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OK, I didn't wear shorts,

but it was a great day on the golf course, with Scott, Dave and Jeremy. I think, no I know, it was the first time EVER, that 3 of us birdied the first hole, and there were a bunch of memorable shots all day. Great fun with great people.
BUT, it's about time to trade Colorado golf for Mexico beaches.
It's that time of year.
Gonna keep going back, (over 40 years now) til we have a good time....

Wow, finally some (Really) good news

this dickhead won't be back. WOW. This jerk is on the level of Sean Hannity.... OK, not quite, but he's a REAL a-hole even for a Pub. Good riddance.....
ANOTHER REPUBLICAN QUITS CONGRESS Trey Gowdy Won’t Seek Re-Election To Congress

Was gonna watch the Liar in Chief and his SOTUS, but,

after 5 mins, am seeing the clown recognize real American heroes, and claim to part of them.
Screw you, Orange Clown, am gonna watch a movie, which is WAY more believable....

As I prepare to watch

the lying piece of crap(R) deliver his latest LIES, I realize there are basically two kinds of people.
Those who care about truth and those who actually swallow the Liar in Chief's LIES.
Let;s see what the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR hs to say to his minions.......

OK, it's SOTUS time

and we have NO desire to see the Orange Clown spout LIES to the US, with his State of the Union crap.
AS IF, we could believe ANYTHING the LIAR IN CHIEF says.
He lies ALL THE TIME, and anyone who believes his crap is SO.......
Oh never mind.....

Just saw the Academy Award nominated, 'The Post'.

and realize how that part of my life affected me SO MUCH.
Yup, it was that time when the Pubs wanted to send my ass to Viet Nam, to kill for their profit, and if they didn't get me that way, they'd send me to jail for smoking pot.
And you wonder why I hate them?
PLUS, the 'Christians', said I hated God and country if I disagreed.
Take a step back, as I, and millions of others CRIED, when JFK was killed. Can you imagine a majority of Americans crying if Trump was killed? Now, there would be dancing in the streets!
But those were different times, when I was young and impressionable (I wanted to stay alive and out of jail). And then I learned to HATE (not said easily), when Nixon(R) controlled my life (or death). If you weren't there, you wouldn't understand, as your friends and acquaintances were sent to Viet Nam or to jail (sometimes BOTH), for not surrendering their lives to Repub politics.
There are stats of those killed (58,000) and wounded in Viet Nam, but …

When you Google 'Trump, golf, cheat'

MILLIONS of hits come up, and they nearly ALL say he's a world-class cheater. 11 on a scale of 10.
One of my faves was Samuel L Jackson saying he cheats like crazy, and the the Liar in Chief replied, claiming he didn't know Jackson and had never golfed with him, AFTER saying Jackson has a terrible swing, at their golf outing. Just another example of what a LYING SACK O' SHIT he is. And the 'head up their ass sheep' have NO PROBLEM with a pathological LIAR in the White House.

SOOO, who's surprised the Liar in Chief cheats at golf?

NO ONE! And an article that came out today shows WHY.
"He cheats like hell," Pettersen said. "So I don't quite 
know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat  at golf, you cheat at business. No matter how far into
 the woods he hits the ball, it's in the middle of the 
fairway when we get there.
"Whilespeaking with the Norwegian newspaper  Verdens Gang, the 15-time LPGA Tour winner Pettersen  went into detail of Trump's tendency to fudge the  numbers on the golf course. Pettersen also mentioned Trump's reliance on "gimmes" 
in order to avoid missing a decisive putt. "Yes, yes, that happens all the time. He always says he  is the world's best putter. But in all the times I've played  him, he's never come close to breaking 80, (even with
 his cheating)" Pettersen said. 
"But what's strange is that every time I talk to him 
he says he just golfed a 69, or that he set a new course  record or won a club championship some …

Wow, every once in a while a term 'just nails it',

and I read that phrase today, describing the people who looked at the Orange Clown, thought, 'Yup, he's presidential', and went ahead to vote for him.
They are truly 'America's Ugly Underbelly'.

