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This just in, Kanye has denounced Dotard and said he’s tired of being used by ‘politicians’.

SOOO, there’s an opening for some poor sucker ‘out there’ who wants to be the Liar in Chief’s only black friend.
PS, it helps to literally be insane, like Kanye....

The ‘Good Thing’ about all religions.

Nearly all religious people claim to believe that God is watching, taking care of them, listening to prayers and sometimes changing His/Her Will if they just pray hard enough.
These people are very content and pleased, cuz God is on their side, many believing their entire lives are even pre-ordained. Wow, what s stretch, but nothing is too ‘fantastical or far-fetched’ for some of them. Just don’t get into an argument/discussion with someone who has no use for, and/or no concept of facts, science or reality, which is a common theme among them.
They love their smart phones, but to think scientists know anything about ‘climate’ or the age of the earth, evolution or creation, is beyond their comprehension.
Whenever there are hard times it’s cuz God is testing them OR, they are being punished for that latest screw up (and we ALL have those).
When good times happen, God is rewarding them.
Any coincidences in daily life, which happen all the time, cuz of the millions of interactions we have…

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, had some words for Dotard, today, mocking the whiny Liar in Chief.

Help! I’ve never done anything wrong in my entire life, but somehow hostility is at an all time high,” Evans imagined Trump as writing. “Just because I kick beehives all day, it’s not MY fault when people get stung!” he added. “No one has EVER been treated so unfairly. Sad. Also, where’s Obama’s birth certificate?”
Evans later responded to White House counsel Kellyanne Conway’s claim that Trump was “trying to heal the country” with his Tweets ‘Just Iike my dog is trying to ‘heal the grass’ when he curls one out on the lawn’.

Chris also explained, about Kanye West, the way I feel about some of MY gullible, ignorant critics.

There’s nothing more maddening than debating someone who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue,” “Captain America” actor Chris Evans recently complained on Twitter in a reference to West. Wow, talk about ‘nailing it’..... Claiming ‘myopia as a virtue’ perfectly describes a relative of mine....

BTW, my next post explains what we were shown, over and over in Scandinavia, where the ‘the chrch’ is dying, or dead.

The people were FORCED to accept Christianity, or they couldn’t own property, a business, get married or do ANYTHING legally, as the leaders reaped the rewards.
Today, the churches are all but abandoned, by all but the oldtimers, since the govt stopped requiring chrch membership.
It’s obvious on Sunday, esp, as the churches sit empty.
Look at ANY chart/graph as per church membership, and if you see anything but a downward spiral, let me know.
The world iis getting smarter, as the old myths die, EXCEPT in the Repub party, where they’ve found an audience, while the Pub leaders laugh their asses off, behind the sheep’s backs....
Nothing new here, to those with a functioning brain, and who don’t believe that members of other religions, (most of the world), are ‘going to Hell’.

Little known fact.
As the preachers looked for witches, who could be recognized by property ownership, a law reserved ONLY for men, (the church claimed their property and wealth) and refusing to bend to chrch rules…

Is anyone surprised, that the same crowd who killed Copernicus, who claimed (correctly) that the earth revolved around the sun, instead of vice versa,

Right before ‘The church tortured and killed all the ‘heretics’ throughout Europe, taking their fortunes and land, for ‘the church’, deciding that the 8-10% of all people who are ‘born gay’ are demon possessed, while the Catholic priests preyed on young boys, to this day.
Yup, the govt chosen religion that claimed. ‘Turn the other cheek, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, submit to the govt. hope for the good life in the next life, pray for change, the meek will inherit the earth, etc’.
And who da thunk the govt would support THAT religion, and kill the ‘heretics’ who argued for reality ?
Yup, the same people who claim the earth is 6000 years old and believe ALL the animals on earth were put on a boat, built by a 600 year old man, while the entire planet was flooded, ALSO believe Dotard and his crew(R).

Wow, who da thunk you could fool these geniuses(R), herded together by Karl Rove (who LAUGHED at them behind their backs) and Roger Ailes, who lined up YUUUGE payments to church lea…

As we know, winter is coming, but it’s real obvious today.

Yesterday it was golf, in shorts, at Highland Hills, Gold Course, where I had three birdies on the back nine, first time ever, and today it’s forty degrees colder, with rain turning to snow.
Have I mentioned I LOVE the different seasons, esp this time of year, as big flakes come down
BTW, the local news challenged Dotard on his ‘only nation in the world’ to allow citizenship to babies.
Dotard LIED, again?
Sorta like when he said, yesterday, that the NYSE opened the day after 9-11.
It took SIX DAYS, but the A-hole just LIED, again.
Who da thunk?
Unless you are an ignorant FOXSheep, and who can explain the thought processes of the ignorant and gullible among us. Better known as FOXMorons, who swallow ALL the FOXLies,
Cuz. Like Jack Nicholson says, ‘You can’t handle the truth’!
PLEASE, give me a list of these morons, so I can sell them a bridge.....

Wow, who’s shocked that the Pubs are trying to ‘Smear the messenger’, offering $$$$ For LIES, as Robert Mueller gets closer to releasing his findings about the Russian Backed Pussy Gragger?

Special counsel Robert Mueller accuses opponents of offering women money to make 'false claims' about himSpecial counsel Robert Mueller has referred to the FBI allegations that women were "offered money" to make "false claims" about him, a spokesman said Tuesday. Same old shit from the Pubs. LIES.....

FOXLies has an article today, supporting Walker Stapleton(R) for gov of Colorado.

