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On The Daily Show last night,

Jon Stewart grilled Judith Miller on her book, 'The Story', where she tries to justify her part in being a 'stooge' for GW and The Dick, as they lied us into a war in Iraq. Judith was hand fed 'cherry picked' info by Rummy , The Dick and their crew, which she published in major newspapers, then the 'War Criminals' repeated that same crap to justify the war they wanted, and had been pushing forever since the Big Oil Boys wanted to take oil WAY up in price. SUCCESS! Oil went from $15/barrel to over $140 when the Haliburton backed Cheney led the Cowboy Conman's inside circle into all kinds of lies about yellow cake uranium, aluminum tubes and mushroom clouds. ALL LIES, but that's fine with FOX and the sheep, cuz, 'Hey, we all make mistakes and the INTEL was bad'. BULLSHIT!. Many people tried to tell the truth, like Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson., before they were trampled by the Bushies.
I've never seen Stewart so totally leave his comed…

If you can get past

all the Anti-Hillary articles, from the Fair and Balanced folks, you'll see they're bitchin' cuz the "Obama Economy' is stuck in a 'Low Growth Rut'. Hmmm...
I would say any reasonable person, which disqualifies the sheep, would agree that a low growth rut, is much preferable to a 'Free Fall Recession', (by far the worst since the Great Depression), that the last Repub Administration gave us. Just a thought......

What's a sheep to do?

The sheep who follow FOXNews and the Catholic church gotta be in a quandary. While Bullshit Mountain claims climate change is a hoax (although 97% of Climatologists say it's REAL), the Pope came out yesterday in recognition of man-caused climate change. Wow, who's a lowly sheep supposed to believe? HINT: Maybe the scientists who've spent their lives studying the problem and actually have the stats and facts to back up their view, instead of some Big Oil billionaires. Just a thought....

I'm here to help the Pubs

and I have a campaign slogan for the 2016 elections. "Forget What We Did Last Time We Were In Charge'. I think it has a nice ring to it, and it works for everyone with no memory of 2008, after 8 years of 'The Reign of Error'.
BUT, not everyone is as gullible as 'The Sheep'. Never mind....

We've been a nation for about 240 years,

and there have been some real scoundrels, incl those who have taken us to war, based on lies, killing thousands and costing trillions, BUT, according to Bullshit Mountain, (where the sheep gather for their daily load of bullshit), there is a new record being set. Yup, according to the Repub Propaganda Machine, the most corrupt family, in the HISTORY of the USA, is.......................... Can you guess who???????????????

The Clintons!

 Luckily, for our country, FOXNews(R) is providing alternatives. Stay tuned.........

Obama had many good jokes

at the Nerd Prom, Correspondent's Dinner, but my favs were: Some people say I'm arrogant, aloof and condescending. Those people are just dumb. Some ask if I have a Bucket List. Well, it RHYMES with that... Concerning Joe Biden, the prez admitted they were very good friends. SO good, in fact, they can't even be served pizza, in Indiana. He had several good zingers, but Cicely Strong was kinda weak, I thought.

In the 'Southern States'

where the Pubs rule the heart of the Bible Belt, possession of cannabis will earn you a prison sentence, BUT, 'Spice' is sold, legally, over the counter. What is Spice? It's a marijuana substitute, with unregulated drugs sprayed on smokable leaves, that has killed dozens and sent thousands to emergency rooms in the last year. WAY more death and injury than has ever been caused by pot, BUT, the Repub brain trust in these backwater states can claim they are 'holding the line' against illegal drug use, while they also lead the nation in prescription drug abuse. They must be SO proud...
where their theme song is 'We don't need no education'.

After hearing from 'The Dick'

for many years, about Obama's Terrible MidEast policy, we have a new X-spurt chiming in, and he actually IS an expert on the 'Chaos' he is claiming WILL happen, cuz if anyone knows about causing mayhem, it's the 'Hornet's nest kicker', himself', GW. The clowns at FOX are giving the cowboy conman a 'front row soapbax' to bitch about the current prez, cuz  in foreign relations, Dubya did SUCH a great job he can't even travel abroad, where he'd be prosecuted as a War Criminal, just as he SHOULD be here. But, it keeps the sheep riled, and that's the point, on Bullshit Mountain, where actual 'historical reality' doesn't matter, BUT, the damage Obama is GONNA cause has 'em screaming. More laser pointers at work for the cats/sheep, as they chase their tails, trying to catch SOMETHING.

In FOX/Pub world, one and the same,

they make LOTS of predictions, or 'statements of facts, to come', from their X-spurts, who

 weigh in on a major policy initiative that’s about to happen, making strong predictions of disaster. The Obama stimulus, you declare, will cause soaring interest rates; the Fed’s bond purchases will “debase the dollar” and cause high inflation; the Affordable Care Act will collapse in a vicious circle of declining enrollment and surging costs, Obama's 'cooking the books', not to mention all the 'evidence about to be presented' that he was born in Kenya. But nothing you predicted actually comes to pass. What do you do? The answer is NOTHING, cuz the sheep don't mind. They're off to the next 'disaster' that's gonna happen, while they ignore the REAL disasters that 'actually happened' during the last Repub administration. Nothing new here, but I get SO sick of it, as they've beat BENGHAZI! into the ground, with over 20 hearings, and MORE …

The clowns at Bullshit Mountain

are shamelessly promoting the new book about 'Clinton Cash', hoping for a Ken Starr/Monica Lewinski moment, but so far there's no smoking gun, the pistol isn't even loaded, and no one's even seen a firearm, BUT, that doesn't stop FOX from proclaiming, 'ANOTHER Hillary scandal!', as the Hillary Scandal Machine at the Repub Propaganda Machine keeps shoveling the swill, as the sheep look for SOMETHING that will make everyone forget what the Pubs did last time they were in charge. GOOD LUCK........

