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Is sad to see that Leonard Nimoy passed,

I always loved his 'Spock' character on "Star Trek', cuz he was from an advanced civilization (Vulcans), who lived by pure logic and rationality, which has always been my goal, although I do have SOME emotion. If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not real, and that's put me at odds with part of my family. Oh well.... I've always said you can't 'choose' what you believe, it chooses you, and you either BELIEVE something, or you don't. Just be honest with yourself. Works for me....

C'mon, PLEASE be true....

There are reports of a possible 'coup', by the FAR rightwingnuts against Boehner, cuz he MAY have cut a deal with Obama to, (GASP!) fund DHS for more than a week. Let's just hope those nutballs get their way and show what the country what they're 'really made of'. The lunatic fringe of a 'way out there' party of Conservatve whackjobs;. I can only hope it's true, as we see what the Pubs are capable of, now that they have the reins in Washington. Anyone remember the 'crash of 2008', the last time these jerks had some power?
FYI. The 'Freedom Caucus', is another name for the lunatic fringe that is behind the possible rebellion. For those who don't know, these nutballs have the luxury of being from extremely Gerrymandered districts, where their only fear of being voted out, is by someone even FURTHER 'out there', cuz there are no Dems in their outrageously sculpted 'districts' of Red State maniacs. I LOVE IT!, as th…

Good start on the weekend

Last night was dueling pianos, sing along at Double D's, in Westminster with the crew, and some fantastic brews and pizza. Tonight was Carol's b-day with the kids at The Keg, with a 'baseball sirloin', and all the fixin's. I can't wait til tomorrow....

On weekdays, when I feel like finally 'waking up',

I turn on the recorded network news (ABC, Charlie Rose), and zip through, (no commercials), the stories that interest me, before I go to CNBC,The Financial Channel, to finish waking up. It's different on weekends, cuz the network news isn't on, and I end up checking other news. This morning I spent 5 minutes on FOX, and my blood pressure rose perceptibly, as I heard LIE after LIE about the new 'net neutrality', from the 'distinguished panel' of old white guys and hot chicks. If I hadn't just spent 2 days looking at net neutrality, I might have believed some of the crap they fed to the sheep which included, Obama took over the internet, like he did Health Care, and is gonna wreck it like Obamacare has ruined the US medical system. Obama and the White House handwrote the bill and forced it down the FCC's throats, threatening them if they didn't pass it. With the new rules, it's like a stadium owner not being allowed to sell luxury boxes.(That one…

Saw some funny footage today, from CPAC,

as the clown car contenders tried to 'Out Conservative' each other, BUT, I was shocked when I saw the moderator. Just wondering how Sean Hannity can maintain his 'Fair and Balanced' footing as he oozes across the stage, kissing ass among the Pub contenders? Also wondering, 'what happened to Big Bill, the habitual liar from Bullshit Mountain, as he's completely disappeared from the website? Maybe suspended for 'not telling the truth'? Are you kidding? This is FOXNews!  People would be shocked if they DIDN'T lie, but don't worry, that'll NEVER happen. HA HA HA....

The state released the stats today,

and we learned Colorado got nearly $80 mil in taxes, on approx 74 tons of bud, plus 1.96 million units of 'edibles' being sold, AND, the sky didn't fall, as many predicted it would. There was no noticeable inctease in 'young people using', and the crime rate went down, while jobs and the general economy went way up. Basically, those who used to smoke still do, and those who didn't still don't, BUT the revenue goes to the state, (plus JOBS), instead of the cartels. I'm claiming it's just the beginning, as more states vote to 'legalize' for adults, rather than 'incarcerate', although the Red/Pub states STILL go for jail vs freedom, in a 'war on drugs' that has NEVER worked. Nothing new here, as the rightwingnuts think 'Reefer Madness' is real, and they act accordingly, plus fighting all the medical research involved with one of the oldest medicinal plants known to man. Good news for residents, as Colorado 'gets the…

Found a good line, on-line,

that refers to Bill O'Reilly, and his employer, FOXNews.

If not an outright liar, O'Reilly/FOX seems to have an issue with exaggeration, taking small kernels of truth and spinning them into tall tales of journalistic bullshit.

Yup, that's Bill and Bullshit Mountain, where the sheep get their 'news'. St Colbert (shown) calls the practice of spinning kernels, 'truthiness'. So far, Bullshit Mountain is 'ignoring' the entire problem, cuz 'Lying on FOX', surprises NO ONE.

