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When I saw the 'temporary' tubes coming out of Kari's head,

connected to her 'brain in a bag', I thought they looked pretty 'fragile'. They were, and one pulled loose today, and she needs immediate surgery, but her Dr is in Africa. They're trying to figure it out and will let us know... In the meantime she's nauseous and dizzy, as her cerebral-spinal fluid 'balance/pressure' is all screwed up, while it leaks out. Unbelievable....

Carol's Toyota Avalon is getting quite a few miles on it,

although is still looks and runs great, and I have been looking for a replacement. The neighbor's are selling deceased father's newer Ford Fusion SEL, top of the line AWD, with low miles, so I decided to give it a test drive. Immediately I was reminded why I don't drive American cars, (although I would rather), all things being equal. Was like driving an underpowered, clunky tank. It just seemed CHEAP and  noisy, with the steering and ride very 'mushy'. Yuck.... Carol's (much) older Avalon is a way better car. Not even close.
Like I said, I'd love to Buy American, but not if it's junk like a Ford Fusion.
The good news? It looked good, just sitting there, but was all downhill from there....

In the old 'Good News/Bad News'

category, I'm looking at the narrow (approx 5 pts, before the expected DNC bounce) lead that Hillary holds, and consider that the 'bad news'. BUT, in looking at the all-important 'Electoral College' votes, the ones that really count, Mr Blowhard is in a deep hole. It is generally accepted that he has to carry all three of the largest swing states, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida, and that is gonna be a YUUUUGE problem for him. And that's BEFORE the debates, where he's gonna get his ass handed to him.

I'd love to think he doesn't have a chance of winning, (like I thought during the Repub Candidate Clown Car Circus) but he does. There are a LOT, of angry, fearful, 'left behind', uneducated, FOXBullshit-believing, rightwingnut Thumpers, living paycheck to paycheck who think they have 'nothing to lose' in their sad lives, and they want CHANGE, no matter how ridiculous. Plus, we have the 1% who will back him for the tax breaks he promis…

With VERY FEW exceptions,

if there were a map just based on 'prosperity' and/or 'where you'd WANT to live, if you could afford it", it couldn't be much more obvious than the current Red/Blue state map.
No wonder the Trump voters are dissatisfied and want CHANGE. Look at where they live. Bottom line, when 'choosing where to live, like most things in life, you get what you pay for'. and there are haves and have-nots, educated/uneducated, OR, Red and Blue states. Check it out, as The Bible Belt/FOXNews country (facts not necessary or required) remains the 'base' of the Pub party.

Here's a small peek at reality,

for those(R) who don't make an effort in that direction. Many people say they don't trust Hillary, because of all(?) her 'dishonesty' issues, which was/IS where FOX/PARP has decided to attack her, cuz they SURE can't do it on a 'competency' level, which SHOULD be important to voters. When asked for specifics, most can't get past BENGHAZI! and Private Server, although their own people(R) have mostly cleared her of personal blame on those. Let's just say, for the sake of argument that she screwed up on those....
Can you imagine if YOUR life were under a microscope for the last 40 years? What mistakes (cuz we're human) did YOU make? And you weren't First Lady for 8 years, New York Senator for 8 years, running a multi-million dollar Foundation that's helped thousands, and Sec of State, dealing with a steaming pile of crap in the MidEast, left by the former administration.
Over TWENTY YEARS in the spotlight, and the rightwingnuts come up wit…

Rightwingnuts trying to control the low-info population

isn't new. Joe McCarthy held witch trials (totally unconstitutional) in the 40's, and we have a movie about it, called 'Trumbo', the true story of a Hollywood writer who was blacklisted and destroyed for his 'liberal' beliefs and labeled a Communist.
McCarthy, a  hero according to some(R), and a dangerous idiot according to the real world,(non-sheep). Starring Bryan Cranston, it's highly rated, interspersed with a lot of 'reel/real' footage of the time.
Just found out, as always, 'follow the money'. McCarthy was hired by Big Money to break an actor's strike, as Lucille Ball, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas and others tried to enlighten the rightwingnuts, who lined up under the label of 'patriots', much like the Tea Party. John Wayne, a 'fake soldier'/actor, much like Ronnie Reagan, was able to sway the uninformed, while the real veterans were ignored.
Bottom line, the good guy (Trumbo) finally won, writing stuff like 'Th…

Congress is on 'Recess', after the jerks(R)

killed funding for fighting the Zika virus, unless birth control funding and Planned Parenthood was eliminated. Now, we're seeing the contagion take hold in Florida, where it's gonna 'take off', as it has everywhere it's started.
Let's just hope voters remember who(R) killed the funding to fight it. Yup, the same jerks who DON'T believe in climate change or evolution, but DO believe that being gay is a 'choice', and The Donald (subject of over 4000 lawsuits) can 'Make America Great Again.' How do you fight/enlighten such ignorance?
It's called using your education/intelligence(non-sheep), and voting the jerks(R) out of office.

