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In FOX/Sheep world,

the chance encounter of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, at a Phoenix airport, where it was 108 degree and they got on her air-conditioned airplane, is YUUUGE news(, cuz Bill wanted to put pressure on her, in a VERY public venue, according to Bullshit Mountain).. C'mon, who believes this crap, as T. Rump says it PROVES collusion. Oh yeah, the sheep....
How ignorant can you get? Never mind, we are talking about FOX/PARP Trump supporters, SO, the ignorance answer is..... UNlimited ignorance.

The Donald's new 'talking point'

is that ISIS was formed while Hillary was Sec of State. DUH... Who was left with the steaming pile of crap when GW and The Dick were run out of town with a 22% approval rating after they had wrecked everything they touched, including the MidEast with their 'Oops, No WMD's war', that loosed all the terrorist groups in the region? And now it's Hillary's fault?
Who swallows this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind...

Just a couple things, that the sheep who follow/swallow

Bullshit Mountain 'news' probably won't hear. Obama met with the heads of Canada and Mexico, two of our largest trading partners, (the same two countries that probably wouldn't even allow Bush/Cheney to enter), and he received loud cheers from the Parliament of 'Four More Years'!
Also, a billionaire investor on CNBC (Financial Channel) disparaged T. Rump in MANY ways, explaining how his presidency would wreck world markets, and mentioned that his Wall, would keep Mexicans IN the US, cuz there has been a net migration, for several years, from the US, TO Mexico.
The sheep won't hear it on FOX/PARP though, cuz that doesn't fit in with the racist rants of their 'leader'.
FOX/T.Rump. What a couple of jokes....
PS- FOX's own poll revealed that 90% of voters consider T. Rump a 'hothead' and over 80% say he's 'obnoxious'. Wow, them Pubs sure know how to pick 'em....

The other day, I mentioned

how the Repubs in Congress have held Zika funds hostage over birth control within Planned Parenthood. NOT abortion, birth control..
Read here, to see why I REALLY can't stand the jerks(R).
Congress's Failure to Fund Zika Response

Funding for an adequate response to the virus is being held hostage by a debate over Planned Parenthood, as the Zika threat worsens daily.

In an effort to appeal to the sheep,

who are SO easily fooled, T. Rump had a plan....
Last weekend the media (including the Times – see link below) reported that uber-evangelist James Dobson (who founded the rigidly-conservative Focus on the Family organization decades ago) announced that he was personally close to sources who participated in the recent “born again” conversion of Donald J. Trump.  Dobson then pronounced that Trump, while no angel, was now a “baby Christian” (yep, you just can’t make this stuff up).
___________________________ Trump's Bid to Become Born-Again Fails as Jesus Turns Down Friend Request By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 29 June 16 The billionaire Donald J. Trump’s bid to become a born-again Christian failed over the weekend after Jesus Christ turned down his friend request, campaign officials have acknowledged. Jesus, who has not generally been active on Facebook, made a rar…

Over two years, dozens of hearings

and millions of dollars, with numerous claims of massive cover-ups, the BENGHAZI! Repub witch-hunt discovered..........., that Hillary used a private server for her e-mail, (that was never hacked, contrary to Pub lies that said it was), and little else of any consequence. Sure, there were mistakes made, by MANY people, but mostly by the Pubs who cut embassy security budgets, then bitched when the obvious happened.
Bottom line, it was/is all a political con job by the clowns who brought us the 'Oops, No WMD's' fiasco, with which they had 'No Problem'. Wow, I'm shocked....

Another YUUUGE difference

between the legitimate news media and the swill from FOX was shown yesterday in the reporting on funding for the Zika virus. Bullshit Mountain claimed the Dems voted down the funding bill, BUT, what the jerks didn't report was that the Pubs sabotaged the bill by inserting provisions in it that would have slashed contraception fundung from Planned Parenthood. And this makes sense in Repub world? IF we(R) are gonna fund a disease, you gotta give up birth control, BUT, we are gonna bitch when kids are born out of wedlock and we gotta support 'em. And you wonder why I can't stand 'em(R), and their propaganda network, FOX/PARP?

FOXNews is famous, for some really 'off the wall' bullshit,

but they may have hit a new low today, when they inferred that people are worse off today, than when Obama took over for GW. Are you kidding me? They can't remember 2008 with the economy in freefall, unemployment soaring, two unpaid for wars raging, housing crashing, energy prices peaking and a prez and VP being run outta town with historically low approval numbers.
Today, Bullshit Mountain, claimed 'just the opposite'. I know the sheep are stupid and gullible, but this is off the chart, even for the clowns at FOX, who claimed,
As is often the case, Ronald Reagan said it best. In his closing argument against incumbent  President Jimmy Carter in a 1980 debate, Reagan asked voters to look at the election this way: “Are you better off than you were four years ago? 
Then they go on to say how Donald should win, cuz everyone is SO bad off now, BUT, the media is so rotten that HRC will probably win.
UnF-ing believable, even for FOXBullshit....

