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I was gonna blog about the Nevada dumbshit,

Cliven Bundy, and how he claims that God told him to 'stand up' against the govt, that is trying to take 'his' land, that he never paid for. Then, I realized that if you are a Cliven Bundy fan, you are such a nutball rightwingnut that I don't even want you near me or my blog.  Never mind...

Ted Cruz, the loudmouth Texan,

Repub candidate for prez, and frequent critic of Obama's foreign policy, has had a chance to make a difference, cuz he's on the Senate's Armed Forces Committee. BUT, he's only attended three out of sixteen meetings. When asked about it, he said, 'I've been busy'.

Just so there's no question,

I have absolutely no problem with spirituality or people who find comfort in religion, cuz I am a seeker, who's gone back and forth, but always looking for the truth, though I AM sure that the Bible isn't 100% literally true, and I'm not sure why anyone would think it has to be, cuz it was written by men, and men are fallible. What I can't stand is those who take advantage of believers, and play them like a well-tuned instrument, (esp Karl Rove and the entire FOX crew), who use carefully crafted messages to keep the sheep permanently riled, in an effort to get them to vote Republican. Bottom line, it's a strategy that's been VERY successful and they sure aren't gonna change.  Sleazy and slimy, but VERY successful, as the Pubs recognized a HUGE voting block and craft their message accordingly. Genius....

In the world of 'real news'

there is nearly universal condemnation of the 'Religious Freedom' law in Indiana that is a thinly veiled attack on gays, BUT, on FOXNews, the clowns are doing their same old spin, and blaming 'The Liberal Media', in Bullshit Mountain's continual reporting on 'The WAR on Religion', to keep the 'religious right' in a perpetual state of fear and loathing, BECAUSE, those people vote, and they vote Republican. For a brief time, FOX reported it as an actual news story, that was gonna hurt Indiana. Then the Spinmeisters took over and it became a typical Us against Them, Con vs Lib, Pub vs Dem, struggle for the hearts and minds of the sheep. Nothing new here, except for the fact that FOX got it right at first, until they realized what was happening, and they reversed course, blaming it on that damn 'Liberal Media'. Different day, same old shit from the people who exist for one reason only, and that's to elect Pubs and return them to 'the sce…

It's really funny to see the song and dance,

from Rightwingnut Gov Mike Pence,(R), IN, as he says the latest law that OBVIOUSLY discriminates against gays, has been 'misrepresented and misinterpreted', BUT, he promises to FIX it, cuz his rightwing, religious state has been hit where it hurts. Financially. He incorrectly claims that it's the SAME law that the US govt, and 19 other states have. WRONG!, and that was explained on ABC News this morning and on CNBC. The HUGE difference is that if a business in Indiana refused service to a gay person, and that person sued, the business would be treated like a PERSON, with religious beliefs, and could not be prosecuted. Hey Mike, if it's the same, why you gotta FIX it? I'm sure his reasoning works fine for the Indiana sheep who flock to the Noah's Ark theme park, and for the church folk who helped draft the bill, but for NON religious nuts it was a travesty, that's gonna get fixed, BUT, not before the world was shown how 'different' things are in the…

I'm not surprised

that Indiana Gov, Mike Pence(R), can't see a problem with the state's new law that obviously discriminates against gays, while others are shocked by it. I happen to know an Indi-Uckian, (border area of Indiana/Kentucky) who is one of the most religious/rightwingers I know, BUT, he claims he is 'not at all' religious, and 'not at all' rightwing. This disconnect with reality comes from the fact that the Bible Belt mentality is SO pervasive that an average, normal thinking person would be considered a Far Leftwing Liberal in their Conservative, Literal-Bible-Believing enclaves. It's a different world, where discriminating against gays is second nature, as the local govt helps to fund Noah's Ark theme parks, with statues of Jesus riding on a dinosaur. Not surprising that they 'just don't get it', like certain Mormons see nothing wrong with sending their 13 year old daughter off to be the 75 year old elder's 10th wife. It's all about the…

The Pubs are fighting amongst themselves,

trying to decide if they're gonna be Far right wing or FAR Far right wing. Mr. Bush and Mr. Walker are becoming prominent exponents of dueling visions of how a Republican can retake the White House: by extending the party's reach, or by energizing the base.
Bottom line, they'll fire up their anti-science, anti-education, anti-gay, anti-female, pro-war base in the primaries, as each candidate tries to 'Out-Conservative' the other, then when the general election comes around, the sheep would vote for Jeffrey Dahmer if he had an (R) beside his name, cuz they just KNOW that the Dems are gonna ruin the country, (cuz FOX tells them so), even though the FACTS show that Obama and crew have finally fixed the steaming pile that the last Repub administration left behind, after they were run out of town with the lowest approval ratings EVER.

Wow, I'm shocked,

that Bonehead has 'serious doubts', according to FOX, that the US (and 5 other countries) can reach an agreement with Iran, after he and the Pubs have done everything in their power to torpedo the talks, where the only option is outright war. Nothing new here, as the Pubs' first option is 'bombs', and they do all they can to make it happen. Same old crap from the party who fills our VA hospitals, and keeps the artificial limb manufacturers in business, while the chickenhawks say 'bomb em', from the comfort of their recliners, and can't wait to start another war, on the other side of the world.

There was a time I really liked Gonzaga,

but today they deserved to get beat, by Duke, cuz their coach sucked and their players folded. How can you sit Sabonis most of the 2nd half, after the first half he had? Feel sorry for the fans, and most of the team, cuz the coach doesn't have a clue. Worst job of coaching since Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl, and the refs were almost as bad. Come to think of it, I played for a coach like that....

FOX and the Pubs, one and the same,

have a major problem, as the economy continues to come back strong, after the disaster of the Bush/Cheney(R) years, BUT, because of Obama Derangement Syndrome, they're able to keep the sheep in the dark. Not much need be said about O.D.S. It is, by now, a fixed idea on the right that this president is both evil and incompetent, that everything touched by the atheist Islamic Marxist Kenyan Democrat — mostly that last item — must go terribly wrong. When good news arrives about the budget, or the economy, or Obamacare — which is, by the way, rapidly reducing the number of uninsured while costing much less than expected — it must be denied. At a deeper level, modern conservative ideology utterly depends on the proposition that conservatives, and only they, possess the secret key to prosperity, no matter HOW improbable that is, when looking at the facts. BUT, the sheep have never relied on facts. They choose Bullshit Mountain, instead, who assures them that the US economy actually SUCK…

The Rightwingnut Gov,

of the Rightwingnut state of Indiana, claims the new law that allows discrimination against gays, 'isn't about discrimination'. Oh really? Just because it allows businesses to 'legally' refuse service, on religious grounds, doesn't mean it's discrimination? Bottom line, lots of people feel like me concerning the Bible Belt policies, (that double digit IQ Repub rednecks think are 'normal)', and the new law is getting lots of attention, from major employers, Civil Rights groups and even the NCAA who is rethinking the Final Four games scheduled for Indianapolis. Should be fun/interesting to watch the local yokels defend their religious biases, against a national audience who doesn't share their ignorant views, as in 'gays CHOOSE to be gay', and we can 'pray it away'. Remember that difficult time of life, when YOU had to choose whether you wanted to be attracted to girls or boys? When even FOX ridicules them, the rightwing, religious…

Until Nate reminded me,

when were talking about local property values going 'off the chart', I had forgotten about the new Google campus, that has begun on this side of downtown Boulder, that's gonna be on four acres, with over 1500 new Google employees. These new homeowners are gonna have huge salaries, and come from Silicon Valley, where our home prices are gonna look feeble, after they sell their multi-million dollar properties. Not like they're moving from some Repub trailer park 'down South'. Google execs said they were willing to pay 'top dollar' for Boulder property, cuz it's easy to recruit the best talent, which Google requires, to the area.
Just what we need..... More people 'round here, but the property value bump should be nice.