After Kair's surgery to replace the 'plumbing', in her head,

including valve, fittings and tubes, we were hoping she was 'all better'. Not to be, for my beautiful daughter. She developed an infection and they had to cut her open again, from (nearly) ear to ear, (and now her surgeon left on vacation, to Africa), and remove everything they just installed, just as she was healing. All her cerebral-spinal fluid is now draining from her brain cavity to external bags, so they can monitor and test for infection, as they treat her. Minimum six days until another surgery, with new holes drilled in her skull, new hardware/tubes, then a few days recovery time, if all goes well. Seems like a bad dream, but she's holding up well. Brave girl, my daughter, but this is a deja vu we are all REAL tired of....
Center of pic shows where one tube goes, the other is in the cyst, as they are balanced out by a valve and fittings and connected with/drained by tubes that go to her stomach. Revolutionary system/surgery by Dr Winston, 23 years ago, who just r…

If I didn't know better, I'd swear Stephen King wrote 'The Shipping News',

a movie starring Kevin Spacey, (won the Golden Globe for best actor 2001), Judith Dench, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchet and Scott Glenn. Excellent movie set in Newfoundland, on the coast, as Quoyle, finds out more about the strange, criminal family he's descended from.
Takes a while to get into, and not an A+, but well worth it. Kevin Spacey is FANTASTIC, as the story gradually unfolds. I still think Stephen King wrote it...

Wow, I'm shocked Only 6%? RU kidding?

NEW YORK, July 29 (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a 6- percentage-point lead over Republican rival Donald Trump, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that was released on Friday, the day after she formally accepted her party's nomination for the Nov. 8 election. After highlights of the two conventions are more widely seen, it is believed Clinton's lead will increase.

The jerks(R) love to chant,'Lock her up!',

after their own boy(R), a professional prosecutor said, concerning her 'private server', 'No prosecutor would prosecute'.
BUT, their boy GW would be found 'Guilty', by ANY competent War Crimes court hearing the evidence. His lies cost us trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and keeps Dubya and The Dick from visiting MANY foreign countries where they'd be 'rightfully' prosecuted as war criminals.
But the sheep bitch about Benghazi!, after over a dozen of their own committees said, 'nothing there', and in FOXWorld where four lives matter, but thousands DON'T, when LIES are SO obvious.
Can you say 'Stupid, willfully ignorant, brain-dead sheep(R) who don't have a clue?

After hearing Trump's plea to the Russians,

to find Hillary's missing e-mails, Stephen Colbert had a request for them, also. 'While you're looking around, see if you can find The Donald's tax returns'.
Those would be REAL interesting, but the sheep don't care about stuff like that...

FOXNews, and the Pubs (one and the same)

like to claim, God hates Dems, cuz it rained at the DNC, breaking a hot spell.
OK clowns, then how do explain God's feelings as He let loose a YUUUUGE hail storm in Colorado Springs, busting out the windshields of 27 police cars, going to be used for The Donald's security, right before Trump arrived?
God must REALLY love Trump, providing all that ice, for a YUUUGE party.
FOXNews again proves they are nothing but a JOKE, as they explain God's 'favorite', according to the weather. We all know that if Jesus was here today, he'd point at The Donald and say, 'Yup, that's My Man', and give a thumbs up! Can we get an Amen, from the sheep?
Today's Quote. Trump is an insult to the intelligence of America.
Perfectly said...
This just in: The 'brain trust' at Bullshit Mountain is attacking Hillary, cuz............. wait for it..........
"She's not wearing a FLAG PIN!"    No shit, that is the latest attack on Hillary, from Bullshit Mo…

After Justin Beiber confided had been offered $5 mil

and turned it down, to play at the RNC, Nick Jonas today said he was offered $2 mil, and also turned it down, BUT, they did get Scott Baio. Kareem Abdul-Jabar (NBA All-time scoring leader), who introduced himself as Michael Jordan, cuz he says, 'Trump won't know the difference, spoke at the DNC, while the 'Big Athletic Get' for the Pubs was Natalie Gulbis, LPGA 'star', who's not in the top 300.
The Dems had actual music stars, like Paul Simon and Katy Perry, while the Pubs STOLE music and got busted.
My point is that: Today on FOX the clowns were bitching cuz 'the UNFAIR media' was claiming the Dems had a better convention, after about half the Repub Brass avoided the RNC, that was a dark cesspool of fear and anger. SOOO, the Bullshit Mountain 'talent' had a classic line. 'If they (mainstream media) are going to complain about us, 'WE'LL JUST MAKE OUR OWN NEWS'
Duhhhh. You've been MAKING UP your own 'news' for YE…

It's the end of July, and that means one thing

Happy Birthday dad (tomorrow), and rest in peace, to one of the best dad's a kid could have, and all around 'good guy'. I only wish I could be such a good person. Love you, dad.

