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After weeks of trying,

finally got the Kearney, Nebr branch of Wells Fargo to relinquish their stranglehold on the folk's bank acct. They allowed me to deposit, in addition to the existing funds, a life ins check, Soc Sec checks as well as memorial funds, AND although I was listed on the acct, they 'froze' it, after I issued checks to the 8 grandchildren for travel expenses, causing bounced checks all around. I offered to fund the acct with my own money, to avoid that, but they said NO. I have gotten 'the run around' for several weeks as my lawyer, Larry Butler, going through cancer treatment, personally took documents to the Kearney judge, at his home and filed the nec paperwork at the courthouse, trying to access the bank acct. Not good enough for Chad and Hugo at the Kearney WF.Finally, after 2 more visits from Larry's assistant, they were forced to relinquish funds, but only after scanning the nec documents, this morning, but losing them in the WF system, so I had to get the sam…

Today's FOX moment

has to do with a 'rant' by Sean Penn, against Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, on 'The Five', a FOX show, and posted on the FOX website. BUT, the video is severeley edited, with several quotes 'cut and pasted' together, to get the desired 'FOX effect', for the sheep, as Sean, a notorious Liberal, says Ted Cruz 'needs help', after the disastrous govt shutdown, orchestrated by Cruz and the Pubs. Nothing new here...

Wow, I love watching sports

cuz you never know what's gonna happen. I have NEVER seen a runner who was 'picked off', successfully win a rundown, between the bases, but it happened tonight, as the Bosox are beating the Cards, in the final (6th) game of the World Series. When I was a kid, we watched WS games, instead of classes, at school, in the 'good ol' days'.

As I deal with

my folk's estate, I can only imagine the people who have a 'real job', and don't have time to deal with all the crap that the Insurance Cos put them through, as well as the banks (Wells Fargo employees should go to jail), and the stock transfer entities. Carol (with a background in insurance), and I are gradually wading through it, 8 hours at a time, but can't imagine trying to deal with this crap, if we were dealing with a real job and family life. I just wonder what % of ins payments never get paid, cuz people just 'give up', when dealing with the jerks whose corporate plan is to "beat them into submission'. Am back at it tomorrow, but feel sorry for those without my time, knowledge and persistence as they deal with Wells Fargo employees, and their ilk. Sickening, but typical of corporate America, these days.

Today's FOX moment

The numbers are in, and the 'We're Number One!' crowd at FOX, actually has UNDER 2 million viewers, at 1,862,00. Wow! You'd think, by hearing THEM talk, that over half the country watches and agrees with the stooges at FOX, but it's actually under 1%, and several of those 'viewers' are people like me, who tune in only to get a glimpse into the 'alternative universe' created by Rupert Murdoch, to serve the rabid fanbase. I gotta realize that this tiny minority, no matter how loud and demented, isn't worth getting upset over. BUT, it is a good place to observe what happens when some 'Big Money' gets access to the airwaves. Wow, under 1% of the population, AND the numbers for Oct are down 46% from last year. Seems it's true, 'you CAN fool some of thepeople all the time, but you CAN'T fool all the people all the time.'

While on tour, in the UK,

we spent a few days in Scotland, around Troon, Turnberry and Edinborough, and had a chance to taste MANY of the local Scotch Whisky's (no e). I learned that I liked the lowland variety, with a heavy influence of peat and smoke, but not TOO much. Laphroaig is fantastic, but pretty expensive. Lagavulin is also VERY good, but also kinda pricey. Long story short, I found that Bowmore (since 1779) is a good alternative. Wow. Great single malt at a good price. Kinda scary. You're welcome.

Say it ain't so

With consumption up and production down, we are moving toward a global wine shortage, according to recent reports.
I could live without wine, (as long as there's beer), but it could impose a significant hardship on some people I know. May be time to do some 'hoarding', to prevent future emergencies.

Today's FOX moment,

concerns the Affordable Care Act rollout, which has pretty much been a disaster, because of software glitches. BUT, does the 'Fair and Balanced' network mention that it is SO complicated because the Repubs 'sausaged it up', instead of being a 'single payer system, (such as Medicare), that the Dems wanted? NO. FOX explains it as:
 'reveals rot, at the core of the Obama administration.'
Yup, sounds pretty fair and balanced to me, just as they always are at FOX, where the sheep go, to hear the crap they love.

I do stupid stuff,

regularly, but this afternoon I picked up (what I thought was) a leaf, from the carpet, but it was a wasp, that stung my finger. WOW! Way too many nerve endings there, as it swelled up like it was broken. I'm just a wuss, I guess, but it really got my attention, with the type of pain I haven't felt for a long time.

Today's FOX Moment,

has to do with fairness, as Dick Cheney finally said something I agree with.

