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Just wondering, here,

if any of you Repubs who 'lurk' on this site, and not 'comment', as I wish you would, would like to comment on the fact that Obama, even if you don't agree with him, has a TOTALLY different feel about him, as compared to W. As in, someone with a brain, and not afraid to use it. It is SO different, and so much better, to those of us who had to put up with an ignoramus in charge, for SO long. Please. Admit it. It must be such a nice change to have someone in charge of your country, who can formulate a thought, not just mispronounce it from a teleprompter. PLEASE comment, if it's not too difficult to understand...

Fun new toy

Because the golf courses we play don't do a good job of labeling yardages, I have been at a disadvantage because I was about the only one in our group without a rangefinder. Knowing the correct yardage is a critical factor, not only to the hole, but to know how far it is to a sandtrap, creek, OB, water hazard, etc. I am now able to compete on an equal level, (not counting my ugly swing). The Sonocaddie V300 is a really cool tool that allows you to download up to 30 courses, (no annual fees), and know the exact distance to the green or to trouble. Ya still gotta hit it right, which is no easier, BUT, this does help...

A little education, here

The Repubs/Cons love to say, 'Oh, the news anchors are SO liberal'. DUH, let's look at the news anchors. These are 'way above average' individuals, to start with, or they wouldn't have such a job, and they spend ALL day, (that is their JOB), looking at all aspects of the news, unlike the average FOX listener, who comes in from his blue collar job and gets a pre-packaged 'news bite', from Rupert Murdoch. Surprise! The educated person is a liberal. 'Tis SO obvious, only a Repub/Con wouldn't understand it. Not surprising. They ain't the sharpest knives in the drawer....

SO, Mr. Bigmouth,

if you are so damn smart, and qualified, why didn't you run for the job of prez? You, Mr Cheney, who do nothing but criticize the winner, and try to re-write history, had the chance, and an historical precedent, after 8 years of a vice presidency. Why? Because the country knew you, and your track record, and you wouldn't have had a bleepin' chance, that's why. You, and the sitting prez, weren't allowed to be even photographed with the Repub candidate, FOR A REASON. So now, you who caused so many of the problems, just need to sit down and shut-up. You had your chance and blew it. Other than the FOX watchers, how stupid do you think we are?????

I've watched sports

for a long time, but I don't know that I've ever seen a smack down like the Nuggets are giving New Orleans tonight. Mid 4th quarter and we are up 53 points. There is a reason. We had game 3 STOLEN by bad calls and the Nuggies are pissed. Could be an all-time NBA playoff blowout. Whatever, had to come downstairs and blog, 'cause I've NEVER seen a playoff game like this. GO NUGGETS!

Is anyone else suspicious?

This whole swine flu thing seems, to me, to be being blown WAY out of proportion. Like SARS and Avian flu, that turned out to be nothing. Why are we being directed to this? Is there something else going on? Sorry if I am overly suspicious of our gov't, no matter who is in charge, BUT, this seems to be over-rated, as to how many people are infected/sick/dead. Just my humble opinion, but this 'over the top' coverage, with all other things going on, just doesn't seem right...


Surprise, surprise

(Just a few of the dead, none of the wounded, in a 'special' collage)

In the latest poll, there is a huge partisan split, as to whether there should be an investigation into the lies, that led up to the invasion of Iraq. DUH? You think they want proof, for what the thinking world already knows? That they led the nation to an unnecessary war, for oil? They don't , but I sure do. Let's find out the facts, and prosecute the a-holes that cost us so much blood and money. You think Bush/Cheney/The Repubs want the truth known? OF COURSE NOT. But, this is America, and I gotta think the truth WILL come out. Of course, FOX will fight it, and their sheep will keep their heads firmly planted up their asses. Some things will NEVER change.

From the Sunday Post

Five years after the Abu Ghraib revelations, we must acknowledge that our government methodically authorized torture and lied about it. But we also must contemplate the possibility that it did so not just out of a sincere, if criminally misguided, desire to “protect” us but also to promote an unnecessary and catastrophic war. Instead of saving us from “another 9/11,” torture was a tool in the campaign to falsify and exploit 9/11 so that fearful Americans would be bamboozled into a mission that had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. The lying about Iraq remains the original sin from which flows much of the Bush White House’s illegality.

We can't begin to heal, as a country, until the criminals are 'outed', tried, and punished, so let's get started and get it over...

