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IF, you just listen to FOX, (why?),

you'd believe that Obama and the Dems were giving/selling guns to Mexican criminals. BUT, ATF agents were merely trying to track legal (cuz of the NRA, AZ and the Pubs) gun sales in Arizona. They tried to get indictments, BUT, the aforementioned groups fought it, and one weapon killed a US agent, because the NRA has ALWAYS fought for assault weapon sales, equating them to 'hunting', and the right to bear arms. Am hoping the truth will come out in this typical Repub fiasco where they shift the blame, and fight Holder and the AG office, as he tries to keep names of US agents out of the drug lord's hands, who would kill them and their families. Such bullshit, but SO typical of the Pubs, as they will twist anything for the votes of the sheep, who never look at the facts.

C'mon, you FOXNews 'jeniuses',

tell us again, how climate change is a liberal hoax, as you are supported by the Koch Bros. C'mon, we're listening, as we continue the hottest year EVER, after 10 of the last 12 years setting all time records. Colorado has never seen anything CLOSE to this, and it's not even fire season yet. C'mon, Rush and friends, give us your corporate bullshit. The sheep lap it up, as the rest of us laugh at them, for being so gullible.

Will they do it?

Of course not. Those blowhards on FOX are getting even louder today, but weasling out of their earlier statements. Surprise. Rush threatened to move to Costa Rica if Obama care passed in the US and OReilly promised, in March of this year, that Obamacare would be overturned, and if it wasn't, he'd replay the section and 'apologize for being an idiot'. We know he's an idiot and also know no apology is coming. The same guy who screamed, ' I've NEVER told a guest to shut up, then had a collage shown by Jon Stewart of him yelling 'shut up', will weasel out again. It's what they do. And Rush hasn't left yet, for which Costa Rica, who has health care, is eternally grateful.

Total shock today

as the Pub controlled Sup Ct passed 'Obama Care', cuz Roberts crossed over. Don't think anyone saw it coming, BUT, was a great start to get the US into the 21st century with the rest of the world. The Pubs are gonna fight it, like they did with Soc Sec and Medicare, that SO many people are glad they have. Not over yet, but a step in the right direction, as sickness and disease was/is seen as a big money making opportunity by the Pubs.


We had clouds, cooler temps and even a few drops of rain this afternoon. Dropped temps into the 70's. WOW, haven't seen anything like this for a long time. Love it...

Did you know, according to an extensive new poll,

by Dartmouth College, over 60% of Repubs think Obama was born in a foreign country? And about the same percentage 'know' that Saddam was behind 9-11, and that Iraq actually had WMD? They also know that climate change is a hoax, evolution is just a 'theory', and gays are demon possessed. This is the anti-science, anti-education party that is HQ'd in the Deep South, gets their information from FOXNews, and wants to start another war in the middle east, cuz they 'know' that Iran is close to ' nuking' Israel. With 'news and facts' like that out there, you wonder why the country is so divided?

I enjoy most all

of Jon Stewart's Daily Shows, but last night was another esp good one, as he ridiculed FOX, just by showing clips of their 'outrage', and their latest Obama's Watergate claims. As he said, 'When Fox cries Wolf, too often, it loses a bit of it credibility'. Oh Really? He showed clips of them claiming 'it's Obama's Watergate', four times in the last couple of years. He also showed how they praised W for bypassing congress and his executive actions, BUT, when Obama did it, it was OUTRAGEOUS. He then showed 'activist judges', and the comments from the hacks at FOXNews who looked at the same actions and came up with totally different opinions, and finished it up with clips from Rush's show, where the overmedicated fat boy railed about Obama's 'dictatorial wet dreams'. And people take these clowns seriously????

Saw 'Moonrise Kingdom' this afternoon,

cuz it's Senior day, and we'd heard it was good. We loved it, but when we came out, smelled smoke and saw big time smoke billowing up from the Flatirons, in Boulder. Another 105 degree temp, for another all-time record. Actually 2 new fires in Boulder Country, the other in Big Elk Meadows. Insanely hot, smokey, dry weather, with no end in sight. Doesn't even seem like Colorado. The movie was a quirky Wes Anderson masterpiece. Maybe not for everyone, but we sure liked it, and it was nice and cool in there.

Louisiana Christian schools,

in order to prove that evolution isn't real, teach that the Loch Ness monster IS real, and they get public $. No shit, look it up.
A big Repub stronghold. Crazy, but true.

