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Last week it was Paul

and this week it was Kathy, who was voted off 'Survivor' cuz they happened to draw the wrong slip of paper. The good news? Carol and I are still in, we had another good dinner, got together for laughs and we're watching game 7 between the Av's and Minnesota Wild. The bad news? Either the Avs or the Wild are going home, and I like 'em both. Oh well, Let's Go Av's! Nothing quite like a game 7 in the NHL.

Quick FOX overview, today,

for those who choose not to wade through the swill. ' Coeds Strip for College Cash", (along with several other 'tit'illating stories w/pics), article blaming MSNBC for not coming down harder on 'black' racists, THREE articles about Benghazi, (from the same clowns who had/have NO PROBLEM with the Iraq War, started by Repub lies), several articles about Obama's 'failed' foreign trip and 'failed' foreign policy, (I guess cuz we're NOT at war), the usual articles about how Christians are 'persecuted'(?), in the US, an article praising Rick Santorum, the usual 'mainstream media' bashing, with  Bias Bash: Media focuses on GOP Rep Grimm's indictment ,  some outright gloating-FOX NEWS FIRST: Poll says 2014 looks worse for Dems than 2010 and a couple about the dangers of pot smoking. In other words, the same old shit, from Bullshit Mountain. THERE, I saved you the brain damage of actually reading their crap. You're welco…

I gotta admit,

there is one thing I DO like about FOX, and that's the way they publicize their own skewed polls, (and the sheep believe them), like they did with the last prez election, where the entire Bullshit Mountain Universe was SURE Romney was gonna be the next prez, while the real world pundits correctly predicted an Obama win. The good news? It keeps the sheep on the couch instead of at the election booth. They're doing the same thing now, saying Obama's approval numbers, based on Obamacare are WAY down and the Pubs are gonna kick ass in November, BUT, the 'real' polls don't show that. SO, thanks FOX, and keep it up. Lie to your base and convince 'em they're 'winners'. For once, I totally approve of your lying propaganda.

I'd like to find,

a good pic of a fox dressed in ol' lady clothes, as a logo for my blog, which I'd re-name 'Aunty Fox', (ANTI-FOX, get it, Fox fans?) which exemplifies my daily tome better than FamGuy. I've evolved from primarily a family type diary, for my rocking chair years, to full-blown outrage at the crap that FOX publishes on a daily basis. FOX is fine for the sheep who know what it is and choose to swallow their swill, reinforcing their biased opinions, rather than read/see REAL news. BUT, it's the naive, gullible, mostly old folks, like my late, trusting parents, who thought it was actual news, and there are many good people just like that, out there. They suck you in with a glitzy format, hot bimbo blondes and MOSTLY legitimate news, then, like a carnival barker who wants to get your money, hit you with their true agenda, which is to twist, propagandize and outright lie about real events, with their hand-picked 'X-Spurts' in an effort to glorify Repub and …

What the Hell,

is going on here? As I peruse the FOX headlines this morning, (for my daily laughs and outrage), I came across this one.
Survey: Americans Fine with Added ObamaCare Fees

Wow. FOX has consistently had nothing but negative views and outright lies about the Affordable Care Act, but now they're admitting most Americans are OK with the small added fees to pay for it. Not sure what's going on, but somehow they might recognize the changing opinions toward Obamacare and they must have some plan to get 'in front of it'. Not sure what's going on here, but it's just not like FOX to provide ANYTHING positve on any Repub idea or bill. What's up?

Good Denver Post 'Letters to Editor', today

For those four-flushing, Second Amendment “militia” members out there, are you aware that when ol’ Cliven tries to sell his cows, the feds will be there to confiscate his payment to help reimburse his delinquent grazing fees? Will you show up at the auction house with rifles at the ready to prevent this “transfer of wealth”?
Jan Sershen, CaƱon City
This letter was published in the April 29 edition.
It’s almost sad how the Republican Party, so bankrupt in ideas, principles and consistency, has to immediately leap at every “Joe the Plumber” symbol that comes along, the latest being the Cliven Bundy disaster. Sens. Rand Paul and Dean Heller, and Sean Hannity all desperately piled on, only to have Bundy’s blatant racism blow up in their faces.
Because the Republican Party is so devoid of any real leadership, what must true conservatives think, seeing this incredibly pathetic display of shallowness in their leaders?
Kenneth Valero, Littleton

The Pubs and FOX,

(one and the same), are bitchin cuz Sec of State Kerry warned against 'An Apartheid State' after top Israeli officials issued the same warning. Former Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni have said the same thing, but Sen Ted Cruz is asking for Kerry's resignation because he repeated it.
Republicans slam Kerry for reported Israel remarks

Surprise, the Pubs are sabotaging US policy for their own politcal gain. I'm SHOCKED!
Ted Cruz, a total dickhead...

The numbers continue to change,

and don't look good for the 'one issue' Pubs, who are betting all their chips in the next elections, hoping that the American people will believe their lies, vote against their own interests and reject the affordable health care that the rest of the world enjoys.

