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As I said earlier,

Carol and I are watching 'Friday Night Lights', and enjoying it, but it is different than the book (so far), as it avoids the politics of oil and Texans, which are intertwined. I remembered a post I did, (turned out to be Oct 18, 2010), so I revisited it.

Just Finished Texasville,
and it ended pretty much the same way that 'Friday Night Lights' did. Both books, by Pulitzer prize winning authors in the 90's, concluded with small Texas towns going broke, after the price of oil fell to under $9/bbl, and they lost their golden goose. Little did they know, not far away, in Midland, Texas, George Bush had a plan. As they said in 'FNL', 'We're just one mideast war away from being rich again', and as Luthie said in TXville, 'Let's just bomb OPEC'. As they 'just talked', GHW Bush was putting together a team, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from oilmen who still had some their riches. With his son GW, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove a…

After they got their butts kicked,

in an election they thought they could/would win in 2012, the RNC came up with an 'autopsy' report, (their words), and plans to help them do better in the next presidential election. At the top of the list were, reaching out to fast growing minorities, reaching out to women, and moving away from the 'rich, old white-guy' perception. Well, how's that workin' out for ya? You got The Donald leading, calling Mexicans crooks and rapists, while the party is trying to kill Planned Parenthood, and your clown car looks like the psycho ward from the local 'White Guys R Us' chapter.
The RNC is proving the old addage about insanity, which is 'doing the same thing and hoping for a different result'. I LOVE it....

The Donald, Trump(R), rightwing 'jenius',

currently in the 'driver's seat' of the Repub clown car, told us he had a 'secret plan' to win the war against ISIS. Well, after being pressed for details, he finally shared his brilliant battle plan. , 'First, we get 'em all together and encircle them, then bomb' em, close the circle, and take out who's left'. WOW! What a 'jenius'! BUT, Donald, how do you 'get em all together, and how many soldiers will it take to encircle them? Never mind, I'm sure the #1 Repub candidate has it all figured out. Next, maybe he'll tell us how he's gonna get Mexico to pay for the multi-billion dollar wall on the border, as he keeps promising. Can't wait to hear his next fantasy, as the Repub 'darling' captivates the rightwingnuts with his bullshit. Nothing new here, but funny just the same, as we see the 'disconnect' between Repubs and reality.
Wanna bet?

He's BAAACK...

Ted 'Nutcase' Nugent(R) is back in the headlines, (on FOX), supporting the demented dentist who killed Cecil the lion, after he was lured from an animal sanctuary, and killed by the 'trophy' hunter. Other than sharing the stage with The Huck(abee), we haven't heard much from him lately. After waving a machine gun on stage, screaming 'Suck on This, Hillary', and saying 'If Obama's re-elected, I'll either be dead or in jail, within a year.' Well big talker, which is it gonna be? Same old crap from from the 'darling' of the FOXNews Dem-haters. Nothing but BS, but that's what the sheep love....

I keep seeing and reading

about how 'terrible' the US economy is. Oh really? Compared to what? Compared to the steaming pile left behind by GW and the Dick, after they had to write over $860 BILLION to keep us from totally imploding? Compared to Canada, Mexico and all of South America? HA! Compared to Europe or Asia, who'd LOVE to have our situation? True, there are some 'slow spots' in the country (mostly Red States), and growth is never as solid and uniform as everyone would like, but let's be real. We're coming out of the worst recession since the Big D (thanks Pubs), and in uncharted territory as desperate times called for desperate measures, but PLEASE, don't blame those who inherited the worst economy in generations, while listening to those who broke it, and want to be 'back in charge', cuz the 'fix' isn't going as fast as they'd like. Things aren't perfect, and never will be, but compared to where we were, and the rest of the world, we're …

Had a bit of feedback from one of the sheep,

who thought I was directing my blog thoughts toward him. HA!.I have no specific target, only the masses of FOXCrap disciples who gave up on reality long ago, once they made the decision to accept the crap shoveled by Murdoch/Ailes, supporting all things Republican, while denigrating anything and everything with a (D) associated with. In this insane universe, all of the 'mainstream media' (named for a reason) is wrong and prejudiced, BUT, the political propaganda of FOX/Repubs (one and the same) is 'truth'. I can't begin to argue/discuss logic and rationality with such a mindset, where they rarely remove their heads from their nether regions for a glimpse at the real world.. In the echo chamber they inhabit, there's always a 'pending' disaster which is being caused by the Dems, which never happens, BUT, they are able to totally look past the ACTUAL disasters caused by their team, and they always have excuses, like 'Oh, GW and The Dick were fooled by…

I'm SO glad, I have the 'outlet' of my blog,

to download my thoughts, cuz I have the time and inclination to follow political news, online, and if I couldn't write about it, I'd have to bother my wife, friends and kids with the BULLSHIT that the Pubs are pulling, in their thinly disguised efforts to steal the American Dream from the middle class, as they transfer wealth, (like NEVER before) away from ordinary people, with the blessings of the sheep, who don't have a clue. The good news? I write it here, and feel like I've done my part, and don't have to bother those who are 'non-political' with my concerns. Works for me, while I watch FOX/Pubs (one and the same) successfully fool about half of the American people, who don't have the time or inclination to follow what's REALLY happening, and 'ignorant, not stupid' people have chosen to believe FOXLies.
The latest FOXPlan, to muddy the waters, uses controversial abortion videos, which are a HUGE emotional weapon, to justify their total r…

McTurtleFace had a news conference today,

WASHINGTON — With government funding set to run out at the end of September, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) set a timeline Thursday for deciding how to keep the money flowing: He’ll see you in September.

