.
That, Rick, is how you get HUGE housing numbers, IF, you don't mind causing the worst recession since the Great Depression. You may wanna mention that to the sheep, the next time you bitch about 'this administration's' housing s…

Had a great birthday party

with Carol and the kids. Got totally spoiled with great food, incl Nate's homebrew and an amazing pina colada cake from Das Myers (sp?). The day featured boat races down the temporary river we have down the fairway, after all of the recent rain, (which Piper's boat consistently won), and included concert tix to the world's best venue, (Red Rocks), for one of the best guitarists (Mark Knoppfler/Dire Straits), from the best kids. Thanks, everyone.

I've made a LOT of BBQ ribs,

but these tonight were the BEST. Great baby backs to start, with a dry rub that was mostly brown sugar, wrapped in foil for a couple hours, then on the grill, in the foil, for 35 mins. Then, remove the foil for the last 30 mins, adding wood chips for smoke, and sauce for the last few minutes. AMAZING crisp crust with tender, juicy center. Wow...

Who da thunk?

The mideast could be in a state of chaos, after GW and The Dick took out all forms of control, when they took out Saddam, to pump up the price of oil, their 'family business', as the American people are left 'holding the bag'. Now, the Pubs blame it on Obama, cuz he didn't ignore the the timetable for withdrawal, and the will of the American people. OBVIOUSLY, Obama's fault, according to FOX, propaganda arm of the Pubs. UNbelievable, but SO Republican, as we need MORE military,which is the Pub playbook. Who falls for this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.....

Just wondering,

how the Pubs deal with:

Obamacare's gonna wreck the medical system. (People love it and premium {rate of increase} DOWN)
Obama is gonna wreck the economy. (Highest stock market, lowest interest rates and unemployment)
Obama's birth certificate is fake, (The Donald guarantees it)
Hillary is too rich to be prez (Their candidate was Mitt)
Hillary is too old to be prez. (their candidate was McCain, with Sarah as VP)
Climate change is a hoax, (Record high world temps, 14 of 15 years, look at TX and CA)
Being gay is a choice, and a sin
Iraq has nukes, let's attack (never mind)
VA hospitals are in trouble cuz of Obama, not Repub wars
Banks deserve big profits instead of breaks for students and their loans
Big Oil needs 'depletion allowance tax breaks
Pot smokers should go to jail but big bankers who wrecked the economy deserve a wrist slap
GW and The Dick aren't war criminals (they can't travel the world, cuz they'd be arrested)
FOX is 'truth', NOT Repub p…

A few states away,

from unprecedented drought in California, the gov of Texas(R) just proclaimed 'the worst floods EVER' in Texas. I just wonder if the 'climate change deniers(R)', headquartered in the Bible Belt(R) ever wonder. Hmmm, maybe the 97% of actual climatologists just might be right?
 No Way! Rush, Sean and Big Bill continually claim it's a liberal plot, and why would FOXNews lie to us?

The rabid sheep of Bullshit Mountain

claim 'We're #1', and that may be true, as a narrowly defined cadre of rightwingnuts. Their number one show, The O'Reilly Factor pulls in about 3.3 million viewers on it's best night, which isn't that big a deal, (under 2%) when you consider there are 234 million voting age Americans, AND, their average age is 68 and rising. The good news? In an era of easily accessed information, their misinformation actually hurts the Repub party, as much as helping it, as the 'echo chamber' inhabitants repeatedly find themselves on the wrong side of history, gradually getting pulled along to the issues and policies that the 'non-sheep' accepted long ago, and, '68 and rising' doesn't bode well for the future, as they alienate women and minorities, who represent a large voting bloc. Bottom line, FOX, the propaganda arm of the Repub party, can continue to spread their obvious lies, but they're just preaching to the choir, cuz their average listen…

In case you never noticed,

Native Americans got screwed over BIG TIME, as treaties were continually broken and they were moved to the least desirable land in the country. As a partial reparation, Ft Lewis college in Durango, CO, has offered free tuition to native Americans, for over 100 years. Because of this, students have come from all over the country to take advantage of the program, with over 95% being from outside Colorado, even though the state picks up ALL of the cost, which has become substantial. Seems like something the Fed Govt should help with, right? SO, Colorado congressmen have repeatedly introduced bills to that effect, only to have the Repubs vote them down, mainly because Grover Norquist has them by the balls, with his No New Taxes pledge. As always, when I think they can't get any worse, they always do, as the jerks(R) refuse to do something SO obvious, as helping to pay the bills they owe. Nothing new here, from the 'Head Up Their Ass' party.

