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Wow, I'm shocked

Jeb Bush's net worth went up over ten-fold, after his family business, (oil), went 'off the chart' when his brother invaded the oil patch of the world. Who'd a guessed? Answer... EVERYONE. Even the sheep. PS, He HAD to reveal his wealth, as per being a prez candidate.

I'll keep it simple,

so even the sheep can understand, BUT, I'm not sure the sheep can access the appropriate graphs. For those who can, it is VERY obvious. Look at US economic charts for GHWBush, then see them improve under Clinton, then watch them DIVE under GWBush, then watch them improve under Obama. These are VERY relevant, cuz the last several presidents have had 8 year terms, plenty of time for their policies to take effect. A logical person can't argue such facts. BUT, a FOXSheep can, cuz they just 'parrot the propaganda', from FOX, where they continue to bitch cuz the economic recovery isn't as 'fast and large' as they'd like, after they totally wrecked it, and have fought every effort to fix it. Europe would kill for our numbers. SO, what can the Pubs run against, now that theeconomy is lookin' good? Of course, it'll be BENGHAZI! and the private e-mail of Hillary, and the sheep will eat it up. nothing new here.....

There are times like tonight

When I realize, I 'won the lottery', with my life. Not sure why I was so lucky/fortunate, but I'm not gonna argue or even try to understand. Just gonna enjoy. Life is good......

After his articulate response to recent decisions

concerning human sexuality, rightwingnut hero Antonin Scalia, called Equal Rights for gays, (who are BORN that way) 'applesauce and jiggery-pokery'. Today, the SCOTUS joke called the latest death penalty ruling 'gobbeldy-gook'. Wow, what a wordsmith! Using words that that make as much sense to the well educated Dems, as they do to the Pub base, who saw no reason to finish high school, cuz Rush and Sean will explain all they need to know, about high-falutin' stuff like Climate Change, evolution and 'voting Republican'. Ever wonder why Mississippi/Louisiana is the center/base of the Repub party, while ALL the high income/education state (surprise, they're related) are BLUE. Nothing new here.....

The 'real world' laughs at Donald Trump,

who's 'riding shotgun' (2nd place) in the Repub clown car, BUT, the rightwingnuts are loving it, as The Donald puts their thoughts into words. AND, he's 'such a strong leader' which the Pubs love, after having GW and The Dick in charge for 8 years. After which, GDub wrote $860 BILLION in checks (5 times the value of gold in Ft Knox) to keep the country from imploding. And then there was that Iraq thing, based on lies, costing TRILLIONS. Now, FOX is leading the sheep to 'Vote Republican' again. I honestly don't think our country could survive another Repub administration, after seeing what they did last time, BUT, they have the largest voting bloc in history, FOXSheep and the Bible Belt. God help us.....

Buying opportunity

or 'beginning of the end', for my fav Health Care stock, PRHSX, from TRowePrice?
Was down $1.92 today, as the world markets are getting hammered by Greece, as they default on their loans from the EU (Germany). Kick 'em out, get it over and 'deal with it'. The main problem? Russia will happy to step into the void and bankroll the Greeks, to get a foothold in the Mediterranean. Should be interesting, but shouldn't hurt long-term profits for health-care in the US as the baby boomers get older. I still like PRHSX. We'll see.....

FINALLY, something good

about getting old. My health care provider pays for my Silver Sneakers membership, which gives me free admission to the rec centers AND the The Bay, the local swimming pool. SO, I can swim with Piper, AND if we go at 2:00, I can do laps for 20 minutes with 'no kids' in the pool. Yahoo!

Another supply rocket for the space station

blew up today (the third, recently), after the Pubs cut funding for NASA, in an effort to punish the 'pointy headed academics' who run the space program. Don't believe me? Look it up. Now, we are forced to rely on Russia and private industry, as the Pubs re-directed money from 'liberal space waste', to more 'important' projects, like bombs and bullets for their Big Adventure in the Mideast, where they created ISIS. Same old shit from 'the bad guys', who have plans for our tax dollars, that don't include the Liberal, education-based space program, better known as NASA, cuz those guys don't vote with the 'anti-science' party, for OBVIOUS reasons. Nice job of REVENGE!, for the Repubs in charge of 'appropriations'. They should be SO proud.....