“We’re gonna discuss how to fund the government after the August recess,” McConnell told reporters at a news conference held to hail passage of a bipartisan highway bill, for three months. “We’re not talking about negotiation today,” he said. “When we come back after August, we’ll discuss the way forward on getting the government funded.” There are only about a dozen days that Congress will be in session in September, leaving very little time to work out a deal before the deadline.Matters could also be complicated if Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood succeed in attaching that to a government funding bill, which Democrats would oppose, SO, get ready for a ShutDown, as the Pubs throw a tantrum instead of actually legislating.

As I've said here before…

After the 'Great White Hunter',

a 'sick' dentist, paid over $50,000 to kill a beautiful lion that had been lured from the animal sanctuary by a 'guide' who tied a dead antelope to a car and dragged it next to 'Cecil' luring him onto a private 'hunting' area, where the 'Good Dr', could shoot the tame cat who had no fear of humans, there was nearly unanimous worldwide rage for the 'Trophy Hunter', who had killed other big cats and was under indictment for illegally killing a bear last year. BUT, the rightwingnut 'darling', micro-penised Ted 'Nutcase' Nugent, has come to his defense, on FOX.  Ted, who has killed at least one lion, and several big cats, for the 'thrill' of it, defended his fellow 'penile challenged' buddy, for the sheep of Bullshit Mountain.

Nugent publicly defended the dentist, who paid $50,000 to hunt in that region of Zimbabwe, and has said that killing animals such as Cecil is 'essential to control the environment an…

3 old farts are talkin'.

Sixty is the worst age to be," said the 60-year-old man. "You always feel like you have to pee and most of the time you stand there and nothing comes out."
"Ah, that's nothing'," said the 70-year-old. "When you're seventy, you don't have a bowel movement anymore. You take laxatives, eat bran, sit on the toilet all day and nothing' comes out!"
"Actually," said the 80-year-old, "Eighty is the worst age of all."
"Do you have trouble peeing, too?" asked the 60-year old.
"No, I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock. No problem at all."
"So, do you have a problem with your bowel movement?"
"No, I have one every morning at 6:30."
Exasperated, the 60-year-old said, "You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what's so bad about being 80?"
"I don't wake up until 7:00!!

Gotta admit, I was really disappointed,

when I found out that Trevor Noah, taking over 'The Daily Show' from Jon Stewart, is planning to move away from, 'the foundational talisman' of the Stewart era, exposing FOXNews as the buffoons and liars that they are. WOW, I'm gonna miss that, as Jon, so effortlessly and thoughtfully, continually skewered the clowns from Bullshit Mountain (his label), with the fountain of comedic material, provided by their daily practice of 'shoveling bullshit to the sheep' which they blindly ingest. Gonna miss you, Jon, but will try to pick up part of the mantel.
FOXNews=Joke, if not so sad....

Scott Walker(R) loves to project a cool/tough guy image, (ha ha)

sitting on his hog, although I bet Hillary could kick his wimpy ass. BUT, all Harley's proudly carry a 'Union Made in the USA' label, and Walker has won his Repub cred by being the biggest 'union buster' in the country. Kind of a problem for a thinking person, BUT, 'No Problem' for the sheep, the antithesis of 'thinking people'.

The Repub-run House FINALLY funded the Highway Bill,

for THREE MONTHS, as they waited until the last minute, before kicking the can down the road, AGAIN, as they refuse to raise the gasoline tax that has been 18.5 cents for over 24 years, because (unelected) Grover Norquist has them by the balls. And you wonder why I can't stand these clowns, as their plan is to lump this in with a HUGE backlog of bills, and threaten another govt 'shutdown' this fall, unless they get their way. I can't wait, as all voters aren't as stupid as the sheep. Thank God!

They were against it, before they were for it...

Many called it socialized medicine. A rising Republican warned that we’d "spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.” Donald Trump talking about Obamacare in 2015? No, Ronald Reagan urging Congress to vote against the creation of Medicare. This week marks 50 years since the passage of Medicare. Just as they fought Social Security, and are now fighting Affordable Health Care, the Pubs are always against something, until history proves them wrong, as in integration and gay marriage, (where being gay is a 'choice' in the rightwingnut mind). Some things never change.

I had a post yesterday, by a Repub, about Trump,

but in the process of editing, left out the title and the website, in the article from Politico, which is a right-leaning agency. Sorry. Be sure to read page 2, if nothing else.
The Moderate Republican’s Case for Trump

Only Trump can make the GOP sane again—by losing in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. By BRUCE BARTLETT July 27, 2015 Read more:

Great article about how the once proud party has been taken over by the Tea Party and other rightwingnuts and has no chance of winning a presidential election'.

One thing I DO like about Trump is the fact he doesn't have to take any Koch Bros money, unlike all the other Pub clowns, which will make them 'beholdin', after the Citizen's United(R) ruling that made vote buying 'legal'.

As further confirmation of the rightingnuts prophecy

that the legalization of cannabis would 'ruin' the state, we have the new Forbes article, today.

7/29/2015 @ 9:53Am
Denver Leads Forbes' 2015 List Of The Best Places For Business And CareersDenver ranks No. 1 for the first time, moving up from a fourth place finish in 2014. The Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro area, home to 2.8 million people, is attractive for its diverse economy, highly educated labor force and outdoor recreational opportunities. Companies are increasingly choosing Denver as the site for new operations or to relocate.
Yup, Denver is obviously the home of potsmoking couch potatoes. Just ask the FOXNews sheep, who know all about this stuff, thanks to the propaganda from Bullshit Mountain, OR, you could look at the facts. Never mind, sheep will be sheep, with their heads firmly implanted.
Wow, who'd wanna live in Colorado when they could reside i…

Mind you, Politico is a Repub leaning news agency,

but they have another article detailing the foolishness of the Pubs 'in charge'.