As part of their 'muddy the water' campaign, the clowns at FOX

are trying to make a big deal about the 'memo'. Soon we may be able to read it and judge ourselves, but the main points have already been disseminated and it's clear that the Pubs are bitching and moaning about the FBI looking into Carter Page, who was DEFINITELY having contact with the Russians, That is their job.
After learning the facts we can figure it out?Good luck. It’s not easy.The so-called Nunes memo — an effort by House Republicans to cast aspersions on the Russia investigation — evidently singles out Rosenstein(R) for criticism. The memo, which may be released soon, suggests that he was wrong to extend a wiretap on Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.The details are complicated, and you can dig into them in The Times’s coverage. The short version: There is no evidence that Rosenstein made a mistake. Page, after all, has had the kind of contact with the Russian government that should interest F.B.I. investigators.Instead of evidence, the memo engages in the sam…

Wow, I'm SHOCKED, that Trump ISN'T imposing sanctions

White House won't impose sanctions on Russia against the same people who got him elected.
Wow, who da thunk?
Yup, today, the Orange Clown decided NOT to punish Russia for interfering in the US Presidential election, saving them BILLIONS!
I wonder why?
Who da thunk he'd PUNISH the very people who put him in office?
And, I'm SHOCKED, that the A-holes at FOX are totally IGNORING the story
while the sheep say, Amen, Spasibo,Das Vadanya, Comrade Putin.

Wow, who da thunk

that the Pubs were smart enuff to have a bias against the Dotard.
Usually these clowns would vote for Satan if he had (R) after his name, and they did....
Republican memo on anti-Trump bias And what kind of dumbass would get their news from the Pub Propaganda Network?  Oh yeah, the gullible sheep(R). Never mind....
Can I PLEASE get the mailing list, to sell them 'magic beans'?

If Obama would have come out with 'misinformation', (LIES)

about Climate Change, like the Orange Clown did this week-end, FOX and others would have rightfully called him out on it. BUT, when Dotard lies his ass off, AGAIN, it's just, yawn, more lies on the YUUUUGE pile of LIES from the Liar in Chief, who spews lies like an active volcano spews lava.
What would it take for the ignorant sheep of Bullshit Mountain to become concerned that their boy is just a LYING SOB?
I can't even think of anything, cuz they wouldn't hear it anyway, with their heads deeply and firmly buried....

According to FOX 'news?',

millions of their sheep believe God made Dotard president. I agree.
IF, Roger Ailes is God.
If he's NOT, however, then it was FOXNews who put the Orange Clown in the White House, with the help of the Bible Belt, where they are NOTORIOUSLY uneducated, and are The Donald's favorites.
Remember when he said, " I LOVE the uneducated'.
No shit, Sherlock, they are your base....

The Dufus in Charge followed his idiotic Tweet

where he proclaimed, 'Babies are being delivered in the ninth month, from his or her womb', with a stable genius remark about Climate Change.

Trump telling Morgan, “The ice caps were going to melt. They were going to be gone by now. But now they’re setting records. They’re at a record level.” 

First NO ONE said they were gonna melt by now, and they ARE setting records, but for the OPPOSITE of what the guy who is 'like, really smart' is saying.

Yup, idiot they are setting records for MELTING, which you'd never know cuz you get your 'facts' from FOXCrap.

Then the stupid jerk(R) said, “Look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place.”
 As for his assertion it’s “getting cold all over the place,” last year was Earth’s second hottest on record, following a trend of the last 17 years.
What kind of weak-assed mind believes the Dufus? 
Oh yeah, a gullible, cluel…

The Wall St Journal just proved, today,

what I've been saying here, forever.
The most educated, highest earning states are all BLUE, and the lowest educ/income states are RED!
Approx 95% correlation.
Wow, I'm shocked, that the uneducated, low income states are OVERWHELMINGLY Repub, while we Blue States (Colorado #2) pay their bills, and the Pubs bitch about Liberals while collecting the benefits of our education.
Some things never change, as the Bible Belt sucks up Blue State money and votes straight Repub.
Wow, who da thunk!
Check it out in today's Wall St Journal article:

