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Contrary to popular (2/3) opinion, FOX isn't totally worthless

they have provided a YUUUUGE list of the rats who have jumped ship, many under indictment. from Dotard's 'reign of error',
Check it out, here:

OMG! More have left than have stayed!
Can you imagine working for that psycho in the White House looney bin, as they all wonder., Am I next on Mueller's list, who's making deals, and what exactly do the Russians 'HAVE' on the Liar in Chief?
Stay tuned, it's getting fun....

Trump and the Russians, a cocktail made in Hell

is just a made up headline to track my 'audience', which is WAY higher, from Russia, whenever I blog about the Liar in Chief and his Putin buddies. (Really)
Bottom line, when I blog about the Orange Clown and his relationship to Russia, I get a YUUUUGE amount of 'hits' from Russia.
No shit!
Hard to explain, BUT...
Let's just see where tomorrow's 'audience' comes from.
It's all tracked on my blog.
Let's just see how my numbers add up tomorrow, and from where.
If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand....

When you're a World Class Liar, like the Liar in Chief,

it's hard to find anyone comparable, who can spin your lies to the clueless, gullible masses who believe, or pretend to swallow your crap.
SOOO, the White House just lost their 4th spokesperson, as the rats desert the ship, before they are indicted, SO Hope Hicks decided to 'spend more time with her family', maybe on the same island as Sean Spicer.
The joke perpetrated on the American people just gets WORSE..... as FOX spins the news to make it palatable for the sheep.
BTW, word is that Dotard was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Really?
And if you believe that, you probably believe he's not a pathological LIAR supported by a bunch of gullible FOXSheep. HA!

Just saw 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri',

and am still a little upset, but not in a bad way. Am thinking it could have had a different/better ending, but.....
A memorable, story with a cast that does an amazing job. Can see why Frances McDormand is up for 'Best Actress' and bet she wins, and is gonna be close between Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell in a supporting role, but am thinking Sam will win.
Since it's Oscar time, and we're not all that busy, we've tried to see most of the movies up for awards and it's a pretty interesting bunch.
I'm guessing 'Shape of Water' for best flick, and the crew from 3 Billboards doing real well, IMHO....

Excellent article from 'Psychology Today'

Spoiler alert: Short people beware, and forgive me for passing on these facts.
Maybe Randy Newman had it right.....
 In a nutshell, tall people are more attractive to good looking women (and are more likely to have male children, REALLY), creating smarter, better looking children, ad infinitum.....
Obviously not a hundred percent true, but definitely trendworthy.
Don't shoot the messenger, just read the article.

Good article: The Myth of Finding Your Purpose

some excerpts an article that really spoke to me, as someone, (like me) struggled to 'find their purpose', without a lot of success, though it did set them up with a lot of guilt, which is self-defeating. Something I can relate to, but that being said, I envy those who HAVE 'found their purpose' if only in their own mind.

But here’s the rub. When our purpose is external, we may never find it. If we tie our purpose or meaning to our vocation, goal or an activity, we’re more than likely setting ourselves up for suffering down the line. Your purpose has nothing to do with what you do. There, I said it. Your purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are, to know and love yourself at the deepest level and to guide yourself back home when you lose your way. That’s it. Everything else is your burning passion, your inspired mission, your job, your love-fueled hobby, etc. Those things are powerful and essential, but they’re not your purpose. Your purpose is much …

File it under: Yup, but who cares?

Re “In Trump Evangelicals Trust,” by David Brody (Sunday Review, Feb. 25): There is something deeply troubling about a Christianity that has found its man in Donald Trump. Whatever policy ends President Trump has accomplished, he has done so while being a confirmed and very public liar. More, he has used racism, turned his back on “the strangers in our midst,” and insulted and degraded the weakest among us. This is not the faith of Jesus Christ. MITCHELL BROWN

Just like he did with the Immigration Bill

when the Liar in Chief used the TV time to say, 'Hand me a bill, I'll sign it, and take the heat'. HA Total Lie.
Now, he did the same with the gun bill, about standing up to the NRA and doing something. Ha Ha
Total LIAR, as if we didn't know. 2/3 of us that is, the other 1/3 don't know/care with their heads SO FAR up their asses.....

