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Oh My God!

What kind of message does that send to the young people? Let me get ahead of FOXNews on this one. Obama lost a bet, on the Olympics, and is sending a case of Molson/Coors beer to the prime minister of Canada. That's TERRIBLE! It's the liberal left wing, at their worst. Shameless....

WOW! What a hockey game, (spoiler warning)

for the gold medal. Won't give anything away, in case you're recording it, but, you couldn't ask for much more, if you are a hockey fan, OR, just enjoy good sports action. OK, if you don't know by now, too bad. Carol said it was MY fault that the US lost, cause I said it wouldn't break my heart to see Canada win. Hey, it's their Games and their game. A match for the ages, as the Canucks win in OT, after the US ties it in the last few seconds of regulation. There was an article in the paper this morning about all the beer being drunk in Vancouver. HA! Wait 'til after THIS game....

Sports junkie dilemma,

this afternoon. Final round of Phoenix Open, Nugets vs. Lakers and USA vs. Canada in the Olympic hockey finals. Other than that, nothing on.

Finally finished,

'South of Broad', by Pat Conroy, and don't remember having to force myself to slog through a book, like this one. He used to be a great author, and this last effort took 14 years, according to him. Yeah, 6 months to write, 13 years to try to fix, and 6 months to publish. He should be ashamed. OK, maybe not THAT bad, but, you expect a whole lot more from an author of his caliber. Had some good stuff in it, but, the suspension of reality was just not worth it.

'Please cut it in quarters',

I asked the pharmacist who was filling my Viagra prescription. 'That won't be enough for you to have sex', he said. 'Who cares', I said, 'I just don't want to dribble on my slippers.'...

That voice of reason,

calling from the wilderness of Minnesota, Garrison Keillor, had a good article this morning, how the economy is on a big slide after the Bush years, but the sheep like to blame things on Obama, which he said would make sesnse, 'only if your TV was stuck on FOXNews, and you didn't know how to read.' He then compared the Bush/Obama situation to driving your car into a swamp, then throwing mudballs at the tow truck driver. A guy after my own heart...

I base my life,

upon rationality and logic, BUT, I have been fighting a tankless electric hot water heater, for the last year or so. Won't get into all the boring details, but my elec , tankless, HWH, heated water to about half the faucets in my house, and NOT the other half. Replaced it once, and came to the realization it is not the HWH's fault. Bottom line, with a traditional HWH, my plumbing works fine. With tankless, it doesn't, because, I THINK, we have a crossover, somewhere in the house, between the hot and cold water pipelines. Why it doesn't matter with a traditional HWH tank, I have NO idea. The good news, we now have hot water to ALL faucets, including guest showers. The bad news? 'Twas about an $800 experiment, plus MANY hours of my time, as I pretended I was a plumber. Will probably never know why/what happened, BUT, we got hot water all over now. Wahoo... Ya like the picture of Carol?


China has confirmed their intention to purchase 191.3 tons, (nearly half the available supply) of gold from the International Monetary Fund at an open auction, Finmarket news agency said on February 25th. Haven't done the math on it, BUT, that seems like a lot of money, and MAY signal a shift away from buying US debt, which would be HUGE for our economy. Not sure what to make of it, if anything, but, you know me, I'm kinda scared that this recession, (thanks, George), isn't like anything we've ever seen before. As tax sources dry up, and expenditures rise, without jobs, I just don't see any good way out of it. 'Twould be different if those clowns in Washington could be counted on to be of any real help....

I've noticed,

over the last few weeks, I've gotten a couple of new readers, AND, I'm just curious as to how they found me. Not that I'm complaining. Anyone who blogs, I think, enjoys all the comments that he/she can get, and it sorta spurs them on, to share another thought, or two. Just wondering how I got on the radar of such a diverse audience?

As I wade through,

'South of Broad', by Pat Conroy, I am truly conflicted, as in just walking away from it, or continuing on, to see if it has some redeeming value. Conroy, who wrote one of the best books of all time, 'Prince of Tides', still has the talent to create the magic of the South in his prose, BUT, he stretches reality and logic so thin, that it is hard to keep from saying, 'Oh bullshit', and just closing the cover for good. One theme that keeps drawing me back, is our hero, Leo King, who graduated the same time I did, has many of the same mileposts in his adolescence, including, slow-dancing, for the first time, to 'Wonderland by Night', that magical, romantic slow song. SO, I went to U-tube, and had to listen again. Has been MANY years, but that sound is still there. If you are of that age, this may bring back some memories, of that magical time, when you first held someone soft and sexy in your arms and swayed to the music.…

Is there anything more obvious?