Twitter officials just confirmed

that Russian 'bots' re-Tweeted pro-Trump propaganda over 500,000 times, and that's not even counting Instagram and Facebook, plus other Social Network platforms.
Plus, all 17 US intel agencies agree that Russia helped elect the Liar in Chief, BUT, look what FOXLies shovels to the sheep, today, as they swallow FOXCrap and say, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?'
No, Russia didn't work to elect Trump -- It works to divide Americans, with the help of Democrats

What alleged illegality is Mueller investigating? Trump exercising lawful presidential authority?
Michael Savage The Savage Minute Trump Must Take the Fifth or Mueller Will Entrap Him
And you wonder WHY I can't stand the fake news from FOX, and the morons that swallow their crap? Professional LIARS that, (with the Russians), elected the Liar in Chief.

BTW, Dotard has given 19 interviews to FOX, (where he knows he will get no 'tough' questions AND he can catapult his LIES and propaganda), which is m…

File it under Duh...

And remember this is from Politico, a right-leaning news org. Only one in three think he's honest or trustworthy. What a Great Guy to have in the White House....
Poll: Most voters think President Trump is sexist, profane, reckless and dishonest.


Wow, tonight's SNL is off the chart!

I think it's the best opening, EVER. with Will Ferrell as GWBush, and how those are the 'good ol' days', compared to the Dotard we have now.
It was a sweet look back, at the lowlights of G Dub and The Dick, with two wars that are STILL going on and the housing/market crash, BUT, when compared to the Orange Clown, he looks pretty good, and exceptionally intelligent and honest.
Check it out.....
PS Chris Stapleton rocks.

I just watched The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

and the head of Planned Parenthood, where they showed a clip about the Orange Clown bitching about 'babies being born, in the ninth month', as he planned to shut down Planned Parenthood centers, where poor women get birth control.
I said NO WAY, not even Dotard is THAT stupid. To say it and not notice you screwed up, SO, I Snopes'ed it.
He said it, Google the clip or YouTube.
Just when you think the ignorant SOB can't get any worse....
CLAIMPresident Trump said that a number of state laws allow a baby 'to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month.' RATINGTRUE ORIGIN
On 19 January 2018, President Trump broadcast an address from the White House Rose Garden in conjunction with the pro-life group March for Life’s 45th annual rally. Wow,  I thought I ws caught up on his idiocy, but the dumbshit does a 'highlight reel' of stupidity. every day, and the sheep eat it up....

Watching 'Deepwater Horizon', the true story

of the worst oil spill in US history, that wrecked the Gulf Coast, and realized a few things.
It was the fault of Haliburton, 'The Dick's' (Cheney) oil company, who was in charge of the casing that blew, ( I have a son in law 'in the business' who read the reports) although Cheney was able to use his power to blame it all on BP, British Petroleum, and make them take the multi-billion dollar hit.
Now, the current Repub administration has changed all the off-shore drilling rules, EXCEPT in Florida, where the A-Hole in Chief has Mar a Lago.
Amazing cast in the movie, that humanized the people who died, when Haliburton skipped protocol to hurry the drilling and make more $$$$.
Check it out, as we see what the Repub 'Drill Everywhere' policy can do, except in Florida, cuz the Liar in Chief got a special disposition.
Check it out, in what the Pubs don't want you to see..
Can you say FUCK YOU Republicans? they reverse all the rules that we learned from t…

Wow, too bad about Steve Wynn

I'm shocked, cuz he seemed like such a nice guy, just the kind who'd head the RNC, where total sleazeball is the #1 requirement. Too bad.... Can you imagine being sexually assaulted (even if you were paid a YUUUGE amount of$$$) by this jerk(R)?