They're doing all they can,

to start a religious war, Christian vs Muslim. ISIS used to just kill people, then they posted videos of heads being cut off, then people being burned alive, in cages. Now they're smashing rare centuries-old antiquities, sorta like' GW and The Dick' did, when they destroyed Baghdad, with all the museums from 'the cradle of civilization'. So far, Obama has resisted calling for a War on Islam, as the rightwingnuts want him to do, instead, calling out the barbarians as animals, not true representatives of any religion. Let's hope we can fight and defeat 'em, without starting a world-wide war of religion, which so many, on both sides, seem to want.

The Repub side of Congress

just 'kicked the can down the road', merely delaying the fight between the Rightwingnut Pubs, and the FAR Rightwingnut Pubs, with a temporary funding (3 weeks) of DHS, cuz the Boehner-led(?) party can't even agree 'amongst themselves', what/where/how to fight/compromise?, as they twist themselves into knots, with another (temporarily delayed) temper tantrum. Would be funny to watch, if it weren't so serious. This time they wanna 'shut it down' cuz of the Immigration Bill (that they wouldn't even VOTE on), last time it was Obamacare and the time before that it was the budget. These jerks may not be too smart (duh), but at least they're consistent, with their temper tantrums that have NO CHANCE as long as Obama has veto power. Nothing new here, and I hope nothing changes, cuz, SURPRISE, even low-information voters, the Pub base, can remember 'shutdowns'. IF, you're gonna 'go to the mat', what a dumbass place to do it, with Hom…

The hits just keep on coming,

hits to O'Reilly's credibility, that is, as the FOURTH allegation of lying came to light.
Several former colleagues now claim that Bill O'Reilly also lied about his experience covering the Los Angeles riots in 1992.
O'Reilly has on occasion referenced an incident when he and his crew had to take cover during his time as a host for "Inside Edition." "They were throwing bricks and stones at us," O'Reilly claimed in a 2006 interview. “Concrete was raining down on us. ... The cops saved our butts that time."
But six people who worked alongside the Fox News host in California at the time told the Guardian that they have no recollection of being attacked by protesters.
“It didn’t happen,” said Rick Kirkham, the lead reporter on the riots for "Inside Edition." “If it did, how come none of the rest of us remember it?”

But will the sheep who graze on Bullshit Mountain care? OF COURSE NOT. They're used to being lied to and don't th…

In the crazy/stupid world of Repub politics,

I don't know which is worse. Rightwingnut Jim Inhofe, Okla(R), bringing in a snow ball to 'prove' there's no Climate Change', or the braintrust of the whackjob Pubs thinking they can get the Dems to kill the Immigration Bill, (that the Pubs REFUSED to VOTE ON, cuz it woulda passed), if they threaten to shut down DHS/Govt? I'm actually hoping they do, cuz even stupid voters(R) have a memory. I was gonna say, 'Who are these idiots?', but, unfortunately we know. They think the entire population is as ignorant as the FOXNews sheep. The bad thing? They're nearly half right....

To prevent brain damage to others,

I have scanned the headlines at FOX, so you don;t have to, and they include:

"Our Govt 'Fears' Freedom"
"The Kochs Should Spend MORE Money", {buying votes(R)}
"Net Neutrality is a Terrible Idea"
PIC: Kim Kardashian Thanks Her Loyal Fans With a Thong Selfie
'Gains in Iraq Slipping Away', So obviously, we should STILL be fighting W's war....
'Pubs Will Get Blame if DHS Shuts Down', Well duh....
And my favorite. How believing in the Bible can get you canned in today's America

There, I suffered the brain damage for you, and you can still click on the thong selfie, part of FOX's daily TITillation for their old, white fart audience.
But, what's funny, is how they are TOTALLY avoiding the fact that their highest profile 'bullshitter', got caught in 3 seperate lies. First, he just tried to 'scream louder' like he does on his show, BUT, he can't 'turn off the audio' and say 'shut up', as he…

'What color is this dress',


has tens of millions of hits on the internet this morning. We saw it on the morning news show, and Carol swore it was white and gold, while I saw blue and brown/black. The news crew was equally split, then on CNBC, the Financial Channel, they were also confused, and saw different colors. Not sure what's going on, but different people can look at the same picture and see different colors. I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but I haven't heard it, AND, it's really upsetting some, as they argue, 'what's wrong with those people'. Sorta like I do with anyone who can look at FOXNews, and NOT see what's SO obvious. However, I know the answer to my question. The sheep gave up any degree of impartiality LONG ago, and accept the lies from Bullshit Mountain, cuz it's what th…