Dick Cheney said Sunday that Republicans need to look to a new generation of leaders as the party deals with poor approval ratings following the government shutdown.

IF, the Repub Party is going to survive, they gotta change (leaders and ideas), cuz they are going downhill and gaining speed. Will they be able to? Hard to say, as Ted Cruz and his ilk are claiming 'victory' after the govt shutdown and historically low 'approval numbers' for the Repubs. Should be intersting to watch.

If you watch the Financial News shows,

like I do, (and have for many years), you'll notice that some people have a MUCH better record of analyzing what's happening, and predicting what's going to happen. Steve Leisman and Art Cashin come to mind, when talking about guys that are consistently correct. On the other side you have the Rick Santelli's, and other Tea Party types, who continually rail against the current govt and financial system, 'printing money' and comparing the national economy to an individual family's, where you have to 'balance the books' each month. Nothing could be further from the truth, unless that family had a printing press, and could print it's own money, that every other family (nation and person) wanted, and was willing to pay for. Bottom line, these clowns have been preaching financial collapse and inflation for YEARS, (as the financial markets and govt struggle to fix the economy that Bush and friends wrecked) but, there is NO inflation (except food price…

One of my fav shows,

is 'Pawn Stars', about a pawn shop , just off the Vegas strip, where Rick Harrison has a family business. My thoughts are, 'Is it cool for Rick to rip off the stooges who come in to sell, not knowing the true value of stuff?'. To me, it's kinda like the sheep who listen to FOX news. Is it their fault they have no clue, as to what's going on? As WC Fields says, 'Never smarten up a chump,' BUT, is it fair, when dealing with ignorant pawn shop sellers, or FOX news sheep? Interesting moral dilemma, when dealing with those who don't have a clue.

As I've seen before,

in many of the 'disasters' I've worked, they soon recede from the headlines and public thought, BUT, the damage continues to be felt by the victims. Am watching local TV, as the communities ravaged by the Colorado floods cope with the hardships. Hard to imagine what these folks are going through, as their lives are disrupted by 'Mother Nature'. I do know that Nate and Kari continue to take '4 wheel drive trails', adding hours to their commutes, to get to and from their homes and work, as the Pubs shut down govt help, for political reasons. For those of us who live, 'in the real world', it's hard to imagine the damage these jerks have done, for political reasons. Nothing new here, but sickening, just the same...

As Pubs and others,

bitch about Obama spying on 'everyone', we gotta remember that Obama inherited this program from Bush, and it's not all bad, BUT, hey, give me break, the NSA headquarters, a HUGE building, opened in 2008. Guess who built it, and passed it on? Oh yeah, GWBush, But that doesn't matter to the FOX sheep, who are bitching about Obama. Nothing new here....

Hard to explain,

and many wouldn't understand, but am enjoying a 'peace that surpasses all understanding', in my physical, mental and spiritual life right now. Really appreciate my family and all the many blessings that are part of my life. Wow. Just hope this feeling can last, but is probably too much to ask for...

Have a new fav beer

recommended by my neice, Nikki. McEwan's Scotch Ale. Hard to get, cuz they don't make much, and export a small part of that. Bought half the local supply, when Carol picked up a 4-pack for me, that cost $9.95. Expensive, but well worth it. Sorta like Laphroaig Scotch, that I found while 'tasting' local products, while in Scotland. Strangely, McEwan's is from the same area, Edinborough, which was one of my favorite places in the UK. Who says travel isn't worth it? Oh yeah, I remember....

Wow, I'm shocked,

that info is coming out suggesting Repub input 'into the system', caused some of the website problems that the Affordable Care Act is experiencing. You mean that the same people who vowed to fight the rollout by 'whatever means necessary', and have fought every effort to fix the economy (that Bush wrecked) could have sabotaged the rollout? Wow! Who da thunk?

Took this pic,

of our house, this morning, from the golf course, cuz the sky was SO blue and leaves so pretty. (Click on it to enlarge.) What a beautiful time of year...

She's Baaaack...

Sarah Palin, one of the best looking of the 'Repub Brain Trust' posted a pic of a bear she recently killed, along with a snarky message to Piers Morgan. It seems Sarah was forced to defend herself from a bear attack, OR, did she just kill that magnificent creature 'for the fun of it'? Whatever, Sarah proudly showed off a bear carcass, proving she had 'been busy' lately, but now she'll be getting more involved in Pub politics. I can't wait....

