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The 'tea party' is in Denver today,

and I learned something, (according to THEIR news release). They are non-partisan, and, 'fair and balanced'. Obviously there are a whole bunch of Dems associated with them. RRRiiigghhtttt.

Just for those,

who don't understand. What if all the news organizations inform the people about the war monger/oil driven administration, and you don't like it? Simple. You buy your own news organization. Get Rupert Murdoch, a multi billionaire, right wing shill, to put out his own views and call it news. That is EXACTLY how FOXNews came into being. Doesn't have to be true, just repeat it often enough, and a certain segment will believe FOX, vs NBC, CBS, ABC, Reuters, BBC, NPR, and all the rest. The sheep WILL believe. Unbelievable, but true. How does it happen, that a formerly rational, logical mind, would, all of a sudden, believe what is put out by a political organization, OVER the news we have believed all our lives? I can't answer, BUT it's true. Just imagine, Bush Sr. people, ALL big oil contributors, install W, and DUH? What could you do to pump up the price of oil, from under $20/bbl to over $140/bbl? How 'bout attack the oil basket of the world, with trumped up char…

This morning, on NBC News,

Matt Lauer was interviewing Obama, and, in the course of conversation, Lauer mention how WSJ, the Wall Street Journal, had recently turned against him. DUH! Rupert Murdoch, the king of propaganda, who owns FOXNews, recently bought WSJ. Surprise. Money equals influence, and the sheep eat it up.

Just in case,

there are still those out there who would deny that Bush KNOWINGLY lied us into war with Iraq, here is a well-documented series of facts that proves he did. If you can read this, and STILL defend that crook, then you just have no desire for the truth.

It's about time,

that Obama and the Dems said, 'screw you, Repubs', and go about their agenda. Forget about the whole 'bipartisan bullshit'. There ain't no such thing, these days. This is war, and the advantage, for the moment, is with the Dems, because of a little thing called an election. Deal with it losers. We suffered through Bush for 8 years, while you started wars and wrecked the economy. Now it's your turn, but don't worry, the damage won't be NEAR as bad as you inflicted on us.

With No Jobs, Plenty of Time for Tea Party

An article, on AOL News today, tells how many of the Tea Partiers have joined because they have lost their jobs, and sometimes homes, to the recession, and now have lots of time to protest. DUH, they are protesting against Obama because Bush wrecked the economy? No wonder you don't have a job/house. You're STUPID!

The whiners are whining,

because Obama filled 15 posts, in his administration that the Repubs had blocked for over a year, during a recess. "Not fair", the whack jobs cry, although Bush used the same tactic 176 times. Unbelievable, but true. Leno must be reading my blog. He said, 'if the right wing has a problem with the cost of health care, they should just pretend it's another unnecessary war." Also, he said, "McCain saying the Repubs aren't going to cooperate any more is like Wile E Coyote saying he's not gonna cooperate with the Roadrunner any more." Feel free to use my stuff, Jay...

Not sure, but I think

the last time the country was this divided, was about 1859, followed by the Civil War. Whether you wanna call it Dems vs. Repubs, or Libs vs. Cons, or educated vs. FOX disciples. It's all a matter of labels, and there's no middle ground. WE can't stand THEM, and vice versa. Will be very interesting to see how it all shakes out. One thing that I think is beyond discussion is the FACT that W and the Repubs caused the economic mess that is at the root of all out problems. PLEASE, show me where I'm wrong.

Action vs. REaction

There is NO doubt the gov't is spending WAY too much money on various bailouts and give away programs, but this is a REaction to the Repubs/Bush wrecking our economy, and who is to say what the right amount should be to keep us from a total crash. Does anyone want to pay higher taxes? NO, but it is a REaction to Bush tax cuts, while spending hundreds of billions on 'wars of choice'.The Health Care Reform, is way too complicated, at over 2000 pages, and paid for with money we don't have, BUT, this is REaction to health care costs that are way out of control. It is way too easy for the ins co's to drop you, or refuse to re-insure you, and at medical costs these days, if you have the bad luck to get seriously ill, you either die or are bankrupted, or both. The Dems passed the bill with no Repubs votes, for a reason. It was a REaction to the Repubs vowing to 'take Obama down' over health care. There is no room for compromise with such people. SO, are the Dems p…

Must be really tough,

being a redneck Repub these days. A woman (Nancy Pelosi) pushed the health care bill through the House. The bill’s most visible and vocal proponents included a gay man (Barney Frank) and a Jew (Anthony Weiner). And the black man in the White House signed the bill into law. It’s enough to make a good old boy grab his gun and go crazy.