Great new show, on HBO,

called, 'Newsroom', that's gonna piss off a lot of Cons. Starts off with a newsman admitting, under pressure, that maybe America isn't always #1, sorta like Nebr Cornhuskers who WERE #1, could be again, but AREN'T. He lists where we ARE #1, as in defense spending (more than the other top 26 in the world, combined, and 25 are our allies), and all the places we aren't even close, as in health care, reading, science and math, etc, where we aren't in the top 20. It's what keeps the Pubs in power, as they hate education, cuz that what makes Dems. BTW, we are #1, in buying/dropping bombs, obesity and those who believe in angels. Long live the South.  I rest my case. I'm sure the Cons are gonna hate it, as it tells the truth. SO, what else is new....

Because Colorado is a 'swing state',

the prez campaigns are carpet bombing us with ads. The Pubs show the same one, over and over, where Obama is taken out of context, saying 'the private sector is doing fine', which was/is a mistake. The Dems run all kinds of facts and graphs showing how MA, under Romney was a catastrophe, as per hiring, jobs, new taxes and debt, at the very bottom of all states in all categories. If you're a non-Repub, like me, you gotta love it, if this is a preview of the national race, where the same people who wrecked our economy wanna lie their way back into power. PS, the 'bought and paid for' Repub supreme court upheld corporations and SuperPacs flooding the electoral process with unlimited, untraceable money. Surprise!

Another record heat day

105 degrees, as the wildfires rage. At least the wind is blowing the smoke to the west. The long range forecast is for temps around 100 degrees for the foreseeable future, with no rain. An ALL TIME RECORD heat streak, for Colorado. Yuck. Sure glad it's nothing serious, like climate change, according to the 'jeniuses', at FOX.

This morning, at our Old Fart's brunch,

there was a lot of smoke in the air, but hard to tell where it was coming from. One of our group, Bob, has a cabin near the Poudre River, west of Ft Collins, that may have already burned. Estes Park has had over 20 houses burn since a fire started there yesterday, and my buddy Denny has a brother in Manitou Springs, at the base of Pikes Peak, where the entire town was evacuated today. Record heat for the 3rd day in a row, no rain, and no respite in sight. Sure seems like climate change to me, but FOX assures me there is no such thing.

Thanks to the Repub controlled Supreme Court

we have Sheldon Adelson and others like him, who are using their considerable fortunes to legally influence the election. ( Pubished: June 23, 2012)    No American is dedicating as much of his money to defeat President Obama as Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate who also happens to have made more money in the last three years than any other American. He is the perfect illustration of the squalid state of political money, spending sums greater than any political donation in history to advance his personal, ideological and financial agenda, which is wildly at odds with the nation’s needs. Throw in Carl Roves' shadowy group, and the Koch Bros and you have billions of dollars against Obama and the Dems, to advance the agenda of the 1%. Not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind with, 'one man, one vote'.

Looks like another record

breaking heat day, here in Denver, after we broke the all time record yesterday, by 4 degrees, at 102. Nope, no climate change here, just ask the 'experts' at FOXNews, as 11 of the last 12 years have been record setters around the world. BUT, the sheep still lap up the lies at FOX as the Koch Bros and their ilk control a 'news' source. What a joke.

During a recent soccer game in Europe,

with Germany playing Greece, the Germans chanted 'Without Angie (Angela Merkel) you wouldn't be here', and the Greeks countered with, 'We'll never pay you back.' Reminds me of Colo School of Mines games, where they'd chant, 'You'll work for us someday', and it's probably ALL true.

From the 'You can't make this stuff up',

section of reality. Dick Cheney, that bastion of Christian morality/war and dogma, just had his daughter marry her female partner. Really.


if you're wondering what to have for dinner. I recommend boneless chicken thigh slices, with onions and green and red  pepper chunks, on a shish kabob, w/teriaki sauce, and rice, with Otter Pops for dessert. Just a thought....


after oil prices have been falling for a LONG time, the price of gas is dropping a bit, finally. When it rises, like it will, it will be instantaneous. The Bush/Cheney/Arab oil monopoly oil price slide is gradually trickling down to the masses, after they have raped us for years. BUT, as we know from the Pubs, we need the 'trickle down effect, from the job creators'. Welcome to the world of the Repub Party, that skims off all the disposable income from those suckers who have to put gas in their cars.