In his continual NEED for applause and acceptance

Trump Regurgitates Fox News Narrative in Morning Twitter Rant the Liar in Chief spends most of his day where he is SURE to get it, with his nose up the asses of the clowns on Bullshit Mountain.
Yup, this morning he listened to their crap, then regurgitated it to the sheep who believe the same swill, in an early morning (on the crapper) Tweet Storm.
Yup, Russia is a 'witch hunt', (never mind US intel and his closest associates being caught in SO MANY LIES about their Russian connections) and the DOJ oughta go after Hillary instead of the Russians and those who helped them steal the election.
And the worst part?
The moronic minions swallow the BS and ask for more.
OMG, how long do we have to put up with this bullshit????

BTW, heard a great line in a song on the radio this morning that made me think of the FOXNews crowd, with their double digit IQ's.
'Only the stupid people are breeding'. How true.....

Because I want to be an informed voter/person, I have decided to

research all the candidates for the upcoming election, here in Broomfield, but I can't possibly get all the news about all of them, SO, have decided to just follow the blog of the one I can relate closest to, Joe Blow.
I will read all about him, from him, and read what he has to say about the other candidates before I vote, Then I can be an informed voter and will maybe vote for Joe Blow.
Sounds smart. right?
Sorta like the sheep who think they are informed, BUT, get all their 'news' through one filter, (Roger Ailes' creation) and COINCIDENTALLY, always vote Repub, cuz they KNOW the Dems are really stoopid, after reading/hearing about them from Bullshit Mountain.
Never mind, gotta start getting informed about our next election, SO am gonna read Joe Blow's blog, maybe speak with him, interview his campaign members and listen to all his campaign speeches, THEN I can make an informed decision.
Really schmart, huh?
Where can I get my 'GULLIBLE' hat? Oh yeah, B…

Here we are 15 months after the (disastrous) election

and the Orange Clown can't get around to important govt business, like appointing ambassadors.
Maybe we could tell the clowns at Bullshit Mountain to mention the vacancies, so Dotard would find out about them.
South Korea, Germany, Egypt: These are among 41 countries that don't have a U.S. ambassador

As we learn more about the Russians interfering in the 2016 election

the Liar in Chief is pushing for a Dept of Justice investigation..........................
against Hillary
Yup, you can't make this stuff up, as the clowns at FOX throw fresh meat to the rabid sheep.
Yup, ignore Russia AND the sanctions voted on against them and go after Hillary, so the gullible among us can yell, Lock Her Up, and ignore all the crap dripping from the White House.

Trump to push for DOJ probe into Hillary Clinton scandalsPresident Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to promote calls for the Justice Department to investigate alleged criminal activity by his former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton -- citing a Fox News analyst.

Attn: Rightwingnuts

Maybe Rush and Sean aren't the Climate X-spurts you think they are.
Maybe they just lie, to benefit their Big Oil sponsors, for the gullible
sheep in the FOX audience? Who da thunk?

On Feb. 25, that weather station remained above
freezing for about 24 hours, which is virtually unheard
of during February, when there is no sunlight reaching
the ground there. Arctic sea ice in the Bering Sea and to the north of
Greenland actually declined during February, a time
when sea ice usually expands toward its seasonal
maximum in early to mid-March. "I think it's fair to say that this event is unprecedented 
in our record — both in terms of the magnitude and 
the duration," said Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist 
at the Danish Meteorological Institute.

I can't imagine a more fitting end

than the Orange Clown charging (unarmed) into the Florida shooter's school , and getting his fat ass blown off by a an AR-15, the assault weapon favored by the NRA(R).
(BTW, the new name for an AR-15 oughta be 'Republican', cuz it is SO easily bought.)

Maybe there is a God, in my dream world, with Dotard getting his fat ass shot off.
Hey, my scenario is more realistic than the Liar in Chief entering a school with an active shooter.
How stoopid does he think we they are?
The sheep, that is.
Answer....Totally stoopid, gullible and clueless.
FOXNewsers, who swallow with mouth open, eyes and brain closed.
Yup, unarmed Dotard, charging a school shooter.
Of all his total bullshit LIES, this has to be near the top. LMFAO....

IF you ever wondered, what a f**king liar, the Liar in Chief actually is

just listen to Dotard's quote on the news tonight, as the Liar in Chief claims 'he would have rushed in', to save the children, even if he wasn't armed'. OMG!
AND, if you believe that, you believe in Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and the Liar in Chief's claim that he didn't sexually assault the 19 women who claim he did, after he bragged about 'Grabbing Pussy'.