After Hillary's MANY specific charges against Trump,

The Donald tweeted, "Hillary's wars have unleashed ISIS across the MidEast'. Oh really?
That wasn't the GWBush/Cheney Wars, based on lies? Does he think we're all as stupid as the FOXSheep, who don't have a clue and can't remember who attacked Iraq, after the Saudi attacked us?
Give me a break Donald(R). Do facts have NO basis in your world?
This isn't FOXNews, where bullshit is king...

Carol and I were talking

about how/why some people could look at The Donald vs Hillary, and pick The Orange Huckster. We decided there are some people 'out there' who can't handle the thought of an intelligent, strong woman. They are the same ones who don't like cats. 'They(R)' like to be 'in charge', and can't handle something that is non-traditional, as their Good Book has always preached that women should be seen and not heard. There are dozens of 'scriptures' that prove it is 'God's will', and they all vote Republican while swallowing FOXCrap.
About time for a change, OR we could start 'stoning' adulterers and killing those who don't keep the Sabbath, or mix fabrics on their clothes, or mix crops on their land. Look it up, Thumpers, as you claim 'divine guidance', and vote for idiots....

Young Tim Kaine is kinda hot

at least that's what some people (women, I hope) are saying about Hillary's VP pick.. Well, he's no Mike Pence, but he's OK, I guess...

From my buddy Dave,

who hopes Hillary doesn't bring a knife to a gunfight, and warns us she COULD lose, and we can kiss our asses good-bye...
This is a war in which the country hangs in the balance. You don’t win wars with civility and bullet points. And speaking of war: Trump’s speech did everything it could to incentivize an ISIS attack. Not only did it offer the provocation of sustained Muslim-bashing, but it set Trump up as the strongman America needs to stamp out terrorism overnight. Nothing could be more helpful to ISIS than a chaotic and self-immolating Trump presidency that weakens America, and little could be more helpful to Trump’s prospects than a terror attack this fall. You felt he was rooting for that last night, and we can bet they're listening....

The Trump phenomenon has nothing to do with facts and will not be countered by facts. Trump is about anger, resentment, hatred — stark emotions that override rationality and are immune to its niceties. Trump is utterly ignorant…

As the FOXClowns saw tonight's forecast at the DNC,

they gleefully reassured the sheep that God was 'definitely' a FOXCrap believing Repub, cuz it MIGHT rain tonight, and that would 'remove all doubt', for the true believers. The only question from the sheep involved whether they should start building a YUUUGE boat....
The convention all week had been blanketed by 90-degree heat and oppressive humidity -- broken when thunder clapped over the convention hall and sent attendees running for cover Thursday afternoon.  The National Weather Service said more than 2 inches of rain could fall, as the six-day heatwave came to an end, reported. The watch is in effect until midnight, while a flash flood watch is in effect from 6 p.m
I guess that PROVES it....God(R) is definitely voting for The Donald! or...

As I watched Obama skewer Trump, last night,

and highlights of others exposing the bloviating windbag, I wished that I had access to the crap he was tweeting, as everyone (rightfully) made fun of him. Haven't seen any today, so I'm thinking his handlers must have restrained him, as smoke and steam rose from the 'thing' he wears on his head.
A clown with the ego the size of his couldn't have appreciated being humiliated in front of millions, as his lack of knowledge and experience was 'laid bare' for the world to see, and his 'foibles' exposed for public humiliation.
Can't wait to see the new poll numbers as everyone gets a chance to compare the Dem's vs Repub's choice for prez, OR, it may just reinforce my thought that nearly half the people 'out there' don't have a clue, and PT Barnum was a genius.

Wow, was having lunch,

and saw a 'dust devil' (without the dust), come up the fairway. It made a quick turn to our deck, where it launched our patio umbrella like a rocket, depositing it out on the golf course, and was instantly gone. Crazy....

The sheep(R) are freakin' out,

cuz they found out 'American Sniper' star, Bradley Cooper is, gasp!, in reality, a Democrat.
While dozens of 'Tweeters' pledged to NEVER see another of his movies, at least they still have Scott Baio, although Meryl Streep is also off their lists, and Duck Dynasty can still provide intellectual entertainment for the low info sheep and their imaginary world....
Republicans Are Having A Meltdown Over Bradley Cooper’s Presence At The DNC They can’t tell the difference between movies and real life ...The Real ExTex@theRealExTex Bradley Cooper at DNC?! Guess I've seen my last Bradley Cooper movie. Ewww Ick 9:48 PM - 27 Jul 2016

AHA! There's over a $5 million 'Reward',

for a copy of Trump's taxes, that he refuses to provide, unlike EVERY other candidate for prez.
'Believe me' (Ha Ha), he says, 'there's nothing suspicious in there'. Oh really?
How much did you make? How much did you pay in taxes? How many Russian investments? How much did you give in charity? Inquiring minds (non-sheep) want to know.
Now, with a large, (and growing) reward, we may find out...
Bottom line, what kind of sick mind(R) does it take to think this guy is presidential material?
And, under questioning about Foreign Policy experience, he said, "I watch TV and I ran the Miss Universe pageant'. No shit. That was his answer. You can't make this stuff up....

