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The Pubs are hammering the VA,

BUT, the reason they are SO overwhelmed, is cuz the Pubs OVERloaded the system, with victims from Viet Nam and Iraq. VERY simple, if you wanna look at the facts, as the Repubs lied to start economic wars. Nuff said. Is simple.

I found a lift ticket,

on an old coat, many years ago, for an all day, adult lift ticket, to Keystone, that cost $3.50. I swear... I think it was 1972, and now I can't find it, BUT, I mention that as I look for 'ski deals', and there aren't any, until this one. Tix at Copper Mntn, Keystone, Vail, etc, are ALL over $130, BUT, I found a deal from Shell gas stations, where it's 2 for 1, with a ten gallon purchase. At $69/ticket, they're almost giving them away. Check it out.

The Billionaire Buyers Guide,

is a public service announcement, for the billionaires who can't decide which passenger in the Repub Clown Car they want to support, now that the Supreme Court(R) threw out the 'one man, one vote' concept and made it legal 'buy a candidate'. Check it out, here,

Also, check out, The Secret to FOX News Success-

 The Truth About St Ronald

AND, The Iraq War-

I'd heard from some rightwingers,

that they didn't like Pete Carroll, the Seattle coach, but I never knew why. Seems Pete spoke out against the Iraq war invasion, based on LIES, by Big Oil(R), and he believes, like I do, that the 9/11 attacks should be investigated more closely because of Cheney's involvement,with him being in charge of the Air Force that day, (only time EVER,look it up), as he had the F-18's that normally protect that area thousands of miles away, AND, he had a 'simulation' going on that was exactly like what was really happening. It is all well documented in 'Crossing the Rubicon', which spells it all out. BTW The 'plane' that hit the Pentagon, (in an uninhabited area), could have been a missile. One of the first things the govt did, after the attack, was confiscate all the security cameras in the area (Pentagon, gas stations, etc). Look at the hole that 'supposedly' an aircraft (with no wings or engines) left in the wall. Not even close....
Anyway, I gue…

Kind of a shame,

to hear that Mitt isn't running, again. As someone who believes the country can't survive another Repub administration, after the last one started two wars, cut home values and the stock market in half. then had to write $860 BILLION in checks to keep the economy from COMPLETELY imploding, I was hoping Romney would run again, cuz he had no chance of winning. Hopefully, the rightwingnuts of the Pub party will nominate some screwball like Ted Cruz who would also have ZERO chance, but would be fun to watch. I just hope they don't smarten up (ha ha), and nominate a moderate, or even Rand Paul, who could possibly win. Bottom line, our country MIGHT survive another Repub administration, but the results would be catastrophic, and we'd have to endure the scorn of the rest of the world, AGAIN...

Flipping thru the channels,

I accidentally, (really) landed on Hannity for a couple seconds, in time to hear, 'The suspected sex offender, with connections to Bill Clinton, blah blah... 'Will it Affect Hillary's Chances?' No shit. FOX=Anti Dem, ALL the time, and the sheep eat it up. UNbelievble, but SO Bullshit Mountain...

Carol's gone today,

visiting Kari, Laura and Piper, up in 'the canyon', SO, I'm doing something I wouldn't normally be allowed to do, while she's here. Am watching 'The Interview', on Netflix, and SURPRISE, it's really stupid... Wow, that was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Was over 70 degrees Mon and Tues,

and was nice to get in some golf with my buddy Scott (and Dave and Jeremy), at West Woods. Great course and fun times with friends, though my swing kinda sucked. Did manage a birdie on one of the toughest holes, as we tried to find the proper mix between 'not any' and 'too much' beer, as it is kind of a fine line. Bottom line, though, it was a nice harbinger of spring, as we near February, which is short, then it's March and spring has sprung. Has been a really mild winter, though we have great snow in the mountains, as we near our 'ski season' which begins shortly. Am shocked at the price of lift tix, though, as we enter the season of 'ski or golf?'....

Watching CNBC, The Financial Channel,

this morning, I saw that 'Rick the Dick' Santelli had Grover Norquist as his 'special' guest and suspected  it might be full of BS. I was right. The main gist of the story was that the Pubs had to keep Obama under control, cuz of his 'tax and spend' policy, and they claimed they had to keep him from returning to 'his' huge deficit of 2009. WTF? That was the deficit he inherited from their boy. The deficit has been cut EVERY YEAR since then and is now less than half than what the Dems inherited, and dropping. Who believes the crap from people like Santelli and Norquist? Oh yeah, the sheep....

It keeps changing...

The original story from the Denver police dept claimed the cop shot the driver after she fractured his leg, atttacking him with the car. Then we found out it wasn't a broken leg, only a scratch. Now we hear that the officer was struck AFTER he shot the young woman at the wheel, and she lost control of the vehicle. BIG difference. Will be interesting to find out what REALLY happened, and I hope we do.

They're doing it!

The same jerks who have no problem sidestepping the Constitution when THEY feel like it, say that the prez 'overstepped his authority', according the the Constitution, (which is absolutely NOT true, by any stretch of the imagination), and they're gonna SUE him, to appease the Far far rightwingnuts, in a FAR right party (of NO!).
Blowing off states' rights, individual freedoms, and church/state seperation, which are ALL guaranteed by the Constitution, is 'no big deal' to them, BUT, if this prez does the same thing their boy did (several times), THAT'S DIFFERENT!, and they're gonna SUE.
 BTW, this is after they refused to even have a vote (on immigration) in the House, on a bill that passed the Senate and definitely would have passed the House, BUT the Rightwingnuts have Bonehead by the balls. What a bunch of jerks, but, nothing new here.....
PS, They also did another FIRST, sidestepping the exective branch and invited a foreign leader (Netanyahu) to add…

