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The new Bronco's kicker

is 0 for 5, kicking into the end zone on kick offs? Where'd they get this guy, who gives the opponents an average starting point on the 40?

Sports wrap up, today

Bo Pelini, the loudmouth coach of the Huskers got fired, (Yahoo!!), the Pack beat the Pats (Yahoo) and the Broncos are playing at KC soon. Hopefully another Yahoo!....

I'm sick and tired,

of the Michael Brown shooting, cuz Michael was a criminal thug, BUT, I don't like the shooter saying, 'I didn't have a choice'. Oh yeah, you did. Taser, leg shot, call for back up , whatever. Bad guy or not, you didn't have to shoot him in the head, and then several more times.

A quiz today,

that everyone should be able to pass.
 Rush Limbaugh is...

1. Windbag
2. Blowhard
3. Oxycontin addict
4. Spokesman for rightwingnuts

OK, that was TOO easy, but you get my point?

Had a GREAT Thanksgiving,

as usual at Nate and Laura's (and Piper's), although we missed Kari and Ted, cuz it was their year to be with the 'non-fun' group, but I remember when WE tried to do 2 T-giving dinners each year and it ruined both of them. Bottom line, great food, home brew, games and fun times up in the canyon. You see and hear all the comedians talk about the 'awkward' holiday get-togethers with the loud mouth relatives. We are fortunate enough to all be on the same page, religiously and politically, SO, it makes it a lot more enjoyable. I can't imagine having to sit through an afternoon while 'drunk uncle' spouts all the FOXNews talking points, and rails about the 'War on Christmas'. I'd end up either leaving early or punching him out.  And I wouldn't want to leave early...

Good letter today, in the Post,

as the Pubs scream about the prez actually DOING something about immigration, while the Repubs plan revolves around deporting millions of workers, who do the hard, low paying jobs that most of us won't do.

When all of us as Americans sit down to our Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, remember those who put this food on our tables.
Thousands of Colorado’s migrant workers plant, pick, harvest, process and pack food for our salads, casseroles, mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pies and even our flower centerpieces.
They labor faithfully and skillfully in packing houses, dairy and turkey farms, nurseries and open fields.
They are the most vulnerable of human beings in our communities subsisting in unthinkable living and working conditions while facing the chilling fear of deportation and the splintering of their families.
So, let our hearts be filled with gratefulness, not hatefulness, as we celebrate their priceless contributions.

OR, you could just a Repub 'hater', w…

As thousands protest

across the country, over Michael Brown's death, they refuse to believe the science of the autopsy, that proves he wasn't shot like the 'eye witnesses' said, standing with his hands over his head, or in the back. The 'forensics' proved otherwise, and I choose to believe the science. UNlike the sheep who choose FOXLies over science, pertaining to climate change and evolution, amongst many other things. Pick a side....

I had a 'discussion' a while back,

with a rightwinger, and one of the things we discussed was the new pot laws here in Colorado, and the talk went to cannabis laws in other states. I said I thought it was wrong for people getting thrown in jail for it. When I asked Mr Conservative if he was OK with that, he said that we each need to abide by the laws we had 'Voted In'. But, I said, the pot laws weren't voted in. Tricky Dick Nixon wanted a way to 'nail' the hippies that were protesting against his war, and he decided to make pot a 'highly punishable' offense, BUT, he couldn't get the laws passed to do that, SO, he and his lawyers came up with a plan to just make cannabis a 'Schedule 1, controlled sustance' drug, rating it with heroin, meth and cocaine. VOILA! Throw those hippie bums in jail. Asked if this changed his mind about pot penalties, Mr Rightwinger said,  (something like) 'No, we can't decide which laws to obey', (as kids get years in jail for possessing a sm…

One of the good things

to come out of Colorado's experiment to legalize pot, is the $7.5 million dollars just awarded to study the effects of marijuana on epilepsy, PTSD and four other diseases that have shown promise. FINALLY, there can be actual studies that show the actual effects of cannabis as a medicine, after the govt has used 'Reefer Madness' as their guideline for medical research on a drug that has been used as medicine, throughout the world, for centuries. About time...

There IS some justice in the world,

cuz when the criminals that burned down the businesses in Ferguson need or want a pizza, something from the 'Dollar Store', auto parts, beer or wine from the liquor store, as well as several other businesses, it's not gonna be there, cuz they were idiots after a violent criminal attacked a police officer, just doing his job. I hope they realize how stupid they are, as their 'hood' no longer has a business section.