If you ever wondered, how the 'real' news

and FOXNews differ, on reporting the same story. Just look at the Bullshit Mountain bullshit, vs legitimate reporting, concerning the latest (#43?)  investigation into BENGHAZI!, where the Repub attack dogs are TRYING to prove that Hillary is at fault. Same old crap, and the same jerks(R) twisting the facts to smear the future president, cuz that's basically all they have, other than the YUUUUGE problem with the 'private server'.
Just like always. FOXNews=What a joke....
A war based on lies, killing thousands and costing trillions, creating millions of refugees? NO PROBLEM....
 But private server and BENGHAZI? Oh My God! CRUCIFY HER!

Whenever I think,

Americans are too smart to elect T Rump, I just look back at 2004, when they re-elected GW, AND I look at stuff like this, where thousands of Kentuckians, and their ilk, support the Noah's Ark' shrine, and I realize NEVER underestimate the gullibility and ignorance of  'the people'.
WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. — In the beginning, Ken Ham made the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. And he saw that it was good at spreading his belief that the Bible is a book of history, the universe is only 6,000 years old, and evolution is wrong and is leading to our moral downfall.
The ark is also intended to serve as a vivid warning that, according to the Bible, God sent a flood in Noah’s time to wipe out a depraved people, and God will deliver a fiery end to those who reject the Bible and accept modern-day evils like abortion, atheism and same-sex marriage. “We’re becoming more like the days of Noah in that we see increasing secularization in the culture,” Mr. Ham said. Yet his interpretati…

Although Hillary is up, in the polls,

we can't be complacent. A year ago the thought of Donald T Rump being the Pub nominee was 'inconceivable', but he is. We just assumed there weren't that many stupid people(R), but there are. Now, after the British 'exit' actually happening, there is a warning for us. As always, stupid people in large groups can cause serious damage. Just look at GW, with his reign of error(R), and now the rise of T Rump.
“Anyone with half a brain understood that ‘Brexit’ was an utterly foolish choice from virtually every rational perspective.  Thus it seemed virtually inconceivable to rational folks (who make up the vast majority of the “establishment”) that there were enough gullible and ignorant ‘rubes’ amongst the British electorate who would actually end up voting for such transparent insanity.” But they did, and it could happen here. 
In short, there are a lot more stupid, gullible, paranoid and semi-literate voters out there (both in Britain and the U.S.) than most o…

Now it's day two, of playhouse building

Gonna be pretty cool. Can't wait to see her face, if I survive. Oh well, good way to go. Got about one day to go, probably two half-days. Good to spend time with Nate, and use my building experience...
Beautiful place to build, in the woods, looking over the plains, far below.

Gotta admit, I'm kinda hurtin'

after spending the day starting a 'playhouse/treehouse' for Piper, on the side of a mountain. Would be a bit of a project for a young guy, which I can't even remember, but is good to spend time with Nate, and it's gonna be pretty cool. Will try to get before and after pics.

FOXNews, with it's typical stellar reporting,

is claiming that 'The UK has left the UN'. No shit, And I doubt if any of the sheep even noticed. FOX/PARP, what a joke...
Fox News Reports UK Has Left The UN After EU Referendum Vote

View image on Twitter

Donald T Rump promises to create a YUUUGE

number of jobs, and he has, with the fact-checkers who are working over-time, after his long-awaited speech, where he promised a bunch of new facts about crooked Hillary, sorta like he teased the press for so long with everything he had found PROVING Obama was Kenyan-born Muslim. As always though, it's just warmed over bullshit, BUT, the sheep love it, nonetheless. Mmmm bullshit....
“Donald Trump’s long-awaited speech Wednesday supposedly detailing the dirt he has on Hillary Clinton turned out to be exactly what critics expected: A diatribe of right-wing paranoia seemingly cribbed off all-caps email forwards sent to you by your grandfather. Much of it assumed an audience that already has spent years poring over anti-Clinton urban legends and that gets almost all its news from the Drudge Report. It is also a fact-checking nightmare, a garbage truck of lies, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. It’s as if Trump is trying to overwhelm the fact-checkers with so many lies they sim…

in the crazy, insane world of Repub politics,

Donald T Rump explained 'why' the Brits voted to leave the EU. According to the 'great thinker(R)', it's all Obama's fault. Yup, in T Rump world, where he explains the mysteries of the world to his low-info sheep, the British exit should be blamed on the Dems, esp Obama, like everything else that goes wrong in the world, and the Bullshit Mountain denizens eat it up. Check out The Donald's explanation for the European Union's problem(s).
He totally ignored/dismissed one of the MAIN problems, which is the massive migration of refugees flooding Europe and heading to the UK, after GW and The Dick(R) totally screwed up the Mid East and that entire part of the world with their 'Oops, No WMD's War', that will take decades to recover from. Instead, the brainiac(R), blamed it on Obama.
Trump put the result at Obama’s feet and criticized him for meddling: “He shouldn't have done it, and I actually think that his recommendation perhaps caused it to…

The Donald was 'called out' on several of his lies,

so he lied some more, about her sleeping through BENGHAZI, and her server being hacked, and other crap he said. Same old shit, that works for the sheep, but NOT for triple digit IQ voters. The debates should be SO much fun....