Just like 'Pottery Barn',

and other places filled with fragile objects, there are many signs proclaiming, 'You break it, you buy it', which is only right. BUT, in the case of the US economy and the fragile balance of power among the religious nuts in the mideast, the ones who 'broke it', have left office, leaving others to 'buy it', which is bad enough, but now they are back seat drivers, yelling, 'Do it FASTER, BETTER, and the way WE want it'. which is bullshit, cuz the damage they did was SO much worse than we have seen for generations, and was clearly preventable. SO, I'm saying, 'Sit down and shut up', and let the adults fix your problems, (if it's even possible), and I'm hoping enough voters are smart enough to remember who caused those problems, rather than listening to the crap from the propaganda arm of the Repub party, better known as Bullshit Mountain.

In an attempt to connect with reality, for a change,

(cuz there's an election coming), the Pubs, through their candidates for prez, are GRADUALLY coming around to a fact that MOST of us have known for a LONG time. Jeb is a microcosm of the party, who, when asked if, 'knowing what do now, would you invade Iraq?' First he said 'Yes', then, 'I misunderstood the question', then 'it's not a fair question', then 'Well, maybe not', before he came around to the answer that the non-FOX sheep have known for a LONG time. The answer is NO. It was a terrible mistake that we'll pay for, for decades. They still claim, 'we got bad info', which is total bullshit, easily disproven by anyone who cares to look at the facts, BUT, at least they are admitting it was a mistake, which is a start, while still blaming Obama for the mess in the mideast, that is TOTALLY the fault of GW and The Dick, who kicked the hornet's nest in the first place, costing trillions, alienating the world and filling our…

I really am shocked,

(not the pretend kind), that Ireland voted to approve gay marriage, by over a 2-1 margin, becoming the first country in the world to do so. This is Ireland, that was such a conservative country for so long, ruled by the church, where Catholics fought Protestants (like Sunnis fight Shiites), in the name of religion. Don't they know being gay is a choice and a SIN? Just ask FOXNews or a Repub candidate for prez. Wow, thankfully the world IS changing, in spite of the conservative dogma that holds so much of it back, like Europe in the Dark Ages, before the Reinassance, when the church burned witches and tortured those who claimed the earth revolved around the sun. Thankfully, the world IS changing, slowly but surely, UNLESS you happen to live in a state controlled by the Repub base...

This is 'for real'

a commercial for a new product, that has sold over 4 million units and is rated 4.8 out of 5, on Amazon. Check it out...

The main difference

between Pubs and Dems, is that the Pubs act like all govt sucks, except for a HUGE military, while they love their Social Security and Medicare, thinking capitalism is the answer to everything. BUT, the rest of the civilized world realizes not ALL things should be 'money-makers' for a few, like health care and education, and the happiest people in the world are consistently from Northern Europe, where these are provided by the 'Big Bad Government', that the Pubs hate. I can understand the 1% being Repub, BUT, when I see the little people voting for the Pubs, I see the power of FOXNews, which was the best political money EVER spent. and when I realize their base believes the story of Noah's arc, a 6000 year old earth, climate change is a hoax, Sarah Palin is presidential material and being gay is a choice, I totally understand.....
PS. For the hundredth time, I am not anti 'supreme being', but I DON'T believe in a literal Bible, for obvious reasons. When…

I hate to start a day like this,

BUT, as I read the Denver Post this morning there was an article by the Pubs favorite 'smart guy', Charles Krauthammer, who was bitchin' about the 'hypotheticals' that were being asked of Jeb and others, pertaining to Iraq and the bullshit war that the Pubs started, based on lies. The Kraut's position was that 'it didn't matter', cuz it was already done, BUT, the important thing was that Bush had already won the war and he handed off a VICTORY to Obama, who 'blew it'. What kind of uninformed ignoramus believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep, who don't have a clue. The Iraq govt wanted us OUT. The American people wanted us OUT. Bush had already signed papers promising to get OUT, before Obama was elected. The war wasn't WON, and we had nowhere near enough troops to occupy the entire country that was, and had been, fighting religious wars for CENTURIES, although Saddam had controlled them, until GW and The Dick destabilized the whole ar…

Now I understand Citizens United,

the Repub decision that allows the rich to legally purchase votes. They just misunderstood. They looked at the Constitution and thought it said 'Buy the People', NOT, 'By the People'. Simple mistake.....

