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Good new Mad Magazine cover,

Vote Trump(R), and Make America Dumb Again! Wow, it would be SO embarrassing to be a Pub these days, but I bet they don't even get it. They never do....

Most people would probably agree,

the smartest guy around these days is Steven Hawking, although the rightwingnuts might say Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. When asked about the popularity of Donald Trump, Mr Hawking was stumped for a while, then said he couldn't explain it.
During an interview with ITV's Good Morning Britain, Hawking was asked to explain the popular phenomenon of the property tycoon, who against all odds became the Republican presidential candidate.
"I can't. He's a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator," Hawking said."
 Yup, that LCD would be the Repub Party, that was never known for intelligence, fighting all forms of 'science', but has now fallen 'off the stupidity chart' with their candidate. UN-believable, but SO Republican, as they wanna return to the 'good ol' days' of the GWBush(R) administration, who got run outta town with a 22% approval rating, after wrecking everything they touched. Can you say IDIOTS?

On Memorial Day

I think of our country, and the veterans who fought to preserve it, (as well as those duped into Viet Nam, and Iraq), and am proud of what we as a people stand for, in spite of some of the leaders who have misused their power.
Now, the thought of turning over our great nation to Donald Trump must have our founding fathers and veterans everywhere 'turning over in their graves'. Un-believable, but possible. Hard to imagine, but this is how low the Republican Party has sunk...

'Twas a great weekend, and it's not over

Friday night we met the crew at Nissi's, for a retirement party, with live music from 'Thumpin', an 11 piece 'oldies' dance band, and had a wonderful time, once we found the place. Sat night was a trip across town to Lone Star, Colorado, where we had a fantastic dinner at Papadeaux's, before going to the 'Motones vs Jersey's' stage show. The four black guys did mainly Motown tunes, vs the Jersey's who did '4 Seasons' type stuff, and even finding their 'feminine side' with some girl group stuff. in a 'battle of the bands' situation, with the audience voting at the end. Not only Motown and 4 Seasons, but LOTS of music from our era, with some great dance moves and a great back-up band, plus a Prince tribute and some new stuff. Fantastic show and well worth the drive and $.
Today is a BBQ and games with the kids, here at the house. Fantastic weather, tasty food and drink, green grass and fun people. Memorial Day always make …

Good article, that explains why NO ONE

predicted Trump, in a nutshell.
In short, Mr. Chait clearly states that the fundamental reason that no one (neither the GOP establishment nor the political pundits from every point on the political compass) could wrap their minds around the possibility that Trump could actually capture the GOP presidential nomination was simple:  No one had any idea that so many GOP voters were that stupid.
Why did almost everybody fail to predict Donald Trump’s victory in the Republican primaries? …. Here’s the factor I think everybody missed:  The Republican Party turns out to be filled with idiots.  Far more of them than anybody expected.
Trump is not “something new”, but merely the raw Id of the GOP fully unleashed after four decades of GOP pandering to the most racist, nativist and anti-intellectual instincts of the American people.
Joe McCarthy, Strom Thurmond, Pat Buchannan, “B-1 Bob” Dornan, James Watt, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, James Imhofe, Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, Jan Brewer, Sarah…

Just watched more, of recorded Bill Maher show,

and if there was a world ranking for idiots, Wayne Allyn Root would be in the lower, single digits. I've seen moronic Repubs before, but this dufus is 'off the chart'. claiming Bill Clinton is a serial rapist as bad or worse than Bill Cosby, then it got worse from there. He claims Obama apologized for Hiroshima, (which he obviously didn't) and any apology is a form of weakness, Maher showed remarkable restraint by not punching the a**hole. And in Pub world, Wayne's part of the 'brain trust'...
We did find out, which I claimed earlier, that the Pub's plan to 'not fund' the Zika virus, is cuz the mental retardation part of the disease is their best plan to create more Repubs. Obvious, when you look at it....

In another test of, 'The sheep will believe ANYTHING'

The Donald told Californians, who are in the midst of the the driest four years 'ever recorded', that 'There is no drought'. Even the Bullshit Mountain faithful must have thought, 'Whut?'
For a class of people(R) who continually swallow FOX/PARP crap, this one must have hung up a while in their sheep-like gullets, as they thought of reservoirs at record lows, and then realized, 'HA!, just another Liberal plot.'
Sure there IS one river that flows to the sea, 'wasting' precious water, but there are no effective storage facilities on it's course, SO The Donald jumped on that fact, and pronounced another of 'WTF' statement that his fans, the low-info flock that will do/believe ANYTHING that is anti-Dem, just MAYBE thought, 'Hmmm, can we believe everything the Orange-man says?'
Bottom line, nothing new here, as the FOXFlock isn't known for it's intelligence, but this must be kinda hard to swallow, even for the double digi…

I'm sorta starting to get it

As in why the Bernistas are so rabid in their support. Saw Bernie on Kimmel and Maher, plus other news clips recently and he IS very compelling, as Hillary seems more and more like an act. I still don't see a PATH to the nomination for Mr Sanders, and the thought of him helping Trump become president is SO scary I hate to even contemplate it.
If there is even a SMALL chance Bernie could replace HRC, I guess it's worth a shot, BUT, I wish there were a way to do it without hurting the party(D), and I don't see it, other than an indictment for the e-mail, and that seems impossible. What a crazy election year....

