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As a long-time Nuggets fan,

I've seen some disappointing losses, but not many worse than this one, today against the Lakers. In the last 3 minutes the Nugs went 0 for 3 from the line, and 0 for 7 from the field, including a missed dunk and a missed lay-up, as they got beat by three. True, there were some bad calls, but, they beat themselves. Really sad. The good news? They play AT Denver tomorrow. We'll see...

Good article here,

about how life gets better, in many ways, as you get older. I sorta realized it last night, as we were at the annual 'Newmas Party' (combo ChristMAS NEW Year)with a bunch of our 'older' friends, many of whom we've been with for many decades.
Getting old has it's problems, obviously, but it's not all bad.

And now, the REST of the story,

Reports about the end of the war in Iraq routinely describe the toll on the U.S. military the way the Pentagon does: 4,487 dead, and 32,226 wounded, but today this article came out.
The death count is accurate. But the wounded figure wildly understates the number of American servicemembers who have come back from Iraq less than whole.
The true number of military personnel injured over the course of our nine-year-long fiasco in Iraq is in the hundreds of thousands -- maybe even more than half a million -- if you take into account all the men and women who returned from their deployments with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, depression, hearing loss, breathing disorders, diseases, and other long-term health problems, that will require decades of expensive care.

See the real numbers here:

Mitt Romney's son, said today,

that his father would release his tax returns (which he hasn't done) when Obama releases his birth certificate. Oh really? Sounds like Mitt, much like GHW Bush, has a little problem with a kid who 'doesn't have a clue.'

As we approach the Iowa Caucuses,

that little state gets a LOT of attention. Why? Because it's first, but it's not representative. Iowa and Mississippi, are the only states to have never elected a woman for gov or to Congress. A culturally challenged landscape where, according to an Iowa professor, "Those who stay in rural Iowa are often the elderly waiting to die, those too timid (or lacking in education) to peer around the bend for better opportunities.' Over half the Reps don't believe in evolution or global warming. Their main political concern is to keep receiving the ethanol subsidies, which allows the farmers to sell their corn for more than it's worth, at a huge cost to the rest of the country in taxes and higher food prices, BUT, it does keep the Repub farm states 'in the fold', and voting Repub. Bottom line, as soon as this Iowa fiasco is over, where a total of 150,000 voters have a huge 'fifteen minutes of fame', the sooner the country can get on with real business. …

Watched 48 Hrs, tonight.

where Ft Collins Det Jim Broderick made up a case against Tim Masters, and lied about the facts to get a conviction, that he felt 'in his gut', sorta like W, and his war. The lying SOB, who happened to be a cop, did a Bushie case, where he put all the evidence he wanted, out there, and withheld all the evidence he didn't want seen. Bottom line, Masters did 11 years for a crime he didn't commit, as the cop lied about many relevant facts. We finally learned what really happened, as a local pervert was overlooked, cuz the cop in charge framed a 15 year old kid. That's what happens when someone 'in charge', is allowed to manipulate the facts. Sorta like the war in Iraq. Will the true criminals ever be prosecuted? I doubt it. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be....

For those who don't know,

this blog isn't about making friends or enemies. It's my diary that I will enjoy in my 'rocking chair' years , and now have over 5 yrs worth, and hope to have many more. I will be the guy in the old folks home, with a computer on my lap, and a smile on my face.

As a NON Repub,

it is so funny to watch the clowns fight for the rubes, in Iowa. The only viable candidate, Huntsman, is out of the the running with the Christian Conservatives, who suck up to the Tea Party, that doesn't have a chance, in the real world. Ron Paul, who has real world ideas, will never 'connect' with the base. Fun to watch, for those who view the Repubs as a circus sideshow. Can the 1 % control the rest? We'll see...

After the movie,

last night, we went out for dinner, and were shocked to find our local Red Lobster was closed, 'out of business'. Really? I had no idea Red Lobster's ever went out of business, and esp this one, cuz it was always busy. BUT, it was closed, so we had to go somewhere else. Decided on 'Mimi's'. What a great choice. Had the fish and chips and the shrimp, with corn chowder and their fantastic bread with flights of wine. Bottom line? Don't miss Red Lobster at all. Fantastic fish and chips (haddock), and all that goes with it. There's a reason the RL went out of business. Gotta love capitalism....