He/they explain how Colorado will be ‘wrecked’ if they/we get a Dem governor, and goes on to make a bunch of total bullshit predictions.
The only problem?
Colorado has had a Dem guv for the last eight years and we’ve done GREAT!
Just more LIES from the people(R) and ‘news’ (FOX), where LIES are a way of life.....

Walker Stapleton: Why THIS governor's race matters to all of us – It's time to defeat socialism and radical extremism

I gotta admit, Dotard is RIGHT, about the press being ‘the enemy of the people’.

HIS people, that is.
The morons who swallow FOXCrap. The ‘news’ outlet created by Roger Ailes, the Chief Repub Political STRATEGIST, with $120 million of Rupert Murdoch’s money.

Yes, the real, free press, over 90% of the ‘mainstream media’, called so for a reason, along with nearly 100% of the world press, give us news, unfiltered by by the propaganda team at the Repub-sourced ‘state media’ Bullshiit Mountain.
How can anyone’s head be SO DEEP in their ass they can’t see something SO obvious?
Constant brainwashing, that’s how.....

I heard Dotard on TV today, saying he was gonna end ‘birthright citizenship’, cuz ‘we are the only country on earth to do that.

Hmmm, that made me think.... And then I heard the ‘real’ news, not FOX, tell us the truth, vs Dotard’s LIE.
We are one of 33 countries who have the same law, and it’s actually in our Constitution.
Wow, who da thunk the Liar in Chief would lie, AGAIN, to fire up the morons who line up to swallow his crap?
Cuz the LYING jerk(R) lies all the time, and it long ago stopped even being news.
He’s a Pathological LIAR, and proves it EVERY DAY!
And why not?
It works for him, cuz ‘his people’ either don’t know or don’t care.
Which is worse?
Actually, Dotard’s plan is brilliant,
It keeps hiis low information sheep fired up about their favorite subject, IMMIGRANTS, who want the jobs no one else does, instead of focusing on the Health Care they are about to lose and his idiotic tariffs.
Sorta like giving a shiny object to a baby....

He added that "we're the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States,"…

Click on link to see SOME of the comedians who can’t stand Dotard

Yup, on one side of the fence we have Rush and Sean. On the sane, intelligent side we have the entire late night TV universe.
Other than FOXNews, what do the morons watch, while the rest of us laugh our asses off whenever we can, cuz the alternative, watching a vain, incompetent, Russian-backed Pussy Grabber, with a fourth grade vocabulary wreck our country is just too sad to contemplate.

I just wonder how he keeps his job. Shep Smith, that is...

On Dotard’s own ‘State Mediapropaganda outlet Shep is actually sane and intelligent.
How does he exist amongst Trump Ass-kissers who will say and do ANYTHING the Orange Clown wants.
Shep, like 2/3 of America knows this small caravan of poor workers escaping from violent poverty conditions, wanting to fill the dirty, menial jobs no one else wants, and still over a month away is no threat, and he says so, as Dotard sends over 5000 full time US soldiers to protect us from them, only to fire up his moronic supporters.
Now the caravan isn’t only murdererss and rapists, with MidEast terrorists mixed, but they also have LEPROSY, according to FOX?
What kind of idiots fall for this crap?
Oh yeah, uninformed, gullible, ignorant FOXSheep. Never mind..

Wow, a sane, honest reporter at FOXNews? Who da thunk?
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith broke from his coworkers on the opinion side of the company to stress that the political hysteria about the migrant caravan making its way north through Mexico is…

What did I do different?

Now I have the Russians on my ass again, hitting my blog hundreds of times per day.
Yup, the same same trolls who elected Dotard, (you morons ever wonder WHY?) have me in their aim again.
Must be close to an election, huh?

As the nation deals with the bombs sent to Dems and the Jewish killings, Dotard and Sarah blame the victims,

while the Liar in Chief Tweets about the World Series pitchers and complains about a bad hair day, while saying the Fake News (FOX?) is the cause of it all, as his attack videos (see any news but FOX) encourage the crazies to violence, and saying, AGAIN, that the media is the ‘enemy of the people’.
AND, the Orange Clown claims the shooting wouldn’t have happened, ‘If their were armed guards at the synagogue’. This is the answer from Dotard, after HE incited violence?
And his ignorant, FOXSwallowing minions, believe it, in Roger Aile’s propaganda SUBSTITUTE for real news.
Same old shit, different day....

There’s new lawsuit, as Trump scammed ‘investors’ with hiis LIES. Just like Trump University, which was a total scam, and these poor schmucks split over $25 MIillion

Trump Scammed Inexperienced Investors Through Endorsement Deals, Lawsuit Claims The Trump-backed investment “opportunities” were instead “a pattern of racketeering activity.” If only the American people, the ‘inexperienced investors’ (gullible sheep) could sue the scam artist/con man who LIES like most people breathe, as in ALL THE TIME. How stupid do you have to be to not see what’s so obvious? Oh yeah, just be a gullible sheep(R). Never mind. If only I could offer those morons(R) a deal on a bridge, but, it’s not like they have any money. SURPRISE!  A lifetime of idiocy(R) doesn’t pay very well....
BTW, these are the same morons who agree with Dotard that we need another 5200 troops, to go with the thousands of extra National Guard, to go with the thousands of new border guards, cuz there are AT MOST 4000 poor Hondurans still thousands of miles away, wanting jobs ina country that NEEDS millions of workers.
Can you say IMMIGRATION PROPAGANDA for the low IQ, better known as FOXSheep?

