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Am I the only one,

who is REALLY disappointed in Obama? This guy is better than Bush, but not much. The Bush wars in Iraq and Afg haven't really changed. If anything, he's escalating. SO disappointing. Once they get to Washington, things change. Maybe Ron Paul???

Quote of the day,

from Mark Twain. 'Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than the things you did.' Always liked Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain. Sounds like good advice to me. (Like I'm gonna be around 20 years from now)....

Can you imagine,

catching a fish that has 'human like teeth?' A pacu. Just go fishin on the Amazon. From today's Discovery Channel...

Just read a statistic,

that's kinda scary. One of 8 adults in the US, and one of 4 children, relies on food stamps to eat. Throw in the fact that one in 4 mortgages is 'under water', meaning they owe more than the house is worth, and you may be able to see why I don't see any quick fix to this problem that the Bush crew left us. Wish I could, BUT, I just don't see any kind of 'fix' on the horizon. The snowball is going downhill, gaining size and speed. Look out...

Saw a good movie today,

and appreciated it even more knowing it was a true story. 'The Blind Side' is the story of Michael Oher, a big black guy who went on to be an All American tackle and first round draft pick in the NFL, after he was taken in by a white family in Memphis. Sandra Bullock was even better than usual, which is saying a lot. A true, feel good movie.


Tiger's wife breaks out the BACK window of his SUV, trying to save him, with a golf club she just happens to have with her, as Tiger peals out, at 2:30 in the morning, right after tabloid rumors surface that he has been having an affair with Rachael Uchitel, (pictured), during his recent 2 week trip to Australia. Yeah, right. If I was heading the investigation, I would compare his injuries to the club his wife was carrying, and check under her fingernails for his skin.

Just when you think

FOXNews/The Repubs, (one and the same), can't get any more hypocritical/idiotic, they manage to top themselves. This morning, within just a few minutes, they bitched about Obama running up a huge debt (trying to salvage W's mess), then bragged how patriotic they were, wanting to send troops to every war, for however long it takes, THEN bitched about a proposed 'war tax' to pay for it. This lack of rationality/intelligence, just screams at any logical mind, BUT, makes perfect sense to those who get their news at the 'trough of ignorance', masquerading as a 'news' outlet. "Twould be funny, if it weren't so sad...

What a game,

tonight. The Nuggets over the Knicks, 128-125. RIght down to the wire. Chauncey with 32, Melo with 50. J.R. raining 3's. A shame either team had to lose.

Not saying, CU woulda won,

BUT, I saw one of the worst calls ever in a major college football game. Fourth quarter, the CU q-back is back to pass, is hit on the arm, as he is passing, and CU recovers. The question is: Fumble or incomplete pass? CU should have another down, and can kick a medium length field goal, or go for the the first down/TD. Neither, if you are a total idiot of an official. It's intentional grounding! What?? 15 yard penalty, loss of down, loss of game. One of the worst calls EVER. Unbelievable. The only thing worse, is watching Bo Pelini, the NU coach, chew gum like a madman, and scream at his players, coaches and the officials. WHOA! As I'm here watching the last play of the game, CU scores from over 60 yards, covers the spread, and I win my bets with the Husker fans. YAHOO! Without a fluke punt return T-down, interception and run back from inside the 2o, AND some terrible calls, CU goes into overtime. Tuff one to lose...

One of the reasons,

I love living in Denver, is our sports teams. The Broncos, after being up, 6-0, have crashed. The Avalanche have been a sweet surprise, BUT, the best team in town, is the Nuggets. Kickin' ass, nearly every night. They could win it all this year. They got the talent. Really fun to watch. GO NUGS...

Am reading,

the new Dan Brown novel, 'The Lost Symbol'. Wow! It sure makes you think. I know some of you have made up your minds, about all that cosmic stuff. For the rest of us, this opens some interesting doors. The facts can't be changed. Our country was founded by Masons, who put their Masonic beliefs, FAR above any traditional Christianity. Believe it or not, like it or not, Washington, DC, is a tribute to age old wisdom, hidden and mysterious. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and the rest of the founding fathers, had an agenda, that is very obvious in retrospect. Not exactly what you have been taught in Sunday school. If you don't believe it, or like it, that's too bad. Doesn't change reality. Look it up..

More bad news

From today's AOL News

The combined mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates hit 14.41% on a non-seasonally adjusted basis -- the highest ever on record, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's National Delinquency Survey released Thursday.
The MBA reported that in the third quarter of 2009, loans 90 days or more past due, loans in foreclosure and foreclosures started all set new records.

That's 1 in 7 mortagage loans that are either IN forclosure, or 90 days past due which means they will be in foreclosure soon. This number doesn't count the homes that have ALREADY been foreclosed upon, and are bank owned. AND, the #'s are accelerating. Gonna get interesting...