Like Health Care in the US, which is higher priced,

and not as good, compared to the rest of the world, we are behind in internet services also, with our web being slower, and more expensive than elsewhere on the planet. I know, the rightwingnuts think, 'we're bigger and better' than everyone else, at everything, BUT, it's just not true. Hopefully, the new net neutrality laws will work the same here as they just did for the Dutch, where speed increased and prices went down, cuz of the increased competion after the law passed. I've spent a lot of time looking at the issue, since yesterday, and AS ALWAYS, FOXNews is 'out there' fighting for the profits of Big Business, at the expense of the American people. Same old shit from the same bad actors. Nothing new here...

I didn't really know exactly, what 'net neutrality' was,

so I looked it up, after the FCC passed it today. Basically, it means that all customers have to be treated equally, with no 'fast lanes' for the big boys, that would 'slow it down' for everyone else. Makes sense to me, esp after reading the definition, on Wikipedia.

Net neutrality (also network neutrality, Internet neutrality, or net equality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

But, on Bullshit Mountain, you'd think Obama just authorized bestiality, with puppies and kittens. They're screaming, (like they ALWAYS do, when Obama backs something) about BILLIONS in taxes, and other crap that 'could happen', while the head of the FCC said, 'Nonsense'. I just know that if FOX is against it, it must be a GOOD thing, cuz the 'Bi…

The Pub on CNBC this morning was bitchin'

cuz he thought Fed Head, Janet Yellen, was spending too much time with the prez, and 'other left leaning' people. The commentators laughed and said this was normal, and all others in her position, incl Greenspan and Bernanke had done the same. Earlier, Pubs bitched about 'seasonality' in Fed economic figures, and the way that employment figures are calculated, as they tend to lean 'left' (?) BUT, these methods haven't changed, in many generations. What HAS changed is how the Pubs ALWAYS bitch when they don't like reality. It's always someone else's fault, and someone's picking on them, or cooking the books when they don't like the figures. Nothing new here, but it gets REAL old, as they whine and whine, when nothing's changed from the way 'their boy' did things. The only difference?  The Pubs wrecked, and the Dems fixed, the economy. BIG difference.

Jon Stewart, of 'The Daily Show',

was pissed off last night, cuz the clowns at FOX called him 'dishonest' and claimed he had hurt the Repub 'brand'. He then showed about 10 videos of them 'hurting themselves', incl Rush's pantomime, of Michael J Fox's 'fake' Parkinsons. Jon then 'doubled down', with a 6 second 'vine', that you gotta run at slow speed or 'pause' to see FIFTY actual, documented LIES from the clowns at Bullshit Mountain. Fortunately, Salon magazine made a list,

Check it out. FIFTY baldfaced lies, with the person, and the date, that they were broadcast at FOX. Not that it will make any difference to the sheep, where the lines between 'fact and fiction' ceased to exist, long ago. Here's another listing of the lies.
Will it…

As Bill O'Reilly gets caught,

in lie after lie, some compare him to Brian WIlliams, and say he should be suspended. That's funny. Williams works for a real 'news' organization and O'Reilly works for FOX. Hadley Malcom of USA Today said it best, (in so many words), that unlike WIlliams, O'Reilly is an entertainer, on a network with a clearly defined agenda, and people know what they're gonna get when they watch. He's not expected to report news, or necessarily keep to the facts. He's there to entertain and reinforce the views that the viewers already have, while reinforcing a 'preconceived narrative'. PERFECT!
Well said. If only the sheep would admit, and remember, who he is and what his network is all about. Like I used to tell my father, "If you wanna watch FOXNews, fine, it's your decision, BUT, don't ever confuse it with REAL news, cuz it's not even close. I'm not sure he ever really understood, and that's what makes Bullshit Mountain so insidious…

WOW, I'd love to be a fly on the wall,

in the Murdoch/Ailes propaganda machine, as they deal with ALL THE LIES, that Bill O'Reilly has been 'caught up in'. On the ground in the Falklands, listening to the shotgun suicide of Lee Harvey Oswald's buddy. and  witnessing 4 El Salvadoran nuns being killed. ALL TOTAL BULLSHIT, but the sheep eat it up, while FOX management might have a problem, IF the sheep cared about truth. Never mind, no problem.. When, and in what world, did truth become OPTIONAL? What am I thinking? We re talking FOXNews and the sheep. Its not rocket surgery. Never mind....

