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Finally, after all these years,

Bailey doesn't feel like she has to show Bear, (Don's shepherd/lab mix) who's boss, when they come over for their annual visit. I think they both know whaat's going on this time. And here's old gal's request  Think I'll have to go now....

For some reason,

Why don't we have this?

Many years 'after the fact', in an inquiry that resumed today, Tony Blair was again summoned before Sir John Chilcot, to explain his involvement in the War in Iraq. His defense, which the court basically isn't buying? "I believed George W Bush", who obviously 'cherry-picked' the intelligence info he had, to justify the 'facts' that Saddam had WMD.  "To my mind, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, had nothing to do with 9/11, and I have never seen anything to make me change my mind," said Eliza Manningham-Buller, the former head of domestic intelligence service MI5.

NBC News tonight,

with Bryan Williams. Amazing roundtable, with GHWBush, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, etc, as the 'Dark Lord' Cheney is still there lying his ass off, and 'clouding the waters', when it comes to 9-11. Still lying, about how Saddam was involved with 9-11.  As in, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. UNBELIEVABLE, but real. Dick Cheney, the face of  'Big Oil', that took us down the path to war, all based on lies....Dick Cheney, the 'face of evil' in our time...

Less than an hour ago,

Carol and I went for a walk, with blue sky, sunshine and no wind. I joked how they'd really blown the forecast, cuz it was s'posed to snow this afternoon. Ha ha. NOW, a few minutes later, it's a full blown blizzard. Sideways, heavy snow. Don't ever remember the weather turning THIS fast....

Just came across this pic,

that I'd promised to send to my seester, where we get all dressed up for a friend's Christmas party. Will put it 'out there' for those who claim I don't own any decent clothes.

OK, who did it?

Who sent me the CD, The Accountants? 'Corporate Punks Run Amok'. Whoever, I thank you.

Adult Alternative/Classic Rock/Originals (The Accountants)Members:
The Accountants are:
Ben Graves - Chairman of the Bass, Chief Vocal Officer and Keys to the Executive Washroom
Peter Duncan - Chief Guitar OfficerPound -
Director of Thump and Whoop Yer Assets
Sid Luscious - Out of Controller

Hometown:Louisville, KY
Record Label:ear X-tacy (The Accountants)
C'mon, step up. Who did it?

Bailey was growling

at the big 'birdies' that were in HER yard. She won't attack, anymore, cuz she tried it once and THEY went after HER. So now, she just stays safely inside and growls. Scairdy cat...

Met the kids, for dinner,

last night, at El Tapatio. Was a last minute Christmas present to 'the family', when I couldn't think of anything else, and an experience together seemed better than some 'things'. Anyway, we were walking in, to the new restaurarant, at Flatirons Crossing, and saw a sign on the door. "Due to a delay in our liquor license, we cannot serve alcohol," or something like that. A Mexican food dinner with no beer or margaritas? I don't think so...SO, we got back in the cars and went to Carrabba's Italian restaurant. Started out kinda strange when the waiter dumped the first round of wine and beer (tilted the tray too far) on Nate and Laura. Ended up as a fun, Fam Guy evening that I hope we can do more often. A two hour meal that went WAY too fast.

Was there ever a doubt?

Ron Reagan's book explains how Prez Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's while in office. Oh really! It explains a LOT about him. If you explain it as a disease, at least it makes sense. Surprised? Not me. Ronald Reagan, the consummate actor, fooled a bunch of people, even when he was obviously impaired. Sad, but real.

Am trying

to capture a likeness of my lovely granddaughter, but it's not easy. Carol DID say she could guess which grandkid it is. (Click on to enlarge)

Saw 'The King's Speech', yesterday,

and really liked it. An excellent period piece and character study. Colin Ferril as the Duke of York and Geoffry Rush as his 'commoner' speech therapist were excellent. One of those movies I hated to see come to an end, which is the sign of a good one. Really captured the feel of London and that time in history while pointing out the debilitating effect of a speech defect and the different worlds between those 'high born' and common people. Supposedly historically accurate, it was kinda slow starting and not real exciting, but very engaging. Will probably do well with the Academy Awards.

I'm sure the right-wing 'jeniuses'

will find a way to dispute it, but NASA and NOAA confirmed that 2110 tied 2005 as the hottest year on record, since worldwide measurememts began to be recorded, in the 1880's. Of course those 'educated elitists' have an agenda, and are lying as part of a left-wing plot, that is obviously anti-business. Hopefully, Rush, Glenn, Sean and the boys can nip this obvious lie, 'in the bud' before right thinking people are further misled.

Sorta like GWBush,

after 9/11, said all the right stuff, Obama did it again, and hit all the right notes, so we could, as a nation, feel and think the right thoughts, as we look back upon a senseless slaughter. Good job, Barack, as you make us all feel a little better, after this senseless tragedy.

Well, it's a start

A judge sentenced Tom Delay to 3 years in prison for money laundering and just plain 'dirty politics', in a scheme that had Texas Repubs illegally taking corporate donations and redistricting precincts to send more Repubs to Washington. Although he claimed to have done nothing wrong, 'that's just the way it's done, in Texas', a judge and jury disagreed and he was sentenced. He'll appeal we'll see what happens, but at least there's one less crook in Texas politics these days, where GWBush is still considered a hero, for all he did to drive up the price of oil.

If there's a heaven,

I'd like to think it would be a place where you could go back, in your life, and redo those moments where you had hurt the feelings of a friend or loved one with a thoughtless action or remark. Now THAT would be heaven.

