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If Joe Biden was thinking of running,

I'm sure he's made up his mind, as of today. The Dick has been on several talk shows, spewing his lies, (that ONLY the sheep believe) and this morning he said he thought that Joe should definitely run for prez. The dickhead who is NEVER right about anything says Joe should run, so he won't. That simple....

The real news media reports

tell how Alaskans are very thankful that Obama helped restore the name Denali, which the state's tallest mountain was called for many centuries, before it was named after a politician who had never even seen it. BUT, the Fair and Balanced clowns didn't mention Alaskans, and focused on the Ohioans that wanted to be represented, thousands of miles away. Wow, who da thunk Bullshit Mountain would go there? FOXNews, what a joke....

No matter who the Pub prez candidate is,

I have the winning campaign slogan.


You're welcome. But unfortunately for them, not all voters are Reagan-like Alzheimer's patients.
As is typical for the party, they love to bitch, but no have practical solutions. That's precisely why The Donald and Dr Ben are leading. They have NO CHANCE of winning, and God help us if they did, but the Pubs love 'em. Nothing new here, from the party of NO clue.

There's something wrong,

when the unholy alliance of Big Oil and Big Money can suck so much from the pocketbooks of Americans. We keep hearing about the huge glut of oil, and how prices at the pump have to come down 'soon', but it doesn't happen. Now, with a hurricane just forming 'way out there' oil is spiking again, cuz the 'speculators' are pumping up the oil futures,  SO that cheaper gas just got put on the back burner, again. Nothing new here, but it's kinda sickening how the rules are made by, and for the 1%. As always, the Golden Rule applies. He who has the gold, makes the rules....

The Dick was on my morning news show, this morning

BUT, it's called 'news' for a reason. There is nothing new about this jerk bitchin' about Obama and the Dems, while refusing to take responsibility for the HUGE lie he told the American people, to start the war he always wanted, and got, to raise the price of oil and settle a personal grudge with Saddam. We know he 'wouldn't change a thing', and 'torture is necessary and wonderful', and 'Obama lost the war he had won', although the US was just following the terms set by the Bushies. We know The Dick could have gotten a MUCH better deal with Iran, although the other 5 major countries involved liked this one.
This isn't NEWS. This is a bitter old man trying to justify his mistakes. I'm so sick of this criminal a**hole getting a platform to spout his bullshit. Whatever happened to holding war criminals responsible for their crimes? This dickhead should be prosecuted!

As always, it is so nice

to dump my thoughts here, so I don't have to bother anyone with them, BUT, I can still get them off my chest. Very therapeutic, and cheaper than a 'shrink'.

Carol and I were kinda bored, Saturday,

so we headed up the mountain to the casinos in Blackhawk/Central City. Hadn't been for over a year, and we made a special effort to go with a positive attitude. Bottom line, we kicked ass, ate a lot of crab legs and had a few Heinekens. Played a lot of good hands as we stayed at one table the entire time, (at Lady Luck), as they tried to find a dealer that could beat us. The most memorable was when Carol split a pair of aces, both clubs, and got another ace of clubs. Then 'painted' them with a jack, queen and king (all hearts), in order. Just part of a great day. Thanks again to Wade and Jeremy, our favorite dealers...

It's kinda scary

when you see who the Pubs are supporting. The Donald and Dr Ben Crane, BUT, if you look back 4 years, this same 'brain trust' had Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum as their favorites, with Sarah Palin calling the shots on the sideline. Who takes these clowns seriously, other than the sheep of Bullshit Mountain? What a joke....

I've always wondered what is the MAIN difference

between Libs and Cons, and I think I have an answer. It's who/what we believe as truth. Pretty simple. The Cons believe FOX, (the political arm of the Repub party), and The Bible, written by men, NOT God, in several political meetings, over several centuries, before anyone knew about. or believed modern science, and were SURE the sun revolved around the earth. Pretty obvious, and simple when you look at it. Education/science vs propaganda, superstition and myths. Like it or not, it's the MAIN difference between Pubs and Dems, Cons and Libs. Yup, climate change is DEFINITELY a hoax.....
PLEASE show me where I'm wrong, IF I am....
PS. The Pubs have joined/recruited the 'true believers', who happen to be the BIGGEST voting block in the US, and have altered their message, to appeal to them. Wow, who da thunk.....Answer? Karl Rove, who 'laughs out loud' at the Christians, behind their backs. Don't believe me? Google it.....
Again, not denigrating spiritualit…

One of my fave sporting events,

is on right now. Pennsylvania leads Japan, (who is there every year, it seems), in the Little League World Series. And as I write this, the Penn kid JUST HIT a grand slam, in the bottom of the first. They say it's the first home run the kid has EVER hit. Wow. Have I ever mentioned how much I like sports? (10-2, bottom of the first).(10-9, bot of 2nd). Record for most total runs is 23...Wow. After being ahead 10-2 in the first, Penn was outscored 16-2. UNbelievable....
 PS. Just peeked at the PGA tourney (Barclay's), and saw Brian Harmon just get a hole-in-one, which was his SECOND of the day. Wow, what are the odds, on Sunday afternoon, in a PGA final?(67 million to 1, they just said).