I guess I'm just 'lucky',

cuz I staked my future here in Colorado, (with scenery, skiing, hunting, fishing, educated citizens, climate, etc) many years ago, rather than some flatland real estate. Duh, who coulda/woulda guessed? Just 'lucky', I guess, as property values are 'off the chart', and going higher, for MANY reasons, incl Coloradans are rational, logical, independent thinkers, UNlike RedState/FOXNews America. YOLO, (which pissed off the sheep, when Obama said it). Who da thunk, that rational thinking translates into a good investment, for the LONG term?

Even though Climate Change is a hoax,

according to Rush and Sean, Denver just set TWO records for February. Most 70 degree days, AND highest snowfall, EVER. Sure glad we have the FOXNews 'jeniuses' to explain it all, for us. 14 out of  the last 15 years with record highs, worldwide. Just a coincidence, I'm sure, as the sheep look to Bullshit Mountain, for their weather/political facts. FOXNews (supported by the Koch bros) and the sheep, fronted by Bill O'Reilly. What a joke, that everyone but them, understands. Who ARE these people, for whom 'facts don't matter? (As if we didn't know). The LITERAL Bible Believers? The FOXNews, southern BASE, who VOTE. Always Republican....

I NEVER watch FOXNews,

cuz it just pisses me off, to see the BLATANT lies, piled one on another, but I scan their headlines, on-line. I also never watch MSNBC, cuz they are also, 'way too biased'. BUT, am gonna watch O'Reilly tonight, to see how he spins and wiggles, after being caught in numerous (obvious) lies. Not like he doesn't lie, all the time, but this time he's been CAUGHT, in a BUNCH of lies. Am looking to forward to see how he handles it. Should be funny, as FOX usually is....

SURPRISE, he totally ignored reality, and used the increased viewership, to explain, 'Why Everyone Hates Obama.'( I can't make this up). Same old shit from the same bad actors, and the sheep eat it up, as O'Reilly totally ignores getting caught in multiple lies. Nothing new here, in the 'LIES R US', network. LOL....

Just scanned FOXNews headlines,

and they have NOTHING about Big Bill O'Reilly, one of their resident, professional liars, who got caught, in a BUNCH of lies. Seems he heard a nun fart, and got 'false memories', about seeing nuns killed, with a shotgun, in the Falklands, while he was on the porch. (You gotta know all his latest lies, for this to make sense. Look it up) Perfectly understandable, if you're one of the sheep, for whom 'facts don't matter'. LOL, as the 'FOXNews bullshit machine' is exposed, 'as if'', everyone didn't already know. FOXNews and the sheep,,,,,, what a joke, that only they don't understand.

Is anyone REALLY surprised that O'Reilly got caught lying, again?

(Three whoppers, and counting). C'mon, he's the face of FOXNews, whose entire reason for existence, is to LIE, to elect Repubs. BUT, it seems O'Reilly has been caught in ANOTHER lie.

Bill O'Reilly has claimed repeatedly that he witnessed the execution of nuns while reporting in 1981 on the civil war in El Salvador, an apparent fabrication that is at odds with both history and what O'Reilly himself has said about arriving in the country after the event took place, according to new information unearthed by Media Matters.

Will be interesting to see how long Bullshit Mountain defends him, cuz if they start firing liars... I just wonder what the midset of the average sheep is, as the lies pile up? Are they surprised at all? Do they care, at all? Is there any question that FOX will suspend him, or will he keep DENYING everything, or will he just slink off and hide under a rock, like the snake he is? Who knows, but should be fun to watch, as FOX is exposed as the 'to…

Seems this a real pic,

NOT photoshopped. A fisherman in Italy caught a 290 lb, 9 ft catfish in the Po river. Wow. After a few pics, he released the monster back into the river. Am thinking swimmers in that area are gonna be REAL cautious....

Starting in the sunshine this morning,

and working through the snowstorm this afternoon, a large tree removal crew is cutting down the big, old cottonwood that sits in the middle of the fairway outside our house. Lightning struck it last summer, sending smoldering chunks of wood, hundreds of feet in all directions. Was hoping the tree could survive, but it was cooked. Too bad, gonna miss it, and all the hawks and other birds that perched in it. The 'hood, she is a-changin'....

