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It's just a matter of time,

til I get busted. We've learned it's not PC to grab butts. Just a matter of time til Carol reports me, and I join the pervs in the news.
Bottom line, I plead guilty....

As part of an article I was reading

about our morally bankrupt president, I came across this link, click on it to see the HUNDREDS of lies.

he lies constantly.

We know he's a lying slimeball

but sometimes the Liar in Chief goes SOOOO low, it surprises even those of us who hate him, and how LOW he brought the presidency of the US.
I'm referring to his political attack, today, against Joe Scarborough, suggesting foul play in the death of one of his interns, in 2001.
A young woman with heart problems, who hit her head when who fell after a medical emergency, whose death was thoroughly investigated and attributed to a health problem.
BUTTTT, the Liar in Chief, Total A**hole that he is, brings it up to disparage Dems, lumping it into Matt Laur's firing, saying it should be furhter investigated.
Sortal ike the crowd at his inauguration and the 3-5 million illegal voters. AND, he now claims the tape of him 'pussy grabbing' was doctored, though he admitted it at the time as 'locker room' talk.
How bad does the Orange Clown have to get, to lose support of the gullible sheep who swallow his crap?
Oh yeah, he could shoot someone in Times Square and Jesus him…

Do any of the sheep(R) notice

that the same jerks(R) who have been SO 'Fiscally Responsible' when it was a Dem program are SO fine with the Repub tav plan that TOTALLY blows up the budget? Over a TRILLION dollars deficit?
BUT it's DIFFERENT when the Pubs do it.....
Yup, health care for the people is UNAFFORDABLE, but a war, based on LIES, that costs more (TRILLIONS) is fine.
Yup, 'trickle down' is gonna work THIS TIME, even though it hasn't ever before....
Never mind, am trying logic/rationality on those who don't/won't understand SCIENCE.
Nothing new here....

Normally I don't watch Jimmy Fallon

cuz he's not that funny, but Seinfeld was on...
Bottom line, I just noticed that Jimmie wears a WIG. SOOO obvious on the Sienfeld show.
Wow, how could I have not have seen...

Nothing even subtle, with the Repub tax plan

The states with the highest property values, (SURPRISE!, blue states on the coasts), will be hurt the most, as property taxes WON'T be allowed as deductions, and  taxes will go UP for the middle class in Blue States.
The Bible Belt Red Sates, who live in places with LOW values (ever wonder why, think education/income), will get a tax break.
Same old shit from the Orange Clown who claims The Bible is his favorite book, and the gullible sheep swallow his crap.
Yup, Dotard the Christian!
OMG! Can it get any worse/more obvious as the Liar in Chief 'closes the deal', with the gullible Thumpers?

If it weren't for Rush and Sean, I'd be concerned,

cuz it was 81 degrees here yesterday. Hottest EVER for Denver in November, at the END of November.
That's YUUUUGE, but the Xspurts from Bullshit Mountain tell us that Climate Change is a Chinese plot.
Whew,,, if I didn't know that, I'd be really concerned, BUT, the same jerks(R) who remind us to thank GOD, for Donald Trump, assure us that these record temps are all a HOAX, from the Chinese.
WOW, as someone who has lived in Colorado for nearly fifty years, and seen the temps in summer and winter get SO much warmer, it's SOOOO good to know that the SMART GUYS from FOX claim it's all FAKE NEWS. Just like the Trump/Russia collusion.
Yup, the weather service AND the Intel agencies are ALL wrong, and FOX, the Repub Propaganda Network is RIGHT. As in
Right vs wrong,
RIGHT vs Reality,
Right vs Science.
Right vs Climate Change.
Bottom line, how can anyone be SOOOO stupid?
Oh yeah, FOX News, Never mind.....

Remember the first thing the Pubs did when they got power?