Republican Insanity- Act II, coming soon,

as the Immigration Bill is coming up., and the Pubs are split, again, BUT, it should be fun to watch, as they further embarass themselves, with the Tea Party idiots leading the way. Since the birth rate in the US is WAY down, the only way to keep the economy growing, by providing a steady work force, is by 'importing' workers. BUT, the Pubs like to focus on the 'under 5%' of immigrants, rather than the 'over 95%' of good people who come to work and improve their lives, just as they concentrate on the few Food Stamp cheats, rather than the HUGE majority of children, old and poor who will suffer because they cut food stamps AGAIN, so they could pay corporate farmers HUGE subsidies for growing corn for the ethanol which drives up food prices for everyone. And they call themselves Christians, as they 'take from the poor and give to the rich'? They continually bitch about Obama as the 'Food Stamp Prez', cuz the number of recipients has gone up. Duh.…

Today's FOX moment

As the 'experts', (Rupert Murdoch puppets) at FOX screamed about Obama picking on JP Morgan, with the $13 Billion fine PROVING that Obama is 'anti-business', the 'real' financial news told what really happened. JPM made over 20 times that much from the illegal profits they got from Citibank and others, that the Fed asked them to take over, after Bush wrecked the economy and financial markets. ALSO, JPM was punished for illegal deals of their own, NOT just what they inherited. AND, this fine is largely tax deductible, so the tax payers pick up a large part of it. IF, the Obama admin was serious about punishment, Jamie Dimon and several of the execs at JPM would be going to jail, instead of pocketing huge bonuses. Of course, the sheep at FOX only know that  'Obama HATES business and businessmen, SO he leveled this huge fine, and is giving it to Liberal causes'. Typical crap from FOX, but now you know, 'The rest of the story', that the FOX sheep w…

Whenever I start

getting too upset about FOX/Pubs (one and the same), I just look at the demographics of that group. Anyone who can read a chart or graph, (and that's NOT everyone), can see the demise of a party made up of, and catering to, old white guys. And I can sorta relate to that, cuz 'I ARE ONE', but, am proud not to be part of the anti-science, bigoted minority that controls today's Repub party. SO, instead of being upset, I just extrapolate the future of FOX (with average viewer age of 'over 65'), and the Repub party, in steady decline, (for good reason), and I tell myself, 'just be patient', these clowns are self-destructing and their future is easily predictable, as they are on a slippery slope, gaining speed. Thanks again, Tea Party.

Today's FOX Moment

is the "fair and balanced' network's continual support of Dick Cheney, as he continually badmouths the Obama admin over 'bad foreign policy'. This is the same guy who orchestrated the Pubs' Iraq War, (Oops, No WMD's), killing and wounding thousands, costing trillions and turning world opinion against us, (BUT, he made a fortune for his company, Haliburton, with billions in no-bid govt contracts) He left office with about half the 'favorable opinion' of GW (George had 22%), and HE'S telling the Obama admin how things should be done, with FOX support, as he tries to sell his latest book. UNbelievable, but typical of FOX and the sheep, who really don't have a clue.

As the Pubs bitch and moan

about Obamacare, (the same way they did about Soc Sec and Medicare) being SO complicated and unwieldly, just remember that the Dems and Obama wanted a VERY simple 'single payer system', like Soc Sec and Medicare, and the rest of the world has. This current debacle is the 'sausage' that the Pubs made, and Dems had to agree to, to get ANYTHING passed. Same ol' crap, from the Pubs....

File under 'Good Riddance'

Here is a list, with pics and short bios, of 37 Repubs who may well lose their jobs, (I hope) for supporting the idiotic govt shutdown, that cost over $24 Billion, hurt a bunch of 'little people' and accomplished NOTHING.
Teapublicans, the gift that 'keeps on giving'.

I know I quote Jon Stewart a lot,

but I consider him, (and Colbert), the best and brightest on TV, and the Emmy's agree with me. Last night he had a bit on 'Endangered Species', as in Repub Moderates, and how they have dwindled to almost nothing. Today, there is an article on AOL (In Search of Republican Grownups) that agrees with his premise.
'The leaders of the Republican Party, in full flight from their disastrous and juvenile shutdown stunt, now want to restock their ranks with grown-ups. “Let’s face it: it was not a good maneuver,” Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah told The Times recently. “You’ve got to have the adults running the thing.”
This, after other Repubs claim 'We can't be the stupid party anymore'.

As I've often said, the only reason I lean Dem is because the alternative is even worse, BUT, I'm not sure I want Dems to be in total control of all 3 branches of govt, as it looks like they will be, cuz the Pubs have been SO stupid and childish. Not that it matters what I thin…

In local news,

while the national economy was flailing, Broomfield set another record in sales tax revenue, at $46 million, while setting aside 18% of it for 'reserves'. AND, we're paying off the bonds that guaranteed us that most precious of all commodities, WATER. Some people complained when the city leaders lined up long term commitments, when water was plentiful and relatively cheap, but paid good money for it. Now it looks like sound planning. Broomfield, Colorado, where property values keep going up. Pretty cool place to live.