A perfect reality check,

came today, when Sarah ( the Wasilla mayor who couldn't pass an 8th grade history/geography test) bitched about the 'lamestream media', and the sheep cheered. SO, the mainstream media, (anyone other than FOX, who she works for) can't be trusted? Just by definition, mainstream media, is the people's news. (Think about it). BUT, the whack-jobs don't have a clue about that 'reality thing', known as 'mainstream news'. And you wonder why the educated world makes fun of them....

If there's a better example,

of hypocritical idiots, than the Tea Partiers, who are mostly made up of Medicare and Social Security recipients, screaming about gov't being involved in health care, I'd love to see it. It is SO stupid/crazy, but so typical of the ignorant masses being fired up by FOX and the other shills. Puhleese, just look at these old fart Tea Partiers who just don't have a clue.

Just finished, 'The Burning Land',

the fourth book in Cornwell's 'Saxon Tales' series, of the 9th century, when the Vikings fought the Saxons for the control of England. Had always heard of Normandy, that section of France, and the Normans, but never realized the term came Norsemen or Northmen, another name for the Vikings. Also, as I have said before, Viking was originally a verb, as in going viking, or plundering. England came REAL close to becoming a Norse settlement, when the Norsemen controlled nearly all of England, including London and the Thames, but Alfred, the only king with 'the Great' added to his title, saved the day, with a couple of battles that could have gone either way. Pretty tough time to live, but it wasn't boring.

As I look around,

I see I am not the only one who enjoys seeing the whack-jobs who had/have no problem with a president lying us into a trillion dollar war, coming unglued when nearly that much will be spent over the next 10 years on health care for Americans. Maybe if the program could have started with 'shock and awe' where a few thousand civilians get toasted they would be more in favor of it. Careful though, Dems, just ask JFK, RFK and MLK what these people do when they don't get their way.

Craig Ferguson weighed in,

on the Cameron/Beck feud, last night. He said one of them gets paid millions of dollars to make up stories, and the other one is James Cameron. How true.

Just in case, you didn't know,

I am NOT a Democrat. I am just anti-Republican. They are ALL crooks, but the Dems just aren't as obvious. Pretty obvious to me, as I just laugh at FOXNews, which some people actually believe. It does kinda help, having an education, and watching/reading MANY different news agencies, which most Repubs can't relate to....

Tanning beds,

are getting some bad 'pub', these days. It's of those 'gray areas', that isn't as obvious as it seems. IF, you are going to, say, a Mexican beach, for vacation, you really need to pre-condition your skin, so you don't get BURNED. Been there, done that , a BUNCH of times. If you don't 'pre-tan', with a tanning bed, you will REALLY get burned, when you get there. Am 'not at all' for indiscriminate tanning, on a long term basis, BUT, there is a place for it, as you head for the beach, with your pale winter skin.

You should be SO proud,

you obstructionist Repubs, who are just 'gumming up the works', because the 'majority party', legally elected, after suffering through 8 years of a Repub disaster, passed long overdue health care reform. Get real, you losers and deal with it. You were voted out, and the people have spoken. What part of 'democracy' don't you understand?

Some people wonder,

why I am so fired up for the health care bill. If it was up to the Repubs, they could kill my daughter. She has a 'pre-existing condition', with all the plumbing in her brain, that none of the insurance companies would insure if she ever lost her job as a teacher, which could very well happen after Bush eviscerated our economy. It would be a death sentence. SO, I say, screw you, you sell-out jerks, you big biz shills, you paid off hacks. Hopefully, the legislation passes, and the ins companies can't 'deny' someone when they need it most, to maintain their HUGE profits.

Obviously, I'm not the only one,

who's a huge fan of FOXNews and Glenn Beck. James Cameron, the director of 'Titanic' and 'Avatar', among many other big hits, lashed out at FOX News' increasingly influential star at a press conference supporting the DVD release of his hit film. "Glenn Beck is a f*****g a**hole. I've met him. He called me the anti-Christ and not about 'Avatar.' He hadn't even seen 'Avatar' yet." When asked to expand on why he believes Beck is dangerous, he explained, "Because his ideas are poisonous." "I couldn't believe when he was on CNN. I thought, what happened to CNN? Who is this guy? Who is this madman? And then, of course, he wound up on Fox News, which is where he belongs, I guess." Please, James, don't hold back, tell us what you really think...