After reading the headlines, with the bombs sent out, and the Jewish shooting, and Sarah and Dotard blaming it all on the victims....

I just can’t use reality/logic with those people.
You can’t fix stupid. And they vote, with the Liar in Chief, straight Repub.
I’m nearly ready to give up and just crawl into a bubble. Like the fact-resistant morons(R)....

Wow, Dotard and I finally agree on somethng. He is talking about FOXNews, right?

The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly,” he tweeted. “Fake News Must End!”

Great new clip of Dotard entering Air Force One, sorta like the one where he walked up the stairs with toilet paper on his shoe.

This time the Orange Clown can’t figure out how to close an umbrella, so he just drops it and walks away.
Yup, he’s ‘like really smart, a stable genius’.

Viral clip of Donald Trump and his umbrella is a metaphor for his whole presidency
It's just an umbrella, yes. It's also a reminder that Donald Trump isn't America-first; he's Trump-first, and not real smart....

Great article in the Denver Post today, by a Pub who says the Dems have an ‘unfair advantage’ in technology.

Yup, this rightwingnut apologist basically says Pub can’t compete, cuz MOST aren’t smart enough to set their VCR’s.
I know, and am related to that crowd, who think they are SO smart, but can’t figure out what most eight year old’s know.

. Since most Republicans still have VCRs flashing “12:00” on top of their TVs, I expect it will take them some time to catch up to Democrats.

 And in other election news, 56% of respondents saying they want a Congress that "stands up" to the President compared with 35% who want a chamber that "cooperates" with him.
Yup, it’s that same clueless, gullible 1/3 that swallows FOXCrap and doesn’t know, or CARE, that their boy is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

This just in, from Dotard’s partner in crime, and LIES, Mike Pence

‘There is no connection between Trump’s rhetoric and calls for violence and the recent pipe bombs sent to his enemies.’
WOW, I’m sure glad THAT got cleared up.....

In other LIES, from the Liar in Chief.....
Trump falsely says NYSE opened day after Sept. 11 attacks to justify holding rally after Pittsburgh shooting
It was SIX days....

For those who’ve forgotten what Repub leadership does for our country,

This is the ten year anniversary of the Great Crash of 2008, when Pub policies peaked and we lost TRILLIONS of dollars of wealth, from our investments and homes, all over the world.
Yup, under the greedy, incompetent regime of GW and The Dick, and their crew of ‘watchdogs’, Big Money plundered the US Treasury and we taxpayers funded a $860 BILLION payout to the Big Banks, who gambled and lost, selling packages of AAA (HA!) rated home mortgages to institutions who actually BELIEVED the lying crooks(R).
Now, the same jerks(R) are gutting all the rules that were passed to keep it from happening again.
Forget (if you can) what yuuuge LIARS they(R) are and just remember their economic practices, as Dotard and pals have wrecked a finely tuned economic machine with their idiotic tariffs.
We’ve seen, and shouldn’t forget, what Pub rule can do to our country.
Oh yeah, and there was that Iraq thing, based on LIES, which is just ‘how they(R roll’, when they’re not inciting violence against immi…

In the same section of the newspaper today, I read about a shortage of over 1000 workers in midwestern meat packing plants.

Surprise, the locals don’t wanna work in the frigid conditions, with sharp blades, whirring machines, blood and gore, while standing on their feet all day, for meager wages. Just like they don’t wanna do field work, bent over in the sun all day, for minimum wage.
But the immigrants, that America has always relied on, would LOVE to take those jobs, if only Congress(R) could get their act together and create a decent immigration policy.
Dotard doesn’t care cuz he created ‘special rules’ for hiis Mir A Lago slave labor. In the same state that is the ONLY one exempted from the offshore oil drilling that we don’t want or need.
Meanwhile the Pubs are LYIG about  ‘pre-existing conditions’ being covered, as they’ve voted against it EVERY time. Just like they claim ‘They(D) are gonna TAKE YOUR GUNS, at the same time the Dems welcome MS 13 thugs and MidEast terrorists through unprotected borders.
SO, why NOT lie?
It’s worked so far, with a Pathologial LIAR in the White House, who endorses viol…

And you wonder how we got an a-hole like Dotard in the White House?

Just look at the effect Bullshit Mountain has on the gullible, uninformed sheep, in their world where truth doesn’t matter, and they willingly swallow the LIES from Dotard and FOX.

Even after a suspect was arrested, some supporters of President Donald Trump appear to be clinging to the idea that this week’s attempted bombings of prominent Democrats were faked. At least 14 of the packages were sent to high-profile Democrats whom Trump has attacked, including former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Reporter Ali Vitali of MSNBC’s “11th Hour” asked an attendee at Friday night’s Trump rally in North Carolina what he thought of the mailed explosives. “Barack Obama probably sent his to hisself [sic],” said the man, identified as Arvil Runyon. “And Hillary Clinton probably sent hers to herself.”

In other FOX ‘news’ where the sheep barely have the smarts to read past the
BIG LETTERS, that headline screamed “Voting Machines Changing Votes in Texa…

Along with Roger Ailes, who created an ‘alternative’ to news, for a specific, target audience who would rather hear what Repubs WISH was ‘real’ news.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel and right-wing radio have preyed upon those who’ve seen their American Dream go up in smoke, “And they have helped to create a generation of angry and violent conspiracy theorists who will believe any lie that is perpetrated on those airwaves.”
The perfect audience to elect a Reality Show con man, whose been bankrupt SIX times, brags about ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’, and says in his book, ’First you lie to them three times...’
Yup, sounds like a great ‘news’ channel and a perfect candidate for prez.....
IF your head is buried SO DEEP in your ass, facts have no chance of penetrating.
Perfect choice......