SNL started out well last night,

with Barach Obama becoming 'The Rock' (Dwayne Johnson) Obama, in a 'Hulk-like' transformation, as he threw Bonehead out a window and pulled the arm off Tom Cotton(R), for messing with foreign policy, then tossed Ted Cruz out of the room, just for being Ted Cruz, the greaseball.
In other TV, this is one of my fav times of the year, as the best eight b-ball teams fight to make it to the Final Four. A real shame that Notre Dame had to lose, but I'm really looking forward to Wisconsin (with Dekker and Kaminski) against Kentucky. Good games today, too. March Madness, with b-ball, skiing, golf and biking. Good time to be alive...

The Pubs are scrambling

and the propaganda factory at Bullshit Mountain is working overtime, cuz even they can see the writing on the wall. Looks like it's gonna be another Bush vs Clinton, and the Pubs have totally different baggage to bring into the battle. The Dems have Hillary, who had OMG!-BENGHAZI!, which has been investigated to death, by the Kangaroo Court Repubs, and the worst they can find is she didn't call it 'terrorism' soon enough, and now they're trying to make a big deal about a private e-mail, that was totally legal at the time. Yawn... She has ties to the most popular ex-prez alive, whose greatest problem, while leading a robust,growing economy happened to be getting a BJ (OMG!) in the White House. Then you got Jeb, whose father and brother sacked the Savings and Loan Admin, then his other bro started a war based on lies and totally wrecked the US economy. Oh well, they say, we all make mistakes, BUT, that damn Clinton shoulda been 'Impeached, then Crucified' for…

Good for her

Hillary is seeming more presidential all the time, as she supposedly 'wiped her server clean' cuz the Pubs are circling, wanting to troll through ALL her personal emails, in an effort to find SOMETHING to use against her. We saw how Kenneth Star, and his vultures picked at Bill's carcass for over two years in their Whitewater Witch Hunt, before they found (AHA!) a stained blue dress, that had HUGE implications for 'national security' (wink, wink). I think Hillary is following my advice, as I told her to tell em to 'Go to hell, and kiss my ass, on the way'. You go, girl...

Somehow Bailey found out,

(maybe heard us talking about it?), that today is 'National Respect Your Cat Day', (really), and she is acting even more like, 'Bow down before your master', than normal, as she plopped on our newspaper, while we read it this morning, and just came up to sit on my lap, forcing me to move my laptop. Not sure how she knows, but she does....

Seems I wasn't the only one,

who was disgusted by the new law, just signed into effect by the gov of Indiana(R), making it legal for business owners to refuse service to gays. Must have been a bunch of people who read my blog and agreed with me, cuz the #1 Twitter Hashtag in the country is #boycottindiana. Not a Twitter guy myself, but MANY people are, and I think it's great that the religious bigots and their ignorant views are being exposed to the light of day. Supposedly, the NCAA is considering rescheduling the B-ball tourney to a less 'rightwingnut' friendly location. We can only hope....

Wow, what a beautiful day,

for my first real bike ride of the year. Had warmed up on some small rides, but got out today, on the scenic trail that reminds me why I live in Colorado, and this area specifically. Am reminded I need a new front tire, horn, phone carrier and have to mount my 'old man flag' cuz my recumbent sits so low, but was great to get out and and about, now that spring has sprung.

Saw a funny quote today,

from an anonymous woman. 'There are two things I can't stand. A drunk guy when I'm sober, and a sober guy when I'm drunk'. Hmmmm.

I was gonna comment on the exercise in futility,

better known as the Repub "fantasy' budget, with 'unspecified' drastic cuts ($5 TRILLION) to Soc Sec, Medicare, health care and  education, while shoveling more pork to a bloated military, but John McCain, AZ(R) said it best. 'The whole thing is stupid', cuz it has NO CHANCE of going anywhere, BUT, it gives the rightwingnuts something to brag about, to other rightwingnuts, instead of actually DOING something. Same old crap from the Pubs, do NOTHING of consequence, like Immigration, Health Care or a REAL budget, then bitch when someone does. Nothing new here, as the sheep get all riled, AGAIN, over nothing of substance...

Piper (granddaughter) spent the night last night,

after our 'sushi' date, with just the two of us. She got to choose her favorite place to eat and we had a great time as she had white tuna sashimi and a California roll, with extra ginger. After games and stories last night, the girls (Oma and aunt Kari) went to see Disney on Ice this morning, after seeing some of the costumes on the Princess skaters maybe Grampa should have gone, but figured it was a nice 'girls day out' during Spring Break as Piper got to wear her Elsa dress. Life is good....

Hard to believe, I know, but I just learned something

You can get better wireless router reception if you put it in a more central location, away from metal and in a higher location. Seems to make sense and seems to be working....

Should be interesting, as the state of Colorado goes to court, today

to begin defending the new pot laws against 3 separate lawsuits. One is from a hotel owner who says it's hurting his business (while tourism is at an all time high), one is a landowner who says the law is hurting his property values (as Colorado property values go 'off the chart') and sheriffs from Okla and Nebr claim they are being overworked (while getting record fines from arresting tourists on their highways). Like I said, should be interesting...
BTW. This morning's Denver Post says Willie Nelson is joining the family of Bob Marley developing 'signature' strains' in the booming new business that legalization has taken from the cartels, allowing law abiding citizens to participate, while Colorado schools are recipients of tens of millions in tax revenue. OMG!, the world is gonna end, when the sky falls on our heads.....

Whenever I think

we're evolving as a people and a country, I see someone like the gov of Indiana(R) allowing businesses to refuse service to gays. Yup, this bastion of the Bible Belt shows how a 'victory for religious liberty' shines a light on the bias, prejudice and ignorance of a portion of our populace. Business leaders have called it an outrage, while the head of Eli Lilly, a large employer in the state and the NCAA warn of potential problems in the near future. Is really sad to see rightwingnuts damage the economy of a state and hurt the psyche of those who are merely 'being who they are'. Remember when you had to choose? Of course not. None of us did, But don't tell that to the rightwingnuts who wanna force their ignorance on everyone. Thanks a bunch, Gov Mike Pence(R).

The legitimate news today, (not FOX) reports that Saudi Arabia

is sending air strikes and military support to Yemen, the latest Mid East hotspot, after GW and The Dick 'blew up' the entire region by deposing the strongman who kept order, falsely accusing him of having nuclear weapons, in their (very successful) effort to drive up the price of oil and get a 'real live shooting war' in the area, that dragged on over a decade, and shows no sign of abating. The Pubs love to blame Obama, who was handed the 'steaming pile' when he took office, telling him he needs to attack Syria, Iran, and Yemen, as well as 'ramping it up' in Afg and Iraq. BUT, thankfully, we are letting 'em fight it out, with Saudi jets joining the fray, while Kurds defend themselves and the Sunnis and Shiites continue to go at it, as they have for centuries, even before GW and The Dick 'kicked the hornets nest'. Bottom line, the Pubs are gonna bitch, wanting more 'shooting wars' as they blame the new guy, ignoring the 'Oops No …

DId you see?

Mike Tyson is giving 'diction' lessons, Charlie Sheen is lecturing on 'moderation', Lindsay Lohan is offering advice on sobriety, and 'The Dick' Cheney is explaining the finer points of foreign policy. Actually, only one is true, and it happens to be the least believable. Who would look to the author of 'Oops, no WMD's', (the reason he would be arrested as a War Criminal outside the US), after leaving office with a Single Digit favorability rating? Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind.....