The Repub jerks are against ANYTHING that might help Obama and the Dems, even though it means health care will remain totally broken and overpriced, while bankrupting the gov't and individual families that happen to have a medical emergency. We have been WAY too close to this situation, with Kari and her surgeries. Costs are totally off the chart, with $40 bottles of water, $50 band aids, and $100,000 hospital rooms. Wait till it happens to you, then you will appreciate the good ol' boys of the Repub party, who fight any kind of reform, to make us equal to the rest of the civilized world. Absolutely sickening, when you find yourself at the mercy of the medical/insurance cos, that WILL bankrupt us all, for the profits of a few. Big business vs. the people. Let me guess who's gonna lose....

Some people wonder,

what's with the killer whale that killed the handler? This wild creature lives in a small concrete pond, after being born to cruise, and rule the seas. Why did it attack? Why not? If it was me, I'd attack....

Saw 'Shutter Island',

today, and WHOA.... One of those movies that you can only discuss with someone who has seen it, and wow, it is quite the flick. It is all we have talked about since it ended. Kinda whacks you right on the side of the head. Has you thinking of, and talking about all the little things that happen throughout. Won't ruin it, and I'm not sure it's for everyone, BUT it sure has us discussing it....

OK, it's that time of day,

when I think about the future. I say that Bailey should travel with us, when we hit the road, soon. Carol says it is too dangerous to take her on the road, as in, she could run away some time. I look at both sides, and it is tuff. I would/will REALLY miss her, as we travel, but can kinda appreciate the fact that we could lose her, forever, if she would happen to run, at the wrong time. Hard decision. BUT, I am leaning toward taking her on the road. Any thoughts?

You probably have heard

about the hero, in the shadow of Columbine, who tackled the shooter, yesterday. BUT, that brings back all the old memories, how that chickenshit SWAT team, huddled under cover, while students, and a hero teacher bled to death. To heap insult upon injury, the jerks from the police dept billed the school dist for over a million dollars, for the, AHEM, verdict that Harris and Klebold were guilty. The A-holes in the Littleton PD, outfitted in body armor, and paid big $, just for such a situation, hid behind cars in the parking lot, for over 2 hours, while the victims bled to death. These jerks should have been prosecuted, BUT, surprise, no charges were filed, as these jerks made a bunch of $, in overtime. UNBELIEVABLE, but typical, when govt employees have a chance to bill us, rather than doing their jobs...

Carol screwed up.

and gave the black kitty some 'wet food', that Bailey hadn't eaten. NOW, he sits outside the back door for hours, waiting for more, and Bailey REALLY doesn't like it. She won't go out while he's there, and she looks and meows at me, like it is my fault he is there. They really don't get along, but it IS Bailey's house. Carol screwed up....

I read a LOT,

and my favorite book, for a long time, was, "Prince of Tides", by Pat Conroy. Not sure why, but I just remember it as really touching my soul. SO, I was really happy to see a new book, after "Beach Music", a while back. "South of Broad", on the nat'l best seller lists for a while, started out really good, capturing the magic of Charleston, a magical southern city, as a young man reaches adolescence. BUT, it got kinda lame, about half way in. Hopefully, Conroy can write his way out the rut he is in, but am kinda disappointed at this point...

Some people wonder,

why I don't get more comments on my blog. Answer; MOST people I know, after several years of blogging, have no idea I have a blog. As in, the friends we went to Mexico with, 3 times. Our neighbors, my golf buddies, WAY over half of my relatives and the people we have worked with. This is my diary, NOT a way to get under the skin, or get comments from people I know. Just in case, you wondered, BUT, from the people who do read it, I love comments.....

New picture,

of my lovely granddaughter. What a cutie! In the background, see the mountain where I will teach her to be an Olympic skier, if all my plans go as I have planned...

After going out for lunch,

Carol and I came upon a sign for the grand opening of a new massage place, offering a one hour massage for $30. Since my back has been bothering me, and I always enjoy a good massage, I went back about an hour later and went in. An Oriental lady finally came out and I said, I'd like the 1 hr massage for $30. She picked up a price list, that showed $45, and said "No $30". I pointed to the sign outside, that clearly said $30 for an hour, and said, 'Isn't that your sign?' She looked at me, pointed at her price list and said, '$45'. Since I didn't feel like arguing, I just left, but never did figure it out. Maybe she just didn't like my looks. Whatever, I didn't get a massage, and I was real disappointed.

