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Have seen a bunch

of AMAZING sports moments over the years, but nothing that can beat this one. #4 Auburn (also in Alabama) beat #1 Alabama on a 109 yard runback, with no time on the clock, after a  missed field goal, when the refs added a second to the clock, so Alabama got a chance to win, on their way to a third consecutive national championship. WOW! Off the chart stuff. Sorta like Kirk Gibson's World Series homer. This is why I love sports! You can't make this stuff up...One of the BEST EVER sports moments.... WOW!

Lots to be thankful for,

this Thanksgiving as we're headed up to Nate and Laura's for the annual celebration. They do such a good job that it just keeps on growing, with about 20 guests expected this year. Gonna be hard to find couch space for a nap after the big dinner. At least the road up the canyon, Highway 72, is finally open after the big floods this year. Just part of a surreal fall that started with a trip to the UK and is just now returning to a bit of normalcy. Like I said, lots to be thankful for this year as I realize the importance of friends and family, which makes this wonderful life worth living. Best wishes to all...

Really enjoyed

the second book of the Hunger Games series, 'Catching Fire', but didn't like the movie that much. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood and maybe I just didn't remember the book well enough, but it was kinda hard to follow and was really 'moody'. Well done visually, and it set up the next movie, but was kinda disappointing, from my point of view. Speaking of books, am really enjoying the new John Grisham book, 'Sycamore Row', that deals with a will and an executor. Who da thunk?

Was gonna do

another FOXNews expose, as they continue to bitch about Kerry/Obama stopping/delaying Iran's march toward a nuclear weapon, BUT, realized that the party who never met a war they didn't like, with a mantra of  'Bomb, bomb, bomb...,bomb bomb, Iran', is NEVER gonna agree with ANYTHING done by Obama/Democrats, although it is SO obvious. Nothing new here, as they fight the US joining the rest of the world, providing health care, instead of bankruptcy, if you happen to get sick, as Murdoch/Ailes tell the sheep what to believe.

Just a thought here,

but I really don't like the thought of the airlines allowing passengers to speak on cell phones. I can't imagine listening to a someone yakking while I'm trying to relax, PLUS, if I was a business passenger, I'd like the thought of being 'unavailable' while in the air. PLEASE, don't do it. Just my thoughts...

Wow, all of a sudden,

it's winter. Snow, on and off all day, highs in the low 20's and 6 degrees forecast overnight. Not sure I'm ready for it, but glad I don't have to go out into it. One of the perks of being old, and retired. Still lots to do with the folks estate, and Ted downloaded some new books for me, SO, am able to stay busy, but not used to 'winter'. Looking forward to family time, this Thanksgiving, and Richard's birthday, with the crew. Brrrr....

Just finished up,

some interior trim, for some friends who had their (full) basement flooded during the big Colorado floods, a couple months ago. After doing new base and casing for Ted and Kari, I felt that Carol and I were ready to take our show, 'on the road' and volunteered to do the base trim. Didn't realize it was 'real wood' with round (drywall) corners. Bottom line, got it done, but didn't realize what a job it would be. Would have been MUCH easier if it was a professional drywall job, and the corners were 90 degrees....

For the umpteenth time,

in the last month or so, have had a feeling and thought, 'Oh, I wanna call the folks', then realize I can't, and never can, again. It gets a little easier, but not much, as so many things bring thoughts and memories, and sometimes tears, as I realize that part of my life is gone, forever. It's easy to say, cuz it's true, that it was 'for the best', but that's small consolation, as I continue to see their faces and remember their smiles. Lotta love involved, and that's the way it should be, but it's really hard to work through these feelings. It does help, though, to write something down, and therefore release it, in some small way/ Gonna be a long process....

Saw a good movie, yesterday

Since it was Sr Tuesday, we saw 'Captain Phillips', with Tom Hanks playing the title role in a real life adventure. Well done flick that moved along very well, until the last part, where I KNEW what was gonna happen, but it took a while to get there. The pirate 'captain' could well win an Oscar for his portrayal of a Somali pirate, with few options in life. Am considering going to see '12 Years a Slave', but not sure I could handle the brutality, knowing it's a true story.

When I left

for our t-time today, at 11:30, it was 66 degrees. We played one hole, quit cuz it was cold, and by 3:00, it was 30 degrees, with a cold wind and an outrageous wind chill. I don't remember it getting SO cold, SO fast, as it did today. Luckily, they gave us a 'rain-check', and they had a beer special at the clubhouse. Was crazy.....

