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The Pubs love to fudge facts,

but here's an indisputable one. Mississippi, with the lowest income/education in the nation, has the lowest % of income tax payers, and is the #1, highest % Repub state in the nation. That's a fact, that can't be fudged, and it says a LOT, as Mitt disses the 47%.

In a typical move,

the Pubs (Joe Coors campaign) are saturating the airwaves with stories about Ed Perlmutter's wife being a shill for Solyndra and painting Perlmutter as a crook for his part in it. The only problem? The Perlmutters were divorced in 2005, long before any of this happened. Typical Repub/FOX hatchet job, where they use a splinter of truth to create an outright lie. It's how they roll....

As Obama continues

to pull away, in nearly all polls and swing states, FOX and the Pubs call foul. The polls must be biased and/or skewed for the Dems! This is just an extension of the Republican war on facts. If you find a truth disagreeable, simply deny it. Call it corrupt. Suggest that it is little more than one side of a story — an opinionated, biased one — and insist that there is another explanation.  As usual, FOX's 'Fair and Balanced' reporting creates comical reuslts and the base will buy it as they always do, when FOX explains Obama's lead is also because of 'casual, uniformed voter's, vs their 'jenius', southern Red State base. Unlike climate change and evolution, though, this will have a clear and obvious answer, even for the dense deniers. What's their plan then?

FOX and the Pubs,

(one and the same), act like it's some huge 'gotcha', as the administration says that the raid in Libya was most likely a terrorist event. SO? It took a while to find out the facts, on the far side of the world, and now they're saying that it wasn't as first appeared, as in related to the Muslim bashing movie. WTF? Not like they attacked some innocent country based on lies, like Bush and the Pubs. What's the big deal with these people?

Just saw, 'End of Watch',

cuz it was a slow day and it had good reviews. We both agree we wish we hadn't. Feel kinda dirty and 'assaulted' after seeing it. I realize there's a seamy, underbelly side of life, esp in South Central LA, but that doesn't mean I want to be involved with it.

Old farts night

at Coors Field yeterday. Don, Denny and I used Bob's tickets to sit right behind the Rockies dugout, for a beautiful night game at Coors Field. This pic was taken from TV, that Carol recorded while I was getting some BBQ ribs, as Don and Denny are looking for chicks. Thanks, Bob, and Don for driving.

The Pubs love to bitch,

that Obama is spending 'SO MUCH' money, BUT, over 90% is from wars not paid for, tax breaks not paid for, plus gov't programs that are in place from both parties. Less than 5% of the budget is discretionary, and social programs are paying out big $, cuz W wrecked the economy. Get real....

Lest we forget

GWBush not only lied us into a war with Iraq, he also decided to attack Afg, after 9-11, when 15 Saudis and 3 Afghanis were suicide bombers. That's right, 12 years of war, thousands of casualties and a trillion dollars, in a country that has been the 'graveyard of empires', from the beginning of time, cuz THREE of them had Afg passports. Maybe he should have gone to History Class, and missed some cheerleading practice? Thanks again, George.

The CU Buffs

have really sucked, in their first 3 games. Today, in their first Pac-12 Conf game, they came from behind and won, 35-34. Was SO much fun, to watch the Buffs actually win. Wow, they're 1-0, in league play.

Mitt said the same thing

that many Pubs think and say. They claim that if you're not a Romney supporter you're part of the 'Gimme free stuff', non tax-paying, low rent crowd. HA! Just look at the demographics of those who pay the most taxes and those who get the largesse from those taxpayers. ALL the gov't stats show a tax/$ flow from the blue states to the red states. Doesn't take a genius to notice a 'bit of a flaw' in the Pubs argument. The 47% that will 'never vote for Mitt' aren't the welfare cheats, it's those who can look at the last 20 years of Clinton/Bush/Obama and see a real pattern. Dems = prosperity and fiscal responsibility, and Pubs=reckless spending and wars. Anyone who can look at the disaster of the Bush/Repub 8 year 'reign of error' (after inheriting a surplus from Clinton) and say, 'Yup gimme more of that', are conveniently forgetting what it was like when Bush handed over the 'flaming, sinking ship of state' to Obama…

Maybe there's hope?