If you crashed a car,

into a concrete wall, while driving drunk, would you blame the mechanic because he couldn't fix it overnight? Probably not, but then you aren't the average Repub who can't figure out why the Dems can't fix the mess they left. This is SO obvious, to even those with average intelligence, which leaves out the OReilly/Beck crowd, that it shouldn't even have to be discussed. BUT, that crowd likes to blame this economic mess on the 'mechanic' who was left with the wrecked car. Duh. Probably WAY too complicated for the average Sarah Palin fan....

Carol had some excitement,

near her office today. A man/woman team robbed a bank, made a get away, until they had to stop for gas, then had a shoot out with the local police. Surprise, they lost the gunfight. Their car looked like Bonny and Clyde's sedan. Over 50 bullet holes visible. Don't f**k w/Broomfield cops. They know how to shoot. Just kinda sad someone got to the point they thought robbing a bank was their best option. This economy is gonna bring out more of this stuff...


The Repubs in Congress have their panties in a wad, cause the administration can't tell them exactly how many jobs have been saved or created. DUH... That is totally impossible. Any reasonable person could understand that. Unfortunately, that leaves out the 'loyal opposition', who caused the economy to tank.

Public service announcement

Planning on serving pumpkin pie next week for Thanksgiving? You might want to find a back up -- maybe pecan pie, or some spicy gingerbread. What's wrong with pumpkin pie? Nothing -- except that there aren't any pumpkins available this year.Rainy conditions in the midwest this fall have washed out the pumpkin crop, leaving retailers at a loss for canned pie filling. This week, the LA Times reported that Nestlé, which controls 85% of the pumpkin crop for canning, was all out of pumpkins. The company issued a surprise apology, saying that the rain had destroyed the remains of an already-small crop. Nestlé plans to stop shipping canned pumpkin after Thanksgiving, and the company says that once this season's supply is gone, there won't be any more pumpkins available for canning until August 2010.
Guess they haven't seen the 'Pumpkin Patch', north of Broomfield. Thousands of pumpkins...

IF, you can look at facts,

and read a chart, you can see, that the govt expenditures are going WAY up, and the income (from taxes) is going WAY down. Thanks, George W Bush! Bottom line, it ain't turning around for a LONG time, no matter what you, and I, would like to believe. There's nothing Obama and the Dems can do. The economy is BROKEN. Do what you can do, to prepare. It ain't gonna be pretty. Sorry, but don't shoot the messenger...

The Colorado Dept of Revenue

decided, yesterday, to tax the medical marijuana dispensaries that have sprung up all over. What a concept! They actually listened to the voters, and are using the new amendment to the state constitution, (CO is the ONLY state to have such), to raise much needed tax revenue. The other states that have 'Legalized It', merely have laws, that can be overturned at any time. To overturn CO's current legalization would take an election, which ain't gonna happen. It's called being progressive, and facing reality. What a concept!

On the front page,

of the Denver Post, this morning, they had Colorado's new rankings. We had fallen to #2 in 'college educated population', but had risen to #1 in ACT/SAT scores. We remained #1 in 'lowest obesity prevalence'. Yup, educated people eat smarter. AND vote smarter, which is why we are a blue state. There's just something about that 'education thing', that helps you see through the Repub BS. Too bad the whole country isn't so well educated. The Glenn Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's of the world would have to get an honest job, instead of making a fortune preaching to the ignorant sheep who actually believe FOXNews....

Heard part of Sarah Palin's

interview with Oprah, and again, realized she's not a terrible person, but is definitely NOT qualified to be a heartbeat away from the job of prez of the U.S. Also, there's no doubt, that if she weren't so good looking, she would still be the 'somewhat unknown' gov of Alaska. She did probably upset her handlers and the Repub Party bigwigs when she answered a question quite honestly. Oprah asked if she was the reason the Repubs lost in '08. "No", she said, "the economy had just tanked under a Repub administration, and the American people were ready for a change." At least she admits this obvious fact. AND, the economy is STILL in the tank, because of W and his crew. On, right now, they quote the question from Oprah, BUT, leave out the first sentence of her answer, and say 'the American people were ready for a change'. Typical Fox bullshit/lies. Also, the FOX idiots keep saying, "This is Obama's economy now. He has…

This was the first time,

we ever left Bailey, 'Home Alone', for over a day, cause Kari and Ted were also gone. Usually she visits Bella, as we travel. SO, after several days, with only an occasional visit from Rhonda, to feed her, we finally made it home. We thought she would be really happy to see us. NO. As we walked in, after 3 days, she didn't even get out of her bed. She ignored us. She was PISSED. She finally acknowledged us, but it took awhile. She is still training us...