WASHINGTON -- Attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act continue to shift in the law’s favor, even in Republican-held congressional districts, a new poll released Monday shows.
The poll in battleground congressional districts shows 52 percent of respondents want to “implement and fix” the 2010 health care reform law versus 42 percent who want to “repeal and replace” it. Those numbers were 49 percent to 45 percent, respectively, in the firm's December poll.

Wow! Does that mean the Pubs will have to stand FOR something, instead of just being the Party of NO? Should be fun to watch, as the numbers continue to look better for the people vs 'Big Medicine,' where one injury/illness could mean bankruptcy, u…

Wow, I'd sure like to own

some of the media outlets in Denver, (esp TV stations) as the Koch bros throw millions of their 'Big Oil' cash at the local voters, trying to buy votes with a bunch of lies about Colorado Sen Udall, thanks to the Repub Supreme Court who continually says 'votes ARE for sale' to the highest bidder. Same ol' crap from the Pubs, as they saturate the airwaves with their lies for the 1%'ers vs the middle class. Congressmen should be like NASCAR drivers and have decals all over their cars and suits, showing who 'sponsors' them  YES! Koch Bros decals over all the Pubs, who are bought and owned by Big Oil. SO obvous, as the Pubs continue to subsidize Big Oil with 'oil depletion allowances' that give them hundreds of millions in 'welfare' on top of their billions in profits. Makes sense, IF you are a 'bought and paid for' Repub....

I'd love to have been a 'fly on the wall',

as Sean Hannity met with his bosses (Murdoch/Ailes) after supporting the racist/moocher/idiot/patriot? who refused to pay the grazing fees that all other ranchers have to pay,  refusing to recognize the US govt, while redneck militias brought their weapons to confront the BLM , (saying they'd put their women in the front line) . Did they chew him out for being an idiot? OR, do they just expect it, cuz they are FOX? Like I say, would like to have heard the 'inner workings' of Bullshit Mountain, as their agenda is so 'off the wall' compared to a legitimate news agency, BUT, it's what we've all come to expect from the FOXHoles, SO, nothing new here....

As Colorado wrestles with Cannabis rules,

(in my humble opinion), the laws dealing with 'edibles' need to address the fact that there shouldn't be "TEN doses" in one cookie, soda or candy. It's way too easy to 'overdose' accidentally, cuz it takes over an hour for most edibles to act, and some people get tired of waiting and eat more, and when the THC hits, it's too much for many users. Like all major changes, the new laws aren't gonna be quick or easy, but Colorado needs to adapt, cuz the 'whole world is watching' and it could go either way. Also, pot doesn't need to be 'concentrated' into oils, dabs, waxes, etc. It's strong enough as it is. Bottom line, no one should go to jail for pot, BUT, there needs to be protection for the idiots, as always. Should be interesting to watch....

The Pubs don't like it,

but the US isn't gonna put boots on the ground, against Russia, with their 'civil war' in Crimea, but rather will pursue economic sanctions against Putin and Russia. It's called 'follow the money', and it totally explains why Bush/Cheney attacked Iraq after 3 Afghani's and 15 Saudi's were behind 9/11. Some leaders and their supporters actually care about MONEY. Bush/Cheney and their contributors were/are ALL about oil dollars, and what better way than a war on the oil patch of the world, to make the price of oil go from $15/barrel to over $145? If you don't understand, you ain't even trying, BUT, nothing new for the sheep, who bitch about Obama being 'weak' cuz he doesn't start another war, and enrich the 'defense' contractors. Same ol' shit from the Pubs....

Former (and future?) Repub prez candidate,

and one of the spokesmen for the right wing, Donald Trump, on 'FOX and Friends', Monday, said the girlfriend was the problem, not the racist NBA owner Donald Sterling, when he told her not to associate with blacks, or bring them to 'his' games, after she had a pic taken with Magic Johnson.
The first thing out of 'The Donald's' mouth was, "It's terrible, he got set up by a very bad girlfriend, she was baiting him and she's a terrible human being." The Repub mouthpiece then described her as, "the girlfriend from hell". More insight into the Pub brain, and the 'news' from Bullshit Mountain.

Sean Hannity and his fellow clowns

at Bullshit Mountain got off WAY too easily, when the ignorant rancher they championed showed his racist beliefs, and gave them an easy 'out', after they'd dug themselves into a deep, sleazy hole. After supporting Cliven Bundy as a 'patriot' (who doesn't recognize the authority of the US) and encouraging the armed, redneck militias, who wanted to put  their women in the 'firing line'. Luckily, the govt backed down before we had another Waco, but it's not over, yet. At least it exposed FOX as who/what they are, just rabble rousers who will support ANYTHING  against the current administration, whether it be affordable health care or ignorant, racist moochers. Nothing new here, as the the Bundy fiasco was a byproduct of the dumbing down of the sheep, that seems ever more central to the way America’s rightwing operates.