Wow, haven't seen Rick the Dick Santelli,

on CNBC lately. Maybe he got canned, cuz he's been TOTALLY wrong, for approx 7 years, as he and his Tea Party 'sky is falling' brethren have screamed about INFLATION!, from the Dem policies to save the economy, after the Pubs WRECKED it. Seems DEflation is a much bigger problem. BUT, someday, (MANY years from now) Loudmouth Rick will say 'SEE, I told you so'. I just wonder how many rightwingnuts lost BIG money believing his CONSISTENTLY BAD advice. Too bad, so sad....

Although the US spends more on it's military,

than the next 10 nations, COMBINED, (although we 'can't afford' Health Care) and the hawks want MORE! Bullshit Mountain is rumblin', cuz (according to them) 'Obama's Cuts', have made it difficult or impossible to wage TWO large scale wars, simultaneously. Wow, does that mean we can only start wars when they're NECESSARY, and, against the RIGHT country? What a concept! BUT, the Big Defense suppliers are bitchin' cuz instead of building tanks, ships and planes, (that the military doesn't need OR want) that go directly into 'mothballs', the govt is looking at unnecessary expenditures, like hundreds of thousand of troops, still stationed in every country we've been at war with, since WWI. The same rightwingnuts who scream for 'austerity', think we oughta spend even more on the most bloated military on the planet. Nothing new here, from the military/industrial complex, with the revolving door between military brass/lobbyists/'…

Not saying Big Bill was never in a war zone.

cuz he is a seasoned soldier, in a war he created and perpetuates, himself. His 'War on Christmas' that is, cuz we all know what a problem that is, IF you are a sheep, that is. In other news, Bill is getting caught in other lies, (wow, I'm SHOCKED), including claiming to be on the porch of Lee Harvey Oswald associate George Morenschildt, when he committed suicide with a shotgun, according to his book, 'Killing Kennedy'. (From right-leaning Politico)
BUT, those who were with O'Reilly, and at the cite of the suicide, claim O'Reilly is lying, AGAIN. Should be fun to watch as the can of worms has been opened, and Bill's lies come crawling out, esp since he lives in 'The No Spin Zone' on Bullshit Mountain. Wow, lies from the FOXCrew? Who da thunk?

Each day I look at 'real' news,

from many different media outlets, and then I look at the Bullshit Mountain view, that they pass on to the sheep, and I gotta admit, if I actually believed FOX, I'd hate Obama and the Dems, obviously. But, since they aren't gonna change the content, I'm recommending a truth in labeling law at FOX. What they shovel out under Politics should be labelled Opinion, and what oozes out under Opinion oughta be labeled Blatant Propaganda. Just sayin, if there was any Truth in Labeling.....

As I find myself at this special time of life,

as in 'old and retired', I go back and forth, as in, 'you should do something special for humanity', (but I have no idea what), OR, I can just enjoy this time of life, that has taken a LONG time to get to, and won't last long. Until I get a clear message as in 'what I SHOULD do', I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy this 'fleeting time' of life. Call me crazy, but so far my 'prayers for guidance', (yup, I pray), haven't been answered, and I'm not gonna hold my breath. As always, looking for guidance, that I hope happens, BUT, in the meantime, just 'enjoying life' and not feeling GUILTY, as some (yup, them) think I should.

Cuz it was Senior Tuesday at the movies,

Carol picked the movie today, and we saw 'Kingsman', and it was great. If you count 'total experience' as in enjoyment from start to finish, it was better than 'Birdman' or 'Boyhood', that both ended well, BUT, took a LONG time to get into. 'Kingsman' takes you on a fun ride, from beginning to end. Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson are fantastic, in a very 'Brit' movie. And the chick with the 'Blade Runner' feet was awesome. I'll never hear 'Free Bird' or look at a 'Rightwingnut' Kentucky church service (imagine, the Brits making fun of 'em) the same. Very well done, fun, fast moving flick, that rates near the top on 'viewer ratings' on Moviephone and IMDB, if you believe that kinda stuff, which I do. Great flick, sophisticated action/comedy, that's good from beginning to end.

Am proud of Colorado, in many ways,

and am again, as it looks like 'conversion therapy', the 'pray away the gay' crap, that claims you can 'change' the sexual orientation that you're born with, is gonna be banned in Colorado. Remember when YOU had to choose? What a bunch of BS, that the Bible thumpers use to mess up people's lives, cuz they just don't get it. One of the major causes of suicide in young people, as they are persecuted by the 'righteous'. Looks like it's gonna be illegal in Colorado. We can only hope....

FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same) are bitchin',

cuz, OMG, Obama is gonna use his VETO power, as part of his 'Imperial Presidency'. This will/would be the 3rd time he's used it, SO, how does that compare to the Cowboy Conman? G Dub vetoed 12 bills, but hey, the Pubs say, it's DIFFERENT, when we do it. Those were necessary, but this prez is just a jerk.... Same old crap from Bullshit Mountain, where they also point to railroad car disasters, hauling oil, and that PROVES Keystone is a great idea. BUT, what they don't say, is that Keystone won't help existing oil transfer AT ALL. It would be totally different oil (from the dirtiest known method of extraction), owned by Canadians and sold on the world market, to be shipped OUT of the US. The only beneficiaries would be a few temporary construction jobs, in the middle of nowhere, and the Koch Bros, who would own the pipeline and also own the companies that build it. Same old crap from FOX and the Pubs, one and the same. Oh I forgot, FOX is 'Fair and Balanced&…

Why not?

An Idaho lawmaker(R) received a brief lesson on female anatomy, yesterday, after asking if a woman can swallow a small camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam. The question Monday from Republican state Rep. Vito Barbieri, who was trying to pass anti-abortion legislation, (which the Pubs did), and wanted to know why women couldn't use the same tiny camera that is swallowed, and used to view the inside of the colon.
Yup, these Repub 'jeniuses' are the one who make 'Health Care' decisions. And you wonder why they're known as the 'anti-science party'? Who da thunk a woman could swallow a camera and have it end up in her vagina? A Repub lawmaker, that's who. He later backtracked and said he was kidding, but those who were there disputed it.

According to 'actual' news sources,

NOT FOXNews, O'Reilly spun some news clips, (on his 'No-Spin Zone), from Buenos Aires, to PROVE he was 'on the ground, in the Falklands', and the sheep said, 'Fine, we told you so. Case closed. Now, let's concentrate on them lyin' liberals.' We told you there was 'truthiness' in his show!

C'mon Pubs, stay strong,

and 'shut it down!' DHS and/or the govt, this Friday, that is. C'mon, stand behind your threats and show the American public just 'what you're made of'. Don't be wussies. C'mon, 'Bonehead and the Brain-Dead', shut it down and prove how tough (stupid) you really are. Am really looking forward to see how the jerks wiggle out of the corner they've painted themselves into, as they show how 'responsible' they are, now that they have the majority. As Clint would say, 'C'mon punk, make my day', and show the world who/what you really are, as you 'shut it down' to protest the Immigration Bill, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN VOTE ON, forcing the prez to take action, cuz the Party of NO, does nothing. Can it get any more obvious, even to the sheep?

The 'Fair and Balanced' crew,

claims Hillary hired a PR firm to 'revamp her image', cuz we all know that she's gotta 'do something drastic' so she'll have a chance against the eventual 'clown car survivor'. In other Bullshit Mountain 'non-news', the brain trust has backed off keeping O'Reilly in the headlines, cuz even the brain-dead sheep can look at his actual statements about being 'on the ground in the Falklands' and see he's full of crap. MAYBE they can, cuz they don't look real close, when it's one of their own who's obviously lying. Never mind, the sheep swallow whatever FOX shovels to them. Anyway, they moved him to the backburner, before they feel compelled to suspend him, for lying, like NBC did with Brian Williams. JUST KIDDING, LOL. Lying is part of the 'job description' at FOXNews, and it surprises NO ONE.

Have you ever wondered why FOX courts the Literal Bible Believers? They're submissive, living in the past, easily off…

At the risk of stereotyping,

Bruce Jenner never had a automobile accident, until he became a woman. Just sayin'.....

Checking the headlines from Bullshit Mountain,

I noticed that they were REALLY hard on the Oscar host, Neil Patrick Harris, (Doogie Howser),compared to all the other reviews, and at first I didn't understand why. Then, I realized, 'he's openly gay', so most of the FOXSheep 'know' he's going to Hell. And, reading on, the FOXClowns REALLY liked 'American Sniper', as it showed a BUNCH of the (Oops, no WMD's) brown people being shot, (and they love that), BUT, it didn't win near enough Oscars for them, which PROVES Hollywood is run by a bunch of lily-livered Liberals. No big surprise, looking back on it, that Bullshit Mountain wasn't impressed with the Hollywood extravaganza. And, they were the only ones who bitched at Patricia Arqutte, for saying women should be paid the same as men. The FOXClown just didn't understand why she 'destroyed the elegance' of the award ceremony. Maybe next year it could be hosted by 'The Dick' Cheney. Then they'd LOVE it....