With peak mosquito season approaching,

and multiple cases already reported in the US, the Repub jerks in Congress KILLED the Zika bill, cuz it had transgender/gay protection, as a TINY part of the entire package. Now, instead of getting front line protection for a crisis we know is coming, the anti-science, anti-gay idiots(R) are taking a 2 week recess, with NOTHING resolved, cuz of 'them damn gays.'
Just when you think they(R) can't get any worse, they ALWAYS do. And, to all those pregnant, and soon to be pregnant women in the Zika-zone, (most of the South), Good Luck!

If you just read, (and believe),

The Bullshit Mountain headline, you could be VERY concerned, 'Thanks Colorado, For Driving More Kids To Pot'. But, if you read the article, you find that after the first two years of legalization, when cops could concentrate on 'kids', instead of everyone, pot arrests among minors went up a 'whopping' 5%.
Today's Denver Post had a front page article about all the good that's been done with the tax money, and all the other benefits to the economy and medical research, BUT, if you read the FOX/PARP headlines, you just see 'Bad Side' of pot use in kids, up by a YUUUGE 5%, and the clowns act like it's a disaster.
Nothing new here, as the sheep are fed what they wanna hear. FOXNews bullshit....

What a sad, sad morning

Just heard my favorite dog died unexpectedly. Zee was a Springer Spaniel who lived with Dave and Rhonda, our neighbors for many years. They both worked during the week so I'd walk him. The best walks were always through the fresh snow, where he'd fly over the ground with boundless energy, but he'd always come, heel, stay and obey every command. Dave did a fantastic job with him and walked, hiked and fished all over with Zee by his side. His heart sac filled with blood from a ruptured tumor and he went quickly and unexpectedly. I can't imagine the grief they are going through, cuz they loved him SO much. This one really hurts....

I posted early yesterday,

and claimed The Donald would never agree to a debate with Bernie, although he said he would, if there was enough money, to give to charity. Well, the money was assured, and The Donald, SURPRISE!, changed his mind. Someone in his campaign, with an actual working brain, realized he'd get filleted like a tuna at a sushi restaurant in an actual one on one debate. Sorta like what's gonna happen when he faces Hillary and gets REAL questions about REAL issues.
Even his low info, low intelligence, low-life supporters will have to see he's nothing but a blustering buffoon, with no answers, only insults and bigotry to bamboozle the bumpkins.
Oughta be REALLY fun to watch.

Wow, can you say President Trump?

Looks like Bernie isn't the only super-ego trying to elect a Repub. Gary Johnson is also vying for the latest re-incarnation of Ralph Nader, who gave us GW and the disaster(R) that followed. Gary is running third party as a Libertarian.
Thanks a BUNCH guys. AS IF you have chance of winning.... Do you have a bunch of money bet on Trump? Wow, long time til November, but the Nader wannabes are lining up....

In other headlines.. The clowns of BS Mountain are bitchin' cuz Obama admitted that world leaders are 'rattled' now that Trump is the candidate(R) of the low-info, low-intelligence party.
Wow, who da thunk? Why would they be 'rattled' at the thought of The Donald being in charge of the world's largest economy and military? What could possible go wrong?
Just when you think the FOX/PARP-led Pubs can't get any worse, voila!. they choose The Donald as their choice of 'Leader of the Free World', cuz Slimy McSlimeface wasn't strange enough for th…

FOX is REALLY bitchin' about the problems in the VA

and they are YUUUGE!. But, they ignore WHY. Maybe it's cuz be they are totally overwhelmed by the YUUGE number of vets, who need major help, after the Pubs sent them to, Iraq, for a totally bullshit war, like they did with Viet Nam. A few of the YUUGE 'defense' contractors made YUUUGE money at the expense of the cannon fodder who fought their dirty, stupid wars.
Now, the vets are overwhelming a health care system that can't begin to take care of all the casualties of the Repub wars that accomplished NOTHING, other than profits for a few and misery for the many.
Duh, who da guessed? Anyone with a brain, that's who, which disqualifies the sheep(R).
Nothing new here, but sickening, just the same...

Wow, finally some GOOD news

The ultra-dickhead, Ken Starr, who investigated the Clintons for YEARS, finding nothing, before finally unearthing Monica and then pushing for impeachment, became the prez of Baylor, the Christian University. Now, we find that he killed the investigations of SIX rape allegations against his football players, and he's finally being held responsible. Can you you say HYPOCRITE? What an a**hole(R)....
In other BS Mountain 'news?', the clowns are claiming Hillary has 'something to hide' cuz she doesn't want ALL of her private e-mails combed through by Repub attack dogs. And this crap makes sense to WHO?  I don't know about you, but I have dealt with some some real idiots (even related to at least one), by e-mail, that I wouldn't want read by all. I share enough right here.

