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During Olympic commercials,

I'm watching 'Game Change', which is a movie about Sarah Palin being chosen by John McCain, as a VP candidate. Are you kidding me? Sarah Palin, a heartbeat (of an OLD man) away from being prez of the US? Typical Pub stuff, where they put style over substance. I just wonder who Mitt's gonna pick, as in someone who won't overshadow him, BUT is qualified to be be VP. Ain't gonna be easy...

As I watch the Olympics opening coverage,

I see ancient castles that were built around 800 AD, which is the time period I have been reading about in the last dozen or so books I have read. On one side I have read about the Vikings who were trying to conquer the area, AND have read about the locals who tried to survive and prosper in the feudal world, where the dif between rich and poor was even greater than today. A truly exciting part of history, where ship building, armor and bows and arrows meant the dif between life and death. Now though, am reading about the plains Indians, as they fought to save their culture from the oncoming tide of white men. Some things never change...

Another new record,

as the Colorado temps in July set new all time highs.. AND, it was a record by a HUGE amount. Luckily, Rush and FOX assure us it is just a liberal plot. Thank God we have them to tell us the truth. In other news, Missy Franklin, the same height as Kari, is winning Olympic gold, and is from the same area as the shooter who did such damage. Crazy world we live in...

What should be totally obvious,

is blocked by the Pubs, cuz it might help Obama/Dems. As India's power grid shuts down, it is a precursor to an American problem. The obvious solution, as millions are out of work, and the gov't can borrow money at near zero rates, would be obvious, to anyone with a brain, that we should do WPA type projects, for a double whammy, as in doing necessary infrastructure work, PLUS, putting Americans to work. Makes sense, unless you are a Pub, cuz it might help Obama/Dems. SO, let's just shut it all down. So sickening, but typical Repub, as they would rather watch the economy, that they wrecked, continue to tank. SO obvious, to anyone who looks at it, without the Repub agenda. Their plan? Tax relief for the rich, or start another war (Iran), their favorite way of rewarding the big money Repub/Military/Industrial complex. Am afraid it's all gonna come crashing down, this time, as the 2 political parties have stretched economics to the breaking point.

I agree, let's go after

anyone who profited illegally in the Solyndra Solar fiasco, but let's not use it to tarnish ALL alternative energy research, as the Pubs love to do. THEN, let's go after Haliburton, and all the other Repub war profiteers who's special 'no bid' Iraq and Afg contracts make Solyndra look like chump change.

It's bad enough,

that the whole country has to support the (R) farm states, to keep them 'in the fold' by subsidizing ethanol when things are good, BUT, when we're in the middle of a cataclysmic drought, it borders on insane and maybe even criminal. Corn based ethanol takes more (petroleum based) energy to create, than it produces. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts, and this is beyond dispute, when you factor in ALL it takes to get the ethanol to the pump. When you throw in the price of irrigation and precious water that's redirected, it's not even close. AND, it's proven every time I drive home to Nebr, that when I fill up with 10% ethanol, I immediately get approx 10% less MPG. We'd be better off just paying a 10% surcharge on gasoline and sending it to Repub farm states to buy votes. It'd be cheaper. See anything wrong here? On top of that, corn is about triple it's historic price and the costs of beef, pork, chicken, and all…

Just REwatched,the Opening Ceremonies,

and saw how the Brits celebrated NHS, (Nat'l Health Services), their health care system, that they are so proud of, and well should be. The Brits, like ALL civilized countries in the world, EXCEPT the US, where sickness and disease is a big money maker for the Pubs, as the lobbyists and health care systems make HUGE profits have public health care. Sickening, literally and figuratively, as the same pols who fought Soc Sec and Medicare, now fight health care, cuz it's 'Socialism'.  Just hope YOU never get sick or hurt, without coverage, or possibly if yours isn't good enuff, cuz even IF you survive, you're killed financially. Gotta love them Pubs, their lobbyists and FOXNews who make it all possible, so you can lose EVERYTHING you've ever worked for, so some can make a killing in the life saving business. Yup, the Pubs are right, and the rest of the world is wrong, as the rest of the world actually values basic health care, instead of looking at it as PROFI…

Was really curious,

who would sponsor the opening of the Olympics. SURPRISE, it's Karl Rove and his billionaire backed SuperPAC, claiming Obama is spending $4 bil per day, which is the legacy W and the Pubs left us, with HUGE costs and not enuff tax revenue to pay for it. It'll probably work for those with no clue what's really going on, which is the base of the Pub party, who will vote (R), pray for change, and vote against 'Socialism' while they cash their Social Security checks and get their Medicare. It's the Repub way....