The Pubs are Freakin' out,

cuz Obamacare is being embraced, NOT causing the Dr shortage, huge costs and problems the nay-sayers predicted, and the economy, by ALL measures is showing strong growth. The Pubs hate it, cuz their message has consistently been what a 'disaster' Obama 'is gonna be', while ignoring the total disaster that 'Bush/Cheney(R) actually were. FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) are forced to villify Hillary with BENGHAZI!, and OMG!, private e-mail. Their minions, like Tea Party favorite, Rick Santelli on CNBC, (how does he keep his job?), look at fantastic housing start numbers, low interest rates, rising employment, a strong dollar and struggle to find negatives that can describe how BAD things are under Obama and the Dems. Really sad and funny at the same time as the fallacy that brought out the Pub voters in 2014 (the sky is falling!) isn't gonna work anymore, except for the Bullshit Mountain sheep, who lost contact with reality, LONG ago. Nothing new here, but sho…

It's lucky for Ted Cruz

that he signed up for Obamacare, cuz he was just rushed to the hospital in (Hypo)Critical Condition.
In other Repub news, their braintrust declared the 'anti-immigrant immigrant' is a natural born citizen, although he was born in Canada, because his MOTHER was a citizen. Which is EXACTLY like Obama, (who was actually born in Hawaii, part of the US), and even IF he was born in Kenya, his mother was a citizen. WAY too complicated for the 'birther' sheep to comprehend, BUT, for those of us with a functioning (non-sheep) brain, it's pretty funny. Did you know the MAJORITY of the FOX indoctrinated minions actually believe Obama is a foreign born, Socialist, Muslim? Isn't it funny how effective 'propaganda' can actually be, when dealing with a mostly uneducated, double digit IQ herd of sheep, that gets their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain(R)?

In an effort to seem competent,

the Pubs are pretending to present a 'balanced budget', (wink, wink), that depends on $3 TRILLION in 'unspecified cuts' to Medicare, Soc Sec and other necessary programs, as well as killing Obamacare, (that a HUGE majority would rather see fixed, than killed), for another $2 Trillion savings, which would just shift costs. Then, they'll add Billions to an already bloated military budget for their hometown pork barrels. The Bullshit Mountain-backed bullshitters are planning on Obama vetoing it, and then they can say. 'We are the responsible ones, who can govern, but the big bad Dems won't let us'. I say 'screw 'em. Don't veto their plan, and watch as they try to implement it, cutting Soc Sec and Medicare from people who actually vote. Who can't see through their Voodoo plan, that is nothing more than a smokescreen to keep from actually legislating, for a change? Oh yeah, the sheep, who don't have a clue, when it comes to political lies…

Pilots locked out?

Preliminary audio from the 'black box' suggests the pilot was banging on the cockpit door, trying to get back in, as the plane crashed. Is that possible? Crazy.....

The 'Misery Index' is a Repub term,

(that they'd rather forget), derived from combining inflation and unemployment rates, with interest rates, as a kicker. According to their formula, we are NOW in 'The Best of Times', that THEY could never reach, according to their own definition. BUT, they have convinced the sheep, (through FOXNews), that the current economy SUCKS, and is TERRIBLE, in spite of all the obvious data. Does that bother the sheep? OF COURSE NOT. They don't relate to reality, only the propaganda from Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, as they wanna change the direction of the recovery, and replace success with Repub policy. Look it up, as in the definition of 'Misery Index', a Pub term. Who can't see such OBVIOUS crap? Oh yeah, the sheep....

There was a HUGE merger today,

between Kraft and Heinz, making it the third largest food company in America, valued at $40 BILLION dollars. Seems like a lot, until you realize GW wrote checks for over $860 BILLION to his Big Money buddies, just to keep the American economy from completely imploding, and TOTALLY wrecking our entire financial system, after having the Pubs 'in charge' for 8 years. It still wrecked the stock market, IRA's, home values and the world economy, for MANY years, BUT we have FINALLY (mostly) recovered, with NO HELP from the Pubs. If you don't think that's REALLY scary, then you are a FOXNews  sheep, who doesn't have clue, and there's LOTS of them 'out there', who believe FOX, instead of 'real news'. Nothing new here, but really scary, just the same, as the Pubs are trying to take control, again.  REALLY scary, unless you believe in the Pub plan to make the rich richer....

Rightwingnut 'Hero', Phil Robertson,

of 'Duck Dynasty', recently ranted about Obamacare and it morphed into a tirade against atheists. Here is part of it.

Robertson described a graphic scenario while sharing his thoughts on those who do not believe in God. "Two guys break into an atheist's home," Robertson began. "He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot 'em and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And they can look at him and say, 'Isn't it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn't it great that there's nothing wrong with this? There's no right or wrong, now is it dude?' "Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, 'Wouldn't it be something if this was something wrong with this? But you…

Good article (Front Page) in the Denver Post this morning

"Everything is flying off the shelf," said Chad Ochsner, a broker with Re/Max Alliance in Arvada. "We are used to a market where the buyer has a house to sell. It is now a market where a seller does not have a house to buy. "The National Association of Realtors considers a six-month supply of homes available for sale a "balanced" market and the national average is at about 4.6 months. Metro Denver's supply, by contrast, is now under a month. And for homes under $400,000, it can be measured in days, or hours. Hmmm. The chicken little skeptics claimed the sky would fall if Colorado legalized pot. Well, not exactly happening, unless you call getting trampled in a stampede to Colorado, as 'Skyfall'. In the same 'building boom' mentality that first brought me to Colorado, I see a 'Boom', which begins with an influx of people, who need a place to live, and once the 'Building' part takes over, it is self sustaining as it it g…

The headlines on FOX

scream of a 'scandal' in the Obama White House, but, if you read on, it's all about a difference in 'floral aesthetics' between Michelle and the official florist. No big deal, unless you're Bullshit Mountain, where nothing is below them, when it comes to 'trash talking' the Dems, in their 'Fair and Balanced' coverage of 'news'. They also boast of the Pub's 'balanced budget' proposals, but leave out little specifics, like how they're gonna cut Trillions from Soc Sec and Medicare, and not raise any taxes. Trifling details, from the masters of Voodoo Economics., as the sheep cheer them on.....

In other FOX 'wisdom', Michael Goodwin claims Ted Cruz can 'Win', because he's
A brilliant man of clear, conservative convictions, he is not muddled by the politics of calculation.
Yup, sounds like the guy I want leading our country.. Don't want no 'Calculatin' goin' on.....

Wow, I'm shocked

that Big Bill O'Reilly defended Brian Williams on Dave Letterman's show last night, after Brian was caught in A lie, and got fired. Big dif at FOXNews where Bill got caught in 4 lies in one week and FOX didn't blink, cuz that's what they do at Bullshit Mountain, or Lies R Us...

Funny news here in COlorado

as the Pubs won't let people have a 'big drum' rain barrel, (cuz the water that falls on your roof belongs to downstream users) BUT, they are all about a 'big drum' magazine for automatic weapons, with armor piercing bullets. Same old Repub bullshit.

I've always liked Toshiba laptops,

cuz they never crash. They'll get slow, as they fight off viruses and malware, BUT, my Toshibas have never crashed, (knock on wood, over 20-some years), as professional insurance adjusters have always relied on them.... Just replaced my 8 year old laptop with a new one, and the main problem was the new Windows 8 operating system, at the same time I dealt with a new AOL program and a new computer, BUT, the only way to do it is to work through it. Yahoo! I feel good, and comfortable, again, but it wasn't quick or easy, as important stuff never is. Hopefully, I'm good for another 5+ years.

Because it's Senior Tuesday at the movies

we saw 'Focus' today with Will Smith and it was excellent. Not a dull moment as we entered the world of a professional con man. Well done with an EXCELLENT cast, music and cinematography, as well as some good plot twists and turns. We've seen some highly rated movies lately that aren't nearly as interesting, IMHO. Believable? Not really, but VERY entertaining.....

As I've been saying FOREVER,

in spite of what FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) say, and want the sheep to believe, Red States are much more dependent on govt handouts than Blue States, who actually pay the bills. This article, today, by the non-partisan WalletHub, explains it well.

Republican-leaning states are a lot more dependent on the federal government than Democratic-leaning ones.That's according to a recent analysis from the personal finance site WalletHub, which ranked states based on how much they rely on Uncle Sam to support their state finances. To calculate states' dependence, WalletHub analyzed how much a state gets in federal funding per every dollar it pays in federal income taxes and the percentage of state funding that comes from the federal government. Bottom line, FOX/Pubs love to bitch about Lib 'freeloaders', when just the opposite is true, cuz better education=higher income.  Read it all here.…

I spend (probably too much) time,

thinking about how I could have been a better son/person to my parents, and wishing I could have spent more time with them, although I got many hours and days, talking with them, toward the end. And I realize that for some, if they were even WORSE than me,(if that's possible), and they DIDN'T get a chance to talk and spend time, a person could feel really rotten, and that's not fair. Just something about recalling parents that you really love(d), that's hard to get past. Been a year and a half now, and it's still tough. Some days definitely worse than others....