Showing their true colors, again,

although anyone with a brain (FOXSheep excluded, naturally), already knows the Koch Bros agenda, which is to protect and enlarge their HUGE fortune, through the Repub Supreme Court and by electing Repub candidates, who favor the 1%. Their latest scheme involves fighting that 'nasty' solar energy, which cuts into their profits.

At long last, the Koch brothers and their conservative allies in state government have found a new tax they can support. Naturally it’s a tax on something the country needs: solar energy panels. For the last few months, the Kochs and other big polluters have been spending heavily to fight incentives for renewable energy, which have been adopted by most states. They particularly dislike state laws that allow homeowners with solar panels to sell power they don’t need back to electric utilities. So they’ve been pushing legislatures to impose a surtax on this increasingly popular practice, hoping to make installing solar panels on houses less attractive. No…


Sean Hannity (but he LOOKS so trustworthy) crawled out from under his rock to offer MORE advice for the sheep, after even Glenn Beck denounced him for his Nevada moocher crap. When Beck thinks you're whacko, that means you're WAY over the edge. But, never fear, D-Bag has more wisdom for us, today, as he claims pot smokers should be locked up, no matter what the majority of American voters say. Same old shit from FOX.

One of the few

'semi-sane' Repubs, Rand Paul, said at Harvard University's Institute of Politics that the Republican Party will have to “adapt, evolve or die."

Oh yeah? I'm thinking they'll die, cuz they don't believe in evolution, and the Tea Baggers have 'em by the balls, and we all know that, 'Once you have 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." Should be fun to watch,as the Pubs have a way of imploding, with their far-right wing calling the shots.

I think it's SO stupid,

to ban fracking in Colorado and elsewhere, as some are trying to do. It may not be official 'Liberal' thinking, but, if there is abundant water and legitimate oversight, from everything I've read and heard, there is definitely a place for fracking, especially when, 'Compared to What?' There is no such thing as completely safe, cheap, reliable energy, SO, you gotta use the best available choice, which happens to be natural gas, from fracking.
AND, while we're on the subject, if stopping the Keystone pipeline would keep Canada from developing the tar sands, I'm all for stopping it. BUT, if Canada is gonna do it anyway, in a dirty, environmentally devastating scenario, and then ship the oil by rail, I guess the pipeline would better than rail cars. Kind of a gray area....

Surprise, FOX is bitchin',

cuz Illinois is contemplating spending millions on a presidential library for Obama, BUT, they had nothing but praise for the GWBush Library, even though most people just laugh when they hear GW and Library in the same sentence. Note, actual pic of upside down book.

This, in the paper this morning,

is kinda cool, cuz it is right down the street.

Broomfield — or more specifically the front yard of Kim Jones' house, her front room and the views of the Flatirons from the Eagle Trace neighborhood — is part of "Searching for Fortune," an independent film being produced by Distant Thunder Films.
Joseph Mattarese is directing the movie written by Brian Smolensky, who also has the lead role. The story is set in Colorado and follows the life of an oil rig worker whose happy small-town life is upset when the widow of a brother he never knew he had arrives at his door. The story is set in Colorado, so it was only fitting it was filmed here.
(We're) just happy to help Brian out," she said, adding that it's pretty cool Broomfield is the location for a movie, even if the city and her home only have a bit part and only hosted the crew for a day.
The house, Phillip Mattarese said, is exactly what he pictured when he read the description of lead female character Em…

I don't normally brag,

as everyone knows (?), but I had a very special day on the links yesterday, with my buddy Scott. In all the years I've golfed, I've only broken 80 twice, before, BUT, yesterday I shot an honest 79, (no Mulligans, gimmes or rule bending), and it was really fun. After dreaming about unlimited golf throughout my entire working life, then actually doing it (until I got burnt out), I am returning to my true love, with a new swing, and am feeling the excitement again. It's all about a controlled swing, with very few moving parts, that can be replicated. So far, it's working, and am looking forward to playing my favorite courses, again.

Uh oh, the Pubs are gonna hate the new numbers

that show 60% (and rising) of the voters would rather FIX Obamacare, than totally drop it and start over.

'Enough already with talking about Obamacare, 53 percent of America (and 47 percent of Republicans!) says. Keep it, fix it and move on to other things, says 60 percent. That's according to the Kaiser Family Foundation poll for March.'

Wow, what else is the 'Party of NO' gonna run on? Killing Obamacare, fueled by their lies, misinformation and outright obstructionism is what will let them take the Senate in 2014 and the presidency in 2016, according to their plans. Now, all the trends show that the majority (and steadily growing) think it is worth saving. Damn! Affordable health care for the masses, like the rest of the world? AND, like Medicare and Social Security, (proposed by Dems, fought by the Pubs, and now loved by nearly all), it seems like the Pubs are on the wrong side of history, AGAIN. Does that mean the Pubs have to stand FOR some idea, instead of j…

In the fantasy world, inhabited by the FOXNews clowns,

the administration should just 'cut and run' (they love that phrase) from the Russian space program, while Americans are in orbit, and it's their only ride home. At least that's the gist of the FOXHole's article, where they bitch about a Russian still getting paid to ferry US astronauts.

