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Wow, good news, bad news

The 'High Country', (which includes most of Colorado, depending on definition of high), has been getting a bunch of snow. Over 2 feet the last couple of days, on top of a good base, all through Summit County. Gottta love it. AND, it's snowing again. Snow=Water, which is HUGE, these days. Lotta things you can do without, but water ain't one. Wouldn't wanna live in California, AZ or Vegas these days, as drought is rearing it's ugly head, IN SPITE, of the climate change deniers.

All this snow

is starting to make me think about 'Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes'. I've heard Barcelo Maya is nice.                                                     
Click to enlarge

Wasn't a big Prince Charles fan,

but the more I've seen and heard from him the last few years, the more I'm starting to like him. He just recently coined a new name for the FOX sheep, although technically he was referring to 'climate change deniers', when he called them the 'headless chicken brigade'. Good name for the anti-science, FOX sheep on SO many levels.

Part of the fun

of a Super Bowl is the media trying to find interesting stories to fill the extra week between games, as we find out more about the players. Interesting story today on Orlando Franklin, the 340 lb Bronco lineman. He spent time in jail, and his brother was killed on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, where they were born. In high school Orlando!, cuz his mother moved him to Toronto, for a new start. The morning shows have dueling Denver vs Seattle, We're #1! stuff, and everyone is hyping the marijuana angle of the Stupor Bowl, Bud Bowl, Bowl Bowl, Stoner Bowl etc. I liked Super Bowl CDXX (or 420). Then there's all the commercials. Lotta hype out there, for one football game, but I love it.

Am SO looking forward to

the 2016 Repub clown show as they follow up on the 2012 Repub clown show They started out with Sarah Palin, and we thought she was the stupidest broad the Pubs could put out there, although mayor of Wasilla is HUGE! WRONG. But 'anyone but Romney', right? Introducing (psycho) Michelle Bachmann, and her gay husband, as she embarrasses women everywhere. Then, we get Rick Perry, who proved GWBush isn't the only retarded Texan to get Pub votes. Followed by Fred Thompson, who proved that all you gotta do to get the Repubs attention is to appear in old folks ads. Next was Hermann Cain, with his 9-9-9 tax program, and the Pubs are sure if you can run a pizza chain you can run the most powerful country in the world, BUT, he's better than Romney right? Wow, now there's Donald Trump, who proves NO ONE is too weird to be a Repub leader, but, he's better than Romney, right? Enter Rick Santorum, the most popular guy in rural Iowa, agreeing with the Repub faithful that evolu…

As the Dems struggle

to provide the American public with affordable health like the rest of the civilized world enjoys, the Pubs love to say, 'How's that Obamacare coming?' (snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle). Embarking on such a HUGE, complicated, expensive program would be enormously difficult, even if BOTH parties were behind it, BUT when half the lawmakers are fighting tooth and nail against it, doing everything they can to make sure it fails, it becomes nearly impossible. The single-payer system, like Medicare, would be much simpler and easier to implement, but that was 'sausaged up' with all the Repub 'input' in the various committees that created the unmanageable, complicated mess we now have to deal with. Fighting, just like they did against Social Security and Medicare, the Pubs realize once the people have access to affordable health care like the rest of the world, the Big Money, Big Medicine 'bankruptcy machine' would be forever altered, so the lobbyists kee…

Did you know?

On the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Horse. Both Peyton Manning and John Elway were drafted by the Colts, then became Broncos, and ONLY played for those 'horse' teams. John won his 2nd Super Bowl in his 16th year and Peyton could accomplish the same thing this year. Elway was 26-6 his last 2 years, just like Manning is now. Two smart guys who left Indiana for Colorado.
Hmmmmm, more cosmic influences in the 'Smoker' Bowl?

The main headline

as Bullshit Mountain today refers to the State of the Union speech, and says, 'What Happened to Doing Big Things'? Duh. Every 'Big Thing' attempted by the prez gets slapped down by the party of NO!. Immigration reform, Affordable Health Care, infrastructure jobs, etc. When not voting FORTY Times, to defund Obamacare, they're 'shutting down the gov't', in a temper tantrum, throwing millions out of work. You name it, the Pubs will fight it and gum it up, cuz they know their only chance of 'returning to the scene of the crime', is if the economy is struggling, SO, they do their best (worst) to make it happen. Couldn't be any more obvious, as we slowly emerge from the hole they left us in, after 8 years of the Bush/Pub 'Reign of Error'. The Obama administration obviously has some problems, BUT, compared to the debacle of the 'Bush Years', they look REALLY GOOD!