Hey sheep, you know who you are

Reliable statistics show that OVER HALF of the 1.3 million Americans who were sent to GW's Big Adventure, are now claiming mental or physical damage from the STUPID war, based on LIES.The TRILLIONS are gonna turn into multi-trillions, from the 'financially responsible' party, the Republicans... Nobody wastes money like the Pubs, but the recipients are Big Defense, Big Money and Big Medical, as we little people pay for it. The Pub response? 'We need more boots on the ground', to clean up the mess from GW and The Dick. Am SO sick of their crap, as they make HUGE messes, then blame those who try to fix them, while we pay the bills for their mistakes, and they bitch cuz they don't get fixed 'fast enough'.

Because my daughter's husband, Ted,

has a 'real job', (according to Kari), she can afford to be a teacher. In this morning's Denver Post, they had a list of highest paying/lowest stress jobs. This is what a great (Colorado School of Mines) education will get ya'. Check out #1.... (Have seen many images on Ted's computer that look just like pic, that shows 'where the oil is'.
10 Low-Stress Jobs that Pay Around $100,000 a Year Looking for high pay without a lot of fuss? Check out these jobs.

By Catherine Conlan
Monster Contributing Writer

If you’re looking for a job with great pay and a laid-back atmosphere, PayScale found some options for you. The salaries listed are the national median annual total cash compensation (annual salary or wage, plus bonuses, profit sharing, commissions and so on) and the percentages show the percent of respondents they surveyed who answered “my job is relaxing,” “not stressful” or “a little stressful” when asked if their job is stressful.
Reservoir Engineer, $136,000, …

The Pubs are claiming

that Obama can't blame Bush anymore, for the economy. That's because he's GRADUALLY fixing it, after the worst recession since The Big One. To keep it in perspective, there was a special on Ft Knox this morning, about all the gold stored there. Supposedly, there is approx $140 Billion, in gold bars. At the end of his 8 years 'in charge', G Dub wrote over FIVE TIMES that much, in checks to Big Banks and other buddies, to keep the US economy from completely imploding. Those with investments, such as stock and/or real estate lost nearly 50%. Thanks Repubs, led by GW and The Dick. Now the Pubs wanna get control of the purse strings again. And they wonder why the 'non-sheep' are so afraid of that happening.
Checks totalling over FIVE TIMES the value of the gold in Ft Knox! That's why, plus that Iraq thing, based on lies.....

Most of the time, I can't begin to imagine

how FOX can get away with their lies, with the sheep blindly swallowing them. BUT, when I realize they're preaching to a crowd that believes the world, and everything in it, was created in 6 days, 5000 years ago, and 'in the meantime', a pair of ALL the animals on earth were put on a boat, with food, surviving, while the earth flooded for 40 days, then they swam off, to all the continents.
How can you argue logic with this mindset? You can't.... And FOX herds them together, and makes sure they all vote Republican, as they claim Obama made a mess of what he inherited. WOW! What a voting bloc, put together by Karl Rove, Murdoch/Ailes and the Pub 'brain trust'. Genius... Millions of voters who require no proof, logic or rationality, only faith in the Repub message, that denies climate change, evolution and claims being gay is a 'choice'. How can you argue/debate with these people? We can only put our faith in education, which the Pubs demean as 'ivory …

In another 'Are You Kidding Me?"

The Pub controlled House of Reps did it again. (Pic is 'pink slime'.)

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans voted Wednesday to repeal a law requiring country-of-origin labels on packages of meat — a move to avoid excessive government regulation. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, said, “Our people deserve a right to know where their food is produced and where it comes from", but  was overruled by his Republican colleagues.