If you only see one part

of Letterman's final show, check out the 6 minute montage of hundreds of clips and comedic highlights of his 33 years as the smartest, funniest guy on television, while the Foofighter's play 'Everlong'. Amazing, as you see the stars, musicians, politicians and celebrities that graced his show over the years. Wow, who da thunk a witty, intelligent guy like Dave couldn't stand the Pubs and their agenda?
Am looking forward to another funny/smart guy taking over, as Stephen Colbert begins his run, and wondering if he'll continue to ridicule the clowns of the GOP, who provide SO much comedic inspiration, OR, if he'll sell out to be more 'mainstream'. We'll see....

Seems I missed another 'Scandal',

while I was enjoying the beach. in Mexico. George Stephanopoulos admitted to giving money to the Clinton Foundation, (cuz he liked their charitable work), and the clowns at FOX went CRAZY! Can you imagine the huge stink that would erupt if anyone found out that one of the FOX bozos had supported a Pub cause? HA! What a stupid 'scandal', as the jerks at Bullshit Mountain find something new to rile the sheep, that wouldn't even warrant a second look if the situation were reversed, and they were accused of supporting a Pub. FOXNews, still the biggest joke in the media, with the funniest slogan, 'Fair and Balanced?' of ALL time.

The hits' keep on a comin'',

as we learn more about Big Bill O'Reilly, the compulsive liar who fronts FOXNews. According to a witness, he choked his wife and dragged her down the stairs, during just one of the times he physically abused her. And who was this supposed witness? Someone just looking to 'pile on' after his MANY provable lies, (that don't phase the sheep, or anyone, cuz it's no surprise, from FOX)? That witness would be..... his daughter.

Catching up on the news,

I see that construction of the VA hospital in Denver has stopped, cuz of massive cost overruns. To me it's obvious who bears the brunt of the blame, and that's the idiots who approved the design in the first place, with all the separate buildings and their CURVED walls, spread over a large area. Insane....
BUT, let's not forget the MAIN problem, which is WAY too many injured vets, thanks to the chickenhawk assholes who sent our troops to Viet Nam and Iraq, filling the hospitals, with casualties in their bullshit wars. Just like the mess with Isis in the Mideast today, as Obama gets crap for not fixing the mess left by GW and The Dick. Let's look at the CAUSE of the problem, as we deal with the disastrous results......
PS. The Bushies say; 'Hey look at all the people who were fooled, just like us, about Iraq'. Bullshit! They had the REAL intel, and just released only the stuff they wanted the people and Congress to see/hear, with their lies about yellowcake, alu…

For an entire week,

I didn't hook up to the internet or turn on my phone, and I didn't mind, 'going dark', for a while.Watched VERY little news (none for first 4 days), and when I did, it was a choice of only CNN or FOX, so I'd go back and forth, avoiding commercials. WOW, if it weren't for anti-Hillary stuff, they'd have NOTHING on the 'Fair and Balanced', full-time bullshit channel, as it was constant comments, X-spurts and snarky anchors about various 'scandals and disasters', as they constantly preached how Hillary and the Dems have ruined the 'wonderful world' that GW and the Pubs left behind. Really funny how they supported Mitt, but Hillary is 'way too rich' to have connect with the average American.
 Read a very good (non-fiction) book, 'The Boys in the Boat', while on vacation, that chronicled the 1936 8-man rowing team from Univ of Washington, while simultaneously telling what was going on in Nazi Germany, leading up to the Be…

Looks like we picked a pretty good week

to go to Cabo, since this is the coolest, wettest late spring we've had around here, for a LONG time. We may have one of the few tans in Colorado.... Had heard about the hurricane that hit Cabo San Lucas last fall, but didn't realize how bad it was, esp for an area whose entire economy depends on tourism. We enjoyed the smaller resort, and the really comfortable temperatures, in are area where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Good seafood and friendly locals, BUT, the ocean/beach on the east coast is much friendlier, if you like that kinda thing. Bottom line, good vacation, but nice to be home, with Bailey, who missed us, she says.....
Hard to imagine, but it was less than 3 1/2 hours, from the time we lifted off in Cabo, 'til we were home, incl customs, parking, flight time, etc. New record, but it was a shock to step off the plane, in shorts, to 40 degree weather. Came home to mallards and a Great Blue Heron in the back yard pond. Bailey freaked out and attack…

Never been there,

but I hear Cabo San Lucas is really nice, and May is the best month of the year for fishing, in one of the best fishing towns anywhere. Hmmmm. Sounds interesting.