They tried a closed door, midnight session to eliminate the Congressional ETHICS COMMITTEE, But, they got caught before they could complete the closure. Well, now they are trying the same thing with the Consumer Watchdog Committee, as the Liar in Chief appoints his boy who is on record to 'shut it down'.
Yup, they(R) want to shut down the committee who protects 'The People' from the same Big Money who caused the last Financial CRASH, and who signed up thousands for phony Wells Fargo accounts, costing consumers MILLIONS.
Same old shit from the Pubs, as the same (gullible) people who vote for them get hurt the most.
Nothing new here.....

File it under, 'Duh, who wouldn't?'

British musician Morrissey says if given the chance, he’d kill President Donald Trump to ensure the “safety of humanity.” The 58-year-old said in an interview with der Spiegel this week that if he were presented with a button that could instantly kill Trump, he wouldn’t hesitate to press it.
“I would [push it], for the safety of humanity,” Morrissey told the outlet. “It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.” The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it,” he explained, according to a translation of the interview by the Washington Times. “Whether they criticize him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name. The American media have shot themselves in the leg.” Morrissey added that he “never expected” Trump to be elected president and has “no faith” in the political establishment anymore. “He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He…

SOOOO, I'm not the only one?

Archbishop Of Canterbury: 'I genuinely do not understand' Christians who back Trump

just when you think the Pathological LIAR in the White House

can't POSSIBLY get any worse, the lying sack o' shit tops himself with another WHOPPER'

President Trump is now suggesting the Access Hollywood tape, which surfacedweeks before the election last year and famously featured him bragging to then-host Billy Bush about sexual assault by grabbing women by the “pussy,” was perhaps not authentic.
What kind of dumbass moron would believe crap like that?
Oh yeah, a typical clueless, moronic sheep, who voted the Orange Clown into the White House.
UNbelievable, just like Dotard Drumpf.
BUT the morons don't give a shit.
It's just another lie, in a pile of HUNDREDS.....
Remember when the prez(R) of the US didn't LIE, every day?
Thanks again, FOX-PARP, who prepped the nation for continual LIES, and the sheep just don't give a shit, while the rest of us pull our hair out, cuz LYING isn't normal, or LEGAL.....

No truer words have ever been, as Media Matters(R)

calls for Sean Hannity's ass. Sean Hannity, the most obnoxious, lying, ignorant A-hole at FOX, which is saying a LOT.
“Sean Hannity is uniquely destructive in the media landscape right now. His extremism, persistent lies, conspiracies and attacks on women that speak out against sexual misconduct warrant some kind of accountability,”

The Liar in Chief added another WHOPPER

to his YUUUUGE pile of  lies, when he found out he's not 'Person of the Year, saying he declined cuz he 'didn't have time' for it, in another example of how he JUST MAKES SHIT UP!
WELLLL, to no one's surprise, except the clueless sheep who swallow his crap, the people at TIME called BULLSHIT.
Never happened that way, they say.
Wow, who ya gonna believe? A pathological liar who has HUNDREDS of easily documented lies, OR a reputable magazine?

TIME's editor disputed the Orange Clown's claim that he 'passed' on being Person of the Year'

Alan Murray
✔@alansmurray Amazing. Not a speck of truth here—Trump tweets he 'took a pass' at being named TIME's person of the year … 7:12 PM - Nov 24, 2017
AS IF, the vain, arrogant, egotistical unqualified Pathological Liar would turn down an honor like that. What a JOKE. Just like the morons who swallow his crap.

One thing most of us remember

about GW's 'War Based on Lies' in Iraq is that the Kurds were our allies, and fought beside US troops against Al Queda. Many thought that they should have their own country, rather than being thrown in with the Sunnis and Shiites.
Well, in his fervor to UNDO everything Obama, the Orange Clown has just sided the corrupt regime in Turkey, AGAINST the Kurds, and is withdrawing all military and economic aid from our ally in the region.
Like I say, if there's a way to negate Obama in any way, and screw things up, the Liar in Chief WILL do it...
Look it up, how the Kurds, our friends and allies in the region just got screwed, by the Dotard....