I was gonna,

say something nasty, about Dick Cheney being hospitalized, with chest pains, but decided to kinda back off. BUT, is there anyone worse than this a-hole, who made HUGE profits for his oil company, Halliburton, as they got all those no-bid contracts, after he lied his way into the (oops, bad info) war? NO. This jerk deserves all the worst, when you consider how much damage/pain/suffering he has caused. The one who knowingly broke the Geneva Convention, saying, ' Yeah, we'll torture, what you gonna do about it?'. He was the 'power behind the throne' as Bush 1, and his oil $, installed W into the presidency. Absolutely no redeeming grace for this jerk. The worst of all politicians, when you look at his past, all the way back to Viet Nam, representing 'war for profit'. All about corporate profits. How much death, injury and suffering of 'innocents' was caused by 'shock and awe', loosed on the civilians. Jack up the price of oil, and screw the Ame…

OK, here's something,

I really don't want to share, BUT, my back has been killing me. Luckily, I have tramadol, which takes the edge off, but it still hurts, and, if you have back pain, you know you just can't get away from it...

Am taking thoughts and ideas, here,

as to, 'What would YOU do, if you and your wonderful spouse suddenly had lots of time together'? Carol really enjoys not having to go into work, and we did go to Mexico, went skiing, and have been relaxing/reading, but, am looking for ideas that a more imaginative mind than mine, might have, SO, here we are. Any ideas appreciated. Thoughts, anyone?

There's alot. of good TV,

during the Olympics, BUT, watching the US beat Canada, in hockey, is pretty good...

dinner tonight,

is the reason I do the 'elk hunt'. 'Tis easier to just buy meat, BUT, you could never enjoy the small end of an elk loin. Cut it like butter, and it is THE BEST meat you will ever enjoy. Just gotta take my word for it....

Those Repub,

cultural warriors, who are fighting for tax cuts for the upper 1 %, and fighting against any change to the drug/hospital cartel who are making billions, while bankrupting the system, can't understand why people wouldn't want the same crooks in charge. The same people that totally wrecked the economic system that took generations to build. The system that survived world wars and depressions, couldn't survive Bush and the Repubs. now have the stupid sheep saying, 'thank you sir, give me another'. Unbelievable, but typical, for the the Repub sheep that live in a world of denial, as to who WRECKED the financial world we depended upon...

I never thought,

that I'd agree with something that came out of a Republican convention, the party that bitches about all the fixes that were made necessary afer their boy broke the US economy, BUT, when their 'straw poll' choice for the presidency is Ron Paul, I can finally agree with one of their ideas. It is no secret that Washington/politics is broken and I don't think either party, while the other is biting at their back, can fix it. Ron Paul is different. I don't agree with everything he says, BUT, he is the best of the worst, as far as I can see. Will be interesting to see if he can become/remain relevant. 'Tis a long road ahead....

Tiger quotes you may have missed

Tiger said he doesn’t plan to answer any questions from reporters because this situation is between him and his wife. Actually the situation is between Tiger, his wife, several waitresses, three models, and two porn stars.
During his announcement Tiger said, “People want to know how I could be so selfish and so foolish.” Tiger said he wasn’t sure and then referred all questions to his penis.
Tiger said that after his announcement, he would be going back to rehab. Not directly. First he’s stopping in Cancun for Spring Break.
Tiger’s excited to return because he’s close to Jack Nicklaus’ all-time record. Turns out Nicklaus had 17 mistresses.
Tiger made his announcement to a handful of sympathetic friends who he’s leaned on during this crisis: Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, and John Edwards.
Tiger says he doesn’t plan on repeating the mistakes he’s made in the past. Then he introduced 13 new mistresses for 2010.
During the announcement Tiger said, “I am deeply sorry for the irresponsible and sel…

I know I'm a sucker,

for historical fiction, BUT, the latest Bernard Cornwall novel, is about the battle of Agincourt, when, around 1420, the English king, attacked France, and won a HUGE battle, because he had archers. Outnumbered 4-1, the English cut down the French, from a distance, with the English longbows. I can relate, because I am an archer. In those days, it was like having a nuclear weapon. It was the typical King vs. Pope, and ALL about money and power. If people actually read history, there would be less 'blind faith', and more reality based thought. Money and power, with a side of 'religion for sale', is the history of mankind. If you read/understand history, you can see how the church took over, in a time of superstition, when men's souls were for sale. Sorry, if I offend, BUT, the church was/is 'for sale', and the insiders make a handsome living, dealing in souls and superstition. Bottom line, when you have no clue about science, physics and biology, religion exp…

As I watch,

the ski racing, after skiing yesterday, I can see/feel the difference between skiing under contol, vs 'letting it go'. Under control, I lean back on my boots, and cut the edge with the backs of my skis. When I want to GO FAST, I lean forward, on my boots, and try to get the fronts of my skis to make the cuts. More speed, less control, but that's what it takes, for me, anyway...