MSNBC has beaten FOX, in the coveted 25-54 demographic, in the latest evening news segments.
On both Monday and Tuesday -- with neither a huge news event nor a huge booking -- MSNBC beat Fox News. Rachel Maddow's ratings in the demo on Tuesday were better than Bill O'Reilly's and Sean Hannity's. Lawrence O'Donnell's were better than Greta van Susteren's. Overall, MSNBC beat Fox News 575,000 to 526,000.
WOW, although I don't watch political stuff at that time, others obviously do, and FOX, like Romney, seems to be in a swoon. Just maybe, people are seeing FOX for what it is, a fake news agency, owned by a couple old right-wingers, who use a glitzy format, and SOME real news, to shovel propaganda to the naive and the rabid. Could it be any more obvious?

Again, Jon Stewart

nails FOXNews (Bullshit Mountain, according to Jon), and the crap they shovel, in their propaganda campaign to get Romney elected. There's a reason his show has won an Emmy 9 years in a row. Am really looking forward to the debate between Stewart and O'Reilly on Oct 6.

Whenever I wonder

how nearly half of the voters in the country could support Mitt Romney, I am reminded of these facts.

A Dartmouth poll this year found that Republicans believe, by a ratio of more than 3 to 1, that “Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the United States invaded in 2003.”
The same poll found that Republicans believe, almost by a 3-to-1 ratio, that President Obama was born in another country. When a significant number of people actually think the 'mainstream media' can't be trusted, BUT, the propaganda arm of a political party CAN be, you get the 'alternative view of reality' that is prevalent in the FOXNews crowd and facts are no longer relevent.

It must be sad

to be a Pub these days, and watch your guy go down in flames. I can relate to the feeling, but Kerry was torched by lies, told by the Swift Boaters. HUGE difference, as Mitt BBQ's himself, with his own mouth.

Another good Daily Show last night

as Jon's crew reported on the Islamic rioters burning embassies in the name of religion. BUT, we must remember, Islam is only 1400 years old, and when Christianity was that age (like a teenager), they were on Crusades, torturing heretics in the Inqusistion, and burning teenage girls at the stake, for being witches. And this was before cell phones and the internet, so it would have spread faster, and further. PS, he also crucified FOX and Palin, by showing how their views shift 360 degrees, with actual footage showing when Obama (causes chaos) does the same thing Bush (promotes democracy) did, in the Mideast. I love how these clowns can spin on a dime, depending on who is in charge. FOXNews, what a joke.

On Aug 15 I posted,

according to the charts, gold and silver looked like a good bet. Sometimes I get lucky...

In the fantasy world

of Republican politics, the 47% who don't pay income taxes are ALL Obama voters, and 'my job is not to worry about those people', accoring to Mitt. It's the same fantasy world where the Mittster will give everyone a 20% tax break and balance the budget by 'closing loopholes', BUT, he refuses to say 'which' loopholes, because it is totally impossible. And that 47% he likes to talk about? Over half of those are students, military and retired people. And then there are millionaires with good accountants, plus millions who can't find a job because Bush wrecked our economy. But in Mitt's world, they're all just welfare cheats and Obama voters. Who says he's out of touch?

Mitt opened his mouth,

to change feet again, when he claimed moral superiority in another 'whopper', that he is becoming so famous for, according to this article, today.

"It was also inaccurate for Romney to claim that those who don't pay federal income taxes would vote for President Obama "no matter what." Nearly all states with a high percentage of Americans that don't pay federal income taxes vote Republican in presidential elections, according to the Washington Post."

Yup, it's those Red, southern, Bible Belt states who lead the country in NOT paying income taxes and not being educated, BUT, they are NUMBER ONE in obesity, and have the highest % of Repub voters. Look it up, it's easy. Just click here, for US Gov't tax stats, and look at the overlap. It's sure not Dem states who don't pay taxes, according to those pesky 'facts', that the Pubs have such a problem with.…

There's lots of financial advice

and forecasts out there, but this is an article that seems to say a lot.

NEW YORK (AP) - FedEx (FDX) says the global economy is stalling, and it's going to get worse next year.

The world's second largest package delivery company cut its forecast for the fiscal year ending in May, citing slow trade and high fuel prices that are hurting the economy.