The race is on, in Iowa(R),

as the clown car roars in and the clowns pile out, after first kissing 'wrinkled old man' butt, (Adelson and Koch bros), they are fighting to prove who is the 'Most Conservative', while they sell Repub ideas to those who believe the earth is 6000 years old, all the animals in the ENTIRE world (with food to feed 'em) piled on a boat for 40 days, then swam to continents thousands of miles away, AND, don't forget, being gay is a CHOICE, (and a SIN).
Is it any wonder that the clown car crew knows 'this is our base', and BTW, just ignore what we did last time we were in office, and REMEMBER, Obama is gonna WRECK the economy, any day now, cuz FOXNews says so, and has been saying, for the last 7 years, as it continues to improve from the 'steaming pile' that GW and The Dick left behind.
OH, and don't forget, Climate Change is a HOAX. This Anti-science message brought to you by The Koch Brothers(R), and their BILLION dollars, approved by the Supreme…

We saw 'While We're Young', this week,

cuz we felt like getting out, and it had good reviews. I'm not sure why, and we are trusting 'reviews' less all the time. It wasn't TERRIBLE, but I sure wouldn't recommend it. Saw 'Rush' on HBO, today, the true story of two Grand Prix racers in the 70's, who had an amazing rivalry as they raced the fastest cars in the world. I thought Chris Helmsly did a great job, and it has one of the best endings ever, as the director Ron Howard mixed real footage in with the movie, as the actors REALLY looked like the characters they played, in an amazing true story, IMHO.

I didn't see it,

and I don't understand IT, but the Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview was on TV last night. This link has 12 of the best parts, BUT, there are too many commercials. It is SO strange to see him/her this way, cuz he was one of my 'heroes' when he won the Decathlon in the Olympics, (world's best athlete) esp as a pole vaulter.

With thanks to Dave Hardy, I'm passing this on

GOP Chairman Warns Against Hatred for Hillary Peaking Too Soon 24 April 15 In an urgent memo to the field of G.O.P. Presidential candidates, the Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, praised them for their relentless personal attacks on Hillary Clinton, but warned that their hatred for the former Secretary of State might be “peaking too early.” Priebus called the candidates’ ongoing evisceration of Clinton “magnificent,” but expressed his concern that “no human beings, even an impressive group like yourselves, could possibly sustain such a high intensity of throbbing hatred for an entire year and a half.” “Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint,” he wrote. “You need to leave some hate in the tank.” In the conclusion of his memo, Priebus advised the candidates to take an occasional day off from hating Clinton so that they could “return to despising her with renewed freshness and vigor.” Responding to the R.N.C. directive, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said…


that the Pubs are bitchin', cuz Obama is 'killing Americans' with drones, after they've continually bitched cuz he doesn't kill enuff terrorists. Just like they bitch about Hillary, cuz  BENGHAZI! happened, after the Pubs cut $ for embassies (Google it), and there was NO WAY military help could have gotten there, in time. Doesn't matter to the sheep, as they want control of the govt purse strings, even though they TOTALLY screwed it up last time. (Worst recession since the 30's) Bottom line, 'IGNORE REALITY', vote Repub, as per Koch Bros/FOXNews propaganda. Nothing new here...

I knew it would happen

I cleaned up my Honda XL 500 and was gonna sell it, once I got it started, but that wasn't easy, since I never cranked it up last year and the carb got clogged. Bottom line, spent several hours/dollars, and got it fired up. Runs great, but now I don't wanna sell it, cuz it is SO much fun to ride....

The Bullshit Mountain crew

must have read my post that pointed out they ONLY had 9 negative Hillary articles, the other day, and they were really slipping. Today they're back on track, with at least 18. What good is a propaganda machine if it's not running at 'full throttle'?

It's 'that time of year',

as the mallards are looking for a small pond to make their nest. BUT, Bailey feels the need to defend her turf. SO, as a pair of ducks are trying to make our pond 'their home', our kitty feels like she has to prove she can defend us. Is funny to watch her try to chase them away, while they're not really that afraid of her. An on-going drama that's fun to watch...

Wow, I'm shocked

The most popular ex-prez and former sec of state make hundreds of speeches and the their charity/foundation takes in millions of dollars. Then, the Koch bros -sponsored author finds no provable wrong-doing, BUT, he casts some MAJOR innuendo, and Bullshit Mountain jumps all over it, with the sheep slobbering over it. Why am I not surprised, as the 'Koch-bros sponsored' book is HUGE on FOX? As always, the sheep are like a cat and laser pointer, when Hillary is involved. BTW, the Pubs are shelving the BENGHAZI! bullshit, for the moment, scheduling the hearings right before the 2016 election. Duh, who da guessed, as the sheep follow the laser pointer, since they can't bitch about the economy and Obamacare,

I recorded the ACM Award Show,

the Academy of Country Music, and watched (most of) it last night. There was definitely SOME good music, and I was a bit surprised how 'hard rock' some of the music has gotten, with some good kick ass guitar solos, and the lights, special effects and sound were amazing. 'Stadium rock' has come a long way since my concert-working days. But, I was even more surprised as the show was kind of a cross between a 'come to Jesus' tent revival and an NRA-sponsored 4th of July parade. After watching, I can see how Mike Huckabee is appealing to his base with his 'God, Guns, Grits and Gravy', book and campaign. I knew there was a bit of a divide between 'country' and mainstream, but the ACM show really highlighted it, OR, maybe it's just a different part of 'mainstream', that I'm not familiar with, living here in Colorado.

The clowns at FOX are slipping....

ONLY 9 negative Hillary articles today. Who didn't get the memo? Heads are gonna roll....

Today's the anniversary of the Columbine shooting,

and I'm STILL pissed at the cops. The well paid and equipped SWAT team cowered outside, for 2 hours after the shooters killed themselves, while students and a teacher bled to death. BUT, they were there for months, and their investigation cost millions, as they PROVED that Dylan/Klebold were the shooters. Overpaid jerks.....