Just when I think Texans(R) can't get any weirder,

they always do. The US military is planning a training exercise this summer, called Jade Helm 15, that involves many troops over a large area, which isn't all that unusual, BUT, the rightwingnuts heard of it and are now promoting the rumor that Obama is coming to take their guns. No shit. The gov of Texas could have just laughed it off, but this is Texas(R), and he held a news conference to assure his whackjob constituents that he was mobilizing the Texas National Guard, at considerable expense, to' keep an eye' on their former ally, the US military. Thanks again, to the state who gave us GW and is now offering Ted Cruz and Rick Perry for president. Thanks a BUNCH....

FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same),

must be getting concerned. If you can read a chart, it shows that their base, old, white Christians, is gradually, steadily declining. FOXNews viewers, with an average viewer age of nearly 70, are facing mortality, while minorities are increasing in numbers, AND, the largest poll of 'Religious Beliefs' in many years shows that for every convert to Christianity there a four who are leaving, which continues the trend of the last few decades.. Bad news for Bullshit Mountain, but good news for our country, as the voting block who believes the earth is 6000 years old and the Noah's ark story is real, while swallowing the lies from FOX and Repub politicians is in definite decline. The Pubs however, have a plan.

Arizona state State Sen. Sylvia Allen (R) is advocating mandatory church attendance for every American, the Arizona Republic reports.

You can't make this stuff up, but thankfully, FOX and the Pubs are 'there for us'.

Great 'First Lady' speech yesterday,

as Michelle related how FOX referred to her as Obama's 'baby mama', and showed her with an Afro and a machine gun, while they denigrated her for being black. Same old shit from FOX, where they hate the Black Couple in the White House, BUT, is hard for the rest of us who think they should be respected, as the 'first couple', no matter what the racist rightwingnuts think about non-Repub policies, which only help to heal the HUGE Republican damage to our country.

FOX is bitchin'

cuz some of the 'Gulf States' aren't sending leaders to Obama's conference. I'm SHOCKED, that the Sunnis and Shiites can't get along, after GW and The Dick kicked the hornets nest, and all hell has broken loose in the mideast, just like it has, for many centuries, cuz the religious nuts can't get along. I'm SHOCKED!, cuz religious nuts are such RATIONAL, logical, intelligent people.

There are a lot of differences

between Cons and Libs, but one of the most glaring has to do with the Iraq war. Nearly everyone agrees it was a mistake, and a HUGE one, in SO many ways. The big difference comes from those on the right who say, 'We got bad info', which is a bunch of crap, that was obvious at the time, and is more obvious now, to anyone who looks at it subjectively. There are MANY examples, with one of the most obvious being Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, Repub appointed experts in the area, who had reams of well-backed intelligence, but were threatened (and ultimately 'outed) for telling the truth, while the Bushies hand-fed cherry-picked info to those outside their inner circle. They WANTED a war, and did all they could to get it. How anyone can look at the facts and deny them is beyond me, BUT, that's what being a sheep is all about. If FOX says it, they believe it, in spite of Bullshit Mountain being caught in multiple lies on a regular basis. Never mind, once they've gone over …

One by one, the clowns pile out of their tiny car

and bitch about Obama. They can't say much about the economy, after the Dems have gradually fixed the steaming pile that the Pubs left behind, SO, they concentrate on foreign policy, saying how terrible Obama is. Let's look at the facts. I know, sheep, that's VERY difficult, but let's look at the OBVIOUS.
Until GW's Big Adventure in Iraq, Saddam was successfully boxed up, Al Queda was a few tribesmen and ISIS didn't exist. Then, GW and The Dick kicked the hornet's nest, with a bunch of lies about yellowcake, aluminum tubes and mushroom clouds, starting a decades long war that killed thousands, cost trillions, and launched a generation of America Haters throughout the Mideast, from Libya to Yemen. Now, the Pubs are bitchin' cuz Obama doesn't send troops to every country where the Muslims are riled. BUT, they can't see the 'chicken and egg' thing that is SO obvious. Just like the economy, the Pubs break it, then bitch when it doesn't g…

FOXNews had headlines,

that explained how the Pubs are trying to close the 'technology gap', between themselves and the 'educated elite'.
REPUBLICAN presidential hopefuls trying to break from the crowded primary field are taking to cutting-edge social media to connect with more and younger voters, in the latest sign that GOP candidates are determined to close the digital divide with historically tech-savvy Democrats. The clown car candidates had to make a tough choice today, as they could learn cutting edge practices like 'sending e-mail', BUT, they passed on it, cuz they didn't want to miss the 'witch burning' that was already on their schedule, knowing that it would appeal to their base. Mike Huckabee spoke for the group, as he lit the bonfire, saying, 'We don't need no stinkin' technology'.