After watching the Olympics,

we decided we needed to go skiing, SO, we got up early and headed out to Keystone this morning. 'Twas a great day on the mountain. like they all are, and we found out we are NOT too old to ski. Great snow, views, and the only screw up was I forgot my I-pod, but Carol was good enuff to share hers. Skiing WITH music doubles the fun. Will never forget it again, but will be heading up to the slopes, again, real soon.

Finally, a politician does the right thing

Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, resigned from the Senate, NOT from a scandal, or knowing he was behind in the polls, but because he felt he could do more good by providing jobs in the private sector. Congress has become so partisan that it is essentially broken. Not sure how, or IF it can be fixed, BUT I do know that they aren't there for us, but for them. Health care is a perfect example. The Repubs didn't give a damn about much needed reform, it was all about derailing Obama and the Dems. It's sad and maddening that such a good idea, like democratic gov't, has gone so far down the wrong path.

No surprise, here

Happiness is living in Boulder, if you believe the results of a new Gallup-Healthways poll of over 350,000 people, made public Monday.
The new massive study of Americans' attitudes and lifestyles concludes that Boulder is the prime U.S. location for general well-being and quality of life.
Boulder ranked No. 1 in overall well-being out of 162 large and medium-sized cities. It also topped the list in work experience, rated No. 4 in healthy behaviors, Read more: Boulder rated happiest, healthiest city in U.S. in new Gallup poll - Boulder Daily Camera And, although we are 7 miles away, some of that happiness spills over, into Broomfield.

Just realized,

as we are watching the Olympics, we NEED to go skiing. SO, this Thursday, we are heading up to the high country. Will take some pics. Would go Weds, but am golfing, ( I hope, IF it's open). Gotta love Colorado...

Had my first day,

volunteering at Birds of Prey, today. Met some other volunteers, or rather people doing 'community service', as part of a DUI sentence, and they were kinda surprised I was there, when I didn't HAVE to be. Changed light bulbs, fixed storm doors, got locksets to lock, got a section of radiant hot water heat to actually work, and made lists of material I'll need for next time. Couldn't get on any roofs, cause of snow, but met some more people, played with the cats and saw some hawks who were just admitted. Such a beautiful setting, at the base of the mountains. Think I'm gonna like it and they're gonna appreciate what I can do. We'll see.

In case you haven't seen it,

here's 17 seconds of cuteness.

About the same time,

as I was writing about Chris Barkowicz being such an idiot for bragging about his pot growing operation, he was being rousted into jail for breaking Federal law, and mostly for being stupid. He bragged about 'living the dream', making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and just wanting to 'remain invisible' as he was showing reporters and photographers around his 'farm' in his basement. His entire crop, as well as lights, fans etc, was unceremoneously loaded in gov't trucks and hauled off, as he waits in jail. over the long Prez Day weekend for a hearing. Wow, who coulda seen this coming?

Oh Really....

In a New York Times/CBS News survey out Friday, President Bush still carries most of the blame for current economic mess. No Shit. It's good to know that the "Fair and Balanced' network hasn't thoroughly confused everyone. He broke it and it's gonna take a long time and a lot of suffering to fix it, no matter what the idiots at FOX want us to think.

'I just want to be invisible',

said Chris Barkowicz, of Highland Ranch, CO., as he talked to the reporter about the $500,000 pot growing operation in his basement. DUH, maybe you shouldn't have your name and pics of your plants in the paper. What an idiot.

Enjoyed a movie yesterday

We had wanted to see 'It's Complicated', for a while now, and finally got around to it yesterday. We both really liked it. Good cast and funny story, with nary a dull moment in it. One scene is destined to be a classic. Not an Oscar winner for best movie, but, a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Would explain it, but, it's complicated.

As if there were any doubt,

Sarah Palin continues to prove she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In a speech where she mocked Obama for using a teleprompter, she had crib notes written on her hand, to a question that was supposedly impromptu. She never ceases to amaze me with her low rent, half a brain actions.