Decided to watch

part of the (recorded) Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, last night, after getting home from a long family reunion weekend, BUT, once I got started, couldn't quit. Talk about amazing, I think they really nailed it. From The Clash's 'London Calling', to the last singalong with SIR Paul McCartney, the music was fantastic, including Pink Floyd during the torch lighting. What a production! Who'd a thunk the queen would parachute in? The bad news? After a brain 'overload' from the Olympics and a huge social weekend, it was nearly impossible to sleep, and would love a nap, but that's something I've never been able to do. Maybe today....

Some thoughts,

after we just returned from a family reunion, where we celebrated my dad's 90th b-day. I am part of an amazing family and really enjoyed reconnecting with sibs and their families. I'm just sorry that we live so far apart and I haven't been able to be closer, esp to my neices and nephews.  Kearney, Nebr, is a pretty good little town, and is doing very well, thank you, during this economic downturn. Seeing the drought, up close, as we traveled through corn country, was really sad. Irrigated corn, is doing fine, though it is costing a BUNCH, to keep the water flowing. The rest of the corn crop is pretty much worthless, as it is stunted, dry and brown. Although they have typical age-related problems, my folks are doing well, as they still live in their house, and are very much in love, as they depend on each other.  Was quite a weekend.


The only prez/vice prez with a worse favorability rating than GWBush's 22%, with an all time low, in the single digits, is back in the news, criticizing the current prez and saying he has 'no regrets', after being the powerful half of the worst duo to ever hit American politics. Dick 'Boom Boom' Cheney, says Obama is the 'weakest' prez ever, which I would assume is a great compliment, cuz if this jerk, who assured us Saddam had WMD, and we needed to attack, NOW, (think Haliburton) supported you, there would have to be something seriously wrong. I just can't believe anyone, (other than FOX) would grant him an interview, with a straight face, after the damage he has caused. What a waste of a human heart. NEWSFLASH! Dick, like W, won't be at the Repub convention. Oh Really? Mitt, who won't be photographed with either of them, obviously doesn't want the voters to see any reminders of who wrecked our country, during their 8 year 'reign of er…

The good news.

if you can call it that, is, that IF the Dems can't beat the weak-ass challenger, who's main message is, "You haven't fixed the mess we caused last time,' they don't deserve to be in charge. If they can't beat MITT ROMNEY, the human-like Ken doll, they deserve to be banished into obscurity. In spite of Karl Rove and the  billionaire SuperPacs, I'm claiming the American public is just NOT that stupid. We'll see...

Romney keeps saying,

the economy is the problem. Oh Really? And who caused this problem? Maybe the administration who was in power for 8 years, and handed off a stinking pile of crap to the new prez, writing over $800 billion in checks to banks in it's last days, to stop TOTAL implosion, with unprecedented unemployment, crashing home values and overwhelming loss of confidence. Who would that be? Oh yeah. GWBush and the Pubs. 'Nuff said', for anyone with a functioning brain, which eliminates a bunch of sheep, who refuse to face reality.

The Repub brain trust reacted

to calls to make assault weapons, with 100 round clips illegal. Romney said, 'He shouldn't have had them, because they're already illegal'. WRONG, Mitt, they're not, thanks to the NRA and the Pubs. Dick Armey (R) said, 'You may as well ban cars, because he could have killed that many people driving into a school bus.' And you wonder why I have a problem with these 'jeniuses'?

The July 25 Daily Show, proved again,

that FOXNews DOES lie. It featured clips from FOX and the Obama 'you didn't build that' fiasco, where FOX clown Steve Douchie says, 'let's see EXACTLY what Obama said'. Then, they showed several parts of his speech, but LEFT OUT the sentence about 'roads and bridges', that Obama specifically referred to, right before  he said, 'you didn't build that.' He also showed Romney giving nearly an exact speech about people having help building their businesses. Again, nothing new here, FOX lies, all the time, and the sheep eat it up.