I enjoy comedy,

and saw some REALLY funny stuff, as the FOXNews 'Focus Group', made up of 'everyday people' tore apart Obama's speech. Amazing, that everyone of them thought it was terrible, for one reason or another, as the FOX 'talent' interviewed them. The sheep actually believe this crap? Speaking of comedy, Colbert is covering the Superb Owl, with new spelling, for copywrite reasons. Just a Coin Cidence.

Just returned

from an evening with 'the crew' at the new Post Brewery in Lafayette. Good beer and good food in the former American Legion building. Was packed, with a waiting line, on a Tuesday night. Good to know that a good business can 'make it' around here. I'm feeling that our economy is definitely growing. Have seen lots of 'boom and bust' during my 40-some years in Colorado, and I'm claiming we are beginning another 'boom'. Not that we need more people, but, is always good to see the economy GROWING.

Should be really 'interesting'

to see how FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) tear apart, and negate all the good stuff Obama has to say about the country, as he points out how the economy has come back SO far, from the Bush years. I'm sure they'll say a bunch of crap, and the sheep will say 'amen', Nothing new here.

Is so funny/typical/sad

the way that FOX keeps referring to Obama's 'failed presidency', as the country continues to be 'on the mend', from the disastrous presidency of 'their boy', Bush. Look at any chart, for economic growth, jobs, house values, % of GDP/deficit, discretionary spending, no new wars, etc. Check out all the charts back through Clinton, then Bush, and finally where we've come with Obama. COMPLETELY obvious, for anyone who can read a chart, BUT, for Bullshit Mountain, Obama is a 'disaster'. What a Bizarro world they live in....

FOXNews and the Comedy Channel are very similar

They both report fake news, in serious fashion, and get a laugh from those with a sense of humor. The HUGE difference? The sheep think FOX is REAL! No serious thinking Dem would get their news from MSNBC, cuz they're way too biased, but with Pubs and FOX? That's different.....

As always, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

were at their best, and funniest last night, as they made fun of FOX, and Sean Hannity in particular. Seems Sean is threatening to leave the Big Apple cuz some politician said far-right conservatives weren't welcome, and Sean got his panties in a bunch. The Pub govs of Florida and Texas offered him asylum and the comedy shows, with interviews of the locals basically said, 'See ya, Sean'. Adios, hasta la vista, good bye. We don't want or need you, AND, take some of the clowns from Bullshit Mountain with you. My condolences to Florida or Texas...

Just yesterday, FOX was imploring the sheep

NOT to watch the State of the Union Address, cuz, 'He's just gonna lie to you'. But, today, nearly every clown that works at Bullshit Mountain has obviously gotten Roger Aile's talking points for the day, and has an article about all that is wrong with the speech, how the prez has 'nothing to be proud of', how '5 years later, and he still hasn't fixed (Bush's mess) the economy, and how things are only gonna get worse, until the Pubs are back in charge. Hmm. Haven't we seen that scenario? Remember 2008? I do, and after 8 years of the Pubs our nation barely survived. That's truth, not opinion and that's the HUGE difference between FOX and 'real' news, as the propaganda network is going 'full steam' against the speech, before it is even given. Watching FOX for news is like watching 'Reefer Madness' and claiming you've seen a documentary on cannabis. In both cases you are seeing what a certain group, that has a de…

It's all 'point of view'

When I read that a billionaire is buying Super Bowl ads about the Keystone pipeline, I thought it was terrrible that Big Money was trying to influence the public so blatantly. But then I found out that the billionaire agreed with ME, so it seemed OK. Hypocritical? Yup, but that's just how it is. We all look at events with an eye toward how it's gonna affect ME, and the Keystone pipeline is gonna profit very few, as 'oil shale' oil (very high pollution, air and ground) gets transported across the US, to be shipped out for world markets. Seems obvious to me, BUT, it highlights a problem we all have with perception. I hate big money buying opinion, unless its an opinion I agree with. Not logical, but human.