Watching the TSA problem on TV,

and seeing DIA footage of a hot chick in really tight skinny jeans (under which you couldn't hide a band-aid), getting her legs and mid-body REALLY groped by a dikey lookin' agent. Part of the problem they say, is that it takes 6 weeks to train an agent.  Oh really? I'm thinkin' anything over 1 week is just gravy for the Bushies who are getting paid by the day to make maximum $$$$. For MOST of the TSA jobs, (not ALL), once they pass a thorough background check, training could be done in ONE DAY, with TWO days for 'advanced training'.
Bottom line, it;s a bunch of BS that's totally out of control, and the costs to the economy, in wasted time, missed flights and overpaid TSA bigshots has to be in the BILLIONS,

After Hillary beat Bernie (Ralph) in KY,

the Sandernistas screamed foul, rigged etc, AGAIN, and demanded a recount, which showed there WAS a mistake. HRC won by 1911, not 1923 votes as previously claimed. Happy now?

Interesting article today, in The Broomfield Enterprise,

the local paper. Seems Broomfield is the 9th fastest growing city in the US, and building permits are at an all-time low. Mainly cuz, like Boulder, most of the 'buildable' land has been bought up by the city/county as 'Open Space'. Great, for those of us who already have a home here, but for others, like the 2000 'new hires' at the new Google campus in Boulder, it's a bit of a challenge. Not a big deal for the Google people who are making YUUUGE money, but for the rest it's gonna mean a long commute from the affordable property out east, which Broomfield used to be, for Boulder.
Oh well, could be worse, living in an area that people wanna move FROM, instead of TO.

In a typical Repub/a**hole move,

the Pubs killed a YUUGE spending and energy bill, with a temper tantrum against those who were 'born that way'. Remember that TOUGH decision you had to make about being gay or straight? Obvious the rightwingnuts do... Same old shit from the jerks(R), but this feels WAY wrong, even from the party of the religious nuts.
WASHINGTON — House Republicans unexpectedly sunk their own $37.4 billion water and energy spending bill on Thursday because it included a provision ensuring that people who work for government contractors can’t be fired for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Am making a prediction here.

Although The Donald agreed to debate Bernie (Ralph), and said, 'I'd LOVE to do it', I'm betting calmer heads in his campaign committee talk him out of it, and he'll flip-flop like he has on SO many issues.
Trump would (and WILL), get eaten alive in a real debate, vs being on stage with a bunch of other Repub clowns. BUT, if it does happen, I agree that it is something a LOT of people will want to see, though I'm claiming it won't.

The clowns at the Fair and Balanced network

claim Hillary lied about her private server when she said it was legal at the time, which it WAS. Colin Powell(R) also used one, as did and do several Repubs, BUT, BS Mountain reports that IF the proper agency(?) had been consulted, they would have ruled against it, SO, HRC is obviously a liar and should be prosecuted and jailed.
Nothing new here, same old bullshit from the bullshitters, as the sheep gleefully hope The Donald gets a free run at the White House. Can you say idiots?
In other FOX (news?), they are bitchin' cuz Obama mentioned 'concerns' from other world leaders, as their MAIN topic of discussion is, 'WTF is going on with the Pubs and Donald Trump', and they are rightfully worried/scared. But the FOX clowns say the 'soon to be EX prez' shouldn't be making things worse for the next prez. And this makes sense to the sheep? Unbelievable but SO FOX/PARP....

Surprise!, two senators (R), want The Donald

to support the Big Ag subsidies to ethanol that cost us all and profit the few, in Repub farm states that suckle from the public teat and return favors by voting for massive military boondoggles. Don't you just love them Pubs? Neither do I....
Two Ex-Senators Want Donald Trump to Keep Backing Ethanol Subsidies

Although Bernie (Ralph Nader) Sanders pisses me off,

with his massive ego only helping Trump, I do agree with his stand against US policy toward Israel, where the Israelis can do ANYTHING they want to the Palestinians, whose land was stolen from them, breaking all the agreements in Gaza and other places, and the US just keeps shoveling money to them, with no consequences.

Bullshit Mountain is riling the sheep,

cuz that damn Black Guy in the White House is gonna rent a OMG!, $6 million house, in a FANCY part of Washington, while his daughter finishes high school. This is PROOF he is uppity and must be crooked, cuz this is an obvious waste of money. AND, although he never apologized to Japan for Hiroshima, and said he won't, his mere visit, INDICATES an apology, and the 'talent' at FOX is pissed.
FOXNews=Joke   FOXSheep=Idiots

The Pubs are bitchin'

cuz Obama is on 'another apology tour', this time to Hiroshima. BUT, he didn't apologize about the bomb, cuz it was necessary, he apologized for a US soldier, who raped and killed a 20 yr old Japanese girl. YUUUGE difference, but you wouldn't hear of it from the Pub bitchers, who have No Problem with 50,000 soldiers, over 70 years after the war was won, BUT, in Pub world it is impossible to spend too much money on the most bloated military in the world, as they always ask for MORE, and nothing new here, as the Pubs twist the facts for their preconceived narrative about Obama 'apologizing'. Same old shit, as they shovel it to the sheep.

It's just plain sickening,

as the hypocritical rightwingnut 'Evangelicals' are lining up behind The Donald, the total opposite of 'WWJD, what would Jesus do?, cuz they are just shills of the Repub party. Their panties are in a wad, cuz Hillary had a private server, and over half of them couldn't tell you why is it was/is so bad. And BENGHAZI! has the sheep riled, but they have no problem with the THOUSANDS killed by GW and The Dick with their war based on lies.
To tell the truth I never had much respect for the sheep and what LITTLE there was is totally gone. Donald Trump, the candidate of the 'Christians'? Are you kidding? What a joke....