Great family day, today,

as we celebrated Ted's birthday with Ted, Kari, Nate and Piper, and some great lasagna from Carol. Not sure if Piper is more cute, or smart, but either way, we sure have a good time. Good football game tonight, between LSU and Alabama, SO, it's been another great day, and that works for me.

Just realized,

tomorrow marks one month, since I lost my mother. I was expecting to lose dad, but mom's passing was, and still is, a total shock. Time helps to heal, and I am in pretty good shape, most of the time, but, too often, it hits me, hard. I can tell myself that it was 'for the best', and I definitely believe that, but, it still hurts, a lot. Is gonna take a while, and am in better shape than I was last week. It's a part of life/death I 've never faced before, although it is just part of 'the human condition', that we all go through, sooner or later. Excuse me for whining, but it helps to air my feelings...

I spent many years,

seeing, 'up close and personal', the devastation from hurricanes, like Katrina, Ike and many others. It was pretty amazing to see what wind, in the range of 125 mph, can do. So, that's why it's hard for me to believe that Super Typhoon 'Haiyan' has SUSTAINED winds of 195 mph, gusts of 235, the lowest barometric pressure EVER recorded, (by far), and a storm surge of over 25 feet. The satellite photos show a tightly wrapped eye, as it enters the Phillipines, and they are saying it is the most powerful storm ever recorded on planet earth. Who says 'Climate Change' is a 'Liberal Plot'? Oh yeah, FOX and Friends...

Had another good day, today,

and I like those. My buddy, Denny, came over today, and brought a lot of good stuff, including his green chili, (and we had some of mine), some special product from his brother Steve (thanks, Steve), and a bunch of albums that he doesn't need any more. THEN, I put him to work hooking up my sub-woofer sound system, (in my man-cave) and we got it ROCKIN', with Carol complaining that the bass was 'too much' on the floor above. YES! You oughta hear it down there! Bottom line, I have a great sound system in the downstairs den, and we have the TV hooked up with DVD, VHS, NetFlix, Wii, and other necessary stuff. Yahoo! And I have come around to the fact that vinyl albums have better sound than CD's and other digital stuff. Way more depth and deeper, quality sound. Just my humble opinion....

Todays FOX moment,

concerns the clowns having to make a choice. Do we support Chris Christie who actually proves that Repubs are capable of compromise and negotiation, OR, do we continue to support 'our guys', the lemmings with the suicide vests, who shut down the govt, killing the economy? Must be tough, for the Murdoch robots, who can see, and are responsible for, the collapse of the modern(?), Repub party. No problem for rational/logical people, BUT, a HUGE problem for the FOX clowns. Stay tuned.

The 'Old Farts Breakfast Club',

had a Tuesday meeting at the theater today, and saw "Last Vegas', then went out for lunch. Great flick, that I think even 'non-old farts' will probably like. Fantastic cast and an interesting movie, in many ways. I think it's gonna do real well....

Watching Bryan Williams,

on national news tonight, I see where the airlines are requiring a lot more 'simulator time' for pilots, in response to public safety concerns. Should be good news for 'Paradigm Shift Solutions', the kids' flight simulator business. As if they weren't busy enough, BUT, it's gotta be good news for them.

Proving again, that I'm not the only one,

Emmy winner Stephen Colbert joined Jon Stewart in roasting the clowns at FOX.
On last night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert entered Fox News' war against technology the best way possible: With a fake Twitter account.

Upon learning that Fox News encouraged its staffers to prop up fake online accounts to anonymously combat negative stories about Fox, Colbert writer Rob Dubbin started an automated Twitter account to help 'em out. The account, @RealHumanPraise, takes pullquotes from the movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and replaces the names of the movies with Fox News shows and personalities, such as,  'The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson" is messy and amateurish but heartfelt and compelling. , and, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, 'has the power to haunt as much as to amuse.' .
The stooges at FOX printed them, not realizing they were being pimped. FOX News, what a joke.

Todays FOX Moment

has Greta (Van Susteren) bitchin' about the New York Times being biased in covering Obamacare. ARE YOU KIDDING? A FOX News(?) clown complaining about a media outlet being biased? Next they're gonna claim that the earth isn't flat. FOX News. What a joke....

Todays FOX moment,

has the clowns bitchin' about unions contributing to political causes, BUT, they see nothing wrong with the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, and other 'Big Money' using unlimited funds to BUY elections for their right wing favorites after the Repub Supreme Court upheld 'Citizens United', which allows unlimited, untraceable money to legally buy elections. Once again, the 'Fairly Unbalanced' network shows their true colors, in case there was ever any doubt.