Before the BIG rain that is forecast today,

and turning into snow tonight, I had to empty our rain gauge, cuz it was nearly full, with 5" in the last few days. Should be interesting if the forecasters are right, and we get hit with the main part of the system. Luckily, (OR, cuz we had a good builder, ME) we are sitting high and dry, with good drainage and a French drain with a sump pump. Which reminds me, I gotta make sure it is working, cuz if we are ever gonna need it, this may be the time, as the precip is moving toward us.

On 'Dateline' tonight,

there's a story about a cult, outside of Wichita, who lived in a place called 'Angel's Landing'. I can understand how some could be fooled, as they heard the unprovable lies, and hoped they were true, for a while, BUT, after several years, how could they be so easily, completely deceived? Not sure how it ends, but hard to imagine that some could be so gullible, though that is what cults are all about. Weak minds being told what to believe, while rejecting logic and rational thought.

It finally happened, like I knew it would, BUT,

this is 'off the chart'. We just got our new property assessment, and it went up $55K, in one year, and that's one year behind, so it's gonna be worse next year. Good news/bad news, but am thinking it's bad, cuz we ain't moving, BUT, we gotta pay the taxes. Crazy....

Am seeing the news,

with TENS OF THOUSANDS of cops, from across the country, getting a taxpayer paid trip to NYC, to honor a cop who was killed. Why is his life SO much more SPECIAL than others? Why should WE pay the expenses for other cops to make the trip? Just part of the Pub/Conservative 'Law and Order' mindset that makes a cop's life 'special', when our taxes are involved, and a NYC vacation is 'paid for', with our tax dollars.
PS. You ever see any video of the cop 'parties' that take place after the funeral march?

The Pubs refused

to even vote on an Immigration Bill, cuz they were afraid of the rightwingnuts, and THEN, they bitched cuz Obama got tired of waiting, and took executive action. Of course they bitch a LOT....
Now, Hillary has taken a stand on immigration, and the Pubs have an answer, from their Propaganda Arm, better known as Bullshit Mountain, where the headlines read, 'Hillary Provokes GOP With Immigration Stand'. Wow, just when I think they can't get any worse, they ALWAYS do, as they totally duck the issue, then bitch at anyone who takes a stand. SO typical, from the party of NO!

This is crazy

We live near SERI, which is the Solar Energy Research Institute, built here because we have more days of sunshine, than anywhere else (almost). BUT, this is the 7th day in row of rain, and it's not over, including a forecast of HEAVY rain, that's gonna turn into snow, for Sunday. Ten to twenty inches for the foothills. Crazy....

Jon Stewart, on The Daily how, NAILED it, again,

as he pointed out the Repub's hypocrisy, juxtaposing their own words, about 'money buying favors', when it comes to the possibility of a Hillary contributor getting preferential treatment, BUT, the jerks have NO PROBLEM with the Supreme Court(R) opening the gates for Big Money buying votes and elections. His staff did a GREAT job of making the Pubs look like hypocritical asses (not that hard) as they spun 180 degrees, with 'money in politics'. Just another reason I can't stand the hypocrites.

The list is out, and it hasn't changed

'The Happiest Countries in the World',

remain pretty much the same. They are almost all in northern Europe, and they are nearly all, (GASP), what the rightwingnuts would call, socialist, which means they are taxed more, BUT, those taxes pay for health care and higher education, which translates to happier people. The rightwingnuts don't realize that the higher taxes are actually a bargain, when all costs are figured in, and the people love it. Whenever we travel the reactions are the same. They can't believe the high prices we pay for health care and education, BUT, the rightwingnuts have made socialism a dirty word, and Big Money isn't about to relax it's grip on 'money from the masses'. Nothing new here, as Bullshit Mountain tells the sheep what to think, and they dutifully agree, as more education is the LAST thing the Pubs want, cuz better education=Dems, …

Because the rightwingnut Grover Norquist,

has em by their tiny balls, the Pubs have refused to increase funding for any road/bridge repair maintenance since the NINETY's. As our transportation infrastructure has deteriorated these clowns have remained loyal to the jerk who has WAY more power than he should, AND, they're successfully able to kill any projects that could help the economy, thus hurting their chances in the next election. Now, as cars/trucks get better mileage and the number of miles driven drops, we need the funding more than ever, just to maintain, let alone improve our rapidly crumbling infrastructure, BUT, as always, the Pubs are more worried about politics than serving the people. Nothing new here, but is just another reason why I can't stand 'em.