FOX is Bitchin' again

cuz the filmaker who made '2016-Obama's America', is being prosecuted for election fraud. What's funny is the FOX article ADMITS he's guity, but whines about 'persecution', after D'Souza's film, whose MAIN charge is that Obama was unduly influenced by his 'anti-colonial' father, although they seperated when he was 2, and they only met once, when Obama was 10. The father died when the prez was in college, BUT, that doesn't stop the sheep from swallowing the swill, cuz that's what they WANT to believe and it fits the FOX rhetoric. The film is FULL of inaccuracies  (check out Fact Check), , and outright lies, but is quoted as fact by the rightwingers who totally overlook what Bush ACTUALLY did to America, but are horrified as to what Obama might do. Nothing new here....

The White House has indicated

that Obama plans to work with Congress when possible, and bypass them when necessary. It's about time! Has he FINALLY realized the Pubs are gonna fight him on EVERYTHING and they don't give a damn about bipartisanship? Elections have consequences and the Repubs LOST, the last two times, for a reason. After 8 years of Bush I know what it's like to suffer through a prez you can't stand, but hey, there's NO WAY Obama can/will do the damage that W did, so the Pubs just need to suck it up and try to win at the polls. Unfortunately they realize this and have loaded the Big Guns, with the Repub Supreme Court allowing UNlimited. UNtraceable $$ to legally buy elections. It ain't gonna be pretty, as FOXNews-type lying will be bombarding us from every angle....

You'd think they would have learned,

after the Repubs shut down the country for 16 days in Oct, got a BUNCH of bad press and accomplished NOTHING. But, the Pubs are at it again, saying this morning they're not gonna approve the 'debt ceiling' which is only paying the bills they've already incurred. I love to watch these guys, as they strap on their suicide vests and begin their lemming march over the cliff. I just feel sorry for all the little people who will suffer as the Tea Party-led GOP proves again, that they are 'out of touch' with reality and the majority of the American people.

Saw 'Nebraska', yesterday

Either Bruce Dern is a great actor, or he just played himself, as a crotchety old fart. Enjoyed it, for the most part, but was maybe expecting too much after all the hype. Ten minute standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival? An unflattering, but somewhat realistic look at rural Nebraska, as several of the scenes hit a little 'too close to home', esp the windswept prairie cemetery. The rolling hills, abandoned farmhouse and small town taverns were all too familiar. Black and white was the perfect medium for it. Did have a great theme song, that really fit. You could tell the film maker was very familiar with his subjects and environment. Not sure of any 'lesson' from it. Will be interesting to see how it does at the Academy Awards.

Struggling to wake up, this morning

I was switching between 'news outlets', when I accidentally came upon a 'propaganda outlet', as the FOX crew was imploring the sheep not to watch the State of the Union address. FOX, who has taken lying to new level, (but not in Canada, cuz it's illegal), had it's morning bimbo saying, 'Don't watch Obama, cuz he's just gonna lie to you'. Yup, 'Fair and Balanced' if I've ever seen it, from the network that won a lawsuit, saying they weren't obligated to tell the truth, and it became 'Company Policy'.

The Pubs realize,

that one of their MANY problems is that they are perceived (duh, I wonder why?) as being 'anti-women'. SO, the anti-science party (over half don't believe in evolution) that fights contraception and abortion has THIS to say.

“If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. Let us take that discussion all across America".

Again, all the Dems have to do, is 'let 'em talk', and the Repubs brain trust will alienate half the people in the country, as they say," What?, why does the media say we are anti-women?" The Pubs LOVE women, as long as they happen to be a hot, blonde bimbo who gets her talking points each day, from Roger Ailes....

Can you imagine

a 'positive' review for Obama, for ANYTHING he's done, on FOX? Of course not, where it's 'Anti-Obama, ALL the Time'. BUT, the mainstream media is giving a 'thumbs up' to the 'Mitt' documentary, that chronicles Mitt's failed tries at being prez. Just one of the HUGE differences between FOX and real news. Nothing new here...