Why won't they just admist something SO obvious?

Bill O'Reilly is arguing with Bernie Goldberg today, that FOXNews isn't conservative. Are you kidding me? Sorta like when a close relative, who is one of the most conservative and religious people I know, claimed he ''wasn't AT ALL religious, and he wasn't AT ALL conservative". What's with these clowns? When you're that religious/conservative, at least admit it, or shut up up about your hard core beliefs. Who does O'Reilly think he's kidding? Oh yeah, the sheep like to pretend they're 'Fair and Balanced'. What a joke. No wonder MOST people just laugh at them....

With so many 'Imagines'

he sounded like John Lennon incarnated, Ted Cruz tried to get his captive (they HAD to be there) student audience to IMAGINE the wonderful world he could create, though in typical Pub fashion he used no specifics, other than abolishing the IRS, which sounds like a great idea to those who don't have a clue, better known as 'his base', who believe his lies, like 'the govt is trying to take our ammunition (bullshit), millions have lost health care, (bullshit, millions MORE have gotten it, health care costs have gone WAY up (the rate of increase has rapidly declined), he would put 110,000 IRS agents to work, 'protecting the border', which is BS in SO many ways, since total employees of the IRS is about 80,000. He disapproved of normalizing relations with Cuba, cuz they are a 'leading sponsor of terrorism'. WTF? Never mind, if you believe Ted Cruz, you're hopeless...

Mr. Cruz’s speech was an exercise in crowd-pleasing dissonance; the contradictions slip …

My thoughts were confirmed,

when Colorado was chosen as the second best state (behind Wyoming?) to retire, when all aspects were taken into consideration. You ever spent a winter in Wyoming? I'm claiming 'we're #1'.

Am glad to see Ted Cruz join the fray,

as a Repub prez candidate, who is too far rightwing, even for most of the Pubs. Good luck on appealing to national voters. I look forward to hearing his views, as he tries to be the 'Most Conservative'. On the surface he's scary, but when you look deeper, he's REALLY scary, unless you happen to like evangelical Texan rightwingnuts, who love to 'shut it down', when dealing with the govt, cuz that's how the Tea Party rolls....

Have started reading 'All The Light We Cannot See',

the #2 best seller, nationally, and am really captivated, sorta like 'The Goldfinch'. Takes place simultaneously in France and Germany, in the years leading up to and during WWII. Amazing writing, as it describes how Hitler took over the media and brainwashed the people. Can't help but relate to FOXNews. Once the people get their news from one (politically motivated) source they turn into easily directed sheep. Pretty obvious, and really scary....

Amazing story, if it's true,

and I can't imagine how/why someone would make it up, about a kid who recounted a bunch of facts from his 'former life', that would have been pretty much impossible to know.

Reincarnation? Makes as much sense as anything else, if you believe in the spiritual realm, which is hard to deny.Who knows? Maybe some day we'll find out. Maybe not....

Fun day yesterday,

as we got together with the kids, and Laura's family, to celebrate her (40th) birthday at Skate City, the roller rink. I'd thought skating would be more like riding a bike, and 'come back' even though it had been MANY years since I'd skated. Nope, it was tougher to 'get the feel' of the skates, and although I did several laps, every time I thought I was comfortable, I just about fell, although I never actually hit the floor. Much harder than the skiing we did earlier in the week. Bottom line, fun get together, as we met at CB & Potts brew pub afterward for dinner, cuz time with the kids is always 'the best time', and Laura's family is 'good people'.

On FOX today,

you can see the article, 'Cute Child Stars Who Grew Up Ugly'. Yup, and they all happen to be Liberals. Can you imagine that on a legitimate news outlet? Just another example of 'Bullshit Mountain', and how 'special' they are, as they sling the swill to the sheep, who don't have a clue what they're all about, or just don't care....

Impressive list

of atheists, and their beliefs.

I esp like Penn (of Penn and Teller) Jillette's quote, and how James Cameron ('Avatar' and 'Titanic') explains the difference between atheists and agnostics, but Richard Dawkins says it best. One of the funniest quotes is from Ayn Rand,( hero of the Repub Party), with her opinion of St. Ronald, and Stephen Hawking is also good, but my favorite quote is probably from Sir Richard Branson.
Bottom line, you can't prove it either way, but more people are 'coming out' and are not afraid to express their (un)beliefs.

In the whacko world of Repub politics,

it makes sense (to them) to say NO! to a much needed human trafficking bill, and deny the confirmation of a new atty gen, that everyone agrees is qualified,  cuz the Pubs wanna insert anti-abortion language into the human trafficking bill. This Hyde Amendment can't be passed on it's own, cuz it doesn't have necessary support, SO, the Pub brain trust is holding nec legislation 'hostage', like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum, for totally unrelated issues. And this is the crew that, after they won a majority in Congress, said, 'We have to prove we know how to govern'. Well, you're proving something alright, and the voters aren't all as stupid as the FOXSheep, who actually fall for your crap.

As I watch March Madness,

I'm reminded of how upset I got when I had a perfect 'blocked shot' and some stupid official called 'FOUL' on me. I grew up thinking there is 'justice' in the world, but there's not, and I learned that lesson during high school sports. It's all about who has the 'power', and growing up in the late 60's, it was the rightwingers, who loved the thought of invading Viet Nam, and the same Repub mindset invaded Iraq, many years later, for the same reason, to make money for a 'few', at the expense of  'the many'. Some things never change, BUT, when you learn the truth, the world makes sense, just as it always has, and you can adjust your life accordingly. Some people, (the sheep) never understand the basics, and think it's all about 'patriotism', instead of dollars, as the people 'in charge' make policy, to make money, which is the Repub mantra.

Just when you think they can't get any worse,

Colorado Pubs are trying to make it illegal to 'harvest' the rainwater that falls on your roof, cuz they claim it belongs to 'downstream users'. Yup, in CO you can be arrested for having a 'rain barrel', and the Pubs are backing it, while Dems are trying to overturn the law. Look it up, if you don't believe me.....

My old laptop, just got slower and slower,

SO I replaced it, but the new operating system, Windows 8, was different, in MANY ways, not to mention the new computer. Bottom line, I'm finally comfortable enough to 'switch over', but I can't imagine if I would have had to do it while I was working, on 'a storm', with all the other pressures involved. The good news? I've finally gotten semi-comfortable with my new laptop. Not easy, for an old fart, BUT, while I watch the NCAA tourney, I have some time to work on it...

After over 30 hearings on BENGHAZI!,

the Pubs decided they need MORE, so now they want to 'go fishing' into ALL of Hillary's e-mails, and see if they can find SOMETHING. If I were Hillary I'd tell em to go to hell, and 'you can kiss my ass on the way'. Hopefully she does just that, cuz they are NEVER gonna give up, trying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, in their efforts to return to their 'reign of error'. Hopefully the voters can remember what happened last time the Repubs were in charge, as we are finally returning to 'Pre-Pub Disaster' levels, and the country couldn't survive them again.....

Big Bill, the blatant liar from Bullshit Mountain, is bitchin',

cuz George Soros, is contributing to liberal causes, calling him a 'far left puppet master', BUT he has No Problem with the Koch Bros pledging over $800 mil to Rightwing coffers, cuz that's DIFFERENT, when WE do it. Really funny rant from the habitual bullshitter as he bitches about money in politics while he's a paid spokesman for the  Republican Propaganda Machine known as FOXNews, and the Supreme Court(R) OK'd buying votes with their Citizens United ruling. Nothing new here, but the hypocrisy is overwhelming, even for the 'Fair and Balanced' bullshitters.....