I don't usually give stock market advice,

for obvious reasons, BUT, I see a no-brainer on the horizon. I'm saying pick a day in the next few weeks, when the market is on a high point, and SELL, before Congress comes back to Washington. To me, the Repub battle plan is pretty obvious. They have done NOTHING to address the MANY issues before them, from immigration to The Budget, and are making a HUGE stink over Planned Parenthood, cuz a SMALL part of it has to do with abortion, and it's a battleground where they can appeal to their base, while avoiding the real issues. They are in a 'selection process' where the rightwingnut who's 'out there' the farthest gets the most publicity, and to me it's obvious what's gonna happen. They're gonna lump all the bills together, and say 'pass 'em ALL or else....
Then they're gonna 'Shut It Down'. The government, that is, and Wall Street's not gonna like it, just like the last time the Repubs threw a temper tantrum and took us all…

Just when you think

the Repub clowns can't get any more ridiculous, they never fail to disappoint. Scott Walker(R) has just come out in favor of building a wall....... on the CANADIAN border! Yup, nothing is too outrageous as the bozos fight to get air time, while The Donald leads the parade of the absurd, and the rightwingnuts egg him on. BUT, if you wanna something truly inspiring, you gotta read or see Sarah Palin's interview with Trump, today. LOL. They(R) should be SO proud....

In the backwaters of Kentucky,

Kim Davis, a county clerk who's been married FOUR times, is a hero with the religious rightingnuts, cuz she refuses to grant same sex marriage licenses, although the matter has been heard and decided by the courts. Can you imagine the hillbilly uproar if a Muslim city official refused to grant a license to a BBQ joint, cuz it served pork, and it's 'against his religion'? BUT, Kim, who has broken her 'holy vows' 4 times, wants to impose her religion on the 'sinners' who were born that way, and the good folks of Kentucky love her for it.
As always, the separation between state and church, is FINE, as long as you have the 'right' religion, in the land of trailer parks, meth and high school dropouts. Bottom line, it's the Bible Belt, home of the Repub base and nothing should surprise us.....

There's a good side to The Donald

being in the driver's seat of the Repub clown car. It's making Europeans feel downright superior, as the leading Pub personifies their perception of 'the ugly American', with his excess, vulgarity, ignorance, superficiality and love of wealth. He is a HUGE story throughout the EU, as their worst fears, of another Republican in the White House take on a frightening possibility.
During our travels in Europe we have noticed a polite questioning of our politics, when speaking with the locals, and once they realize we hate GW as much as they do, there is an instant acceptance and willingness to discuss other subjects. We have NEVER met a European that that was a Bush supporter, and they openly laugh at FOXNews. NOW, they have Trump(R) in the headlines and they are just shaking their heads, saying, 'Oh no, not again'....

I was just trying to ease into the day,

with Charles Osgood on ABC's Sunday Morning show, when I was confronted by The Dick, flyfishing in Wyoming, which wasn't too bad, until he started talking. Saying things like 'I wouldn't change a thing', we were all fooled, torture is necessary, Obama lost the war just as we were winning', and bunch of other bullshit that only the brainwashed sheep believe. As the most polarizing politician of his day, he is a walking 'litmus test' for reality vs the FOXNews agenda of lies. The mideast chaos and the rise of ISIS is DIRECTLY because of his plan to willfully lie us into the war he wanted for a LONG time.
The 'Sunday Morning' reporter did a great job of pointing out all the fallacies of Cheney's words and actions, but it was like water off a duck's back. Whether he has actually fooled himself or has just decided he's too deep into his lie to admit his deception, I don't know, but I'm SO sick of him getting a platform to rewrite …

Hard to believe, but it's true

Has been 10 years since Katrina hit New Orleans and that part of the world. LOTTA great memories, interspersed with thoughts of heat, mosquitos and no electricity as I worked that storm, then got hit by Rita in my trailer on the bayou outside of Houma, LA. Wow, seems like yesterday in one way, but SO long ago in others. Exciting, to say the least, as I got millions of dollars in checks, for the victims, and had a great adventure. Pretty amazing time of my life, and I kinda miss it.

Good article today,

about the Repubs who bluster about the economy, saying "Obama has sold our future to the Chinese', and has 'let them dictate the rules'. What the hell does this mean? We DO know what happened to the economy the last time the Pubs were in charge, and how they bitched as the Dems had to fix their mess, the worst since the Big D in the 30's.
And Republicans, across the board, predicted disaster. Deficit spending, they insisted, would cause soaring interest rates and bankruptcy; the Fed’s efforts would “debase the dollar” and produce runaway inflation. None of it happened. Interest rates stayed very low, as did inflation. But the G.O.P. never acknowledged, after six full years of being wrong about everything, that the bad things it predicted failed to take place, or showed any willingness to rethink the doctrines that led to those bad predictions. Instead, the party’s leading figures kept talking, year after year, as if the disasters they had predicted were actually h…

Since there are no NEW Daily Shows

they are re-running some of the best, and tonight Jon grilled Judith Miller, author of 'The Story'. She was the main media stooge of the Bush admin, as they lied the country into war with Iraq, claiming, yellow cake, aluminum tubes, WMD's, mushroom clouds and a bunch of bullshit that was created by Cheney, Rummy and the Big Oil crowd that wanted war, and would say/do anything to get it. I don't remember Jon Stewart being SO upset with a guest, as he was with Judith, who gave all the 'exclusives' to FOX and the unsuspecting outlets who actually BELIEVED the crap from the Bushies. We all know how it turned out....
Now, the Pubs want control again. OMG! No way our country could survive that kind of crap again. Once was WAY too many times.....