I said I wasn't going to watch the DNC,

but I did watch the speech by the prez, and it was awesome, esp the part where he took down The Donald, piece by piece, which he had obviously been wanting to do, for a long time. ANd this morning I saw snippets of Bloomberg, Biden, and Kaine ripping Trump and the Pubs, but FOX must have been watching something else, cuz their main headline today, was 'Dems Dogged by Disunity', after a few of Bernie's nutballs made a scene.
WTF? This, after about half the top Repub brass avoided the RNC and their candidate, while the Dems provided a united front for their candidate, with ALL troops in attendance?
As always, there is the REAL world, and the universe of Bullshit Mountain. Never the twain shall meet, as proven here.
.Rove explains why Obama's DNC speech was 'very bad' for Clinton
And, after Trump's clear invitation to Russian hacker's, his campaign chairman had this.
"Trump didn't invite anyone to hack anything'. Oh really?

Speaking of Repub lies...

Melania Trump's website has mysteriously disappeared.
Melania Trump's website has been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet, leaving no trace of the potential first lady's biography, which has come under scrutiny in recent days, involving her claims about college degrees in Architecture and Design. Remember, you read it here first, at Aunty FOX.

You ever wonder why most Texans(R) are crazy?

It's the heat. During my younger years I was forced to leave home to earn $ for cars, tuition and even to support a young family, and, unfortunately, the jobs were in Texas, so I got to experience Texas summers and the peculiar kind of rightwingnuts(R) that infest the god-forsaken state.
Houston — For those of you now trapped under the heat dome in the Northeast, I feel your pain. Temperatures are parked in the 90s, and you don’t need the weatherperson to tell you that the heat index makes it feel like 100-plus. No matter what you are wearing, the sun still sears through to your skin; and no matter how often you shower, you always feel heat-sticky and never clean. I sometimes wonder whether we should even be driving in this weather, because road rage nowadays seems as much a part of summer as bikinis and beer. I know all of this because I have survived more Texas summers than I care to count — and worse still, Houston summers, which run from May until after Halloween. There are h…

Remember Ralph Nader,

the egotistical jackass who gave us GWBush, the Iraq War and the Great Recession? I sure do...
Now we have the Bernie nutjobs, who don't know when it's over. Hey kids, Bernie's a great guy, but it's OVER! Hillary is the candidate to beat Trump. Deal with it.
Colorado Democratic delegate Kona Morris states that she won’t take responsibility for Donald Trump’s victory if she doesn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Whether or not she feels responsible, she and all of us, and all of our children, and our children’s children will have to live with the consequences. Just as all of us are now living with the consequences after George W. Bush beat out Al Gore in 2000 with the help of Ralph Nader’s supporters. Those consequences include the hundreds of thousands who have died in the Iraq war and its collateral damage. Wayne Thrash, Denver And now, from the peanut section.. The party has betrayed the trust of its voters, and not even the fear of Donald Trump can make me support this typ…

Darryl Glenn, the rightwingnut darling

who has been 'adopted' by the Koch bros, and spouts an 'exact' ripoff of Obama's words on his TV ads that run constantly was confronted with his arrest record, when he attacked his father, punching him in the face, and getting thrown in jail. Instead of admitting a youthful discretion, he took the Repub route, as when EVERYONE could see Melania had ripped off Michelle's speech, but the jerks(R) just DENIED it for nearly two days, before reality overtook them and they blamed a low-level speechwriter.
Glenn's defense is basically 'an evil twin' first claiming another person with the same name, and then his brother, who looks like him. Now, we see the birth date, and signature on the arrest report, and there's ZERO doubt, as others remember the incident, but the whackjob is still denying it, saying he DOESN'T REMEMBER being arrested for hitting his father.
Typical Repub response. Lie, lie then lie some more before blaming someone else.

Unlike Trump, Hillary is sane and competent

says Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, who knows The Donald, VERY well.

The billionaire ex-Republican, made the case that Trump’s career is characterized by a litany of collapses and missteps, and that the Republican presidential nominee’s boasts don’t match reality. Americans who want a great businessperson in the White House should look for someone who isn’t Trump, Bloomberg said. “Throughout his career, Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry stockholders and contractors who feel cheated and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off,” Bloomberg said. “Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s running his business? God help us.  “I’m a New Yorker,” he said, “and New Yorkers know a con when we see one.”