Surprise, surprise...

A new poll, just out, says that a majority now favor the health reform bill, since they can see what is really in it, instead of just hearing the blatant lies put out by FOX and the other shills. There hasn't been a 'hammer and sickle' flag hoisted over Washington, and there aren't dead grannies littering the streets. Just as the Repubs fought tooth and nail to stop Medicare and Medicaid, the people finally saw what it really was all about and now, overwhelmingly support those programs. The whackos can scream, 'nigger', 'fag', and 'baby killer', threaten and shoot, but thankfully, most of the country doesn't consist of the double digit IQ crowd that rules the Republican Party.

Oh really?

John McCain, that political 'jenius', who picked Sarah Palin as a running mate, said, in a fit of vitriole after losing the health care reform battle, 'No more cooperation from the Republicans for the next year'. What? As if that crew, who vowed to take down the Obama presidency with a defeat of health care, ever had any agenda other than to say and do ANYTHING to get back into power. Instead of getting down on their knees and begging forgiveness for their last 8 years of recklessness, that left the country on the brink of bankruptcy, they just hope that people will forget what they did to us. NICE TRY, but not everyone gets their news from FOX. Some people actually use their brains, and can see them for what they are. A bunch of sold-out hacks who are only interested in collecting donations from the companies that make huge profits on the backs of the uninformed masses. Give me a break...

As Fred Sanford used to say,

(if you remember 'Sanford and Son'), this could be the BIG one. Am speaking about the current snowstorm going on, as I look outside. WOW! It's coming down hard and fast. Big flakes and lots of 'em. As I look at the radar, and see how it's setting up, this is how the big storms happen. Baja moisture, hitting a Canadian cold front, with a slow moving '4 corner low'. We'll see, but I'm guessing about a foot of new snow by sunrise. Oh well, ain't like we gotta drive in to work, in the morning...

In case you missed it,

that political 'jenius', Glenn Beck, spokesman of the right, had another bit of wisdom to share, yesterday, about Democrats.

",,,the California hippie, Marxist, communist, socialist progressives with flowers in the barrels of guns, sitting around smoking dope all day in college and talking about how they can destroy the evil American empire. That is what a lot of people in our government were doing in the 1960s, and I bet you a lot of them are still doing it."

Thanks Glenn, what would we do without your keen, political insights....

Lost, amid the hooplah,

of the health care reform passage is one HUGE benefit. That pompous buffoon, Rush Limbaugh promised to leave the country if it passed, didn't he? When/where is that windbag going? Let's just hope it's somewhere beyond the airwaves of America. Please don't tell me it's just another story put out by the right wing propaganda squad, as part of their policy of half truths and outright lies...

Only in Colorado?

A Colo state patrol officer was arrested for 'drunk driving', after weaving thru traffic on I-25, near Castle Rock. WTF? A 21 year veteran, drunk on his ass, in a CHP vehicle? In other news, the 8" of snow we got on Friday, was all gone today, and Carol and I golfed at Coal Creek. Also, took her on a tour of 'Birds of Prey', introduced her to the people and raptors, and showed her the facilities. We are getting into this whole 'retirement thing'. I was made for this...

I could get seriously rich,

if I could get a mailing list of FOXNews hardcore believers. REALLY! I could sell them magic beans, the Brooklyn Bridge, and convince them a Nigerian banker is trying to give them an inheritance. No shit. These people are chumps, waiting to be fleeced. What an opportunity, that is just waiting to happen. I could buy my own island...

Here we are again,

after health care reform finally moved forward, in spite of the Repubs that have NO problem with a trillion dollar war, based on, 'oops bad info', AND, love the fact that insurance companies make BIG bucks from our people's health problems, BUT, suddenly are pretending they are the party of 'fiscal responsibility', in spite of the fact they are the biggest budget busters in hisory. The party whose only 'fix' for the economy they busted, is more 'trickle down' tax breaks for the rich. About time, we catch up with the rest of the civilized world, IN SPITE, of the Repub jerks that fought it, and continue to fight it, tooth and nail.

Fair and balanced, my ass

If you ever doubted FOXNews was a shill for the Repubs, just compare their headlines to the legitimate news agencies on this day when it looks like health care, for the American people, will finally be passed. What a joke they are. Just not very funny...