Oh yeah, don't waste your time here, go directly to FOXNews, where you can get your 'news' from the Roger Ailes (Chief Repub Political Strategist) version of reality, (Propaganda for the uninformed) for the low IQ Sheep who will believe ANYTHING with an (R) after it.
BTW, please give me the 'sheep' mailing list so I can sell them some 'magic beans'.
AS IF they'd know the difference.....
And you wonder how we got the Orange Clown in the White House.
C'mon FOXSheep/literal Bible believers, explain again how SMART you are, as you go to the polls, voting straig…

Cuz I was looking for something good on Netflix

and my kids said it was good, and cuz I always liked Dave Chappelle, I watched his new comedy show, 'Equanimity' today, and laughed my ass off.
Sure, there's a bunch of bad words, and some borderline humor, but 'this nigger' as he calls himself is SO funny in SO many ways.
Should be required watching for every adult in the US, and other places. Dave has a way of looking at the ordinary and making it seem profound and hilarious.
It's probably not for everyone, but if it's not for you, then there's something WRONG with YOU.
Grow up....

Good day, yesterday

Celebrated birthdays with mountain Olsons and got to see my son and daughter (plus spouses, granddaughter AND grandson, with great food and home brew. Life is good.
Also got to see the local 'Boy's Club in Coal Creek Canyon, near Nate and Laura's house.
A herd of EIGHT large bucks who are hanging out in the snow, showing off their YUUUGE racks.
Funny, there was a time I'd try to figure out how to take one, but now I just hope they stay safe, from the 2 and 4 legged predators.

As if the Rightwingnut Bubble wasn't 'Fact-resistant' enough

they have this new source, (a propaganda arm of FOX and the Repubs, one and the same), to make SURE that the sheep only receive one point of view, the FAR RIghtwingnut view, so they can tell their friends, 'I knowed we was right'.
Here ya go, sheep.
And you wonder why they (FOXSheep) are so ignorant and uninformed?

For those who want to avoid 'Fake News', will do just that. The search engine delivers content from a conservative perspective and uses reputable sources, like FOX and Newsmax.

Just when you think the Liar in Chief can't top himself,

the A-hole comes up with a WHOPPER like this. Excuse me while I LMAO.....

Trump: I'd Have Run Into the School Even Without a Gun!
Read Newsmax Article: 

In yet another example of Dotard promising, 'I'll appoint only the BEST people'

we have this a-hole in charge of the prices we pay for drugs. Thanks again, ignorant sheep.
The damage to our country will last for decades, as every choice for Cabinet positions is the exact OPPOSITE of what it should be.
The Pubs set the tone for this administration when the FIRST thing they did after Dotard's election was to hold a late-night, closed door session to KILL the Congressional Ethics Committee. Remember? No shit, that was their FIRST 'order of business', but they were busted before it became law. The Liar in Chief is making up for it, though, with Cabinet appointments......
And, this just in: Trump is pushing for his personal pilot to head the FAA. Although he has ZERO experience, Dotard claims, 'He's a really smart guy'. OMG, here we go again.....
This is the most corrupt administration in history.

As Robert Mueller is tightening the vice on the Liar in Chief

the clowns at FOX are doing all they can to disparage Mueller's committee and the FBI and are doing a bit of 'in your face' to those who think the US presidential election shouldn't be decided by the Russians.
A recent poll shows us that even if there were incontrovertible evidence that Dotard colluded with the Russians, a YUUUGE majority of Repubs say that he should be impeached or removed.
Think about it.
THese 'Patriots' don't give a shit about a foreign country putting their boy in power, as long as he has (R) after his name.
It's already become obvious why Vlad and his henchmen wanted the Orange Clown in the White House, as the Liar in Chief has refused to impose the YUUUGE penalties/sanctions that Congress voted for.
Now, Bullshit Mountain has this 'in your face' for all of us, as the sheep breath a sigh a relief....
The bottom line is that no matter what evidence Mueller turns up, he can’t indict the president if he follows DOJ policy unl…