Every once and a while,

there's a great show on TV. Tonight, on HBO, it was 'Namath', the story of Broadway Joe. Had forgotten most of it, but he was/is an amazing person/athlete. If you knew him, or if you didn't, it's well worth watching. Joe Namath, one of a kind.

Whenever I get concerned about climate change,

I take comfort from Rush and FOXNews, who assure me it is all false.
Unprecedented (since record keeping began since 1889) melting of Greenland's ice sheet this month has stunned NASA scientists and has highlighted broader concerns that the region is losing a remarkable amount of ice overall.
According to a NASA press release, about half of Greenland's surface ice sheet naturally melts during an average summer. But the data from three independent satellites this July, analyzed by NASA and university scientists, showed that in less than a week, the amount of thawed ice sheet surface skyrocketed from 40 percent to 97 percent. Also, there is an international rush to begin drilling in the arctic where new ice melt has opened previously icebound areas, while record heat and drought punish the heartland.

Luckily, I have Rush and FOXNews to reassure me, that it is all a liberal plot. Things would be kinda scary, but thankfully I have them, to tell the truth. HA! Who actually believe…

Following in the Repub 'Chickenhawk' tradition,

Romney lambasted Obama for not supporting the military. That resolve evidently doesn’t include Mitt, who passed on Vietnam, or his five strapping sons, none of whom have volunteered for the volunteer military.
It was at the V.F.W. convention in 2002 when Cheney, who got five deferments from Vietnam, set the gold standard for mindless belligerence, pushing pre-emptive action in Iraq. “Simply stated,” he said, “there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” The Arab street, he knew, would erupt in joy when we invaded. We've heard this crap before, and it usually ends with the Pubs starting another war, where they sit home and profit, while others die and are wounded. C'mon Pubs, give it a rest, we've seen your game plan, and it doesn't work.

Played Geezer Golf, at Broadlands, today,

and had some good news, bad news, as usual. Much tougher course, and posted an 88, but ran into some old buddies, and one of the geezers had a hole in one, so he bought pitchers of Blue Moon. SO, not a bad day after all...

I'm sure it won't

penetrate the dense brains of the FOX disciples, BUT, there is evidence WAY beyond theory, that the earth is warming. The warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe. (Hint, it's a big number, sheep)
Meteorologists reported that this spring was the warmest ever recorded for our nation – in fact, it crushed the old record by so much that it represented the "largest temperature departure from average of any season on record."
Again, it won't affect the sheep, cuz they damn sure ain't gonna admit they're wrong, cuz that would be a chink in the armor, and who knows where that could lead, but any reasonable person can see what is going on. Nothing new here, however....

I'm shocked,

that Tony Robbin's disciples suffered burns on their feet, as they walked over hot coals. Had nothing to do with 'mind over matter', as the psychos believe, buy rather how fast you walk over the coals. Surprise! Science trumps myth and superstition.

Saw 'the shooter',

on local TV news, this afternoon, as he was arraigned. He looked really spooky, with dilated pupils and a spaced out look on his face. Looked like he was either on really heavy meds, which I doubt, or he was brain damaged. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, you could look in his windows and see, 'no one home'. Scary...

Is really sickening,

to see the shooter in court, and think about all the lives he ruined. What makes a brain screw up like that? The only good thing, is we've gotten a break from the campaign commercials, which have been brutal, living in a swing state. I refuse to say his name, like the SOB who shot John Lennon, to be famous. Now comes the years of legal maneuvering as this human trash plays the system. I go back and forth between sadness and anger.

Might be a bad year,

for the nat'l corn crop, BUT, the local sweet corn 'on the cob', is fantastic. One of the really good things about this time of year...

I recently realized,

I don't dream, like I used to. Been a long time since I've had a 'flying' dream, and they were SO cool. Another recurring dream had to do with diving off a springy diving board into the pool. I could judge my mental health, by the height of the spring I'd get, the quality of the board, the pool water and my control of the dive, etc. Kinda like flying, but different. Don't have those any more, either. Just part of growing old, I guess, but I kinda miss it...

Because it was another

hot, boring afternoon, we watched another movie. Carol picked up 'The Iron Lady', a Meryl Streep portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. It was kinda good, not terrible, but a little slow, I thought, although Streep did a fantastic job of acting and it was historically accurate and brought back a lot of memories of the time. Did learn about the Falkland War. A little hard to follow as it jumped through time and I wasn't sure what was real and what was halucination, as she developed dementia. Not the best movie, but I've seen worse.