'The Plight of Hal Rogers' The chairman of the Appropriations Committee wants GOP leaders to start budget talks — but they’re just not listening. By  7/29/15 Read more:

It basically says how the "House Appropriations Chairman" used to be a 'plum job', as he was tasked with hundreds of billions of dollars, and 'favors were traded', in exchange for funds for projects. But, no more, cuz the Pubs don't negotiate, just saying NO!, and putting all their eggs in one basket, with a massive threat to 'Shut Down' the govt this fall, and lump EVERYTHING in one giant package.
“It’s a leadership call, obviously, and I’ll follow their lead, but I do think at some point in time we’re going to have to have some sort of negotiations,” Rogers tol…

I read a LOT of 'stuff',

including books, news and politics. This article from Politico, a right-leaning, but inclusive news organization, is one of the best political articles I have read for a LONG, time, as a Repub explains why they need to nominate Trump, and take the ass-kicking at the polls, so the Repub party can finally return to relevance. Pretty amazing piece, packed with history, facts and insights. Be sure to read page 2.

Some examples:
The Republican Party historically has been the party of the economic elite. There’s much truth in the old joke is that Republicans could never understand why they lost an election because all their friends at the country club voted Republican.

Since extremists of all types tend to flock together, the Tea Party, well financed by Charles and David Koch and other multimillionaire conservatives, welcomed groups formerly exclu…

In a typical Repub reaction,

because they don't don't like a TINY aspect of Planned Parenthood's actions, they are moving to KILL the entire agency, that provides free and low-cost family planning, involving birth-control for the people who need it the most. The poor and low income women, who have unwanted and unplanned for children, which cost taxpayers BILLIONS, will have their medical care CUT OFF, if the Pubs have their way. The Repub plan remains the same. "Just Say No' is their response to a problem that was showing great results. In Colorado, unwanted teen pregnancies, (and abortions) are down over 40%, but the rightingnuts want to kill the program, cuz they don't like part of it.
Same old crap from the 'religious right' who wants to force their beliefs on EVERYONE, without regard to consequences.

In another example of 'gross incompetence'

the Repub controlled House can't agree with the Repub controlled Senate on the 'Highway Bill', involving all the states and billions of dollars, SO, they are doing NOTHING, as usual, as it expires, in July. In Europe, which has the best roads in the world BY FAR, the gas tax is approx $2/gal, but in the US, it has been at 18.5 cents for decades, because the idiots'(R) pledge to Grover Norquist. As always, when I think they can't get any worse, the clowns just kick the can, instead of doing their jobs.
BTW, this is ALL Repub infighting, not Dems, and when the 'Head Pub' tries to get SOMETHING done, Bonehead is under attack with a bill to 'remove him', cuz he was caught 'trying to negotiate', which is a big No No from the Party of NO!, or rather, 'incompetent jerks'.

While scrolling through the 'news' channels this morning,

I accidentally went too, and got fake news instead, where I saw a marijuana leaf and trauma situations on the same screen. Curious, I watched the 'story' on FOXCrap. The clowns were reporting on 'Spice', a dangerous, multi-drug concoction, ingested by idiots, in states where cannabis is outlawed, BUT, they didn't call it that. In typical Bullshit Mountain fashion, they referred to it as Synthetic Marijuana, while showing a marijuana leaf, at the same time they ran footage of emergency room procedures and showed the number of deaths and injuries from 'Synthetic Marijuana'. BTW, the largest numbers of deaths and injuries (by far) were in TX and MS, Repub strongholds where cannabis laws are the toughest.
Yup, 'Reefer Madness' mentality is alive and well at FOXLies, where they label the damage done by their stupid laws as 'cannabis related', when there is ZERO relation between the substances. Same old shit from Bullshit Mountain, or as GW said,…

Like watching a slow motion train wreck,

I'm keeping an eye on the Pubs in the national spotlight. The Donald, the head clown, and The Huckster are in a league of their own, WAY out there. Then you got clueless Cruz and the rest of the pack, trying to come up with the next outrageous stunt, in a desperate attempt to steal some airtime in the national media, BUT, whenever I think they can't get any lower, they rapidly sink past whale shit. Their latest stunt is to stage a revolt against their esteemed leader, The Bonehead. For the first time EVER, these clowns have introduced a bill to steal his chairmanship, cuz he hasn't been nasty enough to the prez and other Dems. Yup, Boehner got caught, negotiating with the 'enemy', actually trying to get something done, so the goon squad wants his head. As always, whenever I think they can't possibly become more of a joke, the Pubs never fail to 'sink to the occasion', BUT, like a train wreck, you can't take your eyes off 'em.....

Coulda/shoulda had an even par,

the other day, for 9 holes on a tough golf course, and thought I had turned a corner, and my golf swing had 'come around' to a consistency that I have been pursuing for many years. WRONG. Since then, I'm back to the same old crap. Spraying drives, chunking irons and missing easy putts. It's a difficult game, obviously, BUT, not as hard as I make it. Am remembering now, why I quit golf..
'Tis a stupid game anyway.....