Thank God someone stopped the Trump appointed jerk(R), Scott Pruitt

In a surprise reversal, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it is withdrawing its plan to suspend environmental protections for an area of Alaska that is home to the world's most valuable wild salmon fishery. The Trump led EPA proposed last year to "reverse clean water safeguards" for the Bristol Bay watershed, paving the way for a massive gold and copper mine to be built in the region. The Bristol Bay watershed is one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world, supplying about half of the world's sockeye salmon. A CNN investigation last fall found that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt ordered his staff to reverse the environmental protection within hours after meeting with the CEO of the mining company, Pebble Limited Partnership. Shortly after CNN's report, more than 40 congressional Democrats wrote a letter expressing "deep concern" about the EPA's reversal. Yup, Pruitt is in the same class as Zeinke, the clown who gave no-bid Fed contra…

The Liar in Chief, with his Pub henchmen,

are using their same 'tried and true' plan to blackmail the US public into paying for The Wall that Dotard promised that Mexico would pay for, during the campaign the fooled millions of gullible, clueless voters.
The Pubs choose an OBVIOUS position, that 90% of the American people agree to, as in allowing the Dreamers to stay, cuz we NEED the labor, they've done nothing wrong, AND we've already invested a YUUUUGE amount of money in educating them.
SOOO, the Pubs are using something that nearly ALL the people want as a 'Blackmail Chip' to get $25 BILLION for the $8 Billion wall that Mexico was gonna pay for, according to the Liar in Chief.
Can you say sleazy, slimeball, HYPOCRITE Republicans?

Wow, they finally got 'Raptured'

What a SHOCK if they ever open their eyes.....

Remember when FOX was FOR Law and Order?


Wow, Sean must be reading my Aunty Fox blog,

Hannity: 'Pathetically predictable' mainstream media never misses an opportunity to smear Trump cuz he is using the same words against the 'real' media that I FIRST used to describe the cage full of clowns at Bullshit Mountain. Yup, the staff at FOXCrap is 'pathetically predictable' in their zeal to bash Dems, (esp Hillary), ignore any and all Pub sins and Praise every word from the mouth of the Liar in Chief, and I used it first, not Sean,
After reading the 'real' news, from the 90+% of news that ISN'T from FOX, I can predict the 'pathetically predictable' headlines from the agency created by the Chief Political (Propaganda) Strategist of the Repub Party before I ever see them.
And NO, I don't even look at MSNBC and don't even have their Icon with the News agencies + FOX on my laptop, cuz they are just like Bullshit Mountain, a one-sided look at a 3-dimensional world.

Speaking of FOX, can you imagine the BITCHING from them if Obama/…


Are you telling me that experienced FBI agents didn't agree with the Orange Clown and his traitorous henchman Michael Flynn, as they screamed 'Lock her up!', cuz of a private server, that was never hacked, unlike the RNC  and DNC websites,as well as many other govt sites.
Plus, most politicians did, and still do, use 'private servers'. BUT, the a-holes at Bullshit Mountain are claiming the 'fix was in', cuz Hillary wasn't prosecuted as a traitor, like the Liar in Chief should be, for hooking up with the Russians. Something the rightwingnuts have NO PROBLEM with.
Hmmmm, private server vs partnering with the Russians? Gee, that's a tough one, but not for the FOXSheep, who scream 'Lock her up!' while ignoring Dotard's OBVIOUS Russian connections.
It's just part of the smokescreen thrown up to 'shoot the messenger' Robert Mueller, and I know they're just ignorant sheep, but C'MON.....