FOX-PARP had an important news 'Scoop'

that it shared with the sheep.
MSNBC hosts caught faking post-Thanksgiving banter they taped earlier Yup, a network that has more 'Fake News' than every other news agency COMBINED, is bitching about a pre-recorded show by their rival. RU kidding?

SOOO, the turkey goes to the fortune teller....,

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The Orange Clown's doing it again

He LOVES to take credit for the US economy, which is humming along, building on the solid foundation and solid gains it made under Obama and company. Sure, it's gotten a boost from the tax breaks he's promised for businesses, that's the MAIN reason for the stock market gains,, but the economy he inherited couldn't have been MORE different than the 'steaming pile' that GW(R) left behind, as everything was crashing, after 8 years of Repub rule. Remember?
Much like Clinton and the Dems left a fantastic, healthy business environment, that was soon TRASHED by wars based on lies. YUUUGE deficit spending and Pub policies, the current admin has plans to give YUUUGE tax breaks to those who need it least and run up YUUUUGE deficits that SOMEONE ELSE can deal with.
As Trump said earlier, 'the economy just does better under Democrats', we'll have a chance to see if it can survive the leadership of a vain, arrogant, unqualified Pathological Liar.
BTW, the entir…

For the 'willfully ignorant' sheep, who get their 'news' from FOX,

here are some FACTS, that they'll never get from Bullshit Mountain, the Repub Propaganda Network.
BTW, these numbers are continually growing, as we find out that more from the Trumpies, who DENY and LIE, until they are forced to admit the truth.
Plus, we have ALL the US intel agencies who agree that the Russians influenced the electoral process, in favor of the Liar in Chief.
Ever wonder WHY, they wanted him SO bad?
Overall statistics
At least 12 Trump associates had contacts with Russians during the campaign or transitionThere were at least 19 face-to-face interactions with Russians or Kremlin-linked figuresThere were at least 51 communications -- meetings, phone calls, email exchanges and more.This flies in the face of at least nine blanket denials from Trump world of any contacts with Russia

They just don't get it..

Am SOOO tired of conservative jerks(R) saying how Libs 'hate our country'. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love our country, but hate the SOB's who abuse their power to start wars, like Viet Nam and Iraq, killing and wounding our soldiers and filling our VA hospitals with victims of the wars they LIED us into.
And there are those who don't understand that the freedoms our fathers fought for include the right to demonstrate against police shootings (with no consequences). Twisting that to say those involved hate our military and country just stinks, but is typical of those who 'just don't get it'.
Bottom line, we love our country in different ways, and some expect MORE out of it, rather than blind obedience to the jerk (look at the present one!) who happens to be in power at the moment and the one(R) who LIED us into war in Iraq. Remember?

Pretty cool technology

that allowed me to see Kari's baby, at 7 1/2 months, in 3-D, color sonograms. Wow!
A healthy, good looking grandson, who moves around a lot.  Yahoo!
Then finished the day by seeing 'Murder on the Orient Express'. Very well done, with a great cast and amazing cinematography. (Scenery!) Never boring....

The Liar in Chief is keeping his record PERFECT

as in saying all 16 women who claimed he assaulted them are LYING (he promised to sue them, but SURPRISE, he didn't), and he supported Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly and now Roy Moore, all Repub sleazeballs.
How any woman, or ANY thinking person can support this A-Hole is absolutely beyond me..... And these same jerks(R) put Al Franken in the same category, cuz he kissed a woman in a skit and felt a butt?
Never mind, here I go again, trying to use logic/rationality on the SHEEP.....

After the Orange Clown's new policy to allow elephant 'trophies'

to be shipped home for the 'sportsmen' who slaughtered them got bad press, we just learned that he had quietly done the same thing with LION trophies a few weeks earlier. Leopards are a favorite 'trophy' of Dotard Jr, when he's not cutting off elephant tails.
Yup, this a**hole must lay awake at night trying to think of something more outrageous to do, in his efforts to become even MORE of a sleazeball.
Yup, let's have more rich guys with 'penis size problems' shooting lions and elephants to impress their Repub buddies....
Thanks again, morons, for electing the Liar in Chief.