Random thoughts

My laptop is REAL close to crashing, but since it's a Toshiba, it's fighting. Reprogramming itself, blue screens, black screens, etc. Today is HOT, with smoke in the air from the Ft Collins fire. Another heat record today ( 102, even though  climate change is a fake Lib thing), and 5% humidity helps, unless you are a firefighter. My new book, Trojan Horse, is scary cuz it's so realistic. Just like Nelson DeMille wrote about airliners crashing into the Twin Towers, before it happened, terrorists could get some great ideas from this book, as per hacking into oil refineries and shutting down the world gasoline supply. The big difference between Pubs and Dems? The Dems don't start wars, that kill and maim, to enrich their big money contributors. Foster's has a new oil can. Green and gold, Premium Ale (Excellent). And, even on a hot day like today, you always know, in less than an hour, you can stand in snow, and cool off. I love Colorado. Like I say, random thoughts, …

A while back,

I followed the Decorah eagles, as 3 eaglets, hatched, were fed and gradually learned to fly. Just went back to the website, where they had archives. An interesting thing I hadn't seen, was some infra-red night view video when the eaglets were young, and, 3 nights in a row, an owl attacked them. (Ustream or Google and Utube) Raptors hunting the same food source, one ruling the day and the other in charge at night. Kinda cool.

Came upon this, and remembered

it from my 'hippie' days. Still seems relevant.

Text of "prayer"
I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped.
(Fritz Perls, "Gestalt Therapy Verbatim", 1969

Obama's executive privelege excuse sucks,

until you compare it to GWBush, who had used it SIX times, by this part of his presidency. Any why did W need it? Cuz he was busy trying to start a war, based on lies that Saddam had WMD, but Joe Wilson, GHWBush appointed expert in that area said it was impossible, and he had the proof. The Bush boys said shut up, or we'll OUT your wife, Valerie Plame, as being CIA. Joe didn't shut up, W claimed exec privelege, the Bushies outed her, and they got their war. Sure, the Obama/Holder thing sucks, but compared to Bush/Cheney and their HUGE war, based on lies, it doesn't seem quite so bad. Another example of Repubs, and their 'selective outrage'.

In case you're not one of the sheep,

and you missed FOXNews showing a picture of Obama and Putin, then going into a HUGE body language reading diatribe, here's what Jon Stewart had to say on The Daily Show.

But that’s how Fox does what it does. Stewart said, “That’s how you take a few seconds of Obama video, turn it into a rich soup of decontextualized imagery designed to bypass the frontal cortex and go straight to the amygdalae of old people, triggering cascades of dopamine and giving them all a giant Reagan-boner.” 

I actually KNOW people who get those Reagan boners from FOX. Sad, but true.

You know what's funny?

Watching Bill O'Reilly, on FOXNews quote the Wall St Journal as a source for his 'news' show. That's right, one Ailes/Murdoch show, quotes another Ailes/Murdoch show and they act like it's news or 'facts'. Ridiculous, but it's what they do, in an effort lead the sheep. And it works. What a joke.

Just to prove,

the Repubs aren't the only rotten politicians, the Dems are withholding info on one of the stupidest schemes ever. Operation Fast and Furious was about 1000's of guns, allowed into drug runners hands, in an effort to track where they went. Then they lost track of them and people were killed. Stupid? Yes, so someone should be held accountable. But Eric Holder, and Obama are stonewalling the investigation. I don't have all the details at this time, but it looks bad. Just admit who screwed up and make 'em pay. Then go after the architects of the Iraq war and the crooks on Wall St. We are SUPPOSED to be country of laws. Remember?

While we were in Reno,

we bought 'top of the line' tix to Man in the Mirror, a Michael Jackson show, that was really good, BUT, the webpage made it seem like dinner was included, but it wasn't. SO, when we got back, I contacted them and let 'em know we weren't happy about it. Got no satisfaction until I said we'd address it on the social network, as per, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Yahoo, I got instant results, and they offered half our money back, which means we got about $150 for a dinner/party, AND no one else will be mislead by their ad. Works for me...

Was just wondering,

how long it will take, to fix the damage done by the Bush/Repub administration, when every fix is fought by the Pubs., whose main plan is to kill anything that might help the country, therefore Obama. Yeah right, it was all Barney Frank's fault, not those in charge for 8 years. Could it have anything to do with 2 disastrous, unpaid for wars and out of control greedmeisters bundling worthless mortgages, secured by liar loans, rated AAA? Didn't think so. Damn Barney Frank.

As we continue

this political season, I am again reminded of the main difference between Libs/Cons, left/right, Dems/Pubs. The rightwingers think they have to tell us ALL how to live, when it's obvious that many of them don't have a clue, in their own lives. That's the main difference, when it should be 'live and let live'. They just don't get it, as they push their war mongering, religious, conservative lifestyle on the rest of us.