We did it!

With special thanks to Kari, and everyone else who made it happen, I think we really surprised Carol last night with her b-day/retirement surprise party. 'Twas a REALLY fast 4 hours and I think a wonderful time was had by all, especially me. Lots of neat gifts AND gag gifts. I plan to wear the snugggie, open at the back, w/ Depends showing, carrying the oxygen bottle and mask and pushing the walker, SOMETIME soon. Great food and decorations, and the brew pub beer wasn't bad. Best of all, I think Carol really enjoyed it and was truly surprised. Good job, everyone...


For fifty years Democrats have sought to make health care a right, not a privilege, for all Americans. Over that time Republicans have delayed, distorted, demeaned, and outright lied to the American people to destroy health care reform and protect the big insurance companies. There’s no doubt those insurance boys were in "good hands" with the GOP. Hopefully, no more of Sarah Palins’s uninformed (nothing new there) and sophomoric “death panels” or right-wing talk radio hosts screaming about a “government takeover” of health care or the equally uninformed and uneducated screaming about “socialism.” And maybe we’ll even get a break from the tea party conspiracy crowd with their birthers, blowhards, and militia conspiracy nuts.

As I watch

the NCAA Tourney, I think back to my own b-ball playing days, and how I learned that life isn't always fair, and how 'political', it can be. When we played smaller towns, away, (Lexington, Holdrege, etc), it was obvious for their 'homer' refs, that if they fouled out the big guy, from the big town, they would have a better chance of winning. I learned a very valuable lesson, early in life, that the 'powers that be' cheat and lie. It hurt, at the time, BUT, was good to learn, early in life. Don't expect honor and fairness in life. Deal with reality. Glad I learned it when I was young. Some things never change...

Surprise, surprise

a business/religion (Roman Catholic Church), who only promotes people (men) who don't have sex with women, has a problem with pedophiles. Who coulda seen this coming? It couldn't be MORE obvious. Knock me over with a feather...

I'd be against it too,

if I believed all the lies put out by FOX and the other shills about the health care bill. IF, the Repubs hadn't successfully killed all the former tries at reform we wouldn't be in the mess we are today, where over 80% of businesses say that health care is their #1 cost and concern. People w/insurance at work think it's wonderful, until they realize how much is coming out of their check to pay 'big medicine'. It remains the fastest growing expense for gov't, businesses and individuals. The Repubs were SO happy to kill the Clinton health bill which have gone a LONG way toward fixing today's mess, and they are just as adamant about killing it today, NOT because it is so bad, BUT because it will weaken the Dems. Talk about transparency! We remain the ONLY major country in the world w/out comprehensive health care and if you see who sponsors ALL the ads against it, you will see who is making the big bucks. Sure, the current bill isn't ideal, or even close,…

One of those days,

when it's nice to just hang out indoors and watch it snow, and snow and snow... They're calling for 10", but it clould be more, from the looks of it. Jeffco Mntn Schools were closed, breaking Kari's heart, I'm sure, and even Bailey doesn't wanna go out any more. Good day to watch some NCAA B-ball on the tube. Life is good.

Wasted nearly all day,

when my computer wouldn't recognize my wireless router. Tried everything I could think of, including 2 1/2 hrs of diagnostics and finally gave up, used Carol's computer to go on Craigslist, looked up computer repair/Broomfield, and found Todd @ 720-470-1608. Save that number! He walked me through the whole thing, and found out I needed an update/download for my Realtek wireless card. Hooked up an ethernet cable and got it all fixed. After nearly an hour on the phone, Todd wasn't gonna charge me, just wanting a recommendation online, but I am giving him some $, AND recommending him to everyone I know. Thanks, Todd.

Lotta good things,

about golf today, including perfect weather, and fun people, BUT, the best coulda been a 'hole in one'. Didn't happen, but almost did. 165 yd par 3, with a 5 iron, into the wind. IF, the wind woulda been 1% less, the ball wouldn't have stopped, JUST short of the hole. Our group has a $100 'hole in one' bet, and I would have made a quick $300, BUT, I didn't. My next hole in one, will be my first. It was SO close. Some day it's gonna happen, I hope....

Got a Wii, for Christmas,

but hadn't really used the 'Wii Fit' programs, with the step up platform, until Carol started doing some exercises a few days ago. I joined her today and was pleasantly surprised as to what kind of workout you can do with it. Started out w/some stretching/yoga, then basic training and aerobics and looked at the strength training. It is REALLY an amazing program that could really help these old bodies if we could develop a program and stay with it. Like anything 'Just Do It' is the best plan.