Not sure how to play it, but it seems pretty realistic, from a company with it's finger on the pulse of the world.

Medical marijuana shops

in Colorado have done everything they can, to be legal, BUT, the new laws, force them to move, if they are within 1000 yards of a school. After jumping through all the hoops, getting a building permit and all the licenses and permits, as well as paying taxes, they are forced to break their leases, shut down and move when the rules change. Thanks Obama. After promising 'hope and change', you are worse than Bush, on an issue that well over half of the country says should be legal. WTF?

Big traffic mess today

as snow fell on Vail Pass. Near whiteout conditions, with slip and slide driving. Good news, bad news. I like the thought of moisture, and cooler temps, but not really ready for winter.

Great party

Saturday night, at the Tobin homestead, up in the hills. Combo b-day party for Paul and celebration of life party for Laurie, whose mother passed last week. Great food and it's always fun to sit around their big bonfires. A beautiful part of the world, and we had a bunch of games lined up, incl Cornhole and darts, but never got around to them, with too much freestyle fun going on. Thanks a bunch Steve and Laurie, AND for all the roasted peppers (Anaheims and Pablanos). And then the following morning, we got together at the Old Fart monthly Sunday brunch.  Life IS good.

Good 'Ellen' show today,

about the 8 people who rescued a dog, that was left behind at about 14,000 ft, when the German Shepherd injured her feet. UNbelievable that a dog owner could do that, but the good news is that eight strangers came together and carried the dog off the mountain, after she had been there for 8 days. They got lots of goodies, for their good deed. Feel good story, on Ellen, who has lots of good shows. The ONLY daily TV show we record, and sometimes watch, even though she is...........GAY!

Classic movie on HBO this afternoon

'The Electric Horseman', with Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, and Willie Nelson, is about as good as it gets. One of my top 5 all time best movies. If you don't like this one, don't waste your time here, cuz we got nothing in common.

The Pubs are screaming,

that the new QE3, is just a political move to help Obama. The same crew that wrecked the economy, and have fought every move to help it, also blame Obama for not fixing it, BUT seem to forget that Ben Bernanke, the object of their QE3 wrath, is a Bush appointee. Listening to them, you'd think the Repub Party suddenly materialized 3 1/2 years ago, to save the country from the black guy in the white house.

Had forgotten how

good the movie 'Bottle Shock' is. A great flick, based on a true story, from the Napa Valley in the 70's, when a wine snob set up a blind taste test with California and French wines. Good scenery and story with a great cast.

FOX has a 'news' article,

about a 'hunter' who shot a huge bear, in Wisconsin. They explain how the 'hunter' baited the bear with food, for weeks, then hid in a tree blind, and shot the bear as it came for it's daily free meal. WOW! What a hunter! A typical 'news' piece, from the 'alternative view' of reality, where Obama wrecked our economy, and the Pubs are here to save it.

Again, I wanna thank,

those whack-job teabaggers, for pushing the right-wing Repubs, WAY far right, during the primaries. They made sure no moderate could compete, as you had Perry, Caine, Bachmann, Newt, Santorum, leading the 'anyone but Romney' campaign. BUT, compared to the Repub clown parade, Mitt looked the most 'presidential', with his expensive suits over his magic underwear. Now, the more he speaks, and is fact-checked, the faster he fades away, like the rest of the wanna-be's. Thanks, Tea Party, by taking over the 'once semi-respectable' Repub party, you have insured the Dems a long and happy reign.

This week, in the Mideast,

the religious nuts are commandeering the world stage, with their hate and violence. Look at the history of the world and some things never change. The religious zealots all believe that they know the ONE AND ONLY true religion and are ready to fight for it. It's the history of the world. Sad, but true. Some things NEVER change.

Before Mitt's latest fiasco,

where he made up a lie about Obama 'apologizing' to the Muslims, he wasn't polling too well. This ain't gonna help him. Too bad, Mitt. What's your next lie gonna be? Am sure it's gonna be a whopper. Just ask Lyin' Ryan. He'll come up with something. Remember when the polling was about even, before the RNC forced you to speak?