New polls on Obama,

reveal just what you'd think. Nice guy, but just a 'so-so' president. Considering what he got to work with, (an economy in total collapse, house values crashing, unemployment skyrocketing and 2 unpaid for wars), he could have been much worse, but, basically has been a disappointment to about everyone, including the FOX crowd who want him to crash and burn, and aren't afraid to take the country down with him. All the predictions/threats/talking points about wrecking the system, rampant inflation and a weak military (What no new wars?) haven't come to pass, as the country gradually claws it's way back from the Bush disaster, although the Pubs fight every program that might help the struggling middle class. If only he hadn't wasted so much time, trying to bring 'bi-partisanship' to a crowd whose heros are double digit IQ Tea Partyers. Oh well, maybe president Hillary can keep us on the right track, as the boneheads will continue to scream about the &#…

Wow, what a day!

Got about 6" of new snow last night, and it's sparkling like diamonds under a clear blue Colorado sky, as I just returned from a long (virgin snow) golf course walk, (same course I played yesterday, in 60 degree temps) with Z, my favorite dog. Nice, fluffy snow that my snowblower sent flying. Yup, life is good, esp on these beautiful snow days, and it will be back in the 60's for the weekend.

As a precursor to

what I see as a LARGE migration to Colorado, led by young people, CU-Boulder revealed new stats today on applications.

Freshman applications to the University of Colorado shot up 33 percent this year, after the state's well-publicized legalization of marijuana. Kevin MacLennan, CU's admissions directors, said that while the school has no way to track whether the arrival of recreational pot contributed to the increase in student interest, his office hasn't heard much about it.
That overall rise in applications included even larger jumps in the number of prospective students from out-of-state — a 43 percent increase — and from other countries, with international applications up 65 percent.

Wow, who da thunk a common sense view toward pot, rather than jail, would attract people?
I knew it would be a mistake. We have enough people here already, and don't need anymore on the roads, although it WILL be good for the economy and real estate values.

The sheep are freakin'

cuz FOX gave them a new talking point, today, after Michelle Obama answered a question.

PEOPLE: "And there are other role models you look at and think, 'When I'm 70 or 80, I want to look and live like her'?"
MRS. OBAMA: "I just went to see Cicely Tyson on Broadway. She is in her 80s and did a two-hour play with stamina and passion. I told her, 'I want to be you when I grow up!' [And] there's Jane Fonda, a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman."

Yup, the sheep are foaming at the mouth, cuz Jane Fonda looked at the View Nam War and called it what it was. A HUGE mistake that divided a country, cost hundreds of thousands of casualties, hundreds of billions of dollars, and accomplished..... NOTHING! Do you remember the inglorious retreat, and world opinion toward the US? At least it served as a lesson, that I thought would NEVER be repeated, until Bush/Cheney made the same stupid mistake, in Iraq. SO, if someone calls a spade a spad…

As FOX always does,

they just 'make it up', and pervert the facts, while they compare pot to alcohol, (with double Bimbos) so the sheep can confirm their ignorance, They do 'cut out' their own guy, Don Imus, as he sticks to facts, which they HATE.

This just in, from FOX


President Obama is about to issue an executive order that would force all Americans to purchase a monthly supply of marijuana, the Fox News Channel reported today.
According to Fox's Sean Hannity, who broke the story, Obama's initiative is part of a broader plan to make weed available and affordable to every individual in the United States.
Under Obama's plan, every American would be required to purchase a government-mandated amount of marijuana per month or face a penalty of up to two thousand dollars.
Hannity said that the President hopes to have the mandatory marijuana plan up and running by 2015, "but they're still working on the Web site."

Really! If FOX reports it, it's obviously true...

Wow, I'm shocked

that FOX is siding with Drug-Free America, rather than the majority of the American people, as they continue their 'Anti-Obama, All-The-Time' policy and trash him for his statement that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, which is straight from the scientific community. Attention sheep, this is today's talking point. More anti-Obama propaganda to follow soon, as he is single-handedly wrecking the wonderful country that GWBush left to him.