The rightwingnuts in Colorado

have been ranting against fluoride in the water, cuz it's 'govt control!' which they can't stand. Bottom line, fluoride helps fight tooth decay, and ISN'T a govt plot, so the fluoride thing went by the wayside. Nothing new here, but thankfully we live in Colorado, where they are in a minority, and can't damage the public health, for political reasons.
Sorta like the 'Dateline' I'm watching now, about cannabis, that is legal in Colorado, but not elsewhere. So many are moving here, for their children's seizures, MS, soldier's PTSD and so many other disorders that the 'conservatives' refuse to address, cuz 'Reefer Madness' is how they look at pot. Nothing new here, but SO sad for those that suffer needlessly. Check out the 'Dateline' show, with Harry Smith and those who are affected by the ignorance, that classifies cannabis as 'Schedule 1', like heroin and meth, and refuses to recognize the OBVIOUS medicinal pro…

Yahoo, the tax-paid lawyers did their jobs

and the Aurora theater shooter, instead of just getting 12 life sentences and over a thousand years in jail, got MORE life sentences and over 3300 years in jail, at the cost of tens of millions of dollars and the victim's families having to re-live it, over and over. BUT, the lawyers, on both sides, made HUGE money. Don't you just love the bloodsuckers and the system they built and exploit, at our expense?

Let me get this straight,

If I want the admiration and blessings of the most flamboyant, judgmental Christians in America, I should marry three times, do a queasy-making amount of sexual boasting, verbally degrade women, talk trash about pretty much everyone else while I’m at it, encourage gamblers to hemorrhage their savings in casinos bearing my name and crow incessantly about how much money I’ve amassed? Seems to work for Donald Trump.  Polls show him to be the preferred candidate among not just all Republican voters but also the party’s vocal evangelical subset. No matter. The holy rollers are smiling upon the high roller. And they’re proving, yet again, how selective and incoherent the religiosity of many in the party’s God squad is. This just goes to prove the point I've made here, for a LONG time. When it comes to religion, FOX and the Pubs (one and the same), logic and rationality were left behind, long ago, and now it's proven, as the sheep have chosen the Donald as their favorite. Nothing ne…

The greedy lawyers

in the Aurora shooting case keep making the victim's families testify, SO, the overpaid legal system can decide if the shooter gets the minimum sentence of over 1000 years, OR, if he gets several thousand years. Have I ever mentioned how I can't stand the bloodsuckers, esp when my taxes pay their inflated fees? This ridiculous trial has taken years and cost tens of millions of dollars, and STILL won't end, so the bloodsuckers can bill more hours. Sickening....

It made all the news, except FOX

WASHINGTON -- Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a dire report about the state of the planet: July 2015 was the earth's warmest month on record, dating back to 1880. This wasn’t some one-off study. It was supplemented by similar findings from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Japanese Meteorological Agency; and, of course, it came on top of other studies underlining the perilous state of global warming.
 FOX had a dozen stories about Hillary's email, which was legal when she had it, and NOTHING, again, about the ongoing heat records being set each month, in the propaganda they shovel to the willfully ignorant sheep. Nothing new here....

Am SO sick of the Repub propaganda TV ads,

sponsored by the Koch suckers, who claim that they are FOR the middle class and jobs, although the Pubs won't do ANYTHING to help the middle class with jobs. A WPA-type program would be fantastic, BUT, the 'party of NO!' fights it, as they do everything that could help the economy, cuz  the LAST thing they want with the 2016 elections coming up is a good economy, and they are WAY too obvious about it. Who believes those TV ads? Oh yeah, the low-information sheep, but they're all watching FOX....

Rightwingnuts Unite!

Unlike the financial experts who blame the current stock market downturn on China slowing down and screwing with their currency, FOX says it's because of Obamacare and too many rules and regs, while Pat Robertson claims the crash is cuz Obama supports Planned Parenthood. Who says the sheep aren't financial 'jeniuses'?

As of 11:30 Sunday night, the Chinese market

is off over 8% with no happy talk from the ministers. And the other Asian markets following suit. Looks like a bearish open on Wall St. Need me one a them there time machines to tell me when we hit bottom, so I can buy a bunch of...........divorce lawyer stock, cuz Ashley Madison is still out there, and there are some pissed off wives, thinking LARGE settlements. I'll make a killing.

As I read The Martian, I realize

that although it's pretty serious, most of the time, it's also 'laugh out loud' funny, in places, with the droll humor that comes out of nowhere, with McGyver on Mars.  Good book, but probably not for everyone.

Recorded a concert this afternoon,

and watched it this evening. Simon and Garfunkel, live in Central Park, 1981. AMAZING.. Sounds of Silence, The Boxer, Mrs, Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, I Am a Rock etc. I had forgotten how good they were

I the Pubs rationalize,

when they think they are God's chosen people, and they demonize Jimmy Carter(D), as being SO terrible, BUT, he is such a great Christian.. Just wondering how the Pub brain wraps around such issues. I'm sure FOX will tell them what to think, and it will definitely be PRO Republican, though not necessarily rational.

