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I was ahead of the curve.

on this one. For the last few days I have called for the firing of Denver Bronco's coach, Mike Shanahan, for obvious reasons. I've heard from everyone, 'No way'. WAY. He's gone. He's a 'has-been', and has been for years. Good decision....

Reprint from newspaper column


You don’t hear much from him anymore. The last image most of us remember is of the president ducking a pair of size 10s that were hurled at him in Baghdad.
We’re still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel is thrashing the Palestinians in Gaza. And the U.S. economy is about as vibrant as the 0-16 Detroit Lions.
But hardly a peep have we heard from George, the 43rd.
When Mr. Bush officially takes his leave in three weeks (in reality, he checked out long ago), most Americans will be content to sigh good riddance. I disagree. I don’t think he should be allowed to slip quietly out of town. There should be a great hue and cry — a loud, collective angry howl, demonstrations with signs and bullhorns and fiery speeches — over the damage he’s done to this country.
This is the man who gave us the war in Iraq and Guantánamo and torture and rendition; who turned the Clinton economy and the budget surplus into fool’s gold; who dithered while New Orleans drowned; …

Finally, W had a program that worked

He trashed our economy SO BAD, that the Mexicans no longer want to come here. Think about it.... ONE THING he did worked. You da man, George....

37 years ago,

on this day, I married the love of my life. Things haven't always been perfect, but better than I ever deserved. Thank you dear, for just being you, and for putting up with me, all these years. Love you forever, and ever...

Fantastic Christmas

Don't know where to start, but we had a memorable Christmas (eve), with all the kids coming over and spending the night. I was up 'til 3:00, but they didn't hit the hay 'til 5:30. Laura did quit the party early, but she had good reason. WE ARE GONNA BE GRANDPARENTS! Have known for awhile, but agreed not to say anything 'til Christmas. This is such good/fun news, 'cause we have been wating/wanting this part of our lives for quite awhile. Next year it's not only dogs and cats, (is so funny as Bailey scares the dogs, then Bella kicks Bailey's butt) but also a baby to play with and spoil. I am SO excited for the kids as they enter this new phase of their lives. They are gonna be such good parents, and that is gonna be one smart/lucky/cute kid. We cut back on gifts this year, but I was still spoiled rotten. Nate started it off with a gift basket of his homemade beer and wine, along with homemade jellies the kids are famous for. I also got some oil painting s…

A challenge

Name anyone, in the history of the world, who has taken such an ideal situation, as Bush had when he took (stole) the presidency in 2000, and totally trashed an entire country, and way of life, as that crook has done. First, a war based on lies, then taking all the available cash, with $4/gal gasoline, then making off with the equity in American homes, as his buddies in the banking industry changed all the rules, then, giving them over a trillion dollars in bailouts, as the average home tanked in value, and the country heads to the worst recession/depression of our lifetime. Thanks, George. Please, give me a name, 'cause I can't think of one...

Stumbled upon a plum

as Brit Hume, a major FOX mouthpiece, was announcing his retirement. As part of his 'good-bye ceremony' they had Bush and Cheney give personal tributes to him. PERFECT! The biggest crook and most evil person in modern politics LOVE what you have been doing. PERFECT! Case closed....

The sleazebags at FOX

are falling over themselves, trying to find something suspicious in the report from the Justice Dept concerning Blagojevich and the Obama team. They've been reporting for the last week, that there is obviously something illegal going on with the Senate seat appointment and the president-elect. Seems they were wrong, as usual, but now they are trying to dredge something up, where there is obviously no wrong-doing. That doesn't stop the FOX crew. Just make up some crap, and keep repeating it. Your audience expects it, and LOVES to hear it. Sleazebags....

I finally figured out,

the main difference, between Libs and Cons, or whatever you wanna call them/us. A cons looks at what is and says, 'We gotta support this, because it is the patriotic thing to do, and I love my country." A Lib looks at the same thing and says, 'because I love my country SO much. I can't stand to see it twisted this way, because it could/should be so much better'. REALLY! That's the difference, in a nutshell...