Yup, if the Pubs get their way, we'll no longer know where that package of ground (cow?) came from. Just when I think they can't get any worse, they bow to their their Big Money masters, AGAIN. Don't believe it? Look it up.

After the beheading and terrorist attacks in France,

FOXNews Morning Show had a comment. 'We're waiting for the president to blame it on the Confederate flag'.  Ha ha. Are these guys funny, or what?

Because it's the weekend

my regular news shows aren't on, SO, while I struggle to wake up, I switch back and forth, avoiding commercials, between CNN and the comedy channel, FOXNews. This morning, the 'talent' at Bullshit Mountain was discussing how they were gonna repeal the 'catastrophe' called Obamacare, when they weren't bitching about the end of western civilization after gay marriage was upheld, by that traitor John Roberts, who abandoned his duties in SCOTUS, cuz, 'he just wants to be liked'. No shit. That's what they're shoveling to the sheep today. As per Obamacare, they're seriously talking about repeal, and the path to that, according the 'brain trust' at FOX, is for the Repubs to push 'one of their many' BETTER health care plans. BUT, what they didn't mention was then all they gotta do is have a Repub prez, and a 2/3 majority in the House and Senate. Pretty likely.... Yet, these jerks spoke of repeal like it was just a matter of time.…

This just in....

Supreme Court Justice Scalia(R) is getting his own show on FOXNews. Is anyone surprised?

Tough week for racist homophobes

As Rush said, 'Bad week to stop taking Oxycontin...'

Had one of the best compliments ever,

from my lovely bride, as we had cocktail hour on the deck, this evening, and she said she has always felt 'safe and secure' with me. Whether it was our home, finances, or physically, as we traveled together. Thanks, honey, what a huge compliment. And I told her I have always been SO proud. to have such a lovely, intelligent lady on my arm, who's loved me, through thick and thin. Life is good...

I guess I'm 'at war',

cuz Big Bill O'Reilly, one of the worst of the professional liars on Bullshit Mountain has 'declared war' on FOX-haters, and that's ME. The propaganda arm of the Repub party exists for ONE reason. It dangles some legitimate news, in a glitzy format, with a bunch of blonde bimbos and 'serious looking' newscasters, much like a child molester offers some really good candy to his victims. THEN, once you get past the intro, LOOK OUT, cuz you're gonna be seriously violated, as the clowns bend, stretch and invent 'facts' for the sheep who know where to go, to see and hear what they want to see and hear. So, it's off to war I go, cuz NO ONE hates FOX more than me, as I see the damage they've done, pretending to be a legitimate news organization when they have only one goal/purpose, and that is to elect Repubs, by whatever means necessary, and they're VERY good at it, but they CHEAT!

Been a tough week

for the Obamacare-hating, Confederate flag waving, homophobic crowd, as the Supreme Court upheld the will of the MAJORITY of the people, allowing those who were born gay, (it's not a CHOICE, idiots) to marry and have equal rights. Bad week for the Repub base, BUT, at least they have comic relief as they look at their clown car full of candidates, each one trying to be more outrageously conservative than the rest, in order to win the nomination, at which time they will abandon their 'core beliefs' in order to become electable. I think half of them exist just to make the other half look relatively sane by comparison. C'mon Sarah, hook up with 'The Donald' for the Pub 'dream ticket'. Please....

"Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them." JOHN G. ROBERTS JR., the chief justice(R)

Was a good day,

cuz the Pubs didn't screw up affordable health care for the American people. The Pubs fought Soc Sec and Medicare, tooth and nail, (look it up), AGAINST the people, and have fought in favor of big business making a killing if you happen to get sick or injured. But it's sorta like, 'what's the dog gonna do if he catches the car'?, cuz they have NO plan to replace Obamacare, BUT, they gotta stick to their plan of being the' Party of NO!'.
 I get SO tired of their crap as they are obviously 'bought and paid for' by the one per cent, at the expense of the common people. How can the 'little people' support them, unless they believe FOXLies, the propaganda arm of the Repubs, masquerading as 'news'? What a joke. Sickening, but nothing new here, as the Pubs have no ideas, other than NO! Who falls for this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.