Hillary's camp just announced over 50 top business leaders,

who have endorsed her for president, including many Republicans.
They’re not saying Hillary would be better, they’re saying Trump is unqualified for the job, which is a much stronger statement.Gautam Mukunda, Harvard Business School Many of the successful executives he’s spoken to about the election are contemptuous of Trump, Mukunda said this week. The candidate has a spotty business record studded with bankruptcies and lawsuits. Will this matter to the sheep? Of course not. T. Rump has an (R) after his name, and that's ALL they care about.

There are a LOT of bogus endorsements 'out there',

i.e., Sarah Palin thinks The Donald would be a wonderful president, but this one is pretty large, coming from GHW's Natl Security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, who thinks/knows Trump would be a YUUUUGE disaster.
In news from the campaign trail, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by one of the leading figures of the Republican national security establishment: Brent Scowcroft, the national security adviser to George H.W. Bush. His endorsement of Hillary Clinton is the latest indication of the chaos within the Republican Party over the presumptive nomination of Donald Trump.

Seems The Donald's new campaign manager

had some good, immediate advice for him. 'Just shut the f**k up, and better yet, get out of the country.' SO, T Rump, hopped on one of his planes, where he couldn't be filmed/recorded saying more of the stupid crap he's famous for, and headed to........Scotland, where they like him even less than we do, here in America.
Good move, Donald. No new stupid quotes for a day or so, BUT, I'm betting on some stoopid tweets, cuz the guy just can't help himself.......

Donald T Rump didn't miss a beat,

after calling Hillary a liar, before bullshit started flowing from his mouth, like diarrhea from a range bull who's eaten too much green grass. The lies were YUUUGE in quantity and quality, beginning with, 'she's gonna take you guns', and continued in the style that his low-info sheep lap up like spilled milk at the Cat Rescue Center. And I'm not the only one who noticed. Check out his 'Whoppers' from Politifact, the fact checking arm of the Financial Channel.
Here is a fact-check of some of the claims in Donald Trump's speech. This post will be updated as our team researches more of Trump's claims. The facts: According to PolitiFact, 59% of Trump's checked claims have been deemed false or "Pants on Fire" false, versus 12% for Clinton. Donald Trump:
True: 2%
Mostly True: 7%
Half True: 15%
Mostly False: 17%
False: 40%
Pants on Fire: 19% Hillary Clinton:
True: 23%
Mostly True: 28%
Half True: 21%
Mostly False: 15%
False: 11%
Pants on Fire:…

Just like the Immigration Bill,

which would have passed on a bi-partisan vote, the Pubs are refusing to vote on an issue that over 70% of the people agree on. Tougher security checks and no gun sales to those on security/terrorist watch lists. BUT, that doesn't stop them from bitchin' about immigration and mass killings. Same old shit from the 'heads up their asses' crowd, as the NRA has them by the balls.
Nothing new here, but sickening just the same.

Had a good, long converstaion

with my cousin in London, today, mainly about family matters and Brexit, but we also spoke about Trump. She said the Brits have mostly written him off, cuz he's obviously gonna implode, and he's already started. Obvious, to anyone with a working brain, which excludes the FOXSheep.
You don't agree? You wanna bet? OR will you be like the rightwingnut who weaseled out of his bet, cuz even within his thick, boneheaded skull, he realizes The Donald doesn't have a chance. Sorta like the Repub party. Good riddance, to a bad problem. Hasta la vista, rightwingnuts...

The mission to the South Pole

was a success, cuz the rescuers brought in an Otter, from Canada, for the dangerous mission. Am proud to say I've had over thirty successful takeoff/landings in an Otter. Best in the world, as the bush pilots took us in and out, to our island. Talk about the 'good ol' days'....


to stop gun sales to those who can't fly, cuz they are considered too dangerous, so the Dems are fighting it. Same old shit, from the party owned by the NRA, who claim the Dems are gonna 'Take Your Guns!', and the sheep swallow it. Later, Donald T Rump told multiple lies, easily de-bunked, but earnestly believed by the low-info Bullshit Mountain denizens. Stay tuned....

Did you know

That Hillary slept through BENGHAZI?
That The Donald is more religious than Hillary?
The King of Debt, is prez material ?
Trump's lack of fund-raising is 'no problem'?
Kendall Jenner has a new nipple ring?
And, (gulp), African Americans should start voting Repub again?

Then obviously you aren't reading (and swallowing) FOX/PARP. Good for you....

Much like topless beaches lose their WOW factor,

by about the second day, pot usage among Colorado teens has gone DOWN slightly, and is lower than the national average, after over two years of being legal.
Unlike all the gloom and doom predictions from the rightwingnut crowd, the overall problems have been much less than predicted. The MAIN problem has been the lack of banking services that cause it to be an all cash business, which is insane. Just yesterday a dispensary guard (ex-Marine, father of 3) was shot and killed, because of all the cash. I'm amazed there haven't been more, cuz the rightwingnuts refuse to allow banks to be involved.
Like all reasonable changes, the nutjobs will EVENTUALLY come around, when they are FORCED into it, but in the meantime I'm sure there will be more robberies and killings cuz the whackjobs think they need to impose their personal morality on EVERYONE.
Nothing new here, but how often do they(R) have to be proven WRONG.