Golf trip

coming up soon, to visit Carol's best friend from childhood, Terri (Bauer). I knew they have a really nice new house, on a good golf course in Arizona, BUT, I didn't know how good, when I was invited to play in a 3 day tournament, put on by Dennis, her husband. I googled Vistancia and found, TRILOGY RECEIVES GOLF DIGEST'S HIGHEST RATING: 5 STARS Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia is honored to have recently been recognized by Golf Digest magazine with their highest possible rating - 5 out of 5 stars. This designation, determined by combining the opinions of official Golf Digest raters with the online responses of the general public, was only given to two dozen courses in North America (and no others in Arizona). How does Golf Digest define 5-Star? "Superb. Golf at its absolute best. Pay any price to play at least once in your life." Click here (PDF) to see Golf Digest's overview of Trilogy at Vistancia, and to view the list of the other 23 courses given the 5 star…

Saw "Alice", last night,

in Wonderland, that is. First ever combo 3-D, Imax movie I have ever seen. Pretty amazing. Not gonna say it was a fantastic movie, BUT, it is some amazing film making. The combination of imagination and technology to put something like this together is just off the chart. From the 'oohs and aahs of the audience, I wasn't the only one impressed. The last scene of the movie, where a butterfly flies out into the theater, has to be seen to be believed. (In Imax, anyway.) A waste of Johnny Depp, but still, pretty much keeps your attention. Will be interesting to see how the movie-going public likes it.

California Prius 'runaway',

may be a scam, according to headlines. DUH, you think so? This guy had time to call 9-11, talk to operators, get herded in by the State Patrol, and drive for 23 minutes down the hiway. If you didn't think 'SCAM', from the minute you heard this story, you probably are a FOXNews disciple who believes all their crap, too. Geez, use your brain....

Was working,

at Birds of Prey, today, and was there for the afternoon feeding, in the ICU. Saw a couple of girls (well, young women), skinning rats and cutting the meat off the bones with some poultry shears and putting it in bowls for the 'patients' which included a brand new Golden Eagle. He was SO big and beautiful! Was brought in with lead poisoning (they learned the problem from a blood test), but seems to be doing much better. Watched 'em wrap up a Great Horned Owl, and feed it 'rat bites' with a hemostat. I think the Navi language, from 'Avatar' comes from owls, with the clicking and hissing . There was a kestrel, (see pic) wild, outside, who was hanging around, stealing food and catching stray mice, and some of the raptors inside, saw it through the window, and got all riled up. Quite a place, out there.

If you believe FOXNews,

they'll tell you, 'Critics See Red for Green Zone', an anti-American movie that should be boycotted, BUT, you can go to IMDB, (Internet Movie Data Base), a legitimate site for unbiased movie facts, where and when they are showing, complete histories of actors, movies, casts, etc, as well as reviews, and read the truth. Guess what? FOX lied again. Their critic pans it, but MOST don't, cause it tells the truth how we were lied into the war, by W and his big oil/military contractor crew. Even if you're totally naive/ignorant, and you believe the 'Oops, bad information' story, does that justify taking us to war, with all the death, suffering and hundreds of billions of dollars? If you're a right-wing nutball, it's fine. Hey, everyone makes mistakes.... BUT, if you value truth, it is SO obvious what happened. The big $ people made more big $, Surprise!!!


For our survivor party, I drew Tom, tonight, and the Hero team. Bad draw. Lost $, and have to cook dinner for the crew next week. Fun to get together, but more fun to win.

Will save you some money,

and give you a synopsis of Karl Rove's new expose' of the Bush/Cheney/Rove administration. "We didn't lie about the Iraq War, WMD's, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame or any of those other things, and anyone that says we did, no matter HOW much proof they have is just a dirty scumbag liberal. And, by the way, we did a fantastic job, no matter what the final poll numbers say, and don't believe unemployed whiners who blame the recession/depression on us, just because it was our policies in place for those 8 years." Republicans are applauding him for, 'finally getting the truth out'. There, I saved you $30. You're welcome.

Don't they say this every year?