Wow, just heard a great quote

as to why you shouldn't try to convince your crazy uncle that climate change is real, and ruin the Thanksgiving dinner.
'If you'd spent the last several years marinating in Rush Limbaugh, you'd be impervious to reason too'.
Wow, is that perfect or what?

Am just wondering when/if it's gonna stop

Referring to all the 'unwanted sexual advances' claims against famous men. You know there's gotta be a YUUUGE number out there I wonder how many men are shaking in their boots, waiting for their sins to be revealed.? Famous or not, as it's happened since the beginning of time. How many women have been the 'victims', OR, want to be seen as victims to get back at someone they want to harm? Impossible to know what's true, unless you were there, BUT am sure that both political parties will use accusations to their advantage, as some men are rightfully 'outed' while some will be victims themselves. Bottom line, just another distraction to muddy the waters and distract us from what's more important, as the Orange Clown rapes our country/democracy, with the help of FOX-PARP, who tries to equate Roy Moore to Al Franken. Just one, among their MANY crimes, as they'll do/say ANYTHING to put Repubs in office, which is the ENTIRE reason for their existe…

In a clear insult to kindergartners everywhere,

one of The Orange Clown's own people, Gen H R McMaster, (sorta like when Tillerson called him a 'moron' and it was NEVER disputed), claimed Dotard Donald had the intelligence of a kindergartner, and that's not all....

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster
mocked President Donald Trump and several other
senior members of the White House staff during a
private dinner in July, multiple sources with knowledge
of the event told BuzzFeed. Oracle CEO Safra Catz — who was on the executive  committee of Trump's presidential transition team —  reportedly said McMaster called the president a "dope" 
and an "idiot" who has the intelligence of a 
"kindergartner" during a dinner with Catz on July 18 
dinner at Washington, DC, restaurant Tosca.

Judging by the number of articles, the clowns at FOX are PISSED!

cuz the DOJ isn't going to prosecute the IRS for doing it's job and not allowing the jerks(R), who had all the anti-Dem PAC's, to claim tax deferred status.
No question about it and the claims would NEVER stick against the IRS people who simply did their jobs, BUT, that doesn't stop the crew at Bullshit Mountain from screaming Foul!
Same old shit from the same bad actors that surprises NO ONE, but keeps the sheep 'riled', which is the purpose of FOX-PARP, the Propaganda Arms of the Repub Party.

The Trump administration has no plans to charge former IRS official Lois Lerner over her role in the Tea Party targeting scandal, the Justice Department said Friday in response to calls by Republican lawmakers to revisit the case.

This is what we're up against

How do you reason with people (sheep?) like this?

Trump voter: I'd believe President over Jesus New Day
During a panel with Trump voters, one supporter said he likes that the President's cabinet is filled with millionaires and that he would take the President's word even if Jesus were to contradict it.

Yup, these are the 'Jesus people' who have a new savior..... And they VOTE!

Another example of how he's wrecking our country is from the State Dept, today

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert
acknowledged on Friday during a press briefing
that there is a “morale issue” within the department. She made the remark when asked to comment on
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s statement in a
recent Bloomberg Businessweek interview. In August, the publication Foreign Policy had reported, “[State] Department employees report low morale as 
they struggle with a broken internal chain of command, 
and a White House that seems hell-bent on 
undermining relationships with longtime allies.” Senators John McCain and Jeanne Shaheen sent a letter to Tillerson on Wednesday, which notes in part, “low morale and a flood of career diplomats leaving Foggy Bottom ‘paint a disturbing picture."

Thanks again, Donald, and you clowns who elected him.

Wow, one of faves, Malcom Young of AC/DC,

passed away.  A unique, influential rocker of our (My Generation) time, just died. Talk about some great riffs... Crazy, as I see so many, younger than me, dying of old age.
Not to mention David Cassidy, yesterday, both of them with dementia.
Oh well, just gotta enjoy every day.
Nothing new here...
Nothing is guaranteed....