Does anyone really believe,

that if Sarah Palin wasn't a 'hot chick' that any one would care what she says? C'mon, if she was some old white guy, would anyone care? You Repubs are so fixated by sound bites and photo ops that you don't realize what is real. Get a grip, for a change....

'Twas so nice.

to get back to the golf course today. We, in Colorado, are not used to a winter like this. Snow on the ground for weeks at a time, BUT, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, today. Played kinda weak and lost a little $, because our 4-some had 11 birdies and an eagle today, with 4 balls going in, from off the green. Fun to watch, but kinda expensive. Whatever, am gonna come back tough. Nice to be back.

Just so there's no misunderstanding,

I have nothing personal against Sarah Palin. She's good lookin'and crazy like a fox, just not too intelligent. A great mayor and pretty good gov, BUT presidential material? No way! Those right wing idiots who think she is? THAT's what is really scary, and there's lots of 'em out there. Hey, these jerks elected W, TWICE! BUT, nothing those morons do can surprise me any more...

These are Carol's

new Tanzanite earrings, or, as I like to call them, 'Kobe diamonds.' Don't ask...

Was finally able,

to spend over a week in Mexico, and not get sunburned. Through past experience, lots of sunblock, and a couple of cool days, was able to get some sun, but not TOO much. Sometimes older DOES equal smarter....

I kinda misspoke,

when I said that ALL the restaurants were included in the basic price. Not so. We got ripped off for $15 for the Japanese/Benihana type meal. It did include Sake, wine, Sushi, shrimp tempura, HUGE lobster tails, and really tender rib eye, though, so I didn't feel TOO bad. Object in uppper right is a 'volcano', made from an onion, and fired up with saki. (Shot fire REALLY high.)

Mexican Night

As I said, part of the package, includes dinner reservations, if you get tired of the (amazing) buffet. This is the crew at the Mexican restaurant. Is kinda fun to order whatever you want, food and drink, and have it all 'included'. If you can't decide, on appetizer/entree/drink/ dessert or whatever, just say, 'I'll have BOTH of them'. You can get into some BAD habits...

Don't miss out!

Order your new "Sarah Palin Magazine", featuring 'Faith, Family and Feedom!' The big question it poses... Can She Save America? Let me save you the $8.99 fee. NO, she can't, BUT she can make it a whole lot worse. Sheesh, people actually buy this crap....

OK, if you insist,

here's some Mexico/beach memories. Some background, then a typical day. Have vacationed there over 20 times now, this being the 2nd at Barcelo Maya, both times with Paul and Kathy, and this time, Tammie surprised us at the airport, joining in the fun. Barcelo is about 70 miles south of Cancun and 20 miles past Playa del Carmen. One of the best beaches ANYWHERE, and all-inclusive, including all food, drinks, day and evening entertainment, etc. A typical day would be:
Wake up in king size bed, turn on flat screen to wake up, make coffee, shower and put on swimsuit, sandals and t-shirt. Pack book, lotion, I-pod, and sunglasses and head to breakfast buffet that included fresh fruits, juices, latte and espresso, bacon and sausage, salmon, waffle and pancake bar, omelette station (where I would order Huevos Rancheros), surrounded by water, fresh flowers, jungle and helpful staff. Then, walk to beach where we'd spread out our towels on the lounge chairs, then stroll along the beach to…

Was gonna post,

complete w/pics, but after it was all ready, it just seemed too cruel, for those who are stuck in the cold, so I deleted. Will reconsider, later, but at this point, will not 'rub it in', for those who weren't there.

After 12 days off,

it was kind of a shock, to see the news again, IF, you could call FOX, the news. These a-holes, are pushing harder than ever, that this economy, is Obama's fault. No longer, after a year, can he blame Bush. How stupid do they think we are? Never mind, that their audience is brain dead, BUT, it just amazes me that there is a constituency out there who actually believes their crap. Yup, all Barack's fault. Shoulda fixed it by now. He's spending too much money. Let's go back to the wonderful Bush agenda. Unbelievable! If there was a stock market for stupidity, I'd put all my money on the FOX crowd...

Reality sucks,

after 10 days in paradise. It's always tough, that first day back after a good vacation, BUT, am feeling even more 'funked up' than normal. Will get back to my blog, soon, but, lotta stuff to do 'round here, as I return to the real world. The good thing? It's nice to see Bailey (my kitty) again. (pic is same spot, but to the left, as 3 posts back, 5 years later)