How many frogs, can you find?

Click on pic to enlarge and count the bullfrogs in our backyard pond. Seems like every day there's another one. Yummmm.... Frog legs......

I admit I may be a 'news nerd',

esp when it comes to financial news, but anyone who is concerned at all, about how the market is gonna open Monday morning, (after it's swoon last week), can watch CNBC tonight at 7pm ET, for their coverage of the Chinese stock market. The clowns at FOX want you to believe the crash was caused by 'too many regulations' on banks and Big Business and Obamacare (no shit, that's what they claimed) BUT, the real reason was repercussions  from the 2nd largest economy in the world, as it tanks and they try to adjust their currency. Bottom line, there should be an announcement tonight, that the financial world is holding their breath to hear, concerning China's next step, that will have a MAJOR impact on our markets that open several hours later. OR, you could just watch FOXLies(R), where they will do/say ANYTHING to elect Repubs, and they blame it all on.....Obamacare and those pesky 'rules and regulations'.

If you read here, even occasionally,

you may know I'm not a big fan of GWBush, the cowboy conman who started a war, based on lies, to drive up the price of oil and killed thousands and injured hundreds of thousands of Americans in the process. Now, we know more about the SOB(R), and the people whose lives he wrecked.

Former President George W. Bush charged $100,000 to speak at a charity fundraiser for U.S. military veterans severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former First Lady Laura Bush collected $50,000 to appear a year earlier, officials of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity confirmed to ABC News.The former President was also provided with a private jet to travel to Houston at a cost of $20,000, the officials said. And you wonder why I can't stand the jerk(R)?

Since Nate and Ted read and enjoyed it,

I'm reading 'The Martian', which is a now a movie, but not out yet, starring Matt Damon. Am halfway through it, and it's pretty interesting. Different kind of book, and has taken a while to get used to the style, which is a bit nerdy (am SHOCKED that Nate and Ted liked it), but am now on the second half and all wrapped up in the suspense. Does remind me that the US cut NASA funding, mostly cuz of the rightwingnuts, and now we gotta rely on the Russians for launches. UNbelievable, but that's what happens when one party is skeptical about 'science', forgetting about all the advances it brings, and would rather build more tanks and bombs, instead.

I had forgotten I ordered them,

cuz they're from China and took a long time to get here. BUT, now I don't have to diet OR buy new clothes. I can just use the button extenders on my pants. Brilliant!

Does anyone, (even the sheep)

believe that the entire 'email server scandal' is anything but a weak-assed attempt to gain access to Hillary's private emails, in a fishing expedition to find SOMETHING to use against her? Never mind, hypothetical question, as the sheep don't really think, but rather just react to the latest 'outrage' from Bullshit Mountain. What was I thinking?

Just to 'keep it real'

as the Pubs talk about anchor babies and a wall to keep out the Mexican criminals, just remember that this is the party whose leader REFUSED to allow a vote on an Immigration Bill that addressed many of these concerns. The bill DEFINITELY had the bi-partisan votes to pass, and could have been negotiated/amended to deal with many issues, BUT, the Tea Party had McConnell and Boehner 'by the balls' SO the whole immigration issue was dumped by the wayside, without a vote, by the party of NO!(R). Now, the clowns bitch about it, and the sheep say Baaaaa. Nothing new here, but let's keep it real, in the phony world of FOX and the Pubs (one and the same).

SO UNbelievable, but so typical

Yesterday, as I watched the markets implode, nearly everyone agreed it was caused by China, as their economy collapses, they manipulate their currency and the contagion spreads through Asia and Europe. Plus we have oil prices and commodities dropping precipitously on the world markets as Chinese demand wains, with political turmoil in the Mideast. But, this morning on FOX, which I glanced at cuz real news wasn't on, they explained that our 401K's are being decimated because of high corporate taxes and too many regulations on banks and business, plus Obamacare. No shit. This is the crap that's shoveled to the sheep and they eat it up cuz they don't have a clue, if they're a regular on Bullshit Mountain. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same, as FOX just 'makes it up', in their non-stop efforts to put a Pub in the White House with their perpetual propaganda aimed at their low information audience.
PS. Twice, St Ronald's name was mentioned, when t…

There was a time, when I naively thought,

that Pubs and Dems could coexist, BUT, when the rightwingnuts think BENGHAZI! (investigated and dismissed by 30 hearings) and the wrong e-mail server (legal at the time and used by many Pubs) are UNforgivable, while starting a war based on lies and wrecking the economy is 'no big deal', I realize that logic and rationality doesn't exist, when FOXNews posts the daily 'Outrage' list and the sheep follow. Nothing new here, but sad, just the same....

Lotta people freakin out today,

after the market correction, but I take a longer view than I used to. Bottom line, there's a LOT of money in this world, looking for a home, and the US is the least ugly in the world beauty contest. May be a few days, weeks or months, BUT, $$s are gonna end up here, SO, am not all that worried after the carnage today. It's a LONG term game....

Saw a good explanation for the selloff

in the market today. A bunch of people were in their divorce lawyer's office, hearing how much it's gonna cost 'em, after the Ashley Madison scandal, and had to sell assets. If I could only find a 'Divorce Lawyer' mutual fund, I could make some $$ from the bottom feeders.