Really good Daily Show last night,

as Jon showed the FOXClowns bitching and moaning about the media saying Michael Brown had his hands up, but after the info proved he didn't, there was no outrage or effort to tell the truth. Sorta like FOX and BENGHAZI!, Stewart pointed out, by showing several clips of the Bullshit Mountain 'talent' making all kinds of outrageous claims about Hillary that were PROVEN by Repub committees to be totally false as he showed the clips side by side. BUT, did FOX apologize or back down when it was shown they were WRONG?  No, of course not. But, they expected the media to do just that concerning the Ferguson shooting. Just shows how 'The Fair and Balanced' is fairly unbalanced, when it comes to being ANTI Hillary/Obama/ Desm, ALL the time. Nothing new here, but Jon did a great job of pointing out their hypocrisy. See it here.

Is gonna be fun to watch

the two extremes of the Repubs fight it out over the budget, as one camp calls for 'no new taxes or spending', while the rest of them wanna throw billions of dollars at the most bloated military in the world, to 'bring home the pork'. When asked how they'd PAY for it, there's mumblings of cuts to Soc Sec and Medicare, with NO specifics. Same old voodoo economics from the crowd who says NO!, to everything but their own pet projects, where 'money is no object' when it comes to cranking out more tanks and battleships in the 'home district'. Nothing new here as the Far right wing battles the FAR FAR rightwingnuts, and the 'ordinary people' suffer the consequences.

Was really funny this morning,

watching 'Rick the Dick' Santelli intereview retiring FOMC member, Richard Fisher, cuz Rick was trying to put words in his mouth, but it didn't happen. Rick tried to say that the current bull market is just cuz the Fed printed money, BUT, Fisher correctly reminded him that this admin inherited a broken system with the financial and economic ruins of the Bushies. Now, we are in a 'sweet spot', with the best economy in the world, low interest rates and low inflation, a strong dollar and we're the envy of the international markets. Tough talk for 'The Dick' to swallow as he's continually ranted against Dem policy and the 'runaway inflation' it would cause. It's the same crap I've heard from my hard core, rightwingnut acquaintances who 'don't have a clue' BUT, think if they say the same crap enough times, it might happen, as in 'Obama's gonna RUIN us'! What do you expect when they get their 'News' from FOX…

The professional liars at FOX tell the sheep

just the opposite, so they can promote the agenda of the Koch bros, BUT, the scientists who actually make the measurements, and use FACTS instead of Bullshit Mountain propaganda, say it was the warmest winter EVER recorded.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal records show that this winter and the first two months of 2015 were the hottest on record globally, with a chilly U.S. East sticking out like a cold thumb in a toastier world.

Rush and Sean like to giggle at the Libs as they trot out one of their (PAID by Big Oil) 'scientists', part of the 3% who disagree with the HUGE majority, but it's like everything else at FOXLies. Why would anyone believe their obvious, slanted, biased bullshit? Oh yeah, the sheep gave up reality long ago, once they went over to the 'Fair and Balanced' network. Nothing new here, but sometimes it's REALLY easy to prove they're just liars, sorta like Bill O'Reilly, who saw the nuns get shot, right after he was on the porch when the Oswal…

Bill O'Reilly said, 'you won't find any Republicans

on college faculties', and he's WRONG as always. You might find almost 10%, BUT higher education is the realm of Dems. No doubt about it. Not even close. Just like the 'low education South' is the Repub realm. Not even close. Bottom line, once a person is educated about history, geography, math, social issues and especially SCIENCE, they are OBVIOUSLY gonna vote Democratic. Not even close. Sure, there are some abnormalities and aberrations, BUT, for the most part, once a student makes the effort to get an education, instead of dropping out and getting a job at MacDonald's, he's gonna get a good job and vote Democratic. Way obvious when you look at the stats. Red state vs Blue state. Drop out vs college degree. MS, AL, LA vs OR,CA,MA. Sorry Pubs, making it hard for you with abbreviations. Bottom line, Big Bill, the habitual liar actually told (mostly) the truth. College educ=Dem, for obvious reasons. Learn what's real, and you leave the Pubs, and their '…

Taking a page from the Pub playbook,

in an effort to win the election, Netanyahu promised 'no Palestinian state', (which is against all negotiations that have occurred over MANY years between MANY admins), BUT, he didn't offer any 'new' plan. Just saying NO!, without an alternative. SO, he won a close vote, with all the 'hard-liners' supporting him.
Will be interesting to see how the Palestians, (who were thrown off the land their ancestors had occupied for thousands of years), react to the latest developments. I'm guessing 'More War', which is usually what happens when the Conservatives get their way, without providing an alternative to their 'NO!'

Fantastic day on the slopes

at Copper Mountain yesterday. Great snow, and not a cloud in the sky, as we got in nearly a full day of skiing, and missed the traffic by leaving about an hour early. Both of us are moving a little slow today, and feeling some muscles we haven't used for a while, but plan on doing it again, but not TOO often, considering a lift ticket is $138, and a hamburger, fries and coke is about $27. Nice to get up in the high country and enjoy the fantastic snow conditions, though the snow at the bottom of the mountain got a little mushy, later in the day.

President Obama received the ultimate compliment

yesterday, when 'The Dick' Cheney called him the worst prez of his lifetime. Wow, thanks Dick! If you don't like him it's gotta be cuz he and his ideas are totally different from you and yours. As the most despised, lowest rated Executive Office holder in HISTORY, with a single digit approval rating, in an administration that screwed up everything they touched, starting wars based on lies and wrecking the US economy, I am sure the prez is VERY happy to know you disagree with him. The only question? Why would ANYONE (other than the sheep of Bullshit Mountain) listen to anything that 'The Dick' has to say, other than to laugh at him or as a lesson in 'how NOT to do it', as he can't travel to MANY foreign countries, cuz he would be jailed as the 'war criminal' that he is?

In spite of what the rightwingnuts say

about climate change being a hoax, we just had the earliest EVER 80 degree day in the Denver area, today, (and broke the old record by 6 degrees) after the most EVER 70 degree days in Feb. Yup, FOXNews, (brought to you by the Koch bros), will deny it, while Rush and Sean laugh at the Libs, BUT, over 97% of actual climate scientists say it's real.
Wow I'm shocked to find out that Bullshit Mountain lies to the sheep, to support the Repub agenda. The rest of us avoid FOXLies and get 'real news', instead of just a preconceived narrative, designed to 'Elect Repubs'. What a concept! Excuse me while I sweat, here in Colorado in early March, while Lardass Limbaugh assures the sheep it's all a hoax. Since they OBVIOUSLY lie about climate change, you think they MIGHT lie about other stuff? Never mind, the sheep don't care, and non-sheep don't listen to their crap.

Should be fun to watch,

as the Pubs fight amongst themselves, with some of them sticking to 'austerity' and others wanting to bump up the military budgets, already astronomical, with their favorite home-state, pork barrel spending projects, making all kinds of military hardware that isn't needed, or (in many cases) even wanted by the military, BUT, it's Big Money for the Tea Party chickenhawks, SO, they're gonna fight for it.

Wow, what a screw job

CSU, with a school best record of 27-6, got snubbed by the NCAA Selection Committee. Not sure why, cuz the main thing they SAY they look at is the RPI, or relative percentage index, which rates each team by the strength of their schedule, and how they do against ranked oponents. In a 68 team pool, Colo St was ranked 30, while other teams with MUCH higher RPI's, like UCLA and Indiana, got in, just on reputation. The CSU coach couldn't even finish an interview on TV last night cuz he said he had to get back to 'a bunch of guys who are crying'. It's the oldest saying in sports, and usually reserved for bad calls by officials, but, 'they was robbed'.