’THE FIX WAS IN’ New texts between Tru…

FOX 'news' is SO funny/predictable

While real news is reporting on the boos that Dotard got at Davos, when he referred to 'fake news', the clowns of Bullshit Mountain ignored that totally, and claimed his attempt to fire Robert Mueller, was 'fake news', then, within a half hour, there was SO much confirmation of the attempted firing that they did a 180 and claimed it was/is his 'right' to fire the prosecutor.
BUT, the main headlines from the Repub Propaganda Agency continue to be about the FBI agents who (correctly) thought the Orange Clown should never be prez, SOOOO, according to Roger Ailes' creation, that nullifies ALL the investigations by the FBI, CIA, NSA etc. proving Trump/Russia relations.
For good measure, the 'fake news; network included quotes from Billy Graham's son, 'proving' there is a 'deep state' conspiracy against the Liar in Chief, and all other 'Christians'.
On the 'Fake News R Us' website, FOX has different sections, such as news/…

Just saw the most amazing Documentary EVER

Netflix has 'Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable' and that's just what it is.
Unbelievable, or is it real?
It's got to be the most amazing, 'unbelievable' shipwreck find of all time, BY FAR, if it's real, and even if it's not.
I can't imagine I haven't heard of it before. In fact, the treasures may have been in Venice when we there there, last fall.
Bottom line, a YUUUUGE ship sunk off the East coast of Africa around 100 AD, with 'Treasures' from all over the known world, and it has just been discovered and brought up, beginning in 2011.
I can't begin to describe it, SOOO, you just need to see it on Netflix..
I guarantee, you will be totally blown away, and say, why haven't I heard of this'? Or maybe you have, but I sure hadn't. At least until now. Unbelievable.....

Wow, who da thunk

that in an organization as large as the FBI there woiuld be two people who were smart enough to hate Trump?
Hmmmm. Maybe 100%?
And, maybe those two would exchange e-mails about their common interest?
Wow, according to the clowns at FOX, who will do ANYTHING to throw mud on the investigation of the Liar in Chief and his OBVIOUS Russian connections, finding two Orange Clown haters is
'Worse the Watergate', which is an actual Bullshit Mountain headline. NO SHIT, look it up.
Yup, the same a-holes who shovel crap to the sheep are also calling for the Orange Clown to fire Mueller. 'Time t Fire Mueller'. Again, actual headline, look it up.
It's all part of the 'Shoot the Messenger' syndrome for the minions who LIVE to get their daily marching orders from the Fake News Agency, created by Roger Ailes, former Chief Political (Propaganda) Strategist of the Repub Party, who gained initial favor with the Pubs by defending Nixon, to the very end, claiming he was NOT a c…

This just in

Robert Mueller has declined Trump's offer, of $133,000, to shut up about the Liar in Chief's sins.
Yup, the Orange Clown was able to buy off off a porn whore, but Mueller isn't that easy.
BUT, the FOXSheep don't give a shit, SOOO, 'nothing new here', as the Evangelists' fave guy, screwed a porn star, while his wife took care of their baby.
Yup, he's the 'Christian's Choice'.
SOOO, we see how Trump cheats on has favorite things. His wife and his golf score.
Screw him and you jerks(R) who support the jackhole.
AS IF, we didn't know you were HYPOCRITES.

Am watching last night's Jimmie Kimmel,

you know, that lib who hates Trump, (as ALL the late night hosts do, plus everyone with a brain) and he says 'The Shape of Water' has the most Grammy nominations, 13.
We just saw TSOW yesterday, and it was FANTASTIC!
I'm sure the rightwingnuts won't like it cuz they are clueless, as always.
If FOX doesn't support it they don't know about it.
Never mind, we have the 'real world' and we have the FOXWorld sheep.
Never the twain shall meet.....

In just the last few days,

we've had Canadian geese, eating our lawn, and had Bailey, (our cat) freak out cuz there was a coyote looking in our back door, AND got a pic of a bald eagle in our neighbor's tree, looking for food, like our cat, Bailey.
For some reason, she's not going outside, like she usually does. Smart kitty
And,, our local online news, has posts of missing cats.
Who da thunk?
Let's hope they weren't eagle food, but.....

Trump and the Evangelicals

Jesus must be SO proud of his LYING Pussy Grabber in Chief.