Is SO funny, to watch the clown car candidates,

as they have to say something REALLY outrageous, to get a headline away from #1 clown, The Donald. Was gonna mention one of the worst of the bozos, Mike, 'The Huck', but refuse to acknowledge his ignorant spoutings. Is gonna be really fun to watch them competing for attention, in an arena dominated by ignorance and bloviation as the 16 get whittled down to 10, then 5 then 2 and eventually 1, as they appeal to the bottom of the barrel, trying to win the Repub nomination, selling their souls to the hicks, who always vote Repub. Nothing new here, cuz we all know Obama is TERRIBLE, (as he and his policies continue to rescue our country from the 'steaming pile', left by GW and The Dick).
Who ARE these people? Oh yeah, the FOXSHeep, where BENGHAZI! is the WORST that ever happened, but Iraq, and crashing the economy?  No big deal... Must be nice/easy dealing with a constituency where a triple digit IQ is 'above the norm', and facts don't matter.
There's a reas…

It's still almost 15 months until the election

and we're being bombarded by the Koch Bros, with their gazillions, as the Big Oil Boys try to buy the election. Am SO glad to live in Colorado, with our weather, scenery, and progressive views, BUT, we are a 'swing state', and the RightwingnutBros, have made us a target. OMG! And it has just begun!  Thankfully, we have NetFlix, so we don't have to listen to the gazillionaires who want 'Pubs in Charge' so they can continue to 'rape and pillage' the planet, without consequences, while getting their 'oil depletion allowances'. Who needs clean air and water? Obviously not the sheep, who back the Koch Bros, Citizens United(R) and the right of  'Big Money' to legally buy votes. Nothing new here....

Like they ALWAYS do, FOXNews chose a side,

and it's the WRONG one. In their continual 'War on Women', FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same), wanna keep their gals 'barefoot and pregnant', and don't you dare allow them access to birth control and family planning. Same old crap from the 'religious right', in their efforts to deny women 'choices' when it comes to contraception and various areas of women's health, instead of the Pub answer to everything, which is 'Just Say No'. As always, there's a progressive, correct way to do something and the FOX/rightwingnut way. I get SO SICK of these people, who bitch about 'welfare', and all the money spent on child care, food stamps and housing for people don't want and can't afford more children, BUT, they fight birth control.
Read the facts and history of Planned Parenthood, here,
instead of the BS that Bullshit Mountain shovels to the sheep.

Great day, yesterday, as we celebrated

Kari's 26th (she's been going 'backwards' for a while) b-day. Had a big game of croquet, Carol's lasagna and blueberry pie, with brewskies and even some vino for the ladies, as we caught up with what's going on in everyone's life. Piper was cute/fun/smart as ever and the day went way too fast, as always. Really nice to have the kids close, being able to share all the fun times. Today, Piper will be having her 'Monday at Omaland' and we'll be going swimming with Kari. Life is good...

The FOXLies headline reads:

Conservative groups offer alternative to new wave of political correctness on campuses There are SO many things wrong with this headline. First of all, OF COURSE college campuses are liberal. Whenever students get an EDUCATION, which is defined as learning facts, they are gonna rebel against the conservative/rightwingnut philosophy. HUGE difference between actual scientific FACTS, and the crap that Bullshit Mountain spews. WOW, I'm shocked that students who get an actual education lean liberal. Nothing new here, but funny just the same, as the rightwingnuts bitch about losing 'the educated' to liberal causes. Would be funny, if not so sad....
Of course the conservatives offer an alternative, such as witch burning, gay conversion and the folly of believing in the 'hoax' of climate change.

Here we are,

on the 25th of July, (the day after my lovely daughter's birthday), and we are having our 18th day of the year in the 90's, nothing over 94 degrees. Pretty nice summer, with lots of rain and not much heat. My favorite kinda weather. 'Tis a privilege, to live in Colorado...

Because they care SO much for national security,

the Pubs are demanding Hillary turn over her personal e-mail server. OR, maybe they just wanna root through all her private emails, in a fishing expedition, trying to find SOMETHING to use against her. Hmmmm, I wonder which it is? Tell 'em to go to hell Hillary, and kiss your ass, on the way.

Ain't it a bitch, when the chickens come home to roost?

Trump Is the Poison His Party Concocted
By TIMOTHY EGAN Republicans say he's trashing the brand. But he is the brand, to a degree, a byproduct of all the toxic elements they've been throwing into their brew
The adults patrolling the playpen of Republican politics are appalled that we’ve become a society where it’s O.K. to make fun of veterans, to call anyone who isn’t rich a loser, to cast an entire group of newly arrived strivers as rapists and shiftless criminals. Somewhere, we crossed a line — from our mothers’ modesty to strutting braggadocio, from dutiful decorum to smashing all the china in the room, from respecting a base set of facts to a trumpeting of willful ignorance. Yes, how did we get to a point where up to one-fourth of the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan now aligns itself with Donald Trump? Those same political marshals would have us believe he’s a “demagogue,” a “jackass,” a “cancer.” They say he’s trashing the Republic brand. They say he’s “stir…

FOXNews talked to the sheep,

and they agreed, Obama is making the economy worse (by a small margin). Oh really? The same jerks whose propaganda continually tells the sheep how bad things are, (after GW and The Dick TOTALLY wrecked the economy), now poll those same sheep, and SURPRISE!, the sheep agree, (by a small margin).

Unbelievable, except for those who actually believe Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, but funny, just the same.
 BTW, when you leave 'sheepland', where the economy sucks, there is a HUGE difference in perception/reality, and the 'Blue States' are doing very well. Again, 'nothing new here'.

Throughout my entire life,

I have never wanted to fight, but have been forced into it,occasionally. Whether it was jr high, high school, college or beyond, there were times I needed to stand up or shut up, BUT I chose my battles carefully, never getting beaten, though there were a couple 'ties'. Unlike the Repubs, who have others fight their battles, and don't choose well, cuz they have no 'skin' in the game. Bottom line, the Repub 'chickenhawks' love to commit the US military, in Afg, Iraq, and other Mideast countries that hate us after GW and The Dick had their 'oops, no WMD's' war. Now they wanna quit talking with Iran, and 'they' aren't afraid to fight. Same old crap from the old farts who never take any casualties, BUT, make huge profits. It's the Republican way......