Typical FOX bullshit, for the sheep

Ordinarily, I ignore Bill O’Reilly’s rants, but as cable’s most-watched news host, O'Reilly poisons millions of minds daily. So when he lies about something as important as inequality and taxes, it’s necessary to rebut those lies. Here’s the truth: 1. Corporate taxes haven’t budged as a percent of GDP for more than 25 years. In 1989, corporate taxes amounted to 1.9% of GDP. Last year, they amounted to 1.9% of GDP. 2. Personal income taxes on the rich haven’t gone through the roof. To the contrary, they’ve plunged. 60 years ago, the rich paid federal income taxes over twice today’s rate. In 1953, the top marginal income tax was 91% -- applied to earnings in excess of $1,522,595 (adjusted for inflation). In 2013, after new Obama higher taxes on the rich went into effect, the federal income tax rate on income over $1,522,595 was 39.6%. 3. Moreover, in the 1950s and 1960s, the American middle class was surging and the top 1% got only 9 to 10 percent of total income. Now, the middle c…

Was funny on CNBC this morning,

when Rick the Dick Santelli had Robert Shiller, the economic guru, as a guest. Rick was trying to get him to say that the Fed buybacks were a big mistake, but Robert wasn't going for it. He basically said, 'We were in such a HUGE mess, that we were looking at the entire US banking system totally imploding and the Fed had to do 'whatever it took' to save us' (after the Bush debacle). Rick hemmed and hawed and changed the subject, just like the Tea Party weasel he is. He'll end up on FOX, soon, where his type love to hang out and SOMEDAY, his predictions may come true, after being totally WRONG, for 7 years and counting.
 Rick the Dick Santelli, another Tea Party/Rightwingnut joke.

Today, from Bullshit Mountain,

between the multitudes of anti-Hillary articles, (Why Don't the Scandals Stick?), the 'Fair and Balanced' clowns push one of their favorites for prez. Dr Ben Carson loves to say 'I'm not a polotician', sorta like the FOXCrowd loves to say 'I'm not a scientist, BUT, this is why you should believe me, rather than the REAL scientists', and the sheep eat it up.
Dr Ben, NOT a politician, (would you go to a physician who says 'I'm not a Dr, but?) wants the #1 political job in the world, and shows his remarkable intelligence by proclaiming,

Carson (“I’m not a politician”) became a Tea Party hero when he began denouncing Obamacare (“the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery”), comparing American society to Nazi Germany and claiming the president resembled “most psychopaths.” Yup, this is FOXNews gold, and the sheep who have no problem with the party that wrecked our economy last time they were in charge oughta love him, as he tak…

There's an interview tonight,

with Jon Stewart, as he prepares to leave the Daily Show, and I found we have something in common, other than hating FOXnews, although I didn't discover Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Steve Carell, Mo Rocca, John Oliver and many others, who started on his show. We DO, however, both have an outlet for our outrage. His is on national TV and mine is my blog. It keeps us from exploding, as he says, as we see the ignorance/stupidity that passes for 'news' from Bullshit Mountain, and can't imagine that people can fall for such crap. Yup, Jon and I have something MAJOR in common, just on a different scale.

IT seems that 'Clinton Cash',

hyped incessantly on Bullshit Mountain, shows no 'wrongdoing', other than the 'appearance' of 'possible impropriety' because of the people and large sums of money involved, as the Clinton Foundation helped thousands, around the world. Sorta like Whitewater, BENGHAZI! and Hillary's private email (Surprise, she didn't want the Repubs going through all her private correspondence). Same old shit from FOXNews. Get the sheep all riled with innuendo, then fail to produce any relevant facts. No surprise, as you see the HUGE money involved, and realize the Pubs will say/do ANYTHING to get another shot at the national treasury, hoping we don't remember what they did the last time they were in charge. The Bad News? It's only gonna get worse, as the propaganda arm of the Repub party goes 'Full Blast', shoveling swill to the sheep, who 'don't need no stinkin' facts'.