Just picked some tomatoes and green peppers,

chopped 'em up with onions and jalapenos, added some secret spices and mixed up a batch of home made salsa. I LOVE this time of year.

That political and foreign policy genius,

Sarah Palin, who is qualified cuz she can see Russia from her back yard, chimed in today with some advice for Obama. Sarah claims he needs to 'grow a big stick', to deal with problems in the Mideast. Thanks Sarah, your expertise is much appreciated.

Just when I think

the human slimeball, Rush Limbaugh, can't get any more idiotic, after his comments about Bane/Bain, as in Batman and Hollywood and the weather service, (controlled by Obama) screwing up the Pub convention with fraudulant hurricane forecasts, he is now implying that Al Queda 'gave up' Bin Ladin, so Obama would be re-elected, cuz they like him a lot. This is what passes for political wisdom in the Repub Party and FOXNews.

As per usual,

FOXNews is pissing and moaning again about the 'liberal press', this time cuz the 'libs' pointed out the fact that Romney's remarks were inappropriate at best, and just plain wrong, when he accused Obama of apologizing the Muslim world, after the Americans were killed. These a-holes are consistent, if nothing else, as they trip and fall over themselves to present Repub propaganda, as 'news'.

Tonight on 'Jeopardy'

they had a category, 'Fair and Balanced', and the audience laughed out loud, cuz they know it's such a joke. Good ol' FOX. What a joke.

One of the 'Big Lies',

constantly put out by Romney and the Dems, and we hear it all the time in a swing state where Karl Rove and his billionaire friends are trying to buy the election, is that the economy is suffering because of Obama and 'all the regulations'. Bullshit! We are suffering because Bush and the Pubs wrecked the economy. How stupid do they think we are? We're not all FOX sheep, like they are used to preaching to.

In another egregious LIE,

Romney is attacking Obama for 'apologizing' to the Muslim world, after the attack in Libya. The only problem? It's a total lie. Right before the attack, the Egyptian embassy issued a statement about the film, by a Jewish Californian, which was the cause of the attack. No problem, for Mitt and the Pubs. Make up a lie, attribute it to Obama, get FOX to back it, and 'run with it'. It gets a little old, but what else are they gonna do as they get trounced in the polls? But the sheep love it, as they beat the drums for more war in the Middle East.

The a**holes at FOXNews,

are screaming for 'action' in the mid-east, after the Libyan mob killed the US ambassador. They say we need 'leadership' (which is Pub-speak for attack) in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran. Led by (or leading) Romney, this arm of the Repub Party won't be happy until we have more active wars going. Sickening, as these jerks aren't happy unless bombs are being dropped.

Saw 'Robot and Frank', today,

cuz it was Sr Day at the movies. Not a great movie, but we both liked it, quite a bit. Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon did a really good job, in a thought provoking story that takes place in the near future. Have seen much worse, and am looking forward to 'The Sessions', which is coming soon..

The new Romney ad, has Clinton saying

'Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen',

and Romney infers it is Bill talking about Obama and the economy. It's NOT. In typical, Lyin' Ryan /Repub fashion, as in gutting welfare, you didn't build this, 12 million jobs, we have a secret plan, etc, Mitt twists the truth, til it breaks. The quote is from a speech about Hillary (NOT) supporting Bush's war in Iraq. BUT, the sheep love this stuff, so no reason to quit lying now. And the Pubs wonder why Obama is pulling away in ALL the polls?

Again I say to Romney

You Didn't Win This, but rather you were the last clown standing in the incredible freak show that was the race for the Repub nomination. As each 'Not Romney' candidate withered in the harsh glare of national publicity, Mitt was actually able to look 'not quite as bad', when compared to Newt, Michelle, Perry, Herman Caine and Santorum. In a race where Huntsman or Daniels could have easily won the presidency, the far right wing whack jobs forced the party to kiss ultra-conservative butt, and now they have Mitt, who neither side likes. Thanks, Teabaggers....

There's LOTS of reasons

(that's the falcon that was here today)I love living where I do, but one of the MAIN ones is all the birds that migrate along the natural corridor, with all the open space and lakes we have. Each spring and fall it's absolutely amazing, the number and variety of birds we have, visible from our back deck. Tonight, there were plain old crows, and then a falcon started stalking them. Prairie or Peregrine, I'm not sure, but a hawk-like predator I've never seen before, and I loved it, as he or she, dived at them.