As much as I dislike

the thought of Sarah Palin, as a politician, I think it is a real stretch to say she had any responsibility in the Arizona shooting, although there is an eerie video with Giffords saying she feels threatened because of Palin's 'reload' comment and finding herself 'in the crosshairs' in Palin's ad.  However, other right wingers, like Sharon Angle, of Nevada, have to share some of the blame. Her remarks, like, 'we need a 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms) remedy to government officials' is totally irresponsible, and puts her right up there with Rush and Glenn Beck in inciting the whackos to violence. Words have consequences, and you never know who's listening.

What we learned in 2,064 years

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should
be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to
work, instead of living on public assistance."- Cicero - 55 BC
So, obviously nothing.

You may disagree with me,but what you  don't realize is that you're experiencing an illusion, caused by your limited comprehension. IF you were able to fully comprehend both the problem and my recommended solution you would agree with me. SO, what appears to be a difference of opinion, is merely you wrestling with a defective brain. Understand? Didn't think so.

Had a great time

with Piper and Laura yesterday, but could have been better. After visiting Tammie in the hospital, we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Big mistake. About 4-5 hours later, (with Piper and Laura) Carol and I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. Said good bye to the girls and went to bed early, then Kari called. We described symptoms and she asked us what/when/where we ate, then she started laughing. "Sounds like you, like many other people we know, got food poisoning at 'the Bell'. Started thinking about it and it seems pretty obvious. Feel much better today, but still not great. Coulda been worse, but it was bad enough. Sorry, Laura, but we weren't quite ourselves, and now I know why.  Had a good time, though, and is always great to see you girls. Can't ever catch Piper's smile, though, with my slow camera. Got some good pics of the back of her head and her pretty curls, though....

Just got back,

from visiting Tammie, in the hospital, where she got a hip replacement yesterday and she's doing amazingly well, with her morphine drip. Only 2-3 days in the hospital. She went w/us to Mexico last year and we all told her she needed to get it done. Let's hope she recovers well and quickly. Time to babyproof the house, as Piper is coming to visit this afternoon, while Nate is in Vail at a homebrewers convention. WIll try to get a picture, cuz she is SO cute.


The nat'l unemployment rate dropped from 9.8% to 9.4% today, cuz approx 123,000 jobs were created last month, BUT, it takes about 250,000 new jobs per month, just to break even. The problem? Hundreds of thousands of job seekers just 'gave up', and weren't counted. Typical gov't shell game, with the numbers, as we struggle to recover from the Bush years.

Was the 2nd one,

to fly the new 'sim', today. Nate (pictured) got to be first,( just cuz he developed the software), BUT, my landing was smoother. OK, I did stall out and we augered into the ground on my first big turn, but hey, I'm a rookie pilot. The screen was configured to look like the airspace in and around Lafayette, IN, home of Purdue Univ, (where the sim is headed later tonight), and I flew low over the Wabash River. I didn't realize it, but Purdue has a large flight training center. Will be the 3rd sim they get, but the first of this type (Cirrus). Pretty cool stuff and was neat to be one of the first to fly it. Did make me queasy, again, and when I got out of the cockpit, took awhile to stop 'moving'. Sorta like when you get off a boat that's been rocking and all of a sudden you're on the dock where it's not. Really amazing what these kids have built. Not only the products, but also the company. Huge amount of brain power and hard work involved. Congratul…

Carol talked me into going

with her to the new Harry Potter fiim, yesterday. I started to read the J K Rowling series a few years ago, but gave up on it when I thought it became repetitious, though I have enjoyed the amazing films it has inspired. This new movie (Deathly Hallows) is pretty dark and very complicated, at least it was for me. I spent most of the movie thinking, 'What the heck is that all about?', and gotta admit I didn't enjoy it, mainly cuz I hadn't read the book OR remembered what happened in the last movie. Anyway, is my turn to pick the next flick, and it's gonna be 'The King's Speech', which seems kinda dry, but has gotten great reviews. Also finished the 2nd season of 'True Blood', which is pretty weird, but very interesting at the same time. I guess Ted put the 3rd season on discs for us, (thank you Mr. Ted) so we'll have that soon. Also finished (and enjoyed) the new Michael Connelly (one of my favorite authors) book, 'The Reversal' and s…

After many days

of pain in my right arm, I went to the Dr, yesterday, to see about getting it fixed. When I was a kid, I had a compound fracture, and part of my elbow came through the skin. My mom looked at it and passed out, ON me. After 7 weeks, they removed the cast and decided they needed to re-break and re-set it with different pins and hardware. It seemed to take pretty well that time, cuz I was able to play basketball, baseball, throw darts etc. However, the last few years I have been getting bone spur growth around the elbow joint and it has restricted my range of motion and has started to make funny noises and ache. I decided to have the excess bone removed, thinking it was no big deal, but the doc said it is a pretty big deal. Basically it involves exposing the bones involved and chiseling away the bone growth. 3 to 4 month recuperation and considerable pain. I said 'no thanks', I'll learn to live with it. The doc said it would be a good idea to learn to do all I can left handed…

Happy New Year, y'all

Went to see 'The King's Speech' this aft, but the mall was PACKED w/people who had the day off. Good for them, and will go to the movie next week, when the public is back at work/school. Turned around and went home, where we watched TCU beat Wisconsin in a good game at the Rose Bowl. Am tired of winter already, and we got a ways to go. Yuck....

Brrrrr, finally feels like winter

With 3" of snow on the ground, and temps below zero last night, it's beginning to look a lot like WINTER. Had been kinda balmy around here lately, and is s'posed to be again, in a couple days, but for now, it is COLD. 'Tis nice to just stay indoors and not have to deal with the elements. I can't believe it, but Bailey still has to go outside and check out her territory. Crazy cat....