The Pubs are at it again

'It' being passing legislation that has NO CHANCE of going anywhere, wasting time and energy to 'make a point' that everyone already knows. They voted to defund Obamacare, although the large majority of Americans want it 'fixed, not killed', those who have it, LIKE it, and it hasn't had the dire effects on medicine they predicted. They also voted to kill any help for student loans, while making more $$ for Big Banks, and voted to substantially increase the already bloated military budget. Same old shit from the party of the 1%, whose crap is sold to the sheep by FOXNews, where ignorance is bliss. Talk about a bunch of blissful sheep....

After watching Willie Nelson on Letterman last night,

then again on Charlie Rose this morning, and knowing the popular sentiment concerning legal pot, I found the article in the Post this morning very revealing, as it explained the Repub views on cannabis. As always, when in doubt, 'follow the money', esp when the Pubs are involved. As we know, most lawyers are Republican, cuz they couldn't/didn't get a 'real' job, and many Congressmen are lawyers. Seems that there's BIG money defending small time pot offenses, and even bigger money for the police depts that get to confiscate cash, vehicles and property, often making up a large % of the total budget. Throw in private (for profit) prisons, housing minor marijuana offenders, and you can understand the Repub philosophy, esp in their 'Bible Belt'. As always, just 'follow the money', while the Conservatives force their views on the majority, and make Big Money as they do it. Typical Republicans, BUT, the tide is slowly turning, as most Americans sup…

I didn't bet the Big Fight,

and if I would have, I'd have bet on Mayweather, BUT, can you imagine how happy the Paquaio fans are, after they bet over a hundred million on him, and then found out he didn't disclose an injured shoulder, that now requires surgery? I'm betting there are some pissed off betters....

The Repubs in Colorado were considering a primary election,

in the state. BUT, they dropped the idea when they realized the more people heard about actual Repub ideas, the less likely there were, to vote Repub. Sounds right, to me, and I say 'Go for it'! Get your message out there, so we have more Dems, who cause MUCH less damage, to themselves and others.
In other political news, the Pubs are always screaming about The CONSTITUTION!, and how it should trump everything, EXCEPT, when it doesn't support their pet peeves. The Pubs in Nebr and Okla are trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn the Colorado law that legalizes cannabis, BUT, the 10th amendment to the CONSTITUTION!, guarantees 'State's Rights'. (BTW, over half the voters in the country support legalization.) As always, Republican =Hypocrite, as they are FOR something, with all their hearts, until they are AGAINST it.
And, there was a great 'Letter to the Editor' in the Post this morning, from a Repub, who pointed out the hypocrisy of her fellow Pubs …

Am not a huge Hillary fan,

until I compare her to the Repub alternative, then she looks good. I would LOVE to debate some FOX sheep, as per Bill and Hillary vs GW and The Dick. Let's compare REAL damage, not some Bullshit Mountain propaganda.
Yup, Hillary's not that great, UNTIL you compare her to the alternative, which would be a rerun of the Repub disaster the last time they were in charge, and our country couldn't survive that type of economic mess, again.

The a**holes at FOX are trying

to make the many millions of dollars that the Clinton Foundation used to help charities around the world seem 'dirty'. But they got NOTHING, and the author of 'Clinton Cash', that Bullshit Mountain tried tried to make nefarious, admits it. No smoking gun, BUT, the sheep see a conspiracy behind every bush. And speaking of Bush's.... Their guy has NOTHING close to the charitable foundation that the Clintons have used to help millions.. He rides bikes with the vets who lost limbs in his bullshit war. Yahoo! He can't even travel outside the country, cuz he'd be arrested as a war criminal, as he should be.
BUT, the sheep suck up the swill from Bullshit Mountain, as they love to think Hillary is SO bad, with NO evidence, while they have their 30th investigation into BENGHAZI!. What a bunch of losers, who rely on FOXNews, the Repub propaganda machine, instead of 'real' news. Nothing new here....

Good news/bad news

in the Denver Post/Broomfield Enterprise this morning. Since 2012, property values in our part of the world are up 29%, AND, taxes are gonna follow. Since we aren't planning on moving, I'm thinking it's bad news, BUT, in keeping with my new 'positive view of life', I guess things could be worse.

Feeling generous,

so I'll share a couple of life's secrets.
 Don't compare your self/life to perfection, cuz it aint' gonna happen. We're human and make mistakes, BUT, learn from them, try to be better. and don't beat yourself up when you fail, cuz it's gonna happen. Instead, focus on the GOOD parts of your life, and enjoy the good life you've earned, cuz time moves WAY fast, and gets faster.
You're welcome.....

What's a sheep to do?

