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We're gonna have a wedding...

Of course you'll get the official details from the happy couple later, but save the date.... of 5-6-7. That's right, May 6, 2007. The place, Iberro Star, Toucan/Quetzel, near Playa del Carmen. Kari's first choice for a wedding. Finally got them to agree they needed us, thanks to Rosa. Anyway, I'm excited, it's finally seeming real. Looking forward to a GREAT time and hope y'all can join us. Later....


Gotta love Mexico, especially the all-inclusive resorts. This is Paul and Kathy at the swim up bar at Barcelo Maya last year. We are starting our Survivor group tonight, which includes them, Don and Cyndi, and Tammie. We draw names at the beginning of the show and the loser cooks the next week. Good excuse to get together....

Topless Italian girl...

As I enjoy this cold, snowy, day here in Colorado, when I'm not thinking about tomorrow's "powder skiing", my mind wanders to the beach. We are finally getting some response to our many inquiries concerning Kari and Ted's upcoming wedding. Sounds like it is definitely going to be somewhere on the Riviera Maya, during the first part of May, 2007. Will let y'all know the particulars as soon as I find out. Should be soon, I hope. The little girl in the picture, on the beach in Positano, loved to fill a cup with water, then find someone laying on the beach and douse them with it when they weren't looking. Note the rocky beach, totally different from the beautiful sand near Playa del Carmen.

Yup, that's a real spider

We shared space with him while on vacation. Just thought my pictures were getting a little "too cute", so decided to give some equal opportunity to "the other side".

What does it take?

Just got back from Nebraska, home of the G.O.P. , and heard again how Iraq was behind 9-11. What does it take for you die-hard Bush supporters to admit/realize that there was is NO relation behind Bin Ladin and Iraq? Don't you know how to READ? Who would have thunk you couldn't "attack a beehive with a baseball bat (Time magazine's words) and not expect bad results? Here we are, 3 1/2 years into W's war, and things are worse every week. SURPRISE!!!! Didn't anyone pay attention to Viet Nam? Not in this administration. W was dodging his Nat'l Guard duties and Cheney and Rove had deferments. It drives me crazy to see the ignorance throughout the American people, but doesn't really surprise me any more. There is a faction out there which has a total disconnect with reality, and I am afraid to admit I am related to some of them. Whatever, time will tell, but I am afraid to think what it will take for some of them to actually face reality. I just can't b…


(Picture from a couple years ago)
Before I pass out from the tryptophan, just want to thank Nate and Laura for a great meal/get together. I don't know how it could have been better. Even got a hug from Jada. Tomorrow Tori joins us and we head out to visit the folks in Nebraska. Probably gonna miss a few blog days. Sorry, but you'll just have to suffer thru it. Time to watch the Broncos/Kansas City game. Catch ya' on the flip side....

OK, I Lied..

If you want some cheap entertainment in your old age (an area I'm an expert in) get yourself two kitties and watch 'em play. Way more fun than TV....

Cute enough?

I can't believe I'm caving in to the "cute pet" requests. Here's Duke and Bella in their "Peacable Kingdom" pose. That's it for awhile....


Can't have a day without a picture. This is my buddy Jason, from Houma, LA. After Katrina, he lost his regular job, and returned to fishing to make a living. This is an alligator gar. Sort of a prehistoric fish, or a 'gator without the legs. Jason would fill his boat with these monsters, some over 200 lbs, (this one was about 150) and sell filets to the local restaurants, some of whom would sell it as alligator and some as fish. A good night's fishing would bring in over $1500. He gave me some filets. Not bad....

Dregs of society?