I can't wait,

to read David Folkenflik's new book, 'Murdoch's World: The Last of the Old Media Empires', that explain's Rupert's 'rise to power' through intimidation and corruption, as he built the largest news empire in the world, (much like the ruthless robber baron, William Randolph Hearst) dedicated to 'taking down the Liberals', through 'whatever means necessary'. Should be 'VERY interesting'.      

Today's FOX moment,

Someone in the Pentagon decided to change the Marine's dress caps, BUT, on the 'Fair and Balanced' site, it's reported as 'Obama Wants Marines to Wear "Girlie Hats". Check it out. I almost went with the total hypocrisy of FOX, who is demanding a better website for Obamacare, an issue they have fought since inception, but I decided to go with the girlie hats, in my daily expose' of FOX 'news?' What kind of person can't 'see through' this crap? I can see it's gonna be hard to limit it to just one issue per day, in the 'target rich environment' of FOX 'news?' crap.


A news story today explains 'the obvious', that the Repubs are the worst enemy of US business. That has been the plan of the Pubs all along, knowing that a strong economy would perpetuate Dem control (after the disaster of GW and the Pubs. Remember 2008?). Their entire plan, (from the 'Sequester, to fighting needed infrastructure spending, to the 'shutdown', etc) and they've been very 'obvious', is to fight economic recovery at every turn. FINALLY, people are starting to see what I've been saying for years, they are nothing but obstructionists, with no plan other than 'NO'. The 'Party of NO', in steady decline, (for many reasons), is hopefully gonna pay for their sins, at the ballot box. So, there is a silver lining.
As problems mount, signing up for the 'Affordable Care Act, Republicans, the same party that fought Social Security and Medicare, are pretending that they care about the problems encountered in signing up for …

Jon Stewart, and 'The Daily Show'

did it again, showing how the clowns in financial reporting, at FOX (and even some at CNBC), claim that the Wall Street Journal is trustworthy, (are you kidding?), but the New York Times is suspect.  Don't you know who owns the WSJ, (and FOX)? That would be Rupert Murdoch, whose mission in life, (and he's very good at it, though sleazy), is to trash the Dems while getting his big money Pub pals elected. Who could trust that source, as FOX quotes the WSJ to support their bogus claims? Oh Yeah. The FOX sheep. Are you kidding me? Can it get more obvious? I guess so, cuz the sheep can't figure it out.

Am shocked to hear

that the judge is going to release an indictment that a grand jury had requested for JonBenet Ramsey's parents. From someone in the area, who has followed the case from the beginning and spoken to many insiders in the case, there is NO WAY that the parents killed her. The sensational story only reinforced my thoughts that you can't believe what the media and cops say, much of the time. People were sure the folks did it, cuz there was 'fresh snow' all aroud the house, with no tracks. WRONG. The rear and south side snow had melted, as shown in pictures, later. SO many things were wrongly reported, and the innocent parents went through a seperate hell, after losing their daughter, cuz the cops and media screwed it up. Disgraceful but typical.

Various thoughts,

on this beautiful autumn day.
If I were a bird, migrating north to south, or in the opposite direction, I would follow the greenbelt, open space, golf course and 'lakes' route over the Broomfield area, and pass right over our house, as so many of them do. We really enjoy the amazing bird watching, with all the waterfowl, hawks, songbirds and various travelers we get over our yard.
One of the things to come out of the folk's passing, and the family time together, was to see a young relative, who had decided NOT to have children, realize how special 'family' is, and rethink the decision.
Through this process, during the last month, I have learned a few things, not the least of which is to 'Slow Down', mentally and physically. Life shouldn't be about 'being in a hurry'. Take the time, smell the roses and do it right.
There IS a god, spirit world, order to the universe, or whatever you want to call it, and once you realize that, life changes, for th…

Today's 'FOX Moment'

In what could become a regular installment, I'm gonna pick a 'news' story from FOX, to illustrate the kind of 'in-depth' reporting they do. This is for those who don't have the time or inclination to wade through the muck that is reported as 'news' on FOX. It's gonna be tough to 'pick only one', but I'm gonna try.
Dr Keith Ablow explained to the sheep why Obama is acting like a 'victim' in the govt shutdown, or slimdown, as the Murdoch robots call it. President Obama's 'victim' problem comes the fact that he was abandoned by his father at an early age, thus 'scarring him for life', (and will probably be the same for all other black men who become prez of the US, after being abandoned by their father.) This nugget of psychoanalysis is brought to you by the Fair and Balanced network. Thank you.

For a Republican,

Joe Scarborough is surprisingly logical and relevant, as in this article, where he explains why the GOP Isn't learning from it's (many) mistakes.  Also, if you only see one 'Daily Show', with Jon Stewart, this month, take a look at last night's (also Colbert). Off the chart funny and 'right on'., as he explains how McCain can't complain about the 'whacko birds' in the Repub party, after he opened the cage, with Sarah Palin.