As I watch the Donkeys (Broncos)

look like they're gonna lose SIX in a row, and I'm thinkin', 'Your whole (over paid) JOB, is to catch/throw a football, and you CAN'T.
Yup, I'm a fair weather fan, but have been in high pressure athletic situations, all my life, where some people CHOKE and some don't.
This year's Donkeys are CHOKERS, Choke Artists, gagging on PRESSURE.....
Not just one player, but pretty much the whole team...
PLEASE, show me where I'm wrong.

SOOO, FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same)

are saying Al Franken oughta resign, cuz of what he did (stupid, but SOOOO minor), compared to Roy Moore and the Pussy Grabber in Chief.
If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand..
Nothing new here, as the sheep compare the SIXTEEN sexual assault allegations against the Orange Clown (remember, he is gonna SUE all of them?), vs one kiss and and a 'fake' grope against Al Franken, and say Al's the bad guy who oughta resign. WTF?
Again, if I gotta explain, to the 'firmly and deeply implanted' crowd, it's 'nothing new'.
Bottom line, how do they breathe, with their anal/cranial inversion?

Remember the list of promises

that the Liar in Chief made to the gullible sheep while running to get the Pub nomination?

He was IMMEDIATELY going to:
Build the Wall and Make Mexico Pay for it
Repeal and Replace Obamacare
Start a HUGE Infrastructure Program
Declare China a 'Currency Manipulator'
Defund Planned Parenthood (He IS making progress(?) there
Prosecute Hillary Clinton (for what?)
Not golf so much, like Obama did....
Use 'common sense' to get rid of mass shootings
Remove Federal laws against Medical Marijuana (Sessions is prosecuting it MORE)
Immediately deport 11 million Mexicans

How's that workin' out for you, sheep? You feel 'lied to and USED'?

So far ZERO FOR EVERYTHING, but he's working on pushing a bill that will shift taxation away from the one percenters and bump our debt up by over a TRILLION dollars.
You gullible minions must be SO PROUD as he lies his ass off, nearly EVERY DAY, while more and more of his staff, family and campaign crew get caught up in lies ab…

In a nutshell, for those who need a diagram.

And, in other news. The teen age girl/Roy Moore scandal has overtaken what's even more important/repulsive about the Alabama Republican, and that's his attitude toward gays. If it was up to him, he'd JAIL them! No shit. He's make homosexuality, something we are, or aren't BORN with, and make it a crime.
Typical Bible Belt Thumper thinking. AS IF we have a CHOICE toward our sexuality. Remember when YOU had to choose? Tough, wasn't it?
Whenever I start thinking that maybe my Thumper relatives might be 'on to something', I remember their thoughts and attitudes toward gays and realize they don't have a clue. If you can be SO wrong about something SO obvious, why would I trust you in anything spiritual?

True, to a point..

REPUBLICANS 20 hours ago Jeff Flake: GOP is 'toast' if it becomes party of Trump, Moore True, the GOP, and the country is much worse off, not IF, it becomes, but WHEN it became the party of Trump and Moore. But that's not ALL BAD, for THEM, cuz about a third of the country agrees with their philosophy of, 'truth doesn't matter', as long as you can put a Republican ass in every elected seat.. Anyone who can look past all the the Orange Clown's faults and LIES, cuz 'he's not a Democrat', has already sold their soul. Just writing or saying President Donald Trump still makes my head swim and my stomach turn....

I am a Conservative, and so is Garrison Keillor


In the news this morning,

there's a story about a couple in Texas who have a YUUUGE 'bumper sticker' on their pickup that reads;
F**K TRUMP and F**K YOU for voting for him.
They claim to have gotten much more POSITIVE feedback than negative, which is kinda surprising, for Texas.
Told Carol about it and she immediately said, 'Where can I get one of those for MY car?.