In response to my buddy who claimed this last election was the result of the "dregs of society" finally getting out to vote, let me lay a little factoid on ya'. In the 2004 election, (and speaking of, if you really wanna get sick, watch "Hacking Democracy" now running on HBO, and see how the Rove/Republican political machine teamed up to give us the 2004 election results), there were so called Red States and Blue States. There is also a branch of the gov't which tracks education and income within all the states. In what should be a surprise to no one, the states with the highest level of education also had the highest incomes. Makes sense to me. Here's what's very interesting. Of the top 10 highest education/income states, they are ALL blue states. And if that's not enough of a coincidence, the lowest education/income states are ALL red states. Sorta shows you where the Bush constituency comes from, huh? The right wing spin meisters counter with…

Lift line

This is the lift line at the ONLY mid mountain lift at Keystone when it opened a couple weeks ago. It was 25 people wide and 200 yards long. Ski 10 minutes and wait 25. NOT fun. But, with a little more snow, things should open up. Here's hopin' for some snow in high country and a GREAT ski season...


Just thought I'd share a picture from Florence. A beautiful day in a beautiful place....

Finally facing reality...

Two opinions, both coming from politicians finally facing reality, came to the forefront this weekend. First, Tony Blair, whose career is in the crapper after siding with Bush in his ill advised war scheme, admits the decision to attack Iraq, was "disastrous". His Conservative party, like our Republicans, went from total control of the country, to being ousted by voters who are sick of the Iraq debacle. The other big name who finally admitted the war in Iraq "cannot be won", was Henry Kissinger, himself no stranger to failed foreign policy (see Viet Nam). Kinda late guys, but better than never. Now if W can extricate his head from his ass and admit his mistake, maybe something can be done to stop the needless killing and maiming. This morning's paper also had the latest decree from the Bush(league) administration. They are shutting down hundreds of campgrounds and outdoor rec facilities, in an effort to save 343 million dollars. Hundreds of billions to kill…

My "Hottie"

'Tis that time of year again, to go skiing with my favorite hottie. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Elk Hunt- 2006

As I finished one of my favorite breakfasts, this morning, sausage/gravy on toast, or B's & G's (biscuits and gravy) made with some excellent elk sausage, I remembered part of the adventure that led to this great meal. This year's hunt had us arriving to over a foot of snow on the ground, with more coming down as we set up the latest version of elk camp. As we(Nate, Matt and I) went thru the familiar process, I realized this was 35 years in a row of pursuing those "frisky critters" (Don Lineen's term for elk) in the Colorado high country. Last year, same time/same place, it was 'bluebird weather', with sunblock being more necessary than longjohns. Another difference, this year, was the outdoor patio, (which hosts the best 'happy hour', to be found anywhere) was enclosed and had a propane heater going. If you've never been there/done that, (elk hunting in fresh powder) it's hard to describe, but the winter woods, under the brilliant…

Check it out Pretty cool!! Smack that penguin. I smacked it 316 ft. Can ya' beat it?

Lovely Laura

Okay, I think I'm finally learning some blog etiquette, maybe, and that includes introducing my
legions of readers to another blogger. The problem is, compared to a real writer, mine seems pretty lame in comparison, but I've been told it's pretty lame anyway, so what's to lose. That's Laura, on the right, there, in the pic. She also goes by ElleBee and you can find her and her inspired writing at I gotta be nice, 'cause my life and the lives of those I love, is (or are?), gonna be in her hands this Thanksgiving, as she prepares the feast. Was gonna close with a helpful hint, but with discretion being the better part of valor, I decided I've written enough today. Right, Laura?

Heads up

If $20 means anything to you, check out today's Rocky Mntn News. There is a $20 coupon ( spend $20 get $20 off) at the new Daveco liquor store at Hiway 7 and I-25. Right! It is true, I did it. AND, the prices are fantastic. NOT what I needed. Cheap liquor, close to home. But, typical prices include: box wines, normally $15.99-8.99. Yellowtail wines. Normally $9.99-4.99. GREAT prices, if you're interested in that kinda stuff..