Interesting article

Denmark is considered the 'happiest country in the world', and it doesn't surprise me, after the traveling we've done and Danes we've spoken to and know (Hello Gitta). It also happens to be the part of the world that all of our ancestors, (Carol's and mine) call home, (Denmark, Holland, Germany and Sweden) The Pubs love to badmouth the govt, BUT, Denmark has high taxes and lots of govt services and the people are fine with it. From health care, higher education and generally taking care of it's citizens they have evolved into the kind of society that the Repubs love to disparage, but the Danish people LOVE. Read about it here,


Saw a fantastic movie yesterday. Had heard it was good, was expecting a lot and wasn't disappointed. If you're gonna see it, I'd recommend 3-D, cuz it's one of those movies that's perfect for that medium. Won't give away any secrets, but it is amazing on many levels. ALSO, as a bonus, we got to see previews of many upcoming movies that look fantastic. With all the content on TV, through Netflix, etc, the movie studios have to 'step it up', and they are, including the reclining leather seats in our local theaters. Every Tuesday, (old farts discount day) will find us at the movies, cuz there's a BUNCH of good ones coming up. Yahoo...

Interesting facts

Approximately 7/8 of the American public says that Congress is doing a terrible job. Approximately 1/8 get their 'news' from FOX. (Coincidence?) The other 7/8 of the public split their viewing among the rest of the networks, who give 'real' news.  Many of the FOX viewers (12% of the total viewing public) are people like me, who watch with a combination of horror, (that some people actually believe it), and humor, cuz it's kinda funny, (but sad). FOX does a 'sandwich' thing, with 'real' news and stories most of the time, with opinion,  and outright lies reported as 'news'.  Those who get their 'news' from FOX, obviously hate Obama and the Dems, BECAUSE, once you make the decision to get your 'news' from Fox, OF COURSE you're gonna hate Obama and the Dems. Roger Murdoch, who owns FOXNews, (along with the Wall St Journal and MANY other media outlets) has ONE overriding mission. Elect Repubublicans, by trashing the Dems, and…

Excellent, short video

explaining 'Why We Use Ethanol', by USA Today, an actual, 'Fair and Balanced' (if you don't believe it, check out the editorial cartoons) source.
The price of corn effects SO many other food prices (world-wide), from chicken, pork and beef (all eat LOTS of corn) prices and all the grains that DON'T get planted (wheat, soybeans, etc), so the farm states (Repubs) can get artificially high prices for corn, as ethanol takes more energy to produce than it creates. Insane, and very political. Thanks again, GW, and Repubs.

This just in:

After my latest blog post, about wanting to bet that the Pubs lose the House in 2014, I read the following article, just posted today.

A new survey of 25 GOP-held districts shows dwindling favorability for Republican members of the House in the wake of the recent government shutdown.
The survey is the third in a series of polls that indicate Democrats have a shot at taking back the House of Representatives in the 2014 election cycle.
The results of the latest survey show that incumbent Republicans in 15 of the 25 districts polled trail generic Democratic candidates. When combined with the results of the previous surveys, the polls show that generic Democratic candidates lead in 37 of 61 GOP-held districts.
When voters were informed their Republican candidate supported the government shutdown, 11 more districts flipped and one race became a tie.
Democrats in the House only need to see a net increase of 17 seats in order to take back the majority. This poll indicates that Democrats coul…

As I slowly return

to my normal life, I see FOX hasn't changed at all, as they present the 'alternative view' to what is really happening, continually quoting the 'Wall Street Journal', (owned by Murdoch/Ailes, the same people who own FOX), as a source. Today's headlines make it seem like Obama personally wrote the software codes that are responsible for the glitches in the rollout of Obamacare. OF COURSE there are gonna be problems in something so large and complicated, but remember the original plan, offered by the Dems, was a 'single payer' system, like Soc Sec or Medicare, and the whole thing was made excessively complicated by Repub 'sausage making' that gave us the huge mess we now have. At least we are finally joining the rest of the world, with affordable health care, where needy people can't be denied coverage for 'preexisting conditions', (which could have literally killed my daughter) and we won't be one sickness or injury away from bank…

Just returned

from Nebraska, and a week with my siblings and other friends/relatives, after my mother died unexpectedly, less than a month after my father died. Overall, it was an amazing experience, and although it was tough emotionally, for everyone involved, nearly everyone agreed it was 'for the best', as we learned that Dorothy had been confiding to friends that she 'wanted to be taken'. Will get back with more details, but for now, is just nice to be back home after a surreal month that included a trip to Europe, the death of my father, floods of 'Biblical proportions' in our area, followed by the death of my beloved mother, some amazing family time and the realization that there IS a God and an afterlife. Not gonna worry about details like a 'literal Bible' or any of the thorny issues of religion. At this point I just know that I feel an inner peace, because WAY too much happened, in the last week or so, for it not be part of an amazing plan that showed the pr…