The FOXLies headline this morning says,

'The Toughest Job in Politics?, Defending Hillary". The clowns who have NO PROBLEM defending GW and The Dick, who spent trillions on a war based on lies, killing thousands in their 'Oops No WMD's', took oil (their business) from under $15 to over $140/barrel and caused the greatest economic crash since the Great Depression, think Hillary is worthy of constant attack. Bottom line, 'The Fair and Balanced' crew is a joke, where their main guy, Big Bill O'Reilly can get caught in 4 provable lies in one week and the sheep don't even blink, cuz they KNOW it's all bullshit and they don't care. Nothing new here, as Bullshit Mountain preaches to the choir, just what the choir wants to hear, and everyone else just laughs at them.

There are 2, totally biased political networks.

MSNBC, (which no one cares about), and the opposite view, FOX, which is just as biased the other way, BUT, the rightwingnuts act like it's 'real'. Are you kidding me? Who believes either one? Oh yeah, the sheep believe the 'Fair and Balanced' bullshit. Oh well, if you can believe 2 of all the animals in the world, and their food, can fit on a boat for 40 days, then return to a flooded world and swim to all the continents, then you got no problem with FOX bullshit, and you are the perfect sheep. Who da thunk the Pubs could tap into that 'voting base'? Rupert and Roger, that's who. Congratulations, guys. That was WAY too easy, but VERY effective, as the Pubs woo the sheep, with the 'War on Christianity', and they ALL vote (R).

Wow, 79 degrees today,

with great snow in the mountains. Golf or ski? Gonna do both this week. 'Tis a privilege, to live in Colorado.

The old, white men(R) in Congress

wanna impose their religious beliefs on all women, SO they're not gonna pass the Human Trafficking Bill, OR, approve the new Attorney General, until the Senate agrees with their 'war on women' abortion views, and tacks on The Hyde Amendment, according to McTurtleface, this morning on 'Face the Nation'. Nothing new here, from 'the Party of NO!'

The main FOXLies headline said,

'EMail Hearings NOT a Tool to Bash Clinton'. Yeah, right.... They just wanna dig through all her personal emails, 2 years 'after the fact', to check for 'security risks'. Bottom line, this is Bullshit Mountain, and all their readers made up their mind (with the help of a BUNCH of FOXLies) about Hillary, a LONG time agao, and non-FOXLies readers don't give a shit what Bullshit Mountain shovels to the sheep. SO, they can preach to the choir whatever they want to, for as long as they want to. The sheep don't need no convincing and nobody else cares what 'The Fair and Balanced' clowns have to say, which is ALWAYS the same, for the double digit IQ crowd. Repubs GOOD, Dems BAD, Vote Repub, (and don't think about what they did the last time they were in charge).

The rightwingnuts who back the 47 senators

who are sabotaging the talks with Iran, don't all realize this isn't JUST the US, but G5+1, which is the permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, and they've been working on these ngotiations/sanctions for many years, and now that an end in is sight, the Pubs are torpedoing the process, while offering no alternatives. There are only 3 options here, and tell me if I'm wrong. Ignore Iran. Attack 'em. Or negotiate, with a 'Big Stick' of sanctions, which is what the G5+1 is attempting to do, in spite of the Party of NO!. I get so sick of those jerks, whether it be Immigration, Health Care, Iran or whatever. No solutions, only sniping and 'Shut it Down', from the obstructionist a**holes. Nothing new here, as some things never change, while Bullshit Mountain keeps the sheep riled with grandstand issues like BENGHAZI!, which will never be over, as their are NEW investigations (now over 30) just beginning, the continuing 'War on Chris…

If there were a 6A division,

I guess they'd move the Broomfield Girls B-ball team there, after they just won the 5A title (their first year), even though they're a 4A school. In spite of some of the worst officiating EVER, (the announcers complained so much about the bad calls, they said they were worried about being fined) and being down by 10 points (because of them), the girls came through, beating the only team that had beaten them all year, as their coach retires, even though they started 3 underclassmen. Good job girls. Brenna, shown in pic, played the ENTIRE game.

Looking forward to the b-ball game,

starting in a few minutes, as the Broomfield Girls play in the finals of the state 5A tourney, after getting 'kicked upstairs' from 4A, cuz they totally dominated, with 5 championships in the last few years. They face off against ThunderRidge, a MUCH bigger school, in the final game for Coach Mike Croell. Am hoping Breanna Chase (who already accepted a collge scholarship) has another good game, as one of three junior starters, cuz Kari was her nanny for many years, and I still think of her as a cute little five year old, with her 2 older sisters who were also b-ball stars.
I still remember the feeling before state tourney games, as each minute seemed like hours. Slowest dayy of my life, as I just wanted it to START! Then I suffered a sprained and broken ankle in the third quarter, and the team we had beaten earlier in the year went on to win the championship. Really painful, in many ways. Long time ago, but seems like yesterday, as you don't get excitement like that very …

I agree you can't judge an entire organization,

by a couple of idiots singing on a bus, as in the SAE fiasco, BUT, an SAE acquaintance of mine is the same kind of  Limbaugh-loving,  FOXNews spouting rightwingnut. By far, the most racist person I know, and he doesn't even realize it, thinking he's 'normal'. Coincidence? I don't think so, as the white bread, spoiled frat brats live in their rightwing, elitist world, thinking everyone is 'beneath them', cuz the 'unwashed masses' are genetically inferior, (see skin color). Nothing new here....

If you read and believe FOX, (why?),

you'd know that Hillary's e-mail server was a 'homebrew/, 'basement', piece of junk but if you learn the truth, you'll find it was created by the Secret Service, for Prez Bill Clinton, and still run by, and secured by them. And totally legal at the time. Hardly the homemade, vulnerable piece of crap, described by FOX, but, when did they ever tell the truth about anything, when riling the sheep and getting them to vote Repub is the ONE AND ONLY reason for their existence. (Best political money EVER spent, by FAR).

Wow, according to the local news,

part of Bob Marley's family is in Colorado, touring the 'grows', cuz Jamaica just legalized 'ganja', starting next January. Pretty crazy, as Jamaica learns from Colorado, concerning pot, and joins the trend of decriminalizing a naturally growing weed. Although, if I remember our trip to Jamaica, and our trip down 'the lazy river', with our singing helmsman, James, it was available and common, when we were there. IF I remember right, but it's kinda hazy....

Once you get past all the anti-Hillary stuff

on FOX, and that's a BUNCH, you run into the headline that former prez Bill Clinton has gotten over $16 mil in benefits, OMG!, since leaving the White House. Then you find out that includes not only his pension, but all the peripheral stuff, like security, that all ex-prez's get, AND, in the small print, GW is over $14 mil, even though he's been retired 8 years less than Clinton. BUT, that's not what the anti-Clinton, ALL THE TIME, 'Fair and Balanced' network is all about, as they strive to (successfully) keep the sheep riled about 'those damn Clintons', while TOTALLY IGNORING all the crap from Big Bill, one of their resident 'uber-liars', and problems from the Pubs. Nothing new here, from the Repub propaganda machine. Not sure why it even bothers me, but it does....

One of the most obvious boondoggles

in the US today, is the 'Ethanol Mandate', put forth by GW, to get the Ag States in his back pocket for support in his Iraq Fiasco. Now, over a decade later later, with the world awash in oil, studies PROVING that ethanol takes (way) more energy to produce than it creates, while driving up food costs and wasting water, many people are calling for the program to be scrapped, or at least cut back. EXCEPT for the Repub clowns parading through Iowa, one of the major recipients of the (over) $10 Billion wasted by American consumers each year, in a program that only benefits the farmers in a few states(R), while costing the rest of the country HUGE amounts at the pump, for inferior gasoline, PLUS billions in extra food costs, as valuable land and water is WASTED. Same old crap from the Pubs. Screw the little people so a few(R) make can make a killing. Who can't see this? Just the sheep and the willfully blind, which happen to be one and the same. Like I've said before, why …

Is really funny to see 'Rick the Dick' Santelli

twist and spin and do a 180, on everything he's said for the last 7 years. The Tea Party 'guru' on CNBC has continually warned about 'runaway inflation' cuz the Fed had to use extraordinary measures to save the dollar after the Bush Crash of 2008. NOW, as the dollar keeps getting stronger against the Euro and other currencies, he's bitchin' again, cuz the dollar is TOO strong, which is just the opposite of what he's always warned about. No doubt he's a smart guy, in some limited areas, but has always been WAY too political in his financial assessments, and I've called him out, for years, as he's been shown to be CONSISTENTLY wrong. Really funny now, to watch him twist in the wind, as his Tea Party disciples lost their asses, if they believed him and invested accordingly. Typical Repub, as he screamed for years about all the 'damage' that was sure to happen from Dem policies, while completely ignoring what REALLY happened under Pub po…

Am SO glad to see.

the spoiled, white, racist frat boys (SAE), are being 'outed' and booted off campus, at OU. Now they're being investigated, to see how far and wide their toxic racism has spread. Nothing new here, as I've dealt with their racist, moronic mindset, and seen it as a breeding ground for Rush Limbaugh disciples, for a LONG time.  Good riddance....