Just when he was beginning to edge a bit higher

cuz people got a tax-cut raise (that their kids will pay for), the Orange Clown crashed back down to his 'Historical' low ratings.
Yup, he still has the Bullshit Mountain Minions, who would give a thumbs up to Jeffrey Dahmer if he had (R) after his name and FOX and Friends slobbered over him, but the thinking public, who gets 'real' news instead of the propaganda from Roger Ailes most successful diversionary program, FOXCrap, still hates him and his hostile takeover of morality and common sense in the US, with the help of his Bible Belt Brainiacs, for whom 'Science' is a dirty word.
Oh yeah, and there's the rest of the world, who looks at the US and says,
'WTF is WRONG with you?'
Despite Trump’s bullish take on his performance,
the president’s approval rating fell five points over
last month to 35 percent, according to a survey
conducted by polling firm SSRS. That number
matches the lowest rating of his presidency in
December. A separate poll by US…

I've described Dotard in many ways,

incl vain, arrogant,unqualified, vile and a Pathological Liar, BUT, I've never called him stupid.
That would be his FOXNews minions.
Just by definition, half the country is 'less than average' when it comes to intelligence, and it's OBVIOUS where he gets his support.
It's sure not from the high education/income states. Those are ALL BLUE.

The Orange Clown's MAIN support comes from the 'Base' of the Repub party, the Bible Belt South, where they KNOW the Dems wanna come and 'take their guns'.
I'm sure they are SO proud, as they visit the Noah's Ark Museum before sending their children to be locked up, and pay X-spurts, to 'Pray Away the Gay'.
And you wonder how we got the Liar in Chief in the White House?

Wow, the Liar in Chief can't keep his lies straight

Trump Egregiously Misquotes Fox News To Attack Rival The president apparently wasn’t paying attention.
Donald J. Trump
✔@realDonaldTrump “Congressman Schiff omitted and distorted key facts” @FoxNews So, what else is new. He is a total phony! 5:56 PM - Feb 24, 2018 57.7K 36.2K people are talking about this

I, for one, kinda laugh

when I see North Korea's 'State TV', with the kimono clad woman spouting Kim Jong Un's propaganda to the brain-washed populace.
Then I see FOX and realize we have our own State TV, where the Dotard's message is pumped out in daily doses, as he grants interviews and praises ONLY ONE news outlet, propaganda site.
Yup, the network created by the Chief Political Strategist of the Repub Party can certainly be counted on to be 'Fair and Balanced', a motto that is SO LAUGHABLE that the clowns dropped it, cuz even THEY couldn't repeat it without giggling.....
BUT, it doesn't keep the sheep from swallowing the swill, and saying, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?'

After the horrific Florida shootings, responsible media asks, "How can it be legal for a mentally unfit, 18 year old to buy a killing machine like an AR-15?'
But FOX, who supports arming anyone who has the cash with assault weapons and high-capacity clips, has a different questio…

Joining a long list of others, who don't want to visit the Orange Clown in the White House,

Mexican President Nieto cancelled a scheduled visit.
He joins a LONG list of athletes, celebrities and world leaders who Just Say NO, to meeting with Dotard.
Perhaps his many apologists oughta quit criticizing the athletes and others and ask themselves, 'WHY is that SO MANY, can't stand the Liar in Chief?'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto postponed plans for the Mexican leader's first visit to the White House, after a testy phone call involving Trump's push for a border wall, a senior U.S. official said on Saturday.

Nice Tweet from US Olympic athlete, Gus Kenworthy,

after Russia won a gold medal in figure skating. Right on, Gus!

Gus Kenworthy ✔@guskenworthy Russia's biggest win since the 2016 US Presidential election! … 1:45 AM - Feb 25, 2018

As long as the Pubs can pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep,

the Bullshit Mountain minions can be distracted about the TRUE MEANING of the FBI's actions, concerning Dotard's good buddy, Roger Stone, and his interactions with a BUNCH of Russians.
You ever notice the Pubs don't DENY that Stone met with the Russians, MANY times, OR that the Liar in Chief's close friend was ALREADY on the FBI's screen, for questionable dealing with Russian banks and politicians?
OF COURSE NOT, cuz they have no case. Roger Stone, the Orange Clown's henchman was and IS, guilty as charged, BUT, FOXLies can easily distract the sheep by saying, 'Those naughty FBI people cheated', by taking over an investigation begun by Jeb Bush, then paid for by Hillary, and that's as far as the colon-encased, FOXSheep minds can go.
Bad FBI! Poor Donald!
The fact that Roger Stone, Trump's buddy, had MANY meetings, over several years, incl during the campaign, is lost the Bullshit Mountain Brainiacs, and/or they 'just don"t care'.