It's one thing

to have personal beliefs, BUT, when you are a legislator, like the dingbat Michelle Bachmann, or, EVEN WORSE, a Supreme Court Justice, like Antonin Scalia, and you base your decisions on 'the devil'. Part of the majority of the Supreme Court, who OK'd 'Citizens United', that says, 'corporations are people', Scalia helped open the floodgates for the rich to donate (buy a Congressman) with unlimited, untracable cash. Gotta love the clowns who just shut down the govt. Republicans. The gift that keeps on giving. From the people who blame their problems and 'bad thoughts', on 'the devil', in the 'Lake of Fire", where sinners burn for eternity.

Good one


This just in!

Repubs continue on their suicide mission, refusing anything other than a 'kick the can down the road for six weeks' answer, to the problems they've caused. At first I was upset, but then I realized they are on a downhill slope, picking up speed. Go, go, go! Stay stubborn and stupid. Listen to your 'leaders', as polls say you are approaching 'ZERO' approval rating. UNLESS, you are listening to FOX, (where Mitt Romney was a shoo in), and then you know that the Pubs are doing a GREAT job, and pretty soon the American people are gonna appreciate them. Strange world, inside the echo chamber bubble, inhabited by retarded sheep. (Instructions for creating a retarded sheep, above, OR you could listen to FOX, actually BELIEVE them, and join the flock, being sure to pick up some anal lube.)

I can't imagine

trying to deal with the Repubs in Washington. Who do you talk to? Boehner, who's being lead around by the Tea Party who have his balls firmly in their hands. McCain and some older 'voices of reason' who know the trouble they are in and just want to get it over? McConnel, that impotent wimp who is in the fight of his life for his own political future in the 'Great State' of Kentucky? Rand Paul or Eric Cantor who have their own political ambitions. The somewhat rational Senate Repubs? Hard to deal with a party who's so completely dysfunctional. Like trying to control a herd of retarded cats. I just hope Obama and the Dems don't fold, like they usually do, until they get a long term, responsible deal from the Pubs, that includes some spending cuts. (Sorry, I used responsible and Pub in the same sentence. My bad...) OR, they could all just drag it out, until favorability ratings for the Repubs reach ZERO!

One of those 'chicken or egg' questions

as in, which came first? Does FOX  just attract double digit IQ followers, or does it create them? Definitely an overlapping relationship, that should be studied further. The only problem? You'd have to watch FOX, and your IQ would gradually sink, as their 'expert panels' gang up a the single, sane token liberal, who gets shouted over and finally gets his mic cut off whenever he/she makes a rational point. Fun for the bullies, though, and a proven form of entertainment for the sheep, who smile and say, "I knowed we was right, har har har', 'you tell 'em, Sean.' Sure, FOX has some good, real news stories, but it's like searching through the contents of an outhouse for the coin you dropped. You might eventually find your nickel, but is it worth it?

They just don't get it

The a**holes(R), that is. They want a 6 week temporary, 'kick the can down the road' solution, so we can stay in limbo, and continue the stupid fight 'ad infinitum'. Idiots. The only good thing? They are just slowly bleeding to death, as the intelligent part of the country (non-FOXNewsers) can see exactly who they are and what they do. Let's hear it for the Teapublicans! Lemmings in suicide vests. They get their philosophy from people like Lt Wm Calley,who, during the Viet Nam war said, 'We had to destroy some villages to save them'. Welcome to the Repub thought process. Idiots....

You know the Pubs are in trouble,

when Bill OReilly starts sounding like the 'voice of reason'. Finally, Big Mouth and I agree on something. The only difference? Bill hates it and I LOVE it! Big Bill says,

"The Republican Party finds itself in trouble -- big trouble. Obamacare is not going to be defunded, and the GOP will have to make a deal with the president. And you know who's most happy about this? Hillary Clinton, that's who. Hard-right Americans should understand that Democrats will win next year's midterm elections and the presidency of 2016 if the Republican party does not begin to solve problems.
Wow. Who coulda seen this coming, as the Pubs have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how stupid and intractable they are? Can you say President Hillary and BOTH Houses of Congress?
Someone shoulda warned the childish jerks in the Repub party not to play with fire. You can get BURNED, real bad. Thank you, Teapublicans.


The Pubs are backing down from their blackmail, as they realize the whole country isn't as stupid as the FOX sheep. Have I mentioned, I LOVE IT, as the lemmings in suicide suits, led by Tea Party idiots, have finally realized that 'you can't fool all the people all the time, although you CAN fool 'some of the people, all of the time', (they're called FOX sheep). The good news? The next elections...