Our neighbor Dave, of Dave & Rhonda,

started a new job, a couple of weeks ago, and they needed someone to take Zee, their beautiful Springer Spaniel, on a walk, in the middle of the day. When I heard they were gonna hire a 'service' I gladly volunteered. Today, we took off through the deep snow, for a walk on the golf course, and Zee started barking, growling and looking up the fairway, at a Snowman! It took quite a while, with Zee doing lots of running, jumping, circling and barking, but I finally got him to sniff it. It was wearing a big hat and scarf, along with eyes and a pipe. I bet the carrot nose had been eaten. He finally settled down as I broke peices off and threw snow at him, but it was pretty funny. Great workout, walking through the snow.....

A 'not so surprising' study,

shows that not only are wine drinkers more healthy than the general public, but when you factor in several other factors, with a large test group, over 20 years, you find that moderate drinkers are more healthy than non-drinkers.
This shouldn't be a surprise, and certainly isn't to me, because not only does an occasional drink help mentally, by relieving stress, alcohol is also a well-known solvent, and nothing is worse for the body than fat deposits, cholesterol, that builds in the blood vessels. DUH. Solvents dissolve fats. Obviously, everything in moderation, but this 'new' study seems pretty obvious.

A scenario that's going to become

more common, is chronicled in this article from CNN-Money, today, where the average time from a homeowner missing a payment, until the time they are actually evicted, has gone from 674 days, to over a 1000. That's nearly 3 years.
As more 'underwater' homeowners figure this out, it's only going to get worse, and home values will continue to slide. A snowball that the Bush admin pushed down the hill, with the packaged 'liar loans', sold as AAA investments, is turning into an avalanche that's growing by the month. Just don't see any way to turn it around, but hopefully, someone can figure something out. We'll see...

There's a LOT of books

written every year, but not many become #1 best sellers in Europe and the US. 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo', was one that did, as well as the two following books by Stieg Larsson, who died way too young. Really enjoyed the books, so we went to the movie today, which wasn't an easy choice with all the good flicks out there, now, after a long drought of good movies. With Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skaarsgard and the UNbelievable Rooney Mara, filmed in Sweden, it was 'off the chart'. Hate using superlatives like 'best', but I can't remember a movie that was SO well done and intense. Was kinda long, but not a wasted or boring minute in it. So many 'Oh WOW' moments that we were able to spend our entire dinner date talking about it afterwards. Maybe a little too much sex to really catch on with the general PG-rated public, but it was necessary to the plot. I guarantee we are gonna hear a lot about this movie as 'word of mouth&#…

True story

I was flipping through the channels, before we head out this afternoon, and thought I had landed on CNBC, the Financial Channel, and had it on, sorta in the background, when I heard a couple of really weird statements, but wasn't really paying attention. Then, they had a guest on, that I actually respect, and they were interviewing him for his thoughts on interest/T-bill rates for the coming years. He gave a good answer, then the 'host' asked, 'Well, how about when the voters get fed up and vote in a Republican Senate and President?' I did a WTF?, and looked at the corner of screen. I was accidentally watching FOXNews Financial Network. The guest/expert gave him a great 'what kind of idiot are you?', answer, I laughed, and switched channels. FOXNews=All Propaganda-All the TIme. It never changes...

It was 40 yrs ago today,

that Carol and I 'made it official', and got married. Were headed to the Colorado high country for a honeymoon, but got 'snowed in' at a Boulder motel. Darn it! Lotta people didn't think I'd have the patience and understanding to put up with Carol for this long, but I have. Wow! Forty years. I am a VERY lucky guy. Love ya, honey....

Had a great Christmas Eve,

as the kids, w/their families, spent the night, after a party that started early in the afternoon and went way late. Was a lot of fun to watch Piper enjoy herself, with all her gifts, as the center of attention. What a cutie. After a day to rest up, it's off to Jen&Jess/Tori&Martin's for more family fun. What a great time of year, with fresh snow and blue skies.