TOP RUSSIAN OFFICIAL Dmitry Rogozin, left — sanctioned by President Obama in the wake of the Ukraine crisis — is playing a key role in the Pentagon's space program, and continues to benefit from a lucrative no-bid contract that the Department of Defense awarded earlier this year, Fox News confirms.

Yup, just cut 'em off! I'm sure the astronaut's families will understand. Sometimes, the ignorance at FOXNews is amazing even to me, and I EXPECT it.

Sean 'D-Bag' Hannity

is VERY happy today. His buddy Cliven Bundy stuck his manure-filled boot in his mouth one too many times, even for the Bullshit Mountain crew, and Sean found a reason to backpeddle away from the ignorant moocher that he had been one of the few, in all of media, to defend. After being ridiculed on MANY fronts, Mr. Hannity got a good excuse to 'cut and run' (one of his fav expressions), after Cliven showed what an ignorant redneck, (FOXNews base) he actually is, with his racial comments. Too bad, it was fun to watch Sean parade his ignorance for all the world to see, as fodder on most of the comedy shows but when even Glenn Beck says you're whacko, just MAYBE it's time to rethink your position of defending a 'patriot' who doesn't recognize the authority of the US govt. Never fear though, I'm sure D-bag will find more issues to appeal to his biased, bubble-enclosed, fact-ignoring, conservative viewers and things will go back to normal on Bullshit Mountain…

'As Compared to What?'

is the title of a forthcoming documentary about Barney Frank, who has a lot more intelligence/common sense than the average congressman. Barney is the subject of a new film, and says he got the line from Henny Youngman, who used it when asked, 'How's Your Wife?' It applies to a BUNCH of issues that the Con/Pubs just can't understand, like 'don't bother the patriot cattleman, legalization of pot, no gay marriage, not negotiating with Russia and deportation of illegal immigrants among others. Sure, it's not always an ideal situation, but some issues are kinda gray, and they live in a black and white world. You have to balance the issues and compromise (the NASTY word they can't tolerate) cuz you can't just turn back the clock and live in a 'Father Knows Best'/ 'Leave It To Beaver' world that was ruined by 'those damn hippies'.

World-class dumbshit, Sean Hannity,

MIGHT back off his endorsement of Cliven Bunday, but I doubt it, after the moocher cattle rancher who doesn't recognize the govt of the USA, said of black people.
 “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. And, I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton?

Just the kind of dumbass that Sean and the jerks at Bullshit Mountain love. When I think they can't get any worse, they always do. Nothing new here, but I'm continually amazed that the sheep never learn or care.

According to Bullshit Mountain,

'George Clooney, after downing several tequila shots, had an epic blowup over President Obama with Steve Wynn in Las Vegas that ended with the actor calling Wynn “an a - - hole” and storming off as the casino mogul’s security guards got ready to pounce on him.'

BUT, if you read deeper, the incident occurred after Wynn called Obama an 'asshole' several times, and Clooney considers the prez a 'friend'.
SO, for the FOXHoles, Clooney overreacted to normal dinner converstion, and the 'Lib' caused trouble for the patriot. Same old shit, from the clowns at FOX.

It never ceases to amaze me,

how the FOXHoles can deny science when it suits their agenda. Wwhy believe 97% of climatologists when you can find 3%, paid by Big Oil, who disagree?  BUT, when they find a 'scientist' who agrees with them, even when his findings are controversial, not supported by his peer group, and based on a ridiculously small sample, they climb on the bandwagon, support that scientist as an 'X-spurt', and say, 'We told you so!' I'm referring to the study of 20 cannabis smokers, of different ages, backgrounds and amounts of toking, that 'Proved' to the Bullshit Mountain crowd that marijuana 'changes' the brain, although many, much larger studies say that the findings were deeply flawed. Not gonna get into whether pot is safe/good/bad, but only pointing out the ongoing hypocrisy of the FOXNews clowns when it comes to 'SCIENCE!'

Jon Stewart had a great show again,

with the same subject that amazed me. The millionaire moocher cattle baron, supported by FOX, (esp the jerk, Sean Hannity), who refuses to pay to graze on public land, AND refuses to recognize the govt of the USA, while waving an American flag. The Daily Show took Hannity down HARD, showing clip after clip of him being a total hypocritical idiot. Nothing new here, but really funny. What kind of fool swallows Hannity's crap????? One of my favs was Sean bitching about Jon's choice to have Cat Stevens, who's now a Muslim, sing 'Peace Train', but Sean was happy to endorse Ted Nugent after he advocated the shooting, (and more), of Hillary and Obama. What an idiot....