It is kinda funny,

that some of the same people who claim that the crowds in Ferguson oughta accept the findings of the grand jury in Ferguson, (and I agree), are the same ones who, after over TWENTY investigations into Benghazi, that say Hillary couldn't have prevented it, are IGNORING the evidence from people who interviewed actual witneses, and looked at the facts in the matter. Typical sheep behavior, as they, like the criminals in MO, have made up their minds, based on faulty info (from Bullshit Mountain), and facts are NOT gonna change their faulty opinions.

IF, the white police officer,

had shot an unarmed black teenager, when his hands were up and he was surrendering, then there might be cause for some unrest in Ferguson, MO. BUT, the forenssic evidence shows that's NOT what happened, as the 'witness', the thug accomplice of the violent criminal Michael Brown, obviously lied about the events that transpired after video showed the two of them robbing a convenience and shoving and threatening the owner. Now, after examining the facts and interviewing witnesses, the grand jury decided not to indict the officer, who was just doing his job, was attacked and he had to defend himself. The local criminals, and some who came to incite and join the looting and burning should be held accountable for their crimes. Such lawlessness just diminishes those who are actual victims of police violence, which is real sometimes, but was not the case in Ferguson, MO.

And you wonder why I can't stand 'em?

The new 'Rolling Stone' issue shows the HUGE difference between the 2 main political parties with the Dem vs Pub reactions to several issues, ALL of which are supported by a vast majority of the American people.

Ending govt subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies.
D- sponsored bill to cut $24 billion in subsidies.
R-Mitch McConnell. 'Frankly, I can't think of a better way to illustrate how completely out of touch the Democrats are on this issue'- as he killed it.

Student loan rates set at 3.4% or lower.
D-Elizabeth Warren introduced legislation to lower the rates.
R-'I'm pleased that Repubs provided a market based solution on student loans', Bonehead said, as it was killed.

Provide path to citizenship for undocumented aliens, with no 'benefits' involved
D-Senate passed a comprehensive, bi-partisan bill, with 14 Repub votes, and sent it to House.
R-Bonehead sat on it, refusing to bring to a vote, though the votes were there for it to pass.
Ted …

Much the same way

just hearing Rush's voice makes my stomach turn, seeing Ted Cruz, the 'anti-immigrant immigrant' causes the same sickening reaction. Just something about that face, and knowing his sleazy politics, esp on immigration. Speaking of, we found out today that during the hour long meeting between Bonehead and the prez, they discussed immigration and Obama told him that if he didn't call for a vote on the legislation that was on his desk, OR, write something new, then he was gonna use executive action on immigration, like Reagan and Bush did. Bonehead refused. SO, the prez called his bluff. Now, the Pubs are screaming about 'King' Obama, and his imperial presidency. The truth of the matter?, (that you will NEVER hear on FOX), is that Obama has used executive action MUCH less than the last few Repub presidents. The thoughts of the sheep (IF they know the truth, which I doubt), must be, 'But it's DIFFERENT when we do it'. Waa, waa, waa.....

Several sources

including Chuck Hagel himself, say the mission in the mideast has changed, from a war footing and as a seasoned combat veteran, Hagel realized there were others who were more qualified for the changing strategy. The FOXNews slant? 'Obama Finds Midterm Scapegoat'. No shit, that's how Bullshit Mountain gave the news to the sheep. And you wonder why their loyal (uninformed) listeners are such haters?

After my watch battery died,

when I was working a hurricane in Florida, I decided to spend some extra money and get a good watch that was solar powered and never needs a battery. Now, over ten years later, I've NEVER had to replace my watch battery, and it is totally accurate and waterproof. Amazing...

After at least 20 investigations,

the latest by a REPUB committee, the Pub 'uber-jerk', Lindsay Graham STILL won't accept reality, believing the FOXLies that somehow, Hillary could have saved the diplomats in Benghazi, although the entire assault that killed them took under 2 hours, and the nearest help was several hours away, after the PUBS had cut embassy security. I keep running into that kind of ignorance from the sheep, as they actually believe the Bullshit Mountain propaganda, no matter what evidence is presented.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday criticized a recently released House Republican report that concludes no intelligence lapses in connection with the fatal Benghazi attacks, saying congressional investigators did a “lousy job.”