Jim Sessenbrenner (R)-Wis,

doesn't like the First Lady telling him to 'eat healthy', because, according to him, (who's obese), she 'has a large posterior'. Not to be outdone, one of the FOXNews columnists, Brent Bozell said, "Obama looks like a skinny, ghetto crackhead.' Hard to keep those Repubs happy, but they sure are 'a class act'.

If you ever wondered

who controls the money, and therefore the 'people', just look at what has happened after the Repub led Supreme Court ruled that 'corporations are people', and 'people' can give as much money as want to candidates, and remain confidential. SO, the Super Pacs, can funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to their favorite candidates, and remain secret. Insane, but SO Republican, as the money goes to buying votes, with no trail to follow, as to who or why. Pretty obvious, if you know where to look, as the 1% pays to control the 99%. And now, thanks to the Repubs, it's LEGAL.

It takes teamwork,

to get all the snow off the driveway, so I hit it first with a snowblower, then Carol follows up with the snowpusher, which is sorta like a shovel. We were already over the normal snow amount for the year, before this storm, so with winter starting yesterday, this could be a big snow year. Supposed to be 50 degrees in a couple days, so we'll get rid of some of it, but it does help to get in the holiday mood. There's just something about a 'White Christmas.'

Ricky Gervais,

who I think is very funny, had an interesting quote, yesterday.
"I used to believe in God. The Christian one, that is (There are a few thousand to choose from. But I was born in a country where the dominant religion was Christianity so I believed in that one. Isn't it weird how that always happens?)," he told the magazine. " Luckily I was also interested in science and nature. And reason and logic. And honesty and truth. And equality and fairness, so I became an atheist."

Isn't it weird how that happens?

Here we are,

a few days before Christmas, and as I head out to the hot tub, it looks the snow could be serious. They're calling for 8-12". Sounds good to me, as we got no where we gotta go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

If you're a Dem,

you gotta love the 'circular firing squad' that the Repubs have become, as they fight payroll tax deductions, for ordinary working citizens, at the same time they fight for the 1%, that make the big money, AFTER the Senate Pubs agreed to the compromise. Who's in charge of these clowns?

At the book signing,

with Barry Fey, he said he remembered several stories, after he had already sent in the final draft. His favorite, he said, involved the 'Queen' song, by Freddie Mercury, who was one his favorite performers. Barry said that whenever he hears "We Are the Champions', by Queen, he has to laugh. Sports teams like to play it after a victory, but Barry said it was written as a 'gay anthem' by the first band and first singer to come 'out of the closet'. Just read the lyrics, and you won't look at the 'sports' song the same way...

Have started watching.

the AMC series, 'Hell on Wheels', about the building of the transcontinenetal railroad across the US. One of the main characters is the leader of a chain gang, played by 'Common', a black rapper I had heard about, when Obama invited him to the White House. The Repubs said he glorified cop killing, which was total BS, as his song said just the opposite, when you listened to the lyrics. My favorite reply had to do with many of the lyrics of Johnny Cash, ( I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die, etc), invited to the White House by GW, which were WAY worse, but the Repubs just like propaganda, as it is put out there, by FOXNews. So stupid, so racist and so typical...

Some don't understand,

why I can't stand the Texan, Big Oil, Bush buddy cartel. I was in California, in 1994, working insurance claims after the Northridge earthquake. On top of all the other problems we had, there were rolling power outages, as the utility company, owned by Enron, wanted to raise rates, AGAIN, after they had gone up over 1000% already. Look it up. SO, they staged fake outages, when elevators, traffic signals, power to computers, etc, would go out, to justify more increases. Total bullshit, but the Enron, Texas oil people, led by Lay and Jeff Skilling, wanted even more money. They finally got busted, years later, but Kenny Lay, a preachers' son, head of Enron, GW's good buddy, never faced charges, as he disappeared, with most of his money, after faking suicide. Typical Texas politics, from the Bush Big Oil buddies. As I said, look it up. So. California power bills went up over 1000%, to pay for Texan greed, but it wasn't enough for them. How about a war in Iraq?