The 2010 hurrican season is forecast to be 'extreme' this year, by several of the reporting agencies. True, we are due, and they say the ocean currents and temps, as well as the jet stream is setting up like it has during the 'bad' years. I do know, that if we are hit hard, there will be a real shortage of disaster insurance adjusters, like myself, as those with marginal experience have been forced to get 'real jobs', to support themselves and their families. If, say, Miami gets hit, I know it would be a real tough decision whether or not to head out for another 'adventure' in a disaster area. Not looking forward to it, but Carol's boot in my butt may help me make the decision... I know, Ranny, if I have to leave, you'll 'take care of her'. Thanks a bunch.

Gotta love Mississippi

A high school in Jackson, MS, has cancelled the senior prom, rather than let two girls attend as 'a couple'. Instead of admitting some people are just 'born that way', they chose to punish everyone. As one disappointed student said, 'that's what you get when you live in the Bible belt'.

Am watching the Noggets,

tonight, as they play the MN Timberwolves, where the coach is Kurt Rambis. My cousin, Dave Hoppen, who set all the b-ball scoring records at the Univ of Nebr, and was the Charlotte Hornets first ever pick, used to room with Rambis, when they both played with Charles Barkley and the 76'ers. Before Rambis got there, Charles called Dave, 'our token white'. Dave dislocated a knee, in Boulder, in front of us, 4 points shy of an all-time Big 8 (now Big 12) scoring record, then suffered a recurring dislocated shoulder that put him out of the NBA. Anyway, Dave told how Rambis would leave for a week trip, with 2 shirts, one coat and one pair of pants, in a small duffle, then would either stink, or borrow stuff 'til they got back. He still looks about the same.

Has anyone else noticed?

Obama is starting to ramp up his Mojo again? The guy that so many of us voted for, who then got lost in the Washington political trap, is starting to exert the energy/intelligence that got him elected. I think he finally realized that the 'party of NO' ain't gonna do anything for the people, cause it MAY help the Dems. Hopefully he can play hardball, like W, and just say, ' screw you', Repubs, we know your agenda. He IS starting to show a spine. 'Bout time. Hope it's not too late.

Have been doing

some roof repair at the 'Birds of Prey' headquarters, and I think I got the main leaks fixed. I forget how some people have a problem walking/working on roofs, BUT, I have been on SO many roofs, over the years, I got no problem with it. Bottom line, they appreciate me fixing the leaks on the various buildings, and it is pretty easy for me. Next time I'm up there, am gonna get a picture. One of the most beautiful locations, ever. Have been getting in a lot of Great Horned Owls, lately. Not sure why.

Good news, bad news

The weather has finally gotten nice enough to golf around here. That's the good news. Bad news? The guys I play with/against have been shooting REALLY good. As in the low 70's, while I I'm shooting in the 80's, which is good for me. As I say, good news, bad news. Still nice to get outdoors....

Does anyone else have this problem?

At 6:00-6:30, each evening, we can either watch Jeopardy or Two and a Half Men. Two of my favorite shows, as we unwind and have a glass of wine, or a beer, maybe, and fix dinner. We go back and forth, as we answer questions or laugh. What a tough decision....

Please send $

Rush Limbaugh threatens to leave US, in protest if health care passes. If everyone that has the same opinion of that pompous buffoon that I do, would just send in a few bucks, we could have hundreds of millions, in traveling money, for that asshole. Please, do your part, to make America a better place.

Was watching TV news,

this morning, as I tried to wake up, and on The Morning Show, CBS, I believe, was a story about Fosomax, a bone supplement for women. It seems that taking it over a long period, 10 years (?), may make bones brittle. Anyway, here comes a face from the past, Sue Heller (Chrisianson), who I graduated with, and the wife of the best man at my wedding, (Tom). She broke both femurs, seperately, and badly. Had known of it, but didn't know of the drug connection. Was strange to see her in the interview on nat'l TV, but it seems like it may be a widespread problem. So sorry, Sue.

Am watching, on DVR,

Tom Brokaw's "Boomers", and just realized, as he starts out, that the Conservatives just shot and killed the Libs that got in their way. JFK, and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Kent State students,
among many others. A BIG difference between the peace and love generation, and Viet Nam era war mongers. Some people were IN the generation, but not OF it. Can't explain why, but some people just never 'got it'.


Today, a rockslide closed I-70, in Glenwood Canyon with HUGE boulders. The detour is north, from Silverthorn, to Steamboat Springs, then Craig, and down to Rifle. 220 miles. Wouldn't you love to be a trucker on contract? Ain't no easy way around Glenwood Canyon. Looks like it's gonna be closed for about a week. Gonna impact LOTS of drivers....