FIle it under, 'Are you kidding?'

HOUSTON — The East Texas woman who claimed President Obama was a drug-addicted gay prostitute in his youth was barely defeated in a Republican primary runoff election Tuesday, losing her bid to become one of the top education officials in Texas. The woman, Mary Lou Bruner, 69, also claimed the dinosaurs became extinct after Noah left them off the ark and attributed the increase in school shootings to the teaching of evolution. Not limited to Texas, this rightwingnut 'thinking' has fueled Republican voter lists across the nation. Insane, but true, you can't make up this stuff, and it helps to explain why the sheep are so anti-Obama/Democrat.

The Donald has dredged up

the Vince Foster suicide, that has been investigated ad nausem, and is now claiming the Clintons murdered him, as well as bringing up the Kenyan birther thing. What kind of low information, low intelligence clown does this work for? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep. Nothing new here, but give me a break. How stupid is the average Trump supporter? Never mind, I already know....

As I've always claimed here,

the TSA is just a cash cow for the Bushie's who created it. Now, the head dude, was RE-assigned (instead of having his worthless ass fired), and got a huge bonus, although the agency totally sucks, and we all pay the price.
I have no proof, but if I had to bet my life, I'm claiming GW and The Dick, with their Saudi buddies, were behind 9-11. As always, just follow the money, and it's all Texas oil men, Halliburton and the Saudis. No-brainer when you look at the big picture. Can't prove it, but everything points to The Dick being in charge. PS. The ONLY day in the history of the military that command passed to a civilian, and he sent all the jets involved intercepting jets, WAY north on a 'training' mission, and put 'fake blips' on the radars that day. Look it up.... Best source is 'Crossing The Rubicon'. Scrupulously documented....

As I pulled into the parking lot for golf this morning,

I purposely parked next to an old Cadillac with a bumper sticker saying, '4 Americans Died, Hillary Lied', cuz I wanted to 'fix it', but the Deputy Dog lookin' driver was so slow getting ready I planned to wait til after my round (a 91 that shoulda been an 81), and use my Sharpie to cross out 4 and Hillary, and replace it with 'thousands cuz GW', so it would be more truthful and say, '1000's died cuz GW Lied'. BUT, the old fart's car was gone when I finished. I guess he just played 9
Too bad, I was REALLY looking forward to it, and was hoping he'd drive with it for a LONG time.
Maybe I can get him next week.....

Wow, I'm shocked

the Bush-era military, that killed our country in SO many ways, realized they didn't have enough fresh meat to send into the MidEast, to be equipped by their 'defense' contractors, in their war based on lies, to enrich their 'suppliers' came up with a new scam to provide more cannon fodder, before they came home to be long time VA victims. The Bushies paid a $2000 head 'bonus', and millions of dollars in fraudulent payments went to the 'recruiters. Just one more chapter in the Repub 'War of Disgrace', that follows their legacy in Iraq. Just one question.  Why aren't GW and The Dick in prison, as the War Criminals they obviously are?

Showing full signs of an operational brain,

Hillary said No Thanks to the FOXNews/Bernie Sanders (Ralph Nader) debate. I would have lost all confidence IF she woulda been that stupid. A Bullshit Mountain sponsored debate with the modern day Ralph Nader. What could possibly go wrong????

At a time when HRC oughta be fighting Trump

Bernie is doing his Quixotic 'tilting at windmills'. The cause may be noble, but it's stupid, Bernie CAN"T WIN the Dem nomination, and a third party run would guarantee us President Trump. SO, Bernie, I mean Ralph, what the hell is your plan, other then to feed your monstrous ego'. Your train has left the station, and you ain't on it. Get real... We've already gotten a Pub, cuz a third party jerk liked to see his name in the headlines, and GW was the worst pox on the land we've ever had.
Bernie, who I USED to like, is really continuing to piss me off, BUT, FOX and the Pubs love him. That tell you anything? Can you say President Trump? I can deal with fanaticism, but stupidity just pisses me off....

I realize Hillary isn't all that likeable,

but when voters are asked 'Why?', they nearly unanimously reply 'Benghazi' and 'private server', BUT when asked for specifics on those subjects they can't really come up with anything other than the FOX talking points of general dishonesty, which Bullshit Mountain/PARP has unceasingly HAMMERED into the mushy brains of the sheeple, for months. Their other main problem with her is the fact that she voted FOR the Iraq war, cuz she made the stupid mistake of actually believing the cherry-picked info and outright lies of the Bush administration who were the only ones to have access to the intelligence of the time, and decided to lie about it. I admit, that was a HUGE mistake on her part, actually believing the cowboy conman and The Dick.
I would be more worried about the chances of The Donald actually being the prez, if we weren't so far away from November, with several debates in the interim, and the Dem attack dogs having the chance to dig up a LOT of cra…

The old, 'Bad News, Good News conundrum...