Looking back on the Oscars last night,

it was different around here, without the kids, for Carol's Gala Party, (cuz of the snowstorm), BUT, we did put our speaker phones on, so we could share some of 'Quiz' answers and see who won the games Carol put together. Lotta good moments from the Academy Awards, and the right pic won Best Pic, but I think my fave moment was when Lady Gaga sang a medley from 'Sound of Music', which was FIFTY years ago. Unbelievable.  Who knew she was so good? Anyway, it finally stopped snowing, but it's supposed to be back, on Weds, then again on Fri. Looks like good snow for skiing and green grass for the golf course, AND, it's really pretty....

After fooling the sheep

into voting AGAINST the Dems, 'cuz the economy is SO bad', (by far the largest reason for their votes, according to exit polls), the Pubs find themselves in a bit of a quandary, cuz that line's not gonna work for 2016. We've obviously made HUGE gains from the 'steaming pile' that GW and the Pubs handed off to Obama and the Dems in 2008, and it'll probably be even better by election time. SO, what's a Repub to do? Kinda hard to blame the unrest in the MidEast on Obama after 'GW and The Dick' caused it, although you wouldn't know it, listening to Bullshit Mountain, as the sheep love to do. Will be interesting to see where they go, cuz Giuliani's bullshit rhetoric about Obama 'not loving America isn't gonna work with Hillary, BUT, I have no doubt they'll rile the sheep with some kind of fear-mongering that calls for strong, unwavering Repub leadership, where blind allegiance, to any and all stupid wars, PROVES you love your cou…

With all the snow,

we coiuldn't get together for Carol's Gala Oscar Party, BUT, we got together for the Oscar Quiz, with a cell phone from each home, on 'speaker', as Carol read the answers, and I got ROBBED, by one point, by KARI, who won movie passes. Good job, girl, but I'm gonna kick butt with Oscar selections. Just warning you. Good news, bad news. We have a bunch of champagne, and only two of us to drink it, and we don't have to drive home. Too bad. I'm claiming whoever can win best pic, and best actor, (both between Birdman and Boyhood) will win. I'm claiming Birdman/Keaton will take it, although Boyhood was good, in a year without many great movies....

Was petting Bailey, our Maine Coon,

and I took off her collar, to brush the long hair on her neck, and I forgot to put it back on. I didn't realize it, as she walked around my chair, meowing, before she jumped on my lap and meowed in my face, which is 'kitty speak' for, 'put my collar on me'. Not sure why, but she really likes her collar, and lets us know if we forget to put it back on her.

Don't you just love people who 'Love America'

so they can point out those who DON'T love America, like the president? Of course the sheep already know this, cuz over HALF of them believe he's a Muslim, and they KNOW he wasn't born in the US, thanks to Bullshit Mountain. But who couldn't love Rudy, who likes to point out, 'the president doesn't love me.' What? How could ANYONE not love the guy who says "9-11", every time he opens his mouth, and he's doing it AGAIN, even though his control of the English language isn't too good.

"You know, President Obama didn't live through September 11, I did," Rudy also said. "President Obama didn't almost have a building fall on him, myself and my police commissioner and my fire commissioner did."

Rudy Giuliani, a typical FOXNews hero/buffoon, who'll say or do anything, to get Repubs back in office, as if we don't remember what they did LAST TIME.

Supposedly, researchers have found out why

pot gives people 'the munchies'. Jimmy Fallon had a quote from the director of the research group, who said. 'Nobody told you people to research that.....'

USA Today, has an interesting peice,

as they agree with the CBS reporter who was with Bill O'Reilly in Beunos Aires, and confirms they never got close to the Falklands, BUT, he says you can't compare Brian Williams and NBC to Bill O'Reilly and FOXNews.

"Brian Williams was in charge of a nightly newscast seen by 9 million. Theoretically, as managing editor and anchor he decided what went into that newscast. That's a position of tremendous journalistic responsibility."
On the other hand, Zurawik said, "Bill O'Reilly is the most popular person on cable news TV, but it's a nighttime show that has a very different agenda on TV and no one on cable TV ... says these are journalistic entities'"

Yup, their agenda is to 'catapult the propaganda', and elect Repubs.  Bullshit Mountain, home of the rabid sheep, claims they are a REAL news outlet, and the old, white, naive, uninformed couch potatoes agree with them. Doesn't make it true, though.. You think FOX will take O&#…

John McCain says, 'I'm Ashamed of My Country'

Well John, the feeling is mutual. We're ashamed that an old man, darling of the Pubs, would choose Sarah Palin to be a 'next in line' to be president of the United Sates of America, should you have won, and something happened to you. Since then, you've lost all credibility, so just shut up with your rightwing BS....