Surprise, it REALLY pisses me off,

that Colo Springs rightingnut Darryl Glenn, who had ZERO money in his account, has been adopted by Citizens Untied, to bombard the TV airwaves with slick ads, that make ZERO mention of his views and FAR RIGHT platform/agenda, BUT he may be able to unseat a Dem, IF the low-info voters just remember sound bites, continually blasted at them/
NOW, I'm really pissed as we see Obama's speech, from his FIRST DNC, and Glenn's schpiel is EXACTLY the same, just as Melania stole Michelle's speech. Word for word!
What a bunch of sleazebags(R), that have to 'look up' to see whale shit.
Have I mentioned how I can't stand em(R)? C'mon sheep, look at the FACTS!
Never mind, that's not your style. Just check FOX for your 'news'....

We had a problem with Carol's Dr

and with Kari's medical team, SO, with my new cancer diagnosis, I'm switching away from the medical 'experts', and am gonna trust our local used car salesman, cuz we 'need a change'. Makes sense, huh?
Sounds really stupid, right? Sorta like the Pubs picking Donald Trump, cuz the Dems didn't fix the Pub-caused recession, 'fast enough'.
Yup, they are gonna totally ignore that 'science thing' called 'experience' and go with a circus huckster. And this makes sense to the idiots(R), who are backing the guy who, today, called for Russia to hack the US govt. Insanity is too tame a word to describe these brain dead(R) supporters of a guy with ZERO foreign policy experience, who scares the CRAP out of the thinking world, which excludes FOXSheep.
Bottom line, if I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand. Just when I think they(R) can't get any more stupid/ignorant, they never fail....

Wow, quite a day, bringing Carol home after surgery,

and finding out Kari has to go back into the hospital, for at least 10 days and more surgery, to replace all her 'brain plumbing and hardware' after we found out why she wasn't healing. She had/has an infection throughout her system. What a way to spend her summer....

Tonight, at the DNC, the prez will speak

UNLIKE the last Repub prez, who 'hid out', from the 2008 RNC, for OBVIOUS reasons. No one wanted to see his face, or be reminded what the Pubs had done our country, ESP the Pubs.
Some things never change, as he didn't show up this year, cuz he is one of MANY Repubs who can't stand their nominee, incl GHW, the last nominee, Mitt, 22 Senators and many others.
What a bunch of clowns. Just not funny. And some idiots(R) wanna turn our country over to them(R), after what they(R) did last time?

The Republican choice for prez

won't release his taxes, which is totally unprecedented, BUT, not all that surprising. Many people are giving their opinion WHY, incl prominent Pub, George Will, who claims it may show deep ties to Russian oligarchs. Some say it's because he isn't worth NEARLY as much as he claims and and Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire, unlike The Donald who was born with a silver spoon up his ass, says it would show the Clintons have made more money and paid much more in taxes than he has, since 2007.
The 'fantastic businessman's' main money-making scheme is to heavily finance a project, then pile as much debt on it as possible, and then declare bankruptcy, leaving others 'holding the bag', with sometimes disastrous consequences as he puts small businessmen out of business with his 'legal' scams.
Yup, he's presidential material, like Whitey Bulger is qualified to be Treasury Secretary. I used to think NOTHING the Pubs could do would surprise me, BUT, …

SO, according to 'Big Mouth Bill' O'Reilly,

Michelle Obama's comments about slaves building the White House, which is true, should be diminished, cuz, according to the rightwingnut, 'they were well-fed?' And how does he know that?
We do know they were were worked HARD, from dawn to dusk, beaten, shackeled and bought and sold, BUT, if they were well fed, then it's all cool.
ONLY from Bullshit Mountain would you get 'the other side' of Michelle's remarks, as they exist only as a Repub Propaganda Machine, and if  'hey, the slaves were well fed' is the best they can come up with, they'll go with it, cuz 'that's their job, man'.
FOXNews and Big Mouth Bill. What a joke...

What do they do?

Just give a Rudy Giuliani a Red Bull/speedball enema, pull a string on his back and wait forever crap flows from his mouth while he wildly swings his arms? Today, his new plan to keep his face in the news, at least at FOX, who'll pass on, or make up ANYTHING that's anti-Dem, is a stretch, even for the brain dead New Yorker. Rudy claims,
Giuliani: Socialist Dem party has no respect for cops. WTF? Was gonna reply, then thought why? Anyone who believes his crap is hopeless anyway, and if you don't, for obvious reasons, there's no reason for me to refute his BS, from the Fair and Balanced clowns...

Like most people, I don't like

political speeches, esp when they are filled with lies, as in the crap that comes out of The Donald's mouth. BUT, Bill Clinton's speech tonight, is pretty amazing. He's always had a silver tongue, and it's not over yet, but it's a classic, as he tells of the history of their relationship. Wow, not anything like Trump's hate-filled diatribe, trying to pit blacks against whites, rich against poor and Christians against Muslims. In other words, same old shit from the Pubs, as the Dems try to unite people, making our country better for everyone, esp the less fortunate.
I HOPE, that the American people can see through the Pub lies and Trump can be dumped, like he deserves. We'll see...