Kind of ashamed to admit it,

here in Colorado on 4/20, but I hardly ever toke any more. About the only time is a concert or when my glaucoma or sciatica is acting up and I need pain relief. Who da thunk, with my hippie background and now that it's legal? Every time I do though, I ask myself, 'Self, why don't you do this more?' And I don't have a good answer.....(disclaimer- Adults only)

Among many ludicrous claims,

FOX is promoting an anti-Hillary book that says Bill Clinton got large speaking fees from foreign countries, in return for 'favors' from Hillary's state dept. It's all ridiculous conjecture, BUT, something the Pubs don't have to worry about. Their former prez, GW, (and his partner in crime, The Dick), don't get large fees from foreign speeches, BECAUSE, they'd be arrested as 'war criminals', (rightfully so), in most of the world, so they don't even travel, let alone speak. BTW, if there was true justice they'd be arrested HERE for war crimes. Not that hard to prove....

FOXNews is 'Going Deep'

in their anti-Hillary coverage, today. On top of all their normal propaganda, they are featuring an obituary notice, from a 'highly respected' gentleman, whose wishes included, 'no flowers' and 'don't vote for Hillary'. Bullshit Mountain went on to show what a fantastic, intelligent man he was, OBVIOUSLY. This was HEADLINE NEWS for the sheep, as it was just one of MANY (at least 11) anti-Hillary pieces from the 'Fair and Balanced' bozos. And to think, we still have nearly a year and a half to go. Should be interesting, keeping the sheep riled for THAT long, but they're very easily entertained, once you know the formula. They're the cats and a negative Hillary story is the laser pointer.

I know it's too early for forest fire season

and it's been rainy/snowy lately, so I was surprised to see the smoke/fog in the air today. Then I remembered what day it is, 4/20, and I closed all the windows and doors, just to be safe. Nary a hotel room to be found in the city this weekend as the damned tourists from across the country (and world) come to celebrate. Wow, at 4:20 this afternoon, probably won't even be able to see the mountains.
The bad news, from the TV interviews, is that a bunch of them are planning to stay. Oh great...

Pretty amazing series on CNN tonight,

as Dr Sanjay Gupta does a continuing documentary on medical marijuana. The research is one of the few things that Colorado and Israel have in common, as the Israeli govt has allowed actual research, instead of the lies from 'Reefer Madness'. Dr Gupta chronicles MANY patients, young and old, who are enjoying the benefits of cannabis, just as millions have, over many centuries, around the world.  The major drug companies HATE it, cuz, they are gonna lose billions, and that's what drives governmental policy. Bottom line, this series has well documented factual proof, BUT, the lawyers, pharmaceutical companies and 'law enforcement', (who confiscates cash and property) have a lot to lose, in spite of the FACTS that show cannabis helps with pain, glaucoma, PTSD, and shows promise treating cancer and Alzheimer's.
The good news? We are FINALLY gonna get some REAL medical research since the voters of Colorado have gotten 'real', vs the Conservatives who wanna th…

There were a couple good articles in the Denver Post this morning,

about the difference between Liberals and Conservatives, as the authors tried get to the base difference between looking at the same event or idea and coming up with a totally different conclusion. They considered, 'nature or nurture', environment and genetics, though there were no 'definitive answers', there were some very interesting facts. 
Greg Dobbs has a great article, 'Are Our Politics Genetic?

He describes some large studies that suggest Cons are more fearful (or prudent?), and this shows up in several ways, by testing, and in actual measurable differences in certain parts of the brain. I think this is evident in wanting more military action and more 'wide open' gun laws, among other tendencies. As always, this isn't 'black or white' and there are many other factors at work, but in my observations this is very true, most of the time., and this explains how some pe…

I think any reasonable person would admit

the college years are a time of transition, between adulthood and youth, experimenting with drinking/maybe drugs and sometimes fights between hormone charged young men. Because of some VERY imaginative marketing by the NRA, the Pubs are pushing bills to let drunk kids carry guns on campus, as they try to get 'concealed carry' in Colorado with NO permit. What could possibly go wrong, as the chickenhawks of the Repub party always think the answer to every question is 'more guns'? What's more likely to happen, an accidental shooting or stopping a crazed shooter on campus? Just when I think they can't get worse, the Pubs, led by the gun nuts of the NRA, always do....

In the crazy/stupid world

of the Pub brain, it makes sense to hold up the nomination of the new Atty General, (replacing the guy they HATE), until the 'Human Trafficking Bill' which nearly EVERYONE agrees on, gets passed. BUT, the Pubs insist on an anti-abortion 'rider' being passed FIRST, which doesn't even come close to having majority support. Yup, this is Repub logic. They won't pass OBVIOUS legislation until they get their way on a bill that most people don't support, SO, the 'Party of NO!' just gums up the works, AGAIN, cuz they can.
Just when I think these a**holes can't get any worse, they always do. Why am I surprised any more?

It must be Saturday, cuz I feel dirty

On weekdays I record the national news, but it's not on Saturday morning, SO, I watch some CNN and during commercials or a boring story I'll sometimes switch to FOX. What a mistake... This morning I saw their panel of clowns in suits show a pic of the White House with the caption 'Obama wants to redistribute your wealth'. The actual story was about the Pubs trying to save BILLIONS, (that others, who can't afford it, would have to pay), so the richest 1/50th of ONE percent could guard their riches, by changing the Inheritance Tax for billionaires, (who the Pubs actually CARE about), BUT, that's not how FOX presented it. It was just 'Obama wants to take YOUR money and give it to the poor'.
 If I was a 1%er  OF COURSE I'd be a Pub, but it's the REST of the people who get screwed by them, with the help of FOX, that I can't understand.
I just about gagged, and switched the channel, remembering why I can't watch the crap from 'The Propaga…

Living on the golf course,

beside the 4 'Kennedy kids' (all boys), we have a glimpse into the life of teenage boys. Today, after 2 days of heavy wet snow, the snow melt is running, with snow on the ground, and the boys are doing Utube videos, as they do 'slip and slide', in their undies, with snow on the ground. Impossible to describe, as the 15 yr olds freeze their asses off, trying to get internet glory, while saying 'I'm freezing my weiner off', and 'I can't feel my feet'. Too funny, as they splash and slide into 33 degree water...

If I were to believe FOXNews' Bill O'Reilly,

(and why would ANYONE?), I'd learn that there IS persecution in America, and the victims are:
White men, Christians and cops. SO, if you are a white, male, Christian cop, FOX has your back, cuz you are obviously a VICTIM. Who swallows this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep, as Bullshit Mountain goes out of their way, to keep 'em riled. And don't forget, Obama is giving nukes to Iran and the police are coming to get your guns! FOXNews, what a joke.....