Prettiest kitty

OK, in response to all those clamboring for a look at the cutest kitty in the world, here she is. And NO, I won't be dressing her up, or any of that crap. This pic was taken when Anna Nichole was visiting me the other day. She took turns petting us... This should be the last of the 'kitty posts' for awhile. Don't want my macho blog to get the wrong kind of image, but it is nice to have a kitty around the house...


This is Bella. Ted and Kari decided they needed to go shopping for their new home together, so they went out one Saturday morning. A few hours later, they came home with a kitty. Essential furnishing for a new house. Bella ended up splitting time between Ted's and our place. However, once Bella began leaving us for extended periods of time, we realized we needed a kitty of our own. Hence, Sophie, the cutest kitty in the world. Just my opinion, and, nothing against Bella, but, what is, IS.


This isn't part of the 'superfecta', but does show Nate with a pretty nice elk loin, which we just happened to have last night. Absolutely fantastic. But, back to the superfecta. Not sure where the name came from, but it fits. Seems Nate and Casey must have come down with 'desk jockey fever' one day and plotted a sweet getaway. We were up at Nate and Laura's condo in Keystone on opening weekend (2006 ski season) when "the boys" showed up around mid-afternoon, with snowboards and fishing poles in hand. They had already spent the morning golfing, at Eagle Trace, then hit the tables at Central City, and were in the process of catching a trout in the Snake River, before hitting the slopes at Keystone, and finishing the day at the brew pub there. My hats off to you guys. A day well planned and executed. Should be one of those "rocking chair stories" we all need for our later days.... Also, if you want to see how a 'professional' does a b…

Thoughts for a cold day

This is my little girl. She got the day off for jury duty, then didn't have to go in. Like a little kid on a 'snow day' Someone else is herding the ankle biters today, and she's doing wedding planning. Last weekend it was house hunting. I think she's really gonna do it. Move out, that is. Gonna be a sad day around here. Not that she won't be back to visit, and not that Ted isn't the best guy in the world for her, but it's just, so, FINAL. As Paul would say, "She's Leaving Home", bye bye. I'm sure all daddy-daughter relationships are special, but Kari's medical problems have made her even more so, if that's possible. Gotta look at the positive side, and all that stuff, but it's still gonna be REAL QUIET 'round here...

A First

(Pic from warmer times...same people)
I'm pretty sure I did something today that I have never done. After playing 9 holes at Thorncreek this morning, I decided it was TOO COLD to golf and I quit without playing the 18 holes I had paid for. I don't think that has ever happened before. BUT, when your fingers and toes are numb, it is NO fun. The final straw came when I was over a putt on #8 and a drip of snot fell from my nose, barely missing the ball. (Nice mental picture, huh?) I guess the only question is. Was I smart for quitting, or stupid for starting? Whatever, when the wind chill is in single digits, it's time to leave. And I did....

What a team Good looking AND intelligent!

Thanks Ted

It is soooo nice to have my own IT guy around. Now that I think about it, maybe it would have been better, over the years, to have been forced into learning more about the inner workings of my computer, but noooo, I would have just had to make more trips to the local 'Geeks R Us" stores, I'm sure. Most of the time, my computer just hums along and life is great. BUT, when it has a problem I have problems. I don't realize how dependent I am on that technology that I take for granted, until it's not there. Just like a lot of things. Cinderella says it best in their song, "Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone", although they were prob'ly talkin' flesh and blood stuff. Like my latest techie thing, a wireless router, I thought I could just order it on E-bay, pay, wait for delivery, hook it up and start surfing. I did all the former and NONE of the latter, until Ted bailed me out. Let me say right now, Nate is also a computer hotshot, ( it…

What you thinkin'?

Speaking of Carol, whenever I see this picture of her, I always wonder, What did I do to deserve THAT look?