A little ‘heads up’ here.

Whenever you hear the Liar iin Chief start a statement with ‘The FAILING _____(CNN, Wash Post NYT, etc) you should KNOW it’s just the first of many LIES to follow, but you knew that, unless you’re a hopeless, gullible ignorant FOXSheep, which perfectly describes MILLIONS.
The fore-mentioned news agencies, vs FAKE NEWS like FOX, are all doing very well, not even close to FAILING like Doatrd claims, as they are all experiencing record growth, exposing the LIES from the Liar in Chief, for those who actually CARE.
When you hear that claim from the LIAR next time, just realize ti’s just the first of MANY lies to follow.
But, do you care?
Didn’t think so.....

Dotard said, ‘Trade wars are good, and easy to win’.

Well, just like most of what he says, that’s a LIE, and it’s becoming more obvious.
China is digging in for the long haul and is just waiting him betting, in their words, ‘he won’t be around that long’.
Meanwhile. His stupid tariffs are costing billions in the US markets and trillions around the world.
Cuz he’s an idiot, with advice from idiots after his ‘competent’ economic advisers QUIT and left him with the current ‘clowns in charge’, like Navarro.

China is digging in for the long haul. And President Donald Trump had better start thinking about an exit strategy from a trade war that is showing no signs of easing. The shaky Chinese stock market isn't going to help him -- it will only destabilize the US stock exchange, which many Americans rely on for their retirement funds. The President has blamed the whipsaw American stock markets on the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates. But much of the blame must also fall on now deep-seated uncertainties on the trade front, as the Unit…

Bill Maher had Stormy and The Mooch Scaramucci on his show,

And, as per usual there’s lots of laughs sprinkled in with the disturbing ‘news’ about Dotard.
The Mooch says, just like me, that the Orange Clown is a Pathological LIAR, but, like I say, ‘why would he change, cuz it works so well with his target audience, who either don’t know he’s LYING, or DON’T CARE.
How PROUD his ‘target audience(R)’ should be...
BTW, Bill says his Halloween costume is just a tiny orange dick in his mouth.
He’s going as Sean Hannity.

The bomber wanna be is obviously a Repub idiot

The rightwingnut whack-job, in LOVE with Trump and a total loser who can’t make a successful bomb, cuz these jerks(R) don’t believe in ‘Science’, which is necessary for a successful detonation.
Take a look at his van and see what goes on in the mind of a mentally deficient idiot/FOXSheep.
Seeing the decals on his van is like peering into the brain of a Rush/Sean/Alex Jones/Tucker disciple.
Revealing and scary as hell.....

Referring to the Liar in Chief, Obama said, ‘He just makes it up’!

Duh, as if we didn’t know. BUT 1/3 of the country doesn’t give a shit.
He’s a Repub and says he’s a ‘Christian’, SOOOO, nothing else matters as he LIES, boinks porn stars, screws up our relations with former allies, installs economy wrecking tariffs and incites violence among his whack-job minions.

Obama cited a recent Trump comment that he would pass a tax cut before the November election. Obama then told the crowds in high school gymnasiums that "Congress isn't even in session before the election! He just makes it up!" At one point Obama said in Wisconsin: "Here's the thing. Everything I say you can look up." Obama spoke about the slow-moving migrant caravan from Central American bound for the United States as another example of a Republican scare tactic. "Now the latest, they're trying to convince everybody to be afraid of a bunch of impoverished, malnourished refugees a thousand miles away," he said. "That's the thing that is the …

The rightwingnuts love to point out that pot related accidents and falalities are UP, in the last five years, after pot became legal .

What they don’t say is the overall population is up by a larger percentage, (driven by legal pot?) and the percentage of smokers is going down. The tourists drive the market now that it’s legal, like alcohol, and the fascination of a ‘banned’ substance, for the locals, is gone.
Plus, we have hundreds of millions in taxes, going to the state instead of the cartels.
Wow, who da thunk?
Not the clueless rightwingnuts.....

In another TOTAL LIE, the Liar in Chief claimed the Pubs were gonna pass a ten percent tax cut for the middle class,

BUT, Congress isn’t even in session, and when confronted with the fact, the Liar in Chief said it’s gonna be a resolution, when told that was impossible, the dumbshit changed the subject, BUT, the sheep swallowed hiis crap, OR, they realized, ‘Hmmm, just another LIE from the Orange Clown who ALWAYS lies’, and they dont give a shit.
What kind of idiotic HYPOCRITE swalllows this crap?
Oh yeah, a FOXSheep, where facts just don’t matter,
Never mind... If I gotta explain, you wouldn’t understand, as in the Pub bomber that Rush and Lou  GUARANTEED was a Dem, cuz Pubs don’t do that, just like all their other crap. And the sheep said Amen.

I just know that some day we’re gonna look back on all this Dotard crap, like Viet Nam, Nixon, GW and The Dick and Iraq.... and I’m gonna be right, AGAIN, and all the FOXIdiots are gonna be wrong, AGAIN!
Not that the subset of American people who get their ‘news’ from FOX give a shiit about truth, reality and facts.
Just give ‘em Rush, Sean and Southern pr…

Even the ‘heads deep in their asses’ Pubs gotta know...

whether they wanna admit or not, the Russians DEFINITELY did all they could to put the Orange Clown in the White House.
It’s NOT an opinion, it’s FACT.
How do the ignorant sheep explain it?
They don’t, they just ignore it, like SO many facts, in their fantasy world of FOXNews.
Again, if I gotta explain it, you wouldn’t understand, just like SO MUCH in the real world.
How do you even breathe, with your heads so deeply implanted?

