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SOOO, now that Russia expelled US diplomats,

after the US booted Russian diplomats, will Dotard FINALLY enforce the sanctions that Congress voted for, almost unanimously?
OF COURSE NOT, cuz Putin has him 'by the balls', AND, the Orange Clown's not gonna 'bite the hand that installed him'.
Bullshit walks and money talks, SOOO, as always 'follow the money' whenever Dotard is involved.
Who can't see what's SO obvious? We're talking BILLIONS of dollars!
Oh yeah, the FOXTards, with their heads deeply and firmly implanted.
Never mind.

BUT, don't forget about Hillary's emails, AND, she fell down....SOOOO, she's WORSE, in Bizarro world(R), where a triple digit IQ disqualifies you, from The Club(R).

Was hoping for a good, close b-ball game, or two, BUT

Michigan blew out Loyola, in spite of Sister Jean, and Villanova is kickin' ass against Kansas.
'Nova is gonna be REAL tough to beat, if they keep shooting 'lights out' from 3 point land. Wow...

Wow, who ya gonna believe?

The Liar in Chief, or ANYONE else?

The White House is now saying that VA Secretary David Shulkin actually resigned and wasn't fired
During an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Shulkin said he had no idea he was about to be terminated until White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called him to give him a heads up that Trump was about to let him go. Trump then announced Shulkin's ouster on Twitter. But Trump's decision to bypass the VA's second-in-command — who was supposed to succeed Shulkin — and appoint his totally unqualified personal physician instead, could present legal problems for his administration.
Wow, who to believe. Shulkin or the lying sack o' shit in the White House? Tough one, IF you're a total idiot/FOXSheep, and there's a BUNCH of them around...

Some people don't like my stuff, here

Ricky Gervais has the same kind of problem, as jerks bitch about his material. and I like the way he explained it
It's like someone posting a 'Guitar for Sale' sign, and getting crap from morons who call and say,
'I don't want or need your stinkin' guitar!'
OK, then it's not for you , BUT, I have a right to advertise my guitar, and if it's not for you, then shut up and go away, you idiot.
I do this for me, instead of confronting morons like you, and it works for me, SO, if you don't like, shut up and go away.
So simple even a rightwingnut sheep should understand, MAYBE, cuz they ain't known for their smarts, OBVIOUSLY.
Any Dotard supporter has SERIOUS problems with reality, and since I'm not allowed within rifle range of him, I'm stuck HERE.
Deal with it, or go away, or BOTH.
Insert your head, firmly and deeply, and return to Bullshit Mountain, with the other morons.

Just read another Bullshit Mountain article that REALLY pissed me off, AGAIN

Remember when YOU had to choose? Straight or gay?
Wow, what a tough choice that kept us all awake at night.
Go for the opposite sex, or screw up your life being gay?
Only in FOX/Bible Belt Bullshit world is this a 'thing', as we are all 'born that way', straight or gay, BUT, the rightwingnut Pubs (is there any other kind?) act like it's a CHOICE.
What do you do with these idiots?
Oh yeah, preach to them from the pulpit and FOX, get 'em to vote Pub, and get an A-hole like the Dotard as prez, cuz he's 'born again'. Excuse me while I puke....
If I gotta explain, you won't understand.
Thanks again, Roger Ailes, and the Bible Belt, for your 'gift' to our country, the Pussy Grabber, who's bringing back the neocon Iraq War LIARS back into power, as his lawyer pays $130,000 to a LYING porn star. Yeah right...
SURPRISE! The same sheeple who believe in Noah's Ark/Adam and Eve swallow Trump/FOX lies. I'm shocked...

It happened AGAIN yesterday

Golfing with my buddies and needed a par on the last hole to break 80. Missed the putt, and got another 80. Not bad, but SO much better in the 70's...

What else would you expect from a dumbshit(R) like Repub hero Ted Nugent,

who waved an assault weapon and yelled, 'Suck on this Hillary!'

Ted Nugent says Parkland survivors are ‘mushy brained children'

NRA board member and conservative rocker Ted Nugent blasted the survivors of the Parkland school shooting, claiming there is “irrefutable” evidence that “they have no soul.”
Oh really?
I know the Pubs are hard pressed for heroes, but when this jackhole is one of them, you gotta wonder about the whole crowd....
Yup, Ted shit his pants to avoid the draft, part of his 'crazy' act, and he's proud of it.
And you wonder why we call them Deplorables?