Was gonna point out all the OBVIOUS bullshit

in the Pubs FINALLY releasing the Dem response to the Nunes memo, about WHY the FBI had NO DOUBT about Trump's buddies and the Russians, AND the absurdity of the Orange Clown's Third World Dictator-type military parade, but if I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand.
Sorta like the Russians backing Dotard for President of the US.
If I gotta explain what's SO wrong about it, you(R) won't remove your head from your ass long enough to see WHY Putin and friends want the Liar in Chief in charge.
AGAIN, if I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand.

Does anyone else notice the Total Hypocrisy of the Repubs,

who bitched and moaned, and SCREAMED Lock Her Up, cuz Hillary used a 'private server' that might (but didn't) get hacked by a foreign power?
Yup, these Patriots were SO worried that our country could be HACKED, they made her private server one of the MAIN rallying cries of the election.
BUT, when ALL the US intel agencies agree that the Russians hacked into our system to elect the Orange Clown?
NO PROBLEM, for the clowns who OWN the word Hypocrite!

The Liar in Chief's plan, to make the rich RICHER, is working VERY well, for the One %

as the Repubs continue their plan to transfer wealth UPWARD, with their 'Trickle UP' theory.
How many 'low income' tax payers are gonna have to pay MORE, to cover the 'Giveaway' that benefits Warren Buffet and the One Percenters that Dotard is making the MAIN beneficiaries of his
raid on the US Treasury?

Warren Buffett shareholder letter says Berkshire posted $29 billion gain from tax cut law, USA TODAY

As we were flipping thru the channels,

considering the Olympics, I saw the 4-man Bobsled event and said, 'Yup, one man steering and 3 men as dead weight'. Stupid sport, where the difference between first and third is a few hundredths of a second, OR, a timing error.
This was proven when a sled tipped over, with a few hundred yards to go, and it didn't affect their time, at all.
Like bowling, with  the 'guttter walls' in place.
Stupid sport....

Conservative news site Newsmax writes

It’s all well and good for Paul Manafort to spend 15 years in prison for money laundering, and Rick Gates to plead guilty to cut a deal, and Alex Van Der Zwaan to miss the birth of his first child because he lied to the FBI. But it would be an injustice if, once again, those around the president suffer and he is left unscathed. He was the beneficiary of the highly questionable Russian contacts his campaign made and desperately tried to keep secret leading up to the 2016 election, which speaks of collusion and much worse. Trump couldn’t have chosen two top advisers with more contacts with the Kremlin than campaign manager Manafort and national security adviser Michael Flynn. He could hardly have praised Russian President Vladimir Putin more. And he could have hardly benefitted more from Russian interference than to win.

Read Full Article Here Bribery Law Could Take Down Trump |

When you hear about Russia meddling in the US Prez election,

which president comes to mind? Maybe the one who had a YUUUGE number of his campaign committee meet with the Russians, then deny the meetings, until it was proven they were LYING?
Maybe the prez whose own sons said they got the MAJORITY of their company funding from Russia, after US lending sources dried up?
Maybe the prez whose campaign chairman, Paul Manafort is under indictment for not disclosing financial dealings with the Russians?
Maybe the son who met with the Russians to get 'dirt' on Hillary, then said he was discussing 'adoptions', until he was forced to tell the truth?
Nope, if you are a loyal FOXSheep, the guilty prez is Obama!
Yup, Bullshit Mountain claims it is Obama's fault, cuz the first Trump/Russia connections/meetings took place during HIS administration, and THAT will be his legacy.
Here's a peek inside FOX 'news?'
Liz Peek: Obama’s legacy will be that he allowed Russia to ‘sow discord’ in the US And you wonder WHY FOXSheep are so ig…

As we get more and more info on Russia's meddling in our election,

the Orange Clown finally announced sanctions......against North Korea.
Yup, the Dotard we have as prez, cuz of James Comey and Vladimir Putin, is still IGNORING the will of Congress and the people, by NOT imposing the sanctions that were voted against the Russians, much to their benefit.
And who is surprised by this?
NO ONE, cuz it's exactly what you'd expect from the Liar in Chief, who is totally shameless as he drags our country down to HIS level....