One of the many articles,

about the Aurora massacre, told how it could have been much worse, if the 100 round drum clip, for the AR 15 assault rifle had not jammed. That's right, he had legally bought this weapon of mass destruction, and accessories, cuz the NRA and right wing has the politicians scared to oppose it. This is no hunting weapon, or necessary for self defense. It is made for killing LOTS of people, plain and simple. I just wonder how bad this would have been, had not his killing machine jammed up?

Was surfing the news sites,

this morning, like I always do, then looked at the FOX, alternative reality view of the world, and came across an esp egregious article, even for the (Fair and Balanced) clowns at FOXNews. As the unidentified author went further down the dark path, the article ended with a link, and the msg, 'you can finish this Karl Rove article at OK, now it makes sense. A Rupert Murdoch owned, formerly respected firm, (The Wall Street Journal), with a Karl Rove peice, on FOXNews. No wonder it had such a stench rising from it.

Cuz it's a hot, boring afternoon,

we got a Redbox movie, 'The Artist', which happened to win an Academy Award, for Best Movie. Are you kidding me? It was kinda good, BUT... There were several cute scenes, but, it just didn't hold my interest. Maybe it was just me, or the mood I was in, but c'mon', this isn't even close, to 'best' movie. Saw "Something Borrowed', on HBO later, which was much better, in my humble opinion.

Obama and Romney could have

used the massacre in Aurora to come out against the sale of assault weapons, with 100 round clips, which are legal cuz of the NRA and the Pubs, BUT, they used the publicity to say, 'We're praying for the victims'. Typical politcal crap, as they are afraid of the NRA and the right wingers who LOVE their AR 15's, and other assault weapons, that have no other use, than to shoot people. There's hunting, and there's
gun nuts who love assault weapons, and keeping them legal. Insane, but SO right wing....

The EXACT quote,

that the Repubs are completely distorting, from Obama's speech, is as follows.

Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.

This is the typical FOX/Repub crap, where they've learned that if you throw enough crap on the wall, some of it is gonna stick, and this quote has given 'em great traction with the sheep. By claiming businesses had help with infrastructure, this means Obama hates business according to Pubs. And people swallow this swill...

Seems impossible, but

one of the victims in the Aurora shooting had narrowly escaped a mass shooting in a Canadian mall, just last month.
Jessica Ghawi's blog recounts her experiences as a witness to Toronto's Eaton Centre shooting in June.
"I was shown how fragile life was on Saturday. I saw the terror on bystanders’ faces. I saw the victims of a senseless crime," she wrote on June 5 recalling the shooting.
"I can’t get this odd feeling out of my chest. This empty, almost sickening feeling won’t go away. I noticed this feeling when I was in the Eaton Center in Toronto just seconds before someone opened fire in the food court. An odd feeling which led me to go outside and unknowingly out of harm‘s way. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around how a weird feeling saved me from being in the middle of a deadly shooting," she also wrote.
After that close call in Canada, she was killed in a mass shooting in COlorado. Seems impossible...

Under the heading of,

'never waste a crisis', we have this headline from a Texas Republican.

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Friday that the shootings that took place in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater hours earlier were a result of "ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs" and questioned why nobody else in the theater had a gun to take down the shooter.

Can't make this stuff up....

In an 'all too common' example,

of avoiding personal responsibility, George Zimmerman, who shot an unarmed teenager, said he 'wouldn't change a thing about that night', because 'it was God's plan.' Wow. At least it makes them feel better about the bad choices they make in their own lives, if they can blame it on 'God's plan'. Who could question anything that goes wrong?  Not my fault, it's God's plan. Must help 'em sleep at night, I guess.....

As he continues to broadcast,

with his head planted firmly up his ass, Rush Limbaugh never fails to shock, with his ignorant blatherings. His latest rant includes 'The Left', in Hollywood using a charcter called Bane, in the new Batman movie, in a blatant attempt to badmouth Romney, and Bain Capital. Oh really Rush? This character has been around since 1993 and is an integral part of the Batman series. Mere facts don't stop the buffoonish blowhard from spewing his swill, however. Typical content from the FOXNews family of 'news', for those who don't care about 'facts'.