Whenever I think

the Pubs aren't as bad as they seem, they prove me wrong. UNbelievably, Donald Trump joined the overcrowded clown car last week, in the most outrageous, funny (if it weren't so sad/sick) announcement EVER. Now, he's #2, among Repubs in New Hampshire, just behind the brother of the   Jerk who wrecked the economy of the free world, as the rightwingnuts(R) line up behind him and his bullshit. Just when I think the conservative clowns can't get any worse, they ALWAYS do......

There was a time, believe it or not,

when (maybe) I had a little too much fun at a party, and kinda regretted it the next morning. A couple days later we had the 'old folks' dominoes brunch, and I was real quiet. One of the gals asked what was wrong and I said I decided to take it down a notch. She (basically) said, we'd rather have the old Steve, who's a lot more fun. SO, I always need to consider who I wanna be. The fun, natural guy, OR, the normal, average guy who never screws up. I usually know which way to go, BUT....

The Texan storm adjusters are gonna love it

cuz Denver is getting hit with hail, and there's nothing better for the Texans than to travel to Colorado for 'storm duty'. Don't know how bad it is yet, but local TV news says Denver is getting hit, pretty hard. IF I was still in the business, this could be LARGE, but I'm not. We'll see....

Saw "Jurassic World',

from the recliners at the local AMC, as Carol and I met Kari for summer afternoon 'escape'. Was actually pretty good, with nary a dull moment when they had another 'problem' at the the dinosaur park. Pretty amazing what they can do with CGI and low frequency sound these days....

Couldn't have said it better myself

"Our ancestors were literally fighting to keep human beings as slaves, and to continue the unimaginable acts that occur when someone is held against their will. I am not proud of this heritage." PAUL THURMOND, a Republican state senator in South Carolina
'The South' is backwards, in many ways, including being 'bottom of the barrel' in education/income, and SURPRISE, comprising the base of the Repub party, throughout the 'Bible Belt'. Hopefully they can take a 'small step' forward, and remove the symbol of slavery from their public institutions.

I used to think

that Bernie Sanders was kind of a joke, cuz I had just heard the 'labels' about him, but after seeing him on Bill Maher's 'Real Time', I realized he has a lot of good ideas. As bad as the Dems are, Pubs are even worse, so that leaves 'other', so I'm gonna give Bernie a closer look. Also on 'Real Time, we got to see and hear Ann Coulter, who is such an anachronism, cuz she can sound so intelligent and rational one minute and be a complete whackjob the next. I think most of her thoughts and actions are just publicity gimmicks, as she has the Sarah Palin factor going for her, which is 'fun to look at' BUT, 'what the hell did she just say?', as it's impossible to get TOO outrageous when dealing with her rightwingnut base. Ann is good lookin', but what's up with the huge Adam's Apple? She needs to see Bruce/Caitlan's surgeon....

Over the years, I've seen a LOT

of great sporting events, but the finish to this year's US Open golf championship is right at the top of the 'best ever', as Jordan Spieth won it on the 18th hole, or rather, Dustin Johnson 'lost it' on the 18th, with a 3 putt from 12 feet. Jason Day gutted it out, dealing with medical issues and Louis Oosthuisen had 6 out of 7 birdies down the stretch, tying an all time record, as Brandon Grace took a 2 stroke OB penalty to lose at the end. Unbelievable finish, in my favorite tournament. Golf is a fantastic, cruel game, and this one was 'off the chart'. I can't imagine how terrible DJ is feeling.....

Great Father's Day, a day early

Had the kids over, and were going to Wonderland for microbrews, ping pong and dinner, but got high-centered and had surf'n'turf, brewskis and games here, instead. Earlier, had our new 'memory foam' mattress delivered, SO, today am just spending the day in bed, with Carol delivering beer while I watch the US Open golf tourney. Not really, but sounds like the ideal Father's Day, cuz it's pretty warm out there. Bottom line, am VERY fortunate to have the family, and life I that I enjoy. Thanks, everyone...
PS. Pretty interesting Open this year, and the leaders haven't even teed off yet.