What's the difference between the Olympic Committe and the Trump adminstration(R)?

When the Olympics find the Russians are cheating, they kick them out.
The Trumpies? They reward them them by NOT doing the sanctions that over 99% of Congress voted to impose.
Trump and the Pubs, in collusion with the Russians
Cheating crooks, BUT, we don't have the Olympic Committee to get justice
same old shit, from the Republican party where cheating and lying is just part of their game.

Am reading more of 'Silk Road'

a historical novel based in the 1200's as the Popes (Catholic Church) tortured (terribly) and killed all the 'heretics' (logical rational people) throughout Europe, taking all their lands and wealth, if they didn't 'convert' soon enough.
AND, they sent many of the remaining landowners/royalty on Crusades to take the 'Holy Land', and then confiscated their property when they didn't return, getting most of the valuable property in Europe, one way or another.
Just part of the reason that the Vatican, (Christian Church), is BY FAR, the richest 'business' in the world.
Their total rule was called the Dark Ages, for a reason.

Again, nothing against spirituality, but The church of Christ has been hijacked along the way, many times....
Esp in the Dark Ages, as the Church took over the wealth (and faith) of the world.
BTW, the Dominicans were the 'Chief Torturers' and handsomely rewarded by the Pope/church.

Let me guess the reactions romr the hypocrites(R), as per the Donald's men

are shown to have connections to Russia, money laundering and tax evasion' Wanna guess?
Those a-holes (R) are gonna bitch about 'fake new's and Mueller just 'dong his job', as he PROVES the Russians put 'their boy' in office. Same old shit, from the worst HYPOCRITES EVER!
They bitched about Hillary's private email MIGHT be hijacked by the Russians, BUT, when their people worked with the Russians, as ALL the US intel agencies agree.
No Problem
Total a-holes, as always....
Wanna bet?

WOW, this just in"

Paul Manafort and his minion, Rick Gates, were just charged with hiding/laundering $75 million, from Russian politicians/bankers, while being on the Liar in Chief's campaign committee.
Gates has a young family and is looking at decades in prison, unless he cooperates with Robert Mueller.
Stay tuned.....
As per the Liar in Chief?
As I've said, just be patient.....
BTW, future images of a 'greasy, sleazeball political hack(R)' will have the picture of Paul Manafort, the Orange Clown's buddy and Campaign Chairman.
Robert Mueller is just getting started, hanging corrupt scalps(R) on the wall....
I can hardly wait....

The Pubs and the NRA are on the same page (more guns) AGAIN,

cuz the NRA pays them billions, yes BILLIONS in campaign contributions, to insure their loyalty. Wayne LaPierre, head of the gun manufacturers, is calling for MORE guns in the schools. AS IF we need MORE GUNS in the country with the most guns BY FAR, than any nation in the world and BY FAR more shootings. Coincidence?
The Pub/Trump solution? MORE GUNS.
It's the definition of insanity, sorta like being a Pub, as they accept $$$ from anyone who wants to BUY their votes, with most of them getting an A from the NRA while Dems get a D, or less.
Same old shit, different day.....
BTW, I am a proud, multiple gun owner and lifelong hunter. Dems aren't calling for 'taking guns', as Bullshit Mountain would have you believe. Just asking for background checks, gun shows NOT being exempt and not selling military assault weapons, with YUUUGE magazines to the general public. Guns do have their place. If only I had a 500 yd shot, at Dotard, with my 300 Win Mag.....

Great line from Steven Colbert, on The Late Show,

describing Donald Trump Jr, and his relationship to Dotard, his father.
'The bag doesn't fall far from the douche.'
Oops, guess it wasn't original, but still funny.

Seems impossible, but is absolutely TRUE

The Liar in Chief has HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of $$$$ in loans from Russian banks.
AND, he has gone AGAINST the votes of over 99% of Congress to impose sanctions on Russia! THINK ABOUT IT!
Even the 'head up their ass crowd(R)' oughta be able to figure this one out.

Here on FamGuy, I posted this, early and often

cuz I thought it was important, just WHERE Trump got his financing/money, after US banks wouldn't touch him. But it's just now getting widespread attention?