In many places, it’s illegal to raise ‘pate’ geese, with the funnel down their throat, being force fed to increase the size of their livers,

but, the typical FOXSheep gets their ‘news’ the same way. Crap shoved down their throats, BUT, they do it voluntarily. Ignoring the ‘real’ news, the 95% of media outlets, and swallowing the Roger  Ailes version,  starting a ‘news’ network, aimed at the Southern Bible Belt, where ‘facts just don’t matter’.
Same old shit. If I gotta explain, you won’t understand...

For you FOXSheep ‘out there’.

Check out the ‘real news’ for pics of the bomber’s van, covered in FOX/Trump bullshit stickers.
As I’ve said, and everyone with a brain knows, this was/is a rightwingnut, Ford up by Dotard, NOT a False Flag Dem as Rush and the clowns at FOX told all the ignorant, uninformed sheep.
Nothing new here just a verification of the CRAP. Shoveled th the ignorant minions, swallowed, hook line and sinker, like the rest of the ‘fake news’ pioneered by the propaganda artists at Bullshit Mountain..
Not that the ignorant minions(R) give a shit about LIES.....

Good song

Here’s some FACTS, for the FOXSheep who don’t get many, as they listen to the fear-mongering of the Liar in Chief, who screams about the terrorists in the caravan.

There is just one problem with this notion: Every lethal terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11 has been carried out by a US citizen or legal resident, according to New America, a research institution that tracks jihadist terrorism cases.  In addition, of the more than 400 jihadist terrorist cases prosecuted in the United States in the past 17 years, not one of the terrorists infiltrated the country across the southern border, according to New America's research.

And the Pubs wonder WHY the bomber ‘reached out’. Click on link BELOW.


Rush The MOUTH Limbaugh is uncharacteristically quiet, after the bomb mailer was found.

Yup, the arrogant buffoon who proclaimed, ‘It CAN’T be a Republican’, (cuz they’re too smart/good?), I’m sure will make up whatever bullshit he thinks the sheep will swallow, and they WILL, after he is proven wrong, AGAIN.
FOX/Rush, state media for the uninformed and iignorant....

Dotard is PISSSSED OFF and he’s taking to Twitter to Sound off.

What could upset him so much?

Twitter has downgraded the number of his ‘followers’ and for an arrogant asshole like Dotard that’s the worst that could happen.
In a world that’s all about HIM, he has to have the BIGGEST of everything, so this downgrade got him where it HURTS.
In his vain, vile and vulgar ego.
Screw him and the sheep he rode in on.

The Triple V Man, vain, vile and vulgar would have us believe our southern border,

where he promised Mexico would pay for a wall, has become a flash point for those who want JOBS, in a country that needs WORKERS for the menial labor that Americans don’t want to do.
Seems like a win-win right?
Not when you have an ignorant, incompetent, nationalist administration in charge who fires up their base, the iignorant sheep, by sowing fear and distrust, swallowing the Mid Eastern terrorist and Mexican rapist bullshiit spewn by the Liar in Chief.
Until the US gets a good, responsible immigration program in place, something the Pubs won’t even address, Dotard can use this issue to fire up his ignorant minions while the REAL issues of our day, Health Care, Russian interference in our elections and a YUUUUGE national debt are ignored.
It’s all playing right into the tiny hands of the Orange Clown....

An invasion is when people storm your borders to do you harm. The immigrants in the caravan want to do your lawns, your laundry and your cleaning.

I just wonder how the rightwingnuts who apologize for all of Dotards bullshit, saying ‘But at least the stock market is UP’.

Well, it’s NOT. The market just lost ALL it’s 2018 gains, cu of Dotard’s tariff bullshit, after the Orange Clown inherited a GREAT market, totally unlike Obama got.
Without Dotard’s bullshit with Iran and his tariffs we would have continued the upward climb, but we didn’t.
The incompetent a-holewith ZERO experience in worldwide economics went with Navarro’s advice, and totally fucked up world wide economics.
Can you say IDIOT?
Bottom line, the ‘Business Genius’ who would have made WAY more money just investing in Index Funds, elected by the morons who swallowed his ‘Lie three times and they’ll believe anything’, is now prez, cuz the sheep(R) dont have a clue, and now the gains in the market have disappeared, while the jackass has pissed off ALL our former allies, while kissing dictator ass.
If I gotta explain, you won’t understand, with your head hopelessly buried in your ass, swallowing th official line from FOX/Pubs, the official State Media, without the pink kimonoes.
Nothing new …

After reading all the outrageous bullshit about the bombs sent to Dems, BY DEMS

From the whackjobs that shovel the shit to the sheep, I have a suggestion.
Loosen the strap on your MAGA cap, and allow blood flow to your brain, deep in your ass.
You’re welcome.....
In other Pub ‘news’, Dotard promises the Vulcans will pay for his ‘Space Force’.
And the sheep say, Amen....