More FOX bullshit

Last night a cat ran on to the field at a Cubs game, and a groundskeeper grabbed it by the tail and tossed it out. The ASPCA complained that this was a very bad practice, as you could break off the cat's tail. THe FOX anchorman said "No problem, a cat can regrow a tail". Typical FOX BULLSHIT. Cats can't regrow a tail. When will these Bozos learn, you can't just make up the news, no matter how low the IQ of your base....

10 years after Columbine

and I still haven't forgiven the chickenshit SWAT team, who hid out, afraid to get hurt, even though they had been fitted with body armor and carried automatic weapons. They had been paid and trained for such a situation, BUT, they hid out, for over 2 hours, hunkering down, afraid to move, while 2 people slowly bled to death. THEN, the police dept billed the school distrcict OVER a million dollars, to reconstruct the crime, and, SURPRISE, the main suspects were, (drumroll), Harris and Klebold. NO SHIT. You should be ashamed, you overpaid, cowardly, 'public servants'. Just my humble opinion, BUT, show me where I'm wrong...

As a long-time b-ball player,

and Nuggets fan, I am REALLY looking forward to the NBA playoffs this year. With Melo, Chauncey, K-mart, Birdman, Nene, and JR Smith, plus the others, this is gonna be fun to watch. Just wish I'd have bet a bunch of $ on them, 'cause they are gonna kick ass...

I'm scared, again

because there are those 'out there', as with JFK and Martin Luther King, who can't handle an intelligent, moderate person in charge. I just hope he has a fantastic security team that is on his side. There is a very powerful, very well-financed group that doesn't want peace in the world. They make their $$ from war and dissention. Please, Barack, take care of yourself...

Surprise, surprise

The totally out of touch Repub pundits, are at it again. Because Obama has decided to communicate w/Chavez, rather than ignore him 'til he capitulates (never), like Bush did, they have their panties in a wad. Give me break, you idiots. Never mind, at least you are consistent. ALWAYS wrong. Guess why LESS than 25%, in the latest survey, affiliate themselves with the Repubs? Pretty obvious to me. I'm sure there will always be 1 out of 4 who just doesn't have a clue...

The new Fortune 500 ratings

are out, and, GUESS WHAT? 3 outa the top 4, lead by EXXON Mobil, are oil companies. Who woulda guessed? After 8 years of Georgie Boy/Cheney and the oil mafia. WOW! Who coulda seen this coming? Think those multimillion $$$ campaign contributions paid off? Who woulda thunk a war in the oil basket of the world could have worked out so well for the good ol' Texas Oil boys. Anyone but a bunch of idiots, that it is, and I know plenty of people who fit in that category, right guys? You know EXACTLY who you are, and so do I.

Was gonna do a '420' blog'

but just don't have the energy. Maybe after I finish my oreos and garlic dip snack. Yummmmmmyyyy....

Too wet to golf,

and we went shopping yesterday, (the world's largest King Soopers/Krogers is amazing), so we decided to watch a (classic) movie. Hadn't seen 'The Graduate' for a LONG time, so we did. UNbelievable that an old movie could hold up so well. With the cast (Dustin Hoffman's 1st movie), Katherine Ross, Anne Bancroft and a score by Simon and Garfunkle, it is timeless. If you haven't seen it for awhile, you should, and if you've NEVER seen it, you HAVE to. Just my humble opinion, BUT, you gotta believe me on this one...

Was thinking, this morning,

while I did the vacuuming, with my I-pod blasting my fav's, about this whole liberal and conservative thing. Most who know me would consider me a liberal, but where did those labels come from? In my life, I am very conservative. When it came to building, I never did spec houses unless I was sure of the market, and as a result never went broke, like many non-conservative builders, but never got very big, either. As far as investing, I've taken a few flyers, like underwater treasure hunts and plastic shoes and have won some and lost some, BUT, my core investing has been VERY conservative, and therefore still have most of it left. Concerning family values, I am VERY conservative, and consider my family the cornerstone of my life. I conservatively think we should all be able to own firearms, (except assault rifles), and that convicted criminals that deserve it, (from a jury), should be executed. I passionately love my country, and that's why I get SO upset when people like Bus…

A few years ago,

the military had a hard time filling boots, to go overseas, to fight W's war. Now, as we are living through Bush's legacy, it's much easier for the recruiters, since there are no other jobs. Unlike a few years ago, the military looks like a great option, since Georgie Boy has totally killed the US economy. As Will Farrel says, 'You're Welcome America', as a way to thank Georgie Boy, for all he's done. You Bush supporters must be SO proud...