Funny quote from Jon Stewart

In the opening of Tuesday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart vows to not talk about the shutdown... except for that one little bit about the Republicans saying they aren't responsible for it.
In a cathartic moment that most of us can appreciate, Stewart calls bullsh*t after rolling a clip of Speaker John Boehner admitting that he had made a deal with Harry Reid that he then broke:
"Look, you think Obamacare's a big enough threat to this country that you need to shut down the government over it, fine. Own it. Don't fart and point at the dog."

Breaking news from FOX

"Carter Not Worst Prez Ever, It Is Now Obama." The 'Fair and Balanced' crew has 'news' about the new 'worst' president. Not the one who started two unpaid for wars (Ooops, No WMD's) and wrecked the economy in SO many ways, (as he paid out $860 BILLION to his Big Money buddies) but Obama, who refused to negotiate with blackmailers, who shut down the govt. At least the jackasses at FOX are consistent. All lies, all the time. PS. THe last two shows of Emmy winners Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert (as well as SNL) have focused on FOXNews lies and the ridiculousness of their 'news'. Funny (but true) stuff. UNbelievable that the sheep swallow their swill and come back for more.

The 'jeniuses' at FOX

have a headline today, 'Did the GOP Make a Miscalculation in the Govt Slimdown?'  DUH? Ya think so? Who da thunk shutting down the govt, putting a bunch of little people out of work, while you blackmailed the country with not increasing the debt limit (paying bills already incurred), and REALLY wreck the economy, cuz you didn't like the Affordable Care Act, that was already law? Who da thunk?
This just in: Republican Sen. Ted Cruz rallied conservatives to keep up the fight to unravel ObamaCare, ahead of a White House meeting where his colleagues were expected to dial back their demands for changes to the health law as part of a possible deal to end the partial government shutdown. The idiots just don't learn, as they live inside their echo chamber bubble, safe in their Tea Party districts.


Well, well, well. After spending the last forty years hiring and bribing “grass roots mercenaries” (racists, religious fundamentalists, flat-earthers and tin-foil hat conspiracy-mongers) to stoke the fires of discontent against the “socialism” of the Democratic Party, Corporate America discovers it has created a Frankenstein Monster that it can no longer control. The “Teapublicans” are now running the House GOP – holding the entire nation hostage over the debt ceiling until they get their way on … well, pretty much everything – and they’re about to drive the Ship of State over Niagara Falls while Corporate America can only run to the lifeboats while crying, “Stop! Please Stop!” And the Teapublicans reply, “What debt ceiling? That’s just another liberal myth for justifying the expansion of government tyranny over every aspect of our lives. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges”.
Oh, the irony of it all. Corporate America got in bed with the inmates from the looney…

I wish I could be a fly on the wall

in John Boehner's office, as the reasonable part of the Repub Party, (not many, but more, all the time), tell him how he screwed up, by listening to the Tea Party whack jobs, and it's gonna cost them, 'big time'. I'd be laughing my fly ass off. How can they be so stupid? I know. Practice!

If the Pubs weren't so dysfunctional,

they'd be saying, 'I told you so', about Obamacare signups, BUT, they are overwhelmed by their own stupidity, as the 'news' isn't about that. It's about the Pubs screwing up the system, and a bunch of people suffering for their incompetence. Have I mentioned, 'I Love It', as they crash and burn?


I knew that the Pubs were gonna suffer, from their latest fiasco, BUT the poll numbers, (that Pubs don't believe), show them suffering disastrous consequences, that they well deserve, no matter how much spin the FOXNews jerks put on it. Dumbshits...

Good for Obama,

he didn't fall the 'jerks' plan to merely drag out the blackmail, so we can go through it all again, indefinitely. The good news? The American public can see through the charade and are gonna vote the jerks out, first chance. Anyone wanna bet who controls the House next year? Stupid Boehner, let the Tea Party drag him around by the balls, and all he cares about is keeping his job, which will be 'Minority Leader, House of Reps'. Too bad all the little people gotta suffer while the Repubs play their stupid games, holding the govt hostage, cuz they don't like Affordable Health Care, upheld by the Supreme Court. Sore losers, and do mean 'losers'.

FOXNews is always a joke

but today, they've gone off the rails in their 'Fair and Balanced' coverage. Must be a dozen propaganda pieces praising and defending the Tea Party and other Pub factions while loading blame on Obama and the Dems for the gov't 'slimdown' that was so stupidly orchestrated by the far right. Would be funny if not for the sheep out there that actually believe their crap.