In their typical fashion,

Bullshit Mountain looked at an obvious situation, and drew a totally wrong conclusion, to support their twisted view of reality. When a racist white gunman killed nine black worshippers (saying, 'I'm here to kill black people'), the clowns from 'The Morning Show' labeled it 'An Attack on Faith", and called for pastors to start 'packing guns', claiming it was further proof of the 'war on Christianity', not a white against black hate crime, which it OBVIOUSLY was. BUT, that doesn't fit their false narrative, so the talking heads twist the facts, rather than admitting what actually happened. Just how idiotic can these jerks get, as they preach to the sheep?

In the same way, they look at the uber-rich, who hire lawyers, accountants and lobbyists to craft laws creating tax shelters and loopholes to cut their taxes down to near nothing, in many instances, (Oil Depletion Allowance, offshore headquarters and bank accounts, 'non-profit' …

Brian Williams is dealing with his lie,

which happened on a late night talk show, NOT in his job as a news anchor, and he won't be returning to the news desk at NBC, BUT, Bill O'Reilly who lied AT LEAST five (easily provable) times, as a voice of FOX, just 'blows it off', and the sheep don't give a shit, cuz they KNOW that FOXNews lies, all the time. No big deal. Hey sheep, see any hypocrisy here? Didn't think so. Nothing new here, as 'real' news has a whole different standard (truthfulness, not 'truthiness'), that is WAY different than the crap shoveled from FOX, where lies are part of the plan, for the propaganda arm of the Repub party. And the sheep eat it up, as they always have. I still don't know if the sheep don't know, or just don't care, as long as they get to hear what they WANT to hear. Nothing new here...

Well, if he's not, then who is?

"I don't want to be disrespectful, but I don't consider him an expert on environmental issues," said Texas Rep. Joe Barton, a senior Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, in a comment echoed by a number of other Republicans, referring to the Pope.

I would say that would be someone who studied a highly specialized field, got a degree in science and uses the latest in scientific measurements. Like a 'Climatologist', maybe?
Well, over 97% of 'those guys', who ARE experts, claim climate change, or global warming, is 'for real', and a serious problem. On the other side, we have Bullshit Mountain and the Republican Party,  financed by the same people (Koch bros, etc) who are the worst polluters.
Hmmmm? Who should we believe????? 
PS. May just came in as the 'hottest ever' May, since records have been kept. Nothing new here, as Pubs ignore reality.

After being 'caught' in a lie,

Brian Williams won't be returning to the news desk at NBC. BUT, after being 'caught' in FIVE lies at FOX, nothing is changing with Bill O'Reilly, BECAUSE, absolutely no one is even remotely surprised. Bullshit Mountain ALWAYS lies, and it's not headline news when they get caught. Just 'business as usual', from the clowns at FOX. Nothing new here.....

Grover Norquist has a firm grip,

on the testicles of nearly all Pubs, and now, after kicking the can down the road for 7 years, we desperately need the Highway Bill to pass, BUT, the Pubs refuse to do anything, cuz it would involve raising the gas tax, which hasn't been done for decades, while our infrastructure crumbles. Since gas prices are way down, seems like an obvious fix. Not if you are a dumbass Repub, from the Party of NO!
 SO, the Pubs desperately look for 'extra' dollars in the govt budget so they don't have to do their jobs for the American people. Nothing new here, but these jerks can be a real pain, as they do NOTHING but obstruct.
Read the whole story here, from Politico, a rightwing source.

Careful what you wish for, Pubs

If the Supreme Court(R), rules against Obamacare, on a technicality, Repubs are gradually realizing they might have a problem. Duh... The party of NO! has nothing to replace it with, and a huge majority of Americans say 'Fix It Don't Kill It'. AND, the vast majority of Obamacare recipients, who can't afford health insurance, are in Repub states, cuz that is where poverty is concentrated. As always, the Red States have the lowest education/income (funny how those go together). The program definitely needs fixing, but anything so large is gonna have problems. Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out, esp if SCOTUS(R) votes against it.