Normally I wouldn't

plug a TV show, but this one is special. After hearing about 'Dexter', from Ted and Kari, who had it recommended by Jen and Jess, we started watching the first 2 seasons from discs Ted made for us. At first I was a bit upset by the subject matter, but also intrigued by the overall feel and look of the show. Without the recommendations, we wouldn't have gotten past the first few shows, BUT, we did, and now, as we near the last of season 2, (it is currently in season 3, on Showtime) we are thoroughly hooked, and are rationing the last few episodes. Nothing like it, that I have ever seen, as far as the characters, writing, and cinematography. Not for the sqeamish, but totally absorbing, after awhile. You gotta start from the beginning, AND, it's not for everyone, but if you want to get involved with a TV series, for these long winter nights, check out 'Dexter'. Just don't judge it too harshly, too soon. It'll grow on ya'.

This is complicated,

BUT, of all Bush's torpedoes, including the Iraq War, and letting his buddies set the price of oil, there was nothing that did more damage to our future, than the appointment of Chris Cox, and a couple of other members of the SEC, (Securities Exchange Commission), that changed a MAJOR rule on Wall St, to enrich a few, and raid the 401K's of all the rest of us. Not to oversimplify it, but it is pretty simple. After the crash of the stock market in the 20's, a law, called the 'uptick rule' was put into place, to protect the small investor. In a nutshell, it said, 'You can only short a stock, as it is moving up, for obvious reasons. If you pound a stock, on the way down, it is gonna exacerbate the situation, and cause a crash. That rule was good for about 90 years, until the Bushies took over. They changed the rules. You can now pound a stock, on the way down, including NAKED shorting, where you can SELL a stock, when you don't even own it. Sounds impossible…

I caught a little bit

of Ann Coulter, the most dangerous, obnoxious b____ in the media, on FOX last night. Not much, mind you, 'cause it literally hurts to watch someone SO vile on TV. In a few minutes time, she kept referring to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, repeatedly, then claimed he was goiing to take his oath of office on the Koran, 'because that's what Muslim's do', as she pushed her new book, another assault on liberals. Sean Hannity giggled and egged her on. FOX at it's best...

I really love watching

the Nuggets lately. Fantastic talent and winning about every game, since we got Chauncey ( I know that's not him in the pic). BUT, tonight they are in Dallas, and the officials SUCK! They are stealing the game. Calling fouls that aren't there and not calling one's that are. I love the NBA, but in no other sport can the officials steal it, like the zebras do, especially in Dallas. Denver may still win, but it's not gonna be easy. Just don't be so OBVIOUS, you crooked refs...
Even with the crooks in black and white, Dallas lost when they scored only two points in seven minutes in the fourth quarter, so it turned out OK, but I just don't understand how the officials can get away with being SO biased at times. It's ruining the game.

Obama introduced his Energy chief,

a Nobel prize winning scientist, who is known as a great administrator. After a couple of good questions from the press corp, the third guy asked about the gov from Illinois who is under indictment, and Obama replied the Justice Dept has asked him not to answer any questions on the matter at this time. Fine. Fast forward to FOX, immediately following the press conference. Their FIRST comment, on the entire interview was, "Obama is still ducking the Blagojevich issue. He must have something to hide. Remember this is Chicago, where 4 out 2 people voted for Obama" The bastards are shameless, irresponsible, and TOTALLY consistent. Sleazeballs, forever, but what else is new. One person IS happy with Blago, though. Daisy Mae Mooseburger, the trailer park Barbie, called and thanked him, for replacing her, as the most embarassing governor in the country.

Slight miscalculation

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld said we'd be greeted with flowers, not Florscheim's. At least they finally found MWD's. Mass weapons of degradation. Shoes! The ultimate tool of humiliation in that world. Bush looked into the reporter's eyes, and 'saw his sole', coming straight at his head! Twice!

W, finally showed some good moves,

as an Iraqi reporter who had lost family members to Bush's 'oops, bad information' war, threw his shoes, the ultimate insult in that part of the world, and Georgie boy ducked out of the way. If only it was so easy to 'duck out' of what he has done to us, and the world. Too bad, W, you're stuck w/your legacy. Worst ever, in SO MANY ways. WOW, who coulda seen this comin'? Anyone but a total idiot, that's who. But that doesn't disqualify alot of you...


The federal government is refusing to identify the recipients of $2 trillion in emergency loans, and media groups have filed suit under the Freedom of Information Act to force the government to disclose how it's spending money under the biggest intervention in the economy since the Great Depression.