"In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," President Donald Trump's eldest son said during a conference in New York in 2008.The comment has taken on new meaning since Trump's election.Can you imagine the SCREAMING from the rightwingnuts if this was admitted by Hillary or Obama? OMG! Lynch mobs(R) with torches and pitchforks, led by Rush, Sean and their clueless minions....Who can't see what's SO OBVIOUS? Other than the willfully ignorant(R)?


of someone posting, 'I'm not a fan of either side of the aisle, BUT...'
while EVERYTHING they post is Anti-Dem, Pro-Repub bullshit.
Who do you think you're kidding?
Just OWN your OBVIOUS views and quit trying to ride the middle of the fence, while leaning SO FAR RIGHT....

As the rightwingnuts struggle to defend their ties to NRA money,

they just 'make it up', facts that is, just like FOXNews, and the gullible minions 'swallow it', as this article flooded rightwing 'news'.

David Hogg, a student journalist who documented the shootings as they happened, was a "crisis actor" -- someone who didn't even attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He and several other "students" speaking out about the need for legislative action on guns were plants by gun control advocates -- professional rabble-rousers aiming to take political advantage of a tragedy. "Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen," an aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison told the Tampa Bay Times' Alex Leary on Tuesday.  Or the students were plants of the FBI, because Hogg's father is a retired FBI agent.
"Why would the child of an FBI agent be used as a pawn for anti-Trump rhetoric and anti-gun legislation?" asked the conser…

Cuz it's Sr Tuesday, saw 'Black Panther', today

Wow! Wasn't sure what to expect, but heard/saw from reviews, it's really good, and it is.
Not saying perfect, cuz I'm not a YUUUGE fan of super-hero movies, but it definitely exceeded expectations, and I'm obviously not the target audience. (Old white guy)
Basically good vs evil, with amazing cast, CGI, costumes, plot, AND message.
Can see why it's a 'black' statement, as a large part of our population can't relate to 'super-heroes', but they can find something to like here, as well as the rest of us, with an open mind.
Not the BEST flick I've ever seen, but well worth the time/money.

Occasionally, the Orange Clown says something TRUE,

although it is totally accidental.
His latest 'Truthful Tweet' claimed,

 "The Russians "are laughing their asses off in Moscow!"

You bet your ass they are, Dotard, cuz they helped to install Donald Trump as president of the United States.
Can you begin to imagine some of the jokes and comments flying around, inside the Kremlin, as their wildest dreams came true, and the YUUUGE number of glasses of vodka being 'Toasted' after the Liar in Chief refused to follow 99% of Congress, who voted for SANCTIONS on The Red Menace'?
Laughing their asses off INDEED, Dotard, as they toast YOU!

Although the US already spends

more than the next EIGHT CLOSEST nations COMBINED on 'Defense', the Repub 'Pork Barrel Patriots' are adding a YUUUUGE amount to that figure, as they shovel massive military spending contracts to their home states.
This represents a $165-billion increase from the previous cap— and doesn't include the ever-slushy Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) funds, which would be in the neighborhood of $60 billion on top of that.

PLEASE, don't EVER refer to the Rghtwingnut Repubs as 'Fiscally Responsible', as they shovel money to the overflowing pork barrels, while cutting taxes to pay for it.
Totally insane, but SO Republican....

In the insane, Bizarro world of FOXNews,

Obama is a villain, cuz he was 'warned' that their 'might' be Russian meddling in the US election and he did nothing'.

SEAN HANNITY: President Obama was warned about Russian meddling - and did nothing
President Obama was warned that Russia would try to interfere in America's elections. So, what did he do? Nothing. BUT, the Liar in Chief(R) has been presented with 'rock-solid EVIDENCE' that the Russians interfered in the US presidential election, and he is doing NOTHING, and that's FINE with the clowns at FOX. Anyone else see anything wrong with the A-Holes of Bullshit Mountain, and their clueless, gullible minions? Totally insane, and SO TYPICALLY FOX.....

Can you even begin to imagine

the OUTRAGE of the HYPOCRITICAL 'Righteous Rightwingnut Republicans' if Obama had been accused by 19 women of sexual assault, after admitting he liked to 'grab 'em by the pussy?'
In today's news...