Last Saturday,

I went to a book signing in Boulder, where Barry Fey signed his 'Backstage Past' book. The first paragraph of the book starts with his remembrance of a Rolling Stones concert, in 1973, in Hawaii.  I showed him a T-shirt from then, and he was amazed, cuz he hadn't seen one for decades. His very last story was a ZZTop concert in Texas, that I was also part of. We shared many memories, and he signed my book and poster, AND, a framed remembrance of the concerts I'd worked.

When I was a kid,

we used to go to the fairgrounds and watch the stock cars, as they raced around the oval track, BUT, my favorite part was at the end, when they had the demolition derby. With a lot of noise, smoke and crashes, all but one car was demolished, and that one was in pretty bad shape by the time it was declared a winner. Sorta like the Repub prez nomination process. Now Boehner has his jalopy entered, but it's creaking and smoking as he refuses to even let the House vote on the bill that 90% of the Senate agreed to, including most of the Repubs. Hopefully, Obama and the Dems will just let him self-destruct as it is obvious what he's trying to do, by adding a bunch of crap that has already been rejected. Even with FOXNews leading the smoke and mirrors campaign it's gotta be obvious what's going on here, as the Repubs will do anything to protect the 1% and weaken the economy so voters will forget who did the REAL damage and return them to the scene of the crime. I just don'…

Maybe you heard,

the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il died, and has been replaced by his idiot son. Kim W. Il. The exact cause of his heart attack can't be determined, but it is said he had a BUNCH of money on the Broncos.

Am watching a TV special,

about Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and realize how many nights I've spent there. And always, waking up, am SO glad I'm in, or near 'The Boat'. First it was backpacking, then fishing and hunting, then skiing and 'boys weekend out'. but it was always a good time. If you can't have a great time in Steamboat, you ain't trying. Truly, one of the best places on God's green earth.

'Survivor' finished up last night,

with a surprise winner, at least to us. The entire crew led by Coach, Brandon and Albert, who did more praying together than on any other 'Survivor' series, turned on each other, and showed all the 'religious' stuff to be just another scam to fool people and win the money. Sophie avoided it, SO, the people on the jury who saw the entire 'praying game' play out, voted for her, rather than the fake, pious crew, led by Coach. Amazing how a TV show becomes a microcosm for real life.

Am watching 60 Minutes tonight.

and I see the 'Big Lie'. that the Repubs love to perpetuate. The mess we live with happened because of the financial crap that began when the 'liar loans' took over, under Bush, around 2006-7.  That's when the 'end game' started, as home values crashed, for all of us, as the bankers made HUGE profits selling packaged worthless mortgages, blessed by the Bushie regulators, who were bailed out by the taxpayers, as they took HUGE bonuses. Can't make it much simpler, or more realistic.

Gotta post today,

as the last troops left Iraq. Don't wanna dis the troops, who were killed and wounded. You know, that war about Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction, that never existed? Thousands killed, tens of thousands wounded, and a trillion dollars spent, so the Bush/Cheney big oil/defense crew could make hundreds of billions in profits? Just Google  'Halliburton profits'. Such bullshit, that we have gotten used to, and just doesn't matter anymore... UNLESS you were one of those families who had family members listed under, 'Killed/ Wounded', in Iraq. Kinda gets 'personal' then, huh?

If you watched SNL,

last night, you saw the skit where Jesus visited Tebow, and told him He wouldn't be with the Broncos today, cuz he would be out Christmas, (or birthday) shopping, so He wouldn't be able to do a 4th quarter miracle.  They were warned....

Am watching Triple D,

or, Diners, Drive ins and Dives, and Guy is doing a thing with loaded potatoes, which is just like we always did, skiing Vail, at Two Elk Lodge, at the top of the mountain, for lunch. Seemed expensive, at $10, but it was HUGE. Start with the biggest baked potatoe you've ever seen, split it and pile on spaghetti sauce, all kinds of Mexican food, cheese, peppers, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sausage, etc, until you can barely lift it. Enough calories and energy to ski all afteroon. Wow, the only way to go...