Donald Trump is utterly unfit to be president. He is a classic American bounder, a version of Melville’s confidence man, peddling scams, preying on hate and division, posturing with bluster and bunk, insult and idiocy. He’s utterly incapable of carrying a policy argument, adopting and shedding positions at will, BUT, the Good News.... He’s blown apart the Republican Party, by exposing who they really are. Talk about a silver lining....

File it under, 'This oughta be funny...'

STARNES EXCLUSIVE: Evangelical leaders to quiz Trump on faithYup, the brain trust of FOX/Organized religion is gonna grill the loud-mouthed heathen, who is courting the Bible thumper crowd, for their (R) votes. The lying, greedy pig, who hates 'losers', WILL fit right in with the anti-science, anti-immigrant, anti-women crowd of the GOP, though, cuz, in his own words, loves the 'ill-educated'. Should be REALLY funny if it happens, taking pandering and hypocrisy to a whole new level (depth). At first I thought this might disqualify The Donald from the 'righteous' vote, but then I realized the sheep will vote for anything with (R) after the name, SO The Donald is safe.....In other FOXNews headlines, Judge Jeanine declares that 'Only One Person Can Keep America Safe', and he happens to be a (R), although the (D) has done pretty well for the last 7 years, as the (R) before him allowed the worst on attack EVER on US soil, then had a war 'based on lies…

As per usual, today's Denver Post had some interesting articles

Concerning the outrageous TSA (created by the Bushies, partially for security, but mainly to enrich a few) lines, did you know that the agency had the money, $12.4 billion, paid for by passenger fees, to expand and grow the agency, BUT, the House(R) re-directed that money to the general fund, to finance their pet, pork barrel projects? Think of that, next time you're in a 2 hour line.
The Pubs, mostly The Donald, are trotting out the same old line, 'They're gonna take your guns!'. It is SO insanely stupid, but it WORKS, for the low-information rednecks who love their guns and hate the Dems, Yup, the jack-booted forces (who will it be?) are gonna confiscate your weapons cache, outlaw Christmas and force you to pee next to a trans-gender. Talk about firing up the double digit IQ crowd!
Whatever it takes, to get the sheeple to vote Repub....
There's also a story about how 'heartless' Hillary is, for 'taking the jobs' from the coal miners, who basicall…

Watched 'The Tom Petty Story' on Netflix

'Runnin' Down a Dream'. Like me, he grew up in a small place that was a combination of an agricultural community and a college town. They even had TWO theaters, same as Kearney. Like the documentary says, you can go to a Tom Petty concert and sing along with every song, for 2 1/2 hours. Born in 1950, he loved the Beatles and grew out his hair as he reached the formative years, and he also liked girls, like me, while he tried hard to avoid Viet Nam. That was the last of the similarities.
Formerly The Epics, then Mudcrutch, they eventually became Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Amazing story of one of the greatest artists of our generation. From 'Damn The Torpedoes' and all the Heartbreaker albums, to 'Full Moon Fever' and 'Wildflowers', plus The Traveling Wilbury's, The Last DJ and so on.
Right up there with The Eagles documentary, but this was even better, produced by Peter Bogdanovich. Off the chart, and well worth the time. Turn it up!
PS Fi…

I gotta admit, there was a time I liked Bernie,

and most of his ideas, although there is NO WAY our govt could afford to fund all his plans. Maybe some of them... And I'm the first to admit that HRC is a VERY flawed candidate, but she's our only defense against The Dark Side. To me, Bernie at this point is just a reincarnation of Ralph Nader, who gave us GW and the disaster that followed. You CAN'T win Bernie (Ralph), and you're just helping the Pubs. Someone please show me a PATH. I know you love the publicity and you have some good ideas, but pack it up and fight the real enemy, Ralph/Bernie. Can you imagine President Trump? Bernie (Ralph) could make it happen, and he's trying.... It's called EGO.
Am thinking some Christians are for Bernie, like some are for Trump, cuz they think it would hasten the apocalypse they are looking forward to. Who knows... It's the only thing that makes sense...

Wouldn't the world be a BORING place,

if we were all the same? Definitely a place I wouldn't want to live. But thankfully, we have a lot of diversity/differences, and most of the time, that's part of what makes life worth living. Obviously, we aren't gonna agree on everything, some of us agree on next to nothing, and sometimes I have a problem with those I don't agree with. Duh... On top of that, I'm not blessed with a lot of patience, plus I can be kind of stubborn, but that's who I am, and I've learned to embrace just being me, cuz everyone else is already taken.
I'm OK with the fact that some people aren't going to agree with me and as a result aren't gonna like me. It's part of growing old and accepting what you can't change, as in relationships, but not ideas, standards and principles. We are the sum total of genes and experiences, as well as trusting some, while recognizing the bullshit in others. Bottom line, I'm me, and I can live with that.

Just to be clear,

to all my friends and acquaintances who are in the 1%, or close to it, I have NOTHING against you for voting/being Republicans. I'm sure I would be too, if I had reached that lofty level of income. As always, I am ranting against the low income/education sheeple who have fallen for the BS from FOX news(?), and think they are patriotic/in God's will, by voting Repub, in spite of all the facts that prove otherwise. As always, congrats to Murdoch/Ailes for the shrewdest money EVER spent in politics. Again, nothing against you 1%'ers who vote straight Pub. We should ALL vote for our own self interests.