Are you kidding me?

As always, when you think the Pubs can't get any more hypocritical, just wait a day or so. Rick Santorum(R) doesn't think the Pope should comment on climate change, cuz 1, he's not a scientitst, and 2, he shouldn't mix politics and religion. Does anyone else notice the absurdity of this, as NON-scientist Repubs are always acting like X-spurts on the climate, (going AGAINST the 97% of ACTUAL scientists), and the Pubs are always quoting religion and the Bible when it suits their game. BUT, anyone who actually believes in logic and rationality left the Repub Party long ago, as they've replaced 'reason' with 'Patriotism!' in their little world where the US is always right, no matter what, as well as always being #1, in everything, and if you don't agree, you hate your country. Nothing new here, as the Pubs keep trying to have perpetual war in the Mideast, which they TOTALLY screwed up, with GW and The Dick's Big Adventure.

Cuz I'm a wuss,

I hate pain, and today is a bad day. Have been holed up with back pain for the last couple of days, but had prepaid for Denver Segway tour, and decided to do it, cuz my back was feeling better. Mistake. Bottom line, have exhausted the legal drugs and still hurt, after doing the 2 hour tour (which was great, if your back isn't 'out'). The good news? Don't have to go into work tomorrow, cuz there's no way i could deal with this.

YAHOO!, Jeb announced,

which will keep the pressure on the Pubs, cuz who can forget what the last Bush did to us. True, he's not GW, but he's the same party, which has been a DISASTER (costing us TRILLIONS, as they destabilized the Mideast), for the country, in SO many ways. If I gotta remind you, you ain't been paying attention, as you listen to the crap from FOX, instead of facing reality. Nothing new here, but I ask the sheep to reverse their anal/cranial inversion for a change. HA, like that's gonna happen.....

We had company for dinner, Sunday night,

(love you Dave and Rhonda), and didn't see the final 'Game of Thrones', for this season, until just now. WOW.... If you watch, you'll know what I mean and if not, why not? An AMAZING series that never fails to shock, surprise and amaze. The best cinematography, casting, production and imagination of anything on TV, IMHO. George RR Martin needs to get off his butt and finish the series, but what they've done with it, so far, is 'off the chart'. Who can ever forget the slow cello, at the end. WOW....

Good article on AOL, from the NYT, this morning,

about seniors (65-74) finding a 'sweet spot' in their lives. Seems pretty real to me.... People on the leading edge of the baby boom and those born during World War II — the 25 million Americans now between the ages of 65 and 74 — have emerged as particularly well positioned in the nation’s economic timeline. While there are plenty of individual exceptions, as a group they are better off financially than past generations and may well enjoy a more successful old age than future ones, even those merely a decade younger.
Read it all, here....

I'd forgotten what it was like,

to have my back 'go out', cuz it's been a long time, but it's all coming back. Wow, I thought back problems were behind me, BUT,they're not. Did a small repair job which involved lifting/carrying a compressor, for my air guns, and I think that's what did it. The chiropractor was no help, and after resting it yesterday, it's no better so I'm trying to just work through it. Good news, bad news. It hurts, but am getting some movement/strength back, slowly. No way I'll be able to join our old fart's golf league on Tuesday, though. Just when I was getting back into golf. Oh well, no one said getting old was easy....

To keep it simple,

so even the FOXSheep can understand. We will probably have a choice between the Clinton legacy, with the highest ever ex-prez approval rating, OR, the Bush legacy, with the LOWEST ever. (Rated by the American people, after 8 years in office). Can it get any simpler?  Unless Bullshit Mountain gets involved, that is, then all logic and rationality no longer applies, for the sheep. Nothing new here....