Paul Ryan provided more proof,

this weekend, of the total disconnect with reality in the Pubs fiscal plan. When pressed to explain how they would pay for a huge tax cut AND increased military spending, he said, 'we have a plan', BUT, when asked for details, Lyin' Ryan couldn't give any. No shit. This is what passes for reality for the Pubs? Unbelievable, but so typical, as their ENTIRE plan, is to hope people forget what they did last time, and will believe their empty promises, like 12 million new jobs, because they have put forward NOTHING to fix things, other than more tax cuts for the rich. BUT, they are gonna fix the financial mess. Are you kidding me? The sheep believe this crap?

Surprise, surprise

After the conventions, Obama is pulling away, according to the latest Gallup Poll, after we saw the two candidates and the two parties, up close and personal. Shouldn't even be tight race, but will be a total runaway, after the debates.

I usually don't enjoy

reading female authors. Not sure why, and there have been exceptions, but's that's just the way it is. A while back, Carol needed a new read on her Kindle, so she downloaded 'Gone Girl', cuz it had been the number one nat'l best seller for over a month. There's gotta be a reason, we thought. Carol couldn't put it down, and now I can't. Is kinda dark, and definitely puts me 'in a mood', that's not always good, BUT, it keeps me coming back. Is kind of a different format, with chapters alternating between the two main characters doing the narration. Am gonna hate to see this one end.

Have really been enjoying

my new Bose Sounddock, esp since I set my Ipod on shuffle, and it randomly plays from the thousands of songs that Nate (and Ted) loaded on it. Some I recognize, but many I don't. Occasionally I'll skip one I don't like, but many more times I'll pause it to see the artist and name of the tune. LOTS of good music on my Ipod that I haven't heard, and am really enjoying hearing it now, as I multi-task while Carol is at a hen party where they're making paper flowers for Tori's wedding in the Nat'l Park that doesn't allow real flowers. Am switching between golf and football on TV with the sound muted, while I listen to music and read Gone Girl, occasionally surfing on my Ipad, and playing with Bailey. Nice afternoon, with a touch of fall in the air.

How you like them apples?

We have a BUNCH of apples this year. They are bigger and redder than this old pic. Red Delicious brand. They have bent many of the branches all the way to the ground, as the tree is just FULL of them.

Saw a TV ad,

the other night, about Tortilla Pans, so you can make your own tortilla shells, which you can fill with Mexican food, chile, salad, ice cream desserts (sprinkle cinnamon and sugar while still hot) or whatever. Looked it up online, and found this alternative, with an upside down cupcake tray, as you see. Tried it today, and need to work on temp and time, to make em' more golden brown, but IT WORKED. Just use plain old flour tortillas, and VOILA, instant (8 mins) edible, crispy bowls. Yummy...

Too good, not to pass on

If the words 'President Romney' make you wanna gag, here's an article that will touch your heart.

On Aug 15th, I posted a chart,

and said, according to the charts, looks like a breakout for gold and silver. Well, since then, gold is up over 10% and silver over 20%. Not bad in 3 weeks. On an annualized basis, that's an average interest rate of over 200%. You can't always rely on 'the charts', but sometimes they get very compelling.

We had a (great) party, here, on Labor Day,

with lots of good fiends, food and drink, with one minor slip up. My old Altec Lansing I-pod dock kinda died toward the end. The good news? It gave me a good excuse to buy something new and better. After some consulting w/friends, I decided to get the Series II Bose Sounddock. Wow. Gotta love the Bose sound and convenience of a remote. BTW, the party was fantastic, with 16 of our favorite people celebrating with us. Congrats Bill and Kathy on the Cornhole victory. Am still thinking about a prize for them, and won't forget, unless I don't remember.

Not over yet,

but haven't heard anything new from Obama, and he's saying we will be in Afg in 2 more years. Why? He could have said something about the stock market hitting new 4 year highs today, but he's saying the same ol' stuff. Much better than the Pubs, but still pretty lame. We need Clinton back, but Obama's sure better than the alternative, who's in bed with the 1%, at the expense of the rest of us. Not over, and Obama's not inspiring me tonight (yet), but, hoping for more. PS. He did finish pretty well, but no new plans or programs, that I was looking forward to hearing, and we really need. He was a little weak, until compared to Mitt, then he was fantastic.