Those of us,

who've been in Colorado for a while, remember 'Stock Show Weather', every January. We could count on 'freezing our asses off', this time of year, when the 'Stock Show' was in town. Hasn't been that way for quite some time, which I appreciated today, while I was golfing, and am not complaining, but is kinda strange. Pic from Colo Nat'l Golf Course, 3 miles from here, near Lafayette.

FOXNews is so deceitful,

not only in the lies it 'commits', but also in the truth it 'omits'. Today Barbara Bush had an interview on CSPAN.

The former first lady says she has deep personal affection for the former Democratic president.
"I love Bill Clinton," Bush said during an interview C-SPAN aired Monday. "Maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton."

Tried hard, but couldn't find the story on FOX anywhere, though the 'real' news picked up on it. FOX did have a lot of negative stories on Hillary, and of course MANY about Benghazi, which has been their lead story since the day it happened, with Lindsay Graham recently promising 'We're just starting' with Benghazi.

A picture I ran across

got me thinking. Two posts down, I have a pic of a Florida ruling, stating that FOX went to court, to defend it's position (actually a POLICY), that it's not illegal to 'falsify news reports', and they won. Google it, like I did.

FL 13th District New World Communications of Tampa, Inc. versus Jane Akre Case No. 2001-529
Fox went to court and won the right to falsify news reports.
In February 2004, Fox news won a legal appeal that declared the entity has no legal obligation to be truthful in its reporting.
The court agreed that Fox had indeed been untruthful, but ultimately agreed with Fox's argument that the FCC's policy against intentional falsification of the news is not a legal mandate, requirement or regulation and that Fox may falsify news reports.

Too bad we don't have Canadian laws, where FOXNews type lies are ILLEGAL! But, where would the sheep get their talking points each day? The sheep say, 'Big Deal', we know FOX lies, but is nice …

One of the funniest things

about the war over Obamacare is that the state of Massachusettes has the lowest sign up % of all the states. Why? Because they already have great state health coverage, instituted by Mitt Romney, nearly identical to what the Dems first wanted, before it was perverted by the Repubs. AND, if Romney had been allowed to run on that platform, he would clearly be president today. Kind of ironic, as the Pubs fight for the 1%, while killing the middle class, which is clearly the 'job creator', when they have disposable income, where each dollar spent is multiplied, MANY times over, rather than more $ going to the uber-rich, who merely stick that money into bank accounts. Simple economics, totally lost on the FOXNews sheep.

As I gradually wake up in the morning,

I flip between news stations, but, FOX is there, between them, so I usually get hit with some nasty propaganda, between legitimate reporting. Today, the FOX clowns were talking about the 'fake firestorm' of Chris Christie, (or his people), closing a bridge AND withholding Storm Relief money for political reasons.  Being reported, ONLY, say the 'talent' from FOX, because he is the leading Repub candidate, and he could beat Hillary, SO, the main steam meanies are after him. Then, within a minute they were on to REAL news, about Benghazi, AGAIN. Like a rabid mutt who keeps chewing on the only bone it has, they keep returning to their LEAD story, time and again.  FOXNews, what a joke. Just not funny any more...New lead story on FOX, "Michelles' Birthday Party Gets More Coverage Than Benghazi'. FOXNews, like a rabid mutt...

Multiple 'Orangegasms'

were experienced by our 'Old Farts Crew', as Paul and Kathy threw a great party, for the AFC Championship game, and our Broncos won, much more handily than the final score might indicate. Is there a way to copywrite a word, like 'Orangegasm'?, cuz it just 'came to me', in the 2nd quarter, as I watched the old girls enjoy Manning, Decker and Denver domination.

Wow, what are the odds?

Pretty high (1 in 16 x 16, or 256), but Denver and Seattle are in the Super Bowl. The ONLY NFL teams representing states where possessing a naturally growing plant won't get you thrown in jail. Seems kinda crazy, or cosmic, but who knows? PS. The sunrise on the day after the Denver win was 'Off the Chart' with it's orange and blue Supercolors. (Today, AOL is referring to the Big Game as The Bong Bowl.) Wow, who da thunk, as I remember friends (Bruce and Kurt, among others) doing 'big time' jail for marijuana possession. Crazy, but real...