Typical Pub reaction, as they live in their FOX-induced fantasy world....
This just in from today's 'Meet the Press'
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said, 'It's probably time for Republicans to drop their fixation on Benghazi.…

If you ever need proof,

of how worthless/obstructionist the Pubs are, just watch the '60 Minutes' show this evening, as they investigate the crumbling infrastructure all across the US. In this erea of 'really cheap' money, (interest rates) and an economy needing jobs, just look at how the 'Party of NO!' has fought every infrastructure bill put forward to fix bridges, hiways, ports, buried gas, water lines, etc. The main reason? Any economic help (jobs) would help the Dem admin in charge, SO, the Pubs fight every effort. It's just that simple, as the Pubs won't support any funding effort, (fixing loopholes for Big Oil, raising gas taxes, or just issuing bonds). The Grand Obstructionist Party says NO! Same old shit from the Repubs.... Disgraceful, but SO Republican, as the FOXNews sheep support the the 'austerity', that keeps anyone from fixing vital infrastructure. And the Pubs in charge of fnding RUN from the '60 Minutes' crew. Idiots....

This morning in the Post,

there was an article on 'Rosewater', the movie, and they referred to Jon Stewart as the 'Fake News' guy. What? Fake news is FOX. MANY studies have proven,, that viewers of 'The Daily Show' consistently score higher on current events than the sheep who believe the 'fake news' from Bullshit Mountain. At least the 'Daily Show' viewers realize it's a joke....

A few days ago,

Bailey caught a vole (a short-tailed cute little mouselike thing), brought it to me, unharmed, and dropped it at my feet. It ran away and we've been trying to catch it, alive, ever since. We herded it to an open door, twice, and it doubled back, not wanting to leave. I caught it today, in a live-trap I built, and in the 30 seconds while I went to get a camera, it chewed it's way out of the cardboard part of the cage. SO, I fixed the 'drop door' with duct tape, and reset the cage. An hour later, I heard the door drop, and this time I got him. He now has a new home, far from Bailey and our pantry.

Click on to enlarge, and you can see he's a gray haired old fart, like me.

A large majority of the American people

say they'd rather the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, should be fixed, instead of repealed. SO, now that the Pubs have control of the legislature, is that what they will do? Of course not. Their Big Money, Big Medicine lobbyists are WAY too powerful, as they love to suck money from the unfortunate souls who get sick or injured, in the ONLY major country in the world WITHOUT health care for it's citizens. Say what you will about the Repubs, they ARE consistent, in their backing of 'Big Money' vs The People. Since Obama still has veto power, their plan is to kill it with 'death by a thousand cuts', rather than one big bill that could be vetoed. As always, when it's Pubs vs the American people, the people lose every time, BUT, Big Money does VERY well.
Obviously, Obamacare needs LOTS of tweaks and fixes, BUT, it is worth fixing, cuz the party of NO!, as always,( just like Immigration and War Powers), have no plan of their own. They just sit back and bitch …

Let the fun begin,

As Democrats signal that they are ready to rally behind Hillary Rodham Clinton before their primary season even begins, allowing them to focus their fund-raising and firepower mostly on the general election, the Republicans appear destined for a free-for-all. “I can think of about 16 potential candidates,” said Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi and a veteran of Republican presidential politics dating to 1968. “Almost every one of them have a starting point. But there is no true front-runner.” Please, Pubs, let it be Cruz, or someone else equally 'out there', so Hillary can be prez, without a doubt. Will be fun to watch the rightwing whackjobs try convince their Jr High dropout constituency how they are the MOST conservative. Am looking forward to the idiotic quotes that will come out of it. Of course whoever wins, will disavow all their former 'core beliefs' as they try to appeal to a wider audience. Fun to watch....