After Dotard has incited violence MANY times (Google the video clip)

one of his rightwingnut minions has taken him up on it, but Rush has it all figured out. ‘It’s the Dems’, the bombastic buffoon claims, cuz, ‘REpublicans don’t do things like that.’ Oh really? The same Pubs that elected the arrogant, incompetent, LYING Pussy Grabber are ‘too smart or too good’ to send bombs, after their body has incited multiple times?
I won’t even get into the dumbshit stuff that Sarah Hunkameat Tweeted blaming CNN...
Former CIA Chief, US Intel and lifelong military man said it best, to the Liar in Chief.
Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror. Your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies, & encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful. Clean up your act.... try to act Presidential. The American people deserve much better. BTW, your critics will not be intimidated into silence,” he wrote on Twitter.

I bet I’m not the only one, who is willing to see a YUUUGE market crash, sorta like the one we saw from the last Repub admin, (remember 2008, where we lost HALF our investments and home values?)

If that’s what it takes to get rid of the incompetent LYING a-hole in the White House.
I’ll live on beans and rice, happily, watching  the LYING jerk(R) get voted out, as the gullible minions finally realize what 2/3 of us, along with the entire world, have known since the vain, arrogant, incompetent Pussy Grabber took office.
Bring it on, if that’s what it takes to get the Orange Clown outta office, and hopefully into prison, with his Russian buddies.
Screw him and the sheep he rode in on.
Money’s nice, but selling your soul for market gains is the Pub’s game, not mine, and we all remember what they did last time, wrecking the whole world economy in 2008.
Beans and rice ain’t that bad, with some Cajun seasoning....

Again, thank you Dotard, for your ignorant foreign policy, with tariffs, that has killed the golden goose of international trade.

What will it take for the incompetent dumbshit, and his as kissing minions to realize that incompetence like the Liar in Chief’s has no place on the world stage, let alone as prez of the US.

The source of all this stock-market angst is manifold. MarketWatch has previously outlined many reasons for worry but it is worth repeating: The overarching theme is that investors are concerned about slowing growth here and abroad and the impact of tariff clashes between the U.S. and China. BUT, the Liar in Chief has promised a tax cut for the middle class, that he has so thoroughly screwed, although its totally impossible in the time frame he’s promised. What? He LIES. Who da thunk?

Unbelievable, but SO FOX/PUB, as the same jerks who went after Hillary’s sex slaves send bombs and the Pub lap dogs blame the Dems. And I’m sure the FOXSheep swallow the crap, like always ...

Fox News, the propaganda mouthpiece for President Donald Trump, had few qualms about suggesting this may have been a Democratic operation. Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker(R) told Fox News that the mailed makeshift bombs could have been the work of someone “trying to get the Democratic vote out,”

Just remember these ar the same jerks(R) who were so worried about Hillary’s private server. Can you say clueless HYPOCRITES?

Former and current officials connected to President Donald Trump revealed that Russian and Chinese spies are tapping into calls he takes on his personal cellphone, which his aides have repeatedly warned him is vulnerable to such infiltration, according to a New York Times report published Wednesday. Perhaps most frustrating, the unnamed sources said, is that Trump has continued to use an iPhone even after his aides told him that foreign agents successfully hacked him, likely gaining valuable insights into how they could best manipulate him and his administration’s policies.

FOXNews has been telling the sheep that the ‘caravan’ coming to the US is full of terrorists and funded by George Soros, although their is ZERO proof of either claim

SOOO, much like the idiot who went to liberate the Pizza Parlor where Hillary had her sex slaves, with an assault rifle, some whackjob(R) is sending explosives to him, CNN and Hillary, cuz, you know, he’s a Patriot(R)).
This just goes to show, AGAIN, that lies are dangerous, when preaching to the gullible and uninformed, BUT that’s the Pub’s MO, and it’s always worked, with the worst liar EVER, as prez, so why change now?

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, no longer denies that he’s gay, hoping the public has become more accepting of gay people and their rights. But not in the rightwingnut South...

Wow, doesn’t he realize he’s an ‘abomination’, infested by ‘demons’?
At least that’s what my relatives(R) tell me....

Four years ago, Tim Cook became the first CEO of a major company to come out as gay. He says he's happy about that distinction — and his decision. "I'm very proud of it," the Apple (AAPL) CEO told Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday in an exclusive interview for her program on CNN International and PBS. Being gay is "God's greatest gift to me," he said. Cook came out on October 30, 2014. His sexual orientation had been widely rumored beforehand though he had not confirmed it publicly.

Wow, a Pub that ADMITS the Pathological LIAR in the White House is a LIAR?

What’s the world coming to?
BUT, he didn’t say the constant LYING bothered him, SOOO, he’s still typical Pub...

Scaramucci said such people are "like a rascal, like a scoundrel." "I asked you what do you call someone who likes to lie? You said a scoundrel," Berman replied. "Another thing you could call someone who likes to lie is a liar. Is he a liar?"
"OK, well we both know that he's telling lies. So if you want me to say he's a liar, I'm happy to say he's a liar," Scaramucci said.

"When he goes to a rally like that, you know, there's a level of embellishment there because he's playing to the crowd," he said.  And you know, that's been his persona, that's been his style. And by the way, you can't really argue with the success of it. The lying works, so why change?