After seeing the TOTAL HYPOCRISY of Trump's Evangelical backers

the former RNC Chief has a message for them, while speaking for MANY of us.
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele: Trump’s Evangelical Backers Need To ‘Shut The Hell Up’ “Don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again.”“After telling me how to live my life, who to love, what to believe, what not to believe, what to do and what not to do and now you sit back and the prostitutes don’t matter? The grabbing the you-know-what doesn’t matter? The outright behavior and lies don’t matter? Just shut up.” 
Thank you SO much Michael Steele for saying what SO MANY of us think!

The Jackhole in Charge

yesterday announced a 30% tariff on solar panels, which is going to cost tens of thousands of jobs in the US, over 2000 here in Colorado, in his quest to hurt blue states and take our country BACKWARD in 'Renewable Energy' use, delivering us to his Big Oil buddies, where he recently ramped up dirty coal mining and burning, shutting off clean natural gas to power plants.
Jack Ma, head of Alibaba, the Chinese 'Amazon' equivalent is pleading with the Liar in Chief  NOT to start a global trade war, but that's what the Orange Clown seems to have in mind.
 It would be different if the US manufacturing of solar panels could step into the gap. Not even close, in quantity or quality.
Just a YUUUUGE step backward in Dotard's quest to 'hurt' his enemies, which are Blue States and the renewable energy industry, while giving the world a (tiny) middle finger, as he also made the US an outlier at the Paris Climate Accord, to please his anti-science, rightwingnut, Big…

FOX is bitchin', AGAIN, about the Blue States

Blue states ramp up push to 'evade' chunk of Trump's tax reform
cuz they are the ones that are gonna get hurt the worst from Trump's tax plan, that doesn't allow taxpayers to deduct their state taxes from their Fed taxes.
Why, you ask?
Cuz the people with choices, those with the educ and money, (surprise!, they're related), live in Blue States. It's CA, WA, OR residents that are gonna get hurt, not LA, MS and GA, where the Pub base lives.
Yup, IN, KY and WV residents aren't gonna have to pay extra, but NY, MA and CO will, cuz the taxes are high, where the homes are worth more, cuz that's where people with CHOICES live, and it COSTS MORE, for a better standard of living.
The Pubs LOVE to say 'We're the SMART ones', but the stats/info proves the TOTAL opposite, as 9 of 10 Highest educ/income states are BLUE, while 9 of 10 Lowest educ/income states are Red.
Guess what/ That ain't no coincidence, as the Pub Bible Belt Base just HAPPENS …

Good quote from Lindsay Graham(R), who I like more all the time

Referring to the govt shutdown, and the two parties, he said, 'When it comes to ending this, there is only 'Dumb and Dumber', and the party that gives in, to get the govt back on track, is Dumb.'

Am betting you rightwingnut a-holes

aren't paying attention, BUT, you have pissed off the wrong people.
Yup, you have gotten WOMEN riled up, and they are Powerful!
As I look across the country, a YUUUUGE majority of the females in our country, HATE the Liar in Chief, AND they are gaining power, every day.
Yup, the a-hole who was elected by the Bible Belt sheep, (who deny women are equal, just read their Good Book) doesn't represent the intelligent half of our country.
Who can't see what is happening?
Oh yeah, the FOXSheep, who are totally clueless, like always.
Stay tuned, as women finally get WOKE.

I just realized

that the Pubs have priorities, and those include: Criminalizing cannabis, (YUUUGE % oppose it), and kicking Dreamers out of the country,  (YUUUGE % oppose it). And they like Trump. (2 of 3 Americans hate him).
Can ANYONE dispute that FOX put the Liar in Chief in the White House?
AND, that FOX is the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party?
Never mind....
Am trying to use LOGIC on the FOXSheep. MY BAD....

Saw a fantastic movie today

cuz it was senior Tuesday and had heard good things about 'The Shape of Water'.
No way to describe it, but if you liked 'Splash', you may be able to relate, although they aren't even close....
Good old fashioned love story with an amazing twist. Wow. I judge a movie by how many times I was bored.
Fantastic escapism, with good vs evil, which we ALL can relate too.
This is a great movie for everyone, esp those who like a good love story, and even better if you can remember the the early 60's.
Have seen Lady Bird and Get Out, which were good, This is better.....
If you can't enjoy this, don't bother me, cuz I can't relate.....