Sheldon Adelson, the rightwing billionaire,

took a page from the Murdoch/Ailes playbook, when he found out he wasn't able to 'buy politicians' in Israel, the way that 'Citizens United', the Repub law allows Big Money to legally buy votes in the US. Israel doesn't allow blatant bribery, like the US, SO, Sheldon created a 'free' newspaper, 'Israel Hayom', that now has the largest circulation in the country, and just like the Murdoch/Ailes' Bullshit Mountain Empire, uses that media outlet to support his rightwing causes. SInce then he's bought two more, cuz controlling the news means controlling the sheep/people. Like FOX, he reports 'some' real news, then infuses all the other sections with his righwing political BS, passed off as 'news' and the readers get 'free crap', with their real news. It worked for the rightwingnuts in America, so why not try it in Israel, where Adelson is buying his way into politics, like the Koch bros have in America? Rightwingnut…

One of the clowns,

in the Pubs 'clown van', crossed from funny, to sad, as Sarah Palin experienced 'teleprompter malfunction', and she had to actually THINK, before she spoke, instead of just reading a prepared text. Wow, we knew she was 'intellectually challenged', like many of the Pub candidates, but this was ridiculous.

This time, Palin's critics include Republicans. What the heck was she talking about, they wondered. What has happened to Palin, they ask?
As if they shouldn't know. Palin, though no longer viable in a national race, may deserve more sympathy than scorn. Her incoherence, though not new, has worsened, and she shows signs of someone desperate for relevance. As to the Iowa speech, though her teleprompter apparently froze, a technological glitch can't be blamed for "This is to forego a conclusion.", and other nonsensical mutterings, that went on and on.

Again, nothing new here, as, "Duh, Sarah's not too bright', BUT, now even the …

As always, the Pubs are on the wrong side,

with a 'right to die with dignity law'. They wanna impose THEIR beliefs, and are fighting Dems who want to give those with terminal diseases the right to decide their own fate, BUT, the Pubs, as always, wanna intrude, like a 'woman's right to choose',  cannabis laws, gay marriage/equality (like it's a choice) and many other social issues. Their official talking point is 'individual freedom', BUT, their actual position is, 'Let our religion make the laws'. Same old crap from the same old jerks. Nothing new here, but I get SO tired of them saying one thing, and doing another, while the sheep just say Baaaa, with their heads firmly implanted.
The Repubs bitch about Muslim countries and their religious laws, while they do the same thing, whenever they get the chance.  Different religion, BUT, it's the 'right'(wing) one, according to the Pubs, and 'God is on our side'. The same Tea Party who preaches 'THE CONSTITUTION!',…

Deciding it was better,

for everyone involved, the Colorado Legislatire passed a bi-partisan bill that granted a limited 'drivers license/ID' to those could prove they were working, had insurance and could pass a test. BUT, when it got to the joint budget committee that funds the DMV offices, the 3 Pubs on the panel decided they didn't like the bill, cuz it helped the 'illegals', SO, these a**holes cut funding to DMV offices in Colorado, which caused several to close, and those that are still open have waiting lines of over 4 hours, for the simplest of renewals. Typical Repub bullshit. And you wonder why I can't stand 'em?

The 'real' news outlets, (not FOX),

reported that the US deficit continued it's decrease, as it has every year since Obama took office, going from over a trillion, that he inherited from Bush, to about $468 billion this year, while all the economic indicators have gone steadily up, including employment numbers. The deficit and economy obviously aren't totally 'fixed', (after they were totally f***ed) by GW(R), BUT, we are on a steady track, while Europe, who went the 'austerity' route, is struggling. Again, as with 'INFLATION!', being screamed by the rightwingers, the Pubs have been proven wrong. Do they admit it? OF course not, they just ignore it. Nothing new here, as the Koch bros plan to spend about $900 million (so far), to buy the next election, as the Pubs' plan to let Big Money control America nears fruition. Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the sheep.
PS. FOX did come out with a deficit headline, today.  'Deficit To Go Up', in their contiued effort to be 'Anti-Oba…

So far, the Koch bros

have committed to spending $887 million, to install likeminded politicians, who vote against the middle class, in favor of multibillionaire, Big Oil rightwingers. And the sheep can't see the problem, after the Pubs passed Citizens United, which KILLED the voice of 'one man, one vote', that the founding fathers put in place. Nothing new here, as the Pubs have put our country 'for sale' to the highest bidder, which happens to be the Koch bros, who convinced the Repub party that the NUMBER ONE priority for the country should be the Keystone pipeline. Sickening, but SO Republican. As always, I can see why the 1% are Repub. It's the little people who vote against their own interests, as they listen to FOXLies, that I can't understand. Yup, the Koch bros have YOUR best interests in mind. UNbelievable.....

Am watching another 'Rick Steves' travel show,

this time about Croatia, and the Serbs and Croats, after their recent wars against each other. The story is the same all over the world. Religious war, like the Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, the Jews and Palestinians, Christians and Muslims all over, etc, etc. Our religion is right, yours is wrong, and we'll kill you to prove it. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old....

In my MANY years on earth,

I've seen some unmitigated liars, BUT, on 60 Minutes tonight, Bonehead and Turtleface took it to new levels, as they did typical Repub 'doublespeak' saying that Obama has helped the 'rich', while hurting the middle class. WTF! Do you think all Americans are as stupid as the FOX sheep? Everyone KNOWS who is sacrificing the middle class for the 1%. They then shucked and jived as they dodged questions about not raising the gasoline tax, when the infrastructure REALLY needs it, while gas prices are WAY low, after the Bush/Cheney 'pump up the price of oil' wars.
AND, Obama has vetoed 2 bills in 6 years, but tonight. these jerks are bitchin' about it, as they have done NOTHING other than say NO!, while the Dems try to fix the Bush/Pub economic mess. Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.