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken is a well worn saying, cuz its true.

and its also the Repub motto when it comes to campaigning. Shovel fear and LIES to the gullible and uninformed minions. The Mexicans are coming, and they’re murderers and rapists. With calves the size of cantaloupes, from carrying drugs, and there are Middle Eastern Terrorists mixed in with them and they’re all gonna kill you if you don’t Vote Republican.
It worked in 2016, so why not 2018?
The same target audience thinks Dotard is a Great Businessman, a converted Christian and although he’s a self admitted Pussy Grabber, that’s fine, as long as the stock market, already moving WAY up, keeps going up, (which it ISNT), after Obama fixed it after the last Repub disaster.
As I’ve said before, I’d love to sell bridges and swamp land to those suckers.....
The Republican Strategy? Fear and Lies With two weeks to go, the midterms have reached peak
If I listened only to Donald Trump and those Republican candidates who follow his example, I would be petrified. I would be living i…

The Mooch, Scaramucci says the Dems caan’t win by focusing on Trump’s LIES

And I agree. Half the clueless, gullible, ignorant sheep don’t even know he LIES all the time, cuz they get their ‘news’ from FOXCrap.
And the other half don’t give a shit that he’s the worst liar EVER.
I don’t know who’s worse, but I do know that you can’t shame the shameless jerks(R) who elected the LYING, bankrupt, arrogant, incompetent Pussy Grabber, cuz the morons knew all that and elected him anyway.
You don’t reason with idiots like that, you just shake your head and wait til the criminal is impeached, as soon as his taxes are exposed and his Russian connections revealed.
Not that the morons(R) will give a shit about the Russians putting their stooge in the White House.
At least he didn’t have a private server, cuz that might be hacked.

Believe it or not,

The same people who buy the Lottery Tickets, with over a 300 million to one chance of winning, also believe the TRUMP CRAP that says Cruz is now Beautiful  Ted instead of Lying Ted, and open their minds for the ‘latest LIE’.
And these idiots VOTE. Straight Republican.....
In other ‘news’ America’s spiritual leader, and most public Alzheimer’s patient, Pat Robertson(R), says killing is OK, as long as the Pubs make a YUUUGE amount of money from arms sales.
And the sheep swallow this crap, as ALWAYS.....
I’ve tried to use LOGIC and RATIONALITY on this crowd.
Stupid mistake......
These same ‘geniuses’ back the ‘SIX TIMES bankrupt LYING Pussy Grabber’, cuz he’s a great businessman and, ‘he’s a Christian, like them’.
You can’t fix STUPID, and these morons VOTE. Straight Repub.
Bottom line, as long as there’s money to be made SCREW MORALITY and support the Liar in Chief!
Just kiss our country good bye. Like the rest of world already has....

The same dickhead (Trump(R)), who told us, ‘Of course I love the Saudis, they’ve paid me MILLIONS’

is now telling us he believes their story about the WAPO reporter who got killed by ‘some rogue killers’, who got in a fistfight, no shit.
And the sheep swallow this shit.
Never mind, if I gotta explain, it won’t penetrate your feeble brain....

Here’s a fact we should all be proud of.

The last FOUR SCOTUS appointments have been made by the prez candidate who LOST the popular vote, while the same jerks(R) BLOCKED the appt by the popular vote winner.
Again, screw em and the sheep they rode in on....

Wow, the stuff I wouldn’t know, iIf I didn’t scan FOX

1. 5000 poor people, 2500 miles away from the US, constitute a National Emergy (Dotard’s spelling)
2. The YUUUGE stock market slide isn’t because of Dotard’s tariffs messing up the earnings of large US companies and totally screwing world markets, it’s because people are worried Dems are gonna win in November.
3. The Liar in Chief is gonna give the Middle Class a 10% tax reduction, although both sides of the aisle disagree and the budget is reeling from his last give away to the 1 percenters.
4. Farmers still LOVE the Orange Clown, even though his policies are costing them billions.

Wow, and you wonder WHY the FOXSheep are so ignorant and misinformed?

Instead of always being critical, I’m gonna try to understand DOtard’s acceptance of the Saudi’s explanation,

from the viewpoint of a FOXSheep.
Well here goes....
Yup, that stupid Washington Post reporter, Kashogawhatever, shouldn’t have picked a fight with 15 well armed Saudi thugs. Didn’t he remember 9-11 and the 15 Arabs that attacked the Twin Towers, before GW and The Dick decided to invade Iraq?
What a dummy, he deserved to get beat up, and if they accidentally killed him, and sawed him up with their bone saw, that’s HIS fault.
His buddies the Saudis wouldn’t LIE, any more than HE would. Not every reporter can just be body slammed!
And Thank Gawd for President Trump!
How about it sheep? Can I be an honorary rightwingnut?
I’m trying to see the world from your(R) point of view.
Never mind, I gotta pull my head outta my ass.
I can’t see or breathe in there!
How long does it take to learn how to view the world with your head deeply and firmly implanted?
I tried, and it ain’t gonna work.
Never mind, I’m not cut out to be a FOX/Trump swallowing Repub....

Heard some good Bill Maher stuff last night.

If Kim and Kanye can be Kimye, then why can’t they call Stormy Daniels and Trump be Shit Storm?

If you want Pubs to care about kids, you gotta stuff ‘em back into the vagina.

Talk about White Privelege, if you can brag about Grabbing Pussy and how big your dick is, and then be elected prez, maybe thee IS White Privelege.

He told a rightwingnut anti-gay nutball that stopping gay marriage is a wave that is happening, no matter how they try to stick their finger in the dyke.

See it all, here. Amazing and really funny.

Check out this video on YouTube:

This is what Ive been preaching here at Aunty FOX for the last ten years,

And the ignorant, uniformed FOXSheep refuse to believe, because the follow the Official Line of Repub Propaganda.
Bottom line,  Blue States pay for the low education, low income Red Sates. Not even debatable. Nearly 100%, at over 95% correlation, BUT, the uninformed masses(R) love to think THEY pay are the high earners.
Bullshit, and easily provable to anyone who can read govt figures.
The Pubs base, the BIble Belt South, sucks money from the Dem states to pay for their uninformed masses that swallow FOXCrap, listen to their Southern preachers and lead the country in welfare, food stamps and opioid addiction.
USA Today has a great article on it, like it’s some new phenomena they just discovered.