Because we 'share', in choosing TV programs

Carol gets to watch Gold Rush and I get to see Ellen. (Carol is the obvious winner)
I just wonder what the rightwingnut women watch?
All food shows and NRA ads?
Cuz they sure wouldn't appreciate Ellen, who happens to be gay, and hates the Orange Clown, cuz she is intelligent and is the number one afternoon show.
Oh well, the rightwingnuts also can't enjoy ANY of the late night shows, except FOX and Friends. SOOO, what do the sheep watch, other than old Matlock reruns?
Just FOX it seems.... I guess they also listen to Rush. And that explains WHY they think (or not) like they do, swallowing the official Pub line, for EVERYTHING, while believing every other news outlet is FAKE. Crazy, but true.
Roger Ailes would be SOOOO proud.

Read a good quote in my current James Lee Burke book

that got me thinking. And what's an agnostic, or spiritualist?

Even the atheist is committed to an enormous act of faith in his belief that the universe created itself and the subsequent creation of intelligent life was simply a biological accident.

The sun came out on fresh snow this morning

and it was interesting to see the coyote tracks, where they came up the fairway and went all around the house, checking in the trees and bushes, where the rabbits live.
Didn't see where they got any, but they sure tried.
Beautiful fresh snow, clear blue sky day......
This just in:

(This is for the Eagle Trace residents only.
Between 4 and 4:45 today we observed what looks like a Golden Eagle flying around the western reservoir in Eagle Trace. We couldn't get a good pic of it, but it is HUGE!
Beautiful bird but large enough to take a small dog or cat so just be aware that smaller dogs or cats could be targets.)

Interesting, how New England only had ONE penalty yesterday, for a total of five through the playoffs, while their opponents had 36. And, did you see the first person to congratulate Tom Brady when the clock ran out? One of the officials.
And, there was that play where an 'inadvertant whistle' (a call that can't be reviewed) cost the Jags a touchdown on a fumbl…

After a few bi-partisan Senators got together

and decided to end the Stoopid shutdown, Bullshit Mountain had to put their 'Special Spin' on it, so the sheep could get their 'Daily Fix', blaming the Dems. (See below) Typical FOX bullshit in the headline, for the intellectually challenged, who were overheard saying. 'We knowed them Dems was dumb fur causing this whole thang, but us Pubs kicked thay're asses fur it. Yay, Donald, now we cain git are welfare checks.'
Am just wondering what the Dems had to give up to get CHIP and a promise from the Pubs to talk about DACA, two programs that are YUUUGELY popular with Americans.
I'm sure the Pubs blackmailed them into SOMETHING that  benefits their base, and that's sure not caring for children.....


Team Schumer caves on filibuster, paving way for end to government shutdown

Senators on both sides said 'Thanks, but No Thanks',

to the Orange Clown's latest effort to fix the latest govt impasse. Dotard said, 'Whenever I've run into major problems in the past, I've just declared BANKRUPTCY, and it always works for me'.
Then he went back to watching FOXNews and ordered some more cheeseburgers....

Was flipping through the channels on a snowy Sunday

and happened to catch part of 'Splash', one of Tom Hanks' first movies, in 1984, where he discovers a 'mermaid', played by Daryl Hannah.
Was kinda cute and refreshing, but I noticed something.
After word got out that Hanks' had a mermaid in his apartment, he got a YUUUUGE number of calls to his office, wanting interviews. His secretary had a long list of news agencies that wanted to speak with him and see the mermaid, incl ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, the AP and UPI.
Notice anything?
These are ALL Fake News, according to the fake news agency, FOX, that wasn't around then. This was before Roger Ailes, Chief Repub Political Strategist created his 'alternative' to real news, for hardcore Repubs, who'd rather hear want they 'want to be true', over reality.
Who da thunk SO many people could be brain-washed SO thoroughly since then?
Yup, ALL the agencies we trusted to give us the news have been declared 'F…