As part of my diary,

which is the main reason I'm doing this, did a Barry Fey book signing today, at Barnes & Noble, in Boulder. Got some autographs and pics, and some memories. Just so I don't lose those memories: Barry and Freddy M/Sinatra, Mercedes conv, Leslie Taylor, artist, Ronny Van Vant, Bono and Converse shoes, paint, Dan Fong, driver, Leslie, secretary, LC Clayton, cane, Cherry Hills house, welder, Smith, Swift, Ft Carson, Matthew Sheppard, old and wrinkled, rain concerts (2), Stones shirt, Hawaii, Cindi wife, Leslie sec, last quote (I wish I'd have been nicer), First office, BBQ, no jeans, sort of, Bill Graham, little girl,language, Connie, other promoters, permanent marker, ask this guy, quotes, survivor, this guy there/ signing,  G'bye, Steve....

Got home yesterdeay,

and found Bailey watching 'Big Cat Week', with a couple of her buddies. She was so embarrassed.

Had a visitor yesterday,

and we did lots of fun things, including going for a walk. Piper, Oma and I took Zee for a walk up to Santa's house. Shoulda got a picture there, but I got this one.

SEC Charges Former Fannie,

Freddie Executives With Fraud Over Risky Mortgages

It's a start, to finally file some charges, for the financial wreck that is costing us all. Hopefully, a bunch of these crooks, including the jerks on Wall St giving themselves HUGE bonuses with bailout money, will end up in jail.

Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011,

died today, and was best known for, 'God Is Not Great'.  His most famous book, among many, starts with a quote from Voltaire, "If God were not real, He would have to be invented,' and goes from there. In short, Hitchens' critique of religion comes down to four main points: that it misrepresents the origins of humankind and the cosmos, demands unreasonable suppression of human nature, inclines people to violence and blind submission to authority, and expresses hostility to free inquiry. He was a logical, rational answer to those who cling to ideas that were written hundreds of years before we had  realistic, scientific facts. Many can't face the alternative to the thought of God being 'in charge' of their lives.

Can't say I totally disagree with him.

Nat'l Free Shipping Day

Kinda neat, as thousands of merchants feature free shipping, plus some other discounts, AND they guarantee delivery before Christmas, on Friday, Dec 16th.

There's a new beer,

being served at a local microbrewery, called Tebrew, after Timmy boy. It's a Big beer, barleywine. Supposedly it's not so good the first three quarters, but REAL good the last quarter.

Usually, just seeing or hearing

Rush Limbaugh elicits a gag reflex, in myself and others, that results in a feeling of nausea. Literally, the guy is sickening, BUT, I came across a quote from him today, where he speaks some truth. True, it's taken a little out of context, but it's straight from the 'mouth that roars'. "The truth about conservatives. They're racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe, Southern hayseed hicks. They're embarrassing."  Finally, the bombastic buffoon speaks some truth, with only a tiny bit of editing.

Have watched 'Survivor',

from the beginning, and have enjoyed almost all of it, BUT, have never seen a season, or show like this one. Crazy, but interesting...

Had a real hankering, lately,

for ham. SO, I went to the store today, and got a nice one. Carol fixed it with real yams, not some canned stuff. Really good. Just what I was hungry for. Yummmm...

Been watching

Big Cat Week, on the Nat'l Geographic Channel, and have seen some interesting stuff. What's even more interesting, is how Bailey watches and listens to the 'big cats' on TV. Have never seen her watch TV like this, but she really hears and sees what's going on, as her relatives growl and walk across the screen.

Obama addressed the troops,

leaving Iraq, and McCain called it disgraceful. How long you want to fight the war, John? 15 years, 20? It's much easier to start a war, than end it, right GW? The Shiites still hate the Sunis, as the Christians started 'shock and awe'. Don't you love religious politics, as young people get killed and wounded while countries get destroyed? God and country. What a lethal mix, as the people of the world have WAY different ideas as to who/what GOD is, and who's side He/She is on, as they fight and kill in His/Her name. Some things never change....

Oh no!

Tim Tebow is gonna be on the cover of the next Sports Illustrated, and we all know what that means. The SI curse, means that the Broncos will lose and Tebow will be humiliated, or worse. Sorry to be the messenger, and this would normally be really BAD news, for Timmy and the Broncos, but we know that they are not mere mortals, these days, and real world rules don't apply. If you haven't seen their last few games, you wouldn't understand.