One of the MANY things I hate about the Pubs

is their immoral law, Citizens United that allows Big Money to buy elections, when they use dirty moneyt to buy a rightwingnut politician, like Darryl Glenn, who the locals HATE, but the national Big Money is able to BUY a YUUGE amount of TV time for, and insert their boy into the legislature, as the low-info sheep believe the lies.
His main thing? Absolutely ZERO compromise with the Dems, promoting Conservative 'values'  and the rightwingnuts love him, cuz he's that type that will clog up the govt, and he's their fave... RU kidding?

This is crazy, but it's real.

My blog readership has increased, BUT, in unusual places, recently. Wow, over 1700 in Russia yesterday, according to Blog stats. Am happy to provide truth, vs FOXNews, for the world. You're welcome. Hearing from readers, am thinking my Aunty FOX moniker got translated to anti-FOX, which is understandable.
Russia 1712 United States 748 Germany 88 United Kingdom 57 Mauritius 39 France

Whenever I temporarily venture to the Dark Side

and hear the crap from Bullshit Mountain, I continually think, WTF are these people thinking? Today, I heard one of their main gripes, which remains the same. The 'Obama recovery' has taken longer than average. Oh really? The last time we had the economy in similar shape was the Great Depression, and it took even more years and then WWII.
This time, after GW and The Dick trashed us, in spite of $860 BILLION in checks to their buddies, it is taking a while to totally recover, but we are on track. Duh, who da thunk? BUT, the Pubs are bitchin' cuz it shoulda been faster, even though they fought EVERY bill that would have helped, saying 'we can't afford it' although one TRILLION on the F-35 fighter is fine, after wasting TRILLIONS on a war based on lies, and NOW they want the helm again, after running us into the rocks, and sinking the 'ship of state', but can't afford infrastructure repair.
Bottom line, without the lies of Bullshit Mountain, the Pubs …

Interesting story on Channel 4 today,

about all the 'upcoming' jobs available in the aviation business. Among many careers, Boeing predicts we'll need at least 617,000 pilots in the next two decades. Training those pilots will require flight simulators, and there aren't nearly enough machines, OR manufacturers at this time. That's why I'm glad to be an 'early investor' in Paradigm Shift Solutions, local company, with some 'really smart' people, working very hard to fulfill a necessary niche in the aviation industry., leading the way....

For lack of anything better to do,

picked a Netflix movie, and got lucky. Saw 'Before We Go', a romantic/dramatic/funny, personal story of two strangers thrown together by fate and share an adventure one night, in New York City as their stories unfold. Nick, a 'sorta' Bradley Cooper and Brooke, who looks a lot like Reese Witherspoon, share some experiences and learn a life lesson.
Very well done, and I think we'll see more of Chris Evans who wrote, directed and starred in the story. Great glimpse of NYC late-night life, with small cast and some excellent background music.
Would definitely recommend it.

Before watching the series The Last Kingdom,

I had read all seven of Bernard Cornwell's books, based on the wars between the Danes and Saxons, as Britain was fought over in the 9th and 10th centuries, and Alfred the Great emerged as the ONLY 'Great' in all of England's kings. Found 'The Last Kingdom' on Netflix and watched the 8 part series, about Uhtred, the fictional 'born Saxon/raised Dane', a legendary warrior of the time. BTW, the BBC series  (produced by the Downton Abbey group) was picked up by Netflix who is continuing the saga. Just finished 'The Empty Throne', 8th in the series, and it was one of the best. Had forgotten what a fantastic author Cornwell actually is, and now Carol is reading it.
Also, just looked up Aethelflaed of Mercia, King Edward's daughter, who was the first Queen of England, and had a part in  book. She was/is real, and is kind of a Game Of Thrones, 'Brienne of Tarth' figure, much like Uhtred (pictured) resembles John Snow. The 'second in the…

I'll pass it on here,

so you don't have to go dumpster diving in the septic tank of FOXNews. Todd Starnes, who has risen to the top in an organization where turds float, is warning the Dems that God doesn't like them, and he has proof, in addition to the fact that 'Obama is God' to the barbaric hordes. God was SO pissed (cuz they chanted Bernie during the opening prayer) that  he sent rain. TWICE! So repent you sinners(D), and turn to Donald and the Pubs, while there's still time.
The DNC only has room for one deity – but their King of Kings, Obama, was not the same one we worshipped on Sunday. I also recall Charlotte being inundated with heavy thunderstorms not too long after their act of public sacrilege. The same thing happened Monday in Philadelphia. I'm no theologian -- but it sounds like the Almighty might be trying to send a subtle message to the liberals. So all you Democrats, listen up! The next time you guys pray -- bow your heads, close your eyes -- and stop acting like …