The only reason we got stuck with GW and The Dick in 2000

was because Ralph Nader did his 'power trip' and siphoned nearly 5% of the vote away from the Dems, PLUS, we had the Florida legislature(R), and the Supreme Court(R) steal the election. Without Ralph, it wouldn't have even been close, BUT, cuz of his ego, our country, and 'the world', had to endure the Repubs and their agenda, which nearly wrecked us. Bottom line, it's taken about 7 years to recover.
Now, we have another ego-maniac, a Repub 'darling', who could directly influence the 2016 elections. PLEASE Donald, listen to your huge, conservative rightwingnut ego and run as an 'Independent'. I love it, as Donald and the other whackjobs all gather together, much like the FOXSheep, on the Far rightwing edge edge of the rightwingnuts. GO Donald..

Yahoo, The Donald has been listening to me.

Donald Trump made a splashy visit Thursday to the U.S.-Mexico border in a bid to draw attention to illegal immigration. But on the sidelines, he was making news for other reasons -- his threat to mount an independent run for the White House if the Republican Party won't welcome him.  The warning, made in an interview with The Hill, comes as Trump faces some of the toughest criticism yet from fellow Republican candidates. Trump said the Republican National Committee "has not been supportive," and suggested if he does not clinch the nomination and is not "treated" well by Republicans, he'd consider an independent bid.
GO Donald. You can do it. INDEPENDENT run for PREZ! Yahoo.....

Cuz the kids recommended it,

we're watching 'Saturday Night Lights', (it also won a bunch of awards), but it's not like the book, which I read several years ago. This is more like 'Glee', with sports instead of music. It also avoids the politics of the original story, which was about Bush, invading Iraq, to restore the $$ to the Texas economy, after they got spoiled by the former MidEast crisis, and would do ANYTHING to get Big Money back to the 'Texans'.  'Shock and awe' and a war based on lies worked real well for his purpose, although it cost the rest of the country, and the world, a LOT. No problem for the Bushies, Texas and the Pubs...
FNL is good though, cuz it brings back lots of high school memories, including sports, on a big stage.We'll see...

There are times I wonder

how anyone could believe the Repub BS, then I remember their actual audience. The same crowd who believes GW and The Dick 'got fooled' into invading Iraq, also believes the earth is 5000 years old, the entire planet was flooded for 40 days, being gay is a choice, 'sinners' burn in hell for eternity, FOXNews is real and climate change is a 'hoax'.
I have wasted way too much of my life 'discussing' (arguing) with these sheep, SO, am happy just ignoring them now, for my own sanity. You can't cure willful ignorance but normal ignorance CAN be cured, although I don't have the energy or desire. Am happy to ignore that part of 'crazy town'. Life is too short...

Although he's a loudmouth, bloviating, buffoon,

which suggests he is a Republican, Donald Trump does have good business sense and is very knowledgeable about the economy. On the 'economic front', which affects us all, this is what he has to say.
"It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats. ...But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disasters under the Republicans."

Running as a third party candidate, Trump would get all the 'Crazies', who normally vote Republican, obviously. Go Donald!

I didn't realize

that The Donald and Rupert Murdoch, puppet-master of FOXLies, (propaganda wing of the Repub party), were butting heads, (or buttheads butt heads). Now, even more so, I'm urging Donald to form a third party and run for president, cuz without the blessing from Bullshit Mountain he doesn't have a chance with the Repubs. The Donald's constituency consists of the least educated, lowest income section of the Repubs, which makes them the lower level of the bottom of the barrel, which has always voted Republican. I say become 'Morons United'  and join 'Citizens United' another toxic Repub idea. Just another step toward President Hillary.

Great day on the golf course today

(Pic is from 'Sleeping Indian' course) See him? Got a fantastic 'swing thought' from one of the announcers during the British Open.
Start your swing, by rotating your right back pocket toward the pin.
Simple, but the best advice I've gotten for years, INSTEAD of starting my swing with my arms.
Shot a 39 on the front nine at West Woods, which is the best I've shot for quite a while. Yahoo! Fun day with friends. Compared to a 'normal' life, I'd have died from boredom long ago, BUT, I like the one I have. Life is good....

Go Donald!

I think you can definitely win as a 3rd party candidate. GO FOR IT! Am thinking there are approx 10%, (and another 10% who are borderline) of the American public who are total whackjobs, and they are nearly all Pubs. Unfortunately I am related to some of them. Get 'em in one box, under the FOXNews banner, and start a 3rd party. YAHOO!

Don't tell the FOXSheep,

cuz they have their own separate reality, provided by Rush, Sean and the rest of the Bullshit Mountain crew, BUT, for the rest of us, who live in the REAL world,
WASHINGTON (AP) — Earth dialed the heat up in June, smashing warm temperature records for both the month and the first half of the year. Off-the-charts heat is "getting to be a monthly thing," said Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. June was the fourth month of 2015 that set a record, she said. While the Koch Bros pay Murdoch/Ailes to shovel shit to the sheep, our planet is continuing to heat up. Nothing new here, but just thought I'd point out the facts, not that they make any difference to the sheep, who are either just plain stupid, or willfully ignorant. Not that there's a huge difference.....
Not surprising though, from a crowd that thinks being gay is a choice and GW and The Dick 'got fooled' by bad intelligence.