In a nutshell, the HUGE difference

between Pubs and Dems is the fact that Pubs 'forget' what happened after 8 years of Pub rule, and 'make up shit' about what Obama is gonna do to the economy, while Dems remember what Pubs did to us (remember 2008?) and appreciate how Obama/Dems have been able to gradually fix it. It's the difference between reality and fantasy. VERY simple, but beyond the cognizance of the FOX sheep. Nothing new here, BUT, when did ignorance become an accepted point of view?

Enjoyed SNL last night,

even though I'm not a big country music fan, cuz I like Blake Shelton, and some of his songs. Also, there was a good line about the prez and SOTU, which was something like, 'His speech showed what happens when a 'Patriot' comes to play, with fully inflated balls'. And, they had the story of a baker who refused to write 'God Hates Fags' on a cake. 'OK, change it to, I'm running for president', said Rick Santorum'. Good ones...

Was just reading,

(cuz I do a LOT of that), and found the 'average' person has 2 broken bones, in a lifetime. Well, I've always hated the thought of being 'average', and my broken bone total, 15, (plus many sprains, strains and dislocations), kinda confirms my thesis. As I contemplate 'why?' I'm WAY over 'average', it comes down to a couple of reasons. Probably the main reason is that I am (or was) very 'active' in my pursuits, AND, I go (or went) 'fullspeed', which is  good combo for breaking bones.
Full disclosure. I'm also kinda tall, and have further to fall, which COULD have something to do with it, but I think it's mainly my 'full speed ahead' attitude. At least, that's what I'm claiming....

In a typical example of Repub 'doublespeak',

the same clowns who continually claimed the economy is TERRIBLE, and blamed it on Obama (and rallied the troops to vote(R) because of it) are now claiming that the economy is good, BUT, are saying Obama had nothing to do with it. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? You can't have it both ways, idiots, BUT, that lack of logic/rationality has never stopped 'em before, and it's sure not going to now, as the sheep eat it up.

Politico, a right wing outlet,

has an interesting article today, after they have obviously been reading my blog.

GOP clown car runs into ditch By DES MOINES — The Republican Party’s clown car has become a clown van. With nearly two dozen possible presidential candidates, the GOP is having a seriousness deficit. There can’t possibly be that many people who are real candidates. But they can ride in the clown car from event to event, and nobody can stop them. Read more:

I like it. The clown car has become a clown van, as the Pub clowns keep climbing on. Welcome. Always room for one more, (or two more, Donald and Sarah) with the stupid crap they say, to the cheers of the rubes in Bumpkinville.
 PS. You really should 'click on' and read the article, remembering it's written by a Pub(R). Couldn't have done better, myself.

There have been several articles, lately,

about Megyn Kelly, at FOX News, and what makes her so 'different', but they all say basically the same thing. NO, it's not that she's hot looking, cuz there are many 'bimbo beauties' on Bullshit Mountain, along with lots of 'tit'illating pix of sexy stars. That's just part of FOX's appeal to their 'old, white male' demographic. What makes Megyn 'different', is the fact that she, UNlike the rest of the 'talent', might say something UNpredictable. Whether it's Big Bill, Sean, the Judge, or anyone else who attends the 'daily talking point' meetings of Murdoch/Ailes, you always know EXACTLY what the point of view will be from the 'Fair and Balanced', (funniest motto EVER) network, BUT, with Megyn, she may wiggle a little way away from the 'company line', and that's SHOCKING on FOX, and is newsworthy in today's media world. Can you understand why that's so funny? Probably not, if you…

In a great example of 'unintended consequences',

the millions of pesticide treated nets, handed out to the African poor, to prevent malaria from mosquito bites while they sleep, are being taken straight to the nearest lake, river or marsh and used as a net, often with many sewn together, where the tiny holes, small enough to keep out mosquiotos, are killing the entire ecosystem of the food producing waters. Not only do they catch EVERYTHING, but the pesticides that kill the mosquitos drawn to the CO2 of the sleeper, are polluting the water. And there are MILLIONS of these nets out there, with many more millions on the way. Who da thunk of the 'unintended consequence' of devastating the food supply, in an effort to stop malaria?

This morning's Denver Post

Had another good piece by Rick Tosches, who always makes me laugh, while getting out a good message. He starts out with,

Two gay men are walking down the street, holding hands, when a stunning woman strolls by. One of the gentlemen turns his head to gawk, looks her up and down as she passes and says to his partner, "You know, it's times like this I wish I was a lesbian." I was thinking of that joke — told to me by a lesbian — a few weeks back when my toes were digging into the warm white sand of a Florida beach alongside my wife, Doug.
Rick, (whose wife is actually named Susie), then tells how a Denver 'pastor', Ray Chavez, refused to have a funeral for a woman when he found out she was gay, and continues with,
Chavez is the chief money-grabber at a church of some kind in Lakewood. (It's called New Life Ministries, apparently because Our Lady of Ignorance and Hatred wouldn't fit on the sign.) Its website says the so-called church "is a place where…

Watching a Netflix movie,

'Barefoot', and it's not great or terrible, and not over yet, BUT, it reminds me of when I used to drive 'cross country, for a 'disaster', here and there. I'd  always wake up before dawn, and, not having a reason to go back to sleep, would leave, REAL early, and see the sun come up, and get in LOTS of miles that day. About sundown, it was always time to get a room and sleep, and it seemed very natural, and I never had trouble sleeping. Hmmm....

There's always room for one (or two) more

in the clown car, and two of my favorite Bozo's are teasing us, (and the comedy writers), insinuating that they might join in. 'The Donald' Trump, and Sarah (what do you mean South Africa's a COUNTRY?) Palin think they are presidential material, OR, just love the publicity. Either way, it's gonna be fun to watch, as they all try to prove they are the MOST conservative, wooing the rubes in Bumpkinville, then have to change their 'core beliefs' to appeal to a national electorate, in their big floppy shoes and big red noses. PLEASE jump in, Sarah and Donald....LOL....