It's one of those days,

that could be really good, or really bad, depending on how the Broncos do this afternoon. Being a sports fan is a double edged sword. Unlike being a participant, as I used to be, a fan is no more than an observer and can't actually affect the outcome, while experiencing the 'thrill of victory, or agony of defeat'. Gotta admit, while I enjoy the Bronco's wins during the regular season, I am not really a fanatic, by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, give me the AFC Championship, with Manning vs Brady, and you have my attention. After playing in a few 'big games' myself, I can't imagine how slowly the clock is moving and how amped up the players are. Don't know if it's an omen, but we've been having some really nice orange and blue sunrises lately. Should be a good game, but if we lose, it's gonna hurt....Update: We won. Great party, with the old farts. Yahoo! Super Bowl!

This is cool,

from Steamboat, where they've had more than 18 ft of snow this year, and over 6 ft of powder in the last couple of weeks.
Click on the link, and then you can control the various live mountain cams, up, down, sideways, in or out. Steamboat Springs, one of my fav places to ski and a fantastic mountain town.

Hmmm, I just noticed

that Denver and Seattle are the favorites to win this weekend and move on to the Super Bowl. AND they represent two states that are kinda unique. That's right, Colorado and Washington. Hmmm? What do they have in common? Seems like they've been in the news lately.....

Really cool tour of Space Station interior


Had heard a lot of good stuff

about the new series, 'The Blacklist', and since I REALLY like James Spader, decided to give it a try, when they re-broadcast the pilot. Wow, along with 'House of Cards' (Kevin Spacey) which seems to be a realistic view of Washington politics, we have some interesting 'tube-time' in the evening. Good shows....

In the strange, Bizarro world of FOXNews,

they continually stretch the truth, well beyond the breaking point, but this was weird, even for the 'talent' at FOX, as Brit Hume explained, to the sheep, why Chris Christie was being demonized by the 'mainstream media'.

"I would have to say that in this sort of feminized atmosphere in which we exist today, guys who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, kind of old fashion tough guys, run some risk.... This guy is very much an old fashioned masculine, muscular guy, and there are political risks associated with that. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is."
--Brit Hume, explaining the REAL reason Chris Christie's in so much trouble.

Thank you Brit, and FOX, for explaining why some people have a problem with the world's busiest bridge being shut down for political pay back.

Are you kidding me?

"Why won't Obama own up to the terrible human toll of his policies?",

reads the headline from FOX this morning. Yup, the clowns that supported W's 'Oops, No WMD's' trillion dollar war that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands, the Bush/Cheney torture policy, (but only if nothing else works) and the crash of the US economy, under W's economic 'leadership', have a huge problem with the 'terrible human toll' of Obama. Would be funny if not so sad, as the propaganda arm of the Repub party slogs on, in an effort to rewrite history, and the sheep say, Amen.

Saw an interesting movie, today,

cuz it's Senior Tuesday. Saw 'Her', which was good, for MOST of the movie, but Carol and I agreed, needed a little editing, toward the end. Was engaging, then got a little weird. The cast did a great job, esp Joaquin Phoenix, but I was a bit 'flummoxed' toward the end, as his 'relationship' with his computer's operating system ran into some problems. Won't try to explain (or influence), but definitely had it's good points, though it stretched the concept of 'love and relationship'. Not bad, but could have been better, IMHO....

Most everyone

who keeps up with the news realizes that Robert Gates' new book 'Duty', shows that he and Obama had some major differences as to how the (Bush) wars in Iraq and Afg should be fought and/or 'wound down'. But, as always, FOX news(?) put a different spin on it, with their headline, 'Gates' Book Bares Obama Incompetence', and 'Hilary's the Bully, Not Christie'. Yup, that's Fair and Balanced, as always, from the clowns at FOX, where the sheep invoke, 'Give us this day, our daily swill', and their prayers are answered.

FOX and the Pubs,

one and the same, are bitchin' again, cuz heads aren't rolling at the IRS, where they were merely doing their jobs, making sure that the Big Money, Tea Party type 'action groups' set up to elect Repubs, actually spent over HALF their funds in social programs, so they could be tax exempt, as the law requires. SURPRISE! Most didn't even come close, so they were denied tax exempt status, as they should have been. Nothing new here, as the Pubs love to buy elections, with dark money, and are pissed off when they are 'outed'. Am not usually a big fan of the IRS, but they do have a job to do...