FOXNews, where mental midgets meet, to mix and mingle

You're welcome.

Wow, who da thunk, from a racist like Dotard?

And the (white) sheep, on Bullshit Mountain, said 
'What's Your Problem?', don't you remember when Megyn Kelly 
confirmed, 'Everyone KNOWS Jesus and Santa Claus are WHITE'
Case closed and, Can we get an Amen?
03/31/2018 08:22 am ETUpdated 3 hours ago
The Trump White House’s Intern Program Is Once Again Very, Very White “The White House intern photo is like a ‘Where’s
Waldo’ for a non-white person.”

Just ONE of the MANY disadvantages in Red, Bible Belt states

is the puny salaries they pay their teachers, when an education is probably the MOST important part of getting a decent job and having a good life.
SO, we're seeing teacher walkouts in Oklahoma this week after several other 'Red States' had school closings and strikes earlier in the month.
Yup, these 'bastions of learning' have their good teachers 'leave' for a state (Blue) where they can make a living, while the worst of them are stuck 'educating' their Red State students, which includes anti-science Pub teachings, (Creationism taught in school) as Planned Parenthood birth control clinics are 'shut down' and SURPRISE there are more poor kids to teach, in old, over-crowded schools, manned by 'bottom of the barrel' teachers.
If you ever wonder who elected the Liar in Chief, look no further....

'Spanky' time....


Only on FOX, can you get stupidity like this..

and sheep who believe it, as their 'talented writers' think a 'Blue Moon' is literally colored, rather than the second full moon of the month. And you wonder how our country could elect an unqualified jerk like Dotard? Thank FOXNews and their 'special' people.....

FAITH Easter’s blue moon is a message from the heavensDuring the days leading up to Easter, the most sacred day in Christianity, the heavens have been presenting a stunning light show.

The Irish have their special day in mid March

and lovers have their holiday in mid February.
Tomorrow, Christians and Trump supporters (lot of overlap) SHARE their special day, as Easter falls on the first day of April.
Congratulations 'Special' people......

It takes a LOT to get a good, decent, Christian man like Jimmy Carter

to say something bad about someone, BUT, everyone has their limits. He did later say, though, that he 'prays for the president'.
Jimmy Carter rips Donald Trump: Apparently, America wants a jerk for president

As I point out Dotard's MANY failings

like NOT imposing the Congress approved sanctions on Russia, tipping his hand on leaving Syria, his totally unqualified cabinet and the LIES that keep dripping from his vile mouth, about Stormy Daniels (who his lawyer paid $130,000, and didn't tell the Orange Clown) and MANY more, I hear back from the peanut gallery, sometimes. The latest, after I pointed out Dotard's lies and ineptitude was....
'Yeah, but look at Hillary, she's falling down a lot and wearing fat people clothes, a Moo Moo'.
This is what passes for wit in sheep world and justification for the Pubs wrecking our country, AGAIN. Yeah, but look at Hillary.....
And you wonder how and why we get an incompetent a-hole in the White House?
Just look at 'his people'....

Just to keep it simple

so even the FOXSheep can understand, Colbert's 'apology' to Dotard and attack on CNN was just 'comedy', BUT, the clowns at FOX 'swallowed it', and catapulted the bullshit to the clueless clowns who make up their viewership.
Nothing new here, but 'how stupid can you get?'
Never mind... You are FOX Swallowing Dotard supporters, and the answer is REALLY stupid.

If you follow Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show, you know

this is a JOKE, (sorta like FOXNews), BUT, the professional LIARS of Bullshit Mountain shoveled more crap to the sheep, who swallowed it, as they always do.
Just how stupid ARE THOSE PEOPLE?
Totally stoopid, cuz they're FOXSheep.
ONG, this is 'off the chart, even for the LIARS at FOX...

Stephen Colbert 'apologizes' to Trump, calls out CNN for 'lies'

One of the coolest sports stories EVER

An accountant that plays in a Chicago beer league was the 'emergency' goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, and he went from a desk to the NHL at the last minute. AND he stopped ALL seven shots in a win
 Just part of the reason, I LOVE SPORTS.