Bad day for the market,

as we officially entered 'correction' mode (10% loss), with many stocks in bear country (20%), and there's no bottom appearing, BUT, it's kinda strange, cuz money's not going into bonds or precious metals, as in a 'normal' downturn. Who knows where we go from here... The market has been on steroids for a LONG time and now we're in uncharted territory, with pundits giving conflicting predictions, as always. Start of long term bear market, OR, buying opportunity after the correction that is long overdue? Bottom line, VERY interesting, and good time to be in cash, keeping your powder dry, cuz I don't think we've had total 'capitulation', with big volume. We'll see...
As always, the same people (Cashin, Pasani and Leisman) show they know 'of what they speak', while the idiots (Santelli, Kudlow) also 'show their stripes', and prove they are full of crap.
PS. Art Cashin says we'll know a LOT more, at 9:30 EST Sunday ni…

As I watch CNBC, the Financial Channel,

while the stock market tumbles, I see the rightwingnuts (esp Kudlow and Santelli) stumbling over themselves trying to explain what's happening, in purely political terms, while the Pubs REFUSE to allow any work programs that could be paid for by historically low interest rates, with the world wanting a place to park their money, our infrastructure CRUMBLING, and many people needing jobs. WPA projects like TVA, highways, power plants, Harmon Park (in Kearney) Red Rocks, etc, were built when the govt actually helped, with WORK, not giveaways. The ONLY reason the Pubs are fighting it is because they WANT the economy tanking as we approach the next election, as it is the MAIN thing that drives elections, and they don't have a chance in 2016 if our economy is cooking. Same old crap from the party that does NOTHING but bitch, and stands in the way of those actually have a plan, such as the govt using CHEAP money to build projects we need, with people who need the work Sickening, bu…

This just in...

Actual scientists, yup those professionals who read thermometers and crush huge amounts of data from all over the world, say July set ANOTHER record for rising heat levels on the planet. Luckily, we have fat blowhards who get paid to tell the sheep what the 1%, who own the companies doing the most damage, want them to hear, part of a 'fake news' network to present the 'other side' of actual facts. Thanks again, Bullshit Mountain, who also performs the same service when it comes to politics.

Thought for the day

Think about how stupid the average person is..... and then realize that half of them are even stupider that that......

Or, as they're better known, the FOXNews sheep, who actually believe the crap from Bullshit Mountain. Where did you think they got their recruits?

I knew that Jimmy Carter has cancer,

but I didn't realize until today that it began as a melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer that can metastasize anywhere in the body. I've always thought of him as a good guy, kind of overwhelmed politically, who has always tried to do the right thing as he 'lived his faith'. Am hoping for the best as he fights the Big C.

I suppose I should be looking

for a new place to live, now that the Ashley Madison files have been hacked. Oh well, I'll just tell Carol it's a combination golfing/beer drinking club and she'll probably believe me. Am hoping.....

Scientists, you know those pointy-headed nerds

in white coats who usually just 'make stuff up' to stifle big business and thwart Republicans, have discovered a mutation in certain cells that cause them to retain fat, rather than burning it for energy. If both parents have this genetic change, their children will be at least 7 pounds overweight, with many being much more obese. It's many years away, but this is something science can address, when they aren't making up more misleading global temperature readings, just to spite the Koch brothers and their ilk. SO, it's not only eating more and moving less that's making so many people 'overweight'. Who da thunk?

Good 'Letter to Editor' in the Post this morning

President Obama could insure that the Pubs would support the Iran deal. All he'd have to do is to come out AGAINST it, and they'd pass it tomorrow.

We been watchin'

Friday Night Lights, and even though it's not REAL, we've enjoyed it, and now we're about 80% through it, and I'm gonna miss it when it's over. Had heard it was good, and it is, not in a' realistic' sense, but entertaining, in it's own way. No wonder they won a bunch of awards...

The Pubs are salivating

cuz Hillary is having 'email server' problems. Does anyone with a brain really believe anyone will care about this BS in 15 months when the people actually vote? Yup, the same sheep who back The Donald and believe Bullshit Mountain. A 'big deal' for the double digit IQ crowd who get their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain, and think BENGHAZI! is a big deal. What a joke, for the clowns who think starting a war based on lies and crashing the US economy is 'no big deal', but Hillary's email is a crime.

For the second month in a row,

Denver homes sold the fastest, in the entire nation, with an average time on the market of approx 2 weeks, and sold at a premium, to the asking price. So much for the rightwingnut's predictions.

It's REALLY funny to watch the rightwingnut 'darling'

'Rick the Dick' Santelli, on CNBC, The Financial Channel, 'duck and dodge', and 'bob and weave', after he's claimed, LOUDLY, for approx 7 years, that the Fed policies were gonna cause 'runaway inflation', and Obama was gonna wreck the financial system. I hope his minions put their money where his mouth is, and lost their asses in the market, but that crowd doesn't have a lot of disposable income, for obvious reasons. This morning, after he'd been 'guaranteeing' a rate hike in September, for a LONG time, he ate small bites of crow, continually interrupting his 'interviewee', and cutting him off, as Rick was again shown to be 'totally wrong', in all his predictions, after his crowd wrecked the economy and has done everything they can to slow the repair. Can you tell how much I love it, as another rightwingnut is exposed as an idiot?