That's what I'm talking about

Personally, my life hasn't changed one iota since pot became legal in Colorado, BUT, I'm glad people aren't going to jail, for a personal choice, AND, I'm glad we are finally getting some good research done on a plant that has been used medicinally, around the world, for many centuries.

Researchers will share information about Colorado-funded research and the state of knowledge about medical marijuana. Researchers from around Colorado and the nation will gather at National Jewish Health to describe their research and current knowledge about marijuana as a medical therapy during the Marijuana and Health Symposium, 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, June 13. The symposium will feature presentations by researchers funded by the state of Colorado to study the safety and effectiveness of marijuana as a treatment for medical conditions ranging from pain to epilepsy, post-traumatic stress syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. “As more and more states legalize... - See more a…

The clowns at FOX

are claiming Hillary has to change her image if she's gonna win, against their presumptive nominee, Jeb Bush. Oh really? They claim Hillary has the baggage of  BENGHAZI! (and a private email?), which is only a problem with the sheep, following Bill's presidency, which he left with the highest favorable rating of modern time. Then we have Jeb, who represents the party that lied us into war and wrecked the economy, as GW and The Dick had the LOWEST approval rating of ALL time, for OBVIOUS reasons. And Hillary has a problem? Only with the sheep, who don't have a clue, in the FOXWorld of Repub propaganda from Bullshit Mountain. In the real world, it's not even close.....

Any entrepreneurs out there?

A HUGE money-making business, in Broomfield, CO, where we have a recently vacant Safeway and K-mart store, would be a combination Trader Joe's/Yard House, (plus a 'recreational' pot shop?). You'd have to enlarge the already huge parking lot. We need 'all of the above', so our citizens don't have to drive to another town. A 'no-brainer' for anyone with deep pockets and a vision. If only I were younger/richer, I could be a gazillionaire. Right place, right time, too old/lazy.....
OK, we can't have the pot shop, (cuz it's not legal in Bmfd, YET) and don't need it, but it would be a huge moneymaker. The Bmfd City Council took it upon themselves to ban ALL pot related businesses, even though the populace voted FOR it (over 60%), until we have a special election, sometime next year. Fine with me, but will be interesting to see how the vote goes.

Saw 'Linda' yesterday,

at the Denver Art Museum, and she was so real it was almost scary. Had a double date with my two favorite girls, Carol and Kari, and went to the art museum, Trader Joes, The Yard House and made it home right before the skies opened up, again, in 'by far' the wettest spring we've ever had. Not complaining, cuz I love the rain, but this is crazy.
 "Linda' is only shown every 10 years, for a few weeks, cuz she is gradually deteriorating, (lot of that going around). I felt guilty, and it was kinda spooky, because no matter how close you look, she seems absolutely alive, including every tiny detail. Wow.... Then it was on to TJ's, where I found out there's a reason their wine is so cheap, (barely drinkable), before having the Poke Stack, (raw, marinaded tuna) my fav meal at the Yard House. All in all, a fantastic day. Thanks, girls.

Saw Gen Odiermo on the news this morning,

saying we need more troops and money in Iraq and we need to reform the govt and get the Sunni's and Shiites to work and fight together. Bullshit. What that country needed was a good dictator, which they had until GW and The Dick screwed it all up, to (successfully) raise the price of oil. Now that the country (and whole area) is broken, it needs to be divided along religious lines, cuz religious nuts will fight to their dying breaths, in the name of God, knowing they are the only ones who know the one true God, as always. Leave em alone to fight it out, as they've done for CENTURIES.

Seeing the latest video

of a cop over-reacting, going all Rambo on kids at a pool party, and seeing other postings of them beating the crap out of people just trying to surrender, choking a guy to death for selling cigarettes and shooting a guy in the back as he ran from a beating, some people realize their might be a problem. Bill O'Reilly certainly does. His headline? 'The War On Cops'. Yup, as per usual, there is a normal human reaction, AND the Bullshit Mountain slant on it. Nothing new here, but funny, and typical, just the same.