Good story on GWBush, tonight,

about how he's avoiding the spotlight. Oh Really? Who wants to see the face, and hear the voice of the person who wrecked our economy, esp when his party's trying to lie their way back into power. There's a reason Romney won't allow himself to be photographed with him or Cheney. They'd be perfect Dem political advertisements. Not everyone is as dense as FOXNews disciples and there's still an election to be stolen.

Good HBO show, 'Newsroom', on tonight,

about the lies on FOX, showing how Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity etc, report stories they know are false. There were examples about how Obama is going after everyone's guns, and gun sales went WAY up, but there's absolutely no truth to it. About FOX reporting that Obama's trip to India cost over $200 million a day, when they knew it was the normal price, of under $5 mil. They documented lies by Palin and Bachmann, that were obvious whoppers, but reported as facts by FOX. Never mind, nothing new here, bit it just pisses me off, and I'm obviously not the only one who sees FOX as a real problem, cuz some people actually believe their crap.

May have posted this before, but

one of the best meals out there, is Teriyaki boneless chicken thigh skewered strips, with mushrooms, onions, peppers and pineapple, on the BBQ, with rice on the side. Wow, delicious and healthy. Can't beat that.

I wouldn't have a problem

with FOXNews, if it was correctly labeled, as in "What the Right Wing Wants you to Think. or, 'Propaganda Arm of the Republican Party', or even The Conservative Answer to Supposed Liberal Bias'. BUT, they label their crap as 'Fair and Balanced'. What a joke, that is getting totally ridiculous as this election season advances, and Im' sure it's only gonna get worse. The Pubs found that 'Swiftboating', which refers to reporting total lies, 'as truth', actually works, SO, I can't wait to see what the Karl Rove led PAC's come up with this time, as they have the same stable of billionaires, ready with their cash, to say whatever they think the sheep will believe, and that leaves out NOTHING. Should be interesting, since the Repub controlled Supreme Court has made it all legal.

Some good news, for a change?

There were a couple of houses for sale, in our 'hood', and they both sold last week, at good prices. Then, over the weekend, another one was listed, and sold the same day, so now there are none for sale. Seems like good news to me.....

According to FOX

Obama was booed at a basketball game. In typical FOX fashion, this had a hint of truth, but was bullshit. Barack and Michelle were at a b-ball game, this week, when they were caught by the 'kiss cam', which you'd know if you'd ever been to a big league game, that the couple shown on the big screen are supposed to kiss. When Michelle turned down his PDA, there was a smattering of boos, cuz there was no kiss. BUT, what wasn't reported by FOX (surprise), is that the next time they were shown, they kissed, and the place went crazy with cheers and '4 more years' chants. Just when I think FOX can't get any sleazier, they ALWAYS do.

In a typical example of

election year bullshit, Romney/FOX/The Pubs took Obama's words 'totally out of context', when he said, "If you've built a business, you've had some help', whether it be a good teacher, partner, small business loan, or whatever, cuz no one can make it, all by themselves. This means 'Obama hates America' and says we should be 'Ashamed of Success', according to Romney/FOX/The Pubs. Give me a break. Just read the paragraph. or better, the whole story. UNbelievable, but typical of 'The Right', as they just spew crap, and hope some of it sticks.

Had a special morning, today

I've played quite a bit of golf in my life, but this was one of my better rounds, with Don and Bob (Bill had a last minute business trip) at Saddleback. Had a 'blow up' hole and still shot in the 70's, with no 'gimmes' or Mulligans. The course 'owed me' a few breaks and I got 'em today. Was really fun...

You wonder why

I don't like Pubs? Here's one on the main reasons. They introduced, and blocked all efforts to repeal, bills that make it legal, and easy, to secretly contribute millions of dollars, so special interest groups, can effectively 'buy Congressmen'.
       The ability to follow the money has never been this important since the bagman days of the Watergate scandal. But when the Democratic Senate majority made a fresh attempt to enact a disclosure bill on Monday, the measure was immediately filibustered to death by Republicans, like other versions. Still, the vote was a chance for the public to see who stands for and against such basic transparency in political spending. The answer: not one Republican showed the courage to break ranks and speak up for disclosure.
Republicans have been the main beneficiaries of corporate and independent spending sprees. The party's lock-step opposition to letting voters see who writes the big checks is an embarrassment to Congress…

A really good explanation,

of why Romney seems 'humanlike', but not really, is shown by his flipflops on SO many issues, and this quote. "If you have your spine removed, there are bound to be cognitive issues." Perfect. AND, although Dick Cheney held 2 fundraisers in Wyoming this week, with and for Romney, raising over 4 million dollars, no photographs of them together were allowed. Oh Really? He doesn't want to be seen with the 'powerful half' of the worst team in the history of the US? I'm shocked.