If you ever wonder

why the Pubs do NOTHING to confront the many problems facing our country, consider the article in USA TODAY (a NON-partisan publication), that explains how Grover Norquist has nearly ALL the Pubs, firmly gripped by their testicles.
Any doubt about the power of the pledge vanished four years ago in a Fox News debate, when eight candidates for the Republican presidential nomination were asked whether they’d reject a budget deal with $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in new taxes — a fantastically good deal for conservatives. Every hand went up. 
The present clown car crew is nearly the same, with only Bush, Pataki and Trump not taking the pledge. AND, they are now being asked to sign another pledge, created by the Koch Bros, among others, to sign a pledge that they would NEVER fund any bill dealing with climate change, and most of them are on board.
 Read it all, here:…

In their never-ending smear campaign

against Hillary, FOXSpews headlines today compare her private email server to..... Watergate!. Yup, using a legal-at-the-time server, (designed by the Secret Service, for security reasons), which MANY public officials, Dem and Pub, STILL do, is equal to the Watergate scandal, on Bullshit Mountain. And the sheep eat it up, cuz it's HUGE in their strange, little world. At least it forced the BENGHAZI! 'scandal', (with over 30 investigations SO FAR), to the second page. Wow, it just shows how desperate FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same), are, to bamboozle the low information voters and steal the presidency, again. Would be funny, if not so sad, and serious....

Long night, last night

as we turned off the ceiling fan, then closed the patio door and were forced to cuddle, to stay warm, when the temp got down into the 40's for a record low. This morning, there was a dusting of snow on the higher peaks. Not complaining, but it's kinda crazy, in mid-August.

Good articles in the Post today,

showing facts vs Repub/FOX (one and the same) propaganda. Most of the clown car candidates claim we need a 'Wall' at the Mexican border, because: The immigrants have such a high rate of crime. Wrong, they are at the low end, considering the general population, and the Pubs claim there is a FLOOD of immigrants crossing. Wrong. Ever since GW and the Pubs wrecked our economy, there has been a net OUTFLOW to Mexico,with the number of illegal crossings the lowest in years, and dropping.
The facts don't match the rhetoric, which is nothing new on Bullshit Mountain, where they claim, and have the sheep believing that climate change is a hoax. Tell that to the New England lobster fishermen, whose many-generational lobster businesses are closing, while northern Maine lobstermen are seeing unprecedented catches. Seems the lobsters don't hear/believe the FOXCrap, and are moving north, en masse, as the water temperatures rise. As always, we have the FOXLies, and reality, with a la…

Depending on which Bullshit Mountain article you read,

Hillary is really terrible, BECAUSE she scrubbed her server, trying to remove her 'secrets', OR, she is really terrible cuz she DIDN'T scrub her server, cuz it had Top Secret stuff on it. Either way, the Pubs are salivating as they think they're gonna be able to go through ALL her e-mails and find SOMETHING terrible, like a stained blue dress.
One HUGE difference between Dems and Pubs is the fact that Dems don't watch highly partisan MSNBC, cuz it's 'highly partisan', BUT, Pubs live on the crap from FOXLies, cuz it's 'highly partisan', and they can hear/see what they wanna hear/see. BIG difference.

I am Republican, hear me roar

To hear most of the Republican candidates tell it, all an American president has to do is talk tough, make demands, send more troops overseas, pour billions more dollars into the Pentagon and the world will fall in line. The notion they’re peddling boils down to this: President Obama is weak, I am strong and America will be great again when I am in the White House. Same old crap from them. The Immigration Bill, Iran Deal, Budget, Transportation, Mid East Policy, etc, are all TERRIBLE, but, they have no alternatives, just bitchin' and moanin', which they are REALLY good at. Easy to be a sniper from a distance, but actually DOING something? Are you kidding, this is the Party of NO!, who does NOTHING but whine, make unrealistic promises, and REALLY hopes that no one remembers what they did LAST time they were in charge.

Bailey, our kitty/cat,

is 'special' cuz she's a Maine Coon, which you don't usually get from the shelter, cuz they are special, and valuable. BUT, she had a defect, with the end of her tail, just barely hanging on, (and later fell off) after it was obviously damaged, (maybe being caught in a door?). Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was letting her go outside, and she unexpectedly stopped in the doorway, and I (partially) closed the door, on her tail. Not bad, but hurting her. NOW, whenever she crosses the threshold of the doorway, she JUMPS. Every time, and it's kinda funny, BUT, twice burned, she is VERY careful. Smart kitty....

I read the article this morning,

but my buddy Dave put it into words that we can all understand.
The Plutocracy absolutely hates Social Security – viewing it as pure Bolshevik Socialism, or worse.  They hated it passionately when FDR launched it – and their ongoing hatred of this wildly popular government program which virtually everyone else likes (remember the 2012 Tea Party’s “Keep Your Government Hands Off My Social Security” signs?) continues unabated.  They simply can’t abide any Government program which actually works and provides some small measure of economic security for the Common Man (albeit only those older than 65 in this case). Citizens United changed everything.  The GOP knows who butters their bread – and they’re tripping over each other to curry favor (and big bucks) from their Sugar Daddies (the Kochs, Adelson, Waltons, et al.).  The paramount objective for GOP candidates in this early phase of the presidential campaign is to reap dollars – not votes – to pave their road to the White Hou…

I wanna share some stuff,

that my buddy Dave wrote to me this weekend. Dave's a sharp, articulate guy who just retired from corporate America, and is enjoying his retirement, while having the same attitude toward FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) as I do. Will make an effort to 'pass on' some of his wisdom, before he's snapped up by some national media chain.