There were some things that were SO bad,

I didn't think they would ever be repeated, but after the 'Inquisition', we got the Salem Witch Trials and after Viet Nam, we got the Iraq War(R), thanks to GW and The Dick. Now, approx 16 years after Ralph Nader, and his massive ego gave us GW, we have Bernie, who has ZERO chance of being the Dem nominee, refusing to give up his time in the spotlight.
True, Bernie has lots of good ideas, and polls show he would do better than a deeply flawed HRC, but that train has left the station. Bernie (I mean Ralph) is only helping Trump at this point. It does make a little more sense when I remember Mr Sanders is an (I), not a (D), and maybe he's always wanted to 'stick it to the Dems'. Hopefully he comes to his senses, but he's claiming he will go all the way to the convention, even after Hillary has the nec delegates. I just wonder what the hell his plan is, as he plays with fire in gunpowder magazine?
Not long ago, the Dems were laughing at the Pubs and the thoug…

Just to be fair,

I'll turn my blog over to a rightwingnut, so he can express his point of view.

No matter what, we can't allow Hillary to be president. Just remember what she did in BENGHAZI!, where she failed to protect 4 lives, cuz she SHOULD have foreseen the tragedy, although the Repubs drastically cut embassy security funding. AND, look at all the damage done by her 'private server'.
I know nothing has shown up yet, but if we keep up the witch hunt, investigations, I'm sure SOMETHING will show up. Two years is not nearly enough time. Just remember, Ken Starr didn't find the stained dress until the third year. Go Trey!
If Hillary is elected, I'm sure our economy will continue the crash it is in, with the stock market diving, home values cratering, interest rates skyrocketing, unemployment at historically high levels and world leaders hating us for all the 'Oops' wars going on. I know I laughed earlier, at the thought of a Trump candidacy, but he's our only …

I know I'm now a year older,

BUT, I haven't felt this old, that I can remember. Played 18 holes of golf today, and walked. Now I remember why I usually get a cart. Actually, I think my main problem is my shoes, which made my feet hurt, and everything else. Bottom line, I hurt, and the hot tub is lookin' really good.

I don't usually discuss my investments,

cuz it's embarrassing if/when they go down, but I bought some AMZN stock, at a little under $700/share, after doing some research and talking to Nate while on vacation. I already knew that Carol just paid $99, like millions do, for Amazon Prime, and whenever we need something, rather than going to the mall or Walmart, we first go to Amazon. We just dropped our Netflix subscription for Amazon and they now have music to go, online. I like the looks of their chart, esp as I see see traditional retail getting killed in the market.
But, the final kicker was when I spoke with Nate, while on our Yellowstone trip, and learned his small division of DataLogix, pays Amazon over $1.2 mil/month, for cloud computing, and it's only going up.
Jeff Bezos has his fingers in everything, and I don't see it changing. As always, investing is a bet and there are lots of 'black swans' out there, but I like this bet, longterm. We'll see....

Speaking of totally unreal FOXBullshit,

their latest poll shows 62% of Latino voters favor Hillary over Trump. RU kidding me? And if the sheep believe this crap, they will also believe the rest of the news from Bullshit Mountain. 62%???
And you wonder why the sheep don't have a clue? I know why....
Actually, sometimes I kinda like FOXNews, as in when they predicted an easy win for Mitt, so many of the sheep stayed home. Remember President Romney?

I know, and am related to, FOXSheep,

who, like those in this poll, know absolutely nothing about what's really going on, (in SO many areas of their lives), mainly cuz they get their 'news' from FOX. Typical Pubs, who don't have a clue...
The survey, conducted from May 6 through May 9, found the scope of some of the completely out of touch ideas held by Republicans. According to the results, GOP voters believe more than 2 to 1 that unemployment has increased under the Obama Administration. These same voters also believe, by almost the same margin, that the stock market has gone down under Obama. In other words, over half of Republican voters believe things that are completely disconnected from reality. The poll has a 3.2% margin of error, meaning that the real results could be up to that far off from the numbers reported.. And you wonder how Trump (and other jerks(R) get votes from his faves, the ill-educated? PS They also believe women are 'cursed' cuz Eve ate an apple, and later Noah saved a pair…

But yet they continue their political witch hunt...

As the House Republicans’ Benghazi committee enters its third year, no one seems to be able to explain exactly why the partisan panel still exists, when it’ll wrap up, or even why it was created in the first place. Quotes like this one, published by USA Today, raise questions anew about this pointless waste of time and resources. There was nothing the military could have done on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, to stop the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, but the special House committee investigating the terrorist incident will continue to probe the Pentagon’s actions that night, the committee’s chairman said Tuesday. “Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I don’t think there is any issue with respect to that. They couldn’t,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told Fox News. Can you say, 'partisan hacks?' What a bunch of jerks(R), who continue on, after dozens of non-partisan committees have said, There's nothing there.' But that doesn't stop the FOXSheep who continue to …

Interesting article in Denver Post this morning

Last year, over 102,000 people moved to the Denver area, and less than 26,000 housing units were added, counting apts and condos. Since then, the wave of people moving in has increased, but housing construction has gone down. With unemployment under 3%, I don't see the trend changing soon. And you wonder why housing prices are so high and getting higher?