The Bushies, the worst crooks in the history of our country, are doing one HUGE final raid on the Treasury. Two Trillion dollars the lame duck administration has handed out, and they won't say who got it. FOX ignores this, as they run 6 year old footage of Blagojevich and Obama together, insinuating the worst. UNBELIEVABLE, until you consider who/what Bush and FOX are actually all about.

Instead of watching commercials,

sometimes I'll switch over to FOX to see what's going on there. Part of the reason is that they have a pretty slick news department, good looking female reporters, and interesting stories. The main reason, though, is to see how they ALWAYS put their slant on the news. Their company-wide memoranda, the last couple of days, HAD to be, 'smear Obama with the Blagojevich story', and, my oh my, have they jumped on that with enthusiasm. Even though the Feds said he was not involved at all. and one of Blag's quotes stated, all the Obama people would give me was 'appreciation', every one of the talking heads at FOX is relentlessly showing pics of the two of them at the same event, talking, etc. and continually bringing up 'typical Chicago politics, of which Obama is a part'. IF, there's a connection, which I doubt, THEN report it. But that's not the FOX way. Sleaze and slander and implication. What a bunch of sleazeballs....

Found out today

that I have 'alot' of gallstones, but none of the ducts are blocked, so that is good. Dr said I could probably get by with a low fat diet, which is a good idea, anyway, and if I wanted to avoid trouble in the future, I should have my gall bladder removed, BUT, there was no big hurry. He recommended lining up a surgeon and anesthesiologist, which I have done, and get their prices in writing. He was as shocked as I was at the prices of the hospital rooms, for out-patient surgery, cash up front, and pointed me toward day-surgery possibilities. All in all, a good day. Stomach is bettter ever day, as it looks like the stone, or whatever it was, passed, this time. Am gonna get all my ducks in a row, in case I need a quick gall bladder removal, (or anything else) and it's been a great education. The ultra-sound this morning was for my entire abdominal area, and for $146 cash, final price, they checked out all my major arteries and veins, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, etc…

I tried to ignore

my stomach problem, and have a dinner with my kids on Sat night. Had some REALLY good Chineses food and felt OK for awhile, but it didn't last long. Finally got to sleep and today am trying to eat kinda normally, but lightly, during the day, then a very light dinner, early, and see if that works. Just have to retrain my stomach, I guess.

As of today,

not dead yet, but not better either. Am leaning toward the latter, though. Two Dr's appts on Monday, so maybe I'll know more then.

Maybe some good news

Yesterday, Dr Leistikow said I have a gallstone, and sent me to get an ultrasound, then to plan on having my gall bladder removed today. Well, I called around and was quoted $940, $720 and then, $196, at the last place, if I paid cash, BUT they couldn't get to me 'til this morning. Problem is, I had a pretrial hearing for the traffic ticket I am pleading 'not guilty' to, and it was too late to get out of it. So, I went to court, and 'voila', I am feeling better for the first time in about a week. Still am going thru with the trial, BUT, the fact that I had it going on probably saved me from rushing into surgery. I have been massaging my gall bladder area, tring to move a probable blockage from a stone, and as I have been doing it, it has hurt less and today, the pain is nearly gone, which makes me think it may have passed. 'Tis a good weight-loss method, (not being able to eat), as I lost 12 lbs this week, but I'm not reommending it. Just saying, again,…

I can't remember,

the last time I've felt this bad for this long. It may be a gallstone. Hopefully, the Dr can tell me what's wrong, AND fix me up, this Weds. 'Twas the soonest I could get in. Even better, maybe I can be over it by then. All I know, is, that the only time I feel OK is when I'm laying down. Sorry to complain, but this is getting old...

After watching the amazing Nat'l Security Team

put together by Obama, I was interested to see how FOX would react to this diverse group of well qualified individuals, including the hard core Marine, Jones, and Bush's Robert Gates. The low life scum at FOX reacted just like I thought they would. They went totally negative, bringing up campaign rhetoric between Obama and Clinton during the heat of battle. OF COURSE they weren't gonna recognize the incredible mess their boy has left to us, BUT to giggle amongst themselves as they rehashed Obama's remarks about Hilary, Give me a break, you slimeballs...