I've heard of being 'in the zone',

but the Warrior's Klay Thompson was off the chart, when he scored 37 points IN ONE QUARTER, to set an NBA record.
There's hot, there's scorching and there's whatever you want to call Thompson. The sharp-shooting two guard shot a perfect 13-for-13 from the field, 9-for-9 from beyond the arc, and 2-for-2 from the free-throw line during his record-setting period.

As we heard the news

on 'real' news outlets, (obviously not FOX), we found out that the recently deceased Saudi king was a MUCH better friend to GW, than the current admin. Oh Really? If you recall, it was 15 Saudis behind 9/11, and 3 tribal Afg's, BUT, Bush/Cheney attacked Iraq, and SURPRISE!, oil went from $15 to over $140. You think the Saudis made any money, along with Bush/Cheney interests? You have to calculate that number in the tens of BILLIONS, extra, paid by world and US consumers, that went into the pockets of Arabs and Bush/Cheney buddies. Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the sheep, with their heads firmly implanted, where they've gotten strangely comfortable. When in doubt, follow the money.

Good article here,

about Nebr farmers who oppose the Keystone pipeline running through their land.
 Approx one in eight landowners oopose the pipeline, (including my relatives) and they are nearly all card carrying Repubs. The same Pubs who stand for individual rights, and state's rights, (except when it's profitable not to), are just steamrolling them. As we see the pristine Yellowstone River suffer ANOTHER oil spill from the pipeline beneath it, I don't understand the rationale behind taking Candian oil, across American aquifers, to be sold on the world market. The only ones to gain, other than a few temporary workers, are Big Oil and Big Money (Koch bros). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, that's who calls the shots for the Pubs...

I really miss Stephen,

of 'The Colbert Report', and think Jon Stewart, and 'The Daily Show' has gotten weaker, though they do have some good moments, as when he interviewed Mike Huckabee and basically called him an idiot, to his face, for claiming Bubbaville's residents were 'smarter' than Bubblevilles', which, according to Mike, includes both coasts and metro areas across the country. The Huckster obviously can't read facts, which PROVE that Blue States pay for the bubbas in the Red States, no matter what Bullshit Mountain, and Mike, preach to the sheep.
BUT, back to my premise of missing Colbert, and my main point. The new 'Nightly Show' with Larry Willmore, following the 'Daily Show' on the Comedy Channel, is really funny and I hope he can keep it up. Funny, intelligent humor that the sheep probably couldn't understand or appreciate, but I love it.

Hard to believe

what I'm seeing, BUT, the Pubs admitted that climate change is 'real', (duh), reversing longstanding dogma, in a bill that the Senate(R) just passed, although it was part of largescale subterfuge on a related bill. AND, Rick the Dick Santelli(R) admitted on CNBC today, (after YEARS of bullshit from him), that DEflation is more of a world/US problem than INflation, which is a 180 degree turn for the conservative loudmouth. Wow, was that a pig I just saw flying past my window? What next? The sheep admitting sexuality isn't a 'choice'?

I love snowy days,

and this is a good one. Off and on, most of the day and it's still going, into the evening. No wind. I find it easier to relax (not that I usually have a problem) when it's snowing, cuz I don't feel like I SHOULD be up and doing something, outside. Probably a holdover from when I was a union carpenter, and most our snow days were PAID, but we couldn't work. Ah, the early 70's in Denver/Boulder, with fun buddies, hookahs and great sound systems, (when we didn't go skiing), on a snowy day.... Anyway, 'tis a great day to be chillin', after laying on the beach a few days ago. The only decision is, 'what music goes with these fresh, hot sugar crisp cookies?' Life is good, and 'tis a privelege to live in Colorado, cuz it's golf weather in a few days.....

I'd bet my last nickel

that the typical Pub/sheep will read my list in the next blog post, pick out 2 or 3 that can't be proven, then totally disregard all the others that are obvious. Baaaaaa.....

As we listen to the Pubs bitch, today,

let me remind you of some of their other talking points.

1. Obama's economy is gonna wreck us
2. 'Peak oil' production was in 2005, and we're gonna run out soon
3. Obamacare is gonna cause HUGE price increases and shortages
4. We will greeted as liberators in Iraq
5. The Iraq war will be over in a few months, without casualties
6. Climate change is a hoax
7. QE will cause rampant inflation
8. We should embrace austerity like Europe
9. Obama is anti-drilling/oil production
10 You can 'pray away the gay', cuz it's a choice
11 The 'trickle down theory' will help the middle class
12 Racism in America is over
13 Corporations are people, and should be able to legally buy votes
14 Big Oil deserves the 'depreciation allowance'
15 We should attack Iran/Syria/etc, and still be fighting in Iraq/Afg
16 Our defense budget is too small
17 We should be the only developed country in the world without health care
18 Lobbyists should control Washington
19 Loy…

Referring to the underinflated footballs

that helped the Patriots win the game, cuz they are much easier to throw/catch, esp in the rain/cold, there's an old saying in Nascar. 'If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying to win', which is kinda funny, but true. Am not gonna get into the ethical part of the argument, but my question is: Since nearly everyone likes more offense in the NFL, why do they require the balls to be 'overinflated', above the optimal pressure? Huh?

Saw Mike Hickabee on the Daily Show,

and got a good laugh as he was pushing his new book, something about God, guns and gravy, (and he looked like he'd been hitting the gravy, HARD), whose main premise is that his rural people in 'Bubbaville' are smarter and superior to 'educated' (which is WAY different from intelligent, according to him) people in urban 'Bubbleville'. His story to 'prove' it was: If your car is broken down on a country road at night, who would you rather see come down the road? A Harvard type, or a couple Bubbas with a tool box? Let me respond...
1. I don't think my Acura would break down, and if it did, a couple hillbillies couldn't fix it.
2. A more real situation would be a software problem that would screw up my internet, stop communication and disrupt my life, and the two Bubba's wouldn' have a clue, cuz the clock on their VCR, above the old RCA TV, is blinking 12:00, but the Harvard type could probably fix it my problem.