I miss her

I took Carol to the airport early Thursday morning, when she left to visit her sister in Chicago. I knew it would be different around here, but did not realize HOW different. During the course of an average year, I spend many days/nights away from home. With fishing and hunting trips, golf outings and occasional disaster insurance jobs, Carol gets rid of me quite often, and I imagine she has gotten used to it, and prob'ly looks forward to it. I, on the other hand, VERY seldom am "Home Alone". I don't think I like it. TOO quiet. Kari is at Ted's, ( I think they are looking at houses today), but at least I have the kitties to play with. Without Bella and Sophie providing entertainment with their "herd of buffalo" runs across the floor and their twisting, turning flying leaps, I would actually have to get out and do something. Still might. Did get a book yesterday, and it's pretty good already. I like Steven White, a local author, whose bo…

One of my favorites

In an ongoing effort to make this spot more interesting, I'm going to randomly add some of my favorite pics. This one takes me back to Amalfi, where we met up w/Kari and she took us up to the hostel where she lived. Good times....

Dinner and cards

Had a great time with my buddies last night. Joining Matt and I at Matt's house, were Scott and Dave, Bugs, and Dog and Wally. I fixed elk loin, Matt did elk burgers, beans and taters. Good "guy meal", then poker afterward. Couple of beers/cocktails thrown in. Strange night at poker table, where I went for over 2 hours without a win. Good thing was, not many 2nd places either. Just didn't get the cards. But still had a good time. Bugs brought his traveling knife sale and I think everyone bought at least one. I didn't need one, but got one anyway, 'cause he can use the $$. Canadian fishing trip plans under way for next summer w/the guys. Has been a while and we all miss it. Looks like Shadd Lake in July. Hope Wally's OK. He was a little strange last night. Even for Wally...

Need a new blog title

Was just screwing around, after first couple of blog names were already taken, and found one that wasn't. Not the worst possible, but could be better. Problem is, don't know if I can change it, or if I can, to what? Something that incorporates family, old age, wisdom, gambling, traveling, golfing, reading, kitty loving and stormchasing in one cool title. Hmmmm... Think I'm stuck with Famguytoday.

Crox Rocks

Now for positive thoughts.... Took a flyer on Crocs stock a few months ago, after seeing them all over in FL and even the backwoods of Houma LA. The impetus to buy, was when I tried to find some for my dad, in Kearney, NE. Approx 7 places carried them and they were ALL sold out in popular colors and sizes. Anything with such wide appeal, (they are VERY comfortable) and such a huge profit margin (how much could it cost to produce plastic shoes, that sell for $30/min?), seemed like a natural investment to me. Good news, bad news. Bought some, but should have bought more. Oh well, better some than none. Go CROX!!!! By the way, the lizard/crocs pic was taken aboard "Cajun Man's Swamp Tour" with two Swedish journalists. Cajun man, (real name-Black Guidry) a former Green Beret and LA State Trooper, loved my Crocs. Next time I saw him, he was wearing his own. Gotta luv 'em.

Where to start?

Strange as it may seem, I actually lay awake last night thnking of the possibilities for this blog. Part of me said, it don't matter cause no ones' gonna read it anyway, but another part said someday, someone I care about, might. I also wonder if proper spelling, grammar, fixing typos, etc. is important. At this point, I din't think so. We've all seen the message where a complete story has the first and last letter of each word correct, but all the interior letters are mixed up. The human brain, even mine, it seems, is able to read the juxtaposed words nearly as easily correct ones. Go figure. That said, I'll make an effort to be careful, but I'm not going to be too anal. I also decided I will get a little content here, a few days or weeks, before I tell anyone I'm even doing it. That way, if I decide to bail on the project, not many will know I'm a quitter. SOOOOO, my first semi-serious post, has to be something I feel strongly about. And …

Thanks, Laura

Don't know if I'll ever return here, but if I do, I have you to blame/credit. Now you can make nasty comments to me.

Jus' Playin 'round

Just posted this picture to see if I could. I guess I can....

FamGuy Premier

Wow! I must really be bored. Yup. Soooooo, here we go. This first posting is just to if it really works. Nothing profound to say, yet. That comes later. See ya....