Have never been a huge Joe Biden fan,

but I really got tired of him tonight as he went on and on and on. Clinton can do that stuff, but Joe is just boring. Come on Joe, shut up, already, and introduce the main act. Oh, and do you have any idea what the word 'literally' means?

If there's one HUGE difference,

between the parties, it's the fact that the Dems brought out their last 2 term prez, to explain and defend their policies, as the Repubs' guy sits home and they treat him as the guy 'who cannot be named' hoping we all have amnesia, regarding the 8 years that wrecked our country. HUGE difference, as the Pubs hide their guy and the Dems celebrate theirs. You ever wonder why? Pretty obvious to anyone who pays attention....

Some pundits just came on,

and said that if Obama wins a second term, the Repubs will be forced to compromise, for a change, for the good of the country. I say, 'BULLSHIT'! Does anyone remember Clinton's 2nd term? As Ken Starr hounded him about Whitewater, and kept up for years? A prosecutor looking for a crime, until they found Monica Lewinski, and they tried to impeach him for a BJ. Their guy started a war based on lies, but hey, 'Everyone makes mistakes, huh?' Such BS, and I know the Pubs ain't gonna change now, as they promised to fight Obama at every turn, and it's one of the few promises they've kept. Look out Barack, even when you win, they're gonna be on your ass, fighting to kill the Dems, at the expense of the American people. It's who they are and what they do. They hate Biden, cuz less than 1% of the time, he says something dumb, BUT, they love ]The Dick' Cheney, who lied us into war with hundreds of thousands of casualties, so Haliburton could make '…

Clinton's speech was off the chart,

according to nearly everyone who saw it, BUT, FOXNews had their typical 'Fair and Balanced' view. Headlines include, 'A Giant Swing and Miss', and 'A Good Lawyer Defending a Guilty Client', and my favorite, from their 'inhouse bitch', Ann Coulter, whose comments were featured on FOX.  "Bill Clinton impregnated Sandra Fluke and they're going to have a live abortion onstage". No shit. This is what passes for FOXNews wit and reporting. Yup, Fair and Balanced, as always...

After watching the DNC, so far,

and comparing it to the RNC, it would be easy for Dems to get complacent and say Romney doesn't have a chance. BUT, remember 2004, when most rational people believed W didn't have a chance at a 2nd term? Then, the big money attack ads came out, lead by the total lies of the 'Swiftboat' campaign, and we got another 4 years of Bush and the Pubs, that we are still suffering from. This year, after the Repub clowns on the Sup Ct approved unlimited, untraceable money, for the ultra rich to legally buy elections, the likes of Adelson and the Koch bros, led by 'Mr Slimeball', Karl Rove, are poised to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars (YES, that's right),  and have shown no qualms about using blatant lies in their quest to buy another election. They've found that the average voter doesn't have the time or inclination to actually 'fact check' the Pubs, who have admitted their campaign 'isn't going to be dictated by fact-checkers'. No…

I have seen some speeches in my life,

but nothing even close to the one that Bill Clinton gave at the DNC tonight. The guy that the Pubs hate just ate em' up, when it comes to logic, rationality and arithmetic. He totally exposed the bankrupt Repub ideas for what they are. Empty promises and lies, with no specifics, that only make the problems, that THEY caused, even worse. Again, look at the the economy Clinton left, compared to the one Bush left. What kind of alternate reality do Repubs live in? Not the real world....

I'm one of those odd few,

who actually watch and listen to the Repub and Dem conventions, as they put forth their people and ideas. One side bases their argument on a plethora of lies, and hope no one notices. Although I am not a member of either party, I have never been prouder NOT to be a Repub, as they try to weasel their way back into the office that wrecked our country from 2000-2008. It's not rocket science, to see what they did with the surplus they inherited. Never mind, if you can't see it by now, you never will.