That's the real wor…

And you wonder why

I have a problem with the 'anti-science' Pubs who freely ignore facts, after 14 of highest recorded temps on earth have been within the last 15 years?

Inhofe reacted to the news of 2014's record heat by calling the reported increase tiny and meaningless. But his long-held position is not that climate change is overblown or misinterpreted or poorly understood, but that it is actually a "hoax" and a "conspiracy." He wrote a book taking this stance. At times, he has claimed that global warming, if it were indeed taking place, would be a good thing. And he has scoffed at the notion that humans could ever have such a massive impact on God's immense creation.

This is the 'jenius' the Repub brain trust put in charge of our country's climate policy. How do you even begin to reason with people like this? A hero of the Pub party, in charge of official policy for the nation. Unf-ingbelievable, but SO Republican. Read the entire article, below, and…

When they're not bitching about the bad economy,

(or trying to take credit for the 'uptick'), the Pubs throw out a bunch of glittering generalities, as per, 'we will create jobs, lower health care costs, lower taxes, balance the budget', blah blah blah, BUT, they never do ANY of that, or even try. The 'party of no' just bitches and says what the sheep wanna hear, while actually doing NOTHING. Their idea of job creation is a pipeline, bringing extremely dirty Canadian oil over the largest fresh water aquifer in the country, creating 35 permanent and some temp jobs in the middle of nowhere for a few months, while enriching the Koch Bros and Big Oil. Nothing new here, but the sheep eat it up.

The day after SOTU

We hear the Pub talking point, that they are all repeating in one form or another. They say the prez' speech just rehashed the same FAILED policies of the last six years. What planet are these clowns living on? By any measure we have made HUGE progress in fixing the mess they gave us, worst since the Great Depression, and these jerks just keep their heads firmly implanted, saying the same crap, that the sheep believe, cuz they hear it so much. It's taken many years, but we are back, and beyond, from the smoldering ruins left by their boy George, BUT, they refuse to recognize it. Sorta like climate change. Just repeat the same lies, and the weak-minded sheep ignore facts and follow the Repub line. Why do they do it? Cuz it works.... In the words of their guru, Roger Ailes, 'The truth is whatever the people will believe'.

Best line of the night, SOTU,

was when the prez said, 'I have no more campaigns to run', and the dickheads applauded. He came back with, 'Because I won both of them'. PERFECT!

One of the MAIN difs

between Pubs and Dems is education, where the Dems wanna educate qualified students, like the rest of the world, with 2 years of college, but the Pubs wanna push them into a world of debt if they want an education. Keep em stupid and Republican is their mantra, and if we need economic stimulus, just start another war. Could it be more obvious?

As I watch the prez

tout all the positive changes in the American economy, after the Pubs wrecked it, and I see the sour faces of 'The Party of NO', I am reminded of the differences in the two parties. One is for the middle class and the other is for the 1% (who fought Soc Sec and Medicare). It's that simple. 'Nuff said. Why can't the sheep see it? Oh yeah, they believe FOX.....

Before I watch, the SOTU

I wanna address the Pubs issue that 'We won', the election, which is obviously true, but why/how? They got out the vote, mostly old people, (who listen to and believe FOX), and the MAIN reason they voted Pub, (shown by ALL the post election polls) was because 'the economy is SO bad'. That view is just plain wrong, as proven by all facts and figures, BUT the lies were created, magnified and catapulted (great GW word) by FOX, and the sheep believed it. Nothing new here, but sad, just the same. Gotta go now, and listen.

Just realized

that tonight is the State of the Union address, and no matter what the prez says, the Pubs are gonna bitch, as the economy that THEY wrecked is on a steady climb back, with no help from the jerks who ruined it. No wars going on. Home values back. Markets at all time highs. An economy that's the envy of the world. Low gas/energy prices. Low interest rates. Most months EVER with employment gains. BUT, the Pubs are bitchin'. Nothing new here, from the sheep with their heads 'firmly implanted', as they believe the crap from FOX, who claims Obama has 'wrecked the country'. Who believes their crap? Oh yeah. The sheep.

Just saw 'American Sniper'

cuz I wanted to have an educated opinion of the movie that's been getting so much attention lately, and I feel like I've been assaulted. Not up to writing about it yet, as I have to collect my thoughts, BUT, there is NO doubt that Chris Kyle was a hero, though I can't imagine the mindset of those soldiers who killed Iraqis to avenge 9-11, and left their wives and young children alone, to do so. Eastwood's movie made the war and suffering all too real, and made me think of all the lives ruined there, and in Viet Nam, based on lies, after I was SO sure it could NEVER happen again. Then we got Bush/Cheney, the Big Oil Boys. If only someone could have been in the right position with a 50 cal sniper rifle....

When I was a kid,

around jr high age, I thought Bill Cosby was really funny, and enjoyed his comedy albums, with gems like "According to our new navigator, our sub will be surfacing somewhere between Chicago and Omaha', etc. BUT, the last few times I've seen him, I have to agree with Jimmy Kimmel. He's just not funny. That being said, even if he was funny, I can't imagine ANYONE supporting him, by buying a ticket to his show, after SO MANY women have come forward with rape allegations. One or two could be put down to publicity or money seekers, BUT, that many women wouldn't lie about something so serious. Was sad to see the geriatric, FOX-type crowd that supported him in Denver. What's wrong with those people?

We Americans, already know

that FOXNews lies, all the time, and have come to expect it, BUT, it's still a shock to Europeans that a 'news' agency, can just 'make it up', as they shovel the swill to the sheep. Canada realizes the problem and has outlawed the network, cuz, unlike the US, it's illegal to broadcast lies. The city of Paris is one of the latest victims of FOXCrap, and is planning to sue, for the lies that FOX reported, MANY times in the last week, that parts of Paris, and other European cities had 'no go zones' where police allowed Sharia law. As I said, those of us who keep an eye on the propaganda network can't be shocked anymore, especially when FOX disparages the Frogs, BUT, apparently, the blatant level of lying is new to the French, and they're taking Bullshit Mountain to court. Should be fun to watch.