Just got off the phone,

with Nate. As of this morning, they have over 3 1/2 ft of snow, and it is still coming down. Plus, the electricity went off last night about 6:00. I guess the snow is over the deck rails, and the doors won't open. Kari, with some other teachers, formed a caravan behind a snowplow, and made it out of the canyon, after 2 schooluses got stuck. Ah, springtime in the Rockies...

Great pic today,

of Hugo Chavez shaking Obama's hand. Chavez, the prez of Venezuela, the largest oil producer in South and Central America, was quoted as saying he wanted a new start with the US, after Bush had done all he could to destroy relations between the countries. Of course he did! They were competitors. Bush, first and foremost, was/is a 'Big Oil' guy, and he did everything possible to keep the price of oil as high as he could. And it worked, as he, and the rest of the oil mafia set ALL-TIME profit records for ANY business EVER, as the US economy was wrecked in the process. It's gonna take awhile to fix the nearly incalculable damage, done to our country, by the cowboy conman, but it has begun.

Storm update,

Here we are, in the third day of a three day storm. At the moment, it is raining, and melting some of the snow that fell the last two days. Don't know how much moisture we've gotten, 'cause a golf ball broke our rain guage, but it has to be 3-4", at least. If it were all snow, like up at Nate and Laura's, we would have over 3 ft. Just what we needed, to really green things up. S'posed to be in the 60's Mon and 70's Tuesday. Gotta love Colorado....

Am sort of a amateur meterologist,

and, from all I have learned, from watching 2 different live radar sites, this MAJOR storm still has a long way to go. We get the big snow, here, when the low sets up over Amarillo. We have been getting big-time snow, all day, and the low still hasn't made it there. It's stuck over Sante Fe. Which means, we are gonna be getting dumped on, for a long time, yet. Luckily, we got a baked chicken, pumpkin pie and and assorted goodies to get us through the night. Life is good...

The view,

before the sun goes down, across the fairway. Big time snow. Am gonna remember this one...

Snowstorm update

I-70 closed from Denver to Vail, and the Amarillo low is just now setting up. Funny thing is, a few miles east of here, at the airport, where the official snow totals come from, it's mostly rain, as well as most of Denver, BUT, here in Broomfield, it is all snow. LOTS of moisture, and we need it. I LOVE it.

Emergency trip,

to the library, and grocery store, today. Not really an emergency, but I wanted to get out and see the snow, so I put it in 4-wd, and headed out. Got to the checkout at Safeway, and found I had left my billfold at home. Was able to find $1.50 in change in my car. The librarian knows me, so no problem there, as I got 2 new Michael Connelly books. The roads are all slushed over, since it's been warm, but once it freezes, with all this snow, it's gonna be nasty. Tonight is Tori's 30th b-day party, and we're not gonna be able to make it. If I know Tor, she'll have a party tonight, for the hard-cores, and another one later. A good, old fashioned 3-day storm, and we're half way through it. My favorite view of it, though, is from the hot tub. Good times....


(there's a car under that pile of snow)

I think this is gonna be a pretty good one. Nate says they have over 18" at their place and it isn't slowing down at all. Was looking at the Nat'l radar (moving), and the low pressure system is still quite a ways away. When it becomes a famous, (in Denver), Amarillo Low, that's when we get pounded, and that's not gonna happen 'til this evening. By tomorrow, we should be buried. But that's OK. We're well stocked and there's worse things than being snowbound. I just hope we don't lose electricity. That takes a lot of the fun out of it....

Just curious, here...

What is your fallback, or default, meal? When you can't make up your mind? Here, it is either elk burgers, or pork chops (w/sweet potatoes). Please let me know, loyal readers, both of you. Just curious...

Big snow storm?

The forecasters are calling for a MAJOR spring snow storm, starting this evening, and eventually dropping 10 to 18 inches on us, here on the Front Range. It may be less, if the temp is higher, and we have more rain. Whatever, am looking forward to being 'snowed in'. We'll see, if they're right. I hope so...

During breaks in the Nuggets game,

last night, I switched over to FOX, to see their non-stop coverage of the 'spontaneous' tea parties in various locales. Sean Hannity, after interviewing that famous political expert "Joe the Plumber', in a typical FOX lie, said, to huge applause, 'Today over 6 million people are protesting against this administrations' policies'. This morning on CNN, they had a list of cities with the tea parties, and the number of protesters, from law enforcement on the scene. Grand total? Less then 250,000 nationwide. Well under 1/2 of one percent, of the population. I guess Sean 'misoverestimated' it. If the facts don't support your views, JUST MAKE IT UP, and report it to the rabid losers. FOX News, Fair and Balanced, RIIIIIIGHT....