Not that the Dems are much better, BUT,

the Repub House passed the payroll tax cut, that everyone agreed on, then loaded it down with a bunch of crap they knew wouldn't fly, sent it on to the Senate, and are now saying, 'Pass it like it is, or shut down the gov't, cuz we're leaving town'. What a bunch of jerks, that make the Dems look good by comparison, as they tie everything to their pledges to Grover Norquist, at the expense of the country. The same ol' partisan crap in Washington. It gets SO old....


Just saw the movie 'Hugo' in 3D. Impossible to describe, but it was an excellent movie quite an experience. Have seen 3D before, but never seen the media used so well. Also pretty cool that it took place in parts of Paris that seemed kinda familiar. If you're looking for a movie, this is a great one, with a lot of amazing performances.

Here I am,

60% through 'The Litigators', by John Grisham. He's back, with his 'tried and true' legal/thriller genre. A great, light read that holds my attention, with a believable, yet interesting, story of street lawyers, real people and a large scale tort case. Also, an inside look at how lawyers and lobbyists, with their money, control our country. I LOVE a good book like this....

Don't usually do recipes here,

but we were at a dinner party the other night, where they served some prime rib, along with a lot of other good stuff. Was REALLY impressed with the horseradish sauce, and got the recipe from John, (the Wad), Rolando. Tried it last night, and am passing it on. If you like horseradish, I think you'll like this.

Equal parts of:
Grated horseradish (NOT creamed), mayonaise, Dijon mustard and sour cream. Yummmmm...

They did it again,

as Tebow led the Broncos to the most unbelievable victory yet, in a string  of fairy tale finishes. Not only did it look like a certain loss, but also a body thumping return to reality as the 'Donkeys', (not looking like Broncos), not only were gonna get beat, but also 'shut out', at home.
The Broncos (8-5), on the verge of being shut out at home for the first time in franchise history, took over with 4:34 remaining. They then scored on three straight possessions for a 13-10 overtime victory.
It took not one, but two Matt Prater field goals in excess of 50 yards, improving his career success rate on kicks in the fourth quarter and OT to a remarkable 28 of 29. He now owns the best percentage on field goals over 50 yards in NFL history, as Tebow, who had a quarterback rating in the single digits through the first 3 quarters, rallied the team to another 'Unbelievabow, Timplausible' victory. What's going on here? Not sure, but it's sure fun to watch.

Borrowed from LadyJ

Cool thoughts that I felt needed to be passed on.

As I've aged, I've become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend.
I have seen too many dear friends leave this world, too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.
Whose business is it, if I choose to read, or play, on the computer, until 4 AM, or sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60 &70's.
I will walk the beach, in a swim suit that is stretched over an aging body, and will dive into the waves, with abandon, if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They, too, will get old.
I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And, I eventually remember the important things.
Sure, over the years, my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break, when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car?…

Not that I like Mitt Romney,

but I kinda hate to see him taking the heat for calling out Rick Perry, for lying about him. Is understandable to me, how someone like him could say, 'Wanna bet $10,000', when someone is telling lies, BUT, probably not a smart thing to do, cuz lots of people can't relate to something like that. I've done something like that several times, trying to get some loudmouth to 'put up or shut up', but probably not a good thing to do when you're trying to convince a bunch of Iowa farmers to vote for you.

I haven't written,

about Tebow and the Broncos, but it's kinda hard to ignore, at this point. Another amazing comeback, after I, and a bunch of people had written them off, late in the game. You couldn't write a script like this, in Hollywood, cuz no one would believe it, BUT, it keeps happening in Denver, with Tebow and the Broncos. Can't explain, but I sure enjoy it. Week after week. Unbelievable, but real, again....

Good article, online today,

about God and believers. I don't agree 100% with what the article says, but I think it's pretty good, in several areas.

For those 'Colbert Report' fans,


In case you didn't know,

how Washington works,

By employing a plethora of tax-dodging techniques, 30 multi-million dollar American corporations expended more money lobbying Congress than they paid in federal income taxes between 2008 and 2010, ultimately spending approximately $400,000 every day -- including weekends -- during that three-year period to lobby lawmakers and influence political elections, according to a new report from the non-partisan Public Campaign.