What a great day,

after having too many bad ones. Spent the morning with the 'old farts breakfast club', and the rest of the day with my kids/spouses and granddaughter, in beautiful Golden, Colorado, on a fantastic fall day, After too many 'not good' days, this was a great one. 'Tis a privelege, to live in Colorado', and really appreciated that fact, today

Was happy, for a while,

when I saw that CU-UCLA was on TV tonight, cuz they usually aren't. BUT, after watching the game, it was just sad, cuz the Buffs aren't that good, although they play hard. The worst part? The coach doesn't play to WIN. Really embarassing, as they punt on 4th and one, again. What you got to lose, when you're a huge underdog? Why can't the Buffs hire a competent football coach? Sad....

Todays FOX moment

has FOX, bitching about the Obamacare website being shut down for fixes, as they also claim, the 'whole thing needs to be delayed'. Typical FOX logic, as they also claim, in a separate 'news' piece, that this PROVES that a 'single payer' system, (that the Dems wanted, like Medicare) wouldn't work. SO wrong on SO many levels that I'm not even gonna comment, Cuz, 'If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand'. Nothing new here, with typical FOX bullshit, that the sheep love....'See Cletus, I knowed we was right, you tell 'em Shep'.

Today I realized,

how pussywhipped I am. Rather than put up with an attitude, I joined in raking and bagging a BUNCH of leaves, so we could capture them, before the wind blows 'em away. We live on the east side of a neighborhood with prevailing westerly winds, and a golf course to the east. Looking around, I see that most of the trees ( and all the aspens) still have their leaves, as in the picture. So, trying to be rational/logical, I'm saying, 'let's wait 'til the leaves fall, and the winds blow, and we'll rake up what's left'. NO WAY, says the boss, SO, we filled up a bunch of trash bags, til we ran out, and have a bunch more to go, unless the wind blows them away, first. AND, we now have a clean landing area for the millions of leaves still to our west. Rather than trying to be smart about it, I gave up, just to save the hassle. SO, does that make me stupid, or pussywhipped? Probably both... (See, I use my blog to blow off steam, as in politics, so I don't have …

Interesting, but disturbing article

in the Denver Post, this morning, about declawing cats. I've always thought it was inhumane and barbaric and this article explains why. Declawing, or onychectomy, is illegal in Australia, Israel, Brazil, Japan, most members of the European Union, and many other countries. Anyone considering such an operation should be forced to read this, as it shows the severe pain and permanent damage done, in a HUGE % of cats. Many vets are refusing to do the surgery, knowing the consequences. Won't subject you to the details, but if you want to know more, read this.

You won't hear it on FOX,

but there's a major story on the BBC, and the mainstream media, about Rupert Murdoch and FOX, tapping the 'royals' phones, and using the info, to sell more newspapers. Same old FOX crap, that's hidden from the sheep. Nothing new here.

The HUGE difference,

between Pubs and Dems, or Cons vs Libs, continues to be: The Repubs look at the poor, old, children and hungry and see the 5% who abuse the system and wanna 'shut it down' for all, while the Dems realize the 'haves' gotta  help the 'have-nots', while weeding out the waste. While the 'We got ours, screw the rest' mentality rules the Repub party, many of the 'rest of us', realize that many vulnerable paople are dangerously close to being homeless and hungry. No easy fix, but a HUGE difference, as the top 1% continue to reap OVER 90% of the 'profits' of the 'system'. Nothing new here, as the Pubs continue to subsidize the rich, while denying the less fotrunate. Just look at the latest Farm Bill, with large food stamp cuts, while corporate farmers, over 75% are multimillionaires get increased subsidies. Call me a LIBERAL, but I hate to see children and elderly suffering, while the rich get richer...

Today's FOX Moment

comes from last night's Daily Show, as Jon Stewart had a collage of FOX news clips,  showing the 'The Daily Show', and claiming that if 'even Jon Stewart' is making fun of Obamacare, that PROVES it's bad. Oh Really? Jon then 'went off' on them showing how he makes fun of everyone, incl Dems and Libs, in a collage of work, and how when he made fun of Pubs and Cons, (another large collage, mainly featuring Bush/Cheney), but FOX didn't feature him then. Bottom line, Jon says to FOX, "If you're gonna waatch me, I got a message for you', and he did a song and dance number, featuring a choir singing, 'Go F**K Yourself', in a very personal 'tribute' to the clowns at FOX. SO, that's one thing Jon Stewart and I have in common. A deepseated dislike for FOX News, because of their hypocrisy, lies and blatant political propaganda, BUT, sadly, there are people who actually believe their crap. See/listen to the 'Go F**k Yourse…