Wow, who da thunk?

Young people, esp, can't stand the Liar in Chief.

Poll: Young people think Trump is racist, dishonest, 'mentally unfit for office' Mar 30th 2018 11:43AM
The new AP/MTV poll reveals a slim 33 percent of Americans ages 15 to 34 approve of Trump's White House performance. This response comes as Trump's weekly approval stood at 39 percent with Gallup last week.

The Liar in Chief showed his total incompetence/ignorance AGAIN, yesterday

when he bitched about Obama while filling court vacancies with his minions. These vacancies were cuz the Pubs 'stonewalled' the judicial process, under the Dems.
Trump=Ignorant A-hole, and he CONTINUALLY proves it.

You know, when I got in, we had over 100 federal judges
that weren’t appointed,” Trump said at an infrastructure
event in Ohio. “I don’t know why Obama left that. It was
like a big beautiful present to all of us. Why the hell did
he leave that? Maybe he got complacent?” The whopping 108 court vacancies Trump inherited when
he took office was a present ― that’s double the number
that Obama inherited when he became president ― but
it wasn’t from Obama. It was from Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose record of blocking O
bama’s judicial nominees will go down as his greatest

In one of Dotard's MANY campaign LIES,

he criticized Obama for 'giving away his hand', saying you gotta keep your military plans 'secret', so the enemy doesn't know. And I agree.
SOOOO, what did the Liar in Chief do yesterday? Someone mentioned Syria and the Clown said, 'We're leaving there SOON, and when pressed, he said 'Six months'.
Are you shittin' me?
The military came back and said it would take longer to successfully, safely leave.
Can you imagine being one of the THOUSANDS of troops stationed there, hearing the news, and then being asked/ordered to risk your life? OR, being a family member of one of the soldiers killed there yesterday, shortly after Dotard's remarks?
How long is it gonna take to get this incompetent jackhole 'out of there?'
It can't be soon enough....

Later in the day, the Liar in CHief was addressing VA employees after he'd just fired their head, David Shulkin, and said. 'Yup, I just fired JIM, cuz he was incompetent'.

Wow, we just learned that Christopher Steele, author of 'the dossier'

is on the same 'hit list' that the Russkies used to kill the former Russian spy in Britain.
Who da thunk that Putin and Trump would want the MI6 agent KILLED before he can testify?

One of Dotard's MAIN campaign promises,

other than getting Mexico to pay for his wall, was massive spending for infrastructure, which is sorely needed and one of the FEW bi-partisan issues,
BUT, the Pubs 'blew their wad' on the military and now there's nothing left for the people, after the 'Defense(?) contractors 'make a killing'. What's one more LIE, when there's THOUSANDS?

Trump Says Infrastructure Overhaul Will Likely Have To Wait Until After Midterms By Igor Bobic 17 minutes ago

Another peek inside, 'how things get done'

inside the Orange Clown's White, by a whistleblower who was FIRED, for blowing the whistle on 'collusion' between a Trump campaign contributor, and Dotard's Sec of Energy.

was fired from my job as Department of Energy chief creative officer for releasing public domain photos of a meeting between Rick Perry, secretary of energy, and Robert Murray, CEO of Ohio-based Murray Energy, a large US coal company. There was no classified information present, I didn't engage with either of them and I didn't interrupt their conversation. The pictures showed Murray, who donated $300,000 to Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, give Perry an "action plan." Murray's company has previously lobbied the Trump administration to end new federal public health protections for greenhouse gas emissions and smog pollution, loosen mine safety rules, and cut the staff of the Environmental Protection Agency by "at least half." Simon Edelman Perry and Murr…

Two pilots, in different planes, reported seeing a UFO, over Arizona

We can only hope there's an intelligent civilization, 'somewhere' who's been monitoring the situation in Washington, and they've come to SAVE US, from Dotard and his minions.
Maybe there IS hope for us....

Can we get an 'Amen' from the peanut section?

President Donald Trump, speaking before a crowd of union builders on Thursday in Richfield, Ohio, touted new border wall funding during his infrastructure speech. He joked that he was arguably better at building than he is at being president. Yup, in his former business he could just declare bankruptcy and move on to his next next bunch of suckers, but we're stuck with the jerk(R), 'til Mueller gets finished. with him.