In short, sometimes people accidentally say the right things for all the wrong reasons.   And yes, we are all immensely entertained (the Fox Gong Show got 24 million viewers – more than four times what any other presidential debate in history has garnered).  And this “debate” was just a “practice round” - sixteen months before the election!  Trump (for once) was telling the unvarnished truth when he bragged that 20 million of those viewers tuned in just to watch him say outrageous shit (sort of like Warren Beatty’s  Bulworth, only an ideological mirror image).
Like you, I still have some cautious faith that Trump’s one-note, chest-t…

Merle Haggard was a typical rightwingnut,

who used to be proud to be an Okee from Muskogee, where they'd throw 'hippies' in prison, for a LONG time, if they got busted with pot. Thankfully, in his old age, he has matured.

Haggard used to be on the anti-marijuana side of the fence, but has since changed his tune, as evidenced by a track on his latest record with Willie Nelsontitled "It's All Going to Pot.” He says the shift in perspective is due to a combination of education on the matter and maturing as an adult.

Education!. Wow, what a concept, that more of the rightwingnuts should consider, OR, they could just keep listening to FOX, and retain their anal-cranial inversion, to fit-in with the herd, (or is it flock?). Anyway, here's the Willie/Merle video.

Even though he says a lot of dumb stuff,

The Donald is a heck of a businessman, and has had his finger on the economic pulse since the 70's. Before he became the leading candidate in the Repub Clown Car, he had this to say. “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats". Duh... Some things are SO obvious, even a Repub candidate for prez can see them. Remember 2008, after 8 years of the Pubs and their policies that are all about killing the middle class? Check out the GDP chart and see if you can tell the 'Repub Years.

Am really looking forward

to the final round of the PGA championship, this afternoon. The last of the majors. Several of my favorites are 'in the hunt', on an AMAZING golf course, Whistling Straits, on the shore of Lake Michigan. Am playing and enjoying golf again, and is fun to step out in the back yard, and hit a shot, when I feel like trying something, as I watch the tourney. Should be fun, this Tuesday, as the Old Farts play Coal Creek GC, which was closed for nearly 2 years, while it was being rebuilt after the Floods of 2013. Am wanting Jason Day to win today, but if Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson jump in, that'd be OK.

Even though I can't stand 'em

I have a winning slogan for the Repubs.
cuz that's the only way they're gonna have a chance, THIS time. Seems logical to me....

In the crazy/stupid world of Repub candidates,

it's hard to find a consensus of what their policy would be, on sending US troops abroad, although most of the chickenhawks have never seen a war they didn't like. However, they do agree that Obama 'blew it' in Iraq and the Mid East, by removing troops, 'just when we were winning'. Typical Pub bullshit, as he was just conforming to the agreement signed by the 'cowboy conman' that said US troops were to leave by 2011, after approx a decade of an expensive, futile war, based on lies, to boost the price of oil. Do the Pubs not know this, or just choose to lie, cuz they realize the sheep will believe anything/everything from Bullshit Mountain? Nothing new here, and doesn't matter, as the Pubs continually fill the VA hospitals with their stupid wars, then bitch when they're overcrowded, blaming the mess on those who were left, 'holding the bag', or rather, the 'steaming pile', that is the Pub legacy.
 PS. Quick overview of crazy/stupi…

It's a little thing, but I think it says a lot

When I was a kid, a trip to the swimming pool on a hot summer day included time on the diving board. First just jumping off the low board, then diving, then trips to the high board that eventually included flips and gainers. Some of which hurt, when missed, but it was part of growing up, competing with the other kids (follow the leader) and was a lot of fun. I haven't seen a diving board around here. The pools have water slides instead, and I think it's sad, but very indicative of the times in which we live.

The clowns of Bullshit Mountain

couldn't contain their glee, and didn't try, after the EPA triggered the toxic spill from the Gold King mine into the Animas River near Durango, CO, As part of their 'ass kissing deal' with Big Oil, they've always hated the EPA and what it stands for, limiting air and water pollution from the Koch Bros and their ilk. This letter from today's Denver Post says it well....

First, those who hate the EPA with such intensity that they are rejoicing over the Animas River spill should be asking themselves, “What are your real core beliefs?” Second, they may want to ask why the EPA was there in the first place. Was it because it raped the land for profit and suddenly decided to fix its misdeed? Or was it there because a mine owner who reaped all the profit from the mine spent the money he plundered from public land and then left taxpayers to clean up after them with an agency (the EPA) that is not infallible?