Good article this morning in The Post,

that I totally agreed with, about millenials not voting. Some interesting facts were included:

As we know, the conservative electoral gains were a gift from older voters, who turned out in relatively high numbers.
Many of these folks spend their leisure hours marinating in the glow of Fox News Channel, where they are told what exemplary Americans they are and how younger people without jobs or savings are basically bums. The median age of the Fox News viewer is almost 69. For Bill O'Reilly's show, it is 72.

The fact that the FOXCrap audience is OLD, and not gonna be around much longer, gives me some hope for the future of our country, when I see how much of that generation is gullible, like my parents, thinking that 'if the govt, or the TV news says it, it must be true'. What a joke, BUT, it's the reason that the Murdoch/Ailes, Repub/propaganda network has had such a HUGE impact on American politics, as they just 'make it up', and the naive, old couch pota…

Had a nice break,

as we spent a week on the beach with friends, at a five-star resort in Mexico, with a couple rounds of golf, a drink or two and some great meals. Got a good look at how the other half lives, with 'the elderly, and their parents'. Actually, we had a fun time and it went WAY too fast, which is the sign of a good vacation, but we kinda missed the white sand and turquoise/clear water of the Riviera Maya, and we're trying to decide if we can make it back to 'the playa', since we have a good base tan and there's still a lot of winter left, BUT, it's been in the 60's lately and maybe it's time to ski, instead. Maybe both? Not many years left, to travel, and that's the most consistent advice we got from the folks. 'Travel while you can' is what they always said. Anyway, really appreciated the kindness and generosity of our Nebr friends who shared their beautiful 'digs' at the Grand Luxxe, in Nuevo Vallarta. Thank you VERY much.

2 1/2 years after the Aurora theatre shooting,

with millions of dollars already spent, the lawyers are finally getting around to picking a jury, (from 9000 interviews they say they need), and after many more months, clogging the legal system, the trial may FINALLY start, and all the survivors, and the families of the victims, have to relive the OBVIOUS insanity of the shooter, for many months. THEN the debate over the death penalty begins, while the lawyers rake in millions more, BUT, even IF he's found sane, guilty and deserving of death, it would still take decades, with many appeals and the execution will probably never happen, BUT, the 'legal leaches', who make the rules, are now using those same rules to rape the taxpayers and line their pockets. And you wonder why I can't stand 'em?

In ANOTHER example,

of how FOX just 'makes it up', the FOXCrap headline says, 'Michael Moore Says Snipers Are Cowards', (referring to the film, 'The Sniper', BUT, the truth (which doesn't matter to FOX or the sheep) is that he said. In WWII my uncle was killed by a sniper, shot in the back. We were taught snipers are cowards. One more example of FOXCrap, shoveled to the sheep, as they swallow the swill. Nothing new here....

Will it matter, to the sheep? Of course not.

It’s now official: 2014 was the warmest year on record. You might expect this to be a politically important milestone. After all, climate change deniers have long used the blip of 1998 — an unusually hot year, mainly due to an upwelling of warm water in the Pacific — to claim that the planet has stopped warming. This claim involves a complete misunderstanding of how one goes about identifying underlying trends. (Hint: Don’t cherry-pick your observations.) But now even that bogus argument has collapsed. So will the deniers now concede that climate change is real? Of course not. Evidence doesn’t matter for the “debate” over climate policy, where I put scare quotes around “debate” because, given the obvious irrelevance of logic and evidence, it’s not really a debate in any normal sense. And this situation is by no means unique. Indeed, at this point it’s hard to think of a major policy dispute where facts actually do matter; it’s unshakable dogma, across the board. And the real question…

What? FOX just 'makes it up?'

Fox News issued an unusual on-air apology on Saturday night for reporting the false claim that there are Muslim-only “no-go zones” in European countries like England and France that are not under the control of the state and are ruled according to Shariah law.
The broader apology on Saturday, read by Ms. Banderas, came after a week of pressure from a French television host, Yann Barth├Ęs, whose comedic news program “Le Petit Journal,” found example after example of the claim being made again and again by anchors and guests on other Fox News programs.

Wow, I'm shocked! Not that they 'make shit up', BUT, that they admitted it, on air. They get away with a LOT, as the sheep aren't all that discerning, when it comes to 'facts', but when you go that far 'over the line', even the sheep may be concerned. Nah..... Just kidding. It was the non-sheep who called them on it, and the sheep couldn't care less.

There's always room for one more,

as the Pubs pile into their 'clown car', and now one of the biggest Bozo's ever is considering climbing aboard.
South Carolina's Graham Considers Presidential Run

Please, Lindsay, jump in and share your 'wisdom' with the American people and reinforce what the Repubs believe and stand for. The comedy show writers' prayers are being answered, one by one....

I can't think

of another dickhead, that I like SO much, as Ted Cruz, while he bitches about the other Pubs, not being 'Conservative enough', as he speaks to the FAR, far right wing, of a far right wing party. Keep it up Ted, I luv ya, and can't wait to hear more of your 'wisdom'. From a state where it's hard to choose 'the most idiotic' idiot, he's one of the main contenders. You go, guy....

The FOXCrap headline says,

'Robert Redford Says Republicans Living In The 1950's'.
The actual quote....

Somebody has got to start looking at the bigger picture here and telling what the real truth is, so you don’t have people like Mitch McConnell giving you truth that is falsified,” Redford said in an interview. “He represents the polluters’ interest because he is living in the 1950s.

Nothing new here as FOX just, 'makes it up', and the sheep swallow it. (Not saying I don't believe the FOXCrap headline.)