The clowns at FOX

continue to bash Colorado for not sending adults to prison for possessing a plant, BUT, praise the state of Georgia for their 'Guns Everywhere' bill allowing guns in bars, nightclubs and schools. Wow, what could possible go wrong? Just when I think the Bullshit Mountain crew can't get any worse, they always do....

The best laid plans

don't always work out. Was planning to spend a couple of days at Glendo Res, in Wyoming, catching a bunch of walleyes, cuz there was supposed to be some nice weather and my fishing buddy said 'the bite is on'. Well, the 'high 70's', sunshiny day turned out to be windy, cold and rainy, which we could have dealth with, IF, we wouldn't have had boat problems. The electric trolling motor conked out, which we needed to adjust for wind and current, to jig the live minnows just off the rocky bottom, and we couldn't anchor, cuz Kenny had lost his anchor, and there was a leak in the boat, which meant ankle deep 42 degree water. So, I came home early, with one walleye. I hope Kenny is having better luck today.

Surprise, FOX is bitching,

Cuz those black guys in the White House, are looking at lessening some pot sentences, in the overcrowded prison system. Why am I not surprised that Bullshit Mountain is complaining about such an obvious issue?
PS, this just in: According to FOX polls, (the same clowns who proclaimed Romney as the next prez), assure us MOST Americans are against Obamacare (But, they don't mention that many of those, think it doesn't go far enough). Nothing new here, from Bullshit Mountain.

The clowns of Bullshit Mountain

have a deeply probing article today. 

Is the national media covering the Nevada rancher story in a fair and balanced way?

The most biased, agenda-driven, lying, propaganda-laced, 'Fair and Balanced?' network of all time has the gall to wonder why the legitimate media didn't cover the 'moocher-millionaire', who thinks he should be able to graze his cattle on public land, without paying, with the same kind of anti-govt slant, that brought out the redneck militias into an armed conflict with the BLM? Just when I think they can't get any more ridiculous, they never fail....

What a great Easter

perfect weather for our indoor/outdoor brunch with friends and family. Fantastic food, (great carrot cake Laura), mimosas, games and good conversation.  Is always fun to get together with the kids and Piper. Got to meet David and Kelly's new (4 mos) baby with the huge eyes and smily face. Did have a close call with an incoming golf ball on the deck, but that's the price you pay for that big green lawn that someone else takes care of. Now, a day of rest after a few days of activity. Life is good.

Colorado's getting a lot

of press, mostly good, but some bad, after this year's 4-20 festivities. For the haters, here's an interesting list of 50 very successful aficionados.
Like many other substances, it can be abused, but most just enjoy it, and NO ONE deserves to go to jail for it.

Did you know?
Yup, according to this Bullshit Mountain article the Prez is trying to set up America for defeat. I guess he wants his daughters to to grow up in a Muslim dystopian apacolypse. Says so, right there on the FOX news(?) site. SO, it must be true. Same old crap from the same clowns.....

These old legs

are kinda hurtin' today, but nothing that a few Advil won't take care of. After 18 holes on Friday, concert/dance Friday night, and waiting in line for hours, then walking miles at the Colorado Cannabis Cup, I'm moving kinda slow today, but time to hide Easter eggs, as part the family together, so I'm up and at 'em. The CCC was interesting and kinda scary at the same time. I was expecting a BUNCH of people, but not THAT many, from all over the country. All ages, but mostly young, mostly male, but lots of ladies, all colors, but mostly white and all with one thing in common. Curiosity about the Brave New World in Colorado. Saw absolutely no problems, once they got the lines (and they were long and many) into some kinda of order. The 40,000 tickets sold out long ago and there were many hundred vendors' booths, exhibits and all sorts of growing supplies, pipes, vape-pens, concentrators, people sharing, clothing booths, political booths, free Cheetos and Goldfish a…

Wow, what a hockey game last night,

as the playoffs started and the Av's scored in the last 13 seconds to send it into overtime, then they won. Stastny's a stud, scoring the last two goals. Off to 'The Long Run' show tonight, (an Eagles tribute band) that should be fun, after 18 holes at Indian Peaks. Then it's the Colorado Cannabis Cup tomorrow, before Easter with the kids, then Walleye fishing (the bite is ON) at Glendo. WY, with Kenny next week. Life is truly good, or maybe GREAT!

In addition to all their normal anti-Obama/Dem

bullshit, FOX has a particlarly inflammatory headline, in their on-going war of propaganda against affordable health care. Today's LARGE letters scream, OBAMACARE DOWNSIDE
Widows of Alabama county
workers lose health care

blaming Obamacare for widows losing health care, as if they are condemned to die, rather than some kind of fix being needed for an isolated incident. Same old crap, from Bullshit Mountain, but it give the sheep their daily dose of swill.... In other FOX (news?), what most Americans call 'restraint' in dealing with RUssia through sanctions, Bigmouth Bill O'Reilly calls it 'weakness', cuz there haven't been any attacks. The chickenhawks love this crap.