Mitt's running from Bain Capital,

like a scalded cat, cuz he doesn't want to be associated with the outsourcing and the shipping of US jobs overseas, that prevaded the company. He swears he totally left the company in1999, although his name appears as the CEO, President and Sole Stockholder in documents filed with the SEC in 2000, 2001 and 2002, and on signed contracts for those years as well. One ad, while he was CEO, claimed Bain to be 'one stop shopping', for the outsourcing of American jobs overseas. OK Mitt, get your PAC's to spend another hundred million or so claiming Obama is a liar, as your lies are thoroughly and completely documented, not that it matters to your sheep. What a joke.

Had a nice break,

as I went walleye fishing at Glendo Res, in Wyoming, this week. My buddy Kenney has a boat up there, so we hooked up his pop-up and drove north. Caught eleven keepers, had a 'monster' on for quite a while and got some memorable memories. Had walleye filets last night. Wow. Had forgotten how good they really are. Yummmmm.

Good story on the nat'l news tonight,

about the Saturday Evening Post, which went out of business, after over 150 years, in the late 60's. It was no accident. The SEP, Look, and Life magazines were ALL put out of business, by the (Repub) Nixon admin, cuz they kept showing pics, and writing stories of the war in Viet Nam, (before the internet), and the Pubs didn't want the people to see what was really happening as people were killed and wounded, far away, BUT, the war made big $$ for the Pubs. Sorta like Iraq. Nixon and his pals raised postage rates so big, photo type news mags were put out of business. VOILA! No more news coverage and pics, and the Pubs kept the war going for a few more years. Some things never change....

There was a terrible racket,

right after we fell asleep last night. We sleep with the door open, (to our 2nd floor deck), and sliding screen closed. From the inside, Bailey was slamming into and climbing the screen, while a bat was repeatedly flyng into it from the outside. At least that's what we found out, eventually, but for a while, it was just a whole lot of noise as the screen was rattled and pummeled from each side. Carol got Bailey into the bathroom and I used a sock to pick up the bat and toss it into the night, where it flew away, but not before it made a weird screeching sound as another bat barely missed my head as it flew by. Strange way to wake up....

Saw 'To Rome with Love'

yesterday, and was a bit disappointed. Maybe it was because I was kinda sore from golf that morning (got 10 pars, at Saddleback), and had forgotten my eye drops, but I was expecting more than a scenic montage of Rome's top tourist spots. That part was nice, but the story was weak/weird, though it was fun watching Penelope Cruz. Did have a nice shopping trip to Costco, with Kari, but the "Rome' movie was just too "Woody Allenish', for me. Carol liked it, though.

The 12 months

preceding this June, are the hottest EVER recorded. Scientific fact, UNLESS you are a FOXNews disciple, who will find ways to dispute it, cuz it would support climate change.  Facts don't matter to these idiots, BUT, maybe someday they will be forced to face reality. What am I thinking? These jerks will always find a way to twist the facts. Just part of the FOXNews world, and those who believe.....

Really good, '60 Minutes', tonight,

as they looked back on the life/times of Mike Wallace, who was the heart and soul of the program, as he did over 800 shows, and thousands of interviews. Was interesting as he looked at Reagan, as a joke, (just an actor), who got even worse when he got Alzheimers. At some point, the 'realistic' view became 'liberal', and had to be 'balanced', (propagandized), by FOX. The big difference? 60 Minutes was/is truth and fact, unlike FOX.

As the Repubs attack,

does anyone remember who WRECKED our economy?  Oh yeah, it was Bush and the Pubs. Just in case you're keeping track of reality, in this world of political ads.