In a party truly lacking in 'intellectuals'

Charles 'The Kraut' Hammer is about as close as the Pubs get, until he goes totally 'off the rails' in one of his Conservative rants, as he feels compelled to defend the 'whacko birds' in his party. Today, though, his target was Hillary, and her 'Marie Antoinette' pilgrimage to the country. Poor Hillary, damned if she does and damned if she doesn't, as the rightwing pundits struggle to tear her down, while lacking one of their own, to build up. For them, not a good place to be, as they just admitted:

"Hillary is likable enough, and she has her strengths: discipline, determination, high intelligence, great energy. With an immense organization deploying an obscene amount of money. And behind that, a Democratic Party united if not overly enthusiastic." WOW! Those are some pretty good strengths. Too bad she has  no experience, other than First Lady, Senator and Sec of State. And you wonder why the Pubs are doing all they can, to tear her down, …

Because I'm thrifty,

we sometimes look for 'deals' on Groupon, Living Social or other sites. I found an offer for 'The Reserve', on Lake Travis, in the hill country outside of Austin,TX, that I'd heard good things about (very highly rated on Trip Advisor), and since we'd never been to Austin, known as the island of sanity in the insane state of Texas, (also referred to as 'the blueberry in the bowl of tomato soup', by Gov Rick Perry) we decided to book a trip. We just wanted a quick 'getaway' and had airfare and car rental all lined up, when I spoke with Randi, at the resort, who explained there wouldn't be a lifeguard at the pool, cuz it was still 'off-season' and I said that was fine. When I asked about 'off-season' I also found out the pool bar was closed, as well as the main bar, AND the restaurant, BUT, you could cook in the cabin, in the microwave, BUT, the nearest 'open' restaurant was approx a 15 minute drive. Am SO glad I found …

The Repubs are working hard this week,

to repeal taxes,,,,,,, for the .02%, as they are rushing to help the billionaires, while the 'little people' will have to make up the $22 billion, in lost revenue. Yup, the 'estate tax' repeal would only affect 5,400 people per year, (the constituency that the Pubs actually care about), but it would save them BILLIONS, while shifting the taxes 'down the food chain', to the people who can least afford it. If you ever wonder who the Pubs actually care about, this is a great example, BUT, the sheep who believe the crap from Bullshit Mountain think the Pubs are 'on their side'. What a joke, that the 'low information' (FOXNews minions) crowd never 'gets', as they pay higher taxes, so the billionaires don't have to.

The clowns at FOX admit

that Jeb Bush has some really serious 'baggage' after his bro GW's presidency, but argue that Hillary has the same problem. Oh Really? Bill Clinton is the most popular ex-prez of modern time, who presided over a booming economy, while GW was run out of town with the LOWEST approval rating of modern time, with a crashing economy and a disastrous war, based on lies. Yup, Jeb and Hillary both have baggage, but hers is a lightweight carry-on bag, while his is a steamer trunk filled with anvils and dead skunks. HUGE difference.....

According to Bullshit Mountain

the crippling drought that's hitting California isn't part of 'Climate Change', that over 97% of actual Climatologists claim is 'Real', it's the policies of those damn 'environmentalists'. Yup, the propaganda machine that exists to keep the 1% at the top of the food chain doesn't mention the unusual high pressure system that has parked itself over California, as part of a changing atmospheric condition, but they blame the environmental policies that sought to preserve clean water and wildlife habitat, in one river drainage, for the 'man-made disaster'. Yup, just when I think the bullshit can't get any deeper, the clowns at FOX shovel out a new load, and the sheep eat it up....
'Man-made disaster': Critics say California drought caused by misguided environment policies

Just to 'keep it real',

I gotta admit I'm not a huge Hillary fan, (though she's my fav candidate at the moment, cuz I can't stand most of the hypocrite Pubs) but I like part of what Rand Paul says, and I've always liked Chris Christy, although I don't agree with ALL of any of them. Is gonna be a LONG political season, and my mind is open...

I read a lot of books,

cuz Ted (thanks a bunch) gets me free downloads, and I can read anything I want, SO, I at least start most of the best-sellers. I gotta admit that I don't enjoy most female authors, for the most part, BUT, 'Girl on the Train', by Paula Hawkins has got me hooked. It took a while to get into it, cuz it's a different style of writing, BUT, now that I'm halfway through, it's hard to stop. Hopefully it can end as well as it's started. We'll see, but for now, it's an excellent 'who done it?', that takes place in a part of London that we've visited and I can picture very easily. I know it's a good book when I wanna read more, at the same time I wanna 'ration' it, and make it last.  Good job Paula, you have my interest...

If I could choose only ONE thing

about the Repubs that upsets me the most, I'm not sure what it would be. The Citizens United ruling that lets Big Money buy votes? Their war-mongering tendencies that call for bombs, bullets and boots on the ground in SO many places? Their anti-science stance that denies the OBVIOUS climate change that over 97% of Climatologists say is REAL. Their ignorant views toward gays, saying it's a choice? The blatant lies of their 'propaganda wing', masquerading as Fair and Balanced  'news'? Their misinformation campaign that claims that Red States taxes support Blue States, when just the opposite is true and easily provable? Their continued assault on the middle class,transferring wealth to the 1%? The hypocrisy of refusing to even vote on an Immigration Bill, then screaming when the pres finally takes necessary action? Their fight to keep the US as the ONLY major country in the world that doesn't provide health care to it's citizens, while also making a huge …

Hillary 'announced' today,

and the 'Big Money' Repub machine hit me with a BUNCH of pleas for money, to 'take back America', (from that damn black guy in the White House). I signed up, as Mr. Phuque Hugh, last name 'Repubs'. and I hope I get some contact.
FOXNews says referring to her as Hillary (first name only) is demeaning to women, and Bullshit Mountain (Fair and Balanced) says she should be 'Mrs Pantsuit'. The war has begun, BUT, when the sheep can totally forget the mess that GW/Cheney left and wanna return to the 'good ol' days' of 2008, it's obvious that 'reality' can be overrun by Bullshit Mountain.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard (esp right before 2008-2012 elections), 'you stupid Liberal, don't you know Obama's gonna wreck our country'.  But, the sheep get their 'news' from FOX, the propaganda arm of the Repub party, where a triple digit IQ puts you in the minority, so I've learned not to argue wit…

What a GREAT Master's tournament

21 yr old Jordan Spieth (German for successful/speedy) set a new record, on the most beautiful sports venue in the world. I can't imagine the mental pressure. Wow...