Those crazy Libs,

who talk about climate change, were able to change the official temps from Denver for a 2nd day in a row, saying we were over 100 degrees again, for ANOTHER record high, as the Ft Collins fire set an ALL TIME record for houses burned, as it rages on, and the main fire season hasn't even started, yet. Obvious propaganda, against the 'true truth' from the clowns at FOXNews. Amazing, that the Libs can put all this smoke in the air, after a record dry winter. Just ask Murdoch/Ailes/Koch Bros/FOX, who assure us it is all just another liberal plot.

Seems impossible,

but (Sir) Paul McCartney turned 70 today. Wow! His song, 'When I'm 64', has a way different meaning now. Just crazy, as you realize how time flies.

Just got back,

from a fun trip to Reno, where we celebrated Tammie and Kathy's b-days, with Richard joining us from Long Beach. Found out I really like Reno, which reminds me of Boulder, with a nice river running through it (Truckee), the same altitude, and snuggled right up against the mountains. Took a day trip to Lake Taho and Virginia City, which was really cool. Saw a great Michael Jackson show, and enjoyed Paul and Kathy's condo, just a block off the 'strip'. THEN, the kids came over yesterday, to do Father's Day a day early, bringing Brother's BBQ and some really good beer, and we got to spend a lot of time with Piper. AND, today, is the finals of the US Open, my fav golf tourney. As I say, Life is Good.

This just in

The Repubs new campaign slogan, 'Put us back in charge, cuz the Dems can't fix the problems we caused LAST time we were in charge.' The crazy thing? Some of the  uninformed masses don't see the absurdity of it.

I've heard,

that Reno, NV, is a good little town. Would be nice to meet some friends there, sometime. Would also be nice to get out of here, cuz the smoke, from the fire near Ft Collins, is SO bad. Can barely see across the golf course, and it's hard to breath. Let's hope for some rain.

Terrible news

My laptop crashed, and there's a whole lot my IPad won't do. Will try to recover and deal with it, but it's gonna be tough. (Update) Not crashed but close to it. Hardrive still there, but intermittent access. Glad I got my Ipad.

The Pubs whole message,

For the next election, is that the Dems, with NO help from the Pubs, haven't been able to fix the damage that the Bush Repubs did to the economy, SO, let's put the Pubs back in charge. Insane, but that's the message.

Nasty fire,

west of Ft Collins, and we have smoke in the air, and a lot of slurry bombers flying over our house, cuz Rocky Mntn Regional Airport if the designated fire fighting airport in this part of the world. Am afraid it's just the start of a long dry fire season in the foothills.

Becuz it was 95 degrees today,

I watched some TV, during late afternoon, which I never do, but today I watched Pawn Stars, one of my favs. I found out that Don Quixote is the 2nd biggest seller of all time, AND the US dumped 700 million TONS of bombs on N Viet Nam. Crazy, but true. 700 MILLION TONS of bombs? Insane, but so Repub/Conservative policy, toward a country that never did anything to us, BUT, it meant HUGE profits for the Pub 'defense contractors'.. Some things never change, just ask the civilians in Iraq. Thanks again, George.

My new Ipad has an app,

which allows me to watch HBO movies, and I hadn't seen 'Recount', the story of the 2000 election, where Bush stole it all from Gore, in FL. Some pertinent facts: Gore won the popular vote by over 500,000 votes. The decisions that made the difference were made by Katherine Harris, a Repub lackey in FL, then went to the FL gov, who is W's brother, and the final judgement went to the Supreme Court, with a majority filled by W's father. Gore never had a chance. Harris threw out tens of thousands of votes, cuz their names were 'close' to being felons. She threw several more thousand, cuz the voting machines were defective, and left 'hanging chads', which were obvious Gore votes, and, after MANY bogus decisions, the Supremes threw out the recounts, cuz they weren't 'in time' after a bogus time table. After over a hundred thousand 'shifts' in votes, W won by 154 votes, in a state where his bro was guv, the Sec of State was a former hea…

My spoiled kid, Kari,

just left Copenhagen this morning, on a train trip to Stockholm, after 4 days with Ted at the European Geophysicist's Convention, or 'Nerdfest', a Kari calls it. Will try to post pic from Tivoli Gardens, but not sure if I can. Sounds like it's been a wonderful time in their 5 star hotel, as Kari got to see the city, while Ted did his nerd stuff. Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories.

The Repub controlled House,

continues to fiddle, while the country burns. They waste time passing 'message bills' that have no chance of passing, while needed legislation gets blocked.

Another ridiculous bill coming up would prohibit the adoption of any major new government regulation until the unemployment rate falls to 6 percent or less.
Yet the House, so eager to take these kinds of votes, won’t move the stalled transportation bill, holding up billions of dollars — and millions of jobs — on road and transit projects, apparently out of fear it might help the economy and thus the political fortunes of Democrats.
Just another reason why their approval rate is in the low teens, even worse the GW's final rate of 22%.