Just like they have a problem with the Pope endorsing climate change (like over 97% of Climatologists), while Bullshit Mountain denies it, they also must have a problem with their rabid 'anti-union' stance vs their Law and Order dogma, when the Police Unions continually circumvent any and all charges against the bad apples in their midst, who beat the crap out of people.
What's a sheep to think? Never mind, FOX will tell them.

In their continuing effort to kill jobs and thwart science,

the Pubs are trying to cut NASA's budget, the part that studies the earth's moisture, atmosphere and climate, by over 25 %.

NASA's 2016 budget would dedicate $1.947 billion of its total funds to the official study of earth. The version in Congress would chop that allotment down to $1.45 billion. NASA would feel a 25 percent cut. Yes, it's a space agency, but it also works to understand our home planet. NASA currently operates a fleet of 20 Earth-facing satellites, which measure and study everything from ocean currents to rainfall to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.
Yup, if it concerns jobs or science, the Pubs are against it. BUT, if you want a new, multibillion dollar weapons system, they'll throw money at it. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same. Read the entire article here.

The FEC was set up to combat illegal election activities,

but it is in perpetual gridlock, with it's 6 members always at a 3-3 tie, as the Pubs are content with money being allowed to buy as many votes as possible, since the Supreme Court(R) passed Citizens United, which allows unlimited money, from unnamed donors, (who are gonna want/get results) to take over the American political system. Sickening, but just another example of how Big Money has hi-jacked the country, much to the delight of the Pubs, while the 'little people' who have the most to lose, are continually riled with 'the war on Christianity', 'terrorists are flooding over the border', and Obama's policies are gonna cause runaway inflation and kill our country's health care. All bullshit, but continually hyped from Bullshit Mountain, where the sheep get their 'news', and a continual stream of anti-Hillary articles, from the 'Fair and Balanced' network, whose main commentator was caught in 5 'provabale lies' in one month…

As always, in my attempt to stay informed, I learned something new today

In the past, both parties listed Jobs/Economy as their #1 concern, and Dems still do. BUT, the Pubs, led by the Con-artists of Bullshit Mountain, now list National Security #1, followed by Deficit Reduction, with Jobs/Economy a distant third. Sickening, but very revealing, as the sheep have been riled repeatedly, with various fears that only 'More Military Spending' will solve. The US already spends more than the next TEN nations combined BUT, that's not enough for the military/industrial complex that Ike warned about. The Pubs/FOX want more. Dems want jobs, followed by Affordable Health Care.
Part of me wants to scream and enter politics, but the rational part just says 'screw 'em', it's too late and I can't make a difference when SO many get their 'news and views' from the propaganda wing of a party that cares nothing about jobs, unless it involves making more bombs and bullets. They DON'T WANT a good economy, cuz that means less chance of…

Must be Saturday morning,

cuz I feel kinda dirty, after only a few minutes of FOXNews on TV, since the 'real' news I watch has the weekend off. Today, As I slowly woke up, I mistakenly landed on the MBA channel, (Mostly Bullshit-ALWAYS), and heard their X-Spurts discuss 2 events. First was their bitchin' about the cops who were charged' prematurely', a week after they killed someone who shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. Then, they turned their 'X-Spurtise' on the Iran Nuke treaty, basically saying Obama has been 'conned' and we should walk away. They all enthusiastically agreed. That leaves the other two options (negotiation is one of three), of ignoring them, or starting a war.
As our VA hospitals are overflowing with the casualties of their other 'Great Adventures' on the other side of the world, (Viet Nam and Iraq), they wanna continue their failed mission of 'Bombs and Bullets' for every problem, cuz the chickenhawks never saw a battle …

Anyone who has seen the video,

of Freddy Gray being 'escorted' on to the paddy wagon in Baltimore, can tell that his legs don't work, and he is in a LOT of pain. He died 25 minutes later, with a nearly severed spinal cord. We found out today his crime was running (cuz he had been beaten by the cops, before) and the only charge they had on him was possession of a (legal) knife, originally referred to as a switchblade.
The cop(s) who killed him are being charged, in a case that has gotten national publicity, and nearly everyone is saying that seems like a good thing that someone is being held accountable.
EXCEPT for the a**holes at FOXNews, where the headline is 'Baltimore Cops Being Thrown Under The Bus', while pointing out the mayor and prosecutor are black.
Just when I think the jerks at Bullshit Mountain can't possibly get any worse, they always do. Nothing new here as the racist, anti-science shills for the Repub Party give their own, 'special' version of reality, blaming Obama fo…