The conservatives screamed

when the Fed introduced a bond buying program (Quantitative Easing) to save the American economy after the last Pub admin wrecked it."We'll CRASH when it stops and it'll cause massive inflation. We need AUSTERITY, like Europe'. Well, the Obama admin has the economy on a steady rise, with all sectors improving, falling unemployment, low inflation, low interest rates and a diminishing deficit (half of Bush admin) with the stock market at an all time high, after a smooth end to the govt bond buying program. Europe, on the other hand, just instituted the SAME policy, this week, after their austerity backfired. SO, do the whackjob Repub/Cons admit they were totally wrong? Of course not, BUT, they did convince the low info voters to vote out the Dems, cuz the economy is SO bad. Imagine a whiny voice saying, "But you didn't fix it FAST enough'.
FOXNews, the best money ever spent by the Repubs, to fool the gullible, and there's LOTS of  'em out there.

A HUGE dif between Pubs and Dems.

Repubs look at a war, based on lies, with disastrous consequences, govt sanctioned torture and the worst 'wreck' of the economy since the Great Depression and think, 'No big deal'. But, see the current prez trying to avoid more unwinnable wars on the other side of the world, introducing a much needed immigration bill, trying to get health care for US citizens and say, 'Oh my God, impeach the SOB!'
HUGE dif between Pubs and Dems, as FOXLies herds the sheep of Bullshit Mountain in the direction they want them to follow, and they dutifully obey.

                                          More facts you won't see on FOXNews.

Gonna make it REAL simple

So even a Repub can understand, as they continue to bitch about 'King' Obama using executive action to put forth an Immigration Bill. Reagan and Bush did the SAME thing. The Senate passed an Immig bill, and the House had the bipartisan votes to pass it and make it law, but Pub leadership refused to vote on it. Those are indisputable facts. SO, Pubs, just sit down, SHUT UP and do your job, which is to create legislation, not sue, impeach and bitch about those who do.

There was a time,

when I thought I needed a 'purpose', or goal, in my life. Then I realized, there are millions of sheep out there, who actually believe FOXNews bullshit. Voila, I have a mission, and I feel good about it, and I have many readers/followers ( a steady gain each year, since I began, in 2006) each day, who laugh with me, and are educated, as Bullshit Mountain traps the naive and ignorant, with their BS, that the 'uninformed sheep' actually believe. Funny, or sad? Bottom line, I feel good about my 'mission for truth', against the Murdoch/Ailes propaganda machine, that fuels the Pubs, in their assault on reality, while putting forth a glitzy, mostly tue news show, followed by outrageous panels, XSpurts and bimbos who catapult the party line, with lies and propaganda. It's like a child molester, who has 'really good' candy.

I think Obama oughta let the Pubs.

proceed with THEIR plan, and try to deport several million people, with families here. What a bunch of idiots, but nothing new here.

This chart explains it well

It shows the states that PAY the bills, (Blue) and the states that get the welfare (Red). Nothing new here, but is good to see it in an actual chart, that shows the 'givers', vs 'takers', in the TAX world and the split between Dem and Repub states, where education makes a HUGE difference in income. Totally different from what the sheep are led to believe. Click on to enlarge.  Homework assignment. Check out the states with the highest % of Repubs. Then check out lowest educ/income. There is over a 90% correlation, Dem/Pub, all the way through the chart. Coincidence? I don't think so. Just cuz Pubs don't like to admit it, doesn't mean it's not true. I bring this up only to rebuke the ignorant Pub rants with which I am constantly bombarded. There's a reason Pubs are anti science and education, cuz education creates Dems. Not always, obviously, but significantly. Nothing new here, but you wonder why it scares me that the Pubs are taking over the count…

True Story?

Two men were sitting on the edge of the Empire State Building.
One man says to the other, "You know, if you jump out the window here, the force of the wind will blow you back in through the window on the 90th floor."
The other man says "Get outta here, you're joking aren't you?"
The first man says "No, here, I'll prove it!" He stands on the window ledge, jumps out and comes back in through the 90th floor window.
The other man says, "That was crazy. Do it again!" So the first man does it again and comes through on the 90th floor. He runs back up and says "See, I'm telling the truth!"
The second man says, "Wow, I'm gonna do it too then." He stands on the window ledge, jumps out and falls to his death.
The barman, who just caught the end of this says to the first man, "You know, Superman, you're a real jerk when you're drunk

Oh really?

instead of admitting that the House Pubs failure to even VOTE (cuz it would pass) on the bipartisan immigration bill sent to them by the Senate, was the move of 'partisan hacks', the Bullshit Mountain headline reads, 'Amnesty: Proof Obama Has Failed'. I keep thinking these jerks at FOX (where the sheep gather for their 'news') can't get any worse, BUT, they always do, viewing the world from their 'special place', and massaging their colons when they wiggle their ears.