This just in...

that bastion of Chrisitianity, Donald T Rump, today questioned the beliefs of Hillary and Obama, claimed that Hillary 'hasn't said that much', and hinted that Obama is probably a Muslim. This will play REAL well among the God and Guns group that thinks he is presidential material, considering what a fine upstanding Christian man HE is. This, after

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., once claimed God had endorsed Trump’s onetime rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), for president, but are now backing Trump.
What a JOKE, that the sheep 'just don't get'.

Good headline today

concerning the Pub pick for prez. All of Trumps 'Financial Books' end on Chapter 11.  PERFECT, for the guy who got $100 million from 'daddy' to start with, and went bankrupt MANY times, but the chumps think he's a financial 'jenius'.

'60 Minutes' AGAIN reported on the missing 28 pages

this Sunday, in the 9-11 report that was hidden and buried by the Bushies, cuz it made the Saudis and the Bushies look REAL bad, after GW attacked Iraq, instead of the people (15 of 19) who actually attacked us.
SURPRISE, the Bushies and Saudis were the ones who profited most when oil went from $14 to over $140/barrel. Who can't see this, other than the sheep, who don't have a clue? Never have, never will.
It cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, while the war criminals, Big Oil boys ands
 their buddies, Bush/Cheney(R) made a killing.
IF, you need a refresher, just watch the '60 Minutes' program that lays out the entire case, for those who live with their heads NOT deeply inserted.

After just dealing with a rabid rightwingnut,

who probably doesn't realize how offensive the 'bubble dwellers' are to those in the real world, I gotta admit I haven't looked forward to anything, (since maybe Christmas when I was a little kid), like I am eagerly anticipating the Repubs getting their sorry asses handed to them on the first Tuesday of November. Gonna be a bloodbath and I'm gonna wallow in it.....

Good obituary for the Repub Party, RIP....

Age: 162 Aliases: Grand Old Party, GOP, Party of “No,” Party of Lincoln [archaic] b. February 28, 1854, Ripon Wisconsin d. July 2016, Cleveland, Ohio Causes of death: Ingestion of large quantities of a slow-acting flesh-eating bacterium, Racism americanesis, beginning in the 1960s, weakened the party, sapped it of its principles, caused its heart to deteriorate, raised its blood pressure to extremely dangerous levels, and left it with only white blood cells—a condition that initially seemed to strengthen it, but ultimately left it with no resistance to a virulent disease that struck it in the summer of 2015 and precipitated its death a year later. Survivors: The Republican Party was preceded in death by its maternal grandparents, Abolitionism and Reconstruction; its paternal grandparents, Greed and Tariffs; its parents, Isolationism and McCarthyism; and a brother named Watergate. The Party is survived by several wealthy uncles, including Charles Koch of Wichita, David Koch of New York, and…

In another example

of brain-dead Repubs vs The People, after the Columbine disaster.

Re: “Michael Bennet joins Senate filibuster over gun violence,” June 16 news story. Your article incorrectly stated that “Colorado’s legislature closed the gun show loophole after the mass shooting at Columbine High School in 1999.” Actually, the Republican legislature had the opportunity to do just that in 2000, but killed the bill put forward by the late Sen. Ken Gordon. After that bill’s defeat, SAFE Colorado took it to the voters, who approved it by a 70-30 vote in November 2000. Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was shot and killed at Columbine High School, was the spokesperson for that campaign. Three of the four guns used in that school shooting originated at a gun show. Eileen McCarron, Denver Don't you just love them Repubs? Neither do I.

Hollow at the core

Do you remember what happened when the Berlin Wall fell? Until that moment, nobody realized just how decadent Communism had become. It had tanks, guns, and nukes, but nobody really believed in its ideology anymore; its officials and enforcers were mere careerists, who folded at the first shock. It seems to me that you need to think about what happened to the G.O.P. this election cycle the same way. The Republican establishment was easily overthrown because it was already hollow at the core. When Mr. Bush and Mr. Rubio dutifully repeated the usual conservative clich├ęs, you could see that there was no sense of conviction behind their recitations. All it took was the huffing and puffing of a loud-mouthed showman to blow their houses down. The good news? The Wall is gone and the Repubs are crumbling. Good riddance, to two worthless institutions...

As I watch the final few holes

of the US Open, I was gonna comment on the UNbelievable BS from the USGA rules committee against Dustin Johnston, but realized that if you're a golfer, you already know and are as pissed off as I am, and if you're not, you don't care.
But, as per a baseball analogy, it's like a close play at home, that was called an out in the third inning. BUT, the officials looked at the play and told both teams, we MIGHT, call him safe, BUT, we won't tell you until the game is over. Now go out and play., but don't let it affect your play. ALSO, the play at home was OBVIOUS, but now they are saying it wasn't. Throw in the fact that DJ was totally robbed in 2010 by the same a**holes in the rules committee, who now tell him, you may or may NOT have a penalty stroke. We'll let you know when it's over.
UNbelievable, according to ALL the input from other players, commentators and fans.