Just when I think

Pubs can't get any worse, they are introducing a bill in Colorado to allow 'concealed carry' with NO permit. Are you kidding me? What could possibly go wrong, as the same jerks are fighting background checks and want HUGE clips for automatic weapons? Have I ever mentioned I REALLY don't like those clowns, although I've always been a hunter and own multiple firearms?

We've all heard of Wikipedia,

but are you familiar with Dickipedia? Check out one of the worst 'dicks' out there, Ted Nugent.
This is good. The Pubs should be SO proud to have him on their side.

They aren't asking me, but I have a plan

to elect Dems in 2016. In EVERY 'swing state', the majority of voters favors decriminalizing cannabis, while the Conservatives(R) wanna send adults to prison for possessing a weed. In the 2008 Colorado election, most pundits say Obama won because of the large voter turnout for legal pot, as he won by a much smaller majority than Prop 64. I'm claiming that the 'swing states' need to have 'Legalize It' on the ballot to ensure we don't have the Pubs in charge again, cuz we have seen what a disaster they can be, as it's hard to forget the Pub-caused 'Crash of 2008', and their fondness for war. Who really thinks we need more law enforcement and prison time for adults who choose cannabis over alcohol? Oh yeah, the sheep(R), and that's why we need to mobilize the vote AGAINST intolerance(R).
Seems pretty simple to me, in the same way it seems pretty obvious that once the people speak, with a clear majority, it's obvious what the 'will …

The Denver Post had a good letter

from a Repub today.

It is painful for this lifelong Republican to see Sen. Cory Gardner jump into lockstep with my increasingly right-wing party and embrace their current ideology that any deal with Iran cannot be trusted. I was under the impression that I helped elect a thoughtful man. The Iran deal on the table happens to be the only deal available. No Republican, and certainly not Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, has offered a thought-through alternative. Were we to reject the deal and increase sanctions, all the current inspectors in Iran would be immediately expelled, the Iranian nuclear program would go deep underground, and the Iranian people would rally to a regime that an increasing number of them resent. Do Gardner and Netanyahu expect us to go to war again in the Middle East, but this time with a major power? Have we not poured enough blood into the sands of the Middle East, not to mention trillions in treasure? As always, there are two sides to every argument, and increasingly…

FOXNews has a 'Lead Story'

that asks the probing question. 'How Do Americans Feel About Hillary Clinton'? And SURPRISE!, they answer their own question, saying the people don't like or trust her, cuz, you know, those Clinton's are SO bad, thinking they are above the law, and we need Repub leadership to 'heal our nation'.
Do these jerks think ALL Americans have the memory of a sheep, and can't remember the last time Pubs were in charge and our nation barely survived, after the worst recession since the 30's? NOPE, they're dealing with the Bullshit Mountain audience, who never let facts intrude on their preconceived notions. 'Nuff said...

Just one more reason why I can't stand the Pubs

The cost of getting a college education has gone up WAY faster than the 'cost of living', and most of today's graduates, (AND non-graduates) are saddled with cripping debt that keeps them from buying homes, cars and other products that power our capitalistic society, Other debts, esp those of businesses, mortgages, banks themselves and private equity can be RE-financed, at a lower interest rate. BUT, because of Repub opposition in Congress, the students can't refinance their govt student loans, many of which were taken out at very high interest (8-12%), compared to today's rates. So why don't the Pubs want to help the struggling young people? Cuz they want the Big Money banks to get the profits, on the backs of our youth. It's that simple. The Big Banks(R) have MANY well paid lobbyists and the students don't, SO, the Repubs continue to fight any reform that would help the former students AND the general economy at the same time. Don't believe me, c…

FOXKnows how to keep the sheep riled,

and today they went with all their favorites, including the ever-popular 'War on Christians' (with 'Did Obama Make Anti-Christian Statements?), Cheney claims "Obama Worst President Ever' and lots of 'Hillary's Scandals', highlighting the worst of the latest Clinton tell-all book, plus continuing criticism of the yet unfinished Iran nuke deal. They led with one of their favorites, 'Gun-Rights Under Fire' claiming police are taking guns, for no good reasons. What? Of course they had 'Paris Hilton's See-Through Gown' and 'Lindsay Lohan Strips Down', for their lecherous old man crowd. In other words, different day, same crap, from Bullshit Mountain. I just wonder, do they pay their 'news' staff less, cuz they just recycle the same old shit? Never mind, they KNOW what the sheep wanna hear, and they ain't gonna disappoint 'em....

Sounding a lot like 'The Dick' Cheney

who claimed a short, sweet Iraq war with few if any casualties, where we'd be welcomed as liberators and gone in a few months, Tom Cotton(R), Arkansas, says we could bomb Iran and it would only take a few days to emerge victorious, sorta like 1998's 'Operation Desert Fox'. Oh really? Does this clown have any idea how large and powerful the Iranian military is, and how impossible it would be to put together a coalition of other countries that would go along with his shortsighted Repub view? In the Chickenhawk world, all problems are nails and they wanna use the US military as a hammer, and screw the casualties. Just when I think those jerks can't get any worse, we have a rookie Southern congressman(R), who thinks he should be in charge of US security, and the clowns at FOX urge him on. Unbelievable...