Believe it or not, I made a mistake,

when I said the Pubs never DO anything. I forgot that they started a war in Iraq, based on lies, to drive up the price of oil, (and it worked, going from $14.bbl to over $140/bbl), AND they approved torture, (only when nothing else worked, they say) which got them a bunch of false information. See, thay CAN do something... Pic from Abu Ghraib, where the prisoners ended up, after soldiers went out with pallets of hundred dollar bills and asked if anyone had any info on spies. Surprise, Shiites gave them Sunni names, and vice versa. Another great idea from Rumsfeld/Cheney/Bush.

Ho hum, the market set ANOTHER record high, today,

as it has continued to rise since GW and the 'economy wrecking Pubs' got run outta Washington. I can't tell you how many arrogant, (not to mention ignorant, uninformed) Pubs told me that if Obama was re-elected, the economy would CRASH! And, like always, they are WRONG, as we continue to repair the HUGE mess left by the last administration. Too bad the average Pub doesn't have the educ/income to invest in the market and enjoy the rewards, as they listen to 'the sky is falling' gloom and doom from Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, and actually kinda funny...

All the polls show the same thing

The overwhelming majority of Americans think 'Obamacare' should be fixed, NOT killed. SO, do the Pubs roll up their sleeves and work on the program that obviously needs lots of work? Of course not! This is the Party of NO!, and they don't operate that way. Their solution? They filed a lawsuit today, against the prez and some nitpicky language in the bill, (and the Supreme Court(R) may back them) as the polls show a steady increase in Americans wanting the Affordable Care Act to be tweaked and health care to actually be affordable. Doesn't make any difference to the 'GOP'.
cuz they have their own agenda, and it sure doesn't include helping the American middle class, as always...

This Oct was the hottest EVER recorded,

and is continuing a streak this year, no matter what Rush, Sean and Bullshit Mountain want people to believe.
"It is becoming pretty clear that 2014 will end up as the warmest year on record," said Deke Arndt, climate monitoring chief for NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina. "The remaining question is: How much?"
With only two months left in the year, 2014 has now surged ahead as the globe's warmest year so far, beating 2010 and 1998. So far this year, the world is averaging 58.62 degrees (14.78 degrees Celsius). If the last two months of the year are only average for the 21st century, it will still be the warmest year ever, Arndt said.

I'm sure FOX will trot out one of their 'Xspurts', who disagree with over 97% of actual climatologists, and the sheep will nod in unison, as they've been trained to do. Facts are facts, BUT, when has that ever stopped Bullshit Mountain from pushing their lies?

As I see the avalanche of crap,

cascading down Bullshit Mountain when the prez moved forward on immigration, after the Pubs refused to, let me make 2 points. One, he is doing nothing more than St Ronald and GHW did, when faced with the same problem. Two, the Senate passed a bi-partisan (hard to believe, but true) immigration bill and sent it to the Repub controlled House, where there were sufficient bi-partisan votes to pass it. Google it if you don't believe me, BUT, Bonehead and McTurtleface REFUSED to bring it to a vote, cuz they were afraid of the Tea Party, SO, nothing got done, as is the case when Pubs are involved. That was 2 years ago, and Obama got tired of waiting. Also, it's not blanket amnesty, several criteria must be met, AND, they get no benefits, like Soc Sec. I just wanted to introduce the FACTS of the matter, which you will never hear from FOXNews, the Repub propaganda network, where the sheep go to 'hear what they want to hear', regardless of what's REAL.

Big day in Colorado

as Vail opened today, with the local TV showing sunshine and fantastic snow, with more on the way.  Reminds me, we gotta get our season lift tix, now that I'm covered for a broken leg. Also, the CO legislature gave an OK for a local credit union to be 'the bank' for state pot businesses, so it won't have to be 'all cash', which is really stupid, and I'm amazed no one's been killed in a robbery. Now, just gotta get approval from the Feds, which seems obvious, since it's a legal business here, BUT, there's a bunch of Repubs (the party of NO!) there, so who knows what'll happen. Also in the local scene, the lawyers for James Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter are asking for 'more time', after over 2 years and tens of millions of dollars, to get their case together and defend the most obviously guilty killer, ever, and are raising the jury pool from 6000 to 9000. Lawyers. What a waste of human flesh. And we keep getting more of them, as…