Colorado has a problem

As usual, unintended consequences happen, when new and different ideas/laws are rolled out. It seems there have been two deaths linked to 'edible' marijuana. The first was a Congolese exchange student who ate over 6 times the recommended 'maximum dosage', and fell or jumped to his death from a hotel balcony. Recently, a man shot his wife, while she was speaking with the 911 operator, saying her husband was halucinating and acting strangely. She was on the phone for 13 minutes, which seems like negligence on someone's part. He consumed TEN times the max dosage, in addition to pain killers and possibly alcohol. Not sure what needs to be done, but this could be a big, longterm problem, cuz 'edibles' take a couple hours to act, and rookies think nothing is happening so they eat more. It wouldn't bother me, at all, if edibles were banned, at least until more research is done. In the meantime, I'm sure Colorado's new law is gonna get a bunch of negati…

As I watch the Rockies in San Diego,

I see how an 'official' can change the game. The ump 'expanded' the strike zone, by about a foot, for the home team and screwed the visitors, just like happened to me in high school. As a Class A team, that played Class B teams, (Holdrege, Minden, Lexington),  I saw how the 'homer' officials could take over a game. Every time, I (and Tom Heller) were 'whisteled out', by the zebras who taught classes during the week, but were 'officials' on Friday night. I couldn't block a shot or turn around, without a 'foul' being called. Taught me a valuable life lesson. Those in power, make the rules. I barely survived Viet Nam, and had friends who didn't, cuz of that rule. Some things never change, as GW and his buddy, 'The Dick', got their war in Iraq, with the same consequences as Viet Nam. Big Money for the Pubs, (and their 'defense contractor' buddies) and a disaster for the rest of the country. Some things never change, …

Gonna be a strange 4-20 in Denver,

since recreational marijuana is legal, AND, it is on Easter Sunday, with Snoop Dog at Red Rocks, and a lot of other stuff going on.

Good news, bad news

as our garage door opener went out, and I installed new one today. Had forgotten what a pain the ass they are, BUT, I had also forgotten the satisfying feeling of doing a job, while listening to good music. Won't go into the details, but it was harder than it should have been. Bottom line, gonna be sore tomorrow, but have a tee-time, which usually helps my back, AND I have a' massage certificate', that's gonna be nice.

This just in:

I said in an earlier post that Bullshit Mountain didn't have anything on Benghazi, and, even though it's been over 2 years, they ALWAYS have something. WELL, I was just a little early on their site. I checked again, later today, for their 'pro-science', Megyn Kelly vaccination report (still not there), BUT, they had headlines about Benghazi, FOX NEWS POLL: Voters say Obama covering up on Benghazi, want probe. LOL. The clowns, who had NO PROBLEM with Iraq, ALWAYS have Benghazi propaganda. Same ol' shit from the FOXHoles. What kind of idiots swallow this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep. PS. The 'voters' in the poll, are the Pub/Foxhole/sheep. Nothing new here...

Who are the Koch bros,

and what do they want?
This article explains it better and more thoroughly than I ever could. The boys who said Ronald Reagan was too liberal, who have fought against Medicare, Medicaid and the minmum wage, and bitched about the 'anti-capitalism Obama admin' while making over $12 BILLION this year, and who are spending over a hundred million $ to fight Dems, have a definite agenda  (as we are bombarded with their blatant lies on TV ads, here in Colorado), and are supported by the Repub Surprme Court and FOX News. Learn some more about them in the above article, and be SCARED for our country, which is now 'For Sale' by the Roberts Court rulings, that 'Corporations Are People'.

Interesting article on Politico, the right-wing site,

called, 'The Stupid Hounding Of Condi Rice', that wonders why she is being demonstrated against on her 'for profit' lecture circuit. She is, after all, black and a woman, and isn't that who the Libs love? The wingnuts totally miss the fact that she has never renounced her role in the lies leading to GW's stupid war in Iraq, and her part in an administration that promoted torture. Unlike, Colin Powell, who's apologized, she's like Rummy and 'The Dick Cheney who've expressed no regret. Until she does, she can expect to be booed and ostracized, no matter if she is an 'over-achieving, black woman', that the Libs usually love.....