You can't beat Sunday of The US Open,

for some real drama. Best golfers in the world, on one of the toughest courses, with all the pressure that comes with it. AND, it's too hot out, today, to do anything else.
Great moment today when Sergio Garcia picked up a baby bird, when walking between holes, and it seemed to poop on his hand. Sergio looked at his palm, then touched hands with one of the spectators who reached out toward him, Classic!
Then tonight we have Game 7 of the NBA finals. Great Father's Day after spending time with the kids earlier in the week, with plans to meet in the coming days. Life is good, as I enjoy a frosty mug of Nate's homebrew Scottish Ale (just like McEwans!). Mmmmm....

Bill Moyers is known

as a middle of the road, voice of reason, who hasn't commented on this year's race for prez, until now.
Mr. Moyers’ commentary below displays both his utter disdain for and deep fear of “Trumpism”.  He clearly and forcefully demonstrates that Mr. Trump is the most dangerous demagogue in American history (albeit just the latest in a long and sordid line, including Huey Long, Father Coughlin, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and the odious Joe McCarthy – who came the closest of all to wielding truly destructive national power when Americans were feeling insecure and afraid, the soil in which demagogues flourish).
But not one of these pernicious American demagogues has ever risen to become the presumptive presidential nominee of one of our two political parties (quite naturally, the GOP - which for the last fifty years has been pedaling poisonous, paranoid propaganda to pander to the lowest common denominator of the American Id). 
We are in totally uncharted territory n…

Saw 'The Age of Adaline' (2015) last night

and was really glad I stuck with it. Was kind of a goofy chick flick at first, but once the premise was revealed, Blake Lively as a 29 year-old who never aged, (you'll have to see it to find out why), and the Harrison Ford character was introduced, it became very interesting. The 'young' Harrison was amazing, as they found a doppelganger somewhere and dubbed the voice. Had heard of Blake Lively, but didn't know she was so much fun to watch.
Not sure if it's for everyone, but if you liked 'Somewhere in Time', you may enjoy this one, but be patient.

If you thought the McCain/Palin ticket was a joke,

you ain't seen nuthin' yet.
IN normal times, a party’s leaders and comers grovel for roles in the convention and prime time on its stage. In the Year of Trump, Republicans are racing for the exits. It’s as if the Emerald City suddenly turned into Chernobyl. The list of luminaries who plan to skip Donald Trump’s coronation in Cleveland includes the 2012 nominee (Mitt Romney), the 2008 nominee (John McCain) and the two-term president who preceded them, George W. Bush. The Bushes en masse are taking a pass. What a total, utter freak show this promises to be, and not in the manner that Republicans feared just months ago. They wondered then if the convention would be contested, with Trump and Ted Cruz dueling for delegates. Now they’re looking at four excruciating days that will be light on appropriate speakers, short on cash and long on God-knows-what other than the music of Trump’s voice and the shimmer of Trump’s hair.
Over the last two weeks, the Trump campaign’s feuding with …

Finally, some good news

in the NYT, today. Law schools, who crank out thousands of totally useless grads, with YUUGE student loans, are finally getting the message. The world doesn't need more lawyers. In fact, there are WAY too many now, as the blood-suckers feed on each other and the poor SOB's who are forced into 'needing' their 'services'.
Finally, the wingtip wearing brigades, looking for ANY kind of legal work are finding out. You are not needed or wanted. Click on the link above, and see how worthless a 'law degree' actually is....

What a great day...

Played in a Best Ball 'Scramble' with my buds at Highland Hills GC. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but I don't think anyone had more fun. Thanks a bunch, Scott. It did get kinda warm, but thankfully, they had beer.
Set a personal record. Got up before sunrise, TWO DAYS IN A ROW, for golf. I had no idea the world is so pretty, at that time of day....

In the crazy, insane world of Pub politics,

Sarah Palin called Obama 'stoopid'. I'm sure that will be followed by Chris Christie calling Bill Clinton 'fat'. I wonder what color the sky is, in the their world....

Another great day,

started with meeting Nate at Heritage Golf Course at 6:00. First ones out. Played 18 holes in 3 hours, and I lost a 12 pack in 'extra innings'. Tied 9-9 in our match play, and lost it in a chip and putt play off. What a great way to start the day. Speaking of, tomorrow morning's a tourney at The Ranch with Scott and the boys. Life is good....

OK I admit, I'm weird

partly cuz I watch 'Ellen' with Carol, sometimes, and today one of her guests (Dianne Keaton) recommended drinking red wine on ice. Tried it, didn't like it, BUT, putting red wine in a cocktail shaker with ice, then drinking cold red wine, was/is good. Sorta like the Sangria we enjoyed in Barcelona.

Channel 9 'Prep Sports' made a big deal,

about a high school kid pole vaulting 15 ' 2". Yahoo.... After I set a Jr High pole vaulting record, I was totally ignored in high school, cuz John Randolph, a buddy of mine, pole vaulted over 16' 6". Yup, Kearney, NE, 1966. No one in Colorado (or hardly anywhere else) has come close to it. He gave it up though, to play lead guitar in a local rock n roll band. Hmmm, the Good Ol' Days....