Bad news for those downstream

Although 'FOX and Friends' vehemently deny it, we are seeing dramatic evidence of climate change, here in Colorado.

DENVER (AP) - State monitors say Colorado's snowpack is almost gone. Colorado conservationist Phyllis Ann Philipps says the June 1 snowpack report shows that the statewide percentage was just 2 percent of average, with many basins reporting no measurable snow.

TWO PERCENT of average! Amazing how those left wingers can manipulate facts to support their arguments.

The numbers are in,

and this spring is hottest EVER, since records have been kept. BUT, that doesn't keep the FOXNews bullshitters from claiming it's all a left-wing plot, as the Koch Bros, and others who own pipelines and refineries keep 'fighting the facts', on FOX, and the sheep lap it up.

WOW, I'm shocked!

In today's news we find that more than half of Americans view former President George W. Bush unfavorably, making him the most unpopular living U.S. president, according to a CNN poll released Thursday.
The guy that started a war based on lies, ruined our economy and wrecked the image of our country across the world is the most UNpopular living prez? Wow, who'd a thunk?

Bailey likes to show us,

what she catches, and this year she's brought home (all unhurt) 2 baby bunnies, a little sparrow and a baby blackbird, but this morning she really surprised us with..... a baby duck. Unhurt, like the others, but probably scared. Took it back to the lake, down the fairway, and left it with the mallards. Cute little thing, that seemed glad to get home.

Strange article in local paper says,

Bloom restaurant is closing, as of this Saturday. The strange part? The mall and restaurant decided 'amicably' to close the doors, and it was not because of poor revenues, in fact, it goes on to say, 'they have been doing very good business, and it's location has been, 'very successful.' We can attest to that, as it was one our favorite spots, with their tasty appetizers and reasonable flights of wine, near our fav movie theatre. Crazy. Right near there, a 'Red Lobster', that was always busy, also shut their doors, recently. Hard to understand, but could be worse, if you were one of their (ex) employees.

Every time we 'petsit' Bella,

I have to relearn a lesson. Just because our kitty, Bailey, doesn't get into leftovers, doesn't mean other cats don't. Found out she really likes oven baked, crispy chicken, and had a grand old time snacking throughout the night. Can't blame her, it was really good....

FYI, if you 're BBQing elk loin

char it on one side, then put the meat thermometer in, and wait til it's 120, after doing a Teriyaki marinade. Elk loin has zero fat, so temp is very important, and med/rare is perfect, at 120 degrees, but cooks really fast once it gets to that point.

Did you know?

Taxing The Rich Doesn't Work
It's Obama's Economy Now, Don't Blame Bush
Eating Organic Food Makes You a Jerk
Super-Pacs Are Good for the People

Then, you obviously aren't a FOXNews disciple. Check it out.

The FOXNews 'talent',

couldn't keep from gloating as the dismal jobs numbers came out Friday. Their main plan, to get Pubs back in power, after they thoroughly trashed the economy, looks better if Americans continue to suffer. They claim Obama's job plans aren't working as they fight every program to create much needed jobs. As Sen Schumer says,  “They blame the president for not creating jobs, then they block everything he proposes.” All part of their plan.

 President Obama’s last big push for job creation, the $450 billion package proposed last fall, would have created an estimated 1.3 million to 1.9 million jobs by providing aid to states for teachers and other vital public employees, investments in infrastructure and tax breaks for new hiring. It was filibustered by Senate Republicans and not brought up for a vote in the Republican-dominated House, with Republican lawmakers claiming that deficit reduction was more important. Since then, they have balked at even smaller administration propos…

It was 40 years ago, today,

that the pic known as 'napalm girl' was first published. Back in the day, before the internet, we had Life, Look and The Sat Eve Post to bring us pics and news. UNTIL, they showed too much info from the dirty little war in Viet Nam, and the Nixon admin raised postal rates to put 'em out of business, cuz they wouldn't stop. Week after week we saw pics of the dead and dying as over 50,000 US soldiers were killed and, hundreds of thousands were wounded, not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnmese civilians. For what? We got run outta Saigon in disgrace a couple years later, but the Pubs had gotten their military/industrial war machine up and running for about 10 years, in a little country on the other side of the world. Unless you lived thru it, I don't think you'd realize what a HUGE country-splitting mess it was and once it was over we were all sure it could never happen again. Then we got W, and Iraq. Unbelievable, but true....