The 'Socialist' prez,

is asking for some of the $$$ that normally goes to 'defense' contractors, oil depletion allowance and many others at the public trough, to give 2 years of higher education to deserving students, just like our competitors in Europe, China and the rest of the 'educated world', do. But, the Pubs aren't on board with it, as usual, cuz it takes money from the 1%, and helps the 'rapidly disappearing' middle class, PLUS, educated voters vote Dem. Nothing new here, but it's nice to keep score....
"The G.O.P. said Obamanomics would kill the economy. It didn't. Now what?" JAMES PETHOKOUKIS, a conservative economist, on how Republicans will finesse the recent spate of positive economic reports.

Answer: They'll just keep lying and spinning the facts and the sheep will never notice how consistently wrong they have been.

With Mitt jumping in,the 'Clown Car' now has a driver,

and it's already REALLY crowded, BUT the Pubs have a way of making it very interesting, as they fall over each other, trying to be the MOST Conservative, while they reach out to the rubes in Bumpkinville, and, moving through the hinterlands, the clowns jump in and out, as they take turns inserting their feet, deep in their mouths, which is difficult, with their heads deep in their asses, BUT, they do it, with consistent humor. We can only hope for more Hermann Caine and 'The Donald' putting their wisdom out there, to share, as they take turns in the lead. Who knows what new characters we get this year, as they fight for 'the blessing', from Rupert and FOXNews? What a joke, that I am REALLY looking forward to. Oh well, it'll be here, soon enough, but now they're busy taking credit for the same 'Obama Economy' they were bitchin' about last month, Never a dull moment in the clown car...

For those who don't realize it,

there are alternatives to a cold winter, with freezing temperatures,,,

In 'real news',

unlike the FOX version where Obama didn't track the two killers in Paris, we learn that they were originally 'pissed off'', when the Bushie Iraq war, based on lies, to (successfully) pump up the price of oil, killed thousands of Muslims, is the reason the religious fanatics (who da thunk?) killed cartoonists in France. SO, maybe it wasn't Obama to blame? Maybe Bush, who started the war, based on lies? What, FOX lied and religious fanatics freaked out? Who da thunk????

It didn't take 'em long,

at Bullshit Mountain, to connect/blame Obama for the killings in France, where part of their coverage of the killings includes the headline, 'Obama's Softness on Radical Islam Emboldens Terrorists'. I don't read past the swill of their headlines, BUT, I'm sure that the answer, for the sheep, is a resounding YES, it's Obama's fault, just like it's a resounding NO, when asking if he can take any credit for the strong American economy. Same old shit from FOXCrap News, where they are, if nothing else, consistent with their unending propaganda, and they also have the 'hopeful headline', 'Can The Billionaire Sex Scandal End Hillary's Presidential Hopes'. FOXNews, where NOTHING is too LOW for them, as they have to look UP to see whale shit...

Just a reminder,

to the idiots(R) out there, who screamed for years about the measures (QE) the Fed took to 'fix' the American economy after the Bush Admin(R) totally wrecked it. Remember the $860 BILLION in checks to keep us from total implosion? Most people have no clue how much that actually is. For years the pubs said we should go the way of Europe, with 'austerity' OR we'd have HUGE inflation. You must have heard it, cuz they said it EVERY DAY for about 7 years. Well, now Europe is suffering, the Euro is tanking against the dollar, idiots like 'Rick the Dick' Santelli have FINALLY shut up about runaway inflation, and the Pubs are claiming the economy is 'on the mend', BUT, in reality they are now in postion to 'wreck it all', AGAIN.
I know I spend way too much time watching financial and economic news, BUT, it's amazing what is being fed to the 'low information' sheep, who don't have a clue, and are the supporters/recipients of the Repub…

File it under, "Just how stupid are these people?'

After over 6 years of Dems steadily fixing the economy that the Pubs broke, (worse than anything since the Great Depression), while the Pubs have done NOTHING to help, and telling the sheep how TERRIBLE the economy is, their "head of Propaganda', is now saying that things are better, because of the Pubs.

WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is touting the accomplishments of the new GOP-controlled Congress even before its members have gotten the chance to hammer out any legislation.
In a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday morning, the newly elected majority leader suggested that the growing signs of an economic recovery -- 5 percent GDP growth, 320,000 additional jobs in November, all-time highs in the markets on Wall Street and plunging gas prices, to name a few -- just might have something to do with the election of a Republican Congress.
"After so many years of sluggish growth, we're finally seeing some economic data that can provide a gli…

If there's any doubt,

who the Pubs support, their first and most important priority is to pass a bill (Keystone Pipeline), that creates 35  permanent jobs, while it's a bonanza for the Koch Bros, who own the pipeline and profit from all the temporary construction jobs, as (the dirtiest ever) Canadian oil is transported across US freshwater acquifers, and sold on the world market, so Big Oil can make even more money. Same old shit from Repub lawmakers, who are controlled by Big Money, for the profit of Big Money. Nothing new here, in Pub world...

It's that time of year again,

when I think about Mexican beaches. Nothing like surf and sand, to help us 'get through the winter'. I know we're spoiled, but that's OK....

Wow, I'm shocked,

that the NFL and the officials say the Detroit Lions got screwed in their playoff game in Dallas, as Jerry Jones' team moved on in the playoffs. They say there should have been THREE separate penalties on that 'controversial' play. Holding, pass interference, AND a penalty on the Dallas player who came from the bench, with no helmet and yelled at the officials, BUT, the flag was 'mysteriously' picked up, the Cowboys got the ball and went on to score the winning touchdown. Actually, I'm NOT shocked, knowing the HUGE amount of $ involved, and how things are 'handled' in Texas(R).