If you ever wondered

just how much trouble the Pubs are in, just look at who they're trotting out, to keep the voters' minds off Donald T Rump.
G Dub, who made lepers 'look good', for the last decade or so, is now on the stump, cuz they(R) will try ANYTHING, as they are looking at the DESTRUCTION of their once proud, (though always backward) party.
WOW! GWBush is now one of their 'Good Guys'. The guy(R) who wrecked our country in SO many ways. Remember his 'Oops' war, and the economy in 2008? You gotta be kiddin'.....

I've always thought,

some of the most crooked people in the world (right behind Pub politicians) are NBA refs. Nobody can be that consistently bad, unless they are trying. The officials in Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs OBVIOUSLY got the word. The Cavs ARE gonna win, to force a YUUUGE game 7.
Steph Curry had NEVER fouled out of, OR been ejected from, a game, in his entire career, BUT, the greaseball officials whistled him out, with a series of UNbelievable, ticky-tack fouls, on the MVP of the NBA.
They didn't need to, cuz King James as playing so well, but The Fix was definitely in. At least 3 of his 6 fouls were totally bogus, and it really got in his head.
Sorta reminded me of when we used to play against the small towns in Nebr b-ball. I couldn't step on someone's shadow without being called for a foul.

Just when you think they(R) can't get any worse

they(R) always do. Today, John McCain claimed Obama was 'directly responsible' for the deaths in Orlando, cuz he withdrew troops from Iraq, as per GW's 'signed' schedule. WTF!?!?
This, from the old fart who thought Sarah Palin was VP material. Repubs=JOKE
If I was a Repub (IMPOSSIBLE!), I would be SO ashamed, cuz they don't have a clue, and they pove it daily.
Donald T Rump for prez? You gotta be kidding....

The rightwingnut fave, Donald T Rump

is calling for a ban of Muslims entering the US, and 'increased surveillance of Mosques'. YAHOO!
That would be ZERO help in preventing the gun violence/killings in the last several shootings. BUT, the rightwingnuts LOVE it, cuz it reinforces the crap from FOX. Can you say 'IGNORANT/ NOT A CLUE'?
As I watch the reactions, from news/talk show hosts etc, I see a call for action. BUT, there is no action anyone can take, to protect us from the 'lone wolf', mentally unstable nutjob who wants to kill people. Sure, it should be harder to buy assault rifles, but that won't stop 'em. Nothing will, and as much as we wanna think we can make a difference, we can't....

The media is FINALLY asking the same question

I asked, after the FL massacre. WHY did it take SO long for the highly paid/trained/equipped police/SWAT to engage the shooter? Just like Columbine. As the victims 'bled out', the cops sat on their asses, for over 3 hours, cuz they 'might get hurt'.
FINALLY, they knocked down a wall and the cops, in full body armor, made a move. Too late for the victims, but typical for the 'heroes', who will spend thousands of 'overtime hours', proving that Omar was the shooter. Same old shit....

After the latest shooting in the US

I realize that it can't be stopped with gun control or by banning Muslims, BUT, as I see the 'Christian' pastor saying 'not enough of them were killed', I see it as a 'religious' problem, with Muslims hating Christians, and they all hate gays. AS IF it was a 'choice'. Remember when YOU had to choose? Of course not, but the rightwingnuts act like those who 'chose wrong' deserve Hell and all the consequences. Total insanity, and SO Republican. No wonder they(R) support an idiot like Donald T Rump.

Enjoyed a b-day present, yesterday,

when my favorite daughter took me out to lunch, (Carrabba's, for ciopinni), then to a movie, 'The Jungle Book'. Amazing flick, that made you believe animals can talk, as Mowgli and friends try not to be eaten by Shere Khan, the scariest tiger ever. Then we stopped by Bar Louie, for Happy Hour.
Thanks, Kari....

Donald T Rump didn't waste the opportunity,

when 49 Americans were killed by a Muslim fanatic, to suggest the prez has 'his own agenda', and pershaps doesn't want to stop the killing. This, from the same idiot who claimed have hard evidence that Obama wasn't born in the US. Just when you think they(R) CAN'T get any worse, they always do.....
Donald Trump waded into the fever swamps on Monday, suggesting in two interviews that President Obama may have a secret agenda that prevents him from combating Islamic terrorists. The comments added to a long list of conspiracy theories from the presumptive GOP nominee about the president's religion, birthplace and worldview. They also sent a clear message to Republicans who have begged Trump to soften his rhetoric that he's not changing his ways anytime soon. "Well, there are a lot of people that think maybe he doesn't want to get it," Trump told NBC's "TODAY" on Monday. The comments came shortly after another interview with Fox News…

Wow, they must be conflicted on Bullshit Mountain

A Muslim, (Bad), using an assault rifle, (Good) with over-sized clips (Good) killed a bunch of gay (Bad) Hispanics (Bad). But, if they can link the shooter to Hillary's private server, the champagne corks will pop, and it will be all Good!
PS I wonder how many bled to death, and were killed, while the 'highly paid/trained' SWAT officers waited (over 3 hours) for the equipment to knock down the rear walls, so none of them would have to risk being shot at? Sounds a lot like Columbine....