Looks like 'America's Favorite Team',

(used to be the Cowboys) is moving closer to the Super Bowl, as we all suspected, by beating the Chargers, in Denver today. Yahoo, 'Tis a privelege, to live in Colorado',...

Only in Colorado...

(Denver Post file photo)
State health officials want to offer $7.1 million in research grants to scrutinize growing claims about medically beneficial properties of marijuana and its derivatives.
State medical leaders feel urgency to tackle what could be a fast-spreading movement of patients and families to Colorado, seeking untested marijuana-derived cures.
WOW, what a concept! Actually testing medical marijuana claims and cures, instead of the Consevative Repub method of  'just throw 'em in jail'. And, CO actually has several million $ in an account, from medical marijuana patient licenses. Find out what works, what dosages are best and possible side effects. We now have a legal laboratory that can dispute the 'Reefer Madness' model of prohibition, that never worked anyway. Seems logical to me and I'm sure FOX news will come out against it, which is the surest way of proving it's actually a good program.

I haven't read, 'The Loudest Voice in the Room',

and don't plan to, but those who have, say it confirms that "the Republican Party is being run out of News Corp. headquarters masquerading as a cable news channel."
Oh really? As I have always said, 'FOXNews/Repub Party, "ONE AND THE SAME'. Like I told my dad, many years ago when I found out that he, like everyone else in Nebr, watched FOX  News. 'That's fine, to see what the Repubs WANT you to believe, BUT, if you want REAL news, go anywhere else.' The last several years we just avoided politics, and he learned not to quote FOX to me, cuz I could always show how/why they were WRONG. Again, nothing new here, as FOX is shown to be a shill for the GOP. The good news? More people are realizing it all the time and the 'core sheep' are old (over 65, on average), rural and uneducated, although they do prove, 'You CAN fool some of the people, ALL of the time'. Thankfully, that number is dwindling....

Nearly every day,

in the 'Letters to the Editor' section of the Denver Post, they showcase both sides of the 'legal pot' issue in Colorado, The main problem with the anti-pot crowd? They act like prohibition, and the decades-long drug war was successfully keeping pot out of the hands of young people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pot was just as available, before Colo legalized it, than it had ever been. The main difference, now? The $$ doesn't go to Mexican cartels. You'd think even the FOXNews nutballs could see that. Never mind, for a second I thought of them as rational....


FOXNews ignored the peaceful rollout of legal pot in Colorado, until they could come up with some negative crap, which they did, in their LEAD headline, right on schedule. Today, they write about how Mexican cartels will infiltrate and take over, AND, they have their fav psycho-ologist, Dr Keith Ablow give his 'expert' opinion, straight out of 'Reefer Madness'.
"America ill-prepared for marijuana mayhem"
 'Marijuana is not harmless and will lead many millions of people into addiction, depression, psychosis, anxiety and lack of motivation'.
 Wow! FOXNews, SO predictable, so full of crap, and the sheep lap it up, but, nothing new here...

Jimmy Fallon explained,

how Chris Christie really freaked out when he first heard about the bridge being blocked. He thought they said 'fridge'.

If the US, had a law

like Canada's, that prohibits 'false and misleading newscasting' we'd never have heard of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, with their fact-twisting network. BUT, sad to say, it's not against the law here to buy your way onto the airwaves and put out any mixture of facts and lies that you can get away with. Voila! FOXNews is born, as Aile's put out a glitzy, bimbo-filled, high tech, mostly true news show, with a hearty mix of 'opinion as fact' and outright lies, in an effort for Repubs to control the trillion dollar purse strings of the US govt. Most productive political $$$ EVER spent., cuz once they fool you into thinking they are 'Fair and Balanced', GAME OVER.