Fantastic article, R.I.P. GOP,

in the new Rolling Stone mag, by my fave author, Matt Taibbi. While everyone is either laughing(D) or crying(R) as the Pubs are trying to unite(?) behind The Donald, Matt explains, with his typical sharp-edged wit, why the modern(?) GOP is toast. Boo Hoo. Good riddance to the party of the 1% and the FOXSheep who support them. Let me para-phrase (with more than a few comments of my own) a bit of Matt's article. I'm sure he won't mind.

Now it's on to Cleveland for the Yuuugest, most obscene and tackily joyful tribute, since the Roman circuses. A Liberace meets Stalin, brokered by Vince McMahon fiasco, dedicated to the person who single-handedly destroyed a political party. Not that it didn't deserve/need to be destroyed. It's just funny HOW it happened, as the last two candidates remaining fought over who was 'less connected' to the party that led the country into a war based on lies and nearly totally destroyed the economy, as it's last prez left of…

In case you ever wondered,

this video explains why the 'Religious Right' votes for The Donald. Funny and truthful. The 'Thumpers' should be forced to watch, duct-taped down with eyelids held open by toothpicks. Gets funnier by the minute.

Just when you think they can't get any worse....

As the mosquito season nears and the probability of the Zika virus reaching the US is 100%, where it could infect 1000's of pregnant women, the GOP came up with a brilliant idea...
GOP Senator Tries To Take Zika Money Hostage Over Obamacare Cuts Wow, if I were a Pub, I'd be SO proud, BUT, thankfully, I have a triple digit IQ, so it's not likely...
But it is a clever plan to increase Repub membership, cuz the virus causes mental retardation. Who says they're stupid?

File it under, 'Didn't they learn ANYTHING?

The Lawyer Who Vetted Sarah Palin Will Do The Same For Donald Trump’s Veep What could go wrong? This absolutely proves, Repub Party=Joke, and it's full of genius's

First of all, just imagining

The Donald as prez is enough send a combination of incredulity, fear and nausea through any thinking person, but......
Voters say 1 of Trump's ex-rivals should not be VPWhat? Only 1? Are you kidding? Can you imagine Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, RIck Santorum, Mike Huckaby or, God forbid, Ted 'Slimy McSlimeface' Cruz as the Veep? Totally insane....BTW, the headline referred to Chris Christi.

If these clowns were any more transparent,

you could read the labels in their underwear while looking straight on at them.
Benghazi Panel, Plodding Along, May Conclude Near Conventions or Election
By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN Even some Republicans now say the committee's pace risks feeding its reputation as an exercise meant to harm Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Duh, you think so.....

Watching Survivor after recording it,

and am near the end. Usually, it's pretty obvious who's gonna win from the final three. Not this season. Could be anyone, but am leaning toward Aubrey. We'll see, after a tough season.

The Pubs are bitchin'

cuz Hillary accepted the big money offered her for speeches. Duh... And these same jerks created Citizens United? Can you say hypocrite jerks?

Yahoo!, the lamestream media is reporting

a 'breakthrough' medicine to treat my form of cancer, melanoma. Jimmy Carter had a total cure (so far), with a new drug, Keytruda, which activates the body's immune system. Don't you just love them pointy headed 'scientists'? I sure do, even though they're them damn liberals...

Steve's life hacks, cont.

Don't know if this actually works, but am gonna try it the next time we do deviled eggs and have a bunch of hard-boiled eggs to peel. Seems fast and easy...

For the first time I can remember,

the Dems and Pubs have significant members of each party that are united in something. They don't like the status quo of the 2 main political parties, and I agree. Although the Dems and Pubs differ in some major areas, they are WAY too alike in many others. As one party gets voted out and the other takes over, not much really happens, of any value, as the Pubs esp have made obstruction an art, and politicians on both sides sell their souls to the highest bidders (esp after Citizens United (R) made it legal).
Now we have people screaming 'enough already' and are abandoning the main-stream 'same old shit' candidates. Unfortunately, they are forced to choose between The Donald and Bernie, and the divide could hardly be greater. A self-avowed Socialist, who never was a Dem, and Trump, who's not really a Repub, though he wants their support. 2016 may well be remembered as the year that a true 'Third Party' is born, that would truly represent the people, not…

Interesting road rage brawl video (2 mins)

Stupid bureaucrats are enforcing a solution

where there is no problem. Denver health inspectors have re-classified beer, as FOOD, and have banned dogs from any area (brewpubs) where beer is served, regardless of whether food is served. That is SO stupid. Nearly every brew pub we frequent has friendly pooches mixed with the patrons. Just realized the Denver law won't affect us around here, but c'mon, this is ridiculous, and I hope the owners can successfully fight the new law, as they are preparing to do.

I've always thought,

I have a great wife and kids, but when we spent nearly a week together, with spouses and child in the close proximity of an RV, having all meals and evenings together, talking and sharing experiences, I realize how incredibly fortunate I truly am. Five days/evenings and no problems. Maybe it's more than luck...
A group of people who are on the same page, with great jobs and futures, having fun together, as friends. Life goes by SO fast, it's nice to be able to spend quality time together and make memories while we slow down and smell the roses. Life is good.