Have liked 'Bloodline', the HBO drama,

set on Islamorada, in the FL keys, since the beginning, with it's fantastic cast, story, scenery, etc, BUT, now in season 2, toward the end, it is 'off the chart'. Amazing story I'm gonna hate to see end, at least until the next season. Wow, 'coach' from Fri Night Lights, is SO good, as well as the rest of the cast....

Couple of good articles this morning, in the NYT

about The Donald, who is the #1 choice of Repubs for prez of the United States. (Seems impossible, just writing it.)
The first is how he made millions, by declaring bankruptcy on several casinos, while the 'little people' lost everything when he didn't pay his bills. The second is how the Repub party hasn't made him better, BUT, he has made them worse, if that's even possible. Read it here:
How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions By RUSS BUETTNER and CHARLES V. BAGLI
The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump By PETER WEHNER Republicans have not changed Mr. Trump for the better; he has changed them for the worse.

Bullshit Mountain asks the probing question, today,

How can the Republican Party attract younger voters?and answers it. They need FOX/PARP to appeal to the 'young voters', SO, in other words, 'IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Sorta like trying to convince Hispanics to Vote Republican.
There were a few movies made, describing their problem. You've heard of  'Mission Impossible'?

Watched an HBO documentary today,

'Conspiracy Theory', Did We Land on the Moon? I always thought it was an impossibility that it was faked, and thought those who believed it were nut jobs. HA! See the HBO movie and look at it realistically. There are SO many WTF's it becomes obvious the whole thing was faked. Interviews with ex-astronauts, engineers, photographers etc. We (the country) needed to beat the Soviets, who were way ahead in the space race, so it was faked.
Why would the first landing and the sixth landing have exactly the same background? Why would the flag wave when there is not atmosphere on the moon/ Why are there no stars in the background? Why is there no blast crater from the lunar lander? Why is there no 'moon dust' anywhere, after a landing and take-off on loose powder? Why do the shadows have different angles/light sources behind them when the only light was the sun? Why were those who questioned it, and said to have info, mysteriously killed in a 'train wreck'? How can…

A 'Letter to the Editor', this morning,

in the Denver Post, was bitchin', cuz Muhammed Ali was given so much attention and honor. The rightwingnut thought he deserved no respect, cuz, 'he was a draft-dodger', in the Viet Nam war era. Oh really? I wonder if this idiot was around during that time, when the war split the country, killing over 58,000 and wounding hundreds of thousands, while accomplishing NOTHING, other than enriching the 'defense' contractors and filling the VA hospitals.
Who wants to bet that jerk votes straight Republican, and was/is a fan of GW"s 'Oops, No WMD's' war in Iraq? The double digit IQ, flag waving, brain-dead mentality(R) is kinda hard to miss....

Attention! All religious rightwingnuts!

Trump is your boy, and he's reaching out to you. WWJD? Vote for Trump, of course, just as he supported GW.
WASHINGTON — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a pointed but subdued appeal Friday to religious conservatives, a group he has courted in the past. Trump pledged during an address to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority conference to “restore faith to its proper mantle” in U.S. society. “I’m with you 100 percent.” Trump  told the crowd gathered at the Omni Shoreham hotel and convention center in Washington, D.C. “We will respect and defend Christian Americans. “ He added that he would work hard to advance “our shared values.”

I think (hope) we've started a tradition

Met Nate, EARLY in the morning, for 9 holes of golf before he went to work. Played in under 1 1/2 hours, which is the way golf should be. Gonna try it again next week, and do 18 holes. Works for me....

Good article about The Donald, this morning,

titled. 'Lord of the Lies', that basically says, during the debates, there should, (and maybe WILL be) fact-checking going on, instantaneously, to debunk the lies that Trump spreads so profusely. AS IF, the non-sheep need it, and sheep even care. BREAKING NEWS!,Trump lies, A LOT, and the sheep eat it up. Duh....
Earlier this month, the world’s most battle-scarred cable news network did something extraordinary in this year of vaporous political contrails. While Donald Trump was delivering one of his easily debunked lies, CNN fact-checked him — in near real time at the bottom of the screen. “Trump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did).” Thus read the chyron that shook the television world — maybe. Professional truth-seekers have never seen anything like Trump, surely the most compulsive liar to seek high office. To date, the nonpartisan PolitiFact has rated 76 percent of his statements lies — 57 percent false or mostly false, and another 19 percent “Pants on Fire” fabr…

Wow, what a difference.

Remember 2008, when McCain was running against Obama? The Pubs wanted NO PART of GW or The Dick on the campaign trail after their 8 year 'reign of error'. Now, fast forward 8 years, after Obama has fixed nearly all the damage done by the Repubs, the last time they were in charge. Their famous 'misery index' is an all time best. The economy, though not perfect, (esp if you are unfortunate enough to live in a Red State), is the best in the world, home prices and the market WAY up, with interest rates, oil/energy and inflation way down. AND, we're not filling the VA hospitals with casualties from another bullshit Repub war. But, the morons want the Pubs 'back in power', so we can re-live the 'good ol' days of 2008. How can you argue with such ignorance?
Unlike GW, Obama can hit the campaign trail for Hillary, with over a 50% approval rating, compared to W's 22%. AND, if it weren't for FOX/PARP lies (America is in TERRIBLE TROUBLE, cuz Obama is…

Watching an HBO movie,

'The Kingsman, Secret Service', an English James Bond-type flick, where they needed an Apacolyptic moment, and they chose an anti-gay, rightwingnut congregation, listening to a Hell-Fire preacher, in (SURPRISE!), Kentucky, as a typical, uneducated, Southern, Republican-based, Thumper-group.
Wow, who da thunk the world looks at Kentucky that way, when they want an 'ignorant', easily led crowd? Maybe everyone?