If you ever wondered

just what the Pubs are really like, consider how they refuse to raise the gasoline tax, which hasn't been changed in DECADES, although we desperately need the money for highway and bridge repair/ maintenance. Even though no one would notice the extra few pennies, as gas prices plunge, the Repub lemmings are scared to do their job, cuz they are afraid of the rightwingnuts, incl Grover Norquist and the Tea Party, who want to kill the gov't, AT THE SAME TIME, they drive on the roads, and bitch about the poor condition. What a bunch of idiots(R), in case you can't recognize them when you see them. You've heard of 'The Silence of the Lambs', and this is a perfect example of 'The Ignorance of the Sheep', which is SO obvious, to those of us who don't live with our heads permanently inserted in their colon, with FOXNews permeating the intestinal walls..

Tonight on CNBC

Harry Smith does a special on legal marijuana in Colorado. 'Colorado, Marijuana Country' explores the Brave New World, as voters decided NOT to incarerate adults for enjoying a 'God-given plant', UNlike repub states that will send you to jail unless you can afford a lawyer who can 'get you off', in the Big Money legal system that works so well for the upper class. Total bullshit, but that's the way it is, in 'Pub World', where the 'little people' go to jail, and those with money, walk free. Same old shit, as your income decides your fate, and your choice of vices (alcohol vs pot) is a political liability, IF, you happen to live outside Colorado. And you wonder why the Colorado economy is BOOMING, as people move here, to escape the Repub mentality of 'Reefer Madness', that pays the bloodsucking leeches of society, (lawyers), to protect basic freedom? Nothing new here, as 'The Golden Rule' rules. He who has the gold, makes the …

There aren't many times

when you can see a robbery, LIVE, on national TV, BUT, we saw it tonight, as the Cowboys, playing at home, got an OBVIOUS pass interference call, 'picked up', and nullified, by an autonomous official, (who WILL have a large cash infusion from Jerry Jones) as the Detroit Lions go home, while the Texas hoodlums 'move on' in the playoffs, cuz of a TERRIBLE call, that changed the game. Just like when the Bushies made US policy, so their buddies could reap the profits. Why do I let this bother me???? Justice is a concept that doesn't do well in Texas, where Big Money rules, and makes the rules. Sickening, but SO Texan(R)...

Saw 'Into the Wood's today

with Ted and Kari. It wasn't all bad, with good songs, costumes, sets and a bunch of really pretty people, BUT, it was WAY too long. With proper editing, (about 40 minutes cut out), it would have been better, and I could have stayed awake, maybe. Bottom line, not terrible, but could have been much better....

Is too early to say,

how the game is gonna turn out, BUT, after the first quarter, it's fun to watch the Dallas Cowboys get their asses kicked, by the Detroit Lions. It reminds me of Texas politics, as Rick Perry says how great his business skills are, while the Texas clowns sit on billions of barrels of (overpriced) oil, like the Saudis, who are also, GREAT businessmen, (like the Bush's). What a joke, as the Pubs don't know the difference, between dumbass luck (being born on pools of underground oil) and smart business. Same old shit from the double digit IQ crowd, who don't have a clue.
PS. The Cowboys were the recipients of one of the worst calls in the history of the NFL, as an OBVIOUS pass interference call against them was mysteriously 'picked up', with no explanation, and they went on to score the winning TD a couple plays later. The call was bad enough to make national news this morning, as they 'replayed the robbery' several times, in case you missed it. I'm su…

The Denver Post, this morning

had a cartoon showing the SAME thing that I said in my blog, earlier in the week.
Yup, according to exit polling in the 2014 election most of the electorate voted AGAINST Obama/Dems, to send a message, and that message was, 'The economy is terrible', cuz FOX had convinced the 'low information' voters, with their continual barrage of lies and propaganda. NOW, the story from Bullshit Mountain is 'the economy is great', cuz of the Pubs. The funniest part? The sheep swallow BOTH parts of the message, cuz they 'don't have a clue'....

Was gonna do another 'FOXLies' thing,

and then I realized,

'FOX fans are famous, for not giving a fuck about facts, in their phony, fantasy world, as long as their fears and phobias are reinforced, by the fiction, falsehoods and fabrications from FOX.'

I've pointed out lies and propaganda, from the Murdoch/Ailes bullshit machine, for MANY years, but 'who cares?' Not the sheep... And the 'triple digit IQ crowd' already knows it, SO, who cares? Basically, NOBODY, cuz we all decided, long ago, who to believe, and the sheep OBVIOUSLY don't care about facts.
SO, never mind, BUT, that was some pretty good alliteration...

The FOX headline reads

'DISH Blocks FOX News', and like most of the crap on FOX, there is a small bit of 'truthiness' behind the lie. DISH refused to pay the large price increase that FOX was asking for, SO, while they were negotiating, FOX pulled their 'propaganda stream' to DISH. Good news for DISH susbscribers, and another example of how FOX reports 'facts', that are inconvenient for them. Nothing new here, but a good reminder of what FOX is all about. A small kernel of truth, surrounded by a large layer of FOXCrap.

The sheep are SO proud,

as Bullshit Mountain leads the cable audience, with approx 1 out of 150 Americans listening to their crap, (1.8 mil out of 320 mil) as the 'birds of a feather' flock together, while 'non double digit IQ's' watch MANY different news agencies, and get real news. Every year the sheep scream, 'We're number one!', as they're the only ones who don't require 'facts' with their 'news?'. Nothing new here, but funny/sad, just the same, as the Murdoch/Ailes investment pays HUGE dividends for the Pubs, who broadcast propaganda to the 'low information' sheep.
PS. What's funny, is that I get counted as a 'listener', cuz I tune in, just to say 'OH MY GOD!, do people really believe this crap'?

As we watch the Alabama, Ohio St game,

to see who's gonna play in the college nat'l championship, Carol asked why I am so anti O-St, and I remember how I hated Woody Hayes, O-St coach, who made his players practice in the summer heat, without water, cuz he wanted to see who was tough. THEN, in the 2004 election, Ohio gave Bush the election, when it could have gone either way, SO, for obvious reasons, I just wanna see em get beat. Makes sense to me...