The best indicator of a robust economy

has to be new home sales, and last month set a record, going back 8 1/2 years. BUT, Rick The Dick Santelli, the rightwingnut commentator on CNBC says 'it doesn't count', cuz 'it's an artificial economy with artificial interest rates'. This is the same dick who claimed for over 7 years, that we were gonna get 'galloping inflation' from the steps that Obama and the Dems took to rescue the 'steaming pile' of an economy that the Pubs left behind when they were run out of town after causing the worst recession since the Big D.
Rick, the mouthpiece for FOXNews and one of the architects of the Tea Party wouldn't know an economic indicator if he had it inserted into the same body cavity where his head is so firmly implanted, BUT he keeps his job at CNBC. Why?
The good news is that we are able to compare his predictions to what actually happens and ANYONE can see what an idiot he is. Am waiting for the day when he gets booted to FOXNews where he can…

Fantastic episode of 'This Week Tonight'

with John Oliver, showing how the Pubs steal artist's(D) songs, cuz there AREN'T any popular Repub songs, and a bunch of artists sing 'Stop That Shit'. I know you Pubs can't afford HBO, so you gotta take my word for it, but trust me, it happens ALL the time, and the songwriters say, 'we literally hate you, Repubs'. Yup, that's true...
BUT the highlight of the show was Newt G saying that 'actual' facts are trumped by 'feelings' as in crime is up and the economy is down, as per FOX News. The sheep BELIEVE it, SO it's true. No shit. Look it up... This Week Tonight- John Oliver

As the Pubs bitch about immigration,

NEVER FORGET, that the Senate passed a non-partisan Immigration Bill to the House(R), where the assholes(R) refused to even VOTE, (thanks Mitch) cuz they knew it would pass, and piss off the Tea Party assholes(R). SO, just shut the fuck up Repubs, about immigration problems, that you just ignore...
Bottom line, at this stage of my life I refuse to pretend the idiots(R) deserve even a modicum of respect. You gotta EARN that...

I gotta admit I like Bernie Sanders

and would rather have had him as the Dem candidate, but his supporters just don't understand when it's OVER. Bernie finally woke up, smelled the coffee and faced reality. Not so, his supporters, who are bitchin' (with the support of Russian hackers, who want Trump) cuz the Dem Party supported their own, instead of the Independent, trying to unseat their 'darling'. Get over it losers (# of votes), it's over.
Listen to your boy, who knows how important it is to unite and beat The Donald(R). AND, get a life....
PS Now that she's busted, Debbie needs to fold her tent and also leave, but the MAIN problem was/is Bernie's ego, that didn't allow him to admit when it was over, and his minions soldiered on. WHY? It was OVER, long ago, but, like the FOXSheep, they lived/live in a bubble that facts can't penetrate. Can you say Ralph Nader? And president GWBush? Wake up, idiots....

LOTS of polls out there,

and we can always expect 'bounces' as each convention makes their promises, BUT, one poll out today caught my attention. After the RNC, Trump LOST support among Pubs with a college degree, and Hillary made a significant gain (over 6 points) among those same Pubs, although I gotta question the reality of the 'educated' EVER supporting Trump. Uneducated, trailer trash Bible Belt Southern Red Staters, OF COURSE!, The Donald claimed he LOVED the uneducated, in one of my fave Trump statements. Why not....They vote, but don't think, cuz they have FOX to tell them how/what what to think.
Nothing new here, but am interested to see the polls in about a month or so, and esp after the debates, which oughta be REALLY funny. I can hardly wait....

The US 'security' experts are concerned,

and rightfully so, as The Donald is about to get 'security briefings', and his close ties to the Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, are a source of worry. The Russian hackers, who just released the Wasserman-Schultz emails are already trying to influence the election, to get 'their boy' in the White House.
The headline says, 'Never has a (president?) had such ties to a foreign country'. HA, I call bullshit, The Bush family has had ties to the royal family of Saudi Arabia for many generations, cuz of the 'family business' of both of them. Just think, 15 of 19 World Trade Center bombers just HAPPENED to be Saudi, which raised the price of oil more than ten-fold, before the cowboy con-man attacked Iraq, the enemy of Saudi Arabia.
Bottom line our country can't survive another Pub in the White House. Just look at what happened the last time they were 'in charge'. OMG!

Wow, I'm getting old,

cuz we're celebrating my beautiful, young daughter Kari's (?yrs) birthday today. Seem impossible, but it's real. And my granddaughter Piper is now 7. Whew.... Time not only flies, it flies like a falcon, the Millenium Falcon. Zooooommmm....
The good news? Am enjoying and appreciating every day, in a beautiful part of world, and living comfortably with the family I love, who'll be here soon to celebrate Kari's b-day. Life truly is good....

And I feel a strange calm, now the RNC is over and we're not being bombarded by Trump and crew with their continual, outrageous lies, being swallowed/applauded by the hordes of brain dead sheep. About time... I doubt if I even watch the DNC. Why?