The civilized world, reported

that HRC is the first ever, female nominee for prez in the US. The FOX/PARP headline? Hillary's e-mails will 'sink her'. Same old shit from Bullshit Mountain, as they back The Donald(R). I would say, 'UNbelievable' but it is WAY too believable for the sheep, as they don't have a clue, while the once proud/relevant GOP sinks in the sunset. Good Riddance!
The history books will note 2016/Trump, as The End(R). LOL!!!!!
Who can't see something SO obvious? Oh yeah, the sheep......

The rightwingnuts must be celebrating,

cuz one of them black guys, who fought against their bullshit war in Viet Nam, and went to jail instead of fighting (war), losing over 3 years of his prime, is finally dead. He was my hero, just as he was a thorn in the side of the Repub war machine, that resurfaced in Iraq. So many of us thought, 'It can never happen again', but it did, thanks to GW and The Dick(R).
Just another reminder of the difference between 'us and them', as Repub 'war daddies' made/make big bucks from prolonged war. No middle ground here. It's US vs THEM, and if there was/is a difference between profits vs human suffering, it's all about Viet Nam/Iraq. If you can't see it, I can't explain it, and you are obviously a Repub. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same. Same old shit as humans vs profits(R), or Dems vs Repubs.
Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep, who don't have a clue. Never have and never will....
The good news? The GOP is in it's deat…

Anyone wanna get rich?

Yup, I'm offering TEN to ONE, that Trump won't be prez. Hey, any of you rightwingnut Big Spenders wanna get 10-1? C'mon. Use the 'Comments' section below to stand up for your crew, AND you get paid for it. Wow, TEN to ONE? And all you gotta do is bet on your boy.
10-1? That's YUUUGE!!!
C'mon rightwingnuts, I know you're 'Out There'. Step up to the plate! TEN to ONE! Put up or shut up, with your dysfunctional beliefs. Click on 'Comment's, and show how smart you are. LOL!!!! This is a major party candidate, (promoted by idiots), and FOX says he's even or ahead.
TEN to ONE! If you think the American people are SO stupid that they will elect The Donald, step right up, SUCKERS....
AS IF rightwingnuts have 'disposable income' to bet. They are WAY too concerned about making the next rent payment,on their 'single wide', instead of betting against someone who's gonna be indicted, (according to the braintrust at FOX). C…

In a typical rightwingnut rant,

Denver's own rabid redneck writer, Mike Rosen had another of his 'opinion' pieces unleashed on the public, today. Mike railed about Obama 'removing all privacy' from restrooms everywhere, cuz transgenders also need to pee. Mike the Mouth ended his tirade by saying, 'they oughta be happy with the genitals God gave them'.
And this passes for wisdom/intelligence among the rightwingnut, knuckledragging hordes who live to regurgitate the crap from Bullshit Mountain?
I'm sure Rosen is recalling the mental anguish he went through, when he had to choose between being gay and straight. Just when you think the idiots(R) can't get any worse, they get another 'Opinion' piece published and PROVE they don't have a clue, while they rally behind The Donald.
And they wonder wonder why the GOP is destined for the trash bin of history? Good riddance!

As I've said before

and will say again. I can't imagine what it must be like, for an honest, rational, thinking Republican, (and there must be SOME out there), to look at their candidate for President of United States, Donald Trump, the orange clown, who, today talked about 'my African American' as he pointed to the only black guy in the crowd.
They must be torn between wanting to barf, hide away for a few months, and/or outrage against a system that is SO broken it gave them The Donald(R). Unbelievable, but SO Republican. Remember when the GOP was a legitimate political party, before it became the joke it is today? And we thought the 'magic underwear' guy was weird.....

The Donald claims he was AGAINST

the disastrous, debacle in Iraq, where Repubs, lead by GW and The Dick, lied the US into war with Iraq, after 15 Saudis led the attacks on 9-11. BUT, after over a year of 'fact-checking' there is ZERO evidence of any Trump statement that even remotely opposed the war, although he did offer 'support' on a Howard Stern program.
NEW YORK — Donald Trump says a lot of things, many of which are untrue. It’s why reporters and fact-checkers have been working overtime this election cycle to vet his frequently inaccurate statements and bizarre conspiracy theories. And it’s why it’s incumbent on news organizations to challenge him when he repeats claims that have already been debunked. But on Wednesday, The New York Times allowed Trump to again assert he opposed the Iraq War without any qualification, despite numerousfact-checks finding no evidence to support it. Nothing new, just typical Repub BS, that surprises NO ONE at this point, cuz everyone is SO used to it. Newsflash! Th…