No one has ever claimed

that Roger Ailes is stupid. A sleazy, manipulative liar, yes, but stupid, no. He recognized, early on, that the biggest voting bloc in the US, was/is the 'religious right', and he built his strategy around them, while mocking them in private. His well orchestrated 'War on Christmas' campaign, every year in December, as well as FOX insinuations that Obama is secretly Muslim, keep the flock perpetuately riled. Though not a practicing Christian himself, "I've been kicked out of every damn church I've ever belonged to," says Roger Ailes, he knows what buttons to push, to keep the low income/low information masses voting against their own self interests, supporting the 1%, who laugh at them behind their backs. Sleazy, greedy and unprincipled, but not stupid.....

The FOX strategy, for the last election

as decreed by Ailes was very simple, as outlined in the book. The prez contenders of the Pub party were REALLY weak, (remember Bachmann, Perry, Trump, Cain, Gingrich etc), while it was 'anybody but Romney', SO, Ailes developed a strategy of just going completely negative on Obama, with a nonstop barrage beginning with the 'birther movement', his middle name, 'Chicago Politics', association with a black preacher, and just the fact he was 'different' (black), Benghazi, etc, and it worked. The average FOX listener, constantly bombarded with Ailes handpicked agenda can't stand Obama, and it's easy to see why. Once the decision is made to accept the FOX view of reality, ALL is LOST, when it comes to responsible journalism. Anyone who can look past all that GW did, to wreck our country, and proclaim, Obama as 'worst president ever' has totally lost touch with reality. Nothing new here...

New book out,

'Loudest Voice in the Room', about Roger Ailes, who teamed with Roger Murdoch and his money to BUY their way into American news. Only about $115,000,000, passed out to cable networks, to have a (LOUD) voice in American politics. Charlie Rose, on CBS News interviewed the author this morning, and they started with a clip of the 'loudest voice' repeating a story he's told many times, when he interviewed Richard Nixon and he also had a boa constrictor and a belly dancer on the same show and he had to keep them apart cuz Nixon would freak. The story was (kinda) interesting, BUT the main reason Ailes tells the story so much is to establish himself a 'longtime' journalist, though it was a small part on an obscure show. It is also very typical of him, as it is blatantly untrue, with just enough facts sprinkled in to make it 'truthy'. The author explained it was easy to 'fact check' him, and those were two totally.different shows, BUT, Ailes has rep…

Unlike a typical sheep,

I am not wedded to a political party, and I have always liked Chris Christie(R), even though he is (R). I hope the truth comes out on Bridgegate, though it could be toxic for him if it's true, which it may be. Bottom line, I don't/won't vote a straight Dem ticket, but rather look at the person, and I have always liked Chris, BUT, if this story is true, and he knew, that's different....PS-He's a walking advertisement for lapband surgery, as the pounds melt off.

As a public service

to all those out-of-staters, who are coming to Colorado for a 'legal' buzz, here's a website that may help. Many sites aren't open yet, but many are (with 'edibles', pic) and the lines are outrageous. It's called the law of supply and demand. It's been over a week now, and somehow the sun keeps rising and lightning hasn't struck. In spite of all the haters wanting to report bad news, the most serious problem so far has been keeping up with the demand, as some places run out, even after lowering sale amounts from one oz to 1/8 oz. The world IS watching, so I hope no one does anything TOO stupid. Can you imagine watching from your jail cell in a state where it is still a crime?

Gotta admit, I enjoyed

the People's Choice Awards, incl Beth Behrs (Baby Got Back, priceless) from 2 Broke Girls, with maybe best legs ever, (although Blake Lively, below, ain't bad), Ellen, Steven Colbert, One Republic with 'Counting Stars', and even 'favorite sweet treat', Wendy's Frostee. But, the Charmin 'intermission' commercial was kinda strange....

To keep it real, again

I think Obamacare sucks. Not that the current mess is anything close to what Obama/Dems had in mind when they tried to fix Healthcare in the US, BUT, I don't think anyone could support the current version, that is SO screwed up. It's what happens when the Pubs mess with a Dem program, and the Dems agree, just to get SOMETHING....

There are two kinds

of news orgs in this world. Those who earned their place for reporting truth, and FOX, who bought their way in, with over $100 million, paid to the networks, to carry their propaganda, from Murdoch/Ailes. What is WRONG with the people who fall for the oldest, most obvious trick in the book?  BIG MONEY, buying public opinion....