As I've written before,

I'm not surprised that Dennis Hastert(R) is a perv. BUT, I wanna know how he made enough money, after being a high school teacher/coach, to pay over three and a half MILLION dollars, to his boyfriend, rising as a 'Bushie', and helped lie us into the war in Iraq. Not surprised, but I'd like to know how the Pubs turn 'support' into HUGE money. Nothing new here, but AM curious, as  'Follow the Money' explains the Repub agenda, while they turn little people into Congressional voters for their trillion dollar war, that pumped the price of oil from under $15, to over $140 dollars per barrel, for their family business. Who da thunk???? Anyone who's not a FOXSheep, that's who, and can see what OBVIOUSLY happened to our money and soldiers, in the name of Texas Oil Profits. Same old shit from the Repubs....

Tonight on 60 Minutes

there's a great story about cannabis helping MANY children who have seizures and other problems, BUT the Pubs in most states fight the medicinal properties of THC, after the Nixon(R) admin classified it the same as meth and heroin. Who can't see the problem here?  Oh yeah, the FOXSheep,  who 'don't have a clue', as always. Check it out on '60 Minutes' tonight, OR, just believe the FOX/Repub bullshit. Nothing new here, as Big Pharma fights to make Big Money from their drugs. Same old shit from the Conservatives, who like 'Freedom' unless it deviates from their dogma, and it's someone else's freedom. Insane, but SO, Republican, as they fight medical research that can help SO many.

In the Bizarro world

of FOXNews and Repub candidates, Obama REALLY screwed up, when the govt helped GM and Chrysler, after Bush and the Pubs totally wrecked the US economy. Oh really? If you listen to, and believe these clowns, the 'Socialist' Obama gave tax dollars to some UNdeserving companies. Bottom line, after the Bush disaster, the entire economy needed to be saved, and the Detroit automakers, especially. Instead of throwing them into insolvency, and further wrecking the economy, the Obama administration worked a deal that worked for all, and now we have 3 strong auto manufacturers. BUT, the Pub clowns try to make it look sleazy, as they wanna be in charge again, hoping no one remembers what happened last time. GOOD LUCK. We're not all FOXNews sheep, who don't have a clue about what REALLY happened when the Pubs drove the economy into the ditch, Nothing new here, as the Pubs try to rewrite history. Bottom line, remember 2008, after 8 years of Repub rule, and GW and The Dick were run …

There's obviously a HUGE difference,

in the Dems and Pubs candidates, but the MAIN difference is the Dems wanna address the HUGE difference in income between the 1% that has gotten over 99% of the income gains in the last 7 years. BUT, the Pubs wanna scare everyone into fearing terrorists and the TINY chance of being a target, when we gotta deal with the economic consequences of the Bush Recession. HUGE difference, when you look at reality, which isn't part of the Bullshit Mountain message. Nothing new here....

While we pay a BUNCH extra,

and wait in lines, taking off our shoes, and missing flights, we find that the TSA, instituted by GW and The Dick, in another successful effort to fleece the public, misses 95% of actual 'dangerous' contraband. Don't ya just love it? BUT, I think the NSA should be allowed to follow phone calls to/from suspected terrorists, as the Pubs fight it.

The chickens are coming home to roost,

in the Pubs 'rush to war', based on lies, as the mideast is worse than ever, with ISIS, who didn't exist before GW's Big Adventure, taking more territory each day. As the unmotivated Iraqi troops run from confrontation, they leave behind hundreds of millions of dollars worth of US weapons and supplies, built and shipped by the 'Defense' contractors who made a killing from the Bushie's war. ISIS has captured over 2000 Humvees alone in the last few months, now using them against the people they were supposed to protect. On the home front, we're learning that 1 in 5 (and rising) returning vets are claiming some kind 'war injury' that requires ongoing care, and a permanent monthly check, now at a rate of over $60 Billon/year, and rising. Yup, those patriotic chickenhawks have damaged our country in a way that foreign interests never could, while they bitch against the 'anti-war' crowd, who 'hate our freedom'. Nothing new here, but si…