Instead of going into gov't coffers, money goes into lobbyists pockets. When did the people lose control of the country?

In an effort to court

the Jewish vote, and the huge money that comes with it, Newt is spouting the line that Christians and Repubs love to repeat. The Palestinians are just an 'invented' people who are on Jewish soil. WRONG. Israel is an 'invented' country, that used to belong to the 700,000 Palestinians who were displaced to give the Jews a homeland after WWII. The Palestinian people had been there for hundreds, no THOUSANDS of years, and had family histories and land ownership in one of the oldest areas of human settlement. To say that God gave the land to the Jews is like telling a bunch of Californians to leave their homes and property, because the governor of Utah declared it belongs to Mormons. Easy to say the Jews needed a homeland. Not so easy when the homeland given to them happens to be YOURS.

Started a new book, yesterday,

and can tell it's gonna be a good one. Wow, that'd be three in a row, after '11/22/63' and 'Backstage Past'. John Grisham is one of my favorite authors, but he'd gotten away from his specialty, which is legal stories. His new book, 'The Litigators', sorta reminds me of one of his prior yarns, but I don't remember which one. Anyway, I can tell it's gonna be good, and there's nothing like a good book to get into. Well, ALMOST nothing...

One last remembrance,

from the days at Feyline Security. Most of us tried to avoid fights, and those that didn't try, got canned, cuz Barry didn't need the trouble or lawsuits, but occasionally you'd run up against a drunk, speed freak or some other stoner who wouldn't listen. When it seemed like there might be trouble, my personal method involved deliberately taking out the folding Buck knife I always carried. Inevitably I'd hear, 'What you gonna do, stab me?' Then I'd calmly explain, 'Nope, not even opening it, but I'm not gonna break any more bones in my hand. You idiots seem to have hard heads'. If it went further, I'd explain, 'You MIGHT beat me, but I work with some bad dudes, that are gonna enjoy kicking your ass, then you're going to jail, the hospital, or both, so PLEASE leave the backstage area, right now', with my fist aimed at his head. It worked almost every time.

Interesting '60 Minutes' program, this week,

that I just got around to seeing, about whistleblowers in CitiBank, who told gov't reuglators about the abuses going on in the mortgage business, and the 'liar loans', that allowed ANYONE who applied to get as much $ as they wanted for a loan. Even if the applicant didn't lie, the bankers changed the numbers, so the loans went through, and the bankers got their 'bouses'. Several industry watchdogs went to the SEC and Dept of Justice in 2006-7, with hundreds of examples and thousands of documents, but were ignored by the Bush admin's agencies, led by Chris Cox, then if they persevered, they were fired. Too many 'big boys' making too much money, to bother with rules and laws. It all came crashing down in 2008 and we are still paying the price. Sarbanes/Oxley was set up to police and prosecute just such crooks, but nobody, in the Bush (or Obama) administration was doing their job, as they are 'owned' by big business, and it's just 'free…

As I read Barry's memoir,

I realize that one of the reasons I kept my job, although I was one of the little guys in Feyline Security, was because he enjoyed the softball and basketball games that he put together, with 'his' guys vs. the bands and their roadies and 'security'. His book said he did it to keep people out of trouble, when there weren't shows, or anything else, to do, and he enjoyed watching. I was one of the few who could pitch strikes with a softball, and many times ended up being the pitcher for both teams, cuz if no one throws strikes, it's a LONG, boring game, AND, I was one of the few guys who could actually shoot a basketball, instead of playing the game like tackle football. Many of his stories are good, but not quite true, like the time Alice Cooper tried to introduce him to golf. Barry said that he was 'a natural'. HA, not even close, but Alice, or Vince Fournier (his real name), was real good, when we had a party at his mother's house, on a golf course…

Finished 'Backstage Past', today,

and it went way too fast, but I couldn't put it down. Kinda strange, but on the last page, Barry told of another event that happened, while I was present. It's a story about Billy Gibbons, of ZZTop, who cut his hand, backstage, right before a concert. What Barry doesn't say, is that it was with his own pocketknife, when he was cutting open a sixpack of beer. The book brought back a whole bunch of memories, and made me realize how lucky I am, to still be around, cuz a LOT of the people in the book, aren't. Interesting time to be alive.