Anyone who's read 'Fire and Fury'. the inside look at Dotard's White House,

has gotta be 'scared to death' that Hope Hicks is leaving. She's one of the FEW, who could stand up to the Orange Clown, who could face down the Liar in Chief and bring order to the chaos he creates, from his vain, arrogant mind. She could settle him down, with a few well placed compliments and say NO (sometimes), when he'd float some half-baked, dumbass idea, of which he is FULL.
She'd sit him in front of FOX, (unless he was already there), where he could find some major league ass-kissing and find his next 'high level' appointment.
I've read some scary shit in my life, incl Stephen King, but that's NOTHING like seeing what goes on inside the Orange Clown's head and the rest of the White House when he's there.
What decisions are made, and WHY.
Like a child who can't or WON'T read, he has an attention span of five year old and has NO DESIRE to learn the basics of governing. Instead, turning over major decisions to the 'last pers…

Continuing his tradition of appointing TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED people

the Orange Clown nominated his personal physician to head the $200 Billion VA.
His main asset? He'll lie for the Liar in Chief, as in saying Dotard is 6'3" and 230 lbs, but, as far as having the administrative experience for s YUUUGE , sprawling empire like the VA. ZERO!

"We have a lot of questions about the nominee," said Joseph Chenelly, national executive director of American Veterans, or AmVets, the fourth-largest veterans service organization. "We think the White House has a tall order ahead of it in showing that this doctor is qualified to lead a $200 billion agency."

Chenelly said he also has concerns that Jackson is active duty and therefore answerable to the president as commander in chief. "There's a possibility that the doctor couldn't even say no to the president,” he said. “We're not a government that's run by our military.”
Oh, so that's why...
The moves show Trump is seizing on his natural inclination to surround hi…

SOOO, is the Liar in Chief after Amazon

cuz he is such an economically astute, concerned public servant, OR, is it cuz Jeff Bezos, Amazon boss, is the owner of the Washington Post, who unmercifully reports the facts of Dotard's failings?
Hmmm, wha da ya think?

Much like Trump/FOX/Pubs coined the phrase 'Fake News'

(which SO ironic when you realize it's used by FOX), the same crowd has come up with the 'Deep State' to label and fight anyone who looks at what the Unqualified Liar in Chief is doing to our country and is concerned and scared by it.
Yup, if you point out the chaotic asinine actions from Dotard and his minions, you are 'Deep State' and should be ignored, and even investigated, cuz you 'hate the country' and are part of a Dem conspiracy to 'steal' the presidency, and the country.
AND, it works, for the same crowd who thinks everyone but FOX is 'fake news' and the Roger Ailes-created org is the ONLY source of truth.
Yup, the same sheep also swallow the entire 'Deep State' conspiracy, whose name was born when the paranoid prez Tweeted about Obama 'wire tapping' Trump Tower. Dotard ranted and raved, calling Obama 'sick' before it was proven that it was all 'fake news'.
But that didn't stop the Bullshit Mount…

Can you IMAGINE how teririble you'd feel

when you try to sleep at night, knowing your actions helped to elect the Liar In Chief?
OMG! Comey, Zuckerberg, Hillary and Putin (oops, never mind), must be in agony, as they realize they helped to install Dotard....

I enjoy The Daily Show, with Trevor Noah,

cuz he's a really smart guy who makes me laugh. He currently has 'Third Month Mania', based on March Madness, where there is a 64 team, LIE, bracket. On one side is 32 tow of Trump's worst LIES, and the other side is Other(R) lies. Each day viewers get to vote on the biggest WHOPPER and eventually we'll have the BIGGEST LIE, from the Liar in Chief, among a YUUUGE number of lies from a jerk that lies CONSTANTLY.
Today's choice is between inauguration crowd size and if he would have run, unarmed, into the FL school to save the children. Touch choice, huh, when you gotta compare the Orange Clown's lies...
OR, should I call him Spanky, his current nickname in Washington.
Bottom line, he's a lying SOB, and how ANYONE could respect the jerk(R) is beyond me, FOX news or not.....

Some public service announcements. You're welcome.