Another 'off the chart' finish,

to a major golf tournament, today. The British Open had a classic finish, with a four hole playoff, after several of my favorite players had a chance, on the 18th tee box. Amazing finish, as Zach Johnson made a bunch of clutch plays, while Spieth, Day and Oosthuisen faded away. Great day to be retired and able to watch some fantastic golf. Can't wait to meet my buddies on the course tomorrow and try some new swing thoughts. Life is good...

More history,

for the sheep who 'don't have a clue', which is 'most of them'. The Pubs fought Social Security and Medicare, 'tooth and nail', until the Dems forced them through, much to the delight of old Pubs everywhere, now. Same old shit from the Party of NO!, with stuff they hate, until they love it. Nothing new here, but funny, just the same.
As always, I can understand why the 1% are Pubs, it's the others (FOXSheep) who just don't get it....

Just so they don't forget,

and for the sheep who NEVER KNEW, cuz they listened to FOX.
The financial collapse of 2008 wasn't because the Dems wanted more people  to own homes, it was cuz Chris Cox, the GW appointed head of the SEC changed the rules. Instead of needing 20, or 10 or even 5% down, he made it so you could buy a house with NOTHING down, and even get money back, up to 10%, so the Repub bankers could bundle the loans and, rated Triple A, and sell them on the world market.
 SO many of the sheep don't know this, and blame the Dems, for a HUGE Repub problem. Not that the sheep will ever understand, with their heads buried deep in their asses, BUT, that's the truth, which is something that will NEVER be explained on Bullshit Mountain.
 You're welcome....

I think it's only fair,

that the Pubs should be split, like the Dems were by Ralph Nader in 2008, when votes that went for Ralph didn't go to Al Gore, and we got GW and The Dick (with a minority of votes), instead of Dems, and we were led into the worst era of modern American history, when the Pubs LIED to start a war they wanted, and totally wrecked our economy.
Am thinking The Donald should gather all his crazies together, (with the help of Bullshit Mountain),  a MAJOR part of the Repub party, and allow the country to keep on healing and prospering, after the Republicans WRECKED it from 2000 to 2008.
Bottom line, our country can't handle another Repub 'reign of error'. GO DONALD!
PS. Can you imagine President Donald Trump, the current leader (by far) of the rightwingnut Repubs? Totally insane, but SO Republican, as the whackjobs keep predicting how TERRIBLE Obama is gonna be (as our country continues to heal), while they ignore what GW and The Dick actually did to us.
Repub=Totally irration…

In the farcical world of the Pubs,

we heard that if they had a majority in Congress we'd finally see something get done. Now that they have it they're doing NOTHING, but kicking the can down the road, where it looks like we're headed to another Pub-inspired 'shut down' of the govt, which is fine, a year before the elections. Also, should be interesting as the Pope comes to visit and we see the disconnect between what the Pubs SAY and what they DO, when it comes to environmental and humanitarian issues, among others. Then, we have some Pubs claiming a POW isn't a 'hero', but every soldier, cop and fireman IS a bona fide 'hero', as they've diluted the word to include every public employee who wears a taxpayer provided uniform.
Plus, they continue to let the 'perfect' be the enemy of good, and in their fantasy world, we should ignore Cuba and Iran, cuz we can't resolve EVERY issue dividing us. Why talk and negotiate, when you can just 'ignore' or do their fav…

Pretty amazing day

at the British Open, after it was delayed by rains and winds, on Friday and Saturday. Three way tie for first, including an amateur. Gonna be a fantastic finish for someone, tomorrow, at St Andrews. Would love to see Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Louie Oosthuizen, Adam Scott OR the amateur, Paul Dunne, win it all, and if Retief, Sergio or Padraig wins, fantastic. Yahoo, this is what sports is all about. Gonna be lots of 'workers' watching their secret screens tomorrow....

C'mon Donald

I think you can be prez, IF, you run as an Independent, and nothing would make me happier. Remove all the 'whackjob' votes from the Pub party, and there are very few left. Certainly not enough to beat Hillary, OR Bernie. So please Donald, stoke your monumental ego, and take the Repub party down the toilet with you, just to remove any chance of them damaging our country, AGAIN.

Must be tough,

being a member of the Pub clown car. Scott Walker, when asked if he thought being gay was a choice, hemmed and hawed, before saying 'I don't know'. Hopefully, he' s not as stupid as he seems, BUT, he has to appear that way so he doesn't offend his rightwingnut followers. Like I said, must be tough, in the clown car.

Bullshit Mountain strikes again....


The Pubs are worried, as they should be,

because the best 'predictor' for a presidential election is the economy, and, in spite of all Repub efforts to the contrary, the national economy is good and getting better. Exact opposite of what we had after 8 years of Repub 'reign of error'. In 2008 we were experiencing the worst recession since the Big D of the 30's, and this was AFTER GW wrote over $860 BILLION in checks, to stop a catastrophic crash. (Ft Knox holds approx $140 billion in gold). There were 2 'unpaid for' wars raging, real estate lost about 40% in value and unemployment was soaring.
Now, as we enter 2016, we have nearly the exact opposite, no matter what the clowns of Bullshit Mountain preach to the gullible sheep.
Should be interesting, as the Pubs do all they can to convince the low-information voters that 'things are TERRIBLE' and we need a change in govt, so we can go back to 'the good ol' days' of 2008, and the last time the Pubs were in charge. The really SAD p…

Just returned from Happy Hour

at Que Bueno, where they have $2 drinks and excellent appetizers, at half price. Kinda dangerous, but fun.
Now seeing the Trump circus (vs McCain) on TV. Go Donald! I love it, as the rightwingnuts implode. Is anyone surprised? On one hand you have educated, logical people, and on the other side..... FOXNews sheep(R), as the clown car inhabitants unload on each other. Nothing new here, but really entertaining, sorta like a slow motion train wreck.