I wasn't the only one,

who thought the officiating in the NCAA b-ball tourney really sucked. Mark Cuban, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks and 'Shark Tank' member said today that the referees  couldn't manage a White Castle and are ruining the game, among other complaints he doesn't like the long shot clock in college ball. I know officiating is tough, but those clowns were HORRIBLE as their incompetence took over the games.  In GOOD sports news, the Rockies have started out 3-0, in their best start ever and The Masters begins today at beautiful Augusta, which always gets me fired up to play more golf. Yahoo. In other news, the Broncos are picked to have a 'disappointing season', with an aging QB, new coach and system, several players leaving for large contracts and a really tough schedule. Oh well, was fun while it lasted....

We signed up for HBO recently,

cuz Game of Thrones is starting soon, and as part the deal we got access to a whole lot of movies, including 'Saving Grace'. Grace is a proper English widow, living in a picturesque seaside village, whose husband just died and left her with a bunch of debt. I love dry Brit humor and this one starts out slowly as Grace finds out she's gonna lose her home and large orchid greenhouse. I've never seen Craig Ferguson as an actor, only as the Late Late Show host, where I really like him and his subtle wit. Anyway, he does a great job as the gardener, who likes the occasional toke, and the story takes off as they decide to grow pot, to pay the bills. One of the funniest parts is when her garden club makes tea from her 'tea plants' and gets the giggly munchies in the local market. Very good flick if you like quirky English humor.
Sort of on that subject, the Denver Post reported this morning that it's nearly impossible to find a room in Denver around April 20th, a…

Colorado has been very successful

in reducing teen pregnancies with it's IUD program for 'at risk' teens and young women which nearly everyone would agree is a good thing, cuz unwanted pregnancies aren't a good thing for the father, mother, child or the society who has to 'pick up the tab' cuz 'kids having unwanted kids' gets very expensive. I say 'nearly' everyone, cuz the Colorado Pubs wanna kill the program, as part of killing Planned Parenthood completely, and they're willing to screw up the whole state budget with their tantrum. Sorta like the Pubs in Washington are fighting legislation which would kill 'Gay Therapy' programs, where religious beliefs come into conflict with reality. Just when I think these Neanderthals can't any worse, they always do, in their efforts to 'Out-Conservative' each other.

I've read bunch of FOXLies over the years,

But today's Opinion piece about Scooter Libby, the Dick Cheney, and Valerie Plame is probably the WORST pile of crap they've ever published, and that's saying a LOT. Not gonna go into ALL the lies in that one article, but its off the chart, even for Bullshit Mntn. UNbelievable, that they think anyone would swallow that steaming pile, but HEY, it's the sheep talking about....

If you don't live in Colorado,

you don't get to see the funny TV ads about getting high, and driving. They are kinda serious, and get the msg across, but are usually pretty funny, as in showing people doing stupid stuff, legally, BUT, you can't drive. Good message......

I was gonna read the new book, 'Killing Truth'

about the MANY lies of FOX sweetheart Bill O'Reilly, and I still might, but it would be a waste of time, cuz my opinion of the 'Big Bill, Bullshit Mountain Bloviator' couldn't get much lower.

Titled Killing Truth: The Lies And Legends Of Bill O’Reilly -- a play on O'Reilly's popular books Killing LincolnKilling KennedyKilling Jesus and so on -- Boehlert's book paints the Fox News host as a pathological liar with an inferiority complex. The book salts old wounds, unearthing lies O'Reilly may have told about his accomplishments as a high school and college athlete, and spends ample time recounting his failure to ascend the slippery ladder of network news before landing at conservative powerhouse Fox. "[W]hen you read chapter after chapter, from Argentina to El Salvador, to Northern Ireland to the LA riots, you really get a sense of a man who's almost desperate to reinvent his past and to concoct a resume of a courageous wartime reporter,&quo…

'The Dick' Cheney has said and done

some REALLY bad stuff, but this has to be near top, today, as he had a quote that only the FAR far rightwingnuts wouldn't GAG over. The Dick, referring to the Iran nuke deal, that took 5 nations, many months to 'get this far', and still has many details to be worked out, said,

"I can't think of a more terrible burden to leave the next president than what Obama is creating here."

Oh really Dick? How 'bout the burden YOU left, with 2 unpaid for wars, based on lies, soaring unemployment, crashing home values/stock markets/pension plans, and the worst economy since the Great Depression?
Just be thankful, you old fart, that you haven't been incarcerated for war crimes, as you would be if you left the country, cuz other nations would hold you and the Bushies responsible for your 'crimes against humanity'.

Republicans weren't always bad,

in fact, Ike, a General turned president, had some fantastic advice, as he warned against the 'military/industrial complex' taking over. How true, as the modern day Pubs can't shovel money fast enough, for the rightwingnuts who think spending more than the next ten countries on earth  COMBINED, isn't enough, as they want MORE pork for their districts. Sickening, but SO Republican, as they bankrupt our country, and have to start MORE WARS to justify their greed, not caring about human casualties. Think Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and more....

Just finished 'All the Light We Cannot See',

by Anthony Doerr. The #1 Best Seller in the country, it is long, and good, but I was kinda disappointed with the ending. An amazing tale set before, during and after WWII, in France and Germany, with a young German soldier and an even younger blind French girl, whose father is a museum curator. Amazing writing, that really describes the horrors of war, as well as the goodness of the human spirit.Good, long story, that Carol and I both enjoyed, as we read it at pretty much the same time, but we both thought it could have had a better (more complete) ending. As I've always said, it's MUCH easier to start and write a book than it is to end it well. That being said, it's still a great book and some may not mind the ending...

This morning on CBS News,

Charlie Rose and crew interviewed Judith Miller about her new book, 'The Story, A Reporter's Journey', and she told how the Bush admin led her to certain 'sources' who claimed Saddam had WMD's, then QUOTED HER, in their run-up to the Iraq war, that was based on lies from the Bushies, with 'The Dick' Cheney leading the charge. Bottom line, the Pubs WANTED a war and did whatever necessary to get it, with a nice little 'extra' of taking oil (their business) from under $15 to over $140 a barrel. The only downside? Trillions spent and hundreds of thousands killed and wounded, PLUS, the mideast is STILL aflame after they 'kicked the hornet's nest'. Oh yeah, and they also wrecked the US economy, but hey, not as bad as a BJ in the White House, which is unforgivable, right?