Yahoo!, Finally some good news

Getting some snow here in 'climate change challenged Colorado' where the double digit IQ crowd believes Rush and Sean instead of Climatologists, who actually KNOW, 'of what they speak'.
Bottom line, got a bit of snow, although we are WAY behind.
AND, as part of a spring ritual, we have a pair of mallards, checking out the pond in our back yard, looking for a nesting site.
Sometimes it works, and sometimes not.
We'll see.

Just a brief thought here

Do the sheep NOT CARE about being LIED to, OR, are they just SO USED TO IT, they don't even realize?
Simple question.....
Answer: FOXNews....
AND, another thought.
How do these gullible ignorami exist in today's world?
Inheritance, from daddy's business?
Just a thought, here, as we have decide between truth and lies, financially and other ways, every day of our lives.
Some people are just suckers.
Just ask P T Barnum (and Karl Rove and Roger Ailes), who 'Thank God, for making the huckster world(R) possible'.

Uh oh, I must be on Russia's radar, cuz of yesterday's numbers

If I'm poisoned, I'm pointing fingers at Dotard and Putin, best buddies, who I'm sure BOTH congratulated each other on the Russian election win, in the US and USSR.
BUT, this is kinda scary....
EntryPageviews Russia 1017 United States 791 Italy 367 Romania 84

Just for some comic relief, on this TERRIBLE day for Dotard

check out the MANY pics on-line of 'real' bodies that are 6'3", 239 lbs, compared to the Butterball in Chief, that his personal physician (new VA head?) claims is the 'real' height and weight of the Orange Clown.
Really, Google it yourself, then try to not to laugh as the Butterball's Dr claims he's telling the truth.
BTW, ARod is 6'3.
AND if Dotard is 6'3" and 239, (which BARELY keeps him from being OBESE). I'm 6'10 and 185 lbs. Remember, this jerk(R) fat-shames women.
What a LIAR, but nothing new here, as the sheep swallow his crap, with heads firmly implanted, and ask for more....
Just remember, this lying, unqualified SOB, Dotard's personal doc, is the new head of the VA, cuz Dotard is rewarding him for LYING.
Good luck, vets, victims of Repub wars, that we were LIED into.
Same old shit.

I NEVER watch FOXNews on TV,

cuz seeing such blatant LIES, that I know the sheep BELIEVE, really pisses me off, BUT, was flipping through the channels and saw 'their new motto?'
No shit.
This is their new motto after 'Fair and Balanced' which even THEY couldn't say, without laughing their asses off, was replaced?
SOOOO, it's hard to argue with the Bullshit Mountain motto, "REAL (honest?) Opinion."
Yup, you can't be sued for admitting it's 'real, honest opinion'.
BUT, the a-holes at FOX  market the crap as real 'news', and the gullible sheep 'gobble it up', cuz it's what they wanna hear.and they're NEVER disappointed.
Dems BAD---Pubs GOOD, 24 hours per day.
Total bullshit and total FOX/PARP.
WHAT? Is there some kind of 'prosecutable' charge, concerning LIES as NEWS, which makes FOX illegal, like it is in Canada, that made them change their motto?
Yup, it's illegal to present LIES as NEWS in Canada.

Continuing in his tradition of TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED appointments

The Orange Clown just appointed his personal physician, Ronnie L Johnson, as head of the VA.
Yup, in an attempt to create 'more chaos', which Dotard LOVES, or maybe just cuz he likes people with ZERO experience in a YUUUGE bureaucracy like the Vets Admin.
Yup, just like thinking Dr Ben Carson was PERFECT for HUD, the Orange Clown is appointing his personal physician as head of VA.
The hits just keep on a -comin', as the Liar in Chief and pals are 'circling the drain'....

Today, Johm Bolton was the victim of a 'hot mic'

Times change, idiots don't.

Yup, the same guy that joined with with GW and The Dick to LIE us into the Iraq War, AND advocated for attacking N Korea and Iran, before Dotard tapped him as his Natl Sec Advisor, joining Mike Pompeo, another neocon war-monger.
Yup, Bolton was caught today, saying,
'I'm an old man and I'm taking 'em ALL with me'.
The Liar in Chief and Bolton haven't answered requests to explain the statement....