It wasn't a Tea Party, today,

it was Nat'l Arsonist's Day, when the 'fire starter's' got together and complained about the price of the water, that the fire dept was using to put out the blaze they started. Is their policy, 'let it burn', or 'don't charge us for the water'? These idiots, with their 'spontaneous' uprising, instigated, choreographed and financed by FOX News, want to have it both ways. We'll screw everything up, BUT, don't make us pay for it. Idiots, just total idiots. Go buy some more gold plated coins, you morons....

Today's Denver Post

had a 'letter to the editor', that I sent in.

Charles Krauthammer frames President Obama’s admission of our mistakes and failures as a “disdain” for his own country. Could it be that we have much to regret, and that the world is owed an apology for the chest-thumping, guns-blazing, bring-it-on foreign policy of George W. Bush?
President Obama’s reception demonstrates that the rest of the world is happy that there is a new sheriff in town, thrilled that he is not arrogant, dismissive or trigger-happy, and that he recognizes that where we want to be as a nation is not where we have recently been.

Well, maybe I didn't write it, but I wish I would have....

Happy day, in Colorado

Joe Nachio, former head of Qwest, went to prison today. In spite of a VERY high priced legal team, justice was finally served. This egotistical crook, who cost thousands of people their retirement accounts, finally, after a bunch of appeals, got his orange jumpsuit. If only justice was equally applied, he and Georgie boy could be cellmates.

Wildlife in the the 'hood'

After our neighbor Rhonda asked if we had seen the great horned owl eating a rabbit near our pond, I started thinking about what I had seen out there. I've seen a blue heron, and mallard ducks in our little pond, and a bald eagle and red-tailed hawks circling above it. We've had raccoons, foxes, geese and coyotes drinking from it. Not to mention the squirrels, finches, flickers, etc. Amazing little slice of (wild)life out there.

OH, and one more time,

in case you still don't get it. Of the Top Ten education/income states, (SURPRISE, they are related), they are ALL Blue. AND, of the bottom ten, they are ALL Red. Facts don't lie, FOX does.

The smug, know-it-alls at FOX,

are conveniently forgetting, that the whole left vs. right, lib vs. con thing isn't just a hypothetical, theoretical exercise. The jerks had control for 8 years, and we saw what they did. Will Farrell has a one man show about W, tiltled, 'You're Welcome, America', in case you've forgotten some of the specifics. You had your chance and blew it. The 2008 elections were the most decisive political smack down in modern history. So now, just settle down and shut up. Give the man who won the most votes a chance to fix what you so royally screwed up.

Some good news

Natural gas prices are way down, approx 75%, and many utilities have been able to lock in prices, SO, our heating bills will be much less next winter. Also, a lot of electricity is generated by nat gas, so that should be lower too. Now that the 'Oil Mafia' is out of power, the price of energy has returned to normal. I wonder if anyone could ever calculate the hundreds of billions, or trillions, of dollars that the Bush/Cheney, big oil crew, stole from us, and the world, through their ability to manipulate energy prices, and start a war in the oil basket of the world?

More stuff, I learned

as I watched the spinmeisters at FOX, distort the news. Newspapers are going out of business, across the country, NOT because of the internet and loss of ad revenue, BUT, because they are liberal. NO shit, that's what FOX says. And, there are liberals in this country, and NORMAL people. FOX News is #1 in certain areas, NOT because normal people are spread out over ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc, BUT because all the rabid losers are concentrated together. Bottom line, the FOX fanatics are a small, but very vocal minority. Don't tell them that. In their distorted world, they are #1!!! Finally, and this is NO SHIT, they say the reason Bush is unpopular, the world over, is because of the liberal bias on the news. REALLY, I swear Brit Hume said it, with a smirk. FINALLY, is it any wonder, that the ONLY place you see ads for gold plated coins (absolutely worthless), as a hedge against inflation, is on FOX News, week after week. Obviously, they are selling a bunch of them, to …

I never cease to be amazed,

at how the right wing can look at 'what is', and totally change the perception of 'what is'. They totally forget, or want us to forget, how we got here. We find ourselves in dire straits, because of 8 years of Republican/George Bush leadership. And they complain about the fire dept wasting too much water on the fire they started. That is REAL, no matter how they try to muddy the waters. These clowns would have us look past the problems they caused, and focus on their sniping at someone trying to fix them. They never change. They cheated and lied and started a war we couldn't win, so some of them could prosper, and in the process squandered America's standing in the world. PLEASE show me where I'm wrong. Whatever, some things never change. Let's just hope, as a nation, we can survive their greedy ambition.