Carol is NO fun

As we sit at different sides of the same room, both on our laptops, I occasionally send her a message, like, bring me some coffee, or bring me a beer. She just writes back, 'NO'. She's no fun...

Have I mentioned,

we are doing the 'Survivor' parties, again, this year? Am not ashamed to admit we enjoy the series. We get together with friends, each Thursday night, draw names, after throwing some $ into the pot, and cheer on our temporary favorite hero or villain, in this latest incarnation of one of my favorite all-time TV shows. Winners win cash, and losers have to provide next week's dinner. Makes it much more interesting. This season, Tammie has put it all on a spreadsheet, so we can add extra bets/contests each week, then have a payout at the end. Basically, just a reason to get together with fun people, have a dinner and laugh alot. Works for us....

'Twas so much fun

to meet the kids last night, downtown, and have an amazing birthday dinner, for Carol, at Fogo de Chao. There is a reason they call it a 'meat storm' or 'meat parade', as the Brazilian waiters bring sizzling spits filled with different cuts of meat, including lamb, chicken, pork and every cut of beef you can imagine. The bacon wrapped filet mignon was fantastic, but my favorite was the house specialty, the 'Noble Sirloin', which melts in your mouth, and they just keep coming, 'til you turn the sign from green to red and say 'no mas'. Unbelievable salad bar and desserts to go with it. We WILL go back, but is gonna be awhile, as I am still not at all hungry, and am just getting over the 'meat sweats' as Homer would say. The birthday girl is playing with her new laptop she got from us last night, and it is kinda strange to be sending e-mails back and forth, as we sit in the same room. It hooked up to our wireless router really easily. Good thin…

This is funny

All the former presidents, from SNL skits, Will Ferrel as W, Dana Carvey as Bush 1, and Bill Clinton, hitting on Michelle, get together in an Obama (Fred Armison) dream sequence, in this spoof by Ron Howard. Even get to see Reagan, by Jim Carrey. Pretty funny, I think.


a picture of a FOXNews executive. This explains a LOT, if you didn't understand their 'point of view'.

Birthday dinner tonight,

with the kids, at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian restaurant. Check out the menu, and notice the 'unlimited servings' of the different entrees. Have stopped eating, for the day, until we get there. Am planning to be REAL hungry.

It finally happened

Took a LONG time, and it's hard to believe, but, as of today, I am living with 60 year old woman. Yup, my sweetie turns 60 today. Pretty good lookin' ol' lady, I think. AND, a damn good skier.
(lunch, yesterday at condo)

FOXNews vs facts,

is really obvious, as the different news outlets review Karl Rove's new book. FOX headline, "Rove Exposes Obama as Fact-fudging, Condescending Liar" The real news outlets concentrate on the fact that his book (accidentally) exposes how the Bush administration lied about the facts leading up to the Iraq war, and especially about the outing of Valerie Plame when she complained about it. Same old shit, and the sheep gobble it up.

Just got back, from 2 days

at Keystone, cause Nate and Laura gave us the condo, and the skiing was IDEAL. Carol carried the camera around the whole time, but only remembered to take a picture after I had big wipeout. (You can see skid marks at left center). Was coming off the mountain, last run of the day, on unfamiliar trail, full speed, and looked up to try to read a trail marker. That's all I remember, other than a fall, (my only one of the trip) and tumbling, in slow motion. Seemed to take forever to stop. Didn't really hurt at the time, but sure felt it later. Gettin' too old for this stuff, BUT, it was really beautiful up there.

The sun is shining,

and the sky is blue, so we are headed up to the mntns for a day of skiing at Keystone. Yahooooo!

The 10 most downloaded songs on I-Tunes,

of all time. Here's the link. You can actually play all of them. To tell the truth, not many of them on my I-pod, but I got some.

Here we go again,

am hearing how Obama is a Marxist, cause he has to use extraordinary measures, to save our economy/way of life, after 8 years of W's 'reign of error', that left our country on the edge of solvency. Only time will tell IF we actually survive, even though Bush bailed out the big banks, with over 700 BILLION DOLLARS, just to keep the gov't from imploding before he slithered out of town. Now, according to Rush and the other losers, it's ALL Obama's fault, and the sheep are baaing their approval. Puhlease, use a little common sense, and see who caused this mess, and don't blame the guy who's trying to fix it.