For those who care,

we just got back from a 'journey'. Took a trip, back to our roots, and met with family members, for Carol's bother's memorial. He died too young, at 57, BUT, it was a blessing, if you know what I mean. Cancer took him quickly. Roger is in a better place. We celebrated his life, by eating at his favorite place, bowling in his name, drinking his favorite beer, eating his fav sundae and popcorn. You had to be there to understand. It may be the last time we all meet in Kearney, except for doing the same thing with my parents, (who are doing great, at this point). 'Twas a special time for my folks to meet Piper, who was a great little girl, as she giggled and smiled her way into everyone's heart. In the "Circle of Life', we lost Roger and got Piper., All in all, a very cosmic weekend. We made a decision to drive back to Colorado, into a winter storm, and we made the right choice. Made it home, to 10" of new snow, BUT, the roads were clear and dry, and …

That day, again,

yesterday, when we take the coolers full of boneless elk meat, kept cold by dry ice, after aging and draining for a week, trim and grind it, then add beef tallow (firm white fat), grind it again, and turn it into little white packages of elkburger. We also cut chunks for stew, from some of the best steaks. Best meat/protein there is. Quite a job, though. Took 9 of us, over 5 hours, to complete the task, even though we are all very experienced at it. Not quick, or easy, but good stuff, and a real feeling of accomplishment when you finally get it into the freezer.

If you happen to be in Boulder,

and need your medical marijuana prescription filled, here is a list, in the public interest, from the paper today.

New Options Wellness, 2855 Aurora Ave., No. 40
Boulder Alternative Medicine, 1325 Broadway, No. 213
Cannabis Healing Arts, 1580 Canyon Blvd.
Therapeutic Compassion Center, 1501 Lee Hill, No. 22
THC Ministry of Boulder, 1221 Pearl St., No. 10
Mountain Medicine Group, 1320 Pearl St., Ste. 240
Natural Alternate Medicine, 5370 Manhattan Circle, Ste. 104
Greenleaf Farmacy, 1644 Walnut Ave.
JTR Caregivers, 2714 28th St.
BMMC Services, 2206 Pearl St.
Vape Therapeutics, 1327 Spruce St., Ste. 300
Healing House, 1303 1/2 Broadway
Boulder MMJ, 1909 Broadway, No. 100LL
The Medication Company, 4483 Broadway
The Greenest Green, 2034 Pearl St., Unit 102
High Grade Alternatives, 3370 Arapahoe Ave.
Flower of Life Healing Arts Inc, 3970 Broadway, Ste. 201
Colorado Care and Wellness, 1000 Alpine
Boulder Care and Wellness, 1000 Alpine
Boulder Wellness Center, 5420 Arapahoe Ave., Unit F
Boulder Rx, 1035 Pearl St.…

No special reason,

but I was looking at pics, and saw this one of Bailey, that I liked, and decided to share. "Guarding the deck', is her main job, in the evening. Who was it that said, "Her feet look like she was dipped in sugar"?

North of Craig, CO,

where we hunt, is sorta in the middle of nowhere, and this year we had a bit of a delay, while the Basque shepherds brought the sheep down from the high country, for the winter. Seems the easiest way was right down the hiway. 'Twas shepherds, dogs and horses working together to change pastures. Pretty neat...

Last year,

we didn't go skiing much, cause lift tickets are over $100, even with discounts. Yesterday, I saw that early season ski deals were expiring on Nov 15th, and mentioned to Carol that if we wanted to ski more this year we oughta get passes soon. SO, we went to REI, got our pics taken, and SURPRISE, Carol got me an early Christmas present. Yahoo! Nothing like a prepaid pass to get you out of the house and on the slopes. Won't be that many more years we can do it, so this was nice. Thanks, honey..

Wow, who woulda guessed?

Described as a devout Muslim, who helped US soldiers with PTSD, after they came back from W's war in Iraq, Nidal Hasan finally snapped. He listened to all the horror stories, from returning vets, about what really goes on over there, against his Islamic brothers, then realized he was being shipped out. He wrote on a blog, about suicide bombers being heroes. He tried, unsuccessfully, to fight his deployment to Iraq, through all legal means, complaining of harrassment over his Islamic beliefs. However, the military is so short of qualified psychological personnel, they decide to retain him. SO, he buys guns, shouts 'Allah Akbar', and starts shooting. Luckily, Kimberly Munley, with the local PD, put him down, before he shot even more. Who coulda seen this coming????

Mountain girl

Got this pic of Piper, who's ready for the snow. Little sweetheart, huh? Is that her real hair?