Didn't read the article on FOX,

BUT, it seems like one I might agree with, from one of the few 'journalists' there, that actually makes sense, sometimes. Shep Smith's teaser says, 'Should Iraq's Borders be Redrawn?', and the answer is YES! Give the Kurds, Sunni's and Shiites their own countries, instead of forcing them to comingle and FIGHT, like they have for thousands of years. Religious nuts come in all shapes and sizes, and Iraq is like a can of mixed nuts, each of them sure they know the thoughts of the One and True God, just like religious nuts everywhere, and they're ready to fight anyone to prove they're right. For thousands of years, it's been, 'my God's better than your God', and I'll kill anyone who disagrees. Just 'keep 'em separAted', and maybe they'll settle down, a bit. But then they'll just gang up on the Christians. Never mind....

Wow, a dream come true for FOXNews,

as they unleashed a team of hackers on Hillary's email, in the name of 'NEWS', as only Bullshit Mountain can do it.

A DETERMINED BAND OF HACKERS bloggers and systems analysts train their talents and software on and uncover serious lapses in security, according to hackers, encouraged by Fox News.
Whoa...just like having your lingerie drawer 'imvestigated' by a bunch of perverts, who drool while they work.....

Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, MO,

and most news outlets aren't releasing any names, yet, except for FOXNews. According to 'The Five', they know who is responsible, and that person is.............. Eric Holder, Obama's Atty Gen, cuz his comments and charges against the police dept are the reason the cops were shot. Only on Bullshit Mountain can you get such insight and wisdom, which explains why the sheep are 'SO smart'. UNbelievable, but SO FOXLike, where the double digit IQ crowd gets their 'news'.

According to Jon Stewart,

who, (unlike the FOX clowns) actually knows 'of what he speaks', there's (only) one person who can beat Hillary in 2016, no matter how much the Pubs bitch and moan about emails and BENGHAZI! And that person may not be the savior that the Pubs are praying for. That person is.......................
Bill Clinton, who would win in a landslide, against any other politician out there, incl the 'out there' Pubs, and Hillary. Most people remember him as likable, intelligent and able to get things done, even when he was under constant attack from the Pub attack/impeachment machine, fueled by Bullshit Mountain. According to the experts, if Bill could run for prez, he'd win easily, and it wouldn't even be close, which is a HUGE difference when voters are asked about GW.
Hmmmm. I wonder why???????

FOX and the Pubs,

one and the same, do a LOT of shady, slimy stuff, BUT, the reporting from Bullshit Mountain, today, concerning the Human Trafficking, bipartisan bill, (that would have passed, but DIDN'T, because the Pubs slipped in the anti abortion, Hyde Amendment, knowing it wouldn't pass), is some of the worst. According to the clowns at FOX, the Dems ruined a great bipartisan bill, by NOT NOTICING, the single sentence Repub sabotage in the 68 page document. Same old shit, as FOX (the Pubs), twists and spins the facts, in a successful effort to keep the sheep riled and ignorant. They do it, cuz it's easy and it always works. Doesn't make it any less sickening, though, as the sleazy Party of NO!, always manages to wreck  legislation , then bitches and moans, twists and spin when their tactics are exposed. Nothng  new here, as the 'human traffic' sex slaves lose protection, while the rightwingnut gets a feather in his cap for his anti abortion stunt, from his Far Right buddie…

This morning's AOL News (a Conservative Source)

had this article about the latest attemtpt by the Pubs to sabotage the US, (with an alliance of many other nations) and Iran negotiations, while offering ZERO options or solutions, before they even see what it is.

The letter, which was drafted by Tom Cotton, a Republican of Arkansas, a junior senator with no foreign policy credentials. Instead of trying to be leaders and statesmen, the Republicans in Congress seem to think their role is outside the American government, divorced from constitutional principles, tradition and the security interests of the American people.
The letter was the latest shot to blow up the negotiations with Iran. Earlier this month, House Republicans invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to denounce a pact in a speech to Congress. Besides being willing to sabotage any deal with Iran (before they know the final details), these Republicans are perfectly willing to diminish America’s standing as a global power capable of crafting international com…

Same old crap from the Pubs today,

as they killed the Human Trafficking bill, cuz they wanted to ban ALL abortions, incl rape and incest, which had NOTHING to do with the bill. Just like Immigration, Iran negotiations and Affordable Health Care, as they kill actual solutions, while offering NOTHING in return. Same old shit, and it gets SO old, from the party of NO! The only thing they can agree on? Give us access to ALL of Hillary's private emails and let us DIG, til we find something we can use against her, to kill her campaign for prez. Can it get any more obvious, as they use their propaganda outlet, FOX, to rile the sheep?
Bottom line, FOX and the Pubs, one and the same, will say and do ANYTHING, to get control of the White House, while the Pubs avoid actual legislation, and just obstruct those who do. SURPRISE! And the sheep eat it up.....

For a while, today, it looked like

the dysfunctional(R) Congress was actually going to get something done, in a bi-partisan manner, by passing a 'Human Trafficking' bill (the votes were there, to pass it), that would benefit many people, mostly poor, female sex slaves. BUT, a rightwingnut Pub attached the Hyde Amendment to it, as they have done to several other bills, which guarantees it WON'T pass, cuz that amendment kills ALL fed funding, to ANY abortion, anywhere, which has nothing to do with the sex slave bill. SO, the Pubs killed a good bill, to make a political statement. Same old shit from the jerks(R), who don't care about the little people. Never have and never will, as long as they can do their political grandstanding. Just another example of the 'Do Nothing', party of NO!

So, the Pubs are claiming

they should get to dig through ALL of Hillary's emails, in a fishing expedition to see if they might find anything they want to investigate further. As if they aren't looking to find ANYTHING they can use against her, in their effort to win in 2016. Sorta like when Ken Star took TWO YEARS to investigate the Clinton's Whitewater and found NOTHING illegal, but they finally found a blue dress, which they claimed was impeachable. It's not like, 'If you do this, we'll quit hounding you about EVERYTHING you do, have done, and might do. This is bare-knuckle politics with HUGE consequences. She hasn't asked me, but if she does, I have a message for Hillary to tell the Pubs. Screw You. I'll do what's required by law, at my own pace, and fight you every step of the way, cuz there is NO WAY you'll ever be satisfied until I'm roadkill, and you have control of the White House, which would be a DISASTER for America, just like it was when GW stole the ele…

The BIG difference between Pubs and Dems?

In Pub world, whatever America does, WE'RE #1, and don't you dare think we could ever make a mistake, BTW, forget about Viet Nam and Iraq. If you disagree, you hate America. Dems think we are held to a high standard, and some politicians just don't get it, as well as the sheep. Sometimes the US politicians screw up. See Viet Nam and Iraq. Never mind. The sheep will never understand, cuz in their world, 'Dems always wrong, Pubs always right, case closed'.

