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The right wing is obsessed,

with the fact that Obama uses a teleprompter. The big difference, between him and Bush? Obama can read the teleprompter. HUGE difference, but not the only one.

Not sure why,

BUT, am still wearing the necklace. Has been a tradition, for over 30 years, to wear the necklace, 'for awhile', until I lose the feeling, of the beach, in Mexico. Can't say why, but, still have it on. "Tis a sad day, when I take it off, and am not ready to go there, yet. Don't ask. 'Tis an old tradition...

The funniest thing

I saw on FOX, was their banner headline. ' It's time to say NO, to biased media.' HA HA HA. I wish I knew what happened next, BUT, I took their advice, and I turned it off. What a joke....

Is kinda scary,

because I am agreeing with some of the stuff on FOX. The gov't is throwing $ at companies that should be allowed to fail, (as in capitalism!), and that is wromg. Obama ran on a promise to get us out of Iraq, SOON. He's not doing it. The gov't is giving billions of $'s to AIG, CITI, etc, with no transparency as to where it is going, and who is getting it. TRUE, he inherited a monumental problem, BUT, he is getting sucked into the Washington mentality. TRUE, it is still early, BUT, I don't like the direction he's going. He has a (an?) historical opportunity to make a difference, BUT, it looks like he is caving in to the traditional political middle ground. That's NOT why he was elected. I hope I'm wrong, BUT, I don't like the way it's going....

In a typical

right wing smear campaign, Sarah Palin, and her lackeys, have been complaining about the 'liberal press', picking on her. Seems the problem is not the fact that the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska was not, and is not qualified to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful job on earth. BUT, according to the right wing spin meisters, it is a HUGE conspiracy, by the liberal press, to smear her, personally, for political reasons. Typical Repub bullshit, BUT, can anyone else see the obvious here, that she doesn't have the necessary experience for such an important job? If you can't, I ain't surprised....

Justice, finally?

A top Spanish court is close to investigating six former Bush administration officials for circumventing international law to justify torture at Guantanamo Bay, the New York Times reports. Judge Baltasar Garzon, a human rights crusader who has gone after former Chilean ruler Augusto Pinochet, is reviewing the case, which could lead to arrest warrants for ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney and others.

The same way the World Court has prosecuted war criminals in the past. These thugs broke international, as well as moral, law, when they disregarded the Geneva Convention, among many other laws, and decided they were above the law. If you can't hang 'em, at least send 'em to prison, as the criminals they are. Oh yeah, don't forget the ringleader, George W, Bush...

Great analogy

My son, Nate, gave me a great analogy, last night, concerning the Repubs complaining that the Dems are spending too much $ on the stimulus package. He said, "It's like an arsonist complaining that the fire department is using too much water on the fire he set." Think about it. Great analogy, as the right-wing pundits do nothing but complain about Obama trying to fix the wreck of an economy that is the legacy of the Bush era.

An old-fashioned blizzard,

is what we are having today. Has been the winter 'that wasn't', BUT, today it has all changed. About 14" of snow, so far, with a lot of wind. Am glad just to be able to stay indoors. Carol went into work, but closed up after about an hour, then got stuck in the driveway coming home. 'Tis nice, just being 'snowed in', and enjoying a warm house. The good news is, we needed the moisture, as it has been way too dry.

Great visit,

with my folks this weekend. Seems like we have finally learned how to avoid all the trouble spots and just concentrate on the good stuff, of which there is plenty. For a couple well into their eighties, they are doing really well, and that makes me feel better, too. Gotta make the effort to visit them more often...

Bailey, our Maine Coon cat

(Pic is not Bailey, but real close)
From Wikipedia:

The Norwegian Forest Cat, the cats that explored the world with the Vikings, is a breed of domestic cat native to NorthernEurope, and adapted to a very cold climate. In Norway they are known as skogkatter or more properly, the Norsk skogkatt (literally, Norwegian Forest Cat).
The breed is very old, and occurred as a natural adaptation to the cold climate of the region. They are rumored to be the early ancestors of the Maine Coon and the long-haired Manx.
Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick fluffy double-layered coat, tufted ears and a long bushy tail to protect them against the cold. Their coat is essentially waterproof due to its coarse outer layer and dense underlay. They are very large cats with adult males weighing 6 to 10 kg (13 to 22 lb), while females are approximately half that size. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs. They are very intelligent, playful cats that enjoy human company. The nickname of "Wegie"…

Just a thought, here,

that I've had for a long time, but don't think I've ever posted. Dems are cat people and Repubs are dog people. Not written in stone, obviously, BUT, from my life experience, is definitely worth looking at. Repubs want to control people/things, and Dems are more into freedom/letting it happen. Dogs can be trained, and cats can't. Cat people are fine with that, and enjoy the independent spirit of a cat, much like their own. Repubs think things must be under control. Nothing wrong with that. Not putting a value judgement on it, but it just seems like that's how it is. Control vs independent thinking. Dogs vs cats. Would LOVE to see a scientific study on it. I love cats and dogs, BUT, if I could only have one, give me a cat. Right, Bailey?