Midterms: Poorest states have Republican legislatures, and richest have Democratic onesKen Fisher, Special to USA TODAY Eighteen of the 19 poorest states have legislatures where both chambers are Republican controlled. New Mexico (46th richest, fifth poorest) is Democratic. 
But all five riches…

Good ‘Letter to the Editor’, today, against Mike Coffman(R)

Despite Coffman’s sometimes independent path from the White House, Congress is not addressing a critical need for our country: controlling the worst and basest instincts of the White House. The swamp is now filled with alligators in the image of Trump and they are predictably acting to help themselves. Examples abound: denigrating climate change facts, loosening pollution controls for the worst polluting industry, awarding tax breaks to the 1 percent while meting out pennies to the rest, snarling at allies while cozying up to enemies, refusing to solve our immigration issues, continuous pimping of Trump properties. The list is seemingly endless. It is clear a Republican controlled House will not even attempt to rein any of this in; only a Democratic controlled House will slow the president. Paul Mauro, Castle Pines

Gonna repost my buddy Dave today, You tell em Dave,how Dotard started at the bottom and can’t go any lower, and everyone’s just gotten used to him and his sleaze.

Donald Trump’s Perverse AdvantageWhen you’ve sunk this low, there’s nowhere to go but sideways.  (F. Bruni - NYT - 10/20/18)
FYI, the latest column by Frank Bruni from today’s Times.  I’m sharing this column because I think it illuminates a perverse dynamic about Trump that we all subconsciously know – but which is so omnipresent that we tend to discount just how pernicious this dynamic is.
And this dynamic which Mr. Bruni examines below is the insidious advantage that Trump has by having started his campaign at the very bottom of the barrel (“Mexican rapists”) – and then just digging downward from there.  His every pore oozes sleaze and his every utterance only reinforces his bottomless boorishness.  So nothing he says has any shock value anymore.  Trump has succeeded in “normalizing” the open sewer running right through the Oval Office.  We’re so used to his stench that we don’t even notice it anymore.
Meanwhile, we hold every other politician (especially Democratic ones) to the pre-201…

We’ll find out in a couple weeks, if FOX can fool the sheep agin.

Yup, in the next election will the farmers and small town folk be convinced that the LYING, multiply bankrupt conman is ‘one of them’, again?
And, the preachers are telling the sheep that the porn star boinking, Pussy Grabber is ‘just like them’.
Seems like a hard sell, but when you consider the gullible audience, Sean and Rush may just pull it off, AGAIN.
It’s not like the Dotard-supporting crowd is all that smart, considering affordable health care is No Big Deal, or the fact that Putin and Russia chose HIM as their boy.
And then there’s that ‘Pathological LIAR leading our country’ thing, which obviously doesn’t bother FOXSheep....
Too bad Mueller follows the rules about ‘no surprises’ within 60:days of the election, unlike Comey.
Although Russia/Dotard collusion can’t really SURPRISE anyone, even the gullible sheep.
They just don’t care....

What iIf?, the Pubs keep the House?

A Republican victory would send a message. It would be an endorsement (albeit a flawed one, based on a popular-vote loss) of Trump’s vision for America. In that America, congenital liars and sexual harassers don’t get punished. They can become president. In that America, people with dark skin aren’t guaranteed the same rights as people with white skin, and a violently warming planet is less important than corporate profits.
In that America, the federal government protects the wealthy and powerful, at the expense of everyone else. By now, no one should have any illusions about how Trump will behave if he faces no restraints. We, and the world, will lose the country we love and an incompetent LIAR will loose his arrogance and ignorance on the planet.

I like to cook, and usually do a good job, sometimes excellent, but not tonight.

I had some really nice cod fillets that I wanted to do with my special recipe, that included deep frying, which we hardly ever do, cuz you know...
My secret is to add some baking soda to the flour, and a little beer, that makes for a really nice crisp, light crust.
BUT, I made two YUUUGE mistakes.
I used baking powder instead of baking soda and instead of using a measuring spoon for a 1/4 tsp, I tried to dump in just a LITTLE, but a YUUGE chunk plopped in.
Instead of starting over, I just went ahead.
White powder is white powder, right?
Instead of a crispy light crust it was a grease sponge, that turned black and mushy.
Bottom line, ruined some really nice cod and made a greasy, mooshy mess that was (nearly) inedible.
Carol made herself a hamburger, and I should have.
BUT, I learned a valuable lesson, that I will probably forget, but not for a long while.
Recipes and measurements are there for a reason.

Echoing the views of MOST of the world, incl inside the US,

the star of First Man and The Crown unloaded on Dotard.

British actress Claire Foy shared her views about President Trump, calling him “the giant penis of America” in a new interview. “The Crown” actress opened up about politics in a profile with The Hollywood Reporter released Wednesday. “All powerful! D.C. is where the giant penis of America lives... in more ways than one,” Foy told the outlet referring to Trump. Wow, I’m shocked after traveling to four countries, where EVERYONE I spoke to hates the asshole, cuz of stuff like this, after another reported was recently killed.
Twitter Explodes After ‘Psychopath’ Donald Trump Cheers Body-Slamming Of Reporter The president’s comments were criticized as “shocking and chilling.” But his ignorant minions cheer him on.....