There have been MANY times

when we see the difference between Bible Belt Pubs, and thinking Americans.
It has never been more obvious than the Roy Moore election. where an old man hitting on young girls, underage, is seen as OK, as long as the perv has an (R) after his name. Over a dozen women came forward, BUT, it's fine with the same people who think it's TERRIBLE that Al Franken kidded about  touching a woman wearing a flak jacket, and kissing her in a skit.
Bottom line, WHY am I trying to use logic/rationality on a part of the public who has NO CLUE as to logic/rationality. SIXTEEN women charge the Liar in Chief with sexual harassment, but WHO CARES?
 Some things never change. Why would I think they would?????
The sheep live in a STRANGE world(R) of their own, where reality/truth just doesn't matter....

Sarah Hunkameat had a YUUUUGE distinction

between Al Franken and the Liar in Chief. No matter that the Orange Clown had at least SIXTEEN women who claim he harassed them, and Al admitted he shouldn't have pretended to grope a woman in a Flak Jacket. or practice kissing a woman for a skit.
Yup, Al is MUCH worse, cuz he didn't LIE about it, OR brag about it on a hidden mike.

How is this different?” the reporter asked. “I think in one case specifically, Sen. Franken has admitted
wrongdoing, and the president hasn’t,” Sanders replied. “I think 
that’s a very clear distinction.” 

And that works for the clueless sheep, who are gullible beyond belief....
In other news, a spokesman for Roy Moore ranted at the press,
after several more women came forward with incidents involving 
the dirty old perv when they were teens. 
'You people are SICK, and need to meet the Jesus the Roy Moore 

Just to keep it in perspective...

Al Franken kiddingly 'FAKED' grabbing the breasts of a flak-jacket wearing, sleeping woman, knowing he was being photographed, and then publicly admitted it was WRONG and asked forgiveness.
The A-hole in Chief has claims from SIXTEEN women that he grabbed and sexually harassed them, PLUS he was caught on an open mike , BRAGGING about it.
Franken has been thrown under the bus by Dems and Pubs alike, incl the Grabber in Chief, while the Liar in  Chief ducks and dodges all responsibility for his actons, and the Clueless Sheep have NO PROBLEM with it.
And you think there's not an epidemic of 'Head Up Their Ass Disease' among the Pubs?
R U kidding???????

The women who have accused President Donald Trump 
of sexual assault are patiently awaiting his undoing.  Three of the 16 women who have accused Trump of some
form of sexual assault spoke to People on Thursday. The
women discussed what it’s been like for them as more 
and more men in power are being publicly condemned

Willful Ignorance, or Tribal Loyalty

or is there a difference? There was a time when 'Truth Mattered', then we got the Liar in Chief in the White House, and all of a sudden being a Pathological Liar was No Problem for a third of the population.
WTF happened?
Oh yeah, FOXNews. Never mind..

We’re With Stupid By TIMOTHY EGAN The problem is not the Russians — it’s us. A huge percentage of the population can’t tell fact from fiction. or just don't care.

In typical Hypocritical(R), fashion

Pubs are calling for Al Franken's resignation, while ignoring the 'Groper on Chief' in the White House. The allegations aren't even close in number and nature, but that's how it works in Pub land.
Some things never change....

Kirsten Powers of USA Today says that anyone who believes Franken needs to resign should also believe that President Trump needs to resign. Trump has many more credible accusers — and the accusations against him are worse.

Before he was a Congressman,

professional comedian Al Franked staged this pic, cuz he thought it was funny. Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't, but 'ASSAULT?'. C'mon...
You can see he didn't actually grope her, but 'staged' the pic as a joke. And if you were gonna grope someone, would you do it when she was searing a FLAK JACKET, with a photographer?
NOW, the Pubs are calling it 'SEXUAL ASSAULT' and trying to change the subject from ACTUAL sex assault on underage girls by Roy Moore(R).
If you can't see the difference, you obviously have your head WAY too deeply and firmly implanted.
Never mind.