Hillary addressed the 'email problem' today,

and it seems obvious to any rational, thinking person what happened and why. She would have had to carry two phones and use two email accts and she thought it would be easier and more eficient to use one. The rules changed AFTER she left, but she still made all her state dept emails public. Can't wait to see how the assholes at FOX spin it to the sheep, in an effort to smear her, as they ALWAYS do. FOXNews/Bullshit Mountain, nothing but the propaganda arm of the Repub party. 'Fair and Balanced'=The biggest joke in media. Bottom line, the haters are gonna hate, and who cares. AS IF, anything Hillary does would be acceptable to the rightwingnuts. Bottom line, it's all politics, and the Pubs are notorious liars, so screw em, cuz they live in a world where wars, based on lies, killing thousands and costing trillions is NO BIG DEAL, but a blow job is impeachable. Screw em...

The A**holes at Bullshit Mountain (almost) never

cease to amaze me. Today, after claiming Hillary should 'come clean' about her emails, their headline says she "Lost Her Nerve, and is Forced to Talk', BUT, the rest of the article says, 'she won't tell the truth about it anyway'. Speaking of lying, Big Bill, whose documented lies can't be counted on both hands and feet, claims people hate FOXNews, 'because they're jealous'. What? Jealous of a bought and paid for, lie spewing propaganda machine, that doesn't even address blatant lies by their main bullshitter? Yup, just like we're jealous of the SAE's, North Koreans, flesh eating bacteria and a big pile of steaming crap.

For the most part, and for MANY reasons,

I really don't like most Texans, (although I have met many that I DO like), after living and working there many times during my life, and enduring the national disaster of a Texan in the White House. Most, though not all, are ignorant egotists, whose claim to fame and prosperity is living on a vast wasteland with oil beneath it. As I said though, they're not ALL bad/stupid, as this letter to the editor in this morning's Denver Post shows, concerning lawsuits from neighboring states, who are making a fortune, fining travelers.

As a former Texas police officer, I never saw marijuana cause any problems or disturbances. Alcohol continues to cause violence, death and destruction. The political ambitions and mean-spirited reactions against the freedom enacted in Colorado shows the heart of those who demand control of others.
May your state continue to support freedom and the will of the people, regardless of the outspoken Neanderthals in the surrounding states. In the pursuit of…

In just one more example

of what hypocritical jerks they are, the Pubs were all behind a move to get 'cop killer' bullets off the streets when THEY were in charge. BUT, when Dems wanna do the same thing, limiting the sales of armor/vest piercing bullets, they're screaming bloody murder, led by their propganda machine at Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, but their crap gets SO old....

As I wrote earlier,

concerning Iran developing a nuclear weapon, we basically have only 3 choices, in dealing with the problem. Ignore them. Attack them. OR, Negotiate with them. In another unprecedented move, the Pubs are doing their best to torpedo the democratically elected president's efforts to work through sanctions, world alliances and negotiations, so we are forced into ANOTHER war in the mideast, as we are still dealing with the Pandora's Box they blasted opened with 'GW and The Dick's' last war, based on lies. 47 Repubs circumvented the State Dept and sent a letter to the Iranian mullahs, saying that whatever deal the prez makes, wouldn't be honored by the next admin, which is total bullshit, cuz they have no idea what Hillary will or won't do, BUT, these assholes are totally out of control, as they do their best start another war. Unbelievable, but typically Repub, as they think they can make up their own rules abroad, while doing NOTHING at home.

As one of my Christmas presents,

(where I asked for 'time with my kids'), Nate provided a movie afternoon for Kari and I, sushi with Piper and brew pub evening with him. Yesterday, Kari and I saw 'Chappie', which started out OK, then went downhill, (although we did get ideas for new haircuts) with Kari describing it as they hired a 14 year old to direct it. A good premise, but unless you like lots of explosions and comic character bad guys, is a waste of time. BUT, it was still a great time as we got me a new laptop at Best Buy, then caught happy hour at Gordon Biersch and just talked. I'm truly a lucky guy....

Really funny, as the FOX headline bitches

about about the NYT being 'political' by cropping GW out of a pic from the Selma march. The photog says there was no cropping, just that Bush was 'so far to the right' (sorta like FOX) that he didn't 'fit into the picture', sorta like FOX. In other news, FOX is crowin'g cuz they were #1, in 'trust' for news outlets, at 20%, with (as always) the Libs split among many 'real' news outlets. Nothing new here, but is nice to keep all the crazies in one box, where they would rather get Bill O'Reilly lies and BENGHAZI! bullshit than 'real' news.

Does anyone really think

the Pubs are interested in transparency in the State Dept, OR, are they squealing with delight as they get a chance to sift through ALL of Hillary's emails, looking for SOMETHING to bitch about? What an opportunity, as they claim she should have retroactively been on the State Dept email system, a year before it was required. Oh well, maybe they'll shut up about BENGHAZI!, while they look for the next scandal, which I GUARANTEE won't be anywhere near as bad as starting a war based on lies, which they had NO PROBLEM with. But, they'll scream and bitch like it is....

It's never been harder,

as Bonehead and McTurtleface try to 'herd the cats' and try to find some concensus on ANYTHING from the Repub caucus that ranges from far rightwing to FAR far out there rightwingnuts.

"We really don't have 218 votes to determine a bathroom break over here on our side, so how are we going to get 218 votes on transportation, or trade, or whatever the issue?"
REPRESENTATIVE CHARLIE DENT, a Pennsylvania Republican, on divisions in his party as it faces budget bills. Will be fun to watch as reps from the Gerrymandered districts try to prove 'I can be the MOST CONSERVATIVE jerk in Washington', and come into contact with real world issues. Nothing new here....

The story probably isn't even on FOX,

cuz they are racists themselves, (esp with the black man in the white house), but 'real' news media had it as a lead story this morning, as the SAE's were suspended from the campus at OU, after a video came out about them singing racist songs, incl 'ain't no n***ers ever be in SAE', and ditties about lynching.  Don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but the most racist person I know, by far, is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon member, and he is SO racist he doesn't even realize how offensive he is, or just doesn't care. Now, I'm wondering if that toxicity was instilled as part of the initiation and frat culture, OR if it's just a coincidence? Whatever, am glad to see a light shone on the frat boys and their elitist, abusive, rightwing behavior, where fraternity brothers don't include any 'brothers'.

More proof,

that Bill Maher, and others, steal from my blog, (well maybe not really), but they say exactly the same thing I did. Specifically, no one is covering the 'Bill O'Reilly Lied, FOUR Times', story, cuz it doesn't surprise anyone. He's not a real journalist and FOX isn't a real news agency. Lying is what they do, and it surprises NO ONE, so it's not even related to the Brian Williams story. See the video here.

According to the muckrakers at FOX

there are reports that:
The White House and State Department may have known as far back as last August that Clinton did not use government email.

Earth to FOX. Earth to FOX. Hillary left her Sec of State job in 2013. The directive to use govt email came in 2014. Over and out....

I know there's a HUGE disappointment that Benghazi has not been the smoking gun you were hoping for, BUT, this is ridiculous, though I'm sure you'll beat it like a rented mule, until the next 'scandal' comes along. Gotta feed them sheep, and keep 'em riled.

No matter what you think

About Bill OReilly and his blatant lies, you gotta admit his strategy is working, as he and Bullshit Mountain have avoided the controversy of his BLATANT LIES, while they concentrate on the stuff that 'riles the sheep'. Nothing new here, but is funny, in Sheepworld, where truth doesn't matter.

For MANY years, I've heard 'U-2's song,

'Sunday Bloody Sunday', and thought they were referring to some Irish, IRA, event, BUT, it seems it was about the Freedom March in Selma, where hundreds of 'Negroes' got their skulls cracked, and worse, cuz they dared to peacefully march for an end to the the Jim Crow laws, and the socially accepted segregation of the day. Seems like things haven't changed that much in Ferguson, MO, where the police force looked at the black population as a 'revenue source', as interdepartmental correspondence documents that promotions within the force depended on how many tickets an officer could write, and no offense was too petty. If they can't pay? Add fines and jail time, after a good whuppin'. I know Michael Brown was a thug, and probably didn't have his hands up, but the shooting was just a by-product of a 'police culture gone bad'. Pretty sickening, looking back on the Selma march, 50 years ago, as the batons were clubbing and the dogs were biti…