Thanks to 8 years

of Bush and the Pubs, in 2008 all the US car companies were going out of business. Think about it. But Obama said NO. We need to save them, cuz SO many jobs depend on it. Now, 4 years later, the car makers are coming back, No thanks to Romney, who said, 'Let em go under'. Screw him and the Pubs, as they try to change history.

What is going on here?

FOXNews has an article that admits the stock market, and GDP, do significantly better under Dems, compared to the other guys. About twice as good, actually. Wow, stuff like this usually gets ignored at FOX. What's up?

The party with a fading youth demographic,

got more bad news, when weekly polls showed that more young adults, the coveted 18-39 yr olds, get their news from The Daily Show, than any other source. I know it's true for the people I talk to. Yup, more than CNN, FOX, or network news, and we know what Jon Stewart does to the Repub blowhards on his show, using intelligent humor to point out their hypocrisy and outright lies. Can only be good for America's future. Nice to know there's SOME good news out there.

As a typical Repub,

Paul Ryan has become known as someone who can take a kernel of truth and totally distort it with lies. Today, when asked about the economy, he admitted that 'Obama inherited a bad situation, but HE MADE IT WORSE'. Where do these guys come up with this crap and who actually believes them? He made it worse??? No Paul, he kept us from falling into the abyss that George and the Pubs created. You gotta be kiddin'....

What's going on here?

How long is FOXNews gonna allow Shep Smith to say something that is actually 'Fair and Balanced'?

During a conversation with Fox News' Chris Wallace, Smith defended President Obama's administration from the criticism that the country is not better off than it was four years ago, since the economy has not fully recovered and unemployment statistics remain high.
Smith asked, "Isn't it possible to say, 'We are better off?'" He added, "I mean you could make that argument and make it pretty succinctly, couldn't you? I mean we were in a pretty bad free fall. I remember a day when we thought that the whole economy of the world was going to collapse and a lot has been done to improve things, hasn't it?"

WOW. This is absolute heresy at FOXNews. Look out Shep, your days are numbered...
This just in: The above story is from AOL news. A thorough search of FOX fails to find any mention of the heresy by Shep.

As I watch the news,

some stories really upset me, and they don't all involve the Repubs. It seems that the space shuttle is gonna travel from the coast to some museum in Los Angeles, on a 12 mile route, where HUNDREDS of mature trees are gonna be cut down to make way for it's wingspan. WTF? Just trim down the wings, and put 'em back together. Who makes these stupid decisions? UNbelievable...

The stock market obviously liked,

what Bernanke had to say, last week, when he acknowledged that the economy needs more help, (after the disaster of the Bush years), and he's willing to do his part, in spite of the Pubs, (who broke the system), saying debt is our worst enemy. They cynically want nothing that might help the guy in the White House, no matter what the people and economy desperately need.
In the 1930s, when the United States faced a far deeper depression, we built the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the George Washington Bridge and the first modern highway systems; we constructed and renovated thousands of public schools, fire stations and post offices; planted a billion trees; laid 20,000 miles of water mains; electrified rural America and undertook countless other public works projects. And when the early projects were not sufficient to end the Great Depression, we doubled down.
It's time to get workers working again, and instead of just sending unemployment checks, we…

In the newest Gallup Poll,

they are reporting that there is no 'convention bounce' for Romney, when it is usually worth about 5 points, though it typically doesn't last very long. I'm pleasantly surprised that it seems people can see past all the blatant lies and total lack of policies, other than screwing up Medicare, building up an already bloated military and rehashing the tired 'trickle down' theory, to further benefit the 1%. They say it's a time for 'tough choices and new ideas', but offered none. There's always that certain percentage of people who will vote Repub, no matter what, cuz they ALWAYS have and another group that can't stand the thought of a black man in the White House. BUT, maybe there is hope for the American people, as they begin to see through the human-like Repub candidate.

Although climate change is just a plot,

by the Liberals, Denver continues to add to the ALL TIME record (61) of 90 degree days, with 68 this year, when the average is 33. Bill Maher had Romney's science advisor on, who informed us that this is still just a theory, and scientists are sharply divided on the issue. RIGHT. Divided, as in 5% vs 95%, and the 5% is employed by the oil industry. Science advisor, my ass, but SO Republican.