Jobless rate officially over 10%

But that figure doesn't include those who have given up, or have not actively searched in the last 4 weeks, or those who were never officially on the lists, or those who traded a 'real' job, for minimum wage survival, or those who had their hours drastically cut, or those who took pay cuts to keep their jobs. The real figure, according to those who should know, is over 20%. Throw in the fact that those WITH jobs are cutting way back on spending, and you can see that the American economy is a snowball heading downhill, gaining speed. What's out there to stop it? I sure don't see anything...

This was last Thursday

We left Friday, elk hunting, when several roads were still closed (incl Hiway 72 and 93). Played golf this Tuesday, in shorts, no snow. You gotta love Colorado...

Are you kidding?

After 30 years, five presidents and $13 billion dollars, the Obama administration is pulling the plug on Yucca Mountain, the federal government's proposed storage facility for America's nuclear waste.
I thought Obama was gonna be different. I could see W pulling the plug, to keep 'nucular' energy from actually happening, but this is a bunch of crap. What a waste. What do ya do? Start all over? It costs WAY too much money to store and guard the hundreds of tons of nuclear waste, when we have a facility in the desert that's just sitting there. I liked Obama the politician, but I'm getting real tired of Obama the prez...

If I hear, one more time,

about 'Obama's unemployment and economic problems, I'm gonna puke, ON whoever says it. It's like a football game, where the offense fumbles on their own one foot line, then bitches when the defense allows a score. Or, the captain of the Titanic bitching about conditions on the lifeboat he's on. Hey idiots! If you hadn't fumbled the ball, or sunk the ship, you wouldn't have that problem. Very basic common sense, BUT, a real problem for the FOXNews and Repub crowd. What a bunch of jerks...

If you look closely,

(you can click to enlarge), you can see what a 300 Winchester Magnum will do to your nose, when you stand too close to the scope, as you squeeze the trigger. Saw the 'longest ever' string of elk walking up the valley, (over 300, and we didn't see the beginning or the end) and realized where they were gonna cross the trail in front of us. Got there before them, found a great rifle rest on a fence post, and waited for the biggest one to walk by. Was so excited I whacked my nose, as my rifle kicked back hard, and left a blood trail in the snow, dripping off the tip, until it froze over. Didn't really hurt, but swelled up pretty good...

After skinning,

and before boning, this is what the quarters look like. The large cooler, beside the table, holds AT LEAST 250 lbs of boneless meat. We filled nearly 2 others, on top of that. Lotta (good) meat, on an elk. The loins alone, had to weigh about 75 lbs. Stopped by Mountain Man Meat Packing, in Craig, and had some of their award winning mesquite 'snack sticks' made up for us. What Slim Jims would taste like if they actually used good ingredients and real mesquite smoke. Awesome...

This is how,

you transport 3 elk, in one vehicle. In quarters. Filled all three licenses by noon first day, had 'em in camp and skinned, by evening. Put 'em on a tarp, covered them, scooped snow on 'em, so they were all cooled down by the next morning, (which makes our elk SO good) when we boned 'em, and filled coolers we could hardly lift. One of the best, most efficient hunts ever. Had the 'Deer Sleigher' to sled them out of the woods. After all these years, we actually know what we're doing, believe it or not...

Full moon night,

at Strawberry Park, the hot springs outside of Steamboat Springs, where I was less than 24 hours ago. What a place to warm up, and soak the bones, after the workout we had in the mountains. No elec there, and had never seen what it really looked like, just did a lot of toe stubbing in the dark, in the past, BUT, the full moon lit it up, and it was fantastic. Earlier in the day, met with Bugs, in Craig, and he showed us his new stump. He hopes to have a prosthesis by Christmas. We took him to his favorite Mexican restaurant and he had the giant Margarita, knowing it was bad for him, but we let him slide. Stayed at the Marriot in Steamboat, like we always do, and probably clogged the drain in the shower. Really enjoyed the SUPER sound system in Matt's Bronco, and my Ipod, as we rolled down the road, and the non-roads. Once we are chained up, the Bronc, with it's high clearance, will go anywhere, and we are able to hunt places no one else can reach. And by now, we know where the …

We made it to camp

The road out of Denver (I-70) was pretty dicey, all the way to the tunnel, then down into Dillon. We lost traction a few times, but kept it between the ditches. After Rabbit Ears, and Steamboat, the roads got better and were fine until the last 30 miles when we decided on a short cut over Black Mountain pass. Terrible visibility, as we were driving through the clouds, and part of the time we were the only tracks in 6-8" of snow, but we made it to our favorite campsite, and, surprise, there was no one else there. We set up in the snow, grilled a great steak, had a 'nectar of the Gods' and set the alarm for 4 am. Good thing Nate decided not to come, cause Hiways 72 and 93 were closed that morning. Not sure what we would have done. Anyway, we made it up and back, and had quite a memorable time.