When you actually think about it,

it's not funny. Given what's at stake, it's more like the opposite, like the first sign of the collapse of the United States as a global superpower. Twenty years from now, when we're all living like prehistory hominids and hunting rats with sticks, we'll probably look back at this moment as the beginning of the end. Years of relentless propaganda combined with extreme frustration over the disastrous Bush years and two terms of a Kenyan Muslim terrorist president have cast the party's right wing into a swirling suckhole of paranoia and conspiratorial craziness. There is nothing you can do to go too far, a fact proved, if not exactly understood, by the madman, Trump.
The irony is that this was supposed to be the year when the Republicans opened the tent up, made a sincere play for the Hispanic vote, and perhaps softened up a bit on gays and other vermin. But then the lights went on in the race and voters flocked to a guy whose main policy plank was the constructi…

The Donald has forced the other clowns

to 'get crazy, or go home', and that's the current state of affairs in the Pub party today. Hillary has been pilloried for using the 'wrong server'? for email (set up by the US Secret Service) and for not personally shooting the bad guys in BENGHAZI!, in something that has been investigated OVER 30 times by the Pubs. Insane, but so indicative of politics in 2015, where FOX has taken over, and reality doesn't matter. Nothing new here, but insane, just the same...

Whenever I see how the Pubs are attacking

Hillary, cuz of the Big Deal of 'classified emails' and the BENGHAZI! bullshit, I can only laugh. This is the best they got? What a joke, as we are 15 months away from the election, with The Donald being #1 Pub, and the real fave being the brother (with the same crew of advisers) of GW. Bring it on! Just don't think the people are gonna forget what you did the last time you were in charge. Anyone remember 2008 with the bullshit war and crashing economy?

Instead of providing health care

or affordable college education, the rightwingnuts have continually shoveled money into more and bigger military projects. The largest 'money pit' is the F-35 fighter jet, at OVER a TRILLION dollars, funded by Repub pork barrel 'hogs at the trough'. Now, we find out more about it, as those who've seen it in action, claim it's a step BACK from existing fighters.
The F-35 fighter jet will find itself outmaneuvered, outgunned, out of range, and visible to enemy sensors, says a new report by think tank National Security Network. 40-page report details what NSN’s analysts see as the F-35’s major shortcomings: Its internal payload bay is too small to be effective in modern air-to-air engagements; its relatively short operating range will limit its capability in geographically large areas (like the increasingly important Asia-Pacific region), and; it relies too much on stealth technology that will grow increasi…

Good article in The NYTimes this morning,

that explains a lot about ISIS, and fanatic religion everywhere. Mostly young, confused, questioning followers suddenly find a 'cause', that eliminates choices and tough decisions in life, PLUS, they are guaranteed a better 'next' life, AND, they have a bunch of built in 'friends' for a social life where they can all get together and feel superior, with a 'purpose'. I've seen it happen, way too often, as a cult can give meaning (for a while) to easily swayed individuals. There's a reason cults flourish, for those with a herd mentality, and there are plenty of 'leaders' with a Messianic complex who are only too happy to feel the power and reap the offerings of their 'flock'. Nothing new here, as it's been going on since the beginning of time. The problem arises when they think 'my God is better than your God', and they fight to prove it, as in Sunni vs Shiite, Catholic vs Protestants, Christian vs Muslim, etc, cuz at …

The new relations between Cuba and the US

were met with nearly universal optimism, today, EXCEPT, of course, at FOX, where it is Anti-Obama/Dem All The Time. If the prez said parents should feed their children, Bullshit Mountain would come out with the contrary view, cuz that's what they do.
BUT, the Pubs can agree on some things. Jeb Bush said today, when asked about his brother's war in Iraq, based on lies, 'Seems taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a good deal'. WTF? What world is he living in, as Iraq and the entire Middle East is in turmoil, after GW and The Dick took out the one guy holding it all together. I can only assume he was talking about the family Big Oil Business, then his remarks make perfect sense. Just ask all his friends and family around Midland, TX, and, ask The Dick's company, Haliburton, if they liked the ten-fold jump in oil, (and has settled at TRIPLE what it was before the 'Oops, No WMD's fiasco). When in doubt, ALWAYS, 'Follow The Money', unless you'r…

The latest attack on Hillary

by FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) concerns her policy to lighten the student debt load for those who want a college degree, but DON'T want a huge debt. The FOX/Pub argument says that she can't be serious, or sincere, cuz she charged to speak at college commencements. This is what passes for logic among the rightwingnuts, as the sheep gather at the base of Bullshit Mountain for their daily anti-Hillary talking points, and they argue in favor of Big Banks and against the student's crippling debt obligations. Nothing new here as the Pubs ALWAYS support Big Money vs the people.
As per usual, I say, 'If you're in the 1%, or close to it, OF COURSE you're a Repub, but if you're NOT, What the Hell are you thinking?' Oh yeah, you believe the Pub propaganda network, and your responses all begin, and end with with, Baaaaaa...'

REALLY crazy, BUT,

Cannabis sales in Colorado topped $50 million, in the month of June, for the first time ever, (one month), as our economy is going 'off the chart'. Wow, who da thunk, that adults could make their own decisions, and not get thrown in prison, cuz they don't agree with the rightwingnuts, who had all kinds of predictions as to what would happen, NONE of them came true, as reality is WAY different from the 'Reefer Madness'. crap. Nothing new here, as we have reality vs Pub propaganda/bullshit, BUT the 'for profit' prisons and lawyers just HATE it. Screw 'em...