If you lived in Colorado,

you'd be familiar with the Coors family, who makes fair beer, and right wing headlines. The latest Coors family entry, Joe, is trying to buy his way into politics, but can't find time to debate his Dem rival, as it 'just doesn't fit into his schedule.' Oh Really? Maybe it's cuz you'd get smoked, if you had to answer questions about your political views, and you just hope you can buy (ignorant) votes with a huge advertising campaign. Works for a lot of Pubs....

Texas Rep. Brady (R), claims

Obama's recovery is 'Dead Last', in historical terms, after the Pubs have fought every job creating program. Depends on how you look at it. Realistically, George Bush's 'trashing of the economy', is 'Dead First'. Pretty obvious, when you look at the facts...

Ronald Reagan appointed GOP Judge,

Richard Posner, of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, told NPR. ‘What am I doing with this crowd of lunatics?’He was referring, of course, to conservative backlash over Roberts’s opinion upholding President Barack Obama’s health care law.Posner said “there’s been a real deterioration in conservative thinking” over the past 10 years and admitted that his own politics have changed in that time.
“I’ve become less conservative as the Republican Party has become more goofy."

That sorta says it all.

File this under, 'Oh Reeeaalllly'?

For more than three decades, Exodus International has been the leading force in the so-called ex-gay movement, which holds that homosexuals can be “cured” through Christian prayer and psychotherapy. Exodus leaders claimed its network of ministries had helped tens of thousands rid themselves of unwanted homosexual urges. The notion that homosexuality is not inborn but a choice was seized on by conservative Christian groups who oppose legal protections for gay men and lesbians and same-sex marriage. But the ex-gay movement has been convulsed as the leader of Exodus, in a series of public statements and a speech to the group’s annual meeting last week, renounced some of the movement’s core beliefs. Alan Chambers, 40, the president, declared that there was no cure for homosexuality and that “reparative therapy” offered false hopes to gays and could even be harmful. His statements have led to charges of heresy and a growing schism within the network.
Wow, and I was SURE it wa…

If you believe

that you can buy one room of carpet and get 3 for free, and/or, for a small fee, a Nigerian banker is looking for you to help smuggle millions of dollars out of the country, and/or, Mitt can fix health care with his 'common sense' plan, and/or Noah put a pair of all the animals on earth on his boat, for 40 days, then you are in luck.  Have the Repubs got a candidate for you.

For those who don't understand,

how Big Oil, and the Repub 'job creators' work, we have this story from Duke Oil.

'Johnson stands to receive up to $44.4 million in severance pay despite having served just three days leading Duke Energy, which recently bought out Johnson's old firm, Progress Energy, to create a utility that will serve more than seven million customers in the Southeast and Midwest.'

And you wonder why your utility bill is so high?

The Repubs (FOXNews) couldn't

hide their glee, as the monthly jobs report came out, with only 80,000 new jobs created, and they claimed, 'things look bad for Obama'. Bullshit. It just shows that the damage Bush and the Pubs did was far worse than most people realized, and the Pubs, who have fought every economic recovery policy put forth by the Dems, are getting their wish, delaying any recovery, so their guy can can look better. If you can't see who caused this recession/depression, and who's fighting any recovery, you aren't trying. Just look at any jobs/economy graph from 2000 through 2012. The good news? I don't think they're fooling that many people. Anyone who could look at our current housing, jobs and economic problems and say, 'Yup, it's Obama's fault', is SO FAR out of touch, I don't know where to start. It's called an anal/cranial inversion, to be kind...

I really enjoy

our 'Senior Tuesdays', at the movies, although there was a time when there weren't many flicks that I really wanted to see. But we seem to be back on a good streak now, with "Moonrise Kingdom', 'Safety Not Guaranteed' and some interesting previews. Am looking forward to seeing 'To Rome with Love', after Woody Allen did such a good job with 'Vicki Christina Barcelona' and 'Midnight in Paris'. Just read about 'Savages', that might be interesting, as well as "Hope Springs', with Tommie Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. And might see 'Rock of Ages', after enjoying the music and show, live on Broadway. Good excuses to get out of the house.