After reading an article on AOL,

this morning, I was gonna do something I never do here, and that was to commend FOX for taking a stand FOR science, instead of against it, as they almost always do. I saw where Jenny McCarthy came out against vaccinations, after prior support, because she has an autistic child and she thought it was connected to vaccinations, while appearing on FOX's Megyn Kelly show. SO, I went to FOX to see how they treated the story, because they usually take the 'anti-science' approach to everything. The strange thing? I looked all through their on-line web-site and could find NOTHING on the story. There was all the usual crap about, 'Americans Don't Trust Obama' (4 articles in dif forms), their hero Nev rancher/moocher, a bunch of anti-Obamacare crap, several topless starlet teasers, pro-Tea Party and anti-climate change pieces, a couple 'America Has Lost Respect' (cuz we don't attack Russia) and various pro-Pub and anti-Dem articles, a couple anti-pot stories…

Because it was a nice day,

I went outside and hit a few golf balls toward #1 green, and (brag, brag) had one that was within an easy birdie putt, but, the interesting part was on the walk back to the house. Off to the side a bit, it looked like there was a pair of hawks, mating, on the ground. SO, cuz I was a bit curious, I walked closer and saw what was really going on. It was a hawk alright, but the one on the bottom wasn't a mate, it was a robin, and they weren't mating. When I got fairly close, the hawk, (I think a redtail), flew away with it's prize in it's claws. Tough world out there...

Good article in Politico,

which is a right-wing website, that explains how Bundy (the FOX supported moocher) has lost a LOT of support from the right wing, once they look into the whole situation.
In their words, it's a big 'Uh oh', when they read the facts, which are totally different from what FOX has reported. The FOXHoles want people to believe it's about an endangered tortoise that the Feds are protecting. WRONG. It's about a multi-millionaire rancher refusing to pay BLM fees, cuz he doesn't recognize the BLM's right to own gov't land, although neither he, nor his family, ever paid ANYONE to own it. Same old crap from Bullshit Mountain. Rile up the sheep with lies and half truths. The difference? Once the REAL facts are known, not the FOX version, even the wing-nuts back down, cuz they are the "law and order' party. Nothing new here, from the 'Fairly Unbalanced' net…

I KNEW it was coming,

and here it is.
The clowns at Bullshit Mountain have a found a study, by some 'Reefer Madness' devotee, that PROVES, (after studying 20 marijuana smokers, of varying dosages), that even a SMALL amount of pot smoking (once a week) causes, brain 'abnormalities' (like not believing FOX crap), although MANY studies, with MANY more subjects have shown just the opposite. Never mind, the sheep will believe what they want, and the FOXHoles are just doing what they always do, publishing bullshit that supports their agenda. LOL.Nothing new here, but it's just something more to laugh at, from Bullshit Mountain. is a great place,

to debunk lies,  like the ones that FOX continually spouts, cuz it is an unbiased, non-partisan fact checking source. This is Snopes version of the latest FOX lies, that claim Harry Reid had something to do with it, AND that claim the BLM 'revoked' the Nev rancher's lease because of an endangered tortoise. They rate it all FALSE. Read 'the whole thing', all here.
Typical FOX bullshit, and the sheep lap it up. "Knowledge is Power', and the denizens of Bullshit Mountain are 'powerless'.
There are basically two types of FOXNews viewers/readers. Those who are naive/ignorant (I pity them), and those who know it's BS and like it anyway, cuz it reinforces their views (I can't stand them), AND, there are those like me, who read it just to laugh and learn what makes the sheep SO strange...
Origins: April 2014 saw the publicizing of a decades-old dispute between the federal government and Cliven…

I'll be the first to admit,

I'm no market 'jenious', but I like to start the day with CNBC, the Financial Channel, and things are kind of interesting now. Art Cashin, an old timer who actually knows 'of what he speaks', (unlike the loudmouth Rick Santelli, who's screamed about INFLATION for over 5 years), is warning of a 'deeper selloff' if the 10 year bond (one of the MAIN indicators I watch) keeps dropping. I'm kind of hoping for it, cuz I got out of the market a while back and have been waiting for some stocks to 'go on sale', (like GM, and Health Care) so I can get back in. We'll see...

Today's 'FOX Bullshit' is a bit of a repeat,

as Bullshit Mountain continues to 'muddy the waters', with their lies, today.

Bundy,  who grazes cattle on federally owned land in Nevada, has been at odds for years with the feds, who say he owes more than $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees. BLM long ago revoked Bundy's grazing rights on that land after citing concern for a federally protected tortoise. Bundy, though, claimed ancestral rights to the land.

The "Bullshit" section is in red, as the BLM didn't 'revoke' his grazing rights,  but insisted he pay, like everyone else. The FOXNews 'Hero' claimed that he didn't owe the money, cuz his ancestors had been there for a long time, (though they never got around to buying it). Typical FOX swill, shoveled to the sheep, to keep 'em riled against the current administration, and they got their wish, with redneck 'militia' showing up with guns. Luckily, no one got shot, although it would have been a good place for 'Darwin Awards…

Interesting articles in the Post today,

map of breweries including Denver Relief, a MMJ dispesnsary, hiring a NASA scientist who specializes in lighting, to supervise their grow. Lighting is VERY important in the business. Another article was about Colorado breweries taking all the top spots in the World Beer Cup, brewing competion, further enhancing our region's reputation as 'The Beermuda Triangle', (Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins) of the WORLD, and more confirmation of young people flocking to the area (I wonder why?), which creates a sustained, growing economy, though I don't like the inherent traffic problems. Also, saw where Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer for best novel, 'The Goldfinch', which I loved, BUT didn't think would have such a wide appeal, because of it's it's length and subject matter. Am glad to see her get the recognition she deserves.