As I vacuumed the floor, this morning,

I had my I-pod in my ears and heard one of favorite road songs, 'Turn the Page', by Bob Seger. Since I have been reading my 'Backstage Past' book, where Barry mentioned his Goon Squad, (incl. John Suzey), I recalled a memory from long ago. The song is about being a long hair in redneck country, and part of the song goes,

Well you walk into a restaurant, Strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you As you're shakin' off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you But you just want to explode
Most times you can't hear 'em talk, Other times you can
All the same old cliches, "Is that a woman or a man?"
And you always seem outnumbered, You don't dare make a stand
[ Lyrics from: ]

Well, late one night, we were somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas, and pulled into a service station to gas up the Winnebago. Gary and I, who were a couple of the little guys, went in to…

As I've said before,

it must really suck, to be a Repub, these days. Your first choices are Mitt or Newt? You gotta be kidding. Bring 'em on, as Bush said about Al Queda. What a stable of losers, as they have a choice between Mitt, the 'Robot', wind vane, or Newt, the serial 'insider' that introduced gridlock' to the gov't, after being paid over $30,000/hr to represent Fannie Mae. Unbelievable, but SO Republican, as FOX tries to 'muddy the waters'. Sickening, but very normal.

Sure hope they're staying warm,

as Kari's at 'Outdoor Lab', in the mountains with her 5th and 6th graders for 4 or 5(?) days, when it was 7 below zero, here, last night. Probably colder in the mntns. Good luck Kari, stay warm. Those 'overpaid' teachers get all the fun stuff...

Reading Barry's book,

he mentions his favorite' rock n roller, Ronny Van Zandt, lead guy of Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of the bands I did a bunch of concerts with. One of my favorite stories, from an earlier post.
 'Twas in Texas, in the mid 70's, and we were doing an outdoor concert. Can't remember exactly where. But, among other bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Bros were playing. As we sat around drinking beer, while ZZ Top was playing, Ronny Van Zandt said to Dicky Betts, something like, " Sure nice to have you boys open for us" Betts said something like, "F#*k you, you are opening for us" Within a minute or so, they were up and swingin' at each other. Didn't last long. Dicky Betts got his butt kicked, and the Allman Bros opened for Skynyrd. Ahhh, the good ol' days...
Also, Barry, who heard ALL the shows, said his fav, was when the THREE lead guitars of Skynyrd started wailing in 'Free Bird'. Stairway to Heaven was great, but the BEST was 'Free Bir…

Finally got to the part of the book,

where Barry talks about his 'Goon Squad', and mentions several guys, but not me. Not that I thought he would, but I knew every one of them, real well. Traveled thousands of miles, and did tons of shows with them, over the years. Barry says we were the best security in the country. Just as I remember it. Most people never get to be in one 'Goon Squad', but I was in two, counting the golf crew that played together for many years at Lake Valley, and many other golf courses around here, and had the famous moniker. Wow, what an honor, being a multiple 'goon'.

Got my Barry Fey book yesterday,

and am already half way through it. 'Backstage Past', has SO many stories in it, and I was there, for many of them. Barry has a few pages about 'Sweet Connie', as in the Grand Funk RR' song, 'American Band'. I wrote about her, here, on March 28, 2007, remembering a WHO concert in St Louis. Not only was Connie memorable, but Keith Moon was in his prime and the opening act for The Who was some country boys by the name of  'Lynyrd Skynyrd'. Barry writes about it on page 150, and we remembered it the same way. Barry doesn't mention it, but her real name was Connie Hamzy, and I used to have a pink button with her name and phone number, but can't find it....

As I wrote at the time,

I know people in the business of drilling for oil in the gulf, and when the BP well blew, they all said it was because the 'cementing' job was defective, and that was the responsibility of Haliburton. SURPRISE, the Cheney/Bush backed company managed to skate, BUT, the investigations are getting to the point where there may be info they can't hide anymore, SO they destroyed it. I just hope those ass-holes, who've made TONS of money ripping off consumers, are held responsible, but I doubt it.

If FOX is reporting it, it must be WAY obvious.