Like other clowns, the clown car candidates

are funny to watch and listen to.
Republican presidential Donald Trump’s criticism Saturday of fellow party member and Arizona Sen. John McCain’s for being a “captured” during the Vietnam War brought sharp rebuke from others in the GOP field.   “He was a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said at the Family Leadership Summit, in Ames, Iowa. “I like people who weren’t captured". Trump later complained about have financially backed McCain’s failed 2008 presidential bid and said Saturday that McCain graduated last in his class at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Last in his class? That explains a LOT about the Pub darling.

In FOXNews country(R),

the sheep have a different view of racism, compared to the the real world.

"Gorilla face Michelle, can't disagree with that," Patrick Rushing,  Republican mayor of Airway Heights, near Spokane, WA reportedly wrote in a Facebook post. "The woman is not attractive except to monkey man Barack. Check out them ears. LOL."
The Spokesman-Review reports that Rushing told the city council his comments were “completely out of character." Yet The Pacific Northwest Inlander reports that the mayor has a long history of posting questionable and outright racists comments on Facebook. In other posts, Rushing also claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Give the Repubs credit,

for informing the public in one area. 15 years ago most people didn't know the difference between Iraq and Iran. Now, nearly everyone knows Iran is the country they WANNA start a war with, and Iraq is the country they MISTAKENLY started a war with. Thanks, jackasses....

The Rightwingnuts never stop....

But GW and The Dick in Iraq? Hey, no problem.

As I skimmed FOX headlines this morning,

I saw one that was off the chart, even for Bullshit Mountain.. Gene Simmons (of KISS), discussing Donald Trump, on FOXNews. A triple joke, rolled into one headline.

Can you imagine,

if I claimed MSNBC was the only source of 'real' news, with their left leaning bias? Kinda crazy, BUT.... The rightwingnut minions of Bullshit Mountain, the obvious propaganda outlet of the Repubs, claim that FOX, is 'real' news. What a joke, that the sheep just don't understand, in their world of willful ignorance. Nothing new here, but funny, just the same, if it weren't so sad....

The bad news? My back is kinda screwed up, again.

The good news? Nothing I HAVE to do and the British Open is on, all day, and, the hot tub is finally working. It has the most powerful jets I have ever seen/felt. DEEP massage, which is nice, with back problems.....

Ooops...We were enjoying happy hour

on the deck, yesterday, when we heard a chainsaw, from across the fairway(s). Looked up to see a tree fall, right on a house. Took out the gutter, fascia and part of the roof. Somebody screwed up....

After dozens of nations, working over a year,

negotiated a deal with Iran, to inspect their facilities and slow their nuclear program, the Bullshit Mountain rep at the press conference felt compelled to throw a turd in the punch bowl, cuz that's what they do. Major Garret (or 'major asshole', as Obama called him under his breath, later) asked the prez 'how can you be CONTENT when Americans are still held in Iraq?' All the 'real' news outlets agreed it was underhanded and uncalled for, BUT, on Bullshit Mountain he was hailed as a hero. Same old crap from the propaganda arm of the Repub party, thinly disguised as a 'news(?)' organization. Nothing new here, but it still stinks.

The Huffington Post,

some of the best actual 'news' reporting online, has a new policy concerning The Donald, current driver of the Repub clown car, and right-wing darling. Perfect, but I still want him to win the Pub popularity contest, cuz he's just saying what most of them think.

After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won't report on Trump's campaign as part of The Huffington Post's political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump's campaign is a sideshow. We won't take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you'll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette

Have started to watch 'Born on the 4th of July'

and don't think I can finish it, cuz it's too close to home, as a high school athlete is sent to Viet Nam, to fight a bullshit war, on the other side of the world, so politicians and 'defense contractors' could 'defend' America. Too many memories, of guys who didn't come back, or came back totally screwed up. Life was never the same, after the war 'for God and country'. I was SURE though, that the US could NEVER make such a huge mistake again. Then we got GW and The Dick, Iraq, and their 'Ooops, no WMD's' bullshit. Who can support this crap, other than the sheep? Never mind. Not sure I can watch the end of this movie, cuz I lived through this nightmare, the first time it happened.....
No more. Can't watch this, cuz it happened WAY too many times, in real life....

I am SO sick

of hearing about James Holmes, the Colorado theater shooter, as the 'legal profession' has made a FORTUNE, exploiting tragedy and insanity for their personal gain. I can't believe the victims, and their families, have had to go through this bullshit, again and again, so the overpaid leeches of society, the LAWYERS, get to raid the public coffers, using the rules THEY have made, for nothing more than pure greed. Sickening, but typical Repub/lawyer mentality. Nothing new here, as those who make the rules, profit from  them, like the Nebr inheritance tax, run by and for, the lawyers.