I keep hearing how the DNC was biased for HRC over Bernie.

Duh.... the Clintons(D), were/are the darlings of the Dem party. Bernie(I), was/is an independent who used the Dem party as a vessel for his run for prez. He had NEVER claimed to be a Dem, but used that party for their organization, AND he was closer to being a (D) than (R). Now people are shocked cuz he didn't get equal treatment from the party he dissed for years? Wow, who da thunk????

I keep my AOL address

mainly because of the excellent 'security' against hackers, viruses and malware that is included in the modest price, and also they have a lot of interesting stories, articles etc. every day.
That said, I usually don't read the 'puff pieces' about the stars, but it was interesting today as they showed which famous personalities supported Clinton or Trump. OMG! What a YUUUGE difference. It could basically be divided between 'those with a functioning brain', and the Trump supporters.
Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen, Clooney, Beyonce, DeCaprio vs Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, Scott Baio, and the like... There are LOTS of difs between the candidates, but check out their famous supporters. Wow...

Today's thought, for the brain dead sheep

The US economy is TERRIBLE, cuz Obama has WRECKED it. OMG!, we gotta save our country from them damn Dems. Oh really?
Can any of you idiots actually relate to economic reality? Didn't think so....
Will make it REAL simple so even a brain dead sheep can understand. Can you Google an economic chart? From any source you want and compare the Clinton years, the Bush years, then the Obama years. WOW. YUUUGE difference, with def advantage for Dems.
They ALL show the US economy is the BEST ever. Unless you live in  Red State dead zone, then it's your own damn fault.
Never mind, the FOXSheep don't have a clue and never will. Some things never change as the morons(R) confirm their thoughts by getting their 'news' from the Fair and Balanced (my ass) source, Bullshit Mountain, which is nothing but the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party. Who da thunk?
PLEASE, show me where I'm wrong....

Saw Christianne Amanpour, a war correspondent I admire,

and liked what she had to say. After years in war zones, she said she thought it was more important to be 'truthful' than 'neutral'. Totally unlike FOX, who is neither truthful nor neutral, while the mainstream media will tie themselves in knots, trying to present both sides of an issue, making every attempt to be Fair and Balanced. How ironic, as they try to give both sides of something, while climate change deniers and 'Flat Earth idiots' don't deserve to have their idiocy legitimized. C'mon...

Here's some more Trum-porn,

as Melania shows her pick for her inauguration gown, in an outfit that will keep people's minds off her plagiarism, when Trump's Third wife, used the First Lady's words, for the Second time.

From the news this morning...

I read an article about the 'Rise to Power', of Roger the Hutt, or Jabba Ailes, as he guided Bullshit Mountain to new lows in the 'news' media. In a small but typical example of the crap that FOXNews disseminates to the sheep, who regurgitate it through society, consider this:
CLEVELAND — When Donald J. Trump wanted to proclaim his doubts about President Obama’s birth certificate, he went to Fox News. The network immediately seized on the birther controversy set off by Mr. Trump with a zeal unmatched at the other cable networks. Over the course of the next three months, the word “birther” was mentioned on the network by anchors or guests in more than 80 separate broadcasts, according to a review of available Fox transcripts. Trump and FOX kept insisting they had 'bombshell' news that The Donald's investigators 'found' in Hawaii, and it made headlines. When there turned out to be NOTHING, FOX ignored it, BUT the sheep kept spouting it, even after Ob…

Just when you think he can't get worse

The Donald comes up with something like this (below), as Hillary announces her Veep. What the hell is he talking about? Less safe, less prosperous, less free? We can only hope we have 4 more years like the last 8. Does he think everyone is like the sheep who can't remember 2008 and the steaming pile left by GW and the Pubs, as we had the worst recession since the Big D, and Bush was run outta town with a 22% approval rating, after we were attacked on our home soil and the Pubs wrecked us in every way possible? WTF is wrong with these people(R)?

“Ultimately this is a ticket that represents one thing: four more years like the last eight, just with more corruption and scandal,” Priebus said. “A Clinton-Kaine administration will push our country further down the path President Obama has led us on and that has made us less safe, less prosperous, and less free.

Just now watching The Colbert Show

recorded after the RNC, and he is having SO much fun. BUT, can you imagine an easier job than making fun of the Pubs, after the Trump speech, and getting PAID for it. I loved the Rudy Giuliani 'Red Bull speed ball enema', quote, and then he played old video of the Pubs saying Obama was so 'inexperienced and unqualified, then the recording abruptly ended, cuz Trump was such a windbag and wouldn't shut up, running WAY overtime at the RNC. Don't you just love ;em? Neither do I....
Good line, Cruz said he wouldn't be a servile puppy dog, and Christie said, 'Good, more Beggin Strips for me'. What a bunch of clowns....