A Denver tofu lover,

had her vanity license plate rejected, as obscene, by the Div of Motor Vehicles. Seems they didn't like her saying,


Hate to be a namedropper,

(not really), BUT, was kinda funny on the golf course, today, when my buddy John Reilly, got a call from his brother Rick, the sportswriter, who is doing a story on Kobe Bryant, and is spending a couple of days w/him. Seems Rick bought a '55 T-Bird, yesterday, and took delivery today. SO, the boys took it out for a test drive, on one of the L.A. Freeways, and, pretty soon someone noticed Kobe in the car, and tried to get a close-up picture. One thing led to another, and pretty soon, there's a rolling roadblock as people notice Kobe in the T-Bird. Rick's freaking out, and just trying to escape. Didn't hear the end of the story, but I'm sure it turned out OK, I hope.

Only so much I can take,

when dealing with a hardcore rightwing acquaintance. Even though many of his views are 'out there', such as our obvious differences with Bush, leading us to war based on lies, trashing our economy, and ruining our reputation in the world. I guess some misinformed (FOX viewers) people could have been led astray, we can still discuss political matters. BUT, when he, or anyone else, claims torture is OK, 'if that's what it takes to get 'em to talk', WHOA!!!. That's over the line, and I have no use for you. I gotta draw the line somewhere, and I may reconsider someday, but for now, anyone with such views doesn't warrant my time. No way, no how. Hasta la vista, baby....

The things you learn,

when you watch FOX News. 1. It's OK for former VP's to criticize the new prez, BUT, it is wrong for the prez to criticize the former prez, no matter HOW obvious the statement. 2. Although it would SEEM, from a casual glance, that Europeans and the rest of the world, like Obama better than Bush, they don't really, because nothing has changed. 3. Now that Obama has been in charge for OVER 2 months, this financial meltdown is HIS problem,NOT the previous administration's. There may be more to be learned, but I can only handle FOX in very small doses. SORRY.....

If you wanna be ashamed,

for even being a small part of George W Bush's America, watch the "Explorer" program, on the Nat'l Geographic Channel, called Guantanamo. The story of Gitmo, Bush's torture regime, in the name of the War on Terror. I'm sure some prisoners there were/are guilty, BUT, many weren't, and they have been held, and tortured, for approx 7 years, with no trial. These are people who were picked up, when soldiers had $5000 bundles of cash, and were asking if anyone knew of terrorists. "Give us a name, get the cash." It's sickening. If any other country did this, we would be justified in attacking them. But, Bush and Cheney made it US policy. No wonder the world is SO happy with Obama, and so many of are so ashamed of this part of our country's mistakes.

Great time, last night,

at the first concert at Scott's place. Drink specials, good munchies, and an amazing 'oldies' band, Deja Blue. Had to do a long hot tub, this morning after 27 holes yesterday, then dancing too much last night. Anything over 2 or 3 is too much these days. I had a bunch of friends e-mailing me to get 'em on the 'free' list for admission last night, so I played it for all it was worth. I knew they'd be upset when they found out there was no admission fee for anyone, and I took alot of well deserved crap, but it was fun. Live music at Scott's for the next several Friday nights, until the weddings/receptions start up. Was gonna bartend last night, but decided I 'd have more fun on the other side of the bar, and I was right. Maybe next week....

Wasn't me, that wrote this NY Times piece,

but could have been.
Lately I’ve been consuming as much conservative media as possible (interspersed with shots of Pepto-Bismol) to get a better sense of the mind and mood of the right. My read: They’re apocalyptic. They feel isolated, angry, betrayed and besieged. And some of their “leaders” seem to be trying to mold them into militias.
At first, it was entertaining — just harmless, hotheaded expostulation. Of course, there were the garbled facts, twisted logic and veiled hate speech. But what did I expect, fair and balanced? It was like walking through an ideological house of mirrors. The distortions can be mildly amusing at first, but if I stay too long it makes me sick.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

This Friday night,

the 3rd, Scott is having a 'grand opening' at the Event Center, with live music. Deja Blue, a great 'oldies' band, will be playing from 7:30 'til 9. FAC starts much earlier, w/free munchies. If you're not busy (change plans if you are), come on out and join us for a fun evening. As Tammie says, feel free to slather on the Ben Gay so you don't pull a hammy. See ya there.