PS. Obama just released several non violent 'offenders' who got massive sentences, cuz they couldn't afford the high-priced lawyers who milk the system for their own profits, as our prisons are FULL of inmates who couldn't pay the price that attorneys charge.. Sickening, but nothing new, as the lawyers and 'law enforcement' make profits, from every angle, incl 'for-pro…

On FOXNews 'Opinion' page,

(as if they ever have anything but pro-Pub, anti-Dem opinions), there's a piece by a former Navy Seal who explains 'Why I'm No Longer  Democrat', and he starts out by saying how the VA failed him and his buddies. What? The VA is now a Dem institution? Who FILLED it with injured (mentally and physically) soldiers, totally overwhelming the system? Think Viet Nam and Iraq. Then he goes on to bitch about 'too many food stamp recipients'. Again, who killed the economy and who's fixing it, with ZERO help from the Pubs? He finishes his diatribe by complaining about how Congress is 'all rhetoric and no action'. SO, who's the 'Party of NO!', who set records for fillibusters and won't even allow a vote on immigration? Bottom line, same old crap from FOX, where the headlines scream one thing, but the actual article shows something totally different, with a bunch of BS built around a little 'truthiness'. Nothing new here, but am constant…

Have 'gotten back into' golf,

and it's a mixed bag. Am playing 2-3 times a week, and really enjoying the company of friends, BUT, my game is way inconsistent, which is frustrating. Just as it's always been, one day my swing is there, feeling smooth and natural, and the next day it's gone. Has a lot to do with my lower back, where the pain also, 'comes and goes'. Bottom line, is great to get out with friends, on the beautiful courses we have around here, but my golf game just never gets to the point I'd like. When my driver works, my putting sucks and vice versa. Oh well, nice way to get some good exercise.

The Republicans have done a LOT of damage

to our country. (think Iraq and the crash of 2008), but the worst may be the Pubs on the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United, which basically said it's fine for a few rich people to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to put their political cronies into office. This may be the WORST of MANY catastrophic Repub moves that have gradually stolen the country from the middle class. This same 'cartel' uses a fake news outlet to shovel their propaganda to the masses, who think they are being 'patriotic' by backing the Pub agenda. Genius, but disastrous in the long run, as the 1% steal the country for their own motives, which is mainly greed.

Some interesting headlines from the clowns

of Bullshit Mountain this morning.
WASHINGTON –  A controversial U.S. military training exercise known as “Operation Jade Helm" rolls out this week across several southwestern states -- but a group of wary citizen watchdogs will be keeping an eye on them. 
Yup, former ally of the US, (it's military) is suspected of a plot to take over the Southwest. (Only on FOX can you get such insight).
Former VP Dick Cheney criticizes Iran deal. (Yup, this X-Spurt on foreign policy sure knows his stuff, but can't travel outside the US, cuz he'd be locked up as a war criminal)
Oh yeah, noted foreign policy X-Spurt The Donald also calls Iran deal terrible, and a Navy SEAL explains why he is no longer a Democrat.
Truly 'Fair and Balanced' bullshit, from the clowns at FOX(News?)

Sorta like I predicted,

after pot was legalized: (cuz nothing else really changed)
Denver's residential real estate market stayed white hot in June, with the city leading in three national categories in a new study. According to the July Re/Max National Housing Report, Denver led the nation in rising home prices. From June 2014 to June 2015, home prices in Denver increased 14.8 percent, which was twice the national average jump, and 'days on the market' was lowest.

I'm just guessing, but I'd bet my house,that the Pubs are gonna bitch

about the Iran nuclear deal, that the US and all the major European nations hammered out, over several years and months. Because it's not PERFECT, the rightwingnuts are gonna attack it, for political reasons, when there are only 3 choices. Ignore 'em, bomb 'em, or negotiate, and the Repub nutballs are against negotiation, when you could bomb em instead, after they already messed up that whole part of the world, with their 'shock and awe', followed by torture, while claiming Saddam was behind 9-11.Who can't see through this BS? Oh yeah, the sheep. Same old crap from the warmongers who make Big Bucks when US soldiers get killed and wounded in the MidEast. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same, as the Party of NO!, led by Bullshit Mountain, has a one note song.
Whatever Obama does, without regard to choices, we're AGAINST it! And please forget why the MidEast is SO screwed up, after GW and the Dick, TOTALLY screwed it up, based on LIES, to jack up the …

The Donald, darling of the rightwingnuts

IS good for something, other than making his fellow clown car candidates look sane, by comparison. He brought Burke Breathed and David Letterman out of retirement and is causing Jon Stewart to reconsider. The Donald is too good to be true, as he is a litmus test between sanity and the rightwingnuts. PLEASE Donald, keep talking and don't be afraid to speak your mind, further differentiating yourself(R) from the Dems
. I LOVE it, cuz, after seeing what they did last time, our country couldn't survive another Pub 'reign of error'.

Some interesting stats

about Broomfield real estate.
Average days on market: UNDER 10.
Average selling price: OVER asking price.
Average sales price: OVER $390,000.

The Denver Post had an interesting article this morning

Extortion. Blackmail. Infidelity. Incompetence. Defamation of character. This is from FELLOW REPUBS, describing the soap opera surrounding Steve House, the newly elected chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, as two factions of the party fight for control, while getting NOTHING done, much like their brethren in Washington.
As always, whenever I think these clowns can't get any worse, they never fail to sink even lower. 
Republicans, the Party of NO!, the antithesis of good government on all levels....

After watching 'Sunday Morning' (which was very interesting today),

the TV was still on as I got shaved and showered with 'Face the Nation' and John Boehner was talking. At first it was all about BENGHAZ!, which has had approx 30 hearings. and the Pubs who led them said there was 'nothing there'. BUT, Bonehead claims he needs to see ALL of Hillary's e-mails, include all her private correspondence for several years, in his witch hunt to find SOMETHING to bring her down. His hero is obviously Ken Starr who tormented Bill Clinton for YEARS, 'investigating' Whitewater, before he finally came up with Monica..
Then the conversation went to immigration, and Bonehead said, "I've been trying to pass an immigration bill for years, but Obama has blocked it'. WTF? Does he really think people (other than the sheep) are so stupid they don't know that because of the rightwingnuts in HIS party he won't even allow a vote on immigration in the House, (which everyone agrees WOULD pass) but that doesn't stop him from b…