Who did you THINK was gonna pay

for the YUUUUGE Repub giveaway to the Rich and the Most Bloated Military the world has ever seen?
With the Pubs in charge, it will obviously be the Poor and Middle Class who foot the bill.
What? You haven't seen them(R) at work before?

Low income families would get hit with tax increases by 2021, and by 2027 would face — along with the middle class — a huge uptick in taxes, according to analysis of Senate Republicans' tax plan released Thursday by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).

Some things NEVER change.
Trickle down, my ass...

The Orange Clown does a LOT of strange crap,

like Tweeting condolences for the Sutherland Springs, TX shootings, to the victims of the latest California shootings. But, at least he didn't say, 'they knew what they were signing up for', like he did with the Army widow, after saying the WRONG NAME of her husband. He later claimed it was all 'fake news', and he had proof. It wasn't and he didn't, but the claimant's did.

The Trump administration on Thursday said it had reversed a ban on hunters importing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Elephantsin particular remain an endangered species with a rapid decline continuing as a result of poaching and the ivory trade.
“The global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade,” said Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle in a blog post. “And now, the U.S. government is giving American trophy hunters the green light to kill them.” Yesterday, Dotard Drumpf overturned the law that was saving LOT…

Just one more time here,

to clear the air, after the A*holes at FOX have been flogging the dead horse (over 40 stories in less than a week) about Hillary giving Uranium to Russia, in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. I offer this MAINLY as an example of how the clowns work, to deceive the sheep, BUT, they love it, and it keeps 'collusion' out of the headlines, as one after another of the Liar in Chief's inner circle gets busted for LYING about Russian involvement, which DOESN'T make it to Bullshit Mountain headlines.
What makes this story SO unique, is that Shep Smith, of FOX, called 'bullshit' and calmly outlined the facts. I'm guessing he better be getting his resume out.....

Shep claims Uranium One is a made-up scandal involving Hillary Clinton, which has been making the rounds in conservative media (FOX). The claim is that Clinton, while serving as secretary of state, approved the sale of a mining company called Uranium One to Russia, giving it access to 20 perc…

While Roy Moore gets buried,

by his perv moves toward young girls, we forget his basic beliefs, as in 9-11 was God's judgement against America, cuz of gays.
One of the MAIN reasons I distanced myself from Evangelicals, within my own family, was their stance on those born gay.
AS IF we had a choice...
Remember when you had to CHOOSE if you liked the 'opposite sex' or one of your own?
Yup, I had this conversation with my rightwingnut, conservative, Bible-thumping relatives, MANY times, and realized they were/are CLUELESS, in their beliefs on sexual orientation.
Just one of the MANY times I realized, 'They don't have a clue; in SO many areas, AND they all vote  straight Repub',  no matter what, even if it's the Vain, arrogant, unqualified pathological liar for prez, cuz he's (R).

RU kidding?

Bottom line, what kind of Dickhead thinks this is a good look?

Yup, Roy Moore had access to EVERY cowboy hat in the world, and he picked this one, while waving a pistol in the air.
RU shittin' me? Who does this appeal to?
Typical CLUELESS Repub, who stalks young girls, BUT the clowns(R) support him, cuz he's like an old Joseph, after a young Mary in the Bible, and that makes it OK for the rightwingnuts.

After seeing the latest Dem wins (everything), in the latest elections,

we can only be reminded of the Liar in Chief's quote, (say it with a WHINE in your voice),
'We will win SO MUCH, you will get tired of WINNING'.
OMG, what a Dickhead....

In other, 'what a bunch of jerks(R)' news...

The same Repub clowns that are calling for Roy Moore to quit the race, cuz of accusations from several women that happened 40 years ago, just shut up and change the subject when asked about TWICE as many accusations against the Orange Clown, MUCH more recently.
The Liar in Chief actually admitted to 'Grabbing Pussy', but the jerks(R) don't have a problem with that.
Can you say HYPOCRITES?

Wow, a FOXNews host calling BULLSHIT! on FoxNews...