Although the rightwingnuts claim

that Global Warming is a hoax, FOXNews says, 'Rising Sea Levels Threaten Millions of Bangladeshi's and Indians'. Where do the denizens of Bullshit Mountain think this rising seawater is coming from? No one EVER said they were smart, but they are usually at least more consistent....

We've gotten about 12" of snow

and it's still coming down. Normally, that'd be all good, BUT, it messed up our plans last night, for dinner at friends, and it's messing up Carol's Gala Oscar Party, with the kids. Oh well, it's Feb in Colorado....

As Big Bill O'Reilly continues

to make a fool of himself, (which isn't difficult), claiming to have been 'on the ground' in the Falklands, we hear from someone who was actually there with him.

"To begin with 'covering' is an overstatement of what we were doing. [David] Corn is correct in pointing out that the Falkland Islands, where the combat between Great Britain and Argentina took place, was a thousand miles away from Buenos Aires," Engberg wrote.
"Our knowledge of the war was restricted to what we could glean from comically deceitful daily briefings given by the Argentine military and watching government-controlled television to try to pick up a useful clue from propaganda broadcasts. We -- meaning the American networks -- were all in the same, modern hotel and we never saw any troops, casualties or weapons. It was not a war zone or even close. It was an 'expense account zone.'"
He also questioned O'Reilly's claim that he was quote "pretty much by my…

I just added 2 more today,

in the reasons I can't stand the Repubs. There was,
Iraq War, based on lies,
Fighting Affordable Health Care, when we are the ONLY developed country without it and they have NO alternative, and they screwed up the 'single payer' system and gave us the mess we have today.
Screwing up Education system with No Child Left Behind, and WAY too many tests
They fill our prisons with pot smokers
Thay have a 'propaganda outlet', FOXNews, which broadcasts bullshit to the naive sheep
Denying Climate Change, cuz of their Big Oil donors,
Citizens United, which allows 'more money, more votes', instead of 'one man, one vote.', which is one of their WORST among MANY catastrophic actions, by the 'bought and paid for' party of NO!
And, the way they totally wrecked the economy last time, doing NOTHING to help fix it, with their obstructionism.

True, the Dems are really bad, also, but compared to the 'evil' of the Pubs, they are just rookies, who think …

Good article here, to remember,

from a Colorado vet, next time you relexively say, 'Thank you for your service', having NO IDEA what they went through, thanks to GW and 'The Dick'(R).

I keep seeing articles about the Pubs bitchin'

cuz Obama is removing troops from 'hard won ground' in Iraq, (sorta like Pork Chop Hill, if you're familiar with the movie), BUT, what they fail to mention, is that the drawdown schedule was started, and approved, by the Pubs, when they found 'their little war', was a HUGE mistake. Yup, Obama is just following a schedule he inherited, BUT, that doesn't make the Pubs any less bitchy, as the bitch about the part of the world that THEY exploded. Duh, who coulda guessed?

When the Pub rightwingnuts wanna trot out

one of the 3% of actual climate scientists who DON"T believe in climate change, they can always count on Wei-Hock Soon. Now we know WHY he backs the Repubs. (AND, this is ANOTHER reason I can't stand the lying Repubs)

For years, politicians wanting to block legislation on climate change have bolstered their arguments by pointing to the work of a handful of scientists who claim that greenhouse gases pose little risk to humanity. One of the names they invoke most often is Wei-Hock Soon, known as Willie, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who claims that variations in the sun’s energy can largely explain recent global warming. He has often appeared on conservative news programs, testified before Congress and in state capitals, and starred at conferences of people who deny t…

The Pubs are bitchin',

cuz after MANY years of 'nothing happening', the prez designated Brown's Canyon, on the Arkansas River, as deserving of preservation and protection, cuz it is SO, beautiful and special, even in Colorado, with LOTS of fantastic river canyons. The locals, and most Coloradans have been trying for a LONG time, w/Colo Congressmen floating bills, BUT, the Pubs in Washington always shot it down, for really stupid, spolitical reasons. SO, like the immigration bill, where the Pubs did NOTHING, but say NO!, the prez took action, and now the Pubs are bitching, which is their specialty, other than doing NOTHING. Too bad. Brown's Canyon is now a National Monument, as it should be. Screw the obstructionist Republicans, who do nothing with National Parks, other than open them to Texas oil companies.