File it under, Duh....

Retirees are the most content and relaxed Americans KARLA BOWSHER May 18th 2016 10:23AM 3,712 adults ages 25 and older were surveyed. The greatest share of the respondents — 2,170 — were baby boomers (ages 51-69), followed by 682 members of the silent generation (70-90). The survey results indicate that retirees are finding their new found time affluence — technically defined as an average of 7.5 hours of daily leisure time — to be enjoyable and beneficial. For example: Respondents ages 65-74 rated the amount of fun they're having in their current stage of life higher than any other age group, averaging 7.3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Respondents ages 75 and older (7.1 out of 10) and ages 55-65 (6.4 out of 10) followed.Respondents ages 65-74 were most likely to say they often feel happy (76 percent), content (71 percent) and relaxed (72 percent).

The Donald is SO full of shit,

but his DENIAL of the calls he made, (and admitted to, earlier) pretending to be someone else, touting Trump(R) and all his girlfriends, with a voice that is SO obvious, is sorta off the chart.
And the sheep think this guy is presidential material?
His supporters are the epitome of someone who've never stood up to anyone in their life, but now have someone to go into battle for them, as they(R) protest what they hate about the govt, while sitting in their recliner, not considering the consequences of their tantrum.


I referred to Bible Thumpers earlier, in a negative way. Just to be clear, not all Christians are Thumpers, but some are, and those are the ones I don't like. Big difference....

Have watched/liked Game of Thrones since the beginning

but this latest one is off the chart. Wow...

Because of my background/experience,

I still get called to do disaster adjusting, although the only time I would consider it is after a CA earthquake, which WILL happen someday. Have been getting offers to do fire claims in Ft McMurray, Canada. Yeah right... Still an active fire, with NO place to live within hundreds of miles, cuz victims are staying there. Thanks, but no thanks.....
Bottom line, as an adjuster, 'How hungry are you'?

Have recently heard how us antiwar 'Liberals'

are SO UN-American. Can anyone tell me how the Viet Nam and Iraq wars(R) helped us? I can sure show you how it HURT us. Just use the 'comment' section in my blog, if you can figure that out.....

Just watched the Bill Maher show,

that I had recorded. He juxtaposed the comments of Repubs who opposed (with all their accurate insults) The Donald, and how they have flip-flopped. All the Pubs should be forced to watch and hear the rightwingnuts who now support someone who is TOTALLY unqualified and has no clue, BUT has an (R) after his name, so they wanna jump in the clown car. Insane, but SO Republican, as they express their dissatisfaction with the govt by tossing a grenade into the gunpowder.
Anyone who can look at the last 8 years and say, 'Yup we need The Donald in charge of the most powerful country in the world, is in need of therapy, cuz they don't live in the real world.
If you ever wondered about the power of Bullshit Mountain, just look at the Trump movement.
I always knew you couldn't 'misunderestimate' (GW's words) the FOXSheep, but this absolutely proves it.
The non-partisan (mostly Repub) Financial Channel claims a Trump presidency would cause a world-wide depression, even WO…

Back from Yellowstone,

and it was a fantastic family trip. Borrowed the neighbor's 30' RV, after he was crazy enough to offer it, so I said YES!. He may have regretted it cuz I had a minor incident in a parking lot in Laramie, (small parking lot, and large RV and pickup) that caused small damage, but there was a police report and insurance claim filed. Neighbor Bill got text from State Farm (no details) that RV had been in a collision and didn't hear from me for several days cuz there's no cell/internet service in YS. I bet he was freaking out!
Was SO nice to spend quality time with everyone and heard lots of stories we wouldn't normally hear as we rolled throught the great outdoors. Had lots of fun with music, as we each took our turns doing play-lists, played ''My Three Songs', (trying to do a 'theme' and have others guess) and had fun sing-alongs.
I don't think there is a song that at least one of the kids doesn't have on their Ipod.
Piper confirmed the…

Was recently reminded that some people don't like

what I write here. Botttom line, I don't care. Ths is basically my diary/mental health outlet. I record some events so I'll have them in my 'rocking chair years', cuz I notice that I'm 'forgetting' a lot lof stuff. I also unload on Repubs, Bible thumpers and other assorted whack-jobs HERE, so I don't have to do it to their faces.
If that bothers you, too bad, but this is MY spot and it works for me. There, I feel better already, which is the point.....

Those who chose to be lawyers,

instead of getting 'honest work', must be rejoicing, cuz now the floodgates are open for victims of GW's Big Adventure in Iraq to sue the US. Thanks again, George.....
The Senate on Tuesday approved legislation allowing families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, defying White House resistance.. Good luck on getting paid, even if you win in court, BUT, the lawyers are gonna love it.....

Life hacks, from Steve

A great way to lose weight is to eat naked in front of a mirror.
Restaurants will almost always throw you out before you can eat too much.

Yup, I thought Yellowstone, with the kids,

would be a great time, and it was. Kinda toasted now, after driving back in the snow and rain, but at least the weather held off until the day we left. Fantastic trip, with loved ones.....

I love Yellowstone

sure would be nice to visit again, someday. Maybe the kids could travel with us, in an RV. Wow, would sure be fun....