Needed a break from nonstop funeral stuff

so I checked the markets and saw the Dow was up over 290 points. Yahoo, looks like the money guys think the Repub blackmail is nearing an end, as Bonehead and crew are coming unglued in the face of public opinion. Lots of pundits out there, from the clowns at FOX, to the left wingers at MSNBC who are (nearly) as biased, as well as the mainstream(named for a reason) media who has bent over backwards to present both sides, when everyone knows whose plan it was/is, to shut down the govt. I just hope Obama remains resolute and doesn't reward the childish tantrum by the far right wing of the Repub party and setting a precedent they will only follow in the future. Not over yet, and it looks the idiots are just proposing a 'band-aid' extension, so they they can fight it all out again in another 6 weeks. The good news? The public sees what the jerks are all about, and the election that was 'close' last time, won't be next time. The 'lemmings in suicide vests' h…

If you only read one article,

explaining the 'shutdown', please read this one, that explains it as well as I have ever seen.

Very concise and understandable.

Woke up this morning

to a beautiful sunrise, and this praying mantis on the screen door that we see from our bed. Haven't averaged seeing one praying mantis per year, never this late and never on 2nd floor. As I got close to it, the head moved like it was looking at me and it was totally unafraid as I stared and talked to it. Nobody 'prayed' like mom. Maybe it was a sign and maybe just a wayward mantis. Who knows, but it was a good way to start the day.


Mom's funeral is Tuesday, 10:30, same time, same place, as dad's last month. A very strange deja vu. Gotta do an obit, with pic, but am not up to it yet. Have contacted everyone I think needs to know, but not thinking real well today, and eyes hurt from crying.
Have decided anger is better than grief, (when I'm able to choose) and am able to direct it toward cops in Louisville, KY, after a bogus arrest of my nephew and of course there're the politicians in Washington, as some think it is better to wreck the country, (according to a well documented plan), than do their jobs. Pretty obvious what's going on, if you look at it rationally. Still sickening, and I'm not the only one to see it this way.

Just 28 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the Republican Party, down 10 percentage points from last month, according to a Gallup poll. The polling firm called it a "record low," noting that "this is the lowest favorable rating measured f…

Less than a month ago

on the 10th, my father died, and mom had been in the hospital recuperating from a fall. She was doing physical therapy this morning, had a massive heart attack and died instantly. Wow. Still in shock and haven't processed it yet. We always knew they couldn't live without each other, and now they don't have to. In one of my last conversations with the two of them, I heard, 'This earth is a tough place to get off of'', but I guess it really wasn't for them. Like I told dad, during our many talks when we knew he was passing, painlessly, 'Someone up there must really like you', and I guess it was the same for mom. It's such a shock, cuz, other than her bad hip, she was SO strong. It's just hard to believe....

FOX and the Pubs

look at the 'slimdown', (FOX name for blackmail) as good news, while the American public, and all the 'little people' that suffer, see the Pubs as idiots, while they lie and throw a tantrum, that has no chance of winning. If we ever needed an example of how 'out of touch' the 'jerks' are, this is perfect. The FOX sheep look at this entire folly and think they are justified, whlle real Americans look at them and think, 'How dare you?' Bottom line, they WILL pay. The only question is, 'How much?' Am SO looking forward to the next elections, as they think we are all as stupid as the FOX sheep.


as John Boehner lied to the American public today, AGAIN, when he said there aren't the votes in the House of Reps to pass a 'Clean'  bill, (without the Repub blackmail), to end the shutdown, (planned and executed by the Pubs). BUT, NBC published the names and pics of 20 (reasonable) Pubs, when there are only 17 needed to pass an up/down vote. John Boehner LIED? Who da thunk? Wow, knock me over with a feather. Not a big deal for most of us, cuz we all expect lies from the Pubs. It's who they are and what they do. Wanna prove it Bonehead, as your lies are broadcast? Just take a vote in the House, OR, you could just keep lying (like the Pubs always do) cuz the Tea Party has you by the balls, (who knows how/why) and the country suffers. Nothing new here. And the sheep say, Amen.  BTW. Public opinion of the Pubs. 'Just Keeps Dropping', as the 'negative' now over 70%, and 'rising'. Wow, who coulda seen this coming? Good thing we got elections coming…

That time of year again,

when I get a bushel of roasted Hatch green chili peppers, (and some other peppers), a big hunk of pork, onions, garlic, diced tomatoes and tomato paste, refried beans (secret ingredient), bunch of chicken boullion stock, assorted spices, Tabasco sauce and some freezer bags. I had forgotten what a pain it is to peel the chilis and am currently resting my sore back before I open a beer and get in the hot tub. The pork is cooking and am getting a bunch of big pots ready. Not easy, but well worth it to have all those bags of green chili/pork sauce in the freezer. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as soup or on burritos, enchiladas etc. Yummmm..