Last night on PBS, there was a docmentary

on Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, that was very interesting, though it brought back a bunch of bad memories. I think he is undoubtably the best boxer EVER, which is saying a lot, but he was much more than that. It's hard to explain, if you weren't a draft age man/boy during that time as the govt waged a stupid, bloody war in Viet Nam, (like Iraq, but much worse), with nearly 60,000 Americans killed and hundreds of thousands wounded, and NOTHING gained, other than to divide a nation. It was then I decided I couldn't stand Republicans, and not much has changed. Ali was one of many who was drafted, but he had the courage to tell 'em to go to hell, 'I got nothin' against them Viet Cong'. Like I said, the show brought back LOTS of bad memories, as I remember the times when the govt was in the 'transportation' business. To Viet Nam if you lost your deferment and to prison if you got caught with pot. Tough time to 'come of age'. (Pic of one …

There's a Repub, right-wing element,

in rural NE Colorado that wants to secede and form a new state, called North Colorado.
Let's say they did (like Ukraine separated from the USSR). And years later, the other inhabitants of the NEW state, (Dems) wanted to re-join the union. What would the US do if Russia stepped in to support them? It's almost the same thing happening now, in Russia, and many hawkish Pubs are saying we oughta get involved in the Ukraine/Russia fiasco.
Think about it. A peek inside the Repub brain and the kind of crap that makes sense to them.

Today's 'FOX Bullshit' story,

'Survey Shows ObamaCare Sending Premiums Rising at Fastest Clip in Decades' is the FOX headline, designed to rile the sheep. As per usual, for FOX, it's a blatant lie. If you read the story, it is a prediction, by 'selected' FOX X-spurts, who are predicting an 11% rise, BUT, during many of the 'disastrous' Bush years, it was higher. Same old shit from FOX. Blatant lies in the headlines, for the sheep to get their 'facts' and keep 'em riled.  It gets SO old...(Pic is bumper sticker that I want for my car!)

The other day I did a post

about the stupidest 'Wheel of Fortune' contest I had ever seen, (Univ of Indiana), and it seems I wasn't the only one who thought that.  Is crazy how many of my blogs end up on AOL. Obvious plagiarism going on...

It wouldn't make any difference

to the Pubs, if Obamacare covered EVERYONE for FREE, they'd still bitch, cuz it is being done by a black Democrat, BUT, the numbers are coming in and more people are being covered and the price is lower than predicted/expected. LOTS of tweaks and fixes to be done yet, which is to be expected on a program SO huge, but, for the Pubs who have NOTHING better to offer, this has to be bad news, as the Affordable Care Act is their main ammunition in an effort to return to 'the scene of the crime' after they totally wrecked the US economy during their last 'reign of error'. Remember 2008, and the worst recession since the Great Depression? Who in their right mind would turn over the country to those clowns, again?

'Not All' Repubs are racist,

according to this article, and I agree, obviously.
BUT, I do know a few racists, (a couple of them REALLY bad) and they are all Repubs.
Just a coincidence?

Nice Sunday afternoon,

with snow coming down, after brunch with the 'Old Farts' crew. Saw a great 'Masters' golf tourney, as Bubba Watson and a 20 year old rookie battled on the world's best golf course and the Rockies are in extra innings, then we have 'Game of Thrones', while we talk with the kids about our Easter get-together. Yup, life is good....

Although he can go 'too far' sometimes,

I enjoy watching Bill Maher, cuz he's funny and very sharp. On 'Realtime' he had congressman Duncan(R), CA, who has been advocating 'nuking' Iran, When Bill pressed him on it, about how dangerous it is, he explained that he just wanted to use 'tactical nuclear weapons', cuz they exploded underground and didn't release radioactivity into the air. Bill said he was confusing them with 'bunker busters', but the congressman assured him he knew what he was talking about. Well, I looked it up, and 'Surprise', the Repub congressman is full of crap. 'Tactical nuke' is just another name for a nuke delivered to the target. This jerk is a policy maker and doesn't have a clue. Typical Pub windbag, that's a danger to our country and the rest of the world, as he follows the 'company line' of dealing with problems with 'shock and awe', cuz it makes them feel 'tough', and their 'defense contractor' buddies…

Can you imagine the chaos,

if all the people in the US claimed BLM, Park or Wilderness land 'as their own', like the Nevada FOXNews hero, cuz 'my ancestors lived there' (but never got around to buying it)? Now, we have riled up militias, (and their bitches, in pic) who are claiming, 'I'm not afraid to shoot', as they listen to Bullshit Mountain, who urges them on. Absolutely insane, but it makes sense to the sheep....
Brand new headline from FOXHoles, about the BLM Rangers who are doing their job, evicting a multimillionaire freeloader, "Govt Gone Wild?"