Based on historical data,

each year would have approx one record high and one record low. BUT, in the last 12 years, record highs have outnumbered record lows by over ten to one, with many more than one in a typical year. To a reasonable person of average intelligence this would seem like climate change. But not for FOXNews disciples who obviously don't fit the 'reasonable person' definition. Because maybe, if you question one aspect of the propaganda, you might develop some doubt about the rest, so rational thought is discouraged. Sorta like hardcore literal Bible believers. If you question that the earth is more than 5000 years old, or that all the animals of the world were put on a boat for 40 days, in a flood that left NO evidence, you might question other 'facts', SO they just shut down their brains and rely on 'faith'. Again, not speaking about spirituality, but the veracity and factual integrity of a book written many centuries ago, that discards evolution and tries to expla…

In the Etch a Sketch world

of Repub politics, at least one thing is gonna be tough for Mitt to erase. That doesn't mean he isn't going to try. With all the terrible economic history of his governorship, he did do a great job with health care in the state. Now he has to deny it all, to please the right wingers who support him.

Massachusetts residents who file a state tax return have to provide proof that they have health insurance. If they can afford insurance but don’t have it, they must “pay a penalty through their tax returns,” according to the state Department of Revenue’s Web site. This is all thanks to former Gov. Mitt Romney, who set up the system — the best of its kind in the country — and is now trying to pretend he doesn’t remember how it works.  Will be funny to watch him skip and dodge the facts, but nothing new there...

As I try to do, occasionally,

here's another cooking tip. Sure, you can put olive oil , or butter on spaghetti, so it doesn't clump together, BUT, the oil keeps it from absorbing the sauce. Good chefs say, 'don't do it', You're welcome.

Gotta love the new Romney TV ad,

where he tells us what he's gonna do on the first day of his presidency. First, he's gonna approve the XL Pipeline, (by overriding states rights?), then he's gonna kill Obamacare (by overriding the legislature?), and replace it with with 'common sense ideas for healthcare'. Oh really Mitt? You got some common sense ideas to fix health care? You should share them, cuz people are dying to hear them. And as usual, the sheep eat it up...

After doing the 100 guitar riffs,

I had to include this 'Evolution of Dance'. If you've never seen it, well, you should. Bet you can't watch it all without laughing out loud, several times.

This is pretty amazing

This guys plays 100 famous guitar riffs, in one sitting. Knew most all of them, 'til it got toward the end, where my kids will probably know them.

If you got some time to waste, check out this guy....

Again, I'm shocked!

Countrywide Mortgage Co gave 'under the table' low interest loans to members of Congress to influence legislation during the Bush years.

The report said Fannie assigned as many as 70 lobbyists to the Financial Services Committee while it considered legislation to reform the company from 2000 to 2005. Four reform bills were introduced in the House during the period, and none made it out of the committee.

Guess what the results were, when none of the 'reform' bills passed? Yup, we're living with it, and will be for a LONG time, as this was the beginning and main cause of our economic crash.

Remember Yucca Mountain?

In case you think our elected officials are even remotely competent, just look at the farce that was supposed to be the repository of used fuel rods and other radioactive debris. After spending billions of our dollars to equip this natural geologic formation, in the middle of nowhere, it was shut down by Nevada politics, right when we needed it. It's been nearly 2 decades, and while the dangerous debris continues be haphazardly warehoused, the giant facility remains empty, with no end in sight. Another example of typical governmental BS.

Saw a great Lewis Black video,

Red White and Screwed, from 2006, where he NAILED Bush, with stuff we didn't even realize then. Cheney had just shot his friend, and we were finding out how screwed up Bush, Iraq and the economy really was. Was funny then, but just crazy now, when you look back on the 2004 election. He makes fun of the Dems, cuz it was like the Special Olympics, when a normal kid woulda kicked ass, but they put Kerry out there. BUT, the Pubs had 4 years to look at Bush and they STILL reelected him. Just insane, esp looking back on it, as our country and economy was trashed by Bush and the Pubs. Sometimes, in retrospect, Lewis Black looks like a real genius.

In the 'legitimate' press,

Sec of State Hillary Clinton is being praised for getting the all important Pakistan border open, finally, so the US, and others can finally start moving supplies and equipment again. It had been closed for months after the US mistakenly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in a botched attack. In the alternate universe of FOX, though, this was seen as a 'slap in the face' to America, where, in their bizarro world we should NEVER say we are sorry for ANYTHING. We are the US and we can do what we please, whether it be Viet Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Rest of the world be damned. The sad thing? I know people who totally agree.....