Game's not over yet,

BUT, the jerks in black and white are either 'paid off' of just don't have a clue, as Wisconsin gets called for fouls, while Duke runs over them. UNbelievable, and I hope it doesn't cost the Badgers the game. Total incompetence by the zebras, as they can't even see when someone steps out of bounds, right in front of them, or who knocks it out of bounds, with the help of slow motion replay. Where do they get these guys, who should be wearing masks, as they steal the game?....

Duke won, and they played well when it counted (esp the freshmen), BUT, the refs totally 'turned the game' with a BUNCH of terrible calls, after Wisc got a 9 pt lead. Would be sick if I was a Wisc player or a big fan....

The eyes of the nation

are on the NCAA final game, in Indianapolis, BUT, the first thought for many is INDIANA, where the rightwingnuts discriminate against gays, which seems SO out of place in this modern world, but, a pizza shop can get over a million dollars, in Indiana, for saying they won't serve gays. Not sure if I'm more disappointed or just pissed off, as this 'backwater' of the US claims that being gay is a 'choice'. Unbelievable. but SO southern/Republican....

As always, is really funny

seeing FOX bitch about 'Rolling Stone' having some 'undocumented' reporting,while Bullshit Mountain' has SO many 'provable lies', that no one even cares any more, cuz it's just what we expect. Different strokes, for different folks...

Interesting comment caught on live mike,

after Kentucky's Andrew Harris (black), was asked about Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky (white).
Harrison muttered "F--- that n----" into a live microphone when another player was asked a question about Kaminsky after Kentucky lost 71-64 to the Badgers Saturday.
Kind of unusual, but I can understand that the KY players were upset, (both ways), after losing their undefeated season, which was made worse, by TERRRIBLE officiating, but at least it went both ways, as the zebras were more 'incompetent' than biased.

The 'new and improved' osprey cam

includes high-def, sound, night vision (black and white), and a lightning rod to keep it from being 'blown out', like last year.

Unlike what the religious extremists want to believe,

religion does evolve, from torturing and killing 'heretics' for saying the earth revolved around the sun, to views on slavery, women's rights and birth control, among other 'advances'. BUT, in Indiana, the pizza shop owners who refuse to serve gays, are cultural heroes to many, and have received over a million dollars in 'contributions' from those who think that gays are sinners and 'choose' their sexuality. Hopefully, these people will evolve, but if they don't, it's too bad that all Christians will be tarred with the sins of a few, just as the Pubs want to label billions of Muslims as 'terrorists', because some take it to extremes. Religion can be a good thing, but when the fanatics take over, it never is....

Great day, today

as I got the last of my Christmas present of 'family time' (after a movie with Kari and sushi with Piper), from Nate, as we went to Wonderland brew pub, for pizza, ping pong and craft beer (starting with their 12  beer sampler), with b-ball on the big screen. Thanks Nate for some great ping pong games and a fantastic day, BUT, just cuz you got a couple wins today, don't think it's gonna become a habit.

As I said earlier,

after watching Frank Kaminski and Sam Dekker play, Wisconsin is my pick to win it all, even though I kinda wanted to see an undefeated team. BUT, after Lyles (KY) threw the punch to the face, and there was 'No Call', instead of a 'Flagrant 2', it changed the game. The officiating was TERRIBLE, but it was terrible both ways, so it sorta evened out, BUT, how do those clowns (zebras) face themselves as they watch the replays. Sad way for Kentucky to end the year, but Wisconsin definitely deserved to win, (esp after KY had a 'shot clock violation'' THREE TIMES IN A ROW, at the end of the game) and I'm picking them over Duke, Monday night. We'll see, but hoping we have a different crew officiating. Whoever it is, (blind 2nd graders?) they gotta be better than what we saw tonight. Disgraceful, for such a huge game, but glad to see Dekker/Kaminski and team move on, with a 15-4 run at the end.
PS, I'm not the only one who thought the officials sucked, …

If I've seen/heard it once,

I've seen/heard it dozens of times. Obama, (and/or the Dems) 'want to take your/our guns'. That's bullshit, but it doesn't stop the nut balls. Trying to keep the WRONG people from buying guns? Yes, as the large majority of the people say they are for, BUT, the rightwingnuts take it a step further, and talk about 'taking' guns. Why do they feel they have to lie? Oh yeah, FOXNews teaches 'em.....

Saturday morning is different,

cuz I don't have the (recorded) national news (CBS, Charlie Rose) and financial news (CNBC), where I skip commercials and boring stuff, SO, on weekends I peruse CNN, Bloomberg and sometimes....FOX, until I get SO upset I turn off the TV and get up. This morning was no different, as I saw 'real' news talk about the Iran nuke talks (with most details still to be worked out, by June 30, but a framework has been set). Then I saw the spin from Bullshit Mountain, where they were TOTALLY negative, just like I predicted they would be, as if St Reagan, or any modern day Pub, could have gotten a 'perfect' pact, instead of dealing in the real world. According to FOX, the cheers from the Iranian people, (thinking sanctions might soon be lifted), meant Obama got bamboozled, but that's to be expected, cuz he and Kerry are just worried about their own 'legacies', while damning the world to nuclear holocaust in the near future. The only quotes shown were from Israel, R…

I LOVE this time of year, in Colorado

Golf weather (in shorts) yesterday, snowing, big and fluffy, right now (with 4-6" forecast) and upper 60's by the weekend. Nothing wrong with FL or AZ, if that's your kinda thing, but I could never leave the variety of the seasons. Not even close, cuz, we have amazing weather here on the Front Range of Colorado. The only problem? Too many people are finding out...

I'm just wondering,

if John Kerry and reps of the other 5 major powers work out a deal, that controls and slows the Iranian nuke program, after working extra days and nights, after MANY months and negotiations, do you think FOX will congratulate them, or find ANY good in it? OR, will they just use it as a political hammer, criticizing ALL of it, in an effort to return to THEIR kind of Mid East diplomacy, better known as 'Shock and Awe, that would start a HUGE, long lasting war, on the other side of the world? Hmmm. I wonder????