Missing e-mails

Another coincidence?

Bush officials pleaded faulty technology as the cause of the missing e-mail. Maybe it was an accident that entire workdays turned up blank at the offices of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Maybe it was a coincidence that hundreds of thousands of the missing e-mail messages went missing during the lead-up to the Iraq war — with its manipulated intelligence — and the outing of Valerie Plame and the decision to destroy C.I.A. interrogation tapes.

The Bush administration. Totally crooked, but not totally stupid.

Just heard

a good thought, from Ron Reagan, not Ronald, but the one in the family with a triple digit IQ. He explained the difference between the 30% of the population who wants to be in control, and the 70% who are actually in the majority, when it comes to things like stem cell research, gay marriage, abortion, legalization of marijuana and lots of other hot button issues. The majority doesn't ask to impose their will on the others. NO. But, the 30%, who mostly don't have their own lives together, think they need to tell everyone else how to live. It's that simple. Libs would never say you HAVE to participate in stem cell research, HAVE to have an abortion, you MUST smoke pot, etc, BUT, the other side thinks they are SO SMART, they need to tell us ALL what to do. It sucks, but that's how they think. Give me a break. Live your own life, and let the rest of us do the same. This is America, land of freedom and rule by majority.

If you want some real fantasy,

read how Cheney, the most powerful, and most corrupt public official, EVER, in today's interview, absolves his administration of any blame for the economic crisis we find ourselves in, and, blames Obama for all our problems. Un-F-ing, believable, unless you happen to be a card carrying Repub, then you can, and will, believe any and all, sort of BS, that can explain what happened the last 8 years.


is the Michael Moore film about health care in US, and the world, that has been around for awhile, but I just saw it. What an eye opener! Should be required watching for all Americans.


The ONLY time in our nations' history, that control of the Air Force left the military's control, was when Cheney took control during an 'exercise' on Sept 11, 2001. This is NOT an urban myth and can be confirmed by anyone who wants to spend the time Googling it. It explains why no military jets were dispatched to protect New York City or Washington D.C. even after it became painfully obvious we were under attack. Just look at the following flight paths, and see if MAYBE, someone could have seen something was going on, a few days after Bush received the memo, "Bin Laden determined to strike within US".

6 years ago, today,

George W Bush took us to war, based on lies, to enrich his buddies in defense and energy. Not even I could have foreseen how he would be able to trash our country and world, with his criminal, cowboy mentality. With his corrupt policies in finance, diplomacy and economics, he was able to take down nearly the entire civilised world, in a way we have never seen before. It has just begun to unfold, and it ain't gonna be pretty. Gotta love them Repubs who bought his lies and re-elected him. Idiots. Just plain idiots...

Another record,

here in the Denver/Boulder area. 76 degrees, on March 4th. Great golf weather, and, not complaining, but it just doesn't seem quite right.

You Limbaugh lovers,

gotta love his latest rant. Rush explains how Obama is busting the budget, BUT, he conveniently forgets how Bush, TOTALLY trashed our economy, and forced SOMEONE, to step up and try to fix it. Probably too little, too late, BUT, it was W, and the Limbaugh lovers who wrecked our country. Come on, even you Rebublicans gotta see that?


I put on sun block today, before I golfed, and still got sun-burned. Mid 70's in Colorado, (record high), on March 2nd. February snow total, for Denver/Boulder, was 1/10 inch, an all-time low. Yeah, that global warming stuff is just a liberal plot...

Was sitting in the hot tub,

tonight, and remembered a story from long ago. Will try to make it short. Carol and I were 'just married' and lived in a great apt on Capitol Hill, in Denver. Had a problem with management, don't remember exactly what, BUT, stood up to them, and said we had been wronged. The next month, we were offered a free apt, to manage the 4 story apt house. Was cool. A couple of months later, these 2 'hi-class hippie' guys paid cash for an apt, late one night, and a month or so later, when rent was due, I knocked on their door, no answer, and I let myself in. There was a huge blood spot in the middle of the living room floor, and another in the middle of the bedroom. No furniture, luggage, etc. Just large, dark blood spots, with a small blood trail going toward the door, AND, a small, fancy wooden stash box, with an assortment of drugs, hidden high on a closet shelf. We told the owners, who never called the police, just replaced the carpet. It was a drug deal gone b…