Trump appeared to be referring to Rachel Crooks, one of the 19 women to have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against him. 

OMG! They'd have marched on the White House with pitchforks and torches, ready to lynch him in the Rose Garden
BUT, when it's their boy, 'Hey, No Big Deal'.
Look up the definition of hypocrite if you wanna see who these jerks(R) are...

Did anyone else notice

Dotard's Tweet on Presidents Day
@realDonaldTrump : - Have a great, but very reflective, President’s Day! [0852 EST] Yup, it's Presidents Day not President's Day.
YUUUGE difference, as in his vain, arrogant mind we are to celebrate HIM, not the Presidents of our country who WEREN'T totally unqualified/incompetent.
Small punctuation, YUUUUGE difference.
Typical for the Orange Clown.

Here's a short check-list

to see if you are Dem or Pub.

It's OK to support an 'unlimited' military budget,
It's OK to support assault weapons for the masses.
It's OK if you don't care if the Prez LIES constantly.
It's OK to support Russia over the FBI
It's OK for the prez to cheat on his wife, multiple times
It's OK for his buddies to 'buy off' those women, then LIE about it
It's OK to go bankrupt at least SIX times, then be US prez
It's OK to believe a NY billionaire can relate to the common worker
It's OK to believe a confirmed heathen, like The Donald, is a Christian
It's OK for US prez NOT to release tax returns.
It's OK for prez campaign and family to meet with Russians during campaign, then LIE about it
It's OK to LIE, thousands of times, as prez, with most lies being OBVIOUS!
It's OK to believe FOX instead of 'real' (95%) news.
It's OK to jail people for smoking pot
It's OK for US prez to say, 'Screw you' to…

Any of you D-bags(R) remember,

the Nunes 'memo' which changed, omitted and cherry-picked the 'facts' from the 'REAL' memo?
Well, here it is a couple weeks later and the Liar in Chief WON'T ALLOW the Dems response, which provides the 'actual' facts in question.
Does this bother the gullible sheep?
They(R) cheat, lie and steal, and it's NO SURPRISE.
We aren't surprised and it passes quickly, cuz the Liar in Chief has done SO much more, and WORSE, since then. (See hookers and other 'cheating on his son's mother). and a third world Dictator-Type Military Parade.
As for the morning Tweeting?
He has to do SOMETHING while his hairdressers hide his YUUUGE bald spot and spray on his Orange Face.
Wanna bet?

Just to 'keep it real'

although I hate the Liar in Chief, that doesn't mean I hate America. Far from it, BUT, I can't stand the rightwingnuts who think they/we are so EXCEPTIONAL in the world, cuz they/we are Americans. Our ancestor's all came from countries that have been around WAY longer.
It's just like the Thumpers, who claim to have the One and Only TRUE religion, and the YUUUGE majority of the world is gonna burn in Hell, while they enjoy the 'sweet life' in Heaven.
Such Christian/American ARROGANCE makes me ill and ashamed, while it pumps up the sheep.
Yup, Americans killed/wounded MILLIONS of civilians in Viet Nam (and the US lost the war) and Iraq (after 15 Saudis attacked the US), both wars that the US based on LIES (to make profits) FILLING the VA hospitals, BUT, I should be PROUD, cuz 'our shit don't stink' and we have the one and only true God? That's FOX CRAP...

BTW, am reading 'Silk Road', historical fiction about the Pope's emissaries in t…

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday it was70 degrees, 'golfing in shorts' weather, and today it's snowing, with a high in the teens.
Makes those Mexican 'sunny beaches' seem FAR away and long ago.

On this snowy afternoon, as I finish watching (the recorded) '60 Minutes' focus group, (with 7 Dems /7 Pubs, and Oprah as moderator), I can agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but NOT their own facts.

One fallacy of the Pubs, is that THEY pay the Dems' bills, which is TOTALLY wrong. Look it up any way you want, Red vs Blue, educated vs NOT) which states PAY more taxes and which receive more benefits. EVERYTHING proves the (science believing) Dems pay more of the bills. WITHOUT A DOUBT. Look at who owns the most profitable companies.

The other main fallacy of the Pubs is that the economy is doing good cuz of Trump.
True, in a minor way. His tax cuts, which the Pubs would NEVER allow the Dems to do, definitely helped, although it's just pushing the bills off, to b…