In the 'crazy/stupid' world of FOXNews,

the writer (referring to the Indiana law allowing discrimination against gays) asks, 'If I order a pork chop from a Jewish deli and they refuse to serve it, am I being discriminated against?' NO, idiot, they don't serve pork chops to anyone! He then asks, "if I can't enter the Vatican, because I'm wearing shorts, is that discrimination?' NO, idiot, bad example, cuz you can wear shorts into the Vatican, BUT the sheep just swallow such made up crap, cuz they don't know any better, as always. 'Nuff said...

Much has been written

about the FOXNews Primary, and how the candidates kiss Murdoch/Ailes ass for the blessing of Bullshit Mountain, while Sean, Rupert and Roger revel in their 'kingmaker' position.
FOX tickled itself to the point of incontinence at the suggestion that it possessed the power to select presidents, commencing the “Hannity Primary” in May 2011, a repeating feature in which Sean Hannity interviewed White House applicants on his show. Hysteria struck Media Matters (as it does several times a day) as the organization shrieked, “It’s become increasingly clear that the road to the Republican nomination runs through Fox News.” 

In an example of the 'tail wagging the dog', it's impossible to separate FOX/Pubs, cuz they are one and the same, BUT, it IS good to remember, before actually BELIEVING the crap from Bullshit Mountain, who will say and do ANYTHING to return Pubs to office. Although, how anyone could forget/deny such an OBVIOUS fact, is beyond me. The simple answer is, &#…

There was a time, not that long ago,

that Mike Pence,(R), IN, was considered a rising star in the Pub party and a potential candidate for prez. Then he hooked up (or his actual opinions became known) with the religious rightwingnuts of Indiana, concerning gay rights, and his national political ambitions have been squashed, as we've seen the difference between Main Street Indiana, and the rest of the country, and struggles to explain why he needs to 'Fix' a bill that he swears isn't broken. Thankfully, most of the other Repub clown car occupants are chiming in, with their 'Pro-discrimination views' against gays, and that'll help them to bite the dust also. The country has changed, and is still changing, as per right-wing religious views dominating politics for the majority. For anyone who can read a graph, it's obvious that the 'Religious Right', although still VERY noisy, is losing ground, with their outdated views on sexuality/morality and many other social issues. Will be interes…

In another example

of the corrupt legal system that is run by lawyers, for the benefit of lawyers, we found that the Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes' trial has already cost over $2.2 million, NOT counting his own legal teams' fees, and the trial hasn't even begun, over two years after the shooting. No one is arguing that he's not guilty, BUT, all the surviving victims, and families of the deceased, as well as MANY others will have to testify, when a jury is finally picked, after interviewing thousands. Then the X-spurts will testify, with conflicting opinions. All to decide if he is executed or receives life in prison. IF he is to be executed, that won't happen for many decades, after many more millions are spent on appeals.
Don't you just love the 'legal system' and the slimeballs who run it, at OUR expense, for THEIR profit?

As if we didn't already know,

there are more reports recently that Reagan was suffering from dementia (Alzheimer's), during his final years in office. Duh... Did anyone else notice the 'vacant look' in his eyes got even worse, while his speech making (unless he was reading), got even more simple, while he searched for words, Nancy spoke for him and it was obvious he was 'lost in space' on several occasions. Pretty obvious, unless you suffer from 'Reagan Worship', and refuse to recognize the symptoms. BTW, for various reasons, ALL his children couldn't/can't stand him, BUT, his apologists treat him like a hero, although his 'Trickle Down', budget busting policies trashed the treasury and started the country toward bankruptcy with his reckless 'defense' spending. Look at the facts. The Alzheimer-addled, B-movie star was a puppet for the military-industrial complex (that Ike warned against) and big money, who busted labor, cut taxes for the rich, looted the country…

This is kinda crazy, but I was surfing AOL news stories,

and happened to see two of my favorite local news people, from Channel 9 here in Denver, and I guess they were 'suddenly infamous'(?) for an 'on air spat', today, that was 'really awkward', according to Inside Edition. Or was it an April Fool's joke? Well, I looked at it, and it was just typical banter between these two, as Kyle Clark messes with everyone, and sometimes Kathy Sabine kids back. Will be interesting to hear their reactions to their 'live TV fight'.

Lufthansa and the French

are spending a lot of time and money investigating the crash scene, collecting and identifying the DNA of the victims. Why? They know the reason for the plane crash, and every passenger obviously died. Sure, they need to clean up the site, but it seems they're overdoing the forensics, just a bit...

After some deep contemplation,

looking at the problems that face us as a nation, I have decided to re-consider some of my deeply held convictions. I can't deny that some of the Pub candidates have some good ideas, and if I'm honest about it, FOX has some good, relevant viewpoints on important issues, and sometimes they try to be 'Fair and Balanced'. Maybe I've been a little too harsh on the Bush administration, who may have made some mistakes, but they got bad information. Am still maintaining my 'Independent' status, but am seriously considering voting Repub on some issues this year, as they seem to be the most 'mature' party, with many good ideas, especially dealing with our nation's security. And maybe I've been a little too critical of Bill O'Reilly, who does his best to present both sides of an issue, while showing his obvious intelligence. Whatever, I'm going to try to accept more of the conservative point of view, that has made our country great. And who kn…

It's Official

According to S&P/Case Schiller Home Price Indices, the Denver housing market is #1 in the nation for price appreciation, although the naysayers claimed legal pot would wreck us. Maybe it's the craft beer market, here in the Beermuda Triangle, (Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins-#1 in the WORLD), where we had five companies in the top 50 in the nation. OR, maybe it's just a great place to live. (Pic is Broomfield)
I just know, after living through a few of them, that we get some good 'Building Booms' around here, (led by home construction) which are self-sustaining once they begin, and we are on the cusp of a Big One. Too bad. We don't need no more stinkin' people 'round here....
BTW, the mayor of Denver has prohibited the use of city funds for any travel to Indiana, claiming their discriminatory laws are against Denver's policy of inclusion. Just another HUGE difference between Colorado and Indiana, cuz we don't think our citizens should be descrimina…