Shep Smith called out his 'Fake News' network for hyping the Hillary Clinton Uranium sale as 'false', Shep correctly stated that the State Dept was one of NINE agencies to approve the deal and had ZERO leverage to approve or disapprove the sale.
This doesn't matter to the clowns at FOX, where they have been pushing a 'conspiracy theory' of 'pay to play', for the Clinton Foundation, that the sheep have seen swallowing.
Again, typical FOXNews BULLSHIT, but it IS different to have one of their own calling it BULLSHIT.
BUT, does it matter to the sheep to find out they've been LIED to AGAIN?
Of course not, these are the 'head up their ass' sheep. Some things never change.
Shep Smith Breaks From Fox News Coverage, Tears ‘Uranium One’ Scandal To Shreds

The Orange Clown again disparaged CNN, today,

and praised the Repub Propaganda site, Bullshit Mountain, where the listeners are SOO used being LIED to that The Liar in Chief 'fits right in'.
FOX and Trump= Two Headed Monster, shown below, delivering their daily message to the
'Open Minded' sheep...

Someone's gotta pay, for the Pubs plan

to cut taxes for the wealthy and (over)fund the most bloated military in the world, SOOO the jerks(R) have it covered. Just cut Medicare, which ISN'T an entitlement, but something we have paid into 'our entire lives'.
Don't you just love those a**holes(R)?
Neither do I....
Republican tax bill to slash $25 billion from Medicare, CBO says

Am SO glad that Denver made de-clawing cats ILLEGAL

What kind of whackjob de-claws a cat?  It's like cutting off the top joint of your fingers. It makes cats go psycho cuz it's SO painful, BUT, makes them EASY to control, as in they can't defend themselves or climb a tree to escape. Claws are what makes a cat, a cat.
A typical Repub response to reality.
Don't you just love 'em(R)?
Neither do I...

Leon Panetta 'knows of what he speaks'

and claims the Trump campaign met with the Russians approx 30 times.
Former CIA Director and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Monday said members of the Donald Trump presidential campaign met with Russians about 30 times. Blitzer asked Panetta about a new report that Donald Trump Jr. received private messages on Twitter from WikiLeaks before and after the campaign.

"Well, it would appear to be another additional piece of evidence related to the activities of either his family members or members of his campaign working with the Russians in one way or another," Panetta replied. "I mean, there have been some 30 times, as I understand it, in which individuals in the Trump campaign met and discussed the campaign with the Russians."

We get more insight into the 'brains'?

of the Repub Bible Belt Base, who gave us the Pussy Grabber and now want to shove Roy Moore down our throats. These 'People of God' claim it doesn't matter if all the women's claims are true, that he forced himself on them when they were 14-16 years old.
According to these nutballs, who claim to 'know the mind of God',
and they're sticking with him, and attacking those, (now a multitude of women), making the allegations, cuz he has (R) after his name.
And you wonder how we got Dotard Drumpf as president, after over a dozen women accused him of sexual assault and he admitted to Grabbing Pussy, cuz he was powerful"
It's the Southern Bible Belt Evangelicals(R), along with the other gullible FOXSheep, that we have to thank....

We all know that the Liar in Chief is a pathological LIAR

but most of us probably don't realize just HOW BAD he actually is. Sure, after SO MANY LIES on SO MANY SUBJECTS, his lies lose their shock value and while we are still saying WTF? over his latest lie, he comes up with new ones. Sometimes multiple lies within one sentence or paragraph. BUT the sheer number of LIES, when actually documented and counted, should amaze even the most cynical among us.
Unless you're FOXSheep(R), then you don't give a shit.

Washington (CNN) Alternative facts. Lies. Distortions. Exaggerations. Misstatements. Half truths.  Some are subtle and others are 'Pants On Fire'. Call it what you want, but there's one indisputable fact: Donald Trump does a stunning amount of it. According to a count maintained by The Washington Post's Fact Checker and updated Tuesday morning, Trump has now made 1,628 false or misleading claims in his 298 days in office. That's an average of 5.5 a day. Five and a half misleading or outright false statements…