Also on CNBC

Rick the Dick Santelli had Chuck Todd on, and I thought, 'this should be interesting', cuz Chuck knows his stuff, unlike Rick. Santelli talked about the prez' speech on immigration, (after the rest of the crew at CNBC went out of their way to avoid political implications of it), blaming all Washington friction on 'King Obama'. Chuck would start to reply, and Rick would do an 'O'Reilly' and just talk over him, several times, as he got in his snarky comments. Chuck started to explain how Repubs had a chance to pass a bill and Rick cut him off, saying they were out of time, THEN went into bullshit about 'Gruber' which proves blah blah blah, and signed off, leaving Chuck Todd just shaking his head. Same old crap from a guy who should have been fired LONG ago, in an area where there's  REAL money involved. The good news? If you listen to and believe that jerk, you've already lost your ass in the market. PS. Pic is from best CNBC ever, when S…

On CNBC this morning

Bonehead had a 'presponse' to the prez, recorded before the prez spoke, and he went on a diatribe about how the prez is 'destroying trust' by acting like a 'king or emporer'. Trust? When he finished, the first question was something like, 'Didn't you have a chance to vote on the bi-partisan bill sent to the House from the Senate, so Obama wouldn't have to do this? Bonehead got a dumb look on his face, was silent for a long time, then went into BS about Obamacare. Same old shit from the clowns(R).

Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show,

held the Repubs up to ridicule again, which isn't that difficult, showing a bunch of Pubs bitching against 'emminent domain' siezures, cuz it is SO UNAmerican, and UNconstutional, which is their BIG thing, and he showed about 10 of them giving speeches to that effect.  UNLESS, it is for the Keystone Pipeline, THEN it's fine, for the govt to condemn land, and steal it from the landowners, cuz it's for a Pub project. Just when I think these clowns can't get any worse, or any more ridiculous, they always do...

Just because, it can NOT be overstated.

the Blue states 'pay the bills', for the Red states. Without a doubt. Google it any way you can think of, it's always the same. Educated Dems pay the bills for the 'welfare state' Pubs, no matter what Bullshit Mountain preaches to the sheep. Wanna bet? Look it up. I DARE you, if you know how.
PS, The ave Pub needs an ave 5th grader, to help him figure out how to do it... Nothing new here...

FOXNews posts some crap, BUT,

this has to be near the worst, when they say Obama will 'ruin cooperation', with the Pubs if he goes ahead with his immigration bill. RU kidding? Cooperation betrween the Dems and Repubs? The Pub clowns killed that LONG ago. Remember  #1 on their agenda? According to McTurtleface? 'Our MAIN mission, instead of governing, is to make Obama a 1 term president'. FOXNews, as always, a total joke, that only the sheep believe.

Just like I said,

instead of actually doing their job, and creating an Immigration Bill, the Pubs are floating 3 plans, today.
Sue the prez, Impeach the prez, OR, shut down the govt. Same old shit from the party that REacts instead of acts. UNbelievable, but typical of the party that does nothing, but bitches when someone does something.

This is Zee, my Springer Spaniel buddy,

on our 'walk', right down the fairway from our house. I walk him a few days a week, cuz his people work during the day (what a concept). Zee is really smart, well trained and has a fantastic nose. Would love to hunt pheasants with him, and am really gonna miss him when they move, which may be soon.

The Pubs are stalling,

trying to stop the report on the Bush admin's 'torture program', that was not only illegal and immoral but also counter-productive, cuz most people will 'say anything', to stop the torture. If the report isn't released before the Pubs take over, it'll never see the light of day, cuz I can't imagine anyone is too proud of what GW and 'The Dick' Cheney approved, totally against the Geneva Conventions (signed by the civilized world and ignored by the Bushies), where waterboarding was some of the least agregious methods, that included electrodes, water deprivation, heat and cold extremes, beatings, dog attacks, and 'who knows what' when the POW's were shipped to 'dark op centers' in Syria and Turkey, where the 'professionals' took over. I hope the truth comes out, showing how GW and 'The Dick' lowered the moral standards of the US, in their war based on lies, to (successfully!) pump up the price of oil with hundr…

But it's DIFFERENT when WE do it,

say the Repub stooges who bitch about 'King Obama shredding the constitution', by taking executive action to pass an Immigration Act, that the Pubs refuse to work on. They 'forget' St Ronald gave amnesty to 2.9 million 'illegal immigrants' in 1986 and GHW Bush did the same thing a few years later. What a bunch of hypocrites, but nothing new here...

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that two previous Republican presidents—Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush—had taken unilateral action to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation, and the political reaction was much less vitriolic than what Obama has faced as he prepares to make a similar move.

The other day, Bailey caught a vole,

which is a large, short tailed version of a mouse, brought it in and dropped it at my feet. It ran under the furniture, and Bailey has enjoyed it's company for the last few days, not really trying to catch it. SO, Carol has asked me to make a live trap and catch it, which is my project for the day. Have got a plan in mind....

AGAIN, Broomfield is playing

in the semi-finals of the Sate 4A football championship. This Saturday, the boys play Longmont, AT Longmont, which I don't understand, cuz they have the same record, and Bmfd won when they played earlier in the season. Doesn't seem right...

The midterms provided further proof

that the same states that have the lowest incomes and education, (surprise, they overlap), and coincidentally, the highest obesity rates and most welfare handouts (a stranbe, but real combinataion), are SOLIDLY Republican. Duh, who da thunk?
After the midterms, The Associated Press provided this tally: “In January, the G.O.P. will control every governor’s office, two U.S. Senate seats, nearly every majority-white congressional district and both state legislative chambers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.” And as always, the high education/income states, overwhelmingly Democrat, will pay their bills. In spite of these FACTS, Bullshit Mountain will continue to convince the sheep that Pubs are paying the way for, 'those lazy Democrats', and the typical ignorant FOX fan will blindly swallow the propaganda, just as they've been programmed to do. Nothing new here, but sickening, just the same....
Bubba, below, remind…

Was SO funny see Rick the Dick Santelli

eat crow again on CNBC, The Financial Channel, this morning. He interviewed (live), a weather expert, that Rick featured because her articles said that some of the computer models for climatology 'overstated' global warming. SO, Rick the Dick reminded everyone that he (as part of the ignorant minority) doesn't believe the 'warming propaganda', (although 97% of climatologists do). Anyway, Rick introduced the scientist, and with his usual arrogance asked her about her study, and she repeated her hypothesis that some of the models had temps forecast too high, BUT, she said, there is definite warming, and it's caused by man, introducing excess carbon into the environment. Rick sputtered and tried to feed her answers, but she held fast, cuz she's an educated professional, and Rick made an ass of himself, AGAIN. Earlier he had to report on continued 'lack of inflation', just the opposite of what he's preached for years. I love to see jerks get their n…

In an effort to get the Repubs

'off their asses' and passing an Immigration Bill, (instead of just bitching, as they always do), the prez is gonna go ahead and start the process, by announcing his own plan, just like St Ronald and GHW did. Did you know Reagan gave 'amnesty' to 3 million 'illegals', with 'executive action'? (FOX will never tell you, for sure, cuz it doesn't fit their bullshit narrative.)
Just watch, this Obama action will make 'em scream, and Bullshit Mountain will 'rally the troops', BUT, at least the Pubs will  be forced to DO something, which is WAY different than just doing NOTHING and complaining, which is their normal plan.
They've already floated 3 ideas. 1. Sue the prez. 2. Impeach the prez. 3. 'Shut down the govt', instead of actually passing a bill. Same old Republican Party, who passes 'depletion allowance' tax breaks for Big Oil, but ignores infrastructure jobs for workers and the country. Same old shit, that the sheep …

When I feel like sharing,

and can't decide on where to give, I go to this site, in afflilition with the Denver Post,
 and know it's going to SEVERAL good causes, AND, my donation gets matched, 50 cents on the dollar, by the McCormick Foundation. Just a thought, this time of year, if you have been fortunate.

Rocking Chair Memories

I posted, the other day, about a study that shows people my age are in the 'happiest' stage of their lives, and it just gets better, for a while. Have been thinking about it, and part of my happiness is having lots of 'rocking chair memories', as my buddy and I used to refer to them, whether it was a fantastic moment, or a pretty hairy one, of which we had our share. I'm still amazed we got out of all of them, alive, not incarcerated and (mostly) unhurt. These days, I'd put my RCM's up against about anyone's. In sports, from high school b-ball, track, then darts, golf, all kinds of fishing, from Canadian float plane trips, deep sea, all over the Rockies, as well as in Nebr growing up, with pheasant and duck hunting, as well as deer and elk over Colorado, (with a bow and rifle), RV trips, backpacking and boat adventures, over 40 years of snow skiing, plus MANY trips to Lake Powell, Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc, not even counting many years of rock n roll…

As always, this morning,

I started my day by watching CNBC, the Financial Channel, and heard (Jim) Cramer give an interesting opinion. He said that, 'all politics aside', Obama's Immigration Bill, which the leaks say would give 'amnesty' (just like St Ronald and GHW did) to certain immigrants, would be a HUGE boost to the housing industry, as well as several other businesses, cuz many successful workers could buy houses, as well as many other products, once they knew they wouldn't be deported. Of course, not ALL immigrants would be affected, and certain requirements (to be worked out), like a job, non-criminal record, etc, would have to be met, (as well as beefing up the border) cuz US families aren't having children like they once were, and we need the growth.  Makes sense to everyone but Pubs, but that's true of LOTS of logical ideas.

If you ever had a doubt,

how Big Oil Money controls the Repub party, just look at the lead paragraph of an article today about Pubs 'infighting' on whether to 'shut down' the govt over Immigration, (rather than do their job and come up with a bill).

WASHINGTON — Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the billionaire Koch brothers, has held informal conversations with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill in recent weeks, cautioning them against fighting President Obama’s promised executive order on immigration with a strategy that could lead to a government shutdown. Yup, you read it right. A Koch bros founded/funded group is meeting with Repub congressmen and telling them what to do. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same, as it DOES explain where the Pubs get their 'direction', while they gradually kill the middle class.

The Haters(R) are bitchin,

cuz insurance rates are going up next year. 'See, we told you Obamacare sucks', they scream. BUT, what they're NOT saying, is that this is the first year since 2004 that it's not a double digit increase. SO, haters, just sit down and shut up, instead catapulting the FOXNews talking points. In the Post today, Chris Gaul said it well.

'Charles Krauthammer charges that the Affordable Care Act was built on misleading statements. The result is millions of Americans, oh my goodness, now have health insurance. I’ll take that outcome over George W. Bush’s misleading statements about weapons of mass destruction that took this country into the Iraq war with thousands killed and wounded and trillions of dollars spent.'

Sure, Obamacare needs a LOT of work, but it's a start, something the Pubs hate, even though their boy Mitt did the same thing in Massachusettes. SO, Repub jerks, show us something BETTER, instead of just bitching, which they always do instead of DOING, …

Started a new book, 'Wait for Signs',

by Craig Johnson, about a northern Wyoming sheriff named Longmire. Really liked the author's style, so I Googled him and found there's an award winning series on A&E, 'Longmire', that's fimed up there, with Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry, the Cheyenne owner of the Red Pony Saloon.. Saw the pilot and really liked it. Need a break from the walkers on 'The Walking Dead', though it would be fun to go Zombie hunting with a 12 guage and/or a .40 cal Glock. Samurai swords work well too.

According to exit polls,

of the 19% of the US voting populace, who voted Repub in the last election, over half of them voted to send a 'message against Obama', and over half of them said it was 'the economy'. These 'jeniuses' were protesting against an economy that, since the GW/Repub disaster, has doubled the value of the stock market and typical real estate values, while vastly lowering unemployment and the deficit and greatly expanding manufacturing, auto sales and energy production. And you wonder why O'Reilly and Gruber talk about 'stupid voters?'

Environmentalists and Nebr Repubs aren't alone,

in opposing the Koch Bros mission to transport Canadian oil across the US and sell it on the world market.

A South Dakota-based Native American tribe is warning that approving the Keystone oil pipeline would be "an act of war," according to a written statement.
The statement from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe was posted online following last Friday's House vote in favor of the Keystone pipeline -- and ahead of a vote Tuesday evening in the Senate.
"We are outraged at the lack of intergovernmental cooperation. We are a sovereign nation and we are not being treated as such. We will close our reservation borders to Keystone XL. Authorizing Keystone XL is an act of war against our people," tribe President Cyril Scott said in the statement.